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Our Bacas Ancestors

Jean Baptiste Manuel Bacas &
Marie Louise Catherine Landrony

The Bacas family is intertwined with many of the other German Coast families. I have tried to indicate my direct line in bold; + means there is another generation on this page.
Many thanks to Harold Jacobs, Sheldon Perilloux (Famille Perilloux), Steve Fleming, Dwayne Montz and many of my newly discovered cousins for the information they have shared. Please use the information as a guide to further research; accuracy is a primary goal, so if you see an error or have something to add please get in touch!

Created 10 Aug 1997; updated 9 Jun 2003, links checked 12 November 2006.

+1-Jean Baptiste Manuel Bacas (1739, Genoa, Italy-10 Feb 1817, New Orleans, LA) m. bef. 1778, Marie Louise Catherine LANDRONY (c1756, Arkansas Post-21 Dec 1796, New Orleans, LA), daughter of Joseph "Santiago" LANDRONY (b. c1710, Riez, Province, France-betw. 1770-1773, LA) and Marie Louise (Antonita) HENRY (c1714, New Orleans, LA-Sep 1804, LA). Joseph's father was Honore' Androny (c1675, Riez, Province, France-23 Jan 1724, New Orleans, LA.
Our immigrant ancestor bought a home in New Orleans, so must have been a man of means. Three of his sons are listed as cabinet makers. Arkansas Post, Catherine Landrony's birthplace, was an early settlement in what is now the state of Arkansas. The area is currently a state park.
2-Arnaldo Bacas (14 Apr 1778-died young)
+2-Barthelemy Bacas (13 Aug 1780, New Orleans, LA-29 Aug 1858, New Orleans, LA) m. Adelaide BEAULIEU (c1793, New Orleans, LA-26 Mar 1844, New Orleans, LA
2-Marie Luysa Bacas (13 Jan 1783, New Orleans, LA-9 Apr 1909, New Orleans, LA) m. 17 Feb 1800, St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA, Dominque COSSE; one known daughter: Josephine Cosse
+2-Leon BACAS (19 Jul 1785, New Orleans, LA-4 Aug 1826, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA) m. 25 Oct 1808, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Celeste TREGRE (5 Nov 1791, SJTB Parish, LA-25 May 1849, SJTB Parish, LA), daughter of Theodore TREGRE and Marie Celeste PICOU
2-Male Bacas (b. & d. Dec 1795, New Orleans, LA)

Children of Barthelemy and Adelaide Beaulieu BACAS
3-Joseph Valmont Bacas (1807, New Orleans, LA-28 Nov 1862, New Orleans, LA) m. Louise ESSAYLEME
3-Luisa Bacas (b. 11 May 1809)
+3-Drausin Valsin Bacas (6 Sep 1813, LA-25 Aug 1863, Coldsprings, Campbell Co, KY) m. c1832, Josephine DeTassy YOUNG (11 Sep 1818, New Orleans, LA-27 Sep 1898, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH), daughter of Samuel Charles Young and Josephine DeTassy
Drausin left the German Coast to seek his fortune upriver. He dropped the surname Bacas and changed Valsin to WULSIN.
3-Elizabeth Coelina Bacas
3-Jean Batiste Valcour Bacas (19 Jul 1812-6 Sep 1885, San Francisco, CA) m. 2 Mar 1840, St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA, Rose Celina SAULAY (c1812, Orleans Parish, LA-4 May 1903, San Francisco, CA; son Richard Thomas BACCUS m. Jeanette SMEESTERS
3-Adelaida Bacas (b. 20 Jan 1817)
3-Marie Josepha Bacas (b. 10 Jun 1819, New Orleans, LA) 3-Marie Josephine Felicie Bacas (20 Jun 1820-1908) m. Hortaire Paul LIVERMORE
3-Louis Adhemar Bacas
3-Leon Bacas (b. 15 Apr 1821, New Orleans, LA)
3-Felix Bacas (8 Aug 1823, New Orleans, LA-27 Sep 1824, New Orleans, LA)

Children of Leon and Marie Celeste Tregre BACAS
3-Juan Bautista Bacas (b. 2 May 1809)
3-Marie Euphemie Bacas (27 Nov 1811-27 Jul 1812)
+3-Joseph Anatole Bacas (2 Feb 1814, St. John Parish, LA-10 Sep 1853, SJTB Par, LA)
m. 13 June 1837 in St. John Church, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Marie Magdelaine Celeste CONRAD (6 Jan 1818 SJTB, LA-13 Oct 1855, SJTB, LA), daughter of Jorge Jacques CONRAD and Marie Marianna WIKNER/Vickner

3-Marie Ann/Aimee Bacas (4 Oct 1816, Lions, SJTB, LA-6 Dec 1905) m. 6 Jun 1835, Michel CAMBRE (6 Feb 1812, SJTB Par, LA-1853), son of Michel CAMBRE and Catherine LASSEIGNE
3-Infant Bacas (b. & d. 29 Oct 1818, St. John Parish, LA)
3-Infant Bacas (b. & d. 9 Aug 1823, St. John Parish, LA)

Children of Drausin Bacas and Josephine D. Young WULSIN
4. Barthelemy Bacas/Wulsin (b. 18 Jun 1838, New Orleans, LA)
4. Adelaide Bacas (b. 24 Dec 1839, New Orleans, LA)
4. Drausin Bacas (10 Jun 1842, New Orleans, LA-14 Nov 1910, Cincinnati, OH) m. _____ CARSON
+4. Lucien Bacas/Wulsin (16 Mar 1845, New Orleans, LA-1912, Paris, France) m. Katherine Greene ROELKER (1860 Cincinnati, OH-1948, Cincinnati, OH)
4. Eugene Bacas (b. 16 Mar 1847, New Orleans, LA)
4. Laure Bacas (b. 19 Sep 1849, New Orleans, LA)

Children of Joseph and Magdelaine Celeste Conrad BACAS
4-Marie Josephine Bacas (19 Mar 1838, SJTB Par, LA-1 Feb 1928, Gramercy, St. James Par, LA) m. 20 Sep 1857, SJTB Par, LA, Adelard MILLET (21 Jan 1831, SJTB Par, LA-27 Dec 1887, SJTB Par, LA), son of Sylvain MILLET and Euphrosine HAYDEL
+4-Joseph Anatole Bacas (6 Dec 1839, SJTB Par, LA-9 Sep 1896, New Orleans, LA, m. Mary Josephine PORTER (c1850-21 Aug 1921, New Orleans, LA)
4-Bernardin Bacas (20 May 1842, SJTB Par, LA-died in Civil War)
4-Marie Celeste Bacas (31 Jul 1844, SJTB Par, LA-15 Sep 1853, SJTB Par, LA)
4-Charles Leo Bacas (2 Aug 1846, SJTB Par, LA-26 Mar 1888, SJTB Par, LA) m. 1872, Marie Marianne PICOU (b. 28 Dec 1847, SJTB Par, LA), daughter of Eugene PICOU and Heloise HELTZ
4-Jacques Alceste Bacas (b. 22 Jan 1848, SJTB Par, LA)
4-Marie Bacas (13 Sep 1850, SJTB Par, LA-29 May 1852, SJTB Par, LA)
+4-Alcide Bacas (8 May 1852, SJTB Par, LA-10 Mar 1934) m1. Amelie BROU (b. 1824); m2. Felicie Philomene LEVET (23 Oct 1859, SJTB Par, LA-2 Aug 1945, SJTB Par, LA)
4-Eve Bacas (15 Feb 1854, SJTB Par, LA-1 Nov 1929, SJTB Par, LA) m. 1881, SJTB Par, LA, Leon GRAUGNARD (1 Feb 1855, Basses Alpes, France-26 Dec 1938)

Children of Lucien and Katherine G. Roelker Bacas/Wulsin
5. Lucien Wulsin II (1889 Cincinnati, OH-1964, Cincinnati, OH) m. Margaret Mauphin HAGER (27 Sep 1892, Ashland, KY-Aug 1979, Cincinnati, OH)
5. Frederick Roelker Wulsin (1891, Cincinnati, OH-1961, Tuscon, AZ) m. Janet ELIOT (c1893, Cambridge, MA-MA)

Children of Joseph Anatole and Mary Josephine Porter Bacas
5-Bernadette Bacas (18 May 1877, New Orleans, LA-21 Aug 1928, New Orleans, LA) m. Henry J. ORR (30 Sep 1874-12 Dec 1964, Slidell, LA)
5-Rosalie Bacas (c1879, New Orleans, LA-??, Luling, St. Charles Parish, LA) m. Francois Adelard MILLET (10 Mar 1866, SJTB, LA-11 Jul 1943, Luling, St. Charles Parish, LA), son of Adelard MILLET and Marie Josephine BACAS
5-Paul Leo Bacas (13 Jul 1882, New Orleans, LA-10 Feb 1970) m. Loretta Regis MACKEN (13 Jan 1882-16 May 1958)
5-Joseph Anatole Bacas, Jr. (c1884, New Orleans, LA-27 Aug 1956)
5-Clarence Bernard Bacas (8 Oct 1887, New Orleans, LA-13 Nov 1956, Buras, LA) m. 10 Apr 1923, Ethel Beatrice MOORE (24 Jun 1892-29 Sep 1975, Buras, LA)
5. Clarence Bernard Bacas (8 Oct 1887, New Orleans, LA-13 Nov 1956, Buras, LA) m. 10 Apr 1923, Ethel Beatrice MOORE (24 Jun 1892-19 Sep 1975, Buras, LA)

Children of Alcide and Felicie Philomene Levet Bacas
5. Albert H. Bacas (1901-1993) m. Rosalie Marie SIMON
5. Felicie Bacas (d. 1989) m. Conan Marshall BABIN

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