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The Tregre Family

The early German Coast residents of Louisiana, like most pioneers, usually married neighbors. The Tregre, Vicner, Bacas and Webre families are intertwined with the Ory, Millet, Froisy, Rodrigue, Perilloux, as well as other family lines, but I think the Tregre family was kin to everyone on the German Coast. Like many German Coast families, the name has myriad spellings: Draeger, Dreger, Traeger, Tregle, etc., but Tregre predominates.
Many thanks to Steve Fleming, to Harold Jacobs for his major connections and additions and to Sheldon. Thanks also to Gary and Debi Tauzin who added another branch to our tree and to all the other cousins who have contributed information.
Page created 7/25/97, counter added 7/24/99, updated 3/6/01, links checked 11/12/06. Please note that many of these folks have more family history on their surname page. Go to the Louisiana German Coast Families to find the Ory, Perilloux, Millet, Chauff, Cambre, Froisy, Bacas, Conrad, Jacob, Vicner/Vicknair, Rommel/Rome, Rodrigue and other German Coast families.

The progenitor of our Tregre family was Andreas Traeger. His parents may have been
Andre TREGRE (c1625, Bavaria) m. Madeline HEITEL (c1635-1690)
OR Jean TRAGER and Ann Marie ULRICH.
More research is needed.

2-Andre TREGRE/Andreas TRAEGER (c1687, Donaller, Bavaria-23 Mar 1773, German Coast, LA)
m1. 14 Aug 1720, Phalsbourg, Germany, Anne Barbe BRENDEL(IN). She must have died in the same year.
m2. c1721, Germany, Catherine CALLENDER (1700-11 Nov 1752, St. Charles Parish, LA), daughter of Johann CALANDER/Joannis Kohlenter and Maria unknown
Andre and Catherine came to LA on the pest ship "La Garonne" in Feb 1721.
2-Simon TREGRE (b. bef 1690)

THIRD GENERATION: Children of Andre (fils) and Catherine Callender TREGRE
+3-Marie Catherine Tregre/Anne Catherine Marie Dreger (c1723, German Coast, LA-20 Aug 1809, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA) m. 1 May 1753, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church (LRC), German Coast, LA, Jean Baptiste WEBRE (c1727, Nertal, Franconia-30 May 1787, SJTB Parish, LA), son of Jean FEVRE and Catherine Steine MATTERINE
+3-Jean Georges Tregre/Drager (1727, New Orleans, LA-25 Jul 1783, SJTB) m. 3 Dec 1748, LRC, German Coast, LA, Marie Veronique ROME/Rommel (c1732, Lucy, SJTB, LA-17 Sep 1786, SJTB), daughter of Jean Baptiste ROMMEL and Anna Margaretha STEIGER
+3-Jean Simon Tregre/Dreger (c1728, German Coast, LA-Apr 1766, SJTB) m1. 19 May 1750, LRC, St. Charles Parish, LA, Marguerite FOLTZ (c1732-bef. 1756); 2 daughters: Marie Julienne (b. & d. 1753, Destrehan, LA) and Marguerite (b. cJun 1754, Destrehan, LA)
m2. c 1756, German Coast, Catherine MICHEL (c1740, LA-8 May 1794, SJTB), daughter of Michel MICHEL
3-Marie Julienne Tregre/Dreger (c1735, St. Charles Par, LA-15 Sep 1800, St. James Parish, LA)
m1. 1 May 1753, LRC, German Coast, LA, Jean Baptiste FOLTZ (1734, St. Charles Par, LA-28 Nov 1774, St. James Parish, LA); 8 children: i. Marguerite Foltz (1754-1775) m. David VICNER/Vicknair
ii. Antoine Baptiste Folse (b. c1756-1822) m. Marie Catherine LEBORNE
iii. George Folse (b. 1759)
iv. Magdelaine Folse (b. 1767) m. Thomas BECNEL
v. Louis Adam Folse (b. 1769)
vi. Jean Pierre Folse (b. 1771)
vii. Jean Folse (b. 1774)
viii. Louis Foltz m. Rosa ROUSSEL
m2. 18 Oct 1778, Edgard, LA, Jean Martin VERRET (c1744, Versbourg, Franconia, France-May 1794)
+3-Antoine Tregre (c1737, German Coast, LA-1765, German Coast, LA) m. c1759, German Coast, Catherine MAYER (13 Jan 1743, German Coast-22 Nov 1807, Edgard, LA), daughter of Jean/Hans Jacques MAYER and Marie Catherine FRIDERICH
3-Anne Barbe Tregre/Draiger (6 Nov 1742, St. Charles Par, LA-24 Nov 1816, SJTB, LA) m. 1 May 1760, German Coast, LA, Jean/Johann Adam VICKNER 1736, German Coast, LA-6 Jan 1819, SJTB, LA), son of Johann Nikolas WICHNER/Vicknair and Anne Barbe FRIDERICH
Two of the daughters of this marriage, Margarethe and Marianna, produced some of my mom's ORY, CONRAD, BACAS, and MILLET ancestors.

Children of Anne Catherine Marie Tregre and Jean Baptiste WEBRE
4-Jean Antoine Webre (16 Mar 1754, St. Charles Par, LA-30 Aug 1807, SJTB, LA) m. Catherine May SCHEXNAYDER (1759-23 Sep 1839, Edgard, LA)
4-Marie Agnes Webre (c1755, German Coast, LA-Aug 1841) m. 11 Oct 1774, Edgard, LA, Jean Mathias ORY (c1749, Frederick Co, MD-14 May 1820, LA), son of Nikolas ORY and Anna STRASSBACH
4-Jean Baptiste Webre (b. c1758, SJTB, LA) m. c1785, Marguerite ROUSSEL (c 1765, SJTB, LA-bef. Dec 1802, SJTB, LA)
+4-George Webre (1761, Edgard, LA-1827, Edgard, LA) m1. 1783, Catherine BELLEGARD
m2. 28 Jan 1787, SJTB, Marguerite MILLET (c1768-31 Mar 1843, St. James Par, LA), daughter of Jean MILLET and Catherine MAYER
4-Francois Webre (bef. 1763, SJTB, LA-12 Nov 1832, SJTB, LA) m1. 27 Dec 1789, Marianne SCHEXNAYDER (4 Jan 1773-bef. 21 Nov 1809, SJTB, LA)
m2. 1803, Emerante Louise Elizabeth DESNOYER (24 Jan 1773-8 Jan 1861, SJTB, LA)
4-Jean Michel Webre (1765, Edgard, LA-21 Jul 1829, Edgard, LA) m. 4 Jan 1791, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Francoise HAYDEL (1769-1824), daughter of Nicholas HAYDEL and Perrine LEROUX
4-Jean Adam Webre (26 Jul 1772, SJTB, LA-1813)
m1. 13 May 1795, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Juana Manette HAYDEL (17 Apr 1777, SJTB, LA-28 Apr 1800), daughter of Nicolas HAYDEL and Perrine LEROUX
m. 11 Apr 1804, Agnes RODRIGUE (b. 27 Sep 1784, SJTB, LA), daughter of Jean Baptiste RODRIGUE and Marie Josephe DORVIN
4-Catherine Webre (c1773-25 Jul 1825, LA) m. 12 Feb 1790, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Pierre Denis ROUSSEL (bef. 1773, SJTB, LA-aft. 1803)
4-Marguerite Emerentiene Weber (19 Feb 1776, SJTB, LA-c19 Dec 1782, German Coast, LA)

Children of Jean Georges and Veronique Rome TREGRE
+4-Jean Adam Tregre/Drager (cJun 1750, German Coast, LA-7 Mar 1826) m. 1 Aug 1780, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Josephe PICOU (18 Mar 1764, SJTB, LA-1 Oct 1810)), daughter of Urbain PICOU and Marie Josephe ANDRE
4-Antoine Tregre/Dreger (31 Aug 1752, German Coast, LA-11 Sep 1752, German Coast, LA)
+4-George Tregre (31 Aug 1752, German Coast, LA-15 Apr 1790, SJTB, LA) m. 1 Aug 1780, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Louise VILLIC (c1760-3 Jul 1800), daughter of Morandus WILIG and Dorote Cassnere ROYE
+4-Andre Tregre (c1754-22 Jan 1843, Lafayette Parish, LA) m. 23 Nov 1784, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Eve KERNER (c1766, SJTB, LA-30 Aug 1845, Thibodaux, Lafourche Par, LA), daughter of George KERNER/Kerne and Maria Eva JACOB
+4-Theodore Antoine Tregre (1764, German Coast, LA-19 Dec 1821, SJTB, LA) m. 5 Aug 1788, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Celeste PICOU (b. c1769, Laplace, SJTB, LA-25 Feb 1803, Edgard, SJTB, LA), daughter of Urbain PICOU and Marie Josephe ANDRE, sister of Marie Josephe Picou

Children of Jean Simon and Catherine Michel TREGRE
4-Veronique Fresne Tregre (1758, SJTB-17 May 1805, Lions, SJTB, LA) m. 20 Aug 1775, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Leonard PERILLOUX (c1754, German Coast, LA-15 Oct 1813, Lions, LA), son of Pierre Jean Jacques PERILLOUX and Marie Anne BARBAY
+4-Jean Simon Tregre (b. 1760, German Coast, LA) m. 1786, Marie Eve ORY (b. 1764), daughter of Nikolas ORY and Cristine MICHEL
4-Andre Tregre (1764, German Coast, LA-23 May 1773, SJTB, LA)

Children of Antoine and Catherine Mayer TREGRE
+4-Antoine Tregre (c1759, German Coast, LA-17 Jan 1836)
m1. 17 Apr 1785, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Barbe HAYDEL (1763, German Coast, LA-10 Aug 1814, SJTB, LA), daughter of Mathias HAYDEL and Marie Magdelaine Barbe HUBER/OUBRE
m2. 12 Apr 1819, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Emerante STAYRE, daughter of Jean Jacque STAYER and Marguerite HAYDEL
4-Catherine Tregre (c1760, German Coast, LA-5 Jun 1823, SJTB, LA) m. 18 Jan 1779, Edgard, LA, Ponce LASSEIGNE (7 Dec 1754-7 Nov 1794, SJTB, LA)

Children of Marguerite Millet and George WEBER
5-Lucien Weber (Abt. 1787-1821) m. 1813, Marcelline Marianne TROXLER (b. 10 Nov 1796, SJTB, LA)
5-Marie Marguerite Weber (1787, Edgard, SJTB, LA-05 Apr 1828, Edgard, SJTB, LA) m. 07 Apr 1807, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Benjamin Samuel BECNEL (1788 in Edgard, SJTB, LA-31 May 1828 in Edgard, SJTB, LA), son of Thomas BECNEL and Magdelaine FOLSE
5-Clarisse Weber (b. 18 Apr 1789, SJTB)
5-Margueritte Celeste Weber (b. 19 Apr 1790)
5-Marie Magdelaine Webre (b. 15 May 1791 in Edgard, SJTB, LA-20 Jul 1854) m. 12 Jul 1808, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Jean Baptiste Ory (Abt. 31 Dec 1781, St. Landry (now St. James) Parish, LA-21 Jan 1849, St. Landry (now St. James) Parish, LA), son of Jean Baptiste ORY and Euphelia Eve HOFFMAN
5-Cesaire Weber (b. 30 Dec 1792, SJTB, LA) m. 25 Jan 1814, St. John Church, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Andre CLAVIE (b. Bordeaux, France)
5-Antoine Weber (09 Mar 1794, SJTB, LA-1827) m. 1816, Emilie TROXLER (b. 01 Jul 1799, SJTB, LA)
5-Pedro Weber (b. 29 Jun 1795)
5-Antonio Weber (b. 02 May 1797)
5-Juan Josef Weber (b. 01 Jan 1799) m. 01 July 1828, St. James Parish, LA, Adele POIRIER
5-Eleanore Weber (b. 1801) m. 24 Mar 1818 in St. James Parish, LA, Jean Baptiste ROUSSEL
5-Honorio Weber (b. 18 Feb 1804, SJTB, LA)
5-Aimee Coralie Weber (b. 10 Apr 1806, SJTB, LA)
5-Benjamin Severin Weber (b. 12 Feb 1809, Edgard, SJTB Parish, LA) m. 12 Oct 1837, Marie Euphemia BOURGEOIS
NOTE: The obvious influence of the Spanish government of the German Coast is apparent. Names changed depending on the ruling government of the time, so family names may have been German, Swiss, Portugese or whatever that evolved to Spanish and/or French. The listing of two Antonios is not a mistake. One may have had a different middle name or the first Antonio died before the other was born. This was a common practice at the time.

Chilren of Francoise Haydel and Jean-Michel WEBER
5-Erasie Webre m. Nicholas ROMME, son of Abraham ROMME and Jeanne BAUDOIN
5-Francoise Webre (b. SJTB, LA) m. 01 Jul 1817, St. John Church, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Ursin ROMME, son of Abraham ROMME and Jeanne BAUDOIN

Children of Jean Adam and Marie Josephe Picou TREGRE
5-Jean Baptiste Tregre (7 Nov 1782-c29 Oct 1811)) m. 5 Jun 1804, Edgard, LA, Marie Anne Magdeleine PERILLOUX (8 Aug 1782, SJTB, LA-12 Jul 1805, SJTB), daughter of Leonard PERILLOUX and Veronique Fresne TREGRE
5-Marie Celeste Tregre (b. 19 Dec 1784)
5-Marie Josephe Celeste Tregre (b. 19 Dec 1784, SJTB) m. 20 May 1800, Michael JACOB, (cDec 1777, Edgard, SJTB, LA-8 Aug 1847, SJTB, son of Christian JACOB and Anne Barbe SOF/Chauff
5-Urbain Tregre (b. May 1787) m. 4 Nov 1805, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Victoire VICNER (4 Apr 1787, Edgard, SJTB, LA-24 Jul 1844, Edgard, SJTB, LA), daughter of Antoine VICNER/Vicknair and Perine CUVILLIER
5-George Tregre (b. 6 Dec 1789)
5-Felicite' Tregre (9 Sep 1791, SJTB, LA-21 Oct 1823) m. 21 Nov 1809, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Adam CAMBRE (b. 17 Mar 1786, Lions, SJTB, LA), son of Michel CAMBRE and Anna Catharina JACOB
5-Claris Tregre (3 Jul 1794, SJTB, LA-26 Nov 1862) m. 25 Apr 1815, Theodore TREGRE (30 Jun 1794 SJTB-bef. Nov 1862), son of Theodore Antoine TREGRE and Marie Celeste PICOU
5-Veronique Tregre (b. 4 Jul 1796, SJTB) m. 25 Apr 1815, SJTB, Pierre Jourdan FOISY (b. 29 Mar 1797), son of Jean Baptiste FROISI and Marie Louis VILLIC
5-Antoine Tregre (13 Nov 1798, SJTB-11 Aug 1814)
5-Ursin Tregre (20 Jul 1801, SJTB-1 Sep 1805, SJTB)
5-Ursule Tregre (b. 20 Jul 1801, SJTB) m. 8 Apr 1817, Isadore BONICAR
5-Louis Tregre (b. 4 Feb 1805, Edgard, SJTB, LA-Edgard, LA) m. 23 Jan 1824, Marie CHARLESVILLE (b. 1808)

Children of George and Marie Louise Villic TREGRE
5-Marie Tregre/Drager (b. & d. 1782)
5-Catherine Tregre/Tregle (29 Oct 1783, SJTB, LA-17 Feb 1800, SJTB, LA) m. 27 Dec 1798, SJTB, George Santiago/Jorge Jacques CONRAD (c1768-19 Jan 1823, SJTB), son of Phillipe CONRAD and Christine Barbe BEAUVIZ
5-Maria/Marguerite Tregre/Tregle (3 Apr 1788-25 Sep 1792, SJTB, LA)
5-George/Jorge Tregre (2 Aug 1790, Edgard, LA-28 Aug 1833) m. 22 Jun 1813, SJTB, Marie Margerite ORY (12 Feb 1794, SJTB-10 Apr 1852, Edgard, LA), daughter of Louis ORY and Margarethe VICNER

Children of Andre and Marie Eve Kerner TREGRE
5-Andres Tregre (24 Sep 1785, SJTB, LA) m. 2 Jul 1805, Magdeleine HELTE/Hellete
5-Catherine Tregre/Tregle (15 Nov 1787, SJTB, LA-27 Jan 1827, SJTB, LA) m. 13 May 1817, Edgard, LA, Jean Baptiste RODRIGUE (3 Oct 1788, SJTB, LA-18 Sep 1842, SJTB), son of Jean Charles RODRIGUE and Pelagie HELFER
5-Maria Tregre (b. 15 Nov 1787) m. 7 Nov 1805, Christome Ambroise BORNE
5-Josephe Marie Tregre (11 Mar 1790, SJTB-1801, SJTB, LA)
5-Clara Tregre (b. c1792)
5-Leonard Tregre (b. 9 May 1792) m. 22 Feb 1814, Marguerite COWAT
5-Jacques Tregre (b. 28 Jul 1794, SJTB, LA), Catherine SCHNEXNAYDER
5-Seraphine Tregre (c1801-bef. 14 Nov 1861) m. 1 Feb 1819, SJTB, Alexis MILLET (23 Nov 1799, SJTB-cNov 1861, SJTB), son of Jean Millet and Felicite HAUTIN
5-Pierre Tregre (b. 3 May 1803, SJTB, LA) m. 19 May 1828, Catherine CONRAD
5-Marie Magdeleine Tregre/Tregle (b. 8 Jun 1805, SJTB, LA) m. 20 Jan 1834, Basile DUGAS
5-Jean Henri Tregre/Tregle (b. 30 Jun 1807, SJTB, LA) m. 5 Aug 1833, Delphine LABICHE
5-Adelaide Tregre (15 May 1809-26 Nov 1883) m. 19 May 1828, Joachin George CAMBRE (6 Feb 1805-30 Dec 1846), son of George CAMBRE and Marie Rose ORY

Children of Theodore Antoine and Marie Celeste Picou TREGRE
5-Marguerite Tregre (b. 9 Oct 1789) m. 31 Jan 1809, Joseph VICKNAIR, son of Antoine VICNER and Perine CUVILLIER
5-Marie Celeste Tregre (5 Nov 1791, SJTB-25 May 1849, SJTB) m. 25 Oct 1808, St. John Church, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Leon BACAS (19 Jul 1785, New Orleans, LA-4 Aug 1826, SJTB), son of Jean Baptiste Manuel BACAS and Marie Louis Catherine LANDRONY
5-Theodore Tregre (30 Jun 1794, SJTB, LA-26 Nov 1862) m. 25 Apr 1815, Claris TREGRE (3 Jul 1794-26 Nov 1862), daughter of Jean Adam Tregre and Marie Josephe PICOU
5-Jean Baptiste Tregre (13 Sep 1796, SJTB, LA-May 1797, SJTB, LA)
5-George Tregre (20 Mar 1799, SJTB-Jun 1829)
5-Veronica Tregre (b. 4 Nov 1800, SJTB, LA) m. Jean R. WILLIAMS
5-Eugenio/Eugene Tregre (b. 3 Feb 1803, SJTB, LA) m. 23 Jan 1823, Catherine HELTE

Children of Jean Simon and Marie Eve Ory TREGRE
5-Marie Magdalena Tregre (24 Nov 1787-Jul 1794)
5-Marie Rose Tregre (b. c1790)
5-Antoine Tregre (b. c1790)
5-Maria Tregre (b. 30 Apr 1792)
5-Jean Tregre (b. 5 Apr 1794) m. 4 Jan 1825, Julie KLEINPETER
5-Margarita Tregre (b. 3 Sep 1796)

Chilren of Antoine and Marie Barbe Haydel TREGRE
5-Cezaire Tregre m. 15 Apr 1806, SJTB, LA, Pierre LABATUE
5-Prudent Tregre
5-Marie Josephe Tregre (b. 6 Mar 1788)
5-Felicite Tregre (20 Nov 1789-1878) m. Pierre Sylvain ROUSSEL
5-Antoine Silvino Tregre (b. 1 Sep 1791, SJTB)
5-Francisco Marcelin Tregre (b. 3 Jun 1795, SJTB)
5-Eulalie Tregre (5 Dec 1796, SJTB-bef. Oct. 1852) m. 25 Nov 1816, St. John Church, SJTB, LA, Gabriel HIMEL, son of George HIMEL and Marie Magdelaine ROME
5-Joseph Tregre (b. 1 Feb 1799, SJTB)
5-Antoine Olyzime Tregre (b. 8 Feb 1803)
5-Marie Virginia Tregre (b. 20 Jan 1806, New Orleans, LA)
Children of Antoine and Marie Emerante Stayre TREGRE
+5-Antoine Tregre (b. SJTB) m. 27 May 1848, Celestine MATHERNE (b. 24 Aug 1829)
5-Jean Prudent Tregre m. 1 Feb 1850, Adelaide Elvina LAURENT
5-Cecillia/Cecile Tregre (c1823-1859) m. Antoine Edouard WEBRE (15 Apr 1822-30 Aug 1870)
5-Jean Francois Tregre m. 12 May 1851, Marie Octave TASSIN; 1 daughter: Marie Eliza TREGRE (15 Nov 1855, Wallace, LA-2 Mar 1940, Mt. Airy, SJTB, LA) m. Theodule ORY (18 Feb 1844, Edgard, LA-4 Sep 1904, Mt. Airy, SJTB, LA, son of Omer ORY and Eveline Adele CAMBRE
5-Zulma Tregre m. 11 Jan 1840, St. John Church, SJTB, LA, Joseph ROME (b. 2 Aug 1819), son of Nicholas ROMME and Erasie WEBRE

Children of George and Marie Marguerite Ory TREGRE
6-Marie Marguerite Tregre (5 Feb 1827, SJTB-23 Jan 1906, SJTB) m. 8 May 1844, Edgard, LA, Godefroy Etienne FROISY (9 Nov 1821, SJTB-8 Feb 1871, SJTB), son of Jean Baptiste FROISY and Marie Emerante CAMBRE
6-Marie Irene Tregre (d. 1853) m. Edmond ORY (10 Sep 1811-1853), son of Antoine ORY and Margurite CAMBRE

Children of Antoine and Celestine Matherne TREGRE
6-Joseph Dorgeville Tregre m. Marie Antoinette BERTY
6-Asimee Tregre
6-Antoine Tregre IV
6-Jules Tregre
6-Similien Tregre (b. 1864, St. Charles Parish, LA) m. 16 May 1886, Rosalie FOLSE (b. 9 Nov 1869, Vacherie, LA), daughter of Gustave FOLSE and Elodia Philomene FOLSE
6-Celestine Tregre (b. 2 Oct 1868, Raceland, LA)

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