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Descendants of John Peavy and Unity White

John Peavy and Unity White

Picture of Noah Eli Lawson Peavy (1853-1938) and his daughter Annie.

The family history is the result of many Peavy descendants who have done most of the research over many years. Its aim is to help other Peavy descendants find their ancestors and add to the family tree. Many thanks to Ann Lancaster Sherman, William Peavy, Decia Simms, Marsha Faulk, Charles Osborne and Mike Rogers for all their hard work. According to Marsha McWilliams ( coordinator of the Pavey, Peavey/Peavy Family Cousins website, "More than likely most of the early southern PEAVYs (all dif. sp.) were descendants of Eastern Shore PAVEYs...(we're working on that now.)" Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Page created 23 Feb 2002; updated 7 June 2003; links checked 12 Nov 2006. + in front of generation number indicates there is another generation on this page.

1. John PEAVY was born Bef. 1766, ?Orange Co, NC, and died before 1806 He married Unity WHITE Abt. 1789 in Wilkes or Warren Co, GA, daughter of David WHITE and Sarah WILLIAMS. She was born Abt. 1770 in NC, and died 14 Jan 1856 in Meriwether Co, GA.

INDEX TO VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS, 1784 - 1811 transcribed by Virgil D. White (The National Historical Publishing Co., Waynesboro, TN.)
pg. 125 CLOWER, William, Cpl, Scouts & Spies, GA Mil. 1792-6.
pg. 526 PEAVY, Ambrose, Pvt., 4th Regt. GA. Mil, Wilkes Cty, 1793-4.
pg. 527 PEEDE, Isaac, Pvt. Conn's Batt KY. Mtd. Vols., 1794.
PEEVEY, Michael, Sgt., GA. Mil. 1793-4.
PEEVY, Ambrose, Pvt. 4th Regt. GA. Mil, 1793-4, Original filed Peavy, Ambrose.
PEEVY, John, Pvt. 4th Regt. GA. Mil. 1793-4.
PEEVY, John, Pvt. SCOUTS & SPIES, GA. MIL. 1792-6.
NOTE: There were 2 John PEAVYs listed in the GA. Militia as being Indian fighters in the late 1790's. Since they were listed in the same years these were probably two different John Peavys. One, possibly married to a Unity WHITE ... the other, actually a John PAVEY

From Ann Sherman (
John Peavy was dead by 1806 when Unity is listed on the tax digest in Greene Co., GA, paying taxes on 28 acres of land bought under the name of her son, David, who was a child at the time. (why? and have found no deed showing when the land was sold.) Unfortunately, neither Unity nor John is shown on the 1805 Land Lottery for GA. Unity did sign up when she was in Jasper Co. We know John was in Wilkes Co. (in the part that was cut off into Warren). However, I have found no deeds or other records that would help us determine when he was still alive in Warren or in Greene. Unity may have gone to Greene after his death--if so, WHY???

From William Peavy (
Unity PEAVY was listed as a taxpayer in Greene County, GA between 1806 and 1812 and she granted Power of Attorney to her son-in-law William LAWRENCE in Greene County, GA. in 1816 because she was moving and needed someone to settle her affairs. On March 5th 1821, she granted Power of Attorney to her son Allen PEAVY to enable him to collect her inheritance from the estate of her father David WHITE who had died in Louisiana in 1809. Her sister Margaret THROWER granted a like Power of Attorney to Allen PEAVY just seven days later on March 12, 1821.
In 1855, Unity filed an affidavit in Meriwether County, GA, stating that Sarah DAVIDSON of Pike County, GA., widow of the Revolutionary Soldier Joseph DAVIDSON, was in fact the sister of Unity's late husband. This Joseph DAVIDSON may have been the same man who in 1783 witnessed the sale of land to Joseph PEVEY in Orange County, NC., and who was involved in land transactions in Wilkes County, GA.
Unity WHITE PEAVY died in Meriwether County, Georgia on January 14, 1856 and the notice of her death was printed in the January 31, 1856 issue of The Southern Christian Advocate, a Methodist publication. Her obituary stated that she had been brought from her birth-place in North Carolina by her parents to Warren County, GA. where she had married John PEAVY. From several sources, we are able to estimate that she was born in 1770 in North Carolina and that she was probably married in 1789 or 1790.

UNITY WHITE'S FAMILY: Descendants of Joseph White
1 Joseph White b: Abt. 1710, Ireland m: Margaret Leethe b: Abt. 1712
. 2 David White b: Abt. 1737 d: 1809, LA m: Sarah Williams b: Abt. 1739
..... 3 Joseph White
..... 3 William White
..... 3 Unity White b: Abt. 1770, NC d: 14 Jan 1856, Meriwether Co, GA m: John Peavy
..... 3 Margaret F. White b: Abt. 1771, NC d: 1851, Pike Co, GA m1: Christopher Williams b: Abt. 1769 m2: Unknown Thrower b: Abt. 1769 m: Abt. 1809

SECOND GENERATION: Children of John and Unity PEAVY
2. Daughter/?Sarah Peavy (c1790, Wilkes Co, GA-betw.1843-1846, Jasper Co, GA) m. c1811, ?Greene Co, GA, William LAWRENCE; 8 known children:
3. Leroy Lawrence (c1812, Greene or Jasper Co, GA-4 Feb 1864, Jasper Co, GA) m. 5 Dec 1833, Jasper Co, GA, Nancy P. CHAFFIN
3. Allen Lawrence (12 Dec 1813, Jasper Co, GA-13 Sep 1864, Putnam Co, GA) m. 1 Feb 1838, Putnam Co, GA, Civility C. KENDRICK
3. Margaret W. Lawrence (27 Feb 1815, Jasper Co, GA-4 Jun 1861, Jasper Co, GA) m. 13 Feb 1833, Jasper Co, GA, Crawford Harrison GREER
3. William Lawrence, Jr. (c1817, Jasper Co, GA-12 Jul 1846, Jasper Co, GA) m. 30 Sep 1841, Jasper Co, GA, Mary Jane CLEMENTS
3. Seaborn Lawrence (c1819, Jasper Co, GA-22 Mar 1848, Jasper Co, GA) m. 25 May 1846, Jasper Co, GA, Nancy P. RAINEY
3. James Lawrence (c1821, Jasper Co, GA-27 Jun 1860, Jasper Co, GA) m. 11 Feb 1849, Jasper Co, GA, Susan Adeline Phillips BANKS
3. Unity Lawrence (b. c1824, Jasper Co, GA) m. 21 Apr 1842, Jasper Co, GA, John B. DIGBY
3. Sarah Lawrence (b. c1828, Jasper Co, GA) m. 22 Nov 1846, Jasper Co, GA, John Lee MCMICHAEL
Ann Lancaster Sherman ( is a descendant of Daughter Peavy and William Lawrence. Based on the fact that Unity White's mother was named Sarah and that she named a daughter Sarah, Daughter Peavy may also be named Sarah.
+2. Allen Peavy (c1792, Wilkes Co, GA-betw. 1857-1858, Meriwether Co, GA) m. 7 Mar 1815, Greensboro, Greene Co, GA, Elizabeth HIGHTOWER (c1797-1850, Meriwether Co, GA), daughter of Thomas HIGHTOWER and Mildred Millicent Martha "Milly" ARNOLD
Census: 1830, Jackson Co, GA; 1840 & 1850, Greene Co, GA
Margie Pearce's husband is a descendant of this line (
2. Margaret Peavy (c1795, Warren Co, GA-aft. 1860) m. 26 May 1827, Jasper Co, GA, George CLOWER, son of William Clower, Sr.; 2 sons
3. Alan Clower (b. c1828)
3. George W. Clower (b. 4 Jun 1831, Monroe Co, GA) m. 4 Dec 1856, Elizabeth A. PEAVY (b. c1834, Meriwether Co, GA), daughter of Eli PEAVY and Elizabeth BLOUNT and his first cousin; 5 Clower children:
4. Sarah Frances Clower (b. c1857)
4. Eli Thomas Clower (b. c1859)
4. Rufus Allen Clower (7 Feb 1862, Meriwether Co, GA-16 May 1910, Fannin Co, TX) m. 29 Dec 1892, Marion Co, TX, Eugie PEAVY (1 Jan 1872, Marion Co, TX-5 Feb 1901, Fannin Co, TX), daughter of Gilbert Lafayette PEAVY and Mary Leconte GLOVER
4. LeRoy Frank Clower (b. c1865)
4. Margaret Clower (b. c1869)
+2. David W/?White Peavy (c1797, Warren Co, GA-cJul 1872, Meriwether Co, GA) m. 6 Feb 1826, Putnam Co, GA, Elizabeth GLASS (b. c1806)
Hudson Peavy Meacham, Jr. ( is a descendant of this line.
+2. Eli Peavy (c1799, Wilkes or Warren Co, GA-5 Oct 1882, Meriwether Co, GA) m1. 21 Mar 1824, Jasper Co, GA, Elizabeth BLOUNT (1808-bef. Dec 1854), daughter of John BLOUNT and Caroline PRUITT; m2. 31 Dec 1854, Meriwether Co, GA, Julia FINCHER. There are no known children of the second marriage.
Marsha Faulk ( is a BLOUNT researcher interested in all the Blount-Peavy connections.

Children of Allen and Elizabeth Hightower PEAVY
3. John B. Peavy (b. c1815) m. 26 Nov 1837, Meriwether Co, GA, Sarah BLOUNT (b. 1814, Jones Co, GA), daughter of John BLOUNT and Caroline PRUITT
3. Mildred Arnold Peavy (12 Feb 1817, ?Jasper Co, GA-1 Jun 1880, Colquitt, Claiborne Parish, LA) m. 23 Oct 1840, Meriwether Co, GA, Elijah Osborne CHRISTIAN (8 Feb 1811, Madison, GA-11 Jun 1891, Colquitt, Claiborne Parish, LA), son of Obediah M. CHRISTIAN and Joanna BARNES
3. Julya A. Peavy (b. c1820) m. 26 Apr 1840, Meriwether Co, GA, Wiley BLOUNT (b. 1816, Jones Co, GA), son of John BLOUNT and Caroline PRUITT
3. Elizabeth Peavy (b. c1826)
+3. Thomas Hightower Peavy (1826-1871) m. Julia TAYLOR (b. c1829)
Mike Rogers ( is a descendant of this line.
3. Martha J. Peavy (b. c1833) m. 1856, Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Coweta Co, GA, James G. CLARK; 3 children:
4. Lewis Cass Clark (b. 28 Mar 1857, Coweta Co, GA)
4. Franklin Jefferson Clark (b. 5 Dec 1858)
4. Thomas Lamb Clark (b. 19 Sep 1860)
All three children were baptised at Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Coweta Co, GA
3. Mary A. V. Peavy (b. c1835)
3. James Peavy (b. c1837)

Children of David W. and Elizabeth Glass PEAVY
3. Margaret W. Peavy (b. 1831) m. 30 Dec 1852, Meriwether Co, GA, Joseph H. KEITH (c1829-1 Aug 1862, Civil War); 5 children:
Senora F., David D., Sarah E., George James and Joseph H. Keith, Jr.
+3. Allen P. Peavy (c1833-8 Nov 1862, Civil War) m. Margaret ___
+3. George L. Peavy (b. c1837, Meriwether Co, GA) m1. Myrtis FREEMAN; m2. 20 Jul 1875, Troup Co, GA, Eugenia C. "Genie" KENER
3. Elizabeth E. Peavy (b. c1840)
3. David J. Peavy (c1842, Meriwether Co, GA-17 Jul 1862, Richmond, VA)
3. William P. Peavy (b. c1844)
+3. John/Jonathan* White Peavy (29 Jul 1848, Meriwether Co, GA-5 Dec 1890, Meriwether Co, GA) m. 28 Feb 1871, Meriwether Co, GA, Hattie Catherine WILLIAMS (21 Jan 1852-9 May 1921).
Some of Hattie's ancestors are detailed under Citizens of Morgan Co, GA by cousin Hudson Meacham Charter CAMPBELL
Hudson also sent scanned copies of Hattie's family bible.
*There is an ongoing discussion of J. W.'s first name. The family bible lists John, as does his death certificate, but his grave is listed in a book of the Meriwether Co, GA cemetaries as Jonathan and his son is named Jonathan White Peavy, Jr.

Children of Eli and Elizabeth Blount PEAVY
+3. William Peavy (15 Feb 1825, Jasper Co, GA-22 Nov 1871, Gatesville, Coryell Co, TX) m. 15 Oct 1857, Claiborne Parish, LA, Miranda Russell MANGRUM
3. Henry Peavy (c1827, ?Jasper Co, GA-30 Nov 1864, Franklin, TN)
+3. Freeman B. Peavy (1829-11 Sep 1862, Civil War) m. 17 Sep 1848, Meriwether Co, GA, Sarah Martha Elliot (1823, GA-1885, AL)
Decia C. Simms ( is a descendant of this line, along with Charles Osborne (blackeyedkaty@
3. Sarah Jane Peavy (c1831, Meriwether Co, GA-aft. 1883) m. 21 Nov 1850, Meriwether Co, GA, Thomas S. KENDRICK; one know child: Robert Eli KENDRICK
3. Green B. Peavy (c1832, Meriwether Co, GA-27 Mar 1863, Cumberland Gap, TN)
3. Elizabeth A. Peavy (b. c1834, Meriwether Co, GA) m. 4 Dec 1856, Meriwether Co, GA, George B. CLOWER, son of George CLOWER and Margaret PEAVY
+3. Gilbert Lafayette Peavy (7 Dec 1835, Meriwether Co, GA-24 Jul 1903, Marion Co, TX) m1. 20 Dec 1866, Marion Co, TX, Mary Leconte GLOVER; m2. 27 Jul 1873, Marion Co, TX, Mary Mariah ENRALLS
William Peavy ( is a descendant of this line.
3. Catherine Peavy (c1838-aft. 1883) m. 23 Dec 1858, Meriwether Co, GA, William M. COCHRAN
+3. Leroy Franklin Peavy (3 Sep 1839, Meriwether Co, GA-4 Mar 1910, Meriwether Co, GA) m. 16 Nov 1871, Meriwether Co, GA, Celestia A. BIGGERS
3. Unity A. Peavy (31 Oct 1841, Meriwether Co, GA-10 Jan 1904, Meriwether Co, GA) m. 12 Jun 1859, Meriwether Co, GA, Robert H. SUTHERLEN
3. Eli P. Peavy (b. c1845, Meriwether Co, GA)
3. Margaret M. Peavy (23 Sep 1848-16 Apr 1906, Meriwether Co, GA) m. 10 Nov 1873, Meriwether Co, GA, Henry W. STROZIER

Children of Thomas H. and Julia Tayor PEAVY
4. Rebecca E. Peavy (b. c Feb 1850)
From Bill Peavy ( 3/6/02 My information about Rebecca E. Peavy strongly suggests she was born in Feb 1850; on the census, she was 9 months old and the census was enumerated in her district in November 1850. I'm also struck by the initial "E" and the previously unsuspected (to me) existence of Elizabeth Aldora Peavy, who by strange coincidence was born 21 Feb 1850 in Meriwether Co which is consistent with the age of Rebecca E and the date of census enumeration in 1850. Now it seems to me that we either have a case of previously undocumented twin girls here, or that Rebecca E and Elizabeth Aldora were one and the same girl. Elizabeth dropped the "Rebecca" and later gave it to one of her daughters; and that the Aldora was simply never recorded on the census. OK, I admit I don't have a lot of evidence for this suspicion but what there is is really persuasive to me.
4. Elizabeth Aldora Peavy (21 Feb 1850, Meriwether Co, GA-22 Nov 1921, Fulton Co, GA) m. William Columbus HAYNIE (15 Jan 1845-1 Jan 1923, Fulton Co, GA; 9 HAYNIE children:
5. Virginia Haynie m. 1888, William H. BOBO
5. Wilbur Haynie m1. Rev. W. A. KING; m2. Edward MADDOX
5. John Frank Haynie (20 Jun 1871-17 Apr 1946)
5. Thomas Andrew Haynie (2 Dec 1877-18 Dec 1962) m. Myrtis JONES (1 Apr 1887-2 Apr 1966)
5. Atticus Q. Haynie (29 Feb 1880-15 Mar 1956) m. Mattie Lou ___ (1 Aug 1855-15 Aug 1960)
5. Dallie Haynie (29 Aug 1882-29 Sep 1979); never married
5. Robert Jones Haynie (13 Jun 1885-30 Jan 1957, Fulton Co, GA) m. 27 Aug 1907, Lizzie Mae HARWELL (9 Jul 1889, Fulton Co, GA-24 Sep 1958, Fulton Co, GA); 3 children:
6. Willie Edgar Haynie (2 Aug 1908-1 Mar 1949)
6. Sarah Elizabeth Haynie (23 Apr 1917-15 May 1972) m. 6 Jan 1946, William KELLER (31 Oct 1906-17 Nov 1981) 6. Beverly May Haynie (2 Mar 1920, Fulton Co, GA-11 Aug 1993) m. 23 Jan 1944, Muscogee Co, GA, Herbert Moore SMITH (28 Aug 1918, White Plains, NY-15 Nov 1981, Fulton Co, GA)
5. Thomas W. Haynie (6 Feb 1891-19 May 1962) m. Ruby JONES
5. Rebecca Haynie
4. Unity C. Peavy (b. c1853)
4. Charlie D. Peavy (b. c1858)
4. Robert Taylor Peavy (1867-1947)
D. Kirk Peavy, an attorney in Atlanta, GA, is a descendant of this line, but we have lost track of Kirk and his wife Tina.

Children of Allen P. and Margaret PEAVY
4. Caroline B. Peavy (b. c1859)
4. Mary A. Peavy (b. aft. 1859)

Children of George L. and Myrtis Freeman PEAVY
4. Nellie Peavy (b. c1864)
4. Hub Peavy (b. c1865)
4. Kate Peavy (b. c1868)
Children of George L. and Eugenia C. "Genie" Kener PEAVY
4. Myrtis Peavy (b. c1874)
4. Annie May Peavy (b. c1876)
4. Maggie Peavy (b. c1878)
4. George L. Peavy (b. c1880)

Children of John White and Hattie Williams PEAVY
4. Fannie Peavy (26 Mar 1872-6 Dec 1934) m. J. F. CARLEY
+4. Carver David Peavy (29 Mar 1874, Lagrange, Troup Co, GA-c1956) m. 14 Oct 1896, Laura Louise CHENNAULT
4. Emma "Emily" Lizabeth Peavy (4 Jun 1876, Lagrange, Troup Co, GA-14 Apr 1967, ?Jacksonville, FL m. 25 Mar 1896, Joseph Johnson MEACHAM; 4 children:
5. Ernine Julia Meacham (8 Feb 1897-c1983, Long Island, NY) m. c1920, Harry O'DELL
5. Hudson Peavy Meacham (27 Sep 1900, Meriwether Co, GA-3 Oct 1992, Huntersville, NC) m. Feb 1923, Frances Montrose YOUSE
5. Emily Lexobia Meacham (13 Aug 1902-20 Aug 1996, Tulsa, OK) m. Paul GEE and J. B. SIMMONS
5. Elizabeth Josephine Meacham (14 Feb 1907-4 Nov 1982, New York, NY) m. in New York, Bedal HARNED (c1895-c1975)
4. Johanthan White Peavy, Jr. (15 Aug 1878-16 Dec 1933) m. aft. 1893, Luthersville, Meriwether Co, GA, Ella Ruth COUSINS
4. Jennilu Peavy (3 Feb 1880, Meriwether Co, GA-14 Oct 1911, Meriwether Co, GA) m. c1906, Charles Camillus HARMAN (14 Mar 1875, Odessadale, Meriwether Co, GA-7 Jun 1948, Meriwether Co, GA)
4. William Claude Peavy (19 Jun 1886, Meriwether Co, GA-23 May 1904, Meriwether Co, GA)

Children of William and Miranda Mangrum PEAVY
4. Elfreda Peavy (29 Aug 1858, Natchitoches Parish, LA-20 Sep 1866, Natchitoches Parish, LA)
4. Sarah Elizabeth Peavy (22 Sep 1860, Natchitoches Parish, LA-29 Jun 1924, Petrolia, Clay Co, TX) m. 21 Jun 1877, Gatesville, Coryell Co, TX, Lovick Peirce TAFFINDER; 5 children
5. Martha Russell Taffinder (b. 11 Apr 1878, Coryell City, Coryell Co, TX)
5. Joseph William Taffinder (b. 22 May 1881, White Mound, Coryell Co, TX)
5. Lovick Maud Taffinder (b. 7 Jun 1885, Purmela, Coryell Co, TX)
5. Mary Arthur Taffinder (b. 31 May 1891, Purmela, Coryell Co, TX)
5. Ola May Taffinder (b. 4 Jul 1894, Purmela, Coryell Co, TX)
4. Willie Davis Peavy (30 Oct 1862, Natchitoches Parish, LA-12 Dec 1938, Gatesville, Coryell Co, TX) m. 15 Sep 1882, Gatesville, Coryell Co, TX, Solomon BASHAM; 7 children:
5. Louise Basham (b. 6 May 1883, TX
5. Eunice Basham (b. 15 Oct 1885)
5. Rutha Basham (b. 19 Dec 1887)
5. Burnell Basham (b. 14 Feb 1890)
5. Lee Basham (b. 24 Dec 1892)
5. Floy Basham (b. 16 Apr 1895)
5. Bettie Basham (b. 16 Jul 1898)
+4. Eli Green Peavy (2 Mar 1866, Natchitoches Parish, LA-c1930, Gatesville, Coryell Co, TX) m. Betty FRANKS
4. Martha Pickens Peavy (10 Jun 1868, Gatesville, Coryell Co, TX-12 Jul 1870, Gatesville, TX)
4. Cora Arthur Peavy (b. 20 Mar 1872, Gatesville, Coryell Co, TX)

Children of Freeman B. and Sarah M. Elliott PEAVY
4. Sarah Elizabeth Peavy (13 Apr 1849, Meriwether Co, GA-7 Oct 1935, Lanett, Chambers Co, AL) m. 1 Sep 1867, Chambers Co, AL, Henry COOK; 6 children:
5. Sally Cook (14 Jan 1871-3 Jun 1935)
5. Beatrice Cook (c1873-c1920)
5. James Thomas Cook (30 Jun 1874, Randolph or Chambers Co, AL-17 Jul 1937, Tifton, Tift Co, GA)
5. Will H. Cook (b. 8 Mar 1879, Randolph Co, AL)
5. Noah Eli Cook (8 Mar 1879, Randolph Co, AL-3 Jan 1960, Randolph Co, AL) m. Laura unknown
5. Annie M. A. Cook (b. c1882)
5. Andrew Cook (b. Mar 1889)
+4. Noah Eli Lawson Peavy (10 Feb 1853, Meriwether Co, GA-27 Dec 1938, Randolph Co, AL) m. Eugenia Davis FULLER (20 Jun 1856-14 Mar 1934, Russell Co, AL)

Children of Gilbert Lafayette and Mary L. Glover PEAVY
4. Dessie Peavy (b. 7 Jan 1868, Marion Co, TX) m. 8 Nov 1883, Marion Co, TX, Alexander Byron CONERLY; 5 children:
5. Mary Saleta Conerly (24 Dec 1885, Marion Co, TX-30 Sep 1983) m. 11 Nov 1921, David Andrew WRIGHT
5. Alma Conerly (5 Feb 1888, Marion Co, TX-21 Aug 1891, Marion Co, TX)
5. Willie Grey Conerly (10 Mar 1891, Smithland, Marion Co, TX-28 Nov 1976, Denver, CO) m. 7 Aug 1918, James Abner FILES
5. Owen Lucille Conerly (28 Nov 1896, Marion Co, TX-13 Jan 1982, Fort Worth, TX) m. 16 Apr 1920, Texarkana, Bowie Co, TX, Junius Knox JOHNSON
5. Thomas Byron Conerly (26 Sep 1899, Marion Co, TX-22 May 1967, Shreveport, LA) m. 6 Aug 1922, Texarkana, Bowie Co, TX, Velma BOOTH
4. Mary Ida Peavy (10 Sep 1870, Marion Co, TX-30 May 1959, Cass Co, TX) m1. 1 Jan 1889, Marion Co, TX, T. E. MCINVALE; 2 children; m2. 26 Jan 1903, Marion Co, TX, James Taylor WHATLEY; 4 children:
5. Cora McInvale (b. Oct 1889) m. 5 Feb 1922, Cass Co, TX, A. Z. MELTON
5. Carl McInvale (b. Dec 1894) 5. Pearl Whatley (b. c1904)
5. Marshall Whatley (b. c1907)
5. Willis Whatley (b. c1909)
5. Annie May Whatley (b. c1912)
4. Eugie Peavy (1 Jan 1872, Marion Co, TX-5 Feb 1901, Fannin Co, TX) m. 29 Dec 1892, Marion Co, TX, Rufus Allen CLOWER, son of George W. CLOWER and Elizabeth A. PEAVY
Children of Gilbert Lafayette and Mary Mariah Enralls PEAVY
+4. Oscar Peavy (3 Nov 1874, Marion Co, TX-25 Jun 1956, Leesville, Vernon Parish, LA) m. c1903, Ema O. ___
4. Twin Peavys (b. & d. 31 Aug 1876)
4. Alice Peavy (b. 2 Aug 1877, Marion Co, TX) m. 28 Nov 1894, Smithland, TX, John William MOSELEY; 5 children:
5. Clarence N. Moseley (29 Dec 1895-2 Jan 1910, Marion Co, TX)
5. William Durrum Moseley (1898-1948) m. Mrytle Ann NIX
5. Braden Moseley (25 Feb 1901, Smithland, Marion Co, TX-8 May 1991, Bossier City, LA) m. Ruby GOZA
5. Marvin Moseley (12 Jul 1903, Smithland, Marion Co, TX-28 Sep 1979, Smithland, TX) m. Elizabeth NIBLETT
5. Calvin Moseley (24 Aug 1912-24 Mar 1988) m. Mary Katherine ANDERSON
+4. Otis Peavy (2 Aug 1877, Marion Co, TX-28 Jul 1955) m. 29 Oct 1911, Kellyville, Marion Co, TX, Belle SPEARMAN
4. Ophelia Peavy (22 Apr 1880, Marion Co, TX-12 Jun 1965, Gober, Fannin Co, TX) m. 26 Aug, Gober, TX, John Thomas WOODSON; 6 children:
5. Euna Elizabeth Woodson (30 Aug 1902, Gober, Fannin Co, TX-26 Apr 1958, Gober, TX) m. 24 Dec 1920, Fannin Co, TX, William Ray BIGGERSTAFF
5. Arthur Daniel Woodson (30 Sep 1904, Gober, Fannin Co, TX-9 Oct 1984, Gober, TX) m. Grace Leiona BIGGERSTAFF
5. Writa Francis Woodson (7 Apr 1907, Gober, Fannin Co, TX-8 Dec 1907, Gober, TX)
5. John Thomas Woodson, Jr. (21 May 1909, Gober, Fannin Co, TX-4 Jul 1988, Gober, TX) m. 14 Feb 1937, Hugo, OK, living spouse
5. Infant Woodson (29 Apr 1912, Gober, TX-2 May 1912, Gober, TX)
5. Raynell Woodson (1 Sep 1913-10 Sep 1980)
4. Cornelia Peavy (22 Apr 1880, Marion Co, TX-4 Feb 1957) m. 10 Aug 1911, Marion Co, TX, W. H. WILLIAMS
4. Gilbert Lafayette Peavy, Jr. (8 Dec 1884, Marion Co, TX-28 Apr 1906, Lufkin, TX)
+4. Leroy Frank Peavy (2 Feb 1887, Marion Co, TX-3 Mar 1964, Beaumont, TX) m. 24 Dec 1908, Jasper, TX, Jesse Ura BROWN

Children of Leroy Franklin and Celestia Biggers PEAVY
4. Joe Brown Peavy
4. Eli Peavy (died as youth)
4. Henry A. Peavy
+4. Mark Hebers Peavy (14 Sep 1872-23 Mar 1934) m. Ammie HAMBY
4. Margaret Elizabeth Peavy (b. c1875) m. Milton MCLAUGHLIN
4. Laconia J. Peavy (b. c1877)
4. Irene Peavy (b. c1879) m. Arthur HARDY
4. Leroy Franklin Peavy, Jr. (8 Oct 1882-10 May 1918)
4. Nettie Peavy (b. Jul 1890) m. Boddie DUNLAP

Children of Carver David and Laura Chennault PEAVY
5. Katherine Peavy m. ___ GOFORTH
5. Audrey Peavy m. ___ GOFORTH
5. John C. Peavy

Children of Eli Green and Betty Franks PEAVY
5. Elfreda Peavy (d. 9 Nov 1908)
5. Thomas Peavy (b. 19 Oct 1910)

Children of Noah Eli Lawson and Eugenia Fuller PEAVY
5. Freeman Leroy Peavy (15 May 1873-20 Feb 1964) m. Cora ___
5. Daniel Edgar Peavy (21 Aug 1875-18 Nov 1819)
5. Annie Rebecca Peavy (8 Apr 1877-21 Oct 1955)
5. James Marvin Peavy (28 Nov 1878-21 May 1966) m. 29 Aug 1906, Wedowee, Randolf Co, GA, Nelia DEAN
5. Lula Bell Peavy (6 Mar 1881-4 Sep 1981) m. 7 Nov 1901, Roanoke, Randolf Co, GA, Claude B. THOMPSON
5. Scenus Lucinda Peavy (16 Jul 1883-21 Sep 1986) m. 3 Jul 1904, Ernest B. WELCH
5. Sarah Iola "Ola" Peavy (12 Apr 1886-15 Aug 1975) m. 2 Jan 1907, Troup Co, GA, W. H. NICHOLS (b. 12 Apr 1886, Randolf Co, GA)
5. Unknown Peavy (b. 12 Apr 1886, Randolf Co, GA)
5. Luther Stevenson Peavy (2 Oct 1888-2 Dec 1939) m. Annie R. ___
5. Grady Oxford Peavy (14 Feb 1892-16 Nov 1962)
5. Mather Hudson Peavy (12 Aug 1897-15 Apr 1951)

Children of Oscar and Emma O. ___ PEAVY
5. Oliver Raleigh Peavy (b. c1905)
5. Gladys Peavy (b. c1909)
5. James Peavy (b. c1912)
5. Clyde Peavy (b. c1915)

Child of Otis and Belle Spearman PEAVY
5. Marshal Curtis Peavy (11 Sep 1914, Marion Co, TX-20 Jul 1962, m. 14 Jul 1949, Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX, Mary Ellen SCHRADER
Children of Leroy Frank and Jesse Brown PEAVY
5. Living daughter
5. Allie Mae Peavy (16 Jun 1912-25 Aug 1915)
5. Frank Welburn Peavy (8 Jun 1917, Jasper, TX-20 Aug 1980, Beaumont, TX) m. 24 May 1941, Beaumont, TX, living spouse

Child of Mark Hebers and Ammie Hamby PEAVY
5. Edna Frank Peavy (11 Feb 1901, Meriwether Co, GA-c1991) m. Hall P. KELLER; no children

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