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The Henry Family

Our Henry Family

This page was created on 2 Oct 1999 to prove my husband's connection to one of America's most famous families. My research has brought me to the conclusion that his gggrandmother is not directly connected to the family that produced one of the great Revolutionary War orators,
"Give me liberty or give me death!"

There are an informal group of Henry researchers who have contributed a great deal to the accumulated information on this page. Many thanks to Betty Wall, Vickie Thompson, Lynda Farmer, Bill King, Billy Parker, Jane Taylor, Gwen Boyd, Frank Weems, J. B. Hitt, Debbie Dower and everyone else for all the information they have shared.
My husband's direct line is in bold; + indicates another generation on this page.
Site revised 11 June 2002; links checked on 12 Novemeber 2006.

The James Henry who married Agness MITCHELL (1731, Halifax Co, VA-____, Logan Co, KY) in 1749, Halifax Co, VA, and who is given the same birth (c1729, Halifx Co, VA) and death date (9 Dec 1804, Logan Co, KY) as Judge James Henry m. Sarah SCARBOROUGH, is NOT the same man. He and Agness were in SC during the Revolution and refugeed back and forth between SC and VA during the conflict. When Judge Henry was busily serving the country (Mem. Continental Congress, 1780-81) James and Agness were having children in SC. James and Agness moved to KY during the time that Judge Henry was "Judge of the Court of Admiralty; appointed Judge General Co., Dec. 24, 1788; resigned, Jan., 1800." Several of the oldest children of James and Agness were born in SC, not VA. James, Agnes and children were strongly Presbyterian - many of the folks that settled in the area that Samuel Henry (son of James) moved to in Livingston Co, KY were part of a group of Presbyterians that moved together - James and Agnes moved in the same migration, but settled in Logan Co (which was not as far from the starting point in SC as Livingston Co) with a son-in-law and their elder daughter - they were getting up in age and apparently she died in Logan Co shortly after the move. So who were this James's parents??

1. James Henry m. 1749, Halifax Co, VA, Agness MITCHELL (1731, Halifax Co, VA-aft. 1804, Logan Co, KY, daughter of John MITCHELL

Children of James and Agness Mitchell HENRY
2. Elizabeth Henry (b. c1750)
She is frequently confused with Patrick Henry's youngest sister who married William Campbell.
2. Loan/Loamy Henry (b. c1753, Halifax Co, VA)
+2. Mary Henry (1755, Pendleton, SC-12 March 1812, Livingston, KY)
m. 25 Jan 1780, York Co, SC, Robert DICKEY (25 Nov 1745, Albermarle Co, VA-24 May 1817, South Salem, Ross Co, OH), son of John DICKEY, Sr. and Martha MCNEELY
+2. Samuel Henry (betw. 1755-65, Pendleton District, SC or VA-aft. 1821, Lawrence Co, AL)
m1. bef. 1790, SC?, Mary BREMAR (1761-bef. July 1807, Livingston Co, KY), daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca BREMAR
m2. 16 July 1807, Livingston Co, KY, Martha DICKEY (12 Jan 1756, Albemarle Co, VA-aft. 1821, Lawrence Co, AL), widow of Hugh WILSON, daughter of John DICKEY and Martha MCNEELY
2. William Henry (b. c1756)

Children of Mary Henry and Robert DICKEY
3. Rev. James Henry Dickey (24 Oct 1780, Halifax Co, VA-24 Dec 1857, Menard Co, IL) m. Mary DEPEW
3. Alexander Brown Dickey (6 Oct 1782, York, SC-13 Jul 1851, Livingston, KY)
m. 8 Apr 1809, Livingston Co, KY, Jane HENRY (22 Aug 1795, Pendleton District, now Anderson Co, SC-7 Feb 1831, Ross Co, OH), daughter of Mary BREMAR and Samuel HENRY
3. Mary Dickey (b. 27 sep 1784) m. Robert ROSS
3. Robert Dickey, Jr. (b. 24 Jan 1787)
3. George Dickey (b. 6 Apr 1790)
3. Agnes Mitchell Dickey (b. 1 May 1792)
3. Eliza Dickey (17 Mar 1795, TN-4 Dec 1870, Clinton, KS) m. 10 Jun 1817, South Salem, OH, James DEAN

Children of Samuel and Mary Bramar HENRY
Many thanks to Vickie B. Thompson for the following court records which names Samuel's children from both wives:
Nancy ELDER, filed suit on 8 August 1860, against ABRAM WRIGHT, for possession of land. Nancy stated that her father, Samuel HENRY, died leaving 10 children beside herself: John, James, William, Samuel, Jane, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Margaret and Martha. James, John and William are dead, leaving some heirs, but she does not know who or where they are. Jane HENRY, married Alex DICKEY, and is dead and who or how many heirs she may have left she does not know. Rebecca HENRY married R. D. HILLHOUSE. Elizabeth HENRY married David HILLHOUSE, Mary Ann HENRY, married James ALEXANDER, and Margaret HENRY, married William McNEALY, and Martha HENRY married Horace SMITH. Nancy does not know where they are living or dead, where they may be found if living or who may be their heirs. She knows, however, that all left Kentucky a great while ago and if any of them ever returned she does not know. She says she and the other heirs of Samuel HENRY were entitled to his real and personal estate. In his lifetime, Samuel HENRY, made an entry and survey of 200 acres of land on Hurricane Creek. A patent from the Commonwealth of Kentucky to Samuel HENRY bears the date of 10 April 1857. The survey was made 27 August 1803 and regularly registered in the Land Office, but as the state price was to be paid by installments and was not fully paid until sometime afterwards; no patent was issued at that time. Nancy stated that her father was living on the land at the time and continued to live there until he moved away and no patent had been issued to him. When he left the country, he gave the benefit of this survey of land to Nancy, telling her that if she would pay the remainder of the state price and procure the patent, she might have it. But she was then married to George ELDER, and they claimed it all the time under the survey made by her father, but her husband, George ELDER, neglected to procure a patent until the time shown above. Her husband finished paying the state price and procured the issue and of right she ought to have the whole of the tract of land,. But if she cannot hold it under her father's gift, then she is entitled to one undivided eleventh part and her expenses, money paid to the commonwealth, etc for the patent. The land cannot be fairly divided, as it would then be worthless. Nancy states that Abram WRIGHT, is now in the adverse possession of a portion of the survey, holding it under some pretended title that she and her sisters are married women and that the plaintiffs (Nancy ELDER's) husband died 28 August 1857. Nancy prays judgement against WRIGHT, and that he surrenders possession of the land. Abram WRIGHT gave an answer on 16 November 1860, to the above petition. He denied he is in possession of any land to which the plaintiff has any right. He asks that the case be dismissed. Samuel H. ELDER gave a statement 23 November 1867. He stated that Nancy ELDER departed this life intestate, leaving 7 children surviving her and one dead who left four children. They are: John ELDER, who is dead and left surviving him Margaret, Elizabeth, Martha and Ada as his heirs; S. H. ELDER; William ELDER; James ELDER; George M. ELDER; Margaret ELDER; and Mary ELDER; and Eliza ELDER. Mary and Eliza are married. Margaret and Eliza live in Iowa. James ELDER lives in the upper part of Kentucky. The heirs are so widely scattered over the country and there are so many of them that it would be impossible to get them all before the court. The interest of the mother, Nancy ELDER, descended to them and it is their interest that the land should be sold. Nancy ELDER left no surviving husband. Judgement made 13 May 1868 for defendant, Abram WRIGHT. (Circuit Court files #166)
+3. Rev. William Henry (25 May 1782, Pendleton District, SC-26 Sep 1856, Obion Co, TN)
m. 21 Dec 1804, Livingston Co, KY, Mary Ann WHEELER (25 Dec 1786, Rutherford, NC-aft. 1870, Leake Co, MS), daughter of John WHEELER and Susannah CLARK
+3. James Henry (c1783, Pendleton, SC-c1812, Livingston Co, KY)
m. 10 Sep 1806, Livingston Co, KY, Rebecca K. JOHNSON (b. c1788, Pendleton, SC)
+3. Samuel Henry, Jr. (b. 1783, Pendleton, SC-bef. 1850, AL)
m. 29 Jun 1811, Livingston Co, KY, Mary W. QUENTIN/Quinton (b. c1784, Pendleton, SC), daughter of James QUENTEN
+3. Nancy Agness Henry (25 Sep 1785, Pendelton District, SC-8 May 1866, Crittenden Co, KY)
m. 19 Dec 1805, Livingston Co, KY, George ELDER (20 Nov 1772, Spartanburg, SC-28 Aug 1857, Crittenden Co, KY), son of Margaret STOREY and William ELDER, Sr.
Researcher: Vickie Beard Thompson (
Vickie's web site
Researcher: J. B. Hitt (

+3. Rebecca Nancy Henry (9 Jun 1788, Pendelton District, SC-6 Jun 1875, Ringgold, IA)
m. 20 Dec 1805, Livingston Co, KY, Robert Dickey HILLHOUSE (22 July 1782, York District, SC-21 Jul 1853, Rome, Jefferson Co, IL), son of James HILLHOUSE and Mary "Polly" DICKEY
+3. Elizabeth W. Henry (c1790, Pendleton District, SC-c1855, Webster Co, MS)
m. 3 Jun 1809, Livingston Co, KY, David Sloan HILLHOUSE (1785, SC-bef. 1860, Choctaw Co, MS), another son of James HILLHOUSE and Mary "Polly" DICKEY
+3. Rev. John Mitchell Henry (1794, Pendleton, Anderson Co, SC-1845, Neshoba Co, MS)
m. 5 Nov 1810, Livingston Co, KY, Jane PICKENS (1792, Pendelton District, SC-1851, Scott Co, MS), daughter of Mary Margaret DOWDLE and Andrew PICKENS
Pickens Family Archive - the database
Pickens Archives - the library
3. Jane Henry (22 Aug 1795, Pendleton District, SC-17 Feb 1831, OH) m. 8 Apr 1809, Livingston Co, KY, Alexander Brown DICKEY (see above; they were first cousins)
3. Margaret Henry (8 Jun 1801, SC-27 Feb 1864, Limestone Co, AL) m. 7 Apr 1818, ?Madison Co, AL, William MCNEELY (1798, KY-1877, Giles Co, TN), son of Rebecca DICKEY and David MCNEELY
Children of Martha Dickey Wilson and Samuel Henry, Sr.
3. Mary Ann Henry (b. c1803, Livingston, KY) m. James ALEXANDER
3. Martha Henry (b. c1805, Livingston, KY) m. 22 Sep 1825, Lawrence Co, AL, Horace SMITH

Children of Mary Ann Wheeler and Rev. William Henry
4. Elizabeth W. Henry (b. c1805, Lawrence Co, AL) m. 22 Apr 1822, Lawrence Co, AL, John T. JOHNSON
4. Jane Henry (b. c1807, Livingston Co, KY) m1. 12 Aug 1823, Lawrence Co, AL, Adam CASTLEBERRY, m2. 4 Jan 1833, Hasel M. COLLIM
4. Polly Ann Henry (b. c1809, Livingston Co, KY) m. 7 Sep 1825, Lawrence Co, AL, Cornelius ROSS
4. Martha Henry (b. c1811, Livingston Co, KY)
4. John Henry (c1813, Livingston Co, KY-aft. 1850, MO)
+4. James S. Henry (c1818, Livingston Co, KY-???, Henry Co, TN)
m. 12 Nov 1836, Henry Co, TN, Frances L. DOOMIS (b. c1812, NC)

Children of Rebecca K. Johnson and James Henry
4. Thomas Henry (b. 15 Sep 1803)
4. Willis Henry (b. 15 May 1809, twin)
4. Wilson Henry (b. 15 May 1809, twin)

Children of Mary W. Quentin and Samuel Henry, Jr.
Note: There are several other possible parents for all nine of these children (Samuel, Rev. William or William who married Mary McGaughey are the most common suspects). Many thanks to Lynda Farmer and Betty Wall for the following letter from James Alford Babb, husband of Mary Amanda Henry, to their granddaughter Myrtle.
The following letter is not dated.
Myrtle, I have an old letter that Papa[s] father wrote us after we came to Texas by papa’s request I will coppy it in his own words & send it to you as it is about all we know of his people as he left them all in Tennessee. it begins in this way. my fathers name was James. my mothers Elisabeth. my fathers brothers name was Joseph a noted Baptist Preacher. They were all borned and raised in Lawrence District South Carolina. they moved from there to Murry County Tennessee then to Alabama. From there to the Western District of Tennessee. my fathers last move was to Texas in Dewitt and from there to Washington Co. in Texas in five miles of Brenham. my Stepmothers was a widow Craig her given name was Elisabeth. She had a brother that lived & died near Brenham the same place my father died. his name was John Money known as Judge Money. I have one brother a Cambelite Preacher his name was Mancil. I have three sisters Yilpa, Drucilla and Mary. my granfather on my mothers side was William Crisp. I had one uncle living in Boliver Tennesse by the name of Mancil Crisp, he had a son by the name of Elihu O.{?} Crisp that has served as a member of the Legislature for many years. Now this is pretty much all that we know about the Babbs. only I have heard granpa lament that he hadent gone to his people in Texas. They wrote to him to come that they would set him up in business and when he refused they wrote him to come on a visit & they would give him all the cattle and horses he wanted to take back with him but he never did come. there was some kind of a falling out between him & his father & he left them in Tennessee & never saw any of them anymore. anyone could tell by granpas bearing that he was of a good family for he was a perfect tipe of the old gentlemen of long ago.
Your granmother was a Henry. Daughter of Samuel Henry. I believe his name was Sam. he lived in Madison County Miss – on the old Roberson road he kept a big hotell for years to take in travelers as there was as you know no R.R. them days. he lived near the town of Sheron. or where that town now stands. his mother was married twice. her first husband was Henry. her second was Davis & she was the mother of the Jeff Davis of war times & was half brother to papas granfather. granmother Babb had three brothers & four sisters. the brothers were John, Samuel and Scion. the sisters were Linda & Tilda they were twins. Elisabeth Grace & Adeline. granmas was Mary.
[the following note was written at the end of the page:]
Jim Harris, Stamford, Jones Co, Tex. for information about the Henrys
Last page:
Henry W. Dockery – died Nov. 1, 1915
Leah L. Dockery – died Nov. 3, 1918
Mancil Monroe Babb – died Sept. 16, 1929
My grandmother Babb was Mary Henry. her father name Sam Henry half bro. to Jefferson Davis.
Note: we have found no evidence to support this claim.
Children of Sam Henry
Elizabeth (Betsy) Henry married Caigle
Malinda Henry married Owens
Grace Henry married Rogers
Mary Henry married J A Babb
John Henry married unknown
Same Henry married unknown
There is a second letter from James Alford Babb to his son that is dated Nov. 21, 1987, Leake Co, MS and is addressed to "My Dear Son." The information on the Babb family is repeated and does not mention the Henry family except for
Well, I recon I shall start this day week{?} to Henry’s to the wedding. Adda marrys the 29th of this month and has sent for all to come that can of our family. Her intended is by the name of Bush. He lives in Durant / Turn over and
The remainder of the letter is missing, but the first letter names the siblings: the twins: Malinda and Matilda (Linda & Tilda), brothers: John, Samuel and Sion (Scion) and the other daughters: Elizabeth, Grace, Adeline and Mary.

4. Malinda Henry (28 Mar 1811, TN-15 Aug 1891, Vernon Parish?, LA)
m. 16 Sep 1830, Lawrence Co, AL, Charles Pinkney OWENS (1810, TN-aft. 1880, ?Vernon Parish, LA)

Researcher: Margie R. Pearce (
+4. Matilda Henry (Malinda's twin; d. 14 Sep 1889, Blanchard Spring, Union Co, AR)
m. 24 Apr 1828, Lawrence Co, AL, Thomas Sidney HARRIS (4 Apr 1803, SC-6 Jul 1874, Zion Community, Leake, now Scott Co, MS)
Researcher: Betty Clifton Wall (
+4. Elizabeth Henry (c1813, E. TN-aft. 1880 census) m. 13 Aug 1835, Madison Co, MS, William Henry CAGLE (c1814, GA-aft. 1880 census)
+4. Mary Amanda Henry (13 May 1817, TN/AL-aft. 1880 census) m. 13 Jul 1835, Madison Co, MS, James Alford BABB (11 Jan 1814, AL-aft. 1880 census), son of James BABB and Elizabeth CRISP
Researcher: Bill King ( 3rd Gr Grandson of Mary Amanda Henry & James Alford Babb
+4. Grace Henry (b. c1820, AL) m. bef. 1837, MS, George ROGERS (c1810, KY-betw. 1850-1860)
Researcher: Bill Wilson (
4. Samuel W. Henry (b. c1820, Lawrence Co, AL) m. 25 Sep 1854, Leake Co, MS, Easter POWELL
+4. Sion P. Henry (b. c1822, Lawrence Co, AL) m. 17 Jul 1852, Leake Co, MS, Amanda SMITH, daughter of an unknown Smith and Nancy
+4. John McGahey Henry (Jan 1824, AL-bef. 7 May 1902, Scott Co, MS)
m1. c1845, ?Scott Co, MS, Annie Susan LOTT (16 Mar 1818, TN-24 May 1884, Hodge Hill, Scott Co, MS), daughter of Arthur LOTT
m2. 3 Mar 1885, Rankin Co, MS, Callie SHEPERD (1845-??, Livingston, TX
Researcher: Lynda Farmer (
+4. Margaret Adaline Henry (26 Apr 1826, Lawrence Co, AL-1910) m. 29 Dec 1845, Madison Co, MS, Solomon Joyner LOTT (c1812, TN-1892)

Rev. Eron Malcolm Sharpe in "The Henry Family," Memphis, TN, 1961, rev. Jan. 1978, declares Samuel is the father of Matilda and Malinda which makes more sense from the timeline. Also there is supposed to be a will for Samuel (1) from Livingston Co, KY that confirms in part what Rev. Sharpe stated about the family relationships based on the disposition of the land following his death. Would love to have a copy of this will!

Children of Nancy Henry and George ELDER
4. John S. Elder (b. 1806)
4. Samuel Henry Elder (3 Jan 1808, Livingston Co, KY-30 Dec 1877, Crittendon Co, KY) m. 1849, KY, Sarah Catherine BIGHAM (11 Jun 1825, Livingston Co, KY-1903, Crittendon Co, KY)
5. Louwanda Bigham Elder (14 Apr 1857, Marion, Crittendon Co, KY-5 Feb 1880, Hutton Valley, Howell Co, MO) m. c1873, KY, Collin Drury DANIEL (c1855, Marion, Crittendon Co, KY-Sep 1882, Hutton Valley, Howell Co, MO)
6. Rose Etta DANIEL (29 Sep 1874, Marion, Crittendon Co, KY-1 Jun 1939, Woodlake, Tulare Co, CA) m. 17 Dec 1891, Marion, Crittendon Co, KY, George Anderson BEARD (14 Apr 1859, Marion, Crittendon Co, KY-24 Apr 1924, Clarksville, Johnson Co, AR)
4. Margaret Elder (b. 1809) m. 30 Oct 1852, John A. HILL
4. William P. Elder (b. 1811)
4. James D. Elder (b. 1815)
4. Eliza Jane Elder (b. 1818)
4. George Washington Elder (b. 1821) m. 22 Nov 1858, Crittendon Co, KY, Josephine WHEELER

Children of Rebecca N. Henry and Robert D. HILLHOUSE
4. Mary Ann Hillhouse (2 Mar 1807, Livingston Co, KY-19 Oct 1868, Montazuma, Powesheik Co, IA)
4. James Henry Hillhouse (5 Dec 1808, Livingston Co, KY-30 Aug 1842, Jefferson Co, IL
4. Clarissa Hillhouse (b. 1 Jan 1812, Livingston Co, KY) m. Christopher AYERS (d. 22 Jun 1870)
4. Eliza Penina Hillhouse (b. 2 Apr 1814, Livingston Co, KY) m. 25 Jan 1842, Jefferson Co, IL, Rev. Alexander KYLE
4. John Clelland Hillhouse (25 Feb 1816, Livingston Co, KY-21 Mar 1897, Ringgold Co, IA, m. bef. 1843, IL, Elizabeth Ann DAVIDSON (d. 27 Mar 1908, Branson, Taney Co, MO)
4. Martha Jane Hillhouse (14 Feb 1819, Livingston Co, KY-22 Aug 1875)
4. Margaret Louvina Hillhouse (4 Jan 1821, Livingston Co, KY-Nov 1924, Hardin Co, IA)
4. Nancy Lucinda Hillhouse (8 Aug 1823, Livingston Co, KY-18 Jun 1857, Jefferson Co, IL) m. 2 Jan 1842, Jefferson Co, IL, Riley KELL (16 Jul 1821, Chester District, SC-11 Dec 1884, IL)
4. Hannah Rebecca Hillhouse (10 Feb 1825, Livingston Co, KY-cAug 1906, Jefferson Co, IL) m. 24 Dec 1847, Jefferson Co, IL, Thomas DALE (22 Apr 1817-28 Mar 1889, Jefferson Co, IL)
4. Sarah Minerva Hillhouse (25 Jan 1827, Livingston Co, KY-23 Feb 1869) m. 3 Feb 1848, Charles H. BROOKS
4. Robert Lapsley Hillhouse (28 Nov 1828, Livingston Co, KY-2 Apr 1862, Fayette Co, IL) m. 22 Aug 1850, Jefferson Co, IL, Mary Hester Ann ELKINS (2 Apr 1832-Jul 1864)
4. William Knox Stuart Hillhouse (13 Jan 1831, Livingston Co, KY-9 Aug 1906, Nara Visa, Union Co, NM) m. 14 Jul 1857, Washington Co, IL, Lauran Jane RICHARDSON

Child of Elizabeth W. Henry and David Sloan HILLHOUSE
4. Jesse Sloan Hillhouse (1810, Livingston Co, KY-1870, Choctaw Co, MS) m. Jeanette J. LYLE (b. 1814, Kemper Co, MS)
5. Patrick Henry Hillhouse (1839, Kemper Co, MS-1905, Webster Co, MS) m. Sarah SCARBOROUGH (7 Jan 1833, SC-c1905 Webster Co, MS, daughter of James SCARBOROUGH and Elizabeth HILL
6. Jeanette Elizabeth Hillhouse (c1863, MS-1900, Webster Co, MS) m. 21 Oct 1886, MS John Wesley TAYLOR (25 Dec 1839-aft. 1900), son of Thomas Allen TAYLOR and Sarah unknown
Children of Jane Pickens and John Mitchell Henry
+4. Andrew Pickens Henry (22 Oct 1811, Livingston Co, TN-22 Apr 1870, Neshoba Co, MS)
m. 13 Sep 1833, Greene Co, AL, Hulda Huddleston RAY (1814, Scott Co, MS-c1902)
4. Malinda Rebecca Henry (b. 1813, Sumpter Co, AL) m. 20 Feb 1834, Sumpter Co, AL, John KEATHLEY (b. c1799)
4. Elmira Henry (b. c1814, Madison Co, AL) m. c1834, Sumpter Co, AL, unknown STARMERS
4. Joseph Pickens Henry (31 May 1816, Elyton, Madison Co, AL-18 Dec 1899, West Point, Clay Co, MS) m. c1845, Pickens Co, AL, Eleanor GIVENS (b. c1818, Pickens Co, AL)
4. John M. Henry, Jr. (b. c1819, Sumpter Co, AL) m. 20 Jun 1844, Lowndes Co, MS, Mary Elvira DAVIS (b. c1820)
4. James B. Henry (1821, AL-???, Civil War, TN) m. 30 May 1852, Lowndes Co, MS, Margaret J. MILLIGAN (b. 6 Apr 1835, Lowndes Co, MS)
4. William Calvin Henry (2 Apr 1824, AL-8 Mar 1892, Forrest, Scott Co, MS) m. 8 Oct 1849, Mary C. GIVENS (b. c1830)
4. Mary Henry (b. 1826, AL) m. Jerry ALEXANDER (b. c1825)
4. Patrick C. Henry (20 Aug 1827, Marengo Co, AL-30 Jul 1911, Forrest, Scott Co, MS) m. 1852, Scott Co, MS, Mary CHAMBERS (b. c1835); one known child: Hiram Henry

Children of Frances L. Doomis and James S. Henry
All born in Henry Co, TN
5. William Henry (b. c1841)
5. Sarah Henry (b. c1843)
5. Gustavus Henry (b. c1846)
5. Laura Henry (b. c1847)
5. Thomas Henry (b. c1850)

Children of Matilda Ann Henry and Thomas Sidney HARRIS
5. Malinda Jane Harris (b. 25 Jan 1829, Lawrence Co, AL) m1. 16 May 1845, Joseph YEAGER; m2. bef. 1858, Unknown SMITH
6. Nancy Smith (b. c1858, MS)
6. Edward Smith (b. c1860, MS)
5. John G. Harris (17 Aug 1830, Lawrence Co, AL-30 Aug 1830, Lawrence Co, AL)
5. William Henry Harris (13 Oct 1831, Leake Co, MS-2 Mar 1906, Blanchard Springs, Union Co, AR)
m. 10 Feb 1855, Leake Co, MS, Ellender A. BREWER (19 Oct 1836, AL-11 Oct 1902)
6. Mary Matilda Harris (1 Mar 1856, MS-6 Dec 1946, Ponchatoula, Tangipahoa Parish, LA) m. John Archibald DEAN
6. Martha Ann Harris (27 Nov 1857, MS-5 Jul 1945) m. John Franklin GATHRIGHT
6. William Albert Harris (24 Nov 1859, AR-20 Jan 1901) m. Ella N. DICKERSON
6. John Henry Harris (b. 21 Dec 1861, AR) m. Eldora J. BERRY
6. Sarah Josephine Harris (17 Oct 1864, AR-23 Feb 1934) m. Tom J. MARTIN
6. Walter Sidney E. Harris (b. 8 Mar 1867, AR) m. Lucy RISINGER
6. Alsey E. Harris (25 Oct 1871, AR-23 Nov 1899) m. Henry T. CULLINS
6. Frances Henrietta Harris (b. 26 Jan 1876, AR) m. Ira Thomas HALE
6. George Porter Harris (22 Jul 1879, AR-15 Feb 1962) m. Della BRANTLEY
5. Mary Elizabeth Harris (1 Jan 1834, Leake Co, MS-24 Aug 1857)
5. Margrete Harris (1836, Leake Co, MS-11 Aug 1857, Leake Co, MS) 5. Sophia A. Harris (6 Jul 1838, Leake Co, MS-11 Feb 1896)
m. 24 Nov 1858, Scott Co, MS, John Calvin BURGESS (1 Jun 1830-21 Jul 1862)
6. Martha Jane Burgess (15 Sep 1858, Leake Co, MS-12 Jul 1889, Leake Co, MS) m. 11 Aug 1875, Leake Co, MS, George W. BAILEY (5 May 1855-19 Feb 1938)
7. Irvin Bailey (b. 1876)
7. John Bailey (b. 1878)
7. Lena Bailey (b. 1880)
7. Ada Bailey (25 Jun 1881-13 Oct 1875) m. Silas S. PHILLIPS (7 Aug 1879-20 Mar 1930)
6. John Quitman Burgess (1860-1923) m. 1881, Josephine HOWARD
5. Permela Saphronia Harris (24 Aug 1840, Leake Co, MS-14 Mar 1929, Edgewood, TX) m1. 1857, Andrew REED; m2. 10 Mar 1868, William W. Livingston (29 Jun 1825, AL-20 Jan 1900, Edgewood, TX)
5. James Luther H. Harris (4 May 1843, Leake Co, MS-4 Jan 1915, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co, TX) m. 8 Jul 1866, Carthage, Leake Co, MS, Martha Caroline OWENS (6 Jan 1846, AL-1 Feb 1884, Dresden, Navarro Co, TX), daughter of Berry OWENS and Anna BARNES
5. Salomy C. Harris (6 Mar 1845, Leake Co, MS-???, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co, TX) m. 28 Nov 1866, Leake Co, MS, Allen YOUNG
5. Julia Ann Matilda Harris (b. 14 Jul 1847, Leake Co, MS) m. 31 Aug 1864, Leake Co, MS, Jefferson C/G ALLEN
5. Letha Maranda Hanson Harris (14 Sep 1849, Leake Co, MS-5 Jul 1919)
m. 14 Aug 1873, Leake Co, MS, William G. "Griff" LATHEM (25 Apr 1850, Jefferson Co, AL-17 Oct 1898)
5. Francis Charlotte Harris (24 Jul 1852, Leake Co, MS-19 Jan 1920, Tuxedo, Jones Co, TX) m. Isaac "Ike" JONES (9 Dec 1849, Coffee Co, AL-10 May 1907, Walnut Grove, Leake Co, MS); one known child: Charles Quitman Jones
5. Emma Aldora Harris (16 Sep 1855, Leake Co, MS-11 Jun 1934, Ashley Co, AR) m. 1883, Union Co, AR, James Richard COLE (12 Mar 1848, AL-13 Oct 1927, Huttig, Union Co, AR)
6. Euxier Elery Cole (19 Aug 1885, Strong, Union Co, AR-3 Feb 1955, El Dorado, Union Co, AR) m. 2 Feb 1905, Strong, Union Co, AR, John Lambert HENDRIX (b. 15 Sep 1883, AL)
6. James Edward Cole
6. Naomi Cole (b. 1894, Ashley Co, AR)
5. Thomas Jefferson Harris (22 Aug 1858, Leake Co, MS-1872, Leake Co, MS)

Children of Elizabeth Henry and William H. CAGLE
Couple were living in Scott Co, MS in 1860
5. Temperance Jane Cagle (30 Jul 1838-26 Dec 1917, Yazoo Co, MS) m. 1855, Scott Co, MS, James BLANCHARD
5. Mary Cagle (b. c1842, MS)
5. Matilda Cagle (b. c1843, MS)
5. Sarah Elizabeth Cagle (22 Jun 1845, MS-17 Oct 1925, Shelby Co, TX) m. 26 Nov 1867, Canton, MS, William R. ROGERS (Apr 1843, MS-23 May 1906, Shelby Co, TX), son of George ROGERS and Grace HENRY (yes, they were first cousins)
5. Bradley Cagle (b. c1847, MS)
5. Thomas Perry Cagle (13 Jul 1851, MS-10 Jul 1921, Shelby Co, TX) m. 30 Aug 1882, Mary A. Lavinia CRUMPTON
5. Lucy Cagle (b. c1855)

Children of Mary Amanda Henry and James Alford BABB
5. Frances Babb (c1836, Leake Co, MS-c1876) m. 27 May 1861, Leake Co, MS, Robert Alexander BROOKS, Jr. (23 May 1833, GA-c1900, Good Hope, Leake Co, MS)
5. Lucinda Babb (b. c1839, Leake Co, MS) m. Henry STRICKLIN; m. c1860, George W. PIGG (d. bef. 1865 in Civil War)
5. John Powell Babb (May 1844, Leake Co, MS-aft. 9 May 1910, MS) m. 3 Jan 1866, Leake Co, MS, Margaret Dinks BREWER (Jun 1848, Leake Co, MS-4 Mar 1910)
6. Mary E. "Molly" Babb (30 Oct 1867, Good Hope, Leake Co, MS-17 Mar 1951, Pineville, Rapides Parish, LA)
m1. William Thomas DILLON (c1866, IA-3 Nov 1922, New Orleans, LA)
m2. Thomas Griffin Mathis, Sr. (23 Jan 1857, Atlanta, GA-7 Apr 1901, Selma, Grant Parish, LA)
6. James Alford Babb (2 Apr 1872, MS-27 Feb 1943) m. Myrtle Eloise LAY (24 Jul 1880, MS-6 Jan 1963)
6. Francis "Fannie" Babb (10 Mar 1874-9 Oct 1960) m. Thomas R. SONES (5 Apr 1874-2 Jul 1943)
6. John N. Babb (23 May 1878, MS-15 Feb 1949) m. Ammie BROOKS (14 Jul 1879, MS-13 Jan 1968)
6. Carrie Gertrude Babb (1 Jun 1883, Leake Co, MS-23 Jun 1969) m. Henry Lamar DUMAS (8 Mar 1876-23 Feb 1957)
6. Mattie Babb (11 Oct 1886, MS-27 Sep 1968) m. Melvin POWELL (3 Mar 1879-25 Jan 1954)
5. Napoleon Bonaparte Babb (15 Mar 1847, Walnut Grove, Leake Co, MS-15 Jan 1912, Walnut Grove, Leake Co, MS) m. Mary Elizabeth CROSWELL (3 April 1853-5 Oct 1930, Leake Co, MS)
6. Bertha Omega Babb (9 Apr 1877, Leake Co, MS-22 Jan 1918) m. 18 Nov 1902, Carthage, MS, William Hendrix WEEMS (30 Nov 1874, Leake Co, MS-23 Feb 1948, Delhi, W. Carroll Parish, LA), son of Stephen Carroll WEEMS, Sr. and Amanda Katherine HENDRIX
6. Tempie Jane Babb (30 Nov 1878-14 Mar 1918) m. 1903, Leake Co, MS, Samuel Ben WEEMS (7 Jul 1878-30 Nov 1948), son of Benjamin S. WEEMS
6. Norma Babb (1889-1978)
6. Walter Babb (22 Sep 1880-26 Jan 1946) m. Myrtle HALFORD (20 May 1884-14 Aug 1986)
5. Mancil Monroe Babb (16 Dec 1849, Good Hope, Leake Co, MS-16 Sep 1929, Lone Oak, Hunt Co, TX) m. 17 Jan 1871, Leake Co, MS, Sarah Annie GREENLEE (8 Oct 1855, Good Hope, Leake Co, MS-3 Nov 1940, Lone Oak, Hunt Co, TX)
6. Myrtle Viola Babb (3 Jan 1875, Good Hope, Leake Co, MS-1 Sep 1956, Del Rio, TX) m. 7 Oct 1890, Moulton, LaVaca Co, TX, Henry Walter DOCKERY (17 Aug 1859, Moulton, LaVaca Co, TX-31 Oct 1915, Del Rio, TX)
6. Mancil Andrew Babb (b. 1882)
5. Charles Alford Babb (Mar 1852, MS-aft. Jan 1920) m. 8 Apr 1875, Leake Co, MS, Mary Belle PIGG (Aug 1857, MS-aft. 1920)
5. Amanda M. Babb (b. c1855, MS)
5. Florence Viola Babb (Feb 1857, MS-1931) m. Gussie BOWLIN
5. Carie Elizabeth Babb (Jun 1860, Leake Co, MS) m. 1 Jun 1881, Leake Co, MS, George ALLEN

Children of Grace Henry and George ROGERS
Couple were living in Leake Co, MS in 1850
5. Elizabeth Rogers (b. c1837, MS)
5. Nancy J. Rogers (b. c1840, MS) m. 9 Aug 1860, Leake Co, MS, James W. BIGFORD
5. William R. Rogers married his first cousin, Sarah Elizabeth CAGLE
6. William Henry Rogers (26 Feb 1869, Rankin Co, MS-1874)
6. Chandler Rogers (bef. 1870-bef. 1880)
6. James Wiley May (15 May 1870-4 Nov 1944, Shelby Co, TX m. Parlie S. NORRIED
6. Elisa Maybelline Rogers (15 Mar 1871-bef. 1880)
6. Thomas Winfield Rogers (19 Sep 1874, Crockett, Houston Co, TX-14 Jan 1953, Orange, Orange Co, TX) m. 24 Dec 1891, Coushatta, LA, Ido Leona PUGH
7. Mattie Lee Rogers (16 Aug 1894-17 Mar 1985) m. James Alvin HUTTO
7. Clyde Rogers (4 Sep 1908-14 Jul 1987) m. Julia Mae ___
6. Mary Elizabeth Rogers (21 Sep 1876, Crockett, Houston Co, TX-20 Jun 1953, Shelby Co, TX) m. Hugh Thomas HINTON
7. Ernest Hinton (27 Apr 1903-31 Jan 1978) m. Elizabeth ___
7. George Auther Hinton (22 Sep 1911-28 Sep 1997) m. Orene ___
7. John W. Hinton (4 Oct 1905-24 Jun 1947) m. Ethel COVINGTON
6. Dovie Jane Rogers (16 Sep 1880, Madison Co, MS-13 Aug 1965, Shelby Co, TX) m. John Wesley HEAD (15 Jan 1883-24 Feb 1957)
7. Mary Ollie Head
7. Sarah Ella Head (15 Jan 1902-22 Jun 1989) m. unknown RYANS
7. Orbrey M. Harvey (19 May 1908-21 Feb 1999) m. Vessie ___
7. John D. Head (6 Jan 1922-17 Jul 1981)
7. Oscar George Head (26 Apr 1911-6 Oct 1981) m. Ollie O. COUNTY
6. George Featherston Rogers (29 May 1884, Gonzales Co, TX-26 Aug 1960, Cleveland, TX) m. 16 Oct 1905, Amanda Olethia KING (11 Apr 1891-27 May 1937)
5. John Rogers (1844, MS-1880, ?Leake Co, MS); never married
5. Mary H. Rogers (b. c1847, MS)
5. Sarah Matilda Rogers (Jan 1848, Leake Co, MS-1906 or 1908, Perry Co, MS) m. 14 Nov 1866, Leake Co, MS, Alfred Clarke MASSEY (1820-1897)
There may be a seventh child born to Grace and George Rogers.
5. Amanda "Nanny" Rogers (1856-11 May 1935, Rusk Co, TX); never married

Children of Amanda Smith and Sion P. HENRY
5. Mary E. Henry (b. c1853)
5. Nancy M. Henry (b. c1855)
5. Sarah Henry (b. c1864, MS)
5. Isabella Henry (b. c1868, MS)

Children of Annie Susan Lott and John M. HENRY
5. Daughter Henry (b. 1848, Madison Co, MS)
5. Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Henry (8 Jan 1849, Madison Co, MS-20 Sep 1931, Livingston, Polk Co, TX) m. 1 Feb 1883, Scott Co, MS, Jesse LaFette LAWRENCE (1 Jan 1862, MS-4 May 1922, Livingston, Polk Co, TX)
5. Eliza H. Henry (1850, Scott Co, MS-12 May 1880) m. 20 Jan 1876, Scott Co, MS, Wright C. IRBY (b. c1848); one known child: Isabelle Irby (b. c1877, MS)
+5. Columbus Washington Henry (14 Feb 1852, Scott Co, MS-21 Jan 1902) m. 13 Jan 1879, Millie Jan IRBY (10 Sep 1858, Morton, Scott Co, MS-27 Jul 1951, Scott Co, MS)
5. Sarah "Sallie" Henry (1854-1937)

Children of Margaret Adaline Henry and Solomon Joyner LOTT
Couple were living in Scott Co, MS in 1870
5. Amelia Jane "Ginny" Lott (b. Aug 1850, MS) m. Thomas Jefferson HOWELL (b. 1840)
5. Solomon Ball Lott (1 May 1854, MS-10 Nov 1924) m. Nancy Minerva GROGAN (1855-1927)
5. Sallie Lott (b. c1858, MS)
5. Margaret A. Lott (b. c1859, MS) m. 27 Nov 1880, T. L. JONES
5. Harriet Lott (b. c1862, MS) m. 9 Feb 1889, T. H. HOOKS
5. M. Sue Lott (b. c1866, MS)

Children of Hulda Ray and Andrew Pickens Henry
+5. John Newton Henry (15 Jul 1835, AL-16 Oct 1899, Newton, MS) m. Sarah E. ___
5. William Newell Henry (1838, Green Co, AL-1 Jun 1877, Ft. Smith, AR)
+5. Joseph Alexander Henry (17 Jan 1839, Neshoba Co, MS-Mar 1925, Mt. Olive, MS) m. Elizabeth PHILLIPS (26 Aug 1837-23 Nov 1904, Edgewood, TX)
5. Benjamin Franklin Henry (1842, Neshoba Co, MS-1903, Orange Co, TX)
5. Mary Catherine Henry (2 Feb 1845, AL-11 Jan 1929) m. James Allen THOMAS
5. James Patrick Henry (1846, Green Co, AL-1862 at Shiloh or Corinth during Civil War)
+5. Thomas Andrew Henry (17 Jun 1847, Neshoba Co, MS-28 Nov 1907, Anguila, MS) m. 7 Jul 1872, Neshoba Co, MS, Martha Amanda TEAT (30 Mar 1850, near Vaiden, MS-10 Sep 1898)
5. George Washington Henry (1 Apr 1849, AL-7 Dec 1913, Neshoba Co, MS) m. Ella LOFTON (28 Feb 1853, Neshoba Co, MS-23 Jun 1932, Neshoba Co, MS)
5. Robert Milton Henry (16 Jul 1851, Neshoba Co, MS-10 Jul 1922, Anguilla, MS) m. Lou TEAT (22 Sep 1858, Neshoba Co, MS-23 Feb 1941, Anguilla, MS)
5. Marcia Elizabeth Henry (21 Dec 1853, Neshoba Co, MS-6 Feb 1942, New Orleans, LA) m. Holden Evans PHILLIPS (b. 1849, MS)

Children of Columbus W. and Millie Jane Irby Henry
6. John Washington Henry (16 Oct 1879, Scott Co, MS-11 Jan 1950)
6. Birdie Brunette Henry (29 Apr 1881-27 Dec 1961, Jackson, Hinds Co, MS)
6. Davis Leon Henry (12 May 1884, Scott Co, MS-19 Oct 1980, Hinds co, MS m. Allie Naomi GOODSON
6. Eula Evelyn Henry (12 Mar 1886, Morton, Scott Co, MS-21 Apr 1966, Vicksburg, Warren Co, MS)
6. Jennie Joe Duck Henry (19 Nov 1888-13 Aug 1939)
6. Fount Columbus Henry (Mar 1892-28 Dec 1922)
6. Earl Irby Henry (20 Mar 1894, Scott Co, MS-4 Dec 1961, Scott Co, MS)
6. William Taylor Henry (8 Feb 1897, Scott Co, MS-12 Jan 1960, Picayune, MS)
6. Van Buren Henry (6 Feb 1898, MS-13 Feb 1955, Vimita, OK)
6. Viola Pearl Henry (b. 21 Nov 1901, Scott Co, MS) m. 3 Oct 1927, Monroe, LA, William Hillman DONALD

Children of John Newton and Sarah E. Henry
6. Martha J. Henry (b. c1853, MS)
6. John William Henry (b. c1855, MS) m. Martha J. ___
6. Joseph A. Henry (b. c1858, MS) m. Eliza V. ___
6. Virginia Henry (b. c1860, MS)
6. Samuel M. Henry (b. c1864, MS)
6. James P. Henry (b. c1866, MS)
6. Mary E. Henry (b. c1868, MS)
6. Pevey C. Henry (b. c1871, MS)
6. Robert W. Henry (b. c1874, MS)
6. Callie F. Henry (b. c1877, MS)
6. Addie B. Henry (b. c1879, MS)

Children of Joseph A. and Elizabeth Phillips Henry
6. Martha Henry (b. c1867)
6. J. C. Henry (b. c1868)
6. J. W. Henry (b. c1870)
6. Minnie Henry (b. c1872)
6. Callie Henry (b. c1874)

Judge James or James Judge Henry (1731, Studley, Hanover, VA-9 Dec 1804, Logan, KY) m. Sarah SCARBOROUGH
Controversy continues over whether James Judge Henry was the son of John and Sarah Winston Henry. There are several theories:
1. He is the first son and conceived prior to the marriage
2. He is a legitimate son of John Henry and a previous unknown wife
3. He is the illegitimate son of John Henry
4. He happened to be living in the same area as the other Henry family and has just been attached to them since his parents are unknown.
5. He is the son of James Henry, whose parents MAY have been John and Sarah Henry.
From "Virginia Genealogies" by Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden, c1891, p. 439, "Judge James Henry was of Scotch descent, but which was his ancestor is not known... studied law at the Univ. of Edinburgh; practed in VA, where he m. Sarah Scarborough. He was a man of large means, as he bought Fleet's Bay, an estate of 1000 a. in North'd Co, of Colonel Peter Conway for 10 pounds per acre... He was a Burgess from Accomac, 1772; Delegate, 1780; Mem. Continental Congress, 1780-81; was Judge of the Court of Admiralty; appointed Judge General Co., Dec. 24, 1788; resigned, Jan., 1800."

Children of Judge James and Sarah Scarborough HENRY
4. Edward Hugh Henry m1. Martha Catherine Henry, daughter of Gov. Patrick HENRY and Dorothea DANDRIDGE; one daughter: Dorothea Dandridge Henry
m2. Elizabeth WASHINGTON, daughter of Dr. Valentine and Betty (Washington) PEYTON; children: a. Mary Catherine Washington Henry m. Dr. Valentine Peyton CONWAY
b. Sarah Butler Scarborough Henry m. Dr. George Fitzhugh
c. Dr. Edward Hugh Henry m. Elizabeth Fitzhugh, daughter of John FITZHUGH
4. Samuel Henry m1. ____ BEALE; m2. ____ WILLIAMS, daughter of Judge Williams of NC
4. John Henry m. ____ BEALE and/or Martha Lanier WILLIAMS
4. Mary Henry m. John WISE
4. Tabitha Henry m. Hancock EUSTACE
4. Sarah Elizabeth Henry m. William MONCURE

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