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The Harrison Family

Thomas Harrison of Gobion's Manor

This page was created on 4 Dec 1997, corrected 25 Nov 1999, and updated on 8 Mar 2001; links checked 12 Nov 2006. Any suggestions, corrections or questions are welcome.
Most of the newer data comes from Neville, Jones, Giles, Spencer, Harrison Families and Collateral Lines 1600-1992 by Shepherd Spencer Neville Brown, published 1993. Children of Simmons Harrison and Holland Speight came from Tom M. Spight. Children of John & Rebecca Delahaye Harrison come from Stephanie Harrison, a descendant. Rod Medders also added valuable information.
Many thanks to the work of Marcella Pearce Formby who added more leaves to the Harrison - Pearce tree. Several Harrison researchers have added to our store of knowledge, but more is always welcome. Please use this as a guide to further research. It is the facts as I know them, not gospel.
Some of the Harrison confusion may come from the fact that there were at least two William Harrisons. One was Lt. Wm. Harrison who served in the Rev. War from NC and married Elvira Cooper; the other married Elizabeth Simmons. It is from this second line that our family descends. I have deleted the information on the first William because of the confusion it has caused, but will be happy to forward questions to other Harrison researchers. Direct line is in bold; + means there is another generation on this page.

1. Thomas Harrison of Gobion's Manor in Northampton, England (c1568, St. Giles, Northants, England-aft. 1616, St. Giles, Northants, England) m. c1614, St. Giles, Northants, England, Elizabeth BERNARD (b. c1558, Abington Hall, Abington, Northhampshire

2. Thomas Harrison (b. 1584)
2. Richard Harrison of London
2. Elizabeth Harrison
2. Ann Bernard Harrison
+2. Benjamin Harrison (1593, England-1677, Isle of Wight, VA) m. Mary _____
2. Johnathan Harrison
2. Ursula Harrison m. Richard PELL
2. Francis Harrison died in youth
2. William Harrison had at least one son: Edward

THIRD GENERATION: Children of Benjamin and Mary Harrison
3. John Harrison m. Melborough BRUSSIE
+3. Joseph Harrison (c1620, England-c1673, MD) m. Elizabeth TROOPE, daughter of Robert TROOPE
+3. Richard Harrison (d. 1677, MD) m. Eliza ___

FOURTH GENERATION: Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Troope Harrison
4. Francis Harrison (d. 1711, Talbot, MD) m. ___ RICHE
4. Joseph Harrison
4. Benjamin Harrison
4. Elizabeth Harrison
4. Catherine Harrison
4. Mary Harrison
+4. Richard Harrison (1650, Accommae, VA or 12 Oct 1659, Charles City, MD-1710) m. Charles City, MD, Jane DELAHAYE

Children of Richard and Eliza Harrison
4. Susanna Harrison
4. Richard Harrison
4. Thomas Harrison
4. Daughter Harrison m. John BURGESS

FIFTH GENERATION: Children of Richard and Jane Delahaye Harrison
5. Thomas Harrison
5. Benjamin Harrison
5. Eliza Harrison m. ___ HAMBLETON
5. Tabitha Harrison
5. Richard Harrison
+5. Capt. Joseph Harrison (27 Oct 1687, Charles Co, MD-5 Jul 1727, Charles Co, MD) m. Verlinda STONE (d. c1740, Charles Co, Maryland), daughter of William STONE and Theodosia WADE

SIXTH GENERATION: Children of Joseph and Verlinda Stone Harrison
6. Joseph Harrison (c1715, Charles Co, MD-28 May 1763, Brunswick Co, VA) m. c1738, ?Sussex Co, VA, Eliza SIMMONS (d. 18 Jul 1766)
The christening records for all seven children are in Sussex Co, VA and span a period of sixteen years. In 1760, Joseph bought land in Brunswick Co, VA. His will was proved in 1763, in Brunswick Co, VA.
6. Richard Harrison (1716, Charles Co, MD-1780, Charles Co, MD) m. Elizabeth Dent PENN
6. William Harrison (1724-1740, both in Charles Co, MD)
6. Tabitha Harrison (1726-1758, both in Charles Co, MD) m. unknown HOE
6. Eliza Harrison (b. 1727, Charles Co, MD-1785)

SEVENTH GENERATION: Children of Joseph and Eliza Simmons Harrison (all christened in Sussex Co, VA)
7. Nancy Harrison (b. 4 Apr 1741, Albamarle Parish, Sussex Co, VA) m. John CHAPPELL
+7. William Harrison (20 Oct 1742, Sussex Co, VA-Sep 1797, Jones Co, NC) m. 1755, Craven Co, NC, Elizabeth SIMMONS (1737-1803)
These two Simmons women, wife of Joseph and wife of William, are my two "Most Wanted." I haven't found a thing on their parentage, relationship or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

+7. Daniel Harrison (5 May 1745, Sussex Co, VA-1809) m. c1769, Brunswick Co, MD, Mary ___ (d. 1823)
+7. Benjamin Harrison (16 Jan 1746/47, Sussex Co, VA-c1777, Halifax Co, NC) m. Eliza ___
7. Mary Harrison (6 Apr 1751, Sussex Co, VA-17 May 1751)
7. Simmon Harrison (7 May 1753, Sussex Co, VA-1781, NC Continental Army) m. ___ CHAPPELL; child: Joseph
7. Patty Martha Harrison (b. 22 Oct or 25 Sep 1757, Sussex Co, VA)

Children of William and Elizabeth Simmons Harrison
+8. Joseph Harrison (c1760, Craven (now Jones) Co, NC-aft. 1796) m. c1807, Jones Co, NC, Nancy Ann GOODING of Jones Co, NC
+8. Mary Ann Elizabeth Harrison (c1763, Craven Co, NC-c1820, Montgomery Co, GA) m. 27 Nov 1782, John Hill BRYAN (RWP; 30 Sep 1761, Craven Co, NC-1826, Thomas Co, GA), son of John BRYAN and Rebecca MARTIN
8. Benjamin Harrison (c1766, Craven Co, NC-1827) m. Ann H. SPIGHT (d. 10 Feb 1817), daughter of Simon SPIGHT and Mary Lightfoot REYNOLDS
8. Susanna Harrison (b. c1768, Craven Co, NC) m. William BRYAN (RWP, brother of John Hill BRYAN)
8. Mary Harrison (c1771, Craven Co, NC-bef. 1807, Jones Co, NC) m. c1795, John Everett SPIGHT (c1775, Jones Co, NC-12 Feb 1804), son of Simon SPIGHT and Mary Lightfoot REYNOLDS, brother of Ann H. and Holland SPIGHT
8. Rebecca Harrison (b. c1775, Craven Co, NC) m. William ISLER
8. Simmons S. Harrison (31 Oct 1777, Jones Co, NC-20 Aug 1855, Sumpter Co, AL)
m1. 1799, Sumpter Co, AL, Holland SPIGHT (28 Mar 1781, Jones Co, NC-23 Nov 1836, Jones Co, NC?), daughter of Simon SPIGHT and Mary Lightfoot REYNOLDS
m2. aft. 1836, Charlotte GRIMES (d. 1844),
8. Penelope Harrison (b. c1779, Jones Co, NC)
8. Ann Charity Harrison (b. c1781, Jones Co, NC)

Children of Daniel and Mary Harrison
8. James Harrison
+8. John Harrison (1 May 1775, Brunswick City, VA-28 Apr 1859) m. 30 Sep 1793, Greensville, VA, Rebecca DELAHAYE
Rebecca Delahaye's father, Charles DELAHAYE, was the first person in VA to free a slave.
8. Nancy Harrison (b. c1777) m. Henry MANGUM, Jr.; child: Harrison Chappell MANGUM
8. Samuel Harrison (b. c1770) m. Elizabeth CLAIBORNE; children: Elizabeth, Samuel, Joseph and Daniel
8. Richard Harrison (b. c1773)

Children of Benjamin and Eliza Harrison
8. James Harrison (b. c1765)
8. Jere Harrison (b. c1768)
8. Judith Harrison (b. c1773) m. Mayhill COLLIER
8. Johanna Harrison (b. c1778)

Child of Joseph and Nancy Gooding Harrison
+9. Hardy Harrison (9 Mar 1810, Jones Co, NC-13 Mar 1878, Hampton, SC) m. Nancy LOADHOLT (d. 9 May 1861, Hampton, SC)

Children of Mary Ann Elizabeth Harrison and John Hill BRYAN
9. Anne Penelope Bryan (23 Sep 1784, Jones Co, NC-1865) m. 20 Dec 1808, John COFFEE
9. Edward Bryan (b. c1786) m. Susan HORN
9. John Bryan (b. 1788)
9. Mary Anne Elizabeth Bryan (c1790, Jones Co, NC-7 Dec 1862, Ocala, FL) m. Shadrack ATKINSON (Dec 1785-Sep 1867, Crystal River, FL)
9. William Bryan (b. 1793)
9. Joseph Bryan (b. c1795) m. Lucy WARNER
9. Susan Bryan (b. 1797) m. Hiram ATKINSON
9. Hardy Bryan (b. Dec 1799) m1. Martha WYCHE; m2. Maria WYCHE
9. Hill Bryan

Children of Simmons and Holland Speight Harrison
9. Nancy Spight Harrison (24 Nov 1800, Jones Co, NC-27 Nov 1885, Scooba, Kemper Co, MS) m. 7 Jun 1821, NC, Jacob GILES (1799-1869), son of John & Amy GILES; three children: Simmons Harrison GILES (1827-1870), John GILES (1823-1827) & Simmons GILES (1825-1826)
9. Mary Reynolds Harrison (2 Jun 1802, Jones Co, NC-17 Feb 1837, Jefferson, AL) m. 2 Feb 1820, Nathan Bryan BUSH (23 Mar 1797, Jones Co, NC-15 Jun 1844, Marengo Co, AL); two daughters: Mary (b. & d. 1823), Mary Louise BUSH (c1827, NC-1865, TX) m. Thomas J. MCQUEEN
9. Elizabeth R. Harrison (8 Mar 1804, NC-22 Jan 1835, Weakley Co, TN) m. 15 Nov 1821, NC, Joseph PEARCE (24 Apr 1791, Jones Co, NC-c1846, Weakley Co, TN), son of Lazarus PEARCE of Jones Co, NC
9. Rebecca Spight Harrison (2 Apr 1806, NC-21 Nov 1836, Scooba, Kemper Co, MS) m. 15 Nov 1821, James Bryan SHINE, son of Col James SHINE and Leah YATES; 7 Shine children: Ann, Holland, Virginia, James, Daniel, Simmons and Elizabeth.
9. Holland Harrison (15 Apr 1808, NC-9 May 1834) m. Benjamin WHITE
9. William Simmons Harrison (17 Jun 1810-Nov 1811)
9. Matilda Jane Harrison (4 May 1812, Jones Co, NC-24 Jan 1885, Livingston, Sumpter Co, AL) m. 1837, Sumpter Co, AL, William Harrison GREEN
9. Benjamin Harrison (12 Jul 1815-10 Oct 1835)
+9. Simmons Harrison, Jr. (8 May 1817, Jones Co, NC-9 Jul 1862, Richmond, VA) m. 5 Oct 1842, Sumpter Co, AL, Sarah Elizabeth SMITH (9 Dec 1824, New Bern, NC-1 Aug 1907, San Antonio, FL)
9. Louisa C. Harrison (28 May 1819-12 Apr 1838, Mobile, AL) m. 12 Apr 1838, Sumpter Co, AL, Isaac W. KIRKLAND
9. Susan Charlotte "Sucky" Harrison (29 Apr 1822-1898) m. 11 Dec 1844, Sumpter Co, AL, Elijah Brasier BLALOCK (24 Aug 1813, NC-19 Sep 1895, "Woodlawn" Harrison Co, TX); 9 BLALOCK children: Frances Louis, Charles William, Simmons Harrison, Thomas Holland, Matilda Texanna, Charles Richard, William Benjamin, Elijah Brazier and Jacob Giles

Children of John and Rebecca Delahaye Harrison
9. Martha Harrison (11 Mar 1795-14 Mar 1875) m. 11 Jan 1840, Rutherford Co, NC, Spencer P. NORVELL
9. Elizabeth Harrison (8 Jun 1796-1871, Swain, NC) m. Jesse SMILEY, son of Jesse SMILEY and Sarah MADISON
9. Edward Delahaye Harrison (1 Jan 1795-19 Dec 1871) m. 14 Apr 1830, Cyntha McCURRY
9. William Harrison (b. 1799)
9. Sarah "Sally" Harrison (b. 24 Jan 1801)
9. Daniel Harrison (13 May 1802-10 May 1834)
9. Harding C. Harrison (b. 3 Jan 1804)
9. Starling Harrison (b. 5 Apr 1806) m. 11 Jan 1840, Elizabeth DOLTON
9. Simeon Harrison (27 Oct 1807-27 Oct 1880) m. 30 Jan 1859, Carroll Co, GA, Nancy Jane JONES
9. James A. Harrison (b. 25 Mar 1809)

Child of Hardy and Nancy Loadholt Harrison
10. Maj. John Joseph Harrison (17 Dec 1831, Beaufort (now Hampton) Co, SC-22 Oct 1862, Hampton Co, SC) m. 6 Mar 1861, Susan RUTH

Children of Simmons Harrison, Jr. and Sarah E. Smith
+10. Simmons Harrison, III (3 Aug 1845-14 Feb ??, Washington, DC) m. 14 Oct 1867, Inez GALE
10. Bazell Harrison (10 Sep 1846, Sumpter Co, AL-25 Jul 1927, Anthony, FL) m. 13 Apr 1870, Elizabeth C. AVERY; two children: Simmons Giles Harrison and Nellie Harrison
10. Benjamin Harrison (18 Jul 1852-6 Nov 1926, Jacksonville, FL) m. Ida WINEGAR
10. Pamela/Pamilla Harrison (b. 16 Jul 1856, Sumpter Co, AL) m. William SEMMES (Washington, GA-3 May 1917, San Antonio, FL)

Children of Simmons Harrison, III and Inez Gale
11. James Simmons Harrison
11. Sara Giles Harrison (b. 21 Jun 1871)
11. Mary Gale Harrison (b. 24 May 1874)
11. Annie Gale Harrison (b. 1876)
11. Maude Hampton Harrison (b. 1880)
11. Roberta Harrison (b. 1883)

Counter added 6 Jan 1999.

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