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Families of the
Louisiana German Coast

BACAS : Some descendants of Jean Baptiste Manuel Bacas and Marie Louise Catherine Landrony

CAMBRE: Some descendants of Michel Kammer of Germany

CHAUFF/Schaaf/Chofe/Sof: Some descendants of Adam & Eve Schaaf of France

CONRAD : Some descendants of Phillipe Conrad & Christine Barbe Beauviz

FOISY/Froisy: Descendants of Pierre Foisy & Marguerite Foument of France

HAYDEL/Heidel: Descendants of Johann Adam Heidel & Barbara Eve Schnarberg of Neukirchen, Germany

JACOB : Some descendants of Benedict Jacob of Kirrwiller, Bas-Rhin, France

MAILLET/HEBERT: My Cajun Connection: Ancestors of Cleonise Maillet

MILLET: Descendants of Jean Millet & Catherine Mayer

ORY : Descendants of Nicholas Ory of France & his two wives

PERILLOUX : Descendants of Jacques Periot & Anne Barbay

PICOU: Some descendants of Charles Picou & Jeanne Pouppon of France

RODRIGUE: Some descendants of Joao Rodrigues of Portugal & Suzana Da Cruz

ROMMEL: Descendants of Heinrich Rommel & Ursula Altofer w/ Hautin, Miville connections

TREGRE: Descendants of Andreas Traeger & Catherine Callender

VICNER/Vicknair : Descendants of Johann Nikolaus Wichner & Anne Barbe Frederic of Germany

If you find a connection or see something that needs correcting,
please let me know.

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