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Our Pearce Family

Lazarus Pearce of Jones Co, NC

This happy looking group is the Logan Boyd Pearce family.
Logan and wife, Ida Jane (Christian) Pearce
Children: Margaret Muzette, Boyd Curtis, David Lazarus and Curtis Wheeler Pearce
Picture taken about 1907.

Logan's gg grandfather, Lazarus Pearce, is our man of mystery. I have searched for him for several years, but he was either in the witness protection program or came from aliens! Even finding a wife for ol' Laz would be a great accomplishment.
I recently found a Lazarus Pearce in both the 1800 and 1810 Federal Census of NC, living in Lenoir Co. He may have been the sheriff or justice of the county. He does not appear in the 1820 census, but a Joseph Pearce is listed. Could I have found our man?

If you have a Lazarus Pearce in your family, see if you can identify/claim any of the Lazarus Pearces found in NC records that I have listed at the bottom of this page.

Direct line is in bold; + indicates there is another generation listed on this page. If you have suggestions, corrections and/or additions, please get in touch.

Many thanks to Marcella Pearce Formby whose work on the Pearce - Harrison family has added more leaves to our tree!
Last updated 15 Sep March 2002; links checked 12 November 2006.

1. Lazarus PEARCE of Jones Co, NC, had at least one son.
The Lazarus Pearce in the 1800 census of Lenoir Co, NC, was born between 1765-1775 and died c1820. He had five children; an older son b. betw. 1784-1790, a daughter b. bet. 1784-1794, another daughter b. betw. 1790-1794, Joseph, and a third daughter b. bet. 1794-1799. The oldest son is not living with his parents in the 1810 census.

+2. Joseph PEARCE (24 Apr 1791, Jones Co, NC-c1846, Weakley Co, TN)
m. 15 Nov 1821, NC, Elizabeth R. HARRISON (4 Mar 1804, NC-22 Jan 1835, Weakley Co, TN), daughter of Simmons Harrison (1777-1855) and Holland SPIGHT (1781-1836).
Elizabeth Harrison Pearce is buried near Dresden, Weakley Co, TN
Records show that Joseph owned land in Lenoir Co, NC, in 1829 and 1830, but moved his family to Weakley Co, TN, soon afterwards. According to Joel Williamson in "William Faulkner and Southern History", Joseph died in Weakley Co, TN with no will. He left a large estate that included 28 slaves.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Harrison Pearce:
+3. Lazarus Pearce (14 Mar 1826, Jones Co, NC-9 Jun 1913, Wesson, Union Co, AR)
m1. 1854, Ripley, Tippah Co, MS, Mary Elizabeth HOLCOMBE (1835, SC-27 Oct 1862, Three Creeks, Union Co, AR), daughter of Levi Stokes HOLCOMBE and Sarah A. WHITTEN
m2. 16 Oct 1866, Union Co, AR, Margaret Elizabeth GRIFFIN (4 Jul 1846, AR-9 May 1913, Union Co, AR), daughter of Logan GRIFFIN (8 Mar 1820, Benton Co, AL-4 Jan 1898, Union Co, AR) and Mary WESSON (c1823, Benton Co, AL-1874). Logan and Mary were married in 1815, Benton, AR.
Logan's parents were John GRIFFIN (b. TN) and Elizabeth HILTON (b. KY) who married in 1815; both may have died in Union Co, AR.
Mary's parents were John WESSON (b. AL) and Mary ??? (b. AL).
Logan and Mary Wesson GRIFFIN had the following Griffin children:
Martha L. (b. c1842, AL), Amanda (1844, AR-1890, TX), Virginia (b. c1846, AR), Margaret E. (see above), Logan M. (b. c1848, AR), Mary Francis (1851-1925), Laura Bun (1853-1923), Nancy S. (b. c1853, AR), Abner W. (b. c1854, AR) and John (b. c1855, AR)
+3. Holland L. Pearce (1828, ?-31 May 1849, Ripley, Tippah Co, MS) m. 9 Jul 1847, Ripley, MS, Col. William Clark FALKNER (6 Jul 1825, MO-5 Nov 1889, killed in Ripley, Tippah Co, MS), son of Joseph FALKNER and Caroline WORD
+3. Mary Pearce (1830, Weakley Co, TN-1905, Magnolia, AR) m. 1847, Ripley, Tippah Co, MS, Dr. Dawson Lee "D.L." KILLGORE (1823, Robertson Co, TN-2 Apr 1893, Magnolia, AR), son of Gabriel KILLGORE and Matilda MOORE
+3. Simmons Harrison Pearce (29 Jan 1832, Weakley Co, TN-11 Feb 1920, Magnolia, AR) m. 20 Aug 1851, Tippah Co, MS, Susan Cassandra SMITH (9 Jun 1835, TN-8 Dec 1910, Columbia Co, AR), daughter of Bird Booker SMITH and Francis Cavanaugh THWEATT
+3. Rev. Joseph Pearce, Jr. (10 Jun 1835, Weakley Co, TN-17 May 1912, Ripley, Tippah Co, MS)
m1. 23 Jan 1856, Tippah Co, MS, Scotia HOLCOMBE (18 Dec 1836, Gibson Co, TN-8 Aug 1859, Tippah Co, MS), daughter of Levi Stokes HOLCOMBE and Sarah A. WHITEN, Mary Elizabeth Holcombe's sister
m2. 17 Oct 1865, Tippah Co, MS, Frances A. "Fannie" SPIGHT (12 Dec 1842, Ripley, Tippah Co, MS-1 Feb 1898, Ripley, Tippah Co, MS), daughter of James Mumford SPIGHT and Mary Elizabeth Donelson RUCKER

When Joseph Pearce died without a will, Simon Spight brought the Pearce children and all their property to Elizabeth Harrison Pearce's father, Simmons HARRISON, in MS for him to rear. The trip took 27 days by wagon. In 1847, Simon Reynolds Spight, Holland Spight Harrison's nephew, became the children's guardian according to Tippah Co, MS probate records.

Children of Lazarus Pearce and Mary Elizabeth Holcombe PEARCE; all born in Union Co, AR
+4. Levi Holcombe Pearce (27 Oct 1855, Three Creeks, Union Co, AR-26 Mar 1944, Magnolia, AR)
m1. 19 Sep 1883, Sallie E. SMITH (d. 14 Dec 1886)
m2. 26 Apr 1892, Mary Ann MARCELLA (7 May 1868, LA-8 May 1955, Magnolia, AR), widow of unknown MORGAN
4. Sarah Ann Pearce (21 Dec 1856-23 Jun 1939) m. John P. GRESHAM; 6 children
+4. Joseph Aurelius Pearce (7 Jul 1859, Three Creeks, Union Co, AR-4 Mar 1939, Magnolia, AR)
m1. 29 Oct 1878, Union Co, AR, Mary Josephine TEAGUE (2 Feb 1862, Three Creeks, AR-1 Dec 1889, Wesson, AR)
m2. 3 Dec 1890, Mary Jane THOMAS (27 Feb 1856-27 Aug 1938, Magnolia, AR)
4. Viola Lazarus Pearce (22 Aug 1861-21 May 1960) m. 14 Feb 1879, William Jefferson CHANDLER (b. 21 Oct 1858)
CHANDLER children: Pearce D, Lelia E, Carl C, Maude, Julia G, Organ B, Crawford J., Gladys, Willie Lee & Jennie A.
Children of Lazarus Pearce and Margaret E. Griffin PEARCE; both born in Union Co, AR
+4. Ada Maude Pearce (16 Oct 1867-28 May 1942, El Dorado, Union Co, AR) m. 6 Oct 1886, Edgar BLACK (11 Dec 1850-16 Mar 1940)
+4. Logan Boyd Pearce (18 Nov 1869, Union Co, AR-10 Dec 1935, Wesson, AR); school and music teacher
m. 10 Nov 1895, Ida Jane CHRISTIAN (6 Oct 1875, Union Co, AR-25 May 1966, Pioneer, W. Carroll Parish, LA), daughter of David Allen CHRISTIAN and Mary Texas "Teck" OWEN

Child of Holland L. Pearce and William Clark FAULKNER
+4. John Wesley Thompson Faulkner (22 Sep 1848-3 Mar 1922) m. 8 Sep 1868, Sallie McAlpine MURRY (14 Oct 1850, Tippah Co, MS-21 Dec 1906, Oxford, Lafayette Co, MS), daughter of John Young MURRY and Emily Virginia HOLCOMBE

Children of Mary Pearce and Dr. D. L. KILLGORE
4. Dr. Pearce Killgore (11 Jul 1851-28 Feb 1899) m. Betty FARR (1865-1901)
4. Dr. Dawson Lee Kilgore, Jr. (17 Feb 1860-19 Nov 1886) m. Elmyra TWITTY
4. Albert Sidney Kilgore (1863-10 Jul 1920) m. Nettie HICKS (22 Sep 1868-8 Dec 1910)

Children of Simmons Harrison and Susan C. Smith Pearce
4. Joseph Bird Pearce (8 Aug 1853-1 Aug 1855)
4. Simmons Harrison Pearce (5 Nov 1857-4 Sep 1880)
4. Bird Smith Pearce (b. 11 Aug 1860) m. 1898, Mildred JONES; 1 son: Simmons Prince Pearce (b. 1902)
4. William J. Pearce (6 Sep 1863, AR-27 Aug 1885)
+4. Lazarus Pearce (25 Aug 1866, AR-17 Feb 1958) m. 26 Jul 1899, Cora Etta HAMM (20 Jun 1869-20 Jan 1947, Magnolia, AR)
4. Susan Pearce (26 Oct 1869, AR-14 Oct 1892)

Children of Joseph and Scotia Holcombe Pearce
4. Annie Scotia Pearce (b. 23 Dec 1856) m. 17 Sep 1876, King Smith BELOTE/Beloit
4. Emily Murry Pearce (2 Sep 1858-27 Aug 1935) m. Jul 1877, George Elliott BELOTE/Beloit. The two Belotes were brothers.
Children of Joseph and Fannie Spight Pearce
4. Simon Willis Pearce (20 Dec 1866-aft. Jun 1912)
4. Mary Fannie Pearce (b. 30 Jan 1869) m. 15 Sep 1921, Tippah Co, MS, Frank A. MANNING (c1848-c15 May 1924, TX)
4. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pearce (2 Feb 1871, ?Tippah Co, MS-19 Aug 1926, ?Tippah Co, MS)
4. Sarah "Sally" Holland Pearce (27 Nov 1873-aft. Jun 1912)
4. Thomas Henry Pearce (20 Dec 1875-17 Nov 1937)
4. James Spight Pearce (23 Feb 1878-aft. Jun 1912)
4. Virginia Donelson Pearce (23 Feb 1878-7 Apr 1890)
4. Scotia Pearce (27 Sep 1880-1 Nov 1881, Tippah Co, MS)

Children of Levi H. and Sallie Smith Pearce
5. Lazarus Heygood Pearce (7 Aug 1884-8 Jun 1891)
5. Samuel Watson Pearce (5 Nov 1886-5 Dec 1886)
Children of Levi H. and Mary Ann Marcella Pearce
+5. Mary Elizabeth Pearce (b. 7 Apr 1893) m. 20 Feb 1921, John Adams GUISSINGER (1885-30 Aug 1942, Magnolia, AR)
5. Morgan Holcombe Pearce (b. 5 Aug 1894) m1. Vera EADS
m2. 27 Dec 1925, Ella Ree POSY; two children: Bobby Ruth PEARCE m. Landol GEORGE & Catherine Pearce (b. & d. 1926)
5. Levi Holcombe Pearce, Jr. (30 Sep 1895-28 Feb 1896)
+5. Joseph Pearce (3 Jan 1897-4 May 1972) m. 26 Dec 1925, Evangeline BURKS (7 Feb 1898-May 1972)
+5. Garland Pearce (8 Aug 1898-23 Jul 1936) m1. 9 Dec 1920, Vera SHIRLEY (d. 23 Jul 1936)
m. 2 Jun 1925, Zealia Belle BURKE
5. Odessa Pearce (b. 6 Jun 1900) m. 15 Mar 1924, David Newton SMITH (1897-May 1972)
6. Daniel Newton Smith m. Ruth CURRY
6. Mary Theresa Smith m. Robert Randall RAWLINGS
6. Ruth Gerane Smith m. Robert E. MCWILLIAMS
5. Ola Pearce (b. 7 Sep 1901) m. 4 May 1921, Lester L. DAVIS (1894-31 Aug 1964)
6. Henry Holcombe Davis m. Nancy POOL
6. Lester Levi Davis m. Joy MANTLE
6. Vera Sue Davis m. James D. FLOURNOY
6. Billy Kea Davis m. Vivian NIX
6. Dorothy Mae Davis m. D. C. VANDERBILT
6. Ruth Jacinta Davis m. Thomas T. CATHEY
5. Margaret Pearce (7 Dec 1904-4 Feb 1905)
5. Ruth Pearce (b. 31 Jan 1906) m. 28 Jun 1935, George W. SORRELS; 2 SORRELS children: Georgene Quintella and George Wallace
5. Letha Holland Pearce (b. 23 May 1907) m. 24 Dec 1930, Lake Alvin GREENE (22 Aug 1902-Oct 1966, Magnolia, AR); 2 GREEN children: Lake Alvin, Jr. & Charles Coley.
5. Floy Jeanette Pearce (b. 10 Mar 1909) m. 26 Jan 1929, Niven Doyle MORGAN; 3 MORGAN children: Niven Doyle, Edgar Daye, and Douglas Morgan
5. Ila Marcella Pearce (b. 29 Jun 1912) m. 25 Jul 1936, Ernest E. GRAHAM; 2 GRAHAM children: Peggy Marcella and Sue
5. Corbin Pearce (17 Jan 1913-17 Jan 1913)

Children of Joseph A. and Mary J. Teague Pearce
+5. William Lazarus Pearce (25 Oct 1879-22 Jun 1963) m. 20 Dec 1900, Willie Ella BURROW (13 Feb 1880-22 Jun 1963)
5. Daniel Bird Pearce (14 Jul 1882-20 Oct 1885)
+5. James Franklin Pearce (4 Sep 1884-26 Sep 1968) m. 21 Sep 1907, Katie Louise SMITH (1 Jan 1891-18 Dec 1952)
5. Robert Earnest Pearce (4 Mar 1886-20 Dec 1890)
5. Levi Holcomb Pearce (12 Dec 1887-12 May 1927) m. 1916, Leona BRUMMITT (b. 1898)
5. Fannie Mae Pearce (29 May 1889-14 Jun 1970) m. Oct 1907, Thomas A. DOYLE (18 Nov 1879-1952)
Children of Joseph A. and Mary J. Thomas Pearce
5. Frances Elizabeth Pearce (b. 9 Aug 1892) m. 20 Dec 1914, James Fred HOLLIS (11 Sep 1844-7 Nov 1952)
5. Oscar Aaron Pearce (4 Apr 1894-20 Nov 1973) m. 12 Apr 1916, Dolly TERRELL; 1 child: Alvin Joe Pearce (b. 11 Aug 1917)

Children of Ada Maude Pearce and Edgar BLACK
5. Edna Black (b. 29 Aug 1887, Washington, Hempstead Co, AR) m. 10 Jul 1910, Edmund MCGOUGH (d. 7 Dec 1929)
5. Alfred Black (b. 9 May 1894, Hope, AR)
5. Margaret Black (23 Oct 1900, Washington, Hempstead Co, AR-May 1983, El Dorado, Union Co, AR); never married

Children of Logan B. and Ida J. Christian PEARCE; all born in Union Co, AR
+5. Boyd Curtis Pearce (31 Aug 1896, Junction City, Union Co, AR-29 Nov 1968, Louisville, KY) m. Feb 1917, Irene MCWILLIAMS
5. Margaret Muzette Pearce (4 Mar 1899-20 Oct 1923, Wright City, OK) m. 28 Dec 1916, Walter Tom MORGAN
6. Albert Morgan (b. 5 Mar 1921)
6. James Thomas Morgan (b. 27 Jul 1924)
6. Damon Morgan
5. Willie Cooksey Pearce (13 Oct 1902, Junction City, Union Co, AR-13 Aug 1904)
5. David Lazarus Pearce (8 Sep 1905, Wesson, Union Co, AR-28 May 1984, Baton Rouge, LA)
m. Mattie Elizabeth "Lizzie" OLDHAM (28 Jun 1907, Darnell, W. Carroll Parish, LA-5 Aug 1974, Baton Rouge, LA), daughter of Robert Wright OLDHAM and Ida OWENS. Dave Pearce was the State Commissioner of Agriculture in LA for many years.
5. Curtis Wheeler Pearce (3 Mar 1907, Wesson, Union Co, AR-3 Feb 1937, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA)
m. 12 May 1929, W. Carroll Par, LA, Nannie Ida OLDHAM (16 May 1909, Goodwill, W. Carroll Par, LA-28 Sep 1999, Baton Rouge, LA), Lizzie Oldham's sister.
5. Lilla Lucille Pearce (3 Apr 1909, Wesson, Union Co, AR-5 May 1986) m. 24 Dec 1925, Malcolm Neil OLDHAM (9 May 1905, Darnell, W. Carroll Parish, LA-20 Nov 1965), Lizzie Oldham's brother
5. Edgar Black Pearce (5 Dec 1914, Wesson Union Co, AR-26 Nov 1993, Baton Rouge, LA)
m. 1 Jan 1942, Mary Madeline OLDHAM (4 Mar 1918, Darnell, LA-14 Mar 1977, Zachary, LA),
another OLDHAM sibling

Children of Sallie M. Murry and John W. T. FAULKNER (Holland Pearce's son)
5. Murry Cuthbert Faulkner (17 Aug 1870, Ripley, Tippah Co, MS-7 Aug 1932) m. 9 Nov 1896, Oxford, MS, Maude BUTLER. M. C. was the business manager for Ole Miss.
6. William Cuthbert Faulkner (25 Sep 1897-6 Jul 1962, Oxford, MS) m. 20 Jun 1929, Lida Estelle OLDHAM. W. C. was presented the Nobel Prize in literature.
6. Murry Charles Falkner (b. 26 Jun 1899)
6. John Wesley Thompson Faulkner, II (b. 24 Sep 1901)
6. Dean Swift Faulkner (b. 5 Aug 1907)
5. Mary Holland Faulkner (b. 16 Dec 1872)
5. John Wesley Faulkner (b. 5 Jul 1882)

Children of Lazarus and Cora Etta Hamm Pearce
5. Cora Faye Pearce (b. 11 May 1900) m. abt. 1919, Paul J. JONES (b. 15 Feb 1896)
5. Elsie Orma Pearce (b. 22 Jun 1903) m. 22 Feb 1922, Jesse REEVES (4 Oct 1903, Avery, TX-15 Dec 1948)
5. Rev. Myron Chester Pearce (b. 22 Sep 1907) m. Nettie Cordelia PEARCE (b. Jan 1913), daughter of James Franklin Pearce and Katie Louis SMITH.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Pearce and John A. GUISSINGER
6. John A. Guissinger (b. 14 Dec 1922) m. Margaret MCCOLLUM
6. Edward Pearce Guissinger (b. 4 Mar 1924)
6. Mary Jane Guissinger (b. 13 Sep 1925) m. D. D. KLEIN
6. Roger Pearce Guissinger (b. 16 Mar 1927) m. Gayle SEWELL
6. Marcia Ann Guissinger (7 Mar 1932) m. Roger A. MOSER

Children of Joseph and Evangeline Burks Pearce:
6. Joseph Burks Pearce (b. 23 Nov 1926) m. Doroth HARDEN; 3 children
6. Polly Ann Pearce (b. 13 Feb 1929) m. Harry FREEMAN; 3 children
6. Evangeline Burks Pearce (b. 29 Jul 1931) m. Derus Sidney WESTMORELAND; 6 children
6. Elizabeth Aline Pearce (b. 20 Jul 1933) m. William Arnold BENSON; 2 children
6. William Holcombe "Bud" Pearce (2 May 1937-Apr 1974) m. Georgia PARNELL; 3 children

Child of Garland and Vera Shirley Pearce
6. Garland Pearce, Jr. (b. 3 Oct 1922) m. Jean LAKE; 2 sons
Children of Garland and Zealia B. Burke Pearce
6. Richard Burke Pearce (b. 5 Jan 1926) m. Mary Ruth unknown; 4 children: Glenn, Darlene, Richard Alan & David Garland Pearce
6. Bettie Jean Pearce (b. 23 Oct 1928) m. John Herbert SHIPLEY
6. Annie Laurie Pearce (b. 11 Jun 1930) m. Gerald Dee LUMPKINS; 4 children: Jerry Dale, Sherry Janice, John Glendon and Joyce Gayle Lumpkins
6. Levi Holcombe Pearce III (b. 7 May 1932) m. Mary Edna TROTT; 1 son: Keith Lee Pearce

Children of William Lazarus and Willie Ella Burrow Pearce
6. Lora Ella Pearce (b. 29 Sep 1901) m. Roy THORNTON (b. 20 Apr 1884)
6. Mary Velma Pearce (b. 21 Apr 1904) m. Carl KING (d. 1974)
6. Archie Tillman Pearce (25 Oct 1905-4 Oct 1969) m. 27 Feb 1937, Annie Laurie TAYLOR (b 6 Jun 1918); 2 children
6. Twins Pearce (b. & d. 1 Jul 1913)
6. Hollis Fay Pearce (b. 8 Jan 1915) m. Thomas Theodore SOUTER
6. Iva Deane Pearce (b. 27 Jan 1917) m. Arthur Ivory PRINCE (b. 23 Nov 1916)
6. Willie Doris Pearce (b. 25 Apr 1924) m. V. M. MCDOWELL

Children of James F. and Katie L. Smith Pearce
6. James Everette Pearce (18 Jul 1909-25 Dec 1975) m. Zeddie Lurlene HOUCK (b. 16 Jul 1913, Magnolia, AR); 2 children
6. Mary Josephine Pearce (b. 18 Feb 1911) m. 16 Aug 1926, Mack M. BURDINE (14 Feb 1903-6 Jul 1972)
6. Nettie Cordelia Pearce (b. 24 Jan 1913) m. Myron Chester PEARCE (b. 22 Sep 1907), son of Lazarus PEARCE and Cora Etta HAMM; 2 children
6. Thurman Courtney Pearce (17 May 1915-3 Apr 1950) m. 29 Nov 1941, Clinton, LA, Margaret Ester BUTLER; 1 child
6. Parks Dewey Pearce (b. 8 Oct 1917)
m1. 23 Jun 1940, Belzoni, MS, Amy Beatrice HUFFSTICKER (b. 13 Sep 1920); one child
m2. 22 Dec 1946, Waldo, AR, Wilma Louise FRANKS (b. 27 May 1927); 3 children
6. Franklin Wesley Pearce (b. 26 Mar 1920, Magnolia, AR) m. 12 Jan 1946, Dorothy Christine JOHNSON (b. 28 Jul 1923, Village, AR); 1 child
6. Earnest Raymon Pearce (b. 8 Aug 1922) m. 1964, Franki Odessa WORSHAM
6. Willie Marcella Pearce (b. 16 Nov 1924) m. 23 Dec 1942, Noble Ercell FORMBY (b. 12 Apr 1924); 3 FORMBY children
6. Kathleen Faye Pearce (b. 7 Apr 1927) m. 19 Sep 1952, Walter Julious ELMORE (b. 7 May 1925, Magnolia, AR)
6. William Levi Pearce (b. 20 Jun 1929) m. 23 Apr 1961, Faye Ann WILLIAMS (12 Nov 1932)
6. Joseph Carroll Pearce (b. 20 Jun 1932) m. 20 Mar 1954, Deva Nell HAYNES (b. 12 Oct 1936, Emerson, AR); 2 children

Children of Boyd C. and Irene McWilliams Pearce
6. Edward B. Pearce (b. 1918) m. 1 Jan 192, Ozlee MCDOWEN
6. James Pearce (b. 1921)
6. Margaret Pearce (b. 1925)
6. Randall Pearce (b. 1927)
6. Jack Melvin Pearce (b. 1929)
6. Ione Aline Pearce (b. 1930)
6. Leroy Pearce (b. 1932)

Can you identify/claim any of the these Pearces?

Lazarus PEARCE in NC:
1755, Beaufort Co, NC
1762, Pitt Co, NC
1764, Pitt Co, NC
1790, Beaufort Co, NC (spelled Pierce) 126 01 03 03 00
1790, Dobbs Co, NC (spelled Pierce) 138 01 01 03 00
1800, Beaufort Co, NC (Pierce) 15 00110-10200-07
1800, Lenoir Co, NC 33 11010-21010-00
1810, Lenoir Co, NC 317
I believe the last two are my Lazarus, but would love to find some proof!

American Genealogical-Biographical Index
Lazarus PEARCE
NC history and genealogy. Reg. Jan 1900-Jul 1903. Edenten, NC, 1900-1903 (V.1-2, v. 3, no.1-3):1:198
Someone sent me this reference. I would love to see it, so if you have a copy, please e-mail!!

Beaufort Co, NC, Will of Edward PEARCE, dated 1758, lists Rachel, his wife and children Edward, Lazarus, Sarah, Jothan, Thomas, Rachel, Mary, Benjamin, Hezekiah and Joseph.

Craven Co, NC, Will of Lazarus PEARCY dated 11 Apr 1760, names children John, James, Edmund, and Ephraim. Testators were Edward, Thomas and Hezikiah PEARCE.

Hathaway's "NC History and Genealogy" Vol. II, p. 198, Lazarus PEARCE was a protestant dissenter.

Beaufort Co, NC, OWB, p. 132 dated 10 May 1777, Will of Thomas PEARCE, names wife, Elizabeth; children: Bazzel, Winnifred, Thomas, Lavinia, Rachel, Jemima; brother, Hezekiah Pearce; executors: (friends) Lazarus Pearce, Simpson VINES and George PEARCE; witnesses: Hillgard FATHERREE, Joseph PEARCE, John PILLEY.

Beaufort Co, NC tax lists, 1779, include the following Pearces: Lazarous, Hezekiah, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, and another Joseph. The 1786 tax lists include Lazarous and Hezekiah.

Lazarus Pearce (bet. 1770-1800, NC-bef. 4 FEB 1839, Twiggs or Sumter Co, GA)
Between 1783-1815 Lazarus was on a Greene Co, GA militia roll.
2 JAN 1798 Sold land in Greene Co, GA
4 FEB 1803 m. Mary Smith in Greene County, GA
1805 tax list Greene County, GA
SEP 1805 Craven Co, NC court papers. This paper ties together the siblings of Edmund and Mary Pearce.
1807-1817 land and tax records in Greene County, GA
1818 Tax record in Twiggs County, GA
1820 Land record in Twiggs County, GA
1830 Census Twiggs County, GA: 1 m<5, 1 m 5-10, 1 m 30-40, 1 m 50-60; 2 f 10-15; 1 f 15-20, 1 f 20-30; 7 slaves
Died before 4 FEB 1839 when guardianship papers for youngest three children were filed in Sumter County, GA naming James Howell (Elizabeth's husband) as guardian.
Children of Lazarus and Mary Pearce:
1. Edward 1790-1800
2. Elizabeth Pearce (10 OCT 1810-17 AUG 1877) m. James Howell
3. Reddick Pearce (c1814-aft. 25 SEP 1850)
4. daughter b 1815-1820
5. daughter b 1815-1820
6. Edmund Pearce b 1817 - Went to TX?
7. Lovick Pearce b 1820-1825
8. John Luther Pearce b aft 1821
Mary Smith may not have been the mother to all these children. She married Lazarus in 1803. Lazarus also married Margaret Howell (sister of James Howell).

27 Aug 1789, Craven Co, NC, Estate paper of Lazarus Pearce lists heirs: Lazarus Pearce, son and heir of John Pearce dec'd; James Pearce, Ephraim Pearce, Francis WILLIS, William SURLES, Sarah Pearce, Mary Pearce, widow and admrx. to Edmund Pearce. Ann Pearce executrix. Signed by John Pearce, executor. Division of estate of Lazarus Pearce dec'd dated Dec 1789 on another paper, signed by Aaron ERNUL, John HARRIS, Hillara PARSONS.

3 Mar 1793, Craven Co, NC, Book A, p. 286, Will of James Pearce, leaves mill and 100A to John HARRIS and William SEARLS. Wife and child are unnamed, but left the rent of house and plantation. Land bought from James RICE to be sold to highest bidder. Witnesses: Oui? GRIFFIN, Lazarus Pearce, Rebecca Pearce

Inventory of Property and sales of James Pearce dec'd. to Henry TRUETT, Jas. GATLIN, Wm. SURLES, Jno. WHITFIRD, Wm. BLAKEY, Jno. GATLIN, Jno. HARRIS, Jno. GASKINS, Thomas RIGBY, Mrs. MILLER, Edward Lazarus Pearce, Leashea TRUIT. Executor John HARRIS, William SURLES. Widow Amey PEARCE. Will in Book A, p. 286. James Pearce m. 17 Feb 1789, Amie NORTON. Only child of this marriage may have been Ann.

12 Oct 1798, Lenoir Co Liber B p. 219, 220 (Enrolled 12 May 1800)
John T. BRYANT and Nathan BRYAN, exec of estate of Nathan BRYAN, Esc., dec. of Jones Co, to Phillip MILLER of Lenoir Co - 1500 spanish milled -- tract in Lenoir and Jones on both sides of county line -- NS Ash Branch of Vine Swamp -- includes one survey made in name of Nathan BRYAN for 250 acres on 4 Mar 1775, except 13 acres deeded to Moses GOODING - adj Walter LANE now Thomas BRYAN, Robert WHITE ... including that well known plantation called Hobbs Plantation.
Witnesses: Will BUSH, Wm. DEAN, John BROWN, Lazarus PEARCE
To Court Oct Term 1800 on oath of Lazarus PEARCE

Beaufort Co, NC, OWB, p. 366, dated 31 Jan 1800, Will of Lazarus Pearce, Sr. , children: George Hill, Mary Lee, Lydia (dec), Lizzey, Rachel BEDSCOT, Sarah, Betsey, Abner, Edney and Lazarus , Mary SLADE m. to Major SLADE; orphan Ann SALTER, dau. of Edward SALTER; Wiley SALTER; executors: George Hill PEARCE & Frederick GRIST; witnesses: Wm. CONWAY, Reading GRIST, John GRIST

Beaufort Co, NC, dated 6 Dec 1801, Will of Lazarus Pearce, names wife Patsey, his unborn child; brother Abner PEARCE; witnesses: Reading GRIST, Dicy HOLLINGSWORTH.

This is to certify in Lenoir County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, among other things is contained as follows, pleas held before the worshipful Lazarus Pearce, James BRIGHT, Joseph TAYLOR, Esq. and others of the brethren Justices of the County begun and held for County of Lenoir at Courthouse in Kinston on first Monday of July, 1799.

HARRIS estate papers, dated 12 Nov 1805
Sarah PEARCE, wife of John HARRIS. Her brothers and sisters: John, James, Edmund, and Ephraim PEARCE, Mary WILLIS, Elizabeth SEARLS
subdivided between the dec'd heirs and their representatives: Lazarous Pearce , son of John Pearce, dec'd
Anne Pearce, dau. of John Pearce, dec'd
Anne STILLY, Rebecca HILL, Elizabeth GATLIN, Lazarous Pearce, James Pearce, John Pearce, Jacob Pearce (all sons and daus. of Edmund Pearce, dec'd
Mary Pearce and Ephriam Pearce, dau. and son of Ephraim Pearce, dec'd
Mary WILLIS and Elizabeth SEARLS represesent themselves.
William SURLES admr. Lewis BRYAN and David PEARCE, commissioners

13 Jan 1821, Lewis BRYAN, Esq., Sheriff of County of Lenoir Co and successor in office of Lazares PEARCE to Walter DUNN, esq. for sundry executors fines - $69.67 which sum was recovered by John WASHINGTON, David GRANT, Thomas HOOD and John GATLIN against Reddin FAULKNER as a record of said lease may appear - the lands were seized as no goods or chattel were found; land adj Fredrik BAKER, Daniel POWELL and others and lost #1 and #2 in the division of William FAULKNER, dec; 33 1/3 acres. Land sold to highest bidder on 7 Jan 1811. DUNN was the highest bidder at $72.00
To court April 1821 on oath of Winston ANDREWS

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