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The Williams Family

Elijah Williams (c1804-1872) & his two wives

Jesse and Alice (Ruckman) Williams
Picture taken before 1913. On back: Grandpa and Grandma Williams with Nile and Brice Butler.
The children are the sons of Jesse and Alice's daughter, Della B. Williams who married Benjamin F. Butler.

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The Williams Family

Many thanks to cousins Kim Tinkham and Lorene Strano for most of the following information.

1-Elijah Williams (c1804, Westmoreland Co, PA-1872, Richland Co, WI)
m. c1830, PA?, Catherine KOENIG/King (c1806, Westmoreland Co, PA-bef. 1842), daughter of Johannes KOENIG and Catherine ___

m. c1842, Cora Elizabeth DUNBAR (b. c1824, PA)
Elijah had two sisters:
Emily WILLIAMS m. ___ MONTGOMERY, had son Robert MONTGOMERY and Ellen WILLIAMS (no further information... would love to find a descendant of either one of these two ladies!)
1918 History of Adams County, p. 389-390: Mr. & Mrs. Williams commenced housekeeping in Monmouth. All their household goods were placed in a one-horse wagon. Mr. Williams worked a week after his marriage and earned $3.00 with which to purchase supplies. It was in the time of wild-cat currency, and each dollar would buy only ninety cents worth. Mr. Williams was a Republican and he and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Children of Elijah and Catherine Koenig WILLIAMS:
2-Mariah Williams (b. PA) m. unknown STEINE who left for the Mexican War and never returned; children: Rebecca I. (b. c1839) and Mary L. (b. c1847)
+2-Jesse Williams (3 Mar 1832, Westmoreland Co, PA-10 Dec 1913, Adams Co, IN) m. 21 Aug 1828, Columbiana Co, OH, Alice RUCKMAN (16 Jun 1838, Columbiana Co, OH-9 Feb 1917, Adams Co, IN), daughter of Watson RUCKMAN and Hannah ROWLER
+2-Mary/Mara Williams (22 Dec 1835, PA-Jan 1911, Fillmore, MO) m. 31 Jan 1856, Adams Co, IN, Silis ELIFRITS (c1835-Hamburg, IA), who split logs with Abe Lincoln

Children of Elijah and Cora Elizabeth Dunbar WILLIAMS:
2-James Williams (22 Oct 1843, PA-Dec 1914)
2-Samanthia "Ellen" Williams (1 May 1846, Zanesville, OH-29 Sep 1905, Filmore, MO) m. 3 Mar 1865, William Henry JACKSON (17 Jun 1841, IN-30 Jan 1916, MO), son of William JACKSON and Nancy MOORE; 3 children: i. Ettie Ann JACKSON (14 Feb 1866, Cazeenovia, Sauk, WI-15 Aug 1944, Filmore, MO) m. 19 Apr1892, Fillmore, MO, Johann Jacob HILSENBECK
ii. Virgil Augustus JACKSON (b. 12 Sep 1867)
iii. Melijsa Jane JACKSON (b. 31 May 1873) m. Charles William HILSENBECK (11 Nov 1866, Stuttgart, Germany-24 Dec 1938, Maryville, Nodaway Co, MO)
2-Nancy R. Williams (b. 20 Aug 1847, OH)
2-Emanuel Williams (b. 22 Aug 1849, IN)
2-Orin Orange Williams (b. 4 May 1851, IN)
2-Martha Williams (b. 6 Oct 1852, IN)
2-Elijah W. Williams (b. 15 Feb 1855)
2-Melijsa J. Williams (b. 6 May 1857)
2-George R. Williams (b. 18 Jul 1859)
2-Silas "Edward" Williams (b. 26 Apr 1863, Richland Co, WI)
+2-Sirus "Albert" Williams (26 Apr 1863, Richland Co, WI-12 May 1938, Bozeman, MT) m. in Perham Co, Minn, Catherine May "Katie" BUSCH (c1871-Jan 1960)
2-Sarah Louisa Williams (b. 16 Apr 1867)

Children of Jesse and Alice Ruckman WILLIAMS
3-Watson E. Williams (14 Jul 1857-12 Sep 1871)
3-Mary Ellen "Ella" Williams (c1859, Root Twp, Adams Co, IN-29 Aug 1880, Adams Co, IN) m. 25 Nov 1875, Adams Co, IN, Victor Spangler REED (3 Feb 1852, OH-25 Nov 1932, OR), son of John H. REED and Matilda SPANGLER

+3-William W. Williams (1 Feb 1862, Adams Co, IN-14 Jun 1938) m. 25 Feb 1883, Adams Co, IN, Louisa JOHNSON
3-Della B. Williams (b. 14 Aug 1865, Adams Co, IN) m. 7 May 1881, Benjamin F. BUTLER (b. 27 Mar 1862); 3 children:
i. Nile Butler (d. Feb 1998)
ii. Ken Butler
iii. Brice Butler
3-Loretta A. Williams (b. 18 May 1868, Adams Co, IN) m. William E. BUTLER
3-Jesse Dallas Williams (20 Jul 1874, Adams Co, IN-7 Jan 1875, Adams Co, IN)

Childen of Mary/Mara Williams and Silas ELIFRITS
3-Jenny Elifrits m. David Kennedy COWARDIN
3-Molly Elifrits m. ___ HARGIS
3-Jesse William Elifrits (1862-1949, Fillmore, MO) m. Lucy Ellen MESSICK (1864-1944, Fillmore, MO)
3-Alice Perlina Elifrits (5 Aug 1863-1931, Fillmore, MO) m. Abner J. BROWN (1860-1948, Fillmore, MO)
3-John Henry Elifrits (24 Dec 1869-21 Feb 1920, Fillmore, MO) m. Cora E. PARKER (10 Oct 1877-16 Apr 1970, Fillmore, MO)
3-Perry Willis Elifrits (Jun 1873, Andrew Co, MO-Dec 1957, Fillmore, MO) m. Isabelle Ann BURNS (1873-23 Dec 1958, Fillmore, MO)
3-Eda Mae Elifrits (1876-1954, Fillmore, MO) m. Frank DAVISON (1870-1952, Fillmore, MO)
3-Edward S. Elifrits (1 May 1879-28 Jul 1932) m. Allie ___

Children of Sirus "Albert" and Kate Busch WILLIAMS
+3-Meirth Williams (28 Nov 1889, Perham, MN-27 Jun 1972, Bozeman, MT) m. 15 Apr 1921, Bozeman, MT, Monto Cristo EVANS
3-Paul Williams (9 Mar 1898, Perham, MN-31 Mar 1929, Manhattan, MT)
3-Elijah Williams (26 Nov 1900, Perham, MN-30 Jun 1941, Billings, MT)
3-Luella Williams (12 May 1906, Ironrod, MT-17 Sep 1993, Butte, MT) m. Charles HESSELSCHWARDT (22 Aug 1902, Defiance, Defiance Co, OH-13 Aug 1945, Butte, MT); 2 children: Corrine and Cecelia

Children of William and Louisa Johnson WILLIAMS
4-Albert Williams (b. 8 Jun 1881) m. 1904, Maude BALLARD
4-William Williams (b. 27 Mar 1886)
4-Jesse Earl Williams (8 Feb 1888, Adams Co, IN-8 Jun 1953, Adams Co, IN) m. 4 May 1911, Adams Co, IN, Susanna Ruth DEAN
4-Fannie Francis Williams (b. 18 Oct 1892) m. 25 Nov 1914, Adams Co, IN, Fred COOK
4-Elisa Mae Williams (b. 8 Nov 1894, Adams Co, IN) m. 18 Jan 1913, Adams Co, IN, Ira Calvin COOK
4-Brenton Donald Williams (13 Nov 1896-26 May 1960, Adams Co, IN) m. 30 Oct 1920, Grant Co, IN, Ethel Marie TURNER (27 May 1898, Grant Co, IN-29 Mar 1989, Adams Co)
4-Clyde Williams (b. 12 Oct 1897)
4-Gladys Williams (14 Jan 1899, Adams Co, IN-14 Feb 1921) m. 26 May 1917, Grelly TROUTNER
4-Fredie Edward Williams (23 Jan 1902-31 Mar 1906)
4-Arthur Williams (18 Dec 1907-8 May 1915)

Children of Meirth and Monto Evans WILLIAMS
4-Winifred Williams (19 Aug 1922, Bozeman, MT-22 Feb 1977, Palm Springs, CA)
4-Charles Albert Williams (b. 6 Jul 1928, Logan, MT) m. 2 Feb 1963, Jane Ann (GRAVES) MUEHLHAUSER
4-Jardine Russel Williams (29 Nov 1931, Three Forks, MT-26 Jun 1985, Three Forks, MT) m. 24 Jun 1953, San Francisco, CA, Dorothy C. PHELAN
4-ElFidel "Bobby" Williams (b. 14 Mar 1933, Three Forks, MT) m. 16 Apr 1955, Three Forks, MT, Roland PECCIA

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