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The Robert Reynolds Family

Robert Reynolds (1505-1580)

Most of the credit for the information on this page goes to Tom M. Spight, who graciously shared his information and gave me permission to use it to help point others toward finding their Reynolds kin. Like most genealogy pages, this is a work in progress and information is based on the best available data, but may (and probably does) contain errors. Many thanks to Don Bennett, who has sent lots more sources of information. Comments, suggestions and corrections are welcomed! Page created 2 Feb 1999 and updated 5 February 2001.
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Robert Reynolds was born in East Bergholt, England in 1505. He married ?? in the town of his birth in either 1526 or 1530. Robert died in 1580, in Kent, England. The couple had eight children, but Christopher, the oldest son, is our second generation.

Christopher Reynolds was born in Kent, England, in 1530. He may have died in 1634. He married ?? in 1554, and listed his occupation as cloth merchant. The couple had nine children, but son George is our third generation.

George Reynolds was born in County Kent, England, in 1555 and died in London, England in 1634. He married Thomasyn CHURCH, daughter of James CHURCH and Alyce STREETINGE, on 20 Jan 1584/85. George visited VA several times, but did not settle there. The couple had five children, but son Christopher is our fourth generation.

Christopher Reynolds I was born in Gravesend, Kent Co, England in 1611. He died in the Isle of Wight Co, VA on 1 May 1654. He and his brother, Thomas, came from Dorsetshire, England, to America on the "John and Francis" in 1622. He was well-educated and in 1636, he patented 450 acres near Pagan Creek, Warwick Co, VA. In 1637, Isle of Wight Co, VA, he married Elizabeth Matthews RIVERS. Christopher's will lists all the children (except the duplicates).

Will of Christopher Reynolds, dated May 1, 1654: Children, Christopher, John, Abbasha, Elizabeth, Jane, child my wife now goeth with, Richard; wife Elizabeth; a yearling heifer to George Rivers; to son Christopher all my lands on southerly side of the swamp that Richard Jordan now lives upon. (Source: Isle of Wight County VA - Records; William and Mary College Qrtly, Vol. 7, No. 4, P. 221)

CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, Will, 1 May 1654; to son Christopher land that Richard Jordan liveth on. To son John land near swamp when he is 21. To son Richard, land I live on when 21. My dau., Abbasha, I have given her a portion already. To dau. Elizabeth, cattle. To George Rivers 1 heifer. To child wife goeth with. Wife Elizabeth to be Exrx. And to bring up John and Richard, my sons untill they are 16. Teste, Sylvester Bullen, Anthony Matthews. (Source: "17th Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia" by John Bennett Boddie, page 521

FIFTH GENERATION: Children of Christopher and Elizabeth M. Rivers REYNOLDS
+5. Christopher Reynolds, Jr. (b. c1637) m. Elizabeth SHARPE
5. Abasha Reynolds (b. betw. 1638 - 1646)
5. John Reynolds (b. betw. 1638 - 1654; d. bet. 11 Mar 1687/88 - 3 May 1669)
+5. Richard Reynolds (b. betw. 1638 - 1654; d. 1707) m. 1690, Isle of Wight, VA, Joyce(?) STAPLES
5. Elizabeth Reynolds (b. 1648) m. 1654, Isle of Wight Co, VA, Richard JORDAN
5. Jane Reynolds (b. 1650)
5. Thomas Reynolds (b. 1654, Isle of Wight Co, VA?) m. c1679, Mary Elizabeth ASHALL

Child of Richard and Elizabeth Sharpe Reynolds:
Patent Book No. 7: Richard Reynolds, Senr., 380 acs. In the Low. Par., Is. of W. Co., NW side of the Lower Bay Cr; 23 Apr. 1681. P. 71. 209 acs. Part of 450 acs. Granted Chr. Reynolds, dec'd., 15 Sept. 1638, who gave by will to his sonn John, who bequeathed to sd. Richard; 171 acs. within the bounds; adj. Col. Arth. Smith. &c; due for trans. of 4 pers: Jno. Dale, Tho. Leese, Tho. Otly, Mary Howly. (Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Volume Two: 1666-1695, Page 217)

+6. Richard Reynolds, Jr. (1669, Isle of Wight Co, VA-betw. 1711-1712, Halifax Co, VA) m. 1685, Isle of Wight Co, VA, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, daughter of George WILLIAMS

Will of Richard Reynolds, of Newport: Wife Elizabeth; Sons Richard, Christopher, Sharpe (?). Dated 27 July, 1711; proved 26 May, 1712. (Source: Isle of Wight County VA - Records; William and Mary College Qrtly, Vol. 7, No. 4, P. 255)

Richard Reynold, Jr. (or the younger) was the only son and heir of Christopher Reynolds. This is proven by the following patent:
Patent Book No. 6: Richard Reynolds, the younger, of Is. Of W. Co., 566 acs., in the Low. Par. of sd. Co., on NW side of the head of the low. Bay Cr; 10 May 1679. P. 684. Beg. at an island near head of sd. Cr: to Chr. Bly's line; along Hen. King; to Col. Smith. & Mr. Driver; to head of West Freshett or swamp. &c 241 acs. Part of 450 acs. Granted Mr. Chr. Reynolds, late of sd. Co., 15 Sept, 1636. & by will given to his eldest sonn Chr. & his heires forever who bequeathed to sd. Richard, his only sonn & heire; 100 acs. Part of 350 acs. Granted to Mr. Richd. Jordan. Senr. 18 Mar. 1662. Who conveighed to sd. Chr. Reynoldes 17 May 1658. Who bequeathed to sd. Richards: 225 acs. being waste. together with sd. 341 acs., due for trans. of 12 pers: Danll Hennon (Herron - altered), Jno. Champion, Lewis Davis, Edwd. Goodson. (Note: Conveyance from Jordan to Reynolds antedates this patent) (Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Volume Two: 1666-1695, Page 198)

Children of Richard and Joyce Staples Reynolds
6. Christopher Reynolds (b. aft. 1690) m. Elizabeth BROCK; one known son: John Reynolds
6. Jane Reynolds (b. aft. 1690) m. 1706, IOW Co, VA, Richard CASEY (d. c1746)
6. Elizabeth Reynolds (b. aft. 1690)

Children of Elizabeth Williams and Richard Reynolds, Jr.:
7. Sharpe Reynolds (d. 1754)
7. Richard Reynolds (b. c1688, IOW, VA), m. Mary ANDERSON; 6 children: William, James, Thomas, David, Barbara & John.
+7. Christopher3 Reynolds (1690, IOW, VA-1732)
m1. c1722, Ann COLEMAN, daughter of Robert and Mary COLEMAN

m2. 1747, IOW, VA, Elizabeth SAUNDERS; possible children: Sharpe, Saunders and Sweeting.

EIGHTH GENERATION: Children of Ann Coleman and Christopher3 Reynolds
+8. Christopher4 Reynolds (1690, IOW Co, VA-May 1775)
m. 1753, IOW Co, VA, Mary LIGHTFOOT (c1760), daughter of Henry LIGHTFOOT

m. 1763, IOW Co, VA, Penelope NOLLIBOY (d. 1783)
8. Robert Reynolds

Children of Mary Lightfoot and Christopher4 Reynolds:
9. Elizabeth Reynolds m. James WOOD
9. Sharpe Reynolds m. Elizabeth ???
9. Robert Reynolds m. 1754, ???
9. Richard Reynolds
9. Christopher5 Reynolds (b. c1756, Dodds, NC)
9. Mary Lightfoot Reynolds (3 Mar 1760, Dodds, NC-11 Oct 1822, Jones Co, NC) m. 1778, Simon SPIGHT (1741, Craven Co, NC-12 Jan 1816, Jones Co, NC), quartermaster in the Revolutionary War; son of Thomas SPIGHT and Ann EVERETT.
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Children of Penelope Nolliboy and Christopher4 Reynolds
9. Nancy Reynolds m. Nathan BRYAN (his second wife)
9. James Reynolds (1764-1785)
9. Ephraim Reynolds (b. 1765)
9. Rebecca Reynolds (b. 1776?)

If you are as confused about the number of Christophers, Richards and unknown Elizabeths, join the crowd. Tom freely acknowledges "a confusing morass" but tries to use a variety of sources and some common sense to put the whole thing together. He concludes,
"At the end of this chain, I've convinced myself that the lineage of interest to us is Christopher 1611 to Robert 1641 m. Elizabeth Sharpe to Robert 1669 m. Elizabeth Williams (and secondly, Mary Anderson) to Christopher 1690 m. Ann Coleman to Christopher 1728 m. Mary Lightfoot to Mary Lightfoot Reynolds 1758 m. Simon Spight. I'd be pleased to have have arguments otherwise or confirming data."

Which family do these people belong to?
Richard Reynolds (1641, Isle of Wight Co, VA-27 Jul 1711, Newport Parish, VA) m. 1665/1699, Elizabeth SHARPE
Christopher Reynolds II (1642, Isle of Wight Co, VA-1695, Somerset Co, MD) m. c1680, Elizabeth Ann SHARD (b. c1646, Isle of Wight Co, VA)
Christopher Reynolds (b. 1670)
Sharpe Reynolds (1672, IOW Co, VA-8 Jul 1754?)
Elizabeth Reynolds (b. 1674)
John Reynolds (b. 1676)
Jane Reynolds (b. c1686, IOW, VA)
William Reynolds (b. c1690, IOW, VA)
Ezekiel Reynolds (3 May 1760, Hartford Co, NC)

Children of Christopher and Elizabeth Shard Reynolds:
a. Thomas Reynolds (1678, Calret, MD-24 Feb 1719, Ann Arundel, MD) m. 30 Nov 1699, Ann Arundel, MD, Sara MACCUBBINS
b. Richard Reynolds (b. 1687) m. Honor ???; one known son: Robert Reynolds m. Patience LIGHTFOOT, daughter of Henry LIGHTFOOT
c. Elizabeth Reynolds (1688, Louisa Co, VA-11 May 1765, Louisa Co, VA) m. 1704, New Kent Co, VA, Charles MOORMAN; 5 or 6 children.
d. Christopher Reynolds (1690, IOW, VA-5 May 1763) m. 1747, ???.

Don Bennett is looking for Hugh Reynolds. He writes, "Hugh has not been connected back to the Christopher Reynolds line, but I have a strong suspicion Hugh is descended from one of these. Here is what I know about Hugh:
1) He married Mary Nealey (Neeley). William Nealey, Mary's father, named grandsons Joseph and William Reynolds in his will. Hugh was security for the will which was probated on 21 July 1788. (Pittsylvania County, VA)
2) Joseph Reynolds was born abt. 1760. William was probably a little older as his grandfather left him his land.
3) Hugh lived along Tomahawk Creek in an area near the border of Pittsylvania County and Henry County. Joseph Reynolds also lived on Tomahawk Creek. Joseph's son, John Devin Reynolds, was married in Henry County. It is the Henry County connection that makes me suspect that Hugh is descended from Christopher Reynolds. Some Christopher Reynolds descendants were living in Henry County at that time. They went on to found the R. J. Reynolds Company.
4) Hugh Reynolds was on the Pittsylvania County tax list in 1787.

Do you have any information on HUGH REYNOLDS?

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