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The Reed Family with Kirkendall

John H. Reed (1800-1904)

John H. Reed
Picture taken c1903.
Written on back: Grandpa Reed 103 years

Many thanks to Kathryn Rybak, a Spangler researcher, and Nola Rains for the latest information on the Reed family. This page is always under construction and may contain errors, so please e-mail questions, answers and or surregestions. Bold is our direct line; + indicates another generation of the family on this page. Last revision: 11 Mar 2001; links checked 11/12/06.

+1. John H. Reed (3 Apr 1799/1819, Vergennes, Addison Co, VT-1904, Adams Co, IN)
m. 29 Sep 1841, in Cleveland, OH, Catherine SPANGLER (17 May 1824, Cleveland, OH-7 Feb 1849, Cleveland, OH), daughter of Samuel SPANGLER and Catharine NEFF
m. 19 Apr 1849, Cleveland, OH, Matilda SPANGLER (30 Sep 1829, Cleveland, OH-22 Jun 1909, Root Twp, Adams Co,IN), another daughter of Samuel Spangler and Catharine NEFF

Both John's age and place of birth are mysteries. The 1850 Census of Cuyahoga Co, OH, lists his age as 30 (b. 1820), but his Civil War enlistment papers lists his age as 44 (b. 1819) and his place of birth as Virginia, VT (The closest VT town is Vergennes, Addison Co) The 1870 Census of Cuyahoga Co lists his age as 67 (b. 1803), while the Adams Co, IN Census of 1880 says he was 76 (b. 1804). The 1890 Census of Adams Co lists his age as 101 (b. 1799). An Adams Co. newspaper gives his DOB as 3 Apr 1799, Plattsburg, VT, but Plattsburg in Clinton Co, NY. The 1900 census says he was born in VT, with his father from Mass. and his mother born in France. He moved to Cleveland, OH, "as a young man". John served in Co. H, 124th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. He moved his family to Adams Co, IN, around 1874, and is buried in the Reynolds Cemetary in Adams Co.

Children of John H. and Catherine Spangler REED
2. child Reed (Mar 1843, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH-11 Sep 1843, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH)
2. Samuel J. Reed (5 Nov 1844, Cleveland, OH-22 Nov 1925, Decatur, Adams Co, IN) m. c 1886, Sidney SUMMERS (May 1853, IN-1906, Adams Co, IN)
+2. Franklin T. Reed (1846, Cleveland, OH-7 Sep 1905, Cleveland, OH) m. 1 Feb 1872, Cuyahoga Co, OH, Olive Graves RUPLE (17 May 1849, Cuyahoga Co, OH-27 Nov 1925, Cleveland, OH), daughter of Abram L. RUPLE
2. Charlotte C. Reed (1849, Cleveland, OH-7 Nov 1926, Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN) m. John SARGENT (c1843-24 Aug 1920, Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN)
2. Richard Reed

Children of John H. and Matilda Spangler REED
2. Charles Wellington Reed (31 Jan 1850, Cleveland, OH-5 Sep 1913, Root Twp, Adams Co, IN)
+2. (Virgil) Victor Spangler Reed (3 Feb 1852, Cuyahoga Co, OH-25 Nov 1932, Portland, OR) m. 25 Nov 1875, Adams Co, IN, Mary Ellen "Ella" WILLIAMS (c1859, Root Twp, Adams Co, IN-29 Aug 1880, Adams Co, IN), daughter of Jesse WILLIAMS and Alice RUCKMAN
m. 16 Apr 1885, Adams Co, IN, Alice Belle KIRKENDALL* (1864, Monmouth, Adams Co, IN-1940, WA), daughter of James KIRKENDALL and Catherine Anna DEWELL
2. Polly H. Reed (Oct 1854, Cleveland, OH-25 May 1950, Chicago, IL) - never married
2. Matilda Reed (c1859-aft. 1945) m. 2 Jul 1886, Adams Co, IN, David SHOWERS (b. c1859)
2. John H. Reed, Jr. (14 Sep 1863, Cleveland, OH-17 Jun 1944, Decatur, Adams Co, IN)
+2. Ella Reed (22 Apr 1865, Cleveland, OH-Sep 1908, Hoagland, Allen Co, IN) m. 19 Mar 1888, Preble Twp, Adams Co, IN, Franklin SMALL (24 Jul 1865, Marion Twp, Allen Co, IN-21 Jul 1944, WI)

Children of Franklin T. and Olive G. Ruple REED
+3. Ellery Franklin REED (15 Dec 1872, Cleveland, OH-23 Mar 1923, Toledo, Lucas Co, OH)
m1. 20 Feb 1895, Cleveland, OH, Ida May RAYNOR (c1863, Avon, OH-27 Nov 1925, Cleveland, OH)
m2. Nancy RIFFLE (c1872, OH-aft. 1904)
3. Abram J. REED (1875, Cleveland, OH-2 May 1949, Cleveland, OH)
3. George A. REED (1877, Cleveland, OH-1879, Cleveland, OH)
3. May R. Reed (1880, Cleveland, OH-1960, Cleveland, OH) m. 31 Oct 1900, Cuyahoga Co, OH, Andrew B. STEWART (1874, Morristown, NY-6 Sep 1937, Cleveland, OH)
3. Polly A. REED (1883, Cleveland, OH-1886, Cleveland, OH)

Children of Victor S. and Ella Williams REED
3. Elsie Eva Henrietta Reed (4 Oct 1876, Root Twp, Adams Co, IN-13 Apr 1938, Decatur, Adams Co, IN)
m. 6 Oct 1895, Root Twp, Adams Co, IN, Jesse Brenton ROOP (2 Jun 1875, Decatur, Adams Co, IN-22 Dec 1948, Lafayette, Tippacanoe, IN), son of George W. ROOP and Sarah E. HOWER

3. Jesse Reed (b. bef. 1880-died young)
Children of Victor S. and Alice Belle Kirkendall REED
+3. Grace Merle Reed (7 Dec 1885, Decatur, IN-15 Oct 1966, Spokane, WA)
m. 6 Oct 1911, Mead, WA, Ira Franklin BATCHELOR (31 Jul 1892, NE-30 Jun 1951, WA)
+3. Harry Zerado Reed (b. 10 Oct 1887, Adams Co, IN) m. Mary A. "Sunny" ___
+3. Eathel Mary Reed (5 Jun 1892, Decatur, IN-Feb 1978, NV)
m. Charles W. PRIGGE
3. Charles M. Reed (b. 12 May 1896, Adams Co, IN) m. Lottie ___; ? children.
3. James D. Reed (18 Apr 1902, Adams Co, IN-18 Feb 1967, Spokane, WA)
m. Mary A. "Sunny" ___ (d. May 1973), Harry's widow; no children.
+3. Helen Naomi Reed (b. 12 Nov 1905) m. Irwin/Edwin "Bud" FINE

Children of Ella Reed and Franklin SMALL
3. Warren V. REED (27 Nov 1885-12 Jan 1925, Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN) m1. unknown; one child: Gustave Reed
m2. Goldie WINIFER; one child: Frank G. Reed (d. bef. 13 Jan 1925)
3. John R. SMALL
3. Daniel SMALL
3. Florence Lucinda SMALL (b. 28 Aug 1891) m. George Clinton MCCLAIN

Children of Ellery Franklin and Ida May Raynor REED
4. Erwin E. Reed (1897, Cleveland, OH-aft. 1944) m. Mona MERCER (1899-1965)
4. Floyd E. Reed (b. 1899, Cleveland, OH-May 1966) m. 23 Sep 1919, Cuyahoga Co, OH, Ruby M. JENKINS (1902, Milltown, IN-1992); 2 children: Dorothy and Floyd Robert Reed
4. Rayner H. Reed (18 Sep 1900, Cleveland, OH-Nov 1969, Cleveland, OH) m. 2 Jun 1923, Cuyahoga Co, IN, Beatrice Anna RUSS (1899, Cleveland, OH-Jul 1969, Decatur, IN)
4. Gladys Reed (b. 1904, Cleveland, OH-aft. 1944) m. 19 May 1920, Cuyahoga Co, OH, Elmer W. BOHLAND (1900-1970, Cleveland, OH)

Children of Grace Reed and Ira F. BATCHELOR
4. Merle Ira Batchelor (1 Apr 1911, WA-30 Aug 1974, Spokane, WA) m. Dorris WATSON; 2 children:
i. Arlan Batchelor (Apr 1939-1948)
ii. Arlene Batchelor (30 Oct 1941-30 Oct 1975) m. c1961, Ron DAVIDSON
4. Ethel Jane Batchelor (13 Mar 1913-Oct 1994)
m. 12 Nov 1932, Spokane, Hilburn W. MILLER; 4 children
4. Joy Belle Batchelor (b. 22 Mar 1917) m. 3 Jun 1933, Spokane, Edwin B. TIPKE; 3 children.
4. Lucille Grace Batchelor (b. 10 Oct 1919) m. 5 Dec 1934, Spokane, Thomas Lowell BROWNLEE (15 May 1912-9 Mar 1991); 2 children

Children of Mary A. "Sunny" ___ and Harry Z. REED
4. Sunny Reed m. Jack ROSE
4. Joy Reed m. ___ CAN
4. Harry V. Reed
4. Gay Reed m. ___ DRAKE

Children of Eathel M. Reed and Charles W. PRIGGE
4. Charles W. Prigge, Jr.
4. Eathel Viola Prigge m. 1929, Hebert HALL, then ___ TREHORNE; 2 children

Children of Helen N. Reed and Irwin "Bud" FINE
4. Tommy Fine
4. Jack Fine

Many thanks to Clara Lewis & David Smith who provided the information for this update.
1-Joseph Kirkendall (b. c1807, TN) m. c1830, Berthinda ESTEP (14 Feb 1815, TN-25 May 1888, Adams Co, IN)
2-James Kirkendall (1831, Fox Twp, Carroll Co, OH-22 Jul 1919, Adams Co, IN) m. 1 Jan 1862, Fox Twp, Carroll Co, OH, Catherine DEWILL (5 Sep 1834-3 Jun 1875, Adams Co, IN), daughter of Tobias DUEL of Adams Co, IN
2-Eliza J. Kirkendall (b. c1836, TN)
2-Susan Kirkendall (b. c1838, Fox Twp, Carroll Co, OH)
2-Rachel Kirkendall (b. c1841, OH)
2-Lavinia Kirkendall (b. c1849, OH)
2-Adeline Kirkendall (b. c1852, OH)
2-Josephine Kirkendall (b. c1855, OH)

THIRD GENERATION: Children of James and Catherine Dewill Kirkendall:
Children born in Adams Co, IN
3-Alice Belle Kirkendall (1864-1940, WA) (See above)
3-William A. Kirkendall (23 Jun 1866-3 Sep 1878, Adams Co, IN)
3-John N. Kirkendall (b. c1868)
3-Mary Kirkendall (b. c1871) may have married James KESSLER
3-David Kirkendall (b. 1873)
3-Hugh Kirkendall (10 Mar 1876-22 Jul 1876, Adams Co, IN)
Note: Hugh was born after Catherine died, so there is an error in one of their DOB. Hugh was probably born and died in 1875.

Counter added 10 Feb 1999.

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