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The Owens Family

Charles Pinckney Owens & Malinda Henry

Many thanks to Brenda Sullivan and Carl Owens for the invaluable information on much of what follows. Dottie Slocomb added information on the Hendrix family and Frank Weems sent the information on his line. Hendrix Kith and Kin by Mary Louise Flowers Hendrix has been invaluable. Many of the Owens family are buried in Louisiana; dates have been found in the archives of Vernon & Rapides Parish GenWeb pages, thanks to the work of several volunteers who "read" the cemetaries.
Our direct line is in bold; + means there is another generation on the page.
Page created 27 Jul 1997; revised 5 Mar 2001; links checked 12 Nov 2006.

+1-Charles Pinkney OWENS, Sr. (c1806, KY-aft. 1880, ?Vernon Parish, LA) m. 16 Sep 1830, Lawrence Co, AL, Malinda HENRY (28 Mar 1811, TN-15 Aug 1891, ?Vernon Parish, LA), daughter of Samuel HENRY and Mary W. Quentin

+2-Rev. Barnabus O. "Barney" OWENS (1828-1890, Slagle, Vernon Parish, LA) m. 4 Nov 1860, Leake Co, MS, Ana Missouri HENDRIX (8 Feb 1841, Monroe Co, AL-1890, Slagle, Vernon Parish, LA), daughter of William HENDRIX and Mahala MASSEY
Barney O. Owens served in Company A, 33rd Mississippi Infantry during the Civil War. He was captured at Franklin, Tennessee, on Nov. 30, 1864. The Owens family, as did most of the early settlers of this area, farmed and supplied much of their needs with their labor and ingenuity. Barney, in addition to his farming, was the pastor of the Walnut Hill Baptist Church from 1877 until his death in 1890. The exact date of his death is not known, nor is the death date of Ann Missouri, but she died on Good Friday and he died on Easter Sunday in 1890. They are buried in the Walnut Hill Cemetery near Slagel, La. and owned land in Vernon Parish, LA.
2-Rev. Morgan J. "Jimmy" OWENS (26 Jul 1831, KY-23 Dec 1903) m. 1852, Leake Co, MS, Emily Frances HENDRIX (28 Sep 1832, Monroe Co, AL-5 Jul 1909, Simpson, Vernon Parish, LA), daughter of William HENDRIX and Mahala MASSEY; no children although they may have adopted Wyman CUDD and/or W. A. COLEMAN (b. c1875).
Jimmy was a Methodist Circuit Rider. He may have been a member of the Mississippi Conference of the Congregational Methodist Church since that church was very active in the Goshen community of Leake Co., Miss. at the time. This family left Mississippi about 1869 and went to Louisiana where he continued in the ministry. He organized the Methodist Church in Wilda, La. in July 1889. When his brother Barney died, he and Emily raised his brother's children.
+2-Washington Franklin OWENS (1837, Leake Co, MS-c1878, ?Vernon Parish, LA) m. M. C. ___ (b. c1831, LA)
2-Mary A. OWENS (b. 1838, ?Leake Co, MS) m. c1856, Benjamin George POWELL (26 Feb 1832, AL-2 Jun 1913, ?Rapides Parish, LA); 5 POWELL children:
Celia Ann Powell (b. c1857, MS), Barnabus O. Powell (b. c1859, MS), Mary M. Powell (b. c1864, MS), Mary M. Powell (b. c1864, MS), Druezila Powell (b. c1867, MS) and Charles P. Powell (b. c1869, LA)
2-Susan Matilda OWENS (14 Feb 1840, Leake Co, MS-5 Dec 1873, Leake Co, MS) m. 18 May 1861, Leake Co, MS, Stephen Carroll WEEMS (29 Apr 1836, Holmes Co, MS-14 Aug 1904, Ringgold, Bienville Parish, LA); 5 WEEMS children
Benjamin H. Weems (b. 18 May 1862), Stephen Carroll Weems, Jr. (15 Jun 1864-4 Feb 1934), Asa William Weems (b. 15 Dec 1866), Elec Calvin Weems (b. 25 Jan 1869) and Demarys Weems (b. 1871).
+2-Charles Pinkney (C. P./Dick) OWENS, Jr. (22 Feb 1844, Leake Co, MS-21 Sep 1918, Pioneer, E. Carroll Parish, LA), Civil War vet
m. 1860, Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" YOUNG (18 Jul 1846, Anderson Co, SC-24 Mar 1920, Pioneer, LA), daughter of Thomas D. M. YOUNG and Elizabeth Knox BOYD.

The couple lived in Leake and Simpson Co, MS until 1899, when they moved to W. Carrol Par, LA.
2-Lion T. OWENS (b. 1849, Leake Co, MS) died at an early age

Children of Barnabus and Ann M. Hendrix OWENS
+3-Mijaminie Jimmy Owens (1860, Leake Co, MS-1923, LA) m. Betty CRANFORD
3-Emily "Fammie" Owens (b. c1864) m. Walker Felder HOLTON; 8 HOLTON children: Olive, Arthur m. Mattie DENNIS, Eva m. E. STEPHEN, Ada, Myrtle, Walker, Bryon, and Fannie Dee
+3-Barnabus O. Owens, Jr. (9 Apr 1863-1 Jan 1937) m. Eliza ODOM (1869-1899)
3-Annie Owens (b. c1866) m. James Sim ODOM; 7 ODOM children: James T. m. Louise EARGLE, Charlie, Bessie m. Coy THOMAS, Eddie m. Quilla MASON, Willie m. Pauline CULPEPPER, Paul, and Ruth m. Elbert BROWN
+3-William Hendrix Owens (b. c1868) m. Louvenia "Lucy" HOLTON
3-Susan Isabell Owens (22 Dec 1871, Walnut Hill, Vernon Parish, LA-3 Mar 1929, Simpson, Vernon Parish, LA) m. William Clinton PARKER (24 Jun 1873, Temple, Vernon Parish, LA-24 Jul 1956, Simpson, Vernon, LA); 5 PARKER children:
i. Maudie Leah Parker (19 Jan 1898-22 Sep 1981, Simpson, Vernon Parish, LA) m. James Leo WELCH
ii. Edna Gertrude Parker (22 Feb 1899-8 Apr 1978) m. Joseph A. MILLER (24 Jul 1892-15 May 1952)
iii. Beulah Parker (14 Dec 1900-20 Feb 1975) m. William Franklin BENNETT (25 Feb 1896-29 Nov 1982)
iv. Willie Eva Parker (4 Nov 1902-16 Nov 1926) m. James Fred DANIEL
v. Earl Edwin Parker (5 May 1905-6 Jun 1978) m. Frankye CHANEY (9 Nov 1907-10 Jan 1988
3-Candace P. Owens (10 Apr 1874-8 Sep 1911) m. William Hamp WEEKS (7 Jul 1875-2 Jan 1904); 3 WEEKS children: Iva Maxwell Weeks m. Thomas J. BULLOCK, Ada Weeks m. Robert JOHNSON, and Ray Weeks m. Helen MATLOCK
+3-Edmond Vernon Owens (23 Dec 1875-13 Jul 1950) m. Laura Adelaide PARKER (20 Nov 1881-31 Aug 1961)
3-Bessie Elizabeth Owens (13 Dec 1877-11 Mar 1950, Simpson, Vernon Parish, LA) m. 20 Nov 1900, Frank Oscar PARKER (20 Oct 1877-4 Feb 1957, Simpson, LA); 4 PARKER children:
i. Byron W. Parker (6 Mar 1902-4 Feb 1957) m. Bessie GALLOWAY (19 Jul 1904-24 Jan 1979)
ii. Jewel Parker (25 Feb 1904-4 Feb 1957) m. Martin M. GALLOWAY (30 May 1907-7 Feb 1962)
iii. Charlie Herman Parker (12 Apr 1905-17 Sep 1981) m. Minnie Lee WHITE, then Velma BAGENTS
iv. Frank Kendreth Parker (18 Jul 1908-6 Feb 1967) m. Alice ALLEN
+3-Nathaniel Theodore Owens (b. c1879) m. Fannye ROUTON
3-Izilla Owens (16 Dec 1881-14 Apr 1943, Simpson, LA) m. 7 Feb 1900, William Harrison JACKSON (23 Aug 1876-31 Oct 1958, Simpson, LA); 4 JACKSON children:
i. Dycie Pearl Jackson (5 Aug 1904-2 Jan 1987) m. Steve Gordon ARNOLD (12 Nov 1903-19 Jun 1944)
ii. Willie Roy Jackson (b. c1905) m. Eva BENNETT
iii. Myrtle Jackson (18 Jan 1907-20 Sep 1985) m. Jesse E. MCDANIEL (25 Jan 1903-16 Oct 1979)
iv. Viva Mae Parker (b. 6 Sep 1910) m. James D. CARVER (27 Apr 1908-16 Nov 1986)
+3-Oliver Owens (b. aft. 1881) m. Lillie KIRBY

Children of Washington and M. C. Owens
3-Rufus L. Owens (b. c1870, LA)
3-Robert H. Owens (16 Oct 1872-8 Jan 1903)
3-James F. Owens (b. c1878)

Children of C. P. and Mattie Young OWENS
+3-Rev. Robert Hutchinson Owens (4 Aug 1865, Leake Co, MS-31 Jan 1936, W. Monroe, LA) m. 1 Feb 1891, Leake Co, MS, Louisa HENDERSON (5 Oct 1869, MS-9 Oct 1931, W. Monroe, LA)
"Fighting Bob" Owens was a major force in bringing the Church of God religion to LA. He started 44 churches in 44 years of ministry. According to the history of Welcome Cemetary, "The doctrine of the Church of God of Anderson, IN, was first brought to Louisiana by the Rev. R. H. (Bob) Owens in 1897. Shortly after he established the first Church of God in Sharp, LA, he moved on to the people of Simpson. At first, he preached in private homes, school houses, under brush arbors, and anywhere people would gather to hear him talk. When Rev. Owens preached the doctrine at the Mt. Pleasant Christian Church in Simpson, three of its members were converted..." As membership grew the congregation built a church and named it the Welcome Church of God.
3-Jane E. Owens (23 Apr 1867, Leake Co, MS-14 Nov 1933, Darnell, LA) m. ___ BLACKMON; 8 BLACKMON children: Mattie (b. 16 May 1900), Odelia, Ada, Johnny, Sam, Mumford, William (18 Jul 1891-4 Nov 1910) and Robert S. (6 Mar 1895-12 Jun 1920). She then m. John BLACK
3-Thomas Charley Owens (4 Jun 1869-19 May 1883)
3-Samuel M. Owens (b. 8 Nov 1871)
3-Oscar L. Owens (18 Sep 1873-c28 Feb 1883)
+3-Henry Clay Owens (20 Dec 1875, MS-23 Mar 1961, Darnell, LA) m. 22 Sep 1900, Lucy Carol EDMISTON (4 Nov 1883, LA-30 Nov 1945)
+3-Theophilus Zimmon Owens (12 Oct 1878, Freeny, Leake Co, MS-9 Jul 1945, Pioneer, LA) m. 17 Feb 1903, Martha Jane CAWTHON 19 Dec 1887, W. Carroll Parish, LA-31 Aug 1957, Pioneer, LA), daughter of Chesley Ludd CAWTHON and Mary Elizabeth McINTYRE
3-Twins Owens (b. 24 Feb 1881)
3-Sidney Alfred Owens (1 Jul 1882, MS-29 May 1960, Darnell, LA)
m1. 29 Nov 1903, W. Carroll Parish, LA, Nannie OLDHAM (c1884-Oct 1905), daughter of Malcolm OLDHAM and Nancy Elizabeth MCINTYRE, one known child, M. Byram Owens
m2. 26 Jan 1908, W. Carroll Parish, LA, Maggie MCALLISTER (30 Jan 1887-21 May 1939)
3-John Neill Ida Owens (13 Jun 1884, Carthage, Leake Co, MS-12 Nov 1970, Zachary, LA)
m. 10 Nov 1904, W. Carroll Parish, LA, Robert Wright OLDHAM (3 Dec 1879, W. Carroll Parish, LA-15 Feb 1954, Delhi, Richland Parish, LA), son of Malcolm OLDHAM and Nancy Elizabeth MCINTYRE

3-James Floyd Owens (b. 27 Feb 1886)
+3-Sylvester Irwin Owens (2 Sep 1889-20 Jan 1966, Mangum, OK) m. 18 Sep 1916, Katie Lee ATTAWAY (5 Sep 1898-11 Apr 1987, Mangum, OK

Children of Jimmy and Betty Cranford OWENS
4-Bertie Owens m. Claude CHRISTMAN
4-Luther Owens m. Lillie JOLLE
4-Ida Owens m. Neal TAVES
4-Waver Owens m. Frances HEAD
4-Betty Owens m. Jimmy BROWN

Children of Barnabus and Eliza Odom OWENS
4-Minerva "Minnie" Lee Owens (9 Apr 1889-6 Aug 1973)
m1. Charlie F. SMITH (5 Mar 1881-27 Jul 1935)
m2. 2 Feb 1918, Carroll Parish, LA, Frank George WYNN (d. 15 May 1978, Carroll Parish, LA)
4-Jessie Iver Owens m. Andrew J. BALL
4-Wesley Dewitt Owens (19 Jun 1893-28 Oct 1968)
4-Otto Manuel Owens (24 Jan 1897-7 Mar 1968) m. Mary Louise FLETCHER (18 Jul 1904-30 May 1964)

Children of William H. and Lucy Holton OWENS
4-Izilla O. Jane Owens (5 Sep 1893-29 Mar 1974) m. George D. JOHNSON (24 Apr 1879-14 Mar 1970)
4-Amos Owens m. Edna FRANKLIN
4-Almon J. Owens (19 Feb 1897-13 Feb 1972) m. Nancy Ida BOLTON (20 Nov 1899-15 Sep 1995)
4-Theodore Owens
4-David Everett Owens m. Cleopatra FRANKLIN
4-Edna Owens
4-Emma Owens
4-William Hendrix Owens, Jr. (10 May 1910-27 Nov 1993) m. Syble WEEKS (b. 24 Nov 1918)

Children of Edmond V. and Laura Parker OWENS
4-Ethel Delilah Owens (17 Sep 1901-2 Feb 1968) m. Joseph IMEL; one son: Robert David IMEL (20 Dec 1939-8 Dec 1984)
4-Daisy Lorena Owens (12 Dec 1902-19 Dec 1902)
4-Adrion J. Owens (b. c1903) m. Martha BERKERON
4-Annie Maude Owens (24 Mar 1905-9 Apr 1916)
4-Bessie Adelaid Owens (17 Jan 1907-11 Jun 1986) m. 24 Feb 1924, Franklin Alexander "Bush" BUTTON (8 Nov 1905-21 Jun 1957)
4-Blanche Yesleta Owens (1908-21 Jul 1993) m. 16 May 1925, Henry Clay HICKS (1898-1959)
4-Charles Conrad Owens (10 Feb 1910-1 Oct 1968) m. Amelia ODOM (b. 13 Nov 1916); one son: Robert L. OWENS (3 May 1938-9 Mar 1969)
4-Lula May Owens m. Otis THOMPSON
4-Audrey Inez Owens (b. 18 Apr 1914) m. 9 May 1936, William Ariel RIGGS (4 Sep 1907-25 Nov 1974); son W. A. Riggs, Jr. m. Virginia MORSE
4-Edwina V. Owens m. Julius WOODRUFF
4-Mattie Lois Owens (20 Dec 1918-19 Apr 1984) m. Aug 1935, George C. MESSENGER (8 Apr 1912-30 Sep 1983)

Children of Nathaniel T. and Fannye Routon OWENS
4-Theodore Blanchard Owens m. Clovis PARKER
4-John Barnette Owens
4-Sarah Natale Owens m. Edward W. COTTON
4-Mary Missouri Owens m. R. C. MCGUFFEE
4-Fannie Golda Owens
4-Jack F. Owens m. Eva CLARK

Children of Oliver and Lillie Kirby OWENS
4-Thompson Vernel Owens m. Elaine DESOTO
4-Virgina Owens m. Bill KYZAR

Children of Robert H. and Louisa Henderson OWENS
4-Beulah Belle Owens (18 Feb 1892, Carthage, Leake Co, MS-c1902, Sherwood, Catahoula Parish, LA)
4-Evie Dell Owens (6 Apr 1893, Carthage, MS-15 Dec 1974) m. 24 Dec 1911, Rev. Martin ALFORD (d. 5 May 1960); 4 ALFORD children: Edna Ruth, Robert, Mildred, and Neita Mae
4-Mattie Virginia Owens (13 Jan 1895, Carthage, Leake Co, MS-29 Aug 1982) m. 12 Dec 1913, James A. SHIPP (d. 29 Aug 1982); 4 SHIPP children: Marvin, Garland, Vivian and Dorothy
4-Alberta Irene "Birtie" Owens (3 Mar 1896, Leake Co, MS-15 Aug 1985) m. 19 Mar 1911, Lewis R. WHITLOCK (18 Feb 1892-24 Jan 1978); 2 WHITLOCK children: Louis Arlo and Louise
4-Robert A. Owens (Jun 1897, Leake Co, MS-1924, Youngston, NY); WW I vet
4-Manila Estelle Owens (20 Oct 1899, Leake Co, MS-15 Jan 1997) m. William Aron RAY (7 Oct 1896-13 Apr 1976); 1 son: Reno RAY (b. 13 Jun 1919)
+4-Mack Lensey Owens (2 Apr 1901, Sherwood, W. Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, LA-4 Jul 1996, W. Monroe, LA) m. 1924, Katie Gertrude KILPATRICK (31 Dec 1902, Ouachita Parish, LA-8 Apr 1985, Monroe, LA), daughter of Robert L. KILPATRICK and Nannie WHITAKER
4-Lena Roseta Owens (b. 27 May 1904, Catahoula Par, LA) m. 7 Dec 1924, Ezra MEREDITH; 1 child: Averice MEREDITH
+4-Charles Phelma Owens (b. 15 Nov 1905, Catahoula Par, LA) m. 29 Oct 1927, Eddie THOMAS
4-Lometa V. Owens (6 Aug 1908, Caldwell Par, LA-16 Jul 1941) m. 25 Feb 1928, Jack W. RAY; 3 RAY children: Malcolm, Lavelle, and Jack
4-Rev. Paul L. Owens (30 Oct 1910, Caldwell Par, LA-May 1990) m. 13 Oct 1934, Ruby JACKSON; 3 OWENS children: Leon, Jeanette, and Carolyn

Children of Henry Clay and Lucy C. Edmiston OWENS
4-James Pinkney Owens (24 June 1903-29 Mar 1917, Pioneer, LA)
4-Beulah Belle Owens (7 Dec 1904, Pioneer, LA-8 Feb 1971) m. John C. PINLEY (d. 1964)
4-Charles P. Owens (14 Feb 1908, Pioneer, LA-8 Jan 1961) m. Apr 1829, Boy C. WALKER (d. Oct 1983)
4-Arthur F. "Doc" Owens (19 Feb 1910, Pioneer, LA-Apr 1989) m. 23 Jan 1937, Lula Mae STARK (d. May 1989)
4-Garnett Young Owens (15 Mar 1912, Pioneer, LA-Nov 1974) m. Iva C. VINING (d. 18 Jan 1997)
4-Janie Pauline Owens (29 Nov 1913, Pioneer, LA-May 1965) m. 24 Jun 1932, Emmial Wood MILLS
4-Clara Mae Owens (b. 28 Jun 1923, Monroe, LA) m. 2 Jun 1945, Levi A. DUNCAN (d. 3 Apr 1997)

Children of Theophilus and Martha Cawthon OWENS
4-Chestley Glover Owens (b. 5 Sep 1904) m. Ottie CAMPBELL
4-Merton Watson Owens (b. 7 Feb 1907) m. Ethel Eugenia FLANAGAN; 5 OWENS children: Clinton Eugene, Billy Merton, Jerry Dale, Bobby Ray, and Tommy Watson
4-Lacy Baxter Owens (4 Nov 1909, Pioneer, LA-7 Aug 1920, Pioneer, LA)
4-Robert Howard Owens (30 Aug 1912, Pioneer, LA-19 May 1995, Stockton, CA) m. 17 Sep 1932, Inez BLAKE (b. 20 Apr 1915, Farmersville, Collin Co, TX); 2 OWENS children: Lille Mae and Willie Donald
4-Elsie Elenor Owens (b. 17 Jul 1915, Pioneer, LA) m. 15 Jul 1933, John Stacy MORGAN (b. 23 Apr 1913); 8 MORGAN children: Mae Dean, Stacy John, Timothy Z, Peggy Ann, Bobby Daniel, Loretta Sue, Patricia Jane, and Reba Gail
4-Johnnie Margaret Owens (b. 22 Mar 1917, Pioneer, LA) m1. J. W. SEGARS; m2. Oct 1937, Claude Murry CROWE; 4 CROWE children: Larry Dean, Gloria Jean, Claude Murry, and Barbara Ann
4-Flora Annis Owens (b. 17 Aug 1921, Pioneer, LA) m. 28 Jun 1941, Curtis TURNER (12 Jun 1917-28 Jun 1941); 3 TURNER children: Sylvia Ann, Debbie, and Micky
4-Willie Earline Owens (b. 4 Apr 1925, Pioneer, LA) m. 27 Apr 1944, Thomas COCKERHAM (24 Apr 1926-5 Nov 1993); 3 COCKERHAM children: Thomas Wayne, Linda Diane, and Suzzanne

Children of Sylvester Irwin and Katie Attaway OWENS
4-Alvin Sylvester Owens (14 Jul 1917, Pioneer, LA-27 May 1971) m. 16 Sep 1940, Marie CLEVENGER
4-Floyd Richard Owens (12 Apr 1919, Pioneer, LA-11 Aug 1988) m. Juanita MILLER
4-Sidney Earl Owens (7 Mar 1921, Pioneer, LA-1962) m. Patricia BUNCHAM
4-Irvin Sylvester Owens (2 Oct 1926, Mangum, OK-29 Apr 1997) m. 2 Oct 1942, Wanda OWINGS

Children of Mack L. and Katie Kilpatrick Owens
5. Mack Lensey Owens (b. 8 Mar 1927) m. 7 Jun 1957, Dwana Dean BYRD
5. Carl Raymond Owens (b. 12 May 1929) m. 21 Aug 1954, Ima Jean BRASHER
5. Wamul Robert Owens (b. 16 Nov 1931) m. Christine CLAMPIT
5. Wilda Nell Owens (b. 13 May 1935)
5. Ina Faye Owens (b. 13 Sep 1939)
5. Glenda Alice Owens (b. 13 Sep 1939)

Children of Charles P. and Eddie Thomas Owens
5. Clavier Owens
5. Bobby Lou Owens
5. Ralph Owens
5. Katie Owens
5. John Owens

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