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The Hower/Hauer Family

Michael Hower & Eve Veit

Many thanks to Mary Lou Baumann for the information on the Hower Family. I have met many new cousins online who have added information. There is a great book by Charles C. Hower and Agnes Hower Wells entitled "A Hower History: The descendants of Hans Hauer of Neureuth, Germany" which lists the descendants of Michael Hower whose connection to two immigrant Hower brothers are uncertain.
Direct line is in bold; + means there is another generation on this page.
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1-Michael HOWER (c1740-bef 15 Jun 1807, Manheim Twp, York Co, PA) m. 15 Sep 1761, Trinity Lutheran Ch, Lancaster, PA, Eve VEIT Michael immigrated from Schopfloch, Germany.

2-Rosina HOWER (b. c1763) m. bef 1787, John GROSS
+2-Henry HOWER (b. c1765) m. c1786, Magdalene ___
2-Anna Marie HOWER (b. 1768) m. David STUMP (d. bef. 1805)
2-John George HOWER (b. 1769)
2-Anna Elizabeth HOWER (3 Sep 1773, Manheim Twp, York Co, PA-bef 23 May 1809) m. aft 28 Nov 1796, Isaac SHUH; 8 SHUE children: Mary Magdalen (b. 1799), Jacob (b. 1800), Catherine, Elizabeth, George, John, Anna Marie, and Michael

THIRD GENERATION: Children of Henry and Magdalene HOWER
3-Catharina HOWER (b. 15 May 1787) baptized at St. David's Union Church in Manheim, PA
+3-John HOWER (21 Sep 1791, Codorus Twp, York Co, PA-June 1866, Mad River Twp, Champaign Co, OH) baptized at St. Jacob's Church, Codorus Twp, York Co, PA,
m. bef. 1815, York Co, PA, Sarah ___ (29 Nov 1789-12 Nov 1854, Mad River Twp, Champaign Co, OH);

m. 14 Feb 1856, Champaign Co, OH, Elizabeth BUROKER (c1791-29 Feb 1868, Champaign Co, OH)
3-Marie Elizabeth HOWER (b. 1 Mar 1794, York Co, PA)
3-Mary Magdalene HOWER (b. 10 Oct 1796)
3-Christine HOWER (b. 4 Nov 1798, York Co, PA)
3-Henry HOWER (b. 18 Jan 1801, York Co, PA)

FOURTH GENERATION: Children of John and Sarah HOWER
4-Mary Ann HOWER (c1814, York Co, PA-30 Jul 1889, St. Paris, OH)
m1. 23 Feb 1834, Champaign Co, OH, Samuel PENCE (1815-17 Jan 1845, both in Champaign Co, OH), son of Daniel and Elizabeth PENCE; 8 PENCE children: B. F., Isaiah (b. 1836), Sarah Jane (b. 1837) m. John APPLE, Susan (b. 1840) m. Daniel POORMAN, Elizabeth (b. 1843) m. Samuel HECK, Samuel (b. 1838), and Elie (b. 1842) m. Rachel SROFE
m2. 8 Feb 1846, Champaign Co, OH, Adam APPLE (23 Nov 1799, PA-23 Sep 1878, Champaign Co, OH); 6 APPLE children: James (b. c1847), Peter (b. c1849), Ella m. Edward GRUBE, and Augustian m. ___ SNYDER
4-Susanna HOWER (b. c1815, PA) m1. 9 Mar 1837, Champaign Co, OH, John BAKER (d. 1853); 8 BAKER children: Sarah, Lydia, Mary A., Elizabeth, John, Jacob, Martin & Frank;
m2. c1866, Samuel LONGSTRETH
+4-Andrew HOWER (28 Sep 1815, York Co, PA-30 June 1877, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN)
m1. Rebecca ___ (b. c1817, VA); one known son: Benjamin Hower (b. bef. 1838, Adams Co, IN)
m2. 29 Nov 1838, Champaign Co, OH, Margaret BUROKER (17 Jul 1817-11 Sep 1882, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN)
+4-John HOWER (21 Feb 1822, York Co, PA-22 Nov 1898, Decatur, Adams IN)
m. 4 Dec 1845, Champaign Co, OH, Barbara Ellen CALVIN (24 Dec 1827, Champaign Co, OH-5 Jan 1899, Adams Co, IN)
4-Sarah Catherine HOWER (c1826, York Co, PA-1864)
m. 4 Jan 1844, Champaign Co, OH, Jacob BAKER; 7 BAKER children: Susanna (c1845-1872) m. Thomas W. MALLONEE, Philip (1846-1931) m. Nancy B. KIMSEY, Joseph (b. c1848), William H. (b. c1849), John M., Thomas, and Mary E.
+4-Henry Martin? HOWER (9 Sep 1827, York Co, PA-21 Jan 1854)
m. 30 May 1850, Adams Co, IN, Mary E. COFFMAN (27 May 1832, Fairfield, Fairfield Co, OH-30 May 1908, Monroe Co, IN), daughter of David L. COFFMAN (1811-1871) and Rebecca HUGHES (1813-1872)

4-Elizabeth "Betty" HOWER (b. c1831, York Co, PA)
m. 4 Oct 1855, Champaign Co, OH, Rudolf VENIS; 8 VENIS children: John, Vess, George R. (d. 1912) m. Ellen STOVEBROOK, Thomas, Sarah Ann, Samantha, Mary, and Austin L.
+4-Martin HOWER (22 Feb 1832, Champaign Co, OH-8 Mar 1871, Adams Co, IN)
m. 3 Jan 1858, Adams Co, IN, Sarah ARCHBOLD (11 Oct 1833, Harrison Co, OH-7 Nov 1919, Decatur, Adams Co, IN)
+4-Joseph HOWER (1836, Champaign Co, OH-Jan 1873, Adams Co, IN)
m. 25 Feb 1858, Champaign Co, OH, Rachel A. PROCTOR

Children of Andrew and Margaret Buroker HOWER:
+5-Adam HOWER (10 Dec 1839, Mad River Twp, Champaign Co, OH-6 Mar 1922)
m. 7 Feb 1867, Adams Co, IN, Barbara Alcena STEELE (4 Jul 1845, Ashland Co, OH-14 Dec 1928, Washington Twp, Adams Co, IN), daughter of George STEELE and Margaet SHOUP
+5-John J. William HOWER (1841, Champaign Co, OH-1875, Adams Co, IN)
m. 28 Mar 1861, Adams Co, IN, Nancy Agnes STEELE (1842, Adams Co, IN-1925), daughter of Samuel STEELE and Susannah WERLEY
+5-Noah HOWER (13 Jun 1845, Mad River Twp, Champaign Co, OH-8 Jun 1924, Lancaster Twp, Wells Co, IN)
m. 30 Aug 1868, Wells Co, IN, Elizabeth Ellen CLOWSER (10 Jun 1850, Wells Co, IN-7 May 1921, Lancaster Twp, Wells Co, IN)
+5-Henry HOWER (29 Sep 1848, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN-23 Nov 1910, Nuckells Co, NB)
m. 7 Oct 1885, Brown Co, KS, Sophia Amelia MEYERS (23 Feb 1857, Quincy, IL-3 Jun 1916, Nuckells Co, NB)
5-Elizabeth Ann Hower (1851, Adams Co, IN-30 May 1920) m. 7 May 1877, Adams Co, John Frederick SOVINE (28 Oct 1848, IN-14 Sep 1915, Craigville, Wells Co, IN); 8 SOVINE children: Caroline (1878-1912) m. Larwell GRISWOLD, Julia (1880-1951) m. Samuel A. SHADY, Jonathan (1881-1936) m. Edith M. KIDWELL, Susie (1883-1923) m. William MELCHING, Amos (1885-1968) m. Ida BRUNER, Della A. (1887-1921) m. James E. WYER, David L. (1889-1982) m. Elsie PENLAND, and Joseph V. (1892-1980) m. Clara M. CALL

Children of John and Barbara Allen Calvin HOWER
5-Mary Ann Hower (29 Sep 1845, Champaign Co, OH-23 Oct 1930)
m. 15 Jul 1866, Adams Co, IN, William BREINER (29 Apr 1842, Pottsville, Schuykill Co, PA-23 Oct 1934); 7 BREINER children: John (1867-1949), Franklin K. (1869-1948) m. Sarah C. CRIST, Martin, Mathew m. Clara SCHIMER, Amanda m. William LIBY, Sarah Ellen, m. Simon A. MOORE, and Goldie (b. 1886) m. Ole GAUNT
5-Sarah Ellen Hower (5 Sep 1848, near New Paris, Champaign Co, OH-13 Nov 1925, Decatur, Adams Co, IN)
m. 29 Jun 1865, Decatur, Adams Co, IN, Solomon BILLMAN/DULMAN (1 Apr 1844, Schuykill Co, PA-7 Dec 1917, Decatur, Adams Co, IN); 6 BILLMAN children: Mary Ellen (1868-1928) m. Charles B. CRAMER, Etta Marie (1817-1959) m. Albert ROGERS, Cora Alice (b. 1872) m. "Jinks" FRANCES, Ada (b. 1879), Bessie Belle (b. 1881) m. Albert E. SCOTT, and Beatrice Viola (b. 1887) m. Israel STONEBURNER
5-Susannah Hower (5 Jul 1850-1923)
m. 27 Sep 1868, Adams Co, IN, Reuben BREINER (20 Dec 1845-1927); 4 BREINER children: Ella m. Joe GERLING, Anna m. Leonard KASE, Pearl m. Elgin KING, Ervin m. Georgia NIBLICK
+5-Martin V. Hower (15 Apr 1852, IN-1885)
m. 31 Dec 1871, Adams Co, IN, Mary M. BITEMAN (30 Sep 1851-1896)
+5-John Thomas Hower (24 May 1854, Adams Co, IN-17 Dec 1921, Huntington, IN) m. 16 Aug 1874, Adams Co, IN, Sarah Emily SMITH (6 Jul 1860, Darke Co, IN-29 Mar 1915, Huntington, IN), daughter of William SMITH and Martha SELBY
+5-Joseph Calvin Hower (7 Mar 1857, Adams Co, IN-11 Jan 1937, Adams Co, IN)
m. 30 Mar 1879, Adams Co, IN, Maria Elizabeth BARNHART (14 Aug 1856, Adams Co, IN-14 Jan 1937, Adams Co, IN), daughter of Daniel D. BARNHART and Mary Anne ANDREWS
5-Nancy Catherine "Cassie" Hower (6 Mar 1859-5 May 1931, Kelso, WA)
m. 25 Jun 1874, Adams Co, IN, Jacob Fred OAKS; 8 OAKS children: William, Thomas, Harry, Edison, Lurindia m. ___ BEECHING, Etta, Alice, and Lulu m. B. A. READ
5-James A. Hower (6 Sep 1861-17 Aug 1939)
m. 24 Dec 1885, Mary E. MOSER (5 Dec 1862-21 Apr 1933)
5-Barbara Ellen Hower (7 Apr 1864-1936) m. 24 Dec 1882, Adams Co, IN, William H. BIXLER
5-Amanda E. Hower (6 Dec 1866-Oct 1936, Conneaut, OH)
m. 7 May 1885, Adams Co, IN, Ernest M. SUTTLE (1 Apr 1862-6 Apr 1923); 2 SUTTLE children: Cleo and Walter
5-William Dayton Hower (12 Dec 1867, Adams Co, IN-8 Mar 1946, Bluffton, IN)
m. 7 May 1885, Adams Co, IN, Carrie DETTINGER (2 Feb 1866-2 Oct 1921, Decatur, Adams Co, IN)

Children of Henry and Mary Coffman HOWER
5-Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie" HOWER (14 Mar 1851, Champaign Co, OH-28 Jul 1925, Adams Co, IN)
m. 12 May 1872, Adams Co, IN, George Washington ROOP (30 Aug 1847, Adams Co, IN-1 Oct 1916, Decatur, IN), son of Joseph ROOP and Elizabeth KEMP

5-Rebecca Ann HOWER (16 Aug 1853, Champaign Co, OH-24 Jul 1925, Decatur, Adams Co, IN)
m. 7 Jan 1872, Adams Co, IN, Daniel Boone ROOP (1 Oct 1849, St. Mary's Twp, Adams Co, IN-16 Apr 1928, Decatur, Adams Co, IN), George W.'s brother.

Children of Martin and Sarah Archbold HOWER
5-Rachel Samantha Hower (11 Oct 1858-Nov 1942) m. 14 Dec 1876, Adams Co, IN, Ferninand NICHOLS (b. 1849); 3 NICKLES children: Alvia, Clyde, and Nellie
5-Dallas Hower (21 Jun 1860-Dec 1940) m. Lucy STALTER (1864-1928); 7 HOWER children: Donald, Chalmer, Alton, Bert, Leota m. Arthur B. FORD, Veria, and Mabel
5-Emery A. Hower (5 Feb 1862-Dec 1862)
5-Mary Etta Hower (28 Jan 1864-28 Aug 1958, Arcadia) m. 27 Sep 1883, Adams Co, IN, Daniel W. BEERY (1861-1942, CA); 4 BEERY children: Arthur, Lloyd, Marrie, and Dessie
5-Edna Alice "Allie" Hower (17 Feb 1866-1962, Auburn, IN) m. 27 Sep 1888, Adams Co, IN, James D. HARKLESS (1865-1938); 3 HARKLESS children: Francis, Ruth, and Naomi
5-D. Ira Hower (22 Dec 1867-1953, Council Bluff, IA) m. 27 Jul 1889, Cora HICKMAN; 4 HOWER children: Martin, Paul, Lucille, and Louis
5-Irvin Hower (30 Nov 1869-Dec 1953) m. Harriet Gilson (b. 1900); 2 HOWER children: Frances and Maxwell
5-Drucilla Hower (b. 20 Oct 1871) m. 25 Aug 1898, John T. MYERS (1874-1932); 2 MEYERS children: Herman and Henrietta

Children of Joseph and Rachel Proctor HOWER
5-Benjamin Frank Hower (1859, Adams Co, IN-1926)
m. 28 Sep 1881, Wells Co, IN, Susan BAUM (1857-1921); 7 HOWER children: Minne m. Matt KAUFMAN, Gertha D. (b. 1886) m. Franklin MYERS, Sadie Elizabeth (b. 1890) m. R. W. ROGERS, Harriet Mabel (b. 1893), Raymond (1897-1917), Herbert and an unknown child (b. 1892)
5-William Hower; 2 HOWER children: Elvira and unknown son
5-George E. Hower m. 5 Mar 1891, Adams Co, IN, Barbara A. BRIGHT; 2 HOWER children: Clarence M. m. Della I BETZ and Susie
5-Charles Hower
5-Mary Hower

Children of Adam and Barbara A. Steele HOWER
6-Alva Curtis Hower (29 Nov 1867, Decatur, Adams Co, IN-28 Jul 1947) m. 10 Sep 1896, Adams Co, IN, Viola M. BARNETT (b. 9 Mar 1872)
+6-Charles W. Hower (1 Aug 1869, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN-11 Jun 1953, Nashville, Davidson Co, TN) m. 1 Apr 1902, Adams Co, IN, Elmira DAILEY (8 Oct 1875-25 Nov 1913, Decatur, Adams Co, IN)
6-Milton E. Hower (b. 31 Dec 1871, Peterson, Adams Co, IN)
m1. 10 Apr 1895, Adams Co, IN, Mary Elizabeth STEVENS (12 Mar 1872-3 Oct 1902, Decatur, IN); 2 HOWER children: an infant (might be Mary Helen Hower) and Frank Crosser Hower (1895-1938) m. Ercie Leona BUTLER (1896-1917)
m2. 9 Nov 1904, Adams Co, IN, Maude Alora SCOTT; 4 HOWER children: Marcella, Geraldine, Isabel and Katherine
6-Willard D. Hower (b. 18 Feb 1874, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN) m. Tillie HEATH
6-Cora V. Hower (b. 8 Feb 1877, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN) m. 20 Apr 1904, Charles E. BEERY
6-Luther Steele Hower (26 Oct 1879, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN-1932) m. 14 Apr 1916, Adams Co, IN, Marie BALL (b. c1879)
6-Olive Elnora Hower (16 Feb 1882, Decatur, Adams Co, IN-9 Sep 1885, Decatur, Adams Co, IN)
6-Dora M. Hower (b. 4 Jun 1881, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN) m. 24 Apr 1907, Adams Co, IN, Lewis S. SCHILLING/Loyuis S. Schelling
6-Nora Hower
6-Adam Hower

Children of John J. and Nancy A. Steele HOWER
6-Andrew Sands Hower (28 Dec 1861, Adams Co, IN-6 Sep 1862, Adams Co, IN)
6-Rebecca Ann Hower (c1863, Adams Co, IN-c1946, Ft. Wayne, IN) m. 6 Oct 1885, Adams Co, IN, Amos CHRIST; 2 CHRIST children: Mable m. Harry VALROFF and Lula m. ___ FETTERS
6-Jesse W. Hower (c1866, Adams Co, IN-c1939)
m1. 27 Jul 1899, Adams Co, IN, Ulala STOGDILL (11 Aug 1871, Adams Co, IN-21 Jan 1903, IN); 3 HOWER children: William Earl (1890-1970) m1. Jessie F. COLLINS (1893-1914) m2. Opal Gladys WILLIAMS (1898-1980), Happy (1895-1918), and Clint
m2. 8 Aug 1904, Wells Co, IN, Kittie L. BROWN
m3. Adams Co, IN, Blanche G. WILLIAMS (b. 16 Mar 1895)
6-Rosetta Hower (c1869, Adams Co, IN-6 May 1952, Poneto, IN)
m1. bef. 1890, Jake DETTINGER; 3 DETTINGER children: Estella (1890-1981) m. ___ WASCHKA, Hazel (b. 1893) m. ___ SPRAGUE, and Laverne (1907-1976) m. Eleanor MULLIGAN
m2. March 1918, Albert REYNOLDS; m3. 1921, George SHANK
6-Ida B. Hower (c1874-1966, Adams Co, IN) m. 14 Feb 1894, Wells Co, IN, John H. BARNETT

Children of Noah and Elizabeth E. Clowser Hower
6-Loranzo E. Hower (17 Aug 1869, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN-27 Sep 1870)
6-Adelia May Hower (6 Jan 1871, IN-5 Jan 1937, Wells Co, IN) m. 30 Jan 1899, Wells Co, IN, David Albert DAVISON (18 Jul 1866, Wells Co, IN-4 Nov 1908, Wells Co, IN); 6 DAVISON children: Resty May, Ona Pearl (1889-1969) m. Clem C. GIBSON, Furl E. (1891-1979) m. Amy M. DAVIS, Ethel Fay (1919-1933) m. Edward L. GAUNT, Virgil H. (1900-1987) m. Guyla M. PEARSON, and Mary E. (1906-1982) m. Wilmer E. BODECKER
6-Alonzo W. Hower (6 Sep 1872- 1 Jan 1876)
6-Karlinda "Linna" J. Hower (11 Jun 1874, Wells Co, IN-26 Nov 1940) m. 29 Sep 1898, Wells Co, IN, Ezra W. KREIGH; 4 KREIGH children: Raymond (b. 1899) m. Hilda SPEAR, Ralph (b. 1901) m. Elsie HUSS, Mary Florence (b. 1905) m. Charles CRAMER and Herman BRYANT and James COPELAND, and Lester Jack (b. 1910) m. Nilah TEEGARDEN
6-Harry B. Hower (17 Dec 1875, Lancaster Twp, Wells Co, IN-12 Jan 1957, Bluffton, IN)
m1. 1 Jan 1898, Adams Co, IN, Cora Belle MYERS (b. 8 Jun 1879); 2 HOWER children: Carl Dewey (1898-1970) m. Marie HOWELL (1902-1964) and Mary Ellen (1899-1971) m. Nelson MILLHOUSE
m2. 23 Feb 1910, Centerville, Mich, Iva Blanche PIERCE (27 Dec 1883-10 Mar 1930, Bluffton, IN); 8 HOWER children: Richard O, Irvin M, Robert E. (1915-1967) m. Belva ACHE, Alice L. (1917-1931), Willard N, Charles G, Roger B and James J.
6-Royal Hower (8 Oct 1880, Wells Co, IN-25 Jan 1950) m. 5 May 1902, Wells Co, IN, Minnie DURR (c1880-1969); no children
6-Kurrilla Hower (17 Feb 1887, Wells Co, IN-14 Apr 1913) m. 2 Sep 1905, Wells Co, IN, Woodson WILBERT (b. 27 Aug 1884); 3 BUSH children: Mildred, Vera, and Marshal Clayton
6-Carrie Burneace Hower (b. 10 Apr 1889, Bluffton, IN) m. 6 Feb 1909, Keystone, IN, Charles E. HIGGINS (b. 15 Sep 1890, Keystone, IN); 4 HIGGINS children: Kenneth (b. 1909) m. Hilda J. THRAILKILL, Chad H. (b. 1911) m. Garnett M. CURRY, Garth H. (b. 1913) m. Verna E. ARNOLD, Roger E. (b. 1919) m. Audry RUDY
6-Alfred Hower (2 Oct 1894, Pugney, Wells Co, IN-29 Dec 1967, Ft. Wayne, IN) m. 22 Sep 1917, Wells Co, IN, Desse I. GUILER (b. 26 Feb 1892, PA); 4 HOWER children: Alfred, Margaret, Fredrick, and Joan Grace

Children of Henry and Sophia Meyers Hower
6-John Andrew Hower (b. 16 Sep 1886, Jewell Co, KS) m. 16 Sep 1910, Jewell Co, KS, Bessie STINSON; 3 HOWER children: Luther W, Clifford E, and Doyle D.
6-Clarence Milton Hower (b. 19 Apr 1888, Jewell Co, KS) m. 24 Feb 1909, Nelson, NB, Lena ROE; 3 Hower children: Ralph, Fern, and Everette
6-Edward George Hower (b. 21 Sep 1889, Jewell Co, KS)
m1. Thelma M. MILLER; 1 child: Nancy Rae Hower
m2. 1909, Effie WEBBER; 3 HOWER children: Glen Garland, Russ and Loy Ernest
6-Allia May Hower (24 Jan 1891, Jewell Co, KS-5 Aug 1939) m. 14 Apr 1915, Harry Antone WOERNER; 3 WOERNER children: Viola A, Dale M, and Irene V.
6-Jeannie Rosett Hower (b. 17 May, 1893, Jewell Co, KS) m. 31 Jul 1918, Sutter, NB, Leonard O. WEBBER

Children of Martin V. and Mary Biteman Hower:
6-Anna M. Hower (4 Jul 1875-18 Mar 1900) m. 2 Jan 1897, Adams Co, IN, William ARNOLD; 2 ARNOLD children: Homer (b. 1898) and Mary (b. 1900)
6-Clara Hower (b. c1878, Kirkland Twp, Adams Co, IN) m. 25 Sep 1896, Adams Co, IN, Clyde F. SHADY; 2 SHADY children: Edna m. ___ MURRY and Charles
6-Charles John Henry Hower (16 Sep 1880, Adams Co, IN-May 1971) m. Dodi HENDRICH, then Dora GIROD, then Sarah Elizabeth WAGNER

Children of John Thomas and Sarah E. Smith HOWER
6-Edward Elmer Hower
6-Nellie Marie Hower m. David SHELLER
6-Rosetta Hower m. Charles DETTINGER
6-Dallas Marion Hower m. 15 Jun 1902, Adams Co, IN, Clara WEBER

Children of Joseph Calvin and Maria Elizabeth Barnhart HOWER
6. Josephine Hower (Dec 1899, Decatur, Adams Co, IN-24 Sep 1921, Decatur, Adams Co, IN) m. 1 Jan 1914, Sturgis, St. Joseph Co, Michigan, Harrison David HAKES, son of Joseph William HAKES and Susan Irene MONTGOMERY
6. Mayme Hower m. ____ DILLE/Dilley
6. Mary Hower (b. c1880, Adams Co, IN) m. 2 Jun 1898, Adams Co, IN, Charles DILLEY (b. c1880)
6. Bertha Hower (1881-1906) m. ____ DILLE
6. William N. L. Hower (1887-1889)
6. Frank Hower (b. c1890) m. Hattie BURKHEAD
6. Carl Hower (1896-1945) m. 1916, Ada M. HAKES (1897, OH-1955, Decatur, Adams Co, IN), Harrison Hake's sister

Children of James A. and Mary E. Moser HOWER
6. Ada C. Hower (5 Oct 1888-9 Aug 1969)
6. Sylvia Hower (26 Oct 1890-1976)
6. Otto Hower (3 Oct 1892-27 Dec 1897)

Children of William Dayton and Carrie Dettinger HOWER
6. Hazel M. Hower (18 Apr 1895-27 Jun 1927)
6. Chester Oldean Hower (29 Jul 1898-27 Apr 1971, Kingsland Cross, IN) m. 10 Jun 1934, Bluffton, IN, Lucille BIDDLE (b. 4 Feb 1904, Wells Co, IN)
6. Dorothea Irene Hower (12 Nov 1906-25 May 1965, Phoenix, AZ)

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