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Rommel/Rome Family and Miville, Hautin Connection

Heinrich Rommel & Ursula Altofer / Catherine Baillon & Jacques Miville

Many thanks to Harold Jacobs, Steve Fleming and Sheldon Perilloux for most of the following information. Albert Robichaux's book, German Coast Families has also been a font of information. Irwin Joseph Rome, The Mad Vintner, is another excellent source of information.
Bold indicates direct line; + means there is another generation on this page.
Page created 22 Feb 1998 and updated on 10 April 2001. New information always welcome!

Johann Heinrich ROMMEL (c1660, Kirchardt, Germany-28 Nov 1716, Germany) m. 16 Jun 1691, State of Baden, Germany, Ursula ALTOFER (c31 Mar 1664, Kirchardt, Baden Germany-1720, LA).
Ursula's parents were Fridolinus "Friderich" ALTOFER (Jan 1630/31, Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland-c1684, Kirchardt, Baden, Germany) m. 26 Feb 1655/56, Kitchardt, Baden Germany, Anna GEISZER, daughter of Jacob GEISSER. Friderich's parents were Heinrich ALTORFER and Anna LANGLER.

2-Leonhard Rommel (b. c16 Aug 1691)
2-Anna Catherina Rommel (cOct 1697-14 Mar 1703)
2-Johannes/Jean Baptiste Rommel (c1699, Kirchardt, Germany-bef. 19 Dec 1771, SJTB, LA)
m1. 7 May 1720, Grombach, Baden, Germany, Anna Maria RAU (d. c1721 aboard ship or shortly thereafter), daughter of Michael RAU
m2. c1724, LA, Anna Margaretha STEIGER (4 Dec 1706, Kirchardt, Palatinate, Germany-6 Mar May 1792, Edgard, LA), daughter of Hans Lonharth STEIGER and Barbara SCHNEIDER
Grandparents were Hans STEEGER (b. 1653, Switzerland) & Elizabeth Weidler (b. 7 Jan 1666) and Max SCHNEIDER & Ester GRILL (b. 1655)

2-George Leonhard Rommel (b. 18 Nov 1700)
2-Agnes Veronica Rommel (b. 3 Sep 1702)
2-Anna Susanna Rommel (24 Jan 1705-29 Apr 1705)
2-Anna Rommel (b. 13 Apr 1706)
2-Susanna Rommel (b. 13 Apr 1706)

THIRD GENERATION: Children of Anna Margaretha Steiger and Johann Rommel
+3-Jean Adam Rommel (c1725, German Coast, LA-31 Aug 1780, SJTB, LA) m. 6 Aug 1754, St. Charles Parish, LA, Marie Magdelaine ANDRE (c1727-Aug 1797, SJTB Parish, LA), daughter of Antoine Joseph ANDRE and Marie Madelaine SCHMIDT
3-Jean Rommel (8 Aug 1728, First German Coast, now St. Charles Parish, LA-1 Apr 1815, St. James Parish, LA) m. 8 Aug 1752, Destrehan, St. Charles Parish, LA, Marie Marguerite HUBER/Oubre (c1731, German Coast, LA-cMar 1822), daughter of Christopher Ondago Johannes (Jean) HUBER and Maria Barbe (Anne) REUSCH
3-Marie Veronique Rommel (c1732, Lucy, SJTB Parish, LA-20 Sep 1786, SJTB, LA) m. 3 Dec 1748, LRC First German Coast, now Destrehan, St. Charles Par, LA, Jean George DREGRE/Tregre (c1727, New Orleans, LA-25 Jul 1783, SJTB), son of Andreas TREGRE and Catherine CALLENDER

This marriage produced ties to the Rodrigue, Perilloux, Cambre and Froisy families. Please return to the German Coast Families page for links to these families and children of this marriage.

3-Marie Magdelaine/Madelaine Manon Rome (c1734, German Coast, LA-aft. 1787) m. 8 Aug 1752, St. Charles Parish, LA, Jean Pierre BOSSIER (c1727, Natchitoches, LA-19 Feb 1816)
3-Valentin Rommel (c1737, St. Charles Parish, LA-12 Aug 1747, St. Charles Par, LA)
3-Regina Reine Rommel (25 May 1740, Edgard, LA-29 Jun 1817, St. James Parish, LA) m. c1759, Edgard, LA, Nicolas MATERNE (c1736, Edgard, LA-12 Oct 1797, St. James Parish, LA), son of Johann MATHERNE and Regine KONIG
+3-David Rome (12 Jul 1743, St. Charles Parish, LA-20 Jul 1835, St. James Parish, LA)
m1. c1763, Marie Barbe SCHANTZ (cDec 1746, German Coast, now St. Charles Parish, LA-c1786, LA), daughter of Jean George SCHANTZ and Catherine MERKEL m2. 27 May 1788, St. James Parish, LA, Francoise ARCENEAUX
3-Marguerite Rommel (b. 4 Apr 1746, St. Charles Par, LA) m. bef. 1766, Johann KALSBERGER
3-Anne Marie Barbe Rommel (12 Jul 1749, St. Charles Parish, LA-28 Jan 1829, SJTB) m. c1766, Benjamin AUTIN (1741, Quebec Province, Canada-15 Nov 1786, SJTB, LA)

This marriage produced ties to the Millet, Heydel, Tregre, Cambre, Perilloux, and Montz families. Please return to the German Coast Families for links to these families.

Benjamin Autin is also our link to a descendancy from Charlemagne.
See the Royal Connection Research Association

Many thanks to Harold Jacobs for this wonderful Christmas present!

Children of Marie Magdelaine Andre and Jean Adam Rommel
4. Charles Rome
4. Jean Baptiste Rome
4. Louis Andesade Rome m. 18 Feb 1789, LRC, St. Charles Parish, LA, Francoise EDELMEYER (b. c1765)
4. Marie Josephe Rome (1757, Edgard, SJTB, LA-24 May 1837, Convent, St. James Parish, LA) m. 9 May 1780, Edgard, SJTB Parish, LA, Pierre Desmoulin SCIONNEAU (c1750, St. Louis, MO-May 1825, St. James Parish, LA)
4. Jean Adam Rome (b. c1762)
4. Helena Rome (b. c1764)
4. Marguerite Rome (b. c1771)
4. Marie Rome (b. 1773)

Children of Marie Madeleine Manon Rome and Jean Pierre Bossier
4. George Bossier m. 1 Jun 1788, Edgard, SJTB, Magdelaine HAYDEL (b. 1768), daugher of Nicolas HAYDEL and Perrine LEROUX
4. Jean Pierre Bossier (c1757-6 May 1846, SJTB) m. 9 Jan 1787, SJTB Catholic Church, Edgard, LA, Marguerite LEBORNE (1769-13 Jun 1846, SJTB), daughter of Jacques Antoine BORNE and Anna Marie HAYDEL
4. Marguerite Bossier (c1765-c19 Oct 1795) m. 17 Sep 1780, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Edgard, LA, Jean George HAYDEL (c14 Feb 1753, St. Charles Parish, LA-9 Jul 1814), son of Jean Christophe HAYDEL and Charlotte HUBER
The Haydel Family

Child of Marie Barbe Schantz and David Rome
4. Celste Rome (1769-Aug 1838, Convent, St. James Parish, LA) m. 1 Jul 1788, St. James Parish, Francois HUBER/Oubre (24 Nov 1761, German Coast, LA-4 Jan 1801, St. James Parish, LA), son of Andre HUBER and Marie Elisabeth BONVILAIN

Marie Catherine DE BAILLON

Marie Catherine Baillon (d. 27 Jan 1688, Quebec Province, Canada) m. 12 Nov 1669, Jacques MIVILLE (c May 1639, France-27 Jan 1688, Quebec Province, Canada), son of Pierre MIVILLE and Charlotte MAUGIS.

Children of Catherine Baillon and Jacques MIVILLE
2-Marie Catherine Miville (b. 1670) m. Ignace DURAND
2-Charles Miville (b. 5 Sep 1671, Quebec Province, Canada) m. 13 Feb 1697, Louise Charlotte GRONDIN (b. c1675), daughter of Jean GRONDIN
2-Jean Miville (b. 1672) m. 1691, Marie Maeleine DUBE
2-Marie Miville (1675-bef. 1681)
2-Charles Miville (b. 1677) m. 1702, Marthe VALLEE
2-Claude Marie Miville (b. 1681) m. 1699, Francois NIQUET

Children of Louise Charlotte Grondin and Charles Miville:
3-Jean Miville (b. 1698, Quebec Province, Canada)
3-Robert Miville (b. 1700)
3-Marie Angelique Miville (b. 1702)
3-Marie Therese Miville (b. 1703) m. 1727, Mathieu RONDEL
3-Felicite Miville (b. 21 Dec 1706, Quebec Province, Canada) m. 26 Jul 1725, Joseph AUTIN (c1701-1767), son of Francois AUTIN and Marie BOUCHER
3-Sebastien Miville (b. 1709)
3-Marie Angelique Miville (b. 1711)
3-Charles Miville (b. 1713)
3-Marie Joseph Miville (b. 1716)
3-Joseph Miville (b. 1719)

Children of Felicite Miville and Joseph Autin
4-Joseph Autin (c1726) m. 1754, Marie Joseph GAGNON, m. 1782, Madeleine LAVALLEE
4-Genevieve Autin (c1729-1731)
4-Marie Angelique Autin (c1731-1731)
4-Rosalie Autin (b. c1732) m. 7 Jan 1765, Gregoire OUELLET
4-Marie Joseph Autin (b. c1734) m. 15 Nov 1756, Louis Charles LEVEQUE
4-Charles Basile Autin (c1737)-1740)
4-Marie Genevieve Autin (b. c1739) m. 20 Aug 1770, Gabriel BOUCHARD
4-Benjamin Hautin m. Anne Marie Barbe ROMMEL (see above)
4-Catherine Autin (c1743-1743)
4-Marie Charlotte Autin (b. c1744)
4-Marie Catherine Autin (b. c1747)
4-Marie Madeleine Autin (b. c1750)

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