1.  Warm Up
 2.  The Jelq
 3.  PC Flex
 4.  Length Stretch
 5.  Advanced Lengthening
 6.  Advanced Thickening
 7.  Testicle Massage
 8.  Visualization
 9.  Tips/Thoughts
 10.  Newbie Workout
 11.  Expert Workout
 12.  Increasing Head Size
 13.  Combating Curvature
 14.  Combating Impotence
 15.  Combating Premature Ejaculation
 16.  Making Time for Enlargement
 17.  FAQ

Step-By-Step Guide:

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Learn the Visualization Tactic.
Testicle Massage Overview:
We’ve no doubt taught you many techniques to improve the look and feel of your penis, but in order to obtain optimum penile health you must also tend to your testicles. Healthy testicles ensure iron-hard erections, increased amounts of ejaculate and a more powerful sex drive. The increased amount of testosterone provoked by the testicle massage will also enhance your athletic ability. Finally, the testicle massage will give you an opportunity to perform a self-check and improve your chance of locating testicular abnormalities early, reducing your risk of death by testicular cancer.

How it’s Done

Begin with your warm-up exercise of choice to make your testicles and scrotum supple, loose and flexible. Apply generous amounts of lubricant to the area.

Massage your testicles gently for 3 to 5 minutes being careful not to squeeze them. This should be relaxing and in no way painful. Notice their texture and shape. Learn the way they normally feel so you will notice changes.

After they’re relaxed, hold them in your fingers and pull them very gently in different directions. Again, this should not hurt in any way, but stretch the testicles to help improve their health and circulation. This also can help advance your sperm count.

If you choose, you can massage your testicles every day; many men like to massage before bed, when your testicles often become overheated and cramped by the positions in which you sleep.

The Testicle Massage goes a long way to boost your sperm count and increase your testosterone levels. In turn your fertility, ejaculate volume and libido increase as well. If you’re trying to have a baby, we recommend massaging your testicles 2 to 3 times each day (and especially during intercourse) in order to enhance the health and volume of your sperm.