1.  Warm Up
 2.  The Jelq
 3.  PC Flex
 4.  Length Stretch
 5.  Advanced Lengthening
 6.  Advanced Thickening
 7.  Testicle Massage
 8.  Visualization
 9.  Tips/Thoughts
 10.  Newbie Workout
 11.  Expert Workout
 12.  Increasing Head Size
 13.  Combating Curvature
 14.  Combating Impotence
 15.  Combating Premature Ejaculation
 16.  Making Time for Enlargement
 17.  FAQ

Step-By-Step Guide:

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Learn about PC Flex exercise.
Quick Glance:

1. Perform a full warm-up exercise

2. Achieve a partial erection.

3. Apply lubrication to your penis and hands

4. Wrap your thumb and forefinger around the base of your penis so they meet in an “OK” sign

5. With an even grip, slide your fingers down the shaft of your penis, pushing blood toward your penile head

6. Complete the amount of reps you are currently doing in training (start at 300 and work up from there)

7. Perform a full cool-down exercise

The Jelq Exercise.
Centuries ago, Arab men began using a technique called the Jelq (sounds like “milk”) method as part of cultural rituals. At puberty, sons would learn the technique from their fathers, and practice Jelquing for a half hour each day. The exercise produced a very large, well-developed penis that—in both their culture and ours—symbolized virility and power to men and women alike. Having a larger penis commanded respect for the men and enhanced their confidence and self-esteem.

Once an adult, the Arabian men would have fewer Jelquing sessions, exercising twice every ten days or so. Records show that some men had penises 10 to 12 inches long, with a girth of up to 7 inches! Take advantage of this ancient secret and let Jelquing work for you.

How it Works
Jelquing functions by increasing the amount of blood in the corpora cavernosa to unprecedented levels; by engorging the penis further than your strongest erection, then penis is stretched and grows larger with each exercise.

The Jelq will help your penis grow in length and width at once. Much like building other parts of your body, the Jelq helps you break down your muscle fibers and increase circulation to a particular area of the body; then, while it rests, the body rebuilds itself stronger and denser to compensate for your workout. In the same way, Jelquing forces blood into the penis so that the erectile tissue learns to hold more blood, which stretches the member and makes it grow larger.

Within the first 6 weeks of program, you’ll notice your penis gaining in size and firmness. Within 3 to 5 months you’ll notice enormous gains in size and control; your erections will be iron-hard, and your penis will hang lower and have a muscular appearance. Within the first year of exercising on our plan you’ll grow more than 2 inches in penis length if you work out 25 to 30 minutes daily.

How to Jelq

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Try to Jelq every day in order to keep your corpora cavernosa fit; if you rest for more than 2 days, you may begin to lose some of the benefits you’ve gained from a consistent workout.

Begin with a warm-up exercise. Then lubricate your penis with K-Y jelly or some other lube and find a comfortable sitting position. Wrap your thumb and forefinger at the base of your penis and join as if they were making an “OK” sign. This traps blood inside your penis and prevents it from return to the rest of the body; make sure to keep consistent pressure all the way around the shaft so as not to allow blood to escape. Pull your fingers (still in a ring) down the shaft gently and stop immediately if you feel pain. Take 1 to 3 seconds to squeeze the blood from the base of the penis to the tip, forcing the corpora cavernosa to expand.

One your first hand travels to just below the head of the penis, bring your second hand to the base of the penis in the same “OK” position. Continue to force the blood into your penis with the same pressure and motion as the first hand. Your first hand can return to the base of the penis to start another Jelq in a sort of hand-over-hand routine. Do this for 25 to 30 minutes.

When you first add Jelquing to your workout routine, it’s common to have red spots or even light bruising appear on your penis—that’s normal. You’re stretching its skin and internal cavities, and it often responds with a bit of irritation. To avoid this, make sure to warm-up completely, not cutting any corners on the method you choose. Also, start slowly, adding time and intensity to your workout as you go. Don’t expect to do an all-out Jelq-a-thon the first day you try it; you wouldn’t see a bodybuilder bench press 400 pounds on the first day of training—they work up to that intensity the same way you should.

Refer to the photos and videos for help and support. It’s important to note that the thumb and forefinger remain in an “OK” position throughout the distance of the shaft, and the penis is partially erect (it is somewhat engorged by doesn’t have a full erection). A proper erection for Jelquing is about 3/4 strength; it should be fully but not tight. If you exercise while not erect or too erect the benefits of this exercise will be minimal if existent at all. As in the photos, the tip of your penis will appear red/purple during the exercise—that’s OK.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jelquing:

Question: How much pressure should I use when doing the Jelq exercise?
Use the amount of pressure that feels comfortable to you. It should be mild to moderate intensity and never be painful. Remember that the goal of Jelquing is to bring blood into the penis and not cause injury.

Question: What’s considered a partial erection?
Some of our exercises (Jelquing for example) work best if you have a partial erection. In order to determine whether you are appropriately hard, you merely have to determine that your penis is somewhere between limp and fully erect—it’s not an exact science.

Question: Is it normal to get a lot of loose skin while Jelquing?
Some men have more skin around the base of the penis than others, and this can pose a dilemma while learning to Jelq: instead of stretching the penis they are merely moving excess skin on the penile surface. Instead of the standard Jelquing setup, use one hand to contain the excess skin and the other to perform Jelquing as normal. Switch hands every 30 to 50 Jelqs so to balance your growth. Ensure you have the largest erection possible as this aids in reducing excess skin.

Question: How do I Jelq if I have a foreskin?
You can either pull down the foreskin covering the penis head or Jelq with the foreskin in its natural place—as long you’re increasing circulation in the penis it doesn’t matter where your foreskin is located.

A good starting point:
Routine for the First Week

As you begin to Jelq start out slowly by doing 275 to 300 repetitions (one stroke from the base to tip) each day. Follow with 100-115 PC Flexes, which will help lay the foundation for your penile fitness program and increase your sexual stamina and control

Routine for the Second Week

As you may suspect, the intensity increases during the second week of your Jelquing program. Do 10 to 12 minutes of continuous Jelquing—don’t stop unless it’s painful. Precede with a warm-up exercise, follow with 200 to 225 PC Flexes and a cool-down.

Routine for the Third Week and Beyond

Again, the length and intensity increase in the third week; spend 25 to 30 minutes Jelquing each day after a good warm-up. Follow with 300 to 325 PC Flexes and finish with a good cool-down. Nice work!

Don’t be put off by the amount of time required—this is worth the effort and will bring you much closer to your goals. Though it may sound like a lot of time, what is a half hour in effort to increase your sexual satisfaction and overall health? You will build rock-hard erections; you will noticeably increase the length and girth of your penis. It’s worth it!

Advanced Jelquing

Before you continue onto this advanced portion, get two months of working out at the basic level under your belt. At that point these exercises will be easier and more effective, and will minimize the risk of blood spots or bruising that this intense workout can cause.

Warm up as usual and apply lubrication to your penis and hands. With a partial erection, begin as usual with your thumb and forefinger wrapped around the base of your penis in an “OK” formation. Jelq (as you have been doing for the past two months) for 15 to 20 minutes.

Then, with plenty of lubricant, perform a regular Jelq but take twice as long (3 to 4 seconds) to travel down the shaft and do a PC Flex after every 10 to 15 strokes. In other words, you should be doing 10 to 15 strokes lasting 3 to 4 seconds, followed by a PC Flex. Do this for another 25 to 30 minutes. This adds to the amount of blood pushed into your penis and greatly increases the benefits of Jelquing.

Again, don’t be put off by the amount of time this exercise takes. You don’t have to do advanced Jelq every day, only 3 to 5 times per week according to your goals. Of course, the more you workout, the quicker you will see results.