1.  Warm Up
 2.  The Jelq
 3.  PC Flex
 4.  Length Stretch
 5.  Advanced Lengthening
 6.  Advanced Thickening
 7.  Testicle Massage
 8.  Visualization
 9.  Tips/Thoughts
 10.  Newbie Workout
 11.  Expert Workout
 12.  Increasing Head Size
 13.  Combating Curvature
 14.  Combating Impotence
 15.  Combating Premature Ejaculation
 16.  Making Time for Enlargement
 17.  FAQ

Step-By-Step Guide:

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Learn about Length Stretch exercise.
The PC Exercise.
Quick Glance:

1. Perform a full warm-up exercise if possible.

2. Flex your PC muscle 20 times and rest

3. Flex your PC muscle 40 times, rest a minute, then begin another set. Repeat for a total of 3 sets.

4. Work toward performing 4 total sets of 100

5. Alternate between different styles of PC exercises for variety

6. Perform a full cool-down method if possible

What It Is

The PC Flex gets its name from the pubococcygeus muscle—the area worked during this exercise. Though all of the exercises in program are important, the PC Flex is the single, most important technique for improving your sexual stamina and control. If you learn nothing else, learn this!

What It Is

The PC Flex gets its name from the pubococcygeus muscle—the area worked during this exercise. Though all of the exercises in program are important, the PC Flex is the single, most important technique for improving your sexual stamina and control. If you learn nothing else, learn this!

What it Does

Weak PC muscles translate to weak erections, weak ejaculations, impotence, premature ejaculations and further penile difficulty. The PC muscle basically controls your ejaculations and directly affects the intensity and frequency of your erections. When you strengthen your PC muscles, you will have iron-hard erections, improved sexual stamina and enhanced penile health well into old age. PC exercises will improve the health of your prostate and help you avoid incontinence (the inability to control the flow of urine).

More key points of the PC Flex:
  • They are quick to do—PC Flexes only take several minutes and don’t require preparation.
  • They are extremely simple—you already know how to use this muscle, there’s nothing new to learn.
  • They take minimal effort. It’s totally inconspicuous and can be done anywhere!
  • They are totally invisible when you’re doing them. You can be going about your normal routine and PC Flexing at the same time.
How to PC Flex

First you must locate the PC muscle (feel free to refer to the picture). The PC controls your urine stream; if you try to stop urinating mid-stream, you’re using your PC. It also makes your penis nod up and down when you have an erection. Have you ever moved your erect penis without your hands (see the animation below)? To do that you used your PC muscle. The PC Flex is critical because it increases circulation to the penis and promotes rock-hard erections.

Once you’ve found your PC muscle, practice tightening and loosening it 20 times, hold your last squeeze for 10 seconds. It may be difficult to control your PC at first, but over time it will become easier. In several weeks you’ll be able to hold your PC tight for as long as you like—this will allow you to control your ejaculations so that you only orgasm when you want to. With strong PC muscles you choose when you ejaculate!

Once you’ve found your PC muscles rest until the next day or proceed with the PC warm-up. To warm up, simply flex your PC 30 to 40 times. Rest and repeat for a total of 2 to 3 sets with a minute’s rest in between each one. Eventually you can increase the number of flexes you do. Aim for about 250 to 400 flexes (though some men do 500 or more).

Proper PC Flexing does not involve the muscles of your abdomen, hips, thighs or stomach. If you’re not sure whether these are in use, talk while you’re performing the exercise. You should be able to maintain a conversation comfortably without straining your voice in any way.

Note: you do not need to have an erect penis to perform a PC Flex; it can be done while you’re erect or flaccid.

Variations on the PC Flex

Have fun with the PC Flex! It’s easy to modify to suit your needs and keep your workout interesting. Below are some of our ideas.

PC Flex and Holds

Warm up by doing 10 normal flexes, but hold the 10th flex for a 25 count. Rest for a minute and repeat 3 to 6 times. This will greatly increase your sexual stamina—you and your partner will both love your new-found control! There is no way to do this exercise wrong, so don’t worry and just start squeezing!

PC Increments

Once you have greater PC control try working in a more complex manner. Instead of tightening your PC muscle all in one swoop, work it tighter and looser in small increments like this: Squeeze your PC, then tighten further, and then further again. Hold for 20 or 30 seconds and reverse to loosen in the same number of increments. Work toward 3 to 5 back-to-back sets with little rest between.

Towel Raises

Though it seems more like a game than exercise, the towel raise works the PC muscles just as hard as traditional exercises. With a full erection, drape a towel over your penis and flex your PC muscle to make the towel jump. As your strength increases vary the size and weight of the towel (start with a washcloth, work up to a wet bath towel if you like). Build your way toward 100 or more repetitions, 5 times per week.

PC Exhauster

With every other PC Flex exercise under your belt, move on to the Exhauster for the supreme challenge. Though it may be difficult as you begin, stick with this exercise and you will see impressive results.

Find a comfortable sitting position and warm up with 30 to 50 slow, strong contractions. Clench your PC muscle tightly and hold for a count of 15. Then do 120 PC Flexes in a controlled, tight manner—use your visualization and breathing techniques to pull you through. Immediately clench your PC muscle and hold for 50 to 60 seconds if possible—you can do it!! You’ll be tired, so rest for several minutes, then end with 40 slow, deliberate PC flexes. Pat yourself on the back, that’s not easy! After the PC Exhauster you should be pretty worn out. Your PC muscle will be inundated with an enormous amount of blood and you’ll feel a burn much like any other muscle that’s had a good workout.