1.  Warm Up
 2.  The Jelq
 3.  PC Flex
 4.  Length Stretch
 5.  Advanced Lengthening
 6.  Advanced Thickening
 7.  Testicle Massage
 8.  Visualization
 9.  Tips/Thoughts
 10.  Newbie Workout
 11.  Expert Workout
 12.  Increasing Head Size
 13.  Combating Curvature
 14.  Combating Impotence
 15.  Combating Premature Ejaculation
 16.  Making Time for Enlargement
 17.  FAQ

Step-By-Step Guide:

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Combating curvature.

Increasing Head Size
The head of your penis (glans) is one of its most important parts—increase the health and appearance of your penis by building a powerful tip with these exercises.

Based on a modified Jelq, these techniques increase the amount of circulation in the penis head. Begin with a warm-up exercise, and after doing these exercises you will immediately notice a difference in its size. It won’t take long to enhance your glans and improve the overall look of your penis.

The Mini-Jelq

Assume Jelquing position on one hand and wrap it halfway down the shaft of your semi-erect penis. Squeeze gently so you maintain your erection, and place your other hand closer to the glans to begin Jelquing. Slowly Jelq toward the head of your penis, moving back and forth 10 times. Then move your hands to squeeze the shaft, leaving only the head uncovered; hold for 5 seconds. Repeat for 5 minutes or until you are tired. Don’t force your body to do the Mini-Jelq longer than you’re comfortable—it’s an intense workout and provides powerful results, there’s no need to push.

The Mushroom Maker

Like the name sounds, this exercise develops your glans into a thicker, mushroom-like shape. If that’s not what you want, feel free to borrow parts of this exercise to increase the size of your penis head without shaping it.

Begin with a strong PC Flex to flow as much blood as possible into your penis. Before releasing, grip the base of your penis in a Jelq hold and trap the blood inside the shaft. Repeat several times until your penis is well engorged. Slide your fingers toward the head as if you were Jelquing (it should feel more intense because you began with a PC Flex), but after an inch or so, loosen your grip and flex your PC muscle again to push in more blood. Immediately grip your penis shaft in another Jelq hold for 5 to 30 seconds. Repeat until you reach the glans. Repeat the process a few more times without causing pain. When complete, gently massage your penis and tap it against your torso in order to regain normal blood flow.