I have discovered late in life part of my brain was destroyed when embryo or as a child and I was left infertile. I was tortured in federal and state healthcare for most of my life in the Southeast USA and Southwest USA and federal government had lies on documents medically hidden. I busted a sheriff stealing and I was in amnesia of vicious federal robberies. If you are maimed or infertile I encourage you to leave the USA and never look back or find a place you can trust. Cash with no insurance and no state or federal involvement allowed me to see why I was attacked violently in Arizona in 2003 or 2004. Never work in military or finance particularly not in USA. I busted a sheriff starving inmates and an abortion pill survivor dangling Chad He has at worse than me. I am shishkabob he is mifepristone melted nub. I support voluntary euthanasia of willing volunteers in any form they desire.

Links to Music, Videos of Abuse, Comedy and Science Are Below this Foreword:. I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone. Most new and recent additions were removed upon google plus websites closure in comments on news articles at google plus kurt brown saintrambone posts

Google plus was shut down in 2019. I had placed reports of Sock Strategy Warfare in my employment as a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC bank examiner 1999 2000. I was in a 18 year memory loss coma from a series of robberies by electrical stunning and forced injections or brain punctures and medical electrical manipulations Impostor of bosses and stealth machines and furniture like podiums hold stunning weapons. I have not been paid workers compensation. I do not obey orders to burn offices or I would have been killed and labeled a murderer rapist robber arsonist. I am treated like a criminal after persecution as a federal bank examiner coma victim. I have not worked on this site in several years. Indymedia is down and Google plus. The USA gives billions or extorted billions to foreign warlords seen as corporations It is no wonder other robberies occur such as I witnessed in federal banking regulation. House and asset donations are accepted. Facebook messenger Mobile Audit Club Kurt Brown

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Latest inventions and theories on Love Line 12, by myself, Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone.

I suffered a stroke after abduction. High level banking regulatory and banking judicial officials have been killed.

Also see Saintrambone's collection of videos on Youtube.

The Contact for Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone is zkurt555@yahoo.com. I urge young people not to drink alcoholic beverages and to avoid gambling and drug dealers.

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Daily Foreword September 20, 2019: After a lifetime of coma I make a prayer for mercy by God and it is deleted by facebook censors. I am an alleged abortion survivor perhaps a murder attempt at birth. I joined the military to be killed but I was stunned and injected and my coma from birth was continued with a brain stroke. I had been stunned unconscious as a child and as a teenager. I was stunned one time because money was to be put behind my alleged paternal brother Kurt Cobain, later of rock band Nirvana. I was told of a a brother who was a mechanic a Vince Fadalla now of Alabama Auto Air if I am not mistaken. Another brother has an African mother and is alleged to be a truck driver I believe. I was stunned as a child when a fight broke out and I am not sure who all is family in my family and who might have stepped in as impostors when money was at stake.

I Kurt Brown saw sock strategy warfare in 1983 in the Navy. Stun electrically and inject with chemicals. I experienced that and impostor bosses and stealth machines. In 1994 I was stunned injected and escaped during the Kurt Cobain will robbery reading. Kurt had been found dead two weeks before. I am certain the money was from Kurt or perhaps the Earl Spencer of Althorp UK who died in 1992. I was forced into accounting and then my only job offer was in federal banking where sock strategy war was occurring. I was stunned and injected and told to burn a building and refused. An impostor boss wanted to kill me. I escaped. When I was dead briefly in medical code I saw Greece and was revived unfortunately. I liked being dead or almost dead I have prayer for Mercy by death as I experienced it but for all living things. Electrically stun unconscious and then kill kill kill all living things. I put this statement on facebook and it was deleted. I hate facebook really but I know the dictator shut down all media like Google Plus and Indymedia Never work in military or finance. If life seems improbable where you are, then it is likely beneficial to flee. I would never force a child into a government building. If the criminally insane can over run the FDIC then a public school is a snap.

Daily Foreword April 8, 2016: Having recovered countless memories in my life since repeated brain strokes, I have started putting comments and analysis on news articles at facebook and in comments on news articles at google plus kurt brown saintrambone posts

Daily Foreword January 22, 2016: Those little FDIC rascals were stuffing body parts here and there, a rotting head of Justice perhaps or that albino who was his boss in 1999 during banking deregulation. Two other little rascals were the two Kurts, myself and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. I was considering opening a church of the dead with Jacuzzis and a coffee bar. I pictured my little brother in the Jacuzzi on the blue moon as a child, he is the kind brother of this Y chromosome. I am the older brother from a different world who replaces him if fights or rough disruptions break out in the holy places. If you hurt me or my family, I do not care if you are killed or maimed, then just as now. I don't speak much. My brother and I share separate handicaps.

Daily Foreword January 18, 2016: As I remember the hold up at the FDIC in 1999 at Roseville California's Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations office, I recall I was put into the CEO's chair before we were stunned, and someone yelled or it was broadcast in the office very loud, "You are some stupid mother F-ckers", as our office was invaded with a commando squad. We were likely injected afterward.

However, it was my first accounting job and I was working for the federal banking regulator as a bank examiner, a sort of auditor of banks. Considering I have not been paid and was terminated not long afterward I was a stupid mother f-cker to have taken the job with a banking regulator in the year of banking deregulation. The prior regional director in the CEO's chair had his brains blown out circa FDICIA 1992 and no one could remember anyone killing him so it was labeled suicide. I am asking for 16 years back pay at 360 thousand a year. That is 5.76 million and I do not believe in murder if we catch the assailants but allow them to kill themselves if they so choose and in a merciful fashion. California was hit with this same thing off the coast in the USN in 1983, stunning and then being injected, but they stole control of our missiles then.

As I ponder take overs I look at the AWACS planes and then satellites and wonder how no SOS went out in 1999 at the FDIC or in 1994 when my mothers house was invaded and Kurt Cobain's will was altered and we were stunned and injected in Mobile County in Alabama. I was a poet when in a coma in 2001. I put a Sheriff in jail by 2005 and he had stolen 360 thousand dollars in one year from the inmate food funds. Sheriff Jack Tillman may not have been himself or maybe those who deluded him of their identities told him to starve the inmates and get rich quick. Through all of this I learned that those at the top of government do not care if we live or die or are maimed. I now feel the same about them, that they are too stupid to deserve life.

Much of life may have been a lie. If you think you went unconscious or the lights blinked, ask someone near you if they noticed anything. They may say no but you can ask do you feel like you just woke up? If so, you may have been hit with stunning weapons. I think the stunning weapons were in the back of the boardroom in 1999 and I suspect that my bosses body guard or my boss was replaced or altered. I should have stayed home that day. The only black bank examiner urged me not to work that day if I recall, saying some nonsense like they were going to shoot me. He had been out at a bank exam that day November 12, 1999 and we spoke before I left the Roseville FDIC office to transfer to San Francisco FDIC. Someone was rotting in the office or dead matter was there a few days later and we bank examiners were told to move to another office so the carpets could be cleaned. My boss Kenny Doll was left behind, alone in that huge office. I seem to remember someone saying that their name was marcos, the assailant crew, when the odor of the dead guy started to drift through the office when the heat was turned up and I was told it was my boss Kenny. . That would add up since Donna Toneau of Hawaii was the FDIC Chairman of the board and George Masa of Asian or Hispanic origin replaced the murdered regional director from 1992 in San Francisco. But then there was that bank with hundreds of pounds of cocaine in the vault and the bank examiner was likely hit. Was that Kenny Doll in there? I am not certain. I was told by a bank employee who spoke to someone else at that bank and who said I could not go into the vault. I did not argue. I would gladly have blown the krauts head off at that bank for harming Kenny Doll, but we were likely being stunned again in 1999.

In war I love comedy and in remembering war I crave comedy to allay human negative emotion. My brother Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and his relation to myself are like the two men from the movie The Color Purple. Kurt Cobain is like Danny Glover and I am like that well dressed man who knows him well and is more educated and astute. I tell him about Courtney Love, "You should have more wives than one. That woman ain't nothing but a pregnant old whore and her feet are both pig sent and pig scent. Get yourself a house full of them young wives and drop that slut. you can smell that bitch from here."

Daily Foreword January 4, 2016 : Recently I went to one of those free doctors that state of California gives you if you are terrified of federal hospitals where you have been forcibly injected and basically tortured even though you are a veteran. Beware of being followed by various government officials, usually Mexicans or Flips sent by D.C. dicks. I went to a dr. and got worse. The nurse practitioner did not use a glove and the hand may have been either electronic or loaded with radiation of poison. So back to the abortion clinic I went and had her him squeeze my third nut. I wonder if they would do free suicide executions for Kurt Cobain of Nirvana's half brother Kurt Brown who was told he was an abortion survivor. I think it was radiation in Alabama on dad's nuts, deliberate exposure of munitions handlers. The new weapons are far more sophisticated and I see them as a weapons inventor to be beautiful, especially those God has reserved for our eventual use or death. Their dictators may be stunning our health care officials or health care bureaucrats and allowing us to be led to early death and dismemberment. California is to be avoided due to perpetual war and radiation in this survivors opinion. D.C. does not care about us. Wealth will become increasingly the game of war unless you can flee. God does not give a sh-t. However I believe in spiritual development or reproach with assassinated eyes, meaning flight in many forms.

Daily Foreword January 3, 2016: As I recall the memory of the robbery of the FDIC in Roseville California in 1999 during the day of banking deregulation, I have placed many videos found most easily by doing a google search search for " Youtube kurt brown saintrambone uploads " .

I remember a day or a few days after the robbery where we were stunned and injected, . A foul odor came out from the back offices. That part is fact. They made us relocate our office to another part of the building. This part I am not sure as we FDIC bank examiners may have been getting stunned again -- I "seem" to recall a door opening on the west side of the office to a smaller office. The light was there and it was hot that day in the office. A man said, "your name is Marcos isn't it, or is it?" In another memory and not sure if dream or while being stunned, someone held up a carcass or rotten skin and said, this is Mr. ....... Justice, Kurt. That man calling himself ........ is a puppet. A man held up a skeleton or a skin on a hook at the door and the scent of decay swept the office. They soon hurried us all to another separate part of the building. That was when my associate Bank Examiner Lacey Doll came back to the office and he saw something and told me to quit and flee. I told him I was staying until I got my payment for services rendered. I had forgotten the boardroom ordeal and injections and was knocked into a sort of stroke by stunning and injections. The day after the robbery I was at my desk and the man who assumed Justices position or it was Justice my boss, was trying to get my attention and I was staring off into space with a terrible headache. I heard him at the end of his shouting at me and he walked off.

If this was orchestrated by Marcos types it might have been initiated by anyone on the planet. Many police departments such as Mobile Alabama try not to hire local people often. One of the Marcos group may have been running the city police when I was robbed in 1994 with stunning equipment at my mothers home. If young, capitalist countries are no better than communist or socialist nations. Warfare will keep you as a peasant due to high tech robbery unless you are prepared to go to war to protect it. I have learned to detach all emotion from memory therefore I can recall, but there is a side effect, twisted art, if it will play, Ard FDIC IUD Party Clown is a nightmarish compilation of laughing at demons of the human animal variety composed at the end of the height of my stroke and memory loss. Beware of the lies of our society. The nature of mankind is a cannibal that seeks dominance like a male ape and the entire world can fall like dominoes when conditions are ripe. I welcome a mercy killing of all humans on the planet but we are not that advanced therefore we are maimed and robbed. Protect your own. Never trust the USA government under these circumstances of dissection of the American people and the American continent. Never trust anyone, question everything, and when it comes to the government, then assume the worst as it is usually true.

Many people in the USA are taught to hate Muslims by the mass media. I say don't hate Muslims Jews Christians atheists and others. However ironically I do not care it millions are killed if quickly and mercifully. It is a paradox of non discriminatory violence in consideration of mercy in mass murder. My father if it was he said about my alleged half brother per dad, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana being on the radio in 1987, "Its from divine revelations.". He was dead a week later, likely murdered. My father seemed to be saying to me now he would not have to come back. I too pray for and welcome the end of time and the end of all human suffering.

Daily Foreword December 21, 2015: Recently I considered why no SOS went out when my family was ambushed in 1994. Could it be that AWACS planes are used to stop SOS from going out? I am encouraging the young to forget about wealth in the USA due to the robbing of the banking system and the people who inherit wealth. The USA was hit with new weapons. The cities in Southern California often have extortionist and their populace and industry is becoming more like Mexico. It is best to avoid conflict if they try to extort money from you by leaving the region, however if you are stuck there then you must know they most often work in pairs or more. You have my blessing in killing extortionists in the region. Of course the government of the South East USA is a puppet state that extorts money through corrupted laws and courts. Predatory capitalist tools are the new adventure in warfare. They stun, they inject chemicals, they erase memories. They rob and rape and murder. Therefore I do not care if they are killed. Here is a post from newsgroups on three separate attacks or wars I have endured, 1983 USN Pacific Fleet, 1994 My mother's house when I was jumped over Kurt Cobain's will, and 1999 the FDIC Roseville where I was placed in the CEO chair then watched as bank examiners were stunned and later injected and I suspect one federal agent or bank examiner who tried to flee might have been murdered.

Daily Foreword December 14, 2015: Due to new weapons that stun people and then erase their memory of events occurring, the days of constructive capitalism have begun to ebb and the wave of predatory capitalism has begun to flow. Predatory capitalism will be prevalent in all racially and ideologically divided nations, and that includes the USA and much if not all of Europe. If you have extreme wealth or control vast resources, you will be in danger. I will be encouraging the young to flee nations that are divided racially and ideologically. The new stunning weapons will be the price of a microwave oven and the memory erasing drugs will be available as well. In this environment it will not matter who is killed because they will be the lucky ones. Any alcohol consumption impairs the central nervous system and makes the Central nervous system unable to recover memories. I was not paid by the FDIC for being assaulted in 1999. The idea of public school is public indoctrination and it also involves risk. Our society is through in the USA and is waiting to be shot in the head, maybe not killed, just stunned and duped, just like our generation in the USA. It is funny being born under the cloud of the Vietnam draft and then seeing the war change directions. Mankind is and has been a predatory cannibal. That is why it pays to seek nations that are smaller and more homogenous ideologically because if they are attacked they are more likely to kill and rob the attackers after the fact. WE had no protection at the FDIC Office in Roseville in 1999. It does not matter if those who attacked us are killed, and if we are killed quickly then we should thank God it was a mercy killing and not a whimpering death. The USA is through. Flee if you can. The cities and public schools and such are extremely dangerous.

A new video was released at youtube Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone and I discuss the alleged suicide of FDIC Regional Director John Ray Sexton who was killed in 1991. Because I was put in the CEO chair at the FDIC on the day of banking deregulation in 1999 and because I was hit and just recalled the events this year 2015, I would wager at 100 percent probability that John Ray Sexton was hit with psych ops and killed with his own gun in 1991. Therefore the gun is obsolete.

Beware of the predators in California but they also attack in other cities when stealing large will amounts and often people sending out SOS's are attacked and shut down during the psych ops events as I endured in Mobile Alabama in 1994 and again in Roseville California in 1999. It is my belief that medical professionals are being used to further the motives of predatory capitalists. Not all medical professionals are in the pockets of those who would harm us if given the opportunity. Medical professionals are usually a cut above financial professionals, I am both a medical and financial professional and I show up at the cat bird seat to watch nuclear bombs go off, therefore I was put in the Cat Bird Seat, the CEOs chair in 1999 during deregulation in Roseville California. I should have fled to get help but I did not have time to react and recall. In 1983 one officer recommended I break the nuclear bomb story to the local press but he admitted it would not likely be printed. In the movie Jaws the shark was dangerous, in reality off the California coast our radiation at sea and the weapons on land are dangerous.

Daily Foreword December 12, 2015 : I realize that I have been attacked when among other people on three occasions and not many had any recall and most soon died or were in ill health. To the living adult offspring of the FDIC Regional Director John Ray Sexton in San Francisco who was murdered in 1991 and labeled suicide, I leave a limerick.. I am sorry, I wish I could help, but if pain and misery were a stripe, I would be one big welt. They don't care about me and you as I first experienced this kind of war behind the navy screw, but you should have seen the Argentinians one year before in 1982. They were American cord wood floating out there in the big melt. I was told to flee California by military men in 1983. I forgot till recently due to brain stroke at sea or I would have fled in 1983 after our missiles were taken from our control after we were hit with psych ops. AWOL G CRAP, Square Head Square Hat, Parc Glowa's Polish is where its at, some where in Texas driving a vet. I am trying to sue the FDIC for 16 years Executive level back pay since they had me sit in the CEO or Cat Bird Seat at the board room table when we were hit on November 12, 1999 in Roseville CA. 16 years x 300,000 dollars a year equals $ 4.8 million non taxable dollars and .2 million to make $ 5 million for starters. They robbed us harmed us and perhaps raped and murdered some of us, therefore I will assist in executing the thieves and murderers and rapists and returning assets if I can be paid my Due FDIC Kenny Doll or Argentinian Revolutionary. Kurtzy Doll is up for it Kenny, Lacey Doll belched and shet then did a split. Was Kenny doll altered or killed? War at the top levels is like Hell, you can not have emotion you can not sense another's pain because if you do, you will suffer consciousness or the cessation of it. I do not believe in crippling or sadistic behaviors.

Daily Foreword December 10, 2015: After having consulted with an alleged suicide victim's now grown child, the now grown child of the FDIC Regional Director San Francisco John Ray Sexton, I am 100 percent certain that Mr. Sexton was murdered. I have deduced it as thus based on my memory returning from repeated brain strokes, with the FDIC attack in 1999 against myself and others at the FDIC while I was in the CEO chair at a boardroom table on the day of banking deregulation in 1999 in Roseville California Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

I am seeking 15 years CEO back pay from the FDIC for being terminated in San Francisco FDIC in April of 2000 after I filed an EEOC complaint the EEOC would not hear regarding the sickness and hours required after we were attacked. They irritated my brain stroke. The FDIC claimed poor performance. I was doing fine until I was hit while in the CEO chair, the day I was placed there by my immediate boss whose true name resembles Kenny Doll. If I am to play Kurtzy Wanta A Whacker, I want Sweet Carol to sing Elastica's Connection and shake her fat ass even if lip syncing.

Daily Foreword December 7, 2015: Can consciousness be segmentalized? A war on all and heard by one, the one being hit? A child now grown of a murdered FDIC Regional Director contacted me. He was killed in 19991 in preparation for the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 I was put in the CEO spot in 1999 during the enactment of the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 and we were stunned repeatedly and injected with a memory erasing drug in Roseville California. Thanks to my boss Kenneth who was likely killed and replaced or altered. Kenny Doll and I are like Joe Piscopo and Danny DeVito. I will get you back Kenny, you will see. Also I have noticed some hatred among some Mexican groups. They said "Gringo Go Home." I would like a Mexican harem to accompany me to Mars, none over 25 and all pregnable. The predator in man does not always see the opportunity in invention. I have asked for a loan from my niece for 1 Million Dollars. Frances Bean Cobain can you hear me? I want to start a security company built for modern warfare and maybe even better a company to invent a flying saucer that builds together like a Lego Trailer Park in Space . Captain Ten Rad Chips Big Wheel.

Daily Foreword December 5, 2015: I am like the living dead to the federal government of the USA. They were attacked in 1999 during banking deregulation at the FDIC in Roseville California office. I was put in the CEO position of a table of bank examiners before the office was invaded. We were stunned, then awakened, then released from the office, stunned individually, and injected with chemicals. I remembered it this year in 2015. It is sad really as I have contacted also some Hollywood types and like the FBI, No response. I think that some top people could be killed and replaced including David Geffen. If not killed then knocked unconscious and new deals struck. I only use his name because I was hit in 1994 during a mishap involving my half brother Kurt Cobain of Nirvana's will while my mother was hurt also. She was innocent, my father should have been there but he was already murdered most likely by those squaring in on Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in 1987. We were hit in 1983 in the US Navy with the same stunning weapons. The military likely used me to point to this tragedy and misuse of the advanced stunning weapons and memory erasing methods, whether with a cooking wave or a chemical, and in many ways it points to sanctioned murder by removing obstacles.

Kenny Doll FDIC was likely altered, Lacey Doll FDIC bank examiner quit and told me to flee. This was after we were hit in the office. Lacey was not at the table when I was hit. I wish he would have been. I really liked Lacey Doll and Kenny Doll. I want to play Kurtzy but I need musicians to assist. I am hardly alive.

Daily Foreword December 1, 2015: Have you ever noticed the serpent in a man's eyes and voice who delights in others pain like a child who has no brain? I have decided that modern stunning weapons and the arsenal of memory erasing drugs has increased. I would speculate they are at the cost of a microwave oven and a intoxicating cocktail. I want to bang the band with captain ten rad chip Barnett's big wheel. An AI machine that is recluse wreck-less and of micro-radial design. I first envisioned it as rolling on the water and then it came to me that it could fly and be indestructible to a degree. Sweet Carol of the FDIC ARD knew we had been in a hole we could not get out of and we were still there in January of 2000 at the FDIC San Francisco, a few feet from where the prior boss was assassinated in 1992 per my hiring indoctrination. The USA government may have capsized under the weight and gravity of modern warfare or ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol was prepared to copulate. I would not have been surprised to find a radio active artificial vagina. Dead in the dunes lay kurtzy among the spittoons with their own brotherly ubiquitous balloons in the squid mounts of loons in the cupboard of dooms and rooms and F-DiC Master scratch suites. Ubiquitous disease or a conquered damsel I aim to please with such sacred perfume or was it, the loon, it'll be Kurtzy to decide for me for you. 4 U?.

Daily Foreword November 24, 2015: A truth based joke and a question about a particular date to my former boss who I call Kenny Doll at the FDIC in Roseville California in 1999. To Kenny Doll, I was Kurtzy doll, the stuffed penquin FDIC bank examiner he put at the head of the CEO table with 10 bank examiners in front of me while we were zapped in the head, modulated frequency most likely. then given a second dose and forced injections. Alpha beta unconscious, unconscious beta alpha . That is what I experienced if Alpha is most conscious and beta is semi conscious with brown out condition while I was sitting at the CEO position. The question to my boss Kenny Doll. I know your subdivision was almost detonated some time before or after or on the day of the enactment of banking deregulation also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act (FSMA) of 1999. I know the day of the FSMA 1999 was November 12. Was it that day or another day near that date in which Rocklin California had a subdivsion almost detonated with a fuel spill from a pipeline that ran from Reno NV to Rocklin CA.? Kenny Doll told me it was jet fuel. The news said it was diesel. It was that morning you Kenny Doll put me at the CEO position. What was the date of the fuel spill? Why did you put me in the CEO position right before we got hit? I remember the security man who was with you yelling right before we were hit. The confusion of the non warlord class, to my left flank G.I. Joe and to my right the FDIC Doll lady from Vacaville, oh so young and pretty and likely raped. But she sat across from Joe at mid table and behind Joe sat that shouting marine type guy "You are some stupid mother-ckers" The woman to my right flank said, "did something just happen here" and she was led off for dope. G.I. Joe said perturbed, "did someone just yell". My brain snapped shut, that was the second stroke in psych ops. The brown out black out and phase in was a bit painful. I got hurt and have a very serious headache from that and similar but more harsh events in the USN in 1983 off the California coast out a 500 mile stretch or so I dead reckon. I want payment. Kurt Brown former FDIC bank examiner Sacramento FDIC office in Roseville in 1999 and San Francisco FDIC bank examiner 2000. I hope Kenny Doll was not altered, killed, or modulated in a new vein. On digit off digit. Whose the Doll maker whose the doll baker whose the deal maker whose the deal breaker. I want payment of 100 percent first and then compensatory damages and an executive level seat.

Daily Foreword November 21, 2015: As the word gets out on the street about the banking information system heist on the day of banking deregulation in 1999 and facts did not come out till this week because I am the only one with memory recall of the event and who was in the banking regulators main office that day. I had been in a psych ops and nuke war in the USN so it was easy to remember how things operated once my mind came back on the events in 2015. In the heist we can not say who was really up top and orchestrating it. One man celebrated the heist in his hatred of me and said the bridge with money was built and the money was going out. His anger and hatred over rode his logic. He and I did not get a penny of that money and will likely pay for it in some fashion. A shallow victory for a shallow mind. The pope seat and the money of the Vatican was likely stolen using new technologies. I went to die in a nuclear blast in 1983 and was hit but not killed. Too bad. The FDIC owes me a new job and payment for that headache in the attack, increased stroke symptoms. The police have not investigated the attack on my mother in 1994 and the attack on her and myself regarding Kurt Cobain's will, and the police have not responded. The man who was in the chair who yelled, "You are some stupid mother f-ckers" was likely executed as I do not recall him in the chair when I awakened. I would not be surprised if old Kenny Doll my boss had been skinned alive and a surprise monkey placed inside. America will become a gangland warfare state. You will not hold wealth without warfare. I urge my young to cut the lies and back away if possible. Far away from the cities and the government. Find alternative communities or find my stump.

Daily Foreword November 20, 2015: A true horror story and joke --- On the day of banking deregulation and the enactment of the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, my federal banking regulatory office at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in Roseville California, known as the Sacramento FDIC was taken hostage and we were hit with a psychological operations weapon, a laser or stunning device and later forcibly injected.

When the assailants were entering the outer office, and 11 of us bank examiners were at a boardroom table and I was at the ceo position of the table, a man outside our door told those coming into the office that they could not come inside our office. Someone yelled really loud at that point, "You are some stupid mother f-ckers!" I could not tell if it was someone sitting alongside the wall, perhaps my boss Kenny Doll as I refer to him or a federal agent in the office. We were knocked unconscious. When we were awakened, a woman on my right flank said, "Did something just happen here?" She was immediately led out and drugged further. A man who was sitting on my left flank, a bank examiner and former military man named Joe asked, "Did someone just yell?" The yell was in his ear from someone sitting behind him and I saw Joe grab his head as if he got a headache. Likely a former marine in federal police work yelled in his ear to try to make us mark time in this assault. I want to be paid and I no longer care how many are killed who stand in our way. They are at war with us and likely have taken many layers of government if not all I welcome global death if we can not be free from our enemies abuses..

Daily Foreword November 18, 2015: The murdering horde controlling the USA has likely killed my half brother and his entire family. The Seattle Police Homicide have not gotten back to me and neither have the Mobile Alabama police about a likely murder of my father and the abduction and injecting of chemicals in myself. The Seattle Police know of my request to compare the DNA. I think his death is indicative of a larger war with advanced weapons. The best bet is to leave the nations controlled by predatory capitalists. Their stunning weapons are advanced and their memory altering drugs have become almost perfect, except in my case. I was placed in the middle of this war in 1983, 1994, and 1999. I want that DNA comparison.

As I ponder my DNA comparison with my alleged half brother, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana I venture into new territory. The alarms are going off, people grabbing my fuzzy hat and making accusations. Its another day of project mayhem against my family, a family of peasants whose one bread winner was decapitated by the filth of a murderous set up, and laced with the idea a heroin dealer was there. I had a vision last night as I slept in the fifth dimension, crept up on me, a huge bolus spilled from my mouth onto the bank examiners table in 1999 where I was placed at the CEO position by my boss FDIC Kenny Doll. It was the body of two people, changing form, first Frances Bean Cobain as an infant, then handsome elf. THe music of Elastica was playing to the lyrics, "I made the grade the connection was made."

In reality I do remember someone yelling before we were knocked unconscious at the Roseville FDIC office in 1999, November 12. I think our boss or an agent was either yelling at the intruders or a man sitting at the edge of the wall yelled at us. "You are some stupid mother f-ckers!" That was after someone told the men invading our office that they could not come in. We were a tight door place there. You should have seen the FDIC office they put me in when I got to San Francisco. Sounded like Jeff Toren got it like a bad son off of Kearney Street drug addict row. Of course I was on my way out of the FDIC. So many have died in the psych ops wars. I am often incriminated. Today is a big day. My ultimate goal in life since looking into the nuclear blast, "They might kill me". Brother, can I be Kurt with you too?

In reality in a segmented psych ops war you can get no relief. The innocent are killed and persecuted while the guilty wage war with their cache of cash and all the protection you can buy. I think the pope seat was taken with psych ops after Gods hard line banker was hung under a bridge in London in 1982. "Got a rope, hang the pope, up with psych ops folly". Beans and Grits.

Daily Foreword November 10, 2015: A rabbi once asked me at Temple "why are you here?". I was about to start remembering huge chunks of my life 27 years since my first exposure to psych ops weapons and a small nuclear blast from the Pacific Ocean. My memory of my life started to return over 5 years, from 2010 to 2015. Since My returned in this year my question to the rabbi and our society is not in 2015, "What happened?", but "Why". Imperfection of the species will be amplified in the future.

I believe my mind and most every one in any room can be controlled. I suspect governments over run and wealth plundered, as the fat cat eats all and pretends to care about the mice among the men. I suspect many layers of mind control and indifference in a brutal world of warfare and greed and predatory opportunistic attacks. It is the nature of mankind. A layered technology could remove political officials and family members and no one would know. I suspect Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was killed as was his entire family. I am not 100 percent sure but considering I had been willed 400 million dollars by him, or said the assailant, to my mother in 1994. I think in a way those of my alliance I suppose, used the will issue and my robbery to draw attention to the bloody conflict in the Pacific Realm in 1983. They like to dip you in radiation, psych ops, and spit on you.

Here is a joke in closing. A new culture of the Mexican Catholic and Prison guard vein has penetrated the state of California and the old ways are going out. On a David Letterman show, Hunter S Thompson admitted he had anal sex with a man. Some in the audience asked if it was true he had molested a child, and at that time Thompson bent over in his chair and said tell me another line.

In a visual scene I envision a comedy of my super hero hunter S Thompson firing paint balls out his derriere to show the painting, "Something Strain-jay" seen on Quatrains 1 of this site. I envision Handsome Elf placing the paint balls in the blow canyon. "To Be Kurt With You" is what Hunter would likely call it, or is it Kurtzy?

Daily Foreword November 9, 2015: As my memory returns on psych ops warfare, I yesterday released a video on youtube kurt brown saintrambone discussing an abduction and rape and forced injections and impact by some sort of laser psych ops cannon in 1999 during the period immediately before or after the enactment of the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 and it was sometime before or immediately after my immediate boss was evacuated from his subdivision due to a fuel spill. I think the boardroom incident was before the fuel spill evacuation of my Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) boss. In the video I discuss a woman who was likely raped at the boardroom table. When we were released from the boardroom office, the outside exterior office in its huge expanse was vastly different. Whereas before we entered there was no one in the offices on the perimeters of the main office, and after we were released from the boardroom, there were many people with some doors open, lights on, people staring our way, but the view in offices closed off due to cubicle placement. I heard one man say about the woman who was going to complain about something having happened to her at the boardroom table that she had been shot up with cocaine or a psychotic drug to make her forget. I have been injected and attacked many times. I saw the woman staggering with a stupid smile on her face, then a man said to me, "Gringo, you are going to get some of this" and held up a syringe. The next thing I know he was next to me and had injected the chemical into me. My experiences that day were terrible but I forgot much of it, but as I explore memories I see life as it is in reality. With electronics today we may be safe but these are multi faceted attacks, layered. This is where those in power let out the hiss just like before. Its a shifting insanity of whose who on top.

Daily Foreword November 7, 2015: As I ponder the vast differences of warfare in the theatre of war and warfare in the theatre of finance, I realize that most often in the theater of war the masks of anonymous assailants are removed even if to cover another mask of control elsewhere. In finance, it is like polite war, on the outside, but inside it is the same. I want to dine at the cobain estate and hold his most prized guitar..

Daily Foreword November 3, 2015: As I recover my memory on events over my life time, I see the horror and death of my family preceding me, in a sort of silent war under the surface of their lives and on the cover of mine. I suppose I am here to bring things to the surface heir rabbi.

I have burrowed in the past subconsciously into my half brothers music and covers. In the Insecticide CD I see Handsome Elf from the song Polly renamed Kurtzy and placed on Quatrains one of this site. Our father had a moan at times that underneath was that silent long moan, the sorrow of the insanity of life. Bruce.

Daily Foreword October 29, 2015: Mankind has not changed. The Europeans over ran the America's because their weapons were far superior. The war is continuing with more varied attacks and more sophisticated weapons. The one defense we had in distant history was the ability to remember and plan a defense. If you can't remember you can not defend yourself against subsequent attacks. New weapons make capitalism socialism and communism obsolete. Mankind is a cannibal and now those who have advanced weapons wage war on us as they please. It is only a matter of time and society will collapse in most aspects. We need higher powered weapons or better yet space colonies to escape. Their government turned against us. Theirs is a warlord and no one cares if an abusive warlord is killed. The one person if he is alive I felt concern about once I awakened was my boss I call Kenny Doll from the FDIC Roseville Office near Sacramento CA. His neighborhood was evacuated due to a fuel spill on the midnight preceding the first day of Deregulation in Banking, the FSMA of 1999, and this was preceded as I see it by the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 that was preceded or accompanied by the murder of the top FDIC Regional Director on the West Coast in San Francisco. In psych ops warfare and Artificial Intelligence a woman can be easily raped and not remember the event. In Kenny Dolls case at the FDIC he was isolated at the office after the close call at home and I am sure his wife was shown to other surroundings and a new home for relocation. Now was Kenny Doll alive or unchanged? even though I think I saw and spoke to him the day of the FSMA in his isolated and quarantined cubicle. Can a refueling vessel be a tender with psych ops equipment? One war bleeds into another for me.

Daily Foreword October 28, 2015: In 1994 my neighbor who was my contractor hired to build a garage on my home was jumped during the robbing of my will from my half brother, that bastard child, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. I am the other bastard Kurt. My father gave us the same first name because he could not in the last name.

I had escaped from my mothers house after being stunned and then drugged. I almost did not make it due to driving under the intoxication of likely forced injections after being stunned. Stanley Clarke, my neighbor had been working at my home to build a garage. He was caught in the middle or came to the home when the men who followed me came to my home. Stanley's blood was found on a cabinet by my wife and wiped off as non consequential. It may have been an intruder as I heard one say that Stan would not back off. Stanley Clarke's wife was at home when she got a call I believe that stan had been found hurt on another job site. Later Stan would say to me that he did not know what the hell we were involved in there at our home. My wife a nurse and I a medical technology student who had forgotten the events of 1983 in the USN due to stroke at sea and suppression of a nuclear blast on the media.

Stan Clarke died about a year later a young man. His wife soon thereafter. I am not sure if she may have gotten in the middle of it. Stan was survived by several children. I remember discussion the men were having in my home about my being drugged. One said I already appeared to be having stroke symptoms. Stroke was undiagnosed in 1983 but I forgot events, then again in 1999, and it all would be indicative of stroke since I recovered. I remember one saying that they did not want to have two dead Kurt's on their hands. One sounded indifferent. Likely the one who hurt Stan or was hurt by Stan was indifferent.

When they inject you with chemicals and first stun you with other weapons, you are like a stunned fish waiting for bear. All four people were dead within 10 years, my mother and stepfather and stan Clarke and his wife and I can not do anything but wonder if any other family members were altered in 1994. To answer Stan's question, what we were in the middle of was greed by mankind, the robbing of a will, and the covering up of the murder of my half brother. To Stan the Man with the Hammer in his hand. He likely saw me drive up drugged, park on the grass, stagger into the house, and be followed by hit men goons in high level warfare against my family in the USA. That's one true story. I wondered what the truth was behind banking deregulation in 1999 when I was hired as a federal bank examiner. Sometimes in a war environment my instincts tell me to stay away from it. That job was one of those times. Now I see why. Psych ops wars never end. Two phase, stun with pulse, inject with chemicals. Three phase? Any one?

Daily Foreword October 27, 2015: Like Jesus and Buddha, as we age and travel and experience we reflect beyond ourselves to other people those things we can see and experience and warn of. He who does not heed warnings is destined for failure. Due to the covered up attacks against the military in 1983 using new weapons, weapons hitting the brain so you do not recall things, and after experiencing my mother and I being jumped in Mobile Alabama and likely my neighbor due to something with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana's will being taken from me in 1994, and the attacks on the FDIC Roseville in apparent psych ops during banking deregulation day 1999, FSMA, and the murder of my father in 1987, and the premature death of my neighbor because of what happened in 1994, and more horrors, I see things and people as predator and prey.

The lowest common denominator indicates that all weapons will be used with increasing frequency. The possibility for quick transfer of wealth or assets can be instantly achieved, but can it be permanently achieved?

My little brother I were supposed to meet, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, who was murdered most likely, set up like a king pin and robbed like a child of both his life and his money.

I want the money back from Aunt Frances, a new pickup, or I hope they do as Garibaldi of Sicily said, "Got a rope, hang the pope, up with psych ops folly".

Daily Foreword October 25, 2015: It appears the way to hold wealth and sometimes obtain it in the USA is through warfare, in particular the usage of mind altering weapons and drugs so that the collateral damage is minimized and all record of robbery forgotten. I have given up on the USA in the ideal form and see it as a place of war. Our biggest mistake was to trust the dictators in power or to lament their deaths or to serve their military or to trust their government in any fashion. My mother and I were jumped in 1994 because I was to inherit wealth from my brother by another mother. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was not aware what was going to happen or we would have not been mentioned. The attacks in the Pacific Ocean in 1983 in the USN were the first lesson that a war was waging within or against the USA. I welcome my own death and see the Earth as a place similar to hell under mankind when in the cannibalistic mode. Do not fear death as it is better to be dead than a lesser animal to a cannibalistic and carrion eating ape as mankind has become obviously. They have robbed us at every turn. If the culprits are found, I do not care if they are killed in mass multitude. With psychological operations weaponry you can be directed to kill your own. Beware as this is truly our impoverished hell on Earth if we do not return fire, but if we do, we are targeted further by our enemies.

According to Wiki there is a long list of laser weapons. One or more of them stuns the central nervous system. I am wondering how many psycho-tropic drugs there are to make us forget? I welcome war in the USA and a soviet style dictator to replace the international military dictators in power. But with psych ops the soviet style dictator can be removed with our enemies coming to power. So the best thing we can do now is flee and develop escape or attack methods. But beware, just as cobain's money was stolen from me, those weapons of your design can be stolen from you. Psych ops knocks your brains out yet they stay in place. Let us welcome Global war if we are freed from enslavement and servitude on this planet under those animals in power globally.

Dally Foreword October 21, 2015: As I ponder psychological operations warfare and the fact that a ship, perhaps a tender with equipment from a submarine, could be made to look like a refueling vessel, you have another Trojan horse of warfare. As I try to contact people who may have acquired wealth from the murder of my brother Kurt Cobain of nirvana, paternal blood siblimg, I have deduced we in the USA may have lost on other levels. Could a person who is an heir be in fact someone else? Is Courtney Love even alive? I often wondered about my mother. Her bones were allegedly exhumed after 2004. In my opinion they were getting rid of evidence of her murder by disposing of parts of the body where toxins and scarring could be found, or they could have found out mother was already dead or missing. Warfare in our era allows for suicide of a segment of the masses, although victory will likely be short lived if even attainable. .

But it is the same and getting worse with psych ops warfare. They will rob you and rape your women and take your government. Could they be dragging us off and enslaving us while having someone else tend the place in space where our loved ones once resided? If I were young again at age 8, I would take to the highways in my mind and plan my escape to a place not controlled by predatorial capitalists. A military dictator will reign and likely does. He eats doves and hides like a monitor lizard. You should never drink booze. I believe Alabama and Florida would have legal hemp except warlords have every vice covered. Carpet baggers in new Orleans? Hemp Vendors at the French convict's organ grinders monkey 'Sweet F-DIC Carol'.? Sounds insane to Mexican and Canadian drug lords in the USA except to the monkey and another third world under the dictators in power. I am Bean in this show, my neice, I hope. Make a monkey out of me. Who is who and what is what is a question in our world? Was my FDIC boss altered when he was separated from us other bank examiners for the FDIC in 1999? It was foolish to put him away from the pack. When in a psych ops war, it is often better at this point to behave like a pack wolf. Stay with the pack Kenny Doll. No quarantine due to manipulation of time space and matter of all forms. Was his boss or his wife tampered with after the evacuation and isolation? These are the kind of things psych ops attacks are about Kenny Doll. Please help me mate, I'm sinking. Tell them to open the DNA vault. Something about Daddy stinks around the two Kurts and the Seattle Coroner can compare the DNA, mine and Kurt's. WE can start to differentiate the odor on who's who at least. Why are you here is the question. Really?

My mother said my fathers poor vision made him insane. She also called him a con man after impregnation of another woman, allegedly Wendy the waitress of Aberdeen I reckon. Dad said in a mumbling voice, you can't have the same last name but you can have the same first name, Kurt.

Daily Foreword October 15, 2015: As things progress in my alerting others to our woes in psychological operations warfare, in particular the stun and inject technique, I remember my captains lessons on the USS Reid FFG 30. Was he artificial intelligence at some point? I like to think of him as human even if in delusion of human a bit like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now but with dog like canine teeth. The sad part is in this type if warfare with these weapons on land in space, you have a mosh pit effect of transferrance of wealth. Once again proving that without proper moral guidance mankind is a primitive cannibal, not even in the league of the dogs. In comedy in warfare I picture the captain saying, "kurt the quartermaster may or may not be on the dier fag list but I can wager if you squeeze his nuts you will get a mouth load." My family crest was that of a bill collector in Venice. Three balls in a sack.

Daily Foreword October 7, 2015: (Quatrains 1 page Updated, see link above.) Was David Geffen of Geffen records killed and replaced as through psychological operations warfare and artificial intelligence manipulations? Of course, in the 1980's it looked like we the people of the USN had lost the Pacific Ocean. If Geffen was not a holder in Universal Music Group, the large media conglomerate would be completely internationally controlled. Which makes sense of light of our current oppressed society. We were hit with psych ops and our missiles were commandeered per this quartermaster's observation. Entire wealth chains can be taken and lives taken. The saddest thing is that I have considered the possibility of people to be taken hostage and no one would know it, including a family member or a top official. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana I believe wrote a song to me about Polly and a Cracker. We were pirates in his eyes or was he mocking me or perhaps a sailor in Aberdeen? I wish I could have met my brother. I will be going soon to get my DNA a compare in Seattle I hope. It is as if the Manson family was turned loose on my family when they took Kurt Cobain's inheritance, whether 400 million or 40 million dollars. I would rather have had coffee with the dude and learned left handed guitar. He looks like my youngest sister because he was less impacted with radiation to Dad's testes. I will die soon from exposure to radiation, radiation that the conquered government can not acknowledge. Never volunteer for a predatory capitalist military, as you will be the victim and not the wealthy predators international.

Daily Foreword October 6, 2015 : After awakening from a barrage of warfare against myself, my family, my nation, my government, my closest people, if things are as they seem, then perhaps it is time for the locust dream. The squelching of life, the silence of lost agony in a lost war. The world was at war when we were born. I appear to have lost and I followed those who lead from those seats beyond our families. The irony is that when I was a child, I would hide under the bed in fear of nuclear war after mass media rants and Vietnam media war blitz among our young minds. Now I laugh at the psychological operations warfare of 1983 I experienced and I know in due time the people in my closest circles will wish for what I saw, psychological operations weaponry stunning the central nervous system coupled with psycho-active agents of a brain chemical nature coupled to the speed of a radioactive isotope in ionic flux and dissertation. My life was robbed. 32 years with part of the light out on memory. I imagine my brain flapping in the wind while my enemies rob me of everything. They consider us children in the mind, fodder for their fires, my father and my brother were killed, my family maimed with radiation before my birth and I afterward in war. Psych ops with a concurrent release of all nuclear energies in fulcrum and lever position with piston position in space and to the core of the spin of Earth. Imagine the world turning at an accelerating pace. The laughter, the amusement, the dissertation of death imminent. Its like no other. Law school often has a bunny bankers face compared to a warfare engineer. The greatest grip will be .666 due to inertia caused by that son of a bitch mother nature, Betz had it up his A1/s .

A true morbid joke. Three men were asked how they would end mankind. I demonstrate my nuclear lever fulcrum piston model. A Sheriff Jack Tillman I had audited 4-3-2001 for food funds thievery says to put men in cages and starve them to death. The hidden dictator in power says to use psych ops and warfare on anyone who they can conquer. Which did you choose?

Daily Foreword September 19, 2015: In honor of my murdered brother Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and our murdered father, Bruce Dale Brown, I am rewriting the lyrics and will play online Kurt Cobains tune Something in the Way. I am seeking musical companions in this venture. I chose it because Kurt and Dad and I have experienced homelessness. The song is rewritten below. The lines with askterisks such as "*" are mine. Even though Kurt had willed me 400.2 million, I suspect something happened, perhaps his mother was already dead and perhaps he discovered more about a genetic mismatch with Frances Bean and Courtney Love likely pitched a bitch over something, or perhaps they were already dead. So here is the song to honor my family. Being born a right brained savant, like Arty from Gilbert Grape, like Rainman with Dustin Hoffman, like a wandering bunch of travelers as in Snatch, that is our life, my life. Since I was born missing half of a brain I tried to communicate with the dead with the living half, a sort of open door. So here is a rewrite by Kurt N Kurt. Captain Barnett from the USS Reid FFG 30 was my Tyler Durdin. He gave me the chance to abandon ship before the nuclear voyage. I think I would have been killed perhaps, just as I would have been killed if I had joined my brother while the killer was laying his plans. Did they kill Kurt Cobain's mother around 2013 just as they did our Father around 1987?. I have seen three psych ops wars, 1983 USN, 1994 Coquest of Cobain's inheritance and attacks in Mobile Alabama and Seattle, and 1999 the day of federal banking deregulation when I wondered if my boss was my boss at FDIC Roseville when he was quarantined from the rest of the office. Psych ops and artificial intelligence can leave you looking for thoughts and your mind will be like a large oozing clump in the forest, or perhaps a stunned Rain Man like I was on the day of deregulation in 1999. I wondered if my boss was my boss and I had forgotten 1983 when a refueling vessel was likely a Tender with psychological operations equipment brought up from a submarine. It was the captains Idea to point that out to me on the path in the nuclear voyage. Germans he called them at a distance several days or weeks later, British ships. Was it captain Barnett of a figment Chip, Captain Ten Rad Chip the Artificial Intelligence commander of our shipmates, the Dier FAGS. To my brother, dead at 27, me now 54. Never drink booze, never do heroin. Never.

"Something In The Way" renamed

"*Nothing In the Way"

Underneath the bridge

*Dad is in the fridge

The tarp has sprung a leak

* The Air conditiners broken

And the animals I've trapped

*Dad might be asleep

Have all become my pets

*Might have night sweats

And I'm living off of grass

*and Living off of cats fleas

And the drippings from the ceiling

*Catching water from the freezings

It's okay to eat fish

*Dads a favorite dish

'Cause they don't have any feelings

*When he doesn't have feelings


Something in the way, mmm

*Nothing in the way, no, nnnn

Something in the way, yeah, mmm

*Nothing in the way, no, nnnnn

Daily Foreword September 16, 2015: I've written the start of a revisable melody and put on Quatrains 1 of of this mobile audit club webstie in honor of my murdered half brother Kurt Cobain. I know he was murdered because my dad, our dad was murdered in 1987, and our family, mom and stepdad and perhaps my neighbor and wife were later attacked in 1994 when Kurt was killed. Their alleged family seems to be stone walling a DNA compare. It is strange how their government can attack you or us repeatedly with forced injections and we ask for a simple DNA compare and all attorneys and government are silent, excepting a coroner who says to get the permission of the family. La Cosa Nostra and every other hoodlum in the Pacific Rim don't like to compare finger prints, and neither do those at the Hill billy Coroner Jim of Seattle and his controllers in a corrupted police department. They're too close to the border I reckon. Dad said things are a far sight better in Aberdeen. My reply, "and how dad? "

Daily Foreword September 13, 2015: As I considered psych ops weapons warfare and artificial intelligence, I consider three psych ops war operations I witnessed. The first was in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean USN when our missiles went haywire and a week later we were taken into radiation at sea. The next psych ops operations were in the stealing of Kurt Cobains fortune upon his death in 1994. Also the 1999 federal banking regulatory day of deregulation on the FSMA of 1999 day. My FDIC boss was quarantined that day after almost being detonated in his subdivision. I was to inherit 400.2 million from Kurt Cobain estate therefore I would wager a possibility there was a marital issue or the original Courtney Cobain and Frances were murdered. Why else would I be about to inherit 400.2 million dollars from a rockstar brother I never met? My mother was injured by what happened just as other people. The money is not worth it. Beware of the predators in America and elsewhere.

I would wager that the method the psych ops weapons work are through means of propagation of a wave or laser which was brought onto the market in smaller form in the 1990's for police usage and then taken off due to health and abuse considerations. Another is injections of chemicals that make you forget recent events and current ones. I would wager that many of the rock stars killed at age 27 were set up for profit making and then cut down for greater profits and predatory actions in the financial aspects with concurrent exponentiation of sales due to the young age of a celebrity and forever personified at that age on media, "the catching of the fly in the ointment" as it is known. I think that Cobains family was likely killed off as were some of the other greats such as Jimi Hendrix or deals were made beforehand allowing profit taking of predatory factions. It is the nature of warfare not to care. I made a mistake going in the USN but after one or two nuke events and psych ops weapons exposure and now the murder of my half brother Kurt Cobain of Nirvana with the murder of my father and likely rape and I know abduction of my mother, I do not fear war and see it as the end to a bad night in need of sleep.

Daily Foreword September 7, 2015 : As I ponder my memory recall over the past 32 and more years after recovering from two brain strokes, I am reminded of the old saying, Ignorance is bliss. Tricks. Kurt Cobain had his trick, I mine. I don't think he was a heroin addict as portrayed. As far as I know, when he was in the insane asylum gown playing in front of a crowd, those who planned to kill him had him in front of a chroma-key green screen, which is a way to put you in places you aren't on video. Due to psych ops methods, I believe a person could be taken and you would not know it. The negative repulsion effect of our electrons and ions could create the scientific effect I am speaking of. At sea in 1983 a ship that was supposed to be a re-fueling vessel was indeed a tender with alleged British equipment I would ponder. But with psych ops it could be anything and anyone. Redundancy in psychological operations weapons and artificial intelligence. Your next date may be a different kind of match girl. When she drives you can overload her circuits by asking complex questions and putting your hands on the dashboard in eye view and have your ass whistle a sweet carol.

Daily Foreword September 5, 2015: Of all of my work that resembles some of Kurt Cobain's video works, my closest is "Whip or Will Pea You Jack" by saintrambone at youtube. The video was made while in forced exile and enroute back and forth. Some of the footage is at Burnt Ranch far in the hills of Indian Country. Sheriff Jack Tillman was the one who instigated my exile and those pulling strings at the federal police to get me off of their backs. I am the one they call when they start killing each other. I would rather have given Kurt Cobain my brother head, thank you very little sweet carols. Dad would likely advise him to put a condom on and a iron sheath. Comedy that's this other diddley is about, Jackson's Heart Shaped Hole, video advocating legalization of medical cannabis so the Alabama poarch negroes don't have to watch their brethren being assassinated in the streets of San Francisco. The year of that video in San Francisco in the Tenderloin was around 2002. Sheriff Jack Tillman is personified in the video because he stole inmate food funds, had this auditor injected with federal help, and used to be a boxer who I wanted to show how he looks in the afterlife after riding in the Wonder Bread truck driving by two drunk Grace to the time warp zone among the wind spirit people of the Highlands with Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone singing the diddley and opening the door to even the score.

Daily Foreword August 3, 2015: As I ponder my memory recovery and my ordeal with Kurt Cobain, I was told by the Seattle Coroner that I can not compare my DNA with that of my half brother Kurt Cobain of Nirvana without a family members permission. Mine is on file, I remember the government forcibly taking it from me and much more. That was before I awakened from the coma at sea, yet they still tortured and maimed me. Considering someone in the Cobain family is making money but cutting out heirs, I have to assume the murder was planned for years.

I am considering contacting the police but fear reprisal for what I know. A murder occurred against my family, mine and Kurt Cobain's father in 1987, and my mother and I were hit with a weapon like a psych ops weapon and my step father was injured when an assailant came to their home and then to mine in 1994. Considering 40.2 Million dollars had been left to me and due to the fact it was stolen and my family attacked, I now consider their pysch ops methods to be almost foolproof because I had forgotten all details from 1994 until now, 2015. Names were likely deleted from any files. However the enemy controls many areas with old and new weapons and I have considered the options in this environment.

I released on video a description of an attack on my self and perhaps my neighbor and the execution of my father and the possible rape and abduction of my mother. It all started because my father had a relationship with Kurt Cobain's mother however briefly. Bruce Brown bought into the lie of predatory capitalism and forgot that his worst enemy sold him gallons of liquor in various forms and I believe it altered his actions. However, my father told me when young not to drink from a strangers open bottle. He broke his own rule and likely drank with a stranger from an open bottle, and that's how he was killed, perhaps and most likely. Did he care? At age 48 in his condition, he likely saw it coming as did Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in his alleged method. For Kurt it could have been cold calculated monetarily motivated murder.

Our dad would have lived longer if he had shot the owners of the liquor manufacturing and used the booze to manufacture food stuffs such as rum-cake.

I often look at all of the big travelers of history, Jesus and Buddha are two. They are similar and I try to reflect on what I see. My half brother whom I never met because my father was killed when my brother was increasing his fame is one of those oddities of having wealth and fame in a society whose moral compass is non existent. The government itself has been over run with those unethical types and the lawmakers.

To illustrate the reasons for my fear of reporting murder in my own family are best illustrated by what happened in 2001 when I reported a Sheriff as a thief. He took my gun permit on 4-3-2001. I was attacked after investigation of a murder at my prior employer of the Top FDIC Regional Director on the West Coast based in San Francisco and I was suspicious of a near kill of my boss at the FDIC but now I think I was hit with psych ops and perhaps others. Those in the know were scooting on out with their quit slip, I went pink slip.

Never flee to Los Angeles or any American city and do not work in San Francisco in government in finance or military. Predatory capitalism preys upon the young and the maimed. Protect your young.

Daily Foreword August 1, 2015: The wealthiest member of my fathers family was Aunt frances. Now I am in touch with my half brothers daughter Frances Bean Cobain but she will not reply. In the 1990s a stunning weapon that was a laser was taken off of the market. It left no bullet hole but matched the hertz of your brain therebry stunning you.

Daily Foreword August 29, 2016: In Kurt Cobains video, Montage of Heck, I saw a man who looked just like my father and a woman resembling my mother was there. Therefore from a scientific perspective, the man I called Dad, Bruce Brown, may have lived with Cobains mom for brief periods or long periods, particularly since she and her husband had problems. If it was drunkenness and philandering, it may have been my dad. But what about the woman who looked like my mother in the video, an Italian or Jewish looking woman with dark curly hair and rather young? Could it be that dad was doing a swap thing without telling Mom? A man in her bed who looked like Bruce. In our world, we are always at risk. COBAIN Kurt in Queer Speak or God Speak is Truk 1 Salt to Bank of China, or perhaps Truk 1 Salt to Bureau of Corrections. In a society without common moral values the predatory capitalists will get wealthy while those with more humane inclinations are pushed aside, jailed, or killed. I welcome my own death in global war but I am injured. I contacted Aberdeen to get air time on the Radio with Quartermaster Hill if he likes. Hills jokes are tops before being nuked. ..

The question become did a large nuke detonate off the California coast as I was told in 1983 by a man who was likely killed.? I know a large bubble came up the side of our vessel and it was hot and radioactive. But I remember being semi conscious and having someone put something very hot and painful to my testicles when I had my back turned and my pants on while on the bridge of the USS Reid FFG 30. I have had tumors and stroke, and the chart with the rectangle showing the detonation area was taken even though a likely American officer told me to take it. It might have been Captain Barnett but I think it was someone else. He looked like the head of the FBI Mueller but much younger.

What the Heck? Due to the psychological operations weapons in 1983 which I and others were hit with, I have to now consider artificial intelligence and psychological operations weapons to be combined and used against me in my daily life, by their controllers who can be beat if we can jump the circuits to their control mechanisms. Even a hood over the head and torso can be a sort of animation device where you think you are looking at one race of person and you are looking at another who looks nothing like the person underneath. I think the USA was pulled into bombing Japan in WWII with nuclear weapons and also the Vietnam war experience. Those nuclear clouds travel back to the USA from the Pacific.

Radiation is not compensable in this veterans and other veterans experience in the Pacific Fleet USN in 1983.

Daily Foreword August 26, 2015: An update on my search for my brother. It appears Cobain's mom was married. Our world was over run by psych ops weapons and artificial intelligence and cold hearted bastards who are more akin to apes than a human being of cognitive conscience. Never trust anyone when people are feeding on each other. Cannibals come in many suits.

As I ponder my relationship with my father and his possible relationship to Kurt Cobain and what I remembered during the time of the impregnation of Kurt cobain's mom, my possible co Brother, Kurt Brown's.

In reality Kurt Cobain's father was my father then he died an impoverished man. His health consumed by alcohol, he found himself out of work on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico at the time of his death in 1987 and was executed for contacting Cobain.

Daily Foreword August 25, 2015: Recently my mind came back on memories of a discussion I had with my father about a brother I never met. He said to go there to Seattle, or perhaps old Aberdeen which is a far sight better. I asked what my brothers name was and my father said Kurt. Here is a link to an LA Indymedia Article posted today about my half brother Kurt Cobain. My father was a skeptic and a comic genius as loving as an angel and as vicious as a devil dog in a dog fight in Hell. When my father came from Seattle with the man who carried his wig, he called my sisters and I Mice pronounced as Me-sss. I think he considered going back but took pity on our family and stayed as long as momma mia would allow.

Daily Foreword August 24, 2015: Two nights ago on the 22nd on a beach in Southern California I looked up at the moon at night with binoculars. The moon was half full and bright and the sky was cool and clear, and I saw an anomaly on the moon's surface I have not seen before. A red streak appeared to be on the surface of the moon like a cloud bank on a mountain face or a mountain side of blood. In 2012 we passed the center of the arm of the milky gay in which the earth's solar system passes every 25,000 years. The red area on the moon in 2015 reminded me of a vein you would see in a chickens egg after it has been fertilized. I read a nuclear bomb had detonated on the moon around 2010. It is no wonder the moon appears to be bleeding. Perhaps a colony was there and detonated and that is the blood. We are left in the dark by the dictators in power. Many of our lives in ruin I look to my religious counterparts of the past 10 years in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity and Buddhism and Hinduism. I've no problem with any religion but life in Hell on Earth will welcome death. We have been under attack it seems or mankind is just a lower end predator. Born maimed in the era of the Vietnam draft, in the wake of nuclear wars and exposure, in an era of predatory capitalism, this life never stood a chance. Now I appear to be on my way to death. My life is in ruins due to government involvement as is my health. They know nothing of justice and it appears the nation was split in my life time. They attack us and our families. I look forward to global war or natural change and death of the planet. Our enemies have come to power or an indifferent monarch. We are in an age of technology. We lost a war. Let us not be squeamish about global suicide or extinquishment of our lives if offered the opportunity in the darkest hour. The nightmare or the illusion ends. Needless to say, I have the blues. The greatest crime done to me was in my native city of Mobile Alabama and the war of the Pacific out of California. A Sheriff was stealing inmate food funds long ago in 2001. I tried to stop him but was attacked by federal police and fled to California in Los Angeles in Santa Monica. There I was arrested and forcibly injected while stopped to park while awaiting health care. I did not recall the nuclear attack and psychological operations weapons attack of 1983, while I was there in 2001. I did recall the abuse and terror of working at the FDIC in California in 1999 and 2000.

Daily Foreword August 22, 2015: I will be dead from small cancer in 3 to 5 years. One doctor tried to hide it but another told me I could perhaps save my life by having my testicles removed and he also offered a sex change. The medical community will often try to hide impending death if the death is caused by radiation exposure in an unannounced war from 1983. New weapons with old poisons.

On the home front, artificial intelligence and new psychological operations weapons leave us vulnerable to conquest. In Southern California those DUI checkpoints are of interest to me since I was forcibly injected there in 2001 and was in a covered up nuclear incident there in 1983. The officer who told me to take the navigation chart from the chart table, the navigation chart with the rectangle indicating the toxic area impacted by a nuclear blast, was likely shot or changed, I can say I am not surprised. If you are at a DUI checkpoint and realize when you get home or to your destination that your beard is longer, you may have been abducted without knowing it. This is the nature of psych ops warfare.

I am recommending a global coalition for international space colonization utilizing the homeless as a paid workforce not to be enslaved or executed.

Daily Foreword August 8, 2015: To recap from fragments of news posts and new ideas. Nuclear weapons are obsolete on two levels. First, through other technologies impacting nuclear fission fusion and combustion in general, most material implosions and explosions can be contained to an immaterial consequence in the theatre of war. Also, nuclear weapons are made obsolete by psychological operations weapons. Various forms and techniques of rendering hostile opportunists invalid or inconsequential can be obtained. To quote my captain in the USN 1983, Captain Hang Ten Rad Chip Barnett on the Dier FAG WW 03 aka the USS Reid FFG 30, a collection of homosexuals and sexual deviants and a captain with extreme PTSD from putting his boot through Vietnamese children's heads. He teaches us to walk with bullets and then teaches us they are obsolete so we could see Horror because in Horror is Truth, except in psych ops and those damned artificial intelligence dolls always in the highest and lowest chairs. Hand me a line handler with a fake fuel line and I will hand you a flying masons cement vibrators weapons tool queer like soap on a rope. 4 men were killed to make way for saboteurs and the enemy continues to haunt me after the nuclear war and psych ops war of 1983. Believe me, nuclear damnation is not that bad, if you don't come back, and if you bounce back like I did then welcome to Psych Ops hell on Earth, the same as it ever was, except for that hole in your chest from the needle and your radiation burns, with resultant tumors not recognized by the victor in power outside of D.C..

In the USN in 1983 I believe our ships missiles were commandeered and perhaps some officers and mind control was likely. Brain stroke and radiation illnesses was my unrecognized disability I am trying to get a true horror comedy movie lined up, with title something like, "Inside the ARD F-DIC Knows Job". A Bird Cage movie since Robbin Wiilliams visits me from the dead to give me big ideas after speaking to him in Tiburon before he died.

The VA denied my claim for radiation in 1983.

Daily Foreword July 31 2015: Artificial intelligence is in voge. I was in a Denny's Restaurant near Portland Oregon and sat to eat my breakfast while two people in front of me talked. I was told the men were famous. They were robots or automatrons and their controller was sitting in another booth. I did not realize till later that the men were Artificial Intelligence products. I thought one of them was Creole or Jew and he was loud while I had my earbuds in my ear with my Grand Slam breakfast. I thought of a man who spoke of doing this for a living, a missile control technician in the USN in 1983 who told me that a nuclear bomb had detonated before we were going out to sea on the nuclear voyage. The man in the booth looked like my old shipmate who was into artificial intelligence.

As I observe the center of the Milky Way Galaxy 2.5 years later, I see the flare effect of our sun being in Theta position in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The flare effect is being exerted without impeding forces due to the lack of atmosphere or colloidal particles in troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere. I observed the swamps of Seattle are now dry. I was thinking of buying one of Kurt Cobains old shacks and doing Courtney Love, God and Courtney willing of course. Swamps are like home to me really being from Creole Country.

In the swamps I thought of federal judge Thomas Crane Wales, a banking frauds judge allegedly shot in his head on October 11, 2001. From a provincial standpoint a judge should not handle banking frauds and other violent offender cases. It makes it to cheap to have you killed. I was offered to jump ship before departing from San Clemente Island 80 yards from shore on the nuclear voyage. I did not go due to the fact I thought someone would shoot me or kill me in the ensuing war environment. I thought the FCT from Wisconsin was waving his hand to me from the shore and yelling at me to get me to jump from the ship while we were leaving Long Beach Naval Station inlet the Monday prior. It looked like someone shot him with a rifle. Korn's Earache My Eyes Ties the Dicks to the Knot at the center, the Queerest of the Queer. 4321. .

Daily Foreword July 30, 2015: I recently posted my response to some airline industry employees who described a recent change in flying where the nose and tail of the plane would go up and down as if in a struggle on the approach to landing. I was also told of airplanes rotating to the side from the chosen auto pilot intentions while in high flight. The answer is explained by two factors. First the passage of our solar system through the center of milky way galaxy in 2012. The second factor has to explained by thinking of gravitational forces on our universe as being a sort of bubble. For example, a model of that example is a large soap bubble released from a bubble ring. The bubble seems to have both flexion and tension at all points as it tries to reach equilibrium. We will never be allowed of this planet by government forces but we can not do it without them. So, who cares if all things die within our planet. It is just a small part of the larger bubble. The federal government turned against me since 1983 Beware of psychological operations warfare. I was in Kurt Cobain country recently. Seattle is in a drought The center of the universe was explained as theta or death by the ancients. I remember burning to death in a nuclear bomb. Was I an experiment? Were we held hostage at sea in 1983? Who cares if Hell freezes over, at least the innocent don't bleed.

Daily Foreword July 19, 2015: In the transcendence of consciousness of memories acquired from my first bout in the psychological operations wars from 1983 and nuclear contamination, I look back at 1999 when my FDIC boss was quarantined at the same time as the FSMA or deregulation was enacted. The wars of Earth are like pigs turned caannibal. That is what man is when confined and constrained, lower than a pig due to cannibalism. If I was in control I would go into space. I once saw some Ethiopian tribesmen in traditional dress jumping toward the sky while standing in place. The use of lever and fulcrum in advanced travel can likely be had in a similar manner. All of those things from the past should be looked at with an open mind, including the Sicilian flag as a perpetual motion implement or some hieroglyphics that could illustrate medical or space travel short hand. To Petty Officer Colburn who fought the Brits at the Enlisted Bar after we were hit with nuclear contamination and psych ops weapons, Colburn reminds me of the Irish Republican Army which also was silenced without a trace despite all of their rage. We are being silenced, perhaps quarantined without even knowing it on prison planet Earth. Irradiated they walk away from you. Our allies dead at sea or shot in the head with new weapons. I eventually got off the boat after returning, after all had fled. Our chain of command dissolved. A man offered sex to me while drinking at a table at the enlisted bar. Colburn was fighting the brits at the bar. The man offered sex and to go AWOL. I was sick with radiation sickness and stroke in the brain. I declined. I looked at him and waited for his weapon. They were going to kill me. Get rid of the witnesses was someone's directive. They should have killed me. I was irradiated and had a stroke. 19.6 Rad ain't that bad Captain Ten Rad Chip Barnett. Are you still alive? Cognizant of time and space and of self and others? LA Where Art Thou. I have contacted Argentinian Attorneys in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires. Sooner or later we can heir this out, in particular the radiation on the California coast and USN sailors. We had a ship to our aft, the man from below said it was soviet, the captain of the bridge said it was British. We were then hit with psych ops during refueling and our missiles were no longer in our control. Which may be why the ship shut down power systems after launching our payload of blue missiles.

Daily Foreword July 4, 2015: In the ironies of God and the experiences of Lott Buddha and Jesus and King David, etc. I looked at a picture of a starving frail man, former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama who was a thief I caught on 4-3-2001 in a test. Tillman in turn assisted government friends, syndicates borne of the psych ops wars, in persecuting myself and others as the federal government covered up his crimes, tortured me and maimed me further, and Tillman was on a television show on 48 Hours vouching for the character of an accused murderer who was a city or county elected official in Mobile Alabama, Steve Nodine. Tillman who stole 365 thousand dollars of inmate food funds from Mobile Alabama County Jail, money which was intended for the purchase of food for jailed men and women and embryos. His actions and that of the ruling factions behind banking oversight and military factions, left me forcibly injected and the identification of repeated strokes in the brain that I had starting in 1983 while in the military in a covered up multi national military mishap or conflict in the Pacific Ocean. Tillman appears to be starved in the show I saw in 2015. God has shown Lott miracles and he showed me this one. A scare crow named Tillman staring out onto the dank reflection pond and saying repeatedly with Nodine, "This was not and is not", an admission of guilt. Face it Jack, they fired your ass. They burned me alive several times. I am prepared to die now scare crow, are you? Ironically I think a probation officer Greene under Tillman was set up when a probationer stole his gun and ran with it. The probation officer likely wanted me released in 2002 as the FDIC had persecuted me with VA and federal approval after the Psych Ops wars I witnessed in 1999 and 2000 at the FDIC in California and Hawaii, and the thievery by Tillman I reported in 2001. I had forgotten the nuclear and psych ops war at that time due to the stroke and war weapons of 1983. The Secret Service has a creepy crawly inside as well, and don't forget the NSA Betz Ya?. Then there are the other factions of the other types. Mean Joe Greene was not heard nor seen again in 2001 and soon I was carted off from Mobile Alabama to Los Angeles to Humboldt County. The year was 2002 to 2004 in exile from Jack, with Sheriff Jack Tillman forced to resign in 2005 or face prosecution. I do not fear death Jack and you cut your own teeth. As an aside, I think Nodine's wife killed his mistress Angel in 2001 if any woman killed her, as those soon to be ex wives from Mobile are gnarly when angered. Or Angel killed herself due to the oil spill by BP in 2010 due to her beach side real estate business being oiled down to 25 percent of original value. Except for extreme pain and suffering or pleasure, I feel dead and the government seems to be taking a light hearted stance on my memory recovery from 1983, and the acknowledgement of radiation and psych ops. My prayer is if we do not reconcile our differences, then those who get wealthy from our suffering endure the torments of myself and Lott and Karlson and all of those children of all of those men. It makes me wretch inside truly. Let us welcome the mercy killing if God deems it so, but lets hope it is permanent and total, as life under an enemy is like being tended to by an animal when you are the one in the cage, Jack.

On the California home front I am seeking a sculptor to sculpt four USN USS Reid FFG 30 sailors who I think were murdered in early 1983 to make way for saboteurs. Their bodies were found at the Terminal Island Abuttment in an alleged wrecked automobile with some reported to have had bullet holes according to some family members. The USS Reid FFG 30 was allegedly degaussed at Todd Shipyards San Pedro CA after the nuclear voyage of 1983. If you find the record of that degaussing, then you will know the date of the nuclear incident at sea which we the people have been denied information. We the people, the wee people. Into the peephole I stare daring to make calculations and assumptions that are from here and to there and not to there or from here..

Daily Foreword July 2, 2015: Today I recalled something I had forgotten about the silent war of 1983. An officer took the Ships Log from the podium on the bridge and went to the bridge wing. I think I recall him telling me that he had to take it and all of those things in it would be forgotten. It seemed the people standing around him on the starboard bridge wing appeared short in stature. How many nations could have been in that attack. The USA government is going to deny my radiation claim. The world is a place of predators. The USA is one of the worst. In this environment, mercy killing will follow with the usual insanity of human beings. The average humans are likely manipulated like a pack of snow wolves.

Daily Foreword June 29, 2015: It appears that I, Kurt Brown former USN quartermaster and former FDIC bank examiner, witness to psych ops attacks in 1983 and 1999, have been shot down behind enemy lines in the USA. I was in war in 1983 that was not disclosed by the USN to the California public. Now I have been denied employment at Tesoro, the largest oil monopoly in the USA. They appear to have received stolen assets in 2013 from British Petroleum. I think the ARCO stations and oil inventory of BP in the USA now in Tesoro control are stolen assets and that the veterans who were not paid in 1983 should have ownership as compensation. Our enemies came to power and divided the nation. They are terrified of us and we have no use for them. Who is the Shell head behind Tesoro? A European or an Asian or? The USA is a divided nation and we are a divided people. I am not hired by the government either and they destroyed me after the wars of 1999 in banking deregulation at the FDIC in California and Hawaii. Psych ops were used to whack the FDIC Head San Francisco circa the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992.

Daily Foreword June 28, 2014: I was subjected to radiation and stroke and a shipmate was put into a wheelchair at a early age with MS symptoms. I just came out of the stroke with memories recovered from 1983 in the year 2015. I look back at the events in the Americas, Greneda and the Falkland Islands and the events off the California coast in 1983, which was in reality a sort of advanced war. The USA has divided in reality it appears, with some as bigger losers in some regions. I was born maimed likely from radiation of my fathers testicles in the Alabama national Guard in the 1950s while handling munitions. I was maimed further in 1983 in the USN and the government has thus far denied me compensation for radiation or stroke. I see a lost war on a larger level and I encourage cessation of all life and suffering if the trigger is ever captured from those who have harmed us and imprisoned us.

Daily Foreword June 24, 2015: As I remember the war of 1983, I remember a tube, a simple PVC pipe that came through the ceiling above and the floor below as it went through the enlisted mens lounging area next to the enlisted mens berthing area and on the wall across the room from the shower pipes wall. The pipe was about one to two inches in diameter and ran at nearly a 45 degree angle, from the port side to center ship below our lounging area. This design would fit with my theory on the idea of the "Flying mason's cement vibrator weapon tool" as the "alleged" refueling vessel or perhaps frigate with psych ops equipment would later fire a line that would have been tethered in advance with a metal wire lead. The projectile line from their vessel would attach to the line that went through the pipe or the projectile would have gone to our power lines center ship. I tend to remember the line they were putting in the pipe got stuck. A Chief Petty Officer had spoken to them about it in the hallway from what I discerned in the men's conversation and I tend to remember someone telling me we had some race hate filled psychos onboard, but he was silenced and taken to the center of the ship. The Flying Masons Cement Vibrator weapon tool would have hit above deck and the weapon went below to be placed there or it was attached at the point of contact above to a line that ran from the core of the ship. This is theory based on my memory and recall from the nuclear incident at sea and the activities surrounding the events leading up to the missiles we carried being mis directed and our entire crew being placed under Psych-ops for a short period, likely on two voyages. Everyone went AWOL it seemed or were ordered off the boat when we returned to Long Beach Terminal Island California after we were first hit with the flying masons cement vibrator weapon and put under psych ops. I remember perhaps a discussion with a superior who was fleeing before the nuclear voyage departure. Stroke by radiation and what else did I have hit me from the alleged UK ship below? Nazis in D.C.? Jack Tillman and I should investigate. He is a thief I caught

Daily Foreword June 22, 2015: Sadness, anger, acceptance, then reflection and analysis. The war in the USA and for most is like a living predatory hell. We are like the Indians watching Custer and his armies march over us. The lower caste is used against us. The initial reaction is to want to see those in power killed by their adversaries, but soon you realize their adversaries in power are just like they are, and they may be one in the same. I laugh at death now and would not mind seeing World War III escalate again with the hands down approach of psychological weaponry turned into a numbing weapon to precede massive radiation proliferation throughout the environment to the point of instant toxicity. California is like Mexico or Asia or Nazi Germany with a deeper skin tone complement and they never cared for Washington D.C. or their hired guns before colonization of California, and they definitely do not care about veterans or service men among the predatory hordes of the Earth, even if in California.

Those poor of the South East look at their oil rich coasts and lands being raped in a frenzy of greed and corruption and oppressive carpet baggers and lawmakers. I laugh at the idea of World War III if psych ops weapons are used again as they were in 1983 against us in the Pacific, but with competing factions attacking each others methods. A war to observe if you can stare into the sun to read braille. You might be blind from brain stroke. You and I will not feel the feces in our shorts.

Never trust. Voice and character simulation, power grabs, internal warfare, psychological weaponry, make their environment uncertain and unsafe for us. .

Daily Foreword June 20, 2015: As my memory returns from a 32 year coma and as I attempt to deduce and induce or close the gap between what I endured, what I suspect, and the probability of anything including my own mind failing me since I was likely cooked to the point of needing fluid extraction in a nuclear blast or series of blasts with other weaponries of a brain damaging nature. I suspect many of us sailors from the 1983 conflict with the Germans controlling the British, or was it Russia or an associated Asiatic faction in control of the war. All nuclear missiles are obsolete and more of a liability than an asset in the present or near future if they are in your vicinity or possibly directed to your vicinity. Psychological operations weaponry when layered will leave you feeling a slight headache perhaps, as in a stroke, and you may not remember much about being hit or what happened during that time. Nuclear blasts were my forte due to being hit, but now my memory returned on psychological weaponry. As an aside, a stun laser to hit the brain was removed from the police weapons market in 1999 or thereabouts. First the military has it, then everyone, usually.

The week after the USS Reid FFG 30's missiles were fired most likely at the wrong targets in 1983, we went on the nuclear voyage. I followed the captain on to the bridge wing at night two or three in the deep ocean off the California coast. The Captain jumped back and I was hit. It was like a trap it seemed. Then at a party after the voyage after my stroke and radiation, it was like a surrender, formal, mandatory, and a man was there who was not from our outfit, and I asked where our captain was, and someone from a group of men I thought I knew said it was him, and pointed to the foreigner from Argentina or Mexico or the UK or Russia, etc., and the man laughed and poked his crotch out at me. It was not Captain Barnett. Could it be that people could be something they weren't or aren't? Was I deluded when the man lead me to the blast? Was it not Captain Barnett? I was having trouble recognizing people the week we fired the missiles and even more so the week of the nuclear blast. Part of having a stroke is that you can't recognize people. Their faces are different, mono-script, all the same.

Then there is the question of the refueling vessel the week before the nuclear voyage. Was it underneath, another vessel, so we saw a refueling vessel, with A British Tender with Equipment perhaps, or a hi-jacked British tender hi-jacked with psych-ops weapons, thereby multiplying the redundant layering effect? From stone to guided nuclear missile, in the game of psychological warfare, all things before psychological weaponry are, "childs play", because once you are hit, your own weapon can be used against you. The same thing happened to the FDIC regional director in San Francisco circa the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992. Predatory capitalism has a sweet tooth and had him blow his brains out with his own gun. To me that is more merciful than the torture many have endured including myself in radiation and psychological operations warfare.. I was hired in 1999 to watch the sequilae at the FDIC during the FSMA of 1999, aka Banking deregulation. The VA tried to deny my radiation claim in 2015 for my leg tumor removed in 1989 or so and now the tumor is in my nuts. Am I the litmus paper? I like to run tests. But I was told a catheter hole I saw in my thigh or a radiation burn was in fact where liquid was drained from my body while in the nuclear voyage. I remember the blast at the bridge-wing with the Captain and now wonder about our ship being a hybrid perhaps with a sabotaged nuclear reactor that accompanied our gasoline turbo engine vessel. I heard the electrical engineer was exposed in radioactive sea water to the waist. I remember being heated to the point of unconsciousness in the cot after I laid down after the blast at the bridge-wing. The Electrical Engineer guy was as big as Godzilla and I never understood how he made it down there in the engine holes. He might know about a nuclear reactor below but he may be dead if we had a reactor that was sabotaged like the missiles we launched the week before the nuclear voyage.

It was like a training wheel, my discussions with Captain Barnett who I call Ten Rad Chip today. Rad has to do with density of radiation coverage. 19.6 was our exposure when the reading came out. .7 rad of 1.0 is deadly. The VA is denying my radiation claim. Then there is the issue of the brain stroke. Stroke is odd. Often other people can see you have it, and you will not.

Daily Foreword June 16, 2015: The USA was in a holocaust when I was a child in the 1960s. The Vietnam Draft was compulsory or you went to jail if from the poorer caste. Wiseman was drafted and upon return chose to kill himself. Wise Man. Later, after the draft, I dropped my guard and joined the military, thinking we would see a nuclear war in 1983. We did and we saw much more, a psychological weapons war, and the silent war left me with a stroke and memory loss, with many memories recovered in 2015 which were lost in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean. I would wager that we lost before we entered. The ship I was on, the USS Reid FFG 30 was really hit hard from all indications. I am a statistician and observed that of all of the shipmates sampled who I could find, all of us either had severe disability or disability in our children, 100 percent probability under the Chi Square test. I would wager my left testicles against the entire city of Washington D.C. and Moscow and London and Beijing that 100 percent of our men suffered as I have indicated with harming of the sailor at sea or their children through these new weapons I call Psychological Operations Weapons and radiation in the seas which was also in the drinking water on the USS Reid FFG 30. Sorry Marske, you might have missed that big sip, skipping ship. I am in ruins and I see the Earth as being like Hell. When Hell freezes over it will be over, for us, thank God.

I must have almost died in 1983. After I was hit, I am not sure if the ship was hit again with a much larger blast. My testicles were on fire from radiation that night when I awakened the first time. The second time I awakened, I recall another blast going off, much hotter. I think I was unconscious for a week or two.

Then when I was older in my native city on the oil rich Gulf Coast of the USA, the large companies came to steal the oil. They forced the people to have natural gas contracts while the oil was stolen. I saw a Shell pipeline with many oil trucks loaded with oil leaving the pipeline area. British Petroleum was not invited to steal the oil so someone blew up their large refinery in Texas and then blew up their oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The lie that California is a refuge should be known that it is no different.

Daily Foreword June 7, 2015: The USA government denied claims that arose from radiation exposure in a VA claim I filed last year. I will now re-file regarding the stroke I had in 1983 and a third testicle I have developed, a sort of tumor. Of course, since I was hit in the occipital lobe it is obvious some of the psych ops weapons were directed to the eyes, leading to stroke there in the occipital lobe of the brain or nearby. The best defense to view it would be at a distance with a lens held in front of the eyes and similar to a welding lens, slightly tinted.

My memory came back in 2015 on events from 1983 at sea. We seemed to be in a nuclear and advanced weapons war, a psych-ops war. Russia was the alleged victim in a CIA factbook reports but someone turned the blade to our throat in the USA, and under the pretense or reality they were British, or European as I call it.

I seem to have lost. As if surrounded by my conquering enemies I welcome my own death even if in global war due to my health from those events. Considering my memory on events that occurred at sea and the hi-jacking of our missiles, I am not surprised the federal VA has denied my claim at this point. The hi-jackers were so slick that they let us pull the trigger and then the took control. Many of us were hurt including our future children during those two voyages. Our enemy seems to be in power. Internal conflicts or external wars, we are left maimed and destitute. We have a split government in the USA and we are the outcast. I would laugh if I saw my enemies enduring what I and my family and friends endured and endure.

Psych ops and nuclear war left us as losers in 1983 just as Argentina lost the Falkland Islands to the British in 1982. We as Americans should target foreign thieves on American soil and if a war erupts then it is the traitor who turns against us who should be removed. Beware of psych ops weapons. Multi layered. Beware of the silent face of the current dictators in power regarding radiation from 1983 and psych ops on the West coast of the USA, and Washington D.C. psych ops and murder most likely. The time has come for viciousness and their followers are often deviants. Do not allow them to lead you into a trap. It does not matter if an opponent is killed in this environment or if we die. It is a mercy killing among the maimed and the destitute.

Why are you here? Why am I here? With psych-ops there may be no point. Perhaps I am being denied so that I point to point my former shipmates who were injured Karlson, Coluburn, Hill, and Marske was not on the ship at the time of the nuke event that I am aware. Marske obviously was told to leave the ship after the missiles were controlled by the commandeers. Then there was the unknown man who gave me the nuclear detonation coordinates and was told to shut up and led off the bridge by the commandeers, perhaps commandeers. I can only pray that those who gave us injuries and injured our children, also suffer the same fate. The Captain Barnett leaned his head to one side and said, "Dude" like his neck was broke. That was after the nuclear event we endured together, but he jumped back and I still wonder if it was a trap.

When I got out of the navy I had a purple spot on my neck and in my groin. Radiation or a needle hole or a catheter hole from those who jumped us? I regained consciousness while the commandeers were trying to duplicate or alter the ships log, our quartermasters journal as I saw it. Then there was the catheter hole perhaps or radiation in my thigh that showed up at the time of discharge from USA service.

We dropped our guard and we are left maimed, better off dead or in a fight to the death. Psych ops. Machines in the distance and other things in the fore, perhaps even that metal tooth implant you bare. The USA is divided. The demarcation line is the marijuana line at this point, New Mexico to Montana and Westward to Washington and California, and the rest is controlled by Europe and their conquering forces who are in the seats of power in the Eastern USA.

Daily Foreword June 5, 2015: I may die soon due to cancer from radiation in 1983 but it thrills me to think I recalled details of war and figured out why my fellow sailor, my main boss, was taken or ordered from the ship and perhaps executed the week after we fired our load of missiles. Our ship was hi-jacked briefly and myself and the crew did not recall being hit and hi-jacked. I was told to quit writing so much in the Ships log at some point by an officer on the bridge in advance of that voyage, but someone speaking on the bridge during the psych ops was running out of time in exchanging the Ships Log which I had recorded all events in, including whales, until I was told to stop. In 1983 I recorded everything I saw or heard in the Ships log while on the bridge of the USS Reid FFG 30. We were hit during re-fueling at sea during the week we fired all of our missiles and before the missiles were fired. After we unloaded our arsenal and started to sail at full throttle, we lost all power. It was part of the program that had been set for us, and our misdirected missiles.

4 men had been killed prior to the voyage in an alleged car wreck. We fired many missiles and were loaded to the maximum point with guided missiles after or when we were hi-jacked briefly. I think it was after and our whole defense system was held in their control in reality of the matter. I explain how the hi-jacking mechanism worked in other writings. Very simple really and if a shot gun would have been on the bridge or a rocket grenade, then the object could have been shot in mid air, as an officer had asked for a .45 caliber pistol before the weapon hit. But at a later layered psych ops hit, a ship was in our course, stationary, when we were first enroute to the nuke area. Did they have a sounding tool planted on the vessel for us. It was the following week after the week we fired our missiles. We were going to a nuke site at sea off the California coast in the latter half of 1983.

During the week before the nuclear voyage, we had fired our missiles during the day, and that night or another night it came over the radio that Karlson was lost. Signalman Karlson on Facebook told me in 2015 it was a helicopter that went down with the pilot by the name of Carlsen. Signalman Colburn came running out of the darkness before the message about Karlson or Carlsen being lost while we were at sea. He was coming from the topside aft in a sprint. It did not look like Colburn to me, I might have had the stroke at that point. A new weapon may have hit me. The inability to recognize people is indicative of stroke. I felt the same about my boss at the FDIC in 1999 when his subdivision was almost blown up with a fuel spill and the management had quarantined his desk next to a closed door. I ventured over to him and he did not look like my old boss, but a cat I will call Kenny Doll. I was in amnesia in 1999 regarding many events at sea in 1983.

During the nuclear voyage colburn said I was the color purple on the final course back to Long Beach California Naval Station at Terminal Island. It was likely after they killed an officer on our vessel who showed me on a chart the nuclear detonation area. Large scale or small scale chart, I am not certain, but I am certain it was off the California coast. Our ship's missiles were guided and control was likely taken from our combat information control officers when we were commandeered. Chief Petty Office Marske likely did not even know what hit us. He had no control of those missiles. We were jumped by professional burglars who used a weapon that I jokingly call a Mason's Cement Vibrator attached to a long line to jam into the side of the Dier FAG WW 03. Then the commandeers left the vessel and we were brought out of brain frequency modulation, "Like a sailing dove" and we never knew what had happened, till now. We fired our missiles after we were hit with the psych-ops weapon. The re-fueling vessel was not a USA vessel. Needless to say, the missiles did not do as our crew had planned.

I have a sense of humor about the end of time, the illusion of life in the beginning and its cessation in the end.. Do a google search for " Youtube saintrambone uploads " and see my most recent videos in reverse chronological order, most recent first.

Sometimes I dream of war and weapons, new weapons, or those I think I may have seen. I am a creative savant when my life becomes heated as in war or when I have the fever. I had a dream or recalled, a radio man who was friends with Karlson. He was speaking with the captain and he had what appeared to be a weapon shaped like the end of a mason's cement vibrator. The captain said that it was found planted on the ship. The radio man and those men of the refueling vessel, had a sort of square glass on a stick he would hold in front of his eyes to perhaps protect himself. It was similar to the magnifying glass used by ancient English royalty to read except a stick was pointed toward the face to aid in placement at the correct distance. I think the weapon hit the occipital lobe and I am evidence of that with a stroke nearby, but the VA has not acknowledged it yet.. I really think the British were jumped just like the Americans. But who controls it? As the Earth starts to die, the survivors have to escape. Cutting each others minds and Achilles won't achieve much, but mankind is after all a cannibal forever in war.

Sometimes I am visited in my sleep, my dreams, Lott, then King David and his statement to me, "They do not know what we know about radiation and those germs". Germs meaning human egg and sperm.

Daily Foreword June 3, 2015: It appears the name of the game in California and Alabama and D.C. etc. is persecution of the masses. Considering I was in a sort of coma for 32 years after a silent war in the Pacific Ocean in 1983, I have come to realize many silent wars existed prior to 1983. Psych-ops layered is how the last war was fought, it seems, and nuclear immersion of people such as myself, young, na´ve, manipulated in a society that is in reality a predator with many incongruencies in logic.

Have they deserted us and has the government gone silent on the huge amount of men who were maimed and killed in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean Conflict dividing East and West USA. The marijuana boundary to the West is the first indicator, and the oil and chemical industry of the East is often controlled through Europe.

The perversion of the Ten commandments is manifested in the Earths true economies.

I was like that in 1983 in the nuclear voyage, f-cked over like a dead man by a fake Fag with a mitre hat. The USA was divided East and West. The Argentinians lost the Falkland Ialands but the Spanish did not lose California, thanks to the Nazis of the Earth outside of the European variety who control the Eastern Half of the USA. NSA put Wachovia Bank to work as a money launderer to pinpoint those who were in the killing business for money in banking and money laundering, and yet they put another predator in power. George, stand up and point to your inner and outer circle. Or is it by George?

Captain Barnett told me to swim for it before departing to the nuclear trench outside the California coast. San Clemente Island was what he pointed me toward and I did not know he was serious. They may have killed me if I had jumped ship. Killed like a goat on a bomb target island.

Captain Barnett may have been a computer chip manifestation with his straight always clean dog teeth. He seemed to care and made me make note of my nuclear immersion in the ships log, and I asked if he wanted me to put his name since he was next to me when the blast hit. He said something about them not caring about him. Guess what Chip, they left me Ten and 9.6 rad and have not seen shit. Some would shout and write, "Hang Ten" at the time after I left the ship. Captain Barnett was taking them to a hotspot at sea and washing the men down with fire hoses according to Quartermaster Hill. I cut a 45 degree course from 36th at Gaffey in San Pedro at LA Harbor when old dog teeth showed me the way to the wreck area or nuclear detonation area. I was in a pile of Elmo at the apartment. I was a young pizza face already radioactive and with a stroke. QM Hill, if I had known all of those things to come from this for us, I would have beat you like a bitch and taken you back to PA. Hill was our scully during the nuclear voyage. Sweet dreams bitch with your Palmolive hands.

During one of the psych ops hits, the commandeers were trying to erase all trace of their being on the ship and one of them was looking at the ships log and speaking in clear American English. I still remember and was likely laying there like a stunned dog or standing there staring. To a quartermaster, the ships log to a quartermaster is like a favorite bone to a dog, and the dog is alarmed and remembers even if half awake, just as this quartermaster for old dog teeth remembers

Daily Foreword June 2, 2015: A new video was released on May 30, 2015 and can be found by going to youtube saintrambone uploads. After that video discussion, I realized that our ship, the USS Reid FFG 30 was commandeered, and likely the guided missiles or software or hardware was manipulated to detonate in places not intended by our guided missile technician crew. We had missiles fired from our full arsenal in late 1983 and some of our US vessels were likely hit in addition to a possible submarine. I remember a discussion after I was hit with a psych-ops weapon regarding the Ships Log which is a written record of events at sea. I believe the ships logs was replaced with a duplicate ships log. The men who commandeered the vessel did not have time to duplicate the ships log with their own records. After we fired the missiles on a weekday we went to shore, our shipmates were taken away except for a skeleton crew. A nuclear bomb detonated in the Pacific in view of LA on Saturdday, and due to being underwater it was a flash with only some debri flying from the ocean. The following week we were hit with more psych ops I believe and I suspect one man on the ship was killed at the end of the voyage after he told me of the nuclear blast and had the area demarcated on a chart. On a small scale chart from North of California to the coasts off of Southern California, the rectangle was deep at sea. But my girlfriend and I saw it so close to LA on that Saturday from my apartment in San Pedro..

Memories returned when I came out of a coma in the period 2010 to 2015, and the coma started in 1983. The government did not acknowledge the radiations effects. I made a foolish error serving in the USA military. My father told me not to join and he said many from our vessel would get sick later in life. I should have listened to my father. I like to make deductions and it appears that mankind will suffer more and more in the future. All we can pray for is escape or a merciful death. Warfare has changed. The face of the leaders are not seen and the society is corrupt and predatory and with no connection to Gods 10 commandments. The final war will be a mercy killing of all of mankind, if escape is not allowed from the planet for the masses..

We were hit with psych ops the first week during re-fueling at sea. 4 men were killed in advance that year and replaced and I suspect saboteurs or assistants to the attack. A line handler or someone on the deck during re-fueling. Three psych ops tools, the flying mason's cement vibrator on the black line. A tender with equipment brought from below was there the week we went to look at the nuke area. The third I am not sure but that tall man with curly brown hair was likely killed. We were going South to LA Harbor, he showed me the detonation area on a chart, the next thing I hear is confusion and we were turning to the West. The next thing I remember is being the color purple and going East to the base at Terminal Island. Sometimes I listen for the final war and you can hear it there in the dust.

Daily Foreword May 26, 2015: I urge all to beware of California and the federal government military service. They have robbed many of us and maimed us.

The USA government was likely over run long ago. Hollywood died and California lost their marijuana monopoly and the new Biotech industry headquarters shifted to Switzerland and USA banking was undercut by international banking since deregulation of the USA banking system in the 1990s, and now a prolonged drought with no end in sight has swallowed much of California and Oregon, and California's population has swelled with poor immigrants in the past 45 years. As a USN "shrimp" as I was called by the conquering factions in 1983 after I was hit, I know I am about to be deveined with cancer from their silent war.

When military attacks occur in the USA, the various factions attack each other. I see the USA as a nation whose brain is lost partially and whose arms and legs are out of control. Beware of the predators.

I theorize on warfare theories based on my experiences in war and observations in banking and journalistic work. When I was on the USS Reid FFG 30 and had to give my pocket change to an officer because of radiation exposure to the coins while I was working as a Quartermaster for the USN. The officer said, "this is because of you" or did he mean U. I consider psych ops weapons now. U is the universal set in statistics, and in electrical warfare it is to me the motion of Alternating Current, whereby all men on the vessel were hit at all times by one source or another as in alternating current electricity. Of course it could have been Yu as in Yu Zhendong, the weapon I invented from the quasi mathematical mechanical construct of Yu Zhendong Over and under Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun. NYC and OKC blasts could have been by this method also using Central Heat and Air apparatus. The best weapons will have no apparent engine.

A quartermaster usually navigates the ship and assists the officer of the deck and keeps the ships log. The Captain "Ten Rad Chip" Barnett told me to record in the ships logs that I had been hit with radiation at some point during the nuclear voyage. I was sick, as with stroke and radiation and soon profuse nose bleeds and blacking out. The government tried to hide I had been injured. A Vet Center representative in 1985 hinted I had endured a stroke from military service. He said I should sit in the corner and stare out the window. The VA in 1985 or 1986 said a huge tumor I had was from X-rays.

I contacted one of Ralph Nader's groups to run tests on seafood for the presence and concentration of radiation and mercury and other toxins. I contacted Hunter S Thompson journalist in 2004 and someone killed him in 2005. Psych ops is a too tailed serpent.

In my mind, my Tyler Durden character as from the movie Fight Club, was my captain on the USS Reid FFG 30 who I call, Captain "Ten Rad Chip" Barnett. He taught me a thing or two about the fight we were allegedly in before I made it to the fight. Its the stroke that gets you. 32 long mother f-ing years and the Veterans Administration puts on the clam face. 1999 was likely the year the nation was cut and all of those benefits for nuclear war and those psych-ops. USS reid FFG 30 was sold to Turkey in 1999, Gelibolu F-493, banking deregulation was started in 1999, marijuana was monopolized in the USA in California as widely legal, and I was placed at the FDIC in California, where it all began, and I saw the slip of the psych-ops hand again as in the unspoken final war. Final. LA Knife. Its there in the transcript. We don't fight, we audit, and if we lose the knife, we know psych-ops allowed it in the side of our man. Petty Officer Colburn my boss taught me a thing or two about fighting the men at the enlisted club. You can't say shit shape radio-active. His tongue cut in two he could not say p's. Some say, "where is my tongue", some say, "Where is my mind". Music Video pixies for the Dier Fag number one, Colburn as he fought what appeared to be the British fleet that night by himself.

I feel we were hit several times with psych-ops weapons at sea, that is why I speak of the Mason's Cement Vibrator object at the end of the power line that was not a fuel line, and there was the alleged British Tender with equipment brought up from a submarine, and then there was the return voyage when I was shown the detonation area on a chart and was told of the stoppage of fishing in the area, and I suspect the execution of the man who told me of the nuclear blast area. I remember turning Westward when they were going to kill him. The next thing I remember is being purple in color and going to the East toward Long Beach Naval Station.

Here is a true joke. I would wager that the ships log was destroyed or quarantined due to being radio-active on the USS Reid FFG 30 from the last half of 1983. It is a hard covered note book the thickness of a small city phone book and the dimensions of a large bible. I was told that all navigation equipment was going to be removed and not to expect more to be put on the ship. I would wager that Quartermaster Recruit Hill was down in the galley as told to me by Colburn, and Hill had more than a sextant shoved up his radioactive seamans sock. They fed him radioactive drinking water for a long time. I got off ship with a Get off This Boat Afloat Note signed by Captain Barnett. I think F-DIC's Swede Carol Peking Cairn would like to see me go back to work at the FDIC but our enemies have taken our government from us and our banking system. I can make us seaman's tea, all salty sock like. Colburn made ours straight up. See the Queerest of the Queer Painting by Saintrambone to see the Dier Fags swollen nuts as predicted and Swede Carol is feeding there while the Dier Fag was made blind with stroke and psych ops. Here is the sad true punch line. All of our children or we were hit at some point. Captain might not give a chip, nor I, nor Hill, but you can wager that I and Hill's first born after the event gave a chip. I would like my back pay from the FDIC, back to year 2000, and the US Navy, back to 1983 or 1984 for that first stroke.. A F-DIC coffee window office is nice with cot in San Francisco.

The actor Robin Williams was in Tiburon before his death and made a joke to me about something the captain might have said while we were at sea and after I had been exposed to a radioactive blast that came from below the oceans surface. In a comedy skit I picture Robin Williams as myself in a sort of true to life F-DIC Bird Cage in my closet office with a cot at the FDIC San Francisco, and my painting and house talisman, of voo-doo quality, the Queerest of the Queer dominates the wall in the office . We are having coffee, Swede Carol and her FDIC attorney and two body guards. I have in 2015 filed an EEOC complaint for the FDIC termination of myself in 2000 for filing an EEOC complaint. It is true, they will terminate you if you file a complaint as I did in 1999. My friends from the Cannabis Club, Agatha and Spartaus, are discussing the coffee with the strange odor of seaman's sock. My friend the man in pink sips it and critiques the flavor while I blow on the steam like one of my ex wives, and Spartacus is at the window talking about the mobsters of the fed who run the shit at the F-DIC. The owner of the club appears and we add hashish to salted coffee to break the swine, with subsequent Voo-Doo from the painting for my friend Agatha, myself, and Spartacus. I mention that it is Swede Carol Peking Cairn in the painting and it is tossed from the swollen nuts of a Dier Fag from the USS Reid FFG 30 who is blind with stroke and psych-ops and still can stir the soap for Swede to munch on .

Daily Foreword May 23, 2015: Look out for those psych-ops in business and warfare. I remember Kenny Doll at the FDIC who was my boss and his neighborhood was almost detonated with fuel in late 1999 on the post-eve of Banking Deregulation. Almost detonated. I went to see Kenny Doll at his quarantined desk in front of the closed door. He told me that if I opened it they would kill me. Don't bring a gun, a pack of grease will make you go unconscious and make you blow your brains out. That happened to the FDIC director who was there in San Francisco during the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992. His successor was suspect as an underling mob boss in my professional opinion, coke up to the gills packed most likely. In California if you have a gun they will charge you for owning a gun and torture and maim you and label you. Never be taken alive should be written on the side of each gun sold to impress upon the young the seriousness of the quest they seek. What a joke the USA is in reality. Remember Vietnam? You shalt kill, kill, kill. I saw a lovely young Asian woman and wondered what causes infanticide?.

After 32 years I remember psych-ops in warfare behind the lead blanket brought up to the bridge wing in the nuclear voyage or the week before when we fired many missiles in 1983. The shield was brought up during refueling at sea. I and others saw the flying masons cement vibrator, a psych ops weapon coming in mid air. It was preceded with the death of those four sailors killed in advance to make way for saboteurs and this thing to impale the Dier FAG WW 03, aka the USS Reid FFG 30. I want to be paid but it appears my side retreated or I am seeing things like a stroke victim. I could not recognize people during the nuclear voyage or the week before. Colburn ran into the bridge from aft starboard topside. Like a cat more than colburn and if I recall, Karlson the signalman or Carlsen a helicopter pilot was lost. Karlson who is in a wheelchair for years tells me it was Carlsen who was hit in a helicopter, but Karlson was hit. These weapons rip the spinal chord and brain mimicking Multiple Sclerosis. Poor bastard. Perhaps I should rob a bank to make sure he is compensated, or play a game of Chinese chickens with craniums to make sure the whole dier fag crew is paid. My painting predicts this when F_DIC Swede Carol is Peking Cairn from our swollen nuts.

California dissolved into a contradiction from 1983 to 2015, and I saw it in a coma and in the FDIC in 1999 in the slippery wars I had forgotten from 1983. Psych-ops were re-visited, from the pacific ocean in 1983 to the FDIC office in Roseville in 1999. San Francisco FDIC was a might frightening with all that yelling by Toren in the Tenderloin FDIC office. Two strokes and the second slap wakes you up to the first, once you wake up to the second. Third world ways and the grease of D.C. leave you wondering, when does it end? Not why are we here? I say crackers and negroes should grow their weed in Alabama and New Orleans and Miami. We are not their damned slaves, those tyrants in power in those other states, like that more imperialistic warlord that is California. Those to the North South and East and West of the Gulf Coast USA states weaseled oil thievery and weed sales and left the people of that Gulf Coast region eating poison. Grow it but don't blow it.

I remember at the FDIC in 1999 that someone was angry at the banking examiners offices and said that a group of men from California and New York were going to monopolize marijuana in the state of California and keep it illegal for the rest of the USA. That man was stabbed and drug into an office if I recall from the "Slippery Wars."

Jack is a four letter word in my book. Strange how Jack played into the triangulated fix and then the odd thing was the explosion in Oklahoma on December 7, 204 in Oklahoma I witnessed. I kept going. Soon Hunter S. Thompson my fellow journalist was dead in 2005, murdered and labeled suicide. Did I do it?. Now that is queer..

Daily Foreword May 18, 2015: A rabbi once asked me, "why are you here?" when I was at a synagogue event. I had been in a sort of coma in that year for about thirty years, with memories lost since they occurred off the California Coast in 1983. Well Rabbi, I have the answer to part of your question, "I am here to warn you that nuclear blasts are not being reported off the California coasts as I was basically torched in 1983, perhaps also with psychological weapons after departing Long Beach Naval Station at Terminal Island in California near LA Harbor in 1983. Nose bleeds were common then also in 1983 for me after I was hit. Radio-active seafood triggers recessive genetic disease expression in the newborn and retardation issues. Perhaps I am here to tell you to add seafood to the list of taboo food for the young and adults intent on procreation. I think that the only way to save the human race is to expand to other planets. Depletion and overcrowding lead to immediate change and irreversible predicaments. Watch the Hindu with the mad cow, we don't fit on the plane.

Daily Foreword May 16, 2015: Here is a true joke about the medical establishment and the government that is in power over the USA. I was in a nuclear blast in 1983 which came from below the ocean's surface and that the USA government has not acknowledged. The paperwork is alleged to be in process but I will likely die before the investigation is completed by what I call the "Slippery" dictatorship in power. I say slippery because they are in power through psychological weapons warfare and they are often not in our corner assisting us. One doctor told me recently about a third testicle, a sort of vesicle in the tubes, that it was nothing, don't worry, but he was crying it seemed. Then I went to another doctor and he said I should remove my testicles and that I could change my name and get a sex change with a new ID and hidden location. I bet I would be killed by cannibals once I got there. First U lob three nuts, then U lob I leg. It was ironic that our ship, the USS Reid FFG 30 was sold to Turkey in 1999 and renamed the Gelibolu. For more odd stuff, see saintrambone's Yu Zhendong invention on this site and online. I can turn your Ac unit into a nuclear blam, just like NYC and OKC I betz.

On the return voyage in 1983 in the USN after a voyage in which I was exposed to radiation, we were passing past areas north of Los Angeles traveling toward a southerly course during the day. An officer or civilian not normally of our ship, a tall man, 6'2" with a full head of brown hair, showed me where a nuclear blast had occurred off the California coast on a chart. He was told not to talk to me by a man who had been staying in the bridge area and then led off by that man. It seems to me the officer may have asked me, "Are you in on this?". The man who led the officer or civilian away had been on the bridge earlier. A few nights to two weeks earlier, an officer from our ship was upset and discussing radiation in the drinking water taken from the sea. That officer was told ""Don't let the shrimp hear," and he was led away from me by the same person who later led the 6'2" officer or civilian away. I think both of those men were killed or incapacitated, or perhaps I never awakened. It's more than a philosophical point in psychological warfare.

I do not remember entering the harbor from the North but from the West. I had been knocked out I think. I had turned purple and was told so by my boss Petty Officer Colburn who came topside on the ship on the return voyage. I think it was Colburn, I am not certain. He looked different ever since the night he came running into the bridge and we were told Karlson or Carlsen was lost at sea. I might have had the first stroke then in 1983 when the 6'2" officer or civilian was led away, or when I turned purple on the trip back to port and coming from the west, or perhaps when the nuclear blast hit me a few days to several weeks earlier.

To this day many in California and Alabama and the USA attack me or harass me. I worked at the FDIC in another slippery war in 1999 during the year of banking deregulation and the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999. They had been in a war before I arrived, with a death of their boss in San Francisco in 1992 during the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992. In 1999 they appeared to try to blow up my boss in Rocklin and his subdivision. I called him Kenny Doll in past writing. They called it suicide in 1992 of the FDIC Regional Director. I called it a warning shot and not a murder in 1999, unless Kenny Doll was changed or replaced. To Kenny Doll, I did not complete Xanadu school in 1999 and filed the EEOC complaint for the number of hours the school required and your threats of my being terminated for not completing FDIC Xanadu School, and in 2000 I took the class again and I was partnered with a china man in FDIC Seidman Center. We passed the school. I bet they lost the record on that event. I have lost all faith in the government of the USA and fear they were losing long before I was born. I live in fear since coming out of my coma in 2015. I had memory loss but some memories were partially re-gained.

I see an international dullard in power using various groups to further their rampage. Many of us live in sheer fear and terror. Just like in 1983, I say do not fear death, even if you are in a nuclear war. When you are in Hell on Earth it does not matter if Hell freezes over and you and your enemies are killed. That is the nature of man's existence. Many of us want the end of human existence, the end of suffering a caged and tormented sort of existence. Never trust the USA military service. They will harm you and your young and walk away and due to psychological operations against you, you can not see that they are killed or forced to pay. LA, Go to Hell, D.C. your F-DIC is dripping in your drooling snouts, Alabama, put your weed in your window sill to grow and show your support for Kurt Brown, your native son of a gun. You are not slaves in Alabama to those of D.C. or California or Mexico or Canada or Europe, you are free men, we are free men as long as we have our own mind.

Daily Foreword May 13, 2015: Because warfare is trickery, we can not know truths unless we witness or experience them. As I Quartermaster USN Kurt Brown try to recall the war of 1983, the silent war or attacks against us, I remember that when a ship was in our course sometime around the nuclear voyage, we had to turn to port 90 degrees because the ship would not move. I tend to recall the man who I thought was our Captain Barnett on the USS Reid FFG 30 telling me that the vessel was a British tender and that it was loaded with equipment brought up from a submarine. The British may have been hi-jacked in this instance. I am not certain. The equipment was likely psychological operations equipment, new mind control weaponry. In my opinion, it could have been USA equipment. The military was commandeered. We mean nothing to those in power. I had a stroke during those voyages. My life means nothing to them. I await that silent null sound, the sucking in before the detonation but life is Hell and Hell waits for no one.

Daily Foreword May 12, 2015: As I realize what happened in 1983, likely many deaths, and I realized this year that I have had two strokes, the first in 1983 the second in 2004. Our people lost that war then in 1983 or we lost several decades earlier. Honor thy father. I did not in one instance by joining the military against his bequest. When I am in California or Arizona I feel like I am in Hell. Their government, their people including D.C. are more like a vicious primate and you do not want to be surrounded by them when they are on the attack. I think banking laws changes and deregulation in the 1990's signaled the end of civility in the USA. The lower levels of the USA population don't have a clue what the upper levels of Earth are up to. Guard your own. Mankind is a predatory cannibal that will self destruct individually or en masse. Never trust the government. You do not know who they are except by their acts. Your eyes and ears are useless unless you see them for their results. The imperfect universe. I do not care if my enemy are killed here there everywhere, as it is self destruction in the end.

Daily Foreword May 6, 2015: As my memory returns from a stroke and memory loss from 1983, I am stunned and amazed at how well our enemies pulled the whole caper off. Perhaps they had already won in the 1950's when dousing other servicemen from that era in radiation, but paying them a paltry amount for the damage done. Now they do not want to pay it seems. If you were on the California coast some time around the latter quarter of 1983, you may have developed nose bleeds from new Psychological Operations weaponry. I had a stroke at sea in the USN after leaving Southern California in 1983 and I did not know it till this year. We were hit with psychological operations weapons. I developed severe nose bleeds soon after returning from the voyage. Someone told me I should get checked for a stroke and mentioned the nose bleeds among other sailors on the vessel and some possible deaths but I shrugged it off as inconsequential.

I think many sailors and coast dwelling civilians in California were hit with the same symptoms of nose bleeds and perhaps stroke. Some of us on board the ship and on other ships I believe had symptoms similar to my own. .

We were hit two or three times with psychological weapons. I got one hint from a CIA factbook statement that said the USN pacific fleet was conducting psych-ops on Russia in 1983. Someone who controls the UK may have done Psych-ops on us or it was done from elsewhere like outer space, or the UK was commandeered or beheaded and replaced. On one of the times we were hit with psychological weapons, likely when we were heading for where the nuclear bomb had detonated beneath the Pacific Ocean's surface, likely around 700 to 1000 nautical miles wnw of san clemente island and the era of time was near the latter quarter of 1983. One explosion was seen from San Pedro, and I would estimate 100 miles out, and that was the week before the nuclear voyage. A ship was in our course and the captain Barnett came to the bridge in dismay and had our ship turn to at 90 degrees port side. Then he told me to make note of the ship in the ship's log. I went to do so and turned to ask him who the ship was and he said British and before I could turn back, I remember little except perhaps the captain being escorted off the bridge. It looked like a battleship, likely a frigate or destroyer. I was down and out. A laser could have hit me. The captain could have been killed and replaced or altered. I never finished the ships entry in the ship's log, which is why I remember. I am like that, a task oriented person. I think I had a stroke at that moment and did not know it. Perhaps someone from D.C. injected me and caused me to have the stroke or a British or Hi-jacked British vessel hit me with a new weapon, a laser.

I believe four of our men were killed before the voyage to make room for saboteurs. The men were Likely of fuel line handler and cook duties. They were found dead at the North End of St. Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro in a wreck that no one heard or saw in early 1983. Their bodies, one of them, had bullet holes, according to a coroner at his home state. I ran the drive test with Quartermaster Hill as witness, saw the wreck to be unlikely, and suspect they were killed for the next attempt I will mention of psychological operations. During re-fueling at sea, a line was tossed repeatedly to pull the fuel line to our ship. Finally another line was fired, but it was a weapon. I was on the bridge wing and several officers stood in front of me with an apron of lead I think. I thought it was a banner but it was a shield. When the line that looked like a mason's cement vibrator on a electrical line was fired toward our boat, someone said it was not a fuel line and an officer in front of me asked for a .45 caliber pistol. I remember someone saying the ship was getting hot. That is all I recall.

Also since machinists or spikes as we called them most often, I remember one spike who had his own little rebellion going. He had left hydraulic fluid all over the ladder at aft steering in the very bottom aft of the ship. I worked there some times to allay the pompousness of officers on the bridge. This lower level spike's boss was angry when he was told I had fallen and been hurt where the pipe rack was and hydraulic fluid was everywhere. The spike said to him in a low voice, "I can't believe you killed all those men". Privately The spike spoke of going awol and telling me it was a good idea to get off the vessel. Of course that was right after the nuclear voyage and I had suffered a stroke without knowing it.

On the third psych-ops operations against us during the time after the nuclear voyage, I believe we were heading back to port. I remember various members of various crews coming onboard. I was sick with radiation and stroke. A group of men, our enemies on board in my opinion, would not let information come to me from the officers, and if it did, they were told to shut up and go with him. He might have been killing them or had a psych ops weapon in mind. One officer who was brought to our boat right before we were to go to port, was showing me on a chart where a nuclear bomb had hit off the California coast. The other man told the officer not to talk to me. The officer looked puzzled and I remember just smiling stupidly, and thinking while dazed from the stroke and psych ops, "Get me off of this ship," and the officer mumbled a question, something like, "are you in on this?" He was led off. Likely killed or maimed just like the other officer who had told us we had taken radio active water from the sea to drink a week or weeks earlier. I do not know how long we were at sea, two weeks or a month.

On the return from the nuclear voyage, A shipmate, Petty Officer colburn, told me I looked purple and to have Quartermaster Hill and myself go get checked for radiation when we made it to shore. I forgot to tell Hill. "Hell, Hill, get checked." It was leaked to me by an officer that radiation was put in our drinking water. WE were at 19.6 the last time the bomb blew with me and captain Ten Rad Chip Barnett on the bridge wing, per the radio on the ship. It was a loud cannon sounding blast or bomb, and it was just radioactive water and debris, but hot, very hot. Watch that dip-tet on that first child Hell Hill. Could be a severe health and IQ dip. They abandoned us and we lost. It seems. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Every dog has his day. Psychological weapons could have an FDIC regional director pull his own gun out and blow his brains out. I was placed to work at the FDIC California in 1999 about 7 years after that happened in San Francisco to the F-DIC head. I have humor in war when no one gives a sh-t. If they tried to blow up my immediate FDIC boss, they would have in Rocklin in 1999 when that fuel line ruptured, but it did not which made me wonder about the scenario. All were afraid to approach my boss Kenny Doll's quarantined office where behind the office door he told me they would kill me if I opened the door. I knew he was a liar or I would have opened it. Subconsciously I suspected mind control due to medical training in the mid 1990's.

I think they told us something, but what? Kenny Doll, can I please have my job back but in San Francisco overseeing the whole set with internal audits or maybe coffee observation man? I promise to pretend there are no murderers present. I want to keep my teeth unlike those poor bass tirds they found in the Long Beach Naval Station incinerators. Was my former USN room mate in 1982 the missile control technician killed? I thought I saw him signaling me to get off the boat from the shore in latter 1983. That was after he told me a nuke had detonated while he was walking in an entourage. Perhaps they shot him at the shore. It all seemed so odd. His sparring partner for judo in our apartment in 1982 should be brought in to meet me, as he was the one who handled the roman candles, shrapnel cannons mounted 6 to 12 in a pod at mid ship top side near the railing. My room mate may have confided he was German Jew. That is an interesting predicament, kind of like being Honky and Nigger. His sparring partner appeared more German but you never know what you are looking at really. Do not fear death. Do not fear war. Life is filth and in it is a scar, like a festering wound and the USA on the West Coast and D.C. seem to have had it out and pissed all over the USA and us unlikely felons. The inquisition mixed with predatory capitalism, a festering wound and that ain't roses in her cauliflower California hair big bob.

At Belmont Shores or Seal Beach was a bar where I saw a woman sing this song, and ironically she looks like my mother in a strange way to me now. Missing Persons Words. Speaking of art, the Queerest of the Queer on Quatrains 1 of this site has been whispered to be Swede Carol Pekin Cairn, Freak Face He/she it.

Here is a joke. After being awakened from a coma and stroke by a Jew I went to an airport that was my home city. Vertical marketing dictated Airbus of Germany own half the airport and that Luftwaffa was airline of the century in the Village of the Damned. Who am I? And Why am I there? Vertical marketing would dictate that USA airlines and air defense are threatened by the presence and ownership of heavy Asian and European domination. I would like to head up a collective to integrate vertical marketing of our airlines, fostering them, rather than diminishing them with a Luftwaffa and Airbus. Independence and sovereignity of nation and human rights are tied inexorably. I fly the friendly skies like Captain Ten Rad Chip Barnett's third eye.

Also as a final aside, I often dream of new weaponry or try to put together pieces of other wars and conflicts and by doing so I can sometimes open perhaps unknown doors. In one instance, perhaps a dream, perhaps no, a man was on the bridge who looked like the captain or an officer and he held a black object in his hand. It looked like slate on one side. He said, "Kurt get your Crayola. I mean that, get your Crayola." At that moment I heard from Combat Information Control a shout that a submarine had come aside in stealth. It looked like a trident submarine and was larger than our FFG. I suspect a new weapon that is like a magnetic that will knock a man in the dirt without him knowing what hit him and he won't remember it when and if he returns to a normal state. It may cause strokes in the brain. The captain held the magnetic like device at penis level and pointed in the night to a large dark sky next to us. A submarine had risen up next to the vessel. The yell was heard from CIC which was below. I actually know a heard a yell from CIC was heard when we fired our payload of guided missiles the week before the nuclear voyage. Mind control could explain misbehavior and confusion and executions. I want my 100 percent disability or I will go to the FDIC to protest my unemployment or the treasury or both, or perhaps pay homage to those who control the FDIC and the EEOC. Charles, aka Chuck from LAPD may show up, sho nuff. It's a bitch getting terminated at age 40, whether at the LAPD or the San Francisco FDIC. I would not have recovered if not for the love and caring of a woman in the medical profession. The government fails us so many ways. Who owns them? Who owns us? For how long?

Daily Foreword May 4, 2015: I recently released on LA Craigslist News an article with a picture of my three balls in medical fashion. I was hit with radiation in 1983 and will likely die soon from cancer from the incident in 1983. Even more revealing is that I had a stroke in the brain in 1983 that was not detected until 2004 when with government approval, I had a second stroke. We were hit with psych-ops at sea in 1983. I am certain of it. The psych-ops were alleged in the CIA factbook against Russia in 1983. I suspect the California coast was hit with psych ops as well. Psychological operations are in reality modern warfare tools that accentuate or accompany nuclear weapons. The Federal Government was trying to deny it occurred in California but I think most witnesses were killed or their minds altered. I think I was deliberately given a stroke in 1983 perhaps in experiments by those who control the USN from overseas. I would rather have been killed at that young age than to experience radiation and a stroke. The government has turned away from me in last contact on this matter. I do not have much time. I do not think things are as they appear. The FDIC and the banking regulatory agencies was the second place of war in that simple blind fashion we saw in 1983, but it was 1999 and deregulation and then Y2K, the distraction. I was blacklisted by those federal gestapo and now I will die without payment. In time, they will lose their heads.

California and their controllers in D.C. and internationally control the state that hears and speaks and sees no evil and no veterans suffering in the undisclosed war in 1983 off of the California Coast and at the now closed Long Beach Naval Station at Terminal island in Long Beach California. Thousands of assault rifles were imported there around 1985 from China when the base was closed. Have you seen the captain ten rad chip? Vietnam was his war forte, but for me, it is the USA. I am in the middle of the technological war but I see we lost. I do not care if they who harm and attack us are killed, including the predatory capitalists. Captain were you killed and replaced? Or knocked unconscious?

Daily Foreword April 28, 2015: Here is a true joke. I have survived two strokes and just became aware of the first one which I had forgotten all events in 1983. I Kurt Brown remembered in 2015 many events at sea in 1983 involving a nuclear blast that hit me and also a new psych ops weapon or weapons. I had a stroke at that time in 1983 and did not know it till 2015. In 2004 I had a second stroke after forced injections. I had been on probation exile among the Humboldt County Indians of California after being caught catching Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as a thief and pointing to obvious wars being applied inside the FDIC from the inside or the outside. You see the FDIC was a blood bath during the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 which the San Francisco F-DIC's Head was blown off in his office. I was hired in 1999 to watch the ensuing banking war continue from 1992 and my own war from1983, which I had forgotten at that time in 1999 or I would not have taken the job. I filed an EEOC complaint in 1999 and was fired in 2000 and I saw it as a "Get off of this boat afloat note", Or a "Get off of this F-DIC Tick Lick With you Bloody San Francisco D.C. Queer F-DIC Bank Examiners and that Mass of D.C. Sheet As Commandeer In Sheet".

In 2004 I was traveling and thought I saw a radiation burn on my neck after being in New Mexico. I went to the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona was forcibly injected, had the second stroke in my brain unbeknownst to me until I was diagnosed a short time later due to sickness from the event. Now I wonder because I never could have remembered Stroke 1 if I had not had stroke 2 and recovered. Someone told me at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard Hazardous Waste office in 1991 where I was a civilian employee that he could not believe what they did to us USN sailors at the Long Beach Naval Station in 1983. They found some of our shipmates teeth and no corpse in the zip code. A lovely Jewish woman brought me from the edge 6 years after the second stroke in a big way and my recovery is continuing since I met her. She said I looked like her dead husband who had been killed. How strange? How odd? How Buck?

Now on those psych-ops weapons, I remember a harpoon type device fired from a re-fueling vessel onto the USS Reid FFG 30. I remember also a row of officers in front of me during the attempted re-fueling at sea, and I wonder now if they were holding up a lead blanket or other device. One of the men said the ship was getting hot and that is all I remember. I also remember approaching a vessel on the nuclear voyage. It seemed it was just myself and the Captain. A military ship was stationary there at under 1000 yards it seemed, and it had ordered us to "turn to" from our course toward their vessel, likely British or Soviet. We were off the California coast. Our location was WNW of San Clemente 30 hours at 30 knots I think, because they had taken me from navigation duties. We turned 90 degrees to the port. I am not sure but I might have been hit with psych-ops at that time and the ship may have been commandeered. However, who was it that signed in 1ate 1983 or early 1984 my "Get off of this boat afloat Note" if it was not Captain Barnett? Perhaps Captain Ten Rad Chip? My VA claim should be processed post-haste Sweet Carolin Mass of Sheet and I will be saddened if I see anything but Sweet Justice out of its suicide Rocklin trap. Was it he, am impostor, who planted the seed, and said, "How Weird" in that unidentifiable vocal chord. I went there after the attempt on his subdivision and he told me I would be killed if I went beyond that door, that door in the corner. I wanted to open it but I am sure he lied. They would not, could not, but more psych-ops, the inner blood drop.

I often wondered if any of our ancestors were killed or replaced with those who would pinch our heads off at birth with abortion and fail repeatedly to complete a new caste? I was told I had survived an abortion, the year was 2005 or 2006 after my mothers death. I doubt it. The dream is the outer layer, lair, liar?

In my own defense of all my vile adult acts I turn to God and in poetic pretense wax and wain, "If evil never sleeps then I was never awake, I pray the lord our souls to take before I awake, or embody". Null prime is conscious in the void.

Daily Foreword April 26, 2015: For those of you who follow this site, the last time I saw the USS reid ffg 30 was when the captain drove past my window where I had to hide. He then took a course to the West North West of San Pedro California's intersection of 36th Street with Gaffey Street. The window faces west. I think the blast was in that direction which the captain sailed, WNW. I was told that many sailors had to be washed down with fire hoses at sea on subsequent voyages after I was no longer on the ship. Was it torture or was it necessary?

In reflection of hindsight and in prediction of the future, I am now remembering moments at sea lost in a nuclear voyage that was forgotten by the American Public in coastal California due to psych-ops and media blackout. Captain Barnett and I were on the bridge of the USS Reid FFG 30, which I called the Dier Fag WW 03.. It was as if we were alone in the skeleton crew formation, where most had gone awol or transferred or had taken leave or who were executed during the week of what I call the nuclear voyage of 1983 out of Terminal Island Long Beach California naval station.

There is a 50% probability the Captain Barnett of the USS Reid FFG 30 was killed or replaced during the voyage because of psych-ops. We in the dining area got a grim warning from Petty officer Colburn's Limey pugilist friends at the enlisted club. The UK sailors warned us to beware of impostors and a knife to the throat of those who would dare to speak. A Limey was in a blonde wig with another limey cuddling him who looked more Italian and there was a Limey voice behind us in the dining area after the voyage that said "If you say anything we will kill you". Considering it was the nuked Petty Officer Colburn who started the fight, and because Colburn carried a dildo for all who wanted to know, I took the remark as a sort of knife to the side.

While going to sea during a voyage, the nuclear voyage most likely, the Captain and I were on the bridge. A ship was stationary in front of us and likely several hundred yards out and I could not see the flag, f-lieing. The captain was irritated and said I don't believe this. He told me to record it in the ships log and as I remember now I was getting delirious because I did not know whose ship it was and if he told me then I forgot. I am not sure of this memory at this point because after 32 years I remember things, as Bladerunner would describe. We "turned to" at 90 degrees to our port side, heading West or South. The captain may have been escorted off of the bridge at gunpoint. I seem to remember being semi-conscious and laughing as if drunk and someone said look at his dimples, poked something into my cheek, thereby angering me. The man had a gun I think and told the captain the ship was being commandeered and to come with him. The captain made a remark of some derogatory sort. This is odd though, I remember on another voyage our ship was to taking on fuel or trying to and we were hit with a new sort of psych ops weapon that I call a pole vault. That memory is more clear and I also do not remember anything after the ship being hit with that weapon. I seem to remember someone talking about blood in the stairwell leading from the bridge wing and a flurry of discussion about it among sailors. I seemed confused in the memory, as if hit or stunned. If the blood was that of the captain, who was it that was washing down the sailors with a power hose at sea after I departed the vessel in 1984 . The torture of our men was relayed to me and one sailor asked why I did not tell him of some of the details of the nuclear voyage. The truth is, I forgot, I had a stroke during that nuclear voyage of 1983 and was not diagnosed until 2004 and did not recall the logical progression of medical diagnosis until 2015.

Daily Foreword April 25, 2015: I Kurt Brown have put out a request for an attorney with the balls brains and connections to take on a Prima Facie lawsuit with unprecedented financial award capability. It involves hundreds of USN navy men from 1983 and a murdered FDIC regional director circa 1992. As I see it, the war waged on. I have contacted attorneys across the nation and here is a copy of the document requesting a lawyer to contact me to put the wheels of justice into motion for hundreds if not thousands of American citizens.

Daily Foreword April 23, 2015: The comedy of the day is materiality. What is significant and what is its weight? Some assume the self dignifying pontiffs of the past with their absurd human contortion leaves us dodging them, while greater things on a grander scale occur. I and others were hit with radiation while in the USN and no one cared for us, yet we and our children suffered. Like being attacked by a beast from the blind. Your mind can be altered in warfare and medical techniques. When I was young I feared the end of mankind. After this life, I see man already has one foot in the grave and, this is it.

Daily Foreword April 21, 2015: It is obvious that a war divided the USA over the years. We had a mockup party after our nuclear event at sea and the psych ops against us on the USS Reid FFG 30, it seemed like a surrender with foreign dignitaries there, one looking Argentinian or Mexican who thrust his groin out at me. Perhaps his testicles were cooked like ours on our ship, which I called the Dier Fag WW 03. The design of the informal structure of the USA has crystallized and now the West Coast of the USA from New Mexico to Montana to the West Coast States is under the control of forces and people with connections to the South of the USA border and in China and Asia. On the Gulf Coast and that region, it appears Germany and Europe control chemicals and oil. In New York, I see a shell of what once was, although I have never been to NYC. The USA government was insane when I was a child. Remember the Vietnam Draft? You must kill was the statement. Thou shalt not kill was the statement. They have incongruent logic.

Daily Foreword April 19, 2015: I may try to do a study of all of the sailors who were onboard the USS Reid FFG 30 the week of the nuclear voyage in 1983 and the week before. In a recent poll of all men onboard the USS Reid FFG 30 during the nuclear voyage of 1983 and the week before the voyage, it was concluded that 100% of all three of the men sampled either had children with birth defects after the voyage or the men went completely sterile. I would like to do a study of all of the men who were onboard for a possible lawsuit.

I was hit with a nuclear bubble that was claimed to be the British by Petty officer Colburn. However I recall also later at sea in the nuclear voyage a Soviet Vessel was behind us according to an officer and it was the British according to the captain. AT that time we had a refueling vessel come to our port side which eventually fired something at our vessel that looked like a long thick electrical cable. I believe it was a high tech weapon and I believe all of our personnel or most were hit, for me it was the second time on the nuclear voyage, and I had a stroke at that time. I Kurt Brown had the stroke in 1983 and in the year 2015 I realized that a stroke had occurred at sea. In abduction of myself authorized by the federal government and state government in 2004 in which I was forcibly injected chemicals for the second time, I was diagnosed with the stroke. The first I was forced injections was in 2001 in federal custody in California after fleeing Alabama where I was under attack for my investigations of criminals in Sheriff's roles and in federal Bank Examiners offices. I was knocked unconscious with forced injections in 2004 and now have a deep distrust of American state and federal healthcare facilities.. I would say the event at sea was a continuation of psych ops by the Russians or the Americans or the British in 1983. The CIA factbook can back me up on the revelation of psych ops in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean.

So what caused the defects in our children and our loss of the ability to have children, the radiation that was in the ocean or the new weapon I have described in which a long line was fired at our ship and connected? Four men were killed prior to that event and I suspect line handlers for fuel lines were replaced in an act of espionage and subterfuge at sea. The captain had told me he would need new line handlers and he might have me do it because he could trust me as long as he could see me. I want statistical studies done on those men who were onboard to see what percentage were impacted and I may do the studies myself. Were all 100 percent of the men's future children impacted in the next few years if they procreated? How many were made sterile? Were their Lives shortened? I have taken a study of three men for my calculations to derive 100% of the small sample group of three out of a ship of likely 35 to 195 men have been impacted. Further statistical samples and a larger sample population need to be studied..

God works in mysterious ways and I sometimes try to feel God's hand in the matters of our concern. Like the Chambers Brothers had music sang of time and the Pixies sing of Change on Youtube, "Hey".

Daily Foreword April 18, 2014: As in all sad mafia and military stories, there always has to be a joke for the punch line, sometimes at the end of which a St. Valentines Day Massacre type scenario occurs. Here is my true joke. I was forced injections and likely electric shock in 2004 after a short illustrious career both as a federal examiner at the F-DIC in 1999-2000 and after work as a freelance investigative journalist until 2001. I was diagnosed as having had a stroke in 2004 after I was released from federal government and state medical puppet government control. Fast forward from 2010 to 2015 and my memory is still returning over that ten year period. The funny thing is that I had forgotten by 1999 a nuclear hit I endured from a submarine most likely and a hi-jacking of my vessel in the USN that occurred in 1983. I was so sick on the return voyage or part of it, I had forgotten much of the events by the time we arrived back at shore in 1983. Then I realized in 2015, we were hit while we were taking on fuel from a vessel that missed several times in their fuel line toss from their boat to ours. An officer had told the captain we had a soviet vessel to our aft. The aft was our blind side in warfare. Captain Barnett mumbled the ship was British. The line handlers were in place toward the aft, tossing the line for the fuel line to us and then an explosion from the fueling vessel like a cannon at midships toward the bow. An officer turned and yelled, "That is not a fuel line" "Hand me a .45". That is all I remember and I had forgotten these facts until just a few days ago after talking with a shipmate about refueling. The funny thing is that I think I had the stroke before I got off of the ship. I say this due to memory loss. A VA doctor told me in 1985 or 1986 a tumor on my thigh was from X-rays. The nuclear blast had been forgotten. I had a stroke in the USN and remembered it 31 years later, 10 years after a worsening of the stroke 21 years later. The USS Reid FFG 30 took a flying dildo in the side while refueling. The Dier Fag WW 03 was f-cked by the refueling vessel. A circuit might have been made with the vessel behind us. I remember much more but I've not enough time to sort it out in my mind. I believe if the attempt to ram us with the flying vibrator snake while re-fueling had failed, the ship behind us would have hit us or we would have been hit from overhead in space. I would like to go back to work at the FDIC San Francisco with a private office so I am not stressed. I want to oversee the budgets of expenditures and some accounting but no stress. Is Torenson alive from the F-DIC? Is Justice? You see, my little war went from 1983 to 1999 and as always, I stand there waiting and analyzing what is happening. I am not afraid of death, I welcome it but suicide and murder are not allowed so I take risks. Sometimes I call them tests. Like Jehovah, let Hill be my witness from the Terminal Island Bridge murders test.

Daily Foreword April 16, 2014: I released a video yesterday regarding a memory that has returned on the nuclear voyage of 1983 onboard the USS Reid FFG 30 at the youtube link . Four men were killed before the launch of the vessel and some were fuel line handlers at sea and perhaps kitchen cooks. The official word was that the men were killed in a wreck. I did research with a shipmate and found out that it was likely a lie that it was a wreck. I believe they were shot to death. We were later hit with Psych Ops in the Pacific, either the USSR or the UK or another American vessel. We can not know at my level exactly, nor the captain for that matter, but in memory recall, we were hit.

I remember once my now debilitated shipmate Signalman Karlson of Ketchikan was atop the mast working. The radar was on and moving and Signalman Colburn or another shipmate told them to turn it off. An Asian or Filipino man was outside and looking at the radar. He said it was not emitting radar signals. I think it was because I heard the pulse of the radar coming across as static on a radio on someone's belt who was standing next to me, and that alone would burn Karlson's spine causing MS symptoms. The pulse of the radar could always be heard as static on the walky talky type radios used in 1983. I am by trade a nerd really, Einstein in a retards mask in my own opinion. Sometimes I have a bright and crazy idea to test things. Ask Jack Tillman and the federal warlords in power in Mobile Alabama and D.C. from 2001. I ran a test on 4-3-2001 to see who the thief of inmate food funds. Jack Tillman answered. Their government turned against me, against us, I was maimed less than a month later by a federal official before court in Los Angeles, on 4-23-2001.

After truly awakening from a 31 year coma, it saddens me to see our world is often without hope for so many people, including encroaching sickness due to the toxicity of our environment in which we live today. Due to the population increases to the South of the USA and Asia, millions are spilling into the West Coast of the USA. Unless space exploration and colonization are enacted, I foresee the USA divided with a conglomerate state of nations to our south in which California will be annexed or devoured. The other parts of the USA will be impacted also with various maneuvers and shifts in international power. The world is a vampire, so lets grow wings and fly to greener pastures, less toxic sea, if we can, that is my hope, otherwise, is there hope, here, as things are?.

Daily Foreword April 14, 2015: The main thing you must remember when you are in California or Alabama or D.C. is that when the enemy sects attack you or harass you or lie about you, that you must remain calm. Do not respond to them. If they follow you and harass you, I hope you can kill them.

When I was on the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983 during the nuclear voyage or the week before, I remember we were taking on fuel from a vessel. I remember the trouble they had passing the fuel hose from their ship to ours while we were cruising at 10 to 15 knots. I seem to remember, its so long ago it seems like a dream but it is real, a electrode being fired from one vessel to ours. An officer was standing between me and the electrode when the electrode was fired. He turned toward us and said, "Hand me a .45", pistol he meant. That is all of that I remember. Did they in the failed attempt hold a sort of lead or fishing line to direct something that looked like an electrode or a mason's cement vibrator to the USS Reid FFG 30, aka the Dier Fag WW 03? I remember the alarm one person had that it was not a fuel hose. I also remember an officer stating that they did not want the heading we were to take when bringing on fuel because we had a Soviet vessel to our aft, which was the blind spot in our ships defenses. I was hit later with radiation and Signalman Colburn said it was the British who did it and started a fight with some British onshore on a later date.

As an aside we allegedly lost four of our lower ranked seaman, some of whom would have been line handlers for fuel lines at sea, such as boatswains mates and one was a cook most likely. The men were conveniently killed in a car wreck on the North abutment of the St. Vincent Thomas bridge, which links Terminal Island to San Pedro, when taking the first exit to the right to San Pedro harbor, LA Harbor. I later tried the trip with my shipmate Quartermaster Hill at high speed in a Mellow Yellow 1972 Buick Skylark to test if the car would swerve toward the wall and it did not do so at full speed. On a later trip across the bridge the bridge attendant said he saw me speeding and watched me on the cameras on the bridge, told me to slow down, and he said he knew I was testing what those men did to have a wreck. Then the bridge attendant said that they heard no wreck, they just went to the other side of the bridge and found the bodies. Those men were likely drunk, then drugged, trapped, and then killed, and replacement line handlers and cooks were sent onboard, perhaps. The line handlers and a cook were needed for this type of attack to occur. This is a hypothesis based on facts as to what happened.

Could it be that a new weapon could be used to take over the ship next to it by using the electrode and another weapon, perhaps to the aft or overhead? Mentally incapacitated we would fall victim. I also seem to remember a ship appearing out of nowhere and the alarm one sailor had and he said, here it comes again. Was someone breaking the circuit or control over us? Could it be that men's minds could be controlled from outer space, thinking they were doing one thing while another occurred? Be very careful in the cities of California

Of the two doctors I saw this year, one of them told me that it is likely I would die if I did not get my third testicle removed, and that in order to save my life I may have no choice. The radiation is in my leg as well, so what is the point? The doctor also told me that the red spots on my head were from electrodes and electric shock. I was knocked unconscious in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center Arizona with forced injections and they prepped me for electric shock before the injections by jamming a gel coated tongue depressor in my mouth. I believe it was ordered by someone in the federal government. My question is, did they do it to harm me or help me? Ironically I had a stroke from the event or in 1983. I was diagnosed with a stroke in 2004 after the forced injections. Ironically 10 years to the date, I remembered lost pieces of the nuclear war and advanced weapons war of 1983. I came to the Flagstaff Medical Center hospital in 2004 because of a odd burn on my neck and they made my wife and BC/BS insurance pay for it after they abducted me for days. I no longer have BC/BS or healthcare at all, because of deliberate tampering

I was told that the woman I was with in 1983 who saw the nuclear blast while standing at her ocean view window in San Pedro, I witnessed as a flash and a "Curly Q" as she saw it, and she recovered from breast cancer years later it was rumored. She was exposed directly to the silent blast through the window. I believe she is dead although it has not been confirmed. The Rocky Horror Picture Show had their Janet, and I had mine.

The thing about the top war machines you must realize is that we are only human. The machines and apparatus are built with advanced logic and advanced imagination, but at our level it is an ape's existence. From the smallest particle discernible in an atom and all things in space I was able to predict the drought in California in 2010 after seeing a satellite image from outer space showing our solar system going through the center of our section of the spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The picture was soon removed or I lost the picture, but I remembered the image and made correct predictions. 40-percent to 50-percent rainfall in 2014 as compared to 2009.

Daily Foreword April 13, 2015: Beware of California as it appears to be a new nation of hatred and abuses, but most of the population reminds me of Mississippi and don't control any of the nonsense nor the prisons, yet many will attack the innocent without provocation and fabricate lies to try to cause them to be killed or imprisoned. As my memory returns from a 31 year black out, I also remember in 1983 after the silent war against the USA, on the return voyage, after being hit with radiation and likely drugged or hit with another weapon, someone told me that my skin was purple and that I should get checked for radiation when we returned to shore. They also said that Quartermaster Hill should be checked also because he was having the same effect according to the man who told me, but Hill had been working in the galley washing dishes I thought and I did not see him the entire voyage, nor afterward, until a voyage or two later. Many of us had children with birth defects after the voyage. Karlson a signalman, was always up high on the mast working or by the radar on the upper deck. I volunteered to do it and was told no. Being outside behind the bridge on the upper deck was considered deadly due to the radar and other weaponries. Signalman Karlson has had MS Symptoms for years. I was given a Ketchikan Alaska hat recently in honor of Karlson. Karlson mentioned the fuel hose to me recently that we used at sea while underway.

I once saw a sparring contest between two men from the boat, sport. I considered the sparring contest and once again, my mind asks, is it possible to have impostors, and are we at war with ourselves? "

It is my belief that doctors are being strong armed by war criminal sects in power in areas such as the East Bay of California, particularly Concord. I had two diagnosis. One said I will be dead soon from cancer and another said I will live and that my third testicle is nothing. Considering the Doctor who said I was well was in a hospital with an Ebola scare and due to the fact he had tears in his eyes, I think he was being told to keep silent on my cancer.

Daily Foreword April 11, 2015: As I Kurt Brown come out of a long coma or memory loss, 31 years from a advanced weapons war in 1983 in which I was hit and not treated for radiation and not acknowledged by the USA or UK or USSR government as of this date. I was maimed again in 2001 and 2004 after investigating government criminals, high and low. Someone said the Pentagon was lost on 9/11/2001. Considering my radiation situation from 1983 in which I was hit and the government forgot my radiation after my memory was lost, I think the war was lost long before that. Whose on first is the name of the game in world conquest, and it is always "Batter up time." I would support a dictator if he was above the grade of the lower end idiots in power. We must be free men free from this diminishing ecosystem or we die with it.

I realize we may have lost a war long ago. As I see it, the California coast is no different from the Mississippi Coast. Do a Geiger count for radiation, count the oil rigs, count the casinos, count the murder and the mayhem associated with a government that is not united, but very divided, at least from those of us who lost very much. They lie to us because they are killers and they do not disclose attacks on the young either, such as radiation in the seafood, or the young boys who came onboard the USS Reid FFG 30 after the nuclear voyage in which I was told my skin turned purple. Someone told me to go get treated but the effect of the radiation and perhaps drugs given to us was to laugh and say it does not matter. Terminal Island in the Navy is a bitch, you are better off to be eating beans with Joe Bananas Bonana at the federal penitentiary at Terminal Island. Gangs are the wave of the future but they are like apes under the war in technology.

Purple skin means you lost oxygen or you busted vessels or you were being cooked by radiation or other weapons or have been fed toxins.. I remember burning to death but I was in my cot and already hit by a radioactive sub sea bubble in which my Capatain Barnett jumped back to avoid the blast in which I was hit. My shipmate Karlson of Ketchikan was put atop a pole and cooked until he had MS symptoms, which is a shooting through of the CNS.

I want to be paid for the radiation but the dictators in power down played it..

Daily Foreword April 6, 2015: The greatest mistake I ever made was to ignore my fathers advice to avoid USA military service or work in finance in the USA. Honor thy father. I will pay with my life for ignoring that word of advice due to cancer I will develop from radiation exposure by the military and other weapons. Another mistake I made was not to show courage when facing the devils of our times, financial war criminals inside the USA government and their associates in the legal systems. I was forcibly injected and forced to take a plea in 2001 and labeling myself permanently criminal and temporarily insane. I had caught a Sheriff stealing and he set the whole thing up including illegally taking a gun permit of mine. That was what the money laundering and murdering facets of Asians and Mexicans and Gestapo needed in Alabama and California and D.C. to destroy me. Even though the case was dismissed later, their crimes syndicates in government continue to harass me. .

My word of advice is to avoid the government of the USA and disappear if you can to Timbucktoo if you can. They are a foreign dictator in our cities whether in Mobile Alabama or Los Angeles or D.C.

Google search Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone, also on youtube. Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone.

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Many were killed in federal banking regulatory oversight since the 1990's including the F-DI C Head, the Regional Director of the San Francisco FDIC, circa 1991 and banking frauds judge Thomas Crane Wales was murdered on 10/11/2001. .


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