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Each segment is outlined by words connected together in a line and each segment was updated on a different date and the latest are up front. To skip through segments, do a CTRL-F on the keyboard and type in "segment".

Segment September 12, 2009: VETERANS_experiments_FORCED_medical_LA_va_WESTWOOD_federal_ATROCITY

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, was one of many veterans who was forced to have medical procedures at the LA VA Westwood.  I was basically tortured to sign documents to stop my investigations of high finance FDIC murders sanctioned by war criminals in power through Washington D.C.  I say through Washington D.C. because the American people do not seem to have any control over the monsters in power in government or in their healthcare facilities such as the LA VA Westwood.  I was likely a medical procedure victim from the military. I had some unexplained scars in my mouth and some anomalies in dental care and in some of my physiology. 

I discovered at this link the segment posted here of other veterans at that facility.  I urge people to never serve or trust anyone associated with government of the USA or Canada.  I have been attacked in both since FDIC employment and freelance investigative journalistic work.  I no longer see the government as impressive or worthy of sacrifice or a tear.   They made me sick with injections, forced me to lay down on a medical table and did some medical procedures. The money laundering and murdering crime syndicates of that filth known as the federal government took my accounting career and my good name with forced signatures and they took a regional FDIC directors life with his own gun.  IT was Secret Service and NTEU who were behind it as they protect the money launderers and war criminals at the FDIC.     Here is what happened to other veterans at the facility and this is a reprint from the Los Angeles Times. They are discussing what happened in 1998 and 1999. They were ordered to stop in 1999. They injected and tortured me in 2001.

From Los Angeles Times:

Twice, the patient told doctors at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center that he did not want to be a guinea pig. But they went ahead anyway, keeping him on an operating table with an electrophysiology probe inserted in his heart for an extra 45 minutes to collect research data.

Another patient, a veteran so disturbed by mental illness that he was hiding bullets in his hospital room, also had his heart catheterization treatment prolonged for research purposes, though he did not give his legally required permission either.

Then there was Robert Hanson, a stocky World War II veteran who dropped dead of a heart attack in the hospital parking lot after taking an experimental heart drug. Hanson signed consent forms agreeing to be in a study of the drug, but some caregivers and his daughter insist the 71-year-old did not realize he was forgoing standard therapy to be in an experiment, with all the uncertainty and risk that implies…

The employees at the hospital at LA VA Westwood seemed indifferent when injecting me forcibly and the court officials of Los Angeles did not even hear what proof I had, and some of it has come full circle, with Sheriff Jack Tillman being proven to have taken 360 dollars of inmate food funds and he took my gun permit when I was going to report it. The federal war criminals backed him up. I have a new thory I will expound upon at the end of this segment.  I will seem indifferent when the USA governments war criminals are wiped from the face of the planet.  WE have enough hardship.  We do not need a government that is smiling at us telling us they are helping us when they are abusing us like guinea pigs and robbery or hijack victims.  I want 9.11 million dollars to be split between myself and the other victims of that facility or I want the facility removed.  It will likely not happen until we have removed our enemies from the face and seat of all government worldwide, including the now war criminal hiding place, the USA.

Theory on warfare in high finance has not been proposed except likely on other levels such as in physics and computer science and biotechnology and some other new applications of combinations of other areas of study. I saw a cold and calloused management at the regional FDIC office in San Francisco CA in 2000. I saw a serious round of likely money laundering at the bank examinations coming from the satellite FDIC office in nearby Roseville. The regional director prior was killed with his own gun in his SF office and labeled suicide. Bullshit. I ran the test afterward to see if there murderers there and I survived everything except Tillman's taking my gun permit in Mobile Alabama on 4-3-2001 and the forced injections by the federal government on 4-23-2001. Two injections. I saw at San Francisco either one of two things in FDIC management. A sort of technological takeover or the same old thing we had in the old Italian era of corruption. The taxes from gambling are being laundered legally with the assistance of the FDIC management and federal support from Washington, D.C. It could be a war type effort where we are circumscribed out in a technological manner, or it could be a type of George Orwell's Animal Farm where the pigs are brutish as the farmer. The end result is that the USA government is a war criminal sect. We have been manipulated and even injected forcibly and forced medical procedures. Some one should pay and some one should pay dearly, and I do not think the American taxpayer should pay. We should collect our due from the assets of the war criminals in power. The time for an overthrow and seizure of assets is at hand, or a nice quiet blood bath. The government drew first blood on myself and those other men. Some will be held accountable, so Help US God.

Segment August 31, 2009:

In analysis of everything.  I analyze my X number, dismissed enough that I can leave the USA but I have no space ship to evade the killers the controllers control.  General Kurtz some call me, as they know someday they will come up yon bayou and butcher me, and I will be waiting, waxing philosophic on the virtues of clay and the malleability of our human flesh from birth to death and all things before and after.   I remember those strange wonderful people of my family now deceased, their culture, their lives, everything.   If they had seen me be forcibly injected in Los Angeles, there would have been Hell to pay.

I analyze my X number and I have no shame or fear of it, as it was inflicted by the beasts of humanity, with their needles, their threats, their posturing, their lies and pretentious in their opulence borne of greed and spilled innocent blood and hopes, and more importantly, realized fears.   I was injected at a facility in Westwood Los Angeles, federal properties, forcibly injected and later X (removed now) became my number.  The men in the front seat picked up their check to haul me away.  I see the dead regional FDIC director being hauled away also, but that was 10 years earlier.

017 is the number of veterans used in the forced injections and forced  experiments at LA VA Westwood.  I would speculate that.

84 is George Orwell's 84 and its big brother nightmare. I saw the end as an execution.

Yes, I interpret numbers but I did not write those numbers They put a needle into an innocent man, myself, after they were ordered not to do so to any veterans there at LA VA Westwood.  What happened on 9-11-2001, really? 

Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist freelance, now American Holocaust Number X --- 911 -- since 2001.  They did not answer my calls for help after being attacked.  They then injected me.  Then I was attacked again.  What would you do?  My mother said on her death bed at the end of my ordeal, "If it don't pay, don't mess with it".  She was referring to my arrests in Mobile Alabama as an investigative journalist at the steps of their closed government as seen on Youtube. It is ironic my mother told me of the starvation caused by Mobile Alabama's Sheriff. On cue, the money came out and the Sheriff left 5 years later, past due, 360000 plus stolen. Then I went down under needles under the fed. Somethings askew with big brother too.

Many think those videos of mine are funny.  Some people laugh on cue, like when others are killing me, or you.  What comes around goes around.  Ask Snatch, 360 degrees, 360 thousand dollars, and me, 3 in the cue, Snatch the Sheriff and the Dirty San Fran FDIC and the LA VA Westwood Medical Horrors crew.  What is a smoked F-DIC bank examiner to do?  9.11 Million split between myself and the other 17 combatants for the American working masses, or let's just bring out pool cues and chop sticks too.  A really really hard stick is what is needed.

As an aside, I was thinking of how stressful it was to have two woman arguing with me and about each other. I leaned my head over like a Saint Ram Bone and saw on a passing road sign, Timothy 2 2:27 or something like that and it said we will be taught one way or another. Ah yes, the numbers, the signs, the witness. A new word is spreading. We can not report high level crime to the FBI or Secret Service. They no longer look out for us. Maybe they too are feet fed, meaning into the gullet and swallowed whole, or perhaps ripped to pieces in a way we do not know, or to what level.

Segement 8-1-2009: DEATH_life_CONFUSED_conscience_BOTH_like_LIFE_light_FLIGHT_lie

Have you ever contemplated your own death and what it is like immediately afterward?  Depending upon your frame of reference in mental make-up, you will see many things.  I am an expert at contemplating my own death, because I often wonder if I am alive after being attacked and injected after FDIC bank examiner employment.  The federal crime syndicates killed a regional FDIC director and called him a suicide in San Francisco in the early 1990's.  I ran a test in 2001 to see if there were murderers at the San Francisco FDIC and NTEU and federal war criminal associates. I had inside knowledge after working there.  The test came back positive.

I may be dead.  I was attacked three days after St. Valentines Day 2001.  The FBI nor SS responded to my calls for help.  I now see those agencies as foreign to my well being, a mixed bag of assassins and government bureaucrats.    I welcome final death in a war with those who will harness the innocent working men of mankind. They have the nerve to come to people's homes and take their children, and they have the nerve to beat us from government, and they have the nerve to do forced injections and medical procedures on us when we are already compliant to our captors demands. This will have to end. They and their mindset must be removed from the throne and the seats of government.

I am a specialist.  I do not know how to die, or I do not care, therefore I have lived when others would have died.  I am sequestered in Hell, Hell on Earth, and I have eaten my fair share of shit from bureaucrats and would-be assassins. They almost got a taste of their own on 9-11-2001, as many of us wanted a series of nuclear and biological weaponries to end the suffering of the masses under the self annointed kings of war and their war criminal emperors and their war criminal supportive mass media, American television and newspapers and radio.

The first thing you must realize is the deception of dirt, of life, of death, of all things that are you from the inside out.  Imagine for a moment you are conceived from the inside out, meaning in the outer sphere of space is the mind of thing, a being, an embryo, whose tally is not total until you are spit out and it begins anew, in you. 

Who cares if we live?  I do not as every night I relive the horrors of the regime in my dreams and every waking day I am aware of the enemy among us, and I want it away from me, away from us, I prefer alive but will accept their death as a blessing.

I do not care about them because they lie and do not care about us.  I do not hear life or death, all I hear is the enemy to my kind, our kind, and their lies, their filthy lies, while the blood runs down the sheets of the innocent in their vacant beds.  No one lives when no one dies, so what am I?  You?  That pale luminescence in the light, and you are that light, that life, in this damned lie, or this permutation of disassembly reassembly, the alleged leaders blind to the suffering in the street, or maybe learning how to be Satan, in the blink of an eye.

They want to war with me.  I want to war with IT.  I want to feel  its life and I want to be given the Go Ahead, to live or die, as they have betrayed me, and they live in their wealth, their lie, while most of mine slither in the lie, waiting to die, just as I.

So let us welcome Global War with those internal war and hate mongers.  They preach one thing and they only want another one thing...,for me, for us, to die or to be their slaves and lessers.  They have almost succeeded.  Or have I died?

Segment June 8, 2009:

Like most people, there are things I would do differently in my life.  I would never own a gun, even legally.  The people who for lack of a better word I will call, "Satan's Constiuency" have a peculiar knack and it is very strange and I seem to have a connection to them.  They seem to hate me now. 

For instance, several years ago I would travel triangles in my truck for days to alleviate post traumatic stress from being attacked on the highways after FDIC employment and being forcibly injected by federal agents and jailed.  I also was fleeing those who had an agenda that is unknown, such as keeping things secret or to keep me jacked up on dope or on unknown chemicals when possible.  I would sometimes use instinct to tell me where to go if I had no true destination.    I would sometimes consider my home starting point "A" in the triangle, the second point where I would stop and change course would be point B and the final point was point C.   C was where I honed in on my quarry by instinct.

In one triangle, on point C I may have come upon the abduction or something very weird about a teenager named Ben Stanford, who was an Alabama Senator's Grandson who allegedly committed suicide.  On that night I pulled up on some strange noises going on behind a fence as I fueled my vehicle, and it sounded like a scuffle or fight.  When the vehicle left that was near the noise it made three or four loud sounds as if gunfire when it was taking off at high speed.  A man left the convenience store when I was going in and heard the gunshots outside.  When I was leaving, the man was in front of the store and he held up a single bullet for me to look at, and I do not know why.  Ben Stanford was found dead the next day about an hour away from where I had slept that night, which was in the back of the gas station near the dumpster and in my truck.  I am a thrown away human being and I often have depression like many, but travel makes me free for a moment, much like some enjoy sex to relieve stress and depression.

My father wanted me to be an attorney.  I should have listened or better yet gone on to be a creative technological engineer

I have been damaged by the government

I urge young people to look at health and engineering and biotechnology and creativity as our true currency

The three parts of the triangle I have traveled are very interesting, especially if you know which way the undertow flows and the overlord directs.

Segment May 20, 2009: QUEST_political_OUTER_inner_GOD_psychology_DIEING_movement_CHOSEN_non_RANDOM

On the psychology of God and the quest for Ann Fran:

I was back in my almost native city of Mobile Alabama recently and I thought of how fraudulent the inner governmental sect appears, their ties adorned near their government buildings, their pistols nearby and in the streets, tired, worn, ready for the kill.  The problem is that our true enemy has a quest and we are it, I am it, driven out of my almost native city and I see a man who is brain damaged in the governmental seat. He has a hole in his right frontal lobe, and his behavior is like that of a deranged sociopath, likely salesman of the year in a death caravan carnival within earshot someday, and his name is Reginald Copeland City Councilman and his federal protectorate of men who ignored my cries for help after FDIC bank examiner employment and an attack against me. But they came to my home in Mobile Alabama to harass. Now I see them along with Copeland and the rest of the ruling government as rubbish that needs to be disposed of, come Hell or High Water for that bunch of sociopathic frauds. Copelands son hides as attorney en farce, so I let the shet that was beget from shet rest its head, because in the upper layers of government is the sociopathic and brain damaged part of God's mind that needs remedy. 

Segment May 17, 2009: MILITARY_subservience_PROPAGANDA_deception_INFERIOR

The idea of pride being behind working in the USA military, or serving the military as it is known, is an idea that is more pressed into the mind like propaganda than it is reality.  Working in the USA military or most any other opens one's self up to several things:  First, because you "signed" the bottom line, you can be used in experiments or even killed at the bequest of those in power over the military.   Second, many think that serving in the USA military will pay dividends, such as being able to run for office in the "alleged" nation of democracy and use one's veterans status as a springboard.  That is a lie, as many veterans are kicked out of government at first chance by the war criminal faction and their followers and enforcers in power. Because if you serve or work for their military leaders, you will always be viewed as a lesser, a man who lays down on the ground in subservience of a hidden master, and you can rest assured that none of "us" sit any where near the masters of this slave state planet Earth. 

I think at first I have shame for having been duped into serving or working for their military.  Then I have regret.   Finally I come to realize that perhaps we will see the end of the human species since I was  not the one who designed this trap in which most if not all of us are tied, either directly or indirectly. 

Law school is the preferable route because you still fight, you argue at least, but you learn to pass the right papers through the system and you learn who you have to pay and bribe to get what you want, as the USA and most of the world is for sale and in constant warfare to varying extents through history.  The government injected me forcibly and tortured me and ruined my career and no one cared.  Since that time of the injections I want my death due to the poisons they injected into me. I do not trust many of the ruling sect here or overseas and seem them as poisonous and vile and worthy of contempt and their controllers worthy of death.  I was close to my death on 9-11-2001 because I had talked to a man about a job in the NYC twin towers as an accountant before I was injected forcibly by federal agents on 4-23-2001.  Now the twin towers are gone and so is that job and the federal war criminals look at us all with wreckless abandon and we await their deaths from on high.  The man in NYC twin towers with whom I spoke seemed fearful or aware of a possible attack and offered me the opportunity to come up to NYC to interview.

I am blacklisted by my enemies in government.  They have been killing us for years and robbing us.  FDIC murders labeled suicides or accidents.  David Kellerman CFO of Freddie Mac was labeled suicide on the same day that John Bovenzi of the FDIC was terminated from the FDIC held Indymac bank.   

No one cares any longer.  No one can do anything about it.  The escalation of high technology warfare in the financial industries upper reaches will likely escalate until the financial systems crack, and then we will go back to what mankind is known for, primitive warfare in a barren existence, or perhaps a new set of leaders with technologies and solutions will arise, of course the ground may have to be cleared of over ruling clutter in advance of their arrival.  

The enemies among us in the USA who we should have removed, called me insane for being an honest and open bank examiner.  I no longer care for the USA finances nor their professionals.  They are not my nation, as I have no boundary on this G-d damned planet.  Let the system die and see serving in the military, any of them, as being subservient to a bunch of cowards who masquerade as assassins with high tech weaponries, but who crumble like insects when the heat is intensified from their opponents.

Segment May 15, 2009: FEAR_space_EXTERIOR_shell_CONJECTURE

Recently I was speaking with a woman from Washington D.C. who is helping to spearhead an effort to curb corruption in agencies such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

As I spoke with the woman, I told her of a possible job offer at the IRS and my reluctance to take the job because I feared the government after reporting money laundering and murder at the FDIC and food funds thievery by a Sheriff in Alabama who helped the crime syndicates of the federal government's criminal factions to retaliate against me. I was attacked, injected, and tortured and my career was ruined by the ruling war criminal factions in power inside the USA government. The woman told me to take the job and to fear nothing but God.

Now comes my question to you. It was discovered that out in space the laws of physics change around us, and it is as if we are inside a bubble of sorts that is shaped like a brain or a loaf of bread.

Now what if mankind was at the edge of that area where the laws of physics change and it was a membrane, a membrane that could communicate with us. Now suppose you wanted to venture beyond that membrane and you asked the membrane if you could pass and it said, "I am God, do not harm me".

Now this is theoretical, but suppose you were being chased by the war criminals and beasts of our era and you were faced with massive deaths with maybe one of you having the chance to survive if you were at the edge of the membrane and turned to face the pursuers in massive battles.

Now my question is this, "Would you believe the membrane was God as it claimed? Or would you think the membrane was a tool being used by the beasts to keep you hemmed in to be devoured in battle?" Would you puncture through the membrane after the membrane had said it was God and the membrane forbid you to pass? Or would you think you were being taught by God to stand up to the beast and turn around and fight to the death right at the edge of the membrane? It is a riddle mankind may be faced with some day in some fashion, particularly if the beasts of this Earth ever loosen their or IT's grip so we can colonize space.

Segment May 7, 2009: MURDER_foreclosure_PREDATOR_scavenger_LONG_range_SHATTERED_view

The United States is becoming like India as the world's economies reach equilibrium in the technological era.  The government has become increasingly more violent in the multi billion dollar government banking and finance sector.  

We increasingly are overcrowded, our children are the most noble of the peasant class often going without food or jobs or healthcare or protections from predators in our neighborhoods and in our governments.  The world has turned a savage eye upon itself, at least it appears that way here in the United States and on the World Wide Web I see people just as myself in other nations who are victims to their terrorist dictatorship masquerading as a free and democratic government just as the ruling sect does here in the United States..

Recently I heard a wealthy man say that the mass media medium known as newspapers are a bad investment, now and in the future.  He added that it was not good because newspapers at one time kept the government in check.  That is a lie to a large extent. The newspapers do not mention forced injections or forced experiments on veterans and this former federal bank examiner.  The newspapers did not try to stop numerous useless wars of last century, and instead served as a mouthpiece for the wealthy benefactors of war.   They do not mention suspect murders in the federal banking regulatory and multi-billion dollar financial and governmental criminal venues in huge real estate scams and banking crimes.

Now we do not listen to one group of mouths on mass media, meaning newspapers or television.  We share information with our own groups and we are increasingly divided and headed into increasing conflicts, with many hoping for the end of the human species so that all suffering will stop. 

The wealthy  man who spoke of declining newspaper profits and readership, Warren Buffet,  may or may not be himself or who he claims, at least from the cognitive factor, because we are living now in technological chains, a battlefield that will not cleanse itself until a pressure factor releases the modern version of Pandora's box of weaponries and assaults against vast human populations.    Of course, considering we are injected at birth or not long after with chemicals given to us by a chain of command that is feared more  than trusted, perhaps we are losing the war either in gestation or soon after post-partum.

I was injected and tortured by the ruling regime in the USA after being a federal servant, both as a sailor in the US Navy, but also as a bank examiner for the federal agency the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  I often wondered if I was blinded and then put on a sort of test machine of some sort, a sort of dream connection, where the ruling sect would run experiments to see if I would behave in the way they wanted and have me do more, anything, without even knowing what I was actually doing. That could include being manipulated any where in any fashion and having you do things even to yourself, such as, "Suicide", the favored death method imposed upon many in high finance, including David Kendall of the multi billion dollar Fannie Mac corporation on 4-22-2009 and the FDIC regional director San Francisco, circa 1992.  That is the sort of hell the USA ruling regime has put me through. I dream of weaponries, and assaults to this day, as I have suffered many, yet the enemy mocks me from behind my eyes that have grown cloudy due to poisons deliberately sprayed into them.  I was actually partially blinded by poisons while in forced probation and exile in 2003 and 2004 in Eureka California after FDIC employment and surviving an attempt on my life and reporting the thief who was Sheriff of Mobile Alabama, Jack Tillman.

I often want to strike back at what  I see as my natural enemy.  But I stop, because I know I and those disgruntled angry masses want revenge.  We should unite in our various groups and push for our demands to no end.  I want forced injections to stop on innocent and compliant people or I want every statesman in the United States who does not speak against it to be held for war crimes.  We should look behind the scenes for their controllers and run them out of their homes when the wars erupt and the burning and looting and social and geographical relocation and restratification begins.

I need a job.  The IRS has made an indication that they are going to offer me one.  I doubt it, as I am too honest and too open.&.

Then there is the most horrifying part of my government imposed Holocaust Number, which is 84.  Just like in George Orwell's 1984, I may be shot in the head in the end or even worse, forcibly injected again and made completely compliant or devoid of self control or injected with a carcinogenic stem cell of some sort.  I hope that my death is quick as I have suffered my share.  I was told to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  So my question to my enemies is, which side of your back should I pour the hot oil down, front or back? They or IT is an ass all over.   I welcome revenge but I await the holiest of holies to rip their new holies and release frijoles.  It makes me want to play music with two minstrels I lack for a better word than to call friends. So I think I will play, Sueet Carol Lodi (windows media format song by me on Indymedia), because I wrote it not long after I was released from jail, forced injections, forced medical procedures, and torture, with my scheduled release date which was 8-11-2001, and like Wiseman in an era of tyranny I was not released until 8-12-2001, one day too many.

I try to keep in mind, the how, the why.  The universe where our laws of physics applies is indeed shaped like a large shell from this perspective, unless I have been made blind and brain dead, after all I was held  down by the enemy in power and their surrogate followers know no better or do not care, while the others are beat down like lowly slaves and imbeciles.    We now whisper too each other when we find like minds and growl at those that would make us into the meat for their toast.  The one time mass media opinions and views with individual points of dissent is disappearing along with the lies of newspapers and their limited usage from the individuals standpoint.  It is like saying good bye to a railyard of death in the neighborhood and no one cares.  Their way would not work, perhaps we will break into our groups and kill each other.  We are headed there anyway, as they are already killing the financial representatives who are our kingpins.  Now it is time to move to the other side, one way or another, our better chess pieces, and to realize life is a split deck most likely on more than one level, and to try to circumvent the cause and to implement in a cure.  You must realize that a man, whose flesh is heavy, is a perfect emblem of death before and after.  It makes no difference to kill a man if only his intent was to kill all but himself or IT's self.  Of course, that is irrelevant and we are in fact the worms wiggling in the rut, begging for the next to make the next kill.  America the United, what a f-ckin joke.  How about that IRS job?  Got an 84 for me? Maybe just a job and a new f-ckin truck or a plane ticket since some someone who did not like an honest bank examiner tore up the last truck.

I often run tests to see where they will lead. I often do not care if I am killed or ripped off. I discovered a murderous federal government, a dictatorship local government, a government that is in defiance of all medical principles and ethics. I also discovered a suspect piece of real estate, its source in Escambia County Florida which is Pensacola Florida, a city rife with corruption, old racial hatreds, and murderous indifference among the populace. I bought the real estate and the price and the title was likely fabricated with no sale in the recent past, a fraudulent sale with an elevated number. I will likely have to let it go into foreclosure. I will likely have to have the roof removed that I purchased before doing so. A splitting up needs to occur. The prison planet will become the death and chains planet, the former more preferable. I want to experience what their other victims experienced, whether killed or ripped off, that way when at the precipice, it will be easier to evaluate things in a "who goes and who stays" sort of way. Let us relish these coming years as those heros of courage stand up among us, and let us assist them to their benevolent ends, as they are like those who ran files through our chains in time immemorial.

Segment 5-5-2009:FREDDIE_mac_ALLEGED_suicide_DAVID_kellerman_APRIL_22_2009_2001_injections_SAINT_ram_BONE

The numbers over time on the calendar are known before we live or die and they encompass us with markers we call time.  On 4-22-2009, David Kendall, at age 41, CFO for Fannie MAC, allegedly killed himself with a rope.  I think it was murder.  He had worked as CFO for 8 months.  At this date 4-22, this time, 8 years ago, on 4-22-2001, I laid my head down to sleep in my vehicle outside of the LA VA Westwood gates, the only home I could afford after FDIC employment and being targeted for murder with no back up from federal police or the officials of the regime, albeit their answering machine is often the Secret Service or a corrupt Sheriff.  The Sheriff I caught, with others help, and I call him Snatch, a name given to him by a Yurok Indian woman while I was visiting her while I was in forced federal and state exile in Eureka California in 2003-2004. 

I was injected forcibly by federal officials after I awakened on 4-23-2001 when I went to sleep on 4-22-2001.  I had survived an attempt on my life at age 40, two months earlier in February 2001, most likely a vendetta for my alarming the public to money laundering, murder, and indifference to Nevada crime syndicates getting bank charters through the FDIC in California.  It is ironic that he was killed on the same day that I had laid down trusting the government, and awakening to find myself in the grip of my worst enemies, saying I had been delusional, and they injected me and said I was criminal for owning guns.  They had tried to kill me, missed,  and later took my gun permit illegally on 4-3-2001 when I caught Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama stealing inmate food funds and emaciating inmates.  My mother alerted me to the starvation at his jail and asked me to reconcile the accounts and account holder, i.e. Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman.  Someone at the FDIC said I did not take my job seriously because of the bucktooth expression on my badge.  I just look that way some times.  I left K-Y Jelly for the FDIC lube on the table and when I came back, they had already spread it all around.  They are good at group warfare with the FDIC.

I was raped with chemicals and of money and my career was ended, at least for now, as I am now a free-lance and the IRS has contacted me about an international auditor job, but I doubt it will be allowed.  Now you have been raped of money, and next, you reaped it, you sowed it, you shall see what you have earned, and it may be chemicals or advanced bio-engineered derivatives, perhaps, you.  On 8-11-2001 I was scheduled to be released by the war criminal sect in Los Angeles and the federal government from LA county jail after being forcibly injected at the LA VA Westwood by a federal agent with forced medical procedures as well. I was ordered silent in verbal demands not to talk about the FDIC. Their methods are a form of coercion through force and they make you fearful and subdued  I could not be free until 8-12-2001 however.  They laughed at me for the hole filled tee-shirt I stood at the corner of the jail in awaiting my ride at considerable family expense.  It was what I slept in that night, that last night I trusted the last federal agency I could trust, the Veterans Administration.  I was lucky to have a clean shirt.  They tried to take everything from me, and did for the most part, and they tried to send me away, ignoring their war crimes in the federal banking regulatory office where the regional director had been killed, and where a mob boss surfaced to issue bank charters to suspect international figures in finance, including bloody Nevada.  A war crime is a war crime, if done in any method, but especially the murder of those who protect our finances, banking regulators and banking fraud prosecutors. Those who inject and torture and try to kill us will reap what they sow if the hand of guided men is put to the shank on the surface of the gladiator rink known as prison planet Earth. The honest and open and innocent auditors and bank examiners who are aware of crime syndicate methods should spearhead their own investigative and profit seeking by catching the syndicates inside the government, possibly and most likely perpetrated internationally to some extent. Try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem is what I was told. 

David Kendall was like I was, young, naive, full of love for his work, and unfortunately for him, the way to riches for the lower sect is over a dead animal, including and especially an innocent man.  I have known their type, their murderous type.  They say I do not take things seriously.  They do not know that I laugh when I am in the trenches in the heat of the moment, especially, a lone wolf, split in three.  I often laugh in my PTSD at the woman who was my boss and she was a hoe for the boss who was the MAStAr at the FDIC, the regional director,  who was also likely a crime syndicate kingpin in the federal governments second layers, or informal networks, per my opinion and observatin there in 1999 and 2000.  I see myself as Inspector Closeau of the Pink Panther Series seeking revenge through finding who did it,  but with a Louisiana or Alabama cajun slur that can not be understood.   I dream of working with the sweet FDIC hoe once again.  I want to be her equal at the FDIC, and bring in some of my old Puerto Rican and Mexican friends to the office to teach me just what it is that she does for $200,000 a year with a credit card to boot. I will turn to my colleague and ask, "Is It Insane To Be Sweet" and have a sing along as we auction Sweet's office items on Craigslist to make room for mine, since I will be getting a promotion first from the new big dicks of the FDIC. 

This last section is a discussion of David Kellerman that was in today's daily foreword note at Mobile Audit Club. Chief Financial Officer for Freddie Mac, David Kellerman, allegedly killed himself in April of 2009 after taking over the CFO position at Fannie Mac in September of 2008.     Huge financial subsidies are likely being siphoned off.  We should watch out for the same thing at FDIC with financial arrangements to profit a very few at the expense of very many.   A regional FDIC director had allegedly committed suicide and I saw what was basically mob style antics, aggressions, and anger at the federal banking regulatory agency, the FDIC.   Ethics are gone and the government behaves without ethics or morals, using trickery at every turn.  It is as if they are not us, they have no feeling.  When I see them, I see pigs running through the underbrush, destroying all that has been crafted and formed, and I await with a butchers gown, awaiting the taste of hair and fat roasted over a flame.  I put myself up for hire in finding David Kellerman's killers.   They are somewhere among this list of government foreclosed property dealers or banking regulators.  I know the FDIC is dirty.  The FDIC has increased their asset portfolio and they have a Seedie house with smoke and mirrors inside the windows.  Money Money Money, Honey Blood.

Segment May 1, 2009:  FEDERAL_feral_BUREAU_crazy_BUREAUCRACY

The governments IRS in a job opening for an international auditor in San Francisco recently contacted me, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, former FDIC bank examiner and since 2001 American Holocaust number X .

Segment April 19, 2009: CENTRIFUGAL_warfare_ILL_portents_PRETENSE_variable_INDESCRIPT_descript

Centrifugal Warfare is where the shit flies off the wheel, or into the grinding mill, depending who is controlling perspective of moment and pressure.    Recently in the horrid shell bombardment area that is the Fort Walton Beach area to the Northward and North Easterly, I heard the practice kills of large bombardment.  On another date I heard the plane that flew by itself and abandoned from Birmingham toward the Prison that is close to Milton Florida, where it was shot down, and I wondered.....

I happened upon the thought of Centrifugal warfare, a controlled points and lopsided battlefield, where delirium replaces sanity and where war and strength and fear approaches work, and result slavery upon delusion.  Imagine if you will, the spinning vortex of war contained from points constrained and not, and pulled into close proximity together with variable overpowering strength pulse thought movement concentrations with a loci of extreme pursuit drawn out for each participant.  A war straight from some wind tunnel.  Abra El Porton.

The bet is on for three occurrences on the Gulf Coast in my proximity this year.  Two, one to East and West, and one N or S.  I love finding triangles, a rhythm of shit and ill portents, welcome to America.  Welcome to a glove of ill social control, the ape on the other side waiting and wanting to die.   Enter genetics engineers of ill portents, or is that potions.  The federal government syndicates have a needle full of cocktail for you two or is that two.  I want my share of that pie too.  Starved and almost killed, we heard the same voice in Obama and that other War Fed mechanistic shit, Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Capapult IT>

Segment April 17, 2009:NEW_perspective_MURDER_fake_ZION_netueri_KARTA

For much of my life I have struggled with the inhumane and cruel nature of man, and the somewhat animalistic behaviors often exhibited.  I am not just talking about strangers, but even some of my own family members at times.  Then as I grew older  I began to see the pursuit of wealth as just another trick played upon us so we would buy small things and become enslaved, especially those boxes we call our homes. 

However murder to me is like the most controversial of the Ten Commandments of the Judeo Christian sect.  In bank examiners terms it would be labeled the most, "Material", of the ten commandments.  Think about it, if you go and have sex with a neighbors wife, you have committed adultery.  Depending on what culture you are in, it is either admonished or accepted by the significant others.    However, murder is almost never accepted, unless the murder victim is trying to murder someone as well.

This turns me to the Neturei Karta.  I came to see this group of Orthodox Jewish people at first as a bit extreme.  But then when I heard what they were saying and the writings they had to back up their statements, in the Talmud and Torah, I realized that religion can and does touch upon the greater aspect of the human mind, which is the ability to discern what is material and less material.

The Neturei Karta do not accept any aid from the USA government.  They see the government as a liar, a dangerous liar, at least that is my perspective of the government now.  I accepted aid from the government, when young, and even now.  But I have paid a huge price for that aid, which includes a loss of a sense of safety, my career as an accountant, my reputation, and to some extent my health, and to this day I live in a sort of fear, feeling trapped by the chemical cocktails they forcibly injected into me and their control of jobs and my exclusion from them in the public and private employments sectors.  

The Neturei Karta are like a group of people who are like a shining light to me in the darkness.  Their words from the old texts, the Talmud and Torah, mesh with my own higher intelligence, "It is wrong to kill the innocent under any condition."  I go further in that to say that it is also wrong to forcibly inject chemicals into any compliant and innocent person.  I now see the regime in power in the USA as my enemy and would prefer death than to be caught in their traps as I am. 

I only wish I could bring it all to an end or put an inerasable impression in all of mankind's minds, especially those of my family, "The Zionist Regime in The USA is a terrorist to the people of the Mid-East and increasingly to the people of the USA."  I urge all to see the true Jews, the purist Orthodox Jews, the Neturei Karta, for what they are, the embodiment of "God's True Children". Fear drives much of mankind to do things that are wrong, fear is what the regime uses to lead us into their traps. Who are they? What is it? I can not see the true except for in the Neturei Karta--Despite their ability to return to Israel upon the current regimes dictates, they choose not to, instead citing the Talmud and Torah as forbidding their return until the Messiah returns. I only wish the regime would not have allowed forced injections upon me, and I hope that God does not punish me further. One month prior to 9-11-2001, I was released from Jail after forced injections and torture. While I was in jail, hoped for revenge. I really just need employment and compensation. Perhaps God will will me a chariot and a whip with some piano wire so I can return to harness the beasts who enslave us into a nightmarish reality. My hat is off to the Neturei Karta. They do not cave in to fear. They do not bow down to lesser beasts for their daily bread. They do not entrap themselves in lies of the body, the mind, or the spirit. They remain pure and distinct from that ruling horde that is in power on this captive planet and existence.

Segment March 14, 2009: MIND_subjugation_YOUTH_us_VERSUS_it_IT_controls_ADULT

One of the worst things ever taught to children is that they can not use their imagination to do extraordinary things.  In effect, some adult who may be a retard in comparison to the child and will be teaching that child they do not have any extraordinary abilities using their imagination.

I remember in the Alabama public schools a teacher asking, "Do you feel you can control any thing with your mind, without putting your hands on it?"  I thought, I am not sure, not really.  The teacher then said that is not true, no one can do that.  Then I asked, "I saw where a child in another nation allegedly bent a spoon without touching it.  Was that a trick?" The other teacher then told the first teacher that they should be careful in what they say.  Strange isn't it?  The way we were indoctrinated in the public schools to conform to that greater thing over this lesser nation of peasants?

In light of the fact that it was recently discovered that there is a sort of outer layer in space where the laws of physics change.  It is shaped like a loaf of bread and physicists know nothing of it.  I see lines of striation, the moving about of material in mass in free floating equal pressures, and I also see the possibility of an organism that we can only start to fathom.  We may even be inside a brain or a cell that has its own brain, of sorts.

Now, if that child can use their imagination to use those constructs between their consciousness and that outer shell or layer to cause changes in the inner layer, they would definitely get my respect more than a teacher telling a child they can not do some thing.  The teacher could say, I am not certain, but I do not think so.  If you feel you can change things with your mind, go ahead, try it, and get back to me with the results.   Then we can discuss the validity or invalidity of your claims.

The public schools of our era are of dubious origin, standing in line in huge buildings, holding our hands to hearts, pledging allegiance to a flag, and all the while the youth of the older generation were burning down buildings and rioting over Vietnam of 1969 and always it appears dysfunctions were surfacing in the then crumbling society.

I remember a group called Ten Years After, and they wanted to Change the World (Youtube music video).  What a joke.  What an ideal.  Now the government has sealed the doors and I wait for a Rabbi to bring me the seal, to open to feel, and I saw him in a dream, and he approached with a black amulet in a gold casing and its shape was like that of a small seashell and the casing helped to keep it sealed.   Mass media, the gigolo that has blown half ITs nut.

In the ongoing movie reel in my mind, I see an apparent slow witted Forrest Gump type of movie character as a child in the Alabama public schools.  He says he believes that some people can move things with their minds, mentioning that a child was bending a spoon on Television just by thinking about it.  Forrest is chided and asked by the teacher to bend a fork with his mind. Forrest tries, fails, and the children laugh at Forrest ridiculing and pointing at him and the teacher makes a joke that Forrest's mind is tuned to the fork and not the other way around and that it is dinner time.  Forrest is on the way home from class and the teacher drives by making a dust plume and Forrest says to Jenny, "Jennie, I wish that mean teacher would wreck. If I can detach my mind I can float free like I am flying and see him do it.".  Jenny says hold on Forrest and starts running.  Forrest follows, and after a short run the teacher is on the other side of the hill and misses two deer fawn that dart into his path and he careens down the embankment into a wreck totaling the car and injuring the teacher.  Forrest stops and stares blankly into the trees the shadows the light the dark the nothingness the everything and within and without and then sees the plume of smoke from the burning vehicle in the distance, and Jennie says, "Oh Me" and Forrest replies, "Oh My!".

Segment March 14, 2009: AWAKENING_cold_NATURE_non_DESCRIPT_science_DECEPTION

It has occurred to me after viewing and analyzing mass media and their message and those around me and in government, that it is very possible we are not among like individuals and maybe not even individuals at all times.  It is a far fetched idea, but the hidden perimeters are where we are eaten alive.  When I speak of "We" I am talking of humans with true genetics of humans, meaning 10 fingers and toes and bone and teeth and individuals.

Now, imagine something so bizarre as if you are in a crowded theatre or mall or driving about, and in fact, only a few or some of those around you are like you or even truly human as you?  This line of thought harkens back to Aristotle, but when one has had the consciousness knocked out of them repeatedly, one starts to become philosophical on what has really happened and what has to be done about it, or even if any thing can be done.  One can always fight to the death.  That is the fight or flight syndrome that appears to be common among all animals I have viewed.

But what if one takes flight and runs from the shadows or illusions or manifestations of those that are not like them in the slightest, not human that is as I have described in the genetic description and phenotypic description above?  What if one fights against these manifestations of apparent but not real humans?  It could resemble many things in reality, a sort of madness induced by control of that individual, but the ends of behavior could be directed toward creating a sort of "guided slave".  I am totally against this but I see it as a real threat.  How would you know?  Aristotle could not figure that one out.  It is like falling into the abyss of logic.

The federal government forcibly injected me with chemicals, or those who appeared to be with the federal government.   Later I was injected at a state facility with federal approval.  Both times because I spoke too quickly.  I have a speech impediment.  Our enemy is among us or beyond us, let us wish it a final and sympathetic desk, IT's coffin.

I should want revenge for what happened, in payment or in totality.  No requisites, no demands, no compromises, just quick and finally just decision making from the higher orders, beyond the abyss.  Who cares if it is a global war if you are just a  monkey on a tamed leash?.  If it is not real, it does not matter anyway, and if it is real, perhaps it is too far gone to want to salvage.   Who cares, I want payment or I want justice, and I do not care if I am finished at this point.   We are talking about a Nuremberg violation against an innocent bank examiner and veteran in the United States.  Many are dead. 

I want Vegas and Reno flushed and all of their connections to Chicago and Seattle and San Francisco and D.C. scrapped.

Segment 2-15-2009: EGYPT_hosea_9_LOS_angeles_2001_rider_VA_los_ANGELES_jail_INMATE_mobile_JAIL

This post will be moved to the Quatrains 8 page after it comes off of the home page.  The Egyptians who have come into my life have come at the strangest times.  And each time, even though harsh times, I felt they were not against me. 

(Late update:When I worked at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, there were a few men I consider to be honest and who I am concerned about, because I consider some of them not to be humane and not like us. The men I am concerned about their safety are bank examiners, Sam Jimenez, Willie Coleman, and three men in San Francisco, one was a gay guy I call deep throat because he told me about the FDIC regional director being murdered being a well kept secret with no discussion allowed and he told me that the then regional director, G. M., was having or had intercourse with the assistant regional director, S.C.. The three other men, seemed concerned and as if they wanted me to stay in the agency. Alan Lacey, a highly intelligent man, way above the FDIC average, urged me to quit the Sacramento office in Roseville when he quit, and I believe he saw the crime syndicates or something else in the office. I was terminated for filing an EEOC complaint and likely because I was above the fold and honest and open. My evaluations by supervisors were border line I was told and I would not drop the EEOC complaint so the Assistant Regional Director had me terminated per the Regional Directors instructions. They knew I was stubborn, all of God's people are stubborn as stubborn as death in the light and vice versa. I would have had better evaluations if I had gone to a very heavy set woman's hotel room, a FDIC bank examiner, who was my boss and evaluator at the Bank of Hawaii in Hawaii. She was mean in a way and I did not really like her, not to mention outwardly ugly, and I do not mind sex, but just do not think you can make me get it on with an ugly individual who I do not trust. Her borderline evaluation allowed the Assistant Regional Director to have me terminated. I do not mind because the series of events and invesigations I did allowed me to see that the prior regional director was murdered and not suicide. I also discovered that Thomas Crane Wales, later on, was murdered by federal banking syndicates and the Nevada Casino associates who own bank charters. I would like to have all of the banking prosecutions Wales was working on during his life time. That is my wish. I could find his killer or killers if the trail is not too cold. First I would like to speak to the FBI agent who said first came up with the idea that it was an anarchist who killed him. The federal government has gone to Hell in the banking regulatory industry and in federal banking fraud prosecutions. The money is too great. Cocaine likely precipitated the bulk of it as did legal gambling.)

Now, back to the Egyptians I have met. The first Egyptian was a man who was the passenger in the front seat of the Veterans Administration Los Angeles Westwood police car.  He was assisting the cop who was driving I suppose.  I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, surviving FDIC bank examiner, now X number 017 911 84, (decipher the encrypted number), was being transported from the LA VA to the Los Angeles County Jail on May 1, 2001 after I had been injected with chemicals and basically tortured by associates of money launderers and war criminals in the USA federal government.

The Egyptian stayed in the car when the other officer escorted me into the jail in handcuffs, if I remember correctly.  But looking back on that incident, I do not recall what happened to him.  I was too alarmed at what was happening to me and was hoping the courts would have mercy.  They did not show mercy.  Did the Egyptian enter the jail as an inmate of sorts?  What happened to him?  Did he just park the car?  He was very quiet and solemn as we drove to the LA County Jail. I lost a tooth in LA county jail when I was hit by an old man who was deranged. I could have killed him, but I walked away and felt pity for both of us, and wanted to save my revenge and put it in God's hands. I was determined to be released on 8-11-2001. On 9-11-2001, the wealthy war criminals of the USA and their warmongers at the Pentagon got kicked in the teeth by one of God's mules, that is my belief. However, I also feel some innocent men and women lost their lives, so I ask, was it true justice, or misdirected animosities?

The next Egyptian I met was in Mobile Alabama County Jail sometime around April of 2004.  I had tried to enter the Mobile Alabama City Council meeting and to film as an investigative reporter.  They would not allow me in, so I started yelling and I was knocked down and had cops crawling all over me and I was arrested.  One was acting as if he was trying to break my neck when I was held down. 

The Egyptian at Mobile County Jail that I met had been a store clerk who was arrested for selling liquor to a minor at a convenience store.    We spoke briefly and he was a very nice and amicable man.  I asked him how to say the one sentence I know in Arabic, "I am from the poor"  "La Hatsu Ghaniyaan".  He taught me to pronounce it.  Then the jailers came to get him from the holding tank to take him to his cell.  He looked back at me horrified.  I was released 8 hours later and went to court at Judge Michael McMakens courtroom several months later and asked to be able to film in the lobby of their closed government.  He said I coul, but I was threatened with arrest later. I hope their government is overthrown and their controllers are taught by God that that is not their destiny to rule us, but to live by God's law or under his true servants paws or pawls.  My attorney advised me not to speak to Judge McMaken in the courtroom.  The case had been nolle processed, and the charge was disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  I spit blood that night of the court hearing.

Our nightmare is embodied in my life and of those around me.  I wonder sometimes about myself now.  Who am I really?  What sort of war is waging?  Why has God forsaken me?  Forsaken us?  I pray for the end of time of this nightmare and that those I love and cherish are escorted into God's house and the fields of plenty.  For those who have crossed me and other humane men, they will have to be re-taught, or is that strung taut? It will be God's verdict, just as 9-11-2001. They say I threaten them, they say we all threaten them. They or IT is our enemy and feels threatened because they are weak and sub-lime, beneath the lowest belly of the lowest rock snakes.

I will never trust the Veterans Administration again.  I will never trust the federal government of the United States again or the lower governments.  The judges in the courts do not want us to speak and treat us as their lessers.  Their war criminal behavior should be noted and their controllers taken out with a bloody vengeance if necessary.  I will try to summon all that I can with my power for this deed.  That is a divine thought in which I ask for God to level them and to raise us or perhaps his own, and to end our suffering, in any course.

The Egyptian Pharoahs said Moses was a liar.  But was Moses in the burning bush fire?  Is it possible that Moses could in fact come back from the dead?  Was the Egyptian escorting me in 2001 back from the dead? I had considered suicide after being injected and tortured and forced medical procedures and threatened with long term incarceration. I had made a rope of a cut up bedsheet, but changed my mind and hid it. The Vietnamese doctor knew of it and she saw me on camera I suppose, as I had hid it in the laundry room, atop a shelf. Was I hung with it by someone? I later considered running into traffic when I went to court and was ordered to LA County jail with a million dollars bail for ownership of my legal guns in my Uhaul and truck. One gun was missing, the bail should have been 1.25 million, if their logic illogic is followed.   Was the Egyptian in Mobile County Jail back from the dead and was his concern not for himself but for me?  Were the attacks on government in 2001 in the USA heralded or called in upon by the Egyptian who was one of the escorts in the car but who would not escort me into that horrid LA County Jail? 

Their treatment of myself and the other men was horrible.  I regret having served their military and would serve God's True Armies to kill those or that which abuses us.  Let us welcome true eternal death, or glorious lives in deaths, rather than subjugation by something that appears to be as cruel and inhumane and sadistic as a thousand war lord chariot drivers with our children under their tyres. One woman in Mill Valley California told me the government did me no favor by putting me on Individual Unemployability, which is 100% disability payment but you can not work or you lose it. I will go back to work now. I want to curse the regime in God's name, but I will let God decide the course, and I pray it is under the tyre.

Why was I marked on the right eyelid, the ankle, the spine, and why was I so strong as a child, like a descendant of a slave turned athlete.  Some say a descendant of a gladiator, but weren't slaves and gladiators of the same stock?  I truly feel I must go to Egypt.  I would hope to find the man who was in the jail with me.   I would hope to see the Egyptian who was in the police car, but this time at the door of a waiting limousine, so that we could share a drink of purified water purified by a true Jewish friend of mine who specializes in that craft.  I would like to go see a true world leader, if he or she or IT or they exist.  We do not have leaders.  We have subjugators.

I remember two of the most lovely people that I have known my entire life. They seemed different the last time I saw them. May their lives be of contentment, as they have suffered very much, as I have, but they are not gladiators in spirit, as they are more like slaves.

Segment 2-27-2009: INTROSPECTION_murder_CORRUPTION_government_FEDERAL_banking_AUDITOR_examiner_COMEDY_dark_INTROSPECTION

The funny thing about money is its ability to corrupt, or perhaps money is borne of corruption itself in large extent, despite our morals or belief that "all that shines is not (just) gold."    After watching where murders were carried out in the alleged USA government on themselves and on our people in our neighborhoods as children, where some men finished the job from Vietnam in a closet tucked away somewhere on suicide row.

Money, rivers of it, in data form, flows through and to banks nightly, daily, in clumps and streams and rivers and cessation of ebb and flow.  Corruption and indifference leaves us better in a state of prolonged or short warfare, like cutting ones own arteries when knowing one is about to be over run by the enemy. But like all insanity of warfare, one has to be careful not to shave one's own face, unless it is an impurity that debases other tissue, and then you remove it like a pimple, risking minimal systemic infection in any case.

I have a choice of sabotage.  I have lost all health care, immediately family, and chances of employment in the USA due to my being attacked and blacklisted for reporting money laundering and murder of high ranking federal banking regulators and federal banking prosecutors.  Of course the attacks I survived and was punished for doing so by my enemies in the highest seats doing the murdering of the innocent has not been acknowledged by the war criminal (s) in power in that faction.

To the friends and family of Thomas Crane Wales, federal prosecutor Seattle, I wish you would take that gun and blow my brains out if I become so ill that I have to have VA Health care or any health care where the USA government has a finger or a thumb.  To the dead and murdered labeled suicide FDIC director's surviving family, I researched John Sexton, and I still do not know if that is the correct name.  I only witnessed what I saw and could gather and milk in information, some ironically from a San Francisco homosexual FDIC bank examiner who I call "Sueet Deep Throat", not to be confused with "Sueet Carol" or  "Mass-a Sheet" all of the FDIC San Francisco in 2000 and likely 2001.  But what is in D.C. that allows and appoints or shifts key players into position, or out of position?

There are more ways than murder to change your mindset or remove you.  Many ways are there to remove any of us in any number or amount.  We as individuals are in effect worthless to the total amount, no more no less, unless someone nearby deems us so.  And that is increasingly rare, and it does not seem to end, as even when they claim to help you, they are often liars as is illustrated in the continuing problems link of this section.

Segment February 5, 2009: CURRENCY_electrical_MONETARY_genetic__MOVEMENT_sustained_WARFARE_pert_CHART_now_ONE_usage

Recently I was discussing banking transactions with a friend and what was legal and not legal and ramifications.  As I spoke I told that person that I do nothing illegal and that all illegal activities are controlled by crime syndicates in the governments of every nation, including the USA.    I speak of this from experience after witnessing rampant and sanctioned corruption at the FDIC in California.  I almost lost my life over it, and sometimes I wish they would have killed me because of the scars I bear from my enemies.  I try to follow God's rules both now and then.  I try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  I try to help the working class, the bread and butter of our existence.   Now on with this horrific side.

I discovered on my spine on MRI what appeared to be small wings in the thoracic vertebrae after I had an injury in the Navy in which I had ruptured vertebrae throughout my spine from an accident.  Now, the wing like structures were odd to me.  Why?  Where?  How? What? When?  The who is me, I think, and as Aristotle said, "I ate what?"

Now I consider that a persons every observation and maybe even some thoughts could be transferred through the central nervous system if coupled to another organism whose central nervous system either transmitted or assisted in transmittance of signals through attached peripheral organelles or electrical transmittance. 

Here is how on one theoretical level.  The person observes something in the occipital lobe of the brain.  The growth of the exterior organism may be intricately connected to the human occipital lobe and span not only the brain but the spinal cord.  The things that look like wings on the human spine could be unavoidable extra growth or a key component to accept signals from the brain and retransmit those signals back through the spinal cord to the brain and resonate off of the peripheral nervous system to bioengineered coupling into the teeth or perhaps other structures in the head, causing a sort of whale bellow that we can not detect but detectable with the right receiving apparatus.   Even a slight resonance could carry huge amounts of data in the movement of atoms and quarks on the sub-molecular level.    After all, the receiving end could be duplicated from the transmitting end and all changes in a null signal signature would be seen and amplified.  Of course this is just theory.

I would rather have been killed than what happened to me after FDIC employment.  I was injected and basically tortured in April of 2001 after surviving an attempt on my life in February of 2001.    I had run a test to see if there were indeed murderers associated with my past employer the FDIC of San Francisco and Sacramento.  I was followed from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then into the deserts of Arizona.  I know that for a fact.  I pulled off of the highway late one night, cutting the lights off, not hitting the brakes, and coasting off into the brush.  Within minutes someone pulled over and was looking in the brush as I waited.  I just put my truck in gear, drove out past the man, who then looked at me and ran back to his vehicle.  I was attacked in Louisiana a night or two later as I was driving back to Alabama.  I had had a dream about what would happen.  Strange how life works some times.

But this brings me to the reverse of the process I described above.  What if someone transmitted thoughts to those organelles or protuberances from my spinal cord and caused me to see, hear, and feel, and walk, and taste, and run, just as if I was there experiencing those things?  After all, just as we have an in hole and out hole in our digestive system which can be perverted to be the reverse, i.e. vomiting from the mouth, or anal sex up the ass, so could signals be sent from a genetically modified spinal column, and signals could be sent into the spinal column.

It is strange that the Twin Towers were knocked down in NYC the same year I was attacked and injected.  It is strange that the Pentagon was attacked also and that the Pentagon claimed that the Pentagon was empty on the side of the building where the plane hit.  My friend told me that it was not empty.  I thought I heard on TV that it was empty.  Where did the miscommunication occur?  In my spine from the outside?  In my perception or misperception of the news broadcast?  Or perhaps the same applied to my friend, in the spine or perceptions or misperceptions, or maybe even aberrant and differing news broadcasts, or a liar who wanted to save face or cover face at the Pentagon.

I have been harassed a lot lately since arriving in Pensacola and what can be seen in videos under saintrambone on in Alabama.  I do not have the California videos because they were destroyed by federal agents in Los Angeles when I was arrested.  That was the most likely cause of the destruction of my surveillance videos, just as the ruining of some of my news broadcasts on saintrambone.

What concerns me is  this--I was given the American Holocaust  X number X 017 911 84 after being injected and forced medical procedures and threatened with long term incarceration and ordered to stop discussion of FDIC related matters.  The demands to be silent about the FDIC stuff was off of the record by that thing, those people in Los Angeles, the probation officers, or perhaps that misperception in my damned spine.  Who knows?  I trust the government just about as much as I trust a Czechoslavakian Crack Whore with my wallet.

Now about my X number.   I call it the number given to me by the beast, but someone else told me that the number of the beast was given to me by the Social Security Office when I was born.  The other number, the X 017 911 84 number, was imposed upon me by a ruthless enemy, but it was encoded or encrypted by a sympathetic admirer, in the federal government and their California subordinates in Los Angeles Superior court.  My charge was a loaded and concealed weapon.  I was nervous.  After all, neither the FBI nor the Secret Service nor the California government responded to the call for help after the attempt on my life in February of 2001. 

It is strange that I was released from LA County Jail on 8-12-2001.  I was interred at the Los Angeles federal VA facility from April 23 until May 1 2001 and had endured forced injections, forced medical procedures in which I was escorted in cuffs down a fire escape into a medical laboratory and given an MRI or Cat Scan of the head and what ever else they may have done to me. On 9-11-2001, planes started attacking the NYC twin towers and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

The 017 part of my number is like James Bond, but a sort of freakish James Bond, a genetic aberrant whose genetics may have been altered before birth or after birth.    The 84 part is like George Orwell's book 1984 in which the main character is tortured by government and then treated nicely and fed well before they take him down a hall and blow his brains out.  That is the part that concerns me.  If this is to end, make it soon and do not waste my emotional energy because I will not commit suicide no matter how much pressure is put upon me. I feel more like Mrs. Lift in the movie Throw Momma From the Train, in which people or things who pretend to care about me, simply want to kill me.  If I knew however that I was under total mind control from outside, I would kill myself.  But would I be dead?  On the other hand, would you think I had arisen from the grave if you were under mind control?  There have been instances of mass hysteria in which people all claimed to be seeing something that was not there.  But then again, could there be parallel strains of consciousness that sometimes get gapped and spliced incorrectly?  This lends to another area I am studying and making headway, the new revelation by science that we live in space in a vacuum in which in the outer sphere of space is detected a brain shaped cavity where the laws of physics change.   Therefore from a large enough perspective, time is relative only in the split millisecond kind of consciousness, which is kind of like neural electrical signals skipping across mylineated axons in the  central nervous system of the brain and spinal cord.

The federal government has me blacklisted.  They will not hire me.  Is it because we are held hostage on this planet and robbed, and that people like me are prepared to deal with criminals of a lesser sort but we are not prepared to deal with criminals of a greater sort?   Do sometimes those signals get crossed when two people sit next to each other who have the same characteristics if not in minute anatomical structure  but in physical makeup as a whole?  I remember sitting with a colleague in California and a black dot appeared between us.  I see it sometimes flashing here and there.  My colleague pointed at it and asked, "What is that?"  I replied, "I do not know".  I have thought about it ever since.

No one will hire me.  I am educated to the point of being a doctor.  I am educated in almost every field.   I always wanted education.  I should have been a truck driver.  What's up Yar? Music Video of a Czechoslavakian Crack Whore before she did crack and becomes a whore.  She might just be a slut.  I put in for a job in the Farsi and Arab nations and would gladly reside on the Gaza strip as a peace maker.  I want a block for my Israel wives and my Palestinian wives side by side with a playground in the middle for our children, and their little wing dings.  I do not want any driveways on our childrens playtime block, as I do not want to have to contact Karma Police like Radiohead to hunt you down for assassinating God's Children, my children too. Do not tamper with us you Mother F-ckers.

If any one has God's mercy, please see my MLS link for my house for sale.  I want to leave Florida and go back to living in my truck and traveling in triangles.   Note to self...stay off of any federal property, including and especially Veterans Administration property.  Not all are bad, as some tried to warn you with my X number before 9-11-2001.  Stupid humps, read it and weep it. X 017 911 84.  Go to Hell,. Kill me, I want you to. They or IT  ruined my life if I ever had one.

I tried to contact Robert Redford at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in 2008 and 2009. I want to make a movie about this. After all, I have a degree in that bullshit. In the end, I want a dark comedy ending. I want to be running an orchestra in a sort of last training session for lost souls. I want to have some fun with music. I want to hang various various war criminals with taut and thick piano wires or small cables of varying lengths and thicknesses. I want to fashion a bow from some steel using a welding torch and truck bumper. Then I want to pull their teeth and make a necklace, and get down to that funky sound, or the remix version of "Is It Insane To Be Sweet", which I renamed, "Is It Insane To Beast" Sheriff Jack Tillman, food funds thief and my gun permit thief, aka Snatch The Fairy Possum extraordanaire gets to give a demo lesson on F-minor, we will swing him by his F-DIC. And they will say in a light voice, "And some heard Hells bells, while others head the angels sing, "Ode to the mockingbirds by Saint Ram Bone".

In closing, first I want to say that a serial killer named Randy Kraft who I escaped death from, once noted in his diary at the end, "Angel". He was likely calling me that because I would not have anything to do with him or his drugged liquor. You can call me Angel too Jack. I have a riddle for you. If I play my musical instrument correctly, what kind of carol will I be playing? Answer: A Sueet Carol, or a Sweet Carol, depending on if you are looking up the trumpet players ass or down IT's throat.

Segment February 4, 2009: NETUREI_karta_HOLOCAUST_children_ALABAMA_mobile_SHIPYARD_imports_HIDDEN_children_DESCENDANTS

My grandmother who worked in the shipyards of Mobile Alabama during World War II once told me that things are never as bad as they seem.  I remember that because she looked at me as if she knew I was already in pain, a pain that was exacerbated and made worse with forced injections and basically torture and abuse under the hands of the current ruling dictators of the United States.

I often wondered if some of us children in lower Alabama were somehow tied to those things, those horrors, that occurred in the 1900's, in particular the wars of that century.  I see many human beings as barbaric now, like dogs or savages, who feel no pain as long as their cupboards are full.  They would have eaten me or my family I am sure if they were hungry enough.

When I was a child I stuttered.  My family life had some strife.  My mother was burdened with three children like a load stone but she maintained her dignity and her love for us.  My father tried to love us, but he was consumed, consumed by the ideals of the savages and he was focused on the abuses, at least that is what I think.

After my childhood I later joined the military and the rest is history.  Now I am paid to sit at home after FDIC employment.  I uncovered a murder of a top FDIC director.  I have no proof, except for what I saw as mobsters running the agency and moving like a ravenous horde, like the savages, telling me I did not know who I was messing with when I was investigating and commenting on murders and money laundering.  I would relish in slitting the throats of those who kill innocent men.  It is an edict I am sure, a sort of loadstone of a priori knowledge and perhaps the hatred of my own flesh, i.e. a contradiction, an illogical thought and act of filth and purity, a medieval middle ground of no recompense.

I have been tortured.  I carry the scars.  I was warned not to serve in the USA military.  Had I not served in the USA military I might not have been subjected to possible extreme medical abuses, not only in the military but at the Los Angeles VA in 2001, almost twenty years after enlisting in Military Service.   I was also injected at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004.  On both occasions their justification was that I talked too fast.  I have a speech impediment from a horrific childhood.   I stutterred when I was a child and I could only speak by speaking quickly.  Many left handed children are like that.  Wernickes and Brochas areas in the brain control speech and it is in our inferior brain hemisphere.  Winston Churchill carried our affliction.  We may be the only true humane humans, but that could not be true, I see that many feel our pain and they are right handed.  Human compassion is a sign of intelligence.  Many are like dogs in todays world and have no feeling for others, no empathy.  It is something we have to practice and it is not easy to do.

My depression and post traumatic stress after being tortured and abused by the dictators of the United States and their war criminal felons makes me want global suicide.  I know it is a carryover from my childhood, except when I was a child, I would often hide under the bed, wondering if nuclear bombs were going to explode.  It was if I had a memory, a memory of something horrific.  I have a scar on my ankle from childhood, like a chain had cut my leg.  My mother said it was a can top, maybe it was.  My ear has a strange marking, as if chewed or burned at the edge, or maybe it was a birth defect.  On MRI I have something strange on my vertebrae in a section of the spine, maybe it is something like wings or dorsal ridges or fins, or perhaps it is just scarring from a very hard fall I took when I served in the US Navy during the cold war.   I was likely just an experiment.  It makes no point to fight for the dictators.

When I was at sea once, the captain said, "You can't be that stupid".  I often wondered about that statement.  What were we doing sailing back and forth in the Pacific.  We never did any thing, just floated there.  I used to like to look at cloud banks and land through radar.  One of my jobs was to navigate.  I was one of the best at seeing through the mist and seeing the land.  It was a joke of a job, I was the brunt of the joke, and still am, and I should have packed my belongings when young and left the United States, never to return, because now, I welcome my death, I welcome the death of all of the suffering of my people.  We are outcast.  We are the lower caste.  The government has forgotten us for the most part.  Perhaps that is the problem, never turn to the government.  Leave their confines and the confines of the ideals of the savages of many nations.

I know of Neturei Karta, an Orthodox Jewish Group that believes that the Messiah has not arrived and that as a result Zion, or the re-establishment of Israel, should not have happened.  Rabbi Weiss reminds me of one of my uncles, a pragmatic man, a no nonsense man, who knows the truth in his own mind and heart and who does not chase the ideals of what I call the savages, those savages of some wealth and lesser virtue.   I have a lot of respect for him, but I know after the holocaust many Jews were running for their lives and wanted their own nation.  I know the feeling.  Perhaps God does not want us off of this planet.  Perhaps God is dead or never existed.  I tend to lose faith and see my approaching death as a watershed of jubilation, but I have sinned, I have had children and they will see the same terror through my eyes in their eyes anew.  It is abmonishable that I walk away without having spoken.  My descendants who are from Alabama will suffer as I have.  I can see it, but I am not sure what to do.  I can not act as a stint, because I am short lived and they must learn to fly or die.  That is life. That is the curse given to us by the savages.

I have extreme post traumatic stress.  It started in childhood I am sure.  Then it was made worse after FDIC employment and torture and abuse by the ruling regime and their self righteous savages at the top of the pecking order.  I do not see them as human filth.  I do not see them as human.  I do not see them.  I see the lie and wonder where in the Hell does their boss beckon and call the shots.  I await Armegeddon.  I no longer stutter.  I no longer crawl under my bed.  I look at the riddle of life and wonder, do I have to live and die this lie over and over and when does it end?  I once saw a type of wave in a river.  It had a name that I do not recall.  It went around and around, letting the surfboard rider never escape from it.  That is what this life feels like, like I have been here before, like something is being hammered out, maybe me.

I once knew a doctor in Mobile Alabama.  He was an evil bastard.  Much like the Nazi Germany death camp doctors.  When he gave me a physical, he laid down on my head, bending me over, jamming his looking device into my ear, creating pain in my neck.  I saw him in a department store later.  He smiled and kind of hid.  Maybe he knows the truth about some of those freakish children I knew of in Mobile, those children of special talents.  I often feel like a mistake.  I wonder if when I die I will be eaten by dogs and their savages.

 We never were a nation in the USA.  We were forced to kill others for the behalf of war criminals and felons.  I had a premonition that someone tried to kill Bush Jr., the President.  I do not see him as himself anyway.  He likely has wires in his head of metal inertia or chemical disequilibrium.  I wonder how many times I have been knocked unconscious and did not know it.  I welcome my death and the death of the human species, not out of hatred, but out of love and compassion.  The suffering of the lower caste can not be sustained I pray, if God listens.

About the Messiah, my life has been strange, and hard at times and easy at others when it should have been hardest.  I met a serial killer once, a Randy Kraft.  He wanted me to drink his poison or share a room to suck his cock, so he could kill me either way, either with the poison or whatever other diabolical method he chose.  He killed an estimated 67 young sailors and marines in California and the West Coast.  He was caught two weeks after dropping me off.  My father told me not to drink from a strangers open bottle and I did not want to share a room with him.  I smelled something on him, something indescribable, sickening.  I ran across a bank charter applicant from Nevada while I was a bank examiner for the FDIC almost twenty years later.  He reminded me of some others I have run across.  Their eyes are like liquid oil, their nature is like that of a little savage, a type of animal I can not see well but which I can detect at close glance. Perhaps that is why I was almost blinded by poisons when I was in forced exile and forced probation after being injected and tortured and forced to sign documents.  After all, I survived the FDIC and federal war criminals, that was my crime.  There was no response to my calls for help by the federal government in 2001.  I do not care if they are taken out and hanged.  I would like to see it in broad daylight so I can watch their legs twitch.  I want to write on my arms my Holocaust Number given to me by unseen friends in Los Angeles who saw my horrors in 2001.  My number is X 017 911 84.  Just as in Orwells book 1984, I am now alone.  I await the assassins bullet to hit me in the back of the head.  I wish it would hurry up.

Once when feeling bleak like this I was sitting at my computer, turned from it.  I felt a hand, a presence come up to me and hold my hand, just for a brief instant.  It was not like us. Perhaps the post traumatic stress leaves me hoping for something more.  I can not get work now due to the federal war criminals.  Perhaps I will get my chance to tend their ropes, ropes of different length, of steel cables, and I will play the ropes like a violin, with a piece of steel that I will fashion with a welders torch.  After all, they want me back at the bottom.  I like to play symphony when I am in a sweet hole bitch. That is what the FDIC assistant regional director told me 4 months before firing me for filing an EEOC complaint. She said I was in a hole I could not get out of. Cave in the governments and remove the dictators, we may find she is nothing more than a cave dwelling ape on a ton of top technology she took from men who were not savages.

Segment February 2, 2009: MOMENTS_enlightenment_FRIGHT_fight_ZONE_wiseman_OR_joe_GO

Recently something struck me as rather odd.  I was warned by a passenger on an airplane on my way to US Navy boot camp to tell the government that I had changed my mind and did not want to serve or be used in their military.

The person who warned me was rather well dressed in casual clothes.  Immaculate but not really pretentious at all, much like his warning to me.  I should have listened.  We are compromised at birth by being in this place, Earth, by being injected not long after birth with chemicals we do not know or understand.  We have to rely on our parents who are often uneducated and trusting of any face that claims to be acting on our best behalf.   I would never take any inoculations or any care from the government now.  The Veterans Administration in Los Angeles, a proven war criminal faction of forced experiments and forced injections and forced medical procedures has taught me that the government is my enemy from the day I am conceived until the day I die, and possibly afterward in some great war that I may be engaged in as I dream this terrible life in these damned United States on this prison planet we call Earth.

Now what was strange about the person warning me is that I now wonder if he was a man I knew who killed himself at any early age after being drafted into the military and forced to fight the Vietnamese.   Could it have been Wiseman?  Could he have come back?  Could it be someone sent by Wiseman or someone who knew of our enemies in the USA governments?

I will soon try to get my homestead exemption for a house in Florida.  They claimed I might not get it.  I can not afford it anyway.  I want to sell it and will put up the MLS number on my website here at Mobile Audit Club.  If I saw Wiseman come to purchase this home, I would know that his wisdom exceeded mine.  He was forced to kill for the illegal war criminal regime in power in the USA.  I was brainwashed and poor and joined by my own volition.  I would blow my own brains out before I would voluntarily touch the hand of the war criminal faction of the regime in power again.

Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, surviving federal FDIC bank examiner and freelance investigative journalist.

Segment January 27, 2009:  spine_WINGS_chains_FEET_children_PRICHARD?_scars_EARS_burns_HATED_man_TRAINING_barbaric_DAY_atonement

The day will come when all of the children who have been misused by those of their species or other species will be reconciled in the creators mind, our habitat.  I make jokes about mankind being like spermatozoids in a nut, but it is a mind in the outer sphere, I am certain of it, and if it is not a mind, it is a cell superior to our minds.  We will never make it there in space exploration, it is impossible from what I can tell. Not I, not anyone will make it, unless they or IT is meant to be there, unless this portion or cell is ill or dieing, and that is unlikely, and if so, likely not for long, at least from this perspective, which is a minor perspective on the macro and micro level.

I have some questionable things about myself, as I question everything.

When I was just a  little boy in Prichard Alabama, I remember my ear was hurting, not the inner ear but the external ear in its outer periphery.  I know that often in Marfan's syndrome type medical conditions, the ears can curl up on themselves, as if never developed.  But my ear had scabs on it, and I told my mother that it hurt, and she said as we rode through Prichard Alabama, a poor slum even back then in the 1960's, "Leave that alone, do not pick at it. I wonder what all they did to you."

Ironically too, I had on my ankle a scar from a cut.  My mother said I came inside one day and my ankle was cut wide open and it was just above the bone that creates the knot at the ankle on the inside of my leg.  It was not bleeding and I was not crying and she thought how strange it was that it was not bleeding and I was not crying, and the gash was long.  The scar is still there.  She said she did not know what had happened to me and suspected I had jumped on a can top while playing outside in the front yard. 

Now I discover in my later life on my spine, small protuberances that remind me of wings or remnant wings or perhaps even fin structures. I have many ruptured discs in my spine which is how I discovered this strange area. As an aside, one time a kind elderly Jewish man I was walking with put his hand over my spine in the painful area in the region of the protruberances, as if he knew of it. I would later have a dream of this man and his daughter and I believe that that dream saved me from being killed by crime syndicates inside the federal USA government. But that is another story and it relates to my my investigations of the federal banking regulatory agecny, the FDIC, for which I worked.    Where does all of this lead? Was this something from history and man made or something from the nature of the universe? Why is the back of my head flat as if I was laid in a crib and ignored. My mother was very attentive. I can not see her allowing a head to not be massaged into shape. What happened? Was I kidnapped? Transported? Or maybe I just have that shape of head and it can not be massaged out.

Why was I held captive at the LA VA in Westwood and subjected to forced injections and forced medical procedures in 2001, April 2001?  I did not know that the Veterans Administration did forced experiments and forced medical procedures or I would not have parked there.   I did not know the military did forced experiments or I would not have served.   When I was in Long Beach California in the Navy in 1983 or 1984 I was butchered by a dentist while another stood guard at the door, and later in Los Angeles an oral surgeon said I had unusual scar in my mouth that reached from the gum line to the top center of my mouth. I did have a dentist from India work on my in San Francisco once, and he said he would have to cut a little high to do a root canal, but even though I do not think there was a connection I was already paranoid at the time because I knew of murder and money laundering at the FDIC San Francisco office and maybe the Sacramento (Roseville) office and I was already pushed out of the agency and was using the last of the healthcare benefits.  What were they doing to me in the Navy?  Am I some sort of freak pawn used in a high stakes game of warfare.?  After all I was led into auditing not by my own suggestion but by those in the Veterans Administration. I chose medicine before that and should have been allowed to finish the last year in two years with the final year split in two. I would fight for my fellow man, the working class if I was given an international auditors job for the IRS in San Francisco for which I have applied. They will not hire me, none of them will now, after FDIC employment, that discriminatory horde, the IT most likely, and from what I have seen, what ever excess taxes could be derived from my auditing, it would be siphoned off by syndicates in the federal government.    In 1992, after leaving LA after the riots, my wife and I came back to Alabama.   I should have majored in engineering and I encourage young people with imagination to do so, major in something that matters.  The game of money is the game of shit. My father wanted me to major in Law and warned me not to major in finance (accounting). I fear those in the government buildings and want to go in with equipment to protect myself and test for the enemy in power, finding out what is fake and what is not, and I see their judges as pistol whipping whores for the dollar with no real caring for any one or any law. I know their claims of justice are fake, just as their claims of piety are fake. In God We Trust. They kill--Strike One. They bear false witness--Strike Two. They lie--Strike Three. WE are taught by them, by IT. WE lose half of their losses, therefore they are back at 1.5, always. Perhaps their genetic manipulations and murder of innocent babies brings in another strike, minus one half for us allowing them to do so. Then we are at 2. Where is the third strike? Adultery? Coveting (Greed)? In my world the body is the most material and important thing to me, and trespassing against my only possession was their fatal and final sin. I see nurses in Pensacola wrecked with work related diseases and injuries and I see what will happen, nothing. We do not even take care of those who do the opposite of harming us, caring for us. Even I was terminated from the FDIC for not dropping an EEOC complaint and the EEOC would not even hear the case. I am considering a nut busting nurses union. A calling where my kind can specialize in ripping their heads off when they get out of line, or perhaps this is just an ugly town, an ugly nation, an ugly world.

    When I was arrested for parking on LA VA Westwood property outside the gate in 2001, I had no idea my life would turn into a living hell, and it has continued to this day, forbidden employment, outcast, harassed, and chided, continual post traumatic stress and people pushing me too damned far, not only by the government, but finally my wife who pushed me out because of her being harassed at her work by federal agents.  I was simply exercising one of many degrees, investigative journalism coupled with auditing in a corrupt and closed fascist dictatorship that seems to enjoy abusing us and treating us like game animals, not even being allowed into the building lobby.   They or IT claims we are the threat.  They used to make us kill innocent Vietnamese people or go to jail for not doing so.  Now they have us kill innocent Iraqis and Afghanistan natives or be broke and jobless.  Or it seems that way for many I am sure.  One gung-ho Joe I know of in the US Army or Marines was a decorated war combatant in Iraq and his mother in law lives in Pensacola.  She bragged to me about him once, killing some guys and taking their gun.  I told her that nature has a peculiar ricochet effect, and if the Iraqis did not get him, then those controlling US society would once he returned.  Perhaps making him an experiment of medical procedure victim in the big game, the game of eternal war. She came to me recently, and I could tell she had been on a drunk. She was in tears and could not talk of what had happened to the soldier. He was shot I believe by an American soldier. I do not know how. That is the nature of that stupid game.

But then again, I often ask what has God gone through to grow up, to live eternal, and how many deaths before God was resurrected complete and total?  And I realize I am just one piece of the puzzle.  I hate to see my fellow people and relatives being subjected to the controllers torture and abuse.  I look down at a skeleton and see it has my eyes, forlorn, forsaken, forever silent.  No wonder the wandering Jews never take hold.  Who wants to, all I want to see is freedom also.  All I can hold on to is a scar I  can not explain on my ankle, and a scar on my ear, and an aching spine where it looks like wings on MRI, and I remember games by some, games in which they would hold children captive, hugging them, playing, and I can not separate the game from the trauma, likely suppressed in my memory, maybe in my imagination.   It was no joke when I was held by my apparent fellow veterans and other government employees who were employees at a VA facility in Los Angeles's Westwood.  All I wanted was a job in LA, a real job, after being pushed out by the crime syndicates of the FDIC in San Francisco and concurrently Washington, D.C.

I was a very good wrestler in Jr. High, the best, undefeated, because when penned, I went ape.  Now, I often feel the same way, no matter where I stay, I soon have to leave.  I feel better that way.  I have taken to traveling triangles in the past.  I never cross the same line twice. It alleviates boredom not seeing everything twice.  I look at it as triangulating a fix, as in navigation and strange things happen at the third point very often, but I often allow it to happen or sometimes delve into to explore.  The line drawn from the first to the third point, which is a line I did not travel, and the second to the third which I did travel, intersect. I smell the air, sense the universe, at the end of the second point after having traveled from the first. I often do not know where I will go until I get there. How would I, if I had not started to triangulate the fix. 1+1==2. 2+1==3.  Strange things  happen.  Some times in the middle of the greater triangles stranger things happen.

So as I sit here in pain, my spine writhing like a bee sting, and my mind curling in on memories that may or may not have significance from childhood, and I remember the torture I endured at the LA VA Westwood and LA County Jail  and the abuse I endured on probation, and the whole while, my mortal enemies sitting in the judges seats acting as if they are doing me or society a favor.  They deserve what they get, a pant load premature.  G-D Damn them.  G-d Damn IT. May their controller or controllers feel the same squishing anguish. Never trust VA Healthcare. They have turned on us, on me also.

Where did we or I become slaves to these M.F.'s?  Why?  Why?  Harmony in horror.  I prefer instead of sequential death, the anonymous death in a splattering in an instant of all so the suffering shall end. But I live in my own nightmare world.  Perhaps I know too much, or too little. 

I prefer cinnamon toast over bagels yet I play with the girls who eat cinnamon toast with their bagels.  Yes, I see some things in dreams. Those angels, and I know of them in life. Mothers are often good teachers if left undisturbed with their young.  Some things in sleep are like those things in life. I fight with the devil every night and wear a mouth guard often to do so.  Perhaps, I am asleep and so God has an eye on my shattered teeth brought back from LA county Jail, my shattered life, somewhere on the remnants of Heaven or Hell.  From now on I frown on those who try to deceive me.  As one man told me at the FDIC, watch your back and cover your tracks.  He was not a criminal.  Some of our bosses were.

Segment January 21, 2009:  TECHNOLOGY_warfare_MONKEY-MAN_versus_TECHNO-BEASTS_commandments_ZION_premature

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, have tried to contact numerous Rabbis to get them to answer a simple question: "Where in the Talmud (Rabbi Law) or the Torah (Judaism Scripture) does it say that Zion can be resurrected before the Messiah arrives or after the Messiah arrives?" 

None of the Rabbis have replied.  My mother and I disagreed on this issue and she told me not to comment on something I did not understand.  She was in her death bed so I let the issue go instead of antagonizing her with questions. 

I look back at the holocaust and the death of Jews and of course Germans and every other nationality on Earth.  Many Jews evidently ran to Israel after the holocaust, glad to finally find a peaceful place.  But according to Rabbi Weiss of Netueri Karta,  they should not have done so until the arrival of the Messiah.  Jews do not believe the Messiah has returned yet, according to my conversations with pro-Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews.  

However, a bigger Commandment gleans forward on this topic.  "Thou Shalt Not Kill".  There is a reason for that and it is that "What comes around goes around", equally expressed as, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."  So here we go, round and round in a volley of warfare and twisted rhetoric, none ever recalling the murders to acquire land since the 1940's or subsequently back to approximately 135 C.E. 

I propose a checkerboard grid throughout Israel and Gaza with lands and properties in blocks between Muslims and Jews.   I recommend plazas and parks in between the grids so that people can mingle and cohabitate in peace.  I also recommend dating services encouraging the mixing of Jews and Muslims.  Intermingled blood is better than spilled blood.  After all, true Jews and Muslims are closely related.

Now onto another matter and that is technological warfare.  If a monkey sees a man with a gun pointed at him, he is not too alarmed because he thinks it is a stick.  When the monkey is shot, the monkey tries to run away because he thinks he has been bitten, not knowing that is fleeing is pointless because he is soon to die.   

In technological warfare, mankind is like that.  I see the rulers of the USA to be like the man with the stick, but is it a man?.  We the humane humans are tortured and injected and imprisoned and herded, and robbed, and worked like slaves for the rulers.  We do not know how to fight back with our hands because we try to fight back like a monkey.  Our best defense is a gun but we are out done in warfare with the ruler who is cruel and abusive to our kind around the Earth. 

I recommend the  using of technology to shut down grids of waves of all sorts, harnessing them, running scientific tests to view the rulers when we do so.  Rulers who are in closed door governments like the courts of Los Angeles and the government buildings in place like Alabama and Washington D.C. 

We know we are not allies with the rulers.  We are like the monkey often, having been trained to sit and wait on our portions.  We are not monkeys, we are men, and because of that we should not sit back and allow ourselves to be ruined by rulers who are not humane to any of us.

We need technological solutions to counter the abuse by the ruling regime, the IT.  Monkey warfare and guns are useless.   Because like the monkey and the man, if the monkey knew what the man knew, he would change his strategy.  After all, the monkey could throw a coconut and knock the man off balance take his gun and shoot him in the head or heart. 

Here is a video in which I discuss a few things with a Jewish Rabbi in a comment on his video.  Ironically, the Rabbi translating in the video I am commenting on looks like and sounds like Peter Sellers of the Pink Panther Movie Series.    Life is funny, life is hard.  I sometimes think God is dead until his messenger holds me by my right hand in my times of duress and stress.  It is also ironic that left handed men are inherently more humane and better leaders than right handed men.  Left handed men are right brain hemisphere dominant.  It is in the right fore-brain that humane conduct of humans originates.  Left handed men are a minority because they were killed off over the millennia by right handed men who are more like reptiles, i.e. without humane conscience.

Segment 1-9-2009: ACCUMULATION_sperm_SPACE_macro_MICRO_cosm_DEATH_life_LUCK_love

We should know that everything we see should not be taken as perceived as at first glance.  We have learned a great secret recently and we have known some that are plain for the eye to see.

The universe has an outer bound where the laws of physics change, with lines of striation forming the shape of a loaf of bread, in particular a brain sort of structure or organism.  Very interesting discovery often over looked by the average person.  Astounding really and rarely if ever discussed. 

Now, consider that life is an evergreen with some needles dieing and some taking hold and some remaining for the next flush.   And consider that spermatozoids constitute half of our essential being at one time, even though not housing as much as the other half--the egg.  This is the nature of our apparently imperfect universe from this level.

No machine is perfect, nothing is wasted.  Now that is a contradictory statement on the surface of it, but you are in fact speaking of a relative macro and micro existence, competing yet holding hands as directed to by the higher force.  

The living cell operates at the highest efficiency with some significant loss of heat in the surrounding universe.  The living cell is much more efficient than any known engine. 

So, why do we have nothing wasted, as pertaining to the macro scale, or the gestalt view as some would word it in psychology, and why is it that some aspect of every machine and cell on this level is wasting energy in the form of heat loss?   

We only see part of the picture and we are subjected to much greater forces, impossible to fathom in their total complexity and formidable to deal with on a daily basis.   The laws of thermodynamics bear me out on these facts if we observe entropy and enthalpy.

Why do I discuss these things you may ask?  We are constantly bombarded with frustration or elation, some things free, some things taken away.  The lesser animals of men run in fear and point at the immaterial, they are like the spermatozoids trying to survive, but they are inferior and most times never make it, but their work is done, just as the first sperm that hit the egg simply die and act as an acid to allow later a spermatozoid of another virtue to enter. 

However, the side glance of life for us, the imperfect universe at this level, with the tearing of the macro and micro universes in juxtaposed position, hold hands, and give us light and dark, ignorance and wealth, greed and sacrifice. 

We know that things are difficult.  We do not know when the universe may explode, if ever, and yet we see our own semen leaking out in a foundry of death on a bed sheet and are as indifferent as if looking at sinus mucous. 

Some day, perhaps this universe will explode, busting forth a new life, a new light, a new beginning.  May the most suited sperm win, because after all, this life at this level is often like living in a bowl of feces.   So let him win the little guy says, the first will disentegrate in any event of accumulation, and the second may just be heading to a bowl of shit, or another competition, and his will just be another grade of Hell, kind of like this life under that ruling regime we all on a daily basis tell to go Hell.  I applaud the overthrow of the regime.  I was conned by  them too, but that is OK, I became more enlightened and laugh when they are in their sullen graves, of the IT Shit.

Segment 1-3-2008:ZIONISM_disagreement_BLOOD_line_DECEPTION_TRUTHS_fear

When my mother was in her death bed, we discussed Zionism. She told me not to discuss what I did not understand.  I did not argue with her because she was already ill and it made no difference, but I did not agree with her, however I wondered what she knew that I did not.  I could see she was in severe pain and it would do no good to venture further on the topic of Zionism, which is the re-taking of the lands formerly Israel by people who claimed to be descendants and inheritors of that land.

I no longer believe in Zionism.  I see killers in my midst who support killers there;  Killers of no virtue;  Killers who are like vultures or birds of prey. Some may believe or be deceived in the lies of the heretics of Christianity and Judaism. Judaism is not Zionism.

Why do I say these things you may ask?  I do not know the full extent of the Torah as spoken of by the Orthodox Jews such as Rabbi Dovid Weiss of the Neturei Karta.   I know of my own humane conscience. I lost it temporarily to some extent when I was a teenager and brainwashed by the lies of the mass media and those who would use me and abuse me throughout my life.  I can not harm an innocent man to take his land however, and I never could harm innocent people.  I would rather keep traveling and seeing what God has to show me. 

When my wife divorced me due to be harassed at our home by federal agents and due to her being harassed at her work by federal agents, which was due to my investigative reporting, I bought a home that was defective and I was conned by several people, the realtor, her inspector, and maybe even the VA inspector and the appraiser.  I do not want to fight them.  I may end up poor and homeless but I hope to keep moving when the roof collapses. I can not afford the repairs and the government has labeled me a criminal and no one wants to hire an accountant labeled a criminal. My crime was to believe in the lies of the USA constitution, the lies of the federal governments belief in honoring honest men, dead or alive.  Some men would rather fight any one, including killing some harmless men such as Jesus Christ.   

I was attacked and survived and would rather have been killed by the federal banking crime syndicates than to have been tortured by the California courts acting under the directive of the war criminals and crime syndicates of the federal government of the USA.  I hope that when I die I am free to travel.  I do not want to live in a box.  I do not want to stay on desecrated land such as that in Israel on this day. America is bad enough.   My heart goes out to Rabbi Dovid Weiss of the Neturei Karta.  I know many people in New York hate Jews.  Perhaps they do not know any.

Segment 1-2-2009:FORBIDDEN_art_CRAIGSLIST_censored_FEDERAL_crime_SYNDICATES

I have been trying repeatedly to post a free painting on Craigslist around the Earth. It appears that it is being censored by federal crime syndicates. Let us hope the war criminal regime has its throat snatched out and its head severed. We are no longer fools. We were never really allies. I was a fool for trusting and serving the USA government. Now I welcome Armegeddon, not only for myself, but for the sake of my forsaken children. We are in a technological morass, perhaps an ongoing war, perhaps internal defeat. Welcome Armegeddon if we can not get free. Here is the free posting on Craigslist re-pasted below. The pictures mentioned are not there, but you can get the gist of what I say.

I have a free very famous painting for the first person who can tell me how they have helped to weaken the ruling war criminal regime in power and their fascist followers.

If you are an Orthodox Jew and are part of Neturei Karta, I will give you special consideration at the end of the two week period that this ad runs because I have seen you beaten by people claiming to be your own, very much like myself being attacked in the USA since 2001 and federal bank examiner employment and reporting money laundering and sanctioned murder. Here is a link to Neturei Karta.

If you were jailed and injected with chemicals forcibly or forced to have medical procedures or forced experiments like many veterans in Los Angeles and myself, you will have special consideration.

You can see a link here to proof of those forced experiments on others. There were to stop in 1999. They did not. They would not even give me my medical records. See the Continuing Problems section of this link for proof of abuse of the other veterans there. They may have done something to you in the military. I was told by a Mobile dentist that one of my teeth looks like electronics and he wanted to remove the filling.

If you are like a holocaust victim in the USA since 2001, such as myself Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone, and if you can prove it, I will give you this dual layered painting, Acrylic on Canvas, 4 ft by 3 ft. The painting is in the picture below. Its estimated value is $911 Million dollars 75 years from now. I also made a video titled "Is It Insane To Be Sweet" and you can see the painting in the video.

I have also included in the video a picture of a federal agent sent to my home in Mobile Alabama. He was there illegally and I would have released a lion on the men who came to my home if I had one. But it would have done no good because the closed door government there would still rule. Here is the video.

I call it the Queerest of the Queer because it is the strangest painting you can ever own, and there is a rather bizarre story behind it that involves the federal and local governments in these hog-tied United States. I painted the paintings bottom layer in early 2001. It is a black hole sun with a bloodied beast. The top layer was done shortly thereafter to cover up the heinousness. The top layer has Ba'al Zebub still coming through as part of San Francisco with a setting sun viewing the North West view from San Francisco. It is my hope. This painting has been blessed or cursed in a special way. Ba'al Zebub can harm you or help you, depending on if you lie and if you are or are not part of God's prime collection of beings.

In the picture below I have also included Sheriff Jack Tillman who I was instrumental in having removed from office in Mobile Alabama. Jack is poolside in the picture in a home I lived in in California. I called him Snatch the Fairy Possum in the picture and he lives in the pool pump shed in a very old home owned by an elderly woman who is a psychologist. In reality Tillman and his cohorts in the federal government and local government allowed the starving of the inmates, having taken over $350,000 of inmate food funds. Here is one of the few proofs remaining.

He stopped me from entering the government on 4-3-2001. I had survived an attempt on my life for reporting money laundering and murder at the FDIC San Francisco where I had worked as a federal bank examiner in 1999-2000. I had lured Tillman out by reporting to inmates in the jail that I was going to find out who was stealing the inmate food funds earmarked for inmates. I then contacted the government city clerk office in Mob AL to tell them I was going to one of their war criminal closed government meetings in Mobile Alabama City council meetings on 4-3-2001. Jack met me at the gate with 13 deputies and instead of arresting me, took my gun permit and turned me back. I fled and later the war criminals the war criminal government of Los Angeles forcibly injected me, jailed me, tortured me, and had me sign documents stating I was a criminal for daring to survive the attempt on my life. My crime was not to have a gun permit, which was taken by Sheriff Jack Tillman, now removed from office.

You can see more of my paintings, music, art, science observations and inventions at Mobile Audit Club website.

You can see the videos I have made here at youtube saintrambone.

So step right up and present your case. I will give the painting away at the end of the two week run here on craigslist Free Stuff.

Here is an aside that I read after posting the ad.

Today, I turned to the Bible for assistance to see what God had to say to me.  I turned with the right hand this evening.  This morning it spoke of brotherhood and cherishing fellow men.  We do not do that.  This evening I turned to Ezekiel 38:17, and it read, "This is what the sovereign Lord says:  Are you not the one I spoke of in former days by my servants the phophets of Israel?  At that time, I prophesied for years that I would bring you against them"....  Let Armegeddon begin and welcome the Hand of God to lift that which is good and to reassemble that which is impermanent and not worthy of blood sacrifice.  So help us God, kill us all with your benevolence is my prayer.

Segment December 25, 2008:  DREAM_50_death_BIRTH_elongate_REALITY

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone was told in a concrete dream that things would change for me at a certain age.  That age is two years away.  Perhaps I will die, or perhaps I will survive again another attempt on my life.   My life became a sort of surreal entanglement after federal employment as a bank examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 2000 in the USA simply because I stood up to corrupt bastards in power and survived in 2001, albeit in tatters.

So I await the age of 50.  I await the concrete realization of the concrete dream.  I have many enemies, I have many friends.  Tune to the latter part of 2010 and 2011. 

After I was forcibly injected with chemicals by federal crime syndicated agents in early 2001, I knew things were not what they seemed.  My enemies in power in the USA government had me to believe, to trust.  Now I see shit.  The lies, the shit, the USA government, the beast, the heralded glorification of ill burden.  My task may be to reconcile the account or just to report it.  I await justice, the emulsification of my enemies into a paste, a paste for thieves, lions, and cockroaches .

Their eggs are like worms.  Their dreams are like screens of no substance.  Their lies are transparent.  Why are we deceived?  Are we to be the callous on the feet of the upper caste?  If so, cut off the feet and remove the toes, it is better to let the warmonger types die from the blood of their own gutted nose. 

I await 50, I await 2010, and I have heard there was to be a great change in 2012, and although I see it as likely nonsense, it matches to the dream I had of 2010 by two too..

Segment 12-21-2008: MIND_control_MACHINE_warfare_SOCIAL_control_MACRO

I, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone was forced to receive forced injections against my will in a hostile fashion by the government of the United States or that thing portending to be "my government",  in 2001.  A hostile National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) crime syndicated official acting on behalf of murderers and money launderers in the USA governments Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation also known as the FDIC did the forced injections on a federal facility.   That thing, that filth associated with international crime syndicates and Las Vegas, the Washington D.C. power cartel is obviously in its sunset or it is time for our deaths, let's hope, one or the other.  We can not co-exist peacefully with the regime in power.  We have no human rights, therefore they or IT shall and should cease to exist in power and presence.

Of course, I could be wrong, as they say things are not what they seem.  In terms of global warfare or control of society from space, you must realize that deception is key.  For instance, if one is injected with chemicals by the regime as I was, forcibly or otherwise, you are subject to their concoctions and your loss of your own control or volition. 

In terms of warfare from space, you should imagine also a large enclosure comprised of any known or unknown set of scientific variables and apparatus or their construct over you in your space or the greater space beyond the troposphere.    Thus an entire planet could be controlled by several methods. 

My career, my sense of safety, my belief in the regime and their allies in the United States and likely beyond is no longer material.  Perhaps, it will be time for global warfare or perhaps their machine will leak out of Freon and we will cook inside.  Sometimes death is preferable to worshipping at the feet of beasts like those in power in the United States and many other locales.

For questioning the murder of a FDIC director labeled a suicide, I was told by a assistant regional director for the FDIC in 2000, "You have dug yourself a hole you can not get out of".  I would like to invite the entire FDIC management and a Senate and Congress filled swath of Washington D.C. to a hole.  I leave with a song, a Beatles song I found when I was looking for a Pussy In Velvet Hole.  Fixing A Hole by the Beatles on Youtube.

Segment December 12, 2008:USA_regime_TORMENT_murder_BANK_rip_OFF_tax_DIVERSION_technology

If ever there was a bank examination experience, it was one in which a Nevada resident who was the stereotypical Nevada hoodlum from Reno at the moment who had acquired casino revenues and drug revenues for laundering and other illegal scams at his new bank.  We were the bank examination crew for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, I was with TWO other FDIC men who were to issue the bank charter. 

The guy getting the bank charter issuance was shifting in his seat, almost sliding down to get away from us.  When I looked at him he made some remark to another banker on the other side of the table with a smirk.  I had no idea that the slime of that sort, a sort of sub-human or non-human had so much influence in the banking industry.

Whose throat should I have slit for the murder labeled suicide of the prior regional FDIC director in San Francisco?  Should I have thrown a net over the Reno hood who wanted the bank charter issuance in Roseville, California, right where the FDIC office for the inner California area was located. 

I was warned to quit.  I would rather catch that dark hearted mercurial slit and trace its root and gut IT on the spot.  The federal government turned against me, but they have always killed the innocent since I can remember, or they make you commit suicide, either by your hand or theirs.  My prayer is for the Creator to grant me relief, either release from their control or my death and all of our deaths who are like me and subjugated and tortured to the point of wanting death.

Could it be that there is something in the USA government that needs to be rooted out immediately with all resources and lives spent if necessary?  It appears so.

Segment December 11,  2008: LEADERS_slate_FLINT_fire_DEATH_dominant 

Looking back on the allure of the federal USA government employment sector when I was young and naive and my view of the federal controlling regime now years later, or the IT as I call them or IT now, I would not let them touch me, neither seeing me in their military, their federal employment, or IT's public schools and indoctrination halls nor their public hospitals nor their innoculations.  I view the regime as the enemies to mankind, and if ours are there, they are mixed in and difficult to fathom.

Once when I was a child, my father and I were out with a small pellet rifle and he killed a bird.  How cruel to kill such a colorful creature I  thought.  But he was teaching me the nature of this life, this cruel filthy and disgusting life among things that appear lovely and bleeding on the outside, and inside as dead as dirt from the day of birth.

The cold mass in which we are viewed by the ruling regime is like that of dirt or clay or feces, or as I see them, a cold dark slate or flint in reality, awaiting the final slab once again.  The beauty of having endured the American Holocaust first hand after FDIC bank examiner employment is that I do not mind seeing the bird die, nor the people, as we are nothing but death inside as is evidenced by that war criminal and ruling horde, the IT. 

Let us welcome our deaths if we can not be free from the IT and its contrivances.   No longer serve or trust the ruling horde, and when they die, remember them as being dead as slate in their hearts and minds before they hit the rocks.

Segment December 2, 2008: BLIND_spot_TURBULENT_pull_BLACK_void_MAGNETIC_electric_GRID_flux

The one recurring feature of our people's conflicts with the USA government, is their use of our fear to control us.  The entire ordeal is like being fed upon by a being exterior to yourself, one you are subjected to, and you or I am like a corpse awaiting the last feeding that bites from many mouths and directions, subdued and hopeless and delirious.

In thinking on spying apparatus, I and a colleague came upon a black sort of hole, a kind of radio interference and he pointed it out without me saying anything, me thinking it was just more of that annoying visual disturbance.  He asked what it was, and  I thought about it a long time and consider many variables present to explain the point of darkness of another sort, but I think back on negative electrical charges in mass that may be sustained by low amperage power sources, such as existing ground currents of suburban neighborhoods and homes, and that coupled with directed or implanted recognition of matter in the room with possible magnification and transmittance of sound and control of reading materials, including digital form and genetic codes present.  

If the dark area was not related to power charges in the air in a void or power circuit of a sort, then coupled energies with atmospheric pressures or controls in the troposphere all the way to thermosphere and beyond to the outer layers of space as we know them in its current dogma of an exterior shell where the laws of physics change, that of a bread shape, with lines of striation.

In other words, they may be watching or controlling you and you may not see anything but a small visual field anomaly, much like a sunspot, sometimes moving, sometimes stationary.  Who is they?  Them?  Those who inject and kill and subjugate?  What is IT?  Have we gone too far, or not far enough?  I could have been easily killed when I was attacked in 2001, but they or IT controls through fear in many cases.  They control through the needle more than we care to admit. 

I was forcibly injected after being in fear and tormented by now proven criminals in government.  Some of you volunteered.  For what?  The world's best investigative reporter and auditor begs the question be answered.  What is the floating dark area.  It is not the blind spot, it is a sort of high powered or penetrating and controllable wave or field or both, etc.

Taste the blood from your own finger and tell me which one it was.  You know way.

Segment October 19, 2008: COMPUTATIONS_approximations_DEVIATIONS_permutations_INESCAPABLE_calamity_NON_anonymity

Once I believed all that I saw and heard from the greater masses mass media and larger voices.  Then one day, I awakened.

It is easier to move a mass sometime than it is an individual particle.  That is the nature of mankind in warfare.  Try to get a stranger on the street to fight for another unknown individual and you will likely get less than a 50% response rate.

The permutation of that fact: You can be subdued and forced to follow a larger mass.  The military draft is the best approximation and it is celebrated by some or something.   Why would I want to fight the other side when my wife is among their masses?  Why would I want to fight the stranger unless I myself was under attack.

Yet, we are forced to use monetary resources to create pain and rob wealth, not for our greater well being, but for that of the concentrated and extraneous and blood seeking mass, a mass of people, machines, or perhaps the training apparatus within the mind of God.  We are in a universe that is like a vacuum.  We float freely on a planet in which we are bound to the surface by a force that ironically called gravity.

The flesh is as thin as the neuronal coating in the brain. 

Why are we provoked, why am I provoked?  I was stepped upon by forces of things, people, or beings, in the so-called judges seat of what I perceive as the other particles within the inner mass, the inner of the outer edges of a universe that is shaped like a loaf of bread according to current scientific dogma.

Why?  Near starvation and provoked by those things in the inner mass that appear to be like me, yet controlled by that thing or people extraneous to myself and most of our well being, apparently. 

I feel transparent in the inner mass and all I can do is remember in this struggle or this commonplace recompense  that all is not what it seems.

October 1, 2008:  DUAL_submerged_EXISTENCE_control_CONSTRICTION_elasticity

The over riding nature of nature appears to be that all systems and ecosystems are or will be at starvation or at the brink of starvation, at least in some if not all sections.

The lies of this life are made more apparent by the uncaring nature of those who often surround me, and those who will steal from others everything through legal means and imperfections in the legal system.

Recently someone said that a man was a traitor to his own.  He said "No, you kill innocent men and women and children and do forced injections on my self and forced medical procedures upon myself.  You likely did things when  I was unaware and naive in the military and mass inoculations when I was among the school children.  You have done those same things to many others.  I do not turn on my own.  I face my enemy.

My enemy is controlling much of the United States of America governments.  We can expect starvation or near starvation existence.  We can fight and die against those who force injections and who force medical procedures.

They will always have their followers.  We are in a starving world and the young are impetuous and the old are often bitter and indifferent.  It is like being in a sea of starving and feasting dogs at times, as they eat each other. 

I encourage young people to watch their backs in the government buildings and those areas that the government protects.  DO NOT work for their military or their government.  I was given the same warning and ignored it.  Now, I welcome my own death, but preferably the death of the enemy of my kind.

We are in a blood bath and game of chemical warfare.  Some people are too ignorant or perhaps they are that way by design.

We must view our existence in a new light.  Our suffering is not equal.  They injected me, therefore I applaud the death of the ruling regime's controllers and the placement of a more humane American government and government structure in power, or if we are to continue to suffer, that someone somewhere snaps them in two, even if it is a bitter end for all.


Segment September 19, 2008:  SLAVE_hammer_LIME_cement_WORLD_power_DOMINATION_death_QUEST

Today, I listened to that inner voice, that heralding voice, that tells me where I am and who I am among, unequivocally and undeniably.

The wealthiest of the world want world conquest.  That is ironic, because the most sociopathic sales people are the most successful, because they want the most money and will do anything to obtain that goal.

I am prisoner to some extent of a place that I no longer want to be.  I have a dear friend or two here and family nearby I would miss most assuredly, and in some respects, it would be easier if I had no friends or family nearby, therefore I could leave, forever.

Those who conquer the world also lead us in our behaviors.  I am sickened by human behavior in the South Eastern United States, and to some extent in California and Washington D.C..  I was injected forcibly in California and treated like a rabid and useless animal by the federal government there in the year 2000 and onward.  In the South East, I see petty hatreds, racial hatreds, a government that is like an iron boot over my people, and I am one of their hated felons.  I was labeled a felon for owning a gun in California.  The Constitution says we have the right to bear arms.  It is a lie, particularly if we are in danger of being attacked again by the federal crime syndicates in power.  And I welcome the death of the regime in power for their lies and betrayal of myself and others since 2000.  But then again, they killed many of us during Vietnam.  I was too young.  I gave up because I thought I would be next.  I believed their lie later on and much hardship and brainwashing by their propaganda.  And now, I want them or IT to die.

I was sold a house in Pensacola Florida by a Czechoslovakian Hustler.  Her husband did the repairs to cover up things, and he was a punk brain burn out from Huntington Beach.  Huntington Beach is a wealthy suburb South of Los Angeles and the people their burn their hair to be blonde, and the rave was a White limousine when I was there in the area in the Navy in 1982. Their building inspector was not honest and was being paid off, and he is likely from the Pensacola area and sees a race war as imminent, and yet he lied to me, perhaps because he saw me as a Jew or an Indian and he is already at war.

When I was going to Boot camp in the Navy in 1982, it was my first plane flight.  I should have flown without the government sponsorship so that I could have avoiding becoming their next victim.  I am tired of being the victim.  I am tired of being swallowed and regurgitated in the filth and slime of the world that surrounds me, the humans that are nothing more than savages in many cases.  Not all are bad.  One man on the plane to boot camp, from South Alabama to South Central Florida urged me to re-evaluate.  I told him it was my first plane flight.  He said, "Look where you are going."  "You should tell them you do not want to be there, you changed your mind."  "They will let you leave." 

The man was dressed in a nice casual suit.  A sort of guardian angel in the sky.  He would have been forgiven on this day, if he had shot me in the head when I was departing the flight.  We are no longer allies, myself and the ruling dictatorship in power and their federal and local governmental crime syndicates.  I am harassed and quarantined where ever I go by federal officials now or their lackies with miniscule authority.   I will  hope to see their bosses killed by next Year on Labarum day.  We will not find ourselves in a war, we are in a war.

Today, I held a tool used to push cement into a hole between bricks.  It reminded me of the Hebrew slaves and others who built the pyramids for those war criminals of yesteryear.  I am much stronger in upper body than most humans, despite injuries.  Perhaps those memories came back as in a past life reminding me of selective breeding for some occupations, moving stones and pushing limestone into cracks.

I considered going to a Jewish temple, but I do not know if I am invited.  I considered going to Iran to worship to the East, but I do not know if I am invited.  I feel alone and welcome the coming wars. My family and friends were pushed from me by federal war criminals.  I will find comfort if I can find my enemies severed heads in my hands or in the streets and ditches. They or IT loathes me as much as I do them or IT.

This is where I find escape, solace, in vanquishing my enemy, even if I am dead or about to die.  I have suffered greatly and so shall many of my offspring and those of our kind.  We are subjugated by the wealthy who want world conquest.  They can not get enough.  They are like pigs with proboscises like mosquitoes who suck our blood and suck our blood with unending thirst.

I trusted the Veterans Administration and the government above them.  Now, when I enter their facilities, I am either watched or herded in among their subjugates, their felons, their forced experiments, their idiots who rode in planes to play G.I. Joe routines for a sense of belonging or for a thirst for material goods promised but never delivered.  So many lies they told, especially true now that I am mature and view all of it in retrospect.

We are a subjugated race, a human race, lost, ignorant, likely brain damaged and caste set, sort of like Aldous Huxley's book, "A Brave New World", except we are lessened in intellectual and spiritual power from the outset.  In my darkest moments I pray for the end of time since we can not win at the other man's game, a game of subjugation and poverty and abuse through force.  If their buildings fall on them, let's hope we have gotten those who have gotten to us. 

Never Again is the motto of the Jewish Defense League.  Never again for any of us.  I would not care if you burned down my house.  It will not sell because we are all broke.  I can not burn it down.  I will go to prison.  I would rather let it go to foreclosure.  I do not care and somehow hope that if you burn it, I am inside.  The fumes kill before the flames get to you. 

Never again trust the Veterans Administration or any government approved entity.  WE are in their or IT's crosshairs and we are beckoning their or IT's death for quite some time now.  I remember being a mason, a slave, on a tall never ending fight with those, that, IT son of a bitch.  When blood flowed from them or IT, it was like seeing honey flow from a flower and all I wanted to do was taste it, and share it with the other slaves on the stone edifice.  Never again serve or trust the USA governments or their allies.  Let them burn and rot in Hell or wallow in their own flow of blood and feces.  So Help US God. 

I read a Bible verse lately and it says that if someone gives you a warning heed it.  Sometimes warnings are subtle and sometimes they are blatant.  I hope the next time I will get the message, as I have often missed it in the past.