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Each segment is outlined by words connected together in a line and each segment was updated on a different date and the latest are up front. To skip through segments, do a CTRL-F on the keyboard and type in "segment".

Segment July 23, 2010: MACAU_chinese_GAMBLING_distraction_BANKERS_oklahoma_$843_MILLION_9.11_million_DUE

Evil is as evil does. Now's my turn at bat. Of all of the ironies of life, I have discovered once again it pays to hunt for dead hard facts before you delve into any mythological or religious or farfetched fantasies of an occurrence or event.    My prime example is a meteorite or dirty bomb that exploded next to the interstate while I was in transit between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Wichita, Kansas in 2004.  

It puzzled me very much but I now I know that two "alleged" Macau (China's version of Las Vegas) bankers were caught with an alleged "$483 Million USA dollars", allegedly translated currency, converted from the Far East Currencies to the American dollar.       One of the men was in Oklahoma City Oklahoma and the other was in Wichita Kansas, allegedly.   They were caught and arrested in September 2004, allegedly.    The reason I say allegedly  is because I do not believe a damn thing the federal government says, even if they think they know the truth.

I had no idea it might be a dirty bomb that almost hit my vehicle at around 00:00 hours on December 8, 2004, give or take an hour.  I stopped for gas in Braman and went toward Blackwell in the night headed to Kansas.   But it could be a signaling device, but then again I am back off on theories.  I would say most likely a bomb or a warning.    A lesser probability is it was a meteorite, or perhaps some errant device from a local air force base.  I would rather have money.  I could sell that device had they not detonated it.  If it was a dirty bomb I would not want it.  Incendiaries are a favorite on Fourth of July.  That would be the biggest explosion in quite some time,  as it was showering powdery dust at least 200 to 400  yards or more from the road and showering my truck.    The FBI bought the truck I think.  I am not sure, but it was sold in 2009.  He had a stack of cash and was buying it for someone else.   He looked like FBI.  Puffy hair wig.  I did not tell them about the meteorite dirty bomb that it drove through 5 years ealier.  The half life was probably not quite relevant at that time.

The funny thing about this is the discoveries of my research.  I must interview those bankers, Xu and Xu.  I think my poem song I wrote while in exile predicted this lie.   Sweet Carol Lodi it was titled or Sueet Carol Lodi, or Sweet Carol Load Eye.   Those Macau bankers  went to the "Kaw" Lake area, at least that is what I call the triangle formed by Kaw Lake, Wichita, and Oklahoma City, in that  triangle.  The  Kaw Lake is a desolate little place, an Indian reservation property is there, but the shapes of the lakes are rather strange from aerial photos, like a crow's foot, one that  may have landed there some time ago.  Ames Oklahoma  is nearby also and it is a place where a meteorite hit millions of years ago and is nothing more than a farm town.

After the meteorite almost hit me in December 2004, I went back several years later, around 2007,  and was looking around the area, looking for the mysterious thing that inhabits there.  That thing, that information, of why I was almost hit by the meteorite or dirty bomb.  I did not call it in to 911 because my former middle number was 911 after I had anything to do with government and the federal government in Los Angeles injected me forcibly in 2001 when I reported a Sheriff Jack Tillman starving inmates in Alabama and I was involved in investigating a murder at the FDIC San Francisco labeled suicide of a regional director. In 2004 when I noticed a toxic burn on my neck and a toxic waste clean up truck in New Mexico   I was injected forcibly and knocked unconscious at Flagstaff Medical Center.  They passed a new law in Arizona allowing them to commit war crimes.  The Department of Homeland Security is a loaded truck driver carrying evacuees of the American pogrom.  The Pollocks took over.  It could have been a nuclear bomb over OKC in December of 2004 and I would not have even whistled 911.  I have been attacked many times and it is the same, we are on our own.  I have both syndicates in the streets  and in the  government that went after me.  Now I know them for who they are and I see the dividing line, us and them, or just me and mine.

I would wager I was being signaled that someone bumped the pinball machine and that the $483 Million are in fact USA dollars that are now going to be stolen just like everything else in our lives.    Beware of mind control.  They tamper with us medically when we are in strategic positions.  

Speaking of Xu and Xu of the Bank of China out of Macau, their names translate in mathematics as X or times or an unknown variable, or X on the X axis, and Y as on the Y axis, and U meaning the union of sets. Beware as Xu and Xu were allegedly arrested near where I was attacked in 2004, and Yu was arrested in Los Angeles. Xu and Xu were allegedly arrested in OKC and Wichita in 2004, and I was almost killed in a rocket blast in Braman OK in late 2004, not that the FDIC and NTEU or the Secret Service or the Treasury or the FBI or the President or Senators and other federal syndicates really give a Sweet Mass of Sh!T if I live or die. 9.11 Million dollars would show they cared, after all they wrongfully forced upon me that unlucky number and a holocaust of horrors. ARD F-DIC SWeet Carol should know I am like the Pink Panther when I investigate crimes and I might bring a Sweet Transvestite to help me out.

A word to the wise.  You Journalism students, change majors.  Your families are not in the click, and you are out of a job.  Engineering is the best and if not that then something in medicine.  Computer programming is becoming automated and changes quickly but some say there are jobs.  You could always drive a large freight truck but some men I know say it is "A curse, not to mention deadly."  So remember the Kaw Lakes now carry a crow.  Nine Inch Nails with Dead Souls and a crow.  Sweet Carol, tell your boss I want my 9.11 million dollars.  I have played fair enough and fighting fair is fair.  Ask my Friend "Former" Sheriff Jack Tillman.  He is not my friend but he writes about friends in poetry and is simple so I like to appease him.  4-3-2001 and 360 thousand dollars stolen and he Snatched my gun permit.  I did not know the law.  I could have gotten it back the next day.  He wanted me to step behind closed doors.  Never surrender to the enemy.  Soon we will not have laws, only survival of the fittest.  SOS.  9.11 would be suite sweet.  I survived.  Thomas Crane Wales, banking fraud prosecutor did not.  I was tortured.  If we can't have the tail, we can have the cat.  Chips are down and everyone is frowning.

On one other matter, more material money wise, in kickback trillion dollar loans to banks in  Europe and Switzerland, the USA gets outdated foreign manufacturers that will not make it in the Western world.   One key example is a billion dollar steel mill with outlays by the state to assist in putting in  roads and such, with payouts to locals from those in the syndicate that is in control.   They know the mill not make it and they know how much money they will make and how much they will pay.  A simple example is, when the plant is being built, they promise large payouts to share holders and investors, and for this example every 5 dollars the company makes, so do shareholders make 5 dollars.     At the next report the management says, we made less but you still get paid.  The company gets 5, and the shareholders get 4.  The next time the company gets 5, the shareholders get 3.  The next time the company gets 5 and the shareholders get 2.  The next time the company gets 5 and the shareholders get 1.  The next time the shareholders get a letter saying they are closing shop and want to borrow more money from the state or the federal government.  Money, For the Love of Money(music video)


The federal government syndicates should realize that some things are like warnings pre-ordained. Those MACAU bankers may be somebody saying, look, "Mobile Audit Club, Aye You", aka MACAU. And let's face it, Chinese bankers named the same name, Xu, and Xu, and one named Yu. Xu and Xu stayed in the USA and Yu went back to China. Sounds like the three little piggies. Some times a riddle is in the coding. I should sue them. Las Vegas has a few crooks, murderers, thieves, American politicians who may not even have control of their own bowel movements. The days of wealth in America have always been thin in some area. I hate those who control lower Alabama and their international corporations who control those war criminals in power across the nation. I was told we are going to have a bit of a Holocaust in the area. I hope it is one of those Armegeddons that does more than snap our necks or splinter our minds, hell man, cook the whole prune filled turkey. After all, even John Lennon knew, "Happiness Is A Warm Gun." (music video) Lennon in a way sold the idea of war with the song and he caught one. We obviously are a nation settling to the bottom. A change in societal conduct is underway, for better or worse, likely both. (Xu, Xu, and Yu, what a trio, what is the truth Mr. Federal War Criminal in the USA? Who Who are you? (music video)). Xu Xu and Yu of course. Yu Be Gone. Wire Syndrome. Remember the Wire, Xu Xu Yu, if you can think or be at all.)

Segment July 11, 2010: MINOAN_garden_EDEN_ancient_RELIC_resurrect?

In the Aegean sea, which is the North Eastern part of the Mediterranean, were some of the earliest inhabitants of the region, the Minoans, and they likely had the most utopian existence you can hope for in life.  The air was clean, the water was pure, and the weather was moderate in climate and protected from many of the commons pitfalls of Hurricanes, typhoons, but it had an Achlile's heel, earthquakes and volcanoes.

As you can see by Minoan art, theirs was a place of plenty.  In the year 2012, the land might re-emerge there, as there is speculated to be some gravitational pull.  Some say our solar system sun is too immense and that any speculated gravitational pulls would be more impinging upon our sun's movement and it has been down the same paths many times.  Time will tell.

I have a joke about the Mediterranean I will reiterate.  The people of the North of Europe and the South of Africa come there, each in their own color.  Each one says they are better than the other and some times fight about it.  The Mediterraneans being a descendant of both groups has anal sex with other men and call themselves God and sometimes they make slaves of each other or have each other killed in sporting contests. One interesting piece of artwork is where some Mediterraneans greet a darker fellow like they did the lighter fellow, and play, "Throw the Negro on the Bull.". Of course the art could be symbolic for a mother and father putting their child on the ride to life, upon the bull which represents Earth.  Do  things ever improve?

In Mobile Alabama I am kicked out of government.  In Louisiana I am attacked by California and D.C. syndicated hoods hooked to the federal government.  We are cut out. The days of what I call, "The Goody Two Shoes", have ended, as the deaths of many in highest of finance attest, and I survived, I think, because I am the lowest common denoinator and somewhat accustomed to things, "down in the hole". Just a time of intense change or subjugation at a new level is what the world is experiencing.   So I spin the blues at some funerals and pappy sometimes plays a-long as in this New Orleans death medley.  In transit in the truk to allah-bama.

Segment July 10, 2010: SCIENCE_prediction_UNCERTAIN_origin_CERTAIN_final_POINT_quantum_THEORY

On the edge of darkness, I ventured to find those things deep in mind or deep in space, out there, a sort of reaching for understanding from the vertex or center to all points moving without.  I would search for the unsearchable by traveling to one place, stopping, not knowing the next, and then sense the next direction, ultimately a triangle.  I did not know what I was searching for, but I always knew what I had found, or questioned it due to its perplexity.  This relates to Quantum Theory and measurement of the smaller universe.

Some people expect too much out of life and some people expect too little.  That is a joke, Jack.  Let me drop a musical  string to you down in Golden Gate Park San Francisco 4/20/2010.  Snap question ---  Who you looking at Jack and Federal Asp?

It is like a poor childing looking through the fence at the rich, knowing that he can never have it, never such opulence. It is like the Sound of Silence (music video). When you get there, among the rich, you realize they too are chock full of holes too, almost dead, almost. The reason some do not think they can see the atomic world is that they refuse to see it right in front of their eyes. It turns to pay and look away. The reality of it may be more like intervening systems or interlocking systems, such as the synchronization of periodic oscillators by external periodic fields which is understood as adjustment of the oscillator rhythm to that of a periodic signal, or the appearance of phase locking, over a longer and shorter time span.

The irony of time and space for a stolid human being is that he is stolid. A holo-gram, a chunk of matter, chock full of holes, pores in pores. When you think of those things, if you consider the X axis and have intermittent and random permutations along its length to a Y point for some irregular and intermittent sinusoidal rhythymic patterns, you will see the matter that is the matter of you, or perhaps it is a Don't Call Us, We'll Call You sort of thing (music video). Some people get some things, others don't.


Segment July 3, 2010: VENDETTAS_life_SUBJUGATION_war_LOST_life_LOST_injections_VALIDATE_death

My trust is gone in you I say to all federal and state employees on this date.  I have learned a hard truth.  We have no allies here, perhaps alliances, but tenuous at best.

A Secret Service agent, who is a cop of the Treasury Department who also handles money, told me,  "The trust is gone".

The hard ball truth is that the trust left in 2001 for me, long before I spoke with him in 2002.  I would likely invite death in prayer before meeting with him or any other in a forced directive who see this nation as their personal, "animal farm". 

Yes, can they sense death and does it bother them?

I was injected forcibly in 2001, and most likely he had the same directives from the same people who had me cornered in 2002, the Secret Service of the Treasury Department.   But the lie is too great.  So the Truth can never be known for me.  If I am the eyes of God, I would recommend the total annihilation of all things and re-assemblage thereafter, including myself, without those lesser men or that being that treats us, me, mine, as animals.  As I and others have been attacked in way that a living man can not live with, not for long. 

It is like that Secret Service agent waiting  for death, paid to be Attila the Hun when he is just in fact the heel of the done.  At this point for me, it would be a fair trade based upon the injections and forced medical procedures.

I was almost flipped in Louisiana in 2001 in my truck and the Secret Service ignored it.  I had a run a test to discover if murderers were associated with the FDIC. I had inside knowledge and had been plucking their emails with threats of revelations of money laundering and things of that sort. The test was positive. It all boils down to international money and the same old stuff. If the nation falls we should seize the ill gotten factories for our conglomerates. I would say those were likely some Mexicans mixed in among the good ole boys or some of that slick Italian Jewish shit out of the Jersey area, or maybe Kansas or Ohio trying to move up.   It's hard to tell as that level of human deserves to die when they attack innocent people.

The way I run some tests is to send an email to various known and anonymous targets. I then email the known and anonymous targets that I coming up, or I just show up. The culprit answers the test just to be my Lovey's Sendin Organ Grinder.

Segment June 26, 2010: SCIENCE_true_EXPLODING_nuclear_VESSEL_theory_OIL_spill_SOURCE

Today I was perusing the ship, USS Gelibolu allegedly in Turkey, and it was at one time the USS Reid FFG 30 in the USA.  The ironies is that I suspect it was converted to a submarine, taken to the Gulf of Mexico sea floor, and detonated, perhaps with a half ton nuclear bomb or the equivalent in directed force, a stomping act by a Leviathan.  The reason I say this is that the ship was digitized on 9-11-2005, September 11, 2005, in this picture of it that I found on the web. It is of Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates, but when converted it looks like the surface to air attack ships proposed in 2001 . I am like Inspector Clouseau sometimes so please bear with me.

I also noticed the Gulf of Mexico oil spill after digitizing of television, which could merit some discourse if you like elementary physics. Analog TV worked and digital just cut the little lower caste family out of the TV market due to the price of the new antannae. Progress to them is a dead vein after they forcibly inject you too many times.

Where would they build and modify it? Likely under the sea perhaps. Maybe in the Mediterranean, somewhere betwixt Egypt, with Greece to the North West, and Lebanon to the East, or maybe just in the Gulf of Mexico, or in the ocean, beyond Gibraltar.

I was almost hit by a meteorite on my birthday a year before that photo was digitized on 9-11-2005 and it was predicted by a young woman in pink pastel that I would die on that year, but despite her proclivity with astro related events and predicting death dates, she did not say it would be on my birthday. She also did not say I would wonder about this thing after surviving if someone was sending me a message.

I was a navigator on that ship and handled the ships weaponry, small arms, and drove the boat and slept by the aft screw near the sewage overflow, at the very bottom aft of the boat. The engines were immediately forward. You could drive the boat from there and have room for ships living and command quarters forward. There were screws, propellors, on the bottom near midships that could have been converted into pressurization control apparatus. There were likely medical manipulations and tests run on many of us. All in the name of her majesty's queen, any whore Randy Kraft whore in Long Beach California where it was stationed and built practically. Hi Ho Hi Ho. It had an aluminum superstructure (The top half, removable) and the bottom was heavier.

It is ironic that the ship was detonated on the 4-20-2010 date because in that area of the USA the people are not allowed to have their own medical marijuana. 420 is that code used to seek out suitable roommates and such.  It is addictive and many young were trained to use it when I was a child.  The syndicates of Texas control much of the growth of the herb and it is distributed through the enemy at the helm. Canada is in on it also, and of course that government in power. They set it up like our gallows.

San Pedro when I was there in the 80's was a relic of WWII and that era. A row of bars on Pacific Street kept you walking liquored up and the pizzeria and relleno places competed for your food dollar. The old guys there were truly from the old time.

That is what that message is about.  I would re-take the ship, but it is gone. The Gelibolu is now a bowl of jell-o in the guacamole Gulf of Mexico.

When they pull back, they pull back real slow, and when he fires his back it all comes out blanks. Hole's Violet (music video) best displays this. I dare you, but but, what if it fires misfires like my Daddy's stolen Catch 22.

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, have been informed by a reliable source that I am on the "Terrorist Watch List" by the federal government in Mobile Alabama and likely anywhere I go. That is so strange. Ideas, computers, multiple degrees, and no guns, yet, labeled a terrorist, never done anyone harm in their ranks as an investigative journalist, who wants nothing but escape, escape from Earth for the true remnants of the human race, as if it matters, as if we matter. I would not want a prison in space. I hope they are not allowed to leave ahead of us, perhaps not behind us either, as they have a war to wage, a fence to build.

Segment June 23, 2010: GOD_conscious_SCIENCE_theory_PSYCHOLOGY_god_DEVIL_matter_ANTI-MATTER_illusion_REAL

Once someone told me that they had lived in a home their entire adult life and they had never once gotten to know their neighbors.  They held their hands down as shielding their testicles or wearing handcuffs. This is the new America, just like the old America, and I urge our people to stop tearing each other apart or we will eventually see another war within and without most likely.

This leads one to many questions but I have to look at my own life history also simply because my lifetime was a subset of that other persons lifetime.  I was born at the start of the Vietnam War era.  The older children were allegedly shipped off, drafted, at least for the males.  One came back and killed himself. 

The children talk to each other and often learn bad habits from each other and some times learn things.

Our entire lives have been designed for this suffering in quantum.   A prison state is now the USA and their people are hunted by the anti-Christs of government in one form of another.  The USA is an illusion but it is a reality.

Having considered the alleged shape of the universe, I can consider my knowledge and myself to be as good as dead or already there in a sense, or I can consider the universe to be more like a brain, a brain with its own way, much like our own brains. 

We do not think about processing speech, it just happens.  In the same sense the negative influences that have shaped some part of us will resurface. 

Death is the final elixir, so that our little lives can go back to state of non-being instead of a state of un-rest.  Perhaps death is the illusion, not a fact, but a time for the larger spheres out there to collect their thoughts or to rewrite something new.

The question becomes, "Who the hell is doing this and why?" When I, Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner who became a freelance investigative journalist was on Probation after being injected and tortured and forced to sign documents, an agent for the Treasury Department, a police person, told me, "The Trust Is Gone". I look to the back of the USA currency, I consider the dead regional FDIC director, and the attack on my life ignored by the federal government, and my response is that the "Trust was never there", not in government, and in God, there was in many cases only fear, not trust. A deer runs from lightning, and a man not afraid to die stands still or moves about, indifferent to death or life or lightnight or its cessation. That is the difference.

That is life in the nightmare, the illusion.  The illusion of safety is the most funny of all.  The best example are those buoys in the bays and oceans to stop  the oil slick and the loud mass media noise over all that is being done.  They inject shit into our bodies chemicals and they expect us to care about something out there.   No one cares, not those holding the knife.  I want the person or persons or thing or things holding the stone.  I want to have a discussion of inevitable logic not a melee of a monkey meat fight.

They have controlled us through fear.  We have lost or we have never fought, or perhaps it is simply the I.  NKUSA had it right, you are better off to keep to yourselves and not trust the bloodiest government on Earth to care for and direct your children.  We are at risk.  It may be a long time, a long knife, or a long night.

In the end, everything can be interpreted one way or another. Fear and distrust may be necessary attributes in a thrashing sort of way. Back to the stone age most likely. Back to a baby's breath to start the whole horrid process all over again, or, I think not. Though I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil. 23rd Psalm. But I did fear evil. They had injected me with chemicals and forced me to have medical procedures performed and then they threatened my life and actually had me attacked. I suppose I should have fought them to the death at the outset, or never approached them at all. I am speaking of those in power over the USA governments. They are not us, or we have trust in them and they in us.

Segment June 16, 2010: SCIENCE_wire_WAR_eternal_LOST_human_RACE_injected_TORTURED_captured_SOUL_god_RECOUNT_mangled

The Los Angeles Veterans Administration and federal complex in Westwood California taught me a lesson in 2001 --  We do not care about each other in the United States.  But perhaps that lesson was ill conceived.  They are known to do forced experiments there on veterans and I suffered forced injections and forced abuses where I had to lay down on an a surgical table after being escorted in handcuffs down a fire escape.  That is what I thought anyway, they had injected me with chemicals and likely more then or before then.

I started thinking of how hard hit I was by the entire ordeal, my career as an accountant and a journalist came to a screeching halt.  I would have preferred they killed me instead of torturing me and degrading me.  Then again, perhaps, that scar that was found in my mouth by an oral surgeon the following year, a scar that had become infected and which was all the way to the roof of my mouth indicates foul play.

Could it be possible to plant a wire in someone's head and have them be controlled in certain situations?  Then I asked myself, would it be possible to take over an entire planet of humans and have them think they are doing one thing while another is done?  The world was likely lost long ago.  Perhaps in the alleged 1920's or 1930's or maybe thousands of years before.

If I could redo things, I would never join the military, I would never work for the government as a high level bank examiner, I would never allow myself to be entered into their public schools or their buildings unless forced to do so in some manner

The government calls us insane, many of us, if we speak up on their atrocities.  We are at war and it has always been like that, not only in the government

There is a war waging and you and I are either hooked together or you are my delusion or illusion, and there is a difference, however slight, because in either case you are oblivious to what is really "out there

The thing is, no matter how great or grand a being in this sphere of life, they are imperfect and incomplete.

It is the Myth of Sisyphus incarnate.

In some ways it is the nature of my work, that of an freelance investigative journalist with a trick or two or three or five up my sleeve.  . I truly wish I would have been an electrical engineer and biochemist and let nature do the work. Guns N Roses, Sweet Child of Mine.


Segment May 15, 2010:ETERNAL_struggle_WORLD_holocaust

A few warnings.  In a complete takeover of the magnitude we are experiencing on Earth, things may not be what they appear.  Take for instance the targeting of some people in Mobile Alabama government, and the beating down of myself from their city council meetings, a meeting of inside dealing backstabbers in some sectors.  City Commissioner Steve Nodine has been labeled a murderer and all the chips fall in place.  But is it the same Steve Nodine or was something done to him?.  Your enemy will devour you in any way possible.  Nodine did not mind me getting beat back from government participation, but he was not in charge of the federal dictatorship with their money laundering and murderous warlord in power via Washington D.C., and their international controllers.   Neither did the other victim of being targeted, Judge Herman Thomas of Mobile Alabama, he did not care that I was beat back from government. Now they are both gone from office, hit below the belt.  He too may have been targeted and as far as I know, Nodine could be dead as much as Angel Downs, his alleged murder victim. 

In another matter, never let the VA finance your home.   They over appraise the value and leave you in something that will never be sold.  A slave to a stone hut or a patch of ground, and I am being attacked by associates of war criminals in government who I am accustomed to pursuing in my own canny way.

Then they may want to take or garnishee your benefits, at least that is the impression I got from the Appraisers boss on the way out the door of my home.  He was more like a federal agent and he smelled like burning electronics, which is rather odd for an appraiser.

The meaningless of life after being robbed of your human rights and the loss of your right to earn a living in a equally competitive occupation is magnified. To see those people removed who taunt the suffering of those debilitated, is like drinking a sweet drink provided by God if those who taunted your suffering are taught their lesson in a form of backlash.

The federal and local governments and their syndicates and groups of idiots often has those who try  to set people up and then destroy them.  It is intentional and we are naive.

Having been a government employee and having seen the hardship of conventional employment in the civilian sector, I have seen a childishness in federal employment and in military service.  They don't really earn anything, except through military conquest.  We are part of that conquest here in the USA if we are injected and used in medical procedures and robbed of our belongings and our careers.   I would love to see the federal government toppled and the FDIC's abusive practices ended and the end of their dictatorship, but this is international and the best we can do is as David Koresh and hide, and if they come, fight them to death, but I recommend finding the controllers and dealing with them at the source, which might be what is happening in some instances.  Their way is wrong.  It is a slight of hand, like a hammer hitting you in the back of the head unexpectedly.  Yes, I look forward to laying upon my dead, but not theirs.  They are a sewer in their blood and I do not want their s*** in mine.

Mankind now growls at each other.  To those who have taunted me and abused us, I hope you are dead by years end so you can continue your fight in your manmade Hell.  I foresee some of them in their victory dance, thinking all is taken care of, and then they drink the most diabolically genetically engineered substance ever made, the one disease you can curse.

Many people have one or more children who are jailed in the USA, brutally jailed by the brutal jailers and dictators. Poverty is usually the reason and perhaps a poisoning of their psyche with false expectations from the filth that rules over our societies and brainwashing from their mass media syndicates. A sort of complacent cannibal our children have become in their rock and iron pens. I do not know which city is worse to rear children, LA, where I know of one mother, a real estate agent, who told me her boy who was raped while at home because a pompous punk at school decided that was the way to deal with that kid. He brought a pack of kids to assist. Pensacola and Mobile government is like that. They used to f*** me much easier, but the road block in the middle in Baldwin county comes in many forms. I urge you to beware in Baldwin County, as they do lay traps and in wait. Third rate s*** crown in power.

Wal Mart seems to be the venue for young women in the South East. I know of many who tried to steal from there. It is bizarre, and all were caught. Some have long prison sentences for minor crimes. There is no telling what they actually do to us. Some times, I feel sympathetic to the end of man kind. Protect your own. We should not have to live like this.

Segment May 9, 2010: PLANET_earth_PRISON_real_AND_technology_9/22/2001_FUJI_bank_MARSH_mclennand

Finance and war have become intertwined more closely in the technological arena.  That is the gist of what I have discerned from the 9-11-2001 attacks in the USA, my investigations of murder at the FDIC, and what I recently read.

Fuji Bank was specifically targeted on 9/11/2001 in one tower and  in the other tower Marsh & McLennan, Cantor Fitzgerald/ and Aon Corp, who were engaged in an economic war game scenario with the Naval War College on 9/11/2001.  The pentagon was being attacked as was Washington D.C. 

It is the same old game of high finance warfare blokes and subterfuge on a level that is just outright bizarre.  I went into finance and was used and chewed up and spat out in San Francisco's FDIC federal employment.  A regional director was shot in his head prior to my arrival there.  I went in knowing that I was put there for a reason at the FDIC in the Sacramento office in 1999 and in the San Francisco FDIC office in 2000.  

I tend to point the finger, but I have to start somewhere and we have to look at the source of monies and who controls them.

It is ironic that a bank from Canada, RBC bank is allowed in Alabama but there is no Bank of America in Alabama.  Banking laws and all things in government are rigged so that we are pigeonholed and put out of the way and "into our place."  One loves to push another aside in some cultures and some circles, even if through death or torture or whatever it takes.

I survived the attempt on my life in early 2001, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, former FDIC bank examiner and freelance investigative journalist, but I was injected, tortured, robbed, all after FDIC employment and I noticed that some of the federal officials in LA and DC see us as jokes, and their agents, want to push many of us aside.  Their syndicates, their regime put me in the place they want me, on the outside. 

In that is always the question. Mizuho Financial held the Fuji Bank in its portfolio in 2000. Ironically the man who was in charge at the time was a man born in 1945, the year of the nuclear blasts in Japan. We all have to be born some time. The question is always open with new weapons designs and emulations, and I can see how with the right software and apparatus that the entire Earth could be robbed. Victim or benefactor, that is the question for Mizuho, and the face if so, was likely covered. I was told it was likely the San Francisco Asian syndicates that pushed me out of FDIC employment in San Francisco in 2000. I had filed an EEOC complaint. As far as they were concerned, they had the trap door set for me when I entered their employment at their bloodied floor FDIC office in San Francisco and Sacramento (roseville).

Like Marilyn Manson, the Man That You Fear, may be inside all of us. Listen for that gurgling sound the moment before impact.


Segment May 8, 2010: FOOD_supply_ERADICATED_genetics_ENGINEER_pollution_INDUSTRIAL_projections_FUTURE

Apocalyptic images of the future projected from the current facts.

Food, without it, we are dead.

 The current oil spill is tainting a large food source for the people of the USA and the entire North shore of the Gulf of Mexico for the South East USA.  Now that food source is gone entirely or diminished in severity.   The other food loss is older beef due to Mad Cow disease, a prion disease which is similar to a virus in its actions and causes the spongiform human disease Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease. 

Man is going to discover the beauty of the prior construct of Earth.   It has already been tampered with, but this is just beginning in genetics engineering.  The only way space can be colonized at this point is with genetics engineering. 

I predict that the genetics engineering will eventually reach the hands of someone inexperienced, or perhaps an accident could occur, or perhaps a war with the very tool that made space possible, and that engineered technology of warfare by using genetics re-coding techniques will cripple the entire food source for humanity or perhaps cripple humanity in a way never imagined, a directed plethora of murder. 

As I have gotten older, and wiser, I have been under attack.  I was hit once and hard.  Never trust any government agency to give you shelter if you are investigating sanctioned murders in government.  The top killer will have you put away and defamed.  They are the lesser leader, and like an ape atop a dieing carcass in a field of famine, they know their days are numbered, as they can feel it crushing down on them, that vague recollection of something not yet quite lost.


Segment May 6, 2010: DUST_light_COFIELD_ben__STANFORD_witness_TALLADEGA_strange_WITNESS

As a child, I would make frequent dust stops with the wind, and I would analyze each piece of dust as it floated and shimmered in a ray of sunlight that came through the rusted hole in the screen over my row-house window.    The dead people are there I would say to myself. All of them, all the way back to the beginning, as old as antique chinaware and just as shimmering.

The Vietnam war was waging from the time I could remember.  I was in the USA but it was there, mobilized, and I did not know how much.  

Someone told me in the echoes from the dust, "Things went on in Vietnam that did not go on in Sigh-Gone".   The blood oath of the dead is a scar from a direct shunt into the jugular vein in the neck, as it provides a direct route to the blood brain barrier.  All rules can be broken once you are in the monkey's cage..  Who knows what they were doing on those operating room tables.  Mankind eats monkeys because mankind is no longer a monkey, but an alpha ape, in more ways than he knows.

The dust particles of Julius Caesar were just a drop on the nose. 

In the dust bin is Ben and I heard a thing or two from someone who went there afterward, and you in the know, know of whom the dead I speak.  I do not condone violence of that sort.  Shortchanging one in life due to the abuses by another is prohibited..  Was it an analysis or an execution of Ben Stanford who was the Senators grandson and who hailed from Alabama and who was found dead execution style with a long detailed suicide note.  That did not add up.  I witnessed a strange spite of noise at a gas station near Talladega when I was in transition mode, looking for a new home. I traveled the triangles of destiny as a I strive to do.   The note does not add up.  IT makes me think suicide.  But what I saw at the gas station  where Ben had been was a vehicle that left and it was a nice Sport Utility type ride, sparkling and maroon colored in the dark leaving the station as I was arriving.  If memory is correct another ragged vehicle was in front of it as they entered the interstate toward Georgia.   When I was getting gas, I heard a noise on the other side of the truck and maybe behind a fence, likely at least 30 yards away.  When the vehicle left it let out 3 or 4 backfires or gunshots.  If it was shooting, it was while the car was moving and driving out at a high rate in a ragged older big vehicle, perhaps sending warning shots to someone who had had their own gun wrested away and who were in the vehicle.  

Connection or no, it was one of those bizarre things that makes me want to avoid my instincts in travel.  Maybe squares from now on, and not triangles that I travel.  I slept in that parking lot in my vehicle that night long ago and Ben was lost the news said, and found dead later behind the Department store in Georgia.  Ironically, the government has targeted many of us in high finance, and those they can not kill outright or will not kill outright are labeled insane.  Yes, I have been insane, but only in the eyes of tyrants and their mercenaries and now they are targeting men my age for those silly simple things, and they are doing it like abusive giant who cuts throats and wallets, pigeon-holing and robbing the populace.  One man I respect and who was innocent was given a felony for 1/4 ounce of marijuana in Clarke County Alabama.  Their shackles are absurd and their leadership is a defunct tyrant and putting us in the dust bin while robbing us.  The judges of that wretched place who impose those horrid penalties should be labeled insane, deported to Arizona, forcibly injected, detained for three days in an insane asylum, observed, and robbed.  After all, that is what they did to me while traveling and in forced exile in Flagstaff Arizona in 2004 after reporting a toxic spill and a burn on my neck..

The regime has been targeting some of us.  Who is the regime.  Why have they and are they making our people accustomed to marijuana when young and then limiting growth and sale by a few of our enemies in power in the USA and at the borders.  I do not care for syndicates.    Where is the dust Ben?   There. 

Some say  things went on in Viet-nong that did not go on in Sigh- Gone.   Blood oaths were there and they are meaningless in the proliferation of mind bending pharmaceuticals.  We are a lost nation and it pays to spread your people around the globe in times of uncertainty such as these.  Death, is not a final concept.  There is no upside down fight that is fair. You must too realize that in high stakes fights, deceptions are made to make elders chase false lures.  Not all that is black is black nor is white always white, as there is price in high dollar prize fight.  That is why I suspect as an analyst of bizarre crimes.  So many alleged suicides.  High dollars stakes prize fights like that at the F-DIC and for our paltry lives makes me wonder who lives and who dies.

I am a journalist at heart, nothing things as I go along in life.    Was little Ben buying himself some pot from those colored fellows or had he worked out some sort of deal with someone to buy his liquor at the gas station, or maybe it was not little Ben who turn up, in a possible high stakes set up.  A shame really, death at an early age, and the ugly side of it all is that the police are paid to obey and not to think.  A pack of dogs chasing a scent coated rag atop a carcass while the true killer never even came within sight of the state of the grave.  Sometimes because of my intellect and my persuasion and my analysis in intuition and imagination, I am thought of as a dangerous sort.  But the opposite is true, and the fact is I know more about you, and that is what bothers those who hate my tests.  I do not care if my enemies lay in a grave.  They try to put me there or even worse, in a pen.  America, the lies of television and their syndicates of censorship, never again.  Never say never they say.

I like movies of the past, and at about the same time the F-DIC San Francisco head was whacked in his office with his own gun, the Silence of the Lambs movie came out.  You likely missed your target Senator.  Theirs is a lair there and at the end of it may be the out hole to the one who issues stalking orders, and like the deuterostomes, your Ben caught it at the mouth end.  I know, I let people stalk me, those with badges and some with vendettas, sometimes just so I can give them a clue, and to see what they will do.  Proof is in the poof, POF, and former Sheriff Jack Snath Till-man of Mob AL, now paid like coveted retired killer for who knows who.

There is no remorse in America of today.  Don't expect it and you won't be disappointed when it does not arrive. I need R.E.M. Pop Song 89

Segment April 29, 2010: ATTORNEYS_swallow_ACCOUNTANTS_f-dic_ANTS_accountants_EGG_earth_CRACK_oil_420_2010

The crack, the fissure in the Earth, the mystery, the oil under the Gulf of Mexico, and recently the boiling volcano in Iceland, and I think of those new tools and weapons to crack the surface of the Earth to release those tensioned gargoyles of rock, oil, water, and fire.    However deep water drilling could be cracking the surfaces or the lines of subversion of the tetonic plates in the Earth's crust.

You can run this test by having an egg, maybe one of lesser outer shell thickness to quicken the test, crack the age at various depths with a small drill bit and see how the shell cracks.  At the depths, first at the shallow depth it is a hole.  Then at the next depth it is a splinter and hole.  Then at the next is a crack and a hole.  Pressure, something I am accustomed to.

But on the other hand, I am used to discussing weaponry of new designs and  have worked in the vicinity of large amounts of money and have seen the dogs of Hell in the bankers and bank examiners seats and I have heard the little ones shudder in their voice about the murdered FDIC regional director sometime around the early 1990's in San Francisco labeled suicide in his plush F-DIC office.  So I am accustomed to the plight of those who are doomed or dead, which may be a reversal of fortune, as I have not attempted that one yet that I know of  "Jack".

Jack, you know, I wish I had hair, a mane.

Our children, our bodies, are nothing to those in power over us.  I can see why we have detached societies separate from the larger society under the governmental entities.    Some call them communes or cults or religious groups.  I call it freedom of choice.

I pity those incarcerated when they are young and naive and especially if they have not really done a crime.  A loaded weapon is considered a crime.  Even if it was legally purchased and it is placed under your homeless pillow in your vehicle under the trees of the opulent VA facilities.  I trusted that one.  I would rather be hung by a Polynesian in Hawaii.

I have noticed something as I have gotten older.  A sickness upon Earth.  A sickness inside.  An incompleteness.  The torture and the pressure, the attempts to cause one to commit suicide are great in this society.  I do not know if it is intentional, but some times the gains of those at top of some pyramids of power see the death of some as a beneficial asset.  A strange concept, the asset.

Accountants are devoured by attorneys.  For some of us accountants, a pin clip is just a place to put our adversaries eyelid.  Attorney, no matter, watch the birdie?

The truth is lawyers are in danger because the world is at war increasingly.   Just like accountants.  Honest ones or do-gooders who are not knowledgable of their terrain often end up falling through the cracks and into the Earth.

  The gulf floor cracked mate? Relief wells drilled?.  Pass the egg and do the drill test  at the same depth.  May I suggest a suction rig equilateral in a Hexagon over the eggs outer surface at the point of impact of the next hole..  Rolling Stones was in tatters.  Imagine 420, Tatters, and Rolling Stones of tar afar, fire it up. Youtube music link. 

A classic 420 day in the Alabama Mississippi North Florida Georgia triangle can be exemplified in the movie, "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest cigarette scene". I recommend that if you are ever given a felony and if you want to leave the USA, make like a Mexican, and just go, go into another place. Es make no difference, nor how you get there.


Segment April 28, 2010: FREE_speech_RETRIBUTION_punishment_MODERN_usa_ENEMIES_silence_SCREAMS_terror

The loss of free speech is a terrible thing.  The government of the modern era will persecute you for  speaking freely about  things that are "material", if they can,  After all they have those who rob, maim, and loot around the globe, including the USA. 

Journalistic training teaches you who you can talk about and in what context and that is why I wave my flags or my experiences in investigating and working for government. 

Many people are not used to those who have free speech or those who have the ability to communicate to a truly mass audience on many topics in-depth.

The problem is that mob boss types are running things and have for quite some time.  Theirs is a pyramid with themselves at top. 

I was made very sick from the stress and tortures of the government and some of their people for many years.  I recommend that no one do what I did and investigate the government killers and thieves and medical atrocity practitioners as I have done.  I am sick from the forced injections, stress, and I have suspicions of many scars on my body that are unexplained. 

Free speech means nothing if nothing is done about the crimes.  See Sheriff Jack Tillman, now retired, likely at around 70,000 to 90,000 a year retirement pay.  He was starving inmates and I was the first to report it and I was the first to run the test that brought him to the door to take responsibility on 4-3-2001, and he assisted the federal war criminals in power and their syndicates by taking my gun permit when I had no gun at the time.  See the federal banking industry.  That game was always a predators game and it worse now because some people kill and place their people in place.  In California I saw a many layered syndicate on the surface of the banking industry, and I am sure the lions will always eat the lions share.  The order of the VA to stop forced experiments in 1999 in LA VA Westwood was not heeded.  They injected me forcibly and forced medical procedures upon me in 2001.  I would have blown my brains out if I had known the torture the federal and local governments were going to put me through.  Of course, I was forcibly injected and knocked unconscious in Flagstaff in 2004 while running a test in a journalistic fashion and also getting medical treatment at Flagstaff Medical Center for an apparent toxic burn from a suspected toxic spill I drove past in New Mexico.    Someone might have squirted me with acid at a rest stop however.  The syndicates of the USA hate free speech, and we do not care if they are killed in these hard times.

The bottom line is that the beasts are in power in the USA.  I only wish I had the resources to evacuate family and friends to a safer nation.  The truth is that even with free speech, the world is a shrinking place, and no one in power is stepping up for us with any concrete ideas for survival of the human species into the millennia.  I see a dead end road for us.  And life may just be an illusion.  Demand an end to forced injections, and if the answer is not responded to and answered, demand that all nursing students be taught the meaning of the Hippocratic Oath as it applies to medical practitioners who are doctors. 

I would recommend that people be given the option of cyanide instead of forced injections if they are compliant.   They are innocent until proven guilty.   Death is a way out of a bad situation.  Take a look at meat, you and me, as we are now valuable as human beings, but not in the way we intended, as we are valuable in many ways like beef on the hoof.

You will find that many who practice free speech are hated and feared.   Ironically they are almost always liked by some at least.   Many police and others who are under the higher level war criminals and their directives from those even higher still in the bureaucracy, will try to do anything they can to silence dissent.  

I opened my eyes as I aged it seems.  Suddenly people appeared not as wise or as experienced to me as I once thought of many people, and on the other hand, there were some people who were close to me who rivaled those of intelligence.   I had known  in the past.     I have often espoused leaving the USA, but something tells me that traveling packs of people may be the movement of the future.  A nation of share croppers and grave diggers.

Segment April 28, 2010: CRAIGSLIST_news_OIL_spill_SPECULATION_comedy_NUMERICAL_observation_EMERGENCY_code_DATE_4/20/2010

Late update: Upon analysis of media, the BP Oil Rig explosion occurred on 4-20-2010. There is an irony there about the date that makes me think it was intentional at a 60 percent probability. Due to the depth of the well in the Gulf, I was told it was expected a week ago by someone who watches a lot of television. Do not believe television on this matter entirely nor any other matter. The Canadian and New Jersey and California and Mexican and their associated federal and local government crime syndicates have a monopoly sanctioned on the only drug, marijuana that seems to work for many people, and it is a code 420 among legal cannabis users to some people, an old California police code, and it is addictive although not like some of the other behind-the-counter pain killers and other drugs. The attacks in 2001 were on 9-11, another emergency government number. I also arrived in LA on 4-20-2001 and witnessed a man having a heart attack soon thereafter, after I had fled abuse at the hands of the now removed Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob AL, although some in the federal government loved attacking me then as now, and it is obvious that Baldwin County Alabama hate groups and their war criminal horde, and or maybe some federal syndicates in adjoining cities, has a vendetta on this reporter and auditor and his family. After all, I was attacked again in 2009 in Baldwin County and there are other atrocities occurring that are likely intentional. Considering I was set up recently by law enforcement who put some things in my food and had a good laugh, it is no wonder their food source, shrimp, may become an endangered species.

New insights were revealed on some recent abuses. I was injected forcibly on 4-23-2001 and was not released until 8-12-2001, scheduled for 8-11-2001. My first court date was May 1, 2001. It was 4 months and 20 days between my first federally forced injections on 4-23-2001 and 9-11-2001. It was 20 days between 4-3-2001 when Sheriff Jack Tillman stopped my reporting his inmate food funds thievery and his taking my gun permit when I had no gun, until 4-23-2001, the date of the first injections. 43 days had passed between early morning 4-18-2001, the date I was first attacked on the highways, near Vinton Louisiana, after running a test for murderers associated with the FDIC San Francisco, and 4-3-2001 when Sheriff Tillman of Mobile stopped my reporting his food funds thievery. 63 days had passed between the attack on my life, 2-18-2001, that was ignored by federal police, and 4-23-2001, the first date I was forcibly injected by federal police. I was in limbo for months, injected, lied to, and kicked in their fake courts of justice, not knowing what the federal money laundering associates and medical experimenters of the federal government would do with me. Also, BP Oil had a large refinery explosion and fire in 2005, likely sabotage per my opinion also. I know there was a refinery explosion in early 2004 in West Texas and I was forcibly injected and knocked unconscious in Flagstaff when I reported that I saw a toxic cleanup crew in New Mexico and the small burn on my flesh soon after in 2004. Their world is a world of charades and lies. My FDIC job and subsequent freelance investigative journalist work opened the door to a nightmarish underbelly of the USA and Canada and beyond. The USA was sunk for many of us on the date of our births. Exodus US is a book I am thinking of writing based on my five or six city analysis on five topics that I tend to specialize. Perhaps Exodus Earth. Genetics engineering is made for space, and it should remain there and free of human genetic tampering, but it won't happen. The race is on for complete change. Sleep?. I once thought of a brain damaged God or was it the child en utero?

A wave of oil spills seems to be all the rage. Oil thievery and war for oil has likely precipitated the blowout of the BP oil rig in the Gulf. Shell oil and others in Mobile Bay bought a natural gas contract and I have seen oil trucks leaving the gas line depots. I am an investigative journalist who specializes in Governmentally sanctioned crimes. I started doing that sort of work after working at the FDIC San Francisco and noticing likely connections in large money laundering transactions sanctioned by high level government officials. The prior F-DIC Head in the area had been whacked in his office and labeled suicide. That was in the early 1990's. This oil thing is ugly. I believe an oil spill occurred in the sewers of New York also. Now this in the Gulf of Mexico.

This message brought to you by Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, of Mobile Audit Club website, a detailed account of the ongoin American holocaust, and entertainment, notes, music links, etc.

To explain the pictures, the first is ARD FDIC Sweet Carol and her favorite pecker who exclaims, "Ard Ne'er MO San Francisco F-DIC Ho". They are an abysmal bunch, full of graft and corruption due to the filth of the Pacifi? Rim in drugs and gambling through Nevada. I am paid to sit at home now, DUI I think they call it, or is it IUD, or one of those crazy government ratings. I wanna work, but look at the last FDIC Head in his FDIC Rip bed, labeled suicide in his hi rise SF FDIC Office in the City, pity me, his brains blowed out and in comes the mafia, one two three, four five six, leagues and legions in the pacific Fdic seat. Then the needles they inject me with. Once in 2001 and then in 2004. THey like to put fear into us and make us run. The guns are being fired, I know it. I feel like Gandhi, "That's the wrong way to run." The man in the mask, that is the new me, I keep my face and my arse covered. They are targeting many of us, those international crimes syndicates. They likely loosened a cable on the hydraulic coil or cracked the head, something askew under pressure. I would just leave the USA. If it makes no money, don't worry about it. There are still a few oasis out there free from warmongering dictators and international criminals and their henchmen. I don't recommend Louisiana unless an oil engineer or a bank examiner or casino auditor job. I will take one of those Sweet Carol when your dead head is done eating sweet crow. It sings a sacrificial melody, not a sweet carol. I will write it for you and sing it, but for now, please, sit "Stone Cold In My Electric Chair" music video

I truly wish the people of South Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast of Mexico and the USA and all of those islands, including Cuba, my best. It saddens my heart to see those fish and shrimp and birds and all of that beauty destroyed and harmed. My father and I go way back in those oil fields. May he rest in peace. I am glad he did not see this. Before you start to hate the British for BP oil spills, I want you to remember there is for you a Soho Doll singing Bang Bang Bang. (music video)

As Sasquatch of the Swamp once said, this saltwater tastes like Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. Where did our oil take off? Every one of their citizens is worth quite a sockful of coins because it was not stolen. Maybe that is why some people hate Muslims, they don't spoil so easily and become corrupted in the face of plenty.

Like many in New Orleans, I have weathered many storms and I have developed a swamp dweller sense of humor. I like Dustin Hoffman in the movie, Little Big Man when he is speaking with Grandfather. I write movie scripts for fun to ease stress and talk of stressful things. To this Grandfather would say, "Yes, Grandson, the non-Indian natives have gotten restless and they are making progress by taking back the oil under the mud from the other thieves who were stealing it. If I were you my almost white Grandson, Je vous offre d'adieu (translated)" I reply, I will miss you too Daddy'o sir. All those hip and happening queens in New Orleans didn't do nut Sweet Carol nut do. Grandfather replies, "A wet tummy". I reply, "You too grandfather", Grandfather replies, "It is hard to get an erection when the Earth is on fire and the federal government leaves hypodermic needles in my pillow and oil on my slip." Grandfather sleeps near Grand Isle, or maybe Venice, he has a bail of seaweed and trash under his head and a ceremonial dieing robe, his nightgown. "Call me tomorrow when I am dead."

The next day Grandfather awkakens and asks, "Am I dead", I reply, "No, you are covered in oil grandfather and all of the fish and turtles and dolphins and shrimp are dead." Grandfather asks, "What shall we eat?" I reply, "S*** I suppose. I was sold a house by a crooked European descendant from Prague and as soon as I moved in they started pumping 13 million gallons a day of treated s*** down a narrow stream called Perdido Bay" Grandfather asks, "Did the s*** get eaten by the crabs?" "No grandfather, they went away." "Patch the dolls, we will whistle a F-DIC Sweet Carol and float away." I reply, "ARD Ne'er More, Swet Carol F-DIC Whore" Grandfather replies, "Yes that's the one."

Grandfather appeared to have died that night when covered by floating debri and oil in the Gulf, so I fixed his doll and rowed back to shore and played this song on my cellular phone, When Grandfather Die music video where you have ben).

Grandfather opened his eyes and said, "I am not dead. Do not curse. These are bad times. You have not busted your knuckle yet in the worst of it. Save the cursing for later."

I replied, "I am sad Grandfather, Let's play a strange video where I heard a Moroccan woman sing while I was in transport. I put her voice against the Sheriff who was a thief, a guard, and my own. No one cared who was starving at the Mob AL jail or that I had been attacked while doing my work as a freelance investigative journalist.

Grandfather said, "I must get me a Moroccan woman and ride around in the clouds." "My son, the rest of them, it is obvious you have been hanging out with the wrong crowd. The lemons in the sun taste like s*** because they are over the sewers of earth. The fish in the sea are gone due to oil and predation. Sueet Carol Load Eye is a curse (Indymedia news music link). Let's sing it with less venom next time. My son, you are as strong as you can get. My mission was to save this Earth for my grandson. What is left is your urn. I am sorry Grandson.

I replied, "I had a sacrifical melody but I lost it, I know it exists. I miss Melody too."

Grandfather, "Yes, the sacrifical melodies are your rock in the time of trouble grandson. They inspire one. They should put an F-DIC IUD with a San Francisco sized chunnel for that BP oil. Let's go lay down. Maybe we will die soon ."

I reply, "I have a Sweet Carol Load Eye grandfather."

Grandfather, "Then let's eat pizza pie."

I cut the sweet carol load eye diaghram and reply, "Mine tastes like Sweet Carol in Abu Dhabi, all crusty and gross, butt sweet."

Grandfather replies with a stick of gum in exchange, "Mine tastes like Juicy Fruit. I will suck out the sweetness and spit it out."

Segment April 26, 2010: HACKING_restaurant_NON_verbal_STALKER_war_CRIMINAL_sect_PAWN

In the end, on all of your graves, should be written, we were only human.

About dinner, I went home and had boiled shrimp. and 1910 Fruitgum Company, Goody Goody Gumdrops (music video)

Perhaps next time I will have a Greek food dinner with Antique "Dinata Dinata" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Segment April 25, 2010 :  COMEDY_war_CRIMINAL_held_BEACHES_amerika_2010

Switch to Movie Scene narrative

Scene:  Federal war posse's Big Dipper of Pensacola and Sheriff Snatch talking.

Snatch to Big Dipper:  I would bow down to like a possum if I hear him calling.  You know what I mean?

Big Dipper: There is nothing wrong with sexual frustration Possum Snatch.

Snatch: You know what I mean.  I can hear em calling.

Big Dipper:  Snatch, when I give you some scotch, you begin to blossom.

Snatch: I can hear a possum.

Big Dipper:  I got a calling.  I got six of us right here to go against your one.

Snatch: Pass the corn cob.

Scene: Snatch lights his cigarette in a pipe.

Snatch: What I gave that auditor Kurt was no accident.

Big Dipper:  Would you blow me if I gave you my gun permit.

Snatch: Lickety split.  I would take out every one who came for me.

Big Dipper:  Came forme?  In French that means that you want to feel the shape of my cam, my junk, my stuff.

In another vein, someone once asked me how I know about things in advance.  It is too hard to explain, it is like being watching things with your eyes closed, taking measurements from beyond and feeling all of those things, past, present and anticapating future.  I had several young men view my home and said negative things about my library of books.   I encourage education, because without it, you are in the jaws of ignorance forever.

  I do like poetry in numbers and to feel the movement of earth and sky and where I stand in it.  That is how I found Jack on 4-3-2001, food funds thief.  But the thief government did not do anything about his torture of people in the jail and his interrogations of his deputies and the persecution of myself, an honest bank examiner and investigative journalist until 2006.   We are enduring a world wide holocaust.  It will not last.  We may have to disrupt some grand plans though and it might take some engineering of a new vein to do so.   Every thing happens in due time in time and space and this would be the effect if not acted upon, this video of centrifugal force and coriolis force, I want to share with Jack and his federal and local hoodlums in arms a new law they do not know.  You don't control s***, not for any length of time, which will make your passing so bitter Sweet..

Jack n' federal posse, if Snatch took 360 thousand dollars and if 360 degrees are in a circle and if he took it to starve inmates, whom I tried so save on 4-3-2001, where does that leave me if you are not caught until five years later.  The Sanitarium, (Metallica, music video)  They tortured me on 4-23-2001 and 4 months 20 days later on 9-11-2001, I saw someone on the run, however small.  Many of us wanted them to end it all.

The funny thing about twisted left hand logic, it has no derivative, and in the end, a 360 degree circle leaves me reading tea leaves, on your life, and you got mine, or maybe God got mine, because in the mind of God I believe I am dead thanks to your assistance.  The beauty of it is that the clown wears no crown in no one else's  underwear in  the chambre de couche.  In other words if you are dead from those forced injections and repeated attacks, life and death have no difference, they don't mean s***...

Snatch I was going to link my famous decapitated head with a hand print art, but I found this ridiculous image of suicide in art. It is tantamount to treason. Hari kari is a dessert dish to some weirdos. What was weird was that they may have hanged me there with a rope that I made and forgot about after second thought. They were torturing me in early 2001 Jack son. We are so miniscule Jack. It was likely just a warning shot or a warming shock, on 9-11, depending, after all, we live in a world or rhyme and reason. Your federal posse' stench is treason, that's the reason for the thrilling season. Poetry Jack, it's all poetry, float like a butter fly Jack, you know the rest.

Segment April 23, 2010: TRUE_comedy_REMINISCING_2001_sheriff_DEPUTIES_after_LIFE_phase_SHIFT

Yes, Jack, I feel I know you.  I want to share with you in art those things I have witnessed and imagined witnessing.  The difference can be vague and the insight gained can be deadly or enlivening depending on your perspective.

Let us reminisce about the deadly game.  That game per chance, per fun, when you peer beyond the five senses and assist and step into the  sixth sense, and ask, who is that son of a gun and where did it hide?  Yes, I am speaking of the dark ones Jack.  Not black men, I am speaking of men that preclude this existence, as their existence seems to be as fleeting as a ghost.  Their presence may even be manifested in some men, but their true points are deadly as their vagueness.  It could be technological warfare where time is warped and meanings are pulled through like a sieve.  I have many  things for us to discuss Jack.  Some will be silently between you and I and a witness or two or three or four, you get my point.

Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Monkey Tit-man  of Mob AL,  and I an avenging angel of sorts, are at the abyss.  We have made the first portion of the phase shift  and now we are in the line, the cat's eye of God as some call it, where his severing slice splits wheat and whey, that moment of clarity of where you've gone, where've you've been, and on this is speculation of present and future, as the past is what it is or in some manner what it seems to have been or become.

The phase shift hits again and I am no longer with Jack and with him is that reminiscent being of a human, some thing dark, too dark, anti - matter and without flesh upon touch.   I will call him Jail Bird for lack of a better word, and I will call the deceased Sheriff "Snatch".

Jail Bird to Snatch :  "I see you finally made it.  We are to begin anew today."

Snatch:  "Who in the cotton wood are you?"

Jail Bird: "I see you finally made it.  We are to begin anew today"

Snatch:  "I said, who in the Hell are you?"

Jail Bird:  " I see you finally made it.  We are to begin anew today"

Scene: Snatch puzzled pulls up his sleeve on his dark and stiff clothing and there on his arm is a convict number and the middle numbers 911  of the 8 numbers stand out in luminescence. 

Jail Bird:  "I duplicated it for you.  It was that bank examiner who you touched on 4-3-2001 who was reporting your thievery of inmate food funds. He called himself the ARD F-DIC Party Clown, but he did fall down Jack.  Sickened from the injections and stress that you helped to precipitate and you starved the dominion of your children  the wombs of women in your cells.    You ruined and assisted one of our men's careers who really is there to help goodness prevail.  He handled the accounts.  He witnessed the front office when blood was good and had been taken.  He took an oath.    What have you done?  You wore your heart on your sleeve and wanting to be recognized as innocent when the hunger and numbers seemed to crunch of famine in your control for infamy.  Something was done."

Scene:  Snatch and Jail Bird start walking slowly down a dark dimly lit road.

Scene:  Snatch and Jail Bird see the bank examiner from 4-3-2001.  He is whistling like a bird with children who are giggling as they fish in the stream.

Scene:  Snatch starts to walk away wanting to avoid them.  

Jail Bird:  "Lunch calling"

Snatch:  "I would rather sit where Kurt is not"

Jail Bird: ""Snatch Snatch Snatch, step this way.  "

Scene:  The path narrows.  In the dimly lit distance are two deputies who worked for Snatch.  They had taken lie detector tests when Sheriff Snatch allegedly thought they were making comments about them.  They may have actually been used in something else during that time, and many others suspected the federal government was doing something with them.  (As a note from the author, two Sheriff deputies were forced to take lie detector tests in 2001 in Mob AL by the Sheriff at that time, Jack Tillman, who was scared because I had caught him and had sounded the alarm on his starving inmates.  I suspect something else was done to those men.  I had been injected and forced medical procedures that same year starting on April 23, 2001.

Scene: A small slit is in the wall next to the narrow walkway and it barely whistles something and he can not tell what  whistles but it sounds like, "Jump in with both feet" or "Jump in with boat feet" or "Jump in with cold feet".

Jail Bird:  "Do you remember that comment Jack."  "We are entering a training session and you are my tutor and I am yours.  There will be no laughter. I want to show you a glimpse of the future. You will see many auditors Snatch. Where we are going you may well be treated like the notorious Jack The Ripper. You persecuted an innocent man. I liked Alfred Hitchcock movies Snatch. You may recognize an innocent man rescued in the end. It's not you Jack.

Scene: A movie clip starts on the wall. Alfred Hitchcocks The Avenger, a movie about Jack The Ripper and a falsely accused man.

Segment April 21, 2010: INVENTION_genius_GIVEN_to_LESSER_humans

Mankind and all things, processes, and systems are only as strong as the weakest link.    The greatest tragedy is that those of highest intellect are often used to devise, discover, and invent things heretofore unknown.  Then all of that higher intellectual power housed in those things invented and discovered is changed and bent to the whim of people who are lesser human beings when it comes to human intellect.

I do not think Albert Einstein would drop a nuclear bomb on Japan, but his ideas spurred the advent of nuclear weaponry and someone did drop the nuclear weapon on Japan.  A lesser intellect was guilty of taking this genius invention and using it for the greater activity of lesser men, specifically fighting and war.

Segment April 13, 2010: CAMERA_phone_TECHNOLOGY_deception_TARGETED_attacks_BEWARE_enemy_EMPIRE_rising_WITHIN_usa

Being a USN veteran who may have had implanted in himself some sort of weird apparatus after before or during FDIC federal bank examiner employment many years later, I am concerned about a growing phenomena and I am sure the health consequences could be much more.  I am speaking of new weaponries disguised as cell phones that may have receptor specific victims.  They point the phone at you and you fry perhaps or even worse, you become incapacitated, ill, or used in some fashion in a sort of syncing up and then a relay apparatus. 

I fear the South Eastern USA now.  I fear the South Western also, but for different reasons due to the same cause, greed and subjugation.

I will not labor on about forced injections and experiments in the West nor will I labor on about being forced chemicals in government buildings or being set up and beat down by food and oil thieves and their colonial style government among a primarily impoverished people.

The rise in the number of foreign companies in Alabama and the war machine empire that supports much of Florida is a very unsettling place for someone as myself, someone who was duped into trusting the government.  It was a good trial run but I do not think the USA ever was what they stated and it will never be what they claim.  The stress they cause us in Alabama and Florida makes one understand that Los Angeles was the sign of the future.  It is a lost land with lost people. 

The Germanic people and Scandinavian people and the West and East Europeans can be a good people and most are, after all, many of us are from stock that fled those nations.    However there is a predatory nature to man during hardship and most times hardship is present.    The Scandinavians are no different than the African tribes when stressed, they assemble and they attack.  That is what we see in the USA.  An attack on the banking system with international loans and payback in the form of German manufacturers placed into operation in places like Alabama, and with strict colonial style plantation laws that leave the place uninhabitable.  What they do to us out West is like something out of a future horror flick.  They love to force their injections and forced medical procedures and dope and poisons and the robbing of ours of every thing we have, including the sanctity of our bodies. 

I wonder if I should carry a squirt gun with water and when the cameras point, just spray.  We are vulnerable to attack and the new weapons are already out but not on the shelves.  The hate groups are hungry.  I wish for an exodus of my people, but to where?  Some would fight to the death to stop your arrival.  

Perhaps an encampment in the future for those of us outcast, that encampment likely a horrible shell of holocaust victims, already dead inside.  Beware and never trust any one in the governments and their hate group supporters. Not all are bad, but like a spider, the venom comes out of them when you least expect it.

As customary since I am barred federal employment and I really don't care much any more, I leave you with a song from the heart by another clown who lives likely down in those Shacks on Russian River. Dang Me (music video)

Segment April 12, 2010:

It is obvious that many of us in the United States have a rope around our necks, if not us personally, then someone we know very closely.    Our poverty is our greatest crime and their greatest source of wealth is through their syndicated crime and our poverty.  It is a compounded problem by cycles of poverty in families in the United States.  I learned one mistake from cycles of poverty.  It seems to make no difference in wealth if you are ever in the military or not, if your family is poor, you will be also most likely.  And worse, the medical establishment of the government and sanctioned by the government is rife with medical atrocities.

Worst of all are the medical atrocities and the physical abuses and the lack of rights in laws and courts and hospitals controlled by the government, which is most if not all.  It is obvious that all we were taught is somewhat convoluted with lies, half-lies, and blind truths.  Blind truths are those things that harm us immensely but whose source we can not pinpoint.  

Considering the syndicated nature of the United States and the in-fighting of various groups it is no wonder that much of American industry folded.  Now the government is resorting to old colonial tactics of financial predatory tactics such as in providing illegal drugs at high prices such as marijuana, and unfortunately they are also allowing the other stronger drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin and corporate pharmaceuticals from drug companies that are nothing more than engineered poisons in many cases.   Even worse is the gambling here and there and every where.  I laugh at the anti-gambling types when I see gambling everywhere.  Taxes in and taxes gone, and take it from an a bank examiner at the FDIC, all of those taxes are not touched by the government or even known of.  There is no telling really how much a casino earns.  Their tally is as f***ed as their girl in bunny ears and slippers.  They will show you some blood to prove it and dare you to do anything about it, and just walk away.

The prisons of the United States and their court systems are like Hell.  Their courts are biased hallways of money and privilege and destitution and no remorse.    Their prisons are immense, stretching like a long zoo of men in cages, treating each other like animals, and the guards indifferent, sometimes having sex with the caged men. 

The animals of Los Angeles I saw like myself.  I was being injected forcibly and led in chains at the LA Federal Facility in Westwood.  I was forced medical procedures.  I survived when another FDIC man did not.  I see no reason to make amends or apologies.  They give it to you through the heart and the head.  Our lives are a Hell since we were small in the 1960's.  There is no need to pretend they have given us a paradise.  They have given us and our people on one half of the street, a death wish, a long term suicide pact.  They have become war criminal and they are not what they seem. 

As a federal agent who spoke to me in 2002 said before I was exiled and partially blinded with poisons, "The Trust Is Gone.". Their slogan is laughable if not so vile of a lie, because as the man said, "The Trust is Gone"..

Segment April 10, 2010:  WAR_spirit_SERIAL_killer_EARTH_overriding_PENETRABLE_layers_DISTANCES_inner_COSMOS

It seems another strange day 4-10-2010 or as the British have it, a 10-4 day. 

We all have a war spirit king and a love spirit king or queen.

Fight or flight from antiquity leaves us geared up for antiquity.  Modern times are always as questionable as the latest invention.   Perhaps that is why most inventors are dead, meaning the left handed among men are primarily a severe minority.

Our war spirit king is like that animal that ghost that dwells inside us.  Anyone who has been involved in battle or fleeing killers of a sort or captured will know that war spirit king that dwells within each of us.  We are controlled by apes and that is where the war spririt king originated.  Why I always espouse flight rather than fight first is because in the end, the dogs of war will still be fighting while advanced beings will be scattering in the  great harvest throughout the cosmos, a time of plenty for all.  They say it all comes out the same in the end.  Who says there is actually an end.  A multiple phase shift perhaps.

My war spirit king first became obvious to me as an adolescent, sometimes alone in dangerous places, the knowledge of those things beyond the senses became essential.  Some things are obviously apparent to that inner self, such as when a stranger offers you an open bottle of liquor, and you later find he was a serial killer with a line-up of dead men, and maybe some women, such as what I met in Randy Kraft in Belmont Shores California at the bus stop outside of the still existent, Yankee Doodles Sports Bar.

You can feel it if you let it happen.  There are those who say you will die and be robbed, but you can see those things that trigger the response, such as what I sensed at the FDIC Roseville.  That was before I went to San Francisco FDIC.  I made a ripple and they flipped me inside of it through legal trickery. My father told me to be an attorney.  You should listen.  The federal government is at war with everyone of us.   They have been taken over by those separate from us.  We are slowly and quickly being swindled and slimmed down.  The war wages but as I said, it is a dog's existence.  I do not care if the syndicates of the federal government are killed, but someone will lay waste to everything and the same will emerge.  Mankind is primitive because mankind was almost killed and is so inbred and stupid that the slighted genetic engineering improvements on the human psyche will leave the average human looking like a Down's Syndrome Child.

I make calculations based on more than money, but science, and the avarice of the human conduct I have witnessed.  It does not matter if they die.  The war spirit king in the cosmos lives alone, in all things.

When I was in medical school, one of the most interesting men to me was Rene' Descartes. He was so famous and he thought of the simplest things in the way a child speaks of them and then through logic, deduction, observation, and tests, he deduced the most rudimentary thing about the most complex known to man, the Human Central Nervous System. Descartes died from a flu like symptoms after traveling a cart to see his ho who had his heat. Vicious cycler. I suspect we will find the same sort of patterns in our greater cosmos. Of course like rays of light, you can only see, you can not touch, not yet, maybe never. Some times my war spirit feels like an Ekto Teen (music video). The eternal war spirits says, "I would like Jack to know this song is about the May Pole of Merry Mount."

Segment April 7, 2010: AMERICAN_holocaust_POST_2000_CHEMICAL_engineered_SYNTHESIZED_poisons

In the modern American Holocaust, post year 2000, we have an array of drugs and chemicals being used against us by government and those who are more like war criminals among us.  They may claim medicine, but if you are in the line of fire, the medicine is often a bullet of the new variety, chemically engineering and derived substances that are lethal and dangerous.

Just recently I was in a restaurant and I was having a water and someone put something in my water when I got up to go to a buffet, Kirin Buffet in Pensacola Florida..  When I returned something was in the water that was clear on the top liquid.  It was of luke warm consistency and when I put it in my mouth I felt it in my mouth and realized it was not right.  I am not sure if I was knocked unconscious.  I was in a corner of the restaurant and was surrounded after a pre-arranged meal with someone I was unacquainted with in any depth.   

I want to know if it is a federal police officer or a friend of a corrupt local business person or a money laundering and murderous and oil thief and drug czar of the modern regime in power in the area.  Things have modernized but it is the same old game of exclusion and abuse.   Had I not been ripped off in a real estate scam I would not have done the Pensacola expose' on the house and the resultant analysis of the FHA and their mishandling of the sale of my home and the loss of that sale. 

I was attacked later but my life means nothing.  They love to call the astute among us insane.  What else can they do, say, "I did it".   I don't think so.

Having been injected forcibly on several occassions and knocked unconscious once that I know of, likely more, and after being partially blinded by poisons while in forced exile, I no longer am concerned about talking about my fears and my suspicions.  There are sects among us that have gone rabid.  The OKC bombing was likely not as claimed.  The NYC attacks were likely not as claimed.  The toxic waste spill I recognized in 2004 in New Mexcio and the explosion at the oil refinery in West Texas during that same time frame indicate something is happening.  They are doing forced injections now and beating us down.

I encourage young people to see the USA for what it is, a lost and dangerous and dark place.  Don't get caught in their traps as you see on Mass Media and such.  The lies are obvious.  Their forced injections and drugs make we wonder what kind of experiment they made me, and am I being left behind like a piece of trash so that others can see what may have been installed?

Where is Alfred Hitchcock?  That was the only mass media mogul I can remember that entertained me.  Leg of lamb?  That was humor.

Never believe their constitution and bill  of rights.

Segment April 5, 2010: WORLD_facts_SYNDICATES_warlords_REASONS_logic_ECONOMICS_usa_

Factually, we have in our midst in the USA and internationally a conglomerate of people who have a monopoly or near monopoly on weapons of war.  They make their money from the weapons of war in the same way Wal Mart makes their money from retail.    They are in fact a small monopoly or as economists call it, they have economies of scale because they can buy in bulk and sell cheaper and the weapons manufacturers have specialized facilities unique to their occupation.

They make their money from war because they are in fact the dogs of war, or the emperors.  

Now I try to approach this from a realistic perspective.  Some people will kill and eat you like their last meal if there is profit in it.  Some will only kill you if they have lost their mind, as if in starvation in which the outer layer or the cerebral cortex ceases to function.   In this is the decisive factor of if they will kill to provoke a war and will they control mass media to keep the population satisfied that the war is waging. 

We are conned and manipulated on many fronts.  So au revoir to the space brigade

If you can, get free from this place, maybe space, but do not follow their bloody brigade.  I remember a smile.  A smile made in America.  Long may she smile. 

Ziggy Stardust Jack, I want 120 of the 360 back.  2pi/3.  33.3, soon 66.6 you son of a tick.  Our children are often sacrificed like I was.  Soon many welcome the end of the time of man and a light I promised to ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol on in April of 2000 will sweep the land. Our enemies swarm us in our native lands. What is next masta Sam? I wonder what God will give than Man in pensacola for his abuse of myself? They say I am something of a baptist but more like a hindu. I tried it with Jane.

Segment April 4, 2004: TRUTHS_values_INJECTIONS_murders_TRILLIONS_dollars_FEDERAL_banking_REGULATION

The strangest thing about being me is that I am always looking for those things I have theorized upon, in time and space and conjecture.    That is the strangest thing about the multi-trillion dollar warfare environment of the federal banking regulatory industry.  There are no limits and you soon realize you are just flesh and bone and you are worth not even a tear,  not to most any way.

The other side, now that is strange.  I saw some bizarre things while in their forced federal probation exile, that was tossed into California government hands,  in 2003 and 2004 after their torture by forced injections and beatings and psychological warfare, and eventually poisoning. 

I think I just saw many things in a new light and as time as passed I reflect upon some instinctive survival habits I had and things I just did to stay alive because of instinct, a higher intellect.  When I am in combat mode with no weapon, I am IT in the game of IT.  I tend to theorize.  This has plagued me since FDIC employment.  I find it even helps one not to get into automobile accidents.  When you drop your guard, that is when it hits you.  And that is no lie.  The thing is not to speed and such but to feel, to know.   We are like blind rats in a cage.  Some of us can teach others, and I try in my own way.

I want veterans to know they have no protections as accountants in the federal government.  Beware of treachery.  It is a low level skill.  Major in Engineering and invent and fly the friendly skies internationally.    Most of the financial Sweet Carols in the federal government don't have an inkling of understanding of higher level occupations.  Some do however, and they work for the mob boss, that little runt with the big appetite.

I would like to recommend to the President Obama controller to just kill us instead of injecting us forcibly here in the USA.  We are better off dead.  This started for me in 1999, for a regional FDIC director who was murdered in the early 1990's, and it continues to this day.  The stress and the injections and attacks and loss of many things has left me wondering, who is the devil pulling the strings?

If anyone ever insinuates I would recommend killing a Presidential or other figure, I want you to know that they are front men, all of them, Presidents, Mayors, Governors, and they are as replaceable as warts on a frog's nose.  It makes no sense to go after them.  The ones who control them are the international billionaires, trillionaires, and top warlords of the syndicates.  Now who are they, exactly? 

Never contact the Secret Service with a tip on sanctioned internal government crimes.  They will make a mince meat pie out of you and divide your belongings with the syndicates.  Never again serve.  Never again trust.  Never again turn your back.  History licks a dirty pile of wounds and the USA is no different today under the current holocaust conditions.


Segment April 3, 2010: ANNIVERSARY_432001_snatch_MOB_al_PAST_present_ATTACKING

In theoretical approximations of life, everything has its season, whether the salmon or the dream or the awakening.    Like a strobe light that hits, sometimes we know the special days, as this life is but a trajectory through time and space in which this planet moves and our bodies cells move in their own derivative and way.  Why this Hell, this life I have known?

It has never been easy, not for a very long time if ever.  It may appear easy, but I tend to shoulder things, like when I see a shit bird pretending to be a Pelican, like that bird that is supposed to the representative bird of prey for the predator city of Pensacola Florida.  Of course I step a bit heavy, as the Puerto Ricans aren't too bad, but don't let the skinny ones open your bottle.  Those are often the starving ones.  That's a joke, sort of.

Now on with time and space and the lesson from the Hell we call these lives.  Once some tract is laid through space it can likely be reinitiated very easily in much the same way one can follow a tractor trailer truck in a small car and catch the tail draft, a free ride, maybe without steering if strong enough in its pull.

This would be the movement through space or in concurrent space one could follow.  In other words, the tract is laid, and perhaps the after life is all corrected and the dead areas laid fallow, just as in this life we call Ear-t-th.

Of course I am talking about a self correcting organism of a divine creation.  If this is it, it is like a bubble that will burst I hope.   I am speaking of a better life in which many tests are run and then the final self correcting organisms come into play.   The warnings the warnings.  I often wonder if psychedelic drugs, alcohol, and pharmeceuticals and other intoxicants of the mind or the changing of the human psyche through force of machine or higher apparatus or methods would alter the memory of any returning life force retracing and improving upon the past, but then again, like the trunk of a tree, the thistles at the tips are still part of the tree and all that is contained therein. However, the overall distortion could create some interesting challenges in re-tracking all things and events and the overall mathematics may or may not present a disadvantage. I do not judge. 

An Ode to Chase Bank, I lament, lament, I can't pay the rent, cause your federal boys try to cause too many accident.  Or maybe it is the background face with torn shoe lace who gets paid for Ax-I-Dent. What's that eatin you?   

I remember a tune, Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock fell down, the mouse ran round, hickory dickory dock.  That was like a favorite tune that I would hear when my assistant regional director at the FDIC, ARD F-DIC, and I played on around 1/2/2000 in San Francisco's financial district. We changed the words but this is the music video with the broad at the triangle tip. Music Video Hickory Dickory Dock.  ARD F-DIC say, "Y2K!  Y2K!" "It looks like you dug yourself a hole you can't get out of." 

I did not tell her the hole was Hell and that it followed me where ever I went and I dig not dig it in any form although I am certain I am in purgatory if there ever was one. That was why I was put in the bloody San Francisco F-DIC office I suppose.    I will play ARD F-DIC a song that any future trailer park honey bunny living in West Virginia could relate to with me and the revolutionaries.  I will put Sweet in my Pride, and let Charlie Rich play, Behind Closed Doors. (music video) and then we can hear Sweet Carol sing, the Lennon Sisters song from Lawrence Welk, what is like to be, "Pretty and Rich". I will look for that one ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol Till the End of Time in my trailer park with the Lennon Sisters.

The ugly truth of modern warfare espoused and advocated and advanced by many Western Nations alleged leaders is that it is a profitable business for a collective who are used to violence because their business is violence or warfare and conquest materials in the modern combat environment.   The economies of scale required to be a large weapons manufacturer causes the same racketeering as communism where the bulk of profits, the lion's share, go to a few.  The same thing happens with Wal-Mart in the USA due to economies of scale, they buy cheap and sell cheap.    The ugly truth is that the only blood worth letting is having someone open a box at Wal-Mart.  They are after the oil overseas and nationally..  I could say "We", but I will buy my gas from any station, not just those tankers shipped under the ugly truth of ill gotten goods.    

Segment April 1, 2010: CRUCIBLE_fate_ACCEPTANCE_test

A sad acceptance is a crucible's fate. I like to laugh at mine. I make analogy and no apology. Life is a game of dodge ball, checkers, chess, and tootsie rolled into one. For the pigs it is mudball. That is why I have fear and loathing in Pcola to Mob AL and interim portals. I will never arm myself there unless it is a new device they can not recognize. I jest you federal Germanic Nazis and your over riding support crew of Mediterranean warlords, et al. I like the sound track from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The Gulf Coast, it's a gas. I was at one time, after all, an Angelino of the poorer stripe, the Italian flag. I think I will go back to it and whack Berlusconi, but only if the price is right. Just kidding. I want to work for him.

When I was working at the FDIC, a man told me that the world was a chess match.  The world, whose world, and if so, who is the pawn?  Myself, a pawn of another order, a rookie at the game of trickery among thieves with lawyers and paralegals at the FDIC where the F DIC head had been clipped of its head dic, regional director.  And if the pawn, myself in this occasion  accepts his fate with the knife through his hand, and if his crucible is in his other hand in another game, what is the fate of one, both, or either?

Mathematics is an infinitesimal study until one quantum multiplies the numbers.  It's a mad world

Some of my past works include:

The end for us has already begun according to my 5 point test. We live in the "suicide" generation. Remember things are not as bad as they seem, not even for those in a future holocaust city. You can leave now. Remember Greece, pre World War One, they had the greatest number of Jewish evacuees and the greatest percentage of Jewish survivors after World War Two and I may be one of their descendants, at least in small fraction of bloodline.

In LA California forced experiments and medical procedures and injections by federal officials were performed on myself and others and a corrupt court system that handles things quietly like the old Gestapo did at first stood over me, and they punctured my heart, my career, my sense of life and living. It is ironic it all happened immediately prior to 9-11 2001. They taught me to never trust the USA governments under the international war criminal in power.

In San Francisco California, outright discrimination at the EEOC and the murder of a regional FDIC director labeled suicide left me as an investigative journalist with an attempt on my life, ignored by federal police, forcibly injected, tortured for years basically. Money laundering is not money laundering when the top layers of government skim from the casino revenues. Other monies are funneled in like business as usual due to the crime syndicated nature of governments, sanctioned, therefore an international syndicate. We should organize again as the communities of Sicily did against Italians and their war criminals and their envoys.

In Mobile Alabama I am beat down by government at their steps and abused for reporting Sheriff Jack Tillman as a thief and likely other larger crimes including oil thievery by Shell Oil in a natural gas contract and construction contract rigging and legal maneuvers of a criminal nature. To this day they beat me down at their steps and illegally push me out. They do not want me to speak in front of Comcast cameras. They do not want me to witness their criminal acts because I report them. See Jack Tillman 4-3-2001. Tillman was not removed until 2005 and I was attacked in 2001 and held and attacked several more times until 2004. Every dog has their day. See 9-11 of the year 2001. They fear the native people of the city in the same way they fear their other conquered cities in Iraq and Afghanistan, two other places they steal oil.

In Pensacola Florida I was sold a house that was sub-par with collusion between the realtor and the inspector and likely the VA appraiser and I have been attacked in neighboring Baldwin County Alabama on the road and I have a witness. I also uncovered price fixing by the FHA at lower home values and extorting high entry costs from the poorer among us who have bad credit. They are penalized for not being the war criminal filthy rich international financiers we have in power and their horde of money launderers and crime syndicates. The government loans trillions overseas and pisses down the throat of the average American. Apartment developers build more corporately profitable apartment homes where people will live in boxes, not houses. It appears some hate groups have started to try to push me out of the area with continuous harassment. I am currently trying to get a deed in lieu so I can leave the home and leave the area. It will likely foreclose, a victim of terrorist acts in the USA, sanctioned by government.

In, Flagstaff Arizona I was forcibly injected and knocked unconscious. I had seen a hazmat truck in New Mexico, and noticed a burn on my neck. They passed a law in 2001 allowing this type of atrocity, forced injections and detainment, under a clause in their Chapter 36 laws. Nothing to look forward to kids. A Hell on Earth is emerging if there ever was one. The USA is a goner if it ever existed at all.

Maybe our migratory ancestors had the right idea, when it smells like shee-it, move on. Some times I wonder why I was attacked so much and to this day often harassed. My work, my work, my work. It is tough be an investigative journalist who specializes in medicine and banking, and as a fomer federal bank examiner all I can say is from the year 2001 to 2010, "I saw it coming, grab your toes." Many of you are in the dirt, so forget about it, let the federal police give you some amnesia drug, Midazolam, also known on the street as Versed. This is America, maybe it will make you forget being raped in many ways. Kill me. That is a sort of joke from the lower caste.

I was a Quartermaster meaning a navigator primarily, in the Navy. One thing that was beautiful was a fix with three or more points of equidistant relationship at their angle of contact at the fixed point. A fix is a point where you are located as related to its location to other points. My fix on our society was law, medicine, government, finance, and crime.


Segment March 27, 2010:  HOME_purchase_BLUES_american_HOLOCAUST_world_HOLOCAUST

The biggest mistake one can make on a home purchase if they are not liked by government officials, is to buy a home near a convenience store, a bar, or a restaurant, particularly in places like Pensacola, Florida, a small city that has many people in the military and a populace that is full of racial hatred, social hatred, and the normal sanctioned hate of war, and most of the people there will try to make money off of you in war or something of that sort if the opportunity avails itself. 

So I have a drunk cop eating too many tacos and f-cking the bimbos at the convenience mart while they have long term surveillance on me in my ragged old house.  I will soon give the house back to the bank and remember to never buy any real estate in the USA.  The place is like a war zone and they attack us.  The hate groups then punish us if we legally arms ourselves.  The hate groups are in the police if you have enemies in high levels of government, and most of you are born at odds with those enemies in government but you just do not realize it because they teach you to trust them.  And that is a big mistake.  Never trust anyone on the Earth unless you know them very well.  I have found predatory people that are like thieves in Pensacola.  I wondered why I was lured to the place.  It was the water.  I wanted a small boat to float and relax.  I have been under attack and the house had hidden flaws like a bad roof that had to replaced.

The bottom line is that if you trust anyone in the government or in business in most places, you are opening yourselves up to a crowd of thieves and hate groups

Segment March 24, 2010: SCIENCE_true_TERROR_usa_MIDAZOLAM_amnesia_DRUG_poison_DEATH_enemy_TOOL_needle_CHEMICAL_engineering

A new drug is on the market being used by police and federal and local police agents against our people. It causes Amnesia. The name of the drug is Midazolam and it knocks you out and you can not remember what has happened to you. As far as you know, you might be in one of those death experiments they do on the heart experiments at the LA VA Westwood and to myself, Kurt Brown, aliast Saint Ram Bone, surviving investigative journalist and former FDIC bank examiner in the bloodied F-DIC Head office in San Francisco for the Pacific Rim, and I also worked at the other money laundering outpost, the F-DIC in Roseville near Sacramento. I may have been experiment from the Long Beach California Naval Station or Orlando Florida in the early 1980's.

You can read of my stories and the other veterans at Mobile Audit Club website with links for proof for the LA VA Westwood in an LA Times article linked near the top of the home page of Mobile Audit Club.

To explain the photos. I was given two forced injections in 2001, one in each arm, and two forced injections in 2004, one in each leg. I am being injected for a purpose I do not know. They said I spoke quickly. I tend to stutter when alarmed about being injected or abused so I tend to speak quickly. It is the fight or flight response and it is natural. I know the LA VA Westwood did heart experiments in 1999 and I have a scar over my heart and indications of heart experimentation, possibly from 2001. It could have been by gangs of war criminals associated with Flagstaff and their desert triangle in Nevada in 2004, money laundering hub for the federally approved syndicates. I do not have heart problems that I know of but my heart does hurt very often. They do not care if I die. They robbed me after being attacked. I want my money back and I want a class action suit or a toppling of the regime so that we can have war crimes tribunals and confiscate our enemies stolen belongings for redistribution. Or our deaths. We are not their lessers in any form or fashion. Never turn your back on the enemy in the USA or elsewhere. Beware of traps. View them as war criminal opportunists and teach your children that many of them are of that predatory sort. They think they are smart, but they are like a dog or animal when they behave in that fashion, and for some, it is their way of making living, like sanctioned war criminals.

IN the other picture is my downfall and a dead regional directors FDIC name sake. He was called suicide in his F-DIC Head office in San Francisco. They called me insane I think. They never talked about it in court. I should have. Never let the attornies silence you when you are up against the war criminals inside the USA governments. They said I talk fast. Yes, I could stutter, but then they would want to inject me for paranoia. They are psych fishing. I want their profits if their regime and dictatorship goes dead.

In the new picture is the PR rep for the FDIC, the person who speaks for the big F-DIC. The person with the mouthpiece has a crow for birth control who pops up when you come and the crow says, "ARD Ne'er More, Sweet Carol F-DIC Whore". They are vicious there and full of trickery. They lay your career to waste. You are better off dead than to work for them. That is this former FDIC bank examiners opinion.

In the next picture is myself waking up after intense stress of dealing with the federal crime syndicates. I have come to the conclusion that what will be will be. I welcome their deaths but i am prejudiced, I am one of the forced medical procedures and attacked American Holocaust victims. I hate that word victim. We really should mount a counter offensive to stop forced injections.

As a final note, I may have been poisoned yesterday at a restaurant. Beware of who is surrounding you when you eat. I am leaving but I feel sick. I always feel sick since the injections in Los Angeles. I want revenge, sweet hallowed revenge against our enemies for their war crimes. Beware of the deception. The foci may be somewhere in the blind.

Segment March 15, 2010:

Hatred flows like a river through the swamp of ignorance.  I was the joker who said, your pity is a lie.   

If you are ever attacked by the government agents or their associates, do not expect to get help from those in control of the police, local or federal.  I was injected forcibly by a federal agent the first time a few days before a court hearing after being attacked by that filth in power over the federal banking system and their war criminal and terrorist police forces and hate groups.

I have nightmares often now.  I sleep with one eye open.  I have uncovered too many things and have not kept moving. The last one was a fluke, but I did an investigation on real estate fraud in Florida and abuse by the FHA of family home buyers and families who sell their homes. The banking system is gone any way and the criminals are going to the top. It is a new game in America. It likely will not last and sadly many will not care any longer. The doors are already closed in government oversight.

It is tough be an independent investigative journalist and auditor of sanctioned government criminals and agencies. Government crimes are the worst and most are ignored. I believe that God may have arranged for the downing of the buildings on 9-11-2001 to remind us that it is not nice to forcibly abuse innocent men medically or otherwise. Perhaps we will never learn. I try to train medical people not to allow abuses such as forced injections on the compliant. Gang rape has never been pretty except to the lesser mind. I prefer death and will accept payment and nothing less of death will be equivocal materially. The federal crime syndicates of the banking regulatory agencies should lose some teeth now as I did. What they did to me while I was unconscious is anyone's guess.

I am soon to leave their shit feast, their lie.  Chase bank has already gotten the woody about the money on a house I am trying to back out of one way or another due to a terrorist attack against myself, most likely linked from the governments that I have audited, federal and local in lower Alabama.  It is not funny money if I am swinging from yon tree.

As the Brazilian said as he spit out his teeth behind the .22 for free, "You keep."  "Pissy Cola Flor ala is not forme either'" "Ciao, Amerika".

Segment March 14, 2010: METAPHYSICS_numerical_SCIENCE_dating_PRE_archived

This post was moved from Daily Foreword March 14, 2010 to here: In reflection, on those odd days where you get to see the twinkle of pollen in the bumble bee's eye in your eye on that bicycle ride through life, you recall things of pertinence like miscalculated calculations or permutations and logs not yet extrapolated. Of particular importance is to log a correction in the name of a man who was atop the Honolulu Hawaii bank with me, my last FDIC bank examination evaluation, when the triangle of us three FDIC employees had a dragonfly drop dead from the sky into the center of the ring. Was it a set up? I would often leave F-DIC lube for erotic employees on the inner tract of their ass kisser sects.

I said the name Yee, as I recalled the name, but it may have been different. It was perhaps Chew, I am not certain, more Spanish Filipino genetics perhaps. Not important. But the German looking woman there, the large Bulgarian one with the wavering eye, had split judgment. I should have caressed her in her hotel room. I should have come up as she asked, but I was afraid I would be hooked up to a machine or injected forcibly. It happened anyway, after employment there, exactly one year approximately, that I was injected forcibly by a federal agent. The bank examination ended on 4-23-2000 for me perhaps. I was flying first class on the plane to Hawaii for the FDIC and the lady on the plane said I smelled like a honey suckle semen seed. I was Little Big F-DIC for a moment. How Bizarre (music video). We looked like these guys leaving the bank exam as I discussed my medical training in addition to bank examination accounting and how a parasite was a Mass of butt worms or a ring of worms around the F-DIC in the big D.C. F-DIC and Pennsylvania Avenue. Another had told me that life is a chess match earlier. I wanted to shoot one but I am a shrimp. Just kidding. I need better equipment on this planet, to analyze, to cast a spell, create a shell, a little nut ball from Hail to knock out a shrimp for evaluation, harmless evaluation.

But not all we bank examiners were inline with the silent F-DIC mob and their little swine. Check mate.. Then one year later, bam, two down and a shadow appears, me, Mr. One Strike, Mr. 911, Maybe Two, nobody's felon. They label you falsely and then do not remove charges that are supposedly nolle processed as in 2004 in my case. Scared to death with no one, only me and death and the triangles of hoodlums that crawl across America's financial regulatory landscape. The USA did fall on its side for our side. All of the cases dismissed or non-existent except California where it began. They do not give re-trials when they want you out. Never hook with them unless you know they are bought out. It ended in Alabama as well. Me and that horrible NYC thing and the Pentagon....yeah right. My credit card at the F-DIC should still be valid in a few months. I suspect a nut ball in your Massa F-DIC ass Wad, but maybe knot. Will bring surgical analysis and likely excision equipment.

3 days between St. Valentines Day 2001 and the first attack against myself after investigating the F-DIC. No FBI or Secret Service response then or years later. They call us who fight back insane or dead. I prefer death over forced injections or incarceration and torture. I fear for our caged offspring and kin and others distant, perhaps it is time to tear it off, the scab.

4 months and 20 days between 4-23-2001, the date of my first known forced injections by a federal agent, and 9-11-2001. It was one month from my scheduled release from forced injections and medical procedures and other horrors on 8-11-2001, and the date of destruction, 9-11-2001. It was 20 days between 4-3-2001, the day I reported to the Mob Al City Council and federal mafia that Sheriff Snatch was a thief and starving inmates. I was shouting it to the closed government at the Mob AL City Council and to the rafters, and their federal mafia guard at their gate would not allow me in. I could have whispered it to Snatch but I wanted to see if he would urinate on himself when I said it to the pigeon in the rafters of the interior. He seemed glad, like his plan was working when I handed him the permit. I had no gun with me, only a unloaded guitar with a sacrificial melody. 360 thousand dollars stolen by Sheriff Snatch in Mob AL. How many degrees are in a circle Snatch and federal Mob AL pusse?

4-3-2001 That was the date Sheriff Snatch and federal war crimes posse set me up for gun ownership by taking my only right to own one, my gun permit. 4-23-2001, that horrid date I discovered LA VA was a war crimes felon under federal control from beyond. One year between 4-23-2000, the day I was first told I may have to go from federal F-DIC employment, and 4-23-2001, the day I was injected forcibly by some federal war criminals instruction. Horrid terrorist, not my brother, do you feel as we the one feel? Take a deep deep deep breath?. Strange symmetry. I bet the federal quarry hunt crew and Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum Tillman of Mob AL could help me caculate if I held the pen to the possum's neck hole and if the percussion popped the federal pusse's big easy nuttin butt hole. My great grandmother called it his red neck hole, but I call it ole yeller. We are a persecuted mass. Nothing has changed.

I enjoy Rain Man because I understand him. Arrgh Strike One. Who's nuttin butt on first. Abbot and Costello routine. It is a quandry to most accountants but not a surgical specialist nor someone who counts on statistics.

Segment March 13, 2010:TRUE_horrors_LOS_angeles_COURTS_personality_MASKING_ptsd_FEDERAL_truths_MURDERS_injections_ROBBERIES_trillions

To help explain things, I, a former FDIC bank examiner and survivor, some times take on the character of Forrest Gump because I understand his simplicity and depth.    For instance, to explain war, we have to think of the current context.  In Vietnam and Korea, we were afraid of communism spreading according to the media and the appointed leaders.  In our era, we are afraid of terrorists according to the media and the appointed leaders.

I have lived in terror since 2001 but my terror did not come from the terrorists I see on television.  The terrorists I had to deal with looked just like the people on television, a mix of Americans and some just arrived.  But they all had government insignia in their pocket or approval.  These are the terrorists I know.  Those on television look like they are running for their life just like me.  I will soon no longer be an American.  A nation divided will not stand.  A person who holds guns and knives and hypodermic syringes and all with the approval of the terrorists.  Just like those I see on Televison.  It is strange how they act when the doors are closed.

I saw a judge in Los Angeles.   He was the first to determine to me that my gun ownership was a crime.  He did not mention the attacks on me and the FBI and Secret Service not responding.  He did not mention the forced injections I had just gotten at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Westwood.  They did not say anything about my speech impediment of speaking quickly.  They just started injecting me.  I was so high that when the judge spoke, his mouth was looking like a pipe.  I thought I was talking to a machine and the devil was looking down from space at me.   I drew it the picture the queerest of the queer.  I saw it coming.  I covered it up and it is explained on page Quatrains 1 at Mobile Audit Club.

My grandmother told me to run and hide after I enlisted in the US Navy, but I did not listen.  My uncle told me to go AWOL.  I should have listened. 

Those judges in California want people to be high in court so that they can not speak for themselves so the federal assassins associates inject you behind closed doors just before court or a few days before and right before court.  My attorney did nothing but pick me up and feed me to a maggot draped in a black robe beamed down to me from outer space so I could not jump up in my drug induced coma and chew his nose from his face.

The next time I am about to get shot up with federal dope and engineered chemicals of war, I might just go ahead and break out the ghost. The terrorists are making me break out in hives.  They sabotage everything.  The corruption is too deep.  Move from America and build, do not confine, create, do not destroy unless approached in war for war, and only if the energies can not be capitalized upon.

Pink Floyd's Machine should be the name given to the international F-dick-taster in the federal and state courts.   Welcome to the Machine (music video).

As an aside, it pays to be philosophical or have a philsophical outlook. I have found that my belief in a set of eyes looking over my shoulder with agreed upon higher intellect and what I read in ancient agreed upon directives has kept me from trying to kill the transient, the impermanent, the ingredient, each and every one of you.

The way I see it is this. Life is an illusion at worst and a delusion at best. If you do horrendous things they come back, especially murder and rape and abusive behaviors. Self corrective or reflective actions are instigated. If you kill, you see 4 horsemen as a parting gift. If you live and let live, you see 4 Lovely women. They will say what my mother told me when I told her I would rather have not been born. My mother would turn the page of a large invisible book and say, "Turn the page". My four horseman might look like my good mother in a good mood than my bad father in a bad mood. Hark, Que Cera Cera, 1959, the Welk Show, the Taliban sisters..

Mathematically speaking, your banking regulatory system is like a mother ship that has shut down her inner workings. In analogy in biology, a mitochondria is adopted from the mother and in it is the electron transport system. The magical marvel of energy conservation. I analyzed the FHA and the real estate system and the governments. Filth, disgust, breakdown, corruption and ignorance is how it is in banking oversight in the USA today. The USA FHA government stopped me from selling my home. They would not finance an extra 2500 dollar fee they had tacked on to the cost. The leaders in power can loan 1.2 trillion to an international banker in one year. 480 million homes could have been financed in my estimate with that money at 2500 dollars extra for the working class apartment dwellers and working homeless. Many veterans would have moved on and not gone into foreclosure. Many apartment dwellers would own homes. I want to overthrow the international overlord stealing our children's meat and nest. You are in a den of wolves you son of bitches. Grab your teets.

So I ran the tests and I was tested. If I don't get my deed in lieu of Foreclosure from Chase bank and the VA, I am running baby. Grasp your balls, its Spring time, Goodness Gracious It's Great Balls of Fire(music video) Chase bank told me I would be hurt by this. I didn't feel shit. I might be a Loser, like the Rabbi and Beck of the same name (music video). My tombstone will read, "I Ran The Hairy Testes".

As in all audits and investigations, I recall the good moments when reflecting on the past and the potentials of the future however slight the difference, the beauty of truth in perfection always shines through. To my only Fan in San Francisco from China, I whistle our favorite Mobile Audit Club tune when all gun-ho, "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush" (music video.)

Segment March 1, 2010: FINAL_wish_TECHNOLOGY_genetics_SUFFERING_lower_CASTE_humans_ABUSED_tally_DEATH_suffering

Many years ago, I believe the USA government was taken over by  a foreign power or a private power.  High technology allowed this take over of likely most of the Earth.   I have discussed how this is done but it is speculation based on my current knowledge of the sciences and in particular genetics engineering and theoretical physics.    The reason I mention a private power in the nation may be responsible for the harnessing, murder, and degradation of an entire population to benefit a few  is that there are some people in the USA and every nation who will steal and kill from within the groups in their nations.

Ruling sects of appointed government officials and federal war criminals rob and kill many, and beat me back from government like a terrorist simply for trying to stay alive after being attacked. They expect us to drop every thing so we can be shot in the head or worse. They wonder why they are attacked repeatedly. I am terrorized very often since becoming an investigative journalist and trying to remove the veil of their evil empire, their angelic facade.

We are twenty years behind at least in all technologies and new ones that have emerged.  We are as captive as Indians in a reservation to Europeans with guns and cannons.    The one thing the Indian would do, was kill their own families to stop the Europeans from harming them.  An Israeli leader did the same thing in ancient times to an ancient city that was under siege by Romans. Since the federal government did forced medical procedures on me in 2001, in 15 years they will do much more.

It is belief that many of our leaders and others are or can be controlled through technologies.  I too may simply be typing into a void of sorts, a non meaning moving of my fingers and mind, as I was tortured and injected chemicals and forced medical experiments by those I once trusted in the USA federal government. Now, I see them as enemies over me, for the moment.   

I have much post traumatic stress.  I have nightmares of the attacks after FDIC employment and investigating murder and money crimes. I have nightmares of memories of being called in by federal officials such as what they did in Los Angeles and Mobile.  I awaken at night very often and hear sirens, and at the same time I listen for the echoes of nuclear bombs going off.  I once feared this as a child due to the training that we Americans were under attack by the enemy and we had to prepare.  They were speaking of the USSR.   I see no real differences in the USA governments, the Chinese governments, or the USSR governments.

You can integrate into the human Central Nervous System (CNS), brain and spinal chord, an overlay or integration of other CNS structures that may afford more easy control of the lesser or greater organism, the human.  You can also take control of the human mind if you have the right equipment and knowledge.  

Was President Lyndon Johnson who replaced the murdered Kennedy controlled by someone else?  Is that why the Vietnam War lasted so long and we Americans were forced to have our young people volunteer to go to this alleged war location. Then of course was the Korean war prior to that, of which I am too young to know much of any thing, other than people shot each other at close range.  The threat of communism is what they claimed.  Communism is a racketeering movement.  But so is capitalism when you have economies of scale, such as what Wal Mart and Shell Oil and weapons manufacturers enjoy.    The only advantage to capitalism is that it spurs creativity and innovation due to high financial reward.    However, when that technology is used against us, we would be better to sit down and take our families lives, just as many people do in hardship.

The irony of this type of silent takeover is that it is like a mosquito bite that carries malaria.  You do not know you have been bitten usually until you have malarial symptoms.

Who is in control of the USA and much of the Earth?  Why do they abuse us?  Why is it allowed by those in their employ?   

I once spoke with a medical student about forced injections.  I hate those because so many different types of chemicals can be in the needles and the government and hospitals lie on their medical records and their handling of us, such as what I experienced at the American Holocaust Camp, the LA VA Westwood in 2001.   In addition, if you are knocked unconscious, and if you are in the hands of a sociopath, you are better off dead. 

I am older now, having forgotten the dreams of youth.   I do not mind a nuclear blast but I do hope that total death is quick for all of my loved ones and cherished ones if it occurs.   I do believe that you can create a nuclear type of blast without using the traditional bomb method that we were taught.  I do believe you can treat Parkinson's disease without creating a human-animal variant of chimera to be killed and his or her juices extracted.  

I know that God sees what is going on.   Imagine, if you had a room full of people, or a stadium, and you turned on a blender.  This is the fate of modern chimera.  I mention this because I wonder if God keeps score.   I once smelled an abortion doctor and he had an odor.  Maybe he had gas.  Maybe he was not the abortion doctor. 

I am tired of being attacked and harassed.  God's people are not in power over the federal government in Mobile Alabama nor Pensacola Florida nor Los Angeles California nor Flagstaff Arizona.   I wonder about the EEOC in San Francisco and the Treasury and the FDIC.  For the most part, the San Francisco bay area does have a slightly different feel.  Many seem to have more compassion.  However, the indifference always leaks in because the refugees and beggars outnumber the residents in some places, and the federal syndicates are notorious there, with what I see as an open government in the government syndicates. It is not thievery or murder if it is sanctioned. It is a bloody chess match. So one could say it is really more of the same in the wealthy San Francisco Bay area.

We are a harnessed species.  My time is likely limited.  My enemies have had me under needles forcibly.   It is my prayer hope and wish that if this city or nation  tries to abuse my grandchildren as they have me, that they are spared suffering in life and in pain, and that is in the darkness or the light, death or life.

In closing I hear Wild World by Cat Stevens, now Yusef Islam. I saw an Iranian girl dancing once on Youtube and when I started speaking with her, her father made her take her video down. I hope to go to Iran some day. Perhaps if they bomb us, I can get there before hand. I might be able to point out a scenario on who exactly has their finger on the trigger on my head. Not me.

The irony of America's and Europe's resistance to allowing the Vietnamese and Korean people to have a communist government is that Marco Polo went to China from Italy a couple of centuries before and he never mentioned their communism as a problem. He simply brought back silks. Who says Italians were stupid? Who is in control of America and why do they or IT torture us? I bet we are in over our heads. Genetics engineering and manipulation of physics in a way unknown to many was likely what precipitated all of those wars against communism. Racketeering in capitalism and the profit from war machines seems to be the thrust of the war against communism. How sad this species I, and only right before I die that I notice.

Segment February 27, 2010: FDIC_murder_XANADU_stacked_EMPLOYEES_task_GOD_life_INDIFFERENCE

Having been the subject of ridicule, abuse, and indifference by groups of people who I once thought were my own, such as those in the governments of the USA and some inhabitants of the cities where I have lived, I have developed a sort of callousness through humor.  If you laugh at the devil, he doesn't know how to play. ARD Ne'er Mole Sweet Carol F-DIC Hole. Mr. Crowley speaks (music video).

I bought a house recently and it seemed like a decent deal.  115000 with deeded water access straight to the Gulf.  The home has a front window that looks like a beer bottle that gazes out on to 3 convenience stores that sell liquor, one bar, a taco place, and a place that will serve dog food as meat loaf.   The water is a block back.  The roof was painted white.  I was told it was new.  I can not see real well in darkness in the attic so  I had to take the inspectors word for it.  It was covered in bleach then and sprouting mushrooms I found a few weeks later.  Then I discovered 13 million gallons a day of sewerage are to be dumped into Perdido Bay.  

Since that time I have been attacked once with a witness and I know of one time my vehicle was entered into by a small town cop or a federal assistant in Lillian Alabama and I suspect more tampering with the vehicle that may leave it incapacitated.    

Now I should be angry.  But God keeps me alive and safe I feel.  I do not like my life.  I have not during most of it.  I have made it past serial killers, major accidents, assassins, and more.  I did not make it past forced injections and forced medical procedures and exile and abuse and being attacked and harassed by police and government officials and criminals in their employment or association since 2001 when I started my true investigative journalistic career after FDIC employment and being terminated.  My belongings have even been destroyed more than once and my body has been attacked with needles and forced medical procedures more than once by the federal government and their approved torture houses near Las Vegas in Flagstaff and Los Angeles.

  I was just going to make a point at the EEOC about the FDIC about a training project called the Xanadu project.  It took over 80 hours to complete and some of the students were screwing the instructors for the answers to Xanadu.  Ironically we were at the F-DIC Seidman center and the Sweet Carols they hire do have a nice Sweet ass.   Xanadu was basically a large simulated bank examination on a huge printout covering a 3' by 4' area. But they terminated me for filing the complaint, claimed it was unsatisfactory performance and the arbitrator had me promise not to tell. They want me to tell because the truth is that they are stacking employess at the FDIC under George Masa, the replacement regional director.  He did it in Chicago and San Francisco FDIC.  .  I thought of it as a test I was running.  I thought I mattered and I really wanted to investigate the murder after witnessing outsiders coming in and out of the Roseville FDIC office and watching the conversations that were being had outside of the building by top FDIC management in San Francisco.  In Roseville, those coming from the outside and into the office were likely union reps and negotiators for the preliminary bank examination when casino funds are divided into the under and over world of banking regulation and insurance..  

They had killed the prior regional FDIC director in his office and called it suicide.   I like to make queer jokes about taking it up the butt, because it was San Francisco and I must have been a true Dick to work for the F-Dic.   I even drew a house talisman painting with two layers, the Queerest of the Queer I call it.    The regional director prior to Masa is dead and my career is in ruins and so is my health and wealth.  The government does not back you up if you are an honest accountant and independent investigative journalist.

God does.

That is my feeling.  Of course I look forward to death so I am not scared to run tests.  I put my life on my line to see if the FDIC would try to kill me.  I was hoping they would on St. Valentines Day 2001, but they tried the Saturday night after St. Valentines Day 2001.   They don't scare me now and they did not then.  They entice and titillate and provoke me.  The provoking is something I try to keep contained, by containing my emotions.  No emotion whatsoever is what we need when dealing with them.  They have none or very little. 

Perhaps some day this game of dodge ball will end.  I was so good at that game as a child.  I love it.  I would actually get the wood when the girls would throw the ball at my nuts.  The mighty F-DIC player. Can't Touch This, Superfreak, Remix, Music Video.

Segment February 24, 2010:  WARS_struggles_LIVES_theory_ENTERTAINMENT_fact

The hidden war the hidden struggle.

I picture two foes have faced off in my life time.  This is conjecture based on evidence.  Misconstrued?  Who knows?  How many levels is dependent on many things.

In one face is the man who was at the point of removal of the twin towers in NYC and the attack on the Pentagon.  In the other is his opposite reflection, the one who gave us Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, and more perhaps.   All of these things are alleged due to the fact that we are always told lies or half truths or not told at all.   We can be easily deceived, so beware of the true nature of mankind, that of a slave, that of a master, that or a con artist, that of a brutal king, a half shot of a monkey and a man with a throne.

"The twin towers came down in New York because America died.  It died when you put the bank examiner of the FDIC Kurt Brown into the federal insane asylum.  We knew you had cooked the whole mess with the regional director of the FDIC.  His brains spilled out onto the floor.  That is alleged, because I was not there.  I was there during the forced injections of Kurt Brown at the federal insane asylum.  America came down because America never was.  Simple minds will follow any trail or lure.  Some do it on purpose because they are insane or stupid or they want their death.  The dragonfly that fell from the sky in Honolulu atop the bank when Kurt Brown and Mr. Yee and the heavy set lady of split judgment gave Kurt his score, was not a coincidence and more of an observance.  All things come to an end."`

Now as an aside from that dialogue above, there is the simple fact that there are those who think they can run the USA and the world just as they please.  They gather around like a pack of ants wanting a war.  You must commend those men of virtue and intelligence who fight back.  They are not caught, not those who targeted the OKC federal building, not those who conned the USA out of trillions through the Treasury Department, not those who robbed the entire Earth and whose descendants bank accounts are still fat.  

Their lock and key and follow me existence is really a fraud.  They have nothing for us at the end except pain and misery.  At least if you lead a modern gladiators existence you have the freedom to fight freely as a mercenary or assassin.  Of course, who pays.  Usually the person assassinated if they have access to the dead man's hidden accounts or accounts hidden in his name.   The end is always close.  I see mankind differently now.  North Europeans, the palest people, and South Africans, the darkest people, are very similar and those in between have decided to say that they are the direct descendants of God.  It is amazing to be a stump child. 

I see no reason to adhere to their way of life and see a modern death as preferable to living under an ape like ruler more than a man.  You have my go ahead to kill them, but they tried to kill me, so I have a reasonable vendetta to fulfill.

The truth is that the Earth was turned on end when we were mere children. With a century of killing and torture before the year 1960, it was no small coincidence that many people were lined up to be killed and many of us were marked or altered as children by an over-riding warlord. The thing about Czechoslavakians is that they smile at you until they get what they want, and then they cut your heart out and take what is left. The smile was never a smile but a snarl. Mankind is much like that bastard or bitch, or il idiota bruto as my colleagues call it often. I hope the federal government in Lillian Alabama is sure to check Huey Hoss Mack and the Baldwin County Alabama Treasurer, because someone is mooing like a moocow and it sounds like the common man is being f-cked in Ala-Bama and points East and West. Let us light this puppy up. We need new weaponries and defenses or transport off of this planet. 

Segment February 22, 2010: GAME_europe_INDIAN_origin_WARFARE_subterfuge_RIGGED_game

The reality of the USA ruling international regime and their pyramid of corporations and their bought out bureaucracy is that the international pyramid is topped by a sociopath and criminally insane warlord or warlords.

Their entire structure is made so that they win at their rigged game.  Everything they do is that way.  I regret letting them control me and pray for the end of human time every day to end the suffering caused by the war criminals in control and their echelons of followers.  Like a legion of mercenaries, I face the federal government of the USA every day.  I am one of their holocaust victims and they smile on television and kick us at their government doors..  My house was sold and the FHA stopped it in 2009.  I was attacked soon there after.  Now I am harassed by the police and their local war criminal and racist groups controlled in the end by the legions of war criminals and their supreme commander over this damned planet.

I will let my home go back to the bank one way or another.  I am going to fold.  Like many, I learned, theirs is a rigged game.    Life is too short to spend among those who are our enemies.  I hope you slit their throats some day.  I won't be around to count bountiful heads.  A war criminal is a war criminal till our day of death and then, it's head is a divine gift.  I see a game of soccer to replace the game of sucker.

On a ending joyful note, I always enjoyed the bizarreness of Alfred Hitchcock as a child.  Good Evening.  Note the Guitar and the character. montage video. The only problem is that he was borne of the shit of Hollywood, another tongue of the war criminal sect in power internationally.

Segment February 21, 2010: DEATH_call_INDIFFERENCE_2001

The FBI did not answer my mails in February of 2001 and neither did the Secret Service after I had been attacked by syndicates associated with the FDIC in San Francisco.  I should not have worked at the FDIC.  They have a rigged game and we are not allowed into it.  I could not tell if it was a Spanish mafia, Mexican Mafia, Asian Mafia, German Mafia, or other mafia in power when I was investigating and working for the FDIC as a bank examiner and afterwards as an investigative journalist.   I do know one thing.  They do not care if I starve to death, and some would rather I drop dead, or be burned alive in a vehicle or used in an experimental holocaust ward like LA VA Westwood or Flagstaff Arizona medical center.  They were close in the burning and torture in the American Holocaust camps and LA County Jail were very gruesome.  They know what I do.  I try to either put them out of work, out of business, or dead, and some I would rather just wash my hands and my planet of.

Considering the people of the Earth are harnessed by a dictatorial and abusive sect, there is always hope for their global extinction and ours if necessary.  Some things never change.  I would rather we leave the planet and go our own ways, but we will be digging mass graves, most likely.  I do not bury those I can not stand.  I recommend they be burned in sacrifice in open streets.

They attacked me first.  They like petty wars.  I just like to watch their fire flies in the night.

Mind control by integrating another central nervous system to detach at points to a larger construct in the body is not totally unknown. What the government did to me equates to being in Hell. I can only hope that there is a God and that God does not tolerate abuse. But it appears God is dead on this planet, at least from this view of America 2010. Many people will kill another blindly or use them in experiments or force injections into them. Let us welcome a healthy escape, one way or another (music video)

I have a sense of humor about life. I picture myself, the ARD F-DIC Party Clown version sitting in therapy with the psychologist and on the other side is the federal war criminal person, a sick bastard or bitch who lies incessantly and kills for the thrill. We ask each other for tooth picks and flash our ice picks. The therapist asks, "Now where is my vendetta?" Youtube therapist, Transexual Rocky (movie clip)

Segment February 14, 2010: MURDER_uah_INVENTION_tenure_MASS_media_GOVERNMENT_liars_OFTEN

The murders at the UAH Campus may not be as reported.  The woman who was accused as being the murderer, Amy Gibson, was not only a Harvard graduate but she and her husband had invented the "Mobile Petri Dish", a big project and invention.

One of her students said that my website, Mobile Audit Club, may have been what gave her the inspiration for the name of the invention. I have published widely my discussions on genetics engineering, immunology as it relates to human-animal chimera, and CNS regeneration. You could say that Mobile Audit Club inspired the name for the machine, Mobile Petri Dish.

I am a medical lab technologist dropout, Senior Year. Cat gut got constipated so I switched to seeking out parasites in government and society, accounting was my next major, and federal war and state war crimes was my target, financial war crimes. It was stated that the man she shot, a professor, had allegedly said, "She had problems with reality."

Obviously the man who said it did not realize that Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman's Scorn, and he should not have said things about her to other students most likely. Women are very sensitive as compared to men. Discrimination by staff in tenure is common.  I was terminated from the FDIC for not dropping an EEOC complaint and they are murderous and criminal and it is accepted by the war criminal regime international in power. 

I am an Alabama native and a disabled veteran, but it does not matter. I could have killed some management officials or knocked down a federl building, but I would rather just tear down the entire communist conspiracy in the federal dictatorship. Communism is nothing fancy, just racketeering.  Of course we can not believe their mass media or their government due to their lies.

Independent journalists are beat back by the war criminals in power internationally. We know that the government and their media lie to us at all times. The OKC federal bombing was likely not as reported. On December 8, 2004, around 00:00, a meteorite hit or a bomb struck from a nearby military base while I was driving on a desolate stretch of Oklahoma highway, just after passing gas in Braman OK. That was one of things that makes you wonder.

The murders at the campus could have been for many reasons, money, ethics, revenge, a power struggle, a fight for an invention. You can never tell from what they say on the news. The government never reports their medical atrocities against us and the rising third reich mentality of government with a little Stalinist Russia and Chinese Ho Chi Minh style of social controls is in place.

Look how the syndicates circle and swirl, changing the cards for each incoming generation. Its a pirate's game for a lesser existence for all. The songs for this are PJ Harvey, Big Exit (video link) and the other song is Queen, Queen Killer Queen (video link).

As an aside, since all things on my side slide together my way, I will let this one shine on in your mind F-DIC Sweet Carols. I know of your casino engagements with rings of worms around the F-DIC, so let's start the drill motor and let that string wrap around the spinning drill, catch the painted F-DIC on the Spinning Wheel ride, your Blood Sweat and Tears (music video). I want mine paid on the 9.11 mil side. Get it, got it, good.


Segment February 13, 2010: SERIES_attacks_LIVING_nazi_GERMANY_united_STATES_2010

I once heard someone say that nothing is as bad as it seems.  She had grown up and lived her entire life in one of the most segmented and brutal parts of the USA, the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast rural communities and then in Mobile Alabama.    I know the harshness of the place and remember when I was a child cringing about the thought of my being forced to go to Vietnam like the older boys or the thought of a nuclear bomb.

 Now that I am older, the decimation of the USA government does not really matter to me.  They never were kind to me or mine, not really.  Indifferent at best, and they lie about every thing.  The only thing that matters to them is their money and our subjugation.  Now, ironically I look forward to a war in the United States and a nuclear blast or other apparatus to remove the control of the war criminal horde in power.  We are targeted now.  We know it.  We want them targeted as well. 

 I am being pushed out of Pensacola Florida by three sects, the federal war criminal sect who I have fought with since my investigating murder at the FDIC where I worked,  and it appears that someone sent someone from the Baldwin County Sheriff's depot to my home in Florida when I was leaving recently.  It just so happened I connected the dots.  Then there are the local Nazi types who really are just like German Shepherds frothing at the mouth to kill or steal from those not in their inbred sect.  It makes no matter to me if all three groups are dead. 

Things are not as bad as they seem, you will discover if it happens.  Less traffic, less harassment, less police to beat you to the ground in government, and less war criminals to do forced injections and forced medical procedures.  I applaud the overthrow and decimation of the international regime and I hope freedoms are increased, and if not, let's assist in the decimation of the human species through chimera based diseases.  They are incurable and lethal.

One final note.  Time is ticking.  Everything has its life span.  There are those already off of this planet.  It's days are numbered for human inhabitation.  It is inevitable, a natural consequence, like a huge unstoppable mass being mathematically commutated, and humans are factored out in the end, at least on this planet, for now.

Now, for today's comedy section. I need comedy like light in dark. I picture myself going back to work at the FDIC in San Francisco as a bank examiner. I am wearing my space commando ragtag Jamaica wig. I have my ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol blow up doll for sex and swimming with me. With me also is my assistant, a little guy with a stuttering speech impediment who speaks quickly and a Yorkshire terrier.

I put the doll on my lap when I speak to Sweet Carol. "I can not help there was a hostile take over. I thought of it as a backlash of God's Conscience. You'll be working for me and Sweet for now." My assistant stutters, "Yes, I I I brought my stud man, Bow Bone, when he thinks of pee he wets my hand." My assistant lifts the dog and it squirts out some liquid at the true ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol. And he laughs in astonishment as it sprays foward like the spit from a dead assassins eye. He's a Queen, Queen Killer Queen (Youtube music video)

They love to give us strike or kill us. As the French say "No difference". Do not believe the news casts of murders in the USA in high places. Some people kill for money, and then, some people kill, for money. Chimera millionaires, chewed up human animal hybrids for profit. Muy peligroso. Here is a short tem news broadcast of the ARD F-DIC Party Clown in his hair hat of the day. Craigslist San Francisco Financial District New Post. Limited time link.

Coming soon is a pscyhological diagnosis of police in denial of their own irrelevance and their denial of the criminal element in power over the Earth. They say, "You lose" or "You get a strike", but in the end it all comes out the same. "Who drew first blood?" Federal officials in my case. They started to look at me as a lesser, their enemy. Avoid VA Healthcare also. Forcing injections, experiments, and controlled by the war criminal sect in some fashions or facets. I would prefer cyanide over VA health care. Beware of the states allowing injections. Beware of the United States in total.

Segment February 3, 2010:  HEMISPHERE_double_SPACE_physics_LAWS_change_UTILIZATION_movement_ACROSS

In hypothetical extraction, I often think of things more and more from the greater perspective and how some could cause things to happen on an apparently almost supernatural or extremely highly technological order in our daily events, including everything contained within our cosmos, and its apparent outer boundary where the laws of physics are believed to change.   

Could there be a second side to the brain shaped area (or second sphere) to accompany the first, which we are in?  Could some being or influences jump from one sphere to another in the same that our own human thoughts are processed by two sides.

Why would this occur?  If you consider the outer sphere has a life of its own, influences of its own, and goals of its own, that directives within the sphere could coordinated on the other side, you would have a fully functioning brain as we know it with very much the same imparcts but on a greater scale.  It could be that life is indeed an illusion and you are in fact wandering around inside God's brain tissue. 

Movement, and energy, and directed force could carry out those things needed.   The two hemispheres may even have an area that resembles a corpus callosum between the spheres, but in a semi-equivocal sense.   This was purely theoretical but the sphere of a brain shape where the laws of physics change are real according to modern physicists.   

The use of this information and a new construct or paradigm when making movement could be instigated in a new and directed fashion.  Perhaps not in our life times.   Perhaps the paradigm of a double hemi sphered greater being or entity in which we are part of the delusion and the machinery within is an enigma.

Of course I feel like an American Holocaust / World Holocaust victim. I was injected and tortured and attacked before that time after FDIC employment and investigative journalism work on sanctioned government corruption.

Segment February 2, 2010: COURT_maneuver_ACCOUNTANT_reporter_FREE-LANCE_gun_CHARGE_federal_WAR_criminals

The courts of the USA and the federal warmongering and money laundering Kings, do not care for our rights and they use the courts to abuse us if they can not kill us or drive us insane to the point of suicide. 

For example:  I owned legal guns but had them an illegal place due to where I was parked and I did not know it was illegal. I was outside the gate.  It did not matter.  The VA insisted that I be prosecuted due to their loud cries coming from those I was investigating, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama, convicted food funds thief, the murderous and money laundering horde at the FDIC.  The Secret Service which is part of the Treasury and the money thieves circle, said I was insane due to how I spoke quickly.  I have a speech impediment that comes out as rapid speech when really stressed.  They will use any excuse and I would have fled for my life if I had known what was to come.  Forced medical procedures at a forced medical procedure encampment, the LA VA Westwood, and then years of abuse and torture. 

They lawyer was useless.  I paid a large sum.  My bail was one million dollars so I could not finish my investigation of Tillman and the FDIC.    There are two ways to approach the plea. 

First,  I could say that I was not insane, I had a right to own and carry a gun, I was outside of the gate, asleep, and that I had been attacked while doing my work as an investigative journalist on sanctioned murder at the FDIC in San Francisco and money laundering from Nevada residents in California who owned FDIC charters.

The LA Superior Court judge would be forced to say that I was insane because the government can not and will not admit their corruption.  Their snake is buried under layers of bureaucracy.

The second option, and the correct option, would have been to say, "I must have been temporarily insane and throw myself on the mercy of the court. I had been attacked with no response by federal police.  I was taught to use a gun while in the military so I did not think the VA would mind if I slept outside their gate with a loaded pistol under my seat.  I must have been temporarily insane and promise not to do it again."

The truth is, we are at war every day in the USA.  The economic war has become a legal battlefield.  The truth is, we do not know the truth amidst the enemy, and the enemy walks down the street with you every day and every night he has a gun pointed to your head.  America, the land of the fallen among the other fallen nations of humans. Nations are meaningless boundaries, tooth and nail.


Segment February 1, 2010:SUICIDE_american_YOUTH_poisoned_HOPELESS_exile

The America and the people of America we know today are the same people of the world of yester year and their mindset and their ways have not changed, for better and for worse.    Protect yourselves.  Never expect mercy from any one or any government agency or group.

Some times I look for hidden truths and hidden meanings.  I have a  lot of post traumatic stress and a  lot of experience being vigilant watching the war criminals and their supporters inside the USA government and in society, both police and civilian.    

Yesterday I went to a department store in Pensacola Florida.  In my customary fashion I protect myself in ways that seem appropriate, such as staying away from my enemy and those who want to go to war with me or mine.    I had been harassed at the store before by those who are likely somehow either KKK or Police or ardent military war criminal supporters of the ruling dictatorship in power.    I am not liked even by the FBI and SS because I know they are corrupt just like the FDIC and Treasury crime syndicates. The ruling dictators are loaning trillions in banking to international banks and robbing the American people by not giving them affordable credit.      It makes no sense to serve them because after you do, they will attack you.  The best you can do is prepare to be without governmental presence and to make it happen.  I will likely have to let my house go on Foreclosure in the end.  The FHA was blocking financing of the home for customers and they were price capping the home in 2009 and I was attacked after showing the home to an alleged customer and I had a passenger in the vehicle.  It is my prayer that the USA and international governmental war criminals are attacked somehow in the same manner, because when I contacted Chase Bank for a Deed in Foreclosure, the FHA people ignored the call.  I do not care if Chase Morgan Bank goes under.  They do not care if I go under. 

When I left the store, an apparent civilian man or undercover KKK of some sort, was parked near my vehicle, likely a cop or federal warmongerer or security or both, and he circled his truck.  When I walked past him I just looked at him saying nothing.  One thing about Post Traumatic Stress, you are always on the alert but you always know there is a 50/50 chance that most things and people are harmless and taking care of normal customary non-war criminal duties.   The man in a bright new red quad cab pickup said, "Something tells me one day you and I are going to war.".  I did not reply.   I remembered a Rabbi who walked away from the fight in modern day Israel, never particapating, never condoning the fight.   I thought to myself, "I will avoid you if possible, but if necessary, I am sure I can kill you and yours.".  America is nothing.  Our children should see this third world nation for  what it is, a nation of hatreds, divisions, and crime syndicates.     Our children are increasingly committing suicide.  I urge them to leave the USA or find a pure place from the lies and the filth that rule in this desolate place known as America.  Their mass media is a distraction.  Their followers are like animal tenders and they behave like beasts.  They treat us like animals.  We should seek shelter from them, and when they are attacked, do not help them resist. 

The lies of America will lead to the end.  What then?  What next? 

Socialism is racketeering.  Capitalism that is pure is not racketeering.  You can not have pure capitalism because our societies are not pure.  Predatory capitalism or negative capitalism is how the controllers now operate. Even business is always riddled with the legal opportunists predatory advantage. It is no wonder America has lost almost all native industries.   

Here is a negative capitalists joke --  no states in the South East nor the central USA can grow their own medical marijuana.    New Jersey, California, and Nevada can.  Some thing tells me marijuana is there for you low life human beings of the South East USA, but you will have to pay the new slave masters from the North and West and of course Mexico.    Blacks are treated like lesser humans in the South East today and yesterday.  The difference is that now all races are treated like lesser humans in the South East.  There are still some that wear the crown of master, but most are just slaves in one fashion or another.  

For you young people who want to commit  suicide.  Don't.  Things are not as bad as they seem.  Things are not as they seem.   The USA and the lies of government and media and social pressures make you think you are caught in a trap.  You are not.  Leave the USA.  Visit Taliban or Mujahadeen by joining a peace group.  Talk to these human beings and you will see the cause of your and their suffering is more or less the same.  Warmongering war criminals intent on destroying your day and intent on getting rich and being able to afford fancy new red Quad Cab pickups. They have minds like children, and act accordingly.  Just walk away from their taunts if possible, and do not let the war criminals draw you into a trap. Do not let them encircle you or surround you if possible.   If you have to fight them ever, try to get them into your domain, your territory, and then catch them off balance the way they do us, and unfortunately mercy will not exist their either, except perhaps merciful kills.

If you are a veteran, never trust any government officials or VA or any government hospital.  You sold your soul to the devil, metaphorically speaking.  But your body will forever be theirs.  I would blow my brains out before I would enlist if I had to do it again.  But many of us older guys feel that way.  The young are starving and naive.   Sometimes I feel God has betrayed us.  I look forward to the end of time, but suicide, such as by a girl I know of named Sarah who was close to 20 years old in that wretched Mobile Alabama during the past few years has left me a bit stunned. The young people are coming into a world of hopelessness and despair and their mass media and their government and their social constructs do not help. 

It is better to drop that ball of clay and move on because it is not clay but shit, American shit and lies and filth.   Their Emmy Awards on Mass Media should have had a cache of syringes in a basket rather than the singer known as Pink.  They ignore their atrocities such as forced medical procedures.  It is my hope to flee from this place.  I would say topple them but it would start again. 

The ironies of the Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach areas is that in the Fort Walton Beach area you hear the awful sound of alleged practice bombardments. Because I do not trust any thing the regime says, and because I think our side of the human line has lost in a big way in a greater struggle, I often wonder about those large bombs going off North of Fort Walton Beach in the Military Bombardment practice area.

This is my hypothetical theory -- with all large exchanges of mass and energy there will be what is known as sound waves and shock waves. You could disguise a larger war or better yet a fleet of space ships to fly into space, the use of a large military facility with the noises made could be forced to sound different than what was originally heard or felt. That is hypothetical, but since we are talking of war, I thought we shoujld jump a few light years and poke the ole bugger in the eyes.

Speaking of ole buggers, in my video, Big Easy Bud Hole, I jokingly put one of the fascist dictators fat headed puppets of the banana republic of Mobile Alabama, the former Mayor Mike Dow in the video. He is no different than the current may or the next. A puppet is a puppet. He prides himself on his killing in Vietnam and his brotherhood for veterans, but he has never stood up for anyone other than oil thieves in Mobile Bay, and a thief who was Sheriff, and of course himself and his side winder deals with the Europeans and the oil companies.

Dow reminds me of those idiots who were in power in Rome when Galileo Galilei was arrested for heresy. They assume they are right because they are in power, but what they have is puppet power. I had made a comment once stating that if I was given a lab, I could make shit fly, and I would use Saufley Field in Pensacola to launch a space ship that is operated by the use of Pensacola fecal matter before it is treated and then poured back into Perdido Bay. Dow said in a gay voice, "I can feel the wind under my wings", sounding like one of the old Southern gay arisocrats like Eugene Walter, who I have much more respect for than Dow. It will be a pleasure to see their government removed someday and to see men like Dow put back in their rightful place, the brush to wander as slovenly feral pigs. Those men do not stand up for any one. I look forward to the end of the lies and hope their reign of puppet dictators comes to an end.