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Each segment is outlined by words connected together in a line and each segment was updated on a different date and the latest are up front. To skip through segments, do a CTRL-F on the keyboard and type in "segment".

Segment January 31, 2010: ROMANIOTES_slaves_DISEMBARK_

Recently I came across the Romaniotes in my search for those in ancient history who may have been used as slaves in chimera experiments, and similar genetics experiments such as what would have likely happened among the Egyptians.  Because the Greeks worshipped Chimera Gods, some in that region may have dabbled in the science.  I do not know if the Greeks had slaves in the ways the Romans did.    The Romaniotes were an ancient group of Jews who ended up in Greece when the Roman slave vessel began to sink.  The reason I chose Greece in my search for those people used in genetics experiments is because if chimera experiments were not done on slaves, it was done on unsuspecting women.  The federal government works like that -- they catch you unawares.

I can somehow see the Roman looking at his listing boat, thinking, I don't want this load.  It is a bad omen.  So over the side they went if they wanted to flee.  I was offered the chance to flee after court in Los Angeles in 2001, or it appeared that the guard slipped.  I could have run.  I had been forcibly injected and the guard had witnessed it.  I wish he would have let me run before I was injected.  Once you are injected forcibly, you are as good as dead.  Death is preferable to torture.  I have been attacked many times.   The forced medical procedures are like something out of  Hell or a holocaust camp.  The insanity of the spectrum of life or the actions therein make me wonder, why things appear so bad at times.  Iononna.

Culture differences allow many things at different times.  I prefer not to use LA VA Westwood Healtchcare.  They think we are monkies.  Test monkies or caged monkies.   Monkies to be injected and told we have no voice.  I see a spiraling lie out of control.  I see lack of control.  I see a separation of viewpoint.  I think someone needs to drive the point home.  We are not monkies or guinea pigs.  I am looking to jump from the ship like the Romaniotes, but where? I can forgive a Girl for having a space in her teeth. Youtube Greek Israeli Girl Dance

Sadly, Iononna has a dark and ugly and vacant side. These people are somehow missing. Pic of WWII in Iononna Oberland Horscht of Germany in the bottom pic of the following WWII link reminds me of the American young men, often still nothing more than boys, behaving like boys on wide killing sprees on behalf of unknown leaders in the United States and abroad. They will learn. I, Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist, am sick from forced injections at the hands of and with the approval of government officials in the USA. I may have had retaliatory surgical procedures from Nevada and California money launderers while at Flagstaff Medical Center. I was held for five hours before being injected. Their maneuvers are quite amazing now that war criminals are writing laws allowing forced injections after law school, and they bundle it under the Chapter 36 laws. Their Flagstaff medical staff knew of the forced medical experiments and heart procedures in Los Angeles California at the Veterans Administration in Westwood California. I had been injected forcibly at a known experimental facility at LA VA Westwood in 2001. I was injected and knocked unconscious at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. I have suspect scars over the heart and in the groin area, like heart patients do, and other scars possibly going back to Navy medical work that I was unaware of. My heart often hurts and I feel sick. I do not seek VA medical care because they lie on records and side with the syndicates of the federal money launderers, like those who persecuted me, a former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist. Perhaps war is God's way of keeping his insanity in check or it gives something for the insane and the starving and desperate to do. The color of war is a dark color to most of you. I assure you.

Segment January 17, 2010:  OBSTINATE_men_TRUTHS_hardened_POISONED_alcohol_CULTURES_borders_MURDERS_fdic

Recently, I knew a man who died, one of the most obstinate men you could meet on a personal level, and if he was drinking alcohol he was worse.  However he was in my estimation much like this man, Gavrilo Princip, who was part of a group of killers who stalked those who they thought they were directly abused by before World War I.   Those people who knew him and who trusted him would stand behind in a true time of need and remove anyone who tried to harm him when he was in restraints.    After all, it was his mouth and his mind that were his true weapons, not any weapon that might be in his reach.  We all know someone like him who is impetuous or grating on our nerves in some way but on the other hand we go out of our way to visit or spend the day.

What was most striking was that someone said I was like the man when we were burying him.  I recalled a vessel he and I were steering in a canal, and he kept hitting the kill switch on the prop as I was steering and I did not know there was a kill switch that would allow the prop to be disengaged.

In a way, those who control us in our society are like that.  They can change our lives in an instant and set things up for their profits.  When I was terminated from the FDIC on April of 2000 I was still rather young and impetuous.  Unlike Gavrilo Princip, I do not kill anyone.  However I did observe that the replacement regional FDIC director was one man, George Masa.   I must have been accused of threatening him or someone at the FDIC and the federal government forcibly injected me with chemicals and forced me to sign documents that were debilitating to myself, and my investigation of the murdered the man who was in charge prior to George Masa.  I already knew something was odd in some of the offices and the main office was a group of people, some seeming more human than others.  Of course aloofness and indifference makes me wonder how much our hands are on this banking regulatory thing from the outset.  Warfare has no money if there is no prize, and there is no prize if there is no money or all that money can buy.

The one thing I must say is that we can be deceived of many things through trickery.

I no longer think of the USA as a nation or Canada, or Italy or Iraq, etc. etc.  There are no true nations for us.&.

And on a more serious dedication and my urging our people to avoid the traps they lay for us, and to try to preserve our health beyond their traps, and remember, death is the end, and the Sound Of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel on Youtube.

Now for entertainment: I picture Gavrilo Princip and Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum Till-Man" of Mob AL in the waiting room of Hell, something like the foyer area of the home I have for sale.  Scene: Gavrilo is dressed in black and holding his right hand to his left throat.  The Sheriff Snatch asks, "What happened".  At that point Gavrilo jabs an ice pick in Snatch's throat. In the next room, we see the band is starting, the Ramone's rip off of the Chambers Brothers song, "The Time Has Come Today." here on Youtube. As we progress down the hall, the ARD F-DIC Party Clown sees his next date playing peek a boo, the platinum blonde chimera, Bang Bang Bang Bang by So-ho Dolls on Youtube. and last but not least, I think I see a Rabbi playing by the midnight moon and I need a lesson or two. I am a surgical specialist and can heal Jack's wound, but I have a wound too. As I go down the hallway, I see a party so I turn to put a toothpick in the vein to beaver block the flow of connective tissue in Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" of Mob AL, and I say look, Rabbi Rap (twitter video link) 

Segment January 15, 2010: BANKING_insurance_SYNDICATE_action

I read an article that takes me back to the syndicate offices of the FDIC at certain banks and we would discuss the syndicate and speak of the wheel of the deal, money laundering a la carte.  Now the FDIC is borrowing money from banks for their depleted federal deposit insurance fund.  

For years they only guaranteed 100,000 dollars of deposits,  then only recently it went up to 250,000 dollars for a limited time.  The funny thing about the fed up close is that resemble a self serving entity, some doing things, some eating a dragons share, and that would be the top of the banking industry.  They kill, they maim, they have no limits.

Now about the new wheel.  The banks the FDIC borrows from have underground banking accounts.  The money used to insure above ground capital comes from below ground but it makes it appear above ground therefore more can be laundered from above ground.    Get it.  Got it.  Good.  And thrice as much after interest is paid. 

The ARD F-DIC Party Clown would like to start a new government separate from the syndicates with our own government insurance fund for banking deposits.  We guarantee your money will be there when you get back or we let you cut the digits off the fingers and toes of the clown banker in charge..  Our clown will not charge your bank money and borrow your money to operate.   We will simply insure the deposited funds at a reasonable rate and only at banks not controlled by the crime syndicates of the federal government.

ARD F-DIC Promises better quality, better service, lower rates to banks, and you better come or I am not ARD F-DIC Sweet Carols Ardest pupae at the FDIC San Francisco.

To don my FDIC bank examiner buck tooth mask of Saint Ram Bone, "The first thing you must know is the F-DIC hole requires two for one lubrication.  Three in one is good also, but two for one is a usual starting negotiation point.   By borrowing money from banks, the FDIC violates a rule of collusion, and that rule  is possible lubrication in the form of payola and rigged deals.  On the up side, perhaps it takes the underground economy to buoy the above ground economy.  After all, the USA appears to be sinking or sunk, for most of us.  But what do I know, I am just I.U. Daft.

Segment December 30, 2009: EXTRACT_daily_FOREWORD_pages

Daily Foreword December 11, 2009: (MY BLACK FRIDAY)  It stunned me when I discovered Chimera, or human and animal hybrids were being born and killed instantly in our era.  I know the lies of genetic engineering will show one proof -- you do not tamper with mother nature without repercussions.  The human need to covet and rise above will allow some of the chimera to live and many will call them abominations and try to kill them, us.

I say us because I suspect my genome has been tampered with, either during my life time and most likely before.  I was and am just a guinea pig.  I will never step into another VA hospital as I know they do forced injections and forced medical procedures.  All I did was park outside the gate.  I prayed for God to kill me when I was locked up and forced injections and medical procedures.  He missed, several times.

  If I become ill, I will have to get care outside of government sources. Death is an easy pill to swallow.  Torture and deception and fear of a medical practitioner is a hard pill to swallow. 

I once feared nuclear war as a child.  Now I see that we are always weapons of greater destruction, we are the chimera, the outcasts, the ill, special, the abomination among the various monkey mix of Rhesus, Gorilla, and Bonobo, hence the average human being who often monkeys with genetics.

We should see those children as victims but their behavior may fool us.   We are not the same as any of you, will be their claim.  You will eat cows and some will see cannibals.  You will swat bugs, and some will see.

In ancient Egypt Chimera were seen and somehow worshipped as deities.  It is likely that they were practicing genetic engineering and the manufacture of chimera even back then.  In the past century it was likely more rampant.

Many chimera can not handle alcohol.  Their make up is different.  Many can not handle various drugs for the same reason.  They will, and we will, suffer a host of diseases that are difficult to explain.  They will be like syndromes that run in families.  Our hearts, our minds, everything, attacked.  And they expect us to follow them to war to kill something, someone.  Someone called me yellow for not wanting to fight Afghanistan.  I think they are cowardly because they can not live under the light of life.

I remember when I was young and there were a lot of African Americans around, and one was a near and dear babysitter who would bounce me on her knee in the sun.  I uttered the word the neighbors used and I hurt her.  I felt it and did not do it again. I loved the woman.   I wonder how many Africans are Chimera, or perhaps, they were spared.  But I doubt it.  I weep inside. I have lost everything.  These things revealed to me have saddened me and my grandmother warned me.

I suspect women were either forced or cajoled into allowing someone to implant or alter the DNA that was integrated with their eggs.  It is like something out of Hell to go through in the end.  A sort of rape.  I once had a dream when I first suspected this and the man in the dream said, "If you are not expecting genetic mixes of various creatures of man, you had better get used to it."  Yes, and in reality, a government official told me he had been told I could not enter my native government.  The anonymous one telling me to be told.  I wonder if he made chimera in the past, as I know he makes war in the present.  It is not my government.  It is the government of abominations against mankind and the so-called chimera.  Hold your children as we are on the slippery slide.  And at the bottom is another chimera, Maggot Brain, played here by Funkadelic on Youtube. 

My mother said some things that made we wonder, a sort of hiding. She did not see the Indian in my father and his mother, but I think she saw the Greek or mediterranean in her grandmother, and she looked much like this woman in this picture, but she was in America before World War Two. More like around World War one she was adopted in a North Florida home. Perhaps, and jokingly, this was my great great grandfather, Gavrilo Princip, as he was good at stirring up shee-it too. Who got the genetic flip, the Indian, the Mediterranean, or the poor Alabama peasant of North European descent.? To quote Princip in his attacks on his subjugators, I repeat the same to ours, those who killed an innocent man at the FDIC and who attacked me, "I am the son of peasants and I know what is happening in the villages. That is why I wanted to take revenge, and I regret nothing"

You could change the words to the quote above, "villages" to "FDIC offices" and I will stand by that quote. An FDIC EEOC officer said that no one liked a martyr when I told him I would stand up for disabled veterans rights. I like a martyr, but I have to agree with Neturei Karta's implied statement as I see it, "It is better to stay away from a murderous government". Princip was killed and nothing has changed. We need space ships or colonies, or perhaps, this is the end. I came to close I think, or not close enough, to the truth in my investigative journalistic endeavors of 1999-2001. No newspaper will hire me. No government will hire me. Perhaps someday, payment in a stipend will be ours.

Segment December 29, 2009: THREE_to_FOUR_stage_FRIGHT_level_MEAT_meet_ME_eat

This section is divided with factual recollections and memories of dreams from when I was a still an adolescent.

The final question is, "Who done it in the 2000's?"

I have a small scar over my heart, about 1/16 of an inch across on my left chest to the left of the sternum one inch and over my heart and I have and have had other marks that might be indicative that heart experiments were done upon me.   I was injected and forced medical procedures in LA VA Westwood in 2001 and they were ordered to stop all forced experiments in 1999.  I was knocked unconscious at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004.  Neither of the injections was necessary nor warranted.  I often wondered why.  I saw the 9-11-2001 incident on the media.  I calculate now the days between my injections the first time, April 23, 2001, and September 11, 2001.  Including the end date it is 142 days or 4 months and 20 days.  It is ironic because I was basically set up by a corrupt Alabama Sheriff Jack Tillman and a federal warlord on April 3, 2001 (4-3-2001) and I was abducted by federal officials as I slept outside of a LA VA gate on 4-23-2001.    I question life and have even have questioned what is life in the best of circumstances.  My life has not been that dream state.  It has been the opposite since I can remember.   It was written somewhere in the bible that we are led in as sheep and come out lions.   One thing after another, the imperfections of my universe and the self correcting or self subduing tendencies.

 Isaiah 53:7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter,

That was I felt like in court in 2001 in Los Angeles for legal gun ownership, but the alleged crimes I committed never mention that I was being punished for being parked and homeless in the wrong place.   At the doorstep of those who I would I test.  My own alleged caretaker after military service, the Veterans Administration.  I was ordered silent by my attorney.  And when questioned in court, she told me to talk.  The judge was leading the questions, as if a trap.  It was a trap.  He said, "How many guns did you have, 4?"  I said, "Yes, 4".  My bail had been set on the number of guns 250000 dollars each for a total of one million dollars.  I was not going to mention my fathers .22 rifle if they were not, after all, the bail was already a million dollars.  It would have been 1.25 million.   I lost the last gun in my mind.  It would misfire and if you were not careful, blow up in your face.  It was mistreated by a caretaker when I was in the Navy.  He was still a boy in some ways and all was forgiven.  He gave the gun back.  The moon head judge did not.

 I heard someone say once that the Austrians taught the world to hate.  The Austrians like Arnold Schwarzenegger I suppose, an actor, a deliberate mouthpiece for someone or thing with ulterior motives, and to me,  business as usual.  My father had wanted me to be an attorney.  I do not like attorneys or court buildings.  I do not like the lies.  I do not like being a "bitch" for those who were there before me.

In a dream state,

"I came upon a shallow place in the darkness, and the ground and the Earth were purple with the night, and on the Earth the snakes were like worms and carpeted the ground, and I trembled not knowing where to step or when I would be bitten.  Was I already in death?  Was I looking at my own death and not realizing it?  Was it a warning that I was too close to my own death or my own subconscious fears.  After all, I was just a boy, not a young man nor an old man nor a child, just a boy.  Life must be an illusion as well or a delusion, I can not tell."

The USA government may have those fighting within and against the people of Earth or the people of the USA.  It is as if some of them are like those snakes in my dream or vision when I was a boy.  They are there and they are not real.  They are there and they are not what they seem.  I often wondered about the FDIC Sacramento office in Roseville.  Something was strange there, something was not right.  On the other hand, at the FDIC San Francisco office the prior boss had been shot in his head with his own gun in the Financial District.    I heard JT shouting in his office in San Francisco.  He was an angry man it seemed.  He was a boss who had left the FDIC employment and come back to the office years later.  Was that really JT shouting in his office or was I misled and what was the anger about. 

In a dream state,

"I sometimes can put myself into a trance.  An unhinging of the here and now.  A quiet observance of the world through another lens.  The sand and the water seem to feel like cloth to my mind, and they buckle upward but they do not move.  I try to feel with my mind those things beyond the sand, the people.  They are not there, only the sand and the water.  I feel others rushing me on, to complete this, thing, this observance, perhaps so I would not be witnessed in my vulnerable moment.  Like a fawn who is in the field and whose mother beckons it to return due to the wolf pack she knows is nearby."

I often joke about people, places, things, and even my own death, as if I was killed and then walked.  What I was, was frightened.  I let my enemies control me through my fear and they acted upon my naiveté.    Sometimes though, I appear naive and lay traps or step into those traps, as if I am partially dead and guided by another hand to find an answer, to quell a suspicion.  A woman of virtue told me recently that the most successful people are those who look as life as a joke.   Yes, a joke.  Like the snakes on the ground, the figment of my dead imagination. 

In the end I suppose, in that hour of my being a boy soon to become a man, I had to awaken to some things, despite the drunkenness of many men I knew and the drug use of the culture in the 1960's among the American youth who were being lined up to be euthanized.  It made no point to go to school.  Death was right around the corner.  My neighbor Wiseman, a vietnam draftee, showed me something.  You do not escape a war.  Even after you leave, it haunts you.  I asked Wiseman what he saw in Vietnam and he said, "White".   White.  What was white.  I thought of white people and later I thought of the women who wear white.   I touched a Vietnamese woman's skin once in her immaculate home.  It was silk.  "White".  I see why Wiseman killed himself.  Nothing was white in his mind once he returned.  It was white only in the fake exterior which was also dead, and red, perhaps purple, like death or life that creates death in the night.    We lived on Rosewood Drive in Mobile Alabama.  A line of brick shacks somewhere between poorer Prichard and wealthier Ridgewood. 

    1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Now things are changing.  The revelations of on Earth as in Heaven it shall be done.  But I am between Heaven and Hell it seems.  One foot in each, and my balls dangle in the middle, and I know someday, someday, like the camel that will not move, this body will be crushed, and all that is contained within, will rush out, even if my carcass is untouched and solid.

The viciousness of man is unrivaled.  The kindness of man is unmatched.  Man is like a boy.  A boy that has yet to mature.  In the wild, many young things.....die.  Some survive.   We use rumors and myths and our speculations to shape our futures and we often do not realize what we have put into the mix.  But then again, like a sine wave, highs and lows are part of movement, and without movement, there is a solid death, a carcass of stone as solid as diamond or even more, as solid as a stick that stirs the universe from apex x to apex y.

I remember a Rabbi telling me a wall was built around Israel due to the way the Jews went about it and he said it was wrong to do what they did, as according to scripture in the Talmud and Torah.  Wrong?  Questionable.  But the death of the innocent Palestinians was wrong.  The perpetual war, the highs and the lows, will not end it seems.  

Matthew 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

The end of the world?  Now that is a question.  From apex X to apex Y.  The end of the world.  This world.  But I see life can continue like a bubbling out in another part of the kettle of a steam bubble.  They come and go.  We come and go.  Pressure cooking seems to be something that God does not mind doing.  Pressure makes the testicles ooze, in one way or another.

Some do not understand me.  They want me to bend down to be  their lowest bitch.  I remember a song from my sordid youth of pleasure and pain by Jethro Tull, Bungle in the Jungle, (youtube music video link)  The lyrics to the song are linked here.  Final death is alright by me.  This dream.  This illusion or delusion.  Nothing rides for free.  All we can ask is, "Why me" "White meat" "Why Wiseman down by the creek, a dry blood bone path."  "So young. The government, such a  freak."  "Telling me, you desert, you white meat. Where are the cloths, table cloths of white"

I fled for a long time after I was released in 2004.  I fled before then and they made me stay.  They partially blinded me I think.  They made me steak, they made me steak, they made me White Meat. It is no wonder God sent a revelation to me in December 2004 when an exploding meteorite almost hit me, right on cue, right when Kelly told me I would die.  Perhaps like the sine wave and photons of light in the double slit experiment, life and death never really meet, except in my vivid imagination, filling a hole, fill in a hole.  My new character is the ARD F-DIC Party Clown.  It made no difference, even when I was transitioning myself from being the Saint, Saint Ram Bone.  The crack in my windshield of my Ram in Humboldt County California when I was in exile, expanded when I screamed in agony, and it spread like wings from the center to both sides.  That is when I came across the name, Saint.  Saint Ram Bone.  What a joke, so why not run with it, a BBQ maker with an ax in a keyboard, the ARD F-DIC Party Clown wants a sailboat, to travel to the keys to get the keys to go beyond and never ever return.  What a belief, this is where I and you and you depart.  I look for the answers but I know the world has fed me, Insanity.  An Austrian with a pool cue is a bull with a stick.  BBQ most likely, in the end.

Some say they are atheists.  They lie.  Their actions do not bear out the fruit.  They are in pain.  Buried in the poisons given to them, sold to them.  One buries in the ax in the other until there is nothing left to kill or steal.  Some claim to be children of God.  They should be beaten with a rod.  The hardest window to see through some times is Johari's Window.

John 14:26-27

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

John 21:15

He saith unto him, Feed my lambs.

Some say we are broke.   What is that other window, the pane, the pain, I must get through.  That is the way it is for me and you.  Run with it.  What else have you got to do. 

Segment December 28, 2009: TIME_test_CHAMBRE_laissez_FAIRE_have_IT_your_WAY

When I think of the creator, I think of an Egyptian picture where a God was arched around the cosmos.  God does not have to touch with a human finger to make changes occur.  

I do not know all of the mysteries of life, and most likely I would not want to because the thrill of discovery would likely end for me on this level. 

Life is too short for perpetual war.  If life is an illusion or delusion, it really makes more sense to put up a good defense or walk away.  That is easier said than done if you have living family.

The way I look at it, when God needs his children helped, he sends in the wild and the woolly.   Of course in a natural chain of events small corrections on that scale would not be needed. 

Now when I speak of a small scale, I am speaking of God's perspective which only God knows in absolute truth. 

The delusional state could keep the little ill doers moving toward each other in total and constant collapse with those above that level drawing in the more positive side effects.

I am shocked by what is allowed and done in our era.  When I was young, I did not see or know much.  Ignorance was supposed to be bliss, but it was bliss only on a certain level.   Sometimes I know that I may be hypercritical of some things.  That is because I have my own cognitive lens to view the history of my own life and others whom I have known.

Perhaps this will be the end and this little nightmare of life will end for all eternity.  The Buddhists think you have to keep being reborn and living the trials of life and dieing the often painful death. 

I once bonded with a white chicken whose wings I had clipped.  I liked the chicken.  It was eaten one night, and for some reason I had a dream that night that something was looking at the chicken and I saw it through the killers eyes, whatever it was.  The basic annotation was, "I see you looking at me".  Of course a quick bite and it was a chicken fingers snack.

Strange dreams are common I suppose.  I have had many dreams.  Psychologists say if you do not dream that you are brain damaged.    Perhaps God dreams for us some times to show us the way.

I find myself sometimes acting like a clown.  I do things that seem weird to others.   I do it out of inclination or curiosity.  Sometimes I let the chips fall where they may, particularly since I lost my fear of death or animals in the grid we call this life.  The old saying states that curiosity killed the cat.  But what if the cat is already dead?  Can a cat masturbate death and give life to itself?  A resuscitation of the essence of the cat?   But I am not like other people nor are they like me.   It should not be programmed that way and it isn't. 

I wonder sometimes if God is going to harvest me, us.  Put me, us in the special program, to strengthen my strengths or to take away my weaknesses. 

I likely could have had a very easy life.  I could have done more with my life.   I blew it but I was not alone.  I recovered and I grew strong, but they damaged me and God saw what they did.  God gave me a meteorite for my 40th birthday.  It was so beautiful and exhilarating on that Blackwell Oklahoma December night in 2004.  It was traveling North just like me.

 I grew up in a sewer of a society with traps everywhere and those traps exist today.  Except now I know, the humane men of virtue need to protect each other.  Human skin tone is of no consequence and even Chimera (Human Hybrid) children deserve full human rights.  We do not have them, none of us of the lower sect or caste.  So perhaps God is going to harvest us soon.  The grid is starting to heat up and melt.  I am speaking of the grid of human life and all of its supports, including food stuffs and a livable environment.   

Mankind parks it when it heats up, parks it in mid air.  There is nothing quite like the exhilerating feeling of free fall.  There is nothing worse than being tortured by government criminals.   I often wonder how long I have to live.  I outlived my father.  I do not think you can die and life is an illusion or delusion.  Life is a paradox.   The shifting of energies in a grid or series of grids with displacement of one for another on ad infinitum.  The great calculator, our little particles.

Some may become upset.  I really do not care as much.  The iron trap is or iron, not flesh and bone.  Some things can be left alone.  I like the idea of societies away from each other.  In auditing we could say it would stop collusion.  In biology, we could say we are keeping our entities distinct and varied. 

We have been attacked I feel.  We attack ourselves I consider.  Not the we as I, but the we that is related but distant over there.  A certain measure of insanity is inherent in collective of mankind.  The medical doctor is God.  It is an energy we can not explain.

I see change coming.  The drugs lords, mafia kingpins, government money criminals, all converge on us to feed upon us.  They try to control us through fear.  I was at once controlled through fear.  Now I do not fear any thing, not death, not any thing.  Life is like stepping through a window, and there is some pain when crossing through the pane or the babies would not cry and the old would not whimper before we die.

I miss my Indian friends of the Yurok some times.  I only knew  them briefly.  A wonderful people in a wonderful place.  But I never heard them sing, but sacrificial Melody as I called her gave me the name for my swamp creature--- "Snatch" she called him.  He was my second conquest, Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" of Mob AL, a food funds thief who assisted the war criminal government in tearing me down, but I am raised up.  I wonder how long it took the Yurok to make it home when they were fleeing death long ago.  How many?  The torrents of war raged across the old world.  The new world was tranquil in some locales.  Things change. Things need change.  God looks over us.  We pay homage in pain and suffering.  I pay homage in regrets, regrets I did not calculate things out better so that I could investigate deeper.  I have failed my team but I have won some measure of ground.  Even off the playing field, a game wages.  Some do not know the rules.  Some fail in God's court, very quickly.  Some are harvested, as is obvious.  Some do not understand this layered world, this laired world. 

Everything may just be a test here.  Someone said I did not know what I had lost.  I was supposed to die in 2004 to 2005.  Maybe I was dead  from 2001.  The meteorite missed by about 50 yards, maybe 100 yards, as it was a big explosion when it hit in 2004.  Kelly, a young girl, had warned me of it years earlier.  She predicted her own death.   I loved her ever so briefly and ever so young and innocent still despite my scars at that time. 

Time will tell. link Chambers Brothers, Time Has Come Today.

Segement December 11, 2009:

Death is an interesting topic for me.  Life is too, and the question becomes, are the two separable.  Like a wavelength of light, you can see some of the wavelength, but not all.  Perhaps this is where the old saying that life is but an illusion may hold somewhat valid.  It may be more appropriately described as, "life is but a delusion". 

An illusion is when nothing is there and you see it.  A delusion is when something is there but you think it is something else.

I almost had a nervous breakdown after being attacked on the highways and then being injected forcibly and forced procedures and then exiled from my family and then attacked and then forcibly injected again while traveling  to visit my family.

When I say a nervous breakdown, I mean I was having dreams very often at night that I was being attacked again.  For instance, after I was injected forcibly in Los Angeles by a federal agent, I was herded around in handcuffs and down a fire escape to a forced medical procedure they claimed was MRI.  Considering I have an unexplained scar in my mouth, maybe they were removing or changing something from the Navy or the FDIC job. 

When I went court, the judge set my bail at one million dollars for simple gun ownership and I was ordered silent on all FDIC investigations that I was involved in as a freelance investigative journalist.

I was so depressed and so frightened from their threats of a life time in prison or an insane asylum that I started to lose it.  I fashioned a rope from a sheet at the place they held me in LA at the federal facility.  I was going to hang to myself so I would not have to go to jail.  I dreamt I was hung.  A very vivid dream that the people at the federal facility had seen me make the rope and they had strangled me on my bedpost or a rack of some sort.  It was all so quick and final.

Then there was the fear when I slept in my home in Mobile Alabama in late 2001 and 2002.   I was sequestered there before I was put away in forced exile for a couple of years.   I had a dream that doctors came into my room and they were doing things to me medically, a sort of flashback from LA in April of 2001 and a vision of things to come in Flagstaff in early 2004. 

While in Mobile after the release from LA, I injured myself while sleeping.  In a dream I thought someone had come into the room and we were going to have a gunfight, and I threw the mattress up to shield myself and sliced my leg open on the bed railing.    I had been cornered in Louisiana after attack on my life during a test for murderers at the FDIC in San Francisco.  It was three or four days between San Francisco and Louisiana and the first day of the test was St. Valentines Day.   The federal government police did not respond to my emails but I did call 911 that night when I got back to Alabama.  I do not trust Louisiana police or New Orleans police or Alabama police, except for the ones I know.   Especially when trillions of dollars are involved and a dead regional director of the FDIC is labeled suicide and I am pushed out from the FDIC and I see suspicious activities in the office and suspicious characters in high places.

The reason I speak of this is to extrapolate on life and death, or delusion of life and the delusion of death.  They may be equal really, one with the light off and one with the light on, but the light is always there, but you can not always see the indiscernible. 

Now, I saw an Egyptian heiroglyph of a sort of God arched over man.  I think of the outer realm of space like that.  One God arched over and in the cosmos on all layers.  We all know of about gravitational fields in quantum physics and how things are pulled to the centers of various locales of mass in matter.  We tend to think of things in a view from inside the arch.  From the outside, it is likely different, much like watching globules of baking soda coalesce in a viscous liquid like cooking oil. 

I often wonder if I am dead, but that can not be, as I am alive.  Perhaps I was dead over there and not over here.  These are things men ask themselves after being in battle for many years.  That is what it was like for me, battle, but I never pulled a weapon, nor fired a shot. But I was treated like an insane killer.

Now I know why.  This potato is not fully cooked.  We are in for bit of a change, perhaps, the we, the I, is the real delusion.  Cooking in the oven is the loaf of bread. 

Recently I had a strange experience and someone else was there to witness it, a Mr. Weeks who viewed my home.  That is what his ID said, Weeks.   I check ID now or No tour is given under my guidance.  The thing was weird and I wondered if someone was tampering with me again.  It was a shared experience because he mentioned it first.   I hope it was not a shot to the head or neck to create an illusion inside this delusion.   I do not think it was.  It felt like I was lifted and then laid down and I saw something light and like a bizarre sort of ground, not soil, not clouds, not cloth, not wood.  It was too quick.  I thought later, why was I laid down like that.  It was strange.   I hope I am not a worm or snake in the next life.  I was tired, that was for sure and I felt the sickness that comes from being too stressed after it was done.  But I do not normally give tours of my home and will likely not do it again.  I have a wonderful realtor who needs the leg work. 

 I should have asked Mr. Weeks what he saw.  But I did not.  I do not ask questions when strange things happen.  I let the other person ask.  Things like this have happened before when I was with other people.  I do not ask.  I probably should not tell. But what the hell, the government likes to call us crazy or threatening. 

I run tests and I think God runs tests.   Sometimes I think the other layers of the spectrum, some of the life after life in the various spectrums is to finish training or forming of the final being, to be or not to be. 

I like music after my torments, music that seems to fit.  I like the message or the tone.  It brings relief to an otherwise beat down former FDIC bank examiner, now blacklisted, and former freelance investigative journalist, now to beat down and not motivated enough to ask more questions.

Time will tell.   The Sweet Carol I think after this post is one that makes me laugh.  He sings about as good as I do, I think he is a chimera.  I bet his tongue was too big for his mouth at birth too.   Biz Markie on Just A Friend.  Sweet Carol, is it so ARD to be a F-DIC friend.  I thought we were friends and you tricked me.  That wasn't nice to do to a phase jumping chimera with wings.

Sweet Carol and FDIC BOD, can I have my job back.  That's right, the judge said I could not go near FDIC.  Can I get a job at the Treasury, Obama and fiends.   I already get paid  I U F-DIC Clown fees.  Maybe all so called dead men get strange vacations.  I want my Penny pincher job back you hoe.

Segement December 11, 2009:

Death is an interesting topic for me.  Life is too, and the question becomes, are the two separable.  Like a wavelength of light, you can see some of the wavelength, but not all.  Perhaps this is where the old saying that life is but an illusion may hold somewhat valid.  It may be more appropriately described as, "life is but a delusion". 

An illusion is when nothing is there and you see it.  A delusion is when something is there but you think it is something else.

I almost had a nervous breakdown after being attacked on the highways and then being injected forcibly and forced procedures and then exiled from my family and then attacked and then forcibly injected again while traveling  to visit my family.

When I say a nervous breakdown, I mean I was having dreams very often at night that I was being attacked again.  For instance, after I was injected forcibly in Los Angeles by a federal agent, I was herded around in handcuffs and down a fire escape to a forced medical procedure they claimed was MRI.  Considering I have an unexplained scar in my mouth, maybe they were removing or changing something from the Navy or the FDIC job. 

When I went court, the judge set my bail at one million dollars for simple gun ownership and I was ordered silent on all FDIC investigations that I was involved in as a freelance investigative journalist.

I was so depressed and so frightened from their threats of a life time in prison or an insane asylum that I started to lose it.  I fashioned a rope from a sheet at the place they held me in LA at the federal facility.  I was going to hang to myself so I would not have to go to jail.  I dreamt I was hung.  A very vivid dream that the people at the federal facility had seen me make the rope and they had strangled me on my bedpost or a rack of some sort.  It was all so quick and final.

Then there was the fear when I slept in my home in Mobile Alabama in late 2001 and 2002.   I was sequestered there before I was put away in forced exile for a couple of years.   I had a dream that doctors came into my room and they were doing things to me medically, a sort of flashback from LA in April of 2001 and a vision of things to come in Flagstaff in early 2004. 

While in Mobile after the release from LA, I injured myself while sleeping.  In a dream I thought someone had come into the room and we were going to have a gunfight, and I threw the mattress up to shield myself and sliced my leg open on the bed railing.    I had been cornered in Louisiana after attack on my life during a test for murderers at the FDIC in San Francisco.  It was three or four days between San Francisco and Louisiana and the first day of the test was St. Valentines Day.   The federal government police did not respond to my emails but I did call 911 that night when I got back to Alabama.  I do not trust Louisiana police or New Orleans police or Alabama police, except for the ones I know.   Especially when trillions of dollars are involved and a dead regional director of the FDIC is labeled suicide and I am pushed out from the FDIC and I see suspicious activities in the office and suspicious characters in high places.

The reason I speak of this is to extrapolate on life and death, or delusion of life and the delusion of death.  They may be equal really, one with the light off and one with the light on, but the light is always there, but you can not always see the indiscernible. 

Now, I saw an Egyptian heiroglyph of a sort of God arched over man.  I think of the outer realm of space like that.  One God arched over and in the cosmos on all layers.  We all know of about gravitational fields in quantum physics and how things are pulled to the centers of various locales of mass in matter.  We tend to think of things in a view from inside the arch.  From the outside, it is likely different, much like watching globules of baking soda coalesce in a viscous liquid like cooking oil. 

I often wonder if I am dead, but that can not be, as I am alive.  Perhaps I was dead over there and not over here.  These are things men ask themselves after being in battle for many years.  That is what it was like for me, battle, but I never pulled a weapon, nor fired a shot. But I was treated like an insane killer.

Now I know why.  This potato is not fully cooked.  We are in for bit of a change, perhaps, the we, the I, is the real delusion.  Cooking in the oven is the loaf of bread. 

Recently I had a strange experience and someone else was there to witness it, a Mr. Weeks who viewed my home.  That is what his ID said, Weeks.   I check ID now or No tour is given under my guidance.  The thing was weird and I wondered if someone was tampering with me again.  It was a shared experience because he mentioned it first.   I hope it was not a shot to the head or neck to create an illusion inside this delusion.   I do not think it was.  It felt like I was lifted and then laid down and I saw something light and like a bizarre sort of ground, not soil, not clouds, not cloth, not wood.  It was too quick.  I thought later, why was I laid down like that.  It was strange.   I hope I am not a worm or snake in the next life.  I was tired, that was for sure and I felt the sickness that comes from being too stressed after it was done.  But I do not normally give tours of my home and will likely not do it again.  I have a wonderful realtor who needs the leg work. 

 I should have asked Mr. Weeks what he saw.  But I did not.  I do not ask questions when strange things happen.  I let the other person ask.  Things like this have happened before when I was with other people.  I do not ask.  I probably should not tell. But what the hell, the government likes to call us crazy or threatening. 

I run tests and I think God runs tests.   Sometimes I think the other layers of the spectrum, some of the life after life in the various spectrums is to finish training or forming of the final being, to be or not to be. 

I like music after my torments, music that seems to fit.  I like the message or the tone.  It brings relief to an otherwise beat down former FDIC bank examiner, now blacklisted, and former freelance investigative journalist, now to beat down and not motivated enough to ask more questions.

Time will tell. 

Segment December 09, 2009:  TRUTH_based_COMEDY_horror_GENETICS_banking_LAYERING_triangulation_FIX_spine_FRACTURE_decapitate_HEAD_f-dic

My grandmother who was a modern working woman during and after World War II tried to prepare me for something.  She said, "Things are never as bad as they seem".  She knew I would discover truths.  She said I would have hard knocks.

I did not realize what she meant.  To me at the time, hard knocks was a fist fight or maybe juvenile hall.  There were things she knew about the atrocities allowed in the USA and the Earth.

I often combine my medical training in analysis or to help with diagnosis of many things not related to medicine, such as murder investigation in high finance.  

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation bank examiner was one of my jobs.  Investigative journalist of a murder at the FDIC was my job that I took upon myself after I was wrongfully terminated with no recourse, and because I had inside knowledge.  Now I share the hard information of what is happening in the federal government's banking system, and it is up to you to figure out if it can be fixed.  I am out of the game, until a stipend is paid.  I want 9.11 Million dollars for my trouble, and I will explain.  I survived attempts on my life and was tortured and injected and never got any back up from federal police.  The game is done, and we are done.  9.11 seems paltry in Millions for what I endured and endure to this day.

This is how it works at the FDIC.

Monies from illegal sources are a huge part of the American economy and they need banks for that money to translate currencies and to move transactions.  If there is a need not met by legitimate business, the underground markets and the underground market players will provide the service.  But the underground is the above ground in modern banking in the USA, and the first line of monies absorption into the banking regulatory business, is a super layer of banking observation and auditing.  I say a super layer because it is on top.  When I was an FDIC bank examiner in Sacramento (Roseville) FDIC, we bank examiners would often see people come to the office who appeared suspect but who seemed to control the situation of bank examination from a super position, or at the top or forefront of the audit.   The reason for this is that in today's world in the federal banking regulatory business, the lions  get the lions share.  And it is a big share of the banking industry, if you can tap in from above and into the underground layers of the banking regulatory business. 

A regional FDIC director was killed during the S & L crisis in the 1990's in San Francisco.  The poor guy did not stand a chance.  In navigators terms, we would say that a fix had been drawn on him by several sources, and he was killed because he was in the way. 

The money sources pinpoint the finger men in his death.  The dead FDIC regional director San Francisco was overwhelmed and thought someone would protect him.  Wrong.  He is dead by his own gun in his FDIC office and labeled suicide.  I, a former FDIC bank examiner and later an investigative journalist,  am labeled criminal and or insane by the same federal government that tried to have me killed and who killed the FDIC regional director, and then they just took my gun permit through force and then persecuted me for gun ownership, first by injecting me forcibly, then forcing medical procedures upon me, then taking me to court with threats of up to a life time behind bars in a prison or insane asylum.  I survived the attack but the forced injections and forced medical procedures, the loss of my health, the loss of my career, and the loss of my family, has left me indifferent about whether they should kill me now, so I  will talk about the money sources and the triangulation of the fix that left the director's brains blown out.

The Nevada casinos handle the bulk of all money that is filtered into the money laundering channels on the West Coast of the USA.  First you have California marijuana growers.  The government lets California have a monopoly in the USA marijuana market, so they have a huge stake in the cannabis business in California.  Then you have the Mexican cocaine cartels.  Then you have the Asian heroin syndicates.   So there you have it, a four point fix, when two or one would work, but this is solid geometry and shows how one can be surrounded and killed.  First the casinos have the money from gambling revenues.  Second you have California marijuana monies.  Third you have Mexican cocaine cartel monies.  Fourth you have Asian heroin monies.  All of those sources of revenue need a legitimate sponsor to be at a bank to handle the transactions.    Hence the casino industry has people who open up banks with FDIC approval and bank charters.   They then have all of those money sources channel their monies into the correct hands and it is handled discretely and with no real crime committed.  No real crime if you are the lion getting the lion's share. 

 I am sure the Treasury is just as dirty, although they will not hire me, so I can not say with certainty like I can the F-DIC. 

Now for correlation of medicine and banking.  If you see a severed spinal cord, it seems irreparable.  However, I have hypothesized on many ways to repair it, but for simplicities sake, I consider the banking systems upper layer, those who take the underground revenues off the top.    A bridge has to be make on the spine, a top layer, and I have seen insects whose genetics could serve in that capacity, as their chitin is almost like bone.  The people who came into the FDIC office and who seemed to be a big part of the Roseville (Sacramento) FDIC, are like that upper layer, like that insect whose genetic construct and constituency bridge the gap in the spine.  The spinal cord could be considered analogous to the banking system in this instance.  Its back is broken but the insect has come to save the day with his structure, to be on top, and to reach to the very bottom, to hold the whole thing together.  But unlike a true broken spine who might benefit from the genetics of the insect and its hard chitin structure, the banking system is not broken, but it is penetrated, just like I said, from top to bottom. 

What can be done about it?  Put me back to work at the FDIC board of directors as just an observer, and I would do it for what I am paid now if I could sleep in the office or with  a mistress of the F-DIC.    No need to cut me a check, I am already paid what I call, I U f-Dic Clown Fees.  You see, I ran a test at the FDIC that many are afraid to do.  First I let the bosses know that I knew that they were laundering funds and setting up this Nevada casino and California FDIC bank connection.  Then I approached them on St. Valentines Day, put on my mental makeup as the F-DIC party clown, and to let them know I was in town in 2001, I offered to do them all up the derriere.  All of them.  Then they sent someone to try to take my camera.  I danced a bit and left.  I was attacked three days after St. Valentines day and I had caught someone following me two days after St. Valentines day.  That was the test, to see if I would be attacked, and hence to more better ascertain the improbability of suicide of the FDIC regional director.  I do not fear death, but like most good mercenaries, I would want a clean kill.   This life is a joke in these damned United States, especially with my genetic structure, which may be why my grandmother warned me.  She knew something.  She said when I joined the military she was not happy.  She said, "Remember Vietnam".  I think she thought I should just tell them to forget about it and that I should just go back to the shipyards.

The same thing may be happening in Seattle because I was informed that Federal Banking Frauds Prosecutor Thomas Crane Wales was killed the same year I was attacked and jailed and tortured.    I was released from jail officially on August 11, 2001 for having a gun while I slept.  Wales was killed on October 11, 2001.    Wouldn't you sleep with a gun if you were I? One eye open Jack?  No response by the federal police to the attack on my life and a dead F-DIC director indicate one thing--- no need to tally up the death toll, we don't matter.

Ironically, I was sculpted in a way and somehow ended up in that job at the FDIC. Years of college in all of the fields, medicine, computers, business, communications, and of course chemistry and physics.

I do know about Genetics engineering and feel that many have been used in medical experiments or procedures, of which they are not aware.   I have some indicative features, like things that may be little wings, a equilateral spattering of little protuberances from the lower lip and the top of head has its own special antennae hairs that feel different somehow when I shave them, a sort of pain.  I wonder sometimes if I put the antannae hairs to a relative with the same if we could communicate, like ants or gnats or crustaceans.  

The VA likes to doctor their medical records in LA.  They likely sell us out.  I would not wash my hands in my own blood with them and I am not going to wash my hands in my blood for their money. 

They do experiments in the government and forced medical procedures.  I am a remnant of who I was before they tortured me and injected me and defamed me. 

The lies of this life are many.  Things are not as bad as they seem, unless you are a sensitive bumble bee.  It is better to be a crusty crustacean.  I have humor in my holocaust camp because I am dead partially inside and I wonder why God has forsaken me and my family.  Are we somehow the fodder for past medical experimentation.

When you alter DNA, you create medical diseases that are congenital, and hence genetic, syndromes.  Many organs can be effected.  The fetus often dies en utero and spontaneous abortions occur.   I want my job back at the FDIC and I want to simply observe the Board of Directors.  I will need no guns.  I do not want them near me or in the room.  I may have some doctors in physics and medicine bring some equipment for some checkups and tests, but it should not take long. 

The F-DIC Party Clown wants them brought down.  Tighten the casinos money input by putting in real time money machines  for all bets laid and paid with real  time observation of every money input locale.   That is the best way to cut the skimming off the top, but how to stop the banks from being set up for money crimes is another question.  You can't but you can strangle the source of the money laundering.  I think someone needs to choke up on the F-DIC, and who better than myself, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, your best ARD F-DIC Party Clown.   I want my 9.11 million or I want the casinos shut down however it has to be done.  I want those controls in place.  It is supposed to be our nation, a nation of positive capitalistic endeavor.    Negative capitalists will just have to pay suit, and in that suit is me.

I have never seen so much filth and sanctioned abuse until I went to work for the FDIC  and was told to drop an EEOC complaint in San Francisco's FDIC or be terminated.   ARD FDIC  told me to promise not to tell at the exit meeting.  I should have brought an attorney.  I would not have signed anything.   They were stacking the deck, ye-e.  Are ye in on IT?  Upside down and the F-DIC touches the ground.  The warlords rule.  Maybe it is time to grab a piece of cloth, step outside their gates, and let them blow each other up. We will only have a worn piece of cloth. 

I have theories on all things controversial because I try to see things through God's eyes in my old age.   The Messiah could come in waves, like a sine wave with increasing and resonating frequency until the point of total perfection of all in that construct is made. We are all so small and 9.11 million is not a lot to ask for a man of my caliber and actions.

Please, someone buy my house.  I want to leave the USA.  The FHA blocked a sale this Summer.  They are like communists, setting prices to keep the peons as peons.    I do not ever want to be injected or abused again and I can not sleep in the USA very well.  I am losing money on the house, but it is your gain.  I just can not rest in a nation like the USA.  I have been attacked too many times by government officials and I even have them on Video under saintrambone videos.  I am too old and my family is grown and scattered to the wind.  I lost.  I won.  I am tired and I have been through too much in life.  Is God dead?  Does God care?  When does this life end, this life that rewards murder if you are on the favored side of IT in power.  The US Navy taught me to use a hand gun.  The federal war criminal money laundering murderers tortured me for daring to be prepared to use that training against their murderers.  I never drew it or used it and only had it because I was in fear of the government after the attack on my life, and I got no response from FBI or Secret Service.   I at one time trusted the VA.  Never trust any government agency.  They are too anonymous and brutal and I obviously have a different viewpoint on medical abuse and murder and torture of innocent people..

 Sometimes death seems nice, but what is life if it isn't a kick in the b-lls.  I like to watch dates and numbers and move on those dates and numbers.  4-3-2001, Sheriff Jack Tillman took my gun permit with federal approval when I was going to report starvation at his Mob AL jail.  360 thousand dollars of thievery proven and he was not pushed out until 2005.  I wonder if he would have been discovered to be a thief in 2001 if they would have injected me and tortured me.  Of course they would have, as that was likely orders from FDIC Board of Directors.  I showed up in a suit with my guitar, like Mr. Peanut, and when the Sheriff Jack Tillman with federal approval stopped me from entering a city council meeting, I snapped, "Jack Is In The Crack and Your Kids Ain't Comin Back."  He and the federal dictator in Mobile Alabama  would not allow me into the meeting of the Mob AL City Council. 

Yes, the F-DIC Party Clown has many faces.  He rides on my shoulder like a saint I think.  Why am I alive?  Is it because I am too Randy to be like Kraft, Randy Kraft.  He was a serial killer who wanted to wax my carrot and then wax my ass when I was in the Navy.  No thanks, No gracias, No way.  He left a man on a stump they say, anus to mouth, arms dangling.  All I would have had to have done was take a drink, and I could have been dead.  The government injected me forcibly with chemicals almost twenty years later.  I would rather have been killed by Kraft.  At least you have no memory of that sh-t.  He may have noted me as, "Angel" in his memoirs.  Of course that could have been the dead one.  I am the one with the living curse. 

I do not drink poison, but I can't stop the inhumane sect approved of by government from injecting me.  I can leave, I think.  But then again, they injected me forcibly.  What is real after that point is a matter of mathematical probabilities with wide ranges of uncertainty.  I am a mathematical dullard but I can sum up probabilities fairly quickly.  Do not f-ck with me either. 9.11 million US dollars from those casino funds and their drug lords cash from Customs and the Border Patrol is all I want.  More is appreciated.  I deserve it.  Hell, I might have come back from the dead as far you know.   They did heart experiments on veterans. I have a scar over my heart unexplained, like a little shot of atropine to see the effect.  I also have had some scars unexplained in the groin area to run the test instruments.   I must be  a piece of Bug matter to them.  Once again, I play Creams Strange Brew on Youtube.  To me it relates to genetics engineering and my family and our sickness, not of our choice.  We excel, we fail, and it is out of our hands.  This is not candy land, this is the bad lands and we are in bad hands.  I should have spit up bug juice every time they had me do the pledge of allegiance in their Alabama public bug schools.

Here are the lyrics to the song by Cream, Strange Brew

Strange brew -- kill what's inside of you.

She's a witch of trouble in electric blue,
In her own mad mind she's in love with you.
With you.
Now what you gonna do?
Strange brew -- kill what's inside of you.

She's some kind of demon messing in the glue.
If you don't watch out it'll stick to you.
To you.
What kind of fool are you?
Strange brew -- kill what's inside of you.

On a boat in the middle of a raging sea,
She would make a scene for it all to be
And wouldn't you be bored?
Strange brew -- kill what's inside of you.

Strange brew, strange brew, strange brew, strange brew.
Strange brew -- kill what's inside of you.


Segment December 1, 2009:   CULTURE_love_HATRED_women_VIOLENCE_respect_DELICATE_brutal

I have noticed that some people from various cultures and races consider human sexual contact to be more of a brutal thing.  This is particularly true of the jealous in-breeders who see their potential mates with other races.   

I think this stems from a primitive link to ancient man, when life was more violent on a daily basis.    It is likely ingrained in the rhetoric of hatred, as some people will try to persuade others with what we call, Pathos and Logos in communications,  which is emotions and logic, when in effect the ignorant will often try to pass the ignorant idea of inbreeding as ethos, which is ethics.

Many times I wonder about mind control and other effects when I am in the military buttresses in the banana nation of the Gulf Coast USA states.   I do not feel comfortable among them.  I fear for some of them.   They do not know of the medical horrors and the nature of warfare for the mind.  Some of the military are like rockets going off, sociopaths who needed a place to be hooked into the highly intensive and violent drama.   They fear me because I tell them the things they do not want to hear such as they are nothing more than guinea pigs and supplies of organs and tissue for a wealthy elite and a criminal medical underworld that knows no bounds.  It appears many know me, but some may understand where I am coming from, the working classes of the USA.  But I have gone further, touched on all fields of study, and used that knowledge to test the lies of the ruling sect that are war criminal in conduct.  

 It is has never been easy for me and many others who have always suffered discrimination and abuse and in the end, financial disaster.    The syndicates are closing is what it is, and some are happy with their banana in the lower level office and to just close the door so the masters of the moment can take everything.  I do not have health care except the VA and government.  I was forced medical procedures and suspect some tampering in the experiments on myself and possibly extraction of other material such as bone or neural tissue for histotyping and usage.  I have medical evidence of medical tampering and foul play on myself backed up by a private oral surgeon from Los Angeles California.   No one cares if any of mine or myself die though, America as it was intended according to the rhetoric, does not exist for us.  I will likely have to make other arrangements if ill as I do not have health care, I have health abuse at the VA.

There will never be another hours rest, and it has always been up hill.  Something else is going on.  The game is war.  The truth is flight away from them and their war.   Stay or flight, that is the question.  I am among the naive, and some hard core war criminal types of enemies.  They have the nicest homes government  and corrupt industry can buy.

Segment November 26, 2009: SEPARATION_alienation_CASTE_brain_DAMAGE_warfare_ETERNAL_american_HOLOCAUST_world_HUMAN

It was once told to me that if all of the wealth was taken from everyone today, all of the people who were wealthy today would be wealthy tomorrow. 

I repeated that statement once and someone said, "Smart".  He would have been better to have said, "Ugh".  Or perhaps they did not see the permanent stratification under the current constraints. Their is a towering house of cards, if viewed at the point of the thievery.

Let's face it, the most predatory are the ones at the forefront, and on a prison and war planet like Earth and in my experience the USA in particular, the one with the largest snarl and most blood in their history has the lions share.  Whether they own a military encampment and nation or a law firm where they and their inner circle are kings.

Many in the USA are just like the warfaring Europeans or Africans.  They want to kill each other, will, and do.   I see no reason to serve their military or to try to enter their government buildings. We are outcast and theirs run in behind, waiting to do the bidding for the latest war criminal sect. But we are the outcast, strewn to the wind, cast out and down, and when I see the regime and their blood letting and murderous war criminal horde attacked, I see no reason to respond other than "So?"  You get what you sow. I want to kill those who injected me and those who passed the laws. But I look to higher judgment and expect that they will find what they are looking for, their head on a plane.

They attacked me and injected me with chemicals in Los Angeles, likely FBI or SS on a VA property. MY crime was to be in fear of hitmen associated with the FDIC. Their war criminal sect likes to scream "Insane." That is not surprising considering they are keeping the lions share of gambling taxes and a regional director, FDIC, was shot in his head in his office and, "laughably" labeled suicide. They called me insane, and if their tag along or assasin had followed me into the desert after St. Valentines Day 2001, I would have killed him. But that is not the boss. I want their boss. He is a cold blooded killer. I would have been better left alone that day in Lousiana soon after the Arizona or California desert tag along buddy from the FDIC investigation and test on St. Valentines Day 2001 San Francisco. We want three layers of control, at once.   What  a bunch of slime in the federal government and those around the Earth at the Border Patrols I have witnessed.  Their followers are often just like Nazis.  So simple are some of them.  We are betrayed and were betrayed at youth.  The seas may taste salty in the future, with a blood broth.   Who cares, their leadership is a pimp-le. We are better off to flee into space. That is the only way. Do not bring the prison profiteers. Kill them if they are found in space is my sentiment.

Segment November 24, 2009: LIES_distractions_FRUSTRATIONS_government_MEDIA_inhumane_CAPITALISM_communism_LEADERS_subjugated_DESTINY

At this point in my life, I am more frustrated than ever.  I am no longer a child, a young adult, nor an elderly person.  But I am at my height of education and retention in the mind of those things I have learned after years of college and living and working in many known fields.

The one thing I see is the danger we are in and the lie we were sold. It makes me wonder why God would allow it.  Some say God lives on a larger scale.  God must.  Because if God saw what I see down here, in the way I see it, God would make sure we were all dead before sunrise the next day or we would be breaking off onto different planets in our groups and mindsets.

The lies are many and I feel like I have been awakened with a fish hook down my throat and the anesthesia that was there during my entire life has worn off.  I am talking about the lie that it is all right to allow some one to kill the innocent.   I am talking about Zionism and those who have killed to form the current nation of Israel, and  the non violent people of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish group the Neturei Karta.  I am   talking about the alleged attacks against the communists of Vietnam and the forced use of my neighbors children and what was going to be the forced use of myself and my family in those attacks.

I have said it before and will say it again, "If you allow it over there, you will allow it over here".  To paraphrase a religious text, "You reap what you sow.".

I was forcibly injected and forced medical procedures in Los Angeles in April of 2001.  I had been investigating criminals at the FDIC of San Francisco and testing for murderers after I was pushed out from their employment in 2000.  Their smiling faces that hired me were not the growling faces that fired me.  The faces I could see hired me, the faces I could not see fired me.  They were clearing the employment roster for theirs and the syndicates, or perhaps it is an IT and it is not what it seems. 

I know that God may have a better plan but the torture of myself and the beating of myself and the use of others in experiments and the murder of innocent banking regulators and innocent  banking prosecutors has basically left us, or me and mine, little more than outcast slaves on this planet.   Some herald war and the attacking of the innocent on foreign soil as defending us and ours.  That is not true.  They are not defending us or ours.  We are under attack also.  I want to urge holy war but then I look at Neturei Karta.  It appears the rule of the jungle coincide with the rules of th Neturei Karta's higher texts, the Torah and the Talmud.  Nature dictates fight or flight for survival.  Their option has been flight.  They maintain their distance from the regime in power because they see the regime and their supporters  have violated the rules of the Torah and the Talmud and people are suffering as a result.

I remember when I was young how disheartened and disconcerting it was, the killing in Vietnam by the USA leaders, the killing in Egypt and the Sinai by the Israelis, the fights in my own home between my father and mother, often in a squalid and unsanitary existence due to poverty.   I remember when I looked at Neturei Karta and realized that my intuition was right, my life was out of disharmony because someone had struck a chord long ago and I could not recover my balance, my center. 

I have fought those who are like the bullies of the USA and NATO and Israel who are eager to use their latest weapons on everyone they can beat down with them.    I have only had child like skirmishes when I was a young person, but I have learned recently that they have a different way to fight me and it is on many levels.   I am not surprised people were used as slaves in the past, and I am sure it happens now and it will happen again.  When they injected me forcibly, they declared war on my body.  One injection in each arm the first time, and that was April of 2001.  One injection in each leg the second time, and I believe that was in early 2004, February of March.  The federal government claimed their injections in 2001 at the LA VA Westwood were the same that were allowed when I was in forced exile and in transit in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. They were not the same drug in any fashion. They are lieing on medical records at the VA. The Flagstaff drug knocked me unconscious and I knew it. The LA VA Westwood drug just made me very sick for years, and to this day, and no one cares, therefore I tend not to care on their dieing days.  Their ludicrous claim was that I spoke too quickly. I have a speech impediment, and they call it being under attack.   I had not been saying anything for hours while I was held in LA and in Flagstaff.  I saw the buildings fall in NYC on mass media not long after I was injected forcibly in 2001.  Two injections, two large buildings.  Is it coincidence?

I urge young people to turn off the mass media messages and their one sided war effort, the war effort against us.  Perhaps they want us to fight them.  It appears that way.  They have provoked me many times.  I never fight.  Perhaps I should.  I look to Neturei Karta and have some self restraint, but I want out of the USA and the federal government has tried to stop my escape by stopping a house sale. The FHA is corrupt just like Freddie Mac in the home sales business. Theirs is war for money and control. A meager existence that is satisfying to lesser minds and would-be war criminal subjugators. 

I live in a place that is very anti-semitic.  I am not anti-semitic at all, nor am I anti Muslim.  I am against killing, whether it is killing a Palestinian, a Vietnamese, or a Jew, etc..  Some do not seem to mind killing.  I see the military as like a huge machine that whirls and whirls near my flesh and my family's and it is always chewing up flesh, both on my side of the military machine and on the other side. 

I bought a home that was a rip-off scheme but I do not know how deep of a scheme.   The realtor in Florida, a smiling NATO type, a Prague Czechoslavakian woman and a family that remained hidden who owned the home, rigged the roof, and I had to have it replaced immediately after moving in.  She had used a local inspector who was obviously extremely racist and predicted a race war approaching when I was touring the home with him.  He may have led me down a sale that can not be re-sold.  The FHA was going to finance the sale this year but was extorting 7500 from the buyer  and they would not appraise the home for the extra 2500 that was needed so the people would move in.  I will be likely letting the house go to foreclosure.  I learned several lessons, one is that you should always heed warnings.  The banker had silently warned me that something was amiss.  The realtor knew the house was defective.  They knew the VA appraiser was over appraising the property at the time of purchase.  It was a scheme but it proves this.  The NATO types of Europe will sale an American out for everything he has just like a Nazi would.  The American racist types will sale out an American of the same race to a NATO type.  The VA Appraisers will do anything as long as they get paid and the veteran is not protected by higher bureaucrats.    The house thing is rather small, but it proves my point in a real life context.  The greater crime was being attacked and then knocked unconscious for being in fear of the likely government attackers. 

I am getting old.  Many are predicting something big in 2012.  I am hoping it is the end of the human species throughout all space.  They have rubbed my face in the dirt for the last time.  I am owed two more.  They injected me in 2001, and they were warned with two down. I want two more, I want complete silence of the human species.  Never turn your back on the government types nor their war criminal supporters.  They are at war with us, with me, with mine, and I pray for relief through the end of time or our flight from them and their mindset for eternity.  Never trust the VA, never trust local governments, and if they are attacked and destroyed, let us hope it is escalated into a divine revelation -- the end of all suffering.

Segment November 18, 2009:ANALOGY_permutation_SIMILAR_false_INTENTION_search_MATE_political_FIGURE_life_TIME

The ironies of life among the true humans is the games they play.  I say true because in fact humans can be changed and are intentionally changed during gestation or before during the embryonic or pre-fertilization stage.  That is another subject that I have elaborated upon to some extent in my writings. 

The lies of the political system are made obvious because of the change we see around us.  The controls of all things have always been in the hands of the greedy, the selfish, the inhumane, at least during my life time since the 1960's and the alleged Vietnam military draft.  I say alleged because some of those men might have simply been made delusional to think they were in combat, when in fact mind control was the new play thing of the day.  Medical experiments have been going on a very long time, some forced, some coerced, some paid, some voluntary.

I would have rather been shot in the head than to be forcibly injected by the USA federal government or anyone.     Some day I will have vengeance, or witness it.  They have caste me and mine to the lower caste since the first time I can remember.  We should try to break from the horde and their constructs.  Their war machines will soon ramp their way to some one's door, and on that day I hope we or you, the humane among us, will be able to take flight, or give fight, to the death of those who were main proponents of the attacks against you.

Be very wary at border crossings and any time you are in the presence of those at the borders or in government buildings.  I would recommend being very wary of even the DMV.  Their government has lost sight of human and civil rights and they are war criminals who are in power and they do and will commit all war crimes atrocities reminiscent in history.  

Technological manipulation can leave you in a room full of people and you will be alone.   For instance, the free internet dating sites have some lovely contestants who seem to good to be true.  Guess what, they are false and not what they say.  The mass media and the politicians can be as impotent in one way or another as the image of the person who is not there but who you are speaking with.   There is no end to their deviancy in my estimation.  If you lay on a medical table, you are theirs for the taking in the federal government and corrupt hospitals of the highly syndicated regions of Nevada, California, and Arizona.    People in the government are at the control of those who stay hidden.  They are a diabolical force to be reckoned with.   

Just as in the alleged wars of history, the masses of people stand behind various images, projections, or front people, and they commit war crimes with wild abandon.  The time will come when their product, their Jack The Ripper, will finish them.  That is the nature of the game they or IT plays.  Till the end.  Fight or flight.  There are no simple options in a barbaric and brutal existence.  They gave the green light on me and we gave the green light on it.  For those of you who do not know, that is what the war criminals of the government do to us while they rob us of everything, not just money, human rights, freedoms, and our children's birthrights, they also try to kill us, one way or another.  It is no wonder the old world was coated in war according to legend and history.    Once they inject you with chemicals or tamper with you, you are Better Off Dead (BOD).    The time has come for war again.  Goose step it to the front and you will find, those who discover the truth pass it on to the young.  They need to know and not be deluded by the lies of brotherhood that do not exist with the war criminal factions and their primary war criminal benefactors.  The time for war is near and I hope the best weapons and the best men win.

Segment November 16, 2009:  PRINCIPA_mathematica_CRYSTALLIZATION_higher_ORDER_inertia_SEMI_staid_TRUE_rumor_TEMPORARY

In the higher orders of mathematics, there are often certain patterns observed that are unique unto themselves.    The same thing is noticed in crystallization of rare metals such as Gold in the strata of much more populace and common rocks and minerals.

Whether one metal is worth more than the other depends on if one has eaten their iodines and salts, and I am not speaking of the eating disorder pica.   I am not speaking of a small quantity of space where we can observe these mathematical truths and oddities of a temporary or somewhat staid nature, at least from our point of origin. 

Some seek the fountain of youth.  I seek the organelles of what we call God.  They are there, but we have not explained them in the terms of scientific dogma with an explained and provable theory on the shape of the body, organ, or organelle of the greater evolving organism or entity.    Of course when I speak in these terms, I speak of them in much the same way Descartes spoke of the transfer of electrical signals through the central and peripheral nervous system.       

Our existence, my existence, are so miniscule and rudimentary that we live as if in the dark ages, since my youth, their existence has been an existence of contradictions resembling Hell.  I make comedy but I know the truth.  It was over in the beginning and it got worse in the end.  I see their laughing faces and I see the mascot of death.  They growl and take everything.  They are an IT.  I am certain of one thing.  No love lost when no face is left.   Their anonymity in government, those who betrayed me, seems to beckon for me to be put into their eternal warfare cages.  I once admired America.  Now I laugh and cringe.  I know what those at the top have become.  The screaming enemy of ages past.  Never again serve or trust them. 

Their motives are hidden.  Their lies are obvious.  Cages are the way to behead man.  Now, they want to cage all they can.  As Sodom and Gomorrah fled, they too wanted some salt, and they got it.

Now for a little mathematical oddity comedy and some sadder stipulations. I worked a triangle of war criminals in government as an investigative journalist, in LA and San Francisco California, and despite some being more slippery than Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman of Mob AL. I felt odd making the triangle of travel repeatledly, Mobile to LA to San Francisco and San Francisco to LA to Mobile. Finally I took a tangent on my 44th birthday. I was scheduled to die that year according to a young woman I knew who had correctly predicted her own death. I had my life insurance in hand, a big policy, and I took a vacation to North California via Braman / Blackwell Oklahoma and Kansas. On the night of December 7th, near the morning of December 8th, 2004, a meteorite almost hit my vehicle. I drove through the dust. Now, what caused it to miss. Was it due to the explosion in Oklahoma City a few years earlier. It would have been the perfect death. What do you think Sweet Mass of Shee-it F-DIC, Treasury Puss? I felt like a Rocket Man. Elton John Youtube song link.

Segment November 15, 2009: SEQUENCE_interrupt_INJECTIONS_communications_WAVES_random_CONTROLLED_energies

The one thing I have noticed in my life time is the sequence of events.  They poison us while they pretend to care.  That is the nature of the sociopath.   Some things have been lost for us for centuries most likely.  The death or subjugation of a primitive species capable of carrying out higher level tasks, albeit on a rudimentary scale as would be expected of a primitive sort.  That is what I often see mankind as, primitive, subjugated, and since my injections and torture by the USA federal and local governments, a prison planet with warfare everywhere, increasingly.   Perhaps we should think of it as violent turbulence.   Mind control.  Torture.  Extortion.  Blood letting for a fee.  Prison planet Earth. 

I contacted a private employer, one of many that will not respond to me, about a job.  I often do the same thing and try to explain my predicament in a case that was dismissed according to law officials in Los Angeles.  I have not been able to find work since FDIC employment, termination, and my attempted execution, and the whole while, the obvious opponent screams threats are being made.  They have injected us and done medical experiments with impunity since 2001 in my own experience, and much sooner with other victims.   I know why.  We are never allowed in. 

They pay me and rip me off at the same time.  The USA is junked, trashed, robbed.  But this has been my life since I was young.  We were the outcast from my youth.  I laugh and cringe when I hear the terms given to us by those who would torture and kill and rob the innocent.  As a child, you could hear people lashing out at each other and some times the child lets it spill out.  Those forgotten days and those many dead bodies over history, and now, that self righteous sect of government, that strip of government, that has taken all from me.  The words of the Vietnam Vet who said, "They never let us in". 

The truth is, the war has broken out and the third world that India knew, America now knows and will increasingly grow equal if not completely opposite in the other direction. 

Warfare tools, or just tools.  The immense communications towers we see all across the landscape leaves a plethora of tools and weapons just from the transferred energy and data through those  Earth bound systems and satellite systems.     Ever day I see the truth.  The loss of mercy.  The starvation of the masses.  Soon, the trigger pulls and we go to war.  They kill us in war.

Some may never even go into war.  They may be tricked, deluded with mind control, shot up or popped, and then the experiments and medical procedures begin.  You can not expect those or that which considers itself to be a separate species or indirect entity to care.  A chicken eater eats.

The higher level harnessing of large expanses of people or space would likely be a more volatile gesture than a staid one, as motion is preferred due to increased energy output and product produced. 

The federal government injected me forcibly and they allow many to do so around the nation on a daily basis.  We live in a sort of hell with their government.  I do not want to go to the VA any longer.  I do not have to either.  Not that I am aware.  The government could come into my home and inject me or do anything.  I may have been their product or just pushed down and out.   Considering I was knocked unconscious the second time I was injected, I wonder what they did on the first. The first time it was at a federal facility, and the VA was there and likely a FBI agent or Secret Service.  This nation does not exist. 

Their media is a nightmarish sequence of events heralding the virtues of Prison Planet Earth.   If you ever lay down on a medical table of the federal government, what they may do to you may not be known to you.  We lower caste humans are basically the fodder for medical experiments and manipulations.  Considering the increase in technology of the highest sort in warfare, it is obvious we are as doomed as a crate of chickens being dropped into a river. 

On these days at the end of these logical derivations and thoughts through the complexity of those things of the recent and distant past, I always remember a few words of wisdom from my elders when I was young.  "Things are never as bad as they seem."  "Do not tell me any secrets and I will not tell you any lies".  The Secret Service should pull down their windows when in conference with the higher level syndicates.  We know none of you ever cared for any of us.  I was foolish for investigating the murder at the FDIC.  The lions eat the lions share.  There is always a bigger killer down the road though.  Who cares if they and their media are removed.  They torture us and then they torture us with lies.  Many do not know what is material or immaterial and overestimate their presence in the political system.

Segment November 10, 2009: LIES_truths_HALFWITS_guesses_WRONG_right_OBVIOUS_inconspicuous_SOCIOPATH_killers_FEEDER_fraud_EXPERIMENT_warlord_MILITARY_servitude

The lies of the government in front of me and the apparent manipulations and half truths and the unspoken atrocities indicate we are severed from each other.  Their mass media is oblivious to the American Holocaust, the World Holocaust, in the same manner that the alleged Nazi regime was oblivious  to their own atrocities and their own media portrayed their war crimes as beneficial, ignoring the atrocities and heralding the virtues of the leaders alleged to be at top.  I say alleged because the mind can be manipulated, and historical records can be erased and re-written.  I do not doubt atrocities from Europe or in Europe, and I do not doubt atrocities in the USA today.  I have  lived them.  I see the war now and it has always been at the highest levels for the highest levels.

What can be done about the war criminal horde and their blind mass media is a good question.  We may just be manipulated, but you can be manipulated to be forced to fight for survival, and you might not be fighting a war as much as you might be a medical guinea pig for the war criminal sect in power.

The truth is, we are nothing to the ruling horde.  Their lies, their mass media, their siphon on the throat of the Earth with their constructs and monopolies indicate the end for us, perhaps long ago.

The illusion of life creates the reality of life.  We can deceived or constrained by our senses or the maniulation of our senses.  We may have been irrevocably damaged  and or are being damaged now.  Some may see a honeycomb existence from a macro perspective in life while others may see a labyrinth of honeycombs connected by a continuum.    The federal government's blindness to the injections and forced medical procedures I endured at the federal facility in Los Angeles in 2001 and in Flagstaff Arizona with federal approval  in 2004 indicates their end is of no consequence to me or people like myself and will be seen as the removal of a cruel dinosaur when they collapse to nothing or their controller or their illusion is unplugged or decapitated and incinerated.

In all likelihood, we are just being used.  Most likely someone or something already controls space and any sort of parallel dimensions that may be available to a higher order species or humans utilizing higher technologies.  Genetic engineering offers the greatest improvements from our perspective in a true race to be superior in mind, but even that can be over ridden, as a head in the vacuum does not fill the vacuum.

I once  thought of how ludicrous it was and I felt sad because I knew one equaled the other, a person with trisomy-21, down's syndrome, or a person with normal genetic and thus normal brain development of an average healthy human being can both be manipulated through genetic engineering to being far superior to any average human brain in some capacities.  I say some capacities because I often wonder if those who control the Earth, in particular, the war mongering hordes of the USA and NATO and Israel and other nations such as China and likely Russia, have done some genetics engineering and tested on trisomy 21 individuals first as guinea pigs to improve IQ and other mental capacities not yet tapped. 

It appears either the tests were completed on trisomy 21 people and one of them took over or the genetic engineering techniques were implemented on favored children of some sect of the world's human societies.  They could be very intelligent and then be as crazy or as insane as any serial killer or government leader such as those in that hated  city and federal government of Mobile Alabama or Los Angeles California.  Washington D.C. just gave away the show with trillions of dollars in international loans to foreign banks, when in fact, we were just sheered like sheep once again.  I hope we can catch those retards and have them decapitated because in the end we will have to create new currency to erase that debt and those asset entitlements on American soil that the war criminals in power gave away. 

It was said that the Earth is supposed to undergo changes in 2012,  a huge shift in magnetic North on the face of the Earth and it was predicted in the Mayan calendar that something is to happen in 2012.  It would not surprise me if the ruse of life did not have another ruse, such as, "No difference".  Many on this day would welcome the end of life on Earth.  They do not believe the lies of the mass media and the cover ups.  Their government and their media is a fanciful tale and ours is a dismal reality.  They are manipulating us out of government in all fashions.  They are like animals.  They treat as like an invading horde of apes or animals.  I hope they are destroyed or removed from our gates in our life times.  It does not matter how, only when.

Segment November 2, 2009: WARNINGS_florida_OFF_bounds_SOUTH_CALIFORNIA_OFFBOUNDS_questionable_PRISON_state_INTERNATIONAL

Recently I was attacked again after many years of no attacks.  This one was initiated due to a petty squabble over some real estate ad and corrupt practitioners that occurred over a year ago and it brought out my old enemies in the federal government in Mobile Alabama, their sister county of Baldwin County, and they likely have hooked up with that federal prison and state dictatorship, the hated governments of North West Florida.  You can see their six jets on the abutments at the overpasses over Interstate  10 in Pensacola Florida.  6 jets 6 jets 6 jets and  repeat ad infinitum.  The meaning is there.  It was as if the artist betrayed the master and we were allowed to add things up, the devil is behind this insanely murderous horde in power.  I saw the same thing at the LA VA Westwood.  They doctor the records when they are doing experiments upon you, and the doorman is always at the door.  Their little nightmare is like a house of horrors.  I made a mistake, but I will likely make more and then the end, the big puff ball for all within blast shot or maybe just my final moment.

Aristotle said, "I think I am, therefore I am".  Jesus nor anyone in the Bible ever said anything about jacking up thine neighbor with dope sanctioned by the regime was being a good neighbor.   I, who was jacked up and knocked unconscious by the enemy regime and their supporters, as an investigative journalist to some extent,  I know that Aristotle would rephrase his thoughts on the being aware of one's self.   Aristotle would say today if injected repeatedly by the enemy in power,  "I think I was injected forcibly.  I think I was changed.  I think I know that was the end of the one I was.  I am now violated and they have taken part of me or become part of me.  I know I will whisper sweet fate in the final ill wind".    Their drug companies can not be trusted.  We should demand the right to grow our own medications. It is the only way to defeat the devil at his own game.  Take control of our own G-d damned lives.  Limits of course as you would not want a million opium dealers.   (  Dr. Hip in an interview on a Youtube Video Link).  Until I had time to research the drugs given to me by their pharmacists in the US VA pharmacy, steroid drugs, to which I was allergic, it was too late.  I was made sick by their drugs and the federal crime syndicated police took advantage of the situation in another federal VA locale to stop my investigations of murder in the FDIC and the stoppage of my own career as an accountant and a journalist, and my loss of peace of mind due to forced injections, attacks on my life, and basically torture at their hands.  I see it as an act of war and I can fight or take flight.  I look to NKUSA and like them, I choose not to kill but will leave the federal and local governments and see them as a war criminal entity unto their own, and best avoided by ours and mine.  The enemy will kill their own.  I suspect God is pushing me from his lesser creation.  The saddest thing is that my family is captive through economic warfare and absolute control on a global scale by an international war criminal syndicate hooked into the grass roots level of the USA.   Other men are taking opiate based Oxycontin in the USA often, which I thought was odd, but natural from all indications.    A little wolf bane to stimulate the senses is what the steroids were at the VA to me.....No thanks, Never Again Doc.  I will drop dead before I step on VA Hospital  Property.  They belong to the top federal hoodlum, the coward with a robbed Treasury and a crooked F-DIC.   Also I do not take the hard drug Oxycontin and recommend the avoidance of that type of drug unless you need it.  You will need pain stopping drugs  in the event of medical surgery.     I have training equivalent to that of a third world surgeon in medicine.

Their worst war criminals, the puff adder pigs as I named them, stay hidden and do the bidding for the thugs from Washington D.C. who are controlled by international monies, monies often loaned from USA banks to other international banks and back to said banks interests in high end finance.  Theirs is an endless game of money wheels, also known as pork barrels and huge financial swindles, and most ironic is that obviously their most profitable game is bullets, missiles, nuclear attack apparatus and nuclear and missile attack response apparatus and most comical is that they claim  these things are in our defense.  They then use us in experiments and medical procedures to keep us harnessed to their whims and selfish desires that are too our detriment.  Of course the predatory casino business and the illicit marijuana business keeps many war criminals fat and nasty in the federal dictatorships favored bureaucrats crime syndicates. 

If I could redo time I would never allow the government to touch me, I would not listen or watch their mass media propaganda, and I would have dropped out of public school in the first grade to pursue home based education far from they and their kind.  They teach us to bow down to them, to trust them, to accept the lies that are obviously in contrast to the immediate truths.    We are brainwashed from when we are young.  What have they done to us?  To me?  To mine?  To others like mine in this generation and those in the past?  So I can't do anything about the forced injections but wish those who did it were dead all the way to the top, like a scab, ripped from the face of the earth and humanity.  I turn to music to handle the pain and listen to the past, that lost dream,  and see it lives in small pockets of life in the present.  As in this young woman singing in San Francisco's  Haight Ashbury and the last remaining beautiful hippy.  Youtube Music Video. Our bodies are sacred temples, our own exclusive birthright. They have violated mine. In the indications of 2001 not of my own design. They forced two injections upon me that I am aware and shackled they led me through their medical atrocities complex down back stairways and into more forced medical procedures. Therefore has God assisted in downing two buildings. In 2004, two forced injections that I am aware, as I was knocked unconscious, all with approval of the war criminal regime and their war criminal profiteers. So what is next. It is time for me to go from the future hole, as ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol put it, the hole , "You can not get out of". Is the militarized Northwest Florida area due to become a great big nuclear hole. Is that why they are here, to kill us? I saw someone with "Space Shuttle" written on the bumper of their car. I want one of those at Saufley Field in Pensacola, and I want it to run off of burning treated sewage water. That's a joke, but I do think it is possible. There is a fortune to be made with imagination and garbage and shit. Many lack imagination, but are full of shit and create plenty of treated sewage water.

The trivial mind some times is rudimentary and barbaric, like an ape man, and many are like that, an ape, a lower animal. I saw a man in a pack of other people the other day at a beach and he was carrying a large stick like a club and obviously being loud, threatening, and abusive to those outside of his pack. I thought it was rudimentary being capable of murder and as cold as a corrupt American judge of the war criminal sect who is borne of international greed and avarice in the attack for world domination. His world was around that stick and his fellow pack members. He does serve a purpose though I thought, or God would not put him here. He will be there to trip all the switches on himself and others, in due time. Like a Gargoyle, he is just a tooth.

Segment October 31, 2009: ETERNAL_war_SUBJUGATED_mass_BEAST_revelation_SLAVE_earth_MASTER_beyond_REACH_satellite_PULSE_differential

The obvious truth is that we, my kind and I who are the true humans, are outcast and cast down by those who seem to think they are above the true humans.

It is clear we are having an all out war for control of ourselves and our bodies and our children and our minds and all of our resources and all things we are and can own in  our life time.  It has all been taken from many of us.  Some do not mind.  I do not mind if we are all killed, and only hope it is quick and humane.  The USA governments allowed the code to be violated.  They inject us with chemicals forcibly.  They are not us.  I applaud  the deaths of their controllers for using us and abusing us.

Now, we are tagged, particularly if we were deceived enough to enlist in their military.  They are and have been doing forced medical procedures and experiments upon us.

I have extensive education in medicine and to some extent war tools that are used in physics and in high tech warfare and finance warfare and control on a global scale.     Be very wary.  The war did not start yesterday, nor the day of our births.  The war has been raging for life times.  It will never end until we are free or dead.  Fight or flight.  There is no alternative.  Let us pray we are killed instantly if the war criminals over us are not tagged and disposed of.   This war needs to be re thought.  Their media and their government are controlled by the enemies to mankind.

Therefore we are likely labeled if we join their military as possible people who would hunt and kill  them for the money.  They have us hunt and kill each other.   A pre-emptive strike is required to devour a pig puff adder billionaire, but beware as they have tentacles and feelers, but like all snakes, they can be beheaded now and devoured later.  Time and tools of warfare require ingenuity and pre-emptive strikes and pre-emptive and surprising retaliatory measures. 

They have likely implanted into our eyes, along the whites of the eyes at a point half way between the iris and the edge of the eye on the outside layer, which resembles a swollen vessel, some sort of device for seeing and or tracking us or our conversations.  They may also have done things such as alter the DNA of children to carry parts of DNA of other creatures and have coupled that with other common things such as dental work or metal implants to cause a resonation of bellowing effect so they can hear and see us better and prepare to steal from us everything we have and to destroy us in our entirety and basically make us slaves to their self serving commands.   They have also done some things with dental work with implants in the head to aid those other technologies.   I applaud their deaths.  

Never turn your backs on the enemy.  And I am serious about that one.  DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON THE ENEMY, and if you can escape their traps, by all means, do so with God speed. Do not let them inject you. Fight to the death.  Face him or her at all times.    Do not let your children be poisoned by their mass media and their school curriculum and their brainwashing and their injections of chemicals.  David Koresh should have been given back up in Texas by the American people and the FBI should have been driven into the open to withdraw or to die under the effect of our own engineered weaponries. 

I admire the men who have fought against the international war criminals.  WE should give them aid and comfort if they can kill our mutual enemy, the controllers of the international regime in power, and diminish the lessers who follow their war criminal design.  IF we can not be free from the degradations and torture, let us help to usher in the first real global war and have all weapons released to possibly end mankind or the rule of the planet by the enemies to mankind.

Do not believe your eyes with them.  IF you are in their buildings, you are at their mercy.  They have no mercy.  Let us hope their controllers and those who persist to try to punish us have a merciful and quick death. I support all who oppose them and encourage our people to never surrender, to fight to the death if necessary, and to take as many of them as possible in the growning American Holocaust since they persist in doing forced injections and experiments. I am witness to many things, including the forced injections and forced medical procedures still allowed at the LA VA Westwood in 2001. They were ordered to stop in 1999. We are no longer allies. We never were. I hated the government when I was a child. Cold blooded killers over there and here is what they were to me. They still are, except now, I know that I was brainwashed in my later years, destroyed to appease them. I look forward to looking at their ashes in history and hope they do not try to rise like a Phoenix if I have a gun in my hand. You should never have attacked me FDIC syndicates. Federal mob bosses can go eat Shee-it. We want Vegas and Nevada on a platter. I want reparations paid or I want that bastard opportunity of snakes in the desert and across the USA, demolished and pushed into the sand from whence IT sprung 

Segment  October 29, 2009:  TRUTHS_lies_BROKEN_dreams_VISIONS_dark_truths

The greatest lies I have often taught myself to recognize.  A smirk in a con job, a desire to kill me in the moment, and sometimes I lay down with a snake to see what it feels like.    I bought a house in Pensacola Alabama, I mean Florida.   Yes, there is no difference between  Florida and Alabama except snob appeal and  temperatures in some regions.  I tried across the bay in Pensacola from Mobile just to see.  I was warned not to buy by the banker.  She never really expressed it, but now I know, the con was in the set up put out by a Prague Czechoslavakian real estate graduate who operates a triangle that is allowed by the VA appraiser who she personally calls in on a set date.   The inspector was a real cookie cutter salesman on the con job.  I knew this at closing.  I trusted the realtor though, I wanted to trust someone from Prague because I had written some articles there.  I soon tired of their media though due to the appearance of corruption and silence on truths like the USA media. 

I have tried real estate twice and lost twice.  I should have stopped payments and cut the gas when I found out about a roof.   Now, 14 months later, I have been attacked again recently while in transit and I am seeing the area more like a  trap, a trap that the FHA would not allow my house to sell.  I had caught the Prague realtor's troll head on my Zillow ad and like all trolls, they have to be yanked out by the roots.  Anything with federal in it is like vomit also, better off without it on or near your person.

I wonder if this is another lesson from God.  To let go of the dead things and the dead ones, dead in their hearts like the realtor who set up a triangle with herself, the VA appraiser and the building inspector.  I should have known.  It was a sign from God.  The inspector told me to run and he did not know he was telling me to run.  He said, "We are going to have a race war"   He was obviously extremely racist and likely had some sort of sexual deviancy against women of a different race than his own.  I just ignored him as another local I would find curled up in a fight down at the local nut bar and beer joint or working scams on tourists.    This house thing has gotten much dirtier though.  It goes beyond this little scam all the way to no job for me in the area to a sort of silent conspiracy to lock another American citizen into an area where I can be controlled and maybe even jailed.  Yes, they caught me on the blind.  I am used to let downs.  I worked for that filthy slime that is the federal government for a while.  They were not all bad at the top, or was I naive?  Experiments and medical procedures by them against us and the robbing of the governmental banking system reminds me of the Nazis of recent history. I can not sleep in my home without worrying about them sneaking in and shooting me up with dope or hitting me in the head with a laser or other device and continuing their experiments and forced medical procedures or what ever it is our enemies in power do when we are knocked unconscious in these damned United States. Never work for their government and applaud the deaths of their hidden and powerful international controllers 

I remember a few lessons in life .  When threatened, take cover.  Do not turn your back on those you do not trust.  Watch your back and do not ever turn your back on a stranger.  And most important, when it is a loser, cut your losses, and just as Caesar, you cut and burn and sell everything within legal limits so no one cut suck your drought lemons.

Now I have to remember why I teach myself these things.  I hoped for the best and lost the bet.  I bet on the Florida of the USA where the populace is beat back if they stand up, just like that in Alabama in Mobile.   The realtor and local people concealed the fact that a man had been shot in the home.  I had bad post traumatic stress from several attempts on my life after FDIC employment and local Mobile Alabama government corruption investigations I spearheaded.  I soon found those at top lay traps for us and smile when they do so.   I actually look forward to a war to stop those cut throat killers I witness in my daily existence today and the not too distant past in this God forsaken place. Things are not what they seem often and we have likely lost our lives since childhood. The locals of the war empire of the Gulf Coast in the South East live their lives like they are in Hell, and I think as a result we should move so they can meet their G-d damned bosses up close and personal.  They will cave in on themselves without a slave or saved caste.  The government appears controlled by people with money and lathes and scythes, so they can have us cut to order after they lay us flat.

A philosophy professor once said, the way to wealth is marriage, inheritance, and invention.   It is only a matter of time and wealth does not matter.  I will be selling all additions to the home that are not registered and permitted before I start to level the Oaks for wood and give the fence away to my best friend.  G-d Damn America's controlling regime.  Save our children. Save us all on our side of the fence.  Many will cut each other to pieces and they will be kin they kill.  Savage and cannibalistic is the nature of man in the wrong hands.   We are better off dead (BOD).

So if you want to save those Oak trees, just send 5000 dollars to pay for the roof I mistakenly bought to the fund raising page.  I just want my money back, what I can get of it before I depart.  I was told I could not sell the sand, too bad.  It does not matter.  The USA is becoming more like Bangladesh than India.

In real estate, the object we are taught is to buy and finance and hold for profits.    A string in water with salts soon coalesce on the string, and wealth from real estate is like the salt, on a string which is the investment. The salts, the profits, belong to the bank for years and you get nothing, no equity, you nor me the buyers.  The bank, Chase Bank laughed when I applied for a job with them. The VA will back the loan when I stop payments. The VA appraiser is paid well for the con job and the triangle is allowed by the Prague Czechoslavakia realtor and I am sure all of Escambia county is like Mobile, due to have the war criminal regime and empire flushed, just like Baldwin County Alabama. I hate their governments in the USA, and we are BOD before we are DOA.  Before I went to work for the FDIC I could work anywhere, now, nowhere.  A Dead Regional FDIC Director, labeled suicide in his office would terminate the FDIC BOD today.  I would give him the shells to do so, or the live wire. Considering technology and the nature of things, a live wire would work better than bullets.nbsp; G-d Damn the Regime in Power.  We should beware of all governmental contact and media contact and break apart from the enemies to mankind in power.  One came to my home one too many times. Keep it, what's left. 

Segment October 27, 2009: GOD_muhammad_ABRAHAM_confuscious_VISION_control_MATTER_present_FUTURE_lesson

Recently I thought of a world of sorts where the will of God could be exacted through the eyes of a man if God was in agreement with that man in the vision of his mind in the future, with its origin in the vision of the man in the present.   Is this possible?  If so, the construct was vague at its inception or perhaps the driver takes his/her hands from the wheel now and again.

There is a prayer in the men and women who suffer unjustly.   A silence subdued, I thought I had an appointment elsewhere, but I brought it here.  That is Muhammad's claim to fame.  Muhammad moved the mountain. 

 The past is a lesson if nothing else.  Once someone, a guard from orders of a government that is dark with secrecy to the Free Press of Freelance Independent Journalists in Mob AL USA, blocked me from a congressional seat, that of a voter and citizen of the United States to sit in on a city council meeting that is televised by Comcast in my native city.  The hired guard told me when he would not let me in and I would not move, that "I was blocking progress. "  I have it on saintrambone videos.  

WE are all congressmen and Senators in this nations writings, but in reality, some are not war scarred enough to enter obviously.  All of their mayors have military service but put themselves above many of us on the order of those who control them, the federal police crime syndicates most likely.  Perhaps we all need more battle wounds to justify entry into their closed door government in Mob AL US of F-cking A.  But be careful, as the controller is like a fat Puff Adder Pig, and he is not as visible and those at the door and at the podium in government are not as they seem, for better or worse.   

Some have battle wounds, some do not.  Some claim fame in battle and some are not recognized.  We have nothing not tainted.  We gave much of it away and the rest they took, or more likely they or IT took it all in the beginning.  Perhaps talk is cheap and their lies are due to be thrown over and tossed up and their cards to be shown, but you better have a good enough hand to call their bluff, stop them from shooting you, or hitting you from afar in space, or perhaps something they have already implanted in your body or head.  And if they control a space such as a government building, you are as good as dead.  WE should not have to go to the DMV or touch their slime in government.  When we visit inmates in their jails we are at extreme risk.  The government and their control over the mass media is like that puff adder.  It has been at our throats since birth.

Their logic is straightforward, their lies are obvious.  WE have no human rights, no civil rights, and some are better off dead.  BOD.


Segment October 25, 2009: THE_core_INHUMANE_human_ELEMENT_heart_CHIMPANZEE_gorilla_RHESUS_human_DESTROYER

Today, I look at the world through new eyes compared to what I did in 2001.  The attacks on my life from February 2001 were over, I thought.  Then came April and the attacks at my home by Mobile Alabama Police led by a federal war criminal intent on keeping me out of government.  I fled from a squad of thugs sanctioned from outside the squalid city limits, sanctioned by the long line of pyramid war criminals housed in the offices of their dictatorship that allows forced injections and ironically they trumpet their war heroes here locally.  I do not know them and they do not know me.  Their doors are closed to Freelance Independent Journalists who have information on their crimes in government.  .  Valor is fighting against the enemy regime in power.  They drew first blood, but I suspect a trick, many tricks, as I have likely witnessed more than one fight, and only wish the explosion in Braman/Blackwell Oklahoma on around midnight of December 7, 2004 would have killed me as I traveled.  Was I a target, perhaps, or maybe coincidence, falling meteorites, space debris, or a burning rocket kicking up a lot of dust. .  I always suspect a game.  The funniest game in the war of life is the final game.  That is when the clown comes out all nasty and sane.  .

I went to Ames and Braman looking for the place later in 2008.  I went to Blackwell and saw the highway appeared wider.  Did they have to clean up the toxins and identify the burned trees.   If mine were trying to kill me, I wish they would have, because if I was used by the ruling pigs of war to advance their game, then I am my own favorite turkey shoot.  And to quote that funny guy with exopthalmos, "Go Ahead, Shoot Me, I'm Game.  But Let Me Pose With Some Idiot Possum Mob AL Federalies down in Mob AL.   Don't forget to erase the chalk marks next time.

They love to forget the dead.  I could have killed a man who terminated me to make room for syndicate types and purge us from government.  The prior boss was shot in his head.  I thought, hey, not me, I am not that lame.  Then it struck me, that may have been one of the key players on the in or the out, or a nothing, a middle man. But the USA currency is not worth the fight.  Not when the EU has all of the collateral.  Drug in by the NATO and took it up the rear with a Prague.   That is the USA of today, not worth fighting for and barely worth living in. 

I laugh at the idiocy of the plasticized idiots.  Il idiota.  They provoke people to fight when they have the advantage, or to test and insult.  I remember though a judge who told me to go back to school in 2001.  I was in jail for a while, after being injected forcibly and tortured and lied to by federal agents and federal employees.   I have too much medical training and ignorance is bliss.  I hate them, but what are they? 

What I have learned is that I can not control the embeciles of humanity or their more ravenous pig like natures.  I can not control the lies we are told by that thing in power.   I can not feel for that thing in power any sympathy because I know they kill and persecute the innocent.  They steal all monies through government, all energies by creating sickness and war,  and all of our health through forced injections and forced experiments and social manipulation through technology.    I hear the media spouting things about everything except that which is important.  We have no human or civil rights.  I have none.  But did not Europe come to the Americas and kill off almost every Indian?  And did not one huge Indian Tribe in South or Central America eat another?    Of course.  History repeats itself.  A guard at Mob AL Government blocked my entry and said I was holding up progress.  I wanted into their closed government.  Their government progress is backward and they are our lesser and they are our enemies, or perhaps, like a rabid pack of dogs controlled by an insane neighbor on prison planet Earth and we need to remove that insane neighbor and use his guard dogs to sweep the lobby so that everyone can enter the once closed governments.

The nature of life is to collect.  We all do it.  I collected facts thoughts feeling ideas and laughter and sadness.  The universe spins on gravitational fields that collect.   We are collecting momentum.  I do not want to be forced to do or not do anything that is within my rights.   I know that there is a way to do this.  I may be taught and perhaps I can show the instructor, the judge, what I have learned.  I will be the judge of that.   Protect your young from those insane war criminals.  They are out there and they are not serving a banquet for you, but of you.  If you turn a blind eye, you too will be hurt.  I found that one out the hard way.    I would have preferred instant death and would detonate any size explosive to stop their government from injecting me or mine.  They are our enemies.  They will die by killing us or each other in due time.  It is my hope we can prepare to defend ourselves when they or it self-detonate, or perhaps, it is time.  Time does not let us kill twice if we ar suicidal, whether a lone man or a society like mine. I have a tendency to back off, but then again, the ole time justice maker likes to fly in on the five and Dime.

Sometimes when I am working off the sleeve and chewing on a big plate of garlic shrimp chowmein, like a wild cat, I travel with the rare werewolves again. Werewolves of London. I really wish those in control had not forcibly injected me. It makes me want to pray for the end of the human species so it does not happen again. So I whistle Werewolves of London on Youtube.

Like a laser light slit experiment, you can create a foci of light that sends a light wave through both holes and the photons do not appear except on the surface, i.e. the Earth. When you reach for those things that are real, you find the light was a distraction and the slit was just there and nothing is there that you know and then you find the light source and the operator is gone, or waiting, like Europeans in a Valley on two hill sides, waiting to cut the Indians in two. History always repeats itself. If you ask who wants to play cowboys and indians, they will divide and you and yours, the fellow humans, are the only ones dead. Used and confused again monkey kin kind.

Just for the record, the FDIC crime syndicates in California were orchestrated through some of the FDIC bank examinations at the FDIC in the Sacramento office in Roseville California. The whole thing may have been an exercise in stupidity with the examiner in charge sucking caviar, champagne and counting cheetos to oversee the audit, knowing it was done and paid for in advance through the FDIC regional office in San Francisco and accounted for applied and taken from the Washington D.C. office. I really do not think this is a satellite office thing. I do not think the vote to attack Afghanistan was representative of the American people. One dissenter in Congress or the Senate? We should vote to attack the war criminals in power over us in the USA. They injected me repeatedly, likely did heart experiments and other procedures or something, and made me sick. I will take payment of 9.11 million US Dollars from the Nevada Casino accounts and collected from the money laundering murderers associated with the FDIC and Treausry or I will take my death in front of a large live audience in Vegas, just like Rome, perhaps a fight to the death with the one armed man, but I want a champagne finale when the IT in power is fed to lions, if you can find IT or that which controls IT. I do not mind either, as long it is done soon.

Segment October 24, 2009:  MATHEMATICA_scientifique_VARIABLE_discrete_HINGED_nucleus_CORE_component

Of all things, there is a connection.  I am as certain of this as watching a stack of dominos.  The problem is that we or I can not discern all of the components and I am sure delusion and illusion and misperception abound when I look close enough or deep enough with all tools that can aid my senses.

I tend to chase the lie, the game, that their society is my own, but I know that just as those who attack me when I am innocent, there are those forces in nature that will devour and harness me like a lower animal.  I suppose if one thing acts upon the other it is best to get a directed passage of no to little restraint in the progress of my symbolic dominos in this discussion. 

This method has been used by myself on a much lesser scale and haphazard in a sense and not really directed to greater problems.  I used the FDIC murder investigation I was involved in to bring attention to a thieving Alabama Sheriff who was starving inmates and then I did not mean to but unveiled the continued medical atrocities being allowed at the LA VA Westwood.    I was basically tortured and injected and ordered to stop all of those investigations.  But I see that as a distraction and the greater problems loom forward as look for the locus of foci of the true component, the mathematical completeness, the core constituent that drives all other things.

These men are like rats and we know we are in a cage.   What sort of cage?  How many levels deep?  The men inside this cage are often controlled by that thing that seems to be a man but they are like an animal tender at the zoo.  I now hate living in American cities and will likely let go of my home to foreclosure.  Their lies have tried to pen me in with my own psyche and fears.  Their manipulation, federal war criminal syndicates, corrupt business practitioners, banks with cold dead hands, and their prey, me, us.  I need the discrete loci or center core and all variables explained and anticipated. Theirs is a trivial manipulation. I tried their game and appeared to have lost. I know the solution is in the side effects of movement. 

Segment October 21, 2009 : INNOCENCE_lost_MANIPULATION_design_BENEFACTORS_losers_STRUGGLE

Innocence lost for me was the first time I witnessed someone kill an innocent animal when I was a child, and they did not eat it, and instead threw it aside.  A life form as garbage.

We are taught when very young what is right or wrong.  We are often taught wrong, first  by parents or guardians or friends and then by that smaller but wealthier group of people who control the masses and everything in our society. 

I remember the dead bird and once innocence was lost how I would sort of cringe with that sickness that comes from knowing you have the power to kill something innocent and beautiful, or perhaps it was not the power to have done so but the fact that I did do so in imitation of someone else and it still did not feel right for me when  I did it.  I outgrew insensitive acts such as hunting animals for the thrill of the kill and now find it repulsive.  But the mass media still tells me it is alright to kill certain people if I wear the correct uniform in the murder of people.  A sort of sanctioned group murder, sanctioned by group leaders on each side, or perhaps they are the same leader up top, and some of do not want to have anything to do with it and others can not wait to kill.  The saddest part is that in many of the killers inner circles they celebrate themselves and their acts for the cold blooded leaders.  Like the killing of innocent animals by a child who was taught not to care about the animals but who still cringes when doing so due to their higher conscience, so does the young soldier who shoots at and kills and abducts and herds people who he is told to attack.

Yes, I bought the lie when I was young of many things.  Those sick lies that deviate from what you know is best for you and others.   Then one day you find yourself a victim to those same lies you once believed in.   Those people who taught you those lies in the greater society are not like parents or guardians and they do not stop at harming those things over there, they harm you or yours.

A human being is a fragile thing, almost invisible.  Sort of like a clear shrimp, we are almost not here.  Yet we are here in life, and like the clear shrimp, we are seen as a food source to other animals and even to other human beings.   Does the desire to live off of another stem from wanting to eat them?  To simply kill them?  To tie and harness and use them? All of the above?

The one thing I have learned is that you never want to make yourself vulnerable or subservient to war criminal minded people or their societies.     I have done so many times.  I regret it but time has passed and there is no lamenting like the lamenting over past time or hardened cement.    So I sit here looking at my latest mistake, a trap, a home I purchased, and I find I do not want to be there or return there and see the mindset of paid killers among many of the populace, and then I see the predatory locals nearby who want to try to corral me like an animal in their huge prison population, or perhaps they want to beat me down like a wild animal that is now in their corrals. .  I want to leave and travel again but I do not know where.  California is no longer a haven for me and I see their government as growling dogs with needles waiting to pounce, and the VA is the same way. The people of LA like the people of Alabama have a government that is not even acting as if ours. I applaud their destruction, and our collective deaths if necessary.  People who stood by during the past abuse of myself during innocent times, may have seen a lesser animal.  Perhaps animals such as myself should never venture close to those who would kill or harness them, and we humans should do the same.

Everything I believed in in their lies has left me looking at myself and others in a new light lately in my older years.    Even my mother and I disagreed with a religious concept.  She believed in what she was taught instead of what she might have felt deep inside in her higher intelligence. I know that in the beginning she liked Bush Jr. President, and in the end she regretted having voted for him. She was conned by the enemies of mankind. It is common.      We discussed Zionism as she was dieing.    I did not argue with her because I did not have the facts.  All I knew is that when I was a boy in the 1960's I did not like the attacks on Vietnam by the USA and I did not like the attacks by the government on me by telling me I would be forced to kill for them in the future, and I did not like the attacks on Egypt by Israel. As a result of those things and others of a similar nature, I sort of self destructed or gave up on the greater scheme of things, as I saw them in control, and they are lessers.    

Since the time my mother was dieing in 2004, I discovered Neturei Karta, an ultro Orthodox Jewish group that is against Zionism at this time due to the fact that the Messiah as the Jewish people see it, has not yet arrived.   A Rabbi with them told me of the wall around Israel and how it is forbidden.  Murder is forbidden on Page one.  So now we even have the Jewish community divided on the same topic my mother and I discussed.  My mother had not heard of Neturei Karta or their message from the Talmud and the Torah.  She was not Jewish by her religious attendance but was more of a Protestant.  They do see the messiah in Jesus and many think the establishment of Israel was ordained at this time.    They got back there by murder, but many Jews were under attack before they got there and may have wanted a place to feel safe.  But it is not safe and the wall can be scaled, just as in history.   I once had a vision or hallucination from some steroid drugs I was given by the VA and I was allergic.  During that time I heard several explosions and I thought Israel was blown up in a nuclear blast or blasts. 

I do not fear death like I once did when I was young.  I see it as a relief, to escape the lies and the suffering.  But I see my descendants and the condition of things as they are at this time, and I am concerned, but on the other hand, what will be will be.  We are victims just like those who forced us to kill or lose our rights.  Rights?  WE no longer have human rights.  I see the government as evil as something that is not human or concerned with our well being.  I see a monster pretending to care.  I see a lie. 

My life was poisoned by them.  My father's life was poisoned by them.  We should view those as enlightened who have the truth in their books and who follow those books when they follow the humane conscience oversight.  Many carry religious texts spouting the virtues of forgiveness, peace, prosperity on all levels, but those same people will wreak carnage and havoc for the price of a paycheck and the false sense that they are doing what is right.  They are told this by their leaders.  I know, as I once marched in time with them.  Changes are certain, and death appears inevitable.  Some people have not learned anything and they behave like the animals.  It must make those around them cringe and sometimes they or we may behave as animals.  Animals have more virtue I think than many men.  Animals are supposed to be brutish and are.   The mocking of the suffering of others is the forte of smaller men.  The grandiose posturing in the kill of the innocent is a sickness fostered by that evil thing in power.  Maybe tomorrow morning when I awake, IT or I will be dead. 

Their government treats me as a lesser.   They attacked me and had me arm myself by not responding when I contacted them in my investigations of murder that is sanctioned in the FDIC and likely the Treasury and the bankign regulatory business.  They are tricky like that.  Do not ever trust them.  And just like in Los Angeles, the next time there is a riot, I hope they leave a mile high cloud in the sky and a deep hole to bury all, and I hope they get that judge who punished me or those who ordered him to do so after I had been attacked with no police response, injected forcibly, and I hope all of their crime syndicates who attacked me and who killed the other FDIC bank examiner who was the regional director in San Francisco, see the truth, that they are the lesser animal and they have gone rabid against mankind..   I once believed in their lies.  I lost my center when I was young when I saw someone kill an innocent animal.  We all did it, it seemed.  Perhaps it is our time. The government will treat you like a piece of shit and they are wreckless but determined and aim to destroy us. The ironies of turnabout in the world make one admire the moaning or quick death of those who torment us. 

Segment October 17, 2009: MILITARY_enlistment_DRAFT_war_PEACE_naive_YOUTH_uneducated_STARVATION_inner_CORE

The military is an interesting phenomena since I was young.  My earliest memories was the cringing when I found out about the Vietnam military draft and I was child.  I hated the government deep down when I was a child.  After being basically starved and worked into submission, I thought I had no choice but to join the military to really change my life quickly.  I did not know I was jumping off a cliff face of lies that I had swallowed.  Now almost at age 50, I would welcome my death after the treachery I endured at the hands of those or that controlling the USA government.  It started out so innocent and forgiving when I enlisted.  Now, it seems naive and careless and maybe even stupid.  Sick from injections, torture, betrayal, and my own nagging regret, I would welcome a nuclear blast at my feet, but I would prefer a large Earth explosion to end the suffering and the betrayal on a planet that seems to be controlled by beings who are rudimentary and whose bodies are low to the ground.  Almost a worms existence, but not as tranquil.

I often think about death and life and what it is and how to separate the  two.  I think of how stupid I am in some ways and how stupid others appear in some ways.  Perhaps it is only in the deception of life and death as being separate.  Perhaps there are dark forces that move things to the beat of another being, or perhaps it is as the atheists say, nothing.

When I think of death, I tend to think of the huge almost black mass, as impermeable as slate, and as untouchable or indefinable as a magnetic field that is pushed away by my own observation.   I think of the deceptions we can endure, and I think of the sickness I feel from being deceived by governmental employees I trusted at the Veterans Administration.  I prefer death over their care, which is not care, but abuse. 

We who enlist are nothing.  God in my opinion has punished me for being naive and jumping on the bandwagon to kill if necessary upon command by the higher and unknown authority.

Their government has increased my nightmarish life.  I believed their lies that it was open. That system and they should be avoided. 

The Neturei Karta, an ultra orthodox Jewish group follow the oldest codes of their wisest writers in their knowledge and history.  They trust those codes.  They say because of the manner in which the current governments  have delineated a new nation called Israel, and in defiance of the commands against murder and placing walls around one's nation, they do not have anything to do with the USA governments.

If I could redo my life, I would never join the USA governmnents.   I would not dig a hole for their factories so their shareholders could ride by and look down at me in their trenches.  I would leave, and if necessary, join death, perhaps in some new fashion, perhaps in a way that would defy life and death, or perhaps I would just fade away or find a war that I could feel like I was part of, a significant component, not just another damned experiment for a fascist warmonger horde whom I have detested since I was a child, and even more after my neighbor, an 18 year old named Wiseman, killed himself after Vietnam.  Someone said that no one gives a shit when I was young, to get used to it. 

I welcome that nuclear blood bath and see that government has created a pain ball called Earth.  Perhaps it is the nature of death to squeeze life.  Perhaps I have not viewed this thing correctly.  Never serve nor trust any of them.  They are not what they seem. They may be more or less, but they are indifferent to you, and you will find you are indifferent to them, perhaps before or after you meet your own death or catch a glimpse of it in an experiment that tests the edge of death.  You may have no choice. 

The sanitary and filthy feel of confinement after trusting those who kill and maim has left me wanting out, out of life.  I will likely have to flee.  The insiders of the lower sect urge me to fight so they can spin me around like a cat, catch me off guard, and do away with me.  I know this.  Death awaits them, as death may have a rider that rides on my shoulders.  I am tired of bearing the weight.  I may have just been driven mad like the society around me. 

I remember when I was a boy and a man named Wisenhunt or Wisenhaut had abducted a woman or two woman from a convenience store in Tillman's Corner Alabama near Mobile Alabama.  He had cut the woman's or women's breasts off and left the dead woman or women in a building a few miles from my grandmother's home.   Someone just kidding said I knew something about it and I objected vehemently, completely disgusted by the vile display of indifference, as death has rolled its eyes in the field of life and its conveyance hands looked like a man, but his hands and mind were not a man or even a boy. I met a sick man like Wisenhunt or Wisenhaut years later in 1983 I think. He was Randy Kraft, a serial killer who killed young marines and navy sailors. He offered drugged liquor or a hotel for sex. I declined the offer. His next victim that I know of was two weeks later, dead from drug and alcohol overdose. Kraft left one man on a stump, rammed from anus to mouth. He looked out over the Pacific Ocean. Kraft considered himself a predatory genius and his art were his victims. Death has that quality at times, a sort of purple beauty in the blackness of the void. A delusion or illusion or memory of life, or perhaps, a beginning, a substrate like a molecule or wave that is agitated with a degree of life. How many degrees and components to make this happen? One two three four, more?

I have always known that many do not care for each other.  When I am in the cities, I see it everywhere.

The USA government or their international controller is basically shit.  But this or IT will end soon, and perhaps, just maybe, everything with it. I would like to look at the faces of all men who have ridiculed the suffering of others, and when I had them as a collective, wrench them in equal torment to whom they chastised. An interesting wall of suffering, sort of like death, that purple hue, moaning in rythyms, recalling all that was seen before and replicated anew, in a new vein.

Segment October 10, 2009: TRUTH_advertising_ABUSE_government_CORPORATE_media_CAPITALISM_communism_LIES

Some days I want to see the controller of that government that has ruined my health and my career killed or removed. I say this because after FDIC federal bank examiner employment and my freelance journalistic investigation into corruption sanctioned by the ruling regime in power and their corrupt collective of members in the inner circles, I lost everything including my health and the sanctity of my body to be free from my worst enemies in the USA and International government. They will always have their poison and tags in me now. They have no respect, neither their leaders nor their employees. When they die, they expect us to care, or to pretend. They do not care and neither do I.

I have no civil rights.  I have no human rights.  I am not the only one of their victims

I have lost my health since FDIC employment and my investigative journalistic endeavors.  I was injected forcibly by federal agents in 2001 and another time in 2004 with the approval of federal agents and the federal regime, the collective war criminal empire in power.

Laughingly, when I was a child, the regime frightened us children with threats of nuclear war.  They killed us with a forced military draft if we were old enough.  I missed that one.   I actually crawled under my bed when I was a child thinking I heard the explosions of nuclear bombs as jets gave sonic booms in the area.  Now their government puts fake war heroes in government slots and likely even fake humans as far as I know.  Their prison and war criminal empire may end but what then? Will we have to kill ourselves to get free, like a bear in a trap? So be it, as it is better to die with dignity than to live in sickness and under the control of lesser beings.

We are so deceived.  Their constraints in a polarized world with fences and separations of all of the truly good and humane human minds that are advanced.  All I have is what I see until I can test further and make other alterations to everything the enemy in power has touched, including myself.  WE should not allow them to touch all of our children.  We need at least one control child, a child in God's hands, who may or may not live.  But that is not the same as handing your child to people who get their marching orders, drugs, and needles, from those same war criminals and their empire in government and medicine and media. 

NATO is a sack of sociopaths masquerading as saviors of the people of other nations while the war criminal sect at the top ransacks the nations of oil and land, and they put  in puppet dictatorships masquerading as democracies, just like the slime in control of much if not all of the top of the USA governments.

I have been attacked so much that I sometimes laugh at the idea of death and welcome it

We Americans should take back the USA by force if necessary.  We should drag our opponents into the streets and have them held for war criminal tribunals if necessary.   I do believe in mercy.  They should not be tortured but killed as men will kill men to end their wreckless insanity against God's laws and God's children.  

The holy war has been useless.  We will have to re think on how to rid ourselves of controllers who are evil to us.

Never salute their flag.  Never bow down to them.  Never surrender to the enemy. What ever you do, do not allow them to inject you with chemicals.

Because the controllers of the USA government allowed the violence against Vietnam and Palestine and Egypt and the American lower caste when I was a child, I see the international government as not humane and maybe not human.  I am not the only one who has suffered.  Someone threatened me today.  I  had a realtor who basically stole money from me over a year ago pointed out in a real estate advertising fraud scam.   I think it was probably one of that realtors close allies, or it could be someone who I have pointed out as war criminal.  I once got Veterans Preference in employment. I once stood naive but proud to work for the federal government as a bank examiner in an office where the prior boss was shot in his head and pushed aside by a silent crime syndicate. I was placed in the center of it. So silent and deaf were the ignorant little ones. I know why I was chosen to sit at the top of the bank examinations. I know money laundering and murder and high tech games are all the rage out West and in D.C.  But it is not criminal to take money if the accountants direct it to other hands.   That is why I am not invited, because I would tell the working class they were being screwed and I would look my poor uncles in their over worked eyes when I told them.  I am getting older now and very sick from the stress and injections. 

I will let my house go to foreclosure if it does not sell soon.  The government will not hire me and neither will the mortgage holder, Chase bank.   They can keep the house and I will have to remove all undocumented improvements. They send police to my home imitating buyers most likely.  They are that way, low down slime in the governments of the USA.

More know of me, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, lately I think.  More of us are homeless now than ever and the wealthy from overseas are eating us alive.  But we are always eaten alive, whether here or there, as we are not always among our own, which is humane humans.  Are they always human?

The people should be frightened of high tech takeovers through mind control.   Perhaps we are already there.  Someone told me to cross the bridge today so they could kill me, at least that is what the White SUV seemed to be saying.  I would welcome it but they would probably botch it up.  I will volunteer a pro someday for that task if I need it.  You guys should stick around and watch the triangular display of force spin out of control if you want to play death trap suicide. People kill each other in the USA. Some consider it a form of play. I will only do so if confronted and challenged, and I would fight to my death rather than be injected, and if I am knocked unconscious, I hope they cut my throat. The federal war criminals in LA have made the LA VA Westwood the future tent city for the homeless. I want that medical atrocity facility and their federal war criminal compound removed.

I saw the saddest picture today.  A cross-eyed teenage Caucasian boy  on  a highway sign on I-65 in Alabama. They are recruiting the naive of the poorest of the poor for the Marines. They do not know truth about the enemies in power.  His eyes were not only crossed but glassy and he had exophthalmia, which is bugged eyes.  I think that boy's federal medical experiments was to have a full frontal lobotomy and the insertion of a high tech bio-engineered and computer integrated soft patch where his frontal brain lobe once was.  I urge my people to beware of the insanity of the ruling regime. 

STAY CLEAR OF THEM, and if they are attacked, let their controllers die.  WE are not one .  We never were.  WE never will be with that bunch of blood soaked sociopaths, wealthy as King Tut and as insane as mad hatters with high tech weapons.  So if someone wants to kill me over the bridge, just do it with mercy, as I will do the same thing to you when the execution of the war criminals regimes controllers is started.  Mercy in death.  That is all we ask.  Do not inject or torture me or us, you cowards and bastards and bitches in government.  Just kill us. We would do the same for you if the situation was reversed.  IT is the humane thing to do.  No more forced  injections or I hope to see someone let this world explode. 

Mankind has been enslaved with chains.  Now we are enslaved with chemicals and other technologies.  They are even stealing the Treasury Department and the USA Mint.   One honest realtor said the price fixing by banks appears communist when assessing values for financing.  I had a buyer who was 2500 short, a miniscule amount.  The FHA would not approve the loan.  They approved the 2 Trillion US Dollar rip off to Swiss Banks who got loans and who funnel the money to their people, the inner international war criminals syndicate, or the IT, around the world. They get the money so they can pay us slave wages if any wages.

The USA is gone if it ever stood at all.  The holy war needs to be rethought, and the battle front regained on certain terms.  Perhaps it is not war but avoidance and a dismantling of their empire through stealth or simply by removing our children if possible from all involvement with the war criminal regime in power and their most heinous war criminal members and followers. It will eventually come to a showdown with them, with IT, some day any way.    I applaud the attacks upon the war criminals and their controllers and the fall of the international war criminal regime in power.  Of course, I was held down and forced injections and forced to lay on a federal table in 2001.  They likely entered my groin area with test instruments to do experiments on my heart, in addition to forced injections of chemicals directly into the heart.  I discovered the LA VA Westwood had many members who were forced experiments and who died in 1999. You can see proof on Page Quatrains 8 linked on this site and you can also see proof in the first paragraphs of Mobile Audit Club.  I have an unusual scar in my groin where the procedure was likely done.  I remember someone injecting me with something in that area after I was knocked unconscious during one of the forced injections procedures. In hindsight, I thought they were likely just going to sterilize me, but I was ashamed to speak of it until I discovered they were doing forced heart experiments. I am likely one of their victims. They should have let me die, as I prayed for a vendetta in jail in 2001 after the injections and torture and forced signatures and agreements on silence on money laundering, murder, and thievery by government officials that I uncovered.  I was injected again in Flagstaff Arizona at the Medical Center in 2004.  The federal government had me in exile and living in fear for three years, from 2001 to 2004. Some said I got what I deserved, but they are without mercy. I deserved death if any thing, but definitely not to be those bastards and bitches guinea pig. No, I hope at least two of them got what they deserved on 9-11-2001, and I want it to happen again, but better next time, with more directed appointment of pressure.  Never report anything to the government or the hospitals.  Our worst enemies are in power in the USA and in the NATO nations if not beyond. 

In other words, God knows, just as they knew when I reported a toxic spill and when I reported money laundering and murder, and just as they attacked me and knocked me unconscious in 2004, maybe continuing their experiments from 2001, therefore let them die, let IT die.

Ironically, the government has those who will trap you and those who will free you. Some will do both. I was offered freedom to run by one guard in 2001. I did not know but they wanted me to run to an LA Times newspaper office most likely. The guard did not know that the government controls the mass media. The only escape is as always, to go over the wall. The NATO wall somehow strikes me as the wall of the Seven Devils. Since the VA allowed this house thing to happen due to my partial blindness due to being poisoned in exile after parking on LA VA Property, I want 9.11 Million dollars, or for some bureaucrat to come buy my house so I can fade away into the woods to die like a wolf or Indian.

Segment October 7, 2009 :  RATTLE_snake_MORNING_hit_SYMBIOSIS_kindred_FLAME_sun_LIGHT_spider_FOREST

Recently  I was walking through a wooded nature park in the morning and admiring the sunlight coming through  the trees and the spider webs and insects in the light in the distance.  Then, I felt something move under my foot and instinctively I kicked my foot forward and I felt a snag on my pants, as if in briars.  I thought I heard a rattle and turned around and looked and a rattle snake with a head the size of a kitten was coiled up and looking at me.    I checked my leg and the snake had struck my jeans and one of its fangs had pierced my leg slightly. 

I turned around went back to the other side of the snake where I had first approached it.   I felt a little odd from the small amount of poison and or adrenalin and stood there looking at the light through the trees for a split second, and my vision became different..  I looked for more snakes in the area and saw where the rattle snake had likely just regurgitated two large clumps of feathers. 

The snake was the color of a sandy brown or light gold.  There was not a scar or mark on his body.  The snake was still young as their heads are often twice that size.  Those who control the international government are like that snake in that they lay in wait for their victims.  The only thing is that the snake is more humane than those apparent humans who inject us with chemicals, abuse us, rob us, and kill us, and have us kill each other, and other sinister things.

My mother once told me that everything means something.   I have mentioned before and will again.  From a mathematical perspective and physical perspective, you could say that everything is calculable if all variables, constants, and spaces and times are taken into account.  When I close my eyes I see nothing.   That blackness, that void, untouched, that line beyond, the line of the dead, has no meaning for us because we can not encompass it.  A part can not encompass a whole, no matter what you do.   That blackness, that void, has not been touched and will likely never be touched by a living hand or eye, even though many have tried with medical experiments.    I would have preferred the government just put me into a room with a large rattle snake and let it have its way with me with its venom rather than to be injected with their chemicals.  I left the snake there.  Some day,  I will look through the other eye at the truth about the controlling dictatorship and local war criminals in their closed and abusive governments and courts.

Segment October 4, 2008: WEAPONS_gun_KNIFE_pocket_WATCH_wallet_ROCKET

My view on weapons and their usage and their tendency to backfire for those who have mal-intent, has always left me checking my own behavior and those around me, including police officials and crime syndicates, both high and low level technology syndicates.

A knife can kill as easily as a gun and yet the government persecutes innocent firearms owners who are not and have not used their guns against any human being. It is a sort of targeted selection of who to persecute. We must remain cognizant that the weapons we see are obsolete in defending ourselves against the greater threats, such as international subjugators of the human race utilizing high technology to get what they want, with disregard for consequences. A weapon is both good and bad.

It may simply be a tool. The swiss army knife is the best illustration. I was sitting with some children and their father was present, and he was a former US Navy veteran as myself. He said something about me not pulling out my pocket knife in front of his kids. I had brought it to do some tasks that day and was fascinated by the useful tool when I was a child. I obliged the father and put the tool back. I mentioned that US Navy Ships often carried unknown weapons in their warheads missiles. And how can you trust anyone in a government that is apparently criminally insane in their actions against those overseas who are killed and tortured and those inside the USA who suffer the same fate at the ruling regime's hands and their war criminal elements.

So I remember a better day when Swiss Army Knives were considered a camping tool and put down P J Harvey's song Pocketknife here in a Youtube link.

Segment September 18, 2009: EVIL_incarnate_MURDER_material_COMMANDMENT_rabbi_JEW_flesh_TWO_fear_FACT_greed_INDIFFERENCE_same_?END

One of the most horrific experiences of my life was when I was poisoned and in forced exile after FDIC bank examiner employment and investigative journalistic work in the USA and I could not figure out what it was and I was ashamed to speak of this until now.   Shame associated with your own rape or forced injections on yourself by others or the shame you have of someone who you thought you could relate to may speak of deep internal conflicts within one's own psyche and a person may have conflicts with those who they witness doing things that conflict with their own deep internal psyche. 

I was poisoned while in exile deliberately I believe.  My probation officer in Los Angeles was not reachable by phone.  I had to stay in my Eureka California apartment until the probation officer called.  I was leaving on the third day regardless, which I did leave.  The dreams I had while under the effects of the poison and laying sick, with the effects of the poison mimicking the effects of dreams that Lupus sufferers have when they are ill.  The word Lupus means wolf and that is what that was like, traveling with a wolf of dreams into what I was going through internally and why.  The government would have likely jacked me up again on their dope if I had gone to a hospital, so I just rode the wolf, the poison, and these are the dreams, the clarifications. I had been hit with a mystery drug by a federal agent in Los Angeles in 2001, and at the Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004 with bureaucratic dictatorship regime approval, and I laid in the bed under the effect of the poison and I chose to go partially blind rather than seek help from a government system of healthcare that allows atrocities like forced injections and torture and murder of the honest working class and civilian and military inhabitants. Perhaps I was just another LA VA Experiment. I call myself the Whale Down Below due to odd dental work and anomalies that cound indicate I could be a transmitter of a sort when knocked unconscious. Hence perhaps, the truth of what came down on 9-11-2001was in effect related to the atrocities I endured in 2000, the start of the struggle between myself and the FDIC crime syndicate, February 2001 when the government did not respond to an attempt on my life, 4-3-2001 when the Sheriff took my gun permit and stopped my reporting his food funds thievery totaling 360 thousand, and 4-23-2001 when I was first injected with the mystery chemicals by the federal government..  

The dream under the poison was first many men's heads had been severed and attached to a bed-frame with no cloth, the type with much metal and springs.  The wires were such that it was rudimentary and running from the spinal cords dangling from the heads and into the bed frames coils.  I went back to sleep and the bed of heads became a virtual auditorium of heads, but they were laid out in more methodical fashion on a grid that had a white plastic coating, very high tech, and the heads were there and feeding a central computer.  In the dream a Rabbi turned to me and was sitting there with the heads.   He said nothing and neither did I, whatever I was.   In hindsight, I know why.  I had a conflict internally with one of my Jewish friends in the bay area who did not like Neturei Karta.  The Neturei Karta, a Jewish Orthodox Group telling me of a heretofore unknown to me order from the Talmud and Torah forbidding the return of the Jewish state to Israel until the Messiah arrives.

It is my belief that if we allow violence anywhere on anyone, or if we promote it, that the violence will come back to our own community.    I do not like harming an innocent woman or child or their parents or husbands and sons, whether Muslim, Jew, Vietnamese, Korean, Afghani or Iraqi, or Mobile Alabama's fascist dictatorship of fake Catholics, etc..  I know why my friend in the Bay Area does not like Neturei Karta, but this is natural under my theory on this thing.  Things are as they are because they are that way, and right now still coming in increments, just like the people to Israel.    The Messiah arrives in increments if the Messiah arrives at all, and at the moment the Jews of Neturei Karta total are calling the Messiah present, and myself calling the Messiah total, and the moment in Israel that is infinite for them as a state, it may appear short-lived for some and a disappearing act for others, for better or worse.  I like to think that the Jews my friend supports in Israel are the ones who fled there in fear of the Europeans and Africans and others who they lived among around the world.  But then again, does not one in fear want to retreat from violence?  Does one feel no fear if one can blow up a place today, and take it tomorrow, and have to look at their refugee relatives surviving the next day?  I have suggested just dating and letting nature run its course among the young of the area in the mid-East  and around Israel and a lessening of the segregation of the nations and people of the area.   They are there anyway and the beach is nearby.  The murdering government calls me crazy.  They have something to hide.  Money crimes, Lots of money crimes.  We are in a trap until the Messiah arrives in total it seems, unless one reveals  a way out that is a new revelation in science or philosophy and is not circumvented by forces of nature or repugnant little men with  a penchant for mass mediocrity and barbarism.   For instance, if one wants to shoot through a cement wall in a cement room, one does not point it inside the cement box and fire repeatedly haphazardly without getting shot back.    You may not see the other side if you do..    The same thing goes for our prison planet Earth.  So many seem helpless or stood by for centuries while mankind devoured each other in the battlefields.  All of the battles led by a few men, not the conglomerate.  One thing acts upon the other in a chain, everywhere, and signs are there like expressions in a mathematical equation.

My mother in her death bed during the times of one of my visits while I had been  poisoned and  in forced exile by federal and state war criminals had discussed with me the presence of the Jews in Israel in 2004.  And I did not express much because she was dieing but we were disagreeing at least on some points.  She said something like, "Don't argue with me about something you do not understand".    For me though, Rule one  is to never Murder unless I or one of my loved ones is under direct attack, and then only if necessary.  For instance, some slums are not worth fighting over and some Treasury Departments have no treasure.  Murder as a breaking of a commandment is usually more significant and more material  in its moral weight  when you  compare it to the other common offense, the lie.  But lies add up to murder eventually in more ways than one.

So the wolf showed me something this time.  Something I did not want to see.  But if you run with the wolf, you may find a possum, Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Till-Man, and he better bring a gun, with no bullets.  I am haunted by 4-3-2001 when Sheriff Jack Tillman took my gun permit.  I had survived an attempt on my life, reported to numerous authorities, and none of them responded.  I owned a gun, sure, but after working at the bloodied FDIC, after seeing what I saw when I ran my test, I knew this nation was in trouble, because they called a murder a suicide and let a mob type arrangement come in.  But it is sanctioned and one devours the other.  Sometimes when the trees are felled, it lets the light come in.  For a distance, for a time, for a while, and then, it starts anew.   Increments like a sine wave collective of Messiahs, is it possible, with each being a simple glimpse or reflection of any coming Messiah arrangement(s)?