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Election finance reform is a sham, a red herring drug across the trail of Democracy to try and deceive those who pursue True Democracy in the US.  The only way to attain true democracy is listed below.  True election reform can only occur through the application of technology, a government public broadcasting network dedicated to campaigning, and the allowing of "everyone" to vote.  Therefore we urge you to express through all forms of communication that the government honor these requests, the modern:

"Blueprint To Democracy"

Foreword Note: A fully electronic voting system just like paying taxes could be made, where we could vote at home and verify our vote was recorded as we intended. The anonymous vote leaves open the possibility for extreme fraud and the ongoing and perpetual national political coup d'etat we have known since Vietnam. I do not care if a candidate knows if I vote for him or not. Do you? Beware of their propaganda. In this post linked here to OK Indymedia someone advocates the anonymous ballot, while to some the computerized vote made just like paying taxes online would be preferable to having to stand in line with some fascists who do not believe in open Democracy, who hold their elections in their religous site and not of everybody's denomination, and have our vote, if we are even allowed one, to be vetoed by the two local houligans doing the final count with the two geriatrics at the door. The trust is gone in gone throughout the world, now let's do it like auditors do or let us watch the next turn for the worse.

In my estimation, the prevailing power group in America, and likely other nations, has a plan to create the smartest being through transgenics or the smartest machine transgenics hybrid, and then exercise a plan of world domination, and eventually the end result--mass annihilation. I have learned that mankind is like a dog in the street, hungry and fighting for roadkill, and unfortunately, the code of life makes no eternal preference in who is predator and who is prey. Rise up and be heard or fall to ashes or worse, bridled humanity under straps of restraint with the horrors of mankind and his hybrid with science applied against thinking beings.

1.  A nationwide public television network has to be established that is devoted to providing a government sponsored 24-hour network to allow the eight largest  political party in the United States to speak openly. 

2. Every significant political party (at least eight) has to have equal time to speak, three hours per day on the government sponsored, "Democracy", channel.

3. Every political party has to be shown on the ballot at the voting polls, with computerized home access available.

4. A computerized voting system has to be instituted nationwide and private and government auditors have to verify that there is no cheating.  We have suffered coup after coup in the US since the 1800's and now we are at the brink of slavery just as always, and now with looming extinction due to numerous factors.

5. Everyone has to be allowed to vote in every state, regardless if they have allegedly "criminal records" or if they are incarcerated.  Many good Americans are barred from voting with disenfranchisement laws, i.e. if you have a record you can not vote in many states.  The one common factor all of the disenfranchised share is that they are from the poor and disadvantaged class, including those with and without shelter in the US.

Only with the requests fulfilled will we have true democracy or peace.

Democratics and Republicans confuse flatulence during anal intercourse with radioactive nuclear gases. The current U.S. elitist oligarchic millionaire regime Democrat/Republican desires to speed up the arms race, at least for US.

Hard-hearted Diplomacy And Selfish Manipulation Brought Us A CENTURY Of World WARS And Regional WARS.  A trail of bodies of good humans was left in the wake of the misguided hand of leadership. 


Financial Analysis Under a Corrupt Government System when the Doors and Windows of Opportunity are Left Wide Open with No True Accounting Controls At the Highest Levels of Governmental Monetary Systems

Case 1

A huge and growing loss of the American Dollars value compared to the Euro was experienced in 2003, with no recovery in 2004.  The American Dollar lost 25% of its value to the Euro while the Canadian Dollar also lost a significant percentage, while Iceland's Krona dipped and then recovered with no loss in value.  It is obvious that there is a leak in the international monetary system of several countries.  Beware of the false trails of suspicion and do not ignore the obvious ones.

It is likely that our dollar was deflated due to increasing  the currency in total with all of the auditing trails for the increase covered into several markets, with a huge percentage linked into the Euro banks.  Computer manipulations allow a wide array of possible entry and exit points for the currency of any nation. 

On a side note:  Amazingly, when employed at a Federal Banking Regulatory Agency as a Bank Examiner, the computer operations were often kept in a separate audit from the main contingent of auditors. 

Lyrics to the new tune: The FDIC Bone is covered by the Crooked Treasury Department Four-Whores-Kin, The Treasury Department Four-Whores-Kin is tipped off by the Secret Service Dick Gun Sickle Men, and the shake down goes rolling a loan. 

Not to seem cynical, but if the American poor ever awakened from their drug and alcohol induced daze, and if they had an organizing figure that was not jailed or exiled or executed,  there would be Hell to pay if changes were not made.  But there they die, just as father, just as ?



The National Treasury Employees Union is controlling the U.S. government more than the President and the Senate.  They represent the employees of 29 federal agencies, including to this auditor's terror a cross array of agencies from high security police agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, to the financial underpinnings of our society, the Treasury Department, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Internal Revenue Service and the ever-present President Election agencies.  We in the US are in the land of what I call the Mobster Orchaestra Maestros and their accompaniment is the Kosher Nazi Mafia and the Non-Kosher Nazi Mafia.  The history of the NTEU started when the IRS wanted to unionize.  The Governments heavy Mafia element started at the beginning of World War II when mobsters in government began to surface and barter with each other, for power, positions, and favors, and unethical if not illegal wealth generating financial schemes.

 The United States Warlord's and Robber Barons needed protection from a clandestine source with connections into the heart of Germany and Italy who were often their opponents. They found it in the mafia of the United States and gave them their payout by allowing the establishment of what began as an IRS union, but is now the Union that is not to be tampered with, the HUGE and growing murdering and nightmare apparatus of tyrants, including George Bush (Both Jr. and Sr. as they are one), the beastly 29 agency union, the NTEU, as they are truly housing the horrors that steal everything from America, including our security.   They and their associates in their federal agencies obviously do not care about us and they are the greatest terrorist I think I have ever realized or noticed.  My convict number in California, a forced plea under needles and duress and terror, testifies to the suffering they can cause.

 They attacked me repeatedly and I know they are as kin to the Mafia and Nazi dons as a Mule is to an Ass that sired it, woefully.

The NTEU should only have one agency underneath.  The agency the NTEU represents should not have financial dealings as the blood and horror they are leaving is a trail that wreaks of death and things that are not as humane as we would like to think.  The police are even in on the mess, including, I believe the FBI who is not even under the NTEU that I am aware, although they are by their actions, ignoring the NTEU's attempt on my life and my pleas for help.  The Secret Service is through the Treasury department and have proven to me their Swastika is of the Shining Shit.  The muscles of the traitor needs to be cut by targeting all possible collusion points and eventually regaining hope for the masses in America, the citizens of non-consequence to the ruling factions.  The NTEU and like individuals, including politicians of the elitist dictatorship variety need to be separated when collusion is possible.

Collusion is an auditing term that means agencies or corporations or individuals are working together in thwarting laws and accounting controls.  George Bush was not even elected.  There appears to be an encirclement of our society by our enemies in several layers.  First, they are predatory upon each other, e.g. the WWII conflict was in reality a conflict between predatory groups touching each other through population expansion, with their robber barons toting flags and whistling mantras. Now greed and avarice of the same variety is in the door of our government and its entire workings.  To make things worse, the same combatants from overseas in WWII now own our media and government and stifle our most vibrant minds.

It all started with the IRS and the NTEU.   Now the Mobster Orchestra Maestros have an accompaniment that has made America into an increasingly Third World nation controlled by a foreign dictatorship of con artists and war profiteers, who shed our blood for dimes, lies, and monopolies on antiquated and forced and destructive technologies, e.g. the automobile and its oil dependent addiction for you.

Now the factions, government and media, have ropes on everything and behave as the Nazis they are, trying to kill us, dividing us, and blocking citizen participation in their government, e.g. Kurt Brown can not enter Mobile Alabama city council meetings and the act of blocking citizens from entering is considered acceptable by Nazis, Kosher and Non-Kosher, throughout most if not all of America. 

If the USA can not rid the mobster maestros from the NTEU and other strongholds, including media, we should leave a back door open. If all Hell breaks loose, do not let them take you prisoner. It is obvious that some in government are orchestrating downing of building and villainzing of citizens. The Bay of Pigs invasion was proven to be a set up to villainize Cuba by one of the American military.  As the FDIC manager told me before I left, "Look in the mirror".  That says, the murderers and their atrocities will always be there.  Watch everything, as the web has opened the eyes of many of the powerless in the nation and we are viewing the cock-a-roaches of government and their incumbent unions as they are beginning to tighten together, like flies on a corpse. We are not dead yet, are we? I have Post Traumatic Stress after an attack on my life for alerting the government to waste and murder within the FDIC in San Francisco.  The Union mobsters and associates in government from their more murderous and corrupt, or possibly even foreign factions will kill anyone, from the low man of rank to the highest man of rank, as is exemplified most likely by the death of the past highest ranking bureaucrat at the FDIC in San Francisco. The Union and their Agencies and their affiliate factions love to plug and play. Beware American brother with a badge. Vietnam was littered with Americans with a bullet in the back of their head, the bullet stamped, "Made In America". Ethics is not a judgment call, Jack.


3-9-04  Today I recalled what one guy in the water purification business told me, saying something to the effect that it is impossible to achieve success in today's markets in the 2000's.  I told him, I thought there was still hope and he had an inquisitive questioning look.  He had started in the ditches and worked his way up to his own company.  He was one of the few Jewish Men I had ever met who had achieved extraordinary success by his own hands.  I hope we can repair our nation.  It is not good to hate a man for any religion.  Having heard disparaging remarks on every race and thought I began to wonder what it was that caused it. 

Then, recently I spoke with one of my aging and revered relatives.  He was the only who achieved even a small measure of entrepreneurial success.  He was not Jewish, but he practiced one common trait that formed a pattern with the water purification guy, "He stayed with his one wife and raised his children."  There are likely galaxies of dysfunctional men and beings who did not have wisdom to help and guide their child and their nation.   That is the most important thing, your family.  Do not hate a man for loving and protecting his family.  We are in the tree of life and that life encourages diversity and nurturing.  A forest with one tree is not a forest but a plantation.

The relative of mine had lost his life earnings after investing in one of America's oldest and most revered Air Lines, his employer.  He did not know about the NTEU and the possible links into the SEC and others.  The question remains, can we repair our nation for those who love and labor and farm and purify the water? I hope so. 

On questions of religion, I have heard so many struggles.  I really like the idea of one wife and staying with the children to help raise them.  I did not have a father at home always when I was a child, but I loved him and saw his sickness, but did not recognize its totality and originating source.  

Therefore, I admire any religion who inspires the family to remain strong, as that is what we are, in totality.  I admire each religion for its wisdom and try to discern those things most admirable, like looking into a crystal.  Some religions view the process of life in ways that give me inspiration, e.g. have you ever noticed how calm a Buddhist Monk is during a storm?  Have you ever noticed how strong the children are who are raised by a wholesome and helping Father and Mother?    Money is a sunk-cost arrangement when it is lost.  That is when we notice most, others like ourselves.  Stay strong and pray for those diverse space colonies using all of our technology.  Beware of the tricks of Espionage as in today's world almost anything is possible.  Do not blame a source of sorrow on its most obvious point, as obviously it could have originated from somewhere or it may have been an illness that was catching.   Everyday is a new day.   

The last time I saw the relative of mine who had lost his savings due to what I see as collusion between, God knows who, he had a maple stick. His family was there, or at least a few, and he seemed happy. When I asked him what the stick was for, he said, "It was for stirring Cheese so that it could be put into smaller jars to be dispensed at the Food Bank." "The stick was clean, right?", I asked. With a smile, he said, "Kurt, you touched my stick, then he rubbed it off, back and forth. Family, Two Fingers and a thumb, what the heck are we, bubble gum? See you at the food farm and do not forget to vote and check to see if your vote was counted. This is the computer age after all.


COPY OF LETTER SENT OUT AS SOS ON 3-30-2004 REQUESTING RELEASE OF AUDITOR ARTIST KURT BROWN FROM CALIFORNIA'S DETENTION CAMP IN EXILE. AN SOS AFTER A SECOND ATTACK OF HIM ON AMERICAS HIGHWAYS WHILE RETURNING TO VISIT HIS FAMILY. It is 3 a.m. 3-31-2004 and I can not sleep and am having extreme nightmares from Battle Fatique from a recent attack on a highway against myself and Post Traumatic Stress from a previous attack by government agents and their criminal assassins. The factions of US government that are Corrupt make us into their target ducks and their intentions are obvious to those who are educated in Sabotage and Espionage.

From: "Kurt Brown"
To: governor@governor.ca.gov, Senator.Chesbro@sen.ca.gov, mmorford@sfgate.com, info@pva.org
CC: Senator.McPherson@sen.ca.gov, senator.bowen@sen.ca.gov, ezilda.samoville@sen.ca.gov, citydesk@times-standard.com, bwallace@sfchronicle.com, jthelen@sfchronicle.com, moon@sfgate.com, vk@sfgate.com, yooa@sfgate.com, pvachbaw@mindspring.com, bayougulfpva@aol.com, calpva5@aol.com, saintrambone@yahoo.com, vaoighotline@mail.va.gov, editor@thebulletin.com, mail@mcweekly.com, sunletters@png.canwest.com, letters@thegazette.canwest.com, jreynolds@canwestinteractive.com
Subject: SOS..Under Attack..Forced in Exile To California...Attacked on Highway..
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 01:21:35 +0000


Mark MoFo, They pushed me too far.  You can find out more details than 
here by searching for Mobile Audit Club at Yahoo or Webcrawler or some 
search engines.  I have checked the data and it appears accurate and I 
to thank the Blue Phantom for putting it up.  I was attacked again on a 
highway from California to Alabama.  Now my doctor says it looks like I 
had a stroke.  I feel very sick.  Someone please get me out of 
and have my probation ended.  I was forced to sign a felony plea and 
now my 
attorney is too scared or bought off to submit the papers needed to 
the plea and go to court.  The National Treasury Employees Union, 
Orchestra Maestros, have robbed us blind and have pushed me close to 
edge of death, or maybe it was just some corrupt members from some 
government agency, but I doubt it.  Just a handful of hoodlums behind 
scenes at the NTEU I would wager, with assistance from Key corrupt 
or mobster associates scattered around the nation.  My Uncle  
the San Francisco bay area,
a retired airlines mechanic, lost his life-savings in
United Airlines Stock, and I know why...Collusion
between mobsters placed by the NTEU into the SEC
and IRS and a planted employee in the United Airlines
Finance department to erase audit trails.  I want out 
of the state of California. I am being 
here in exile, and am home now in Alabama.  I was attacked, first in 
and again in 2004, May 12.  It is very dangerous for me to drive across country while I am being 
attacked, not only for me, but for innocent bystanders.  I sent the 
below out to a variety of people. I want my case to get consideration 
felony withdrawal, and either no charges or misdemeanor.  I have been 
diagnosed as having a small stroke this past Friday.  That is not good 
lends danger to the fact that it might go from Ischemic to Thrombotic, 
if a 
stroke is indeed what is making me sick in addition to prolonged 

I promise to never return to California again.  I served the military 
California.  I am not a guinea pig for a VA experiment lab, nor am I 
practice for the National Treasury Employees Union or any corrupt 
agency or their mobsters.  I know that not all are bad in anything.  
The War 
Never Ends, and therefore, neither should the audit and the practice of 
sound implementation of design to assure no collusion.

Here is the email sent out and I will not tell you to whom but the 
Rights Watch across the globe among others knows of the atrocities 
here and there


Dear Mr. Nodine, City Council Representative, and honored attendees to 

I am an honest auditor who has been attacked twice in three years on 
America's highways, and forced to receive injections and medical 
against my will while seeking shelter near a wooded area while in 
near a Veterans Administration Graveyard after fleeing Alabama in April 
2001.  I am currently being forced to live in exile.  I have just been 
diagnosed as having had a small stroke.  I am forced to drive across 
to visit my family on short visits.  I was attacked East of St. Louis 
March 12, 2004.  It is due to the stress I have been under or it was 
due to 
medical procedures done to me against my will that caused the stoke, or 

This email covers many facts and responds to a City Council Member 
assistants called my home in response to an email I sent in 2002 
assistance to Mr. Nodine in his re-election campaign.

Some memories came back to me recently in which when I was outside of 
past employer with my camera in San Francisco, the Federal Deposit 
Corporation, and the then acting Regional Director walked by with 
else on St. Valentine's day morning  2001.  I made my presence known.  
a young man tried to take my camera after the new regional director and 
accomplice went into the FDIC building.   I believe I was followed that 
and something may have been done to me to make me forget the camera 
incident.  The NTEU has connections across the globe and access to 
technology.  They have their hands in the throat of America, just like 
Mike Dow and Sheriff Jack Tillman do in Mobile, Alabama.

Something happened to me that day, I believe, as the facts of the 
incident was only recalled recently.  That was the beginning of my 
in 2001 and they continue to 2004.  The true horrors began in 2000 when 
Veterans Administration in Mississippi gave me medications to which I 
extremely allergic, and I have a feeling that they knew I would have a 
reaction to the drug as they had seen that I had SLE type allergic 
to other drugs they gave me for my US service connected disabilities 
pain, Methylprednisolone.

However, even worse, I was attacked enroute back to Alabama from San 
Francisco on Interstate 10 with no response by 911 the Saturday night 
following St. Valentines Day 2001. I sent numerous emails to federal 
agencies and none of them responded to my pleas for help.  I was 
and soon left Mobile to spare my family any future attacks against 
I had only intended to flee for a while.  However, I was soon 
searched and arrested while parked with a UHaul and all of my 
belongings in 
a wooded area outside of the Veterans Administration cemetary in Los 
Angeles.  Some of my belongings in my possession had been brought to me 
a friend in San Francisco where I used to live and work as a bank 
and auditor.

I was going to lcollect all of my belongings into one place and live in 
Angeles for a while.  I had been driving around LA for days looking for 
place to stay, but no one wanted to rent to me because I had no job or 
income at the time.  Now the Los Angeles Superior Court is I believe 
thwarting my right to due process.  They forced a felony plea upon me, 
wrongfully and my attorney, who I paid handsomely, has gone silent.  My 
probation officer in Los Angeles has been violating the law by not 
responding to my calls.

I am afraid to drive back to California, if not for my sake, then for 
safety of those innocent people who may be nearby when I am attacked 
Two-bit hoodlums do not care who is hurt, but I do.  That is another 
point I 
will address here no further.

I received forced injections, and forced medical procedures at the VA 
facility on April 23, 2001,  which is known to have done forced 
on veterans in 1999.  Many of my belongings were stolen and some of my 
tapes were destroyed or missing.  The Secret Service of Los Angeles was 
there through much of  the ordeal.  The secret of the Secret Service is 
they are in the banking business and the police business, thereby 
the auditing principle of the "Separation of Duties".  Another secret 
that they are under the Treasury Department, which is under the 
Treasury Employees Union.  I will cover my NTEU suspicions and facts 
but they are truly out of control because collusion is rampant 
obviously as 
they have access to 29 federal agencies.  The past regional director of 
FDIC was found dead, alleged with a bullet to the head in his office, 
and it 
was labeled a suicide by the SS.  I do not know why, but the name 
came to mind.  It may be nothing, but a recollection of the mob in the 
The Godfather.  I know criminals when I am in their presence and I can 
them through their deeds after they have gone from the scene.

I am not allowed to design websites without telling my probation office 
according to oral demands in Los Angeles.  There is nothing in writing 
I agreed to on those terms, but they obviously see me as a trouble 
maker in  
America's growing concentration camp state. I have been told that some 
of my 
songs and thoughts and story are being put on a  website under the 
title of 
"Mobile Audit Club", which can be found by searching for Mobile Audit 
under the Yahoo and Webcrawler search engines, among others.  I checked 
and the facts seem to be in order, as our country is in growing 
disorder by 

Mr. Nodine, if you can make the corrupt mayor, Mike Dow, and the other 
members of the city council let me attend the city council meeting, 
then I 
will assist you in any way possible.  As you know the Sunshine Law, 
known as the Open Meetings Law, dictates that I be allowed into the 
  The law has been disregarded in my case and I have been blocked from 
attending for over 3 years, since 2001.

The last time I tried to enter the meeting, March or April 2001, I had 
notified the city clerk that I was going to be attending.  I had been 
contacted by an inmate at the Mobile County jail who was losing weight 
claimed malnutrition.  I knew men were dieing under the Sheriff's care, 
including James Carpenter and that the young man who contacted me was 
weight terribly according to his mother.

Sheriff Jack Tillman was going to take me under arrest if I did not 
around when I was going to report my suspicions of theft by the Sheriff 
the facts of malnutrition and negligent homicide at the jail.  Jack 
took my 
gun permit from me at the door to the city council in front of numerous 
deputies.  That was in March 2001 or early April 2001.   I was wearing 
Camera, video is missing, but there was another camera there on myself 
by someone standing with the deputies.  There were at least 15 deputies 
standing behind him.  Jack was wrong in doing so.  He did not search me 
a gun and he gave me no reason as to why he was taking my gun permit 
and why 
I was being blocked from attending and speaking at the meeting.   He 
trying to silence this honest auditor, and he succeeded until now.

The Mayor, Mike Dow, has the foresight of the chopped off back end of a 
worm, as evidenced by the backward nature of the city and lack of 
technological employment.  I believe the mayor and the Sheriff are 
in crime and that they are sharing in the robbing of the coffers.  The 
Jack stole was put back into the Sheriff's department and I suspect 
Jack ended up with the money in his pockets, or at least half, $50,000, 
the Mayor got his financial payment, kickback, as usual, $50,000.

As I said, I was attacked again on 3-12-2004.  The details are on the 
I did not call 911 this time, but just sought shelter.

America is being robbed and I believe I know who one of the many 
are.  My Uncle in San Francisco is a retired United airline mechanic 
entrepreneur.  He had invested all in his company.  His retirement 
investment went from $154,000 to $2,000 due to depreciation, as I see 
through theft as a result of collusion.   The IRS and the SEC are under 
NTEU.  They alone could orchestrate the rise or fall of a company or 
or individual by manipulating stocks and taxes.  However, if a criminal 
employee is put into the finance department of a company, the theft 
easier by wiping out true auditing trails.  It is akin to squeezing one 
balloon, forcing the air through a series of chambers and into other 
balloons.  So beware of those investments and the loss of retirement 

Mobster Orchestra Maestros or MOMs could do anything they wanted since 
are allowed to remain hidden at the NTEU and push and pull the strings 
various employees at the various agencies.

Even worse, as Sun Tzu said, "The War Never Ends".  That is sad, but 
true under our human conditions.  By like logic, the Audit should never 
  Also, if the design is not right, e.g. Jack Tillman having unchecked 
access to funds, or the NTEU having unlimited access to numeous 
agencies, we 
will continue to spiral downward as a nation and as a people.

Jack had horded $300,000 and had already written a $100,000 check from 
inmate food funds account to himself.  The NTEU does not respect the 
to avoid collusion. The auditing and mathematical principle that 
the number of opportunities for collusion in a  design of oversight, is 
known as "f is a Function of X".  Therfore if you factorial 29 agencies 
under the one union, there are 8.8 x E30 chances for collusions in the 
view.  That is a scientific nomenclature with 30 zero places in front 
of the 
first decimal.  That is too many.

I want to get back my Uncle's money but I know it has been stolen and 
squandered.  I can only try to prevent if from happening to you, your 
and all of the children in the future.  It appears that some are trying 
throw us into a state of disrepair in the USA.  By doing atrocity after 
atrocity and sanctioned crime after sanctioned crime, it appears that 
in government are analogously shaking the bottle of soda vigorously and 
preparing to let it spew.  Martial law will be the outcome.  In a sense 
already have it in Alabama.  Many can not vote if they have Felonies.  
are targeted for felonies to silence them, such as in my case, when 
have in reality committed no true crime at all.  Some commit felonies 
described, and most often they were led to that point by circumstances 
of their control, e.g. the poor are almost always the only ones you see 

Germany saw Hitler rise because weapons were taken away from honest 
and because many were targeted and denied the right to vote.  End 
disenfranchisement in Alabama and America.  Allow all to vote.  End the 
barring of educated voices in government.  Open the doors to all, 
people like myself, the little auditors.  Russia always claims their 
political dissidents are insane.  That is a growing phenomena in 
America, as 
numerous intellectuals are increasingly found housed wrongfully in 
assylums and prisons.  Some are murdered or led to their deaths.  
Considering the attacks on my life, it is a wonder I am alive.  The 
year is 
not over and the torment from California and Federal Government 
Alabama government was there at the start in my case, Jack.

I hope we can move forward and not back. I hope we can all appreciate 
sanctity of life.   It is ironic, but I was only barred from attending 
Mobile Alabama city council meetings after I had gone there to tell the 
people of Mobile that I had been attacked on Interstate 10 in Louisiana 
that I suspected the FDIC was behind it.  After researching the facts, 
believe the NTEU is the big piano player of the Mobster Orchestra 

When I went to the Mobile Alabama city council meeting to tell of the 
attack, a beautiful young black woman with some obvious English 
characteristics was at the electronic gate.  I came through the gate 
with no 
weapons, only my true tale of horror.  911 in Alabama and Vinton 
did not help prior to that and neither did any of the 15 or more 
and politicians that I sent the SOS alert.  I acknowledged the young 
from the Sheriff's  department for the good job she was doing in front 
the cameras at the meeting.   Some goon from Dow's entourage followed 
me and 
clarified my name.  His coat of arms is one of chains and he was not 
me as I thought, but attacking me like I had already been attacked.

Some say life is but a dream within a dream.  I say, when you steal 
funds, block citizens participation in government, and steal 
men's pensions, then it is a nightmare and it is time to wake up.  
Freedom, Mutual Respect, and a good audit go a long way.

My name is Kurt A. Brown, I am an honest auditor.

I fear for our country and I fear that new weapons and methods are 
used by those with calloused minds and hearts who do not honor the 
of life.    I hope to meet Ms. Vivian Figures, the Senator from my 
someday.  I fear there is a high probability that some one may have 
to kill her husband, the Deceased Senator, Mr. Figures.  He had high 
pressure and died of a brain hemmorhage. It is ironic that now I appear 
headed for the same end, a final stroke or brain hemmorhage.  I do not 
high blood pressure.  I am in my early 40's.

Archimedes Principle states that for every drop of water removed, one 
of matter is replaced.  If you fill a jar halfway with water and draw a 
line, that is where we were.  If you stick a criminals hand into the 
jar to 
grab the dollar at the bottom, the water line or meniscus, will go 
If you mark that line and look at the first line, that is how many good 
people were replaced through death, murder, or attrition.  The FDIC had 
layoffs in the 1990's.  By keeping those key corrupt employees the NTEU 
recognizes, they could fill the houses, or Federal Agencies, with their 
corrupt employees.  It is almost like a Blitzkrieg.

I would have died for this nation in military service.  I continue to 
struggle to save it now by coming to terms with those corrupt members 
oppose fair dealings and ethics, Jack.  If you find the website Mobile 
Club, Jack, you might find God is forgiving, or they may be some pennance, after all you were repeatedly hit in the head as a boxer, but that still does not exempt you from ethical behavior.  Otherwise, to those of you honor the 
sanctity of life, Freedom, Peace, and Mutual Respect, I wish you and 
the best.  Life is hard enough without making it more primitive.  I had 
rough childhood, with some poor examples. Stay attune to children.  
sober.  And always, always, "Maintain a Professional Level of 
That is auditing rule one.

P.S. Please forward this to Senator James Buskey.  Tell him to get an 
address and join this century also or hit the road with Jack and Mike.  
is where the funny face comes off.

In Alabama a vote was allegedly held where those who are allowed to 
could determine if the disenfranchised could vote.  The vote came back 
A Presidential Decree should be made that ends Disenfranchisement 
across the 
nation.  Of course, when the President Bush was not elected by popular 
it might not happen.  Nepotism and a Coup d'etat put some in office.  
rise together or we fall as one.  Diversity, protecting islands of 
originality and mixing some portions of originality is the best and 
way.  A Forest with one kind of tree is a Plantation, not a forest.

In my next life, if I have to suffer the confines of flesh, I hope I am 
born into such degradation and despair.  I want to hear, "All Aboard, 
peace and harmony spreading throughout the galaxies." For this life, I 
to hear a phone call telling me I can attend the Mobile Alabama City 
Meeting.  If I am ever shot, I hope a war does not ensue.   I am only 
person.  I hope someone picks up the torch if my goals are not met.  
is truly power in numbers and wisdom.

My name is Kurt A. Brown, I am an honest auditor.

My exile address is irrelevant as I will flee California once they have 
loosened the proverbial barbed wire from my neck.

The Unions of the federal government should be structured like 
One agency per union. One union on top collecting percentage of dues, 
for a collective voice.  That union should be audited overtly and 


In the letter above, I made a mistake. I thought the politicians of America were my countrymen. I have no countrymen in the seats of power from what I can tell. America is just another country waiting to be torn to pieces and have its wealth taken or destroyed. Evil bastards and bitches feeding off of each other. We are not even safe in our homes or their streets. Get ready as our enemies control the nation and much of the world. Pity Hussein and congratulate Castro.

America needs to dismantle the illogical design that invites collusion between entities that should be maintained as separate at ALL points and junctures. Dismantle the monopoly of the elitist regime, Republican Democrat, now maintained through forbidding the vote of millions of Americans. They also thwart advanced election methods. Honest auditors are needed to assure maintenance of all audit trails and to rid the governmental structure of collusion. Currently our only guarantee is aggressive bloodletting and an imprisoning governmental state. The USA is currently very much like Germany under Hitler, Israel under Sharon, as we are under a millionaire/billionaire monopoly regime, Democratic/Republican for the past 40-plus years, and a criminal element with no ethics permeates the current regime and their government.


It is obvious that the history of the world prior to the dark ages has been distorted to the point that the truth has been lost. Because of the religious fervor that initiated the dark ages, the so-called Christians of the era burned all of the artifacts of history, even if there was a history on this planet. We might simply be prisoners of beasts we do not yet understand. We need a revolution in America. Forward thinking empathetic people are not at the helm.


Life is often as if a person is caught in a gel and forced to watch a show, even if they do not want to see. It truly lends itself to perception of the unimiginable and often the atrocious and mundane.

We are surrounded by people who repeat like parrots those things they have heard. It is like dragging steal nails across a flint chalkboard. You know that they are here simply to carry DNA from one generation to the next, like mosquitos in a swamp

Sometimes for some of us, or at least for my own cognition, it is as if we are projectd out from the main thrust of events and forced to endure the parody of lies passed before our eyes and senses.

Sometimes it is as if moments of previous lives are seen in dreams and such. But even in that is the frailty and uncertainty of self. The philosopher Socrates allegedly debated these questions.

I have grown to doubt everything to a certain degree with varying amounts of uncertainty through time and the actions upon my senses.

When I watch world leaders concentrating on the terrestial environment, having wars and such, and the daily toil of staying alive, I wonder if we are being controlled by those outside of our domain, or my domain, as they appear to want us to die on this scarred planet.

I suppose we all do "die" anyway so maybe the pursuit of more divine things is not for this flesh or thought.

Or perhaps we are used and held captive by a force exterior to the planet. One whose force we have been unable to shake, like shackles of mind, body, and consciousness. My biggest regret is having had children in this life. I would rather have total non-consciousness for all eternity if this is what life and consciousness is composed of. Perhaps I am just growing old, tired, and disillusioned.


It is obvious since the 911 attacks that a very high probability exists that the attacks were originated by someone who profits greatly from the Status quo in America, the caste system and our dependency on oil like an addict to heroin.

Although some overseas enjoyed watching the twin towers fall and the downing of the planes, it is highly unlikely it coulde have been orchestrated without inside assistance. 95% Probability of certainty if not more.

It is obvious to the status quo that the internet has changed everything, because the millionaires mass media monopoly has been ruined by the World Wide Web.

That is why the urgency to push us to war abroad, and thereby allowing the tightening of the regime in the status quo at home. The day will come when, if the status quo of the violent sort of the upper caste feels threatened from their seat on the throne of destruction they have helped to create, they will reap an equivalent of a nuclear whirl-wind in America.

The saddest part is that they have hired hands who will slit their brothers throat and jail his sister because they are starved for money or they are brainwashed by the demands of those feigning to be our empathetic leaders. Also, those same leaders of today in America do not behave as humans empathetic to others, and therefore are tyrannical if not beastly. I often wonder who and what is tieing us to this planet with their wars, and lack of foresight and enthusiam and expenditure in planning the colonization of space to ease overcrowding and other stressors on the planet Earth. They also buy and shelve patents that could save this planet and us from ruin because they profit from the status quo. We are locked in a downward path as some of us struggle against unsurmountable odds.

Perhaps that is why we see no other planets with life in space. The odds of survival beyond a certain point is impossible given our current restraints of the death and birth cycle we observe in living things.

Some people say if I keep expressing myself, I will find myself alone. That is the nature of birth and death and battle and love, as in the end is the beginning. The truth is that even the strong who hover over us quiver. Everything falls.


In California, due to restricted outlets for medical marijuana a huge mafia racket has been spawned at the points of distribution, i.e. Cannabis Clubs. The value of these clubs is hard to calculate due to distribution both within the clubs, where records are scarce and receipts are often not tendered, but also in the black market that exists outside of the clubs.

It is obvious that some profit from their small neighborhood or community monopolies. As a result, they hold significant influence over politicians, who may and probably do reap huge financial profits both over-the-counter and under-the counter. Those politicians are symbolic of the mafia that is around our neck and that holds power over us to their ground-breaking methods of subjugation, including murder of opponents, e.g. in a Northern California County a recent change in the faces of ownership of the Cannabis Club was coincidal with a murder of two men ambushed and shot in vehicle, circa April 2004.

If marijuana is to be legalized in an area, it should be just as Amsterdam, with legalized coffee houses, taxation, and monitoring. A limit on the number of coffee-houses would lead to the same problems of crime existent in the black-market for harder drugs, in which monopolization would invite organized crime, including murder.

The government officials in power like the status-quo. They are corrupt and their judges are puppets for the most influential in the drug markets, which is always the wanna-be Al Capone of our era.

In Alabama it is obvious that law enforcement, in some cases, has its hand in the profit making from the drug business, especially marijuana and most likely crack. In Mobile it is not uncommon to hear of Sheriff's deputies caught in the black-market marijuana business, such as a few years back, circa 2000, on Dauphin Island Parkway in Mobile. Hell, the Sheriff openly steals $100,000 with no reprisal.

They do not even give us do process by law. They are not even elected in a TRUE democratic fashion. We need to grab our government officials and get their attention that we will not take it any longer, or we need to organize a posse to deal with known criminals within our governmental bodies who are detrimental to our health as a society and who guide us to extinction.

The sky is literally burning M.F.ers, ozone depletion, global warming, over-populatin, a global prison and war state with a few insect-like men directing the part in which they have their filthy indifferent beaks, or probuscuses, and their armies of ignorant paid mercenaries who receive only a tiny portion of the bounty of those at the top. Worse, theirs is obviously a dead-end path to destruction, as those who try to alter their course are not afforded justice, but instead treated like subjects of a primitive ape-king.

The clock is ticking and soon factions within their echelons will strike, oh so discreetly, abruptly, and then loud, as the last drops from the puddle earth start to dry. Gradual attack or Sudden Response, it all comes out the same, and you will know when it does. Then, it may be to late for any mere mortal to undo the weight of the dead elephant upon them, that of a society whose numbers far outstretch the supplies they demand.