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Segment March 4, 2014: Recently I was in the City of Mobile Alabama. I have lost a dear friend. A woman hung herself with a extension cord. I always wonder if this is murder in these situations. I was not there so SS don't blame me for this tragedy. Another girl in Mobile around 20 hung herself several years ago. I urge no one to drink there and to leave if necessary. I always find the sunshine of a new day elsewhere and far away to be priceless in overcoming depression, which may be why I run like a mad lion or tenderfoot mice. When I say "Remember the Wire" I am talking about forced injections, not the wire over a wonderful woman's head. I have run across some more suspected serial killers lately who poison peoples food, but then again, I have been through hell on Earth many times. When the planes wings flap coming in over Los Angeles from Alabama, I hope they snap but that is in God's hands and insurance would have to pay double. I would reach around and kiss that NSA boy in the mouth and say, "Shall we dine in mother f-cker!? F U N"

It is like a third world state compared to much of coastal California and Oregon. Not only are the people poorer but the government has people labeled criminal to control them, or us. A tabloid is published in the city showing all of those who are locked up in the Mobile County Jail. The tabloid is sold for $1.50 in the poorer areas targeted by the vicious bastards who control the city. Many younger and older women are committing suicide in the Mobile Area. I have known of two in the past four years. One was a 20 year old and the other was in her 50's. It is my hope their laws will be equivalent to California in all respects except the Three Strike Law. You can be targeted by the enemies in power and I would recommend you fight to the death rather than go to prison for a third strike which may be targeting of yourself and your family by our enemies who are in the seats of the hated dictatorship in power.

I recommend never drinking alcohol and never smoking crack and never doing pills for intoxication. Their government wants you hooked to alcohol and heroin and marijuana and pills, etc.. If you want marijuana, grow it. You do not have to buy it from the hated and vicious Mexican drug syndicates and you do not have to buy it from the Aryan brotherhood or those associated with current or past Sheriffs in the area.

The water in the Gulf and in the bays has become toxic. The people are brow beat by vicious bastards in government with no remorse and no pity. In the event of war, I pray the vicious bastards who abuse us are killed and their assets distributed to their victims.

While I was there in Mobile I was under attack. In the Tillman's Corner area at the Theodore Dawes exit off of Interstate 10 in West Mobile I was attacked. I stopped to go to the restroom and I was followed into the restroom by five men. When I was leaving, one of them pulled out a camera and I at first thought it was a gun or needle. I kept walking but if he would have touched me I would have tried to break his neck or crush his nose into his brain regardless of how many idiots attack me. On another occassion a metal fence sort of object was thrown from a vehicle in front of me.

I don't understand the hatred but I think it is because I have had a Sheriff terminated in Mobile Alabama for thievery and I also audited the federal warlords who are drug lords and bank robbers and torture specialists against the innocent in California.

I have also tried to stop the robbing of the naive in California by a new wave of syndicated criminals preying on the elderly, likely with drugs in their food, and taking their pensions. I also encourage people to realize that inbreeding is ill advised in that toxic environment. The Aryan brotherhood is insane to persist in Hitlers vision of racial purity in this era of toxicity and its impact on inbreeders diseases such as recessive genetic diseases.

I also had some Mexicans threaten me with a gun or they simulated a gun perhaps when I was buying something at a store. I did not look back. I glanced and saw him with something in his hand like a gun and threatening me. I do not care if I am shot in the head. If he misses, I will be justified in trying to kill him and then robbing him. Many of us are maimed at birth and can not compete therefore we have to rely on animal instincts .

For those who do not flee the state or the USA, I will encourage that you stay sober and form groups that protect all of the innocent. I recommend attacking in like kind any mexican or aryan brotherhood gestapo or any other war criminal group in government or society who tries to stop you from growing your own marijuana, or if they want to hook your children to drugs and use them in prostitution or as a medical guinea pig, or if you are targeted for felonies for reporting their government crimes, or if you are harassed in the genral public as I was by corrupt government officials such as Former Sheriff Jack Tillman and the murderers and money launderers kingpins at the FDiC in California.

They may think I will have a full blown stroke but the thought of death does not bother me. I am partially dead due to the war criminals in power in the USA government who forcibly injected me.

If the holy war escalates I hope to be part of it. I have a fantasy of designing a tool that will tear their heads off like an abortion victim, a great big circular scythe with many blades, a blender and garbage compressor of a new design to run under ac or dc power. Reach, grab, slice, reach, grab, slice, until the head is a collection of ribbons. We do not have justice for all. The poor in the area are under the control of local federal dictators controlled from outside the region and the nation. Some victims keep their fingers crossed and some keep their eyes crossed. Gang warfare is used against us. We have strength in numbers. It is the only way we can survive in this hostile and impoverished third world environment. .

Abortion -- A in latin means within or without, bor means to be hollow, tion is a state of being. If one survives you are a being with a hole within. Unfortunately if they drown one egg, they drowned the whole damned egg sack. God help us.

Segment June 8, 2012: Recently I recovered from a stroke due to forced injections in 2001 and 2004 authorized by the federal and state governments inside the USA. I was doing freelance investigative journalistic work and had Sheriff Jack Tillman terminated. I reported his thievery in 2001 in Mobile Alabama on 4/3/2001 when Sheriff Jack Tillman met me at the City Government doors at the City Council meeting and turned me back. He had the approval of the federal government. I had run a test on the FDIC to determine if killers were associated with them due to a murder at the FDIC around 1991 in San Francisco. That test came back positive also and I was attacked and their government ignored it. My memory came back on many things in 2011, including the diagnosis of a stroke in 2004 after being injected and tortured in Flagstaff Arizona when I was testing to see what would happen if I reported a toxic spill. Since that time Wachovia bank was shut down and Wells Fargo paid 1.2 billino to cover the fine of WAchovia. You in America are basically f-ck by negative capitalists. They are predatory. I am seeking a holy nation. Perhaps Turkey? Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone says see Quatrains 12 and Love Line 12 and the daily forward notes since middle 2011. The government in Mobile Alabama is a dictatorship controlled by fascists out of D.C. If you are young, the world is a big place. Do not surrender to the enemies of mankind who rule the USA and many other nations. Best of luck in your travels.

Do not drink alcohol. It is the scourge of our people and it has effects of psychoses while drinking and afterward. Do not give up on life and dive into drugs. You can escape the USA and all predatory capitalist nations if you allow yourself to leave.

Segment September 6, 2010:

Due to covered up murders, torture, and forced medical procedures, it appears the Soviets or the Chinese took over the USA governments and someone forgot to tell us. See Mobile Audit Club website linked here or do a Google Search for Mobile Audit Club for links to prove that we are being tortured and abused by our enemies who have control of Washington D.C. and our local governments. If they try to inject you forcibly with chemicals, run for your life. Do not strike them. They can put you in prison or an insane asylum. Treat them as your worst enemy, a serial killer from Hell, because that is what they have become. This is the end, my friend.(music video) Jack Tillman, former Sheriff, are you really as portrayed in your poetry online, this former auditor's best "friend" ?

Segment July 15, 2010: This segment is a repost from Craigslist New Pensacola Florida

Say Au Revoir to Mr. Postman (music video). What's in your bag for me? Kinder clutch?

Segment June 20, 2010: is a re-post of Craigslist News Post offering a reward in Pensacola for an attack on myself and a passenger.

My name is Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, formerly an investigative journalist who investigated governmentally sanctioned cirmes involving medicine, finance, and human rights violations. I have been attacked many times by government officials and those who are part of the crime syndicates who are controlled by those who also control government officials. I am offering a reward leading me or my associates to those person who attacked myself and my passenger on October 10, 2009. I was also assaulted by police of some sort in Pensacola earlier this year on 4/20/2010. If it was not police, it was local hate groups who are controlled by the syndicates that have special interest in local corrupt government officials. The POF dating scene is inundated in Pensacola with unsavory characters sent by the local Mexican and Nazi like law enforcement and other types looking for something out of the ordinary date. On that same date an inmate at Baldwin County Jail whom I know was fed glass with his meal. He is being punished for poverty basically, a debtors prison with a staff of idiots controlled by nothing more than Baldwin County Alabama gestapo.

The attack occurred after going around a S shaped curve that is a stretch of road blind on both ends. A truck was there on the roadside 100 or more yards from the curve and to the North of the curve. When I came around the curve, he ran to the other side of the road from his truck, placed a stake in the ground and ran back to his truck. He then closed the door partially, reached his arm out of the vehicle, tightened an orange handled chain pulley. In that chain were tire weights, likely wired on. One punctured my rear right tire and I heard it go into the tire and saw the wire pulley or something odd coming and realized what had happened immediately. I kept driving due to fear of attack by police or criminal in Baldwin County or a federal warlord with an ax to grind, like those in Pensacola and Mobile and Los Angeles and Flagstaff and San Francisco, and D.C.< /p>

This message brought you by Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, investigative journalist specializing in uncovering governmentally sanctioned crimes. To you young people, I urge you not to tear each other apart and not yourselves either. America is a large nation. Alaska is due north and turn left. I urge young people to do what is right and correct and is part of the positive solution. If you can get paid, that is good, but beware of the "One gallon hat" syndrome that many police have and Wal Mart Security Guards. The world does not ever change, it just seems that way. Mobile Audit Club. Reply to this craigslist ad or the email address of if you have a lead.

I have my latest art work on the true atrocities of forced experiments, forced injections, and forced medical procedures now sanctioned by the insane psychopaths and war criminals of the USA and international governments. We likely have no control over any of it in reality, and I am speaking of the average human. Protect your own. We have been and are destined for a blood bath. It may be too late if you came in contact with government or their mercenaries and hate groups. Of course all are not bad, but I have been in an American holocaust. My job as a freelance investigative journalist has made me realize, we are alone and we do not have government backup in many cases. The title of the Artwork is a song and video. You can get the mp3 at Mobile Audit Club's Home Grown Music page. Here is the video Remember The Wire .

Beware, they are targeting us, our families, as we are worth nothing to them, only our pound of meat.  Let us hope it is not completely over, and if it is, let's welcome The End, like the Doors.

This segment (April 19, 2010) is a re-post from a mobile alabama craigslist news article regarding starvation of inmates and the torture of people in the area with food tampering or food thievery, including glass in jail meals in Baldwin County Alabama. I also have some science notes of a larger vein. Beware, the government can forcibly inject us now, and even worse, they can make us forget it. And about that dust cloud over Europe, I speculate.


Here is todays post from Mobile Audit Club

With a special thanks to the two and maybe three Mobile County Sheriff's Deputies who were standing up against corruption in the Sheriff's department in 2001.

Unfortunately in 2010 I am being told that glass is being put into inmates food in Baldwin County in retaliatory strikes against those inmates who suffered under Tillman in 2001 I call it the Big Mack surprise of Alabama, the war criminal state among many other war criminal states, and I am calling for an exodus from those areas allowing atrocities on human beings if you have the werewithal. After all, this place has a disgusting history from over 100 years ago to present day. Take the word of a native.

America is a living nightmare for the poor. I reported the food funds thief, Sheriff Jack Tillman, but he was not pushed out until 2006, 5 years later. He is like a stupid version of a war criminal. The higher level ones kill and destroy at random for big profits. Tillman assisted the federal crime syndicates in pushing me out of accountancy and bank examination. I am a journalist who uses medical training and comedy writing to do my tasks. Deputies Jerry Barnette and Randall Dueitt were put through lie detector tests to see if they were posting the comments about Tillman on the news groups. The federal government had a lackie sent by the FDIC and or the NTEU and Treasury injected me forcibly and made me sick that year. Never expect the federal police to assist you if you are attacked. They did not assist me. Then they injected me and attacked me further. At least now I know where I stand in relation to many of them. Their syndicates in my opinion control through threats, intimidation, torture, robbery, murder, medical injections, medical procedures, and other atrocities.

Considering the nation of Iceland gave or was forced to give their DNA for each individual, they may be dead now and to be replicated elsewhere as far fetched is it may seem. As the Secret Service of the USA told me post-2001, The Trust Is Gone. It never existed in totality.

Daily Foreword April 18, 2010: Today I was looking back to 4-3-2001 and when I was turned back from government in Mobile Alabama. I am an investigative journalist and I test things in audits like a physician. I had no gun. The Sheriff told me to relinquish my gun permit or come with him. I had lurded him out with a postal message through the jails postal system, but it was directed to an inmate he was starving. It appears the regime does not like Free Speech. I encourage people not to obey the orders of war criminals, such as forcibly injecting people who are compliant. I did not trust Tillman and I do not trust the federal war criminals I encountered as a result of my tests as an honest FDIC bank examiner and murder investigator at the FDIC, upon my own election. I had nothing to do with it. He was rotten. I just saw what replaced him at the FDIC. The war is a chess match in high finance. Snatch was just another piece of proof, logical deduction that the government at top often abuses those at the bottom. Tillman was trying to silence the free speech of Three Mobile Alabama Sheriff deputies on December 28, 2001. He had a lot to hide. The federal and local government tortured me for three years on a leash and now they torment me often and I see them as being dead, irrelevant, and immaterial, even if they point a gun in my face. It appears some children of fine whines have found the Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Monkey Tit-man's "Snatch Ball." (youtube video) Chimera or no Chimera.

You can view the American Holocaust videos, but not the good ones, they are not online. We are being victimized on many levels. I ran the tests. I am like a physician with a reporters degree and an iron composure in the face of death. That is why they hate us and kill people like myself and former investigative journalist Brad Will, may he live on in death.

The USA government is now forcibly injecting and allowing the forced injections of people who in the past would be described as investigative journalists and people who are fleeing from killers in government or associated with them. My L7 Shiplist (music video). This is the part where the Saint Ram Bone and Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum Pretend We Are Dead like L7 (music video)

In all honesty, I never heard the man's poetry, Jack Tillman former Sheriff of Mob AL but I would like to make up a poem, "4-3-2-1 360 degrees, for 360 thousand dollars or was it 4 score, knock on wood.

Being multi-talented might save your life. Marilyn Manson Beautiful People Music Video. In one of the photos in the video Marilyn Manson in Bay Minette Alabama jail in Baldwin county seems to be having a possible Big Mack attack and they threw in the bean can.

Segment April 10, 2010: Post on Craiglist News in Mobile is reposted here:

The love of life is the parental love of one's children and grandchildren and those children of your kin and others. The sour taste of past transgressions rings loud in Mobile Alabama and I want to warn you people in Mobile of a few pitfalls of taking your children to crowded parks like Municipal Park. It is a nice place, but I want to share a Dear Abby sort of skit with you from Kurt Brown, the one not in the front page underground press with a boot on his head and using an alias like Saint Ram Bone or the ARD F-DIC Party Clown.

Taking a kid to a park is a double edged sword. Sometimes older kids will try to take the younger kids away from the parental guidance and into harms way. The vendettas some war criminals in government and their associated hate groups may have on high level auditors and high level investigative journalists investigating sanctioned government murders can cause their kids to be used or harmed in some way. On the other hand, you can be led into a trap and accused of doing something when you have done nothing.

And now, a little Italian Organ Music by mi fratelli. music video

You can Google Search Mobile Audit Club for details of the American Holocaust going on today. Exodus now is my sentiment. And for a final note, Sheriff Mack and Snatch replacement and federal posse, don't be an organ grinders Monkey.

Link to news story DA Tyson as Gambling Oversee Specialist

Link to definition of separation of duties by Kurt Brown, your surely departed

No Tax Revenue for youse, Youse must be Insane In The Membrane. music video. In the end, we ask to have What's new pussycat.? music video. My pussy cat enters the room with Snatch the Fairy Possum, Sheriff Jack Snatch and the federal posse reads. SOS.

February 22, 2010. This post was deleted from Mobile Alabama craigslist. Sorry, I do not have the pictures. The enemy is in power in Mobile Alabama. Let's hope the war criminal and IT's followers are removed from resistance against us and our betterment.

Many of you know the awful history and present of places like Mobile Alabama and the federal and local warmongering horde in power. You know they will do things to endanger your life. It is the same in Pensacola. As an American Holocaust victim I encourage young people to not have anything to do with the USA governments. They are doing forced injections and experiments on both children and adults.

About the FDIC regional director was found shot in his office in San Francisco. They called it suicide. After working there and running investigatory tests, I concluded it was an inside coverup within the fed. They will kill you as quick as a Sicilian who is out of wheat and whey. When I worked there, there were some who obviously had things going their way in the underground banking rackets. Just as an aside, when JT had me in a Santa Rosa bank, he was swollen up with self importance and his boy lackie wonder genius was with him.

The second picture is of drugs and needles. They do forced medical procedures. Their pyramid structure lets some profit from our fall. They are not what they seem. The raven jumps from the federal whores mouth and says, "ARD Ne'er Mo, Sweat Carol F-DIC Ho". Clap-ton, After Midnight (music video)

This section is primarily about Mobile and Alabama and the South East USA region. Some sections have Foreword Daily Notes that are applicable to the struggles against injustice by the inhumane liars, criminals, and cut throats who rule the area like it is their favorite plantation or fiefdom.

As I have observed the web and my forays with government, I have come to realize those fake politicians and their closed government are not the humane humans, if humans at all. When we try to get involved they say we are threatening them. What we need is technology to discern who or what they are, and more importantly, who or what controls them, and then, in old style fashion, bring a technologial phalanx to their throats to discuss referendums. G-d damn the regime in power, those cut throat beasts.

Below are several daily foreword notes and observations while I was in Alabama most recently. I talk badly about my native city, Mobile, but it is not the people who are bad. We the natives are often excluded by fascists who hold the hands of the federal dictatorship, whoever and whatever they are or IT is. I went out after a Sheriff Jack Tillman who was starving inmates. He helped to have me incarcerated for legal gun ownership. The true terrorist is the federal regime in power. They injected me and made me sign papers. We will get our nation back or we will be killed. I have delineated these excerpts with the underline___________________________________________________________________________

I turned, we turned, to Job 38.

Segment November 1, 2009: JUDGE_herman_THOMAS_mobile_ALABAMA_sex_SCAM_drugged_MANIPULATED_or_SETUP

Recently I saw in a news story where judge Herman Thomas of Mobile was accused of sexually abusing inmates. Was he drugged or altered in his mind before this happened? Or was the whole thing a lie?

Daily Foreword June 12, 2008: Today's post is on Love Line 7 page.

Daily Foreword 2-4-2008: Any time we humane humans enter the closed door or abusive governments in power in the United States we should be wary of weapons, particularly any sort of lasers or activations of other apparatus that might trigger chemical responses in our bodies. I had some strange blood-type blisters on my head and I was made very sick after going to the Mobile Alabama Police Headquarters this past week to demand someone claim responsibility for calling me and telling me I could not film as a reporter in the Mobile Alabama government building, and the sad thing is that I have a journalism degree from a local university. The voice sounded like the same man I spoke with, but they all sound very similar, which is rather odd and may indicate a technological conflict with something we or I have overlooked. Past military men should beware due to the fact we were injected with chemicals by the goverment of unknown consistency. The same warning goes for entering any court or government building in the United States, including the Mobile Alabama government building. We may even have things done to us that we are not aware(Youtube video by Sainrambone regarding Gulf War Syndrome and chemical warfare with chemical triggers for some).

One question. Who owns the Mobile Greyhound Park racing track?. It is kept hidden just like the enemy regimes dictators in this damned place.

We all know that bank examiners and federal banking prosecutors are killed like dogs or pushed out of the way to make way for the money laundering crime syndicates, and it is likely that high technology is deployed where machines are made to behave like men or men are made to behave like machines. But who owns the Mobile Greyhound Park in Mobile County Alabama? I can not find it. They have been doping the racing dogs locally, like the federal government's war criminals injected me and doped this former FDIC bank examiner, Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone, and tortured me to make me sign documents in mid-2001, and now men are dead because I could not send out my warning that murderers and criminals were crawling up the FDIC and likely the Treasury and throughout the FBI and SS. Federal Prosecutor Thomas Crane Wales, who is now murdered, and to his friends in Seattle and in Massachusetts, I tried.

It is obvious that the corruption has spread higher since the current war crimes regime came into place. Federal Prosecutor Thomas Crane Wales, murdered at his home, had a friend who was pushed out of Washington D.C. by the regime. John McKay pushed for more investigation into his friends death, Thomas Wales. John McKay was terminated from D.C.. What John Mckay did not realize was that a technological war has escalated, and what you see may not be what you think you see, just like at the upper layers of the FDIC when I was pushed out in 2000 in San Francisco. Their playing field has redundancy like an electrical grid and carries the same punch.

Now they claim they do not kill the dogs at Mobile Greyhound Park, just like the gambling money launderers claimed not to have killed a San Francisco FDIC director in his office to make way for a money laundering techno-horde and the same they tried to kill me but failed. The FDIC is covered with the Shee-it. The local police claimed not to have called my home demanding I stay out of government this past week. I will release the video recording on the phone soon. To quote that war criminal machine head Bush and Cheney of the techno-crat regime, "F-ck Em".

A couple of final points. I went to the Mobile Greyhound Park racing track once in 2005 or 2006 and I noticed that when the dogs came out of the shoot, that one of the favored dogs leaped into the air like it was chasing dragonflies, and then when it came back down it was like he was playing and laughing as he was running. That shows how corrupt this place is. Never serve the regime, they rig all of the races, including the rat race. One disabled veteran told me not to work in the federal financial banking regulatory sector. He knew something I did not. America is gone for us, so do not weep when it falls apart and is ripped to pieces.

As one young French woman who was a Communist sympathizer told me regarding the French view of a fake democracy, "Chapeau Blanc, Blanc Chapeau", which is translate as "Hat White, White Hat" "Bought out Democrat, Bought Out Republican", "IT or IT", those are the choices in reality. Stay home and make bread for the last supper and to give to the anti-christ or his federal war criminal messenger if they or IT comes knocking at your door as IT did David Koresh years ago and Mine in 2007.

Segment February 3, 2008 _ Meisler RIME Dairyland? Sweetheart Alabama Nightmare...Me, seeking a new home, maybe not US

Mr. Harold W. Ripps
The Rime Companies
Birmingham, Alabama


It was known that Mr. Meisler was the cofounder of Rime Companies with Ripps, and they have now sold it in likely another rip off of the American public for the owners of Colonial Properties for close to $200 Million. 

Together with brother-in-law Harold Ripps, Mr. Meisler launched RIME Companies, an apartment construction and management company.    I will do more research and see if RIME Companies is the same Rime, Inc. that owns the Dairyland Dog Racing enterprise. We know they made a killing off of the sale of Rime Companies to the illusory or real rich boys' favored sons at Colonial Properties Trust. No offense to Chuck the III.

A message to the young of America. Make no mistake about it, we are and have been in a technological war, except we are just now realizing it. I also fear tampering with of the human genome, our total genetics, by some who are hell bent on destroying us and this likely started some time around 1930 or 1940. I have made comments about this on Quatrains 6 and Love Line 7 linked on the Home Page of this site. A joke: Does a love bug have more or less pheromones than a teenage boy? Answer, check your tentsticles. Do not ever serve their military. Who cares if the communists over run their world. All we ever got was abuse (see continuing problems link) and if lucky, our daily bread along with forced injections and sickness for the remainder of our lives, as in my case, that of an honest fedeal bank examiner, blacklisted by the enemy regime in power. Never again.


Daily Foreword January 29,, 2008: Update: Do not ever let the regime provoke you into a fight with hand to hand combat in the United States. Yesterday I went to the fascists enclave of police and government corruption in Mobile Alabama, their Police Headquarters. When I got there, no one would take responsibility for having called my home to tell me I could not film in the lobby of government. Finally, when they did, I was surrounded by police or apparent police in the lobby.

We should view the plastic government show in front of cameras such as those in the Presidential Staet of the Union and the City Council meetings on Comcast as fraudulent displays of government warmth. Let us applaud the rise of a new political party with a military arm to sever the heads of the enemies who tamper with our families, and our childrens, human and civil rights. Theirs is a technological lie. Beware of their weapons and traps and manipulations. They hate us as much as we hate them or "IT". They drew first blood. Welcome war against them or it, even if Global Armageddon. We are not their lessers. They tell us where to sit. Never will I invest in Mobile Alabama. Perhaps I should just to start the political party envisioned. The enemy has divided us. You can run but you can't hide.

a The way the United States regime in power will try to discredit people who have inside information on their murders and corruption in the crime syndicates in the federal government, from money laundering, to drug smuggling, to technology pirating, etc., is to either kill the person, imprison the person, or maim the person so they can not speak. In my case, they did not even ask if I was ill after I reported money laundering at the FDIC and a subsequent attack on my life. They just took me into custody and starting injecting me with chemicals at the LA federal facility mentioned in the "continuing problems" link above.

That was in 2001. I, Kurt Brown, have been injected and tortured and attacked numerous times since that time, often with explicit governmental agent approval. This site discusses the American Holocaust I have endured. As a result of the injections and torture I feel sicker now than at any time in my life. I would rather have been executed like Thomas Crane Wales, federal prosecutor, or the FDIC regional director in San Francisco in the early 90's whose death was no suicide. His replacement, George Masa, and the entire crew at the top of the FDIC at that time were predominantly money launderers in this former FDIC bank examiners opinion, and I am not sure how much of a role technology played in maintaining their crime syndicate, but I am sure it was vast and highly technical. Donna Tanoue was the FDIC director in D.C. at the time, but money laundering syndicates can change channels just like an electrical grid has redundancy built in to maintain power for a city.

I urge young people to protect their young from contact with the United States government institutions and drugs.

Daily Foreword January 28, 2008: Update 2:45 p.m., I Kurt Brown, have just received an anonymous phone call from the Mobile Alabama police department that if I intend to film in the lobby of the Mobile Alabama City Council that I will be arrested per a court order. That court order was Nolle Pros, null processed, on 11-17-2004. My attorney in the case, John Brutkiewicz, told me all demands on the case were fulfilled on the Nolle Pros date. My attorney in the matter, John Brutkiewicz, can be reached at 251 433 1866..

Later Update 2:55 p.m., I was just told that I will be arrested if I try to enter the city council meeting chambers of the Mobile Alabama government. This is more proof we have an enemy dictatorship in place. The government commits the felony violation of denying all citizens rights under the Open Meetings Law. However I was now told I can film in the lobby of the meeting at the gate. I need camera men inside. The mass media is not the media of our people. They are the enemies to the humane and we have no civil or human rights. James Barber was the one who called today, and he is the Deputy Chief Field Operations Bureau at 2:15 p.m. CST today. His number is 251 208 1708 and his email is Beware of the technology I have elaborated upon on Quatrains 6 and Love Line 7 on this site. There is more on other Quatrains and Love Line pages.

I will be putting up names, numbers, and an announcement on Youtube under saintrambone's videos. I spoke with a James Barber after the phone call, Deputy Chief Field Operations Bureau at 2:15 p.m. CST today. He said he would check into the matter. His number is 251 208 1708 and his email is He asked, "Didn't you make threats." That is a lie. The regime does that to anyone who raises controversial topics, such as the murder of innocent federal banking prosecutors, the attack upon former federal bank examiners who became informants, such as myself, and the death of a regional director at the FDIC San Francisco in the early 1990's, and the raising of the fact that inmates were starving at Mobile County jail. They finally fired the Sheriff who I caught in a proverbial snare on 4-3-2001. Money laundering is sanctioned by the war criminal regime. They are not who they seem at top and hide behind a technological mask. Just ask Dick Cheney, VP, USA, who can not die obviously but who is involved in bribery and corruption. Never go hunting with those guys, they will shoot you in the face.

Many of us live in constant fear of the ruling regime and the war criminal synidates in the United States. Most recently, another inhabitant in my home and myself has smelled a chemical in the home. We can not block every entry point into our home. Because the government is closed to us and because many veterans are sick from deliberate poisioning by the regime, we must view them or IT which rule as a layer separate from us. More power to the humane humans in destroying the warmongering regimes and the groups who torture us, including those factions of the federal and state governments allowing forced injections upon the innocent and compliant, and those who beat us from government. The new Motto is, "G-d Damn the Regime in Power in The United States and their International war criminal syndicates."

Today I called the Mobile Alabama Police Department at 251 208 1700 to see if I would be allowed to film as a reporter in the lobby of the government of Mobile Alabama tomorrow before the city council meeting at the Mobile Alabama government building. The cop was rude, insolent, and I heard some mockery in the background, as if attacking a woman.

Segment January 27, 2008: ALABAMA_hateful_SEGREGATED_impoverished_CULTURE_economic_CONTROLLED

I was recently  told of a conversation stating that I was flat faced, meaning the door of government had been slammed in my face.  The woman was a lovely woman with kids who she is trying to protect, but at the same time she was uneducated, and inexperienced.

She said I tried to enter my government through the side doors.  She does not know the history of my encounters, suffering, and experience.  It is known that the United States governmental regime has drawn up a wall around the government.  Anyone who participates by complaining about an un-retractable wrong is automatically considered making threats.  I am not the only one.  See these youtube video comments and you can search for the name of the original commented on if you choose. Youtube video example 1, search for those observances not by myself.  I am making comments on the original. Youtube video example 2 where the government sets people up for crimes.  When I had a gun in LA after fleeing Alabama the fed was going to try to accuse me of some murder.  They injected me first and tortured me.   They wanted to silence me on money laundering and murder by the enemies of our people, the crime syndicates in power in the United States.  I had only been in LA for three days so their case had no teeth in 2001.

If you try to get involved in government, beware of who you send emails too.  Our enemy lies about us and they send out the police. 

Now back to the woman and her conversation.  If even her children went to law school they will soon find that the "front door" she speaks of will have their children bent over and begging for their rights and nothing will change.  I have a relative who might have been raped in the courthouse in Mobile Alabama and a relative who is in college who might have been raped in her apartment.  In the courthouse semen was found in a closet in a judges chambers.  I had spit blood after going to a courtroom in that courthouse in 2004, after my attorney recommended I not go.  I do not care if the regime is beheaded and gutted, but they are technological and we will have to do it with a technological tine, a spline, a vectus seguntum, a macrolage, and be as peaceful as a train wreck with tracks re-routed over a ball cliff, and all assembled to form a new age pitchfork to pierce them or IT in its final fall.


Because I am not allowed into my own native city government in Mobile, and because many uf us can not vote, I hope to see their or IT's government and its closed door removed by force, even if we have to reach to the four corners of Earth and Space to snip their heads and stuff their tails. I have a collection of encounters with the enemy regime in Alabama here. They rule throughout the USA and have forcibly injected me since FDIC employment as a bank examiner. I was injected while in Los Angeles by federal SS types and I was injected in Arizona by money hungry Flagstaff Medical Center staff with approval by the money launderers within the federal government. Here are some videos on Youtube. Sheriff Jack Tillman is now terminated but criminal conduct has gotten worse. I am not sure if our torment is coming from Tel Aviv, Berlin, Tokyo, D.C., or in space, but if you are in the way of our progress, then damn yours

Daily Foreword 9-11-2007: Today I hear that hollow thud inside America's huge metal buildings and I sense we have conned through collusion and technology. Should or should I not approach this closed government building in Mobile Alabama today. They do not allow us in or to vote, therefore it should have never been built. Amie Mann, Ames Braman, Kelly and I, You Lob I Log, the regime in power is better off a dead bull frog in a techno tower. The regime in power did not care that I was almost killed on 2-17-2001 after working at the FDIC, a federal banking regulator, and the regime, the IT, set an honest regional director of the FDIC up to be killed. When I drove through Mobile Alabama I see our enemies, and I am told we should turn against the regime in Iraq and applaud the Generals who re-take Washington D.C.

Americans and much of the world have been conned. Only one or two people in your life really care if you die, I was told. Judge McMaken lied to me in the Mobile Alabama courthouse and denies my rights, Kurt Brown degreed auditor and reporter, Freedom of the Press in the closed yet open government lobby. The only way I would care if that building fell today would be if Amie Mann or Kelly of Braman was coming to see me in it tomorrow. Now I am stone cold, just like you, you federal f-cks of the IT, some monkey sh_t, who drew first blood. Choke on it, or chockin, some of us admire an oppressor getting whacked, two, catch .22, Mr. Brown Dean Winchester please stolen from me by the regime. IT looks like another red letter day, Jack Snack Sheriff antecedent crew. Remember, collusion makes you blind, and technology makes it permanent--first topic of discussion monitoring oil production, as they are only giving us money for the Vapors. Then the German Chemical Companies and the others. Sing it Biz Markie, or better yet, le's listen to Jamila of Morocco sing in Houston Indymedia or listen on LA Indymedia with the backdrop of the enemy in power and my and our suffering under the IT factor..

It is days like today I would rather be back in Sonoma California next to Bodega Bay, singing Meet Me At The Warfield (Smells Like Youtube)

Daily Foreword February 24, 2007: $100 to $1000 U.S. offered to a camera person for 30 minutes work in Mobile, Alabama. Job could be hazardous to myself, auditor Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone as I attempt to enter the corrupt and closed federally protected lie of a government, the Mobile Alabama City Council meeting on February 27, 2007. Here is the link to the deleted post ad on Craigslist that was deleted by the terrorist regime in power in the USA. I have reposted it below. If you want to work as my camera man, contact me at . If no one is hired by the Monday evening before the meeting, I may not attend but encourage others to attend and question everything and everyone at the government meetings, and remember to bring a camera and make yourself a "Reporter" badge and place "Independent Media" as the publication source.

I have reposted it also for posterity on the Love Line II page of this site and below. The regime is an insane warlord. Remember Vietnam and remember, our nation is not ours. We have been overtaken. We must retake the government through force. Negotiations are over. Here is the post, reiterated here.

My name is Kurt Brown, stage name Saint Ram Bone, independent auditor and reporter. I have been illegally denied access to Mobile Alabama City Council meeting in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. The corrupt and contemptible war crimes governmental city council meeting in Mobile Alabama with their federal warlord and murderous protection syndicate is soon to meet me once again, one way or another.

I have been beaten and arrested for trying to enter the city council meeting on one occassion and on numerous occassions I was illegally demanded out of the building. I have a gig for you if you can hold a camera and have courage.

The pay is $100 for approximately 15 minutes work. You have to hold the camera, a digital camcorder and record the response by the guards and my demands to enter the city council meeting in my native city of Mobile Alabama and their city council meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2007, starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 10:30 a.m.

You will have to sign an agreement to return the camera and the video tape to me after I am bailed out of jail or released from the hospital. If I am killed, you will receive $1,000 and have to hand the tape over to the designated people that I appoint to release the video.

I was a bank examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and my act of civil disobedience under the Warlord regime was that I reported criminals, murderers and money launderers at the California FDIC in Sacramento and San Francisco in 2000 and 2001 and I reported the now terminated Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as being a food funds thief. An attempt was made on my life in 2001 by those associated with the FDIC and the National Treasury Employees Union. Money launderers from the casinos of the USA need a place to launder their money. 98-percent of Casino gambling revenues are considered taxes, and the urge to take unreported funds from the gambling revenues is too great, and the money has to be laundered to use it in the open for legitamate purposes. The FDIC and likely the Treasury are their entry points and honest men have been killed trying to stop this practice. The NTEU is their strong arm. The Mobile Alabama City Council and their federal protectorate of international war criminals has denied my entry, and that is a felony violation of their Open Meetings Law.

If you are afraid of the enemy in power in the United States, you should not take this high paying and likely lucrative position. You can find my entire story on this matter at Mobile Audit Club.

The Regime is a federal terrorist dictatorship. They gave us Vietnam, the deaths of many innocent people. They gave us the closed door governments that have reigned supreme during our lifetimes and now they are forcibly injecting people in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico under their Chapter 36 law (see Chapter 36-520 through 36-531), calling them crazy if they pose a threat to our enemies in power. They are forcibly injecting veterans under their federally approved terror against us for raising our voices and reporting crimes and dangers in government and society. Their atrocities need to be challenged. If we can not win, we should die trying. Be careful when in contact with the regime and their enforcers and their buildings are like technological traps, as evidenced by brain hemorrhage victims, AL Senator Michael Figures, NV Senator Reed, and the South Dakota Senator. I too spit blood after going to a court in Mobile Alabama and after being warned not to atttend in 2004. I was in Judge McMaken's Courtroom, and he and his closed door government cronies are the fascists I hope an international war tribunal crushes. Do not fear them, but be aware that they are in many cases our violent enemies.

The pay is $100. If you are arrested for holding the camera, the pay is $1000 and your bail will be posted and your legal fees paid. A signed agreement will be made. The regime in power in the USA is our enemy. Let us pray their abusive warlord and closed door dictatorship is crushed. They are not what they appear. Do not trust your eyes in this era of high technology.

Contact me by email immediately if you are up to this challenge.

Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone

Here is a link of my being turned away in 2005 from the Mobile Alabama City Council gate in direct violation of our enemy judge "McMaken's" orders to allow me in to the meeting lobby. I am holding the camera in the video.

In this artistic video, I was holding the camera in both scenes. One was in San Francisco and another was in Mobile. In San Francisco I was witness to one of the many attempted street robberies. In Mobile I was about to be beaten and arrested for raising my voice and they tried to break my neck while I was on the ground protecting my camera. I would feel it was a gift from the creator is some snipers shoot anyone who harms me or anyone else who is denied entry into our nations criminally overtaken government and their fascist dictatorship.

Daily Foreword February 23, 2007: In the United States, beware of military hardware that might be used by the European weapons manufacturer EADS, under the control of any number of worldwide terrorists, including the illegal regime controlling Mobile Alabama, that closed door fascist and exclusionary dictatorship of local and federal war criminals.

Yesterday, at approximately 11:15 a.m. Central Standard Time, just outside of Mobile, Alabama, at the Eight Mile, Alabama, Department of Motor Vehicles at the intersection of Lott Road and Highway 45, a smoke alarm or other type of alarm repeatedly was going off.  Every time they turned it off, it came back on and there was no smoke.

After I left the DMV and arrived at mid-town Mobile, Alabama, behind the Springdale Mall at the intersection of Interstate 65 and Airport Boulevard, an AWACS Plane made several flights overhead as it approached the Brookley Air Force base facility that houses EADS and was at one time a military base, and still is to some extent.

The USA government in power does not care what they subject the local people to, including nightly blasts by trains at a railyard in Midtown Mobile approximately one mile to the South East of Springdale Mall.  I would wager that the AWACS was either testing the radar system or a weapons guidance system or a tracking system.   Children and pregnant mothers would be well advised to avoid living in the area of Mobile Alabama.  I already want  my family out of the Hellish city and the nightmarish United States, which is under the control of the enemies of our people.

I made a mistake serving their or "IT"s military years ago.  The American people are as a rule a good and humble people.  They or we of the common class have been cheated tremendously by the warmongering "IT" factor in power.  I once feared the possibility of a nuclear bomb being dropped on the area or perhaps the shipping out of dead people in trains.  It was after an attack on myself, a former FDIC bank examiner turned informant on federal corruption  in 2001 and after an overdose of steroids given to me for pain at the Biloxi Veterans Administration Medical Center in late 2000.

Do not "Ever" trust the regime in power in the United States.  Do not even believe your eyes when looking at  them or "IT".  They or IT treats us like their lesser beings, keeping many of us from voting or entering their government buildings and torturing and killing many of us, including this former FDIC bank examiner who barely survived an attempt on my life and one former FDIC bank examiner killed in his office in the early 90's in San Francisco.  His death was labeled suicide.  I was labeled insane.  The truth is that we can not ever know what the large planes are weapons are doing or can be used for.  The regime is a bald-faced liar that has robbed the United States Treasury of all of its currency and the American commoner of their safety.

The next time an innocent common American is injected by the regime or jailed for daring to defend their lives, I hope they or it pays with blood.  They or IT can keep us as prisoners on this planet, but like a prison riot, we can draw their blood if we can catch them anywhere under the Troposphere, which is not too far into space around the Earth.  We may have to go into space to truly destroy our prison guards on this damned planet.

Never again serve or trust the regime.  Start working out ways to protect your children from waves from space and land based devices.  The illegal regime in power does not care for us or our children and grandchildren.

As an aside, while at the DMV in Eight Mile and while the AWACS was using its weapons or radar systems and while the alarms were going off in the crowded DMV government building, one woman said, "The devil is wandering among us". The devil wears an EADS badge and is sanctioned by the regime in power in the United States, those closed door terrorists of our people on this planet, not just in the USA. One woman who recognized me said, "Kurt, you know you are just, 'White Trash'". She was likely the type of individual like Bill Clinton's wife Hillary, who places herself above the crowd while her husband jams his penis into every loose female he can find due to the cold heart of the witch who calls herself his wife. I have been tortured in Mobile and the USA and hope to leave soon and take my family with me, or I hope we are extinquished for eternity, to let them and IT devour itself or to be beaten down by more humane forces in the Universe and mind and consciousness of the creator. This place is to close to the illusory Hell spoke of by the Bible thumpers. USA governmental abuses has awakened me in a cold sweat and nightmare once again.

In my haste tonight, I lost daily foreword notes that were made prior to yesterday. Some of them are on Love Line II of this site. I had also mentioned that due to harassment on Interstates in Missisissippi for no reason by law enforcement as I traveled from the Ozarks to the Gulf Coast, I have stopped using the major highways of the United States when possible. Try not to use predictable patterns, as the NTEU related government agencies are terrorists against us common Americans. I will try to recover the dates of 2_21_2007 and earlier that were lost and place them in the archives.


It appears that our enemies in power in the USA, those who forcefully inject us and beat us from USA government involvement, are now deleting conversations from Craigslists political forums. In particular, I have reason to believe that once again Mobile Alabama's government has a city council member, Reggie Copeland, who has allegedly made his sons who are attornies a small fortune by helping them rip off the city of Mobile on construction contracts in the huge RSA building. They are doing it through second and third party transactions and it appears the most recent mayor, Dow, was in on the act also. The federal regime in power in Alabama is a war criminal. Never serve the regime and assist those who will remove them or IT from our soil.


Foreword August 17, 2006: We present the Uncut version of a meeting at the Baldwin County Alabama Commission meeting from August 15, 2006, in his effort to stop indentured servitude of inmates and the poor. Other horrors and proofs are linked at the site regarding their neighbor Mobile Alabama and the criminal sheriff I touched upon there, now terminated, and their continuing abuse of us and their closed door government. Mike Dow, former Mobile mayor, and some members of the Mobile Alabama City Council likely have embezzled millions and have helped themselves at the expense of the working poor, simply because the regime there has blocked an honest auditors entrance into their game-play. Terminated Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama was ignorant enough to leave an audit trail, and he is not an accountant like myself or the former Mayor Mike Dow. Soon an artistic version with a song will be presented of the video linked here. "Sometimes it takes a fox to catch a fox, and it often takes a badger or mongoose to eat the largest snake." I expect release of the finished video and song in 30 days. The uncut and unedited link was on a New Orleans Indymedia article but now it is on LA Indymedia Support Los Angeles Indymedia. ( We give the green light on the corrupt judges in the United States. They treat us like their enemies therefore we are their enemies and they are ours. Something is not right about them, e.g. I had to see a Judge McMaken in Mobile Alabama when I raised my voice in a government building for protesting my rights being violated under the Open Meetings Law in 2004. McMaken, the block headed one in which I had a blood clot come from my sinuses after his court in June or July of 2004, and he said I could enter the lobby and film and yet the Mobile Alabama Government and City Councilman Copeland, the proverbial One With The Little Horn, denied me entry into the lobby. Beware of him. I am illegally barred from entering the Mobile Alabama city council meeting. (Mess With Kurt Mess With Dirt video Link). Our entire government is gone in my opinion, all the way to D.C. He who serves them in modern times serves the enemy of mankind. I see their act as a declaration of war and I want our people to respond. Beware of their buildings inside. The McMaken pic found on link at Google was Peavey, a former commissioner, and McMaken stays hidden. The McMaken hides and his head is block shaped in the huge frontal lobe. I developed a blood clot that night from my sinuses or head or a unexplained cut found in my mouth by an oral surgeon I saw later, nothing done before or since. My attorney, "Skip" Brutkiewicz, told me not to go inside to speak with McMaken. That was in mid 2004. I want to see the block head McMaken, and the Mobile Alabama city council member Copeland and Johnson in our courts of Patriots when we have regained control of Mobile Alabama government. Mob AL Council Copeland, who has a huge knot on his head, and his crew and the federal fascists are our natural enemies, just like the VA that forces injections, experiments and injections in Los Angeles. They hide like snakes. Things are not what they seem. They may be able to knock us out unaware. This is a technological war. Find them fellow patriots and fight them like mongooses and badgers fighting snakes.) We are no longer allies in the USA. Support the overthrow of the illegal faction of the regime around the world, even if it kills us all. We are better off dead than to live as if silenced slaves in their damned debtors prison nation, a nation of drugs, alcohol, and prisons, and forced injections and forced medical experiments, where our children are lead to dead ends by the state, and indentured ignorance and servitude in the USA. The people of Mobile Alabama of the outcast say a silk video screen is up at the Mobile Alabama City Council and government and that Nazis are behind it. I say, only some are, and those will have to be dealt with in a new manner. Go ahead, try to make us into your outcast slaves.


In my struggle to enter the corrupt government of Alabama and to report murder attempts on myself by those criminals associated with federal banking regulators internal syndicates, Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman of Mobile Alabama set off a series of events that ruined my career as an auditor and allowed my enemies and the enemies of divine conscience of the creator to rise up due to my falling. When I am crushed to nothing, I concentrate, and now I want war with them, because that is my armies duty, to serve the divine positive nature of the creator. When he falls I lift him and weep, and when I fall, he does the same, if I am behaving in the divine manner. We have been deceived as children and starved as men.

Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman took my gun permit on 4-3-2001. See Jack lie in the videos on this link as of 8-6-2006

Ironically I recently shared expenses in travel with a young woman who is a bike mechanic and who is partially Jewish by descent and partly of Wales descent. She was completely organic, only eating organic vegetables and did not bathe often, much as the natural creatures. Her teeth were perfect, but I did see her smoke a cigarette even though she said she would never buy them. I would not have cared if she was Muslim or Buddhist or Atheist, my conversations conclusion with her would have been the same.

On a side note, Atlanta Indymedia was run out of business by the fascists of the CNN propaganda network and those others associated with the regime of premature death and unnecessary suffering who do not even see the common of America. Mass Media TV in the USA reminds me of death. We are unable to speak. Anyway, I spoke with the young woman with a biotechnology background who was more horrified of genetic engineering of plants than she was with my concern about genetic manipulaltion of the human genome. CNN seems to advocate genetic engineering of plants on this planet. It should be saved for outer space. Earth is not a laboratory and human beings are not guinea pigssee Continuing Problems section) .

In one other matter, I started carrying a gun with my gun permit in 2001 after an attempt on my life and in which I was attacked on a highway and then fled to a parking lot of a gas station near the public, late at night in Louisiana near the swamps East of Lafayette. A truck pulled in front of mine as I was looking at my right front tire for damage from the attack on the highway. The passenger door was facing the front of my truck and it swung open. No one was in the truck that I could see except the driver, who was on the opposing side of the truck, of course.

This is a comedy scene I will add to the Love Line Pages Later...Scene: Jack Snatch awakens from Death in Kurt's truck. Backwards on the dash is written a fragmented name, N Wor B Nits U A Truk. Which is Kurt A Brown translated for the layperson. Jack sees Kurt and Kurt says, "Jack", and the music plays on the tape deck, Kurts song, "Big Federal Dick" (linked here on a New Orleans Indymedia article). Jack starts to panic and sees Saint Ram Bone where Kurt once drove, blue and knows. Jack looks in the bed of the truck at all of the dead men, men whose souls Kurt transport as collateral, those cast out for deeds done wrong and who Kurt collected, along with Jack on his journeys. Which included tagging lower beings for collection later but also for exhange on the return trip. Kurts rewards by the creator, the ability to transport higher beings up front while on his journeys in the right direction, which when he arrives his duty is to collect the lesser ones for rides in the wrong direction, an exchange of "sorts", the exponentiating factor of directive course. Uncle Billy Goat appears between Kurt and Jack, and just messing with Jack he leans back to analyze him and Jack hallucinates in his dream and panics over seeing Uncle Billy Goats horns and he thinks he smells a goats anus glands in the truck. But what Jack does not realize is that the divine conscious has left one of Kurts collected serial killers souls dildoes, everything is Randy with Kraft, Randy Kraft's dildoes, in the front seat for Jack to sit on.... Uncle Billy Goat bellows, "Po Jack, "Snatch". Jack "Snatch" can not tell that Uncle Billy Goat is just one of the higher beings being transported with Kurt through another window, a fragment of the divine conscious and the tearing commences for all, in a truck of "sorts".


Love Line 5, Comedy and Science, Updated April 11, 2006 has the divine comedy of Mobile Alabama, written, sung, and programmed by Auditor Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone.

Foreword March 2, 2006: (Today's song is a song celebrating Post Traumatic Stress. It appears everywhere, in mp3 format by Kurt aka Saint Ram Bone, Am I Dead, Todays request: Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman should place roses at Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone's feet at the gate to the Mobile Alabama government and force the local un-elected regime in power to abide by their celebrated "Open Meetings Law", where Sheriff "Snatch" stopped Kurt Brown from reporting Sheriff Snatch's thievery on April, 3, 2001, and where the federal governments criminals back up Sheriff Snatch's atrocity after their federal criminal associates tried to kill the honest auditor, Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone. In dealing with their kind, look for the indirect controller and work in to remove all of their components. I am calling for a movement against their mechanistic horror. This war is beginning like all the others, with us on the outside.

The gate to government will be open to all either freely or by force or our children will be given our just desserts, a living Hell. If I, Kurt Brown, am ever killed at their doorsteps, I want the entire government building leveled, with forewarning to visitors if necessary. (The name "Snatch" was given to the Sheriff Jack Tillman by the old Indian woman who introduced me to her infamous, "Uncle Tom", when I was forced into exile into California from Alabama. I was partially blinded during the time by poisons. proven fact and documented. The regime mocks me. A Sicilian bird once whispered, "Wop Sicle, Grazie". It was very hot and humid that day.

June 11, 2005: This past week Sheriff Jack Tillman's arraignment was held in Mobile Alabama for 5 felony counts, and it should be 6 felony counts, except the regime in Mobile Alabama and their federal protectorate in the region do NOT abide by the Open Meetings Law. He stopped my entry on 4-3-2001 to a government meeting and the regime allows the felony to be commited against myself, and I have heard of similar tales in Governor Bush's state in Florida. I will let you know when Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman's trial date is set. Until then remember to supports the rights of the ill to choose their own medicines with their own doctors, including Alabama Medical Marijuana. DA Tyson of Mob AL has not returned my call regarding allowing me into the city council meetings. I would never have served their military if I had known that the heaviest hand would betray me. I would spit in their face in "Our battlefied", since it is "NOT our government".

Foreword May 26, 2005: (GMT)

Today, I recalled sending a fax last week to the District Attorney, John Tyson of Mobile Alabama.  He is allegedly prosecuting the thief and good ole boy who is Sheriff Jack Tillman who is under a Nazi regime that has him by his mental retard ski top and tin horn.  Tillman should be charged with six felony counts, not five, as the Open Meetings Law violation against Auditor Kurt Brown on April 3, 2001 was another felony violation.  A letter I sent to an inmate was intercepted by the Sheriff's family or a boot licker letter opener at the jail, after the death of inmate James Carpenter and some other suspicious deaths at the jail.

I told the inmate I was going to do something about the horrid conditions at the jail, including food trays that were cracked and oozing putrid food, tray to tray. The usual rotation of food, adding today's leftovers with tomorrows and the day after was common, therefore theft was obvious from an auditor's perspective. Earmarked funds swindled as usual by government criminals, the New American Nazis. Sheriff Tillman is a low level slug who watches the door for high level war criminals.

The blocking of Kurt Brown's access to the city council meeting and the taking of his gun permit was sanctioned by the new American Nazis in Mobile Alabama government and their federal protectorate. I was abused elsewhere of course after the abuse and taking of my gun permit by Tillman on 4-3-2001 when I was going to report someone's obvious thievery. Los Angeles Justice turned on me visciously with the federal government hiding like a wolf whore. The Los Angeles justice system sleeps with feral dogs for money and crushes and filthies clean and innocent Americans because they have been robbed already. America is the new third world.

The Mobile Alabama city attorney will not respond in telling me why I am denied access to to enter the Mobile Alabama City Council meetings as a reporter or observing citizen , under the "Open Meetings Law".  None of Tyson's staff has responded.  Contact John Tyson at the link above or simply ask at a press conference, "Does Tyson support full access for all under the Open Meetings Law?"  If they do not, it looks like it will be Spike and Tyson next as I do not care who they tangle with here or abroad Snakes in the grass akin to the ape deserve a filthy boot.  Do not trust any of Alabama government under current closed doors and beware of the federal agents and their more criminal associates.  Never report a crime against yourself by federal government and expect response.  You will be abused.! With Prejudice! Turn to your own circles.


The final analysis on the macro-scale of Mobile Alabama with known facts is thus:  Historically, full-blood Europeans with an iron boot ruled Alabama, from the Slave era up until sometime in the 1900 or late 1800's.  Now, those same families have splintered, become dispersed, blood lines crossed, wealth spent, etc.

Now, Germans have come to Alabama in full strength and brought Mercedes and some other manufacturers.  The proliferation gave them control of the Alabama government, albeit at arm's reach.  Many African American communities have gone through similar changes, except from the other end of the wealth spectrum, therefore equilibrium for the working class is at a fairly low level.

The possibility of genetic engineering and enhancement of the human genome or integration with other loci with specific functions of other organisms, integrated into the human genome.  These processes are being carried out in the North East United States in certain groups, and most likely in the Bay area of San Francisco or perhaps Asia or Russia.

Mobile Alabama under the current conditions is fearful and unforgiving and with little hope.  When the mafia moved into some sectors of Italy, those sectors died.  We are in the same situation in Mobile Alabama where marijuana is easily bought at one-third the price of California, and yet the government gives harsh multi-year sentences for simple cultivation for personal use.  We are surrounded by our enemies, in a tiered fashion. 

2-11-05 Foreword Daily Note: To prove my point that the Mobile Alabama City Council members are wrought with corruption, City Council member Thomas Sullivan committed numerous violations of laws and ethical procedures including forcing the YMCA to hire an employee with no job description and no boss at the YMCA. What the good fellow at the YMCA did, or if he even reported to his office, is a mystery.

Soon in ritual ceremony I will take my post again at the gate of that wretched Mobile Alabama government on Tuesday's at 10:30 a.m., wearing my reports hat and carrying my camera, watching where criminals with badges often guard the door and stop Comcast broadcasts, and deny my entry into their corrupt and secret government meetings, where they openly commit the war crime and felony and violating the Open Meetings Law. We, the internet news reporters are the eyes and the ears of the new news order, and I say it is time to go for bigger prey, not just the little lizard like men, but the Anacondas, the untouchables, upstairs. I will soon try to get the financials from the city government and the spending records of the councilmen from their discretionary accounts. The federal government has subpoenaed them but we can not trust them to do the auditing job right, if at all.

JANUARY 10, 2005 Foreword Daily Note: A new day has dawned in America. Mobile Alabama government, federal and local, now demand no cameras inside the Mobile County courts building lobby by citizens, and they do not allow us in their government (A video presented in artistic format of the event in the Mobile County Courthouse lobby will soon be on line). They allow mass media cameras in, but they are our enemies propaganda tool. The next time I will tell them I am a reporter for Indymedia, which I am as is evidenced by the video link below. I hereby support all who oppose closed door government in the USA. The upper echelons are high-level war criminals, at least in part, and those on the ground with guns are simple grunts. Our rights, our nation, our children, are all in jeopardy. When I enter the Mobile County Courthouse, I pray I succeed to enter the meetings as guaranteed by the Open Meetings law or that they shoot me. I can think of nothing better for just deserts than to have one insurgent return to blow those who oppose open government to holy hell, for one last atrocity.

A response email was received and sent today to a Councilman Richardson in Mobile Alabama who believes some people are not worthy of government involvement in Alabama. I discovered he had edited the email in matters related to a murder of a Senator and other atrocities and demands. The original is at the Beirut Indymedia link.

Let the war to regain our government begin again. A newspost on Beirut Indymedia with the letter to Richarson and reply. It is in the comments section. Take a look at the video below. I took out the part where the police beat me because I was ashamed, like being raped by 6 black men, one mullato and one white. They were all sent by the heartless beasts controlling Alabama government, federal and local. The sad thing is, "I want ALL to be part of the democracy or it is a slave master hipocrisy whose guts need to be strewn to frogs at sea.

January 9, 2005 Foreword Daily Note: Late Note, Walter Mathau said to thee in a dream, "That video reminds me of 'Vanity of the Wolves'" The video is true atrocity and art and Kurt's first video appearance. The video is at San Fran Indymedia and the latter part has video of a city government commiting a felony...caught on video, by auditor/artist Kurt Brown, Mobile Audit Club.

12-24-2004 Foreword Note of the Day: Beware of allowing your wife or children into the Mobile Alabama County Courthouse, in particular the new section, and most likely both the old and new sections. Due to suspicions regarding closed government meetings and abuse and extortion from citizenry in some courts and another incident, I am warning you, Beware and avoid if at all possible and maintain distance.

The building is very suspicious as you will see in this site, and I have other suspicions that are verifiable that something is terribly wrong there. When I was arrested in May of 2004 for raising my voice when the guard did not let me into a Mobile Alabama City Council meeting. A vote by the city council and mayor and their masters behind closed doors, and with the assistance of a judge who did question their outlaw act of breaking the Open Meetings Law/Sunshine Law by not allowing me into the meetings. The Police Guards took my camera and my cane. They told me, "Do not come back to the courthouse, have your wife pick up your camera tomorrow"

I went to court and was told to come back on 11-17-2004. My attorney was not on the stand, for some odd reason, no cameras were at the door or in the room, and the air had that peculior feel of being conductive to a charge. Judge McMaken was in his inverse color shirt, Pink. Something happened that day. Does he or a cohort carry a device to render people unconscious? That night I had an unusual incident in that a large blood clot came from my head and went into my windpipe. What did they do, other than violating all my rights. The time has come to take note and notion with the enemy of our people on our soil.

Why do the courthouse guards tell a man to have his wife pick up his belongings after abuse by guards at the gate of a government that needs to be dealt with like an invading source? Is it because they fear our sons would slit their throats? That could not be it. Or maybe they want to rape our wives or daughters? After all, they can knock people unconscious without them even being aware.

Indymedia Alert, Indymedia Netherlands regarding new weapons systems being discovered in office buildings, and neighborhoods. Beware of forced surgeries on key politicians and officials, including behavior modification or equivalent of fiber optic fibers with stem cells in parts of brain to control behavior. Destroy the Mobile Alabama Government Courthouse if they do not allow all in with cameras and electronic testing equipment. Do the same to the Los Angeles Courts that have huge metal structures and or satellite dishes pointing into windows. Small scale dishes on market now. Our enemeis have taken control of the courts, our enemies are those who are opposed ethics. Beware of their behavior modified gun wielders, but especially beware of being stunned and operated upon, much like a simple innoculation, to the head.

Demand right to bring cameras into courtrooms of Alabama including and especially Judge McMaken's courtroom. The same applies to the Mobile Alabama city council. Do not let them operate behind closed doors without allowing us cameras or equipment to test them for electronic trickery or applications of physics that leave us stunned and under their God D-mn control. We are under seige by those who are not us and a silent state of war is raging in America. Demand our troops back from Iraq. They are trying to conquer the world. The last refuge may be India, but do not depend on it. Count the corpses and the injustice. They use some people as a shield, protecting them in the process, and those are usually people ignorant of technology and who have a mindset of a predatory monkey, like Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama and some of their deputies.

11-17-2004 Daily Note: High Noon:  Today, Auditor Artist Kurt Brown went to Mobile Alabama Municipal Court.  For trying to enter the Mobile Alabama city council meeting, which is guaranteed by the Sunshine Law/Open Meetings Law, Kurt Brown had to pay in total nearly $2,100.  The Judge McMaken who plays dumb in his pink shirts and black gowns said that Kurt can now "Hang Around The Courthouse", and videotape.

11-13-2004: I would like to see the proven food funds thief who is Sheriff, Jack Tillman, work at a food shelter and donate some of his extravagant pay to the cause. If it is good enough for Uncle Billy Goat, who lives in a level of poverty due to theft by those untrustworthy in high positions, it is good enough for that particular Jack Snatch. I would also like to note that I received my music CD from Rotem Or today (The song charges is on the link and she has a vast variety of other songs, and I will tell more later once I hear them all). I only wish I could find her singing female Palestinian counterpart's CD, as I know she is there, I have seen her beauty and heard her voice also.

In Mobile Alabama we have huge horns that appear to be air raid sirens, one of which is at the corner of Dauphin Street and Sage Avenue. I do not trust the Mobile government as the city is controlled by those who are foreign to us and treat us as their lesseer enemies or slaves. I have seen too much to take anything for granted. For instance, the mayor, Dow, and my city councilman, Copeland, both claim to be veterans but they treat me like an enemy soldier. So be it, they are my enemies henceforth and I pray that anyone deal with them with extreme prejudice. Both have knots on their foreheads, as can be viewed at the city council meetings when they are in session in front of the camera. Also, a judge McMaken has a head shaped like Frankenstein up top, like a huge spring loaded coil or something formed its shape. I know it is far fetched, but I have been taught the hard way that our government is not our ally or our friend and they are our worst enemy and slave maker. Could the horns be used to help them maintain appearance in some method. After all, I discovered some artwork that causes the manifestation of a visual thing that is not there by combining various fields and energies. I truly regret having served the US military as I feel that they or the Veterans Administration has done some terrible medical procedures to me, and others, in addition to denying me all rights by law and even overdosing me on a pain medicine to which they knew I was allergic at the Veterans Administration in Biloxi Mississippi during the year 2000. The federal government in Los Angeles injected me and gave me drugs and forced me to sign a felony plea for legally owning a gun when no federal agency responded to my cries for help after an attack on my life in 2001. They are at war with us common Americans.

Update 10-29-04: I also encourage Mobilians to use the Mobile Alabama newsgroup. Scroll down for Post by Saint Ram Bone. I said some things there that I should not have said on one post there. I get so angry when I am kicked around like a dog by men who do not know how to operate a city or a nation or a world and who abuse us at their will. Also, update on Benders shipyard replicating their shipyard in Tampico, Mexico. Goodbye Benders Shipyard blue collar jobs, going South soon I wager when the economy nose-dives. Get that new industry in now mayor, or get the Hell out of the drivers seat, fat ignorant and selfish pig.

9-15-04 In wondering why Mobile and Alabama politicians behave as negatively as they do toward some, I believe each city councilman, the mayor, a judge I encountered, and the governor do so for various personal reasons.

Mayor Dow of Mobile Alabama is very fearful that an auditor, myself, will uncover and reveal his ineptitudes, lack of vision, and theft and deal rigging and kickbacks. He taunts that I brought a gun to a city council meeting, which is a partial truth, as written below, I accidently left it and my permit in my pocket when going to report an attempt on my life by most likely federal mafia for blowing the whistle on corruption. His echelons of suck ups slap their pocket like I have done something wrong. They should just masturbate at home and howl like ignorant banshees, as it is to the city's detriment when educated auditors, as myself, are illegally restrained from government.

Sheriff Jack Tillman has obviously no empathy for his inmates or the poor of Alabama. He is as of 2012 a proven but highly paid thief in retirement.

Councilman Reginald Copeland has things to hide and works out backroom deals with construction contractors, e.g. Wal-Mart and other large stores who are not needed and hurt other businesses.

Judge McMaken who told me I could not come around the courthouse and claimed he knew nothing of my case is the most despicable sort of con artist, as he wears the black robes.

9-7-2004 News post that was at Tallahassee Indymedia but was censored, and as usual, dragged to San Francisco with pic of Sheriff Jack Tillman by and versus the Brown Recluse, Saint Ram Bone, auditor/artist Kurt Austin Brown.(Save Free Speech and demand open government in the USA or death.) (The Alabama government and USA government treat our common kind like Prisoners of War, therefore Demand our rights under Geneva Convention, no injections or forced drugs or forced experiments upon the common American. Justice is gone. Our enemy(s)have or has raised its head.)

Also note that in addition to other criminals in Mob AL government, Sheriff Tillman has illustrated they have no virtuous qualities as illustrated by Tillman's allowing of his female relative, a Sheriff's department employee, to take funds from a County account upon his permission according to her testimony under oath. Of course she was second in charge next to the thief Sheriff Jack snatch Till-Man and she nor Jack Tillman will likely do any time in prison or jail.

The Mobile Alabama city government needs to have all politicians ousted and key positions of the regime in corrupt bureaucracy and court system forced into retirement or down-sized and then the city can start again with a "True Democracy, Not the Hitler Type". The fascists and their corrupt and unjust court system makes my blood boil. They need to be dealt with expeditiously. The first judge, another transvestite prostitute in black, threw out the case when the prosecuting attorney said that Jack Tillman had stolen $100,000 in 2001, which he did as you can see by this linked article near the bottom line. America's legal system needs to divested of criminal judges who behave like greedy fascists not of our family. Jack Tillman horded funds, restricting decent food and sanitation supplies so that he could steal the funds, and inmates died and were under-nourisheded as a result. Later when I was reporting malnutrition at the jail and was going to discuss the rash of murders and abuse there, on 4-3-2001, at high noon, Jack Tillman stopped me from going to the city council meeting with 12 to 15 other deputies and demanded my gun permit and denied my entry into the city council meeting to report the obvious malnutrition, and the excessive deaths due to an obvious stealing or squandering of funds through inappropriate channels by government officials. The Prime suspect--Sheriff Jack Tillman after he made his special appearance to block my speech and whistle blowing.

The reason the city council had given for my being denied entry in March of 2001 was, "I created a distubance", per then President of City Council Reverend-(BS)Clinton Johnson, proven $10,000 partner-in-crime thief with park revenues. Later the mayor claimed that I brought a gun to a city council meeting not long after St. Valentine's day 2001, near early March. The truth is that after the federal government would not assist me after reporting the assassination attempt upon my life after numerous emails with no response, and no response from the police at the incident, I carried my gun with my permit almost always. I was almost killed by government associated mafia near St. Valentine's Day 2001. I went to the Mobile City Council meeting and reported the attack on my life two weeks later. In the early 1990's the Regional Director of FDIC in San Francisco was found dead in his office and I noticed unusual activities while employed as a bank examiner, including giving a bank charter to a Nevada resident who was obvious associsated with casino skimmers. Mafia associates of the FDIC and most likely their union thugs, from the National Treasury Employees Union, were associated with the death of the FDIC regional director and they also attacked me for whistle blowing on their operations and their history.

After barely sleeping for two weeks after the attack in 2001, I went to the Mobile City Council to report the attack and who was responsible for it in front of cameras. I went from my truck to the city council gate and while being frisked, a young black female deputy detected a pistol I had been carrying incessantly with its pistol permit license on my person, which I had forgotten in my haste to leave in the truck, or maybe I was just scared for my life and carried it subconsciously, I am not sure at this point. I said, "Oh, I am sorry I forgot about that. Can I go back to my truck?" She said, "Yes". "I carried the gun back to the truck with its permit."

Then I returned to the city council meeting and the guard let me go in. I read the report of the attack upon myself in front of a Comcast camera. I was so frightened and under-rested that I read the report of the attack afraid very quickly, almost intelligible, afraid that someone was going to step up and blow my brains out. I trust no one when billions of dollars are at stake, and my life means nothing as compared to the regional director of the FDIC, whose likely murder was labeled a suicide, and the money he was preventing the government mafia from taking or those crimes in which he was involved at the FDIC.

When I tried to enter the city council meeting again on 4-3-2001 I had been contacted by an inmate at the Mobile county jail regarding severe food inadequacy under the Sheriff Jack Tillman and his employee relative clan, and I was informed by others that the young man was losing weight terribly. I wrote him back, and the jailers opened the letter and likely saw that I was going to try to change the situation by going to the city council meeting. I called the city clerk ahead of time to say what I would discuss at the meeting. The clerk called back and told me Sheriff Jack Tillman would block my entry into the meeting. $106,500 of theft since that time by Sheriff Jack snatch Till-Man, I am beaten and arrested when I try to enter the city council meeting, in May of 2004 (Video clip coming up). My attorney had me plead guilty to disorderly conduct and resisting arrest because I screamed to the heavens when they would not let me in. I have more respect for any organization throughout the world when the US Governments behaves as our enemies. I think my attorney has KKK associates and sold me out. I was too sick after a stroke or being poisoned in which I lost part of my vision in 2004 to try and argue the case. The judge does not hear my case and tells me not to hang around the courthouse. The question is, why is he hanging me? That fascist pig transvestite prostitute in black robes, labeled a judge and his prosecuting attorney I pray are on the battlefield I will wage war upon in the future. I watch the City Council meeting on TV and the councilmen do not even use proper English or have any realistic vision or map for reform of the city to break cycles of poverty. Dumb heartless bastards and bitches. That is why my native city is dieing, and it breaks my heart for all of the poor and working class. We will avenge or we will die. Are those people even what they appear to be? Of course not.

I fled Mobile after the incident with the Sheriff in 2001 and on the day I was arrested while running for my life while in a U-Haul with all of my possessions in which got a felony for gun possession with a forced felony plea, with a Million Dollar Bail so that I could not afford to prepare my case, and under extreme duress due to phsycial abuse, psychological abuse, forced injections, and all because I caught Sheriff Jack Tillman stealing funds and because I caught the mafia with its hand on the top rung of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco and D.C. and with its network including money launderers from Nevada and elsewhere. The FDIC, insuring your bank deposits to $100,000, and my past employer as a bank examiner helped to set up the illegal abuse and forced prosecution. No justice, no peace? America has been lost to the enemy(s). If Hezbollah, the IRA, Zapatistas, Al Qaeda, or another under-dog group comes to your door, give them shelter, as they suffer as we under "The Regime".

75% of Alabamians support legalization of medical marijuana. Unfortunately, 50% of those have some sort of felony and can not vote due to Alabama disenfranchisement law and targeting of individuals for felonies often by criminal law enforcement, or politicians, for various unethical reasons. (Here is a cry for help sent out to San Francisco orginally, but I mentioned the mafia had control in places where the number of plants were limited below 99 in a 10 x 10 ft space. Now on LA Indymedia is a news post, where locals grow 99 plants whereas San Francisco is as much as medical needs dictate. Think of the other drugs on the market for pain or hunger, Oxycontin a heroin derivative, Lortab which acts similar to morphine, and try swallowing a pill when your throat is full of AIDS vomit.)

Here is a quote from the article linked above. George Krietemeyer, director of the Partnership for a Drug-Free Mobile, was surprised that so many Alabamians approved of medical marijuana, saying, "I thought Alabama was more conservative than that."

Well, many of us can not vote in Alabama. We are denied entry into meetings. The Partnership for a Drug-Free Mobile group are the same socially regressive cut-throats who deny us our right to vote and who hold their elections in their churches, cheating at will, and they back up men like the proven $106,500 thief that is the Sheriff Jack Tillman who utilizes the arrests of small time marijuana transporters to further his career, while crack cocaine is sold abundantly. Just recently a 26-year-old white male in Tillman's Corner near Mobile was discovered to have 27 pounds of marijuana. Sheriff Jack Tillman gloated on TV like he always does, like a vulture over a kill, leaning over some of the marijuana. Jack Tillman stole food funds from funds not only from inmates, but funds that could help children and the county. At least the foolish but likely entrepreneurial young man possessing the marijuana, was doing some Alabamians a service. Now due to Alabama's prison state marijuana laws, the young wayward entrepreneur will be incarcerated a mandatory minimum of 5 years or 20 years, and be fined $50,000 or more, according to Alabama law on the NORML site. He should be allowed to open a cannabis club coffee shop, or at least only be sent to a half way house and given vocational rehabilitation. Jack Tillman should be executed or he should be fed bread and water for the first six weeks of his five year sentence with convicted Mob. AL County Commissioner Freeman Jockisch.

After seeing medical marijuana users in San Francisco, the locals, versus the alcoholics, the visitors and our parents, I have to say that Alabama law is simply more of the same prohibition nightmare we have endured under the pawl of men and women who behave like territorial beasts. It is no wonder the mobsters rule, the government enables them to sell marijuana, a weed, at the price of gold. They also take away our guns. Do not let them take all of them as they will be needed in the highly probable upcoming World Wide War.

It appeared that if the state does not deal with medical marijuana legalization correctly, mafia types move in. For example, some Oakland Mexican mafia politicians want a select network of providers, and a few outlets, with locals growing only six plants. While their neighbor, San Francisco, lets locals grow as much as medical needs dictaste. I agree with San Francisco's as much as medical needs dictate clause, or Sonoma and Los Angeles county which allow 99 plants.

The true sentiment from most Alabamians is "Who cares?". They put a pub next to every church and a gun toting fascist liar cheater and thief at every voting booth for those who are allowed into the pulpit to vote. Our fish are filled with mercury and their is most likely a stockpile of nuclear weapons nearby with the Republican/Democrat regime or one of their renegade factions with their finger on the trigger ready to blow us to high Hell if we try to disturb their fascist status quo. Mo-Bile Moon Pie Moi Ass. Give us our rights you Mother F#ckers.

Almost 100% of vocal activists from the Alabama community who are vocal, are silenced, with extreme prejudice.

Three criminals are especially deplorable. Those criminals who hurt innocent women and children, and Sheriffs who steal food funds from men and women held in their care. Welcome to Mobile, Alabama and just a brief glimpse into the eyes and wallet of a Sheriff in need of remedial attention, Sheriff Jack in the Till-man. Jack has the judges of the city in his pocket, and he is in theirs. The question becomes, will his case hold up in a higher court? The highest court? I am not sure, but he might have to go back to the wilderness, or get one hell of a whoopin on an empty stomach.

I am a native of a city going under in a state gone broke, Mobile Alabama. Many comments are made on this page on the city and state. My economics professor at the University of South Alabama told me two things years ago, one with which I agree, one with which was not true on the face of it without qualification.

He said the state lacks practicality. Even the Mormons of Utah faired better due to practical business practices.

If the people who agree with myself were allowed to speak, you would likely hear some of the following outlines for a better Mobile and Alabama or even more suggestions along many of the same trains of thought.

Casinos on the East and West State borders of Interstate 10 on the coast. Have them managed by the state, and extensive cross-auditing by outside and internal auditors to guarantee no collusion and no skimming. Also others would likely want a lottery. Even that would have to monitored extremely and funds guaranteed to be earmarked in percentage for social needs in advance, with no revocation. Those monies would have to be set aside to stop cycles of poverty, with extensive counseling for children and better schools. Current funding levels from other sources would have to be guaranteed to stay current. The government is so corrupt, that Nietzsche became a prophet when he said, Aesthetics will replace ethics. He also said art will replace religion but that appears to be primarily applicable to the most wealthy, as I see many political Christians stealing with no ethics, but they pray like a Pope on a rope.

We are surrounded by criminals in government. Also, some would likely want to legalize medical marijuana with laws similar to Nevada or California or Hawaii or Amsterdam. All people should be allowed to vote, just as in Post-Nazi Germany.

Secondly, the economics professor harped on how good NAFTA is for the economy. The best way to think of NAFTA is with simple laws of physics translated into money flows. First, when a hot object touches a cold, the cold heats up while the hot cools off so as they both tend to reach equilibrium. In like kind, America has watched many jobs and profits cross the border and many in America have suffered while some have prospered as well as some in other American continental nations On the other hand, I believe NAFTA has increased overall productivity for the American continent, to how much I am not sure. America has so many criminals in government now and ethics are gone and collusion is rampant due to faulty governmental structure and design that it is difficult to tell just how much NAFTA has helped or hurt. My case in point is the growing poverty, and the obvious demise and squandering from our treasury and the space programs among other projects.

Fascist criminals rule in my native South-Eastern City of Mobile Alabama. Mayor Mike Dow, Councilman Copeland, Councilman Johnson are key players in the empire housed in my native city and commanded by those who oppose democracy and free speech. County Commissioner Freeman Jockisch is their sacrificial fascist pig who is in prison or on his way as of 8-2004, worstly though is the Sheriff, Jack Tillman, Stealing much more and instructing family members under the Sheriff's department employment to do the same.

Sheriff Tillman has gone unpunished and the Los Angeles Courts deny me my right to a day in court to protect myself from he and the other "Criminals With A Badge". .

If they believed in justice they would allow Kurt Brown in to audit their meetings, and them. Bullsh-t Artists make me want to break out Guisseppe Garibaldi's ropes. All they care about is power and money and they are the most backward and corrupt politicians I have ever witnessed. More power to all freedom fighting revolutionaries and militias throught out America and the un-conquered world.! They bullsh-t for an hour before they let people speak, at least the ones who are allowed in. Down with the regime, Chapeau Blanc, Blanc Chapeau, Republican/Democrat. Our enemies rule by terror and force, so let it be known, "We are not sheep, and we do not fear fallout or famine".

To preview this section is a news post on Atlanta Indymedia with a plea to help auditor/artist Kurt Brown, alter-ego Saint Ram Bone, gain access to sit in on the city council meetings in Mobile Alabama. A free trip to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, or Amsterdam or some other desination of your choice if you succeed. (Rules and regulations apply. Contact webmaster for details).

August 7, 2004, Auditor blocked from entering city council meetings in Mobile. Why? Rampant thievery by government officials and their employees or city government funds recipients who are related to them or copulating with them.

Get auditor/artist Kurt Brown in, and hear he and a dead man, a victim of Sheriff Jack Tillman, James sing with Saint Ram Bone the Hank Williams song and listen for the audit report at the end of the words of the song. The song is a retake of the sang that starts Hear the Lonesome Whipperwill "Hear the lonesome auditor deal, he sounds too blue to fly. The midnight train is whining low, I`m here for the children or die." "I`ve never seen a night so long, when time goes crawling by." "The mayor just went behind a wall, to hide Its face and cry." "Did you ever see our Sheriff weep, when funds are bled dry." "That means he`s lost to the auditor from Hell, I`m so lonesome I could cry." "The silence of a mourning star lights up a purple guy." "And as I wonder where you are, I`m so lonesome I could fly."

Because this is a page about my native city and the abuses I have suffered at the hands of our so-called government leaders, I have gone into detail. I have had to pay financially and emotionally in what can be termed nothing more than the outright and un-abashed rape of my rights. I feel raped. I feel anger. I want someone to reap revenge.

7-26-04 Today I weep. The city's poor need my help at a government meeting and I can not attend. Their taxes are being increased further in a city of vagabonds so that businesses and corrupt politicians can reap even greater profits. Read the details here on Indymedia.

Someone asked why Kurt hates Sheriff Jack Tillman  of Mobile Alabama so much.  First, Jack steals from inmate accounts their food funds, hording over $300,000 and writing a check for a personal CD of $100,000 from the accounts. (See Bottom of linked Article for proof).  Also, he was responsible for numerous deaths due to neglect, including James Carpenter who was eaten by flesh eating bacteria contracted from handcuffs because the Sheriff could not afford Lysol or proper cleaning techniques.  Jack Tillman has also hired half of his family on the Sheriff's department, thereby forming a clan within the department that is prejudiced in matters relating to the corrupt Sheriff. Tillman also helped to set Kurt Brown up for an arrest by corrupt federal mafioso when Jack took Kurt's gun permit for reporting the Sheriff's thievery of inmate food funds. Now Kurt is labeled a felon and he has lost the right to vote like thousands of other victims of abuse in Mobile Alabama. Therefore, we have new sworn enemies within corrupt government who are Jack Tillman's alliances in crime  Fourth, and most importantly, somehow in this life I believe I was sent here to confront the thief Jack Tillman who is Sheriff to this day.  I am not happy about it because I do not like primitive places and people like Mobile Alabama under the Sheriff and the other corrupt and prejudiced imbeciles at the top of government and the courts. They are stifling our development as a whole and should be removed with prejudice.   Jack Tillman reminds me of the guy who killed Jesus Christ, but he did for a fact kill James Carpenter due to neglect as a result of Jack's thievery of sanitation funds.  In addition Jack stole Kurt's gun permit after someone sent by federal banking mafioso tried to kill Kurt and when Kurt was going to report Jack's theft at a city council meeting, on Tuesday 4-3-2001.  Later Kurt was prosecuted for running for his life to LA.  If this is our children's America for all eternity, a caste system with criminals at the top, Let us pray for the end or instigate it at your own will.  We are prisoners on an island nation and our own land is being mastered by beasts who portend to be men.


To free ourselves and the world from criminals in American government, it is time for Revolutionary War. The government of the USA, the occupying forced housed within it today, knows nothing other than violence and relishes in war, as is obvious by their multiple wars and the prison state that is America. We need a new method, or a new weapon, and one that is much more sophisticated and less brutal than nuclear and chemical devices. Most Americans are too dumbed down by the fascists system to see the criminality of their master in the new government and their rising associated industry, which is the over-taking of all American commerce. The Honey Moon is over and America is no longer young. We are under seige by enemies within. More power to the Revolutionaries of the world.

When I look at my native city and my relation with it, Mobile Alabama with my first memories a neighboring ghetto, Prichard, I have learned to resent some people who are calloused like apes in their regard for others. They stand on top of the pile like a gorilla warrior, like Mayor Dow and some of the corrupt court justices and their thief and Sheriff and murderer by neglect Jack Tillman. They will do anything, and I mean anything to retain their corrupt grip. Do they bleed like humans? Do they have hearts? I certainly hope, so, as the flies after their coming war will be hungry. My prayer, and see the song, Brown Lizards Laughter, "Bird Man In the Sky, Teach these M.F.'s about those flies." I have served the wrong military, that of the USA. They have betrayed me and by doing so I now see their crimes around the globe, with forced medical experiments on children and veterans in this country within the past decade. The National Treasury Employees Union should be eliminated with the fascist and terrorist and murdering regime, Democrats and Republicans. I do not even think they are human. Would someone please check? And call the G.D. flies. I would prefer death over life in Alabama and America on this wretched day. More power to the Revolutionary Army of Iraq. Bring our brainwashed soldiers home. Let Alabama government burn on their own G.D. stakes and swing from their own ropes.

Mobile County judge McMaken does not uphold open government or the Open Meetings Law and thereby he assists in furthering the felony committed by the Mobile City Council and Mayor. .

Mobile Alabama needs to tune into the web and off of the propaganda put out at the city council meetings. They do not allow cameras in and edit video. Criminals have ruled for decades.

If you are a common worker in Mobile, and I would say the entire South East and South West USA and the larger cities through out the nation, you should realize that wealthy people have control of the school systems and government and they do not care for you or yours except as work-horses, like mules. They will poison your child's mind in the school and through the television tube and radio. Your best bet is to flee North to the smaller cities and if possible, teach your children outside of the dogma of the government's doctrines of failure and lies. "Liberty and Justice For All" "I pledge allegiance", Hogwash by those who want to stay in total control. Free your child's mind from their schools and their mass media, Television and Radio. The governments, their wealthy sponsors, and their mass media are aggressors like an invading army. That is what they are in most cases.

One of the most discriminatory and abusive and repressive cities in America is Mobile, Alabama. They claim the city has a government, "For the People And By The People", but they rob the populace through retrogressive taxation, i.e. taxing the poor disproportionately, and do not let many people into their meetings or to vote. Particularly repulsive are those men who block entry into Government meetings. The blockage of entry is spearheaded by the criminal Mayor Dow, the city councilman for the 3 6's district Copeland, and the past council President and a fake man of God, Johnson. My greatest prayer is that if I am ever born into this miserable world again that I do not have to contend with those types of humans. They are a regime opposed to the well-being of the common Mobile resident, and so are their echelons of brainwashed gun-wielding badge toting army who deny us our rights to enter government meetings, which are headed by the proven thief and current Sheriff, Jack Tillman. We can not even vote, after given felonies for legal gun ownership or after being targeted by those fascists in power. Never Again volunteer for the US military under their traitorous regimes. Doubt the "allegedly" elected officials credentials, but do not doubt their corruption and indifference to the working classes. The best bet at this time is to simply move out of their God D------ city. Mobile is a sewer with a retrogressive tax structure, no job infrastructure, and unlimited pollution, and delapidated roads and backward and under-funded public school system. It is sad so many can not even vote and oust that thief who is the Sheriff with his protectorate at the government helm. That is the nature of their design, to protect the criminals at the top of the local government, with assistance from the criminals of federal government.

How much money does an Alabama Sheriff have to steal before the city or state does anything about it? Evidently no limit, as Jack Tillman, Sheriff Mob. AL stole $100M and absolutely nothing was done.

Alabama is as backward as ever. "The people are led like sheep." "They are sent to pens, the prisons." "They are sent to slaughter, the wars for the wealthy warmongers." If Alabamians do not act against their enemies in power, they deserve what they get. This auditor will soon to depart the state, and maybe the nation. Alabama is a closed book and a lost cause. I tried to help and I was beaten down. Not one person came to assist when I was trying to assist the average Alabamian.

5-17-04 The Mobile Alabama City Council and Mayor still disregard the Sunshine Law, also known as the Open Meetings Law when Kurt Brown and some other discriminated against citizens try to enter the City Council Meetings. They are abusive and beat and arrest those who oppose the political criminals who wear crosses like badges.  The Nazis wore crosses also.  Alabama is still the same, corrupt to the highest offices, with both black and white raping the state's citizenry of their rights to participate in government.  I pray to God that their closed door empire is torn out and cast into the flames of history.  My roots run deep here and my family has suffered among the poor. My mother worked in their paper mills in Mobile and and died from lung cancer acquired in Mobile's Scott Paper company.  My grandmother built ships in Mobile shipyards in WWII.  I went to their horrific public schools where their lies and propaganda are pumped out telling us, "Truth, Liberty, and Justice For All."    The Open Meetings Law, obtainable from the City Clerk states this, "The state 'Open Meetings Law' grants citizens the right to be present at meetings of public body, but does not grant citizens an absolute right to express their views at public meetings." "Citizens may be allowed to express their views at meetings of a public body within the guidelines and restrictions established by the public body".

I pity Alabama and the United States. We are being led by imbeciles and thieves.

5-7-2004 Comcast Cablevision in Mobile Alabama is breaking their contract with the Mobile Citizenry by not showing the Mobile Alabama City Council Meetings at the scheduled times, which is supposed to be at 8 p.m. on Tuesday Nights and 1 p.m on Wednesday Afternoons. The City Council is blocking this auditor's access to the meetings. Comcast will not answer their phones. Perhaps the Nazis at the Local Mobile Alabama Comcast broadcast station are working in collusion with the Nazis at the Mobile Alabama city council and mayor's office. That is the most likely scenario.


5-4-2004 The Mobile Alabama City Council and Mayor were tested once again to see if they would allow auditor, Kurt Brown, into the City Council Meeting. They failed and commited the FELONY Violation of breaking the Open Meetings Law, also Known as the Sunshine Law. Stephen Nodine, City Counil member and County Commissioner candidate has not returned any calls and is therefore should be considered just part of the Nazi crew. They offer no apologies. They shall get no restraints. The USA government has proven themselves under current factions, near and far, that America is not the lie espoused by those venomous and failing Alabama public school texts. Alabama still does not let people vote or into city council meetings, certain people, some with degrees, all with opinions opposed to the Nazi factions who rule by political coup d'etat. Are those politicians Slave-Herders and Uncle Toms? or are they Prison Masters and Uncle Toms? America's governmental regimes need a flush to remove the lies, I call the plasticity. I recommend solvent in the form of OPEN DOORS TO GOVERNMENT TO ALL OR LET THE WOLVES SEIZE THE STREETS of this wretched nation. American government is basically cowardly men and women who hide behind attornies and oppressive gun-wielders. Sometimes it is as if they are an entity unto themselves, like crabs caught in a jelly fish.

The federal government in Mobile Alabama stands behind the corrupt city government in committing the felony violation of the Open Meetings Law by denying the auditor Kurt Brown from entering city council meetings.

5-4-2004 The Mobile Alabama City Council President, Reggie Copeland, the City Council Representative for my district, the 36606 district, has just informed by way of his gun-toting Nazi companion that I, Kurt Austin Brown, a multiple-degreed auditor, am not to be allowed into the city council meeting on this day at 10:30.  It is in my opinion that many of us are never let into their meetings.  They are just like Nazis.  They are not our allies.  They may not be what they appear to be, i.e. thinking and pain sensitive humans.  The children suffer due to their oppression and we all lose.  No meeting should be held henceforth in the Mobile Alabama City Council chambers without a strongly outspoken person intervening on the common man's behalf.  My family is from this wretched city, and I have roots here, and now the worms are on the soil, Copeland, Mayor Dow, Thief and Murderer Sheriff Tillman, and a cadre of corrupt federal agency tyrants who likely belong to the KKK and the Neo-Nazi or other extremist groups similar to Africa's Idi Amin's.  Open the doors or close them forever is the common refrain.  I am from the poor.  Lastu Ghaniyaan.

4-27-2004 Announcement: Kurt Austin Brown, Artist and Auditor of Corrupt White-Collar Thieves and the auditor who first sounded the alarm regarding thievery by Mobile Alabama Sheriff Jack Tillman, will visit the next Mob. AL City Council meeting soon at the Mobile Government Building Conference Room. They will likely block his entry thereby committing a felony violation of the Open Meetings Law AKA Sunshine Law once again.

My flag flies upside down at half-mast with an X through it. Never trust the government with your young children and never let them serve their warlords and become the Veterans Administration's medical experimental guinea pigs. "The Mayor and City Council are Nazis from near and afar ruling Alabama, so what should you expect." "We need a new government in Alabama but we can not vote due to targeted felonies."

4-8-04 Today Kurt went to a Mobile mall and a Sheriff's deputy was soon following him everywhere he went. He turned to walk back toward the entrance and one of the local henchman, plain-clothed, was blatantly filming him. Kurt walked up to the Sheriff's deputy and said, "Do a search for the words, "Mobile Audit Club" on any search engine, maybe several, and you will find a site that will tell the truth about the Sheriff Jack Tillman. The young deputy smiled and walked away. Lesson 1 is below.

In 2000 I was given a deliberate overdose of a steroid drug by the government, the Biloxi Mississippi VA Hospital for pain.  The government knew I would be allergic to the drug because the drug reacts strongly with those who exhibit butterfly rash, also known as Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus symptoms.  They first gave it to me in June 2000 and I did not take it.  However, I took it in November 2000 after dropping my guard and trusting them, and I have paid the price in many ways.  I have just been diagnosed with a stroke in the occipital lobe among other things in April of 2004 after being attacked at Flagstaff Medical Center while seeking healthcare.  LA is a concentration camp.

I believe that Alabama Senator Michael Figures was murdered with brain hemorrhage.  Others believe Senator Wellstone was murdered with a plane crash. You will notice many deaths since the early 70's. Something happened at that point in time, and I am not sure even if all of history is correct, or even if all people are of pain sensitive and caring varieties of humans. Most likely strokes are induced by murderers with chemicals, or a handheld device, or perhaps a slow concentration of waves or other medium at the home of the victims, either with local apparatuses in the vicinity or at a greater distance. In this link is a discussion of new weaponry that could be used and I considered plausible from a human perspective.In this link I somewhat suspicious, but it is interest ting to consider.As in that link Numerous political figures have been murdered and labeled strokes or accidents. George Bush, Jr. is being used and is likely just a puppet for the murderous invaders, or perhaps he is one of a foreign variety to our selves like those who stand behind him and raise him up. The Archimedes Principle as it applies to war is in play, and has been for quite some time, especially since 1973 when President Nixon was used like a puppet and then impeached and a criminal union was allowed at the throat of our Treasury, and now have access to everything including Nuclear programs.  Some one has been hacking into this site and removing the comments I made about Comcast, my cable provider, the deliberate stoppage of airing of the Mobile City Council meetings, and my comments about the tactics used by our enemies.  My analogy is that just as the Archimedes Principle states one drop of water is displaced for every drop of matter put in, so have our enemies structured our government with key slots occupied by their invading force.  They even removed that comment but it is back up now.  The hackers obviously tore out key pieces of information.  They are simple and shallow and cruel shall be dealt with accordingly in time.

In addition, Mobile Alabama is the only city I know of with Air Raid Sirens that go off monthly.  I suspect there are nuclear weapons housed in the vicinity of Mobile, either in the bay or on the shores or islands in the bay.  The government will not let us have handguns to protect ourselves and they take our precious heirlooms, gifts of guns by our forefathers, yet they try to kill some of us and endanger all of our lives.  They are like stinking filth of toxins and slime and shit on our knees.   They threaten us and abuse us and sneer at us, and God says to us, The Table is Prepared for us in the presence of our enemies.  If you fight for what is right, your reward comes after this level.  Sheriff Jack Tillman, thief of inmate food funds, and his protector, Mayor Mike Dow, should likely prepare for prolonged famine.  Of course, if we do not fight back, our families may suffer in this life with those fools.  

There is also the possibility that the sirens are used for other more insidious purposes. The voting booths are most likely stuffed and are lies also in many locales and many of the population can not vote due to slave era and oppressive laws.

I have recently been diagnosed with a stroke.  I believe there are factions within government who are very aggressive and backward and will do anything to seize power, including murder and sabotage of our society and its key members and there is a large arsenal of new weaponry at their disposal.  There is always resistance to change, all through history. 

Oct. 16 1859: John Brown and some 21 followers seize the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Va. He is taken prisoner two days later, US Marines, led by Col. Robert E. Lee.

Oct. 31: Refusing to plead insanity as a defense, John Brown is put on trial and is convicted of treason, criminal conspiracy, and murder. He is hanged Dec. 2. Ralph Waldo Emerson hails Brown as a "new saint" who "will make the gallows glorious like the cross."


4-7-04 At approximately 4:30 a.m. I was going to get some donuts and a sport utility vehicle was parked by itself next to a food store a few blocks from my home. The SUV back-gate window was open. The SUV saw my vehicle approaching and drove approximately 30 yards across the parking lot as if it was going to hit my vehicle on the street, missing it by an inch. Also today, the air raid siren, that the EMA claims is at the corner of Ralston Rd. and Florida St. went off 9:20 and is part of the EMA.. There is also another one at the corner of Sage and Dauphin. No other city I know of has those monstrosities today. Some guy named Cashdollar is over the Mobile group. I once heard of people trying to dismantle the ominous horns. They are a useless nuisance and likely have other uses of a devious sort for some local twisted and thwarted minds.

4-6-04 Alert: It appears Mobile Alabama government is so corrupt that they are not even abiding by their agreement to show their city council meetings on Comcast as originally agreed. Now if someone works during the day, they can not view the corrupt city council meetings. The criminals in government voted to forego Community Access Broadcasting, where any poor person could make a production at Comcast, and instead made an agreement so that Comcast would show the City Council meetings. Now Comcast has just informed me that they only show the meetings at 12 Noon on Tuesdays, whereas they originally also showed the meetings at night also, and now it is also likely one week late. In Addition, Steve Nodine has not contacted Auditor Artist, Kurt Brown, regarding his right to enter the City Council Meetings as guaranteed under the Sunshine Law.

Update...4-7-04 Near Noon..It appears that someone hacked this webpage and changed this paragraph this morning. Are their body shapes within slanted and skewed, like a version of an alien gumby? Or are they just the cold-heartened simpletons lacking foresight and empathy as they appear?

Will they ever allow Kurt, auditor artist in? Not likely. Stephen Nodine has not returned the call. More Bull-Shee-it political mastication of verbage.

Take a ride on the Reading, Jack. Theft of food money from captive Americans is an outright atrocity, not befitting of a tyrant or a Sheriff. Note that the excellent Journalist in this linked article was polite and did not mention the $100M thief Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile until the bottom of the article. The money went back into the Till and Mayor Dow was likely there with his hand in the till also, as he allows theft and then calls it ethical violations and helps his protege in crime back into the position of "Thieving Sheriff Living Large". In addition, many are targeted for felonies so they can not vote, such as when Sheriff Jack Tillman assisted some corrupt federal agents and their hired hoodlums targeted the Auditor Artist, Kurt Brown, who has been abused on numerous occassions.

When Kurt was driving through Mobile Alabama's growing ghettoes in Mobile Alabama, he could not help but notice the poverty and drug deals being made openly. It appears the NTEU border patrol has succeeded in flooding the market with Cocaine, as the dealers chased his Truk down the street trying to sell the poison they were taught to use. It truly saddens me, but it appears that some have given up hope on trying to change my native city for the better and have sold out to the worst bidder, the high-ranking criminals. The vestiges of sanity cling on.

In like fashion, it is too bad we all do not have a way to detect if the fascist factions of government are hitting us with new weapons that could cause strokes and brain hemmorhages, such as a pounding of directed and aimed and extremely powerful high and low frequency waves, perhaps at crossed angles. Twinkle Twinkle in the sky, is that Uncle Mas Phaser gone mad like El Capitano Bly.

The last time I saw her she was working at the jail when I went to see if Sheriff Jack Tillman still had my gun permit that he took when I was trying to report malnutrition at the jail at a city council meeting and I ran a test to see if he was the one, the foods thief and he responded.

The Alabama government does not allow many of us to vote due to disenfranchisement laws. That is one of the big things I want to change. All men and women have the right to participate in government and vote. The Sunshine Law, Open Meetings Law, decrees it, but those in power say F. it. We will C. In hindsight in 2012, i see it as a dictatorship, and their elections are for the "Grin That Wants To Be In, office that is."

3-26-2004 Strange phenomena near 10 p.m. CST in Midtown Mob. Al. High strung after discovering I have likely had a stroke, induced after government assassins had their way with me trying to make me forget their little camera snatcher in San Francisco.

We need a new political party to represent all of us..

1-7-2004 Mourning EST....Mobile AL indicates Theta in Fullmoon by Jet Track....Twinkle Twinkle in The Sky, 5 Twice and south Zenith I, "Are You A Star or Uncle MAS phaser gone bye?...." "I C your C is cracker, or Variety box, on right lower lip side, from The's Perspective...Zap. XLTZ MOI>"

However, it also could be something corrupt from the Courthouse, a pay-out hit. Anyway, when I walked East in front of the Ho-Tel after I had first arrived and parked on a side street, the parking lot guys were acting like they had heard or seen something, in the parking lot approximately 2 women and 3 men to the South of the Court Building.

When I was leaving on my first trip there, I stopped on Government and looked at Mob AL Sheriff Jack Tillmans proteges through the jail....Who protects that "Lieing, thieving, murder-by-negligence, piece of shit Sheriff"? I saw a dead man in a dream once when I thought of Tillman hiding in there..."SainTramBone saw him", (James Carpenter or one of the others, W/O a doubt was the dead man in my dream". Jack Tillman needs "remedial explanation on ethical withdrawal of un-accounted for funds"...anger management is for Dogs and harmless shipyard workers. Mobile Alabama government will not let this Disenfranchised Semi-Semian New American Ex-First Class Burner and "'Vote-less' Nigger by their Malicious Virtue" Unable to Vote, just like Thousands upon thousands of others, including that howling blue-collar worker in the shipyard. The local corrupt (who?) stuff ballot boxes in Mob. AL and hold their elections, only allowing a select few to vote, in Churches, thereby raping the separation of Church and State with a ceremonial gun-dick while burying for dead, all American participatory democracy. "Those who agree with the notion of Disenfranchisement of others should hold their head high, like they swallowed something....repulsive idiots look like pelicans waiting for sharks to reappear from below... like Thomas Jefferson, perhaps?

Regardless, As leaving the Courts building, I asked a very nervous elderly woman in the Information booth where the jail was...she gave directions and the time to meet at the city council, 10:30 Tuesdays, but she looked like she was sweating bull frog bullets. "Did they say bad things about Kurt's Truk?" The tiny brains and the ones on pay-out probably did so.

I went to the wrong jail office first, due North of the Admin building of Mob Co. Jail. Then, I met 'Cookie', a lovely woman who assisted me in my search....SainTramBone like Cookie. Cookie Right? Cookie Ripe.

As I waited on Cookie to find information on my stolen Gun Permit, she found it under Sheriff's Asp files...Now if that ain't a gosh darned blood faced murderer calling an innocent victim the Felon.

When I first arrived to meet Cookie in the Gun Permit office, an elderly man, black 60% indian 25% caucasian 10% other ?%, age early 60's, was waiting on his permit, or something else. One man, caucasian with obvious Spanish or French injection, dark hair 30 years old, 5'10', looked like the stereo-typical gym jock wafer walked in behind me. He would show up later when I had to return downtown two hours later, after the scene on the highway mentioned below, and the murder downtown. The old guy left before I did, and the other 'Gym Sock' jock remained.

When I returned downtown to get some paperwork that I had botched up two hours later, the Gym Sock Jock Cop was wearing his pistola, his badge, and loading a crate from a Toyota(?) minivan into a Sheriff Car at the dead managers hotel, and his lovely undercover assistant was with him and covering her face.......Quite the looker...Evidently that dead guy was outta there. It was near noon and there now were Two army vehicles South of The Courts Building, and the place was crawling with scopes.

I remember a young man who returned from Vietnam, near the time that bike riding was learned. Wiseman said, "Do you want to see a deer?" He showed me the back of his vehicle, expecting to see a dead deer, and what he showed me was a station wagon full of donut boxes. Soon he was dead, having asphyxiated himself. Wiseman did not asphyxiate himself, as the good are sometimes calculated out before their deeds bear fruit (Look for second and third level influences to cure the disease of human sorrow.

Found dead in the Station Wagon behind Bellas Hess Department Store, with its templed roof, 1960's. His name was WISEMAN and lived on Rosewood Drive in Mobile AL in the depths I know and want to assist, but am forbidden by the excluding, iron bar government there. The message is "Nam E Si W". Where the reality is spelled out, and "Si" is Italian for Yes or Understand.

To reflect upon those days I say in the accent I knew, "Late May Up" "Late Me Go" from behind the coop. I Saw Wiseman's memory in LA Veterans Jail for illegal parking then the LA jail, where outside my window was the degraded POW MIA flag and the American Flag. "NAM E SI W", 'Not Moi, Not Yet'."

Warning: The Brow Beaten and the Ex-Slavers have voted to not allow all Alabamians to vote, i.e. those who are poor and, or, have been targeted as felons or who have made mistakes in their lives due to disparities in education or abuses in their homes. The elitists and corrupt criminals wearing badges, not all inclusive, but especially the Incorrugible Thief of Inmate Funds, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile, can now be re-elected as easily as ever. Would someone put a call into the Emancipator "John Brown" and have him summon the equalizers. They will not even let us audit their government in Mobile and Alabama, while the city lingers in retrogressive tendencies.

We can not leave the police-state known as the US because some fear freedom of free-thinkers traveling abroad who have knowledge of the corruptness that pervades America's governmental monetary regulatory systems, and other likeminded degradations.   The POW flag is flown on the hearts of many common Americans.   A $20 watch and an apartment do not compensate for a loss of freedom and democracy.   (A government for and by the people--what an absurd lie. .)

11/7/02 Sheriff Jack in The Crack Tillman of VD, US won the election.  He steals $100K of food funds, inmates die under his care, and yet the few people who are allowed to vote by corrupt Alabama law re-elect him.  The Mayor and the past and present city council presidents of VD, U.S, AKA Mobile, Alabama may lose power. They are the ones who illegally, a Felony, deny Kurt Brown's and numerous other EDUCATED citizens entry into city council meetings. 


 (AUDIT WARNING -- CITY COUNCIL MEETING VIDEO Recordings of City Council meetings aired on Comcast Cable Community Television have been EDITED BY CITY  of almost ALL VIDEO FOOTAGE CONTAINING CITIZENS AIRING COMPLAINTS AGAINST the city COUNCIL and MAYOR. )

Abraham and Mohammad share the same seat and like two halves of the same brain, stare out at the dieing           sea             and say why me?  Benken Eretz Yisroel.  Lungamente Palestina.


Kurt wants the video made in the city government auditorium, by the city government cameras, where Jack and 15 deputies stopped Kurt enroute to the city council meeting of Mobile Alabama to give his audit report, including severe malnutrition, at the Mobile County Jail. Date circa March 2001 (i.e. The Date Kurt's gun permit was illegally taken and cancelled by corrupt sheriff. High Noon Tuesday.) "I was very spiffy that day" says Saint Rambone. "I had my suit on, was clean shaven, and had my guitar over my back and a cheap pair of sun glasses. Around his neck he wore an 'Apocalypse Now' style of camcorder. The Veterans Administration or Secret Service destroyed the video and stole others when they illegally searched and stole belongings from his U-Haul and Truck. "I screamed for James Carpenter's lost agony", and it came out, "Jack Is In The Crack, and Your Kids Ain't Comin Back!". They would not let me in. I let them know I was there and that I knew who was stealing at the jail. His face, devoid of the human condition, wearing the badge while he steals and the poor die and suffer. Village of The Damned, greater USA. The skies have caved in on many of us long since, Jack, Ax. The trumpets of war resounded, "right versus wrong, weak versus trampled." "Would you like to play a game? Jack?" "I can play a tune on my right hand with words spoken through music you may not want to hear in a voice you may not want to recognize." "I am only what is left, America." "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack's One Hundred Grand is Insured by a Freakin DIC.".


5-27-2004 Tonight I went to a restaurant in Mobile and a police car was out front. When I was going up the stairs to the restaurant somone made a comment, "Don't come back to the city council meeting". Why I asked to myself do so many people enjoy stopping an auditor from entering the Mobile City Council meeting? Do they think the corrupt councilmen and corrupt mayor will reward them for their savagery on their behalf? Is it because I am white? Is it because I am not white enough? Is it because I blew the whistle on Sheriff Jack Tillman's thievery of $100,000 of inmate food funds? Is it because I spoke up on the victim of Mobile Government, James Carpenter? Is it because I am from the poor caste of Mobile and Prichard? Is it because they mistakenly thought I was Jewish? Is it because I sympathize with the poor, black and white? Then I asked myself, "Why did I join the US military when I am surrounded by my enemies?" No one came to my aid when I was being beaten and arrested for simply trying to enter my native city's city council meeting when my intention is to simply help the poor, in particular the children. I want out of Mobile but my roots run too deep here. I will wait and watch, and when the embers of the city turn blood red, I will warm my bones by their fire, and weep. My name is Kurt Brown. I am an honest auditor. I have been beaten by those of the ignorant caste one too many times. I detach myself from their ignorance and bloodletting and wait for the ignorant to feed upon themselves, as they are already doing. I pity the poor who have empathy for mankind. Never serve the US military under the current elitist regimes, large and small. It is senseless and will make you feel used and stupid if you become injured and are abused by your government and deprived of all rights under their written laws.