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Segment December 3, 2011: FINANCE_world_WAR_ongoing_DECEPTIONS_false_KINGS_queens_IN_power

We no longer know who to trust in the USA. Therefore those in power are often distrusted. The world is a war zone in highest banking oversight. After all, the money flows like a mighty river and all animals are thirsty in the world for more than their share, even if their thirst for gold is seasoned with the blood of those who are in the way or who are part of the meal.

The one thing I learned at the FDIC is that a war wages there. I should have not taken federal and FDIC employment. Donna Taneou of the FDIC was best equipped as Tanoue is now at the Bank of Hawaii. She came from a corrupt and attacked law firm in Hawaii. A huge law firm with international connections. She is no longer part of Goodsill, Quinn, Anderson and Stifel allegedly (photo link with FDIC in search.)

I was terminated from the FDIC with no remorse while Tanoue was chairman of the FDIC. She had left the Hawaii law firm to work for the FDIC. It is my guess that they placed her in the position of FDIC chairman and they had objectives in mind. AFter all, the prior regional director of the FDIC had his brains blown out in his office in the early 1990's allegedly. They cover up everything. They are our enemies in power.

The government of the USA does not care what has happened to me. They basically threw me to the ground in 2001 and injected me and tortured me when I had incriminating evidence on a Alabama Sheriff who had a gulag of starving inmates while he lined his accounts with their food funds and he also made money on other transactions I was told. I also had uncovered murderers at the FDIC. Those allegations against the Sheriff of marjuana and cocaine deals and cockfight gambling revenues and covered up murders have not yet been proven.. I have had a small stroke from more forced injections and being knocked unconscious in 2004 while under the control of our most hated enemies in the California courts and Washington D.C. treasury department raiders. No one cares if I lived an American holocaust or that I was injured due to the actions of our enemies in power.

If a Jew was in a concentration camp, would he not hate Hitler? So how can I not hate those in power over the federal governments who have attacked me?. Who are they? Could their rule be technological deceptions? My suffering is no ruse.

I want payment if they are beaten in a mlitary confrontation. We know we are among and under our enemies in these hated United States of America. They put us on watch lists and attack us as they track us. We are under our enemies. We must behave as men and women of war. Never drop your guard nor trust any of our enemies, whether in government or the civilian sector. Never allow them to inject you. Fight them to the death if necessary. That is my opinion as a survivor who did not fight them to the death, and I regret not taking action of that sort against them when I was under attack..

Segment December 2, 2011: KURTS_triangle__HYPOTENUSE_five_STRINGS_motion_MATTER_movement_MATERIAL_beings_INDISCERNABLE

In the end you will say you were only doing what your own human nature told you to do. But what controls human nature and at what point in time?

The hypotenuse I sometimes call Kurt's triangle and have called it before the Devils triangle was only because I Kurt felt like I was chasing the devil as the devil chased me. I am first and foremost in that triangle, a seeker of truths. The hypotenuse at various notes are utterly bizarre if calculated in retrospect and if notes are added to those points over time and space. It is more like a harp design, Kurts heat harp in the devils triangle.

First on the hypotenuse at near center point on the top string, Braman Oklahoma, an explosion there on 12/7/2004 that almost killed me, Kurt Brown is the first note. Sheriff Jack Tillman was still in office in Mobile Alabama. My gun permit stolen by him on 4/3/2001 when reporting his act or trying to at least to the Mobile Alabama public through comcast news cameras. Tillman a known thief of food funds and other monies, a Sheriff who is a former boxer with no right frontal lobe human reasoning, and my life ruined because of his acts and those who control him and own him, federal warlords.

Second on the hypotenuse on string two of the five string harp that stretches from Mobile Alabama to Los Angeles California to San Francisco California is a town near Gallup New Mexico. A woman approached me on Wednesday November 30, 2011. She was a small Asian woman in a yellow raincoat. A collection of high end vehicles escorted her. She told me, "They took control". I am not sure what she meant. I know that Xu and Xu of the Bank of China were allegedly arrested at two points from the point of the first string point on the hypotenuse. Xu was in OKC and Xu was in Wichita. They were arrested in June of 2004 at those points with an alleged 482 million US dollars in their accounts and allegedly laundered from the Bank of China. They were later sent to Las Vegas Nevada for trial.

Donna Tanoue, Chairman of the FDIC in 2001, resigned the same month, August 2001, when I was released from Los Angeles federal and state authorities custody after being injected, tortured, and forced to sign documents. I think my attorney was paid off by the other side of this incident but she may have had no choice in this dictatorship. As she represented me and fed me to lions of the federal crimes syndicates. They love to get a hook in you. However in her defense it has since been proven that Tillman is a thief and without human conscience and he not only stole food funds which I reported in 2001 but he also took my gun permit illegally on 4/3/2001 when I was running a test and going to report him at the same time.

I am and was an honest bank examiner and journalist and much of the label they put upon me has allegedly been removed. But there are those who chase me, us, as if in a war, a holocaust. Many in government are not honest and if they are it is because they have written the laws unjustly thereby allowing them to abuse us in various ways in the USA. See former Sheriff Jack Tillmans huge retirement package in Mobile Alabama.

The video Rocket Man by David Fonseca was an artistic cue to what is going in the covered up crimes and murder in the banking industry. Someone told me that Donna Tanoue, former FDIC chairman (pics link), now President of the Bank of Hawaii was the inspiration for the final scene in the video. The beginning scene represents the man who sacrificed himself by manning an unmanned drone aircraft causing it to crash rather than hit me with explosives while I was traveling in Oklahoma on December 7 late at night in 2004, near Braman Oklahoma. I was told he was burning as it crashed. I saw something huge on fire. I knew it was not a rocket because of the size of the flame and the way it fell in the night sky. I saw it from the corner of my left eye as I traveled North on the interstate in Braman going toward Wichita. The video also represents to me a manufactured human to replace a massacred human. But that is my interpretation of the art as from the eye of a former federal bank examiner with medical and military training.

I feel like an animal who has been tortured. I find myself unable to trust very few people. As someone from the Secret Service told me in late 2001 or 2002, "The trust is gone". That is one of those statements where you have to look at Jack the Sheriff I had reported as a thief a year earlier, and who was still Sheriff until 2006, and you have to look at jack the cash and Jack of the federal syndicates, and think of federal banking frauds judge Thomas Crane Wales who was killed on October 11, 2001 in his home in Seattle Washington and say, "No shit?" or is that, "Know shit."? Technology changes the game. Sadly those who use it do not have the intelligence of those who create it.

Play my harp for me Jack and federal financial warlords. Have Sweet Carol make my IUD a more permanent payment or place me in employment. Play my harp to the tune of $9.11 million is my desire for compensation. It is not too much to ask, rather paltry really. I like to audit the auditors. I like to play Satan with Satan. It is my specialization. Who's an don? Who's a bad don? Ah'm really jut a gut ole boy wit a since of humor and me and the boys play our own banjo harp like that kid from Deliverance(deliverance music), I reckon. To sum it up.

Segment November 24, 2011: TRUE_explosion_GRAPE-VINE_unmanned_DRONE_aborted_SACRIFICE_rocket-man_BRA-MAN

This is a report from Daily Foreword November 23, 2011: During the explosion that almost hit me, Kurt Brown, in 2004 in Braman Oklahoma, I was recently hinted to about something I had not thought of--Someone was killed when the explosion hit or before, as it was burning in total or with a large amount of rocket fuel, as the sky lit up like a huge fireball was coming to the ground. The fireball about the size of two burning cadillacs in one mass or a bus in the distance, like a large rocket trail in a way but it appeared to be ablaze. When it hit, it was very bright and very loud, larger than USN missiles. It was like a small nuclear blast. That was December 7th late night almost December 8th 2004 that it exploded. I was on the interstate between OKC and Wichita when it hit in Braman Oklahoma and I was going North toward Wichita. I drove a short distance after the explosion and one car came flashing their headlights and driving South and skidded to a stop for a moment as if I would stop. F-ck you foreign nationals pretending to be American government employees and f-ck you inbred mongrels picking up a paycheck for the warlords. I pray they die before they can harm any of us any further.

Some may ask does Kurt Brown toy with the devil or does the devil toy with Kurt Brow? Let's ask Kurt to "Come As You Are (music)". I know it same old song.

I ignored the flashing headlights of the vehicle and kept going because our enemies in power had allowed me to be forcibly injected withhout cause in Flagstaff Arizona earlier that year in 2004 around February, under a law they allegedly passed in 2001. They are like the Soviets and to kill them would mean even less, those who pass laws that help our enemies within our borders and outside our borders.

They put pressure on us, therefore we should put pressure on our enemies by looking at their industry in our nation and putting legal pressure to crush them and to remove their formal government stronghold positions. The law of God should reign, true compassion for the American people, not forced halidol injections, not forced medical procedures, not murder, not starvation in prisons, not a prison state of mayhem, and not 400 dollars an ounce of addictive green prozac, marijuana, sold and grown by foreign nationals in these depressing United States of America.

It was hinted to me that it was a drone (unpiloted craft) that was released from some sort of other air-craft. Emotionally the person who told me said, the person who set the thing into an incorrect orbit jumped into it immediately before it was launched. He did it to save me. He was burned. The irony is, I immediately thought of the game of Chess as it relates to war and initiation of war or removal of strategy. Chinese checkers with a new twist soon follows. Life is no game, but I am half brain dead in stroke from being drugged repeatedly and knocked unconscious with government approval since FDIC employment. Some of my memory has been returning after prolonged PTSD treatment by a friend and not a government guinea pig asylum. I am still sick from the injections, the stroke, and what they did while I was unconscious, and I continue to quiver a bit like a dieing animal. If someone tries to kill me like that again, let them do it. Do not sacrifice yourself. That was my chosen death date. God hates me some days. Someone else has taken my place. May he rest in peace.

Perhaps I too am already dead, half dead. I would like to be paid. The D-FIC would not hire me, not yet, and I am partially blind and have had a stroke from tortures and punishments and my teeth are a bit loose from being knocked out after trying to help starving inmates by stopping a thief Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob AL. and I really do feel like the medical guinea pig, "Dead Eye Dic". How about paying me or hiring me, $300 million of Xu and Xu and the Heimlich Maneuver's currency will do. See Youtube saintrambone money launding macau and las vegas.

In conclusion, those of us with imaginations are thought of as insane until a new solution is needed. I like to make comedy in my daily struggles. Leave my destiny alone. Pee Wee Herman's Tequila dance Youtube is how I dance on the cock of the Sheriff Possum Man and his over-fed F-DIC fiends internationale. The explosion in OKC was likely of the same device and not as proclaimed with McVeigh and a truck of fertilizer. Nuclear waste is cheap and available.

Some say America fell when alcohol was legalized. Perhaps they should keep it in the closet like marijuana. Alcohol is a terrible drug with horrible consequences. Not like the governments forced Haldol which is much worse. They do not care if we are killed or maimed. The filth that runs banks in the FDIC's Pacific Rim banks have set me up for a fall. To this day I am harassed even when I go to a grocer in towns like Pensacola Florida or Tehachapi California, both prison-like military loving towns. Many Americans hate each other because they are stupid. They are like starving animals, bonobo monkeys placed at each others throats for a price. Some help each other or at least try when the international enemies in our government through force and corruption make us prefer death over life or try to kill or maim us. They treat us like animals because they see themselves as animals. Some times I even look them as animals, their felonious police forces under the crown of the international dictators.

The international dictators over the USA are nothing to us, just wealthy overlord warlords. I have heard the same thing about Egypt, and even some Jews are fearful to walk in what they considder to be Pseudo-Yisroel, the fake Israel. The followers of the international dictators are often mercenary parasites. We need better escape methods first, secondly shielding weaponries of an undetectable sort. Our divisions are likely not as expected in reality. We are likely deceived on many levels. It is too bad he missed the mark, perhaps not next time, Rocket Man (music) is Braman.

Segment November 17, 2011: TRUTH_seekers_BABY_boomers_FORCED_injections_MURDER_lies_

Truths are such a painful and pleasurable thing. Many of us were taught to deny the truth when we were young. "All are equal", yet everyone is treated differently. "Murder is terrible" yet people in the military are paid to do it daily. "Lies are wrong" yet politicians spill them out like vomit at a buzzard party.

The problem with trying to believe in lies as if they are truths, is that soon you no longer see the truth in your own actions. You become deluded as if in a fantasy world thinking some things are true and right when they are obviously false and wrong. Many of us from my generation will soon be committing suicides and such. We were taught to self destruct. Many do it with alcohol and drugs. Others just kill themselves. The fact is that the Truth could set us free. The truth is the recognition of pain and the movement to get away from the pain. I was tortured in these G-d Damned United states. I was knockeed unconscious with drugs by our enemies in power or their selected war criminal profiteers, those appointed by our enemies in power.

Many people are sick in the USA from tortures that are overt in nature, such as injections in the open. Once you are injected forcibly and laid unconscious, you have a philosophical dilemma. Am I really here now or have they deceived me? Death is preferable once you are knocked unconscious. That way you do not have to return to look at those whom have symbolically killed you, and truthfully harmed you. I would applause public executions if I saw those who allow forced injections on the innocent tortured and disemboweled in the streets of America and around the Earth.

They always lay traps for us. Their courts are nothing more than whore houses full of war criminals who behave like the Gestapo of nations past. Guns are allowed in Alabama yet they are persecuted in California and NY and Chicago. Marijuana is highly addictive yet many say it is not. The government allows the growing and selling of it on the West Coast and they imprison people for it on the Gulf Coast if they grow it for personal use. We are a nation constrained by laws designed by our enemies in the informal government who direct the show on the formal government level.

I should have fled the government after the FDIC bank examiner job. They have destroyed my life, they and the federal war criminal aristocracy in these G-d Damned United States. The time will come for war or perhaps the natural cleansing. I can't wait to wash my veins. Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone.

Segment November 10, 2011: RACISM_five_MONKEYS_california_USA_alabama_TORTURE_gangs

I love all races and mixes of human beings in their various blood lines. On the other hand, I hate them as well, some of them at times. Do not ever hate an entire race or group of people based on the actions of a few.

For instance, I have nothing but pity for the Mexican Immigrant farm worker who is injected forcibly with Halperidol by USA government officials for daring to cross the border. However, when I was in Healdsburg California I was awakened by a Mexican cop as I slept one night at what appeared to be a truck rest area. He and his Mexican partner may have stolen some of my money and damaged my vehicle but I was allowed to leave. The Mexican D.A. in Los Angeles California was pushing to silence me through illegal detainment while the Blonde Nordic judge wanted to do the same. I was investigating murder at the FDIC and had been injected and tortured. NEver work for the USA government if young. You are all basicaly, "The Nigger" regardless of your race or education unless you have connections or are very good at being stupid and silent.

The same could be said about any race of men about racism. The Bonobo monkey is a type A blood human. The races of Asians, Nordic Europeans, and the American Indian (Mexican Indian), all have type A blood like the Bonobo. The Gorillas and Rhesus monkies are not innocent either, Type B blood and the Rhesus Factor. However, underneath, we all have the Bonobo, the most intelligent of the apes to blame for much our intelligence and sexual appetites.

I no longer like California because they are becoming like the Nazis of lore in government. But D.C. is where it starts so I can only flee. America is nothing. We no longer have human rights. None of us are animals but they treat us as if we are animals. Could we be deceived and think we are among other humans and be in a sort of delusion or fake environment? With technology it can happen easily.

Be careful, create "buddy systems" when interacting with government and hospitals, a back up in case a forced needle injection is headed your way such as what happened to me in Flagstaff at FSMC in 2004 when I was getting treatment for a small burn and asking for a check for radiation after being in New Mexico. I would say form gangs but they will just kill the lot of you. USA is no different than Nazi Germany, but there is no Hitler to shoot. The true controllers are hidden in the informal government dictatorship and they control the money and therefore they control the "formal" government. I do encourage the formation of syndicates to deal with the war criminals in power when we are violated. Sicilia would slice a piece of a Roman's face in a comedic style and say, "Let Me Give You A Shave". I have the same sentiment, Bonobo Sam, for the ones who hurt us.

Segment November 9, 2011: FEDERAL_employment_HELL_revisited_BIG_mouth_F-DIC_whore

When I, Kurt Brown, was working for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), I was told by the whore who was working for the FDIC Regional Director in San Franciso, who was the replacement for the murdered FDIC head on the West Coast, that I had "Dug Myself A Hole I Could Not Get Out Of." It was just past Y2K and I am sure she had swallowed her load of Masta's F-DIC cum on prior dates. I would welcome a war with those over the federal government, because my life has always been Hell, and it does not hurt to crank it up a notch. After all, I am in the Abyss.

Lies, fantasies, delusions, or are those religious things that discuss Lucifer from the old testament valid? I would think I was Lucifer considering what I have endured and seen, but I am more of a true angel and not a fallen Angel like Lucifer. One serial killer called me Angel in his diary I have deduced. I call him Fly Boy Guinea Pig, who is Randy Kraft, alleged serial killer. His injections in the military and maybe some experiments might have pushed fly boy into the realm of insanity.

It would be nice to see some live artwork perhaps of the alleged Randy Kraft variety, a dangling F-DIC BOD gazing out over the Pacific Ocean with their bodies posted from the rear by drift wood stumps, their arms dangling like dead worms, their mouths open like F-DIC whores butt sucking blow-flies. They inject us with chemicals forcibly and discriminate against us and disrupt our wives and our children's lives and cut our minds out behind closed doors.

I beseech God to remove his fallen angel from reign over the Earth or to send him to finish it, this morbid life. Morally defunct predators want to kill and maim and devour each other. Mankind is like a retarded ape, our lives so short. Look behind you Sweet, the Abyss beckons, do not tempt Masta, he might be there with the F-DIC BOD already. Never again trust those in power. We should arm ourselves to the teeth and with cameras before seeking healthcare in these G-d Damned United States, the banana republic.

Perhaps I awakened on the wrong side of the bed, but who has my horses head? It is Ironic that when I called 911 in 2001 after St. Valentines Day that I was basically a targeted informant on government corruption. I was given a new number by those in power, the middle number was 911. Exactly one month after the number was officials, the buildings were allegedly attacked on 9/11//2001. Now it appears that Revelations 9:11 speaks of the Abyss and A-bad-don or A-polly-on, which is pertinent if you are Judeo-Christian. If Jewish, Lucifer is kind of a similar clean up guy, a little bit of dirty work with dirty Harry. Is religion a psychotic monkey thing, or do we have to take care of it all ourselves?

Never trust anyone in USA governments. They are controlled and owned by the informal government, which are international warlords with sacks full of cash and bee's hive of new weapons designs. Flee the USA if you are young. I would say, take your pick but avoid those nations with forced military drafts. If they come asking you to kill, you should applaud the death of those who sent the messengers to abscond you and take you to the deepest part of the abyss, the "Hole We Can Not Get Out Of". There is no justice in America. Only warfare. It is better to die a combatant than a slave to the Lucifers that reign on this day.

In a closing comedy segment, a movie scene, Myself the little nobody FDIC bank examiner, Kurt Brown, is having the discussion above with federal banking management's messenger, and the messenger tells me I am in a hole I can not get out of, and I reply, "That's funny, I don't feel like Lucifer". However unlike Van Halen, I feel Tarde, Tarde Dyskinesia and other symptoms from forced drug overdosage and unknown medical procedures. I think they should have just shot me, if I am capable of death. I too am Hot For Teacher (music) in triangle travel. I love to run an audit like Dr. Boils looks for parasites. When you shine the light on a pinworm, it runs back in the hole. However for government investigations I shine the light on the hole and the parasite comes out and then tries to parasitize further just like federal and international war criminals Jack.

Federal Warlords supporting those who are similar to Sheriff Snatch and those who injected me and allowed it to be done, should enjoy this comedy skit based on truths. I enjoy death because it helps me lay traps, irrefutable truths which is what we seek. I was killed in Braman when the Chinese(?) made rocket hit me in 2004 within 12 hours of my birthday, my 44th. Then there was the strangulation at LA VA Westwood in April of 2001 when I was being tortured there with injections and threats and mind control substances and medical procedures and ordered above all else to stop the FDIC investigation. I had made a rope from a sheet after being injected and threatened and forced medical procedures several times, and changed my mind and hid it. I was strangled with it. It looked like the Chinese but everybody is on the payroll of someone else these days. Then there was the mind wrecking frontal lobe piercing experience in Flagstaff Arizona in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center when I was knocked unconscious with forced injections while reporting a neck burn and discussing with health care professionals what appeared to be a toxic waste cleanup truck in New Mexico. Some say I never left the hospital alive. Then there was the attack by federal agents in 2001 when I was investigating the FDIC for murderous capacity. The prior bosses boss had killed that boss and brought in a new boss, the one I was looking at. Big money exchanges over the FDIC rim in the Pacific Rim, from Nevada, California, Hawaii, Macau. Never use VA health care if you can help it. Beware of all state hospitals. Accidents do happen. Then there was being knocked down in Alabama, having chemicals jammed up my nose, being taken to jail and perhaps killed. Freedom of the press for us is a lie. Did I die yet? That is a sort of Yiddish comedia.

In this final comedy scene, it is dark comedy, like Apocalypse Now. The boat is the Gelibolu, once the USS Reid, retreived from Turkey with more modernized and un-patented armaments. The stumps of the beach are riddled with Randy Krafts alleged murder design, a redwood stump up the butt hole and their arms dangling. On the shore two are the crosses of men who I have caught stealing and harming others, like Sheriff Snatch of Mob AL. Then there are my crewmen. I command the aircraft I designed using a large wing, a nice cabin boat, and the men on crosses who are paying pennance for their crimes. One of my weapons hits a time warp and we are back in Southern California on a beach. A couple walks by and sees the horrid scene. They see a Arm from a cross post of Sheriff Snatch, the right arm and the number 1 on the post, the number 3 post having the left arm, the number 2 post the torso, and the number four post has the head. "That hurt Snatch a bit? I reckon. Have you seen Angel? He'll never get re-hired in this F-DIC cross fire. Whats That Smell? (music)"

The shore line has Godzilla, one of our Guinea Pig freak brothers from the USN who runs along the tree line near the street. The freaks of the Gelibolu are now international in nature. Captain Kurt to Snatch "Don't tell me they are angry and aren't going to hire me. I don't give a f-ck. I will sleep on the Love Seat at the FDIC BOD like a Big Babowski and wait for another Big Bovenski so I can broacast it and call in a two million man frontal assault on the big boned F-DIC Treasury Reserve BOD, after all I am just another big boned Loser (music)." Who cares who lives and who leaves, same ole brown soil, covered head to tow. The real question becomes as always, "Is it insane to be sweet" (art video), as I have pondered is it insane to D-FIC when I know I have been challenged and lost so much due to F-DI?. Buy my 9.11 million dollar painting or OBO and I may give sinner pennance. Snatch, My "Big Easy Bud Hole", fill it with your fool food loot. Xu and Xu know where it at too. Where is Yu? Who is whom?. Sweet Masta F-DIC BOD, as you can tell, I am jealous, starved while your international boss takes the loot? In the end, who will replace whom? Or is it, IT?.

At the end of times, our Lucifers in power will give us numbers illegally as they have done to me. The true Messiah will compete with the fakes. The Lucifers will describe us as "being in a hole" and without hope. They project their demise among humans. Beware of the enemies in power in the USA and world wide.

Segment November 7, 2011: HISTORICAL_life_EXPERIENCE_change_NEW_orleans

When I was young, I was not taught the true nature of man except through observation and experience. I was some times hungry and without food as a child and a teenager. I would not beg and I would not sell myself sexually. We were taught to view the saint in a man, not the predator, although hunger makes one into a predator in some cases. Now with the lies of life exposed, I wait for God to show his or her teeth or teet in the next life to me, the meaningless piece of sh!t that floated up into New Orleans. If only I had known then what I know now. Circa 1973 New Orleans. Moon Over Bourbon Street (music). Many kill each other and imprison each other. The monkey is in man and it is not far fetched in history. I remember the innocence. Many laugh when others are poisoned, tortured, or f-cked. The FDIC has their employees sleep with the higher ups, whether at the Seidman Center or in Hawaii. They may inject you there. Once again in 2000 I was an Angel just like in 1983, but the Angel was shot down with Needles and that Angel died and is no longer around. I know the federal government allows Forced Injections in LA and Flagstaff and more. It's all here on Mobile Audit Club and links for proof. Even the Mexican migrant worker is injected forcibly if he skirts the fence on the wrong day. God help us as we bath in our blood and misery.

Like a wounded lion I laid down with a lamb in 2010. By 2011 some of the PTSD wounds inflicted upon me were gone, but the enemy still lurks there, always waiting to pounce, as my rights have been apparently removed. America is nothing but some of the people are as loved as a jewels in a crown. The damage they are doing to us behind closed doors is immeasurable and can not be permitted. We may have to put some of the Jewels in the crown atop this wretched wrenched nation. Or maybe it is God that tells us to leave. I listen to it and can smell the need for change and remember those lambs like an innocent Desert Rose (music)

Segment November 1, 2011: HISTORICAL_life_CHANGE_viewpoint_ANGEL_human_INDIFFERENCE

When I was young, I was like an angel. I did not want to see the smallest things harmed such as birds or some insects. The idea of humans being harmed made me cringe. I had true empathy. That changed after the year 2000. I was injected and tortured and attacked in 2001 and injected and tortured and attacked some more for many years. I called myself an investigative journalist while I was seeking the truth. The truth is that the USA is a living hell for many of us. We did not come prepared. We should have no human empathy for anyone. Those in power over the government and the mass of the populace at the top of government and the wealthy landowners do not care for me or mine or yours, unless you are in a special protected cusp, and even they will often kill each other for the money and power and control over society and resources.

Now, after being injected forcibly and repeatedly with chemicals and having endured many known and unknown forced medical procedures, it is as if my mind has changed. I do not cringe when I see a human being attacked or maimed or jumping from a burning buillding. In most cases I do not care if they live or die, and in some cases I want a front row seat when I see their life force leave their body at their time of death if they are part of those who have harmed me and mine and who profit from it financially. After all, they do not care care about anyone so why should anyone care about them?

Considering we do not have a democracy or a humane government in the USA, I would not care if a nuclear bomb or other weapon wiped out the North Eastern USA or elsewhere such as Los Angeles. I would only hope that a humane human could assemble a military dictatorship to remove the war criminals who are in control in the outer provinces of these hated United States of America, whether California or Alabama or Florida.

The best thing you can do is flee our enemies in power and hope their enemies kill them as they were attacked in 2001 on September 11. It was not what the media reported. Something else knocked those buildings down. We have no government. We have no army. We have no control over our lives or our children's lives. I pray for God to break the window, the gate, and set us free from our enemies on Earth just as he does in Heaven. Never salute their flag or mourn their deaths, those at the top and their wealthy international dictators of the informal government/dictatorship. They do not care about us nor each other. We do not care about them. If you are 18 in age, I would advise you to flee the USA or come to realize it for the slave encampment that it is. Many would applaud each others deaths in battles one the highways and cities of America if it was in a valiant holy war that could erupt in the USA. Never trust them, and never back them up as they will turn on you as they have many others born in the USA and elsewhere. We may be "Better off dead."

The FDIC and Treasury and Federal Reserve are controlled by the informal dictators who control the formal government. They have moved us into the position of slaves with their selective lending and non-lending of treasury resources. They loan trillions overseas so they can come back and buy up assets and we can not even sell a home often at fair market value because a wrench has been applied to the money supply, the government backed lenders. They want us to be slaves or dead. We want them to be dead or removed from power by force. That is the only way at this time, and technology can make it as easy as removing a wet rag from a wound.

In another matter, those few people I have met with hidden wisdom and foresight in my life are now gone now or moved on. I remember one man who was trying to warn me when I was young. He left the USA I think. That was so long ago. In a college class another informed me of the "informal leadership" versus "formal leadership" principle. He knew I was being set up or let down. He knew that I would see the government for what it is. A informal dictatorship government controlled by international money resources that control the formal government, particularly the more material government positions.

The idea of war is more palatable when we are harmed. Twice I have missed my death appointment. It is the young for whom I am concerned. We were led to slaughter starting in the 1960's till present time. I always laugh when a oxen stumps a cruel and ignorant malamute to death. Many people in the USA and the Earth are without human virtues yet try to wear the crown of kings.

In a quote by a banking celebrity, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!" Attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 - 1812). He should have summed it up by stating that the reason it does not matter who makes the nations laws is because if he controls the nations money supply he can buy a lot of new laws to eliminate the old ones and he can also remove those people who challenge him one way or another. The USA is nothing, a public school lie with atrocities to be suffered by most under those who control that flag. Hussein of Iraq had a face. Qadhafi of Syria had a face. Pardon the spelling of the names, but it is impossible to name the exact war criminal whose face is hidden in the USA governments, because I am sure they would be killed by Americans on American soil in many cases. They are like a snake and it must be thought of as being at the top of the tree, the information tree, but not the creation tree. There is a way out, always it seems. The question becomes, can you or we make it successfully?

As a final thought in a larger vein. I remember meeting a man who was going to kill me and I could sense it. His name was Randy Kraft, a serial killer who would get caught two weeks after I met him and avoided his traps. The year was 1983, and since that time I have learned that I can sense true insanity which is much of what we have allowed in the governance of "our" people. Medical torture is not allowed yet it is permitted. Murder is persecuted yet it is condoned. That which is material is viewed as immaterial and vice versa. Illogical actions are nonsensical whether in religion or governance and many of us can sense illogical people or illogical actions of otherwise logical people.

I have a tip for witchhunters of the Randy Kraft Serial Killer vein. His list of coded deaths is in binary form, one on, one off. Divide the number by two on the list and you have the number of kills. I am the one he called Angel. I am binary 1 or 0, I survived. I am the next to last on his list. He killed a young man two weeks after we met, was caught, and the dead man's name was already on the list, "I reckon". Sadly enough, I wonder if Kraft had never joined the Air Force and had he not received the injections that are common for all military men, would he have gone that insane? Many of us are suspected military medical guinea pigs. If you volunteer to die for the USA government, you also volunteer to serve as guinea pig along the way, even if it is not so randy with Kraft. In another musical note, it is hailing in the driveway and playing Jamie's Crying with Van Halen. Too much PTSD Sweet Master? Too Krafty on this side of the fence, I know the F-DIC. 9.11 Million due and payable to Captain Kurt, the Angel of Hawaii F-DIC needle job too, too Sweet, toot suite, three hundred pound , mamma over a stack of F-DIC doo in charge of you know who. I would have done the same for you, Sweet and Masta too in the chambre de F-DIC couche. Now who is forking whom? Again?9.11, the illegall middle number spelled it out. It is small change for those money laundering syndicates skinning the Vegas San Francisco Macau/Hong Kong Hawaii F-DIC chute.

Fruition through discernment. The idea of things coming to fruition through discernment, i.e. they were always there. You just focused. I think the one thing that struck me about LA in 1982 were the dining tables in the greasy spoon restaurants. All of that Mom and Pop and Italiano sh!t. Makes one want a Muffaloto and watch the traffic and think ahead to White Zombie 1965 (music) while looking back. "Dont drink out of that strangers bottle now you hear! Sweet sips it with her head back F-DIC style at the Seidman Center in D.C. Vomitus coitus. The truth shall set you free. 9.11 million to be exact. You know the account.

ARD F-DIC Sweet and Sheriff Snatch always want to chew on a MASS-A meet, even if it catches me between the knees. Mindful heart so meager to please, 9.11 Million for your freak-in F-DIC disease. 1992 was it sweet? Or does it really take just one to beat one's meat and blow one's mind amid F-DIC San Francisco skeet. Beastmaster music.

A personal note to Snatch: When I think back on Kelly who predicted her own death and how I really dread I missed her call, and how much I loved her in a sort of youthful teenage way, and how I have always dreamt of maybe one day a method with science to make one exchange their life for the life of the dead, a living heart swap, like the LA VA Westwood likes to practice and things like that. I would exchange you for the Living Dead Girl (music), Kelly in Heaven from Monroe County art thou name. Twice baby, I'm coming, I missed them twice or thrice, but I am coming, up the mountain I cum, Sweet Snatch.

Segment October 16, 2011: RELIGION_science_DEATH_experience_UNI-LATERAL_rattle_EXPANSION_origin_INFINITY

Some believe in the oddest thing about death. Life in death, death after life, and the in between, an undefined yet almost Purgatory type of environment resembling life when ugly or lovely.

The moment of the loss of life to the body beyond the point of no return, when all who are in earshot of the mourners, know what is going to be heard, in one form or many others, the other side of the death rattle, the anti-thesis to birth.

The idea of the expansion of the spirit from point of origin to the infinity of the creator, the final resting point of the soul, while the body lays lucid like the outer shell of the vacant locust. Do you hear it, get the message, ever, while not in the room? If you are a Dead Eye Dic you may get to sit down and have lunch with the dearly almost departed if you, "think fast".

I, Kurt Brown, do have a sense of humor in mourning, as we all lose our loved ones, we all know, there is a finally resting place for body and soul, Jack. Cats in the cradle (youtube music link) on both sides of the window half of the time unless you are a Dead Eye Dic, Sweet.

Segment October 2, 2011: NUMBERS_meta-physical_SAUVANT_inquiries_ANGER_management_DISPERSEMENT

The dates and names of ships interest me, particularly those which I had seen or known of during my stay allegedly in the U.S. Navy. The ship I was on was the USS Reid FFG-30 which I renamed as the ship Dire. The name was to match another ship named Stark, FFG-31, and of course the USS Jar-head, which they called the USS Jarrett FFG-33. The FFG-31 was hit by two exocet missiles allegedly in the Iran-Iraq war and decommissioned around 1999.

The FFG-30 was a likely medical guinea pig boat per my estimation and endurance. It was sold to the Turks around 1999. It supposedly has removed the large anti-missile rockets and the large computer controlled machine gun. The FFG-33 Jar Head was quartermastered by the dumb bastard who told me to come to Long Beach California to be on the USS Reid FFG-30. His quote in QM School was "Get off my cloud dude" to the instructor. I met a serial killer near his home. I understood why he was as he was, the FFG-33 Quartermaster. The FFG-33 later got a female captain. The FFG-33 was decommissioned on April 22, 2011. I was injected forcibly on April 23, 2001, and had laid my head down on my pillow in my vehicle 10 years to the date of April 22, 2011. I had laid down homeless in my vehicle outside a LA VA Westwood hospital gate. I will never trust the government again. We fight inside it seems, as irrelevant as passing embers.

Ironically the FFG-33 USS Jar Head allegedly fired their large machine gun at the USS Missouri spraying it with the huge bullets with one reported shrapnel injury on the USS Missouri. That is ironic because the Navy wanted me to Quartermaster, if I recall, the USS Missouri or the USS New Jersey during the Falklands Islands crisis. I told the 1st Class Petty Officer whom I made angry with the statement that I follow the motto now, "Never Again Volunteer Yourself.". They turned me into a medical guinea pig and now I want a Mass of Ard F-DIC role, in the equivalent value of 9.11 Million US dollars after working at the FDIC among someone's killer. As a sailor would ask in a pirated vessel, "What really happened here at the Bloody San Francisco F-DIC mate? Same Ole Sh!t?". They have busted the honey dew open. We only have to seize the day, but you must be aware that many games of charades and closed doors and windows and ceilings are played by the war criminals grown proper here in Unidos Estados y gestapo de universal.

Segment September 14, 2011: WORLD_angola_4_generals_DEAD_plane_CRASH_distress_SIGNAL_before_WRECK

The plane crash in Angola today killing 4 generals was presaged by a dream or a warning, " A distress call came out before the plane went out of control, Mobile Audit Club, Mobile Audit Club, Mobile Audit Club". Here is a link to the Angola plane crash information and you will note some information about Angola at the BBC news link at the bottom of the page linked here with crash information.

The entire Earth can be overtaken and the entire Earth can be left in chaos. Mankind is lucky not to be an absolute slave. When I see Angola I see outside manipulation that plays on the ignorance in mankind. Inside us all is one over riding creature, the bonobo monkey. The Angolans as a blood line are the same as the European, closely related to the Bonobo, but they also are even more closely akin to the docile gorilla, another of mankinds ape relatives of a human blood type.

It is ironic that someone would call out to Mobile Audit Club even if in a dream. And like the 4 horsemen, the 4 generals came out of the night without a knife, without a flight. Who knows what happened to the plane. If man does not transcend ape behavior we will always follow the myth of sisyphus and say we tried but we never made it. Outside influences are robbing the Angolans and greed within. I would rather hear their singing enroute to Jamaica to catch a celestial flight with me and Corporal Ping.

Segment July 12, 2011: QUASI_mechanical_UNIVERSE_double_SPHERE_bilateral_brain_COMPUTATION_assistance_SUBCONSCIOUS

My life, that of inconsequential Kurt Brown, has demonstrated one thing to me -- All things here in this life are immaterial, including me. It could just turn out that I was brain dead from the outset, like a stone with a captor who breathes life in thought into the voids and seals.

This life is hard for the inner being in many of us. I see us there draped in our clothing coated in those filthy things we roll upon in the ground while we toil. I see a man draped in a pigs clothing.

The truth is that we try to make sense of it all, and we are all different. I may be deceived in those things out there. I am not sure, but some how I do not care if the flesh perishes any longer, my own flesh, and my only regret is that I have left suffering here, simply by being human and draped in the filth of this life, a pigs clothing.

I reach beyond myself. I reach to the outer consciousness, or try to. But I am not sure if I reach that thing beyond myself, the outer conscience of what some may some times call God or Allah, etc. I reach there as aan apertif to speech some times. The words come out invented and multi-faceted if not multi-lingual. I am speaking of a sub-conscious connection where my mortal mind tries to open the gate to that immortal mind. I find it is sometimes easier in movement, such as an investigations or the stalking of the unknown than it is in speech. However, I know when the gate is open. Of course, it could be the sunconscious mind of a man, the right hemisphere of the brain or a shadow there of in the left hemisphere of the brain.

All of this horrific training I suppose is for my benefit, perhaps a later greater glory, a time when I will laugh at the oddities of this life and the hardship of the human who was descended from apes and who rolled in a pigs clothes.

Words such as ARD F-DIC Party Clown, which was the nickname of an act I put on during criminal investigations of criminals in government, are sprung from that more playful side of my hidden personality, that of the man in the right mind, whether here or with the man above. If we are an echo of God, then God plays like a monkey too.

Today I sat at a table next to an old guy who had the number 55 on his shirt. He ate his lunch as I did. His eyes welled up with tears and he said, "The federal government has gotten mean". Yes, a man in pigs clothing aate lunch next to me.

I often listen to music while in distress on the web, like now. I hear the words, do a lyrics search on the be web, and the song comes out. The words poignant, can only capture things at one point at one moment of a triangulated glance. "I want to name my Mockingbird 'Snatch'" (music video link Mockingbird)

Segment July 11, 2011: HOLOCAUST_earth_WAR_criminals_MAN_beast_IN_man_EXTERNAL_internal

When I think of the men used in military experiments and killed in Los Angeles in 1999 at a federal testing facility on Veterans Administration property at LA VA Westwood I wonder if there was any relation to what happened on September 11, 2001 in New York City. When I examine the scars I, Kurt Brown, have that are unexplainable, including scars in the roof of my mouth, and those on the top portion of my head, I wonder if I was altered in the military and put into the FDIC because our people do not control this nation or this Earth. I was stationed in the Los Angeles area in the military in the early 80's and I suspected forced medical experiments and unknown medical procedures on some military men. I was forced injections and medical procedures at LA VA Westwood in April of 2001. I would rather have been killed and would fight to the death if I was given the option again. A better option is to avoid this Satan and their alliances. Avoid all government contact and shut off their media. They are a deviant sort in power. Do not allow them into your life and you will likely have a better life, for a while at least. The best thing you can do to is flee them, and if they bring an arsenal, detonate it in their cargo holds if you can do so. The use of the correct technologies and methods can render them harmless.

I now think of the overriding actions of the government of the USA to be much like Satan himself. They control enormous wealth. They are vicious toward humans. They put their own warlords at the top of every government agency. They violate every law and rule regarding civil and humane conduct.

Considering the fields of dead men in battlefields over the centuries, it is no wonder we fight each other here in the United States. When I was in California working, I soon determined that it was a closed door employment situation. They open the door and then they push us out of employment. There was no remorse, no second thoughts, and I know their Satan has maintained his throne. He killed the prior boss of the West Coast FDIC. He attacked me viciously in the courts and in the streets. My death would mean nothing to him, and their deaths would mean nothing to me.

I wondered who is this Satan in charge of this alleged once great nation. The USA has never been great in my mind. As a child they had harnessed me into a planned military draft for the Vietnam war when I was young. People were being killed in Vietnam or killing themselves when they returned. I knew some of those people. The government tries to call me insane. What else could you expect from those who are like Satan himself, with no remorse, no virtue, only greed and money and weaponries.

The human species is largely a direct descendant of the Bonobo Monkey. Blood type A prevalence around the globe proves this fact. Asians, Europeans, and American Indians carry Blood type A in their genetics, and so does the Bonobo Monkey. The Bonobo is a cannibal and eats their own kind. The Bonobo knows how to use tools to work. The Bonobo is very promiscuous sexually, including heaving homosexual sex between the females, and the Bonobo also had sex with other animals including the Gorilla. The Gorilla and the human share a common blood type, Blood Type B, and it is a common blood type in Africa and likely in some parts of the Mediterranean. The Bonobo also had sex with the Rhesus monkey and now the rhesus blood type is common in humans, i.e. the rhesus factor. If you are A+ blood type or B+ blood type you carry the traits of the apes above. If you are blood type O, you are simple hiding your blood type by having recessive genes for those markers, A B and + in your blood cells.

The question becomes, is there a Satan? Or does Satan reside in the collective mind of men? I would say the latter, but I am not sure if some men have taken over the Earth and everything in it. I have unexplained scars and I have been tortured in America's torture chambers, their hospitals, both federal and those controlled by the federal government.

I was in California and Alabama when I was tortured. I was primarily tortured in California in 2001 and later in 2004 in Arizona at the Flagstaff Medical Center. When I saw NYC being attacked on 9-11-2001, I was hoping for the end of time. I had just been released from custody and had been tortured with forced injections and other medical procedures, threats, and basically extortion by those people in control of the USA government in California. I wanted a Nuclear bomb to hit those who hurt me. I want Satan's head on a platter, even if it means the death of mankind. Never expect the people in California at the top of government agencies such as the FDIC to care about any of us. Many of us are warring tribes historically and we want to kill each other in the streets of America. Never trust anyone in the government. Teach your children the true nature of man and have them try to be above the Satans in power. Many of our grandchildren are being taken by the government. They always pretend to care more for children, but they care for no one really. A dysfunctinal family with children in the home, is better than handing your children to that Satan in power. I firmly believe, like the old testament, it is better to bash your head and your childrens heads over rocks than to be taken captive by the Satanic sort in power.

I would like to make a day of prayer for April 3 of every year to pray that the Satanic like cult in power is removed from power. I believe we may have been hit with technologies at birth. We were likely born in a pool of our own blood and floating in their toxins, those of the hated government, the Satan with a smile, some call Uncle Sam or Big Brother. Never trust them and know that many would kill you. Those at the top of the government agencies are often the worst. Satan incarnate. Never work for the government. They will use you medically and starve and jail you. They are nothing to us and we are nothing to IT.

Segment July 8, 2011: CURRENT_events_HISTORY_holocaust_LIES_eternal_WARFARE_lesser_APE_traps

Many times I, Kurt Brown, was injected forcibly by government officials for doing absolutely nothing, once after being an FDIC bank examiner and doing work as an investigative journalist, and simply being asleep on the edge of VA properties with a moving Van. We all can not afford hotels. Everything is for sale in the USA and many are killed or tortured. The government and the people of America are often predatory, especially in the cities, whether Los Angeles, Mobile, or San Francisco. That was the triangle I worked and I ended up injected forcibly in Los Angeles and in Flagstaff Arizona and beat down in Alabama.

Since the injections, I have wondered about many things, and I wonder if they harmed me for life when I was unconscious or before when I was in the military in the USA. I would have preferred death rather than what they did to me. I am a peaceful man. I stalk the stalkers when I want payment. The stalkers work for the warlords in power. They killed an FDIC regional director and they tried to kill me, an ousted and tortured former FDIC bank examiner who became an informant. The American dollar is coated in insured blood. I assure you, we have nothing. I have nothing. They made me wonder about life itself. They abducted my grandchidren this year, claiming they were altruistic. Our enemy is in power. They take our children like they care for us. We are lied to and they must be stopped. They made me wonder if my parents were mine. Could they abduct people and give them a lower caste reality? I await warfare like juice in Arabia. The lies and the war are one. Our enemies are in power. Never trust them. Never think a loaded gun will protect you. Inside mankind is the Alpha Male Bonobo monkey and he is a savage cannibal. America and the Earth are like a prison. It can be a jungle out there. Your enemy is always there. They sometimes come with smiling love on their face and a predatory animal nature in their hearts and minds. They want everything you have, even if a little. They have robbed me of everything except human dignity. They want that, but they will have to kill me to take it. I hope for the overthrow of the monkey kingdom in power on Prison Planet Earth. We may be, I may be, better off dead. Never trust the governments, their buildings, their hospitals, their smiling fat headed warlords. Do not whimper if they are attacked. Do not look back if you can flee. This is Hell on Earth at moments.

Do not allow them to take you captive if you can avoid it. You will be better off dead. I am one of their survivors who howls wounded in the night and no one hears. No job, no mercy, no sympathy, nothing, just more predatory attacks in various forms. They lied on records before my court in 2001 saying I had a prior felony, now removed in 2011, and they lied on medical records at the VA saying I was insane and they injected me before their court hearing with mind blowing chemicals. I think I went to court. I am not certain. I want their judges and attornies injected before court in front of a newly assembled army of humane humans on Earth if we can get our hands around the war criminals in power. Do not trust them. Flee if you can if they approach. Pray for the deaths of they and their support if they attack you. Assemble yourselves. Where is God? Written on the back of the Bloodied F-DIC insured currency. Sip it, taste it, suck the F-DIC blood out till its green back.

Segment June 30, 2011:  TRUTH_witness_OBSERVANCE_contradicted_WAVE_consciousness_LIFE_death_INTERIM_species_SEPARATION_deviation_SUBJUGATION_tribulation_CASTRATION_spit

As I witness the world I began to contrive those mathematical probabilities one computes in a hostile environment of life death pleasure and sacrifice and I realize that I am not only in a hothouse, but a whore house known as prison planet earth, where if it is not raped, it is stolen, coerced, cajoled and I am the center of my own pleasure seeking and those pleasures are as perverse and as natural as the sane and insane I come across, and to avoid distractions, I am sure God and I oily only ask, "Where the f-ck did you take my grandkids and what the Hell did you do to me while knocked to the unconscious or the subconscious and how many things do you think you can you take before I know you have taken IT's toll?

The distraction could be in the manipulation, where the numbers are less, all of the children are stolen, and as we stare as children or adults, we dare ask the question, am I merely dead in part of the core and wrapped in the cocoon that I know as life, yet dangling there, as a grub, waiting for the next phase, as a cell in a tree or being of life.

The idea that we can be injected with chemicals hypodermically by law in the alleged thing known as the USA with its alleged belief in God, I have to ask, whose God are you praying toward?  What is the sign you have a soul?  Is it in your needles?  In your profits?  Nickles and dimes per life.  And I wonder, where the Hell is life?  Where did I die?  Where did I live?  The constant injections told me that we are not one and their courts ruin lives.  We should run with our children.  But we are taught or lead into traps.  They made me this way, the federal and local governments of the USA.  Their torture, my tests of them, all of this has lead me away and I know somehow these assumptions have some calculative probabilities and I can not see around the corners as well in time, and I know that somehow, like my fathers before me and those that will follow me, we swing and sway, dead or alive in a noose, as they like it this way. 

It is up to us to change, to break away, that time has come, that time is today.  I like to pry a little bit of music into my Heart Shaped Box because if I was traveling triangles Jack, I would swing this and that way. (For a hard aside, the video reminds me that if I and other men and women were tampered with geneticially in the United States, in covert and hidden medical procedures, then we are persecuted as I was, and our children, those conceieved after genetic alterarions in our own genetics, are born like the mule, sterile, due to the incompatibility of reproductive cells inside our own genome, a condition wrought by genetics engineering and unforeseen by those idiots sitting by hour glasses in the frigid labs. )

I remember standing there in front of them, serial killers, oddities of society when young as a child and as a young man, and as I aged I stood in front of the societally circumscribed and approved henchman of the day, an alleged federal what-knot allegedly standing inside LA VA Westwood, telling me I would have to take it, "His Way". I whispered through a whistle of blood, I wish you two too away. Death and life, the mix of the anti-matter and matter and all points in between, the subliminal cyclone in a vortex perhaps inverted so that all looks away. Separate yourself from them in your mind and soon you will find they are not of the same body. Hidden linkages and alliances and deviations of another spectrum. Never take a child's medical books away.

I, Kurt Brown, left accounting college after leaving medical college. I bought the lie and winked when I smelled the blood crawling up my FDIC Bank Examiner thigh. My how they love to fight. Throw a dog a bone. I was like a surgeon who came to rectify the alleged situation of death in the kingpins pen. I sat down to eat meat with Sweet, Sweet Carol F-DIC meat. I was the surgeon in a clowns wig and wearing a black houdini cape I derived from the underworld above in Angelical Raven like circles. Monkey seed monkey dude.

Segment May 25, 2011: SOCIOLOGY_modern_FIGHT_or_FLIGHT_technology_GREED_torture_SUBJUGATION_versus_EXTINCTION

As I, Kurt Brown, formerly a free-lance and independent investigative journalist in medicine and finance who challenged the war criminal horde in power in the USA by systematically going after large dollar financial syndicates in the federal government and medical holocaust practices allowed in federal and state hospitals in the dreaded United States. I have gone after their associates in the international syndicates murdering FDIC officials and banking frauds judges, and I have tried to uncover and reveal the medical holocaust allowed at federal VA and state funded hospitals across the USA, I have lost many things.

I have lost my sense of being autonomous and free among my people in the USA. I have lost my sense of being alive and untampered with medically. I see those who are basically at war with us.  Whether I am in an airport, or a government building or a hospital controlled by the federal or local governments it is always the same, I, like many people, live in fear, dread, and loathing of each other and especially that wealthy war criminal horde in power and their highly paid combatants in the bureaucracy.  We, or I, are often the prey and those they pay are the predators.

I was told not to work for the FDIC in 1999 by a fellow veteran who was an accountant.  He told me not to work for any federal agency as an accountant.  I should have listened.  I have been injected forcibly twice since that time, being knocked unconscious once, and there are indications I was forced medical procedures I was not aware of.  I often pray for the end of time, the end of the human species, the end of my species in a sort of merciful and quick extinction.     Everything I had and much of what my closest family have had, has been lost. 

Now I can not even enter a building without being targeted by those war criminal syndicates in power behind the USA police forces. They have been bought off and they target those of us who target them. It appears they want to escalate their abuses of us.  They are like monkeys with weapons.  They often taunt us to fight them.  Their lower level workers are often like retards, one step above a full bred monkey, but they have radios, weapons, and the approval of our worst enemies, those syndicated war criminals in power.   

I hope to see a distribution channel for suicidal methods and means to be given to our people.  I only say this because I think it is better to kill ones self than to be taken hostage and abused by those war criminals in power and their factions and multitudes of paid followers.  I think cyanide capsule distribution to our people to avoid capture by the enemy in power would be a humane step to stop social aggressions, a sort of rape of the populace, by the rising international war criminal horde and their followers.

They have taken everything.  Life is just an illusion.  Or perhaps I am just having a bad day.  We are presented with two options in life, Fight or Flight.  I recommend flight using higher physics applications, a sort of evasion by skipping over the truncated wave lengths.  It may be as simple as A B C D  E.  If you are cornered however, I recommend fighting to the death, opting for suicide instead of being taken hostage by their abusive paid combatants.

Best of luck and if you think you can change the nature of the USA, you are wrong it seems. I have tried and so have others. We are not one. We are not homogenous. We are controlled by those who are greedy warlords. When they pig has been eaten, they will eat each other. That is the nature of those in power.  All is for sale here.  The best you can do is protect those on your side.   The best you can do is take flight or fight, and that is for you to decide.  I prefer flight and I also believe in killing any pack wolves who follow me when I am in fear and when they or IT wanders into my perimeter once the killing time is right.

Segment April 25, 2011: SOCIOLOGY_earth_REAL_social_STRATIFICATION_confiscation_MANKIND_slave_MEDICINE_experiment_WAR_monkey

We in the USA are taught to bow down to the master or we will get hurt.    We are taught this at an early age, usually in public school indoctrinations.  We find ourselves bowing to all things, and soon we are beat down to the ground in many ways.   We should be teaching our children to go for the throat if someone tries to make them bow down to that exterior power hovering over all of us in government and in our cities.

When I was a freelance investigative journalist, the government took all resources to beat me out of the government.  I was beat out of employment rights.  I was beat out of government participation rights.   I feel dead now.  I have lost everything that mattered to me.  I pray for death on a nightly basis and that my enemies are beheaded in one form or another so they can not make me bow down to them.  But I have no choice.  I would rather bow down in the fetal position of death and take any suffering family members with me.

When I saw where the OKC federal building was knocked down, I had mixed emotions.  When  I saw the  David Koresh and Branch Davidian complex burning with the people inside, I felt that those who were burning in the buildings were better to die rather than to be abducted by our mutual enemies in the hated USA federal government and their international controllers.   I felt that the FBI who were attacking them deserved to have their headquarters attacked in the same manner.  When I saw the OKC federal building fall, I knew David Koresh may have gotten a prayer answered right before he died in the flames set on fire by the federal governments FBI, ATF, and other hostile police forces in hire by those or that in power over this hated and dreaded nation and earth.

Some say we will end up seeing nuclear bombs go off.  I simply pray for the death of the species and all of us who may have been cloned or mutated by those war criminal factions in power.  We are no longer one.  Factions control various areas of the nation.  

I saw or had a feeling something happened in East Los Angeles on 4-23-2011.   I was injected and tortured on 4-23-2001 for the first time in the USA.  I was in Los Angeles on federal property.  I should have blown my brains out or fought to the death.  You never trust the federal government.  None of them.  They hate us.  We await their and our deaths.  I made a fatal decision to enlist in their federal military when I was a young man long ago.  I now eagerly await death.  A man who I respected somewhat has died since that time and he told me not to join the military, but to call the recruited after I signed up and cancel.  That man was alcoholic who died.  His son is in prison, having committed an alcoholic's son's crime not long after his death.  An 18 or 19 year old turning into a two bit felon.

We are programmed to self destruct if we do not bow down to that in power.  If I bow down to them again, it is my prayer, it is in the fetal position of death, and like the OKC federal building, I too want them to crumple up and die with me.  We may be in the time of plagues.  I have been in the time of plagues my entire life.  Now I want virtue in death and want my enemies to wash their faces in their own blood.

We do not have a nation.  We do not have an Earth.  Do not bow down to the enemies of mankind who are in power because they are like slave owners aboard a slave ship.  Medical atrocities such as experiments and injections forced upon people should not be allowed.  I want the Los Angeles federal and D.C. aristrocracy brought down to the ground when I am dead.  I welcome death now, as a sweet relief, a sweet release.  We all feast or famine here.  Sometimes we are strung along, like a man who is used in a medical test, a man who is taken to death and then brought back repeatedly, to weak to fight back, to strong to succumb, wanting death like a water droplet on a parched man's lips.

Many lies are before us.  Some of us see those lies and move forward.  It is likely not our fault.  We are all so young from cradle to grave.  Better off dead than to be a living and bowing slave.   I conclude with the song, Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign. 

Segment April 13, 2011: TRUTHS_philosophy_WEIGHTED_importance_RATED_values_PAST_present_FUTURE_grandchild_GUIDE

Truths, truths as obvious as they can become, is what I have sought since the year 2000, soon after I was preparing to stop being a little F-DIC trainee.  I watched the stuttering Joe make the grade, free Lance, another of the pubescent new hires on the F-DIC mob scene.

My truths I have discovered are limited by the most obvious question asked by the most obvious absurd thinker of antiquity, either Aristotle or Socrates, who said, "I think I am, therefore I am". 

In our era, with forced injections by government as I have endured after FDIC investigations of murder, an investigation that I  initiated at my own behest after I saw absurd allegations of suicide by a man controlling trillions of dollars. I initiated the investigation for my own flagellating pleasure and a slice of the American dream, or death, as it is all pleasurable to those who seem to be.  After those forced injections at what I will call the Hotel de la Ba Da Bing, the LA VA Westwood formerly named till circa 2006, renamed in 2006 after I publicized my blood bath stream there with the Treasury Department's Secret Service and their SS who are not a secret in the Treasury department, who set and served the score in court against me with the help of the idiot Sheriff Tillman.  America, the lie, the dream, vanquished man kind in a cycle of streams, I draw a triangle and in it comes the circle of squeamish dreams, three cities, three investigations three times and all I can do is scream.

Truths is what I seek.  If only I could see after the Hotel de la Ba Da Bing and my exile in Eureka 2004 and 2003.  We are deceived.  Our children, us, if you are ever caught up in that outer thing, the lie, the place you do not seek shelter, outside or inside the gates of the VA, or their Hotel de la Ba Da Bing.  Guinea pigs of Westwood, weeeeee, and their social construct since we were wee. 

As one SS said, the trust is gone, and that was in 2002 or 2003.  Life is gone for many, not only me.   They are killing each other.  We are not one.  Money has once again proven to be vacant, whether on the top or the bottom of the empire built by IT.

The greatest thing a young man can do is look at his family and say, "This is here, this is mine, and all else is 'out there', because in the blood is the vine."   The lie, the pursuit of the dream chosen by those 'out there' and the grade they give you, will always leave you on the bottom of everything, 'out there, and in here.'

The greats speak of it in many languages, Il familia, la familia, the family. 

The belief that the greater institutions will make the young and our own flourish is absurd.  The true history of mankind is the Bonobo Monkey.  It is a Type A human blood monkey.  It is very promiscuous and copulates with all things, homosexual heterosexual and all of the deviances of beastiality, including copulating with type B human blood gorillas and  the rhesus monkey, the progenitor of the rh factor, also known as the rhesus factor. 

The bonobo monkey is a cannibal and eats other bonobos.  Humans have done so through war and cannibal feast, type A blood humans in particular.  No human is innocent because under all of our blood is the horny bonobo monkey, whether you are type A blood or not.

Truths.  The government allows some people to steal by laws they have written.  I proved this in 2001 when I reported a Sheriff Jack Tillman of lower Alabama as stealing from inmates to the point of starving those inmates.   The government retaliated against me letting Tillman set me, an investigative journalist, up for arrest at a later date by illegally taking my gun permit on 4-3-2001 in the lobby of the City Council meeting government building at high noon in front of cameras held by the Sheriff's department. The federal government watched, as they had ignored me when I was attacked after St. Valentines Day 2001 while I was running a diagnostic test which asked, "Are there killers present at the FDIC San Francisco?" The answer came back, look at your fellow human, came in on a banana boat covered with blood and slaves.

Truths.  The government killed some men, veterans, in Los Angeles at the VA in Westwood in 1999 with heart experiments.  I was injected there forcibly and forced to sign documents in 2001.  My crime was my fallacy, I trusted the government to give me shelter.  If I could have known what they were going to do to me, I would not have parked there, because I have surely wanted death since the first night of the SS tortures on these hated American soils in Los Angeles and the United States.

Who ever it is that rules here, is like a demon with stick.  We are on the stakes.

Never believe the lie of America and the lie of sanity among human kind and you will never believe in that lie in that part of the bonobo monkey in human kind.  To that I play the song, by Gabriel, "Shock  the Monkey".


Segment April 11, 2011:  HOLOCAUST_usa_EARTH_man_KIND_ape_TENDENCY_segmented_TORTURED_death_WANTED_world_WIDE_our_SIDE_or_FREE_life

Our lives, a wretched mess.  The government and their war criminal factions have battered me and my life to the point that I await their deaths like a lap dog wanting to drink their blood in a time of drought.  It is an ironic image of a civilized earth, but we all know the taste, those of us who are the betrayed, the tricked, the lower caste of the USA, those stupid enough to submit to that enemy in power who devours us when we are naive in their early grades in school and later in life after we have invested our lives, sometimes coming out as wrecks, guinea pigs, medical experiments and medical tortures sometimes unknown to the victim, government workers and government trash, of the cannibalistic lower caste of the predatory capitalism we call the United States of America.  But I know.  I know something is not right with that horde of so called Americans who confronted me in the past.  We look forward to each others deaths as is exemplified by those with so called rational behavior, caught on video all over the web.  As one veteran told me when I was in chains in the holocaust camps of Los Angeles in early 2001, "REMEMBER, THEY DREW FIRST BLOOD." 

First blood, what an odd term.  Then on 9/11/2001 I saw that illusory hit in NYC.  I say illusory because  those in power ignored when I was attacked.  Now, I do not care if they are toppled and the earth either segmented or unified.  Change, change is good if you are in the bottom of the heap.  Radical change is good then, even if in mass death or minute death or illusion therein.

The true wretchedness of capitalism is that it mimics the animal in us all.  The greediest primate learns to run upright thereby carrying more food and survived, somehow.

A lighthearted look at hard facts of life.  Human Behaviour by Bjork (music video).


Segment April 4, 2011: DEPRESSION_holocaust_EARTH_indifferent_SPECIES_mankind_OBLITERATED_penned_DECEIVED_devoured

Let us howl together for a moment, those of us who have lost everything over time.

When I am at the grocery store or crowded venues, I often wonder about the people and their values as I look into the eyes of those who wander about.  Some of those people would forcibly inject an innocent person with chemicals from a needle against that person's will if ordered to do so by our enemies who have become the heads of state in the United States.   Money motivates people to become those of the new working class, the governmentally approved working holocaust sect in the medical field.  

I look around for hope.  I know my writing has been seen as depressing or causing depression.  That is not my goal.  But I moan and I moan for a reason, to be heard or read, hoping change will be brought about.

I came to California with star filled eyes of hope when I was in my early twenties decades ago.  Alabama was so poor it seemed, as was New Orleans, compared to the glitter of the Golden Coast.   Now in California I see oppression, with mansions housed by men who are at the top of the killing game and torture game and medical manipulation holocaust field in the United States. 

No one seems to notice or care.     Some say the end of time is to arrive on 12/21/2012.  I often look at the odd numbers and act on those dates, hoping for positive change, but I often just get negative change, never justice.  I have looked at 4/3/2001 and acted and saw change, negative change with little improvement if any in anything.  But to say that 12/21/2012 will give the end of man is irrelevant. 

The imperfect species on a prison planet whose oceans are black with oil and whose sky is black with soot and whose children and elders are taken by government officials of malevolence and used in medical tortures, sold like chattel in the medical pen.

I see in California the hatred of some cultures, wanting revenge or to take another slice, I see Washington D.C. embodied in the arms of syndicates in California.  We call them the government.  But the reality is, they are the keepers of the pen, Prison Planet Earth.  We want them dead because we want out of the pen, off of Prison Planet Earth and out of the lines of those who are medical guinea pigs, medical slaves, another of the hated of the hated groups. In California, they like to see you suffer, some of the groups, some of the men, and it is the same in Alabama. It is no wonder when Americans are killed, the world cheers.

We will find we have missed the head of that which taunts us if a full scale rock war broke out among our stone age chattel co-inhabitants of Prison Planet Earth.  We are manipulated.  We swing like delirious drunks in armed combat, blind with blood and wine.  We do not realize we are blind because we think we can see.  We miss the heads of that which moves us to our suffering.  Let us welcome death in 2012 if it does occur.  I doubt it.  God Hates You and I, therefore we will likely have to suffer further.  Let us welcome the end of the war criminal enterprise composed of international syndicates controlled by hidden heads of state.

In closing, I do not want to see it, but in an irrelevant perspective, even a raging wall of fire on Earth may seem like the snuff of oxygen as compared to slow deaths where a man is taken in and out of death repeatedly, testing those genetic and mechanical manipulations in his corpus. Soon you realize I suppose that the two are inseparable from underneath, life and death, or perhaps it is all an illusion, and we are stunned by those things we can not even see, like dark pillars that control the underworld, pins in a network of the underbelly of existence.

Segment March 29, 2011: TIME_analysis_CONTINUUM_genetic_CONTINUANCE_death_VERSUS_life_VISIONS_paradox

Our transient existence, a flash in the eye of time, the only thing that matters is sexual reproduction from conception until death.  Till death do us part. 

The continuum of time over the long run shows an overlapping of life, a chain, and the whole while, many of those caught in the foray of life among the living, long for death, that staid state of existence, the unflinching stare of the deaf, dumb, the blind, the sleeping with no dream except to hear the foot steps scurrying above, like mice waiting to dive into the deaf, dumb, the blind. 

I once saw California as a sanctuary, long ago.  Now I see the USA, a bloodletting a savage, a savage among the worlds savages, with no real connection to each other when the blood flows from the mouths of the damned.  We are all damned, damned to the Prison Planet Earth.

So I plan to dig my way out of here.  After all, since we see each other Bonobo eye to Bonobo eye, we wave good bye.  Because after all, I too am a Creep (music video link), a genetic fingerprint now of mal-aligned origin.  Instead of joining the military, you should blow your brains out with a .45 and save yourself the suffering in the trail that is to follow. 

We who are children of alcoholics are said to be insane.  Therefore you have your excuse at heaven's gate.  America, the shed hole sty where once was an I.

Segment March 25, 2011:  HISTORY_present_LUDICROUS_leaders_CAPTIVE_deluded_US

When I think of the people in power in the USA, such as Senator McCain of Arizona and the rest of the Senate and president calling Muammar Gaddafi, the President of Libya, to be like Adolf Hitler, I have to ask, "Where was Senator McCain when I, an investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine, was being injected forcibly and knocked unconscious in Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona in 2004? When I was injected at LA VA Westwood in 2001? When other veterans were killed at LA VA Westwood in experiments in 1999?   Where was McCain and the president when I caught a Sheriff stealing in Alabama, Sheriff Jack Tillman?  Where were they when I was being attacked and reporting it to police in 2001 when I was investigating a murder at the FDIC? Where McCain and the others are is not at our side. They and those in government are like a leopard with unchanging spots. They will devour us and never stop.

I do not know where McCain and the USA government were during those atrocities.  They responding by attacking me further, so I call them an "IT", meaning I do not see a humane human face as I often see in the public.  Many Americans and people of the Earth are nothing more than savage beasts, like our predecessors, the Bonobo monkeys who are the only primates who practice cannibalism.  Many human societies have practiced cannibalism also, in various forms such as food and warfare.

We are nothing in the USA.  Our children are taken from the homes of the parents many times by that government that forces us into death and subjugation.  I look forward to global war.  I look forward to the end of human suffering.  I know it will take a long time if it ever occurs.

I applaud those who strike back at the international terrorists in power over the USA and much of the Earth.  We the common of the USA are nothing.  We are better off dead.  Do not ever allow them to take you hostage if you can.  You are better off to flee and to kill yourself if you can not escape.  I welcome my death.  I welcome the deaths of all of my kin in the human race who suffer and want death.

We are nothing.  They are nothing.  The USA is a lie and we cherish the moment the lie ends, many of us anyway.  Some are still frothing at the mouth for each other.  Let them eat their own death.

Segment March 14, 2011: PREDICTIONS_future_TREND_based_PAST_present_FUTURE

Recently I was watching a science program in which a scientist explained jumping through time and how it may be done.  He put a bent cardboard sheet up representing time with a dot on opposing sides of the front of the sheet.  The space between represented time in our continuum.  He then put two funnels under each side of the sheet and placed the ends together and said that some day some might be able to pass through the funnels, thereby by passing time to that point in space on the other side of the sheet.  He said that theoretically one could pass from one to the other.  This is the type of illusion or delusion or outwitting we will face in the future, if not in the past and present.

I have lost everything of importance, or most, and I signed it away.   I believed in those who control our point in time and I was deceived.  Now my youngest closest kin are picked up and devoured by that ravenous bureaucrat machine that has devoured me and many others.  This is what I predict for the future, and it is based on the present and past observed facts.

When I was born, the Vietnam draft was soon instated in the USA.  My neighbor, 10  years older than I, killed himself.  He was known as Wiseman to me, his last name, living on the corner of Rosewood Drive and General Bullard Road in Mobile Alabama.   At eight years old, I thought I had been handed a death sentence.  My stuttering as a child was then at its worst.  I replaced most discourse with conscientious cursing and silence.  My family was shattered, my father an alcoholic, and my mother a wage slave with little education and several children to support.  We lived in fear in our schools due to being attacked.  Soon, I, like many, turned loose of rational conduct.  Now as an older man, I see my life in shambles as it began, a dieing Earth, and in that government that was going to kill me at age 18 like Wiseman, I see no longer a friend. 

After all, the federal government is allowing forced injections upon us and calling us insane before court can be held.  I hope they are beheaded and if necessary, I hope for the phase shift promised before or after the end of time.

The future holds what the past held.  Torture of ours.  The murder of ours.  The taking of our youngest children for the profit of others, whether in slavery, medical abuse, or adoption as a sex slave or servant.

The joke is on the government and their followers.  They call themselves sane and we all want them dead.  We know they have taken everything.  WE know they make jokes of their capitalism.  It is slavery of a new form, the same old thing in the end.  What is funny is that in cities like Mobile Alabama whose government is a dictatorship of the new form, the children at public schools are required to wear uniforms all looking the same.  From a perspective of capitalism, they are more like communists.  The clothes look the same, cost the same, and cause all to be brainwashed into believing we are from an equal society in all respects and that we are to follow the leader of those in uniform.  We may be better off dead, but I am a public school student from the generation that bought Wiseman a coffin.    We will all pledge allegiance, to a cloth shred with an imprint called a flag, with liberty to follow the one who leads those in uniform, whether prison or war, and that we believe that there is justice for all, when justice is in fact an oxymoron for a capitalistic system paid for in higher dollar amounts, thereby averting communism supposedly.

It all fell apart for many of us.  We are bonobo monkeys underneath, all of us.  We will eat each other if the time is right.  We already do.  California was the first to grow marijuana, a substance the youth of the 60's and 70's became addicted to.  The rest of the nation had to pay for it in the price of gold.  Now, after the brainwashing of legal and illegal is over, many of those addicts are buying new herbal drugs trying to kick the pot habit and relieve depression.

Considering a nuclear bomb has likely gone off outside the coast of Japan a few days before the Earthquake of 2011, likely a nuclear submarine or an underwater nuclear arsenal, perhaps we will find the truth of the lie is that those who bring us suffering may some day end.  In the Navy we were taught to shoot to kill in a shipboard piracy hijacking situation onboard our ship.  I was taught to shoot through the person who was held captive.  Our nation is held captive.  Our species is held captive, at least most of us, here on Prison Planet Earth.

A recent example came to mind of something odd.  I was told that the Jews of antiquity were not invited once displaced and were forbidden ordinary labor.  They had to be creative.  Those who were not, likely perished.  This may explain the high incidence of the more creative left-handers in their genetic lineages.  In ancient Israel, around modern Egypt  the Jews became money changers.   In the Netherlands they became Jewelers.   In the end, we too may have to be creative to survive.

I believe in discovering truths.  I have set my sights to low on financial dealings.  I prefer medicine and technology.  I foresee a genetically engineered outer-space utopia, or I foresee our end.  But after all, isn't life just like an illusion, "A day in the life" (Youtube Beatles)

In my travels, I traveled in triangles, a learned and divisible trait.   I learned to check behind every third stone and every third stone began to check in front of me.  I anticipate the flipping vehicle. I smell the wind and find destiny.  The more I close in on death, the faster I like the speed, and the closure is like a goose-neck game of dodge-ball dodging a hard ball.  It seems a stained game when you win again and again.  At the end of the day, you want rest, you want death, this is the nature of life's dodge ball, but the point becomes, when is it time to come apart? 

I once heard in a dream a woman's voice say, "When  they can move the planets, that is when it will end."  I thought that from a medical perspective that some may try to devise cancer in God's rear end.  How big is a game with a little ant man named Snatch any old how?  Any who, who writes the laws that allow crimes by government officials? I foresee a future mob today and without fingers and a hidden writer who may become a ghost.

I wondered if they detonated the ridge or if the truth is that  the war wages while I am in the prison.  I looked out my window in Pensacola Florida to see a mud slick of oil and heated feces.  I stopped at the end of the triangle dead in my tracks 18 months earlier.  I wanted to hear the ping of the rod when it blew.  Later, Old Gay Stone died in front of my shack in a wreck.  Then a burning RV like a torch outside my window.  All of these strange things, topped with the oil and feces slurry in the bay after being attacked near the shack for my endeavors against organized crime once again, government in the slurry as usual.  And now, after arriving at my destiny of healing and discovering my own limits and truths, I look out my window at an approaching storm cloud of controversy, radiation from yonder way, just like yesterday, the radiation spreads allegedly from Japan (Pic links of radiation cloud)

At moments like these, I want to watch and listen to PJ Harvey sing about my pocketknife. A note to that thing in power, tell your felony Sheriff to have a blessed life. He is your accomplice. I know Snatch makes more than an American veteran with a red white and blue stick in his eye.

I am Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone and I am seeking an airboat or a liveaboard boat. I want to take criminals of the new gulag bureaucracy for a slow ride down the bayou. Sheriff Jack Snatch The Federal Possum Till Man will be on the masthead and the federal syndicated mafia fighting us in the South East will be toasted down below decks. Please donate. Hank Williams sang it Down On The Bayou as I tested my new airboat in my dream, donated for keep sake. See what you made me do Snatch? Please donate.

Segment February 17, 2011: METAPHYSICAL_physics_TIME_history_TRUTH_los_ANGELES

The eternal war is not a war, but a place through time, an Earth full of scars and a ravenous horde that feeds upon itself through time.

My greatest mystery is one with a clue for those on the inside, or I could say, for those on the outside.  It is all relative if it is relevant.

Dates interest me.  Time is allegedly captured for all in equal increments, seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, years.  It is the year that interests me in this conversation. I like to pinpoint significant events and maneuvers on peculiar dates, such as 4-3-2001 when I took the hingepin of the case, a corrupt Sheriff, to task as he took my gun permit and I ran the test to see who was the thief starving inmates. I was under attack from another investigation of my own at the FDIC. It was a test and we all lost.   Some may say to you as they do to me, "You are insane."  The problem with our right handed world is that they are boxed into their left minds, their right minds non existent except for blood flow.  The same situation occurs for a left handed person but it is in reverse, they are in their right minds and their left minds are closed and thwarted.  I can speak of those people of the left hand because I know their weaknesses and their strengths.

Time is of interest to me in 1999 to 2001.  The war raged at the end of that time period.  The war raged before but in little eddies of sorts, here and there, and not a tempest as we witnessed around the globe in 2001.  A clue was given to me in 2004, an explosion near me, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, former FDIC bank examiner, while traveling through Braman Oklahoma, and soon I was to discover the Bank of China had two presidents, Xu and Xu who allegedly escaped to OKC and Wichita with their money converted to 482 Million US Dollars and my explosion or alleged Chinese rocket was aimed at me in Braman, or perhaps it was an American rocket taken over by those sympathetic to a higher order of thieves in power. I suspect there was no Xu and Xu and the money was taken from elsewhere and caught in transit. " My money Sweet Carol, 9.11 million is due and payable. Take it from the Switzerland accounts, via the Macau acounts, the money stolen from the USA banking system in the form of loans and laundering internationale."

Time.  In 1999 the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital in Westwood California (now renamed) was ordered to stop all forced experiments on veterans.  Some of the men were allegedly killed with heart experiments.   One of the men was held for 45 minutes while the doctor ran tests on the man's heart with a probe and continued to do so in spite of the man objecting to the malpractice against him by the doctor. 

In 2001 I, Kurt Brown, was injected and tortured at the LA VA Westwood by federal employees sympathetic to killers with syndicate ties in the Treasury and FDIC.  I had gone to work in 1999 for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in California, first in the Sacramento office in Roseville and then at the FDIC office in San Francisco in early 2000.    I did not know that my life would be changed a year later, that I would suffer attacks on the highways and in government buildings.  I did not know I would be pushed out of the office and then mount an offensive to have the syndicates inside the agency wrenched out by the throat if necessary, even considering their decapitation to be palatable and in bounds for federal conduct, considering a likely innocent regional director for the FDIC in San Francisco was assassinated in his office and called a suicide by Treasury Police-- Secret Service, and FBI,  and others.  A perfect murder is what it was. I suspect Bureaucratic Castration or Strangulation, a method of cutting sections of the government out from control of other sectors of government. Hence it is why a true auditor is often scorned by the FDIC. I want revenge. I want a job as a bank examiner or auditor in the Treasury or a sack of payment from the F-DIC wad. After all, I survived Xu and Xu's exlosion in Braman in 2004 and did not say a word. Now all I want is payment.

Time is of interest.  I look back at the time I worked for the FDIC in 1999 and 2000 and I look at my Case Number that was allegedly dismissed.   The case was SA041899 and was in reality a case of kidnapping by federal officials and later torture. The date the number keeper put on me may point to a signficant date at that healthcare facility, a demonic place of horrible tortures and hatred of US service men. That date per my case number is 4/18/99.  What happened on that date at the LA VA Westwood is of question to me.  I signed papers after I was injected with chemicals forcibly in April of 2001.  The papers said I was guilty of gun ownership and was henceforth a convict under the number of X 017 911 84.    The number writer wrote in encrypted form also my X number. The 911 in the number forced upon me would be the tolling bell in 2001, the date was 9/11 and New York picked up their monuments in piles of rubble.   At the time of the attacks on 9/11/2001, I was in the dentist's chair, getting a tooth repaired that was broken while in jail in Los Angeles after being transferred there from the LA VA Westwood. I could not eat my food because an insane men hit me as I ate. The irony is that I was there because I try to make sure we all have enough to eat, whether in jail or in the banking system.  On 9/11/2001  I was back in Alabama and on probation with the federal government calling me insane and making me do all sorts of things to prove that I was cured.  Their war criminal felons in California government, federal and state, have proven to be our enemies.  They are the same in Alabama.  We veterans who were tortured want a new leader, a leader who can force our enemies to stop attacking us in the courts and hospitals of the United States.  I believe my fellow humans of virtue would agree that we should execute anyone who tries to deny us our human rights.  We need a leader who can assemble us to storm the steps of their government, taking their computers, and their control from their hands, to ours. 

 I say my case was allegedly dismissed because the Department of Justice has left me with a felony for gun ownership that was dismissed by the California Superior Court in 2004   Every time I look for work, it shows the case as still a convict. I have had guns pointed at me in the past, likely by lawmen or their syndicates and hate groups seeing if I would draw a gun.   I am trying to get it cleared at the Department of Justice but the enemies of us veterans want it to stay.  They want us to commit suicide if we resist the new enemies in power.

 I want the enemy regime toppled around the Earth and for space colonization to be first and foremost for our new leadership.  This Earth is dieing due to over population of humans.   Why they hate and use us veterans in Los Angeles is likely because we are thought of as nothing, the enemy who would attack and conquer, the worthless refuse of the nation "we" veterans and their families.  But it is likely that feeling is in Beijing and Moscow also for their military and their families.  Nothing changes in reality on Prison Planet Earth and human kind could be controlled and manipulated for others profit, man or beast.

I reported crimes at the FDIC.  I reported Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as an abusive thief, starving his inmates while he amassed 360 thousand dollars or more in his "retirement" account.   I am treated as a criminal for reporting those things, for surviving attempts on my life, when my call to 911 in February of 2001 was ignored by the Justice Department and the FBI and the Secret Service, and the political office holders from California to D.C.    We are nothing to those in power.  We should never had gone to their public schools or taken their drugs, inoculations, as children.  We are better off dead than under their domain and I want time to erase those who tortured me and killed the others.  I want a replay of 2000 and 2001.  I want time to be rectified and those who treat us as animals to be done away with.

Mind control and the taking of everything is what I suspect in the end, and then death or subjugation of the species, brain dead or used like an idiot.  I often turn my eyes to God and pray for the end of my time if they have destroyed and taken every thing, including my mind, as I know they have destroyed my reputation in employment.  Mankind is a vicious animal, but nature is a killer and a stalker.  We are not one. We should protect ourselves from the war criminals of Washington D.C. and all states and nations controlled by those who control them in Washington D.C., whether in California, Alabama, Canada or Mexico.

Segment January 31, 2011: SCIENCE_history_HUMAN_ape_FACTS_blood_TYPE

The human species is something to be feared and to stay away from if you can do so. 

The reason I say this is that the regions of Earth which have humans who are predominantly Blood Type A humans known to kill each other in frenzied attacks and sometimes they will eat each other, one society eating another.  The digestion of a dead human is not much different than killing a human in a battlefield or fight.

When I am in cities like San Jose, California, I see the Type A Blood types all lined up next to each other, some working, some fighting, some doing both. The European, the Asian, and the American Indian are the predominantly Blood Type A. Theoretically the Mediterranean people should be a mix, blood type AB, and Africa is Blood type B.    The Blood Type A humans have a common Type A Blood ancestor, the Bonobo Monkey which is like a Chimpanzee, and the Chimpanzee is known to be a cannibal, eating other Chimpanzees.

The irony is that the Bonobo is the smartest of the apes, smarter than the Gorilla, who is the forebear of human blood type B, and the Bonobo is smarter than the Rhesus monkey, who is the forebear of the Rh factor in blood and the Rh factor is denoted by a positive or a negative in Blood type A and Blood type B, meaning A+ or A-, or B+ or B- blood type.  It is my belief all humans have carried all blood types in their genetic code, even if the blood type is not expressed by the genetics of the human being.

Humans enjoying killing so much, a sporting event atmosphere is created around it.    Yes, we blood type A's find a certain pleasure in seeing those who torture us tortured, maimed, or killed.  America is a waste land.  We do not care about each other.  Some of us were stupid and joined their military to kill or be killed.  In the end, we are enemies with the military and they are my enemies.  We want their weapons torn to pieces in their battlefields by our weapons in our hands.

America and the Earth are nothing.  Our children are like spit scattered to the wind.  The self righteous gather around in their hordes, clans, blood types, and they kill, rob, maim, and attack with wild abandon, both within their groups and outside their groups.

Many of us look forward to the next world war.  No more torture chambers like Government health care or health abuse.  No more jails for being fear of the animals in power.  No more lies waving a flag which I would gladly wrap my enemies heads in and cook for lunch for a bunch of hungry humans of all blood types. 

We are prisoners on this planet, we should kill each other if we can not leave.  It would be more merciful.  We can not bleed as there is no blood left.

Segment January 7, 2010 : SCIENCE_warfare_DELUSIONAL_gestalt_ILLUSIONAL_social_CONTROLS_modern_TECHNOLOGICAL_slavery

After being tortured and injected with chemicals and forced to enter into medical tests by those federal officials who have killed many US military veterans at the same locales and after being persecuted in the courts by those who kill high level federal banking officials such as at the FDIC San Francisco, I have come to the conclusion on many theories on social controls and warfare incognito.

I do not trust what the government does or says, and the mass media is nothing more than a profiteer with a distraction from those things that are relevant and material to me.  As I have gotten older, I see television in the same manner.

Sometimes I wonder about the psychology of the Earth, all of man, and if we can be manipulated so that our universe is split, with some people able to approach you and do as they please with medical apparatus.

My career is over as an accountant and it never really started, and I can not say that I was not warned not to work for the federal FDIC by a fellow veteran. I was naive at the time, brainwashed, delusional by their design.  I went into the war in the United States.  Now all I do is theorize in the context of this war, this silent war, controlled by those with tongs of a sort, a hands off nightmare, except in their government buildings, which are now seen as brutal and high tech fortresses controlled by the enemy to many of us, including myself.  But we are caught in a dilemma, as their laws require us to enter if we are to be part of that society they control, at least in part.

Recently, a man was killed, a man named Wheeler and he worked for Mitre Corp, a company that claims to be non profit, meaning they pay no taxes, and their game is high tech murder and high tech psychological controls.   Wheeler was a Vietnam Vet and he was likely an ass at times.  He was allegedly in contention over a house being built and blocking the view of other homes.  The point is not about Wheeler, however, but it is about the Mitre corporation.    If they were taken over or cored, all of their secrets would be available to the Earth.  When I say cored, I am talking about control of the mind.  For instance, your cored leader could be made to act in unison with others that are cored.  Their cerebral cortex and all cognitive thought could be a slave to a new mastermind. 

Some of us await 2012 and think perhaps, that is the time to move in.  To the cored, I would prefer death over that or being tortured again as I was after FDIC employment.  The EEOC spit on me on Christmas eve 2000.    I await death like a man thirsty for water, as I can not die,  I and mine can only change form.  This form is like being among lower animals and you spit upon us and take our offspring or use them in experiments with the children unwitting and naive.  Many of us await the death of those who torture us like one who awaits a thirsty drink of water.  We are at war, or perhaps it is just a simulated cock fight.  Many of us don't care if they die, and they don't care if we die.  That is the nature of life.  The remnants are what frightens those down at the bottom, but the one constant they may notice is that, "Things never change, as change is as perpetual as it is an illusion or delusion".

Segment January 3, 2011 : SOCIOLOGY_tortured_LOWER_caste_CHILDREN_kidnapped_GOVERNMENT_warlord_PROFITEERS_social_REVENGE

The sadness I feel on  this day, can only be comforted by an old wise saying, "Things are never as bad as they seem."

The government of the South East USA pretends to be the friend of the working and unemployed populace.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The children are often taken from semi-dysfunctional homes.  I say semi-dysfunctional because the homes are better and more trustworthy than the war criminal regimes in power in the United States.  They will sell you dope.  They will tell you lies.  They will hunt you like an animal and knock you down with a needle full of tranquilizer.  They will order you to kill or be jailed.  They are in power and IT is no friend of mine.  It leaves me and mine without hope so our hope therefore is to die.  But on the other hand, feeble hope exists.

Do not ever try to work as an investigative journalist on financial crimes in the federal banking regulatory industry and beware of medical atrocities committed by the war criminal regime in power at the various hospitals in the USA that they control..  We are nothing to those at top on this day.  They may be one who bows to the other, perhaps in a fashion of animal controls or technological social controls.  Animal controls are normal human interaction, such as persuasion and bribery or in some cases murder for hire.

There is no alliance.  Only a feeling that someday we will be torn apart.  But mine are already good as dead, or at least appear half dead.  Perhaps it is me who is half dead.  Their filthy government is worse than swine.  If you touch them you are dirtied forever.   There is no filth worse than slime.  It does not wash from the hands or the mind.

Death may be my only alliance.  Do not ever pretend to care about their government.  Let their monkeys fight over the bananas.  It is gone anyway, and pity those children who kill the innocent on the war criminals behalf in power in the United States and those other war criminal factions around the Earth under the overlord of wars.

Facing the facts, I lost at birth.  The children are not safe then and even less now.  12000 Guinea pigs in Oklahoma and no one notices.  Many dead at LA VA Westwood and they change the name of the hospital.  I would slit my wrists before I would fight on its behalf.  It would have left me hanging in a tree outside of an insane asylum or a jail and called me suicide also.  I do not care if you kill them if you can find them.  You can not defile carnage.

I, Kurt Brown, was once injected and forced to sign documents by the messengers of the warlords in power over the bloodied FDIC in the USA.   I ended up with a felony due to medical torture and forced signatures.    Later the felony was nolle processed and turned into a misdemeanor.  I did this so I could leave the USA and the entire financial framework of the overlord of wars. 

Now a friend wants to help me get the misdemeanor expunged.  It does not matter because the regime in power is a war criminal.  Many of us with a number on judgment day, given out by some, will be seen as a sign of virtue, a knights' knight of sorts.    I do not care if their government is driven asunder.  I do not think things would get better, but for me and half of mine, it could not get much worse.

Do not resist against the enemy in their chosen manner.  You can not win at their game.  Look what happened to this former FDIC bank examiner who became a freelance investigative journalist.  You can not defend yourself and they will attack you.  Conventional weapons are used against us.  Do not support the enemy in power.

Segment December 29, 2010:  RELIGION_spiritual_SABER_tooth_ANTIQUITY

As I spoke to the holy man of spiritual contentment he said, "We were trained like saber toothed tigers".  He was speaking of the two of us.  His battlefield his forte, and mine mine.

Then he said I had mentioned the separating of our society and to flee the greater mass.  I did this to avoid homogenization of a polluted lower caste.  He said that the tribes of Israel did the same thing and look what it got those tribes by breaking up.

The sadness is that I see the faces of those who torture me and inject me, after all of these years.   They are something so devoid of life, I wonder who controls the USA and world governments?  Do they exist?  Are we, us, I, deluded by them, by it, the manifestation?

I thought we would have space ships with free flying international colonies at my age of half of a century.  Nothing exists of that sort.  Many go along the Earth killing each other, robbing each other, screaming what is right by written laws while ignoring all ethical precepts.   A savage society has erupted, much like the predatory cannibalism of the South American tribes according to European historical accounts of the two tribes, one that ate the other.  

The USA and the world is like that now.  The predatory and subjugating forces want war.  They want us to swing with clubs and fists and to arm ourselves as they teach us.  They teach us to be Saber Tooth tigers, as mean and as obsolete as a predatory animal.

I see in my mind a genetic variant human or a group that has taken space and Earth.  We can tell by the lack of space travel, the trap, the lower caste, some of us better off dead.  It is no lie, we do not care if we or they are proverbially shot in the head, when we are in Saber Tooth mode.  Then we look over and see what remains and know that we lost because we won, or we won because we lost.  Either way, a Saber Tooth is better off wholly dead, if not completely dead.

Having been born in the poorest areas of the South East, to an impoverished family, often raised by a severe alcoholic, I recount the days of hope, the days of illusion, and now, all of my dreams vanquished, I feel dead, indifference to death of myself and the whole, and I believed in the lies, wanted the truths and found the nightmares of living their lies.  I await climax like a man seeking heaven in the loins, but I know I am a Saber Tooth, barely alive and likely better off dead since wounded. 

Their world is a battlefield.  They say they train us.  What they do is subdue and educate us to their fashion.  Their bullets are obsolete.  Their lasers twinkle a new light, twinkle twinkle little f-cking star.

Segment December 11, 2010: SOCIOLOGY_usa_1960_2010_medical_TORTURE_social_STRATIFICATION_caste_SETTING

One of my goals for putting together this website, Mobile Audit Club, was that perhaps on a remote possibility someone who is much like me or related to me will in the future find this website, my warnings, my observations, and try not to kill themselves, but to overcome or to better understand and deal with all of those things in our society and those at top who keep us as their lesser, in a sort of sub-human state.   A slave of mind and body and soul is really what many want and they take everything you have.  They are like animals and if you are in survival mode and if they attack, do not hesitate to kill them if you have the wherewithal.

The truth is, America is a wasteland for most of us since birth.  A horrid place like something out of a nightmare, and for me, I hope it ends for all of us.  But I have suffered greatly, and now my descendants will suffer even more.  I was misled and then I did not lead.  My family is scattered, torn to pieces.  I do not whimper any longer.  I feel dead after being injected forcibly, forced medical procedures, and defamed of my true and honest character by the war criminal warlord and their followers who are in power.

I was first injected and tortured in April of 2001.  When I saw the buildings being hit in NYC on 9-11-2001 I was at the dentist and had just been released from injections, torture, and jail by federal officials in California.  Ironically too I found unexplained scars in my mouth after being detained in 2001.  I wanted a nuclear bomb to hit New York City on 9-11-2001.  I wanted the world to come to an end.  In a way, I still do.  Some live like Kings and Queens while others live like grub worms or slaves.  I am just a guinea pig labeled a criminal by my enemy in power in the USA and the Earth.

It has been my hope they are killed and removed from our existence.  It occurred to me that the answer is elsewhere.  You can not kill all of them.  They are not what they seem.  I urge you not to trust anything the American government touches.  I would rather have killed myself at age 8 years old.  I almost did.  But I am cowardly when it comes to suicide.  I would find easier to kill the enemies in power in the USA.  It seems easier, but it is easier to kill one's self and if need be, one's family.    I would rather see my family killed than held hostage by those in power in the USA.

But I have no control over it.  All I can do is pray that none of us survive and soon find death.  We can not win and our enemies are around us.  Do not hesitate to take your own life or those around you if they try to take you hostage.  God will give you your blessing for fleeing this place.  America is nothing.  Most of it is greed, hatred, racial avarice, indifference, pleasure in committing torture.  The self righteous horde with war criminal hands deserve to eat Earth.  Do not let them inject you forcibly.  Run if you can, if they try, and jump in front of an 18 wheeler on the highway if there are no options.

I do not use VA Healthcare.  I am allowed to.  I was tortured there and they lie on medical records.  They often treat us like criminals when we enter their buildings.  I applaud the destruction of their regime and see suicide as a way out, although it has always been my belief that at least one of the enemies of a suicide victim, one who has harmed them, should join them at the gates of Heaven or at the fork in the road.  This is no longer a nation.  It is a cathedral of hatred and avarice.  I welcome my death like a guinea pig who was forced medical procedures. 

I would go to war with them, but it is useless.  WE need better weapons and methods and to break from their society if we can.  If not, let us pray for the end of time, the end of their inhumane species, the end our suffering.  I hope it never resurfaces upon our deaths.  This is a brutal existence and the brute wars have become  more brutal technologically.

Segment December 8, 2010: RELIGION_differences_FUNDAMENTAL_similarities_JUDAISM_christianity_SECTS

Much of my life when young, I was confused on which adults to follow in spirituality. It appears that many adults do not hear the same message in religious writings. I note differences in things as a scientist and journalist. The so-called Christian sects are very different from the Jewish sects it seems, and even within the various groups of Jews and Christians, and Muslims, vast differences occur. I do not like people to be hate mongering or greedy for money when it comes to religion. Yet, money has to be paid to keep services going, and for some reason, it appears that some Christian sects are hate mongering, and likely some Jewish and Muslim sects can be hate mongering. Of particular analysis today is Homosexuality among those who deliver the sermons and also of concern is "war" and how it relates to the view of each group.

I saw an African American Christian preacher on Television rallying against homosexuality. I saw a religious leader, a caucasian Christian rallying his church for the war against Afghanistan and what he called the enemies of the American people. I saw a Jewish Rabbi who was alleged to be gay, or bi-sexual, host a Barmitzvah for a young man. I saw the same Rabbi rallying his people against the wars in the Mid-East and encouraging acceptance of diversity, bringing particular mention to Islam.

Now this is a huge difference. On homosexuality, I am no religious scholar. I know that life does not look back. If you are homosexual your whole life, you have no children. That is a waste considering the genetic qualities of a man or woman are lost if they do not procreate. However, if that person has procreated, had offspring, then I see that the basic necessity of reproduction is upheld, despite any homo-sexual inclinations.

The idea of war as being part of religion is absurd. For someone to encourage or celebrate or even mention war as if it is a part of the religious practice when they are not under attack directly, it seems absurd.

In conclusion, I agree with the idea of freedom of choice. I also accept the hard facts of life. Homosexuality has no bearing on the good deeds a person can do in their life. A gay Catholic Priest or Gay Rabbi's sexual orientation has nothing to do with their bringing forth God's will in teaching the youths those things they need for spiritual survival and enlightenment. If they have had a child, then God's work is done on that level also, at least to some extent, as we all know that parenting is more than reproduction. War has nothing to do with religion. I see it as a lower animal's brute like tendencies. To celebrate war as religion when one is not under direct attack, is not only absurb but it runs counter to God's will for man. I find it difficult to listen to religious leaders rally in war like tendencies against homosexuals and freedom of choice, and it is just as difficult to listen to someone pervert religion by mixing it with a call to war that is espoused by mass media and the military industrial complex.

Segment December 1, 2010:  SOCIOLOGY_age_USA_refuse_GRATEFUL_dead

As I have gotten older, I tend to have a more acknowledged mortality due to pain.  I also have an acknowledged weakness, or another weakness now, more disabilities.  It is not that I am disabled as I believe I could contend with most things, but I am now more of a type of prey among the predators.   I having a longing for death that comes along with depression related to being attacked by those calling themselves government officials.   It ruined every thing left that was important, career, home, and now my family is increasingly disintegrated.   I have failed in many ways.  I and my offspring, most of them, are lower levels slaves or fodder for the fire of rape, medical experiments, and other usundry atrocities.  But no one cares, just as no one has ever cared on Earth for many.

I used to love California, the dream, but as I have gotten older and have lost most things while chasing the "Dream", I see there is no difference between California and Alabama except the wealth and the amount of legal cannabis that is grown on people's soil in California, valued like gold, yet in Alabama they can go to jail.  I urge people not to use Cannabis.  It causes cancer and is nothing more than another lightweight yet addictive substance.  But alcohol is worse in any form.  You choose your poison or no poison at all.

When I was young, I hated the federal government.  At 8 years old I thought I would be executed in the draft to go to Vietnam or Saigon 10 years later.  It did not happen.  The war stopped.  I lost my hatred at age of 21.  I believe I was intoxicated from alcohol abuse and lost my mind and joined those who I once thought of as my enemy, or at least those I did not want to go near.  I was brain damaged because my intuition as an 8 year old was right on cue.  Now, I welcome death.  Some scorn me for it.  You do not go to death.  It comes to you, to all of us.

Some say my writings cause suicide and mass hysteria.  Some say my writings spur invention, after all there was the Mobile Petri Dish invented by a woman who shot her bosses in their heads at the University of Alabama Huntsville.  I welcome death, plainly, and simply.  Scattered to the soil, my people and descendants have become the dirt under the shoe soles of the lower class.  I welcome the end in 2012 as the Mayan Calendar predicted. I had someone tell me not to work for the FDIC or the federal government as an accountant.  We have lost some sort of war.  Us veterans lower caste are nothing to those in power.  I want their foreign aristocracy removed by force on American soil, from the North pole to the South Pole.  It does not matter if they eat a taco, it does not matter if they eat a moose half dead, I hope their aristocratic war machine takes it in the teeth just like they do to us.  No mercy.

You have got to  remember.  Type A blood types eat each other.  Type B blood types like to get in on the game.  I do not care if I die.  I welcome it and those who want war with me should like what falls from the skies in the near future, so help us porpoise corpus God.  God does not give a sh-t about any of us, because all of this is temporary.  If it was permanent, I think he would give a sh-t. Perhaps God does not exist and we can only burn our wax so long before darkness ensues for all. Shining on and off, seeking light and life.

What am I grateful for?  I am grateful I get to die soon and I hope my descendants can see the enemy in front of them sooner than I have.  They will not.  They are already fed to the flames.  Like us welcome the end of the USA government, the Canadian Government and Mexican governments, the rest will be a duck and dodger escapade. Let us welcome the end of time if necessary.  That is just dreaming of course.  I just see misery in the Americas caused by war criminals from Europe and beyond in our paths and gateways. Their alliances are a war criminal horde who wear a crown of blood and sh-t and taut meaningless and worn out phrases of a media and liquor drenched generation of dead mercenaries.

Segment November 29, 2010: SOCIOLOGY_USA_alcoholism_ADDICTION_advertised_ACCEPTED_consequence_GENERATIONS_addicts

The glorification of alcoholic beverages in my parents generation in the 1950's and 1960's and 1970's became increasingly more rampant and accepted over that 30 year time span.  By the time I was 17 in the later 1970's, it was common to see many of our parents in our communities as complete alcoholics, drug addicts to something that was advertised like an intoxicating soda and caused mass havoc in many peoples families.   The truth is that alcohol should have been limited in its distribution points, not in food stores, and it should have had limited advertising.  

Considering that many of us children who grew up, often homeless, with an alcoholic parent, now we have children who are more destitute than our parent who may have simply been alcoholic.    Many of our families are in tatters and many of the children will go into foster homes. The government restricts alcohol and drug addicted parents, but where the childs go is another matter of uncertainty.  

My career is ruined as an accountant and bank examiner for the federal government because I took a stand against corruption in government. I really do not miss being a "Poindexter", follow along, pin tie, federal FDIC bank examiner. I later became a freelance investigative journalist and auditor and it almost got me killed and to be quite honest, I would not mind resuming the war with the dictator in power. As one veteran told me in LA, that piece of sh-t drew first blood, and he was referring to the federal warlord in power. He could have been cored, not in his right mind, and controlled by a Ho Chi Minh China crew plugged out of Gdansk Poland.

They do not want us to live, therefore I have to take on another persona, one of survival.  They want us starving, living in the streets, dependent upon them for health care so they can abuse us in medical facilities, many of our veterans being literally f-cked in the heart with a probe to do an experiment under the federal government in  Los Angeles California. I have proof at the top of the home page of Mobile Audit Club in a link. I was one of their guinea pigs in 2001, a patient, and now I would level the building for the war crimes atrocities of which they are part. Every time I have something wrong happen, I have them, those federal warlords in power, smiling and growling at me, to look back toward, in regret of acquaintance.

I would like to see the Austrian governor of California and his follower removed from power. Send them back to Switzerland where they now drink high balls of another flavor.  Their Hollywood propaganda smacks of another third world war on the populace.  I see a snake under the covers of California and their federal government.  But it will not change.  We are powerless.  We are often better off dead.  Many of us turn our eyes to the sky and pray that the assumption of human extinction per the Mayan calendar is correct. 

We live as if among a species that is not human, sometimes not even animal, something that is better off not to exist as well. 

When I see a family splintered as in forced adoptions in foster care in the USA, I see many possibilities.  I simply try to estimate, and I see a 20-percent survival and hence growth rate.  1 in 5 makes it to a good life, the others suffer and or die or are maimed when very young.  The time  has come to pray for many, to look to the skies and ask for an end to the governmental lie, their spit in our face is not rain nor love.  Their needles in our arms and legs are not there for our well being.  The same war has lasted for an eternity.  I await change.  I await.  I too admittedly and shamefully long for their and our deaths.  I see my longing as a weakness, I see it as strength, it is impermanence among the impermanent.


Segment November 29, 2010: SOCIOLOGY_USA_alcoholism_ADDICTION_advertised_ACCEPTED_consequence_GENERATIONS_addicts

The glorification of alcoholic beverages in my parents generation in the 1950's and 1960's and 1970's became increasingly more rampant and accepted over that 30 year time span.  By the time I was 17 in the later 1970's, it was common to see many of our parents in our communities as complete alcoholics, drug addicts to something that was advertised like an intoxicating soda and caused mass havoc in many peoples families.   The truth is that alcohol should have been limited in its distribution points, not in food stores, and it should have had limited advertising.  

Considering that many of us children who grew up, often homeless, with an alcoholic parent, now we have children who are more destitute than our parent who may have simply been alcoholic.    Many of our families are in tatters and many of the children will go into foster homes.  

My career is ruined as an accountant and bank examiner for the federal government because I took a stand.  They do not want us to live.  They want us starving, living in the streets, dependent upon them for health care so they can abuse us in medical facilities, many of our veterans being literally f-cked in the heart with a probe to do an experiment under the federal government in  Los Angeles California. 

I would like to see the Austrian and his follower removed from power.  Their Hollywood propaganda smacks of another third world war on the populace.  I see a snake under the covers of California and their federal government.  But it will not change.  We are powerless.  We are often better off dead.  Many of us turn our eyes to the sky and pray that the assumption of human extinction per the Mayan calendar is correct. 

We live as if among a species that is not human, sometimes not even animal, something that is better off not to exist as well. 

When I see a family splintered as in forced adoptions in foster care in the USA, I see many possibilities.  I simply try to estimate, and I see a 20 survival and hence growth rate.  1 in 5 makes it to a good life, the others suffer and or die or are maimed when very young.  The time  has come to pray for many, to look to the skies and ask for an end to the governmental lie, their spit in our face is not rain nor love.  Their needles in our arms and legs are not there for our well being.  The same war has lasted for an eternity.  I await change.  I await.  I too admittedly and shamefully long for their and our deaths.  I see my longing as a weakness, I see it as strength, it is impermanence among the impermanent.


Segment November 26, 2010: SOCIOLOGY_murder_INNOCENT_medical_TORTURE_humans_REVENGE_tolerated_ENCOURAGED

I have noticed a cruel underlying nature in all of mankind.  It is a sort of barbaric nature, a sort of love of the screeching sound of imminent death.   It is not something you want to get caught between.  From death by a bullet or forced medical procedures, those who have this barbaric nature of killing by the bullet or committing forced and unwanted and unnecessary medical procedures on those human beings in our society.

It is hard to swallow, but there it is, everywhere.  The idea that I can feel safe in the USA or anywhere is absurd on this planet.   I have discovered that many people do not care what happens to you.  In times of hardship many of them would bludgeon you or rape you or use you as a medical guinea pig if profits were to be made.   Those times of hardship are now.  The government sees us as having no rights and their militaristic mentality allows them to turn against anyone, including our own, en masse.  That nature of triggered attack through bureaucratic channels an be turned against them with the proper tools.  It may have already been turned against all of us.

I at one time felt at peace in the USA.  Now I live in constant awareness of all factions and their true natures, whether in California or Florida or Alabama or Canada.  We live as if in a war zone.  Our people may be better dead.  Some  times I feel the war is lost.  I know this because like those with their dark natures allowing death of the innocent with a bullet, or those who take down an innocent human being with forced medical injections, I want those who torment us and target us to pay, to pay with their lives, with their blood running out of their mouths in the sunlight as they die.  I want to see in my partial blindness my adversaries die, and like innocent birds I cringed over, I will share less of a tear for rabid humans.  That is the nature of what man does to each other.  Insane and retarded is how I view our view of mankind and I pray for the end of all time in 2012 as the Mayan Calendar predicts, because life is an illusion.


Segment November 24, 2010: WARNINGS_society_LIES_elders_SPEAK_wisdom_WARNINGS_founded

Very often, I write these things so that perhaps if someone in my family or network of friends sees these posts, that they will take warning. I have not heeded many warnings in life and paid the price. I was warned not to join the USA military. I was warned not to work as a federal government accountant. I was warned not to own a gun in California, even if legally owned. I was warned not to buy a house in Florida. All of those warnings should have been heeded and were instead ignored.

The USA government does not offer guaranteed job entitlement in federal or state employment or civilian employment. The working class are nothing more than slaves in the USA and the government is not controlled by local residents of our communities who are one of us and who share our society at our poverty level.

By understanding that you are in fact nothing to those in the government and in civilian employment in the USA, you will not be as gullible and as trusting of those who would enslave you and take everything you own, including your internal organs, parts of your body and mind, or your life.

The Pledge of Allegiance is a pledge of blindness, to ignore that others in the world are just like you, "A nothing to that over riding sect or populace in power. " Usually by the time we realize we have ignored warnings, it is too late to turn back. Life does not look back, there is no redo or re-boot in life. Warnings. They speak of warnings in the Bible also. Warnings are the sounds of experience in a world full of predators and prey.

Segment November 21, 2010:  BANKING_oversight_THIEVERY_tax_BASE_irs_REFORMED_examiner

Having descended from an assortment of thieves, thugs, alcohol drug and tobacco merchant men, one of the pointed head thieves went right, having denied his authority as a thug, he took to work of the right hand of God, which would be a good days work for a good days bread in his community. 

The bank examiner explained, the banking system is like a bucket and it holds the water or currency.  The pipes are the IRS who collect the water or currency in small amounts to bring to the larger bucket.

The time came when he could no longer work as a federal bank examiner because the current thugs had been pushing out all who weren't current thieves and thugs.  He was paid not to work and put on a sort of lower level unemployment pension.  When the time came for him to seriously think about a possible lower level job at the IRS, he could not do it in good conscience, being that of a former thief who did not want to return to that lower state of existence as a thief, being a tax auditor and collect for the IRS.  The bank examiner would not work at the IRS collecting taxes so that the money could be stolen from the banking regulatory system, the bucket.  His logic was that he looked down the pipeline, the IRS, to the bucket, the banking regulatory system, and saw that all money taken in taxes was stolen in banking transactions, so in a sense he saw himself as complicit in thievery if he took the job but he stayed on unemployment, which was once again counter productive to repairing the bucket.  The only thing was that he could see that grease did not stop the leaks in the bucket, it made the leaks worse.

The life of man is that of a retard over all.  Wars over and over proved man was retarded and inbred.  A German geneticist and geologist concluded that much of the human species was wiped out long ago, most likely by natural forces and only a few men lived in various places of the Earth.  So in a sense, the entire genetic complement of man is not present, and like a brain damaged or brain impaired retard, man goes along, struggling for higher achievement only in limited amounts. 

The potential for mankind is limited, like a brain damaged child.    I suppose that is why the silent war wages on.  I often wonder with genetic engineering what type of man will exist now and in the future.   A potential banking official who is superior in technological advantage who rearranges the entire banking system to suit himself in his exoskeleton chitin bug suit with F-DiC Proboscis and tong.  His comment will be to say "It takes one to catch one", and for that, he or IT will charge you double.

Segment November 20, 2010: JUDAISM_key_SUCCESS_factors_CONSEQUENCES_failure

Recently I learned that Jewish children at age 8 start training for their barmitzvah or batmitzvah at age 13. The childrens training entails many things, including learning Hebrew and ancient guiding precepts and social interaction with trainers, the Rabbi and family and others. As I watched the young man singing Hebrew at his barmitzvah, I realized that the only thing that mattered was that the young man was learning the key concepts in life and I noticed how oriented he was to achievement and self fulfillment.

The Rabbi can not teach the children all of the truths. Some children will be hit hard by something in one form or another, thereby stunting or stopping achievement. But overall the vast majority of those Jewish children will have far greater success than those not associated with the faith closely and the inductions in training that lead to the Barmitzvah.

My life was not directed at that age and I fell apart by age 13, to a lesser level of achievement. I recovered somewhat but never fully after adulthood. For instance, today, if I am found dead, it will likely be due to my choice of work and my reaction to what happened,. I choose work that is confrontational, including journalism and auditing and bank examination, all directed at revealing government corruption. Testing and then revealing. I was misdirected when young by the indoctrinations of the state.

Having gotten back to California, I have endured some minor harassment. It appears the lesser variety of German descendant in New Mexico signaled local Indians or Mexicans to check me out, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone. I have been attacked and harassed in Alabama. California is more of the same when the government attacks with prejudice, never giving the foe, the veteran, a chance to recover. They lie, they defame, they and we likely should not last to full completion in life cycle.

I was informed that the government made me a suspect in a murder. I wrote a little blip about a curious suicide and what I saw near a filling station. I am speaking of Ben Cofield, an Alabama Senators son who allegedly committed suicide. I think there are those in the federal government who are trying to use Cofields death to point to an alleged sucide of an FDIC regional director around 1990 in San Francisco. Or perhaps they are calling attention to me to stop my investigations of internal government corruption. I am the best at it. I am trained in medicine, finance, and journalism and like to test them like a young street hood getting Snatch. If I killed Ben Cofield, then Walter Cronkite killed the young Americans in Vietnam. The syndicates hate me. I am retired. They want my blood again. They want to isolate many of us veterans, to commit suicide. It covers the blood trail, such as the small stroke I had from their tortures and injections. Kurt Brown, investigative journalist freelance. They drew first blood upon me and others. I look to the Rabbi and wish him well in his work.

As an aside, I urge future medical practitioners not to act as mercenaries and torture chamber specialists in hospitals. DO NOT ALLOW FORCED INJECTIONS BEFORE COURT. IT IS RAPE. Also it is said that pot is a highly addictive substance with no anti-dote. Pot should be avoided like alcohol by aspiring young youths. It stunts the growth of a person mentally, and it may cause brain damage, and the federal and California government with various national syndicates will likely sell it like cigarettes and get the rest of the nation addicted to their high grade pot. We are being used in the USA and other nations who are under the corporate hand that controls the one world government, disguised as many governments. Their rulers have proven to be our enemies and their down fall will be rejoiced like the downfall of a rapist and murderer and medical atrocity practitioner.

Segment November 6, 2010:  SCIENCE_sociology_STROKE_military_PROCEDURE_federal_TREASURY_war_WITHIN_eternal_LOST_cause

Stupid is what I is.  I can not ever decide what to do.  Should I stay Or Should I Go?  It's a clash.(Music Soundtrack)

It appears I had a small stroke since I was in the USA Navy and I have noticed that at times, the condition appears worse, such as the characteristics of stroke, partial paralysis of the face, and other indicative symptoms such as malaise.     Considering the LA VA Westwood, now  renamed the West Los Angeles Medical Center on Wilshire Boulevard at the I-405 interchange committed forced injections on mysel, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, freelance investigative journalist, in 2001 and forced medical procedures and detainment and they killed other veterans calling them insane in many cases in 1999, I have reason to be concerned about a stroke.  Part of my vision is also gone.  I was knocked unconscious in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center while doing some tests and investigative work.  Never report nuclear or toxic spills to state hospitals, particularly in the Chapter 36 Law States that allow forced injections, including Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.   It is my recommendation if you are to be detained and feel that you are to be injected or tortured in medical or other prison situations, run for your life if you can, and if you can not be free, then fight to the death or take your own life.  Let your conscience be your guide.

Never work as journalist in the USA because it does not pay well for most of us and no one really cares if you live or if you die or if you are tortured.  Much of life is a ruse, misperception, and the entire time the war for resources among the lower sects continues while those at top eat the lions share.     A brutal existence and mankind was allegedly almost wiped out and now we are all inbred humans.

Some say the end of time is to occur in 2012.  We could never be so fortunate.  God does not have that kind of mercy upon me, upon many of us, better off dead than taken alive.  This existence of no remorse and little virtue.  Their animal hands block us at our own government doors and they drag the innocent, victims of the insanity of the world, across their own tortures.  It looks like it will be a long sad time coming.  Should I stay, or should I go?  And where to go if I do?  Prisoners on this planet us, and the time is approaching for radical changes.  Never believe in their rights.  We have no rights. Their leaders are our mortal enemies on this pen we call this planet, this existence.  AS far as I know, they have cut my spinal cord and placed my head or my body in a bath, a bath of blood, my own.  As one veteran told me in Los Angeles after I was being in injected in 2001, "Remember, they drew first blood.".  

I did not bring that statement up in court.  I was too sick and told to shut up by the Secret Service.  I welcome the end of time, the beginning of night, and my prayer is that the innocent be purged of all suffering.  I am the little nobody, hack bank examiner and criminal investigator for profit, who tried to act like a martyr at the bloody floor of the San Francisco FDIC and Washington D.C. FDIC Seidman Center.  That started it, the investigation of the FDIC murder of a top man.  Their society is shit.  Our society is dead for all intents and purposes.

God unleash what is necessary, us, the sun, the light, the stars, the moon, and all celestial beings within claws reach.

Most of us know that we are nothing.  You learn as you grow older and you also learn that all things mean nothing.  Our relationship with our blood kin is the vein but the vein collapses a few branches out from the source, if you consider a tree diagram.   I remember the lies of the USA when young.  I see the lies of the USA now.  It is one of many nations on a world scarred by avarice and greed.  Welcome their end, welcome our end, dust to dust, dusk to dusk.

Laughter is strangest during violent moments with classical music playing in another peaceful time for those who commit that violence against us. It appears to be the lower animals achievement, their chant, their music, like Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies. IT is heard best when it strikes back at the source of our suffering in three part harmony, straight for the throat and the snipping of the ears in our eras. You may not have heard our suffering, so perhaps they can hear their own suffering at that moment of indecision.


Segment November 5, 2010:  ANTHROPOLOGY_modern_VERSUS_ancient_VERSUS_man_NATURE_baby_CANNIBAL_nature_WAY_beast_MAN_kind_USA_earth

The one truth in life is the truth of the myth, the myth of sisyphus.  Every generation of people starts the same, naive and young and often deluded.  Over time we adapt.  Over time we overcome our adversaries, some of our own creation, others of the general society.   

To those who can read, I urge you  to avoid the fields of finance and law in the USA.  Do it as a later degree but concentrate on your own happiness and well being.  Finance does not lead to happiness, it leads to greed and war.   Law does not lead to justice, it leads to subjugation, avarice, and sometimes being outcast by those at top, or killed by anyone, client or foe.

You can not change politics.  The game is set with a gun to our heads.  The lie that democracy is real is a joke.  Do not waste your time with occupations there either, as in the end, you are just a bureaucrat and bureaucrats are like cops, too stupid to do much else, except perhaps be an accountant, which is what I did, and journalism, and to some extent medicine, and in the time being I was likely a guinea pig forced medical procedure for those in government.  

Drop the lies and you see the truth.  Many of their followers and key constituents are really nothing without their connections to those at top with the guns.  The truth is that mankind was meant for more, but long ago, much of the human race was killed by natural events.   The humans remaining became inbred and hence you have what we have for centuries, endless warfare, just as we are having endless warfare in the USA today.  Economic warfare, with suppressed land values and populations across the USA.  A broad sprectrum of the South East USA lives this way.  There was a civilization in Central America where one society fed on another.  They ate them, one society eating another.  This resembles what happens in birth of a new born where two fetuses are always there at the start, and one eats the other, or absorbs their nutrients.   Some things never change.


Segment October 27, 2010: MEDICAL_torture_EXTORTION_hippocatic_OATH_dead_EXPERIMENTS_forced_INJECTIONS

Recently I was speaking with someone in the mental health care field in the United States and we were discussing the issue of forced injections in the United States.  We had a major disagreement.   The psychologist considered physical rape to be more damaging  than forced chemical injections.    The psychologists response has made me wonder seriously if I want my descendants controlled by a nations government that is more an aristocratic dictatorship that allows forced chemicals injections, causing immeasurable harm to the people and to our over all society, with many medical professionals who get paid for approving those who do those forced injections in the name of medicine.  I am speaking of calling people insane when they report or see something to hospitals or the government officials.

The idea that the psychologist would say that rape is bad and that forced injections of chemicals into people who comply with the demands of authority is good is absurd to me. The logic does not add up. You can not condone rape with a needle and not condone rape with a penis. A rape is a rape. Your body is penetrated in a hostile fashion in either situation.   When I, Kurt Brown, investigative journalist and former FDIC bank examiner, was knocked unconscious in 2004 at the Flagstaff Medical Center, I saw the truth.  Only one person seemed to have concern and he was the biggest one.  He was afraid I was going to hurt him as I was resisting.  I could have tried.  But it would have meant being detained more than 3 days.   In Los Angeles at the LA federal facility hospital in Westwood California in 2001 I was injected and compliant.  I was not knocked unconscious in 2001, however I do not know because it was two injections. I may have been knocked unaware after the first injection. It was a federal agent and not a doctor most likely in Los Angeles in 2001 who injected me. Filth out of the asshole of the Treasury and FDIC and their union, the NTEU is what I saw. I was knocked unconscius in 2004 in Flagstaff.   I want the American hospital establishment to stop the stealing of our money by holding us in this manner. They billed me over 2000 dollars and I want them to pay back their extortion, but they are controlled and over seen and protected by the war criminal government in power in the United States. We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.    And that includes the innocence surrounding being compliant with medical professionals and law.  At one time I would have said, "If they tell you to sit and shut up, do so.". But now, I would say, "Do not harm them but run for your life if you can. You are better off dead than to be controlled by those beasts over the USA medical establishment and federal and local governments." I urge our people to give shelter to those who are innocent but are labeled criminal for non-criminal acts. Their laws contradict themselves on purpose. Perhaps someday that bloody emporors group will emerge with their own lances in their flesh, and finally they will have gotten what they deserved. Death is better than dismemberment, and that includes the parting of the flesh for foreign invaders toxins.

I now pray for the end of time if we can not be freed from these horrible things such  as forced medical procedures.    It was in a way a test I suppose to ask the Psychologist how they felt about forced injections as it compares to rape.    I have tried to train the young not to forcibly inject people in the pursuits of their medical career.  The colleges will not teach the medical students about our rights not to be injected.  Let us welcome the end of time as one of God's good graces in the event the end of the human species is approaching.  We obviously have lost the ability to be humane, and being human is often just being an ape. 

It is not our fault.  It is likely the slow death of mankind, starting long ago with the decimation of the human gene pool with natural events.   Inbred and better off dead, injecting each other for spite and laughter and profits galore.  The USA is a camp of medical and human atrocities.  I want the borders knocked down around the Earth and the assassination of all who try to remove our human rights.  I want the USA government purged of war criminals who allow things of this sort, or my final prayer to God is to give us eternal death and salvation from this imperfect form.  Their government is dipped in sh-t is what I was told. We do not have a government. Those few wealthy sects do things in their own self interests. Our society is a rampant warlord, attacking inside and outside of the nation.

Segment September 21, 2010: SOCIOLOGY_modern_USA_murder_ACTIVE_passive_AGGRESSIVE_bureaucracy_MATERIAL_man_HUMAN_open_PRISONS_usa

In the world of the bank examiner, or the auditor, or the medical crimes investigator, we always have to ask, "What is material?"  and "If it happens again, then what do we do?"

I would love to work again as a federal bank examiner but I rocked the boat and in a way threw some burning mesquite on a pile of FDIC manure in the hull of the USA Treasury and their union, the NTEU, by pointing out money laundering and murder in their ranks.  But this is international in the end, and I should have looked the other way, as America, like the rest of the Earth is in economic warfare on many levels and the Treasury, now as always is being robbed, now with "alleged" banking schemes such as the MACAU (CHINA) money launderers XU, XU, and YU and the bank of China. The question of the day, "How many ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol Yu Fuk, and whose Mas A Shet?? They have our eyes covered and our mouths covered and some people are on the outside of their conquest in the know and warned me in December of 2004 with the explosion in Blackwell Oklahoma outside of Braman and I witnessed it in December of 2004.  I want my 9.11 million dollars as a reward when those who recircuited the money to the alleged Xu Xu and Yu are caught and beheaded if necessary.

 A dead man, an FDIC Regional Director in fag town, San Francisco,  is not a whole bunch of manure and the test I ran replaced the lie of suicide.  He was murdered and the USA government is a pyramid bureaucracy.  Some of them are higher level animals and some of their rank over the file are so full of war criminal inclinations against us that that they too should be introduced to higher level chemical injections like those doled out forcibly by those immediate superiors who demand those injections against us lower in the bureaucracy and those of us cast out. 

I see being cast out now as a blessing by God.  Those in the inner parts of our society of positive capitalistic endeavor, and that includes lawyers and accountants, are being killed with little regard or notice, and in some cases large amounts of assets change hands now and in the future.

 California is a hostile place underneath and you should beware of petty attacks and gross attacks.  Beware at all times.  The love is found only in small clusters these days.  The same goes for Alabama.  As the man who said Exit California also warned, look out for the Tie Dies with Daggers..  After all, some of those in our society fantasize about homicide, some commit homicide, and some attempt to carry it out passive aggressively. 

I laugh at the  mad man who runs with a bull dog on crowded stairs as if in a manic attack in a paradise setting to say one is not welcome while his deranged accomplice stands by with a large stick pole in vigilante repose and masticating his mouth with a pucker and inviting a pecker.  Or perhaps the mad man with the dog is angry because he wants to live beyond his financial means, and is lowly paid.  He may be paid or allotted money or feigned social respect by those who espouse this new extinction of men who challenge he and his bosses and role models because he and his bosses and role models can not see, while others can, even though he is not partially blinded by the poisons some of us have endured.  Some also just shoot you in the head or inject you with chemicals.  Some make us sign documents while under drugs and chemicals by needles forced by the bureaucracy of the NTEU, Treasury, and FDIC, likely lost long ago.  Sometimes it is better to take it in the head.   This world appears increasingly gone mad.   But it appears to be more of the same.  Just know it for what it is, snow time.

Sometimes even Ala-bama wants to go down to Strawberry Fields (music video). Their existence, our existence in Alabama, is like that of a third world under a dictator, an absent landlord. They deserve, we deserve, Strawberry Fields in Ala-bama, even under the new Third Reich from D.C. and beyond in the Ala-bama, Flo-re-da banana republic of these estranged United States.

Segment September 20, 2010: SCIENCE_military_NATIONAL_security_ATTACK_theory_SPLIT_pea_REALITY

In hindsight, I witnessed a strange incident onboard a USN Naval Vessel in 1983 or 1984, when a man in charge of computers and guns was allegedly throwing them overboard.  He was forcibly escorted from the Naval vessel by military police or something of that sort.  As a Quartermaster (navigator and assistant to the captain in charge and a deck swab) it was my job to document these things but I did not do so.  I should have stopped the men while they were on the USS Reid FFG 30, now the ship known as Gelibolu in Turkey.

I trusted my eyes and those around me in the early 1980's and that is no longer the case because those around me in government could be somehow not in my corner, or the man being escorted off, my possible fellow combatant could have been a victim to those outside our nucleus of survival.  In a way he was like a dead FDIC regional director whose death I investigated on my own accord in 2001.  He was declared crazy after dead.  I was almost killed for calling him sane and then the killers, the lions in the F-DIC (FDIC) trough, told me I was crazy.  Isn't that sweet?

The interesting thing about Shanghai life in a split pea lens is that you can never tell which life is dream or real unless you are awake, but sometimes the interesting thing about life is the split pea lens.  A comatose man tosses tomatoes in his mind like the living farm hand except the living farmhand holds the tomatoes.  Life or death is not a split pea lens in this instance except for the farm hand, who would experience absolute death if not handling the tomatoes for his food.    The comatose man could have complete rot in the tomatoes of his dream and still be fed intravenously, so although his appears to be the split pea lens, we can not be sure, because after all, life is about the fantasy.

In California we have the pogrom and in Alabama we have the program.  The first makes you leave the country if you survive, the other puts you in prison or an insane asylum and uses you and your children in both places and they are treated like jungle rot to grow things in and from and reap for later harvest, even if just an implant, as in LA where they use veterans in experiments and likely have done all sorts of diabolical things to those of us at the Long Beach California Naval Center Hospital or the Long Beach Naval Base, closed, or elsewhere in the federal network of healthcare, just as they were proven to have done in Los Angeles California in 1999 in deaths of veterans in alleged heart experiments in Westwood.

We should check who we allow to work on veterans and children.  A simple degree just won't do.  And those who practice medicine without a license and who are not obeying codes of ethics should likely be executed for war crimes against humanity.  What one gets we all get eventually.  I am speaking of forced injections on the innocent and compliant who demand not to receive injections.  If you think of this as a chemical or biological engineer would, you will understand while I say these things.

I wonder what would have happened if I had stopped the man from being escorted off of the USS Reid FFG 30 and found out if he had thrown the guns and computers overboard, and why, and examined him for any differences or for subterfuge. We were ordered to kill our own in captive situations to kill the enemy. Remember that one sweet and pass it on to your piece of feces F DIC head boss in the split pea lens in your half.  It is a legitimate question about our shipmate on the boat being forced off, just like what the f-ck happened to the USA's F-DIC head honcho in San Francisco (D.C.), mate?  Is it insane to be sweet, or is it bitter to be sour?  What an F-DIC experience I had in San Francisco in 1999 to 2001.  Kurt Brown, now alias Saint Ram Bone or the ARD F-DIC Party Clown.  Blacklisted federal F-DIC bank examiner on the down low with the FED IUD.   13 is 30, So Sweet and Gnarly? Where are the alleged Xu Xu and Yu with my 9.11 Million USA dollars in OKC and Wichita in 2004, and how does that relate to the bomb exploding there on the morning of December 8, 2004 near me while in transit to Wichita Kansas from OKC after I passed through Braman Oklahoma? That much should be deposited once you find out the cloth and paper tigers have decided to decimate your Treasury and tax base in the USA. Some sell out and some are executed, after all a third Czech is a third Czech even if in Poland.

The funniest thing about the government is that they pretend to care. The funniest thing about warfare is that the simplest creatures show us how death should be inflicted. Just like a macrophage that engulfes anything it is going to devour, so can a group of humans be devoured or controlled, sadly enough.

Segment September 14, 2010: SOCIOLOGY_modern_ROT_technical_ATTACK_prejudices_HATREDS_warfare_VA_long_BEACH_california_SYNDICATED_federal

The world started running out of baseball bats and billet clubs and started using needles.   The Long Beach California Naval Shipyard and/or the Long Beach Naval Hospital may have been involved in clandestine medical procedures that would allow covert operations of a new and higher technology in the 1980's.  In Westwood at the LA VA Westwood they were ordered to stop forced experiments in 1999.  I was injected there forcibly and forced medical procedures in 2001.  They lied about me on medical records and abused me.  I am not sure what would have happened if I had not gave up and signed papers as they demanded.  Paper tigers with needles do not leave blood tracks.

 The problem is that with forced medical procedures in the military is that the man, like a snake possessed, could be led to harm himself and or others, and in the end, it could just be that my existence and those around me are something more akin to a transient delusion of horrific places.  Ever since 2001 the government allows forced injections and those who participate in those injections on the innocent and compliant are nothing more than the war criminals assistants of the present, just as those on death row and in the slave camps of the past.

We are discriminated against in our own lands, whether in California or Alabama.  Those who came to power spit in our face and those of our fellow men.  Many of our people are sick and wandering in the streets. 

The line of men seeking medical care at the Long Beach Naval Hospital could afford an army of medical transplants and medical maneuvers of a covert nature in the early 1980's.  The Long Beach California Naval base could have done the same. 

DO NOT TEACH YOUR CHILDREN LIES.   Do not teach them the Pledge of Allegiance.   We are not treated equally and the constitution is a lie and irrelevant in today's world of medical atrocities.   Tell them that needles replaced clubs and the government can inject you anywhere and increasingly others and they can and do forced medical procedures and experiments and they have done so on myself, US Navy veteran, former FDIC bank examiner, former investigative journalist on government crimes in medicine and finance, discriminated against and attacked repeatedly and injected repeatedly and forced medical procedures, sometimes unconscious.  Never trust them.  Never serve them.  They are always about face.  Smiling like a placard board of teeth in the beginning, teeth that are a disguised growl.

Because the F-DIC knot-so Sweet Carols basically ground my life asunder, it makes we wonder, at what knight did they do they take the knife to their own eye.  Like I was asleep dude, having moved my pistols from the cover of the moving trailer to the front seat so no one could harm some one in LA.  Never again trust them, the VA or the federal governments Treasury or FDIC.  The SS told me in 2002, "The Trust Is Gone".  The federal government creates xenophobia. The Chambers Brothers and I sing the same song, we do not shoot those guns, "Bang Bang" music video.  I had a guitar on the dash as I slept, naive I.  Never again trust their hatreds in cities like Los Angeles California, Alabama,  and the USA and Canada, etc. and so on.

They cut the head off of our federal government long ago.  Xenophobia is a fear of society created by the enemies to mankind.


Segment September 10, 2010: PTSD_federal_AFFRONT_foreign_INSIDE_federal_AGENCIES_murder_THEFT_warfare_ETERNAL_ptsd_NEGATIVE_stimulus_AVOIDANCE

After checking myself into my own involuntary psychotherapy due to all of those things that people check themselves into it voluntarily for, including   repetitive post traumatic stress after being attacked physically and then basically having a gun pointed at my head repeatedly, a gun of one sort of another for over 9 years, and being depleted of my primary activity, investigating crime syndicates inside the USA governments, crime syndicates of a sort as some people call them agencies or their associated partners, partners in crime, and the depletion of my financial resources and the ability to acquire such resources, I now do several things differently.

Because the USA government federal FDIC and Treasury oversight, my past employer, launched a terror campaign against me in early 2001, including labeling me a terrorist and opening the door for their crime syndicates and corrupted KKK and Neo-Nazi type Sheriffs and their associates in Mobile Alabama, aka Sheriff Jack Tillman, former, and the LA VA Westwood medical atrocity encampment where I was tortured in 2001 by a Secret Service agent, and the LA VA Westwood being where others were killed in 1999, I really urge young men and women to never work in finance or law for the USA government and to avoid military service.  They will punish you in one form or another in many case.  The nation was hood winked, the nation of man.. 

You will receive no back up.  You will receive no warning.  They live behind a wall, therefore you too must live behind a wall when consorting with them, for them,  or against them, or you will be killed or maimed with extreme prejudice in many cases.  I am one of those who was maimed, an FDIC bank examiner turned investigative journalist of medical and financial atrocities.    I could name the names of attorneys and point to those in highest governmental financial oversight, but the truth is that the true killers in the street are often not seen as killers.  Let us hope some of them are on our side or not sitting there waiting to devour us.  If I am harassed or tortured and if some one stands up to help me, I generally would do the same for them.  Not all are bad in the government.  I just wish I would not have lost my foresight when I was a child, and had been wise, to avoid them. 

If you have post traumatic stress from being tortured by those war criminal factions of the government, you must try to avoid negative stimulus.  Today I went to a bank ATM and an armed guard was there.   A negative stimulus at the outdoor ATM.  I will never go there again, insteading going to a drive through elsewhere.

In San Francisco that is the type of set up they use.  At one time I was told that  one of the Cannabis Clubs could perhaps stage a hold up and kill some one, and call the victim the hold up man.   I once owned a gun and the government out West, that Mexican and Asian and German and Russian and usual mafia hoodlum stuff in charge of the courts, now use it to bar me from federal employment.  If the government is ever over run of the negative capitalists in any area of the USA, I would gladly take a financial oversight job of the Treasury.  Every penny accounted for and every hole plugged.  No sweet carol while the F-DIC forks you, not if I was given the time of day.  

In this government, the best you can do is keep your distance.  It was lost to someone, no one, a paradoxical empire of pens and needles and lances and bombs and drugs and chemicals and torture chambers.  Xeno-phobia sets in under their rule, the fear of society.

As the veteran at a torture chamber told me, "Remember who drew first blood", and as Billy Joel sang, "We Didn't Start The Fire" (music video).

Segment September 8, 2010: SCIENCE_healthcare_ABUSE_california_MONEY_motivated_SOCIOPATH_opportunistic_GOLDEN_state_USA_earth

The guinea pig asylum is one nickname I use for the federal healthcare facility in Westwood California, right next to Hollywood.  Hollywood film producers have never acknowledged the atrocities that go inside that federal facility or those places in the South West or the South East, or any where else in the modern USA, where forced medical procedures and physical abuses are approved. 

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist on government crimes, am one of those victims.  For the most part the people of California do not care what happens to you in their courts or in their streets.  There are too many people to care about each other.  In fact, in Los Angeles, if you are ever down and homeless and living in a vehicle for a short time, the government will kick you harder and their citizens will assist in stripping you of your wealth and rights.   The people there are concerned about their own survival or their own wealth and many carry severe hatreds and no sorrows for others suffering.  It is the same in Washington D.C. and those who control that city.

The term Guinea Pig Asylum for the federal healthcare  facility in Westwood in Los Angeles was a name coined by someone who could likely point out an unwitting guinea pig.  A guinea pig is another name used for someone who is used in medical experiments.  The asylum part of the name is coined from the fact that those in the insane asylum or who are put there by the government crime syndicates are turned into guinea pigs.  Some die and nobody but a very few really care or notice.  That is the nature of this life.  A cold hearted killer and medical terrorist and treasury thief reigns at the top of the USA government and likely the Earth.  A group most likely instead of one, and they can be more akin to apes who have put a crown of gold on themselves and who have used us and who have drawn our blood in violent attacks.  The best you can do in some cases is keep your children away from the government and all they touch or have an influence upon.  I am speaking of the lowest caste in the USA, the trailer park dwellers and government housing residents, and the homeless, because it is they who will be targeted because they do not have the finances or the knowledge to protect themselves from those who think they own our people and our lands.

When I was in the Navy when young, the USS Reid FFG 30 in Long Beach California, I often wondered if they were using us in experiments. The person in charge of computers and guns started throwing all guns and computers over board and the federal police hauled him off. He said to me, "You would get off of the boat if you knew what I knew." Ironically someone dumped our sewage tanks in Avalon Harbor in 1983 off of Catalina Island outside of Los Angeles, just after the incident with the man being hauled off of the ship. We had 4 sailors who allegedly died hitting a bridge abuttment in San Pedro California in an automobile accident not long before. I was not there at the crash site and now I wonder if they died in experiments and were made to look like an accident.  I had very little suspicions of medical manipulations really until 2001 when I was injected forcibly in Westwood at the federal facility on April 23.   I was also forced other medical procedures a few days later and then I was forced to sign documents I would not have signed if they had not abducted me and committed medical and psychological and financial atrocities against me.

I found out during that time that the facility had been charged with using men, veterans, in experiments in 1999 and they were ordered to stop.  If I had the night of April 22, 2001 to do over, I would run for my life, or just never come anywhere near that horrific facility.  I would have killed myself before I would let them inject and abuse me.  I advise others to do the same if they are ever to be captured by those federal war criminals in Los Angeles or in the South West such as Flagstaff Arizona, or in the South East such as Mobile Alabama, and of course, D.C. and beyond. Keep your distance from them, and if to be kidnapped as I was, you are better off to take your own life if you have the werewithal to do so.

The USA is a wretched place and if you trust those in power, you trust a cold blood serial killer surrounded by bloodletting sociopaths.

The best thing is to keep your distance from them.  It is not worth having anything to do with them.  The  USA is nothing, just another horrible stopping place for many of us.   Every group on the Earth needs a place to hide.  Perhaps that is the problem.  We are prisoners on planet Earth it seems. It seems.

The thing that kept me sane after this horrific and bizarre mix of events was comedy. And it appears someone has adopted my government leprosy handsign in 2010 and put it to music and comedy. I say to Sheriff Jack Tillman, former. I am the one of the best and bizarre auditors and I was pushed out of federal auditing oversight due to those in the federal syndicates who assisted the 360 thousand dollar thief, Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum Tillman of Mob. AL in government crimes, on 4/3/2001 and to this day. I play a song for Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum on 2010 because the Jack is gone, Happy Rosh Hashanah and note the Government Leprosy sign (music video).

As another joke, the USS Reid FFG 30 was sold to the nation of Turkey and renamed Gelibolu. I hope to speak with those who have the ship if it exists to see if I can bring it to F-DIC San Francisco and spray their building with our septic tanks and have them to enjoy a bowl of jelly comprised of Turkey shit. Ironically too, Long Beach Naval Station was turned into a depot to unload and sell in the USA, the Chinese AK-47 or something like machine guns. I was tortured allegedly for owning a handgun, but in reality, their war started against us long ago. As one Veteran told me in LA at the Westwood facility when I was in chains and shackled in 2001 after being injected and forced medical procedures, "Remember, they drew first blood." The police there sometimes give you the opportunity to run. But it is only after they inject you. You may be better off dead rather than detained as what they are now allowed to do to us, under needles and experiments, is straight from the most horrific memories of mankind. The "We" in this string of atrcocities is to close to speak of on this day. I find it difficult to make jokes out of atrocities of this sort.


Segment August 27, 2010: SPACE_brain_CELL_components_INSANITY_overpopulation_INDIFFERENCE_life_DEATH_

Recently it was discovered that the universe beyond the stars and such has a sort of wall or shell shaped as the scientists described it, "Like a loaf of bread."  I thought it looked more like a brain or a living cell of sorts and we have not understood the organelles of this large organism and we do not understand the constituent components in their function of a living sort of cell or brain.

Let us ponder for a moment that we are in a brain.  Is the brain insane?  Looking at history it has a rough edge for us, the human beings.    Many of us do not care about each other and have not since the beginning of the human millennia, despite copulation.    Perhaps we are too simple in many instances to understand the greater complexity or even the lesser complexity.

Can these things, time and space, be bent, reflected, held back, twisted in a loop so that things seem sane to the insane, that greater thing or cell out there?  And if so would it not make the entire essence of our being seem less stressful or harmful?

I do not think we have control of everything, not on the micro-scale, our daily lives, or the macro-scale, time and space over a greater duration and distance light-years away.

Sometimes I tend to look at the micro, the macro, and forget to check the in between.  For instance, sanctioned money laundering or alleged money laundering by Chinese bankers from Macau in the USA.  America's economic system will be swamped by the Chinese and the financial system is so rife with corruption we will likely be held down to the Earth or have our throats cut non-ceremoniously.  Insanity is a matter of perspective.  That shit that came to power in the USA and on the Earth forgot who they were dealing with, il idiotas con tecnologia, translated "the idiots with technology".

It is only a matter of time regardless in the insanity of the greater mind, Lucy In The Sky (music video).

And now for some biting comedy in memory of that American Holocaust I endured and an ousted Sheriff who helped to initiate it on 4-3-2001 when I was going to report starvation at his jail in front of Mobile Alabama Comcast cameras in the City Council meeting.

God moves you through the universe Jack, even if you feel dead and gone like me. After your death, I was thinking of making a glue horse out of you and putting together a popsicle house for the homeless using purchases made from your leavings dearly departed. A lavish mansion built for a dog, those people you stole food from when you were a fat adult. No excuse, no remorse, only morbidity post mortem. How does it feel to live in such a lavish popsicle stick mansion Jack and friends?

Segment August 10, 2010:THEORETICAL_science_INVENTION_source_IDEA_greater_SPHERE_human_PART_material_CONSTRUCT

In terms of creative genius among all of the Earths great creators, it is generally known that the ideas just come to certain people for certain inventions and after that it is generally a sort of sifting of variables to arrive at the final product.

The Universe is alleged to have the shape of a loaf of bread, or a brain, and that is where scientists found a change in the way matter behaves.  Imagine you walk into a wall. Before you get to the wall, nothing acts upon you, and once you do, it acts upon you counter to what you have acted upon it.  It is the same principle in your skull or the outer shell of this brain.

In terms of striation theories and multilateral movement of any discerning patterns in uncovering collective or individual genius, the continuum could be as scattered as the electric impulses skipping along central nervous system fibers but the actual size of the organism or entity and the tissues that the creative geniuses are part and parcel of are not a random occurrence but one that had to occur.  The light and magnetic and radiation and neutrino and gravitational pulls and matter and the constructs of matter in space and all things contained with the shell, or brain of space, as I will call it, can actually be calculated, but we likely do not have the time in our lives to do so.  Much like a bottle rocket that competes with sunlight in a race to the moon, we can't compete with the greater sphere and it is likely unattainable and we could be in for some surprises.  Have you ever thought outside of the box?  Can a thought exist outside of the box?  Only constructed and constrained to the weakness or freedom of the material of constraint.  Magical Mystery Tour (music video) of outer space has occurred and we were not invited.


Segment July 27, 2010: SOCIAL_theory_TORTURES_allowed_INJECTIONS_medical_PROCEDURES_experiments_CONTROLS_holocaust

I recently thought of how diabolical the local governments and their controlled facilities have been to me, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone,  forced injections, forced medical procedures, knocked unconscious at one time, always with needles, I think, as other applications were likely being made and surgical procedures performed.   A philosopher once said, I think I am therefore I am.    I can not say that due to their abuses.  If you think of a computer program whose code is re-written with another machine and put back into the original, so could my mind be twisted around. 

  I would not inflict such heinous atrocities on my enemies.  I would give them death or leave them alone.  We are in a diabolical age.  I have more love for them than they do for me.  They injected me and tortured me and defamed me in the worst way and left me alive.  That is worse than death.  I welcome their deaths, but I sometimes feel technology could be coming into play so the real target is a good question.  But their deaths would not pay for the damage they have done to myself and others.  You could have an entire planet or sectors controlled, and we could call Earth the planet delusion. 

 They tempt us to defend ourselves by attacking us.  Then they punish us for defending ourselves.  They set me up.  I have lost.  I welcome theirs deaths and mine, but I know I will not get it.  At most 50% always, and that is the way it is designed.    I am a poor man today because of my involvement and trust of those enemies who turned against me and mine.   We are in a new war.  A war we and I can not win.  But I know, soon, they or I will die.  If I should die and if each generation is as penned in more than the one before, then I should hope that I and my kind die for an eternity.

But I know it will not be.  In mathematical terms, from a state of conscious, only 50% can die in total.  Imagine brain death.  One half automatically shuts down, but there is likely then more room for new growth.  A sort of species cycling occurs.  A labyrinth that seems like it is a labyrinth from Hell.  May I wish they and theirs a non-ceremonious death, just as I would me and mine.   Get off of My Cloud dude (music video).  Goodie two shoes accountant and journalist party hat has died and my goodie two shoes inclinations as an auditor are for nil with the syndicates.  Filth swarms the Earth, the masses often engulfed, a towering giant lowered to its knees, crippled by design.  The wars began when we were not paying close enough attention and a few of us died and were injured.  That would be me, one of them any way.  A new game is rising and we know what it has become.  Survival of the fittest with a new set of playing tools and we are just tuning second fiddle, not even playing, wiped out and washed up, sick from their tortures, I would let Lady Godiva drink their balls from a cup.

After all you could let them hang out with Lady Madonna and their balls tangled up blue and sucked down by a cockney screw, who will say, what makes, "What Makes Blue Balls Blue? (music video) and I want my $91.1 Million too..

Segment July 26, 2010:  SCIENCE_theory_STONES_england_SPACE_energy_LAUNCH_land

In terms of the stone circles in England, the ancient ones, I have hypothesized how some thing of the form of one inner horseshoe and two  outer circles around that horseshoe could enable space flights of or  for landing a different sort of space craft, or craft for travel through bands of time perhaps in some other forms.   This is theoretical and has several branches or ideas from the form presented, which is the stones on the ground.   It could be even one pod of many feet with other similar circles in other places perhaps engineered to account for other things.

Theoretically the stones may have been connected at one time and the resultant sheer energy captured and directed into a craft.  I put crack sheer energy in the link, but there are many other energies when you discuss stone of that much magnitude in weight and breadth.  The concentration of mass and matter constructed into such a shape could signify a piece of a machine, a launch pad of sorts.  Energy, resistance, stability, all play into the enormity of such a contraption when you consider human demands on a vehicle.  Of course some humans would rather roam around on planet Earth and play like insects of a lower unorganized order, eating each other, like wasps eating spiders and vice versa.  Who wins?  Who cares?  Who is the real genius here Sweet Carol and your assistant dog shaped head federal mafia F-DIC.  Real Genius (music video).

I only wish I could Yu and and Xu and Xu FDIC Shrew.  I suppose I will have to stone the devil (religion link) with the three stones and bark at the moon in Moonie Ville, Bayou La Batre.

As a final aside on another topic, if a man who has a head shaped like a dog and is pointed out, he will be in the room with a man like a gorilla, because the gorilla knows the dog as Bonobo, and the rhesus monkey is cute unless he has a male anal gland. AB+ blood type is the least inbred on the obvious markers in human bloodtype and holds all said apes above, but genetics underneath hold hidden time bombs due to what has happened to mankind since the days of the apes. Right or wrong Jack, my friend?. Some things are meant to end.


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