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Segment February 23, 2015: Physics_Theory_YU_Zhendong_CHA_Bomb_9-11

The beauty of Yu Zhendong over Xu Chaofan to Xu Guojun is a mathematical and physics blue print. It can be taken for the inverse as well, with Yu Zhendong below the other two factors. By creating an isotope flux in a high intensity spontaneous release from a pressurized freon container and by creating a cyclone in the ducts with another isotope, then a collision can be made and a subsequent nuclear blast possibly with impregnated placement of istope in the CHA duct system for a third isotope to heighten the flux reaction. Of course I am just a theorist who spoke to a Mid-Wife who was in NYC on 9-11-2001. She said, "I never saw or heard any jets and I was right down the road." I was almost offered a job at the Twin Towers in early 2001. They told me to come and enjoy the fumes from the prior murder attempts there at the twin towers basement. I discovered Yu Zhendong when a falling object exploded after falling from the sky like a meteorite at the Braman/Blackwell Oklahoma line. I think it had a nuclear or ordinance payload. It took me three years to find those men after that December 7. 2004 blast. They were arrested allegedly in June of 2004. I admired the game chinese checkers with steel balls and aluminum plate. A new wave to move data? Time? Space? Close the mind? I picture a monkey with his tongue cut out, his eye gouged out, his ear drum pierced. That is modern man.

Segment January 11, 2015: THE_LOST_WAR_USA_MAN_KIND

In viewing all nuclear blasts since WWII to present, it is obvious that the USA in addition to Japan became the nuclear dumping ground. All nuclear blasts in the Pacific Ocean will have a predominantly Eastward direction in the drifting of radioactive isotopes, thereby from Washington State down past California, all highlands were dusted with highly energized radioactive isotopes. Considering I, Kurt Brown former navigator (quartermaster) was hit with a nuclear bubble in the Pacific Ocean while in the USN in 1983, and considering another sailor who was there at Castle Bravo shot as detailed in Larry Howerton Sr's book, A Pig's Tale, in which he and other sailors were ordered outside and were drinking coffee on the Fan Tail when Castle Bravo shot hit in 1954. They left that night at about 10 pm and early the next morning Castle Bravo shot, the dirtiest blast in "recorded" history hit him and other men and there was a wave at the rear of the ship when it blew. My ship the USS Reid FFG 30 left from Terminal Island and went to San Clemente Island if I recall and the next day we left that area for a nuclear blast zone deeper at sea off of the California coast.

I was forcibly injected in 2001 by a federal agent in Los Angeles after FDIC exmployment and journalistic work on government crimes. I either forgot the nuclear war then or it was erased in 1980s and 1990s with VA medical care. I did not recall all events until 2014. I was diagnosed with a stroke in 2004. I was tortured again in 2004 with more forced injections with government approval.

Because we have a rogue and war criminal government in power over the Earth and because we are overpowered with technology and brute force of the dictatorships bureaucracy, the best we can do is flee to the interior of the nation and keep ourselves safe from nuclear toxins and other detrimental technologies and waste and abusive and predatorial factions now entrenched in the USA. It is odd that my memory came back after not having VA health care for 10 years. I think they want us to down play the nuclear toxins USN sailors endured in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean. The medical community does not have all the facts of many sailors exposure and often misdiagnose side effects of those things I have described.

The way to deal with government abuse has changed due to technology and the loss of government in the USA before World War II and until present. At one time you could send an Emissary, state your desires from government, and then either retaliate for neglecting to make change or celebrate change with peace. Things have changed. The best you can do is hide from the technological beasts in power and their followers, often paid. The USA and much of the Earth is like Hell and like Hell, it can't seem to freeze over. Not yet anyway.

Segment January 1, 2015: BURNING_alive_LAST_wish_GOD

My therapist told me not to do this, reminisce. She said I would ruminate. I think whether real or fake, that to be burned alive is nothing but one exhale and a call to God to make it stop. As the trail to discern who is alive and what happened, the truth is that after I was hit in the nuclear voyage I am not sure how long I was unconscious, asleep or drugged or beat in the head with a nuclear power tool.

The paternal link is strange if you knew your blood father. You seem him there in an automobile next to you. My father was a spitting image of Hunter S. Thompson and he too was in finance at one time and I journalism and finance and warfare, perhaps looking for my father in Hell when I came out of the Navy in 1984. His mouth gaped open with ants eating all within near Coden Alabama. Now in jest I see my father behind the wheel. I think, Diablo, the Devil, but then I remember dear old dad against all odds. He seems intent on assisting perhaps tom make sure I am all squared up, PARC GLOWA, Square Head in Polish language, AWOL G C RAP in what I call Queer speak, language of dear old dead. Hot shotgun, a 50 million dollar tip sounds fitting right about mal.

Segment October 6, 2013 : TRUE_warfare_HISTORY_uss_REID_ffg_30_hidden_WAR_continued_VICTIMS_topside_PERSONNEL_exposure_GRADIENT_1983

I am Kurt Brown, former Quartermaster onboard the USS Reid FFG-30, and I believe I was witness to a war of some sort that was observable topside at the end of the Falkland Islands War in 1983. We were at sea and there was some indication before departure from Long Beach California Naval Station that we were to be exposed to a radioactive source of some sort. It was the one voyage I knew I should have jumped ship. The Chief Petty Officer must have seen the cloud coming and jumped ship. Come to think of it, he looked a bit like George Masa of the FDIC but I was not terminated by Chief Marske.

This is a segment really about a former shipmate, a Signalman named Robert Karlson who was a seaman rank at the time, who is now in a wheelchair from multiple sclerosis, which is the demyelination of the fibers of the central nervous system, which includes the spinal cord and the brain. He has not bee been paid and I want others to make sure he is paid. Another quartermaster alerted me to Karlson's ill-fate and condition via facebook after my stroke symptoms had eased from the forced injections, which was around 2010. Karlson can be found in Ketchikan Alaska on facebook per my last search. There were other casualties. All of my children since that time have had exacerbated and usually undetectable anomalies of the expressed genetic structure, thereby possibly threatening their lives and viability.

At sea on that fateful night I was at the quartermaster desk, the chart table on the bridge. A signalman of higher rank came in and he was flush looking, pale and smaller than usual, as if crouching down on the run. He said to me, "Be thankful you are not of this signalman rating."

Because of the stroke I have had after forced injections by the federal government in 2001 and 2004 my memory slips and I am not sure if we were hit with another weapon in 1983. I once envisioned a weapon that would incapacitate all who came in contact with an encroaching field of energies or a pushing and manifestation of power in space possibility using larger external energies from space itself, or possibility a swapping and delineation of barriers in space or incapacitating waves coupled with movement of men and materials. Various things in the body and bacteria using the same technique for killing in one method I see. The phagocyte is one of them. A cell that eats.

In my dream or in my recollection I recall someone saying that Karlson was gone. After all, some federal f-ck shot me up like a punk on his dope in 2001 after my surviving murder attempts as an investigative journalist by FDIC related assassins and likely SS and Treasury. Karlson was a signalman who worked at a lower level than the signalman I had just spoken with late that night in 1983. I heard some others repeat it as word spread inside the bridge, cockpit, of the ship near the helm and ships balls. Then I heard Karlson had been recovered.

We worked 24 hours a day seven days a week, or I was kept awake that much due to general quarters alerts and other duties. I seem to remember two other odd things. The higher ranked signalman told me to go take a shower at another time on that voyage and he was relaying morse code with a hand held device. Then I remember him pointing it at me as I walked toward the door to leave the wings of the ship near the cockpit. Of course I don't trust anyone so to turn my back leaves a bitter taste of betrayal if a light is shined on my back as I leave.

Then I remember one time where I was sort of delirious. Perhaps after the petty officer signalman ran by fleeing from what ever hit the lower ranked signalman. I remember one man saying to another, "we should cut his throat and leave him on the deck and say the birds got him." Then another said something about a relative being a full blooded Italian. That is all I recall from that nightmarish event, or series of events. I would blow my brains out before I would join the Navy at that age again. Just don't drink alcohol and don't do drugs and go on with your life and avoid murder for hire positions if possible, unless it feels right, and then you too may be a relative to a full blooded Italian Sweet Carol, and Masa Shee-it F-DIC BOD squat.

Segment September 15, 2013 : RELIGION_death_CHILD_commensurate_TRIANGULAR_fix_RABBI_and_ABORTION_survivor

Sometimes I feel like the big Indian guy from the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. I feed the starving held in cages by mad men. I stop the murder of the innocent as mad men try to kill me in pursuit of the worlds wealth and their own war crimes dynasties. All of it is irrelevant in the true nature of things, a slipshod type of existence down beyond the quark level and above the universal view level it is evident but here it is deceptive.

A story of an American Rabbi whose twin sons joined the Israeli military and one of them went on to teach acceptance afterward. The young man was later killed in an accident. In the triangulation of the life death effect it could happen to anyone but in this boys instance he went a long way to find death, not to be cut on the right hand in war but in the left hand in the aftermath of war, the living.

An odd story told by a Rabbi whom I felt I knew, connected to from a prior group or something. He was teaching at Loyola Marymount for six years or was that seven? I know a student there and the college the Rabbi mentioned was Brown university one of 8 Ivy league schools in the USA and they had interdenominational group at Brown with the dead son somehow involved in life or death.

When I was repeatedly forcibly injected and repeatedly beat from government, I came to realize that many here are not.

Segment June 27, 2013: HISTORY_mind_CONTROL_warning_EXTERNAL_wars_THEORY_fact_TSAR_bomba

I once read that Nikita Kruschev took off his shoe and banged it on the podium in 1961 at a UN meeting in a very metronome manner. His watch also fell off during the incident and he looked at one of the alleged Phillipino and a British prime minister. It is my belief and theory that another type of war is waging and he was warning those of us who watch mass media progaganda in the West. Mind control using Nikola Tesla's theories utilizing energies in the atmosphere and on the earth and the usage of nuclear blasts including the Tsar Bomba by Russia and the Castle Bravo shot by the USA could have rendered the Earth a slave to a few people with powerful technological weapon to control the Earth and the Human species. I say this because I was born maimed and was later maimed by those in power over the bloody USA banking regulatory system. For many of us our lives have been a bit like hell or warfare so I try to figure out what has gone wrong. I made some mathematical theories and projections on Page Love Line 12 of Mobile Audit Club and you can find it by going to page Love Line 12 of Mobile Audit Club and doing a ctrl-f for the Betz equation. There are numerous references on Page Love Line 12 to the discovery I made regarding the Betz equation and Tsar Bomba and Castle Bravo Shot and theories linking Nikola Tesla.

It is ironic that Kruschev looked at a Phillipino who accused Russia of taking the East of Europe without giving them rights. Kruschev also looked at a British Prime minister. It is my belief that much of Russia was taken over long ago and the same goes for the UK and the USA. Here is a link to an article about the Shoe Banging incident on October 13,1961. On October 31, 1961, Russia allegedly exploded the largest nuclear bomb in history, Tsar Bomba. Mind control may have set in. Our enemies devour us and we are helpless, even in the USA. Remember the butchery of the Vietnam Draft in the USA. The government does not care about any of them or any of us from the lower caste of the USA.

Some say that things are never what them seem. And likewise you should view Nikita Kruschev's shoe banging incident as a warning with a sort of non-verbal morse code that is used in warfare to relay messages in front of village idiots who are your adversaries and who would kill you if you spoke of things directly. First he banged his shoe like a metronome. Each strike of the shoe could mean a nuclear blast. Two strikes at two times perhaps? The number of times is not mentioned in the literature. I saw a video where he hit his hand on the podium two times in two intervals. His watch fell off meaning that the watch man was out of commission or the enemy had figured out a way to tamper with time, or go through wormholes in time.

In another matter I have theorized on water harvesting from the oceans on the Love Line 11 and Love Line 12 pages using a sort of tool resembling the methods used in the artwork of the 3-d dimensionalizer that was displayed in the Netherlands. A faraday cage was needed which made it more complex. I have now decided that pressure differences coupled with that method of water harvesting could move water to barren areas.

Segment June 2, 2013: COMEDY_real_LIFE_sheriff_JACK_snatch_FAIRY_possum_STARVING_inmates

At Mobile Alabama jail was a man who was much like the man who turned against Jesus Christ. He was the Sheriff of Mobile County Alabama and his name was Jack Tillman who I now call Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum. Sadly he protected money launderers and murderers through his acts against myself, a sort of undercover investigative journalist employed as a FDIC bank examiner prior to my coming in contact with the Sheriff. In reality the Sheriff was a thief and he had horded over 360 thousand dollars of inmate food funds in the accounts and stolen other money. He was starving the inmates, and many long term inmates at the jail were extremely emaciated like holocaust camp victims. A relative of an inmate asked me to do something about the starvation issue at the jail, so I did. I audited the Sheriff. I was tortured and punished for that and other investigations I was running on federal government finance and federal and state medicine. I was tortured and maimed and robbed eventually. We are losing a sort of war on Prison Planet Earth. Many of us are cut short at or before birth and often as a result given a short life and a inhumane end to a miserable life.

In this comedy I picture the Sheriff Possum blowing in the breeze for freindss.

Segment February 18, 2012: SCIENCE_metaphysics_DEAD_living_EN-MASSE-HOLISTIC

Recently I decided to ponder the dead as if my brain was partially attuned to the dead since birth. The thought of this led me to some interesting analysis. Nikola Tesla the electrical engineer spoke of how the world would look if we could see in all dimensions. His theorem would put us in the matter of light and excited matter but what about dead matter, the space in front of us and between the nucleus of the atoms in our cells and the electrons and other fields that impact each. We therefore have a new dictum in space, the living of the dead and the dead of the living.

I try to wrap my imagination into this and soon I see the dead walking before me. I was in the Nureyev exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and I saw at the door, Nureyev in his prime, in his top teen years. Then came the attorney who I would counsel with due to the nature of his death, allegedly killed by a client. How strange it is to let the imagination wobble between darkness and light. You soon ask, who is really dead and who is really alive? Who controls the Earth? It does not appear to be myself or anyone I know. I was born mutilated and did not know it until I was covered with gray hairs. But was I born mutilated? Was I born? The needles jammed into me by my supposed allies from government woke me up. I am alone and I might as well be dead, excluding the desire to pull together the darkness and the light or do I push them apart?

I pictured a fence around mankind in each selective natio

Segment October 19, 2012: SELECTIVE_service_REGISTRATION_benefit_ENTITLEMENT_USA

The USA governmental regime in power requires that young American citizens, children, register for Selective Service for the government. What that means is that you agree to do what the government tells you to do in the event of a war against the regime in power in the USA.

When I was young those older than me were forced into a draft to go to Vietnam and the war there. Many became maimed and many killed themselves. They were led to slaughter by the enemy faction of the regime in power over the USA.

My advice to young people is to sign the Selective Service registration paper. In the event of war, you can claim you are a "conscientious objector" and you do not want to side for the faction of the regime that is a war criminal. In other words, you can back out. If they are going to put you in jail for resisting their actions, then they are the ones who deserve death and you should pray for their deaths, perhaps in Mecca or Jerusalem or any other convenient locale outside of the USA.

I begged the government not to inject me on numerous occasions. They did so, forcibly, and they left me maimed. It is my prayer that the enemy faction in the regime is toppled. I would prefer it be done in peace but they are a war criminal faction and it will take a larger and more technological advance to overcome our enemies who have come to power in the USA and much of Western Europe.

Segment September 1, 2012: SOCIAL_science_ABORTION_survivor_HALF_brain_DIAGNOSIS

I found out that I was an abortion survivor by a doctors diagnosis. So I contacted another abortion survivor. I have not spoken to her in the living world, although I thought I saw her driving up a hill in Pennsylvania once. So as I think of one part of my brain being the dead or the retiscent half and my right brain being the holy grail and often limited by the more dead half, I tried to connect the two. The dead of the dead world, as in "White Noise", with the dead part of my own brain and have the living and dead of my own brain connect to whisper out the truths so many desire and dread. The living dead, sound familiar. Here is to my friend sick with pancreatic cancer in California. Grateful dead music fan, stay among the living.

When I was under attack on the highways of America, before I was attacked by the thief suspect Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama, I would sometimes listen to static on the radio white noise while traveling in between target destinations, especially after running a test to see if I would be attacked by FDIC or federal related assassins. A prior regional FDIC director was killed around the FDICIA 1992 Act time. They said it was suicide and me being half dead since birth, did not mind running a test of many facets, to see if it was suicide and to see if I would survive while fighting the devil in the devil's alleged triangle I presume. If you use the dead to communicate, you might hit pay dirt with the Grateful Dead. Sweet Carol Load-Eye F-DIC, I have contacted an attorney about your discharge issue with myself. Peas and carots, that is what me and Sweet Carol is, Peas and Carrots.

Segment August 10, 2012 ABORTION_experiment_GOVERNMENT_faction_OR_maternal_ATTEMPTED_murder

A doctor told me once that I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, was an abortion survivor. He said that after looking at my ears and noticing that one ear canal was larger than the other. I suspect he was looking at the odd shape of my bald head also. I now think it was radiation that altered me before I was born..

I have a vision from the other side some times, or perhaps nightmares. I heard in a dream someone say that half of the Earth was burned to a cinder. I heard in a dream that I would be the only to survive the holocaust of the burned Earth, the war eternal. Anyone want a piece of me, your misdirected animosity? How Many Derelicts Do You Collect federal war criminals? Music originally titled US Brothers Under Chains and Needles on Mobile Audit Club home grown music page..

Segment August 8, 2012: MESSIAH_shot_ETHER_test_GOD_bullets_ACCUSATIONS_analysis_FINAL_audit

On the road again with Saint Ram Bone. I drove through Oklahoma and it caught on fire when I was in the middle of it a few days ago. You could smell the heat like sulphur as it blew in the strong wind before the flames were lit. Then it rained in many places the day after. Therefore if the rate of evaporation is increased to being like that of a cinder, the dissipation of resultant evaporation will outpace the funnel effect or "the streamers", from our solar system as we approach the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

In another matter, I consider the USA to be a negative and predatory capitalist empire that also has some positive capitalist elements. Communism and socialism also often have predatory capitalism. I fear for the young in the USA and would disperse them to other nations including Turkey, Israel, Iran, the USSR possibly, and perhaps some nations in Africa. I have been under attack in many ways and would have preferred to have been killed before birth in the USA, a second and final abortion attempt.

Because I was tampered with medically, any control of my volition over my secrets between myself and the creator were lost or copied. I feel that I can be used against my best allies, and I fear for them. This is a a small probability percentage, but it is possible.

For instance, I was having a conversation with a Jewish acquaintance and a small boy, 6 or 7 or 8 years old walked to the window and waved at me while he was behind a glass wall. I waved at him instinctively with my right hand, meaning that I trust him deep down. I thought how odd it was, because I rarely trust anyone or anything in USA or most places on Earth. Then I thought to myself, what if that boy was the Messiah. What if that boy was shot because he came to acknowledge my presence because my own map was copied and perverted, both in what I view and what the other persons see who may have been privy to my view as from the "Dead Eye Dic" medical procedure for a guinea pig I have envisioned and detailed.

This is theoretical but suppose that God himself runs a test to see if the alligators of humanity are present. The Messiah is like mercury. You can press him out here but he may come out somewhere else and he may or may not feel pain, particularly if he is a young 8 year old and held in the cusp of God's divine hand. Therefore God could be looking at the attempted murderers of the Messiah and deal with it accordingly. It's a clay model play set for God's sake, and his children.

The funniest thing about America is that if someone is prosecuted by the courts, that they are seen as guilty by the vast majority of the populace, even if a guilty plea was extracted through forced injections and torture as I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone endured. They strike you like a baseball game. I would like to pitch to my main opponents. Watch the head shot, I have a wild throw.

Where to go next, what to do, who to be, if only Sweet Carol and George Masa FDIC regional director and the fDIC Board of Directors, and the head tycoons in D.C. negative capitalists regime had not shot me down. Deja Vu. It will be more expressive to many in the future. I thought she had Yellow wheels, but she had "Helen Wheels (Paul McCartney music.) Bye Bye. P.S. I think I saw my wife or someone I know from a future existence today, as it was like heaven there when she was young in my dream, my vision of heavenly utopia in an Earth like vice but of extreme happiness. Today she was already growing to maturity? Oh to be young. Kismet.

Many act as if the 10 commandments were a theoretical structure to be altered for set purposes, sex, greed, monopoly, etc. I think that some things are more materially significant, but then again, I did not write the 20 commandments. We are all guilty to some extent in one or another of the commandments. There are gray areas and many ignore the horrid ugly truth they are in violation. Perhaps it is the end of time. Who cares? It is out of our hands now.

Segment June 22, 2012: WWIII_lost_NEVER_was_CRUSHED_bent_HISTORY_mankind_ANIMALISTIC_or_PRISONER

Recently it occurred to me that nothing is as it seems in the USA. A very real likelihood is that the USA does not even exist in matter of fact, but only in illusion or past history. For instance, if you had your head hit really hard and had amnesia and if you were in a machine that made you think you were conversant with things you imagine or recalled in some fashion, then reality would be very different from the reality you perceive in your mind as truth. Some may say heresy, but I say get the Radio-Active Skate, a submarine, off of San Clemente Island. Someone must have lost its location in the last war and somehow it was sunk right off the coast of the USA.

Very often I have dreams as I sleep or I use my spontaneous free-flow imagination in my art. It helps me to see the truth. Recently I had a dream and a man there told me, "Our society is so crushed and warped that all of our children have gone down the drain with either birth defects, mental retardation, or substance abuse." Many children have deformities from military or other apparutus and it is due to the children or our reproductive cells having exposure to those things, including nuclear and likely high energy electro-magnetic radiation, and chemical warfare, and unknown surgeries and forced medical procedures, and so on.

When I look at the Earth I see a changing landscape and it makes me want the end of the species, but I realize my sunset is approaching while those of the young is starting. Considering nuclear bombs were known to have gone off in the Pacific and it is known that high energy eletro-magnetic radiation is nearer to the North pole, it is likely the West Coast of the alleged nation known as the USA was lost long ago. The people there are full of avarice and greed. They grow marijuana, an addictive drug, and advertised on the media for years to boost their land values. They also have casinos or were the first to do so in Nevada, and the casino owners likely had to pay from their profits money unknown to those who control the Earth. It was as if the moral-less crowd on the West Coast of the USA led the way in predatory acts. But now, in Florida, their marijuana is shipped from New Jersey and sometimes Canada and Latin American nations, and even that is more humane than the cocaine and crystal meth they ship in and sell as speed and crack.

Much of history was likely a lie. But I am not sure how much really. In 2001 I was injected and tortured and maimed. In 2004 I was injected and tortured and maimed some more and I was left partially blind and with a stroke. There are those here who want war with me, with us, it seems. They are at the advantage. The mass of the warfare materials is at their disposal and they are often lesser humans who work for those who maintain them on a leash like an attack animal to be used against myself and other people.

In the dream aforementioned, the man said to me also, "Kurt get the pole greased up, we are going to take care of...." The slanted version of life, the lie may end. Perhaps truth and dignity will prevail. The greased pole mentioned in the dream can mean good or bad. I think of federal employment in the USA as being the greased pole, a dead end road of little gain. I also think of the FDIC which seems to be helping to hurt the USA, acting as a sort of butcher as wealth is failed. The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 formed the FDIC and it was meant to distribute wealth more evenly in a positive-capitalist society. It was struck down in 1999 by the Financial Services Modernization Act. The FDIC Improvement Act of 1991 allowed the butcher to prepare to butcher banks in 1991 and then huge financial organizations in 1999 and increasingly from 2009 to present in middle 2012.

I mentioned what I termed Queer Speak as a sort of twisted speech in which other words are meant or ideas as different than those mentioned. I speak of it on the Quatrains 1 page also. It is ironic that when I was being tortured and injected and maimed by our enemies in power in 2001, that Rob Zombie came out with a new song with Queer Speak, titled Never Gonna Stop. I have only begun to analyze it this year.

The lyrics of the song are, "Red Red Kroovie" and "My Durango Number Ninety Five" and "Never gonna stop" "I want more". The terms if untangled from Queer Speak are, "Dead, Dead, Groovie, My The Ram Goes Hundred-ninety five, Never Gonna Stop, Dead Or Alive, I want war" Of course the 195 could have meant the State Highway 195 in Texas that starts in Killeen near Fort Hood. Or it could mean US 195 in Washington state that ends in Spokane.

I often wonder who all was hit with this high tech weaponry or manipulation, and I think it was both our parents generation and ourselves, going back to around the 1930's or the 1940's. I have many unexplained scars from youth that I can not remember how they came into being because I was too young or I have memory repression. A scar on the ankle is a tell-tale sign of a chain on my ankle and there other marks of abuse or torture on my body. But this is a rough and tumble world, so I try to keep things in perspective. Due to the nature of the weapons I envision, both our parents and ourselves could have been hit. We would never know it. In addition, because I was injected and actually knocked unconscious, I never really know if those sub-conscious dreams or mutterings were simply people at the federal facility in Los Angeles or the syndicates paid off hospital madmen in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Those in the Western USA figured out how to pay off their debts by making many Americans of the East and South East into drug addicts and chasers of the dream of the carrot on the stick out West, including the drug- and sex- and gambling- and alcohol- addled. Mind and body and spirit were put aside so this tacit and subtle society shaping could be enacted.

I am currently searching for a new nation, but like the frog that jumps from the frying pan and into the fire, I am weary of many nations or places, or even if they exist without being warped as well, in what is their view of reality. I have considered Israel, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, and other nations.

I feel as if I am among many of my enemies in the USA. I was a pacifist and never struck back when I was being harmed, injected forcibly, and robbed. Now, if someone attacks me or harasses me, it is my prayer they are dealt the same abuse, with 100 fold the damage, whether leaving them slightly maimed or completely dead. It is just a prayer I suppose as fleeing an animal or apparition is usual preferred to actually going into combat with them or it. Do you fear death? If so, you are likely young and your sun has not begun to set. Best of luck in capturing your adventure in peace. They are at war with us in the USA and it has a warped side that leaves us blind and deaf. The sense of smell may be all that is left and death has no body odor other than death, and the illusion has no odor unlessthe room is doused wth perfume or cologne.

It was stated in rebreatherworld.com that some divers went to Lost Point off San Clemente Island California and they found a submarine with its superstructure blown off. I left a comment there but it was deleted. Here is a paraphrase of the article and I think it was in 2011 -- "On Sunday, 6th February, (2011?) Andrew Ainslie, Mike Wynd and Danny Graham went to San Clemente in Danny Howard's boat. Alan Crane acted as safety diver. We dove on a target in 300 feet off Lost Point. We were hoping to find a destroyer, but came up with something more surprising - a submarine. We have tentatively identified it as the USS Skate (SS-305), a balao class submarine that was used as a target twice - once at Bikini Atoll, and once off San Clemente." I Kurt Brown say it was sunk there and no one towed it anywhere afterward, sunk in a war we lost. "She sits upright in 300 feet of water. The superstructure was largely destroyed in the atomic blast - what a surprise!" "Some very bad footage:(video) We were working with very tight deadlines (the area closed halfway through the day for navy exercises), a poor camera and only half my usual lighting. Apologies for the lousy footage. Andrew Ainslie".

In conclusion: A comedy segment. I picture ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol and It's pimp, Masta F-DIC in Purgatory with myself and Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum Till-man incognito. I ask Sweet Carol if It has prepared the report on analysis of queer speak in divine revelation using the lyrics of some of Rob Zombies Song, "Never Gonna Stop" and the Beatle's Paul McCartneys song of Helter Skelter. I scream and shout like Sam Kennison from Saturday Night Live. "Have you finished that report? Huh? Huh?". "Sweet Carol I want you to finish that report about the hole we can not get out of in analysis of the holocaust of current times and I want F-DIC Masta Shee-it to pass IT out" I then dine on prime cuts of fillet mignon brought my butler my father while Masta passes out slivers of Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum jerky, their last freaking supper, fit for a bunch of food funds thieves and masters of misery and despair..

Segment May 13, 2012: SCIENCE_observed_TRUTHS_observed_DECEPTIONS

There are places on this Earth that are very strange for someone who has studied things as I have. You can see the more scientific perspective and observance on Love Line 12 as of this date on this website, Mobile Audit Club. What I am going to describe is a circumscribed area that is used for technology and the placing of people or things inside that area to converse with you, or even take you into observation, or to create delusion, or to create a real trap with no way in for outsiders to observe or assist you. If you think about it, with my weapon I uncovered in theory, the Tsar Bomba and Castle Bravo whirlwind of energy and control on page Love Line 12 would fit into this definition.

As an aside, I was illegally pushed out of FDIC employment, but others might say they take care of me. I would have preferred another nuclear blast to end it actually than to have been tortured and maimed and abused and outcast. But life goes on and perhaps I will see things in a new way someday, even if from a casket or an urn, if that is possible.

Now if you are in a town like Marina California that was at one time a military hub in World War II and later, you will see a small shopping center there with a Target and a Best Buy and an REI store, etc. On both sides of this shopping center is highly valuable real estate, as the shopping center is right across the Highway 1 from the beach. The buildings are empty next to the shopping center however, delapidated, huge military buildings and housing, as run down as if they are covered with nuclear contamination. I saw a similar situation in Pensacola Florida where the city was going to put in a aviation hub at the North End of Perdido Bay on a former military installation. Someone mentioned it too may have had traces of radio-activity. I doubt it was ever approved of for usage.

That does not mean that both are unusable however. It could just mean that we are being throttled down and unable to utilize resources at the optimum price. Of course it could mean that some thing else is going on, something we can not see. I speak of dreams and visions and such on page Love Line 12 and how dual existences could occur in physics. Mind control is really what I am interested in because it seems to be the simplest route to conquest of the human species. I am simply following Nikola Teslas logic and his greater knowledge of electrical engineering and the available insights. There is always that potentiality of induced psychoses on a grand scale over Earth.

I would not be surprised to wake up one day and find myself in a barren metal building in scant light with a few iron chairs built into the walls and a pile of bones where my ancestors died over the generations. Who knows how many, 1, 2, 3, 4, or more generations deceived and piled on top of each other. That is theory and what I am best at, theoretical observances.

As an aside, Am I the only one who dreamt of eating carrion as a child, who stuttered in young age due to being slammed on the floor like a pig for slaughter, grapes and cherries the taste left in the flesh put in my pen to rot, with a scar on my ankle and my eye and my ear and my testicle and a strange stamp of clarity on my side?

The next question is how can we test any of these theories? Geiger counters would work for radiation, but what about other weapons, chemical and biological? Then there comes the issue of mind control or using smart intellingence in circumscribed areas. For instance, a young man approaches you in the store and you have a discussion on a product. Could you test him to see if he is real in this circumsrcribed area? Could you test to see if the store is even real. Perhaps the whole Earth for the most part could be a deception of sorts, mind control, with some areas that are smart areas, areas set up to take you into consideration in terms of controlling and observing or testing or manipulating you.

We used to have smart nodes and dumb nodes in computer science class. You could have that scenario on a global spectrum. If I am being used to advance the will of those who want to control mankind like an animal, I would hope that it would come to an end. Advanced intelligence will likely not let lesser life forms win, or perhaps the law of entropy and uncertainty is inherent in everything and IT will soon find out. Then there is the prospect of endless loops, and perhaps they or IT could reign for a long time, and likely would still fall victim to the unforeseen storm of change approaching.

After my stroke was diagnosed, I used to listen to a song to go with the lower level of the Queerest of the Queer painting listed on page Quatrains 1, the most dire house talisman known to man, and the lower level houses the mechanics of it all. Forever hidden. White washed and then painted over, a trap to hide my fears of blindness of eternal war. It was so blasphemous that I did not take a picture of it without it being altered with myself thrown in and twisted for free. Open the door, not necessarily in the painting, and in it comes, the blindness from stroke or the deception perceived, Black Hole Sun (music video). Dim lights for me, and bright lights up for Sweet Carol Masta and the rest of the F-DIC and OCC. It's orgy time at the F-DIC Seidman Center always. Watch out for those, "Sharps".

Segment May 3, 2012 : BANKING_1991_YEAR_of_BUTCHER_murder_SAN_francisco_FDIC_wachovia_BANK_wells_FARGO_bank_NEXT?

1991 was the year of the butcher in banking in the USA. The San Francisco Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regional director was murdered in his office and labeled suicide. Also in 1991 the FDIC Act of 1991 was passed thereby allowing the FDIC to butcher banks quickly and therefore bypass time-honored safeguards.

In 1999 President Clinton did what I will call a double whammy on American banks and the American people in a very large group. Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall act of 1933. The act of 1933 was meant to prevent another catastrophic failure of the USA financial system such as the stock market crash of the 1920's. In particular it was meant to make banks not gamble with deposit funds on securities, etc. Clinton approved the Financial Services Modernatization Act of 1999 made Citibank and others very happy by allowing them to have their way, despite the fact that they had violated the law by acting stupid or criminal in 1998 and merging with a large securities firm.

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, degreed in journalism and accounting, investigated the murder called a suicide that had occurred at the FDIC in San Francisco circa 1991. I would know the exact date but the FDIC would not tell me. Instead, they had someone try to kill me in 2001 when I reported money laundering and harassment of FDIC bank examiners and a suspected attempted murder of my boss by dousing his neighborhood in Rocklin California in 1999. He said his neighborhood was doused in Jet fuel. It was diesel fuel according to reports that it was spilled from a pipe that went from Reno Nevada to Rocklin California. I do not know if my boss was himself when I left that office in December of 1999. Something changed, his voice, "How We-uh-ed" was heard. One of my co-workers urged me to quit after the fuel spill and I suspect he was a federal agent and saw fighting or bloodshed in the FDIC office in Roseville California.

I was injected and had a stroke and partial blindness. The first set of injections was in 2001 and the second was in 2004. I was ordered to stop all investigations of the FDIC by state and federal officials in California. The Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama and federal officials there in Mobile Alabama were harassing me when I was reporting Tillman's now proven thievery and I wanted to report also later oil thievery out of Mobile Bay in Alabama by Shell Oil and others under a natural gas contract. Considering they treat me like a criminal for investigating thieves like former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama, or for investigating medical torture camps like Chris Bavasi's Flagstaff Medical Center or the LA VA Westwood human medical guinea pig test facility, I have stopped all investigations excluding online investigations. Bavasi was a cop and a poor performing mayor until 2001 when martial law started in Arizona and Bavasi soom became Chairman of the Board of Flagstaff Medical Center. Bavasi had No medical training but was one hell of a gulag camp administrator in their insane asylyum, fashioned for Arizonas new Martial law in 2001, Arizona Law Title 36-520. If you run from officials in Arizona, Arizona Law Title 36-525 says you are insane and therefore you can be considered dangerous and can be shot on sight.

In 2008 Wachovia Bank was shut down and sold by the FDIC for money laundering. Due to the change in banking laws in 1999, Wachovia also sold securities and had a big scam ripping off millions of dollars. The money laundering was not caught in the USA despite it was larger than one third of Mexico's Gross Domestic Product. Billions of dollars and the audit was not performed correctly until years later when a UK auditor, Martin Woods who was at Wachovia Bank caught the money laundering. He was harassed and then sued Wachovi, adding more costs, because he was harassed. I, Kurt Brown, was partially blinded and almost killed on the highway and had a stroke from injections and memory loss but I am an American and get nothing, but free guinea pig health care if I want to jump in the VA's health care. I would rather suicide bomb those who allow forced injections upon us, but I will do neither, and instead just die a slow or quick death and pray to God this situation is rectified in the USA. At LA VA Westwood hospital where I was first injected and subjected to medical procedures in 2001 the VA had killed several veterans in experiments in 1999. A little Viet Cong action in the surgical room and I was treated to more of the same, with forced medical procedures and injections. Afterward I was jailed and threatened and abused for years and injected again in 2004 in Flagstaff in Bavaski's gulag concentration camp at Flagstaff Medical Center.

The FDIC bases their deposit insurance rates on banks relative to "Risk". There is no risk if people launder money at a bank, unless they are caught. Then the bank is sued and the FDIC chops it up for sale, as they did by selling Wachovia Bank in totality to Wells Fargo. But they did not remove key money launderers from Wachovia so they are now at Wells Fargo Bank. They know the ropes. They will not hire me at Wells Fargo Bank either and I applied in 2012. In 2010 the money at Wachovia was taken in a huge lawsuit. A small war had already broken out in Mexico and soon in 2010 a neighborhood in San Francisco, San Bruno, was blown up when a huge gas pipeline exploded. Many were killed. The government never mentioned the Wachovia Bank funds taken in the lawsuit a few months before the explosion or that the busted gas line was likely retaliation. They may be even selling children the government takes from Americans in alleged "protective services". The world market has an appetite for the young and a vendetta against some social groups, and all is relative to the non-relative in that sense.

Considering Clinton basically created Wal-Marts out of large banks, just as Wal-mart took over large swaths of small specialty stores, so did Clinton sign into law the law allowing the banks to act like the modern wal-marts taking over all financial services, including securities and insurance. Sadly too, from an accounting perspective, it makes it much harder to track banks to stop their gambling with funds deposited and they can play financial games that are like a perverted form of hanky panky in a financial sense by controlling the entire financial spectrum of financial activities. Money laundering is one of those things that will fit perfectly into securities sales and insurance sales and banking.

As more banks fall like Wachovia Bank and are butchered by the FDIC, we can expect the American dollar to become more like a Mexican peso, worthless. They also deplete the American investors who trusted the banks. I no longer trust the USA governments. I would rather be killed than apprehended by their torture specialists. We are likely in a technological war. Look at who you are dealing with very closely. You may see they are not human. You might be decieved, but you can rest assured, collusion and kickbacks are part of the new financial game even if high technology is not in play.

My greatest regret is the way they targeted me after FDIC employment and after running tests on government crimes in finance and medicine. I am to this day forbidden employment and treated like a criminal by government officials, particularly in some areas of California. I was being harassed in Pensacola Florida in 2008 and was attacked with my ex-wife in 2009 or 2010. We divorced because police came to our home and to her work place, a hospital, to get to me, to get me to leave or be divorced. I do not really have anger, but I would like to live long enough to help some of my youngest family members prepare for a life in other nations. The USA is a lost cause, a negative capitalist nation, predatory and vicious and cruel, and it will get worse. I encourage departure of some members of every family from the USA. We will likely be decapitated through warfare, or internal attacks as they have done to myself and others. They are injecting many people in our families forcibly with unknown chemicals if we have any contact with the federal government, particularly in employment or investigations. It does not matter to me if the needle bearers and their bosses are killed. I welcome the end of time. However, I know things are not as bad as they seem. This is just another Rome and like Rome, the Romans do not care if it falls if they are from the lower caste, the peasant working and slave class.

I tried to contact Martin Woods formerly of Wachovia Bank in the UK due to he was the one who busted Wachovia Bank for money laundering. I contacted the company he started from monies won in the lawsuit against Wachovia Bank for harassing him. The company was Hermes Forensic Solutions, Ltd. of London UK. Martin Woods did not return my calls. "Whippoorwill, where are you, Martin Woods?" I need a job or I need payment and I want him to help me find work. We share a common bond. We were both harassed. I was attacked on the highways and injected. Sheriff Jack Tillman, former thief, helped them to attack me further by taking my gun permit, harassing me and my wife and making me flee Alabama. When I was in California the LA federal police took the first opportunity they could to attack me and have me injected and tortured and jailed.

I was ordered to go to my FDIC bosses hotel room in 2000 one night and did not go due to fear of being injected or maimed. I was injected and maimed one year later after FDIC employment, after they fired me for poor performance based on the fact I did not go to my bosses hotel room. I want a large fireball to dust this baby off, this Earth I mean, like the one that almost hit me in 2004 near where Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun allegedly of the Bank of China were allegedly arrested. That was in Braman Oklahoma I was almost hit in December of 2004. Oklahoma, have you heard the Whippoorwill (music)

Segment April 29, 2012: BANKING_clinton_BRAIN_control_1999_glass_STEAGALL_act

The Fall of America and American Banking and Other Industries, 1933 to 2012, Youtube Saintrambone video link. The video is about Todays Post and Yesterdays and the solution. Get rid of the FDIC Act of 1991, Re-instate Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, Rehire Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone, and Check Clinton's Brain for the wire and brain control. He is as nuts as Obama and Bush to have gotten rid of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999.

Todays post and yesterdays post detail what has happened to the USA banking system since 1991 and details partially what has happened since 1990 until 2012. Because high finance is like warfare in negative capitalist societies, I can only deduce a few things by observation as a investigative journalist and a former FDIC bank examiner and former military man. First in 1991, the federal agency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), had a law passed, the FDIC Act of 1991, allowing them to dispose of failed banks very quickly, and they called it Early Resolution. it was a way to stop thorough examination and forensics on the failed bank. Second, in 1999, President Bill Clinton, or the face presented to us as Clinton, allowed the repealing of the law that allowed the forming of the FDIC in the 1930's. The FDIC was formed due to the stock market crash that followed the roaring 1920's. I saw something similar in San Francisco in 2000, the year I was terminated by a corrupt hoodlum who was running the FDIC in San Francisco. Clinton allowed banks to act as more than banks and cover the entire spectrum of financial activities including securities sales. The FDIC Act of 1991 should be removed because the FDIC was effectively removed in 1999. The bubble is going to burst again. I foresee two more large failed banks within the next 10 years. Wells Fargo may be next or Bank of America, etc. I want to work again as a bank examiner in the government, but they have turned against me just as they have the common American workers and the people of South America. I see the government as housing many of our enemies. We should clean the chaff from the foregone flowers of peace and wipe down the cannons. This is going to be a long war against negative capitalism.

In 1999 it was said that President Clinton had lost his mind. I say Remember The Wire and mind control. He repealed the act that started the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It was the Glass-Steagall Act. The repeal of the act will allow the USA dollar to fall in value like the Mexican Peso. The dollar has already fallen to some extent since 1999. With the fall of Wachovia Bank, the fourth largest bank, we had our first big hit in the United States, but the syndicates also were able to capture likely millions of dollars of international monies that were laundered from drugs, gambling, and government thievery. Next will be even larger banks that will fail. The biggest problem with repealing the Glass-Steagall Act is that banks can hide their losses with inflated values in securities and insurance funds. The accounting flow of monies become masked and a sort of bubble can form with false values for a bank. When the bubble bursts, the government Treasury has to bail them out.

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 was the law that repealed common sense oversight of banks allowing banks to play what I call the Pea Pod Shuffle game, i.e. Where is the money coming from and where did it go.

It was odd too that in 1999 I started working at the FDIC. I believe I was shuffled off into that area because I had medical training, journalism training, and military experience. Some military men put me in harms way because they needed assistance. Something has gone horribly wrong in the USA. If you look back at the 1960's, you can see that our lives in the USA meant nothing and we were trained to believe in lies of the holy sanctity of the USA. Negative capitalism is like a bad whore. She feels good while you are inside her, but once you pull out your whole life is changed.

Segment April 28, 2012: BANKING_truths_FDIC_murder_OVERTAKING_usa_NEVER_believe_ENEMIES_wachovia_EXAMPLE

A huge change came over the the federal banking regulatory agency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the FDIC in 1991. It was a change forced upon the government through blood. An FDIC regional director who saw what was happening had his brains blown out at his desk in San Francisco over it around 1991 and it was called suicide. What happened was, the federal government was likely overtaken in some new or old method by those who have no concern for the American people. It is a dreaded mistake to trust the government in the military or in highest finance in the USA in our era. I was tortured over my investigations of government crimes in finance and medicine and I had a stroke with partial vision loss when forcibly injected and maimed in forced medical procedures. Now I can not work in the United States due to the lies by crime syndicates inside and outside government who push honest men and women of long term American heritage from oversight of banking and law. I was warned by a fellow veteran not to work for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in 1999. He was right. It cost me everything and I want revenge in blood or money, but when I rise above the lower inclinations, I want to see the USA shattered into smaller nations so we are not controlled by an abusive oligarchy, dictators. We are not one in the regions and between the regions. We are in many cases enemies tied to each other.

The government in California is a dope dealing warlord and they are beholden to warlords out of Washington D.C. who are likely owned by war criminal magistrates around the Earth. In the South East, oil is stolen in large quantity from American soil. BP took the wrath in 2010 when their rig was blown up. They are not paying out their monies in the lawsuit that followed, therefore we should have a round table of sorts to see if we should take profit taking on their warlords and associated conglamerates. Shell Oil was the one I saw stealing oil in Mobile Alabama Bay under a natural gas contract negotiated by a collection of thieves who reign in power behind federal protection and thick walled federal buildings. They keep marijuana illegal in Alabama and crack cocaine seems to have become a complement to alcohol. Pills and other things are abundant also. I think Alabama should legalize cannabis for personal usage only and free the almost-white and almost-black negro from the addictions of cocaine and alcohol.

Taxes are taken in the casinos, skimmed, and laundered openly in American banks by thieves in power, the warlords of banking taking their cut and paying their due to the true dictators of the Americas who hide behind thick federal walls or far away in distant places. Gambling always invites this practice which is why gambling is outlawed in more advanced nations.

As an aside, I would like to run a correlation on world geographic patterns to see who has gambling and who has a compulsory draft. They are both forms of enslavement. I know Sicily has no draft and no gambling. I know IIsreal has a compulsory military draft but no gambling. I wonder if Sicily was free of Italy if they would have casinos and gambling?

The passage of a 1991 law allowed the FDIC to handle large bank failures on short notice. It was a short cut to rob the American people, bankrupt the economy, and set up government money laundering houses, and it was all done with the aid of those who would rob the American people of everything. The key point in the wording of the law is "early resolution". Even the word, "Early" sounds odd for any high capital venture. As Elvis said, "Only Fools Rush In". If you want to see the actual FDIC law, it is here and "Early Resolution", is they key term. Like a pea shuffler in New York playing the pea pod gambling game on the street, his act has to be fast and you have to make an "early" decision on where the pea is. As the wise men say, "Forget About It, Only Fools Rush In (music)".

Considering we were forced to enlist to kill in Vietnam long ago, I would say that they wanted to execute us when we were young. I do not care if their true war criminal leaders are hung like carniverous dogs or rats who take our young and our livelihoods. I am a bit biased considering the war I have endured since 2001 with forced injections and extreme prejudice by warlords in power in California and Alabama and Florida and D.C..

The warlords fight over laundered monies. Those in South and Central America are basically lower level predators for the largest part. But they ally themselves with Asia and some in Europe, making themselves powerful.

Wachovia Bank was set up to be a money laundering bank around 2004 it seems, maybe sooner. It was likely due to murder and mayhem being inflicted upon bankers and federal bank examiners in the USA and abroad. My own FDIC bosses neighborhood was doused in Jet and or diesel fuel in 1999 with fuel that flowed from Reno NV to Rocklin CA. I was injected and knocked unconscious in 2004 due to laws passed by the federal government in 2001. I was given a stroke at that time in 2004 but I was injected with some odd chemical in 2001 in a federal building in that most vicious city known as Los Angeles California. Casa De Cambio Puebla was one of those money laundering houses set up to be cleansed and robbed by other syndicates. The Mexican and South and Central American syndicates were getting greedy and violent and had to be stopped most likely.

So what happened was that Wachovia bank was allowed to launder money. It was preferred that it come through the more organized of the Mexican cartels and Casa De Cambio Puebla. The federal government and the syndicates of the FDIC knew of this and so did the Treasury. Once the money was flowing and names were tallied and all things seemed like business as usual, the auditing of the SARS, which is an anti-money laundering tool, was shifted to the United Kingdom.

In a way, the weight of the audit was shifted from one foot to the other, from the USA to the UK. There it was caught as planned by those who were the architects of the scheme. Then the Bank of Wachovia fell as if someone cut off the diseased leg. Wells Fargo bank allegedly bought the remainder. I use the word allegedly due to suspected collusion between Wells Fargo banking officials and FDIC and Treasury banking officials. San Bruno California was blown up in 2010 near San Francisco when the money was finally taken by the government syndicates, such as the FDIC syndicates, from Wachovia Bank.

One of my mentors as a child told me not to go into finance. If you are young, go into law if you want to go into business. All other avenues are cornered and taken and finance is just a trap. I encourage that families be put in the center of childrens lives and not taken by the government. Many of us Americans have grandchildren or children take by the government who will end up being sold in the human slave markets, likely used as sex slaves or in medical organs thievery, or medical guinea pigs, or brainwashed lower caste slaves, to prolong the lives of cannibals among us on Earth and to make more plentiful their cannibalistic wealth. My own mother told me of a dream in which she was in a city in which she was lost as a child. We were in Los Angeles at the time in August of 2001 after I had been injected and tortured by the federal government and state government of California. I thought of a grand child who looked like her being taken in 2011.

WE are no longer one in the USA. We never were. Our families are in grave peril and I am encouraging an exodus out of the USA. I am encouraging people go to nations where there is no forced military servitude and no gambling casinos. They are both a form of slavery like we saw in the Vietnam draft. Israel is a perplexing problem to me because I have a fondness for the Jewish people and the religion of the old Testament. Israel has a forced military draft but no casinos, thereby a good side and a bad side.

The injections forced upon the young and the military in the USA are likely detrimental in many cases. We can not trust the enemy who holds seats of power. I still wonder about the alleged "NASA" blowing up the South pole of the moon in 2009. Was there a colony up there on the moon of some sort killed by our captors who portend to be our allies?

Segment April 21, 2012: HERMES_falkland_ISLANDS_argentina_UK_conflict_1982_USS_reid_STRANGE_coincidence

Sometimes you have to ask, "What the hell is going on?"

I am speaking of strange coincidences. In 1983, the US Navy wanted me to transfer from the USS Reid FFG-30 in Long Beach California to a ship that was in the Falkland Islands crisis, which I believe was the USS New Jersey. I was told they wanted someone who spoke English, meaning a person without a thick Spanish blood allegiance.

The officer seemed concerned about the entire situation and did not force me to go when someone, another Quartermaster, volunteered from another ship just as the conflict was allegedly ending. What is strange is that the ship Hermes was the flagship for the United Kingdom. What is odd is that a man who I mention many times here, was Martin Woods, who is the founder of Hermes Forensic Solutions in London. I feel inexorably tied to Martin Woods due to the supernatural connection that has formed in names and numbers from my "coma" phase during 2001 to 2010. I wrote songs and poems during that time to alleve my pain from being tortured and imprisoned and exiled and maimed after repeated forced injections and psychological torture.

Whip Or Will Pea You Jack was the name of one of those videos. There are two videos actually where I mention the Whippoorwill. It is ironic that Martin Woods of London was the only bank auditor to catch Wachovia money laundering. It is my belief that the entire case was thrown to London because we have an Argentinian necktie with a Spanish and Colombian twist in our banking regulatory system in the USA.

It is strange that Hermes was the name of the company that Martin Woods founded after sueing Wachovia Bank for abusing him for blowing the whistle on money laundering. Hermes Forensic Solutions Ltd. of London UK is the name of the company he founded. The picture of the Hermes Ship of the UK is here.

Even more ironic is that the ship was part of the Royal Navy until 1984. My number after being labeled by the beast controlling the USA in 2001 was ... 911 84. The 911 was because 911 did not help me after I had been attacked in the USA in 2001 while testing to detect FDIC murderers, if present, and they were present per the test result. The year 1984 was the year I got out of the Navy. The year 1984 was George Orwells famous doomsday book title.

I was onboard the USS Reid FFG-30 which was sold to Turkey in 1999 and changed to the name of the Gelibolu. Backwards it reads, U Lob I Leg. We never called it the Reidski as Wiki claims. I called it a floating piece of dead shi_. My ships name backward was Dier. It is not good either way. The USA may have been hit and over run. Negative capitalism has no virtues and I should have left the USA when young. Perhaps Syria or Israel or both. Syria is being dissected by having a fake leadership come in that is like Attila the Hun or a troublemaker in society that is like Attila the Hun. By creating trouble, the door is open for invasion and the rest of the Attila the Huns forces enter and assist in breaking resistance and stripping assets. This has to do with the new weapon of war and social control and robbery, the Zhendong.

I am thinking of going to London to meet Hermes Forensic Solutions management. I want to get on a Portugeuse space ship and leave Planet Earth, like a new Columbus or Ezekiel.

April 20, 2012: SCIENCE_theology_MAL-WARE_money_LAUNDERING_casa_DI_cambio_WACHOVIA

Something is strange about Casa Di Cambio, an alleged Mexican currency exchange house on the American and Mexican border. In my theory on Mal-ware in the universe, I try to interpret things and in particular hidden messages from God. As an aside, I was walking down a trail yesterday in Carmel California. A small rabbit was on the trail. It was bleeding out its rear it appeared and the rabbit stayed still so I could examine it closely. I thought, how Sweet Carol like, I wonder if it had babies, or a disease, or if something almost killed it biting it in its ass?

I see many signs, much like the Zhendong explosion as I called it in which I was almost killed in Braman Oklahoma on December 7, 2004. I was told a pilot or someone was killed when it hit. I was told it never happened. I was told it may have been a drone aircraft and a man was killed when he tried to save my life. I call him Rocket Man, the unknown soldier.

I made a brave move and applied for work yesterday with the FDIC, Treasury, and California DFI. I am offering to head up an anti-money laundering crew comprised of three bank examiners and three gunnery men to watch our backs. I want to examine and test all things related to Suspicious Activity Reports, money laundering paperwork. I want to crawl up the FDIC's asp and cut out the worms. Signs.

I believe that one of the Casa De Cambios that was set up all along the border with Mexico may have been a set up by people inside the USA government or another international government to catch the drug and casino money laundering in one place and then to take a cut out of it, perhaps killing some of those who were in the business and at the same time taking a huge amount of money from the transactions and from Wachovia Bank itself. I say Wachovia bank because they were caught up in the money laundering so great with the Casas De Cambios that it caused the shutting down of the bank.

Was the final straw when the alleged Martin Woods of London UK who was a Wachovia Bank auditor , caught Casa Di Cambio. I may have spelled it wrong the first time I read it and I thought Casa Di Cambio was an actual bank, much like Wachovia. Casas De Cambios means currency exchange houses. When I spelled the original spelling of what I thought was the name of the Casa Di Cambio, I noticed a reverse spelling and it reminded me of my quest to explain what I called the Zhendong explosion in Braman. It took me years to figure out that Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun of Bank of China were in OKC and Wichita and arrested a few months before the explosion in Braman Oklahoma in 2004, which is in the middle of Wichita and OKC. It led me to suspect dual vacuums in space and God's will in what I call Mal-ware in the universe which relates to entropy, or the flying apart of all things.

Casa Di Cambio spelled backwards is O I B MAC ID A SAC. I think FDIC and Treasury owe me some money for my suffering and being caused a stroke by forced injections in the hands of federal government approved war criminals in the USA. You see, if translated and expanded, it would mean Oh I Am Mobile Audit Club Identification A Sack. Meaning I am due a sack of cash. I am known as Mobile Audit Club or the founder of it.

I like comedy in horror so I have linked "Heres Come Peter Cottontail" from Souls of the Damned Orchestra featuring the Sweet Carol clap monkey. What is that blood on your rear Sweet Carol Bunny? I asked. Where is MACS Sac of Cash? The exploding Zhendong clued me in. I am a bit like Inspector Clouseau and I want to work again. I think the whole thing with Wachovia and Casa Di Cambio was a huge multi billion dollar set up. Remember Mal-Ware. Its beholden to Murphy's law if you think about it. Murphy's law states that if anything can go wrong it will, no matter how precision engineered. It might have been a blue tooth that brought down the Zhendong. Imagine it, a transmission from a Blue Tooth in some fashion. "Hello Sweet Carol? Your asp is on fire." Or there could have been hostages onboard a small nuclear payload. The Earth soon cracked and allegedly Sparks Oklahoma in between Tulsa and OKC was having large earthquakes. The media blamed it on fracking, which is the fracturing and chemical extraction of oil from the Earth.

Like Forrest Gump who loved his Jenny, I loved my Kelly from Monroe Alabama. She predicted her death date correctly. I was supposed to have died with her I believe. Then I missed the death date she predicted for me almost thirty years later, during the age of 44 and the Zhendong death date would have coincided with Monroe Alabama. SAC for MAC F-DIC Sweet Carol? A clue. A clue is about to unfold, watch it, catch it, taste it, sniff it, and no it is not my glue that is gone butt yawn.

The guy from Stephen King's movie The Stand in my mind calls all things Sweet Carol and spells it MOO. Braman is spelled MOO Sweet Carol. I truly love Sweet Carol, the original one, so do not be angry Sweet Carol, ARD F-DIC.

As an aside, because Wells Fargo Bank would not hire me, I must say that they swallowed a Wachovia without de-worming it. I once ate a Red Drum Fish with worms, but it was cooked and blackened. It appears that Casa De Cambio Puebla was started by Pedro Alatorre. There are many articles about this ordeal and many banks. One interesting one links Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Casa De Cambio Puebla. If you do a Google search, you can find many links on Casa De Cambio Puebla and Pedro Alatorre.

That same year Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun from Bank of China in Macau were allegedly arrested in 2004. That was the year I was knocked unconscious in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center while getting treatment for a chemical burn. They said they lost my keys to my home, apartment, and vehicle. My whole family and life was endangered. They laughed at my suffering and robbed me. I saw a gangland fight on Interstate 40 it seemed the day of the first injections and saw a toxic waste clean up truck on Interstate 40 somewhere in New Mexico. It was horrific being injected, for the second time since LA in 2001, and being knocked unconscious in 2004. They did more to me when I was being held. I was knocked unconscious with another injection as I slept I think. They rammed the needle into my mouth. I think it was a guard at the facility and the inmate who they put in with me, a Mexican man who came in with a wrap on his hand. I am not certain. I was overdosed the night I arrived in early 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center and held for at least three days. The chairman of the board there, Chris Bavasi, was a former cop and not a medical professional and they passed Arizona Law Title 36-520, a war criminal act.

Beware of Arizona, our enemies rule that state. Beware of the USA. I want employment. I have paid my dues. Many do not care who lives or dies in the United States. We are in a negative capitalist, predatory capitalist nation. Positive capitalism such as our parents knew has died in the USA. I may have to change vocations, all joking aside. If you are veteran, they may have you on a leash you do not understand. Guine pig G.I. Joe should be a toy to warn children about our world as it truly is. Semper Fi is something in the bottom of a garbage can it seems. I think this is a picture of Pedro Alatorre of Casa De Cambio Puebla. It seems old and really manufactured, much like the pictures of Xu Guojun, Xu Chaofan, and Yu Zhendong allegedly from Bank of China. I see more Zhendong, get former President, fangs, W, on the dictaphone, on the shinbone, on the Rom Knee.

Beware of the states bordering the Mexican border, beware of Florida and to a somewhat lesser extent the entire USA. The criminals are in Mexico and the USA, and many run hospitals in the USA and they also control state border checkpoints. I have been damaged and lost many years. I would have preferred death instead of being maimed. Neither the LA VA Westwood nor Flagstaff Medical Center can be sued. I was in a standing coma for years, having forgotten many things, including the diagnosis of stroke. God Save Our Children from suffering in this morass we call civilization in the Americas.

Sweet Carol ARD F-DIC, Masta Treasury, and that guy who looked like Pedro Allatorre in Best Buy in Santa Cruz California, I'm not crazy, I was just feeling a little Un-Well (Matchbox 20).

Despite my presenting evidence to the federal government through a veterans representative, I have heard that some are saying I have had no stroke or injury from the injections, torture, and forced medical procedures. They are like those of the holocaust camps who said they had hurt no one. I do not care if those who claim we were not injured when we were actually injected, tortured, maimed, shot or burned are done away with, either by God or a deadly Ghost or a man with a heavenly plan. They want war with us. Beware of it, the Zhendong effect. Sometimes it is easier to flee them. Just do not allow them to touch you or your children. The needle cuts the family vein. The negative capitalists will self destruct as they devour each other or are killed among themselves. Do not fear death. Death is sometimes easier than the bottom life in the negative capitalist places such as the USA. Mexico seems no better. Canada seems to have those who flee to the USA but for what?. They sold us as children, 5000 dollar bails of addictive hay, cannabis and gave us a film strip to idolize drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and small brained mafia bosses and casino lizards. Negative capitalism cuts the vein. Beware of the "willows", "traps" if you are young or old.

Segment April 14, 2012: 5_dead_MEN_tulsa_ALLEGED_murderers_SETUP?_wrong_SUSPECTS?_mcveigh_HEAD_for_EXAMINATION

I heard that Timothy McVeigh's head showed up on the federal court building steps in Tulsa Oklahoma for me to examine. I wanted to see if he had been tampered with or if he even existed. I am not sure if it is McVeigh's head. I sent an email to some Tulsa area newspapers and other cities newspapers stating that I wanted to cover the World Press Freedom Conference in Tunis Tunisia on May 3, 2012 as an investigative journalist. I want a newspaper to send me a seat in Coach in a United Airlines flight. I can be dropped off in Sicily if the price is too high to go to Tunis, as a ferry ride across will get me to Tunis. I am offering an exclusive story coverage. You can see my fund raising page on the home page of Mobile Audit Club, I call it the "farm fund". You can email me at zkurt555@yahoo.com to have me verify pickup, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone. I think the five men killed in Tulsa recently were a set up, something is off, another stab in the side, going for the throat.

Here is the story about the five dead men in Tulsa Oklahoma and below that is my email to the local press there. The men allegedly confessed. I say it is a 50/50 probability. We are often misled. Mind control, subterfuge, distrust. I feel there is more to this story than the media is being fed. Google it if you like, Remember The Wire.


I am a former investigative journalist in what I call the Devils Triangle, and Tulsa is near the hypotenuse which is Braman/Blackwell. I am also a former FDIC bank examiner with special skills, unlike any other in the news room or the banks.

I am concerned about the 5 so-called black men killed in Tulsa. Did they have any military background? Were they associated with the federal government or the OKC building or that area? Were they privey to inside information, such as a group of men who may have known the so-called black man killed allegedly near the OKC federal building before it was blown up. That is a myth I heard of and it caught my attention when an explosion almost hit me in Braman/Blackwell at the hypotenuse on 12/7/2004.

I bring this to your attention because I think we are being duped on many levels. I have hypothesized a new weapon, a Zhendong as I call it. It can accelerate particles with the right vacuum and compressor and the correct ducts to accelerate particles as what was likely in the OKC building.

I have written about these things and more at the website Mobile Audit Club. The latest pages, Love Line 12 and Quatrains 12 have the most relevant information. I was forcibly injected numerous times and had a small stroke leaving me partially blind and with amnesia or suppressed memories until 2011. I was first injected in 2001 and again in 2004.

I want to go to the World Press Freedom Conference in Tunis Tunisia on May 3, 2012. I will give any news bureau an exclusive story if they pay for my airfare to the event. You can read all about it by following the links to Love Line 12 at Mobile Audit Club listed here.

To see some revelations you can go to Quatrains 12 at Mobile Audit Club listed here

To see my videos on the Zhendong, you can see my videos at youtube.com saintrambone listed here.

The first two videos are the most pertinent.

Those men who are accused of murder may have been set up. Beware of killing them. Thou Shalt Not Kill. I would like to examine Timothy McVeighs brain and tissues but he is dead and burned or buried. Mind control is possible through chemicals, torture, and other methods. Deception is also pertinent, as to what is really happening. Whose mind is being controlled or misled is always the question also.

I am trained in finance, journalism, medicine, computers, astronomy, physics, music, video, and I was also trained in warfare, close combat with firearms and navigation of a vessel in conflicts, and more. I am also good with a blow torch or a shovel and I don't mind doing dishes ;)

The bottom line is were those men in Tulsa guilty of any thing, any of them? You can be deluded. Everything can be made upside down with hybrid technologies and coupled technologies, and collusion is where the monkey in man chimes in.

Thou Shalt Not Kill. Remember the Wire. Chemicals, triggers, new technologies. Ironically when I was having a PTSD event, I wrote of a man in theory who killed himself 5 times. He was under mind control. The fifth time he stared out into space a changed man. The next day I read of the 5 murders in Oklahoma of the men in Tulsa. I am a mixed race of all races and I do not buy racist B.S. on any venue. Who blew up the South Pole of the moon and why in 2009? Really why?

Send me to Tunis. I will send you the report, an exclusive. World Press Freedom Conference. I was told I would be killed. I doubt it. I was told I would drink salt water. I savor it in a broth.

Segment April 13, 2012: SEVEN_seals_FOUR_injections_W_as_PICTOGRAM_reasoning

Timothy McVeigh was wrongfully executed on June 11, 2001. I was being injected and basically tortured from April until October of 2001 in Los Angeles. I had committed no crime.

It is my belief we could be at the end of times. Upon my death, you must realize, that if I release the four horsemen from myself, I did not mean to do so. I was forcibly injected four times while I was conscious. They knocked me unconscious so I do not know what federal and federally approved officials did to me. God forgive me if they make me do something in the spirit world. I am unconscious of it or can not control it.

The first time I, Kurt Brown, was forcibly injected was on April 23, 2001 in Los Angeles California. The federal agent injected me in each shoulder, one shoulder at a time with a drug of small quantity but it hit hard. I was so sad being locked up, injected, and lead around in chains for forced medical procedures and court hearings, simply for being homeless and parked outside a VA hospital gate. I was praying for the end of time when I would awaken at night in the facility. I even devised a rope from a torn sheet to hang myself. I had a dream I was hung there by an Asian man who looked part Asian part Spanish. I may be dead. I know they gave me a stroke with the injections, and later had more injections in 2004, making the stroke worse, and I lost many memories until 2011. They did not report the stroke even though they took an MRI of my head in 2001. The stroke was diagnosed in 2004 when I noticed I lost a lot of my vision.

In early 2004 I was forcibly injected again. I screamed to God for help and begged them not to do it. The scene was surreal at Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center. I was simply getting medical treatment and running a test to see what would happen if I reported a toxic spill and asked for a radiation check on my vehicle after driving through New Mexico. They robbed me of my car and house and apartment keys, lost them they said, and charged me several thousand dollars for the abuse and detainment for three days. I may have been injected again and possibly raped as I slept in their facility. The American and Mexican and Colombian, etc. mob were laundering money at Casa Di Cambio and USA banks on the border, including Wachovia at that time or afterward, and in Las Vegas, money from the Bank of China and skimmed USA gambling revenues and stolen taxes. The USA government is gone, a dead horse, in many if not all respects.

When I was released from Flagstaff in 2004 I went back to my apartment where I was in forced exile in Eureka California. I noticed My vision was very bad soon afterward and I thought it was from poison sprayed in my eyes at the home soon afterward or before the injections. It was from the injections. I had had a rather severe stroke in the occipital lobe most obviously. I remembered the diagnossis in 2011 after a Jewish woman, a therapist, helped me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I also took a natural drug sold over the counter that regenerates nerve cells. It was like an awakening from a coma. The government even had me labeled criminal for gun ownership from the charge in 2001. I had had it cleared and expunged in 2004 in June. I could not get work and still can not today due to discrimination by the war criminal regime in power and the fact that they did not remove the charges as ordered by the courts. It is supposedly removed now, thanks to the therapist and her assistance. I pray for God to give us revenge or to kill us, all of us, and to take us to a higher plane, or give us, including myself and mine and my people a new higher being's existence.

The reason I said that the four injections were like the messenger of the apocalypse was that now I can see things differently. It is like being partially dead or completed evacuated from the life of the flesh. I seem to be able to read the signs now, much clearer. Like the lamb from the book of Revelations and their description, I seem to be able to see the signs. Even the President at that time, President W as he was called, has in his name, the signs. If you notice W has at the top, four points and at the bottom two points. Two injection sequences, two injections in each sequence. The W looks like fangs to me. Also in one of my investigations, I laid a trap for a thief who was starving his inmates. I laid the trap on 4-3-2001 and Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama verified his guilt by coming into the trap in the manner I theorized in the hypothesis of a test. The two of us met for the first time, 4-3-2-1. Barack O'Bama keeps us in war. "Incoming! Barracks! Oh! Bamaa!". It seems childish but the angels sing like children as well. Now comes Romney, ROM-KNEE. Watch our computers or the nations balls get hit, the whole infrastructure or something along the translation of his name.

Another sign was a bomb or falling aircraft with bombs that almost hit me after being released from forced exile. It was prophesied I would die on my 44th birthday. I had left my home in Mobile Alabama to meet that death on December 7th, to die on December 8th of 2004 or during that year to follow. Instead the falling aircraft or something burning almost hit me near the line of Braman and Blackwell Oklahoma. The exterior of the blast hit my vehicle but I kept going, blinded by the flash late at night albeit briefly. Kelly of Monroeville Alabama predicted her death back in 1975 or 1976. She likely knew the drunk driver was going to kill her that weekend. She should not have entered the vehicle that Saturday. She was very lovely. Such a waste.

Perhaps I am one of the fallen. Perhaps someone has taken me apart in four pieces and I will release or be the harbinger of the four horsemen. One from each limb, one from each needle. My brain feels cut sometimes and I am in pain.

I am like Garbage, I Will Die For You (music). You must remember I had a stroke condition for much of this website. I laid on the keyboard keys and howled for death and war. Now I observe and look for the signs. They wanted to lock me away forever. Never trust the USA ruling regimes. We have lost something, our leaders, our kismet. The kismet will not be altered for long.

Unlike David Koresh, I do not think I am the "lamb" from revelations.

Comedy Scene: A withdrawal is made at the grocer store, and someone threw in a sack of green from the ATM Bank machine. The tulip at the bank counter inside the store next to the grocer clerks brings out the sack, "You forgot your garbage bag, full of greasey green backs". Then a stop at the local drugstore. The man pays for his horny goats weed and grabs an energy drink from the counter to wash a mouth full of Super Horny Goats Weed down. The cashier objects saying "You will have to pay for that energy drink." The man has goats horns pop out his head and says and his pants bulge and he says to the boy cashier, "I want to do more than frisk you". The cashier replies, "The energy drink is on the house. Bye."

To FDIC Sweet Carol who told me I was in a hole I could not get out of. That was on date Y2K. The FDIC mob should know, I was near the line of Blackwell and Braman Oklahoma when the explosion went off and led me to Xu and Xu of Bank of China in Wichita and OKC and the revelation of the Zhendong weapon and financial tool. "So come get me F-DIC bod, I am a deeper darker Blackwell, and I have removed my Bra-Man strap. Frisk me b-tch.

Comedy Scene: Zoom in to the bottom of a deep dark cavern. At the bottom are all of those people I have audited and invesitgated for varous crimes against humanity. Multiple auditoriums are full of people from over time. I open the door, demon child, angel child, and playfully await for them to come in. I drop the leaflets on their head from a cleft above them. It reads, "Dam you all". I take the exit and the lava pours in from above or is it lava? Perhaps blood, perhaps a delusion. A reporter looking like Kurt Brown in his Hunter S. Thompson appears and awakens the people from their slumber. It appears that United Flight 930, the Twelve wise men or the Devils Triangle points 3 squared to 9, a United Airplane, a 777 out of San Francisco bound for London has crapped out, balls of lightning hit. Therefore you are stranded, a bit. The date was April 13, 2012 Greenwich Mean Time and I want to say, you are, "The beautiful People in a Manson's eyes." music. "Liars. Do you all want some more entertainment? I can get the ARD F-DIC Party Clown on the Wire, "Remember the Wire"? Sweet Carol, you can do a google on it."

In reality, I prefer to fly United Airlines and prefer First Class if a FDIC Sweet Carol is on the plane.

Segment April 9, 2012:

A philosoher once said, "I think, therefore I am". I have misquoted it many times because it needed to be expounded upon and then twisted to explain my predicament, that of an innocent man injected with psychotropic chemicals and tortured through being detained by government approved officials. I was warned not to work for the FDIC. I was warned not to go into finance. I was warned not to join the USA military. Those decisions lead to this part of the nightmare I call my life.

Absence of malice is what I, Kurt Brown, had. I suffered extreme prejudice and abuse. I would have preferred death and recommend death by any means possible if you are ever to be detained by those people in government or in the hospitals controlled by the government, which is basically all of them, excluding possibly religious controlled hospitals.

My greatest fear at this point and one that makes me want death is a philosophical question that can not be answered by myself after forced injectins and forced medical procedures in the modern day negative capitalist, predatory capitalist, empire known as the United States. We the people, the I, have no control of this nation, of this place.

"I think I am, therefore I am". Rephrased, "I think I was in my mind before the forced injections, now I am not certain of any thing, whether there is surgical gauze where my brain was, or simply burned out flesh where my brain was." I am partially blind and I often try to experience the "dead" in my mind. Sometimes I think I am the dead and that what I experience albeit briefly, is a glimpse of life, perhaps a loved one who holds me for a moment, where I can see them as if looking through a thin veil of a spirit.

I weep in sorrow for myself and it is useless, sad, pathetic. I think of going to war but it is pointless. I think of going to a temple or church to clarify, but it is useless in this state of post-traumatic-stress and post-op surgery. I read scripture some times. Some times I write as if in a partial psychedelic haze. I come back to the same place, the beginning, alone and uncertain.

The animal in my fellow man is apparent to me in this state of mind, post-abuse condition. I want them to pull the plug if I am simply sitting there like a brain dead Nazi holocaust gulag camp victim. I would prefer death over what I became after what they did to me in the USA. I should have blown my brains out, shivering and cold, asleep in my vehicle in Los Angeles in April of 2001. It would have stopped the following four forced injections in 2001 and 2004, two per cycle. A cop was going to let me run from the courts but I felt it was too late and I could not trust anyone. I probably should have run in front of a vehicle or train, but I was afraid I would awaken in a bed controlled by those whom I trusted and by whom I was betrayed.

There is no need in sorrow in this condition. I simply wait to die. No one will hire me therefore it makes the condition worse. If they stopped my pay, I would likely live up to my name, drive a truk. It is a joke sort of on the reverse spelling of Kurt.

It is ironic I have deduced so many things. Still, some parts are missing. My mother and grandmother were not always straight forward with me, only allowing me to see bits of the truth when I was young. I lived in denial until I grew old and then I put together the pieces of who I was and how I came to be as I am.

Take me Back To South Tallahassee, its a song lyric.

As a final aside, and outside of today's discussion. I am very concerned about Iran. Their internet has allegedly been cut off. I think the nation of Iran was hit, not by Iranians, but those same war criminals who attacked myself and others. They are our enemies. They will steal anything, anyone, and they will shut down all communications. It appears that Iran has been shut off from the internet and McAfee software was allegedly stolen to do it. I put a post in Google groups about the weapon called the Zhendong and Iran and the post has finally showed up in one newsgroup, Talk.politics.mideast.. I also mentioned the dual vacuum that can be created with physics and mind control. I was in contact with two Iranian women long ago on Youtube. One was beautiful like a stereotypical model and the other had very large hips, good for childbirth. They danced for us and now they are gone. What happened? I am considering going there to Iran to see. You must remember that many human beings are strongly Type A blood, inbred and vicious. We, some of us, are known for cannibalism in war and in dining. The West Coast of the USA is a predator in many ways and much of the USA has been swallowed if not all. Hello Iran, are you alive? Are you free? Where are my dancing ladies?

In a final song, you have to be signed in to youtube to view and be 18. Tickle Tickle My Vagina Song (Queen of Vagina". A true carribean beat in the heat. For those young men who fall in love with a promiscuous woman, remember two things : First it was the vagina that attracted you and she will attract others naturally. If she slips and pleases another remember as my grandmother said about promiscuous women, "A woman's vagina is like a sow's nose, the more you root it, the better it gets." With that logic said, you can see why many sailors take prostitutes as wives. They are, "The best".

Segment April 8, 2012:  THEORY_science_WRITTEN_un-written_SPIRITUAL_malevolence_BENEVOLENCE

The malevolence of the universe is equal to or less than or greater to the benevolence of the universe.  All things are relative from a perspective.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  It appears that what I call Mal-ware is showing up everywhere.  In names and numbers and all things touched.   The unexplainable becomes explained.   The illegally tagged villain, becomes the legally tagged victim.   A head packed with gauze in the brain's lobes is not a medical procedure, but a guinea pig.  See Timothy McVeigh's brain if he exists after or before OKC and the federal building.  See my old number that may still exist, the middle digits, 911.  No one answers the 911 call for me but I am forced to have the middle number.  I have to have self-reliance, abandoned to die or to grow, it makes no difference in the vacuum.

See page Love Line 12 at Mobile Audit Club for that discussion.  Perhaps by being able to see the Mal-ware, one can also see the benefits from the Mal-ware from at least some perspective. The great leader who kills all, soon has a leader in his mouth and you see he is a shark and not a fish. Mal-ware works both ways.

Thereby the first law of thermodynamics is upheld, entropy -- all things fly apart.  But the second law of thermodynamics does not compensate for the first law, as the second law of thermodynamics has to do with heat released and that is enthalpy.   The explanation for the second law of thermodynamics deals with enthalpy and the releasing of heat, but it can become more complex and that takes a leap of faith that other things exist.  But what about those things in a vacuum, in a closed door of equilibrium set and locked.  Much like the Zhendong Weapon or Tool I have theorized upon over the Earth.  It is not the Sweet Carol, the controllers mouth piece that explodes, it is the Zhendong.  The Sweet Carol and its controller are out of reach for most, until something slips and gives way.  Entropy over rides at all times.

Therefore for things to fly apart for one, entropy, they come together for the other, the anti-thesis to entropy, the smaller pieces left behind, the little us, the meek, benefit.  But all things being relative, perhaps not, and if in a closed vacuum, is it sealed? 

The seal, now that is perplexing, hope for the vanquished, the anti-thesis squared to the first anti-thesis, the inescapable demise of entropy, heaven on Earth.  But even that is relative, as the vacuum may or may not exist or it might be in an interim state, Hell on Earth.  The delusion of safety, the inescapable conclusion of entropy, leaves life insurance companies crunching the numbers.  They win every time presumably mathematically.  Do you, do we?

From the outside, you learn much about the pack of animals you knew from the inside.  Things you did not know before become known.  You see the clown in ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol, the magistrate mouth-piece for the interim mob boss.  You whistle sweetly, I only wish you were dead, or f-cking me instead.  But then what?  Entropy, dust, the greater becomes the lesser and therefore the anti-thesis of entropy has a new benefactor and the process starts over.  Grinding down like a blade always being renewed by God, the slave, the king.  God the slave, God the King.  Perhaps God loves the slave as much as the king and that is why entropy is bent both ways.  That is not in the physics book.  It is in the spiritual books.  In the balance is the ballast, and in that is everything, excluding that soon broken down in the vacuum, if it exists after the fact.


Segment March 11, 2012: TRUTH_banking_CRIMES_usa_WACHOVIA_bank_BANK_of_CHINA

Update : Newly released video by Kurt Brown titled, FDIC and Treasury Aided Wachovia Money Laundering, Murder of Judges, Maiming of Me

Preface : The USA government has those who profit from money laundering. They do not allow honest astute bank examiners to make their reports. It is as if those in the banking regulatory industry have to pretend to be auditors, and if they catch money laundering they are pushed out of employment, and if they persist as I did they are attacked and tortured and black-listed from employment such as what I, Kurt Brown, discovered. The man who brought down Wachovia Bank was Martin Woods who was part of the Wachovia Bank anti-money laundering unit in London, UK. He too was punished, sued Wachovia in the UK, and now is part of a businss in London known as Hermes Forensic Solutions. I am encouraging young people to leave Negative Capitalists nations such as the USA. Here is a video link to Martin Woods formerly of Wachovia Bank discussing his ordeal. To this day I am harassed and intimidated by the war crimimal sect in power in the USA. I have had a stroke due to injections and torture near the Mexican Border in Flagstaff in 2004 and in Los Angeles in 2001. I pray to God to send Gideon to behead our enemies who have come to power in the USA, and that I be allowed to work again as a bank examiner or in a better banking job, or perhaps, just to repair my mind, my life, now in tatters since FDIC bank examiner employment and doing free-lance journalistic work on government crimes in finance and medicine. Leave the USA young one. Find sanctuary. Every time I go somewhere these days, the war criminals police factions in the USA call code red. I am endangered and they want to finish killing me, those over the USA government banking regulatory system.

Wachovia Bank was the pre-eminent bank per record in the USA that was involved in criminal activites. They were in full swing after I, Kurt Brown, had been attacked for running tests on criminal misconduct, including murder, associated with my prior employer, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, (FDIC), in 2001. Colombians were highly involved in money laundering of drug monies on the Mexican border with the USA. I was knocked unconscious in early 2004 in Flagstaff with forced injections with government approval. The negative capitalists in South America and Mexico and the USA are attacking and killing and maiming innocent banking regulatory and judicial officials. If it was not for a bank auditor as Wachovia bank in London, who was a former lawmen named Woods, the corrupted faction of USA government banking regulatory oversight would still be conducting criminal business as usual with Wachovia Bank in Laundering Mexican and Colombian drug monies at the USA and Mexican border. We are beat back in the USA if we try to stop the crimes of the negative capitalists in the USA. Think about this -- one third of Mexico's GNP amount was being laundered at the border Casa De Cambio, and that money was funneled to Wachovia bank. No bank examiners in the USA reported, not all of those FDIC and Treasury bank examiners and not Wachovia bank examiners. No one was punished at Wachovia and many are now working at Wells Fargo Bank which bought Wachovia. I am trying to get an auditing job there or marketing, I will report back later. (Update, declined several jobs thus far and expect no change in future. The USA government will launder money at any large bank of their choice. The negative capitalism of the USA is like the book of Judges 6 in the old testament. They will fall. Their false idol is money derived from negative capitalism, an abundance of it, as testified by the number of fallen people in the USA and world wide who are their victims. They are the enemy to mankind. They are international. Let us applaud the removal of the negative capitalists, their industry, their governemnt.) Never trust anyone in the government. Protect your young. We are enemies with them and we should be fighting for our survival and for our families to be spared the effects of negative capitalism, which includes all predatory industries which do us no good in the end, which includes drugs, alcohol, prostitution, gambling, abduction and sale and abuse of children, and warfare for profit, and prisons for profit of a few, forced and unknown medical experiments, highway robbery by lawmen, highway robbery by hospitals, money laundering drug and casino monies and stolen or ill-gotten banking investment revenues, and the list goes on. They make me sick and I pray to God the negative capitlists are removed, either dead or alive, or that we are killed and do not have to suffer under their abuses any further.

I was attacked in the courts and in the streets, by both criminals and lawmen, for my work as an investigative journalist on government crimes in the banking regulatory industry and government crimes in the hospitals of the USA. The government has labeled me insane and I am often treated as insane and dangerous today when I come in contact with them. The same things happen when I come in contact with many crime syndicate members also. The problem is that many are killed, including judges like Banking Frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales in Seattle and the FDIC regional director in San Francisco. Both were moved out of the way by high level financial criminals and the causes of their deaths have been labeled erroneously. Many criminals control the inside operations of government police and financial ovesight.

I am barred from employment in federal and state government and harassed at every turn. In California I can not even go to a store without being targeted. In Florida and Alabama it is the same. It is over in the USA for the working class. The criminals will always keep you in a lower position. The blocking of one bank in criminal misconduct opens the door for other banks to pick up the money, even if overseas. The misconduct can not be stopped with laws. It has to be done with the awakening of the populace to ethics and valor and personal respect. It will not happen. The USA will continue to slide into the abyss of negative capitalism.

The people of the Earth are vicious like animals without a spiritual center that is true and pure. The lie of religious piety and trust on the American Currency is a joke due to the deviation from all moral conduct of the human population in our modern era. When I was young I was taught that the USA waged wars for financial profits. I see that wars are waged everyday in the USA. Sadly enough not only is money being taken but so are the baby children of many families and so is our health and safety as adults. There is no need to bow down to the corrupted rulers of the USA. We, or I, should be looking for places to vacate some family members, or as a suggestion to them. Survival is key in times of vast change. The staid will become like mercury and all currencies will be re-written in value and face.

Many of us are killed, judges and banking oversight officials, and many of us are maimed, tortured, and outcast. I am the maimed, tortured, and outcast federal bank examiner and independent journalist. I want employment. I do not have decent health care, only that of a medical experimental guinea pig for the government in the VA. Things change and all things end up being the same in the end. Here is a link to a summary of Wachovia Banking crimes. I think San Francisco FDIC and Washington FDIC had a large hand in international banking crimes in 2000 when I was forced out. Wachovia Bank and the Bank of China (see Xu and Xu and Yu and 483 millions USA dollars), have proven my theories to be correct since that time.

I worked at and saw the FDIC as a bank examiner. The Department of the Treasury in their oversight of large banks such as the Bank of America likely even have more crime due to their size. They will not even interview me at the Treasury Department. I was blacklisted by the FDIC. Our criminals have families with accents close in their family trees, ties to other nations, such as Colombia. Let us applaud the elimination of the negative capitalists in the USA in the event of a spiritual awakening. Once again, likely not in this life.

My boss, a Sweet Carol, alleged to be a prostitute for the replacement FDIC regional director in San Francisco used a large word once to tell me what their job was. They could have said "I oversee these things." After all, a parasol of whores is all that is needed if you are a big head at the F-DIC and the one word I would have chosen for F-DIC Sweet Carol is "brazen", as in hustler, whore, or con artist. A personal note : Face it Sweat Carols, your boss is a painted pig. They are not what they seem. I would have copulated with the lesser ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol also but I would not expect any thing to come of it. Useless gargoyle dangling off my thing. I would like to have a virtual experience of it at the "High As A Kite, Deep As a F-DIC Ho" Jed Eye Experience with Lucas Films in Singapore.

Scene : Realistic movie set with audience participation: Sweet Gargoyle hangs out on the F-DIC builiding high rise ledge waitin for her Masta. You enter and mount, and when does, she says like Dennis Peron, former San Francisco lunatic marine, "Next." A Bird Is The Word. (note to self, today my bird died. I should have checked the vitals more closely. It could have been hypoglycemic shock. Snatch, do you feel our suffering? 9.11 Million, you keep the .11 when you collect the 9 forme. I want payment or a job. Give Lucas a tax break and I will work for them if they ask. Sing-A-Poor.

In the corners, the investigative journalists of no or little pay, witness, "Signs of creatures, first they cut your tongues away, then they cut your minds away. Gimme Shelter (music)".

How many corners are there in this room of negative capitalistic thrift and overt prostituion? How many witnesses are there? I, Kurt Brown, ask myself this question as if in an equation, a parabola of sorts at each intersection of viewing. The first journalist asks to the other journalists, what did you see and hear after they had intercourse. The first journalist replies, "I saw Sweet Carol eat a chocolate cream pie with vanilla frosting." The second replies, "I saw Sweet Carol lick its wound". The third journalist replies, "I saw nutting". The fourth replies, "I saw Sweet Carol turns its ass and inside I saw a hobo's nest." The fifth journalist replied, "I think Gideon made me close my eyes partially so I could experience what Saint Ram Bone, investigative journalist, experiences. I smelled the end of time or the end of negative capitalism. It depends I suppose." A bizarre light like the fingers of God lick the sky outside. The sixth journalist said, "Sequenti Vi Ventorum". In latin it means following force winds, thereby the flatulence of Moloch the God of child sacrifice was present in Sweet Carol. The not yet numbered sect of journalists proceed out the Window in search of Gideon among the thorns of negative capitalism, the predatory vein, touching the light out yon Window and bending God's will to Earth, meaning the eminent demise and loss of reign by the lesser sect atop the federal F-DIC and assorted towers of power. Side note: Sweet Carols and I learn from each other in life and love and all tumult therein. Define Spindula in Latin Sweet Carol, and ask yourself who really wears it. Ring Around The Rosie Suzie Q (music).

Federal Sweet Carols in the negative capitalistic pig vein, you know deep down you thank Mr. Wood bank auditor at Wachovia bank in London and yours truly, the autistic artistic auditor, Saint Ram Bone. My miracle was the day I met Snatch and God delivered him to my hand. He is a thief, he was a Sheriff. Sweet, toss meat maw piece of pie. "The heir was Sweet 4-3-2001". Things change someday, over the rainbow. Like in Braman Oklahoma December 7, 2004 late night, when the bomb almost hit me, that rocket thing like a nuclear blast. The question becomes, whose drone was it and why was I about to be killed, and who crashed the thing? Braman? Sweet must learn, You Know You Are Right if you are Kurt (music).

On a side note to other trained astronomers and outside of this story and in all seriousness, have you noticed striations on the moon that are irregular and large and stretching out from a central lighted up core? I made a slight fiction story up about it being a wheel with spokes of agriculture and a city in the center. Perhaps it is a river of ice crystals, a sea of rivers. Did someone explode or expose something up there on the moon? I saw money being strongarmed out of the FDIC as a bank examiner and I was wondering if an itnernational syndicate had stolen all untaxed revenues and built a city and sanctuary in space for 2012? As Austin Power bald Godzilla would say, "I watch them" "I have binoculars". "F-DIC Sweet and I teach each others things, like Bang Bang Bang Bang" (SOHO Dolls Music).

In my work, I was at one time high strung and thought the governments controlled government. It is the guy in the federal building in every city and they are linked to that guy up top who was written us into a negative capitalist society. My work was as charged and artistic as Michelangelos Sistine Chapel. In this video, it is an artsy work. A Rabbi once complemented me and said I was like Ezekiel. In the Sistine Chapel painting, Ezekiel has two angels or parts of himself to consort with. One is up front and one is not and he holds up the sign for government leprosy as I did, not knowing Ezekiel struck that pose in the chapel. We are all like that, two of everything. The marijuana is fake in the next video but I recommend they legalize that instead of crack in Alabama, which they have done by equivocating the two drugs that use two different pathways in the brain. Final song in video is my best solo yet, "Rats Chasing Rats" by yours truly, Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone. I take on a character to present it to you, sort of like the poet Bar Fly. Sweet Carols pay attention when I am playing Russian Roullete with yu. Scene : Russian Roullette game. FDIC Sweet Carol, FDIC BOD Head, Xu and Xu and Yu of Bank of China and Yurt with puppy Bow Bone. During the first round, Yu Shoots himself. During the second round, the sixth chamber holds the shell and there are five players left, all survived the first round in the second roullette spin. Time to spin again I say. They say the third time is a charm and a woman once told me that the more you root it, the better it gets Sweet. You have had time to mellow Sweet Carol. I meant no harm and yet you still go after me. The Syndicates in the USA will end up dead and they may not always be what they seem. They are international and obviously a call was put into Gideon, the great warrior. But not a whisper was heard until, Wachovia and the truth was never mentioned. They do not report money laundering when they control the government. They are not us. They are predators of the negative capitalist vein which shall be uprooted in time.

Sweet, someone said I made a threat during a test. Let us just say I am a peaceful man of God. And lets ask who drew first blood? When you are testing to detect murderers, you have to lay your cards on the table. I knew they were money laundering at some large bank, like Wachovia Bank. I knew they were cutting some of our bank examiners tendons and brains and endangering lives. Basic fundamental changes in laws will have to be made and that will require a change in leadership or a change in paradigm. You can be enslaved with various laws. A trap. I would say a multi-tiered war criminal sect of the various tribes in pyramid fashion with shared power arrangements that exist in the USA. Beware of America. They let the slaves in the trap and set the trap as well. Who's Yurt Sweet?

Segment March 5, 2012: TRAVEL_advisory_CRIMINALS_as_FEDERAL_warlords_SPOILS_of_WAR

Travel advisory of the day is to beware of traps when in travel in the USA. Every area is unique, every area is the same. I will discuss California today and New Orleans and Alabama and Florida tomorrow.

Police are as bad as criminals. Federal and local police are often predatory for crimes bosses who reign in an area. Such as in Northern California I see a split arrangement between many groups, including the Asians of the Pacific Rim and the Mexicans of Northern California and the crime bosses of the usual groups in Nevada and D.C.. I was warned not to work for the FDIC of Northern California. A crime boss has bitten the head off of those who protect the working class peasants from attacks by the crime bosses in power. I was just a federal bank examiner who took the FDIC murder investigation that was erronesously labeled a suicide to a new limit. I was paid to do so and have been told they can not tamper with me. They keep me from employment however. They push us out. I no longer see attacks against negative capitalists and their benefactors as being predatory. I see it as retaliatory, as when David slew Goliath with the sling and stone. An omniscient Giant F-DIC head of antiquity passed through the crowd. It was the head that was killing true humane human heads, likely of the banking regulatory industry. Sweet Carol, can I or a friend play King David in an upcoming F-DIC murder play? I would like to have the song "Rock On" in the play.

You can chew my 24 karat while your mind is warped on Master's hypodermic needle or his heated and treated F-DIC phallys, from the other end, under the desk with the rest. Some say international money laundering shifted back to the East. It is a coveted spoil of war it seems.

Segment March 5, 2012: PHILOSOPHY_end_LIFE_limb

Like a bald old monkey man at the end of the limb of life and light I try to touch those things with my mind I can not touch with the flesh. The jungle is out there behind me. The monkies of the ground chatter and run about in their holes, getting their daily stipend, and always trying to take if they can not have it given. This is the nature of the trail end of the swamp, no escape, no return, no difference in life or death, just a plunging out, an escape.

It is said that some can manifest things by prayer or divine thought. Perhaps it is a recollection of things to be by a personality who never was. What would you manifest either with divine conscience or sub-divine sub-conscience? Which path would have the strongest current for change? Would it manifest more here or elsewhere? All of these are questions one asks consciously or not when on the end of the limb where the next step is change.

Cast out from the negative capitalists society, put on a stipend that could change and is really in the end half change, I do not care who lives or dies here really. It is unimportant as all things must change. I feel this way at the end of the limb, where the next step is always change, and where hindsight is a divine memory.

The enemy, fellow man, known for his cause of death, his inching up toward each of us, always trying to exact the toll if he is from the ape caste or if he is starving and insane. The self righteous with a fist of fury scurrying across the planet, the town, a wad of feces on their anuses, and they are only slightly aware of any of it.

The delusion, the excitation, the passing cloud, the erection come and gone flat, all of those things in time are back on the limb. All I want is out. That never ending game of dodge ball in life, where when you are hit, you are out, dead cold. Does it matter, that bubble coming toward each of us at the end of the limb, to knock us off, death. Harrowing comical insidious enlightening death.

I look for the exit out. I think about exacting change, praying for change. They take our children by force. They inject us and rob us by force. They throw us to the lower caste. They maim us. They kill us. Once you see the ape in man, you will know you too are at the end of the limb.

I sprinkle music links on this website. We are all of our own eras and inclinations. Gimme Shelter (music).

If you think about it, negative capitalism is also a creation of God. And like a mule that tries to reproduce itself, it finds it can not. After all, positive capitalism mixed with crime led us to negative capitalism. Negative capitalism is self correcting, just as is cannibalism in a species. I usually am a very ethical man, but during the times of starvation due to greed and abuse, I see no crime and no sin in God's eyes in making retritution to stay alive, even if it means an eye for an eye and even if a million eyes died. After all, it is the money laundering murderers of the Pacific Rim, the FDIC, and those stretching from D.C. to the slave states that have made me partially blind. Including a proven thief Sheriff who helped to set it up against me when I was trying to stop him from starving his inmates further due to his greed and thievery. They now pay him handsomely. I would like to make a toast to God, my prayer, that they too lose an eye for my lost partial vision due to their terroristic acts with their whips against me, which are their hypodermic needles filled with death and misery. In time, the needles will be increasingly for yours and mine and us.

Over time the war criminals have come to fear men much like myself. We are the ones whose minds do not fit in their box of lies. Many of them are like apes to us and they see us as freaks, psychos, auditor sauvants who hunt anything and everything, freakish or no. They fear us so they attack us. When I think of the joke that the FDIC bank examinations were in the government audit of banks, I laugh at the California state D-FIC who we worked next to as bank examiners. I see the D-FIC as trying to be the sick and impotent F-DIC. I see the video, Baby's Got A Temper by Prodigy. You may notice in the video the symbolic whacking or knocking over of the F-DIC Head, Mr. Sweet Carol baby doll.

Segment February 20, 2012: TRUTH_art_GOVERNMENT_torture_GUNS_needles_MONUMENT

Recently I made a video about the rain that we used to have that is now turning to mist, primarily in the upper atmosphere due to the Milky Way Galaxy center effect. In that video, I made reference to taking a theifs guns away from him in a sort of joking manner. The society of the USA is sick in many ways. We have been basically constrained to a lesser order of men for my entire life. The lies are like a brick you can not toss or go through, and they will crush you or harm you if you let them. We live in a society of negative capitalism, predatory, where all things and people are seen and targeted as something to profit from. Nothing is sacred here except for the sacred, and the truth is that we are few and far between it seems. But I have been tortured with needles and drugs and I saw how men and women behave when they are paid to harm others who are innocent. There is no need to lie, but the truth helps to send the liars to Hell.

As a joke, I would like to request that former Sheriff and thief who helped to harm me when I was reporting his thievery on 4-3-2001, to give me his gun collection. After all, what is a grown man who is a proven thief doing with guns? Former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama would you donate those guns now or let God confiscate them sooner or later?

I would like to make a monument of those guns. I want to shape then into a welded structure and make it look like a big black syringe of death. That is what happened to me, I was injected and now I see death partially, as I am partially blind from a stroke. No one really cares here outside of a few friends. I would like to keep one gun of each size, a rifle in case of hunting for deer, a shotgun for hunting smaller game, and a handgun that is less than a 45 and greater than a 22 for self protection if needed up close. His actions and those of the favored predatory capitalists and their government owned gestapo took my guns not long before 9/11/2001. I can own them now, but I do not want them stolen again, therefore I need Snatch's guns.

I would like to put this structure in the lobby of the Mobile Alabama Government Courts Building where Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman and I had our first real encounter on 4/3/2001. I had been watching him for months prior and knew he was a thief because of his response to my test on 4/3/2001. That is why those who own those who control the government attack me and those like myself. They know I know they are not really with us in any shape or form or fashion. These are the racist and fascist war criminals of negative capitalism who rule the USA. They consider rape to be love, torture to be medical care, and devastation to be progress. Every thing they touch is meant to make money for themselves. Even the most sacred things are defiled.

At the base of that statue I want a picture of a Sheriff Snatch The Fairy Possum eating the stomach from the entrails of a fallen man, myself. The statue will symbolize the regime that has tortured and killed and maimed many of us who try to defend positive capitalism and stifle negative capitalism. I also want a small part of myself in that statue, laying unconscious with needles in both arms and both legs. The Sheriff Possum eats, and then it eats again. The possum should regurgitate and then eat the contents again. I want the numbers 4-3-2-1 to commemorate our meeting, myself Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, and former Sheriff and food funds thief Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman, just another benefactor of the negative capitalists empire. The numbers are to start on the right arm 1, left arm 2, left leg 3, right leg 4. One tooth is to lay on the ground next to a spilled plate of snap peas. The tooth was knocked out of the mouth of the man in the statue. Blood is to pour from the head to symbolize stroke.

Let's Paint It Black Jack. Its a negative capitalists war party.

Segment February 14, 2012: TRUTH_bank_EXAMINER_journalist_AS_target_PRESIDENT_clay_PIGEON_target

Today I was told that someone had killed Obama. I heard a large explosion and it was likely a jet's sonic boom nearby or thunder and lightning. Someone said it was because of my request for a retaliatory strike regarding flagrant human rights abuses by those in power in the USA. The kind of strike I was mentioning was a human rights coordinator being given the power of an iron fist to stop abuses against the common populace. I would like to have Executive level pay for the DFI of California. It is a bank examiner sort of job for the state in which I am in the option of re-hire. I would like to work on the FDIC BOD and make sure that there are no Bovenskis where trillions are exported out of the USA without me contacting my tight anus friends out of Boston, Senators etc.

Secondly, I was told that the Bank Presidents and Board of Directors of the Bank of China want me, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, re-hired as a bank examiner. They said I am the only FDIC bank examiner who stood up against bank robbers from China on American soil, therefore I should get Executive pay and a Captain's Chair. Captain Kurt in his Captain's chair at the head of the F-DIC BOD.

Rain is more important, water. The ocean will have to be made potable for agriculture. I believe my contraption based on cellular processes will purify ocean water. It takes in water like a Sweet Carol intestine and it excretes water like a Sweet Carol vagina. That is why I call it the Sweet Carol intestinal vagina.

Someone told me not to take the job, a deep dark character, the one who would say to avoid military service. That loathed warning that comes before one leaps. They said, "Manic Depressive". I am not manic and I only get depressed if I am the one not getting laid, but lately I feel like a monk. It is age I suppose. They blinded me with injectiosn when I was right in what I did, but like a city that is bankrupt and immoral, I look at the USA and ask myself who was I kidding. Things are corrupt. The bottom line.

Presidents are like talking clay pigeons. They squak, they get shot in mid flight, and the guy who puts the clay pigeons in the hopper, reloads another per the command of the person running the shooting gallery. Everyone wants to be the one telling the help to re-load the clay pigeon tosser, the new President in flight.

Segment February 11, 2012: TORTURE_usa_FEDERAL_war_CRIMINAL_approval_MASK_enemy_POWERS

Every time I go to sleep in a strange place if I am by myself I have to awaken with the fear I was injected forcibly while I was asleep. After being injected numerous times with federal USA war criminal government approval, I know that I may have to leave th USA and all of those nations controlled by the negative capitalist war criminal sect in power.

I, Kurt Brown, as an investigative journalist have been labeled many lies by the regime in power. They attack and kill us. Many of us are allied in this nation. We in the lower caste should protect each other. Do not ever trust the governments.

The problem with being knocked unconsious with a needle and chemicals is that anything can happen to you. They could have made it where I can be knocked out with the flick of a switch. The federal war criminals or their synicates could have given myself and others many things, including castrating drugs that make people impotent, or cancer cells thereby guaranteeing death, or drugs that put you under their control.

Many hate each other in America. Many would kill each other without hesitation if conditions were right. I urge you to protect your families. I urge the formation of citizen vigilante coalitions to deal with those war criminal sects that are springing from various groups and corrupt members of governemnt.

They kill us and maim us and make money while doing it. It does not matter if they are killed. THey are the tools of the international "negative capitalists government." I encourage the formation and coaltion of gangs and militias from the lower caste to deal with these attacks by our enemies in power. They are a terrorist and they should be viewed as such. Applaud those who can give us back our human rights, even if over the dead bodies of our enemies.

Racial discrimination is poison for the lower caste. We need each other in coalitions and in life. I may have been injected today. I am not certain. I never really am. I will likely have to leave the USA to find peace. I am finding that the USA is a hostile place.

Did you inject me you federal war criminals today? Any day recently? If so, I await your deaths with the happy screams of all of your enemies.

In recent discussions on the weather and my prediction of 20 percent rain due to the Milky Way Galaxy Center Clear Sky Effect, I got the number 20 percent from this analysis. We have no atmosphere of elements like we had recently and those elements will be gone until after 2013. Therefore 50 percent of the elements have to go upward to compensate for the effect of gravity and for any rain to come down. 30 Percent of the cloud mass is needed to act as the usual pressure source that makes the barometric pressure right so it will rain. 20 percent of the rain falls.

The people of America may be in for a wake up call when crop yields fail this year. But I may be wrong about the weather. I am not wrong about the injections of chemicals the government now uses against us in many locales. They may be injecting us at times when we do not know. My prayer to God is that their regime and their followers are killed for their crimes against us, the innocent. I am willing to die in a war against their needle bearing war criminals and their followers if a military leaders stands against them in a conflict in teh United States of America, whether California or Florida, or D.C and New York. Death is preferable to living among that much of an enemy force.

Segment February 7, 2012 : MAN_animal_DIFFERENCE_likeness

As I have aged, I see the petty hatred in mankind. I see the ape in petty men. They want to kill me, or anyone, who is not in their liking. The USA was sold to us as a bolt of lightning, but it was a bag of sh-t and it is so to this day.

As I view the prospect of mass starvation or at least lessened rations for the poor, I see the homeless man's revenge coming into view. When all men live in the streets, all men are equal in the reality of the prospect of quick and imminent death, or maiming and a slow animal howl into the descent of the end of a pathetic life.

Many people are like lesser animals. They behave in that manner because they can not envision in their minds a greater place to reside. Most will follow anyone and kill them if they are paid and given the approval of those who hold the gold. They love to torture, maim, and kill other other human beings or any thing in some cases. This is the nature of the indifference of nature.

At one time I trusted my fellow man, the unknown citizen. But I was injected repeatedly forcibly with government approval, that anonymous dictator that is in power over the United States and the other nations they or IT controls. I was held down once at Flagstaff Medical Center and screamed for them not to do it. Likely 7 people total against me.

Often men are passive aggressive and taunt others like animals. They are reflecting their own minds and I do not care if they are killed or maimed, but I am humane, I would want God to have them killed in totality and not maimed. AFter all, they are simple animals. Never trust any thing with government approval in the USA. This nation was over run by our enemies, men who are like animals. Never drop your guard with those simple beasts, and if they are killed, they are likely pushing for their own deaths in their own simple way.

Segment February 6, 2012 :

Like the guy from the movie Blade-runner, Rutger Hauer, I read to you the true horrors and rumination of memories of FDIC employment and torture to the point of being maimed soon thereafter.

"I have seen things that remark of the mighty in the hereafter. For instance, the explosion in Braman Oklahoma when I was traveling late at night on December 7, 2004. Why would someone want to kill me and almost succeed with what turned out to be a guided drone military aircraft. I was told that is what it was and that someone died as a result in the craft when they made it miss me." "It started my quest to find out what was in the region. I found Xu and Xu of the Bank of China, alleged, with 483 million dollars after doing some research until 2008."

"I remember some things since FDIC employment. That is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, but you must know it is a federal agency and not a corporation. My memory was impaired for over 11 years by forced injections starting in 2001 and later in 2004 and my memory came back in 2011. I remembered I had been diagnosed as having had the stroke in 2004 and had forgotten that also. The VA in Los Angeles took an MRI but they would not acknowledge the stroke because the FBI or Secret Service injected me. The Secret Service should not be in the Treasury. But no one cares who is in collusion and cutting anothers throat as long as money is spread around to the top war criminal factions in power. I welcome a re-birth of the FDIC, with myself on the board of directors. I will put a Big Bovenski in a trash compactor if necessito.

I remember my immediate boss in Roseville California FDIC, a man of some justice but little justice, who said, "We are having some problems" I replied "Why", the boss then replied, "Because of You (Yu)." I as a new hire bank examiner for the FDIC in California thought he was talking about me. I do not know if he may have been talking about Yu of the Bank of China who was arrested with Xu and Xu in the USA in 2004. They entered in 2001 when I was being tortured with forced injections in Los Angeles by a federal agent and then hauled before a corrupt judge. The federal police had ignored an attempt on my life in February 2001, and I am sure it was initiated by enemies behind the mask of anonymity or the mask of Technology who reign over the FDIC or part of it and the Treasury, etc.. The man of some but little justice, my boss at Roseville FDIC, had a strange sort of speech afterward, after his neighborhood had been doused in jet fuel in Rocklin California in 1999. I noticed a "nuance". Tune your ears and you shall hear, maybe not now.

Jimminy Cricket who run the mass of spicket F-DIC bone dry, was it You was it Yu was it You was it Yu? Xu Xu do Yu exist? That is a joke. I like to toy with things. I want my 9.11 million dollars in international currencies for surviving their joke called assassination attempts and unrecoverable brain damage including damage from drug or surgical induced stroke. Never trust them. If you can, save your children from public school indoctrinations. Xu and Xu are allegedly in jail and Yu went running back home to China. I was told that he was killed, Yu, but I am not certain.

I was once against polio vaccination until I met polio victims who were scarred for life. It is your call. It is a Catch 22 sort of demon. You either let the monkey in man toy with you through injections and chemicals that could damage your genome, or you run the risk on known polio symptoms and life long handicap. I think of you today. You must be reading something.

Segment February 1, 2012: SOCIOLOGY_current_USA_genocide_EARTH_war_CRIMINAL_international_GOVERNANCE

I am having to detach from our society in the USA. Pushed out of employment, tortured and maimed with alledged medical treatment that was in fact nothing more than opportunistic predatorial robbing and maiming of myself, a former FDIC bank examiner and later an investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine.

The doors are closed and the lies of those in power plays on mass media. I see Bonobo apes with fancy hairdos and hollow promises in the political system. It is likely that the war criminal sect in the East would revert us to slavery and those in the West would reduce us to convicts and medical guinea pigs and organ donors who would be forced to forego their internal organs for transplant.

I always wondered if some main offices were taken over in government. I say this because I saw a change in a bosses voice, like a mask was over his face at the FDIC Roseville California. Of course I am hyper-sensitive to some things and it could have been he had been talking with the Chinese or Asains and picked up some of their nuances in speech.

As the drought from the Milky Way Galaxy Center and its clear sky grows more intense, from 2012 until early 2014, we will see the tendency toward homicide, maiming, and imprisonment increase. We would kill each other in the streets just as Hurricane Katrina demonstrated in New Orleans, and just as the Los Angeles Rodney King riots demonstrated in Los Angeles.

It is not really any one's fault we humans are as we are. We were derived, all of us, from a cannibal who was aggressives sexually as he was in predation of the environment, an omnivore cannibal who eats their own, the bonobo monkey who shares a common blood type with many on the Earth as expressed as Type A blood, and all of us carry that gene either as expressed in the blood type or as a recessive gene.

It is obvious something is wrong in the USA. Capitalism has become negative predatory actions. I welcome a war against those in power and to devour my enemies who challenge me, even if in cannibalism in a protracted war. Capitalism did not work, so what is next? The same old thing, a coming and approaching war. I think I will stand aside and let them kill each other. Never trust the USA governments, as they were taken over by the enemies to mankind long ago. It may be God's ordainment that death is preferable to life in squalor. Take cover. Let them kill each other. Do not assist and do not surrender to them. You would be better off dead. Take that advice from an American holocaust victim, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone.

Segment January 31, 2012: NUMBER_theory_RATTLER_12_omen_THIRSTY_clause

Life for some is like a Harie Karie movie. The hidden numbers in the overall riding construct that we experience and those that we can see, all combined equal the truth we wish to and need to know. One of my main influences in life said, "Every thing means something." Also, we know many things as truths but refuse to accept and instead we deny those truths as existing and it is to our own detriment. Mankind is riddled with it, and ignorance makes it worse. Mankind lives in a sort of delusion in many sects or groups who share a common belief or goal, and perhaps it is the ignorance of some if not all that makes it acceptable.

Segment December 12, 2011: FDIC_murder_TECHNOLOGY_overthrow_KEY_government_SLOTS_method

Latest Youtube Video "Rocklin, CA, Jet Fuel Soaking Retaliation For Failed(?) FDIC Banking Laundering Arrangement" by Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone

The strangest thing I have ever seen was when I was working at the federal agency, the FDIC, in Roseville California in 1999. My co-worker who had been there longer than I had, and whom I was close to due to our shared skills in computers and both of us were FDIC bank examiners with more computer skills than many in the office. I saw him as a sort of mentor to the agency in a way.

He came to me sweating one day in the office, as if in a panic, and he even smelled, the kind of nervous smell men have who have come to close to something unnerving. He said, "I am quitting. You should quit this place." What was even more odd, is that the day he came to me, we had been moved from one huge room in the building to another on the other side of the building. My boss of little F-DIC justice and the F-DIC head for the Roseville FDIC office did not come to the other side of the building with us.

I told my co-worker I was not going to quit. I thought to myself this is some sort of multi-trillion dollar racket going on here. A past regional FDIC director was murdered and labeled suicide in nearby San Francisco and I was seeing nervous bank presidents at some of the banks we were examining, and I had witnessed obvious mob types getting FDIC bank charters in California after coming from Nevada, and some of the people coming in and out of the office seemed a bit out of place.

So in my dead eye dic mind, that of a nervous former American holocaust victim, I want to create a scene for you. It did not happen, but it might as well had been this way. Simply because not only do I see one person, my immediate boss and maybe his boss in the Roseville FDIC in 1999 in this way, but I also see men like Mr. Bavasi of Flagstaff Medical Center, the Chairman of the Board with no medical background, and only that of a background of a cop and a politician and appointed to the top medical position of the region, by the new age high tech war criminal gestapo in 2001, and I will now define if not in reality, then that in my minds eye as seen from the Dead Eye Dic medical guinea pig perspective.

Now for the reality mixed with fictitious(?) part: My co-worker, an FDIC bank examiner has just told me to quit. I looking for an easy million by stopping the FDIC blood bath and not being afraid of death, walk into the office area by the copier and water fountain. There I see my immediate boss, the ARD FDIC of little justice for that office, walk across the room. His face is scarred it appears, like it has been cut above the eye brow line and down the edge of the face over the cheek bone and down under the mouth. It is a line that is beet red, not blood but healed tissue or perhaps an apparatus of some sort that stretched like a tight rolled tendon to encompass the entire face. His hand holds that of a clicker of some sort and suddenly my brain goes numb, like a sonic hit matching my own brain wave hertz. His face on second thought is really unrecognizable, but to my immediate boss of little justice off he walks.

As my immediate FDIC boss walks across the room, one of the others who I do not see clearly says to him, "Your sutures are showing". Click goes the clicker in the man's hand and out go the lights. They took over the banking system it seems, someone with higher technologies.

In reality and in complete recollection he told me that I was going to be recommended for termination because I did not finish a Xanadu banking assignement at a FDIC training center. I went back and completed it the following year and they terminated me for not going to my bosses hotel room at a bank examination in Hawaii. I get nervous around trillions of dollars and let's face it, the only man with brains in the office had told me to quit and the prior boss had his brains blown out and they called it suicide. My co-worker said he wanted to pick me up and carry me out of there if he could. Now in hindsight, after being injected and tortured for investigating as a journalist the murder of the FDIC head in San Francisco, I wish he would have whispered, "They have new technologies and war is waging here and now." I would understand the stakes are shifted then. How many in a nation could come to power with this technology and more? I will elaborate on the specifics and mechanics of this at a later time, in theory of course

As a late update and as an aside, I was told also in 1999 by my immediate boss in the ARD F-DIC boss Roseville California FDIC office, the one boss of little justice, that he had to relocate from his neighborhood near Roseville because rocket fuel was found in the soil. We had a mafia type, or appearingly so, come from Reno to get a bank charter. Perhaps the insurance rate for his money laundering rate was a chinese mark off the nose. I did a Google search for Jet Fuel spill 1999 Rocklin California and it led me back to the Reno Jet fuel pipeline.

The whole Rocklin subdivision from what I understand was evacuated. The FBI said a terrorist attack by a militant group was initiated. You better look behind the mask of the FBI man who did the investigation who came from the OKC bombing investigation. It was not a militant group intent on terror. It is a war for the federal banking system. The murder of Federal Banking Frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales was not an anarchists attack on October 11, 2001. It was a paid hit, covered up by criminals who wear masks or not inside government. The injection and tortured I endured in 2001 and 2004 has made me welcome death due to the stroke induced by medical torture. Also my loss of trustworthy and non-guinea pig medical care has taken its toll. That is medical care in the VA that can not be had without threat of medical torture and lies on federal medical records.

I have a joke for the prior boss, "You would have to have a head like a rock to buy a home in Rock-lin, but if you are the ARD F-DIC or the Sub-Dic as it really is, you can take it, 'coming and going'".

Strangely when I was in the San Francisco FDIC office as a bank examiner 1/2000 to 4/28/2000 we were not allowed near the higher up bank examiner management for the region in San Francisco. Our offices were separate, in a closet of insignificance, blocks away from the F-DIC regional head. After all, I transferred with a secondary intent from Roseville FDIC intent on finding out what group killed the last F-DIC regional head in that same office. One bank examiner in charge in San Francisco in our closet office as I call it, had his door closed and he was yelling loudly, not really recognizable words, after the Santa Rosa bank exam or before. He could have been telling me that someone was taking over the banking system and I would not have known. A stranger sat across from me watching the bosses door, J.T.'s door, and I am not speaking of J.T. as the other J.T. who is Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman of Mob AL. It was unnerving and made me want my gun or a stunning device clicker. I should have opened the door and told J.T. and his visitor, "You F-DIC fags hold it down in here. What's the ruckus about? Us new F-DIC fags are starting to wet our pants". I was a little conerned about J.T. after that as he disappeared a while and the door was open. He is a pompous ass but that often has no bearing on honesty in that pit lion environment, but then again he could just be another pit viper, you never know. I was terminated so the question is up in the air.

I really felt surrounded that day in San Francisco. Sometimes you can take over things like a macrophage if you have the right technology. Sometimes you just pass down rights to bring the gun, as in the spoils of war. Sweet Carol should study medicine for more reasons than one. The entire Earth could be consumed with stunning macrophage based electronics and biology hybrid devices. Then the little guys could be picked off with needles and confinement. Define for me ARD F-DIC SWEET CAROL, and you too Man of Little Justice, the inter-relations and mechanics between financial systems and biology based hybrid technologies as the macrophage form I have described. Sweet Carol your pinworm report is due also, is it Photon detectors or Heat that pulls the worms back to the hole and out of Snatch's sandwich, which is it?

I would recommend a new bank examiner caveat, "if the door ain't open in the F-DIC office of the top bank examiner or the lower, the cat is under the table, dead or alive," meaning somone has done something to him or her, or he or she has something to hide.

As an aside, I am an inventor who brings thing from my most suspected and probable fears. The mask I spoke of could be any of the simpler varieties, but I could create a hologram mask from a mans picture in HDTV type 3-d format with the rolled tendon appearance being the outer rim. To cover the appearance of the mask, the tendon appearance, a field could be applied to the material or simply heat from the skin creating a sort of ultraviolet color making it disappear, possibly under the fields applied. You see sweet, it is not easy to know things. Your ignorance is your bliss until you discover the cock in your mouth was never as you thought of it, or perhaps it was never there, poor dear.

I had a dream I was a gladiator placed in a rink of lions and one got loose on the front row spectators. Yes, it was somewhat pleasant, a fore-telling dream on a lion tamer fit to be a king. So beautiful and sleek and powerful was his fur in mind as he ate that front row of top seats like a noodle and meat buffet without water.

It was hinted that some can see into the future, or the past. Regardless of all criminal masterminds and assorted megalomaniacs among the creatures of the universe, there is always hope that the humane will win in all confrontations that threaten our well being.

As a Joke, ARD FDIC Sweet Carol in San Francisco one day post-Y2K told me I had dug myself I hole I could not get out of. That would make me a "well being with a Sweet Carol Paradox, A Sweet Carol Paradigm, and a A Sweet Carol Dilemma." If only I had my F-DIC job back in San Francisco with 10 years top back pay, executive ridiculously ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol numbers.

Imagine key slots taken in government. We are nothing unless we fight back, but how, why?

Death is a chamber and in its face are our selves and looking down is the image of God from the sky. That is no bone to pick. I am Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, guinea pig and Dead Eye Dic F-dic you little prick. My Queerest of the Queer painting is still for sale and I will paint house Talisman murals for a stipend also. Beware of those in government and society. Be careful who you associate with. Sometimes a snake head is bit off to the bitter end, i.e. swallowed by a bigger snake down here in the pit we call Earth. There is a woman in one of David Fonseca's videos, and she looks like the girl named Luka sung by Susan Vega (youtube music). It is a song about being beaten. Beware of the government and their laws. They are bent and crooked and we are injured like rape victims by their needles with guns pointed to our heads. We are not one. We lost that spirit and some are simply better off dead. Don't you think? But whom and why? Materiality is key. Study it. Know it. My hands tremble slightly from the stroke but my mind is focused like a hawk or dove. I need work and when Sweet or her compatriot retires, I will take her job. Executive Professional. With back pay. After all, when you are curt with someone, You know You Are Right if you are Kurt (music link). Some say to be frank is to be insane, but then you have to get Frank. There is no bigger sociopath face in the cosmos than the over riding power of that in power over the human face. It is no wonder we huddle in prisons like distant kin whether free allegedly or not. Half brain dead walk, some lose human face.

In conclusion, we are in a third world state of existence in the USA, many of us. Not only in finance are we swindled and beaten back from employment illegally, but in medicine we are mutilated on purpose and for others financial gain. Even worse, now the government has continued the ostracization of children away from their blood-kin families, particularly in poorer states with huge racial, social, and economic divides. It is like a social lion gone vicious and hungry who comes on like a lamb. In many cases if not all they foresake the children of many families. There is a time to put in a stop request and their is time to put in a flight request also. Fight or flight or both is always the question in a dilemma, even if not a simple ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol dilemma. I, Kurt Brown, will audit and run investigations for free if plane tickets and hotels and meals are provided. I like to eat buffets without water. You can reach me most quickly by leaving a comment at the bottom of the home page of Youtube Saintrambone or send an email to ossoramdella@yahoo.com