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Autographed Audio CDs for sale. Contact the Webmasters. I, Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone started the music and video postings to draw attention to myself after being attacked by federal banking related assassins and I got no response from police and government and was abused horribly and robbed of many things for years and to this day I am abused by those simple minded fascists. The music progressed, and now it is starting to metamorph into something better than imagined. That is good, at least they noticed I am still alive, although I have found, we are alone, we and our families, which makes me think--I am seeking new musicians coast to coast and overseas and we also do multimedia and video consulting in addition to auditing. I have moved my more favorite music up front.*** I also have two music videos and several encounters with the closed door governmental regime in video at Saintrambone's Youtube.com

Segment April 15, 2011: I look at those things material because of my training in auditing. Material is relevant and I am not discussing anything but relevance when I discuss auditing in governmental finances and the inherent murders and crimes therein due to the nature of large volumes of money and risk taking entrepreneurs with higher end weaponry and surveillance. We humans are bought and sold like slaves and we allow it to happen. We are paid to kill, maim, torture, forcibly inject and do experiments or we are the victims of the occupations listed. I look at over 2 trillion dollars going overseas in Europe and turbulence at the FDIC with murder and exclusion of many. The world is at war, so I sing, "Sweet Carol Load Eye " on Youtube after lathering off a bit about crime in another of the corrupt governments of Earth.

June 19, 2010: A solo piano and a solo singer in a sort of Hank Williams tradition, a tribute to those veterans used in heart experiments forcibly in 1999 at the LA VA Westwood hospital where I was injected in 2001 forcibly and forced medical procedures before court. I discovered unexplained scars afterward and an infection in the scars sent me to the doctor asking questions. My home may have been broken into after early 2001 as the government had my keys. The surgeon could not explain the scars in private practice. I suspected mind control or something of that sort or simply torture and control of my decisions in court. I no longer do investigative journalistic work in the streets. It's now a jungle. I title this song "Remember the Wire" and it is on Mobile Audit Club Band at Myspace. I also have an mp3 version, and video version, of Remember the Wire here on this LA Indymedia Article.

"Remember the Wire" is on Youtube Saintrambone videos. We are being used in more ways than one.

I was injected again in Flagstaff Arizona and knocked unconscious in 2004 at the FSMC while getting a burn on my neck treated and asking about a toxic spill crew I witnessed in New Mexico. The government likely had ulterior motives. I was held for 5 hours, and compliant during that time, before they injected me. Since that time and those horrors, I do not mind the end of time or Armegeddon as it is in a slow pace for some right now, while for others, it has accelerated.

May 25, 2010: New release is a high quality ARD F-DIC Party Clown I U D Sweet Carol on myspace Mobile Audit Club Band. Also is a copy of ARD F-DIC Party Clown I U D Sweet Carol, but in lesser quality and less pictures, on Youtube with links in the description that link to emails sent to that closed door dictatorship af the F-DIC. In this case, the Dic, the F-DIC chews you up and spits you out.

Latest experimental release as of 9-24-2008: A music video experiment in bilingual translation of "Is IT Insane to Be Sueet?" on myspace.com of Mobile Audit Club Band. A music and picture anthology of sorts.

Video Relase, August 2005, Video of Abuse by Government with the end of the video being what I call Video Fusion Music, with songs , "Wanna Mess With Me, Mess With Dirt" and "Rats Chasing Rats" and "BBQ Rib Bones and Poke Salad in Prichard Alabama". I become enraged when I see videos of the abuse and hypocrisy by the governments of the United States. The music is simply a prelude to the increasing conflicts of our kind with the invading kind, and inviting the shadow dog into the fight. When battling those from the trash heap, you must use the resources at hand or in the trash.

Today's song on Indymedia is by an angel in the backdrop with some sound clips of where the illegal regime in power in the USA abuses me, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, auditor of corrupt government and watchdog for the common and humane people. It is on Houston Indymedia on an article linked here and it is in mp3 format. It is also on Marseille Indymedia and it is on LA Indymedia. Indybay.org in San Francisco deletes my posts, but New Orleans Indymedia does not. I title the audio track Ha-Be-Be.

April 28, 2007: Music Link to Sweet Snatch The Fairy Possum Meets Lemon Head the Genetic Experiments Freak of New Orleans, in mp3 link on myspace.com and the song with a link and pic is here on LA Indymedia.

*** Music Video included with song, Stone Cold In My Electric Chair by Kurt Brown, SainTramBone Streaming Media format on Indybay.org.

The song is in mp3 also and is free and is titled, "Stone Cold In My Electric Chair", on New Orleans Indymedia.

***Another song in mp3, (Note: I urge people not to use pot, and I encourage the government to put together methadone-like clinics for users of the drug with free vaporized cannabis for those who are addicted and those who use it for medicine. Keep it off the streets and keep the profit out of it as much as possible. Free and in the clinics. It is just a damned weed. I, Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone, am no longer associated with the Pot Party political entity) (Because the original New Orleans Media Link is sometimes lacking, I have included a copy of the song on LA Indymedia, in mp3 "Big Federal DIC Up My N'awlins Big Easy Bud Hole") and the original was released on New Orleans Indymedia, "Big Federal Dick Up N'awlins Big Easy Bud Hole", should have the lyrics Big Easy Rhode Island Bud Hole...hmm, thanks radio caller. By Saint Ram Bone--Kurt Brown.

Titled, "Dog Eared Biscuits, Poke Salad, Pre-Charred Alabama", from Album, Love Me Knots, No-Ear et Bleu. Direct Link in mp3. (P.S. Kurt's version of Patches

Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone tried to escape to Canada, but the big Daddy'O said no even though his papers were in order. The big Daddy'O is not the USA or Canadian government. I was thrown back into the audit and the fight. Now I got some more Alabama types on the run. Anyway, I will have more nudie pics up soon here. In the time being Saint Ram Bone was too busy to photograph until here Link to photos of auditor and artist, photo album.

The latest song in mp3, a short little ditty, very unpolished, Odes to Saint Ram Bone, featuring Missie Steel Root Z .

2-8-2006 Today's post on Indybay.org with new song in mp3, Come Out to Play".

Video from July 22, 2005: Titled, "Jackson's Heart Shaped Hole", with description and video in Windows Streaming Format on Houston Indymedia and also Indybay.org in San Francisco

Video, released 5-4-2005, for captive and Australian, Douglas Wood, and the excluded common US. (Music Video included with song, Stone Cold In My Electric Chair by Kurt Brown, SainTramBone Streaming Media format on  Indybay.org (Help support Indybay.org and New Orleans Indymedia))

The video from July 2005, released by Mobile Audit Club on LA Indymedia and if their video is not working try San Fran Indymedia, Music Video "Whip Poor Will Pea You Jack"

March 18, 2005, : I have released a new hard rock zydeco song to symbolize the abuses many suffer in the South East USA, yesterday and today. The song is in mp3 and is free and is titled, "Stone Cold In My Electric Chair", on New Orleans Indymedia.

On the radio today in Mob. AL, someone said that my new song in mp3, released on New Orleans Indymedia, "Big Federal Dick Up N'awlins Big Easy Bud Hole", should have the lyrics Big Easy Rhode Island Bud Hole...hmm, thanks radio caller.

Art and Kurt's first video appearance. The video is at San Fran Indymedia, and is primarily a scene of abuse ordered by the corrupt Mobile Alabama government with a small section of music, streaming media format (Song is very rough and unpolished. More advanced music below. 9 minute video, first minute is a rehearsal that should have been cut, with 5 minutes of the process of writing a new song, with three minutes of video of abuse by Mobile Alabama government, and art.

I have moved two of my favorite songs to the top of this list. The first is titled "Sueet Carol Lodi Sun Tzu and Bring Your Finger Two", in mp3 is in two locations, with the first being housed directly on a server, so be patient while it loads. The second link with some lyrics links to the song, but the song link often does not work, "Sueet Carol Lodi Sun Tzu and Bring Your Finger Two"...Song Link on San Fran Indymedia in Windows Streaming Format.

The second song is titled "Brown Lizards Laughter" and is housed on a link within Indymedia, LA. I have also put it on Houston Indymedia, Brown Lizards Laughter. This song was written immediately after being jailed for running for my life from federal mafia. I blew the whistle on federal government and Alabama government crimes and criminals and was punished for having a legal gun after an attempt on my life in 2001 with no response by the criminal federal government. I was set up later in 2004 and they missed again. The lesson: If you are an American commander or auditor or investigator in the field, beware, your superiors might put a bullet in your back (It appears the South Carolina Regiment in Iraq Heard The Warning And Looked Back and Left). Ascaris Lumbrocoides in the song is a long cylindrical worm found in some shit and is metaphorical to the infectious shit on the elitist Television, Radio, Movies, etc. where big dollars buy the show.

On this song, start volume low as some songs are still under progress and the volume may be up to high for your setting. A new song by SainTramBone, Kurt Brown, in mp3, sort of a bizarre waltz (Read the lyrics below before listening), and Titled, "Dog Eared Biscuits, Poke Salad, Pre-Charred Alabama", from Album, Love Me Knots, No-Ear et Bleu. (P.S. Bought a New Mike, this one still a little rough Jack) Song commemorates the fact that Auditor/Artist Kurt Brown is from Mobile's ghetto Prichard originally, and now the mayor, Wod of Mobile Alabama blocks him to government access with help of city council members and corrupt judges and law enforcement. One word is interchangable, Courthouse can be Whorehouse, just like America's. Words to song are, "I was born way down in Pre-Charred Alabama, We used to eat dog eared biscuits and poke salad, Then one day the federal agents came to pick up Daddy, and left us with nothing, They even took our barbeque rib bones, barbeque rib bones and poke salad and Daddy's gone with the fed. Why won't you let me in your courthouse (Whorehouse), your Courthouse (Whorehouse), you don't mind if I spend too much time here, I will be in your courthouse(Whorehouse), we used to eat those dog-eared biscuits on that Prichard step, Sipsey street, and get scared of that lady who ran too fast down the road, that was a long time ago, way back when Alabama was Alabama and Alabama was Alabama, I used to hear, Give me some of that dog eared biscuits, give me some poke salad, save my daddy, he's gone with federal agents, give me something, give me something, let me into your courthouse (Whorehouse), I want to audit you baby, Let me look at your books, let me feel your wife, let me have just a little slice of the Wod (Mayor of Mob. AL), just a little, just a little off the edge, I remember the day when I was in Pre-Charred Alabama, just knee-high to a grasshopper, Dairy was right down the road, and I used to listen to my grandma sing, She would sing to that cow, she say give me some of that poke salad and dog eared biscuits baby, we going to get your daddy, we going to break him clear out of that place, that was Alabama, this is Alabama, that was Alabama, this is Alabama". The reference to the Dairy in the song and the cow refers to a large dairy down the road from my home when a child. A cow billboard was in front of the dairy, and its tail and tongued wagged. Auditor Rain Man says, "Definitely not a one hit wonder, Definitely not a one hit wonder." "Batter up, Jack. Who's got the Jock Itch?"

12-28-2004 I have two new songs written, by yours truly, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone.  The first is a string quartet and solo performance of Sueet Carol Affair and it is more of a comical piece than composition with a direction of emphasis toward the absurdity of working for a criminal faction of the federal government and giving into their tawdry display of gluttony.  The Second song is an organ and solo Some What Koshifur Lucifer and it celebrates those memories I have in which Deja Vu occurs, as if I have fought the same battles for so long that they are as old as dirt.  Both are in mp3 format.

This piece is still under work, so pass if you wish. Experimental rock, by SainTramBone alias Kurt Brown or Truk N Wor B, in mp3, Title Sleeping Above Ground from Album--Forget Me Knots, Noir et Bleu. (I'm still working out kinks in combos, turn volume down at first, then later increase it. Next song less problems, Personal Note: "Right Jack". A song to celebrate the presage of being the hunter and the hunted, which we all particapate. Lyrics..."Know whats in the circle, before you light your match, know this is the beginning, know this is the end, sleeping above ground, is it human or is it hound, sleeping above ground, is it human or is it hound, Know whats in the circle before you light the match, sleeping above ground, is it human or is it hound, sleeping above ground."

A song from the Love Line III page, a comedy skit about a true to life Sheriff, Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama who is allowed to steal, who is allowed to kill by neglect, and who helped the federal government label me as a felon, when he took my gun permit for going to report his thievery. the Song is in MP3 and is titled something like, "Yak, I am here to war you". They say with their guns in their holsters and their armies," You want war, you will get." Let them pray to flies.

Hurricane Ivan Day Mob. AL. 9-15-2004 A new song highlighting the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I suffer after two attacks on my life since 2001 for whistle blowing on USA governments and forced injections and imprisonment and other abuses. Hurricane Ivan was I hoped a ghost ship from the Pacific Fleet with a few guided missiles and idealistic soldiers, Thomas Jefferson, and Kurt's truk on the bow, for when we would enter Mobile Bay Harbor and Admiral Farragut and the rest of the crew declare to the city council and mayor in Mob. AL, "Damn you fascists, off with your heads. We can not enter your government meetings, we not vote, you will float. Us against them, just as in the beginning." The Song is in MP3 and is titled, Am I Dead, Whose House Is This, by Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone. The storm Ivan made a loop through the USA with a cross due southward in its path from fascist and elitist city, Mobile Alabama, where every priest is a politician and where every mayor is a semi-skilled whore, to New Jersey where Trump is Jack snatch casino skimming hump, and then the storm returned to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico and it appears to be going West back to the Pacific Fleet across the desert.

I say nominate Kurt Austin Brown, auditor/artist for President, or at least Mayor of Mob. AL. Vinney the Vampire Has Left the Hemp Hut, may he rest in peace. (Vinney was a good guy who worked at the Cannabis Clubs of San Francisco, he was used as an experiment in Vietnam in which his Navy Ship was sprayed with Agent Orange by American fighter jets to test its effects. Vinney was sick with a cancer the last time I saw him.......that tells me the wrong person had their hands on government, since way back when.)

We commemorate this song to an old friend from the San Francisco Bay Area, Dead or Alive. Time to get vaporized Vinney in San Francisco, Medical Marijuana recipient, where ever you lay dead, you skinny non-menace to society. Vincent was a involuntary test subject in the Navy in the 60's and the last time I saw him he looked like he was dieing of AIDS, however his ship had been sprayed with Agent Orange allegedly to see how service men would react, so I am not sure what had made him sick. I was a forced injections victim and other abuses by the federal government and California government and Alabama government in the 2000's. Nothing has changed, Vinney, except for the worse, please help to guide our foolish government from its track of our destruction. Claims of wrongdoing are proven by links in this site.

9-8-2004 New Song Celebrating Survival After Two Assassination Attempts, N Wor B Truk and F#ck SainTramBone, with special appearance by Bow-Bone for Jack snatch Till-man--Translated, "Bow Wow" "We're Coming At You Jack" "Down in the coal mines", mp3 by auditor/artist Kurt Austin Brown, aka SainTramBone and Bow-Bone, rat tracker.

A friend of mine once told me that the words of a song are as important as the musical notes from the instruments. He is right in that regard. My songs on this page are about strife, often in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, and most often it is too deal with struggles, internal, external, and at the point of friction in between. Sometimes I have made assumptions that may not be wholly correct, and sometimes they are correct. I owe a debt of gratitude to that hard working American who works in the shipyards of Bayou La Batre Alabama. He was more of a country love ballad singer. I hope to write music with him someday if I am ever allowed to permanently return to the Southeastern USA alive for as long as I want on my own free will. That is not the case today as I have been set up and exiled. Kurt Brown, AKA Saint Ram Bone, SainTramBone, Agent 017, and the list goes on just like the music.

The song "Sueet Carol Lodi Sun Tzu and Bring Your Finger Two", in mp3 is in two locations, with the first being housed directly on a server, so be patient while it loads. The second link with some lyrics links to the song, but the song link often does not work, "Sueet Carol Lodi Sun Tzu and Bring Your Finger Two"...Song Link on San Fran Indymedia in Windows Streaming Format, incites violence. I do not condone violence, as like begets like. The song was a metaphor for a legal confrontation that I will soon have with the Los Angeles government and Federal Government if I am allowed due process in a court of law. They took my most prized possession, my only gift from my father, and in addition they have endangered my life and wrongfully labeled me a felon with a forced felony plea under extreme duress and questionable drugs and forced injections.

Auditor Artist, Kurt, was driving from California to Alabama on 3-10 or 3-11 2004. When he got to Salt Lake City, a truck was passed and the driver was holding up two fingers stiffly on the window. Then a few miles later a bird, obviously a Magpie, black and white left a small flock on the roadside and flew from the right of the road to the left, which had significance in some Magpie mythology. A beautiful painting of a Magpie in a snow covered landscape by Monet is linked here. The Magpies speech is almost intelligible to the trained human ear and resembles the Mandarin Chineses dialects in its ebb and flow. In the sound clip of the link, the Magpie says, "If you want to play games with me, you better bring a F-cking Cracker"

Kurt often plays his guitar in the country and hopes the birds hears him as he hears them. The B Lizards love it. Peaceful and eloquent.

The magpie almost tapped a car on its roof that Kurt was about to pass in Salt Lake City. Curious, Kurt sped up and saw a young man inside with a lot electronics in the vehicle. Kurt, not really thinking anything but that it was weird, soon had the car speed up and it was as if the car was tailing him. Kurt got off at an off ramp to make a stop or two and ended up at a water treatment facility road that was a Dead End. Kurt got back on the highway and a few miles down was a car that had overturned and been burned badly. Police were there and a group of people and a crying woman. Kurt knows the tag of the truck and will not divulge it. Friend or foe, he does not know. Later in the trip, 3-12-2004, East of St. Louis he was attacked just before the I-57 interchange on I-64 where a car tried to swerve into him repeatedly and then a truck tried to swerve into him. Ironically the truck displayed the American flag. To quote the guy from the movie Bar Fly, that was "Misdirected Animosity".

Kurt did not call 911. He got behind a Tractor Trailer truck who saw what was happening. It was night and the truck began to cat-crawl, i.e. drive with the trailer slightly braked on one side, and obviously the trucker was concerned about a bunch of hoodlums. Kurt just wanted to, "Go Home to Alabama".

The song is metaphorical. Sun Tzu wrote the book the Art of War. However Kurt believes war is an ancient method of getting things done that is a favorite of lower life forms. Kurt, like many, use the ancient and primitive book in analogy to the Xth degree, not intent on battle, but to use the methods analogously through peace. Kurt does not condone violence and hopes that no good peace loving people were hurt in Salt Lake City. If they were assassins to injure Kurt, then Que Cera Cera, Whatever will bee, will bee, as he wants no violence. There is already too much pain, just in living and confronting the challenges of nature. There is no need to hurt Kurt, as either his wife or one of his ex-wives, or a future wife will do him in. All battle hardened know that the home front is where the woman is waiting, waiting, waiting, till one day, she stands over his grave or corpse, and her vagina whispers, "Sora Nora, Baby".

Kurt would like to thank the Black and White bird, as it was obviously a bird of a different feather. Life is strange, roll with it. I do not want any government agents or otherwise to get hurt. Kurt just wanted to, "Go Home To Alabama".

1-18-2004 The same song linked above to show that Kurt has adopted the attitude that eating Roach Droppings on Paint Chips as a child in a rowhouse on the outskirts of Hell, aka Prichard Alabama on Sipsee Street, where pollution rained down like snow was a prelude to show just "How Freakin DICk good, things can GET when you are on the bottom rungs of America's caste system and dealing with the more corrupt and murderous of the paper-tie upper crust in a tumbling society". A song to welcome all who like Heat to don their First Class Paper Tie and Burning Chaps, so just sing along, "Sueet Carol Lodi Sun Tzu and Bring Your Finger Two"...Song Link directly on server in mp3 Format. I do not mind being poor, I am used to it. But "Do Not try to kill me again", is the message, and if you want to throw chains on me by using your paper-tie bourgeoisie mouth-pieces, get ready to cough up some change." Do not ever let the federal government or state governments shove you into a grave silently. Scream, and as always, use your own conscience.

Here is a song lamenting the prison fences around the U.S.A. for millions and Eureka Papillion. MP3 format "You can't leave, You Can't Stay."

A new Song for the VA, who really do not give a shit about their veterans   I would rather be an Iraqi veteran. At least they respect their vets when the killing stops.  America's VA  and public do not.  It is in MP3 format.  Titled, "us Brothers Under Chains and Needles".


A new song, more of a techno experimental Windows Streaming Media Format song titled  "Matrix of Society, Spit It Out"

Another song has a lot of static at first (poor mans electronics) and then gets better, written and sung by The Kurt Austin Brown, My New Orleans Sock Feet N  Government Cheese in Windows Streaming Media Format.

Here is a song to commemorate the battlefield that is on the highways of America for the honest auditors, and it is title, "4 Leaf Clover God Allah Buddha Ethereal Consciousness" in Windows Advanced Media Format.  It appears that someone crossed the lines and made the word 4 Leaf into "4 Lead" once it made it onto the link.  Hmmm,?


Below are the links  to several audio productions with matching artworks with improvements in place as of 12_9_02.

The first song will have a pic of the golfer, Kur, himself, in his drag-on golfing outfit, in full one-hand left-hand stride stroking toward the Mayor's jewels themselves, or his little trophies.  For now the song titled, "Two Stick Man", is available in Two Stick Man ..MP3 for download. The song, with lyric alterations and enhancements to instruments will be premiered in upcoming Documentary video to be presented on Comcast and here on the web.  Enjoy the preview.  Kur can not say "Four" very loud, so, "Watch Out!"

This next song commemorates the monster we call the schizophrenic U.S. government in its dual elitist oligarchy of Dems and Repubs who control the common man like a puppet, when in reality the commoner should control the government, since our society is decaying rapidly, we present a new song in the Home Grown Music section.  The song is titled Semi-ramus Mama's Bleeding.(.mpga format)  (It is also in MP3.)

Another song with one of two new pics is the Myth of Sisyphus, with the one below being as the drawing actually looks, included the embedded eye.  It is chalk on a canvas backed paper (10"x12") with mummified eye tissue and is on sale to best offer with all proceeds going to Mobile County public schools (Contact webmaster for relay, or wait for instant Pay Pal credit card link coming soon.  Receipts for your tax deductions will be generated automatically).  The song below matches the first two pics.  In this pic you can see that it will take four intellectually superior life-forms to even approach the defeating of the "Myth of Sisyphus", that is to say reaching an almost utopian existence without destroying itself or being destroyed by an exterior force.   Are humans the second or the fourth life form.  It appears that we are the second as of 2002, in more ways than one.  As the pic demonstrates, it is no coincidence that there is always another S to devour the SS that precedes it.  Sounds like savagery and reality doesn't it? 

Tthe Myth of Sisyphus, which dictates that all things up will find all things down.  Therefore it is our challenge to have the courage to keep an eye on all things, especially using our mind's eye, and have the vision to see ahead of and behind nature using the knowledge of conscientious compassion that is etched in our minds eye at birth. We must strive to make our own dictates demand that the tasks we endeavor toward are for the good of all and thereby the struggle of the Myth of Sisyphus is always coming up and never going down, on any human, as the reality is that all of human consciousness is one, and we can come to realize this if we strive to learn the compassion etched in our  in our minds eye at birth.  Mankind needs to go to the top and not the bottom.  Stop the arms race and strive for freedom, peace, and mutual respect.  The song is titled, "I Told You I Met Nostradamus" as through envisioning the possibilities, we hope to help keep the testosterone enhanced momentum of mankind from rolling backward into barbarism and savagery and crushing our minds accomplishments.   The song is in  mp3 format or real audio format "rm".  The song is short. 

The Kurt Brown's favorite is titled Brown Lizards Laughter, and it is a tribute to the whirlwind of improvement that will eventually sweep through the public schools of his native land,V D, Mob AL.  It will only occur by ridding from office Mob AL's two toes and ankle spur, (Copeland, Clinton, Dow) and when it does, the children will laugh with the lizard, "Jack got sucked up into the crack, and his cleft foot is hung in the nut sack", Sheriff Jack Tillman that is, AKA $100K taker of food funds, or thief in some circles.. A pic below celebrates the day of the storm and the celestial alignments and array marking and celebrating a new introspection of man in cosmic nature. The meteor shower 8-17-2002 marked the launch of the consciousness and knowledge of incoming from above.

First however is a special tribute song to a beautiful young widow of an innocent man.  She wept while the murderous by neglect Sheriff smirked upon the day of misjudgment in the High corrupt Court.  The song is titled, "Good Morning Ms. Carpenter".  (The two newest songs are linked below).

In this song to Clinton Johnson, City Councilman, I wrote because he was the City Council President when I was first barred from entering City Council meetings. The City Council can allegedly vote to deny anyone their right to enter the government meetings, and thereby they can violate unethically, the Open Meetings Law or Sunshine Law. The Mayor, Mike Dow, hides behind this fact when he does not want to take responsibility for his acting like a Nazi of Old and blocks all criticism of his lack of governance, ethics, or ability. If Clinton Johnson voted to stop my attendance, then I am glad that I wrote it. If he did not vote to have me barred from the meetings, and instead voted to allow me to enter, I apologize. The same applies to the following city council President who is the the city councilman for my district, Reggie Copeland. He is mentioned also. I vote that no one be allowed to vote someone's rights under a "True" democracy from entering any government meeting, or even vote away their ability to vote.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley held a vote in the state to see if the disenfranchised would be able to vote. The vote came back as you would expect in a hostile land, the disenfranchised are still disenfranchised. Presidential decrees should rid us of such ploys, but that will not happen when the President is in office due to a Coup d'etat, and to that you can rest assured.

Mayor Mike Dow deserves to be in this song. He is a petty little has-been who hides his face from the view of the public when the city council meetings are aired, thereby avoiding responsibility. He should sit at the table with the city councilmen, instead of the little Chicken box, like he is attending to Friars. Those types of votes should be held in public view at the city council meetings so they can be open to discussion and a television audience.

To quote Cool Hand Luke's tormentors, "What we have He-uh, is a fail-uh to communicate." (By design of course.)

The newest song is about Mobile, AL City Councilman Clinton Johnson, who shafts the children of Mobile, in addition to illegally banning citizens, including The Kurt Brown, from entering the Mobile City Council meetings.  It is titled, "A Johnson Is In The Children's Body-Whole."

A second new song is one of despair and camaraderie among the ranks of the common man in America who is abused by the governments and deluded by their mass media.  America is a hell for many common Americans, and all we have is the common man, woman, and child, who weather the atrocities of the current Elitist corporate controlled political parties, the Democrats and Republicans.  The title is, "Welcome to America, Welcome to the land of Prisons"

In the second song, Sheriff Jack Tillman is dishonored by this article and music.  Tillman unethically took Kurt Brown's gun permit in March 2001 because Kurt was speaking against corruption in Government at the Mobile Alabama City Council meetings, every Tuesday at noon.  Tillman knew he was going to speak in one instance against malnourishment at the jail reported by teenagers and women under his care.

The music was born when Sheriff Jack Tillman and 14 deputies approached Kurt Brown to block his entrance to the city council meeting and demanded his gun permit or be arrested.  Kurt gave back the $25 gun permit, in spite of the fact that Sheriff Jack Tillman undoubtedly knew Kurt had reported widely that he survived a assassination attempt near midnight Saturday night following St. Valentine's day 2001 for what may have been Kurt's blowing the whistle on a federal government agency.   (Due to a court ban on Kurt's free speech in the matter by the corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court, the details and the agency involved are omitted).

After Kurt handed the corrupt Sheriff Tillman his gun permit, he leaned back and shouted to the heavens from the large auditorium, "JACK IS IN THE CRACK AND YOUR KIDS AIN'T COMIN BACK!!!", the sound resonating on the corrupt courthouse windows, and he turned and walked away, his guitar, his six string across his back. 

Later that day Kurt was unjustly harassed and persecuted at his home by Mobile police for voicing his opinion over the atrocity.  Soon after, Kurt fled his native Mobile, AL, a refugee, in fear of the corrupt law and government that is still in place.  He was later prosecuted and persecuted by agents of the California government acting hand-in-hand with the corrupt counterfeit monetary oversight agency, the federal SS, due to his whistle-blowing against the federal government.   To some, death is better than the unjust loss of liberty on the piss-scented U.S. soil, according to MSFC member Patrick F'n Henry.

Now the song is here for you in its raw form in MP3 format.   It is titled "Jack Is In The Crack"  Also below is a pic of the culprit Sheriff.  He ran for re-election after the thievery and murder by negligence, and won by a narrow margin, so it is OK among the few voters who are not disenfranchised through corrupt Alabama laws excluding  35% of black men and an equal number of men of other ethnic groups from voting in Alabama elections.  (Click pic to enlarge)

I have removed the song about the former fascist mayor of Mobile Alabama. It was too kind. He was a fascist pig who should have been shot in the head for blocking honest auditors entry into government. I was denied entry. I still am denied entry years after this post, and there is a new mayor. The crime syndicates of the federal government do not want to have my message delivered. I will sing a thousand songs in a thousand arabian nights when the USA government is destroyed and our people regain control of their nation.

Direct link to download of Brenda With Her Spoon in mp3 and housed on Indybay.org by Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone. (Note My Brother Dave Chappelle, comedian, at Warfield does not have Brenda With Her Spoon catering. Does Warfield need more customers or is Comedian Chris Rock not the only one on crack hiatus? If you are going to feed the Bottom of the Bay devil with his fork, you have got to at least let Brenda With Her Spoon Catering Services stoke the BBQ pit. (Remember to support Indybay.org, open media)

*** Meet me at the Warfield by Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone in mp3 linked on LA Indymedia. Details below.

The same song, "Meet Me At The Warfield" is linked here in Windows Streaming Media video on Argentina Indymedia in the Sinking America's Video. The artwork of the girls in the bikinis is likely for sale by the female artist. Contact ossoramdella@yahoo.com if you are interested in purchasing her work. She is a Sonoma County Native who can cook a fajita or slide a size seven fire fighters boot up your ass and dump you in her daddy's rock pile. (The Sinking Americas video in Windows Streaming Media is also linked on Canada Maritimes Indymedia.)

Daily Foreword May 25, 2007: Today's post is an artsy piece titled Predicing Sueet Carol Day and it is about predicting Armegeddon or its equivalent in other terms. This link was dead the last time I Checed. Predicting Sueet Carol Day is in mp3 on Houston Indymedia. We try to do everything to abide by the letter of the law, but IT has put the law in a mercurial state, allows flowing and poisonous. The law resorts back to what it was, "For each his own".

A video link. I have since decided that it is best not to use any hallucinogen due to the fact that we need to keep our guard up at all times. Marijuana should be distributed to users in vapor form at clinics in the same manner methadone is distributed to heroin addicts. It should be made free and available at the clinics to addicts and those who truly need it or benefit from it as a medicine. It should be kept off of the streets and out of view, and I think the same think should be done for all drugs, including alcohol. Has anyone seen the dancing Zoloft ad of a happy pill. Bullsh-t, the stuff is contraindicated as pot is for some people, with severe adverse reactions. On with the show anyway.Video of abuse of auditor reign mon and reporter, Kurt Brown, by Mobile Alabama government, federally approved by the National Treasury Employees Union and big FDIC money launderers, June 2004. . BowBone gets lanky while Molly trips on water in her eye. Kurt's first cooking video, Cooking Hash Oil Brownies, Streaming Windows Media Format. I urge all youth and those who do not need marijuana as a medicine to refrain from it, but I support full legalization. Why feed the international Nazi and Genghis Khan and other heartless life forms or their controllers?. Take it off the streets and away from kids and crush the dope movies that advertise it to kids on mass media. They do not even give warnings. At least I do. A hash brownie on occassion of once a year or 5 or 10 years is one thing, but a habitual user is another.

This is the same video, Cooking Hash Brownies and Political Commentary, featuring Bow Bone and Saint Ram Bone linked on Indybay.org.