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Segment July 18, 2010: SCIENCE_truths_FORBIDDEN_zones_UNITED_states_HOLOCAUST_areas_FORCED_medical_PROCEDURES_unconscious_MAN_wants_CLOSURE

I have a hypothesis that will prove of at least 40% validity for myself now, and maybe 90 to 100 percent validity for myself in the future.  It is based on  the forced experiments, forced medical procedures, and forced signatures allowed by the ruling regime inside Los Angeles and all of the area that allows forced injections and detainment under the Chapter 36 law provision allowing such atrocities in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.  I am concerned about being abducted again there and what I can do to avoid it.  As an aside, I know that their behavior will eventually fall, even if in a global annihilation, as that is preferable to what I, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, have endured.  

Because during my investigative journalistic work I was forcibly injected and forced medical procedures and detained in Los Angeles California, and because the same thing happened in Flagstaff Arizona to myself, I will try to avoid those places in the future.  That is a 40% probability at this time.  It may increase to 100% upon further investigation.  A motive exists behind avoiding these places.  I will explain.

I have unexplained scars on my body and due to my medical  training and physical condition, I have noticed anomalies in Central Nervous System upon X-ray and I have often felt very sick in the past from 2001 to the present, a sort of stress malaise or an immune response to things did to me medically with government approval.     Of course to alter your behavior or your psychology, no scar has to be made as there are laser guns made that are at the same Hertz as your own brainwaves, and other technologies are everywhere, new ones every day, and they can inject and torture you if our enemies get the stamp of approval and payment to do so by the dictators in power.  At this point, it is a matter of "connect the blocks" to invent new weaponries.  Lesser minds can now create diabolical machines and methods to control and eliminate the competition or the quarry.

In my case, they could have implanted something into me, or even implanted into the Central Nervous System changes and perhaps coupled some technology to other genetics changes or over-rides.   Therefore, if I should land in the South West near those who have abducted me before, they could do it again, if they have the control to those changes they have done to me, and which scars were verified by a surgeon I employed to examine those scars when one became infected.

 After all, in April of 2001 I was forced medical procedures after forced injections  in Los Angeles at the Westwood Federal Facility, which is known for forced experiments.  Years earlier I was foolish enough to have enlisted in their military when I was a young man and I was stationed in Southern California and they may have done something to me there to prepare me for this later thing, or simply to have a handle upon me, a handle that could render me unconscious simply by a flick of a switch, and possibly even controlled.

I was knocked unconscious at the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona and detained there for several days in 2004.  Their government has gone insane.  They are war criminals and they attack us and hand us crumbs.  I look forward to seeing their controllers annihilation and the removal of their followers who think they are superior to us, like caretakers of animals.  But what is the truth is another question, after all, we are all captive here in this damned existence and centuries of men have wanted the end of mankind for eternity due to the harshness of existence at some points in time.  Yet we still exist, hobbled in many ways.

My question becomes, do I stay in America?  Where can I escape to where I am safe?   The USA seems to be at war.  I want the war criminal empire destroyed, but it seems to expand the globe.  We have no more control of our governments than the Afghanis or the Iraqis.  Death is preferable to being treated like a G-d Damned animal in a pen contained by gravity of servants to animals who nip at our heels like bad dreams.  Never again they say.  Never More My Sweet Lenore, Edgar Allen Poe wrote.  I say ARD Ne'er More Sweet Carol and Mass'a Shee-it F-DIC whore.  The whole damned government is  a ruse.  Avoid them like the enemy from conception until death and you might live a real life or perhaps we are all already BOD, better off dead.

Of course I was labeled a terrorist in 2001, February, after I ran a test on the FDIC to see if there were murderers present, as the top man had been killed there before I arrived, and I was pushed out like a piece of human trash from a bank examiner job, and became an investigative journalist, freelance. The test came back positive. Their government syndicates tried to kill me, and have attacked me many times since in an effort to coax me to fight them, or to wreck, or to be arrested. I used myself as bait at the FDIC, just like with Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama on 4-3-2001 when he was stealing inmate food funds. They still torture those inmates. Jack lives like a king in his forced retirement. Since that time in 2001 I have been attacked many times on the highways, in restaraunts, in government buildings, both my men in police uniforms and the hoodlums who are their true followers, their lackies without a clue, like Jack. I would have him exiled or executed if I was the ruler of this damned planet. You do not trample me and mine and I will not trample you and yours. Now the Baldwin County Alabama Sheriff, Huey Hoss Mack, has some of those inmates and he proposes a type of slavery. I propose to God the end of human time to end the suffering. Here we go again. I give the green light on the USA government's federal police forces on them as terrorist and insane just as they have done to me. Never trust them, and beware of traps. They use the simple people to get to the complex people.

As a final aside, I was pushed to the ground by police in Mobile Alabama's government building when I was simply trying to do journalistic work. They jammed their fingers up my nose in the way you would a pig. But they may have been jamming chemicals up my nose, as that is another route of administration for drugs. They can pick their bellies up themselves when they are floating after the tidal waves. I think they will make good, "Fly Food."


Segment July 16, 2010: SCIENCE_theory_TECHNOLOGY_social_CONTROL_immersion_HUMAN_race

I once pondered the simulated world, a world full of contrivances to move man like a worker bee in a trance, oblivious to what was happening in reality around him, all the time having all things among man as free flowing as water in the darkest part of the ocean, with man immersed over his head in all form and function beyond the troposphere and perhaps all the way to the thermosphere. 

It would resemble schizophrenia on a grand scale, with dual realities and and dual illusions for all, to create a new reality, where some take, and some give.   It could even prove symbiotic in some sense if orchestrated with utmost free flowing precision.  We are nothing more than shrimp in a vase really. Nothing moves man or animal in the way fear does, with voluminous usage of energy and therefore greater output and loss of inertia. Fear is equivalent to horror while on the run, as described by Brando, "The Horror", in Apocalypse Now.

I was looking at the murder of a police officer allegedly from my home town and now in Tampa.   I began to wonder about these things long ago.  I am not saying this is the case, but what if he was part of that major construct, a gun wielder with a badge allegedly in the gunman's reality who held the gun.  I feel sorry for either of these dead men, regardless of the scenario, real or technologically constructed. 

Mr. Roboto what do you know, Music Video.

A final joke. I bought a home and let go of the same home near Perdido Bay at the Alabama Florida line, a lovely place when driving over the bridge between Lillian Alabama and Pensacola Florida. But Perdido Bay has developed some new issues since I bought it two years ago.   13 million gallons per day of treated sewage waste from Pensacola Florida will be flushed over a marshland known as Bayou Marcus and into the North end of Perdido Bay and now tar-balls and oil are coming from the South in the Gulf of Mexico and into Perdido Bay. 

A child walks up to the parent with his beachball and chewing gum and asks, "How will I be able to tell the difference between the tar balls and the sh-t.  The parent replies, "The sh-t are the ones with the flies Marx."

Speaking of Marx, I wonder how many people think that the banking regulatory crisis can be ended when they exclude men like myself, honorable outcast federal bank examiners from examining the examiners?  I am ex USA military after all and a web link in the New York times quotes Barney Frank recently who said that the new banking regulators would "curtail" further problems. I have contacted Barney Frank and I wonder if Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, the best FDIC bank examiner of all time, outcast for delving too deep in the reality of the entire bank examiner experience should haul tail to D.C. for my first assignment in that new top position in the Treasury Department?

Obama is getting two new banking regulators.  We already have the FDIC and several Treasury deparment agencies overseeing banking regulation.   If a rolly polly has eighteen legs it is easy to flip over.  If a rolio polio federal banking regulatory industry has 18 agencies, it will be crippled at the starting gate, due to increased malfeasance and corruption and technological watering down of those like myself, but they are still among the mass of shee-it that is there.

I want my job back and an executive salary and a Mobile office to boot.  When I say Mobile I mean transport always, never stopping. Get Snatch out of the hood, we gone bee banking, like the Bird and the Bee, Again and Again (music video). Note to Snatch -- Bring straps. As the comedy routine said, you do not match whips with Marcelus Wallace and Family as in Pulp Fiction (movie clip). If only all the weapons were so simple. Knocked unconscious with government approval or no, under government eyes, I, a former federal bank examiner and investigative journalist feel that I am not the only one half dead or past dead.

Segment June 29, 2010:  SCIENCE_electronics_CONTROL_over_RIDE_bubble_THEORY

 When I suspect something is wrong, I am often correct.  The alleged oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the alleged failed attempt to put a cover on an attachment placed on the oil well pipe due to a "robot" running into the pipe reminds me of something I was told recently.

It has been said that airplanes have been having difficulties when approaching their landing strip when close to the ground.  It is as if the nose goes down on the plane, or the tail comes up, or both, and that could be due to the pilot or electronics trying to correct the failure to land correctly.  I almost lost some family members on a plane who came to Mobile Alabama recently.  It was some time around the Tripoli Libya crash.

Considering authorities do not know, it could be as thus, and this is  theory.  An area circumscribed near the electronics of concern could be laid out, the data could be interspersed instantaneously and the control of the hardware could be taken over or interrupted.  For example, in Libya, an area in the Mediterranean Ocean could be circumscribed, and on the outside edge of that circumscribed area could be the plane that crashed.

The same thing could be done to the remote controls that control the robots on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.  Perhaps if the area of the controlling electronics were lead sealed and other sealing containments, the electronics could be protected. 

As an aside, I liked my analog TV.  It left a wild old hare in the melee of digital data I receive. Now that TV has switched to digital and that 60 dollar digital antennae is out of my price range,  I gave my TV away instead of buying the antennae.

Now outside of that "bubble" theory of data, it could be that the electronics are simply pulsed with neutrinos or even the pulse of solar flares that come and go from the sun. Physics bubble theory in electronics over ride and psyche over riding is an interesting conjecture. But what is permitted in the overall domain may truly, "shock and awe".

The cochlear structure in the ear and the shape of the seashell could illustrate that the circle we see is simply part of an intertwining interception of data such as the cochlear structure or the displacement thereof.

I saw an alleged picture, real or emulated I am not sure, but it was in Copenhagen Denmark and a blue spiral came from the sky or went to the sky at night. Considering the person who showed it to me had family in Copenhagen, it could have just been for entertainment purposes but I am not certain, or even if there is a connection or even if the person who showed it to me knew the truth of it.

This theory is similar to one I have worked on theoretically to encompass and override an ATM's electronics and make random withdrawals under your name ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol and Massa Shee-it. ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol Massa Shee-it fired me, thigh hath tune eat. A thine of the Thames.

I think of many things, often act on instinct on those thoughts to explore things, and sometimes I have observed that triangles help to determine the loci of events pre-disposed. After all, if you cut through space in travel, you are in a spiral, but if you cut through space in triangles in a spiral, you experience Spiral Mathematica, an order of the divine hunters and gatherers. Monkey Meat me, and that is a derivative title of my proposed movie, "Remember The Wire." (music video). It is based on a triangle of investigative journalism stories I was working upon, and a fourth and fifth point was found at the hypotenuse of the triangle in Braman Oklahoma or Blackwell, Kelly and I in a final glimpse of a sort when a meteorite or something almost hit my vehicle in 2004.

The inverted microscopes design can show you how to displace these things potentially or possibly even disrupt the disruptive influences from the environ.

Electromagnetic directed shields and concurrent electromagnetic pulses could possibly serve as another area of exploration to find the cause or the cure to electronics tampering from afar. Of course if you consider the change in fiber optics and data transmission using light, the entire system could be overwritten before the ram has time to process one bit. It is a sort of gearing down act and oppositely a gearing up act.

It is in all of our nature to want to take control.  The sad part about it is that someone has to control everything it seems, and often, they or it is not up to par, but that is the nature of life.  It pays to be philosophical from God's standpoint when all of that around you is being flushed down the toilet.  What comes around, goes around.  Ask Jack 4321 360.  It is not a phone number.  It is a date and an amount.  I have been injected and attacked so many times I consider myself dead very often, or out of the loop.  We are on our own if we are not in the syndicates.   The syndicates leave you with your throat cut, often to cover a trail or a witness or a vendetta or a need to devour.  A flip side to a necessary evil is all it is, perhaps the staid set of the motion and motionless to the zealot.

We, or I, are likely just being set up.  After being forcibly injected and tortured and seeing relatives attacked or jailed by government or others, I can see why if some of them had a prayer, they might want revenge.  We might be used in that manner also.  To extract our own diabolical ends.  I would rather just travel the cosmos.  It seems like a memory, such clear blue and darkness and points of lights, streaks, pulses, etc..  The other life form extrapolated and viewed.  The world is a vampire it seems, but we all must eat.  Overpopulation.  Species extinction.  I think it is time to blast off from this planet.  But that is not in the cards it seems.  Maybe it is not possible when you have lost your head.

The The, Dusk, Happiness This Way Lies.

A final note: In my writing you may often notice a sputtering sort of concentration, darting here and there, coming back to the original point eventually. It is a way to entertain the mind with constructive thoughts while in idle. Einstein and others have discussed the Quantum Enigma, meaning consciousness out there. It is layered concept and to ask a termite if he is the only in the universe, he will look at the log and not want to venture out. Destructive reconstruction, like a lathe or dual hard drive, one reads and one writes and the rest is game play.

Segment June 22, 2010: SCIENCE_routes_OF_administration_MEDICAL_options_GOVERNMENT_ulterior_MOTIVE_central_NERVOUS_system_MONKEY_meat

Today I pondered the various methods of drugs and toxins that are taken or forced into a human body and the various Routes of Administration as according this linked Wikipedia article. My central nervous system is rather bizarre and they like to play with Monkey Meat.

Because I was injected forcibly in Los Angeles by federal officials at the LA VA Westwood in 2001 and again in Flagstaff Arizona in 2004 with federal approval, I had to wonder why they did not just leave me alone or give me a pill?

The effects they wanted could not be had by a pill, or by leaving me alone. We are under attack and it appears the syndicate wars are soon to be in place once again. I am likely already out of the game or am I in another? The coming message might be watch what you do monkey with Monkey Meat....Remember the Wire. This wire could be one that dissolves after usage or integrates into the surrounding tissue or liquids.

Also, as you can see on one of my Saintrambone Youtube Videos, I was taken down to the ground while walking away after being threatened for demanding my right to do investigative journalistic work. Another office came up from behind and rammed his fingers up my nose holding my head up, and it is considered topical drug application. It looks like I was arrested and released but you could not tell in our age of chemical warfare. G-d damn them, IT, for what they, IT, has done. That was after 9-11-2001. This war has escalated but some things are not worthing fighting for and it is easier to escape. The World Is A Vampire.

beautiful people while I spill my heart out to you en comedia.

Segment June 13, 2010: science_MAYAN_calendar_2012_space_ODYSSEY_psychedelic_COUNT

One of the most beautiful and simplistic things is the Mayan calendar.  It is a series of wheels set inside wheels with precise mathematical calculations.  It is likely within two days variance on the outer scale as compared to the inner scale, and  I say this due to the immensity of the calculations they were trying to make.  It is said on Wikipedia or one of the websites that the Mayans were doing psychedelic drugs, likely in religious practice, and they were laying down and staring up at the sky,  they found the the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, located between Sagittarius and Scorpio, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  From their calculations they drew many conclusions and for some reason their end date is 12/21/2012, although I have read also 12/23/2012.  I am not certain, but I would say there is a variance there, however slight, just as in trying to find true North from a magnetic compass. This difficulty in calculation can best be illustrated by trying to measure a distance on a small scale chart and taking that measurement to a more precise center on a large scale chart.

A space odyssey in deed, Pink Floyd Machine.

Segment June 8, 2010: COMEDY_true_KING_tut_ALFRED_hitchcock

A sadness came over me today.  I saw a city that appeared abandoned, Lillian Alabama, and I was under scrutiny again by would be witnesses for executioners in Pensacola Florida.  I am a hated man by some.  I do not think those who hate me blindly or those who send people to stalk me are human.  It does not matter.  I am used to everything and my only regret was ever having fear of any man or being or animal on this putrid Earth.  But I am not alone, many of us are outcasts and we try to survive the swarms of men who are like honey locusts wanting to eat our bread.

So I turn to comedy.  I was told there was a picture of me in King Tut's tomb.  Perhaps because I advocate space colonization over war, petty ridiculous war.

I went to look for a picture of myself on Google and found a picture or model of King Tut.   He looked very much like the kid on Youtube who plays the Alfred Hitchcock song so well.  

I truly regret giving up my Pensacola home.  But I can not afford to pay to sleep in two places.  I can not sleep there due to an attack on myself in 2009 and harassment by local officials and hate groups.  This is the nature of my work and like Babylon, this too shall pass.  My work thus far has been like that of a detective in high dollar endeavors.  I investigated murders and such and some human rights atrocities.  But I have done nothing grand, perhaps viewing the devil in a sense. 

I see myself in a truce with the devil for a moment, sitting down to discuss things, before that final moment in which he has set something up for me and I try to get him to feel his own talons. I remember a line from the Bible when I was incarcerated and tortured. It read, for every one of us killed a thousand of you will perish. I will try to trade my betrayers at the bargaining table. I want 1000 of his possessed for every one I give him that I have collected. I am sure he will try to rewrite that clause but logic will prevail.     Perhaps it is another life.

The devil is in the details they say.  The devil is a Christian concept.  Malevolent one.  We are all the devil deep down, we just don't know it or recognize it.    I make jokes about traveling triangles.  I used to look for work that way.  That way I never saw the same failure twice.  Yes, many of us are failures, poisoned at birth most likely or before or soon after and cast out life human refuse.    That is the way life is.  The young are eaten alive.  The old and infirmed welcome death to ease the pain.

Things are never as bad as they seem.  See that kid playing Alfred Hitchcock.  He lays down his left hand lean and mean and plays something nice. Snatch is on first and coming home in the next bargaining event.

Segment June 4, 2010: MEDIEVAL_flashback_RECKONING_airplane_CRASH_2012_MAYAN_ebon_RUDE

In the alleged year 2012, the alleged Mayans predicted something.  It has been translated as the end of time.  It could have been the time that those other time-warp lords come back who left way back when or far ahead in time.  Some likely already know of some things as the future can be seen and predicted in large cataclysmic events if you have the technological know how.  Convex  Mirrors upon mirrors with distortions leave exact calculations off.

An increase in small plane crashes over the past few years, and recently even more alarming is an increase of larger plane crashes, has indicated that the Mayan Calendar may be right. The Polar Shift that some allege is going to occur in 2012, may have already started in 2010 with a straining effect under the earth's crust and the earth's interior core, the mantle.   Recent evidence and discussions with those in the airline industry indicates that an increase in the number of small plane crashes may be because of changes in the Earth's magnetic flux.  I personally know of recent events in which larger planes are having crashes and in discussions with people in the airline industry it makes me wonder if the "actual" rate of crashes is up due to these magnetic fluxes and other disturbances caused by the polar shift that is alleged to occur in 2012.  Or are some people being targeted?  It could just be a partial shift in some way, a slight realignment with stressors that strain but never snap the earth's crust from the interior mantle, and  I would wager at 50% probability as this being the cause due to the nature of mankind and nature itself, both a crap shoot.

The increase in  magnetosphere energies could possibly be harnessed in some way, and if they are too increase, instead of wasting the energy, we could invest in large energy cells or, if the energy capacities are too great, perhaps those energies could be redirected and deposit the energies elsewhere in space to be utilized in space travel or space colonies.   Of course it could be pointless, like putting a toothpick in a river unless you have superior tools.    I see life as different now, and just as the egg and sperm are devastated in original form, in their second form, that of a living being with two progenitors DNA intertwined, they are a new being.  In a sense they are still contained within their original form, so final death may be an imbecilic concept, even if everything in our lives is gone and our flesh and beings gone or remolded into another form.  With DNA splicing, every piece has to be conjoined to two different beings.  There is nothing left out as what was once there in original form, with the exception of maternal DNA in the mitochondria of every cell, and that story had to be rewritten upon an older directive.

 I do not like many people on Earth.  They turn good men's tools of high intelligence to bad men's tools of low intelligence, mainly weapons.  So  I want to leave them.  But I have to eat, so I must assist.   I am a bit like the guy that the entertainment industry in the movie Barfly was personifying, except I do not drink alcohol.  Total abstinence from alcohol and I urge all of our people to avoid all alcohol and pharmaceuticals.  We are in a plague of alcoholism and hard drug addiction.  Hard drugs such as pharmaceuticals and crack cocaine and over the counter drugs such as Sudafed and subsequent meth manufacture are causes of severe mental problems making mankind less tolerable. In many words are hidden constructs and connotations, merely words, such as the trade name Sudafed (Su-DA-Fed). Mankind can be deceived but not over cut or uprooted from normal inertial inter-exchange. Enslaved perhaps in more ways than one, perhaps one on one level a reflection of another. Modern propaganda television is another rut that should be rooted out for the most part, but it won't due to the parents usage of it as a babysitter, and for the syndicates control of our lives and their profits.  Our own DNA is under attack in some ways with forced injections by government and they do not see it nor say it.  Perhaps Satan does not like a baby sitter.

P.S. Sweet Carol Load Eye.

Yes, the toilet might have to be flushed in some way to keep the flowers singing for the birds.  Sh-t brown on the ground, ARD F-DIC Party Crown, came out of the ground, foot, pedis, pediatrician.  When I was a child, I think I was in a psychological study with another child from my neighborhood.  We were in a special speech therapy, my friend and I.   I learned to curse with echoes there, to defy authority in an explicative.  I was not reprimanded and my friends familiar repertoire led us down fight club street packing paper bond.  Came out of a hole in the ground.  What was the latitude there in the nipple in the Mediterranean sea under the Satellite Macroscopy?  Sound familiar P.S.  I feel a bit like Church lady having a wargasm, L7 winch.  We spoke in letters and numbers there.

In Pensacola Florida, they put a drive through liquor store in their cities, but they do not have a drive through doughnut shop that I am aware of.  What gives you drunken son of a b-tches?  I was a chauffer for an alcoholic in the city of New Orleans when I was 13.  Man, what a trip that Huey P. Long Bridge (video) was Daddy'O.  Sugarloaf, Green Eyed Lady, lovely lady where are you now?   Why are so many Crusaders racist to both man and ideas?  Racist. I am a free thinker and want to be a free being, free of needles forced into me, free of chains put on me, and free of fences, and my children the same, those poor souls.

I mix science with comedy and music to help me relax. I see myself with my grandchildren and adopted grandchildren over the nipple in the mediterranean at the place of the alleged Garden of Eden. I am like Grandfather in the movie Little Big Man. In this dieing clip in the Movie Little Big Man I am similar.

Scene: Onboard a chartered vessel in the mediterranean with friends and family in an inheritance put into my Paypal account on my website Mobile Audit Club.

Dialogue. Myself Grandfather to family and friends, "There is a time and a place for everything. I am truly in a hole I can not get out of now. So I am going to the bottom top of the hole and I have brought you here with me because today is the day and I want your presence. Into the new magnetosphere on top of the holy nipple. Sweet Carol, she's a b!tch but she has not met crazy, not yet. I will play a new song, a Sweet Melody from the depths as the Sweet Carol you taught me to see and trust was a curse. Sweet Melody."

Scene: The sea starts to boil and bubble around the boat full of people and urns and name markers and anything to commemorate loved ones and have some piece of their body, dust, or spirt. My picture the Queerest of the Queer on Page Quatrains 1 of Mobile Audit Club is there also.

Dialogue: Almost grandson points to the bubbling water and says, "Fishes"

Dialogue: Grandfather replies "No my grandson. That is vicious. The hole is opening, the one that ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol told me I could not get out of. I have decided to go down on her, vicious."

Dialogue: Almost Grandson asks, "Are you going to go down there in the bubbling water grandfather?"

Dialogue: Grandfather replies, "No my grandson. This spot here is reverse osmosis where I can see most clear."

Scene: A large stick of mass and matter harder than graphite slams The. Like a grinding pestle and urn. A passage. Has mankind not only been robbed but led astray or are we just another days mix in the midnight glue? Farmers Market late night shoe tap boy dance New Orleans dancing too others favorites sometimes too. Passage. Those innocent days. Me and another Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin (music video).

Scene: Atop a snow capped mountain high in the clouds, the boat rests on the top of the snow cap and grandfather and "almost grandson" shiver and sway in awe.

Dialogue: Grandfather to almost grandson, "This is the way it was in the old days. My father said he would walk up the mountain with me, but all we ever walked was up a hill when I was a child and an oil rig as an adult. We never walked up the mountain because we never crossed our English channel, the bayou country. Now he is an adult and he leads by example. Let's chant a Sweet Melody and not a Sacrificial melody this time. The Sweet Carol Load Eye ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol was a curse. Let's leave out the load eye this time. Yes Grandson, the unsolved murder labeled suicide. They said I only wore a one gallon hat. I knew the truth. That omen was a curse because that is when they called me and used me at the F-DIC USA. This is going to be a long day Grandson."

Dialogue: Almost Grandson to Grandfather, "Our kind went extinct grandfather".

Dialogue: Grandfather to almost Grandson, "That is not true grandson. I brought you a toy to play with. I lied to you. I could not leave long ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol in the washtub and hanging on the line. She is in the Chamber of the Pussy, Chambre de couche they called it when the right French woman arrived under the Queerest of the Queer painting house talisman. She looked a lot like your grandmother when she left me, not the woman who replaced your grandmother, but the Queerest of the Queer painting itself. I said, 'Go wander strange buffalo. Spread your bullfrog legs and spawn. I dew nut care. She never left a place that did not smell curried."

Dialogue: Almost Grandson to Grandfather "Dew nut grandfather? Curried?

Dialogue: Granfather to Almost Grandson, "When you look at a woman's ass, you see the same thing as her mouth, if she is a dew nut like Sweet Carol. It is a hard thing for a man to resist. My mother gave me the name Kurrr-t. That name means 'hound in some tongues'. My mother must have thought all men were like dogs too which is why she punished my father by naming me Kurrrr-t. I am almost angry my almost grandson. Come, Let's hurry, this next mountain has a crease with grease."

To be continued.


Segment June 4, 2010: MEDIEVAL_flashback_RECKONING_airplane_CRASH_2012_MAYAN_ebon_RUDE

In the alleged year 2012, the alleged Mayans predicted something.  It has been translated as the end of time.  It could have been the time that those other time-warp lords come back who left way back when or far ahead in time.  Some likely already know of some things as the future can be seen and predicted in large cataclysmic events if you have the technological know how.  Convex  Mirrors upon mirrors with distortions leave exact calculations off.

An increase in small plane crashes over the past few years, and recently even more alarming is an increase of larger plane crashes, has indicated that the Mayan Calendar may be right. The Polar Shift that some allege is going to occur in 2012, may have already started in 2010 with a straining effect under the earth's crust and the earth's interior core, the mantle.   Recent evidence and discussions with those in the airline industry indicates that an increase in the number of small plane crashes may be because of changes in the Earth's magnetic flux.  I personally know of recent events in which larger planes are having crashes and in discussions with people in the airline industry it makes me wonder if the "actual" rate of crashes is up due to these magnetic fluxes and other disturbances caused by the polar shift that is alleged to occur in 2012.  Or are some people being targeted?  It could just be a partial shift in some way, a slight realignment with stressors that strain but never snap the earth's crust from the interior mantle, and  I would wager at 50% probability as this being the cause due to the nature of mankind and nature itself, both a crap shoot.

The increase in  magnetosphere energies could possibly be harnessed in some way, and if they are too increase, instead of wasting the energy, we could invest in large energy cells or, if the energy capacities are too great, perhaps those energies could be redirected and deposit the energies elsewhere in space to be utilized in space travel or space colonies.   Of course it could be pointless, like putting a toothpick in a river unless you have superior tools.    I see life as different now, and just as the egg and sperm are devastated in original form, in their second form, that of a living being with two progenitors DNA intertwined, they are a new being.  In a sense they are still contained within their original form, so final death may be an imbecilic concept, even if everything in our lives is gone and our flesh and beings gone or remolded into another form.  With DNA splicing, every piece has to be conjoined to two different beings.  There is nothing left out as what was once there in original form, with the exception of maternal DNA in the mitochondria of every cell, and that story had to be rewritten upon an older directive.

 I do not like many people on Earth.  They turn good men's tools of high intelligence to bad men's tools of low intelligence, mainly weapons.  So  I want to leave them.  But I have to eat, so I must assist.   I am a bit like the guy that the entertainment industry in the movie Barfly was personifying, except I do not drink alcohol.  Total abstinence from alcohol and I urge all of our people to avoid all alcohol and pharmaceuticals.  We are in a plague of alcoholism and hard drug addiction.  Hard drugs such as pharmaceuticals and crack cocaine and over the counter drugs such as Sudafed and subsequent meth manufacture are causes of severe mental problems making mankind less tolerable.  Modern propaganda television is another rut that should be rooted out for the most part, but it won't due to the parents usage of it as a babysitter, and for the syndicates control of our lives and their profits.  Our own DNA is under attack in some ways with forced injections by government and they do not see it nor say it.  Perhaps Satan does not like a baby sitter.

P.S. Sweet Carol Load Eye.

Yes, the toilet might have to be flushed in some way to keep the flowers singing for the birds.  Sh-t brown on the ground, ARD F-DIC Party Crown, came out of the ground, foot, pedis, pediatrician.  When I was a child, I think I was in a psychological study with another child from my neighborhood.  We were in a special speech therapy, my friend and I.   I learned to curse with echoes there, to defy authority in an explicative.  I was not reprimanded and my friends familiar repertoire led us down fight club street packing paper bond.  Came out of a hole in the ground.  What was the latitude there in the nipple in the Mediterranean sea under the Satellite Macroscopy?  Sound familiar P.S.  I feel a bit like Church lady having a wargasm, L7 winch.  We spoke in letters and numbers there.

In Pensacola Florida, they put a drive through liquor store in their cities, but they do not have a drive through doughnut shop that I am aware of.  What gives you drunken son of a b-tches?  I was a chauffer for an alcoholic in the city of New Orleans when I was 13.  Man, what a trip that Huey P. Long Bridge was Daddy'O.

To be continued.

Segment June 2, 2010:Current_events_ATTACK_over_GARDEN_of_EDEN_mountains_WHY

For a limited time, this post is on Egypt Craigslist News with pictures. I hope to move it to Indy Media soon.

What is going on in the world? Mass murder of men onboard a vessel labeled "allegedly" terrorist from Turkey and who were sending aid to the Gaza strip and who were killed allegedly by Israelis? It makes no sense. 9 men dead, fighting with sticks and pipes allegedly screaming "kill Israelis?" Who was doing the shooting, the Canaanites? Ironically the ship I was stationed on in the USA Navy was sold to Turkey and it is now retired allegedly.

These are not the Jews I know, those killing at random. Who is guilty where and when is a matter of opinion. The truth is that mankind is somewhat limited and we must ask why. I was forcibly injected in the United States repeatedly, terrorized by government and governmentally approved officials. I often wonder if I am dead, or maybe the delusion will be over soon.

Today was a sad day for me. Those who want to instill fear and hatred with their simple minds make me concerned. Theirs is a sickness, a sickness only quelled by harming another human. It is in government, at the borders, and I look at Israel and I weep for them in a way. I would not stay, but then again, I am not hooked to one location like a fish on a rod and line. How many fights and holocausts must the people of Earth endure.?

The more people fight and kill each other, the more inbred and the more ignorant we become. If one group kills all others, it is back to the animal stage in mentality. If you travel, you are more free and you will not have to fight for scraps in one location. As a matter of fact, your genetic diversity will be improved upon when you come back to that location. Some make money in war and they are truly sick.

Today I thought of a Rabbi I know possibly dieing, maybe two of them, because we are all aging. I thought to myself about those two Rabbis, what would I have to think about them in the greater context of imagination and parody. I like comedy in holocaust. It keeps me safe. I have been there. I live there. It is not my fault. I think of those Rabbis as smelling like goats, and their jobs are like that of goats. These Rabbis are left in a desolate place, like a goat, and they chew the briars and thorns and thistles and brush. They stare out at the field continously grazing and moving and changing things. When I return to that locale, I see a clean place where new things grow, where children can play, and where adults can not kill a rabbit. A lovely place of incomparable beauty compared to what it was. I am speaking of Rabbi Beck of NKUSA and Rabbi Weiss. Some say they push for things too fast. I think the point is that they push. Like a mule, you can only push the mule a certain distance and for a certain length of time. The mule will not change. Stubbornness its weakness and its strength.

These Rabbis I was thinking of are controversial. I have been told that they are not liked because they want too much too fast. They want the people of Israel to leave the walls they have built around themselves. Considering I have been injected forcibly and tortured for non-crimes in the United States, I sometimes want a place to hide from them, those in power, where none of them nor their allies of blood and scum can penetrate my silence and safety. I already feel dead. I pity the men on the vessel who were killed. I pity the men who killed them. I am sure the boat could have been sunk or left to sail on its own power to Gaza. Thou Shalt Not Kill, remember that one. Who was doing the killing? Was it the Israelis I know? Was it something else or someone else? 9 is an interesting number, 3 times 3. Sometimes we kill our own and do not realize it.

In a legal trial in Mobile Alabama USA a prominent politician is charged with killing his mistress and there is compelling evidence to indicate his guilt. However, manipulations by those seeking to oust him or ruin him could put him in the hospital, if by stress if nothing else.

The questions that have to be answered for him will also have to be answered by Israel and the people of the Gaza strip. First, is it more appropriate to release an accused and guilty man,? Or is it more appropriate to persecute an innocent man just to make sure that someone is found guilty and the case is put to rest.?

I prefer to stay in motion. If I look up the approximate location of the attack on the vessel, I get the Latitude:32.64113, Longitude:33.56727", and in the detailed contour map of the ocean at that point, you will see something that looks like a large mountain under the sea. What is there? It looks like a pyramid or hilltop under the sea with a design of some sort on the contour map.

My goal is to see the humans leave the planet together as humans and not killing each other as packs of lower animals. Perhaps I should go there to that location and see and feel. I am a navigator and will need a vessel to do it. Perhaps I will visit first. I have nothing against Isrealis or Turks or Gaza residents. I feel the Earth is being strangled in some way. Give me my peace.

The latitude and longtitude of that point on Earth in the celestial and terestial grid is interesting I am sure. I would like to see international pilot space programs of space colonization with various groups in each pod or life chamber in space. Am I wrong to wish for these things? I feel like I am under attack in the USA. Perhaps God thinks I work better under pressure. That depends I suppose.

Urantia, the Garden of Eden was allegedly along this now undersea mountain range. Could it re-emerge soon? The equinox and the effect of pole shifts in the near future could be interesting.

I did a lookup of what is over the Zenith of the terrestial points where the attack occurred in the sea and as you can see it is near the Ecliptic. That picture is placed below in the pics. You may notice that the equinox is near the Zenith coordinates on the celestial grid two times a year, March and September.

This will be continued later on Love Line 9 page of Mobile Audit Club on today's date, June 2, 2010. Perhaps the land will rise there or some other phenomena. This is very interesting. What is causing some planes to crash? What is down below under the ocean on that mountain top that was at the end of the chain of mountains known as the Garden of Eden? Why are people killing each other there? What is happening to the Earth, to the people? Perhaps God will not let us live in this muck, or perhaps we should reflect upon what we see. I look to each direction of the mountain, to the NorthWest, to the North East, to the South South East.

If I travel there, perhaps I will travel my usual triangle and follow the pattern above around that mountain spot and then cross through the center. The last time I did that on the terrestial grid was the Los Angeles California, San Francisco California, Mobile Alabama triangle. When I crossed through the center at Braman Oklahoma my vehicle was almost hit by a falling object that seemed like a meteorite. Or was it a rocket from a nearby base or something else. I am not sure. It was on my 44th birthday. Perhaps on my 50th I will do that thing there over the Garden of Eden. A sort of reverse Moses effect where the land rises and not the water. I hope I am not turned into Mean Mr. Mustard like Beatles.

This news post was brought to you by Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, of Mobile Audit Club website.

Segment May 31, 2010: SCIENCE_lens_FUTURE_predictions

There is a way to see the future or to see history. It is as simple as a convex lens, and it could be some points in space or an outer shell that is used to look at the reflection of time and space else where.

I am concerned about the aspect of what happened to the flight that crashed in Tripoli Libya recently. It was thinking of that crash and a diagram I had written down on the web in which turbulence could be created around the plane or a sudden change in pressure of some sort, coming from three different angles. The original diagram was not the same as the one I envisioned seeing. That one was centered in the Mediterranean off of the coast of Egypt and near the border of Libya.

One interesting hypothesis is the recent crashes of planes that are near to the Earth, such as in Libya, may be because of the Earth's poles starting to shift already as we approach 2012. Huge magnetic disturbances and other things involving wind currents and such.

I think perhaps it was parallax that causes the misreading for those would be enthusiasts of predicting bad things in an effort to avert them. After all, one is reading on the cutting edge, all things compressed and somewhat distorted as in parallax. Of course because all things are in motion including the lens you get an effect like a sound barrier or sonic barrier. For example if you run your finger off the surface of water, the ripples are crowded on the tip of your finer. If you just tap the water the ripples move out at a certain rate.

I used to hunt a barracuda with a spear when I was a teenager on an oil rig where I was a Galley Hand, and parallax stopped me from killing the huge fish that rested in the shade like the Octopus in His Garden, such as the Beatles Abbey Road. I would say, "Barracuda resting in the shape in hundreds of feet of water, I will kill you today." I took aim and threw and missed and missed and missed, and then, I hit it, and blood shot from its side in a little puff and it swam off. I regreted I made him leave afterward. I wanted him on the deck with me.

Some things are meant to be and nothing is as bad as it seems. I urge you to beware of what you let you children watch and do, as subconscious messages can be unintentionally sent such as in the Mean Mr. Mustard video in which the crew steals musical instruments and it seems OK to do so.

I have come to discover than many complex problems can have solutions inferred by adapting the natural gas equation to other problems. PV=nrT. I often wonder if mankind has been altered or made to behave more like an animal, or perhaps, some are just given lee way to run like animals and kill the so-called enemy. I would find a nice hole that I dug for myself and sit there and sing the songs given to me by my guardian angels, or captors, as I can not tell due to how many times I have been captured and injected with chemicals by government officials and those who approve of them. We are alone this.

The biggest problem with science is that those who invent the best tools, have their tools converted to weapons. We are only as strong as our weakest link. God likes a shill game just like the next guy evidently, so perhaps I am dead. I didn't feel a thing except sorrow and lamenting under those needles and in their captivity. If I am dead or brain dead, I must be in purgatory. I urge you to withhold your violence. It may be for nothing. Every day is a test. I am not the best and only auditor and lab scientist. And I can assure you, right when someone or something inside thinks they have all the tools to dominate the world and space through conquest, they find they slip through the cracks.

I have those who urge me to move on. Back in Mob AL looking for someone to eat after Pcola Flo-re-da. I was told that I was a joke with a one gallon hat. Considering it was a comment for my own good, I know I was chewed up and spat out at the dirty F-DIC. So I ran the tests and during which I chose to be M-obscene, as Marilyn Manson. I could not qualify for anything more than a one gallon hat in their caste setting quantifier at the F-DIC when I know I can find a much bigger Dink to chew upon. Do not think you will ever be one of them in the federal government, those at top. To quote Pre-Charred's simple Simon. It don't work like that.

Don't let them control your emotions. Be like a Buddhist monk and let the wind of change blow by in its hostility and then wait for the next breath or aftermath. I'm All Shook Up like Elvis.

Segment May 21, 2010: SCIENCE_oil_SPILL_seed_IDEA_control_FLOOR_cracks_WIDE_pipe

For the leak on any ocean floor where there is a wide dispersal of oil, it would seem that a sort of synthetic liver, a lining of sorts, composed of three materials, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and cellulose compartment type of void with the ability to make the openings porous and nonporous. Perhaps a microtubular structure in a mesh like a fishing net but more dense and like a sock over a foot the mesh should fit over the pipe. I was thinking salt could make the lining close and to do so an innerlayer could be over one of the strands in the coil and removed for salt access, as in pulling a perforated medical bandage adhesive paper off, but at long length and depth, a sort of skin removed.

These components can be re-structured, and even substituted, but the idea is to mimic a living organism in getting the two, oil and water, separate, like a living sponge that is synthetic, but the problem is getting a closed substrate over the ocean at that depth.  It needs to be porous near the surface and then close once at the bottom.  I was thinking of releasing salt into the interim space and some how polarize the salt to create an off and on switch inside the membrane. Antifreeze could be in one of the coils in the mesh. 

It is a 50% probability that someone stuck a bomb in the pipe or that someone cracked the sea floor with some device or method over a known and large oil field.  In the oil fields, there are many rigs in clusters over the oil pockets in the Gulf of Mexico.  We need a device of this sort for oil spills and man made disasters in the Gulf.

We are robbed of many things, including human rights, constitutional rights, and I would wager that someone in the oil business was losing a stake of oil to BP (Europe), a foreign held company, just as some have lost a stake of the banking business to RBC of Canada (Europe, just as some have to pay Mexico and Canada for cannabis via the American portal controllers, the government syndicates, hands.  It was no mistake to call the hit on 4/20/2010 on that ocean floor.  420 is as common as 911 in the jargon of the people in California.  I do not think oil is worth fighting over due to the loss of fishing habitat, a food source for the poorest of the poor once the oil is gone.

Cities like Pensacola and Mobile have no control of their government, not the locals anyway. There government is as bought and sold as an old prostitute on Joachim street in Mobile circa 1984.  The sad part is that the richest part of town left town and the money just keeps flowing out.  Sadly, the people, in distress, tear each other to pieces in many cases, while outsiders keep their tourniquets of oil, banking, and drugs in place.  What is most comical is how one peon stands in judgment of the other.  It is sad really.   The truth is that many have suffered, many needlessly.  Free thinkers beware.  Ironically peons are more free in New Jersey in 2010 than they are in Alabama in 2010.   Things have not really changed in Alabama and Florida since 1860 as compared to New Jersey in that area. You will not be invited to stay in the area of Alabama and Florida if you have something to say.

Segment April 13, 2010: BANK_examiner_FANTASIES_dreams_ARD_f-dic_PARTY_clown_COMEDY

In much like the Fight Club Movie genre, I picture myself in the position of the character who was Brad Pitt in the ARD F-DIC Party Clown scene and Sheriff Jack Tillman formerly Sheriff in the position of the man who was having the nervous break-down.   Snatch and I go back in reality to a time when he was used by the federal government to cover up an attack on my life and to set me up for another, at least that is this American Holocaust Victim's take on things since 2001.  By men who I came to trust in government, but that trust was canceled and they said so. Snatch is a thief, former Sheriff, who exonerates himself through idiocy.  Who can be Marla? Who can be Marla?  The search is on. I think F-DIC'sSweet Carol is too spoiled. I have the clips of the others, I think I know but I dare not say.

Scene:  Flying at several thousand feet somewhere over the Pacific Rim, the ARD FDIC Party Clown speaks to my new friend, Sheriff Jack Snatch, the Sheriff Possum.

ARD to Snatch: "Jack, I got you this job because I care about you Snatch. .  I really do.  I want you to work and me too.  We were both used, me in naivete and you the same. Both of us low rent almost rat trash from some low end backwater where the knife in your gutter is cheaper than your shoes for the next poor bastard caught in this swirling cycle of murder and mayhem."

ARD Speaks to Waitress: "Bring me a milk and my friend here a glass of fruit juice, no make that wine, the best red you have, and put in a pickle, he's pregnant."

ARD to Snatch continued " We are a match.  Less naive maybe on this end, but you buttered my knife on 4-3-2001 by taking my gun permit with the F-DIC federal hoods daddies nod.  But I got you, and I got you good and you deserved it. The F-DIC would not hire me back Snatch, I sent this email and a song titled ARD F-DIC Party Clown I U D Sweet Carol. The federal government took it off. They are cowards, inside players, they have their game and we have ours, and we are at war, with them, and they and it with us. It is nothing new. They were altering many of us at birth. Haven't you noticed how stupid some of the people are who do not fit the perfect image. I mean, look at you. Cross eyed, and can't see time. Time to grow up JACK, nothing is for free, only pain and suffering, thanks to guys like you were.  You got my back Jack now and I got yours.  You got my gun permit and your dos pistolas.  Watch out, they were loaded.  I'm sorry the crown prince of darkness took your bullets at the gate.   If you ask me, I think one of them wanted to sniff your butt.   You look good Jack.

Snatch to ARD:  My butt hurts. 

Scene:  An elderly woman, a federal agent in the back seat taps me on the shoulder from behind.

Agent to ARD:  "Kurt, I can't find it?"

ARD: "You lost my F-dick role?

Agent: "Yes, someone must have put their hand in my pocket pussy and taken it this morning at the hotel when we were down by the pool."

ARD to Snatch:  "Snatch, did you complete your kleptomania training and why are you wiggling in the seat?

Agent to ARD: It's starting to smell like a Jack Snack role. An organ grinder's monkey vapors must be seeping back here.

ARD to Agent: Snatch will be OKAY once the analgesics kick in that I gave him. It's just a little flatulence. I'm a doctor you know, a specialist. I think I know who stuffed my ARD F-DIC Role away.

Snatch to ARD: "I told you to leave it like a meat roll and not to use those ping pong ball casings. I think you went to far into my intestines. I think you went past the duodenum and I am clogged."

Scene: ARD eats a puff marshmallow.

Scene: A large explosion from an oil rig goes off below the plane and it looks like a puff ball from the aircraft.

Snatch to ARD: "Did you see that? An oil rig just exploded."

ARD to Snatch: "Who pays the apes for their crimes." "What comes up goes around, its fairly simple." "That's their thing, this is ours."

ARD to Snatch: Eat a bag of these puff marshmallows. It will increase your blood sugar, stop your indigestion, and help to lengthen your intestine and give your insides something to chew on"

Snatch Thinking To Self: 'The crew that Kurt flew with never really hung around when something was going down. It was as if they knew. Normally he would have a nice looking woman of some variety that was ethnic and maybe a constable or something for the next town. This was big, everything was changing and Kurt had become less sympathetic to my suffering and less playful with vendetta candidates as he called them. He was seizing every opportunity but we were chasing a mad man, a technological wizard or an apparition of one, and that mad man was taking over the Earth. IT was obvious the Treasury Department had caught the same disease as the F-DIC. Kurt was always projecting angles from space and celestial bodies to buildings on the ground as we flew. They had changed the wiring in the DDA accounts, emulating some game that had been tweakend, monies transferred between banks and treasuries and they were losing, we were losing, and the dead were getting killed again or something, as they were pulling Kurt into their dark circles with their games and songs, and he leaned forward almost catatonic relaying those things he was told. A sort of dead melody zone and he took me with them and I do not know where. I often wondered if they had done something to his central nervous system. He spoke of genetics engineering mistakes from recent history as if he forgave himself based on that premise.'

Snatch to ARD: "That won't work. Marshmallows won't work."

ARD to Snatch: "I am a doctor and a physicists and one Hell of a bank examiner for the F-DIC aren't I?" "Here eat a few dozen".

Snatch To ARD: "You know, you look a little bit like Captain Kangaroo. Was that load of ping pong balls a joke like the Dutch Weinershnitzel at Customs in the US?"

ARD to Snatch: "No, they are not a joke." "I have a preview of the last load we unloaded in Taiwan. They made a video of the gun as we unloaded him. We packed him just like you, a thousand ping pong balls and a ARD F-DIC Role plug. Wanna see us unload my last trainee in a live on air broadcast?"

Scene: ARD pulls out his personal planner and on the screen is his TV production in Taiwan, Falling Ping Pong Balls, youtube video.

Cut to scene: Snatch is thinking to himself very much like the character on the movie Fight club who is cracking up also.

Snatch mono dialogue: "Kurt was always having me stuff things up my rectum. I don't know why. It was all legal contraband in at least 13 states and the Pacific Rim had more loopholes than a Korean diplomat for this multi-talented and bizarre individual who had come to haunt me in 2001 for my own transgressions. He says I was led into a trap, the sacrifice so the other animals could run free. In particular the oil thieves of Mobile Bay buying natural gas and stealing oil, and the kickbacks in construction and legal maneuvers of banking currencies, and the whole thing with federal crime syndicates in every avenue of vocation, f***ing the poor of the little city of Mobile Alabama and much of the Earth like bovine diseased cattle."

"He told me it was all in his book he was creating, his website too, Mobile Audit Club, with much of it cryptic on many levels. He re-booted us I think. The dates, the numbers, the accidents, the tolls paid. It was all so odd. He spun me around 360 degrees, 360 thousand dollars I had to return from the coveted inmate food funds account on 4-3-2001. I worked hard to save that money, too hard, and nearly starved some inmates they said. The federal syndicates attacked him and a war broke out somewhere in 2001 and it is still waging, because suddenly he was no longer an ex felon for a gun charge, but a high level bank examiner again and he was my boss and he made me carry his gun permit and the guns and a mop. He has his comedy things where he was me be a space monkey for the organ grinder but it has really created some sort of cosmic publicity and we have a contract coming, perhaps, he says, who knows."

I was the shepherd I thought, but I was the sheep. He really takes care of me but he is too grim and demanding and he conjures up things, as if from the dead. Over all, he is just like me, hungry for something. But he sees it. He looks for the dead. He looks for the bizarre and the trap. That's how he catches people and those odd things, those beings, like something from Hell, without flesh, but there, and as dense as flint and as thin as air. But he does not sleep like others. I noticed there is something that travels with him. I don't ask any longer, I just do what he says and travel the same work hours that he travels, sometimes 36 hour flights with small stops to pick up tabs and pack my rectum.

He made me stand erect one time in front of the Treasury Department in San Francisco and offer to let people have anal intercourse with me if they could get me some per diem. It worked. Double per diem, since I got no more pay than my retirement that he had arranged in the first place on 4-3-2001. He was the most clever person I knew, except that woman who came up to me and hugged me once. She said her name was Kelly and she tracked celestial movement. Kurt was stunned when he saw her in the distance. I think he wants to meet her, but she might be one of those from the dead I suspect he has in cue for special tasks.

Or maybe he is the one for the special task. He has nightmares and he senses things during daylight, like an animal does, earthquakes in advance, vibrations, flipped vehicles, assassination attempts, things of that sort and he never plays the same songs on his guitar twice. Science fiction is what I called it, strange. When the young woman Kelly found me she said that Kurt and I were in the same hole. She told me when I would die and what I owe him. I will have to work out my time for free. When I told Kurt of Kelly, he said he knew her and that she predicted her own death in Monroeville Alabama and that I was liar and it was not Kelly. When I asked him when he was to die, he said he was already dead as he could die. He was almost hit by a falling meteorite on his birth date on the year she predicted his death. He said he found a split in the phase shift. He wants to die but as he put it, "Life is an expansive hole with no grounding, and in that hole is a game of dodge ball, and you just can't quit. He was like a child sometimes that would eat people alive. I was one of his victims or benefactors but I like my job except continually having to pack my rectum. His tote along he calls me, sometimes leaving a string if it is a sausage or something. How embarassing it was coming from Amsterdam when we took holiday and the dogs pulled me aside. No diplomatic immunity on the East Coast for us he said".

To Be Continued.

Segment April 11, 2010:  comedy_ SHERIFF_snatch_POSSUM_monkey_ORGAN_grinder

I once came upon an organ grinders monkey

His possum like tail so taut and fluffy

I said who is that in my eye

Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Monkey Tit-Man

Organ Grinders Monkey?

His reply, " Tit for a Five "

Sheriff I Miss Snatch

Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum Monkey picked up a crisp five

Sheriff I Miss Snatch Two Twenties

Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Organ Grinders Monkey Came Alive

Three Hundred Sixty Degrees if he spins a dime

4-3-2-1 Tits Alive, Sheriff Jack Snatch Fairy Possum Tit-man Organ Grinders Monkey (music video Kiss Me Snatch The Sheriff Fairy Possum Organ Grinder Monkey. Give me back to back 360 turn, 720).

( A Personal Note to my new hire, Snatch. Snatch is a Sheriff, a thief, and part of the USA law enforcement animal planet. The purpose of an organ grinder's monkey is to collect funds so that the inmate in the organ, the grinder, can eat. Watch the monkey closely as he is your role model. Notice his smile. His "honesty". His humble approach. Now duplicate for me in your position as wing man with pistolas for me, the new USA government Treasury Department Bank Examiner new hire again, a movie too. You keep your thief pay from Mob AL and Fed Fav Son crew and I get 10 years of F-DIC Back Pay and double per diem and an ARD F-DIC Party Clown first class flight guarantee in the Pacific Rim. But I will work for no pay if the double per diem and first class air faire are met and not recorded per law.)

The ARD F-DIC Party Clowns goal is to create a farm of every vermin known to man, and the mascot will be numbero uno, Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum Monkey Man with his 4-3-2-1 titties and that odd love button of approximate size. Yes, sometimes I feel a bit like that guy, from that movie, what his name, I will think of it, Beetle Juice. Butts for now, let's listen to Marilyn Manson's Organ Grinder Portrait of An American Farm music video. To all you children out there, I hate all this hard coding. It is tough to ram a nail through his possum monkey hand. Every time we hit it, we will say, "F*** ME Once In Earnest" and repeat "F*** Me Frankly, Earnest Frank Clown)" like Marilyn Manson (music video). YOu got that Snatch? Our lives are nightmares and all dreams are shared. You are the beautiful Possum People with your Government Overlord and Southern Hospitality. Beautiful People like Marilyn Manson. But this time you lost a tooth like the ARD F-DIC Party Clown, the F-DIC Bank Examiner. Snatch will have a Tainted Love like Marilyn Manson (music video)

Tit's alive

(This was a left over song lyric.  Horrid world we live in.  I am trying to contact the former Sheriff of Mobile Alabama for a possible Star Quest debut.  I got talent, you got lethargy or is it leather string? See the chicken friar in the hallway playing in the dust bin...Oops, he has left, but I have a found a triangle of three women wishing well for a big italian monkey organ grinder. (music video)

Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Monkey Tit-man, Sometimes you know I have a Sweet Tooth for F-DIC-vin-dic-tive. Can you pass me a Cray-fish Yon, I see the Queerest of the Queer lurking with Kurt in this Sweet Carol to the F-DIC BOD, castrated or blue balled as Sweet may leave Bee. Youtube with a Sweet Carol and the Queerest of the Queer pic.

Because you know I always have a Sweet for the Sweet Tooth in Sweet Carol, and her little dark birdie, "ARD Ne'er Mole, F-DIC Hole" like Marilyn Manson (music video).

Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Monkey Tit-man sings, "Tonight There's Gonna Be A Jail Break", or I ain't Thin Lizzy. He say, the table gonna flip some day you son of a b-tch..

Segment April 8, 2010: SCIENCE_invention_TIME_snap_DUST_weapon_CHIMERA_energized

On ideas of threats, fleeing them with my new device, with the method to be forthcoming, and warfare and how the final dust cloud of a chimera airborne nature on any planet can be made to wipe out all living things touched upon.

I have often found it easier to digest the whole than the bits.  I see the facade of leadership on TV with a TV image looking down on two politicians, as if from Heaven, and I want to throw rocks through the government whore house windows, but I know it is a waste of stone and time.

For travel or quick disappearance, I envision the little blonde with a twig of white, the size of a McDonalds straw or smaller, and she gives it a bend and then click.  She is gone, and how.  That is always the puzzling thing, but did she leave or was she just transposed or transpired? 

On Chimera based weapons the ugliest weapon in the world is one that carries characteristics of you, the human being.  It has likely been developed to some extent, not perfected, but often housed because there are no antidotes.  It is a suicide weapon.  It is really not that hard to manufacture. 

In airborne fashion if coupled with a catalyst to give it energy, it could be made to sweep like a wind across the earth until equilibrium is reached in the troposphere.  The dust would house every variant of disease known to man and animal coupled together in a suspended life environment, a sort of hibernation until acted upon by organic life or water.   With this variant, you have the end of many kinds, except hiding man and rodent.  They do not get to live through the after effects unless the infectious agents are neutralized or de-energized. 

The world of our weaponry is obsolete. The guns they carry are almost funny. They encourage us to carry them so they can punish us. I saw a child with a plastic one and I heard one of their future handcuff handlers laugh. The one laughing is obsolete also.

I look at my life and I laugh. How absurd their design, sickening, with chemicals injected into us, attacks in the streets and in government, and the whole while, we know, life is a wreck in the end.   Crazy Train (music video).

Segment April 7, 2010: COMEDY_mobile_AUDIT_club_TRUE_facts

I have had a lot of fun with the comedy on this website, but it had a purpose, "publicity", publicizing primarily the world holocaust but facts and ideas, and sometimes just to entertain and publicize.

One of the more interesting things was my discussion on genetics engineering and my reflecting on it in history and in a modern context and looking at some of my own ancestry and genetics in my family.

I theorized on Chimera, or human animal hybrids of a very small fraction from animals, insects, or other living creatures.    Greeks and Egyptians were likely the first involved in it.   Also to relieve any human guilt, I am sure that all of the animal sexual transmitted diseases that man now carries were likely started back when man was still a very sexually excited ape who needed stress relief after being chased by man eaters all day and night.  Syphilis and AIDS and one other disease I know of came from animals.  Have you had it?  What is it called?

I digress.  When you do a Google Search for Mobile Audit Club you find many links.  One of them links to a news article on Chimera that was a publicity article to publicize the horrors of genetics engineering and its impact on immunology.  I have had extensive training in immunology and genetics engineering.  It is a horrid scenario that I envision has already being manifested, much worse than a nuclear bomb if left unchecked, or if unstoppable, which it may be.

Here is the google search item.  See the top article.  Someone said my post was not categorized right.  He was not the one born with wings.

Segment April 4, 2004: COMEDY_jack_HEAVEN_hell_FAMILIAR_demons_ANGELS

Jack do you know what demons are?  They are angels that come up from Hell.  They are still children, they have not matured yet, so they tend to play like children.  Underdeveloped and over developed is how I would describe them. 

Jack, do you know what angels are in motion?  They are a flock, a flock unto themselves, their own entity, undivided.

Jack, when I hear their Lieutenant I know someone is approaching or passing.  Why is that Jack?  Your TV is going and you do not hear them but I do.  Every time Jack.

I must have developed a conscience.  I would like to meet you Jack.  I want to discuss a body swap.  I have been attacked and harassed lately and I want to swap identities a bit.  Hell fun Jack.

I heard someone at a radio station locally was killed or silenced a long time ago.  We are almost dead now Jack.  The dieing say "Buckle Up, Buckle Up, Buckle Up."  In the distance is only the sound of children Jack doing what children do.

I know plenty of women Jack. They know what children do. 

Jack,when we get there, don't go in that room Jack.  They say the children are getting itchy, or icky, whatever that means. IKO IKO, meaning I knock you out, then I see you ah's on far.. Jacko. Music Video.


Segment April 4, 2010: SONG_american_HOLOCAUST_video_WESTWOOD_federal_LOS_angeles_DROWNING_pool_BODIES


Ironies, I believe a song was written about myself and other veterans at the LA VA Westwood.  The song is from the band Drowning Pool from 2001 is titled let the bodies hit the floor

6 or more points of symbolism should strike the federal government's money launderers and international network of oil thieves, some in the USA today.  I have many who do not like me, I long ago accepted it as a matter of fate if you are a journalist and auditor of high finance and investigator  of murder and medical atrocities.  I ask pointed questions, that was a quote from journalism instructor when I first started this occupation.

The 6 or more points of symbolism in the song are:

The government leprosy sign, two fingers and a thumb up by the singer in the video in which you can see in my saintrambone video.  

The tooth that was knocked out of the victims mouth who is in restraints. I lost a tooth during the times of the trials and at one time I was told that the Secret Service were my attornies and that they were there to visit me while jailed by those who I once trusted. Never again trust any government officials and beware of those of no moral intellect.

The triangle which I drew in my audits and whose components were  used to frame myself and the singer shows it in hand sign. 

 First the Sheriff Jack Tillman foods fund thief and his set up of myself with federal approval on 4-3-2001 when he himself had stolen 360 thousand dollars of inmate food funds in Mobile Alabama. He took my gun permit for no reason other than to harass me. I gave it to him because I did not want to be detained. I did not know they did forced injections at that time. Not until 4-23-2001 in that most hated federal holocaust camp, the federal facility in Los Angeles.

Then the FDIC position I was pushed from and my subsequent investigation of a sanctioned murder of the San Francisco FDIC regional director, who I call the F-DIC Head that got whacked.

 Then the LA VA who were doing heart experiments on veterans forcibly.  The singer grabs his heart with his left hand in the way of the invalids and handicaps. 

Then the forced injections on the victim in the video.  I received injections from two needles.  I may have been unconscious after the first injection.  I do not know.  You can not tell.  The drug Verced is one of those drugs that gives the holocaust victim a bout of amnesia.  The more modern drugs may have me in a coma right now.  You never know.  I am trained in medicine.  Not many accountants or cops can say that.

The singer also sings up from 1 2 3 4.  I was charged with 4 operable guns, two in a uhaul and two in the cab of the truck.  I put the handguns there so they would not be stolen from the U Haul trailer near the back.  The other two guns were hunting guns far removed from reach in the enclosed U-Haul trailer.  They did not care.  They did not care that I had been attacked and ignored by federal agents two months earlier while doing a FDIC murder investigation that had gone stale on the federal war criminal front in San Francisco. The lesson here is to always expect no backup from federal officials when murder and large amounts of money are involved, and expect entrapment, and with high technology, a blow gun dart would seem more noticable.

They do things to frighten those they want out of the way or who they want to rob of everything.  The USA is a syndicated mass of hate groups and war criminal profiteers.  If they try to kill you  you have no choice but to fight back or to flee.  IF they try to frighten you and put you in your cage or medical experiment or donor program, well, what you do in response or in testing in response is your call.  At least you know half of their game.

And finally, the search lights by the cops in the video amid  the  medical environment are like those at LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles, except they use headlights and ride around in the woods searching for campers and homeless veterans to abuse and rob.  The federal agent was likely Secret Service or FBI affiliated when they injected me.  I am after all, trying to make a mint off of their boss, the one who killed the Big F-DIC Head in San Francisco and who tortured me in the American Holocaust.

 I, Kurt Brown, the best bank examiner the FDIC has ever known, want payment of 911 million dollars but will settle for 9.11 million and assist the president in stopping too many international bank loans and start funding home loans for the working class.  The federal government uses razzle dazzle techniques that are crippled by counter razzle dazzle technigues.  For instance, the 8 thousand dollar  first time home buyer refund program was made nullified by higher up front costs from the FHA for home financing fees and poor credit penalties.  They were going to give a home buyer a 8 thosand dollar credit to be amortized over the life of the loan, so the present value was likely more like 3 thousand dollars.  The FHA was going to charge 8 thousand in closing costs up front.  The present value would be 8 thousand dollars.  So the total savings would not be a savings but a closing cost of 5 thousands dollars in present value terms.  (8 minus 3).  I digress. 

I did not see that video because I was in chains in 2001, being forcibly injected.  I want to thank the video choreographer and the band for the acknowledgement.  Myself and the dead heart patient experiment victims thank you.

Segment April 1, 2010:  DATES_bizarre_ODDITIES_now_FUTURE_past

Dates, dates, dates.  The month of April 2010 is an interesting one, if even nothing other than a shadow of reflections of Aprils of years past and a way to project outward to another time.  Time will tell. 

On 4-3-2001.  A decisive date for me.  The date Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama took the bait by meeting me to block my entry to report food funds thievery at his jail and starvation of inmates. I was going to try to report it to the closed and corrupted Mobile Alabama City Council meeting in front of Comcast Television Cameras. I do not think it makes a difference now in 2010 as I have seen the truth, layers of syndicates, some like apes, torn asunder with no remorse.   I wore my suit and brought my guitar.   Tillman demanded my gun permit in retaliation or be detained.  I had no gun but I gave the $25 gun permit to him.  I was not there to shoot him but to report starvation at his jail.  Nothing has changed, because the jails feed on the inmates most likely. We live in an age of technology warfare and our bodies are worth their pound of meat and no more.  The American Holocaust rings clearer than ever as our families are decimated in their targeted war against many of us.  Many of us are of long term American ancestry, over 200 or 500 years, and it means nothing, in equality of law or in quality of life afforded to us. But then again, they expect us to lay down in front of their advances and die, or just be pushed aside. Trickery is their favorite, for some of them.

 On 4-23-2001.  The first time I was every forcibly injected.  I was fleeing Alabama to Los Angeles and I was injected forcibly after parking my vehicle and U haul outside of the VA gates.   I believed in the USA then.  Now I do not believe in the Americas, and the world is what it is I suppose, with changes always occurring.  I have run many tests since 2001.

On 4-20 to 4-22-2001, I was looking for a rental in Los Angeles so that I could seek work as an accountant and maybe do stand up comedy talking about the F-DIC.   I saw a man at an intersection have a heart attack.  It was a 4 way stop and he was to my right.  When we pulled up, he started to go but was having a heart attack.  He slammed into a 18 wheeler's front left headlight.  He put his car in reverse for a second or two, and then slammed into the 18 wheeler again.  I drove around him.  I should have stopped.  I did not know that a few days later I would be detained at LA VA Westwood federal facility and be forcibly injected and forced medical procedures.  I did not know that the LA VA Westwood had been reprimanded in 1999 and forced to stop all experiments, including forced heart experiments. I did not know that people of the Treasury Department could forcibly inject a former FDIC bank examiner who was also a journalist. Secret Service is in the Treasury. They were on me like flies in LA, injecting me and threatening me before court. The FBI attacked me in Mobile for doing journalistic work. This third world banana has split.

On the dates of 8-11-2001 I was scheduled to be released from incarceration and I was not released until 8-12-2001. All charges were allegedly dropped in 2004 but I have lost partial sight due to poisoning while in forced exile. I started in Los Angeles and went to Eureka California. Being partially blind is better than being killed or tortured with forced medical procedures. It was 111 days from the forced injections on 4-23-2001 until 8-11-2001, my scheduled date of release, and the same applies if you exclude the end date of the actual release date and exclude that date. 111 days. It looks like one's happy birthday. A triangle of one, Me Myself and I, De La Soul, in the killing fields of LA, never again.

The case was dismissed on May 24, 2006. Gun ownership can leave you with a million dollars bail. From 4-23-2001, the day of the forced injecitons until 5-24-2006, the date of dismissal of gun ownership charges, it was five years one month and one day. Considering the callousness and indifference of the regime that injected me and their bullying abuse afterward, I can not say that seeing their heads ripped off would concern me. But sometimes I find it is better to let the jackels lick their own nuts.

It was 4 months and 20 days to 9-11-2001, if you count the dates from 4-23-2001 to 9-11-2001.  They are not our government.  They are temporary.  I believe God has spoken. 

Now, what will we see the reflection from these dates from 2001 in 2010.  4-3-2010.  4-23-2010.  9-11-2010.  (4-20 to 4-22).  Can we calculate back, hit these dates, and go forward in a logarithmic or other deviated method in approximation, in some multiple of three's?.  As Willie Wonka says in his children fantasy of chocolates and boredom, "Of course".

Looking back nine years at the lies, the lies of the truths of the lies, you can bear it, but not around here. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor, and i was Drowning in a Pool of forced injections liquids and the San Francisco F-DIC Head had been dead. (music video)

If the world is a cesspool and if it floods, the lone survivor is a lone maggot. I have a sense of humor about things because I have suffered more than my share within my human constraints. I did a search for Pooft the Ziggy Moron on guitar, and there he is, LA, Ole'. I count things like this guy plays and sings. The funny thing is that when I am best at it is when I seem to be an autistic sauvant and can't hear you speak to me while I work out details or ignore them. LA, Ole'

Segment March 27, 2010:PHYSICS_theoretical_TRUTHS_hole

Let's pretend for a moment that things are not what they seem because we have not deduced the complexities involved in what we see.   For instance, a theory I wandered upon recently was the double hemispheres of space.  We know we are in a sort of shell in one hemisphere with a wall of unexplained behavior in matter and mass according to leading physicists and it is the shape of a loaf of bread due to striations, or what could be viewed as a balloon with wires effect, or a brain, in particular one half of a brain in our half and I am hypothesizing one half in another, or more.  We could be a 10th of the brain when I see the nitwits around me.  This is theoretical.  

Now, if you deduce we are in one half of the brain, that means there is another half to completely act upon this half, if you consider the two are interconnected.  Now at what point would the brain need to stop simulation and allow things to happen for themselves is a matter of conjecture. Or perhaps we are part of the neural network upon which the thoughts and actions flow. 

Of course, I, like apparently many others, were reared in a hostile world, always hostile if you consider the state of alleged wars and aggressions by government officials and others, especially those of the current day, and even the past.   What would be the purpose of this hostility if directed and choreograhed by the greater brain or being against ourselves? Now, if you consider the lessers who are not in favor with the overall framework from the greater sphere or spheres, then one could conjecture that all efforts would be put to good usage.

However due to my being forcibly injected, forced medical procedures, knocked unconscious by those in power, I can know nothing for certain, and therefore I like a trillion others await those who put me there to die, even if a greater killing the lessers. The idea of species may not be as insane as only the beginning of a greater understanding. Let's see how much man can f-ck up before man meets resistance. How much pain can an organ bear?

Like a jack  that spins at a tangent with zero resistance, the interface between the inner and the outer worlds require little work and could be the ultimate machine in energy conservation.  The absolute temperature is 4 degrees above absolute zero in our known space in the universe, therefore all energy is taken out except the smallest portion, and it is concentrated in bubbles inside, oasis of heat. Our living cells lose energy at 98.6 fahrenheit.

The people of the USA are becoming predatory on a lesser scale, meaning petty but deadly.  The government has become my terrorist for my revealed truths in the same way Galileo Galilei became terrorized by government for his revealed and irrefutable truths.

I like comedy due to my hardship.  I once owned a gun but the government taught me to use it.   They persecuted on that premise to cover up the fact that they were throwing a blanket over my career and myself basically beating me to death with chemical injections and psychological torture, including their alleged courts of justice, that are reminiscent of a sort of psycho-daddy in robes in Hell. I prayed for a nuclear bomb to blow up Airport Court in Los Angeles after I had been forcibly injected and thrown to the worlves of that wretched place and their international FDIC money laundering friends. I had been to another court prior near a rail terminal in Los Angeles and I could have run, my bail was set at one million dollars. The traffic looked deadly when I was given the opportunity to run. But I was injected already, already dead in my mind and to this date. That date was in 2001 not long before 9-11-2001. I was scheduled for release on 8-11-2001, and got out on 8-12-2001. There is no justice in America and the allies are not always holding the rope at the top. Never go to Los Angeles. Never serve their military. Never work as an accountant in their federal government if you are a disabled veteran, and that was advice given to me by another disabled veteran accountant before I worked at the FDIC and my world into a tumble because of that employment and subsequent journalistic work investigating a murder labeled suicide of the San Francisco F-DIC head. I feel a bit like Inspector Clousea from the Pink Panther. "Strange thin life, right pum."

The war has been waging against us, we are factionalized for whatever reason or purpose it seems, the same old dog pack eat dog pack. I was put in and kicked out of the FDIC. Now I count the days till I see next Papillion, or prisoner, like myself, wearing his Archimedes war outfit. Energy and conversation. Nothing tastes quite as good quite as long. They devour our children in many cases and we can not see.

Segment March 28, 2010: COMEDY_snatch_TRANSFORMATION_sweet_CAROL_hole_DUG_by_ARD_f-dic_PARTY_clown

I, in this comedy picture Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Till-man after his sex change alteration requested by his Satan, his God, Hermaphrodite Grace Jones, Strange (music video). His penis now inverted into a vagina and the duodenum portion of his large intestine directed to his new vagina. I am after all, not only a bank examiner, and a sad and quarantined American holocaust victim and clown virtuoso on stringed instruments, but I am also a surgicial specialist. Unfortunately I might have messed up and maybe it was the ilium I should have connected or the Jejunum I should have routed into the penis vagina. (Duodenum Image link) I think I went to far in trimming, but we can salvage it Jack Snatch. You will be humped over a bit, some-what thirsty, and the good side is you won't be walking and for anti-biotics you get Sweet Carol Sweet Tarts. Snatch and ARD F-DIC Clown will be riding in style. I am also a junk man. Snatch and I, like Missing Persons, Nobody Walks IN LA (music video), will be doing stand up and music. That is my ARD FDIC Party Clown animal dream.

Now Snatch is a sort of bird man, with the squirts, and his anus is a dead-end blank hole with no real meaning, a true A-Hole, a spare O-hole perhaps, this is theoretical of course because this is a test and I want to take him down under to see if he can mate with a pre-historic creature of some sort.

Snatch will be down in the large crack in the Earth. ARD F-DIC  Sweet Carol mentioned to me at the FDIC not long after 1/1/2000, she said, "It looks you have dug yourself a hole you can not get out of", but she was wrong. Snatch will say to me as I hold my dog Bow Bone, a Yorkshire Terrier and I look down in to the deep crack, as I wear my ARD F-DIC Party Clown Outfit, I will hear "Kurt, can you send me some Satan down here in the crack for Jack.".     That is his code for water. Sometimes he gets fire, sometimes ice. I will reply to Bow-Bone, "Jack is in the crack, your kids ain't coming back."

I will sit back and sing this song to Snatch. I am the Jack of all trades but a Jack of none. I like a Vega, a Susan Vega, Luka on the second floor.

That was the same thing I told Snatch's real counter part, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama at high noon on 4-3-2001 at the gate of the closed government controlled by apparent apparent federal men who apparently see us as their enemies, or subjugated. I am talking about the people I know, or most of us that are kicked down and pushed out. They use us too. In more ways than you can imagine in heaven or hell. At what point is it too late? Before or after military service? Before birth on this planet perhaps? Who knows.

Satan is crunching his balls using Snatch to try to lure me out of purgatory so I can be snatched.  I will not answer and just say to myself, "You people are mean."

Jack, Words, Missing Persons, can you hear me? do you care?

Segment March 26, 2010: COMEDY_snatch_TRANS-SEXUAL_sheriff_POSSUM_and_ARD_f-dic_CLOWN_worlds_GREATEST_bank_EXAMINER

I am so sick from forced injections and stress after attacks and harassment.  The clues are the wind they say, winds of change.  I think not.  Things are always the same, as staid as moss on ancient shipwrecks, back and forth in the wind.  So I will finish my sonnet to Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Till-man when he is in the bedroom of the alleged Satan, a man or woman who looks like the illustrous Grace Jones in her younger days.  The door was through the ARD F-DIC Party Clown's house.

Scene: Snatch is in the bedroom with his new bride and groom, the hermaphrodite chimera, Satan him her self.  I will just call him Grace instead of Satan. 

Dialogue Grace, "Snatch, how is your poo-say?" 

Grace slides three long fingers into the exit hole of where his poo-say hides.   Snatch holds his hands upward like a possum and his teeth are like a bizarre sort of rodent, but big, like a rabbit possum rodent. Grace says, "Because you are an Alabama Sheriff, you likely are a fan of Bear Bryant. Correct? You look like a good mate for a capybara as soon as you have Senor Bow Bone's Yorkshire Terrier puppies. You will need a new set of ovaries, a synthetic using your testes in the freezer as a hybrid. Poo-say." "I bet you are a Heartbreaker, Rolling Stones." (music video)

Snatch jumps up and replies as he spits through his large teeth, "That's a man-hole, that's not a woman hole".

Snatch's competition, Dande-Lion  says, "The possum hole stinks, it's got a poot in it."

Grace "I can't believe they cross weaved the water hole and the poot hole?  He'll be as useless as a stool pigeon."  "Birdshit everywhere.  Who put the poot in it?  Ameteurs." 

Segment March 25, 2010:  AMERICAN_holocaust_2001_to_2010_

After being injected and tortured and jailed and exiled and attacked after FDIC employment, from 2001 to this day in 2010 all because I was vocal on the crime syndicates of the FDIC and the murder of the top regional director on the West Coast in San Francisco and numerous other crimes in government including outright thievery and starvation of people by government officials to forced medical experiments on children and veterans, I am not well liked by government officials and they use their law enforcement, their hate groups, and their syndicates like attack dogs.   I am not welcome in Pensacola Florida by some of their governmentally paid terrorists it seems.  I do not  really care.  The world is a big place.  I am like the hawk that comes in and the ravens start to swoop me because I stir things up. I made a mistake in a real estate deal and made noise about it and then I was attacked. Same old thing but less money for the general public than some of my other conquests. I did do an analysis of home loans and the FHA and it appears the banks are being swayed to the large apartment builders and not home owners.    

Some of those in government inject us forcibly.  But they are more insidious, less obvious  in places like Mobile Alabama, Baldwin County Alabama, and Pensacola Florida.  A law enforcement official most obviously due to his butter fat who has been harassing me,  may be from the more Nazi like enclave of Lillian Alabama and those points to the hate groups of Montgomery and Berlin and D.C.  Of course, Uncle Tom has a pay check and a vendetta in some circles and dos hombres are always looking to make extra deniro, and the good ole boys, hell, they hate everybody but kin and look to steal and kill cause that's what the government lets them do down there in Pensacola to Mobile, and the wealthy side of the Jewish family in the legal suits only have two things in mind, their money and their safety. 

  Los Angeles is best avoided completely in Westwood near the federal facility.  They do forced injections and forced experiments and rob people legally.  Their kind has no remorse..  I do not know if there is an escape because the exits are sealed by those who are paid to be on the attack.  Among those who attack , including former terrorist Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob AL, and the left behind federal protectorate of war criminals, and those who may be associated with his subsequent replacement, including the paid off Sheriff's departments to the East and West.

For you would be social engineers and opportunists, the area has a lot energy that can be used to move the negative portions out of alignment correctly and maybe realign for more fruitful endeavor and invention.  Hate has its own motor and the USA has been driven by it as evidenced by the wall around our people and the abuse of us.  I built a publicity campaign around people's hate and their love I suppose, the Queerest of the Queer painting and a publicity campaign on sanctioned murder of the F-DIC Head in San Francisco and the attack on me, a bank examiner with a journalists degree and medical training and experience handling firearms due to military training.    Our poverty lays us down in front of them.  Our ignorance let us trust them.   

Never use the governmental programs if you can avoid them.  You are likely better off feral, but the USA is now nonsense.  I am sick from the injections and stress and poisoning and blacklisting of employment, so I am out of the game, and really would not mind a barrage of bullets if it hit the spot.  Their mass media voice is like one person with an objective, global subjugation.

I do see the occasional glimmer of those who acknowledge greater war crimes not mentioned on their mass media.  I recommend that news people who know of Mobile Audit Club wear a black crow as a mask and say something about Sweet Carol, Sheriff Snatch, or  Mobile Audit Club, or be creative and make me feel gay in the Queerest of the Queer contest.  You are welcome to bring your grandchildren.  No genitalia will be exposed unless Granny's butt cheek pops out like Sweet Carol cellulite.

The problem with Sheriff's departments is that many are not educated or traveled.  Many do not know what is material.  Many young nurses do not know that they do not have to inject the innocent and compliant who say they do not want to be injected forcibly.  After all our bodies are the only thing material to us if we are destitute and poor.  And for that, we should fight them to the death.  I mean it and I regret ever coming into contact with any federal government agency, including the VA.   I looked at a picture of myself and I wondered if they had done something to me in  military training.  You never know.  I must have been insane to join the US Navy.  Now the government just seems to send out person after person to attack or harass me.  I did not know at that time that they were crime syndicated and with vendettas for our family members.    I would like to get the top dogs and explain what is most material from a bank examiners perspective and a human being's perspective.

Segment March 24, 2010: COMEDY_ard_F-DIC_party_CLOWN_random

1) I recently moved into the Pensacola Florida area.  My realtor who sold me the home with a strange Russian accent and a Prague for a husband who allegedly hailed from Orange County California and who repaired things on the cuff told me that the Perdido Bay area was full of mullet, which is a scum sucking top feeder if you can dig that.  It was obvious though that there were two porpoise which would swim by and that was nice. 

Then the pollution rolled in.  Less than a year later.  13 million gallons a day of treated sewerage.  The porpoises disappeared, some say they were found dead, and every time the wind blew it looked like soap formed on the top of the immense bay.   I will talk about it because I am abandoning ship. I have heard of the Bay of Fundi, but not the Bay of Fungi, as that was that lieing harlot and her playboy number 2 here in the USA did not tell me. They also did not tell me the prior owner was shot in the home in a robbery and his safe was taken. I can not see well due to being partially blinded while in exile so I just saw the blood stains throughout the house as a fungi.

The Chase bank acts like the bone breakers of New York when I mention walking out. I bought the house from a bank in Pensacola and they sold the loan. The house of cards is a stack of shit in the USA and the bowel is Perdido Bay. Of course what pops out of nearby Mobile Bay is twisted liver riddled with all kinds of shit and they line up daily to eat it. If you eat a Joe Patti's Raw Oysters in Pensacola, you shit an Oyster Patti, so what else is new, except it lasts for three to four weeks. You rear hatch is breaking wind and your stomach swells up like a government worker who stakes out my place and eats that junk food nearby.

 Like a Romaniote Jew jumping from the slave vessel, I wave goodbye to my sinking captor who let me by.   The bank can have the house at a good deal, for free and the VA can go lie on someone elses medical records.  I would rather die away from those in power in the USA.  They can't be trusted.  A Treasury Department Secret Service agent told me that.  The war has escalated and we are being hit when we do not know it. But I am not any thing, only a clown who believed in lies.    I will have no pot to piss in, but at least the vessel tender can sink his own rotten sinking boat.  I tried to bail us out el capitan I will wave with my pink hanky and a dagger to jab in it's eye on the way out if it tries to capture me again with needles.

2)  I started a publicity campaign long ago called the Queerest of the Queer.  I named it that because a San Francisco FDIC manager was shot dead and labeled suicide by a group of assassins who did not care in the government.  Big money was at stake.  

I drew a multi layered painting and contacted fags everywhere and financial people and medical people and told them of my bizarre two layer painting and how it was representative of the blood and death on the bottom layer, and on the top, the sunny side of Balboa Street at the water front.  

I did all sorts of things, but my best was to use the hate that is kindled in the inbred and intolerant sect to fuel the publicity on the painting.  The ignorant will often ridicule the homosexuals so that they appear above them, because often those homos are higher level workers or business owners.    And they have the stereo type of the homosexual as being effeminate.    They should have had hitched a ride and had a drink with the macho side of Randy Kraft, a serial killer who appeared like a normal guy, gay, but not flaming and not obvious.    He poisoned the liquor in the same way the Pensacola Police or the FBI or some hate group poisoned my water yesterday.  I am used to it.  I want to die. 

Yes, I feel sick from stress.  I will leave the USA.  I hope the war criminals are executed for their war crimes around the globe.  I would name it the bloody F-DIC Clown Day.  Kind of like Memorial Day, but more modern, with pink ribbons and covers of darkness.

Segment March 22, 2010: COMEDY_fight_CLUB_sheriff_TILL-MAN_versus_AUDITOR_clown

I really liked the movie Fight Club in some sense, very cutting edge social frustration was portrayed in a drama.   It had its funny side.  The part played by myself in this clip is in some sense more like Tyler Durdin, a man who has cut loose from the grid and all of its nipples.  I have evolved from Kurt Brown--Saint Ram Bone, to the ARD F-DIC Party Clown.    I see the former Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Till-man of Mob AL is in the seat next to me on an airline and he is in a sense the brainwashed super ego I had to extract from his shell to speak with him.   I learned a new method through my hardship and invention.  Creative destruction where a gumball pops out.  I wax, I buff, I do all the things to keep what I see as God's ship clean.  At least that is my job as an auditor, scientist, writer, social and governmental commentator, and provaceteur.  I missed a few spots in my own life but the music has changed. (Fight Club movie link with two characters similar to Jack and Myself.)

Scene: Snatch, the out of work true to life Sheriff, and the Clown, myself the out of work auditor turned investigative journalist and paid recipient of IU F-DIC Clown fees, are on  a plane..

Clown to Snatch "Hi, I'm the ARD F-DIC Party Clown, who might you be?"

Snatch to Clown, "What are you doing talking to me.  I hate you.  I was to receive 360 thousand of retirement fees."

Clown   "But the money was stolen Snatch.  Look, I got you double the retirement of that mean ass paralyzed veteran up there in handy man row.    I did not mean to but there it is, Jack, you got twice what he gets and you got it earlier in life than you would have if you would have run for the Sheriff office again.  Don't you think you owe me a gratitude of apology?"

Snatch  "I owe you nothing"

Clown "Look Snatch I realize you have a nice home.  I was attacked again and I had to let mine go back to the bank. I couldn't sleep in the home.   I don't know what happened but they sealed the house when I left the country a year ago.  I'm heading back, and, I need a place to stay Snatch."

Snatch "Never in Hell will I let you stay at my house."

Clown  "But Snatch you know I know what some top federal people are doing to stack the cards.  There has been some real game play.  Some real death down shit going on Jack.  They are twisting the cord and pulling us off, if you know what I mean."

Snatch  "No, I don't know what you mean."

Clown "Snatch they knew they could jettison you for the money they allowed you to steal and put in the account. Thievery and embezzlement is a common offense Jack. That is why it was there, for you to, 'Snatch'.  It was a way to dispense of you if their asses caught on fire.  Look Jack, the attornies who keep the side accounts going are ripping off the city, and the whole while their courthouses should make a postage stamp of themselves with a whorehouse for a judge's chambers.  They are f-cking in the closets Jack, in more ways than one.  Come on.  The government is infected and you caught a little disease.  Greed among humanity and they taught you Snatch.  They taught you to fall in the hole like a bad contended in a death match of boxing.  Idiots, we both are Jack, but we both got retirement.  You got twice what me and the paralyzed veteran got Jack. I don't even have health insurance because they have me us the VA Jack. They did an experiment on me Jack. I will show you how I found out later.  Look, let's make a deal.  I pay you rent of say, 300 dollars a month, I stay off of your wife and mistress, and you match those funds and give it to the veteran up there in the wheelchair Jack.  He's mean, you know what I mean.  He needs to get nice, to know we care.  I pay and you match.  I will only take up a room or three Jack.  I have family, you know, family. We have been tampered with and are being tampered with Jack, I know it.  "

Snatch "Home boy, you are screwed.  There is a US Marshall on this flight trained in terrorist removal technigues. "

Clown "Yeah, we know Jack, you see this explosive strip here, these bottle caps.  Someone allegedly taped some to some luggage, maybe yours Jack. nbsp; There was some question whether you were the terrorist.  I was speaking to the Marshall a moment ago and I told him what my specialist was as a journalist and that I was fully aware of the type of man you are.  Do you have more explosives around and are those caps your triggers?"

Snatch "Get away from me."

Clown  "Snatch, I got a picture of your estate off the FBI database.  We will get along fine.  Do you want to go through another audit Jack.  I contacted the Chinese you know.  This time I started in Hong Kong Jack.  It took a Long time to get back to San Francisco and Atlanta Jack.  We are Home Free in Allah-Bama.  "

After that, Snatch  and I moved in.  I hope to talk Snatch in to doing a comedy series with me.

In one scene I see myself atop a hunting truck on his estate with night spotlight hunting the game, Snatch The Fairy Possum, as Snatch moves throught the Sweet Carol sugar cane patch.

In another episode I want him as my possum bitch and I will be the ARD F-DIC Party Clown Possum Pimp.  Jack, I got some news you can use.  Look up, look down, look all around.  When we get home, I am going to pick me some strings with a 357, Down That Lonesome Road.

Segment March 22, 2010: FORCED_injections_INCREASING_war_CRIMINAL_regime_TACTICS_over_THROW

In Nashville it appears that the government now injects people forcibly instead of tasing them.  I was injected forcibly in Los Angeles and in Flagstaff, 2001 and 2004. I was compliant with their demands. I resisted in 2004 to some extent. The next time, if it should happen to me, I will just consider it an attack of war and respond accordingly.

Our bodies belong to ourselves. We are not their slaves nor their lessers. Because I was injected like someone being raped, of course I want the sick bastard calling the shots to be eliminated. They are at an offset, not easy to see. That is the nature of warfare.

I am an investigative journalist and I have a speech impediment in which I speak quickly sometimes to overcome the tendency to stutter. They lied in Los Angeles, the federal people. The same goes for Flagstaff at the hospital there. Never trust them. They robbed me, both of them. I hope they are robbed as well and their health ruined as much.

I encourage people to run for their lives if they or IT is going to forcibly inject you.  I recommend that if you are about to be taken to consider suicide bombing yourself if you can or killing yourself. It seems harsh but you can not believe what all they can do to you behind closed doors and when unconscious.

I have been injected and tortured and beat down repeatedly.  I would have preferred death.  I should never have dropped my guard for any government agency. It is my prayer that those who are attacking me in the past and present are eliminated before my death so that I can rest in my grave knowing that my kin will not be attacked by the war criminals with their needles and corrupt courts in the USA or elsewhere.  Never trust the USA governments nor their allies.  Their controller is a demon to us.  We are nothing to their leaders.  Therefore they should be nothing to us.  That is why they are considered an IT around the globe and into space. We do not have leaders who represent us. Never trust the regime. Try to trust each other. They will try to take that away. They want you running solo. An easy target.

Segment March 21, 2010:  COMEDY_post-op_TRANSEXUAL_hell_DEVIL_ms?_JONES_snatch_N_sweet

I tend to pick on certain people from my past employment and saga and downfall and rise.  It is nothing personal, it is just that I know them in a way and there is either vendetta and or regret at play, of that I am certain.

Having seen a small but adequate sample of women in their nakedness in various parts of the nation, I know that some women may appear a little more masculine than others.  One thing many San Francisco Bay Area men are aware of is post-op transexuals.  I do not stand in judgment of anyone in the matter, but I am far too squeamish to venture down that highway if I am aware of it.   There is a way to tell in a surgical procedure. (To view, press the Enter Button at the bottom of the linked page.)  Of course some men do not mind and I am sure everyone can find a Mr. Wright out there some where.  No offense to anyone, right Wright. You must have Sympathy For The Devil, when he has Rolling Stones.

I imagined Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum and F-DIC's Sweet Carol at the house of the Devil post-op(?) Transsexual, Grace Jones.  She has such a masculine and feminine Brazilian black ass with all of that muscle tissue.  But I tell you, you just can't tell and you may not want to miss the ride, but then again.  Something strange this way comes?

The Devil Ms.(?) Jones will rectal exam Jack and   say, Jack, you maggot.  Your pooh-say is not even wet and you have been up all night. Your lips are all puckered up. IT's time you get your sex change.  Grace Jones La Vie En Rose. And of course, like the praying mantis, The Devil Ms. Jones dances with the half dead as at the end of this Grace Jones Ultimates video clip.

Segment March 20, 2010:SCIENCE_mind_CONTROL_invasion_SPACE_bacteria_HERTZ_stunning_QUALITY_enhancement_THINGS_to_LOOK_for

In thinking of weapons of war and how they relate to bacteria, I remember bacterial colonies that spread through other bacteria on petri dishes in medical laboratory training. 

The weapon of mind control could be had in a similar fashion and it has likely already been done due to its simplicity.   If you have a one foci outpouring of a captured scene from the mind of a larger overpowering sort of mind, the entire world could be harnessed.  There is a gun that pulses a hertz similar to the human mind, stunning it.    After all it is some times easier to eat the Earth in circumference than to devour it like a maggot on the surface, a victim of invading armies of people or machines or just an over riding concept to encompass the Earth. 

I look sometimes now and laugh at the insanity of a brutal primitive empire called man captured on the rock surface while some likely scoot around in space like larvae nearby.

So many weapons and I have heard the whimpering sound of death.  My father told me to be an attorney and not an accountant.  They would have likely laid a trap or killed me in due time.  Seattle Banking Frauds Prosecutor Robert Crane Wales's widows and business partners and acquaintances are allowed to buy my home.  I went there once to Washington state looking at real estate and sight-seeing and saw a woman crying on the interstate in a Mercedes.  What coincidence? Made me think of that. Money and law leave you dead very often. Hate groups and money are the devil's bread and butter. 

I recommend creative engineering.  Finance and law professionals end up with a bullet in their head or their reputations and career and health ruined.   You can bounce around much easier also from nation to nation if  you are a highly trained technologically creative sort.  But do not let them harness you.  Your technology blows up in your face, like the alleged Oppenheimer.  They said he went communist.  I say he disappeared if he ever existed.  Communism is racketeering and any mathematician knows that capitalism in the modern era is racketeering for those with monopolies and economies of scale. 

Its a game of scythes for some.  They like they way it makes them or IT feel.  IT is the over riding consciousness of any society.  Some are rabid packs of dogs, some avenging angels, always a thundering roar.  Some things never chance, hence same ole shit or "SOS". Same As It Ever Was, Talking Heads.


Segment March 15, 2010: COMEDY_OPPENHEIMER_base_DROP_kurt_BROWN_dirt_BROWN_ard_F_DIC_party_GROUND_clown

For comedy's sake, I always like to bring in those who were instrumental in my fall from my traditional lines of work and my capture of them as living proof of corruption unstoppable.

Scene:  Former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob AL is having a conference with Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone who evolved to the ARD F-DIC Party Clown

Myself to Tillman who is also known in some all likenesses but not his exclusive trademark as Snatch The Fairy Possum.

"You know Jack, I was dating Julius Robert Oppenheimer's daughter not too long ago. I do not know how they did it, how she was still so young. Her father thought she would be safer in the future and not to dabble in physics as he did. Her other sister did however.   It is rather difficult to explain Jack, you see, sometimes I have to be there and not be there.  A nuclear bomb that went off in Hiroshima had a trigger that had been untested.  I had to be there to pick it up if it did not detonate. Jack, do you know why I wanted to be there?"

Jack, "No, why?"

Myself, "Because either way it is open.  The door."  "The strangest thing Jack is that I met Oppenheimer's daughter.  She must have looked me up.  That is all I can explain.  She said she was Oppenheimers daughter.  It did not add up, but neither do I, not really"  "Why am I am like I am Jack, and why are you like you and they like they, Jack?" "Primitives and punished and punishing?".  "My ear Jack, they smacked me up" "That's what I hear" "I'm scarred Jack."  "Jack, I miss Oppenheimers daughter.  She was poor Jack.  No money through the portal I suppose Jack, or maybe not much for me, for us."

Jack, let's play some music.  Pink Floyd's Pig music video.  Is it bloody water or is it muddy water, Jack?  It's a countdown baby.  Counting round and round too.  4-3-2001.  Remember that day Jack.  Who handed you pencil Jack, the right for they to take over the government?  Was it something out of the book or something out of Korea or perhaps D.C.?  Jack, I'm holding two fingers and you know what I want to sing.  Sweet Carol Lodi.  Sing it for me Jack, put it on the web.  God will love you for it.  Met too.  360 degrees Jack.  360 thousand dollars or is it Four-score. Jack.  Is it insane to be sweet?

Segment March 1, 2010: FINAL_wish_TECHNOLOGY_genetics_SUFFERING_lower_CASTE_humans_ABUSED_tally_DEATH_suffering

Many years ago, I believe the USA government was taken over by  a foreign power or a private power.  High technology allowed this take over of likely most of the Earth.   I have discussed how this is done but it is speculation based on my current knowledge of the sciences and in particular genetics engineering and theoretical physics.    The reason I mention a private power in the nation may be responsible for the harnessing, murder, and degradation of an entire population to benefit a few  is that there some people in the USA and every nation who will steal and kill from within the groups in their nations.  They beat me back from government like a terrorist.  I am terrorized very often since becoming and investigative journalist and trying to tear down their evil empire to remove their angelic facade.

We are twenty years behind at least in all technologies and new ones that have emerged.  We are as captive as Indians in a reservation to Europeans with guns and cannons.    The one thing the Indian would do, was kill their own families to stop the Europeans from harming them.  An Israeli leader did the same thing in ancient times to an ancient city that was under siege by Romans.

It is belief that many of our leaders and others are or can be controlled through technologies.  I too may simply be typing into a void of sorts, a non meaning moving of my fingers and mind, as I am used by my enemies over me.   

I have much post traumatic stress.  I have nightmares of the attacks and the being called in my federal officials such as what they did in Los Angeles and Mobile.  I awaken at night very often and hear sirens, and at the same time I hear the new cast that a nuclear bomb has gone off.  I once feared this as a child due to the training that we Americans were under attack by the enemy and we had to prepare.  They were speaking of the USSR.   I see no difference in the USA governments.

You can integrate into the human Central Nervous System, brain and spinal chord, an overlay or integration that may more easy control of the lesser organism, the human.  You can also take control of the human mind if you have the right equipment and knowledge.  

Was Lyndon Johnson controlled by someone else?  Is that why Vietnam lasted so long and we Americans were forced to have our young people volunteer to go to this alleged war location.  The threat of communism is what they claimed.  Communism is a racketeering movement.  But so is capitalism when you have economies of scale, such as Wal Mart and Shell Oil enjoy.    The only advantage to capitalism is that it spurs creativity and innovation due to high financial reward.    However, when that technology is used against us, we would be better to sit down and take our families lives, just as many people do in hardship.

The irony of this type of silent takeover is that it is like a mosquito bite that carries malaria.  You do not know you have been bitten usually until you have malarial symptoms.

Who is in control of the USA and much of the Earth?  Why do they abuse us?  Why is it allowed by those in their employ?   

I once spoke with a medical student about forced injections.  I hate those because so much can be in the needles and the government and hospitals lie.   In addition, if you are knocked unconscious, and if you are in the hands of a sociopath, you are better off dead. 

I am older now, having forgotten the dreams of youth.   I do not mind a nuclear blast but I do hope that total death is quick for all of my loved ones and cherished ones.   I do believe that you can create a nuclear type of blast without radiation.  I do believe you can treat Parkinson's disease without creating a human-animal variant of chimera to be killed and his or her juices extracted.  

I know that God sees what is going on.   Imagine, if you had a room full of people, or a stadium, and you turned on a blender.  This is the fate of modern chimera.  I mention this because I wonder if God keeps score.   I once smelled an abortion doctor and he had an odor.  Maybe he had gas.  Maybe he was not the abortion doctor. 

I am tired of being attacked and harassed.  God's people are not in power over the federal government in Mobile Alabama nor Pensacola Florida nor Los Angeles California nor Flagstaff Arizona.   I wonder about the EEOC in San Francisco and the Treasury and the FDIC.  For the most part, the San Francisco bay area does have a slightly different feel.  Many seem to have more compassion.  However, the indifference always leaks in because the refugees and beggars outnumber the residents in some place, even in the San Francisco Bay area.

We are a harnessed species.  My time is likely limited.  My enemies have had me under needles forcibly.   It is my prayer hope and wish that if this city or nation  tries to abuse my grandchildren as they have me, that they are spared suffering in life and in pain, and that is in the darkness or the light, death or life.

Segment February 23, 2010: KELLY_monroe_ALABAMA_astrologer_DEAD_predictions_PARADOX_truths_FAINT_celestial_WHISPERS_racial_INDIFFERENCE

Ask yourself, if you were shipwrecked on an island, and you had to choose one race of  person who is your sex to be there, what would that man or woman's race be?

I would say a man with two kinds of intelligence, fist human empathy and secondly technical know how.  Those two types of intelligence are reside in two parts of the brain.  Some do not have empathy but have extreme technical intelligence.  We can only hope they are taught self restraint when young.   Some have no technical intelligence but extreme empathetic intelligence.    It makes no difference what he looks like in these matters.  If he does not beat my brains out or harm me and if he helps me to try to escape, he is number one on my island of misery.

I have noticed a swarm of people who do not like me.  It is sort of funny and weird.  I have some notoriety and many do not like me because I take money from criminals in government, and then I goad about it to them in art and such, such as Snatch The Fairy Possum, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob AL, and the Sweet Carols of financial trickery in federal banking oversight, and I have not made a character for the forced medical procedures at the federal hands.  It is too painful to jest about those horrid details.

More painfully is that many do not like me due to race.  I have found hatred both from dark and light skinned people.  It is sometimes hard to separate the two, hatred for my work or just simple hatred of a fellow man.  Many pride themselves on race hate.  They think that race will bring them wealth.  They think that race will bring them happiness. Race hate brings a feeling of false brotherhood among those who hate.  It is as temporary and as short lived as wax melting in the sun. 

One thing I must say is that those who hate based on religion are not right either.   We are free thinkers and we are designed in that fashion around the Earth for a reason.   

A person who hates on race or religion hears a simple symphony in life.  It is one drum beat over and over.  The man who opens his mind to the fact of acceptance based on the intelligence factors, then he or she has a grand piano, a symphony of sounds.  The world is a large place.  The piano has many keys and two colors.  The best musicians do not even look at the keys. 

Some say I am a paradox.   I live in a paradox.  I can not explain the things I have witnessed.  When I was young and visiting Monroe Alabama for a short time of juvenile expulsion from my mothers hands to my fathers hands, I met a young woman in Monroe High School named Kelly.  There is a plaque there at the Monroeville High School honoring her now.  That is what I am told.  I hope to see it some day.  She predicted her on death.  Her truck she was in flipped.  I missed the call or I would already be gone . I loved Kelly for the short time that I knew her.  I would like to know the name of the Vietnamese boy those country boys were beating up around 1975 or 1976, as obviously those country boys believed in the Vietnam war in America.  Kelly did astrological charts and drew a triangle of movement of celestial bodies.  After she told me she would die that weekend, I asked her when I would die.  She said when I was 44 I would die.

 I went through Hell from 2001 when 40, to 2004 when 44, and longer.    She was right about dieing at age 44.   She died that weekend.   It sounded like a nuclear bomb as I drove on that Oklahoma highway on my birthday toward Kansas at age 44.  I made it special because I wanted to have a good time before I died.   I had been in federal exile under California government hands  for over two years and I was sick from poisons injected into me and poisons sprayed in my eyes and likely in my bed when I was in exile and could not leave Humboldt County California earlier that year.    Right after Braman OK the meteorite  hit next to the highway.  A meteorite or bomb.  I did not report it. 

Sadly my mother had died that year also.  I was in forced exile and could not help care for her.  She was out of breath and could not breath.  The government did not care.  I thought about her when I was South Lake Tahoe after she died.  I was at a casino and someone recognized me and started messing with me a bit.  It has been that way ever since.  I will leave the USA some day.  Maybe permanently.  I have run more tests and have solutions for the financial system.  But we are slaves of a sort to an international group of warlords and drug lords.  Times have not changed, not for most anyway. 

I miss Kelly and want to thank the person in Monroeville who put the plaque up.  The young adults should never drink and drive if they want to live and keep their friends alive.  I remember Mon Roe just like Forrest Gump remembers Green Bo. 

I had been forcibly injected and knocked unconscious earlier that year in 2004 when I reported a toxic spill in New Mexico and a burn on my neck to the Flagstaff Medical Center.  They robbed me of several thousand dollars and knocked me unconscious.    I will not report a nuclear bomb over OKC if I see it now.  If I see it in Flagstaff, a large blast, I am going to that Flagstaff hospital to get my money back from those thieves who took  my house and truck keys. 

They likely did it on behalf of the Nevada mob and the federal FDIC friends who launder money and murder.  One FDIC bank examiner told me life was like a game of chess and to get used to it. He did not tell me the game was a batch of lies about human rights, employment rights, and civil rights. What I discovered was that the legal system at the F-DIC was out right Trickery.   The other FDIC employee bank examiner was speaking of the bureaucracy and favoritism in employment and sanctioned money grabs from the underground revenue sources, unreported gambling revenues, drug revenues, and financial scams and things of big money ventures that are corrupt in some fashion but sanctioned by top officials and the bureaucracy.   Garbage in and garbage out if you ask me.  I was afraid I might die, but I would like to ride a meteorite and hunt some of them down.  If Kelly was with me, it would make it special.  I would make sure she wore her seat belt and kept her head down. Her throat was slit in the last accident, and that should have happened to me instead. I want to die, but like a game of dodge ball, I can't just quit because I am tired..

Another memory was my alcoholic father there when I was visiting in Second grade. He had to drive to another county to get his beer. We got pulled over once. They took his beer. They used to grow marijuana there on Blueberry Hill too. Not now, and your beer is still illegal some places too. Blueberry Hill, Fats Domino, Music Video. My father played this song and drove his Mustang fast down a dirt road. He used to attack turkeys till one almost came through the windshiled. My mother did not like that. She was more civilized. We moved soon after. She died from breathing that stuff in the paper mills back then. I just know it. We are a kind of slave, still.

Segment February 26, 2010: SCIENCE_banking_COMPARISON_living_CELL_fha_DESTROYS_life_TREASURY_sold_OUT_loans_FRAUDS

The USA federal government forcibly injected me, Kurt Brown, a former FDIC bank examiner, with chemicals and allowed it to be injected in me again and knocked unconscious near Las Vegas in Flagstaff on another occasion.   They have ulterior motives.  If you are a veteran beware.  If you are in high financial banking oversight, beware.  Their tricks go beyond the boardroom of the CEO's of America and on to the medical operating table for the lowly peasant caste of the working class and the outcast.    They like to call me insane, but I am both a financial specialist and a medical technologist which has helped me tremendously in my grasp of science and other matters and I can tie finance and medical technology together to make a healthy living cell, just as what is wanted in life, we can have in the banking system.

The federal government breaks into our vehicles, our homes, our bodies.  They call us insane or kill or imprison us.  Some of us have lost faith in man.  Some of us have lost faith in God.  Perhaps what some should fear is that God is watching.

My vehicle was sabotaged.  My vehicle was broken into.  My home was surrounded by federal police when I was only doing journalistic coverage of the closed governments of the oil thieves and war criminals of America such as in Mobile Alabama.  My vehicle perhaps is a warning that God does not want me to be on this continent.  I feel that my being tricked into a sewage toilet for a bay, Perdido Bay, and a home with unlimited possibilities by a corrupt inspector, may be the indication that is time for me to go away.  I hope God is watching.  I once tried to protect my family here until I was pushed away, and I may come back rather foul some day.  I am prone to a violent strike.  I tend to like the non-violent streak.  I like to compare it to Israel or NKUSA.  Israel fights like a wart hog European, but NKUSA tends to walk away from the wart hog type of fight.  Some call it guerrilla warfare and genocide.

Now, on banking.  As an FDIC bank examiner, I know that money needs to be insured and not have too much risk in the investment.  The banking system however is a capitalist system and a capitalist system is supposed to keep money moving in the same way the electron transport system keeps electrons and concurrently other nutrients and waste moving in a living cell.

I did an analysis on a home purchase to see what the problem was.  During that time I discovered a problem from a woman in Washington D.C.  Trillions of dollars were being loaned overseas, suspiciously.  Ask Barney Frank of Massachusetts.   Those loans should be called.  America has a money crunch.

The home was a clear sale after I made a purchase of 117500.    I purchased a roof from a licensed roofer and other items totaling around 10 grand in materials and most likely 15 to 20 thousand in labor.  Therefore I had invested around at least in hard dollars for materials 127500.  Labor will not be included for this discussion.  The buyer and the bank were willing to pay 134500.    The home was being sold for 127000 and 7500 was going to be allowed for closing costs from the FHA for the buyer and he wanted to finance the amount, for a total to finance of 134500.  The FHA would not allow the appraisal to finance more than 132000.  Therefore I would have had to lower my price to 124500 to have sold the home and I would have had to pay realtors commissions and my own closing costs, losing around 5 to 7 thousand dollars more than my original puchase price plus the other loss in materials for around 17000 loss in money and more in labor.  I was attacked since that time on the highways in Baldwin County after showing it to another buyer.   I am not liked  as an investigative journalist and my experience in the high dollar murder investigations into sanctioned crimes leaves me hated by the governments of the USA and Canada and Mexico and their crime syndicates. I have been attacked in Canada and the USA. Los Angeles too. Mexico has not had a chance to take their shot on their soil, and I am sure the federal syndicates of Texas and Mexico would like to take a shot. 

We had several components in the home sale.  The buyer, the bank, the mortgage broker, the FHA the appraiser, and the seller.  All of the above were able to go up to 135000 dollars, except the FHA the appraiser.  The FHA stopped the sale.  I am either going to let the house go back to the bank in deed in lieu of foreclosure or I am going to leave it in foreclosure.  The FHA is doing this repeatedly to people in NW Florida. I am leaving because I was attacked again and my home has been left open and likely broken into and my vehicle was caught being tampered with by government officials who likely have a key.

I recommend all international loans be called back, that the funds be put in place to assist the stupid working class in outmaneuvering criminals in government and industry, and that the FHA be taught the simplicity of design in a living cell and compare it to that of a banking system, paying particular attention to the electron transport system and thinking what would happen to the cell if it stopped.  It would die, just like capitalism is being strangled by FHA tactics.

The federal police called me insane for speaking quickly. These are the same federal police who called an FDIC directors death a suicide in his office.  The problem is, "I speak".  I would rather have been executed.  The federal government seems to hate me.  They pay me the paltry IU fees and will not let me assist in what I am best at, seeking out high dollar crimes killers and auditing banks. I am attacked and I have suspicious scars on my body indicative of forced experiments as what they did in Los Angeles at the federal facility VA in Westwood in 1999, and in my case in 2001.  They lie when I apply for jobs about a case that they refuse to recognize as nolle processed case in Los Angeles.  I had a right to defend myself, to carry defense.  No one else would defend me.  They wanted me to die or to be frightened so they could grab me on a gun charge.  Those in power are often not what they seem.  Their traps make me wonder if God is watching.  I hope he brings us death or relief. 

If you are curious about what happens when the electron transport chain stops, I will tell you, it is sickness and death.  American capitalism is suffering the same plight and we lost our human rights.  If there ever were any.  The USA governmental regime in Mobile and Pensacola and Baldwin counties and Los Angeles high end Westwood and of course the federal government appear to be swallowed.  Perhaps we should check their Adam's apple to see what is really going round.

All I have to say is, "Is It Insane To Be Sweet" music video humor.  Sweet Carol, am I good you bastard of the San Francisco FDIC and the D.C. way F-DIC too?  F-ck off, the whole box of ya. Cowards and thieves and henchmen under a pyramid of bureaucratic hogs.  Do not ever depend of federal back up children, and expect the F-DIC every now and again.  Ask Joe Stacks.  The AP press can go eat sweet's Shee-it.  Money mongering warlord scumbags sold us out.

I would like a song written about the real modern day Lott Road. VA Healthcare equals forced experiments, federal banking fraud equals no jobs, being young means being sold crack along with your pot because the Mexican and Texan mob bosses have a vice grip in the D.C., and the F-DIC is gay but is eaten with a ring of worms leaving a bloody mess.

A final note: I desperately urge young people to protect their young. The truth is coming out that there are some things and people who target and torment us. Some occupations, those in high finance oversight in the government and investigative reporting as an independent are not worth it. The warmonger horde does not let you write the hidden truths. Mass media reporters often shun us, the independents. We are the dead breed. Run for your short life is my motto at this point. Time to breathe. If I don't come up for my air, I start to think they are too Insane In The Membrane (music video). Sent to you from one of the extreme slave states of 2010, Alabama Florida.

The irony of my pathetic life is what happened on 4-3-2001. A 360 degree turn around to put me nowhere forever for something that I thought was right. Having a Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama return 360 thousand dollars of inmate food funds. I had already been attacked by the federal government or their legions of mercenaries after leaving California. Theirs is a war that never ends. I wonder about medical manipulations and mind control. We are so far behind, we might be better off dead if under a villian who is a lesser being and not a leader. Some things are unspent.....possum have you had lunch? Some things taste better than spit. Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman and the Trillion Dollar underground F-DIC with a Pasquale Sharpton hair-do. F-ck you Jack. I want my 9.11 Million and your hut'll doo.

Segment February 25, 2009: SCIENCE_extrapolation_GENETICS_engineering_OVERLAY_human_CNS_exterior_INTERIOR_extraneous_OVERLORD_underlord

We all know that the technology we are shown is often many years behind what is being used.  I once considered genetic engineering and the hi-jacking of the central nervous systems of humans.  This can be done by having integrated into the human DNA or as a super-growth of another structure over the existing human Central Nervous System.  The entire human mind could be hi-jacked through possible unique hertz patterns or an overlapping influx of greater strength than the existing higher level consciousness.

This is a Hellish idea but it is one I have ventured upon after dealing with diabolical government officials and those who work for them.   

The idea that we are a free and happy nation is over.  Many people are wanting and waiting to kill and imprison each other.    I feel foolish for having bought a home in a military area.  I am blacklisted from FDIC employment and all federal employment.  I did not know it for sure until I bought the home.    I was told once that if you ever got with the government, they would take you half way and drop you off.  But they did not tell me that they would do forced medical procedures and attack me for years.

I do not recommend that young people carry guns in any fashion.  Keep them locked and sealed and out of the grip of those in government.  They want to label you a criminal for gun ownership.  Then they can control you.  They are opportunists, and they resemble pigs and apes and the only thing better with pigs and apes is  potatoes.  Just kidding, don't eat the villains. 

The federal police love to harass people and their little henchmen do the same.  I now carry a camera and try to film all who harass me.  Many times I will hear someone say he is very dangerous and has a gun. That is when I whip my camera out.  One day they will shoot me.  I would rather be dead than among my enemies in a pyramid of terror, the police warmonger and dictator who does forced injections and robs and torments us.  I hope to see them dead some day.  That is rather sad, because when I was young, I would not harm any thing.  We are taught to hate, to want each other dead.  Like pigs on a grass land, man kind is led to kill each other.  

Many people are uneducated in genetics engineering and engineering and physics, and some can not grasp it with intuition.  I really regret the government attacked me in 2001 up until present.  We will never have any thing as long as the insane war criminal pyramid is in power.  But how much of it is mind control and how much can be ignored or factored out by distance or energies?  Time will tell.  Never turn your back on the government.  If you are an FDIC bank examiner, never question any thing abnormal.  This war is going to have bitter ends, and I hope that it better end.  Their surgical procedures against us do us harm.  I want to see their towering skyscrapers on vacation locales converted into liquid assets for their victims.  Let us loose their heads.  Let us commit global suicide if we are slaves to a master of Hell on Earth. 

Never serve them.  Never trust them.  They are, it is, international, if not interplanetary also. Some times it is easier just to fade away, but the pig in some men wants you to stay so it can feed, but sort of like a leech or possum.  That is the nature of the FHA today.  They are crushing American capitalism by capping home values in appraisal and tacking on large fees.  Let us hope we can overthrow their federal dictatorship some day.  Or better yet, just leave.  They are pigs and like to wallow in their own squalor, but they want to have a lower caste to grind into the mud.  Don't let it happen.  If necessary, take out the barn yard with us in it.   I would rather be dead than subservient to beast or malicious man.

Segment February 21, 2010: COMEDY_child's_PLAY_warfare_ODD_reality_SEVER-AGE_sewerage

The thing I like about games and knowledge is that the two together make the process of creation seem so complete, sort of like cumin in an FBI director's leech like mouth, a leech like Mob AL and San Fran to D.C. FDIC cock likcers in their straight staunch suits and their whore hair hats.

Games are like invisible war to some of us.  You think of it, and bam, there it is.  Some odd permutation.  One went over the grape vine, one went into the tree, out came the baddest wench and ooomphapilame.  Of course I jest. 

If you make a mathematical game, make sure you cover your tracks and your back.  Beware of traps.  The enemy of government lays many traps.  She is a lying whore looking to score and she finds all of us in her death trap a bleeding bore.  But what else could the wench expect, she's a federal leech, just like they have made many of us.   Of course you could drill for oil on Earth.  An earth oil leech.  Much more profitable than cumin from the Bush.

We hate. Oh how we hate to hate.  October is our way, at the edge of societal suicide.  I must put on my ARD F-DIC Party Clown wig and masticate, its the only way to lose weight, and wait, and what? 

The games of their war, their thievery.  Theirs is a game.    Their government is like a vacuum.  A closed door for those who stand up to the whores in power.  They choke with their dope and their coke and sell it to the young by the hour.  Who cares if their society is raped, they raped ours.  Rake it boys, its your bounty or your grapes of wrath.  Wait till the sewers overflow in the midnight hour, roaches and rats, and political whores by the hour, if you can stand the rat a tat tat rat.

Their high flying politicians are nothing more than rather well paid whores by the hour, and those who advise them are really more in on the score, but they are like little boys with their daddy's gun pointed at our heads.  I want to see them taste the teeth of the Taliban children they have killed. I want them to taste the sourest teets in the memory of a living Hell on Earth.  Their controller is better off dead. Bring on the Dead. Dire Wolf (music video).  Go ahead, murder me.  Make my date.

Their caste makers teach our young to hate other nations, to absorb false national pride, to believe in their lies that they benefit from. To find out who is eating the lions share, we can look at one of several places. Go ahead, murder me alive but never inject me or mine and let me see it, or I will ram anything I can into your sides. I will take your hearts just like you did from our side. LA VA Westwood Federal Dictator you owe me money or blood. 4-23-2001 was the date first drawn. I want payment. I want to play a new game, not like before, cause we about to see the Abbot Costello wars. Can someone stop the space shuttle from foaming. They seem to have funneled billions into the clouds, a-gain. Billion dollar thieves in government. Overseas ass swell. Switzerland banks numero uno.


Segment February 18, 2010:OPPORTUNITIES_missed_GAINED_divine_JUDGMENT_balance_EQUILIBRIUM_profit

The method of madness is a simple thing, and because of that you can profit from it.   For instance, in my prior business I would hunt criminals in government and industry, both as a federal FDIC bank examiner and later as an independent investigative journalist.  These money making opportunities will present themselves in many instances but you will often not see them at the time.

For instance, a side effect of my hounding government criminals and to some extent criminals in industry was to be attacked.  I do not enjoy it, but I soon noticed I was being harassed.  Now, what it appears is that the federal government labeled me as having a gun, which I do not recommend in most cases, and they try to use that to get me killed or harassed.  They say, "Look, he is a convicted felon with a gun."    So because I know I am innocent as per my own conscience and the greater the law of the land, I have the blessing from God to take as much from all involved who go against me as I can.  If you have God's blessing, you can kill any Goliath.

What I do in those situations is when I go to pull out my wallet, I do a sham-bam quick draw McGraw.  The way I see it is, some day some federal peanut or a local associate of a thieving or war criminal sect will go up against me.  Someone will try to shoot me, hit a clerk in the head and I will have loss of hearing and more severe PTSD and it will all be caught on camera.    I know it seems cold but the federal syndicates tried to flip my car and likely were going to burn me after investigating an FDIC murder labeled suicide.  I had an inside track on what was happening in their San Francisco and Roseville offices and the FDIC's Seidman Training Center in the D.C. area. 

I also use what I call the triangle effect or motion effect.  By creating chaos in one point, you lead it to another, create chaos there, or an eddy around someone, and then you go to another place and creating a counter punch.  I took out Sheriff Jack Tillman who was stealing and starving some peoples family members who approached me with a request that the situation be rectified. 360 thousand dollars.  I reported it on 4-3-2001.  He took my gun permit for doing so.  He knew I had been attacked and the FBI was calling me insane.  I think we need to remove the veil of the son of a bitch who ran that operation against me.  The FBI might not be what they seem and the police investigation of the FDIC Regional Director was botched.  The war is deep and some just use animal tactics.  It is a rigged game, so we should rig it so that their syndicates are removed.   

It appears that many industries have heavy hitters in government and we the common always lose.  I know of one elevator company that nearly broke a woman's neck, broke her ribs, and she was a nurse trying to take care of the people who run those elevator companies.  I am watching that one closely.  Mobile and Birmingham are in the spotlight.  The Pensacola Milton to Panama City give nurses a shit shaft of a ride.  "Did you shit yourself in a bag, Bee?"  

I was already looking at syndication in oil thievery from Mobile Bay sanctioned by syndicates in government and industry.    Shell oil had a natural gas pipeline but I counted a caravan of laughing drivers of oil trucks leaving the depot.  I fished near there.

Every time I see the government, I see a double layer.  The banking industry is a trip.  Two layers.  Theirs and ours.  Capitalism can be made into a form of slavery and thwarting the growth of all involved.  A racket is a racket.  Any one care to pop me in the head in the aisle?  It's cost you.  Bet you that one. 

Then I went to Los Angeles.  I was forced injections, medical procedures, tortured, and robbed.  Now I know the truth.  The test is complete.  I was released on or scheduled on 8-11-2001.  8-12 was the date of release.  I was hit and hurt by many men and women.  Now, 9-11-2001 seems like a decent prelude.  I urge our people not to kill for the war criminal horde.  Gang Warfare is a common thing.  It is too bad.  I present the Tabou Combo music video.  Serve it up. 9.11 million, release from this trick fed house, or a good dose of death to the internationale syndicates, et USA.

Segment February 14, 2010: SPACE_shuttle_DOUBLE_slit_NEGATIVE_null_VACUUM

We all know that the space shuttle is a hoax for lesser minds.  Better things, more momentous, and more staid and practical are in motion behind what I can see on mass media.  I have seen suspicious large vehicles in the skies.    Refueling tankers, perhaps, refueling what?  Where?

The lies and confiscations and deceptions show me that mankind is either harnessed or just another slice of meat, to himself or something else.

It was in the double slit experiment that photons could not be observed passing through one of the slits when a measuring device was there.  The mere presence of the measuring device made photons stop passing through the slit.  Perhaps a null or negative vacuum would do the trick, or maybe a sort of inverted pull on the mass of the atoms constituting the measuring instrument or a field or partial around it to warp some fields in a thin slice to the lowest mm. Some people like to live among kin, in the trees.

Segment February 10, 2010:  SPACE_shuttle_DISTRACTION_exclusive_LAUGHTER_idiot

The most laughing idiot is the one who realizes he has been conned and how simple those around him appear, at least those who still believe in the con, and there are many of them.    The USA Space Shuttle Launch is what I am speaking of.  They are already going to space in something else.  They show us that rocket dud every few years and tell us of their big launch.  Sometimes they even cook an alleged school teacher in it to prove to us just how hard it is to shoot straight.   A sports car drives fast without tons of initial fuel burn off and high heat on the exterior.  So why do we have to pretend to believe this is, "The best".  What a joke.  I once knew a Brazilian woman who would say to all her men, one at a time of course, "You are the best".  The space orbital vehicles should glide upward like a condor spiraling upward.   Their vehicle is absurd and is there to entertain the idiots.  I was always told the space or moon missions of the 60's were a ruse.   They were just a decoy and a lesser version of what is really happening.  We are on the outside on everything of material value or importance, including the loss of our human rights.

Yes, the laughing idiot realizes that those holes in Japan were not just a few soldiers killed but whole societies with nuclear bombs and then his laughter becomes worse, because in this millennia, they will be seen as the lucky ones.    The laughing idiot also realizes that it was likely a different weapon with the same radioactive potential and that it is still pointed at all of our heads.

I am speaking of the laughter of war.  It is sometimes seen in the general public.  I have not been to war, not conventional, not with back up, only taught a few hard lessons.  We are as separate as light and dark, life and death.  We know some times that no one plays a better game than  the one holding the cards and the weapons.  Every thing appears to be a loss, once again.  Human rights are even gone.  The worst millennia like the first millennia, just like the age of new babies and old men.


Segment February 9, 2010: SOUND_disguise_SPACE_travel_CLOSED_group

Many of us now know that the USA governments and their police forces from the top cop to the lowliest gopher at the mall parking lot, are turned against us like we are enemies since long ago.    I believe we are being conned and that we are basically slaves on a prison planet while the war criminal enemies in power come and go from the planet at will, and they likely have their own space colonies.   When you are forcibly injected by them, they seem to roll their eyes back in their heads.  They then take your wallet and if you unconscious they may take more than that, like pieces of your body or they put things in it.  Do not trust the federal government out West.  Trust them to torture you and steal from you.  I hope they are attacked by American and World patriots and their rulers are removed from the roost.

German company military hardware allegedly fly over nightly in Mobile Alabama. Bombs allegedly burst nearby in an area North of Fort Walton Beach Florida. That is what they say. I do not believe them. They can disguise sounds and sights but they can not muffle them entirely. That is what I "think" I hear, bombs near the Fort Walton Beach Florida military facility. The planes from Airbus of Germany fly over nightly in Mobile Alabama. That is what they say. NATO's warmonger nations and the USA governments lie and kill the innocent all the time. They pretend to care in the South East USA and the the South West, the land that is subjugated by foreign enemies and dictators. Los Angeles, ah, the shit is in the viper's mouth with her twinkley coked up eyes Do you hear me mother f-cker. I Wanna pay a new game. Let's welcome death and your end and mine and ours. No matter. Irrelevance. Never trust the USA government and never trust the bottle handed to you by an outsider, even if he or she pretends to open. NATO's hand tastes like warmonger poison just like D.C.'s controllers. Open your own bottle. We should move to have all US schools closed that force children to recite lies, like the pledge of allegiance. In the mass, it is your ass. All of those children who were killed in past centuries, all of those. Some were mine. Me a split blood line. You can slit both of their wrists in power. That's poetry in the end paragraph

Remember, to quote another veteran in 2001 who knew of or witnessed tortures at the LA VA Westwood,  "Remember, they drew first blood."


Segment February 6, 2010: ULTIMATE_weapon_CHIMERA_based_IMMUNOLOGICAL_attack_HUMAN_species_CYANIDE

The ultimate Chimera based weapon could wipe out most of the human population and all of the common food sources and all pets that are within reach of the weapon or the disease variants that the weapon would produce.  Chimera in this instance is the human genome mixed with other animals DNA. 

The immunological portion of every animal has strengths and weaknesses.  When humans are crossed with these other animals, the humans are exposed for the first time to diseases of other animals in a brand new direct route, and the same applies to the animal because they can then catch human diseases because variants of human disease are born that recognize the animal portion and the human portion, and therefore a new twist on an old disease.

Of course in diseases, such as viruses and bacterial infections, when a small splice of the humane genome is placed into the DNA of the disease, whether bacterial or viral, the human body no longer can recognize the disease due to the appearance of the human's dna in the disease. It is considered friend rather than foe and kills the organism. There is no crippling in diseases of this new variant.

I think it is rather ironic that something of this nature in chimera born diseases could wipe out humanity because mankind now integrates cows or other animals into unborne children's stem cells and use that liquid in washing their own brains and other body chemicals. Synthetically it can be done and it can be done in other ways on a sub-molecular level but we are not there yet in public view. Mankind is like a baby, when he first learns he has teeth, he eats every thing.

The government made a big deal out of me having a gun after I was attacked in February of 2001 and they use that thief Sheriff Jack Tillman to take my gun permit. They later took advantage of my fleeing him. I was under attack. It seemed the best thing to do, to arm one's self, as I had no back up and I was investigating a trillion dollar murder and I knew some of the components of the cause as a witness at the FDIC. I actually knew Sheriff Tillman was a thief or suspected he or a deputy and sent a letter to him to lure him out.

Disease seeking and auditing against war criminals is very much the same, bait, my gun permit, switch, his $360,000 of stolen food funds and a return of food to the emaciated inmates plates, and the war criminal horde called me a criminal. Tillman is now retired with twice a combat ripped vet's income and he is not subjected to forced experiments at the VA for his health care. "F-ck us in the heart!?".

Wait till we get to prions in vegetables-- A carrot with mad cow disease that spreads to algae that is disease resistant and after you eat any of the above, you can't see. They call me insane and I see a universe coming that equates to Hell or the unraveling or meltdown of the human genetic pool and the government knows of these things. I am just a med school drop out who was directed into the chase for murderous parasites in the FDIC. Ignorance is bliss. I should have been a truck driver rather than a Jack of All Trades who ended up being jabbed with needles by parasites who protect parasites in the F-DIC. Now they made me a parasite and I want to work for free examining the F-DIC BOD and regional offices and managers. As the Swiss Miss says, "Just provide travel and lodging, yah."

I am a Surgical Specialist in parasite excision whether in the F-DIC or Mob AL as in former Sheriff Till-man. Ironically the city clerk called me to tell me on 4-3-2001 that if I came to the city council meetin that Sheriff Jack Tillman would be there to meet me. I dressed up for it and brought my guitar because I knew was being paid the full monty at 360,000 dollars. Of course it went to the city, but I considered it a double birdie, one thief of ill repute out of office and 360 grand back in the city coffers and one get out of Hell pass for Auditor Sauvant, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone or ARD F-DIC Party Clown. It did not happen.

The government ignored his crimes and tortured me. The immune system when tampered with is much the same way, it backfires on those you do not want harmed. Now they exclude me from all government employment to this day due to my good deeds. They often behave as terrorists or lesser humans undeserving and incompetent in oversight and regulation of our often tortured communities and our human family.

The government knows of this and many things.  We are captive on this planet while some are leaving.  We are likely tampered with when young so that a caste system can be made.    I was tortured and went through an American Holocaust that really started in 2001.  Imagine, I was attacked by federal war criminal associates after investigating murder at the FDIC where I had worked. Trillions of dollars are involved.   Then I was forcibly injected by federal officials and forced medical procedures, then I was in forced exile, and forcibly injected again, and knocked unconscious, and I do not know what all they did to me. They should have killed me, because now I pray those legislators who allow these war crimes are assassinated in the USA and overseas and the entire abusive governemntal members are eliminated in the same way the Third Reich of Germany was allegedly dealt with. Those humane among us might have missed their targets and been conned.   It was obvious criminal misconduct was sanctioned by some at the FDIC, and that means it is not criminal, not to the lawmakers, who are in fact, the enemies to mankind.  We want them dead in the USA and elsewhere, although many of us want to attack each other because we are like animals being tortured in a pen.

The vector of this disease can be a human or animal.  Although I think a human vector would be preferred or perhaps an airborne insect or fungus, therefore someone would have to volunteer to be the carrier or someone could have simple medical procedures done that make them the carrier. The government does many things unauthorized to us, so those who were to relieve us of our suffering could use the same deceptive techniques.   

There are many animal sexually transmitted diseases from animals that man already carries, Gonorrhea, Syphillis, HIV.  The list can go on and if those weak points on the other animals genetic code for disease is found, and then integrated into the human genome, the disease could likely prove much more lethal and possibly be integrated into other diseases such as the common cold, or the rhinovirus as it is called. The route of transmission could change from sexual contact to breathing or eating.

Their life for us is a lie. Their mass media when I was a child had people killed in Vietnam. Both sides were killed intentionally I believe.  The people in power are as indifferent to mankind as they would be to a tick.  That is why many do not care when cities are attacked and millions are killed. But they miss the point -- the enemy is deceptive and we are conned always. Television is the best example of their mass manipulations.  I actually welcome global war and would see a widespread mega-chimera disease epidemic as being a saving grace for human beings.  After all, we are all about to start killing each other, or perhaps we are already penned and chained and tampered with on this planet, so I can see nothing better than a large chimera apple for mankind to munch on.

The aloofness and indifference of many people is because they have never suffered or perhaps they are in someway retarded.  When I worked at the FDIC San Francisco I saw many people pampered while the management seemed to push out some and keep others, and it was not based on intellect.  The smarter ones seemed to move on or get pushed out.  Considering the federal syndicates blew a mans brains out in his FDIC office, I can see no reason to whimper if the FDIC is eliminated along with the Treasury Department and I personally want to see the FHA downsized to the common man's benefit.  They make us poor and suffer anyway, so why not full scale war or our full deaths. Their psuedo-capitalism is just a way to use and enslave the masses. We are being used and manipulated. 

Airborne diseases of Chimera could be the most effective if coupled with other diseases.    It is known that Armadillos carry tuberculosis in Texas.  That variant of Tuberculosis immunology deficiency mixed into the human genome could possibly create a disease that could suffocate a person in less than a few hours.   

I have been attacked so many times.  I had a young military man or a local young idiot come to look at my home I was trying to rent.  He blew his nose in his hand and shook my hand when I met him, although I did not know. In another instance I had a customer come look at the home to buy. I was attacked afterward and one of my ex-wives was in the vehicle as a witness  Both men knew of me.  I would likely kill both or all of them and their associates and they would kill me if this world goes into  a war, and I am sure each of us would be as indifferent as the other to the other's death.    The potential rentor made an utterance in the bedroom that he would basically like to kill me.   I no longer try to rent my home to the public and I do not allow the lock box because someone had left the door open, likely intentionally.   I am letting the home go into foreclosure if I am not released from the house by our enemies in the government and banking.  Perhaps, I will be seeking work with human beings in a military analytical stance somewhere on the globe.  I applaud the deaths of our enemies and their followers.   If we are prisoners on this planet, it is my hope that my ultimate chimera based weapon is created and released.   The government knows of these things.  They do things worse all the time.

In the end of the human species, let us welcome the end.  We were not perfect.  We were tortured by our own or maybe by others, but there is no need to suffer endlessly as a species.  Or maybe they are not like us at all, but something else. If they have cloned us in space and enslaved us, it is my hope the chimera based weapon can be spread to those colonies to eliminate the suffering of all slave human beings.  Let America fall.  We can pick up the pieces and rearrange them although many of us will be dead after the tumult stops.  I hate the federal dictator in Mobile and Los Angeles and San Francisco and D.C.  and I am sure his boss is in NYC laughing his ass off at our suffering.  Alabama government is like Florida Government, better off dead. 

As an aside, when I was a young naive man, poisoned by the lies of the ruling dictatorship, I was taught in the U.S. Navy how to handle a hostage situation. You shoot through the person captured and kill the captor. That is the way us human beings are, held captive and forced medical procedures. When you take aim, try not to miss the captor, even if you have to go through the chest of the captive, who may be me, but make sure to hit me in the heart and them in the head. SOB's of the fed can go to Hell. The coming wars will put them in their places. 2001 was a weak start. The Vietnam war was lopsided, we lost ours. In the Navy, it is my belief that things were not always as they seemed. Some men may have been used in medical or military things that they were not aware of. I was likely one of them. I urge young people to stay away from the military and all government employment and buildings. I encourage home birthing of children and private school collectives free from government interference. The government will only take you so far, and then they will devour you. Now I see those in the government buildings as our enemies. I can not believe I once sat among them. That was before I ran the tests that would prove the enemy of my people is in power. I never would have said anything about FDIC obvious crimes if I was still employed with them though. It was fate I was a disabled veteran who was terminated for not dropping an EEOC complaint at the FDIC San Francisco in 2000. I would rather just work for half the money in killing my enemies around the globe. There is nothing like job satisfaction and a job well done.

In comedic ending, I remember when I was in the public school brainwashing indoctrinations of the elementary level. I had brought a toy to school that was a science instrument that looked like a normal writing pad with a round revolving magnetized grid. When I dropped my pencil on it and pushed it, the momentum would be accentuated on the pad. A teacher saw this and I told her I had supernatural powers, or powers that were not shared by all people. She made all of us in class say that we did not have supernatural powers. She then looked at me. It wsa the first time I wanted to really f-ck a teacher in a loving girlfriend boyfriend sort of way and we could smell each others pheromones.

Also, often to amuse myself and to distract from 10 years of post FDIC PTSD, I remember the laughable absurdity of the harshness of our existences. Catch 22 was a movie where a man observed many things. I feel like that man in some ways, but the alter ego is in the tree also, because there is a business side. I want my 9.11 million dollars from the Reno / Roseville FDIC mafia via San Francisco and DC F-DIC. Take from the unpaid and due funds. In this movie clip on Catch 22 the man attends a funeral while naked in a tree. What I often would like to have made happen is that I be given paid lodging and travel expenses while I simply observe and comment on banking regulatory officials to a panel of observers and the American Public on the website Mobile Audit Club and Saintrambone youtube videos. I picture myself arriving in Indian attire like George Harrison of the Beatles singing Penny Lane.