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I, Kurt Brown, also known as Saint Ram Bone, have endured forced injections and torture including exile and partial blindness and have survived assassination attempts after working for the U.S.A federal agency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, also known as the FDIC. Other veterans were tortured at the same VA in 1999. Other veterans were held and injected there in 1999 and sooner See Continuing Problems section near the bottom

Because the international regime in power that rules the USA is behaving as a war criminal against the American people's financial guardians and because I survived when others have not, and because their courts are corrupt, I am asking for payments to be respectfully received. My goals are as follows over time if any is not received in due time, $9.11 Million, $91.1 Million, $911 Million.

The weird thing about war is that you often do not know who is truly on your side. The truth is, the ruling regime is often a killer and harvester of men's labors. Let's face it, it is war time and we were conned in the USA by the mass media. WWI and WWII would not have happened, although smaller wars might have. May the humane win. If the regime injects anyone forcibly, the regime should pay in cash or blood, and we are not talking low down on the totem pole. I will accept payment respectfully in the dismantling and sale of the regime and their international dictatorship and conglomerates. They sell the stupid American public gas contracts and steal the oil from their bays, as in Mobile Bay. Auditors are silenced and beat from the door. Do not fear death, do not turn down payment for services rendered either. Remember, they drew first blood.

I apologize for any deposits made in late 2008 that were pushed back. I now have updated the account in January 2009. Click the link below to donate or contact Kurt Brown at the email address of and put Donation in the subject line.

Thank you for your donations and payments, just select either popup box at the Paypal site linked in the line above.