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This page has multiple sections with comedy and science, so skip a section if it is not what you are interested in. The pieces below are a little older. The newer work is on Page Love Line 4, and the link to that page is on the home page of this site, linked above. The Daily Foreword Notes Page also has science materials.


In thinking of manners of complexity beyond the usual programming techniques to rid computer systems of valid data and to replace them with those of outsiders attacks, I have taken into consideration the electrostatic nature of the digitized information contained on silicon chips and silicon based digitized information on hard disks and CD's and any other medium.

When I consider what is possible, in taking into account the nature of a controlled reflection of all data in its original form and the ability to lift that data like a thread and inject or replace key codes in an intelligent manner to turn data into dollars for the attacking party(s).

Although I am no electrical engineer or physicist, I can speculate using what I know and how I see it.  You may have better ideas and I would always invite them to be shared.

The semi-permanent nature of data and its magnetic structure always leaves it open to smart manipulation when an electrostatic charge of higher quality and controlled resonance and direction is placed upon interim sections of data so as not to corrupt the data storage unit(s) as a whole.

By having a set charge or one that reads the data, as in a controlled and dynamic magnetic field surrounding the chips or the drives, possibly in a pulsing or static manner, the data can be changed so that money or information is directed from one source to another, by interjecting new codes and information into the data that has been lifted or scanned over and read.  The best would be to read over the data and then skip to those sections most crucial for placement of new codes, directors and representations.

I heard someone say that Best Buy was a billion in debt.  That brings up key questions about their balance sheets that I do not have privey too or really even care, except I hate to see those who have worked there and invested earnestly there to lose their monies.  We the lower caste are being robbed in perpetuity which is why I mention the facts or ideas above.  There are simpler ways to do it through collusion, but I believe there are those who have access to these types of ideas.  We are robbed of our savings and our safety, which is worse.

I no longer believe in the lie of Positive Capitlism in the USA.  We have Iron Walls to the North and the South and the people building them are greedy savages whose greater interest is overseas in foreign nations.  The post traumatic stress and abuses I endured at the LA VA under the simulated regime of the NTEU and FDIC and SS and the D.C. war criminals and LA Superior Court war criminal judges and their police and probabtion officers in LA and Alabama have left me feeling sick often.  Beware my friends,  They have surrounded us.  We can not even eat a meal without being in fear of what has happened to it.  After all, they, being our enemies, may move in methods we do not know . The stress alone and lack of safety makes me want to see their fake political parties collapse.  I know some are on our side, or at least I hope, but you must bewar of deceptions in our enemies government buildings.

I have full VA medical care but I fear them.  They abused me and other veterans.  They being part of the SS and their tagalongs from the NTEU based criminal syndicates whose key manipulators are derived from overseas, or at least their loyalties thereto and therein.

They talk of peace and yet they wage economic warfare upon us.  They make us where we are not safe.  The question becomes ,who is they?  We can see capitalism is dead.  They won on that front.  We are reduced to the lower caste.  Teach your boys to be men of the future, to be real men who use science and empathy to protect their own and to rip their enemies to shreds..

I thank Rene Descartes for his modus operandi in theoretically projecting through imagination those things of certainty but of unrefined final design and description. We live in Hell in the USA often. Is there hope outside of the eternal grave yard, if it exists.


Some people envision ocean apples, a genetic hybrid of apples and kelp or some other tasty variety to string along in the oceans.  Those same people envision dirty hairy blow fly.  A genetic hybrid of flies whose pupae enters the skin of creatures like a splinter of asbestos  and leaves a hollow melon in place of a head.   We can build or destroy?  What is on the dark side of the moon and is that a power grid I see on the light side.?  Su-ee-eet, now we both have a light over our head, or at least partially.


Now folks, I do not mean to labor the point here, but in reference to the weapon I have envisioned as already being used against us, which is assembled from the parts and theory below, I am horrified by what has happened to me in the past at the city of Mobile Government building (Pic Link to picture of the building. Another picture was removed by the paranoid city council who do not approve of human hearted flesh among them, including myself and others who can not vote, or breath. Other horrors to myself and others was inflicted upon us in Los Angeles, including forced medical procedures and silence. NTEU is ETNU like other arrangements and the NTEU is dodging being downsized. Federal Government should be allowed to collectively bargain, but not have a collusion arrangement between agencies. If they can not be downsized legally, we should bring in Union Organizers to break the NTEU and set up new independent unions in each agency like Canada. The criminals of government are playing us for fools. ) Are we dead and in their Hell?  Genghis Khan met Hitler met Some Other Animal from Worm Feces Hell, have come down upon us, and myself, starting in Los Angeles in appreciable aggression by the federal government and the trail of horror stretches to the partial component of the weapon I have relayed to you and it is listed below and an interesting component, a 99.9 probability it is also part is listed above if the Noodle Shaped roof of the building is still in the picture.  Beware of the splitting action and those damned fuzzy wigs in flux. 

One of the main components was listed on this link at Mobile Alabama Government building.  The WTC of 9-11 was likely part in parcel.  Mind control of McVeigh may have given vets a bad name.  If you consider many components in the way as the electron transport system in a cell, you can live in a man's mind or have him live in yours.    The components are already symbolized and assembled and fractal cosmology, small to large, from any window, opens opportunity, for growth or destruction.

Update: In this section I discovered two horns directly across from each other. One was an air raid siren horn and the other was a cluster of horns, likely of long wave length. The two combined with other manipulations, especially by satellite, can be made to form circuitry in the terrestial sphere with the usage of strong grounding buildings or objects made of metal. Also, a news post was made today, 11-26-2004, Lebanon Indymedia warning the Arab and Israeli people of possible control by a master clan who could hardwire our entire earth into a living Hell. The goal of the masters in Los Angeles and Mobile Alabama could be total social control. Let us pray that we can break their plans or their necks before they succeed.

In pondering the modern miracles of science and those weapons that are not seen but can kill you, I considered the combining various wave forms and possibly different energy levels at certain temperatures and environments, as the combinations of complexities are enormous, both to discquise movement and to render harm and to deceive the naive and other objectives.

One thing I tested once was a train horn that blows late at night and comes from the ESE direction on the tracks, which is approximately 150 yards from a large and unexplainable horn that looks like an air raid siren at the corner of Sage Avenue and Florida Street in Mobile, Alabama. You must realize that the sirens can put out waves that humans or other animals can not hear.

One night when I returned from exile in California , circa 2003, I noticed that when the train horn was blowing, I was getting immense headaches. Some starch on tepid water from boiled corn was rippling to the ENE, toward the sound. Some dogs were fighting across the fence to the North, which was unusual. It was as if the frequencies in the air was making them go rabid.

I know some of this sounds far fetched, but you must realize that we are under seige in Mobile Alabama, and Los Angeles California, by both the federal and local government, and anyone with education who butts in is soon crushed, as in my case, an honest auditor. In addition, to give one example of this theory in action is a piece of art that manifests a 3-d image from a compilation of two types of waves, sound and radio wave in an ether.

We should also note the huge amount of metal apparatus on top of the Mobile Alabama Courthouse and the mass of satellite dishes there and at one time across government street at the now closed television station. I also noted that the Los Angeles Airport Court has a large metal podium on top whose alleged purpose is as a helicopter port. A judge there with a cranium three times the average size of a normal humans insisted on giving me a felony for legal gun ownership, despite the fact that I was running for my miserable life in these wretched United States. Do not believe all that you see to be all that those in power claim. They consider us their lessers. We are surrounded and they use every trick imaginable, including economic deprivation and the rendering of early death in some cases, to manipulate us.

It is ironic that the train horn blows often incessantly at full range and in the direction of which the huge so-called air raid sirens points (Note: The air raid siren mentioned above was in fact another long range horn, of the sort used in astronomy. It was removed within days of mentioning it, although there is an air raid siren across the street.) The point at which the two intersect would be at some point along the tracks running to the north of Dauphin Street and towards Sage Avenue. Also across Government Street from the Courthouse in Mobile Alabama on top of the old closed television studio, there are two huge satellite dishes. One points directly into the backside of the courtrooms and to the South and the other points to West. What is their purpose(s)? The corrupt government who is the occupying force in the building will not let average people bring in their cameras, including sessions where there are no external cameras brought by outsiders, and they will not let us bring in testing equipment, for electronic trickery and new applications of physics. Their cameras can not be relied upon due to their static nature, i.e. protective shields and such can not be placed and other tracking devices and remote recording devices. Look at them just as if you are a "Poor Gypsy" under seige in a foreign land.

(11-30-2004 Update, the pattern of movement when one is facing a judge or war criminal with advanced weaponry in an American court, where one pole is situated with all magnetic loops at that point with the poles to the outside at individual points, each of the outer points opposed against but restrained to each other in multiple dimensioons, and a flux of time or space along field lines from various angles as is in figure 2 of this magnetic fields link could leave someone feeling like they are in a magnetic field storm of quicksand. Knocked out, likely in more ways than one. Someone could be placed at a point in one of the outer loops to do harm to the victim on the spot. Or perhaps, in a camera less room, all could be simply stunned by a jolt of some sort, high voltage released by high utraviolet light ionization and de-ionization, as through a window by a beam, with a concurrent jolt released either from within the buildings security system or simply by way of a laser gun. Other methods are available with stronger more re-directed energy/matter flows.)

It is also ironic that so-called veterans at Mobile County Courthouse, Dow and Copeland, both have what appear to be knots on their heads, and unlike most other veterans, they have no respect for veterans obviously, as in my case, therefore I wager at 90% probability they are not true American veterans. Copelands forehead knot is obvious at all times, and I could have sworn I saw one at the city council meeting in Mobile on Mayor Dow's head. I might be wrong on Dow, but it was interesting to note the two are knot heads. In addition, a judge who denies me my right to film near the courthouse, Judge McMaken, who also has a very large and irregular cranium, sort of like Frankenstein, is not challenged for his position by anyone. I suppose it does not matter because we have been targeted to lose our vote in many cases, including myself, and the votes are likely rigged and a shill game.

You should be aware that the government or clandestine operators or even mad men and sinister corporations or their operatives within, can give you cancer through various means, without ever laying a hand on you, and if they can touch you, it is easier. I was held hostage twice in the past four years and given injections, when I was calm and collected, once in Los Angeles and once in Flagstaff. That was against the Geneva Convention. I have noticed a soar area in my throat that will not seem to clear up. .

It would not surprise me if I have not been injected with seed cells for cancer. After all, one surgeon said I had a scar in a natural suture line in my mouth, and the area had become infected. I also have a tooth that looks like electronics according to my dentist. And it is all on the same side, including the sore area in my throat. I would rather die of cancer than have any American surgeon touch me or any of their allies. I hope not all are bad, but how can you trust those who betray you in your greatest hour of need, such as when I was running for my life after blowing the whistle on my past employer, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco, where the blood has yet to dry from the dead regional director of the early 90's, found dead in his office and falsely labeled a suicide. Accounting is more dangerous than being a soldier in America today. This Kurt would rather drive a truk from now on or find a government that has not been over run by those who are the enemy to the average man.

The horns were blowing loud, and it is now 13 minutes past midnight, 11-17-2004 in Mobile Alabama midtown near the GAF plant on Florida Street. The people who control the trains in Jackson Mississippi were very rude when I spoke with them, just as the mayor and city councilmen. Past City Council President and acting councilman Clinton Johnson is also an arrogant and unresponsive ass hole in their clan who never helped with the train noise.

If I shoud die within the next year, I hope someone picks up Sant Ram Bone's government examiner magnifying glass like I have and go to work on anyone who has taken your native land under siege, without even having democracy or open government. Dare to think the unthinkable, the simple minds already have, and their weapons and hidden motives should never be underestimated. Remember Radar, The Nuclear Bomb, and the gun. When they first arrived, no one knew what to think of them except, "Watch out".

Senator Vivian Figures of Mobile Alabama became irate over an email I sent when I was taking VA medications, which I have learned to just say, "No Freakin Way". I later warned her that her husband, a deceased Senator, who allegedly died of a natural brain hemmorhage, may have had his condition pushed over the edge by a wave of some sort to basically bust his veins in his head. A combination of waves hitting the head could create pressures of unimaginable force, with some great enough to kill an innocent and honest and healthy person. If that person had a slight weakness known, then that type of murder is more convenient than murdering someone with their own gun and calling it suicide.

A wise old woman once told me, "Do not tell me any secrets and I will not tell you any lies". I often wondered about the wisdom of that statement in today's world. In the end, it has to be that way. It is too bad that the Mobile Alabama government will not allow independent auditors to bring their cameras into the city council meetings. And it is sad that Judge McMaken, who I meet today in court, and who has that large ill-shaped cranium, does not allow cameras from independent auditors and the city government's victims into their courtroom, while the victims are being abused and extorted from by those heinous creatures, who almost appear as war criminals, not only in actions but in appearance.

I remember a guy I met at the Veterans Administration Out Patient Clinic in Mobile Alabama. He was a fellow veteran, and I thought he was as crazy as loon, but probably more informed than I could ever be.  He said that Mobile Alabama had the largest military type configuration you could imagine.  He rambled on about many things, but when I look at things now, with more age and wisdom and experience and knowledge, I think the military he might be talking about is not always used for the local Mobilians or even Americans benefit. 

Warning: "DO NOT FUCK WITH us" And because some have, they must prepare to Tango. Mob AL County Commissioner will show you how to bend before us in the end in this movie clip (A high speed or cable connection is likely needed to view). Remember to relax the throat to control stuttering and remember to pass that along to Ex Mobile Alabama County Commissioner, Freeman Jochisch, in prison, who should be accompanied by Sheriff Tillman, Mayor Dow, and Councilmen Copeland and Johnson.

It has been my experience that when you have lost nearly everything that you start to find who you truly are and who is truly like you. I remember once when some police came to my home for trying to enter a city council meeting. They were going to search my wife's house because I was on illegally forced probation for legal gun ownership and a frame-up when running for my life from associates of federal mafia and someone wanted to punish me, i.e the Jack clan, and when I was talking to them, a large whirl wind came and blew dust in their faces at 20 paces from where I stood talking with another deputy in the street where I performed my loud mouth interpretation of "Stand Back Jack". I had four golf balls in my truck, whiffle balls, when they searched it for a gun, which they knew I did not have, and there were four of the officers. I would have gladly played one handed golf with them if I could have had some medication for pain. I had just finished my fish dinner. Strange is it not?

It is also strange that America's space shuttle may have been shot by a laser, loosening the insulation. And it is also strange that some of America's satellites mysteriously are destroyed in space. By laser? I guess it depends on who is collecting data at the moment. They are or aren't the trustworthy ones? It depends on which ones you are talking about.



Theoretical Science: When I try to picture consciousness, I picture all of existence.  If I was to create life in the mind, it would travel infinitely spanning and snapping or phasing into other branches of a known calculable variation with a known variable X to be defined in totality under each slightly changing condition.

It would be similar to a rainbow that keeps splitting from the origin, much like decision trees.


Comedy: Scene, the Garden District, New Orleans Louisiana, with an actor similar to Al Pacino or Christopher Walken or any monkey theatre clown of your choice playing Judeo-Christian Satan--"Come sit in my electric chair" says Satan.  He grabs the electric chair in the bedroom of the church turned bordello, and an electric shock runs through him as he stares into the low horizon on the wall.

One of America's bourgeoisie politicians or bureaucrats who is also a murderer is watching along with one of his personal overpaid gun wielding staff.  "Here, sit in it and I will show you," says Satan.

The politician laughingly sits in it while the guard puts his hand on his shoulder and another on a wet sink nearby.  Satan flips the switch for the power and grabs a plank slamming it into the overpaid bodyguards chest, freeing his grip from the politician in the electric chair.

The bodyguard, knocked unconscious but alive lays on the floor.  The dead politician's remnant life rises from the corpse.  Satan says, "God Damn" "You take a lickin and just keep kickin", and then he does a little shuffle like a cross country skier.

The politician looks over his shoulder at his corpse in horror and disbelief.  "Damn boy" says Satan, "I love this part" and rams his hand up from down low as if grabbing something from the air, and adds.  "You never know how they are going to react." And then satan makes a gesture in which he puts his hand up to his mouth and acts like he is spitting something out.

"Guess what this is" aks Satan.  "This is your eternal soul".  "No just kidding, you are it kid." "What's left of you"

"Would you like to buy my electric chair".  "I am also forced to tell you that a new song is out about this electric chair, sung by old lung nuts himself, SainTramBone.  "Stone Cold in My Electric Chair" (Downloadable in mp3).

Depending on the mood of day, one direction or another is taken after each execution.


Comedy: An old Indian was sitting on a mountain top somewhere in the America's watching men of all colors and tongues from the distant continent walk past.  Along came a White man, "Have you seen a nigger or Jew tracking through here?".  "No" replied the Indian.  "I'll be back tonight to camp" said the White man, and the old Indian replied, "How" and the white man went on his way.

Through the day, a Jew came by and asked basically the same question, except, "Had the Nazi or Nigger" been tracking through.  The Indian replied "How" and the Jew said he would be back that night.  

The black guy came by asked the same question and said the same things except he asked, "Have you seen the Nazi or the Jew" and the Indian gave the same replies and said "How" and the black guy was coming back that night to the area to camp.

That night, the black, the white, and the jew came back and started fighting.  After calling each other a filthy Nazi, filthy Nigger, and filthy Jew, they decided to attack the old Indian and divide his land so  they would not have to fight.  They opened the door to the tent and out came a grizzly bear with rabies and went running off of the hill. 

The old Indian dead in the tree and killed by the bear said, "How".


Comedy: Satan was asked, "Who do you like?". Satan replied, "I like nobody, like a martyr". "Would you like to buy my new hit record at the end of this video", "Big Federal Dick Up My N'awlins Big Easy Bud Hole", or perhaps you would like to fight with my wet cock?"  "It tastes like fish with which you are maternally familiar."

Aft note: I do not prescribe to the concept of Judeo-Christian Satan, only seeing the ignorance in some of the concept.  Zen Buddhism tears a man into an ant bed and reassembles him as a what-knot.  Lucky Luciano once said, "Refrain, Refrain".


Science: By tracking neutrinos with each specific energy of penetration and a noted, if possible, spin orientation alteration, the ability to track numerous energy and matter fields based upon the projected calculations from the sums empirically detected in their various measurements, woud afford the ability to view the environment in a heretofore unknown observation, to my knowedge.  Of course I am still trying to calculate from 0 to .x, so the manipulation of ourselves may be irreversible, like a spike to the head.


Comedy:   Updated 4-2-2005 Scene: SainTramBone is at round table with people who resemble the corrupt politicians in 2005, Mob AL City Council, Mayor Wod, and Sheriff Jack Snatch.   SainTramBone is an outside auditor who free-lances on a non profit basis while under witness protection for his discoveries in investigating a murder labeled suicide at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a federal banking regulator.

SainTramBone looks under the round table, "Where is the bootie?"  "I smell a Jack Snatch and a Pussy Cat."

Councilman Leg End Sullivan looks over at Jack Snatch's ass, "Good God, There is a huge worm hanging out Sheriff Snatch's ass hole".

SainTramBone says, "Yes, Yes there it is darting in and out of the sphincter boy".  I brought my magnifying glass

SainTramBone tries to remove one of the worms with a letter opener and a pair of scissors to put it in a jar. 

Sheriff Snatch clinches his ass and tightens his spincter, a couple of the worms fall out but the others slide back in, looking like spaghetti being eaten on the New Jersey boardwalk by Uncle Bizarro. Sheriff Jack Snatch says, "Mine", obviously delirious from the biological terror weapons he is host to, per the orders of the hidden and high ranking dignitaries of the Mob AL government, where ever they hide.

SainTramBone says, "I see one of your primary jobs is to watch the door, not only for the worms at this table, but the ones in your shee-it". After scooping the loose worms into the jar and,  SainTramBone walks back and forth, back and forth, examining the three 6's asses, and repeats over and over, "Johnson, Leg End, Snatch". "Johnson, Leg End, Snatch", and starts to skip and dance.

To Be Continued




Science: In speculating upon the ultimate weapon in self defense, I considered the ultimate evasive device in self defense.

Numerous beginnings could reach this end point, but by separating by time and gravitational mass, through extreme pressure of two opposing points with an outer perimeter denoted by the mass attracted, and possibly by altering the fields to repel in each sphere, one group could pull itself away from the other in its entirety, just as if a nuclear bomb went off two miles down the road and you are watching it through a window, not even feeling the heat dissipation.

Of course control and modulation of such an event would be tedious if not done correctly, as when things snapped back to reach equilibrium, a resulting wave opposing wave effect could leave everything crushed into a flux.

As an after-thought, I once heard two old women say, "Once they can move heaven and earth, that will be the end." Of course, I am not sure if they were women, or if there were even two women or any woman at all. Their voices were feminine and nice, but I once heard a rattle snake shed its skin also.


Scientific Societal Silencing: By gaining a monopoly on the media outlets of a nation and the hindering of filming coverage of news within everyday events, a select group could gain not only the mind of the masses, but its government in addition to its fortunes. This is America 2005. Who are the prime benefactors? Look at their financial holdings and tracable source of wealth for the true nature of these mighty mites of wealth in a dieing world, run by mundane minds, or clever minds with their own outlet in the hour of destruction. Like locusts in a field.


Theoretical Military Offense: Considering the outcome of World War II, and the fact that we in America are being ostracized from our government, we must ask, what caused the war and the lie of a democracy in the USA?

Could it be possible for some to integrate into a society, or perhaps split into two, so that some groups could acquire a massive amount of control of both sides governments and nations production.?

Something is wrong in America, and it may go beyond simple thugs controlling the higher levels of government due to their work at the National Treasury Employees Union and the entire federal government, hence the entire government?

How do we break this conundrum? Look to Joseph Stalin, if history is true. Scientific endeavor for the betterment of mankind can be had, but first we will have to remove the control of government from the hands of men who behave inhumanely. They beat the foreigners in public and hide in the shadows to destroy "Some" Americans. I wear my underwear on my head today to sympathize with those men abused by beasts with guns from the USA, sent by beasts with a government in their pocket. Give us our nation or give us our deaths, even if through detonation of all nuclear missiles within the confines of America. They piss down our throats. Let us vomit in their soup, those war criminals in control with their mass media propaganda, in particular CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC etc.



Science: When considering the energy and movement of comets, they seem to hold huge potential in various uses, and may be in use already in some cases if not all.

When I saw the so-called launch of the comet probe on USA propaganda mass media, I could not help but ask myself, "If this is indeed real and not a stage show, could there be alternate uses by those around us in some areas?

Millions of us are ostracized from USA government, illegally. Why should we trust those robber barons who are like pigs in a rut?


Weapons or Transport: When looking at the glint in my sunglasses toward the sun and slightly off of the Zenith recently I thought I saw what was a disk. The chances of a glint from the sun are 50%, but regardless, I thought of a way to make this vehicle or weapon move at the speed and calculation from my perspective.

An explosion in the sky near my location North of Braman Oklahoma towards Kansas might have been the precursing stressor, as I already have post traumatic stress from being attacked by criminals within the government, or their extentions etnu at the NTEU.

Anyway, through the magnetic pull of the earth due to gravity and through the use of possibly one or two satellites, and their apparatus, the magnetic field can be amplified through lasers and a syngeristic effect in the turn to the horizontal magnetic field line from the satellites and their apparatus, with laser being a large component with use of the magnetic field lines which act like a conduit. A gyroscope in the center could offer transport. The exterior appeared to be Titanium and a Golden Copper or Bronze type material or color. The outer caps were Golden Bronze color with center ring the same, and the two wraps in between those were Titanium, or appeared so.

A sonic blast was heard immediately after the direct fall from the Zenith, as the turn catapulted it to invisibility with a sonic blast going to the South.

We all know other weapons exist that we are not told of, either here or there. The problem becomes, will we live an unfettered and untampered life the next time around?



Weapon:  By integrating the parts of the genome of two flies with any third fly a weapon can be made with disastrous consequences not only for man but for almost all living creatures.  The two flies are the Pseudacteon spp. and the Triseptera species. 

The loci of the gene from the species of Pseudacteon fly expressing its reproductive cycle in which a larvae is laid on a living creature, an ant in its original form, and the larvae burrows through the skin and gets into the bloodstream, crosses the blood/brain barrier and takes up habitation in the brain, in which there is no immune defense and treatment is near impossible, and which in its natural form the ant's head falls off after pupation by the fly larvae.  

The desired loci of the gene from Triseptera gives it the ability to bypass the immune system of its food source, usually an ant and other small creatures.  It does this by utilizing the DNA of the host creature in creating its own tissues, thereby bypassing the immune system entirely.  The female usually just lives inside the host in this case and puts its genitalia out of the ribs of the host thereby allowing the male to copulate.   However, the desirable trait is that a target gene and its loci gives instructions on how to assimilate the hosts DNA in creating its own outer tissue.

Any fly could be integrated with those above.  I had used a Hairy Blow Fly in the original example and called it Dirty Hairy Blow Fly.  Another highly adaptable insect whose life cycle closely resembles  the Pseudacteon species and the Triseptera species is the Anopheles mosquito.  Falciparum malaria is transmitted by the mosquito.  Plasmodium falciparum is transmitted through the host in a similar cell structure to that of the two flies above. 



Weaponry: For a regime in power in any nation with a standing army which wants to guarantee that its army does not turn against the regime in power, a fatal self destruct weapon could be installed into each soldier in the military. Something as simple as a visit to the military dentist or doctor could allow the installation of the outright weapon or the key to a method. The weapon could be anything and does not have to be mechanical, electronic, or chemical, and could simply be mind control.

The USA government now denies us rights not only under the USA Constitution and their own laws to protect us, but they are also violating the Geneva Convention by allowing forced injections and medical experiments (See Chapter 36 Law in AZ, NM and NV, passed since Bush Jr.'s regime first political coup, and See the site for Veterans Administration forced experiments, and the list goes on with links in this site)

Beware of the fatal blow, when your fellow soldiers drop dead in the upcoming technological war. Examine all suspicious cuts or entry points, as some may not even be visible. Remember, things are never as bad as they seem, and sometimes death or extinction is preferable to life and a terminal existence. The USA government has betrayed the American people. The USA government was conquered from the Top Down by war criminals. Their tool, the NTEU, or National Treasury Employees Union, which spans every aspect of the federal government.



Science Weapons: On thinking on new weapons of social control and how they are or will be enacted in America's courtrooms and courthouses, I considered how someone could be knocked into a semi conscious or unconscious state in a room full of other people. Although that does not have to occur with this procedure as long as you have access to the equipment and modality.

By something such as an innoculation gun, with a very small injection device or trace leaving device with a projectile as thin as a hair or less, and stiff and flexible enough to go through the inner mouth or nose and into the brain. Manipulated electric shock and phase field changes could also be used in which we are unaware. Control could be had through either simple behavior modification to implanting something that would deliver shocks or jolts on command or other manipulations such as phase skipping or unequivocal mental distraction under direction. Of course simple torture is a deterrent also, in which as in my case, I had an enormous headache for three days after going to Mobile Alabama court and I passed a large blood clot from my head, which I never did before and I have not since. Senator Michael Figures of Alabama was genetically pre-disposed or had been manipulated to the point of a brain hemmorhage, twice. I had told the judge and court on the first hearing I had had a stroke which was not true, after all. Did they attack my weakness also? A weakness that was not there. Best advice, demand cameras or other recording equipment be allowed in with all victims and respondents to court proceedings. Other test equipment should be brought in also with test of equipment prior to entry, or better yet through clandestine and legal channels, if that exists.



If you consider the shape of the cavity in space in which we are a part, and if the walls are impenetrable, then all life contained within is captive to that area. Consider the expansion or "big bang theory" and then the retraction of all or part. Not only could some natural laws be used there to derive the satisfaction of needs, but also others could utilize the changes or variations to expand their reach, as internationally and sooner or later through interstellar expanses. Unfortunately, when the cavity in space contracts, all life is brought back into close proximity to each other and if not almost all are destroyed by natural forces, the pockets of life conflict for the few remaining resources, like various colonies of bacteria on a piece of dead flesh competing to survive and consume. Except that the life forms in comparison to man or his intelligent derivatives, could overwhelm anything ever known to Earth or most if not all of its residents.

Of course it could be that some can travel through the walls or cavities in space, and this universe, or cavity in space, is their domain. I would wager if they are the superior of all, they are also the most gentle at times and the most lethal at others.

How many times has the cavity in space expanded and contracted? What sort of weapons systems are hidden by those truly in control of the planet? I once heard water dripping from a bucket, one drop at a time, and I realized that a pipe routed the vast majority of the spill back to the care-takers house, where it was initiated. Then one day, after dawn, the water stopped and I knew a new care-taker had dawned. Find the war criminal at America's throat and find Oz. Speaking of Oz, near the Kansas border just South of Wichita Kansas, post Braman Oklahoma (map link), on interstate 35, a huge fireball exploded in the sky similar to an aircraft crash earlier in Oklahoma (news link). I shook my head and thought, "What a fireworks show! If I could only show that to those who step upon our rights as free humans, including the members of the regime in power who deny us our rights by the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution, and who deny us our rights as guaranteed in their laws, including the Open Meetings Laws." It is my prayer that those who stand in the way of the door of open government are plowed asunder. The self righteousness of the most oppressive clans of men is probably their most repugnant attribute. See Mobile Alabama Mayor and City Council 2004.



Foreword Note of the Day: On thinking about the weapon utilizing large metal buildings and artifacts in a construct that would utilize satellites with modification of long and short wave above the ground to create a smart magnetically and electrically charged network with possibile manipulation of physical rules on a broader dimension and to a directed function. I presented the 3-d Dimensionalizer at the link also. I believe that the thrust of energy through the assimilated circuitry could be coded to travel randomly and thereby avoid detection in energy flows. Could it be that Seattle Washington's suicide rate is related to the large metal buildings and the space needle, at least their grounding or ionizing effect, and manipulations of various sound waves, long and short, with advanced nodes to transport charges needed. I feel less depressed in Humboldt County California's foggy mass than I do in the sunshine climate of Hellishly oppressed Alabama. To put it in Granny's favorite words, "Honey, it ain't the weather that keeps me here in this hothouse Hell, tar shack shanty." "This is my home, this is my Bill-et Club". By the way, Mobile Audit Club will assist you if you get headaches or nose bleeds from the tactics used in America's courtrooms behind closed doors and without outside technological meters. Stunning floor with modulator on Love Line 3 also. FDIC Manager SF Early 90's likely commited suicide with his own weapon, their hand or machine held the gun, either before or during execution. I survived twice. Know weaponry and technology or know eternal subjugation. It is ironic that the largest union in the country also has its headquarters in a large metal building in Arlington Virginia, near Washington D.C. that they will not show online. The National Treasury Employees Union has swallowed the government with its masters in the shadows, like a war criminal in the dark with an ax, whose best friend, the president, is also a slave to their master, the newly arrived war criminal with an ax.


In controlling the apparatus below, which could in effect create at least two out loops in time and space, similar to a polyp of diverticulitus in the wall of a colon, except with two opposing walls, perhaps with greater transparency to each other, and possibly even resembling on a more molecular level, choromosomes with the )( shape but connected at the center point like the Roman Numeral X. Many methods could initiate the process of creating duplicates of a location in space, although the mechanics of the over-riding apparatus are listed below and span cities and the globe.

The person, or 3-d apparition in that opposing bubble to your own could be protected from dropping any controlling apparatus, and it could be as small as anything, including something as small as a can of Binaca breath spray. It would be similar to having the opposing wall at its center on the polyp, pushed through to the other side and into the other polyp, briefly. There could even be shifting of the perimeter wall on one side or both to align each pocket or polyp. Nothing could fall that or move out that was not directly acted upon with that intention.

Of course, to put it in the words of Aristotle, you can never know anything with certainty due to multi-dimensional influences and complexities. Similarly, mind Control for any period, long or short, could protect ones self or lend opportunity to tinker with others, or leave you and I, victims of war criminals aggressions. If you ever notice a blood clot from your head, the type that is the size of a dime or quarter and it is pulled into your windpipe, even you may have stepped through sometime during the day, without wanting to do so. The question then becomes, what caused the blood clot? Welcome to my experience at the Mobile Alabama county courthouse, USA, where cameras are not allowed to be brought in by myself or others, private citizens, according to my attorney, in many places, including meetings, and my hearing in front of Judge McMaken that was on November 17,2004.

It is not a matter of trust, it is a matter of knowing that we must be able to test for tinkering by our natural enemies demands that we demand the right to bring high tech cameras into all government meetings, and possibly other equipment. They could be tested at the gate or prior to the meetings. Never leave your equipment with those who you can not trust, and even then, it is subject to the uncertainty factor. Mobile to Los Angeles, gone.


By being able to ionize air and send a controlled and modulated jolt to people's brain patterns, or to loop people out of current space and do operations and then loop them back in, someone could place the equivalent of fiber optic cable, possibly coated with stem cells or the equivalent in inorganic matter between the cerebral halves of the brain to span either implanted electronics or areas of the brain that are sensitized to perform some function with the fiber optics whose circuitry could be minimized to the molecular level and have each section or fiber function for an individual purpose, precise social control could be maintained by a select group, who could utilize layers or a heirarchy of people to maintain that control.

Social control could be had through that method, to the point of people being drones or worker bees or mindless slaves. Demand all courtrooms and city council meetings be open at all times to cameras and electronic test equipments



A so-called security system exists in many federal and commercial buildings allegedly to detect where a person's foot steps are so that a person can be monitored electronically to tell where they are at all times. (One of the systems is the ORL Active Floor).   This grid or framework also can be used in an offensive method to incapacitate someone or render them into a semi-state of consciousness, where they can be interrogated without them knowing, or even possibly have it appear to others that someone in an office has killed themselves while in fact they are murdered.

Once some high-heeled boys at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, my past employer, told me that one such system was in place at the FDIC building in San Francisco on Ecker Street.  A man was killed there and it was a labeled a suicide in the early 1990's by federal police, the man was the past regional director and most likely was not in the inner circle that has swallowed up much of the banking regulatory system on behalf of money launderers and other criminal business entrepreneurs and invasive parties.

I do not believe to incapacitate someone the metal grid has to be laid on the floor as I sure there are other methods.  A gun was invented that acted like the taser gun that fired electrodes to stun someone, except it just used a beam of ionized air and not actual electrodes to send the current necessary to stun or kill someone.  With a right combination of  magnetic and electrical currents and the correct apparatus to alter the distribution of a field over a set of points in the grid, someone could do anything they wanted to an individual or even a group of individuals.  Of course there are many other methods, if you have the inclination and the money to invest in the technology.

A set point on a grid could be found and between four points, any number of effects could be had upon a person, from stunning them to killing them and many things in between with the right apparatus attached to the grid.   A smart system could vector a set area in the matrix based on the location of where the footsteps are indicated.   I warn all of those who may have those systems in  their buildings to beware, particularly if sensitive information or a lot of money is at stake.

The technology is so endless, and the capabilities are so diverse, that one would be foolish to ever consider things to be as they were 50 or 100 years ago, even with so-called cutting edge technologies of each era.

We are surrounded in America at the upper levels of government. Mobsters at the National Treasury Employees Union could utilize numerous federal agencies security systems against those who they are allegedly supposed to protect--us. Not only that, but foreign governments could use the systems as an inroad into our nations most coveted secrets and treasures.  Our USA elections are even run as they were claimed to have been run 100 years ago.  Now, they have even pushed many people from the foray of  the vote, by disallowing them entry.  The law is one-sided, and the mass media continues to hum its nightmarish drone, just as in George Orwell's book 84. I felt like the main character who was killed in the book, being led down the highway from California to Alabama and having to let so-called big brother California government and the federal government know when I was in transit, like a target duck.

I do not believe all is lost, but some sectors have been over run as if by a blitzkrieg of men and women with extremely high-tech apparatus. (Note: a thanks for info from the high heeled boys of San Francisco. What size pumps do you want for Xmas? Mail saintrambone and he will send them to the FDIC office in care of you-- the generic Sueet Carol nemesis).

A word to the wise auditor who is opposed to the corrupt megaliths, "Do not ever panic, especially if on the highway. They want you to die in an accident, or make it look that way, so keep that in mind." "Beware of those who want to knock you unconscious with injections, whether they are government or some state approved official." Soon I may write a book on how to survive in the world of the modern auditor and investigator. Technology has changed the game. Dirty hands demand dirty answers. The assailants have learned to keep their hands clean, especially the higher rank men who target those who get in their way or pose problems.

(Several of the possible methods, materials, and theories behind the incapacitating floor security system are listed here. Some of the technology needed to keep a person standing erect is missing, although having then sit in a chair prior to the jolt is the most common method for a single directed assault. Someone could be knocked into semi-conscious state without the added technology to maintain the posture of someone standing erect. The Markov model illustrates how detection is made from the priniciples of the Markov Model . Piezo cable is one of the materials used in the manufacture of floor security systems. Some of the theories and applications using Piezo systems.)



The perfect weapon--the perfect weapon would be able to utilize various energy forms in a controlled state at infinite points to move people and machines or simply large areas in and out of the battle at the moment needed for maximum utility.  Similar to an engine firing pistons, the machine would always be working even when in idle, so as not to lose kinetic energy, but instead, to gain motion from each thrust. A more peaceful solution would be to use it as transport, but humans on Earth are not being directed by that kind of intelligence, at least not in the USA.

I am very enamored by a piece of art that brought out a 3-D image by utilizing sound waves and radio frequency waves in an ether matrix with a 2-D image being used as the model for the 3-D image.  Here is the artwork.

It was that piece of art and the construction of some sort of military apparatus or other concealed intent apparatus not far from my home.  A huge radio wave horn, clusters of small Seti type astronomy horns, was placed in Mobile Alabama next to an air raid siren. There is a reason for them other than telling us the Luftwaffe is coming and that a Hurricane is in the hood. The horns were moved within days after my talking about them on the web.   I believe the horns are used to combine radio waves and sound waves, either from the air raid siren that was across the street or from a train whistle nearby, with possible other wave manipulations via satellite and the pitch is one that we can not hear, possibly radio wave or extremely high or low frequency sound with directive forced placed upon the waves by ionizing air in a beam utilizing a laser.  At night a train blows a horn, loudly in a field across from the horns at a 45-degree angle.  I have noticed that dogs fight sometimes extremely violently when the train horns are blowing.   Also, unusual are satellite dishes that point into the back of the Mobile county courthouse, one to the south, and one to the west.  Also, in the court of judge McMaken who I feel is possibly an insurgent or war criminal of sort, he has a odd shaped cranium, like a craut experiment, and the layout of the lights above in the court has a metallic grid, shaped like the crossing bars in a waffle iron. The last time I was in his court, that night I passed a blood clot from my head into my windpipe. That had never happened before. I remember either a dream or a flashback or maybe a time bubble or the jolting of the entire room into a semi-state of consciousness, or perhaps it was a flashback from my being abused at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration hospital in Westwood. Someone was running a needle into an area of my mouth in which a surgeon recently said looked like an incision scar. I thought the needle was going up past the cheek bones and into the brain. I screamed in agony and then I blanked out, and after reconsidering, it was if it had happened in the courtroom of McMaken, and afterward, the time bubble which looks like a protrusion in space with a closed gap for ordiniary viewers, I was released out of it and stood disoriented and feeling sick to my stomach for a brief second speaking with the corrupt tyrant McMaken. Could the autrocratic aristocracy of Mobile Alabama and other cities be manipulating juries with mind control? There is definitely no justice there. We need an affront of technological insurgents to demand full entry to test to see if our enemies have gained control of the nation. If they do not allow us in with the test equipment, or free reign to test the outside, and because they are blocking auditors to have free access, we should hope their buildings within that network are decimated with as few casualties as possible. Our enemies are among us.

We the common are under siege in America, never getting justice, and being forced silent when we know of crimes in financial government agencies.  The federal government went silent after an attempt on my life for blowing the whistle on corruption at the FDIC, and then helped the corrupt idiot Sheriff of Mobile Alabama, Jack Tillman, to help frame me when I ran for my life.

Back to the ultimate weapon.  Much like those weapons that create a vortex in space of various wave energies, or that can create an inverse field, by separating it or identifying it, and utilizing the transient or permanent state to create the window for military operations and interrogations, or ride alongs, to proceed without the opponents awareness.  This weapon has a center, and that center could simply be the gravitational pull from the center of the Earth, whose path pulls everything along its framework as long as they are free from the over riding gravitational field of other free floating bodies.

Theoretically, like something trying to reach equilibrium, a combination of field energies could be firing off and moving at certain points.  With enough control, and a transjectory or off-setting of points to control all points on the  globe and to within a certain range of other free floating bodies.

The weapon would simply move matter or fields, or maybe the inverse fields of matter, to a out-setting point away from the original field of matter.  It would be similar to being pulled out, just as if you were within a colon and pulled out into a polyp or side point of diverticulitus.

The time has come to take off the rose colored glasses and never trust any thing the government or corporations do without giving it serious thought.  Their buildings should be highly suspect.  In particular, I have noticed that many courthouses in America always have some sort of metal contraption that spans their tops, from so called artwork and lookout towers, to heli-ports.  Their floors have metal grids that allegedly track foot prints but could be used to stun people and set their brainwaves at a hertz that is at the point of unconsciousness while maintaining rigidity and balance within the inner organs of the brain.  Beware of the immunizations of your children.  It may be a choice of the lesser of two evils, as I believe those war criminals among us, would spread the polio virus to guarantee the injecting into un-witting child victims of other designs, with a timed effect of brain damage, such as creating auto-immune inflammation and very high fevers and subsequent brain damage.  Convulsions are common in some children after their injections when they run fevers.  Would they do that without the extra stimulating of the auto-immune responses.  I estimate a probability of 97.5% in the direction of "No".

This is no time for playing.  Many people have not survived assassination attempts and being tracked as I have, which was  after I taunted the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation by alerting the public to their crimes.  The FDIC are banking regulators and who openly give bank charters to Nevada casino skimmers, and who turn a blind eye to money laundering banks.  I was a bank examiner for the FDIC in California.  In addition, the mafia organization, full of war criminals in their shadows, is the National Treasury Employees Union, which began in 1937 when Hitler was rising, and who expanded in 1973 when Nixon was falling.  We are under siege.  God D-amn the war criminals within the regime and their courts.  Let us utilize everything we can to oust their technological noose from ours and our childrens throats.  Let us put them on trial before we die, or if we can not win, and if their concentration camps, prisons, continue to spread, and if their media continues to lie, let us know when to pull the panic switch and snatch them into our pile of dieing hopes.

The US government has also mapped the genome of elephants and man and other animals and they know which loci of the genes needed to create the protein that was so abundant in Einsteins brain.  Ganesh, the Hindu God, could be manifested, but he may simply be kept immobile and fed lies and utilize his large advanced brain to advance their barbarisms.

If you have sensitive information, do not go into government buildings or their transport mechanisms. It is amazing how the governments throughout history always call those on the cutting edge insane if they are not in leagu with the party that has inherited power. Galileo is the best example. They call many of them various names, including schizophrenics, manic depressives and such. I call them Some-what Kosher Lucifer's children, because they have a higher calling despite their feet being on this squalid backward prison planet, Earth, where people are kept in the dark by design of their captors whose idiots, our dumbdowned brothers hold their guns or weapons and prisons in our faces.

In addition to the huge amount of metal exterior buildings or with metal roof tops and side walls for a ground, a machine could be constructed with a set amount of functions and objectives in which we are manipulated for the benefit of the sole proprietors o the system. We are surrounded by magnetic fields and energies on earth. Here is the Mobile Government plaza. Here is the Los Angeles Airport Court. Could they be part of a redundant system using magnetic and electronic technologies combined with control via satellites. I could even see the utilization and displacement of ionization channels from the buildings, much like electronic circuitry, but it could also be utlitized off the ground and in flux with the right framework and satellite controls. Many metal buildings are in the USA, large steel framed skyscrapers and office buildings. Could the points between two such buildings be used also? Most likely soon, if not already. The Mobile County Courthouse has a very strange feel to the air, cold, and yet somehow different. Is the air ionized? Remember that a stun gun exists that operates on a laser beam of ionized air. The same principle could be applied to an entire room, easily, especially with a conductive floor or ceiling grid.

Update 12-1-2004 In addition to being in the buildings to enact the higher functions of an exterior machine against an individual, it would be possible with the same concepts here to have two devices that would have the effect of acting like poles around which magnetic energies and the energies of the greater machine could flow. Therefore, anywhere someone get both ends with you in between, you could be caught up in their vortex or polyp in time and space.

If this planet is indeed a prison, I wonder if the girl I knew who predicted her own death date in 1974 or 1975, will be correct with the age she predicted for my death. If so, I will soon be with her, I am sure. She and I met while I was briefly in Monroeville, Alabama, a town whose primary legacy was the book and movie, "To Kill A Mockingbird". It saddens me to see the poverty there now, while the Alabama politicians feed upon the dwindling fat of the poor. Some-what Kosher Lucifer is in the mood for a Wod of ribs.



Advertisement for modern day pirates of media and mass: Scene, Gauze/Gauss Busters at Mobile County Courthouse with Surrounding Satellites pointing into office in the foreground with the metal backdrop of the new piece in the puzzle courthouse, the large thick metallic roof conducting like a solenoid or reverbrating escarpment pointing to the Zenith.

Saint Ram Bone says, "Have you been to Mob. AL Courthouse? "After leaving, are you feeling stressed out when near antannae and microwave radar when you are in their hood or interstate?" "Whether it is a TV station, a microwave relay station, satellite station, or any other micro-wavable or macro-wavable glow in the "kel-si-us cold dark". (Saint Ram Bone) Big Smile then a shouting roar like those whackie preachers feeding the squirrels at the park, "You need to bust their gauss!" "You probably have been stunned, and gunned with the experiment of our century, now the controlled fiber optic signals at the molecular level mimicing your own brain processes, and imbedded in part or remnant from their medical procedure." "Thank Me?" "No! Thank Mobile Audit Club." "Remember, We busted them first because of blood on the Freakin DICk Gauze (Gauss) in San Francisco, Sex-ton was it?." "Our services are of a charitable nature, and we pray at 22-percent and settle for 10 plus or minus 2 percent. That was Los Angeles, This Was Los Angeles, That was Alabama, This is Alabama." "Got your conch reporting."

Zoom out on Saint Ram Bone at Beach with Conch Shell to ear and Centaurus and Lupus in background with viewable and to the side of Centaurus (Astronomy Pic), is the shadow of a large electronics board, directed from metal structures on earth, which is possible to magnify and shine light uponat an elevation, as sharks fight out at sea and dogs fight on the beach.



11-13-04: Some-What Kosher Lucifer brings this early mourning message to every Jack Snatch who has focked with him. You will get this greeting at the door, a dance and song with the Indian virgin princess of red left hand, the Bharat Natyam. When the door closes you will hear, "you pissed me off, down on all fours". A choice will have to be made for your afterlife companion, Uncle Billy Goats rastafarian drag queen domimatrix Little Debbie, or the Queens Brothel--Warning this pic link has nudity and sex? Bachelors Prick, Jack Snatch (Remember Bharat Lubrication--Video Link of Soloist with Oil) Old Indian women leave message s. Prepare to depends thine self. Wax On Wax Off, Yack, Moi et Tu, Sleeping Above Ground, mp3 song by Some-what Kosher Lucifer. Its a GAS. In the end as in the beginning, a pot of gold awaits every no-good Jack Snatch, and a dance with Claudius leaves him begging for more, on all fours. (Movie Link, Claudius Dances with ill-gotten pots of gold, (In Real Audio, also spot Free-Man Jock-Itch and win Bootey prize). Some-what Kosher Lucifer is the avenger of all gone wrong, whose big-balled Cherubs straighten up the Dick-Heads, in the we mourning ours. Oh sweet Kelly of mine, awaken, away from the dieing truck (Soon a link to a letter searching for my teen sweetheart who died in her tender teens in a truck). To commemorate auditor artist, Saint Ram Bone, Kurt Brown losing his job for being an honest auditor at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco, and the fact that the survived two assassination attempts by FDIC mafa while in his truck, we present this song by Johnny Cash about his dieing truck. The wise one says to SainTramBone, "Baby, get your ass back in this truck and pretend you are dead, and where is Jack Snatch". Saint Ram Bone replies, with two flies in his eyes, "Jack Snatch" "Dead A-Head" "S'mores N' Pieces". Granulator Miller leaves one more message to the corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court judge who was part of the abuse and attempted forced silencing of Audiotr Artist Kurt Brown, and who sentenced him to LA County Jail for daring to own a legal gun to defend his own life, "You big headed squat, you said with a sneer when sending the innocent auditor back to jail, 'Go back to school'" "Prepare your fat ass for the grill, this is finals week!" "Turn in your paper" "We got a match!". A song plays on the broken radio by Saint Ram Bone in mp3, "Brown Lizards Laughter" the favorite at the MOuRNING STAR social events and daze of redemption and atonement.




Due to the transient nature of life, when looking beyond current metaphysical dogma, some tests need to be done to determine the actual events and most known larger variables behind the publicized "Big Bang Theory", in relation to current knowledge or information attained since that latest recorded.

Because of the strange nature of fractal cosmology from a standpoint of shadows of the original, and when looking at biological organisms in the tree of life and those things that constitute their essence when spread out upon a thinner plane, it is hard not to think of those walls within our cavity in space where our laws of physics allegedly apply in all sectors.

The shape of our sector in space is a cocoon shape, or some may say a testicle shape, or a nut shape, or as most scientists say in pilot terms that it looks like a loaf of bread.  The ridges remind me of ribs and it is from that initial foundation I consider how and why they are as they allegedly appear.

From the beginning, our space was much like that thicker wall we are facing, much like the inside of coral, but much more complex dense and layered, most likely.  Due to either a life form or what appears to be a life form, the cavity was formed.  If like a regular biological being breathing or expanding and locking in outward position as if squeezing for its own life support.  Or  it could be part of a living organism such as a piece of coral and a cavity formed through time, being the wall and greater housing, could be more like coral or some sort of pod in the ocean that is generated from a larger part of the life base such as in kelp in the ocean.

Of course it could have been that we are in a garden of life of apparently infinite size compared to ourselves.  A pecking order and feeding chain, where odd energy exchanges take place, obeying physical laws exerted upon them, where separation of stone and chemical and of course the occasional sea cucumber or golgi body as described from a smaller perspective as perceived by the larger mass. 

If that is the case, analogous to an ardvark eating termites in a mound of coral, a huge explosion when the termite of life form able to move is found and discovered, or perhaps even that which is completely inert following higher physical laws on a masssive scale.

The possible explanation for the small amount of life we witness can be due not to there not being other life, but we just do not recognize that which is tissue for the greater whole in which we are part.

The unknown variable got the termite every time until the termite came unglued.  Hence our beginning again and again to infinity with unknown and complex and unremembered variables, all life trying to find its way out of the maze of highly complex and seeming impervious or even temporarily malleable physical laws.

Of course, that would never include the celestial hummingbird in its travels as it is too fast to obey all of the laws within our apparent perception.



Comedy Scene and True To Life Characters in After Life but there is a nudity picture in the afterlife, well sort of:

I hear a word, what is it? Masta Shit! Close The Back Door! Mobile's Aunt Millie's Bullfrog Cannabis Club and Coffee House by The Bay II, year 2022, from Mo-Bile to San Francisco. Leaning on the counter railing are SainTramBone and Sheriff Jack Tillman Mobile Alabama outgoing thief with a fattened gut ole boy retirement, voted in by the usual ballot stuffing crew under the Golden Acres of yon Baptist or Catholic Church and Voting Place, Tillman's Corner Alabama.

As Thee's Kurt Brown's Waltz is played on the stereo, titled Dog Eared Biscuits, Poke Salad, BBQ Rib Bones in mp3, Jack and Kurt lean on the metal railing facing each other as the locals go about there business with their back doors open. Kurt is leaning on his right hand and Jack is leaning on his left at the counter of the coffee house and somewhat-Kosher, and underground, Lucifer's brothel, with special guest, baker and hostess, Aunt Milly.

At the end of the bar is James Carpenter who was eaten alive by bacteria in chains before death at Mob. Co. AL jail, has completed holier than thee electrician school and is basically there to do some electrical work and earn $100,000 an hour, the same amount Jack stole in one minute, or "Took" as Jack put it. James has no choice because after electrical school he learns carpentry and he too basically has involuntary motions controlled by a higher source, as in laws of physics.

Aunt Milly, Kurt's Maternal Aunt, in GoGo Boots, weighing in at 420 pounds, with greasy knuckles from working on airline engines, with her plate of cellulos-free hash oil brownies is behind the counter, and her legs are spreading with her nuts looking like a croaking bullfrog.

Kurt Brown says to Jack, "Jack, I am here in this hot-house heaven because as a teenager I had a few issues."

Sheriff Jack Tillman aka Yack replies after coming out of the half-dead daze, "Well what am I...Here For?."

James Carpenter turns up the amps on the wire hooked to the railing through the voltage control switch when acted upon by a higher physical power.

Kurt and Jack start to jerk to the current being shocked.

Kurt to Aunt Milly, "Vapor, Vapor, need vapor, pain!"

A glass bong with electric vaporizer and 22 pounds is heated to a slow heat as the vapor flows and Kurt takes his pain medicine in atonement class. After 20 minutes Jack starts to dry up and is in horrific pain with muscles contracted and unable to move anything but his tongue which is now rattling like a rattlesnake's butt. "Va-pour" "Va-pour"

Kurt starting to look more relaxed and not dehydrated due to vapor and feeling no pain says, "Who's poor?"

Jack repeats as the sparks jump between his teeth, "VA-POR" "VA-POR"

Kurt "Vell, den, you been to San Francisco. VA are po!"

Aunt Milly's nuts belch as the current pulses through her chair and she lets out a screech like a bus with brakes and slams a 20 pound metal file on the bar, splitting Jacks Right Hand"

To Be Continued!



Just because you do not see it, it does not mean that it or they are or is not there.  If you feel the glance upon your flesh or even your heart, whether for better or worse, you can assign a probability that it, them, or they are there.

In this site, I make up many comedy skits using Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as my main character, who has a trail of bodies in his wake and sanctified thievery by those manipulators, our enemies at the higher echelons of Mobile Alabama government and judgeships.  In reality, I see him as a victim in the beginning.  Tossed into a ring to fight with other young men at the detriment of his mind and his heart, all the while, those standing behind him, some friend, some foe, shouting for him to carry on, either out of ignorance or evil or just plain indifference.  His badge is not one of courage, but of being bent and malformed.  He got his petty retirement raise in a vote in Mob. County AL, after being ousted most likely, and yet he never spoke up for those who surround him, who would have laid their life down for him.  Our society is full of such examples.

I urge all people to not let their children be a pugilist or do anything else that ruins the mind from the inside and the outside, or that which crushes the heart.




Permutations within a multiple dimensional physical plane could afford a host of possibilities, from strategic military operations to time travel. It would be akin to having a magnetic field with fixed points and distances set at different levels just as if based on individual pixels or points in space placed over a bed of nails to raise or lower each nail to give the impression of a human face. The natural state to which we are accustomed could be thought of as the neutral state, although, even that is subjected to the permutations and hence our recognition of our three-dimensional form when stationary and four dimensional when in motion. Depending upon the apparatus used and the range of motion allowed, it would be possible to remove an object or being from an event and then bring that object or event back again. However, due to the constraint of the existence of the apparatus, it may prove ineffective if in the same area that is modified while the subject is thrust out into the permutation of time and space.




It is easy at this time to direct a jolt or beam at a high enough Hertz into some cranium to render a person unconscious, at least in the state to which we are accustomed in our daily lives. A complete lulling or stunning effect could be had over a group or an individual. One of the more military type operations, at least in the area of espionage, would be to create this suspended state of consciousness, enter a room, and assassinate a target, and make it look like it was done with their own weapon and their own hand. The applications of such a suspended state of consciousness are endless.




A Comedy/Reality Jolt news flash from the Village of the Damned.

A late breaking news flash:  It has been reported that Sheriff Jack Snatch of Mobile Alabama, ousted thief and Sheriff has been run over and shot by a dead man in a truck who has tested positive for DUI with a .40 blood alcohol content.  Witnesses said, "A young Israeli girl named Furze aka singer/songwriter Rotem Or came skipping across the Mobile Alabama Government Plaza singing her top hit, Charges, as Sheriff Jack Snatch was leaving with his belongings after being terminated."  She said, "Shalom and Gezundheit" as she skipped around the corner while wearing Isreali Army fatigues, where she took cover as she watched Sheriff Jack Snatch enter the sidewalk on Government Street.  The man who was driving  what was described as the  "God D%mned Dodge Ram" according to witnesses and friends of Jack's, has been positively identified as Bruised Brown, also known as Bruce.  The truck according to local government mafia associated criminals belongs to his son, the notorious government whistle-blower, N Wor B Nits U A Truk, or more commonly known as Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone. 

The truck has been confiscated and is being put into the Mobile County Museum.  Witnessed said before Jack Snatch was hit, "The crack in the windshield, which is in the shape of a set of wings with a cross underneath began to flap".  It is truly a miracle. 

An antique .22 Winchester rifle has also been recovered and was allegedly used by Bruce to end Jack Snatch's suffering.  According to witnesses, the truck came careening around the corner and up on the sidewalk on Government Street after running a red-light on the old whore-house row, Joachim Street, at around 166.6 miles per hour and slammed Jack Snatch into the building before skidding and flipping upside down and landing upright  onto Jack Snatch's Sister-In-Law's old patrol car parked in front of the building. 

The Alabama National Guard Veteran, Private Bruised Brown, then got out of the truck and adjusted his glasses cocked on his head and started to pump 16 rounds into the frontal lobe of Jack Snatch, but it mis-fired so he clubbed Jack Snatch 16 times with the butt of the rifle saying something about putting the Jack Rabbit out of its misery.  For some unknown reason, Bruised Brown then staggered to the flattened hide and began to put lotion on its skin with his Army boot, and saw that his boots shine was being dulled so he got in the truck to spread the lotion on its skin as he was commanded by thee's higher order.

The Sister-In-Law has been notified that her confiscated patrol car was destroyed.  Jack Snatch's Sister-In-Law is in Mobile County Jail where she is serving time for embezzlement from the Sheriff's department,  with the embezzlement approved of by  Sheriff Jack Snatch according to her, a fact that was disregarded by Mobile Judges who are criminals in local officials pockets.

There will be no wake or funeral for Jack Snatch and the .22 rifle will be in a gun rack to display with the truck at the museum.  Bruised Brown has been laid to rest once again in Old Salem Cemetary outside of Monroeville, Alabama, his birthplace.

We are encouraging all onlookers who witnessed the event to gather at the courthouse for a re-enactment in an upcoming movie produced by Truk Brown and starring Furze.  Kosher hot dogs and refreshments will be served in addition to non-alcoholic beer for the adults and non-alcoholic wine for the children. For the Mobile City Council, who are criminals and who did not think Jack's shit stunk, we will be providing Jack's shit, mayonnaise shit. Afterward a celebratory burning of the Hashish with the Jamaican Rasta from San Francisco, Little Debbie, who is the long time friend of Truk Brown's maternal uncle, Uncle Billy Goat, who will be decked out as Aunt Millie A-Go-Go and who will announce the opening of Aunt Millie's Hash Brownie Bakery and Coffee Bar to be opened in Oakland California after Proposition Z is passed during the 2004 general election.

We encourage all to pay tribute by purchase the CD containing the song, Charges, by Furze aka Rotem Or, , as it plays at full volume in Thee's Truck at the event before the Truck is taken to the museum. The song Charges can be listened to at the site which is selling the song by Rotem Or.  The event will start with a firing of the .22 rifle at a target pasted on Mayor Wod's office window of Mayor Wod. Kurt Brown's Grandfather, James Brown, will fire the rifle and will be preceded by a celebratory loading of the rifle by Winston Broom, author of Forrest Bump, who reminds us that when dealing when Hollywood con artists, "Never take the Net, always take the Gross."

At midnight on the final hour, Saint Ram Bone, will be sporting the Jack Rabbit Skin Sable which will be aged and tanned before-hand in the sun in the Jack Rabbit mayonnaise.

Walter Cronkite signing off and saying "And that's the way it is, in the Village of the Damned, Mobile Alabama".




Foreword Note: This comedy skit is older and the newer posts are below the bottom row of TTT's. This is the premier of Love Line 3 and I hope to make a video and put it online soon of this skit. Stay tuned.

In this comedy skit, (updated 9-28-04) the true to life and acting Sheriff of Mob. AL who is a kleptomaniac and possibly developmentally disabled enters the Sheriff's office, grabbing the 27 pounds of marijiuana that one of his deputies confiscated from a local wayward entrepreneur.

Jack snatch, the proven food funds thief Sheriff, opens the back door during Hurricane Ivan and standing there is some ghostly looking vampire, Vinney the Vampire of San Francisco and the ghost ship with abolitionist John Brown and Revolutionary Thomas Jefferson.

Sheriff Jack snatch says, "Son of a ..." "Why did you bring your whole family? Let's get this transaction over with"

Vinney the Vampire and forced military medical experiment says, "Give me something to eat, 'Jacques Snacques""

Sheriff Jack hands the 27 pound bail of grass over and says, "You better go back to high school. Thanks for the $20,000 and don't let this get around. I was just caught stealing $100,000 of food funds and my Sister-in-Law, well she is a Till-man and got at least $6,660.00, and she squealled on me in court."

Vinney the Vampire from the Ghost ship hands Jack a piece of paper. "You won a free trip, all food and drinks furnished".

Jack Snatch replies, "I did?"

Vinney and Jack snatch are transported to the cargo hold of the vessel as Vinney blows a vapor ring in Jack Snatch's face and says, "Jack, you can eat all of this grass you want."

Jack says, "Well, when is dinner ready and where is my drink? I'm thirsty"

Vinney says, "I have orders from the staff, John Brown and Kurt Brown, captains in Thee's Truk on the bow," "Eat the bail, suck the stems, and put lotion on its raw areas when its done", as Vinney plucks the splinters from his nails.

Jack snatch says, "Son-of-a...Oh Lord, pardon me, pardon me."

Vinnie not telling Jack snatch he is on the punishment diet, tells Jack, "You can drink the juices from the stems and eat the rest of it"

To this day, part of Jack snatch is traveling with Hurricane Ivan and Vinney and staff, not of the Navi, eating bud and defacating bulbous hemp boluses, which are used when burning in the Jack Yak dung fire, like culinary yak dung. (In this pic is Stella, Vinnie's niece, with Jack with in his stack. Stella runs short stepped and points to Jack in the pile and says, "22-cents and you see Yack."

Stella says, "For .22 rifle taken from Brown Truk and belong to Bruised Brown" "I take poster from Yak's brown recluse bung hole and you can watch while Yack have Molly Brown recluse babies.". "Molly Brown recluse(s) babies waste no time in Yack".

Stella cooks both in the mountains and at the weekly Luau on the bow, next to Thee's Truk, somewhere within the celestial grid using Yack Yack Hemp Dung with the occasional house fried specialty, Yack Brown Recluse. The midget assistant Taboo helps Jack snatch upon arrival in Sing-A-Poor. (Pic link at dinner table with baroque Contessa and the midget Taboo and Jack snatch du jour.)

Before landing the ship, Vinnie called out, "Stella, Stella", and the song to welcome Yack was played by Stella in the highlands, available in mp3, "Yack I'm Here to Warn Yew"

When Jack, aka Yak, Yack, and Jacques was laid into his casket in the bog, Vinnie the Vampire was there with him in the casket when Yack was awakened by Vinnie, trumpeting the song written by Saint Ram Bone, "Am I Dead?Whose House Is This?" in mp3.

Note: Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama is a proven criminal ignored by corrupt hood-wearing justices. Jack snatch has hired his entire family on the department. Mobile Alabama is under seige by criminals and I was set up by him and local fed on 4-3-2001 when I was going to report severe malnutrition at his jail and which he knew as he had intercepted a letter sent to an inmate involving the deaths and malnutrition at the jail. On 4-22-2001 I was arrested while running for my life from mobsters in the federal government and Sheriff Tillman and his clan. My life means nothing to the government, just as yours if you are the proverbial peon or peasant. Mobile is being controlled by an occupying force like much of the U.S.A., not through Democracy.

Perhaps that cross made by the path of Hurricane Ivan, from Mob. AL to New Jersey and back South and across its' own path in the Gulf of Mexico was a sign. The most likely message, "The Pompous Selfish Fools of Government in Mobile Alabama had better wake up to the fact that we are not their lessers and should be allowed to vote and enter meetings." Or it was a sign that said, "This Gulf is hereby pronounced dead and given its final dieing rights." Let us hope that the politicians of the mosquito coast and cotton patch, "Wake the F#ck Up blokes, it looks like the USA has entered an era of personal rights similar to the United Kingdom, circa 1700, with elitist fiefdom dictatorships and no rights for peons and peasants, men of little wealth. It is do or die anyway and there is huge indifference or ignorance about technical issues among huge sectors of the populace." "In the technological era, the game has changed."



(Pic link) Saint Ram Bone laments in a prayer at a confessional at St. Pius Church. "Please Father forgive me. I have sinned, well sort of." "I told the beautiful musician Furze of the band Rotemore that I would let her stay at my Aunt Millie GoGo's (Scroll down to comments and see invite) guest house in San Francisco." Pic Link of Furze in Olive drab at its finest.

"I did not tell Furze that Aunt Millie is also Uncle Billy Goat, but he smells nice, like a bakery or Swiss incense shop." "Furze is serving in the Israeli military and I want to see that if things get too heated there, that she can escape to the fog with me in San Francisco and Uncle Billy Goat/Aunt Millie GoGo."

Saint Ram Bone intends to propose marriage to Furze if Aunt Millie or his little Debbie does not mess things up by staring in the window while trimming the ganja shrubbery. Saint Ram Bone expects a fight to ensue again if Uncle Billy Goat is found inside the guest house serving Brownie Brown Brownies (Recipe Link) prepared by Aunt Millie for Furze. "Forgive me Lawd, I have sinned."

Uncle Billy Goat often hides and does not answer the door and puts pit bull dogs in the front yard to keep Saint Ram Bone at bay when he calls in advance. Aunt Milly is much more open and sweet, and so is his, I mean her, little Debbie. Uncle Billy Goat is bald, left handed when on the left coast like Saint Ram Bone, part Sicilian, and can tune a jet airplane like a lawnmower. Aunt Milly supplies Vinnie the Vampire with Brownie Brown Brownies and gives rides in her Moon-river bus down Brownie Brown Highway South of San Francisco. I hope to have him, I mean her, give me and Furze a free flight to Hawaii in the Friendly Skies of United to visit Uncle Dimples/Aunt Stella beach side shanty for some high-life Hawaiian magic/Maui Waui luau and a chance to show his, I mean her, Yak Voo Doo doll collection and Yak harem and Yak spider farm in the Yak Yack hut. I hope to relieve Sheriff Jack Tillman's, the Yak Yack's, constipation by having Furze sing our family's favorite song, Charges, to the tune of the lyric, "We Can Work It Out" as the Motley Brown Recluses come hither from Yak Yack incubator.)



Considering the almost pressure cooker type existence all living things lead on this planet, where there is living and dieng on a constant basis, and also considering that the laws of physics that apply to our planet and that cavity of space around us, it is almost obvious we are missing some piece of information, most likely many. Where our laws of physics apply it has been determined that the cavity in space is shaped like a loaf of bread or a coccoon. I have another proposal, and that is the shape is like that of ribs, from the inside of an organism.

Could it be that for some reason, a being engulfs large areas of space, compresses it downward, and then releases the pressure, causing a big bang or massive outward exertion of pressure against the ribs or the shell casing of something we do not understand? It is unusual we do not see other life forms around us, only barren planets. Was there life on other planets which have been decimated or is there life yet to form there or both. Saturn has water, H2O, in its rings and is 96 times less dense than Earth. Was its life force already expired or used?

What about the fact that no other life has been found that we are aware on other planets? Could there have been other life and it was devoured, used, or simply killed. The over-riding nature of life is struggle of opposing forces and energy, just like a pressure cooker or the stomach of a being. Of course, the development and life of a cell goes through much the same processes of opposing forces for an end product, much like a chemical reaction.

Some astronomers have received what they thought were just brief signals from space indicating possible life trying to communicate. The signals were short and stopped. We on planet earth allegedly send out constant signals into space. It reminds of a turkey calling hunter who sends out a brief signal and waits for the long reply and arrival of the turkey. Remember history, where the pilgrims came onto the shores of America. Remember the hunting fields where all game is game, including the hunter. Fractal cosmology looks for the echo of like things on both the macro-level and down to the micro-level. Could there other coccoons or cavities in space like ours, beyond our space cavity's walls.

Although the theories for the cause of all of those things are numerous, there is always the possibility of multiple designs functions and forms, just like the human body, where electrons move along paths in the cell, and where the hair dangles freely in space from the skin cell and hair follicle cells. We may find out something we do not want to know in the future, or maybe some already do know, and as the old song goes, "That's life".



A late breaking news flash. "It has been determined that auditor artist Saint Ram Bone has just left Donald Trumps office in what he called a", "Pank Dress". "It appeared to be made of flesh turned inside out". He was also wearing what appeared to be a hat made out of hair, Saint Ram Bone called it his "Rouge Chapeau", which is french for "Red Hat".

When Saint Ram Bone was asked why he dispensed with Donald Trump, a young fellow known as, "Bob Di Cella", stepped in and said, "The New Jersey Gaming Commission does not take lightly to Casino Skimmers who write off their other companies losses at the expense of Tax Revenues".

Di Cella was wearing odd flip flops that matched Saint Ram Bones dress. Saint Ram Bone parted us with a word to help console the grieving, "If a casino is not an asset, it is a liability.".

Saint Ram Bone then got in one of the recovered Mobile Alabama Sheriff's department vehicles which were stolen by Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob. AL and his family, who have been proven to have stolen more than $106,666.66

It appears that Saint Ram Bone, Di Cella, and some good fellow named Vinnie the Vampire and seamstress are headed North to Halifax Nova Scotia to pick up some of, "God's Herbal Remedies". Once again it is proven that some thangs just cain't be improved upon, no matter how much you jaw-Jack.

"This has been N Wor B Truk", "And That's the way it is."



It is known that by ionizing air, i.e. breaking down molecules and electrical charges exist, that the air conducts electrical current like metal.

A weapon has been invented that sends electrical current down a path of ionized air. The amount of current given, in Hertz, is equivalent to the current in our brain waves, and works by making the muscles contract in the body by effecting the mind.

Personally, the government can not be trusted under any circumstance, just as I trust no stranger. The next move by certain power groups will likely be mind control if it does not already exist. For instance, with the device modified, with pulses and waves very specialized to the individual through DNA analysis and database projections for brainwave patterns and idiosyncracies of the individual, the person could be thinking the thoughts are their own, and going through the movements of someone from the outside.

For some persons or organizations, this could prove very useful under many circumstances, including having someone commit a crime or suicide to get that person out of the way.

We the common people are left in the dark by our leaders and fed a bunch of propaganda. What is their true nature? Look around you and at the obviousness of the despair among certain groups, and the truth shines through the lies and distractions of the propaganda.



The secret of many inventors who became millionaires by their inventions is often one of two things. First, they anticipate or observe a practical need. Second, many of them can look to see where society is headed in its needs, and then take action to be there with their product or service when the demand arises.



My dream is to leave this planet with people of similar ideas on subjects related to the right to true democracy and upward vision rather than downward. In my lifetime it is unlikely. However, with the right engineering and ideas, it can be made to happen in a manner as simple as rolling a ball down an infinite hill to gather perpetual kinetic energy and put into a function directed form.

First, there is always motion of some matter around us in its infantesimal form. Likewise, in torrents or rivers shaped like spirals through space have much matter and substance.

It it was possible to engineer a living material that would gather something on the order of molecular building blocks to assemble an evergrowing link of chambers, it would be possible to house a small voyage of likeminded citizenry, no larger than the Poseidon roster, and depart from or Earth or be released in the capsule in space with a trajectory toward the funnels or spirals in space.

Risk you may ask. Certainly, just as any voyage similar to what Vikings and Europeans and Pacific Islanders experienced. Nodes of the chambers could be laid down on land masses and interconnected.

Temperature control could be a difficult issue unless the material of the chambers themselves are engineered to maintain certain livable temperatures for the material and the humans in the space contained in the chambers.

Where I live, many of us can not vote, we are often labeled criminals for non-crimes, and some have been subjected to gross abuse. Independence Day is a joke in America. I would rather have some fish and chips and brown ale for a change on Independence Day, back in the other oppressive place my ancestors fled, merry old f#cked up London, which is not quite as f#cked up as America, the prison and mafia state, is now.