This page was hacked and tampered with. I believe I have corrected the errors 9-8-2009. I will now have to correct the Vet Under Attack page. .

January 26, 2008: Update: I believe that the federal government has used my cell phone number in tracking me and an attempt on my life in 2001. I had the number changed and a federal agent who came to my home, threatening me, later contacted a close relatie of mine demanding my cellular phone number. Thomas Crane Wales, federal banking prosecutor in Seattle, was killed in 2001, the same year that I was first attacked. He had called his girlfriend that evening telling her that he was alone. Do not trust the FBI or the Secret Service if your a government informant or investigator. They can listen to your conversations when it is off and track you with it. see saintrambone video playlists at Youtube.

In this section are details of two attempts between 2001 and 2004 to kill me, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, on America's highways, with details of forced injections, forced medical procedures, psychological and physical torture, imprisonment, and a forced felony plea for legal gun ownership, which the USA government used in an effort to silence me, an ex-bank examiner for the federal government's Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). I was attacked again in 2007 in Canada after passing through the Vancouver checkpoint and NTEU computers on the USA side at border patrol. April 22 of 2001 near midnight I was asleep in my vehicle with a Uhaul in a park like area near the LA VA graveyard in Westwood. I had fled Alabama after Sheriff Jack Tillman took my gun permit when I was reporting his inmate food fund thievery, now estimated at $350,000, and I say more. I have discovered a mafia sanctioned by government in our banking regulatory system and throughout the government, and it appears that technology and collusion has left us with a nation over run by war criminals in the higher ranks. I was not the only person injected and tortured and forced medical procedures at the LA VA Westwood. The federal government was supposed to have stopped in 1999 (see Continuing Problems section). I was injected there on 4-23-2001 and tortured at the LA VA Westwood and federal facility and at LA County jail for 112 days. I was released from jail on 8-12-2001, my middle number in my forced convict number was 911. 911 in Mobile Alabama did not respond to an attempt on my life after reporting criminals at the FDIC in California. I was attacked the first time in February 2001. I have so much post traumatic stress I welcome global war and extinquishment at times. One regional FDIC director was murdered and labeled suicide in the early 90's. I could not figure out how they got away with murder, and I thought about it for years. Now I think with collusion and technology, a war criminal can steal everything on Earth and kill everyone including itself. They even steal oil as in Mobile Bay and sell us the natural gas story. I call their story flatulence.

The strangest thing is that some of it was surreal. Like a clockwork orange, with some prophecies given to me about my death almost fulfilled. They say Muhammad started to get his messages at age 40. This is outside of this discussion, but I was almost hit by a meteorite or space debris at age 44 on my birthday night and my death had been predicted on that year almost thirty years earlier by a young woman named Kelly who predicted her own death approximately thirty years earlier in Monroeville Alabama, in 1975 if I remember correctly. I was forty years old during the time of the first attempt on my life and during my incarceration in early 2001. Human beings appear to be becoming uncivilized. It is no wonder my dream or recollection of a better place, a space utopia, is not happening. It can not happen with lesser inhumane beings. It is a waste of the creators effort and attention. I am sure of it.

The felony for legal gun ownership was reduced to a misdemeanor in 2004 in every state except California and the federal government was the one who initiated the charge, and the regime will not give me a trial by jury outside of the jurisdiction of dope dealers and thieves, the California courts in Los Angeles and their bigoted allies or their courts of technological collusion. When I try to cross the borders the regime still has it listed as a felony and I have to produce papers to prove otherwise. Guns are useless. The regime has had people killed by their own guns. The regime does not protect us, we should not protect IT.

My career as a bank examiner is over, however, I am much more, and I will tangle with the Dictator of Swords, that beast(s) in control of much of the world in due time. Everything in due time, because as one VA cop told me in Los Angeles in 2001 as I was led from the federal facility to a cop car to be taken to LA county jail, for nothing more than being in fear for my life, "Every dog has his day." Protect your children from all government contact is my warning to you today. Their government, their media, their police state, their malevolent drugs and injections and their torture is increasing. Nothing stays the same and they shall perish in their own desolate fields.

I was set up to be executed and survived. Then I was set up to be arrested by federal government with Alabama government assistance. Now the Los Angeles Superior Court under the guidance of our enemies in the federal government who are robbing our treasury and have a network of criminals have denied me a right to trial by jury, despite abuses and forced drugs and a million dollar bail that forced a felony plea. Never Again Serve The Enemy faction within the USA government. They do not allow us to defend ourselves from their most murderous criminals in their ranks, and one regional director of the FDIC San Francisco was killed just so they could expand and protect their syndicates and collusion and technology. What we are left with is a bunch of cops from the NTEU in the high rise FDIC office all muttering suicide as the mob boss came to replace the dead man. Let us hope and pray their faction of the regime is toppled before our children go through sheer hell before extinction.

The federal government or their assassins tried to kill me in 2001. They injected me with chemicals, imprisoned me and took away my guns in 2001. They tried to kill me again in March of 2004. Again in 2007 I was attacked in Canada after passing past American border patrol computers and associates of the collusive union, the National Treasury Employees Union. Never again should the regimes in power be trusted by any one. America is one of the worst countries among the advanced nations and is quickly becoming a third-world country. Our enemies are among us, the common people of America. They steal our wealth, our health, our soil and our oil.

As a preview of the most criminal group in America, I will describe and link to the National Treasury Employees Union.  The year the NTEU got their hands on the throat of the nation in full force was  1973 when the NTEU expanded from just being a union for the IRS and began including the Treasury and now cover over 29 Agencies with numerous departments. They most likely blackmailed Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford therefore enabling themselves to expand in violation of the principles to avoid collusion. (Note: The NTEU is so corrupt that they did not list the Department of Homeland Security and the Treasury Department , the Border Patrol, Customs, and the Secret Service, and others, as under their pervue in the list most recently.) They have a Lot to hide, but that FDIC regional director's blood and brains are on the floor of the FDIC in San Francisco. The FDIC or NTEU or both tried to have me killed. Please note that the NTEU has so much to hide that the Dallas NTEU removed the history of the NTEU when I linked it to this page. The history is now at the link above.

At the top of the criminal empire in the world are factions of the US federal government. They work hand in hand with several large city governments in masterminding every type of criminal enterprise imaginable. If you expect justice in America when you alert the public to crime within government, expect abuse like you can not imagine. Kurt Brown had injections forced upon him, leading interrogations, and a whopping $One Million Dollar bail forced upon him by the most corrupt governments in the world, the federal governments in Los Angeles and San Francisco with the aid of corrupt members of the Los Angeles Superior Court justice system. For alerting the public to a murder in the FDIC with leads on who was responsible, and for alerting the public to theft of what is now estimated at $350,000 by an Alabama Sheriff, he was given the ridiculously high bail and endured torment for months and they even destroyed some of his videos of the outside FDIC meetings of the crime syndicates and that of Sheriff Jack Tillman stopping his reporting at the Mobile Alabama City Council meeting on 4-3-2001 of Jack's theivery of food funds and starving of inmates in Mobile Alabama. I welcome the next political party to overthrow the criminals who inhabit the once great nation of the United States. We, the working class and backbone of America, have been sold out by our enemies in the highest seats of America. Despotism is here to stay obviously. This section details two assassination attempts and ongoing atrocities, with some omitted, for now.   Video links of abuses are now at Youtube and on this site.

The details of the assassination attempt against Kurt Brown are factual. This page may have some repetition because someone has been hacking it and I have been trying to replace lost details. Comcast Cablevision Internet Service Provider has brought suspicion upon themselves in this instance because when I called regarding the times of airing of government meetings on their Comcast Cable Channel 6 in Mobile Alabama in April 2004, they lied to me. Also, if you use Comcast, do not expect passwords to remain hidden when going through their networks. Buy a good firewall program or better yet, an internet security suite. But do not expect that the government can not work through it. They have all of the pass codes anyway.

On that odd snow-covered Saint Valentine's day of the year 2001, Kurt Brown was filming people with a camera and made a sexual innuendo on a side-walk near Market Street and 2nd Street in San Francisco to his ex-boss, who was the successor to the murdered Ex-Regional Director of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), that was labeled a suicide by the National Treasury Employees Union Federal Agency the Secret Service. They knew that Kurt Brown, an ex-bank examiner for the FDIC in San Francisco, had been going online and alerting the public to the murder of the past regional director and money laundering. The murder had been labeled a suicide.

The attention grabber was somewhat of an Involuntary Motion by Kurt induced by an allergic reaction and overdose of corticosteroids given to him by the Biloxi Veterans Administration for pain which they knew he would be allergic. The condition was cyclic and was generally constrained to those moments of extreme duress or agitation.

On a side note, it should be noted that the then acting director was also in bed with the ARD Prime Piece at the FDIC in San Francisco on occasion, for whatever that is worth, which is not much from reports. I like to think of the ARD as, "Brown Finger", and Brown Finger has had its day in the sun.

I had a camera. The FDIC boss was was walking with a man. The young man, or another man who was with the Top Guy when they walked past on Market Street, obviously thought I had taken a picture of he and the Top Guy. A young man, dressed nicely, tried to take my camera after the Top Guy and the other man, possibly the young man, walking with him had gone into the building. The Top Guy is most likely making corrupt financial arrangements with the Treasury department with the assistance of the Corrupt NTEU, with other deals, such as laundering drug money from the NTEU's Customs Department and the NTEU's Border Patrol and money from other sources, especially casinos from Nevada and other states. Collusion is invited when the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) spans numerous agencies and has input into employee placement and transaction structuring. The Federal investigators said the last top guy committed suicide. America is being sucker punched by its enemies from within the government and outside. That man was murdered and/or blackmailed and the corrupt police agents helped to cover it up. Worst, we have lost our constitution, and therefore our protections. The FDIC in my estimation has very deep involvement in criminal activities at their highest levels. (Note: I would rather be dead than be an American subjected to the horrors I have endured as a result of this fiasco, and the abuse keeps on coming. America is truly a lost cause and we should welcome ANYONE who offers radical change and improvement, regardless of political persuasion.)

On a side note, it is somewhat puzzling to Kurt, but he only recently recalled in detail the FDIC or the NTEU punk who tried to take his camera. The Punk who tried to take the camera was in his mid-20's, dark hair, clean cut, Caucasian, 5'10, average build, and matched many of the people on the top floor of the high rise at the time that I left in April of 2000. How did he forget the camera incident? Was he injected with something on the San Francisco Ferry return trip from Marin County on St. Valentine's Day 2001? Did someone, a federal agent perhaps, at the Veterans Administration in April 2001 administer a drug to make him forget the camera incident? Did someone enter his home and do something to him afterward? There was unexplained blood on a bedside chest and a sore area or slit in his mouth that was a fresh cut and it had become infected and was oozing something that was acrid and came out like a crystalline ooze not long after he was released from VA custody and LA county Jail several months earlier in August 2001. After all, the Secret Service and therefore the NTEU had access to his house keys to make copies while he was unethically detained and jailed. Kurt did receive injections against his will at the VA (Detailed Below and the Vet Under Attack Page) and the entire incident seems to have a blank spot in recollection of memory that has slowly been refilled and recollected. I would wager that something happened on the ferry in which they either injected me with something or gave me electric shock to forget the camera incident.

It appears that the Current Regional Director of the FDIC in San Francisco in 2001 or his companion did not like the public knowing they were associates. Not all are bad in government, and there is no need to burn the house down. Just flush out the corruptness, starting with the NTEU and ridding the agencies of some employees in key positions, i.e. in other words, remove the beast's teeth. Best of luck. They are murderous, dangerous, and insidious. Their machines are cutting edge. Technology and collusion, what a trick to commandeer victory in a silent war.

The punk demanded Kurt's video camera, but Kurt told him "No". Kurt left and went to Marin County by ferry that morning for a Doctor's appointment. There was a man and woman on the ferry, Caucasian, average build, both Sandy Brown hair, near 40 who seemed somewhat suspicious in the way they stared. It appeared there were some people waiting for him on the return trip by ferry after leaving the Doctor's office. Kurt was the only one on board. One female and four or five males at the dock...obviously Mexican or Italian seemed to be looking around". They may have knocked him out on the bench while waiting or on the ferry because it was very empty on the return trip, which was strange. They could have been trying to erase memories of the camera incident or they may have thought that Kurt had given the film to someone else. Obviously someone followed him or put a tracking device in his vehicle because he was attacked the following Saturday night on Interstate 10 in West Louisiana, which is detailed below, and that was the first assassination attempt.

Since the incident, numerous corrupt and murderous factions in the failing American government have took away Kurt's protection and the government endangered his life on a repeated basis by isolating him and sending him down those lonesome American Highways if he wanted to visit family for short periods authorized by corrupt government during the period of 2001 to 2004. He was forced to remain in exile in California in 2003 and 2004 and Alabama government police came to his home any time he visited the corrupt city council meeting and now a Judge McMaken has lied in court and he can not even film in the lobby. Kurt encourages others to learn auditing, and science and attend the meetings with a camera and be observant and have a reasonable amount of doubt about "everything". Kurt's probation officer, sometimes kind, was alsocruel in prolonging the probation till its bitter end and endangering Kurt's life and always subjecting him to more stress to compound the post-traumatic stress he already suffered. The LA authorities do not care and neither does the VA, the plaintiff in the case against Kurt. The VA Office of Inspector General does not help either when Kurt asks them to help in having him freed from the clutches of tyranny. Kurt regrets serving the USA military in Long Beach, California, as he fears they may have been doing something to service-men there also, in hindsight. (Volunteer for military service and sit down in that dental chair or let them inject you and anyone can commit any atrocity against you.)

A few days later, near midnight on the Saturday following Saint Valentines Day 2001, Kurt Brown survived an assassination attempt that was likely caused by Kurt Brown's whistle-blowing on the FDIC's massive waste and the murder of the previous highest ranking regional director at the federal banking regulatory agency  the FDIC which was labeled suicide. The previous director had a bullet in his head in his office. It must have been a very depressing day...They are liars and cover-up artists and they dot the landscape under the NTEU umbrella of federal police and banking agencies where murders are called suicides, accidents, and natural deaths. I think collusion and technology leaves us in the dark on many things and alleged people.

At the trial, Kurt was forced to sign numerous documents after being incarcerated due to a bail so high that it violated the Eighth Amendment of reasonable bails, a One Million Dollar bail for legal gun ownership with his hunting guns in the farthest reaches of a U Haul, one hand gun in reach as he slept and another in its case behind the seat, and the Secret Service, which is a bank inspector associate for the treasury, tried to harass and incriminate him for talking about the attempted murder of himself, the murder at the FDIC, and the now proven theft of funds by Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama who was forced to quit or risk going to prison.   While still trying to recover from an overdose of a drug, methylprednisolone which is a steroid drug used often at the veterinarian for pain, and to which he was allergic and given to him the federal agency in Biloxi, the Veterans Administration,  and in Los Angeles they gave drugs for a condition he did not have and which made him sick, and the drugs have since been proven that the manufacturer lied about their side effects. The drug was neurontin and there were other drugs also. The name of the agency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, in 2001 was not allowed to be reported by Kurt due to the first Los Angeles probation office and a Alabama Sheriff's department member who received the transfer of the probation and who may be in league with the Nazi-like NTEU's Secret Service or those who murdered Senator Michael Figures forcing a brain hemmorhage, or who was following Los Angeles Probation Department orders. There was no court order saying that Kurt could not mention the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, but there were oral demands. There was no demand that his website be monitored by tools of the criminals at the top echelons of our criminal infested government, but it is.

A few days after making the innuendo to the FDIC San Francisco regional director of 2001 on St. Valentines Day and thereby letting the criminals of the FDIC and NTEU know he was watching with his camera, Kurt Brown left and was traveling from San Francisco to Alabama .  Near  midnight on Interstate-10 in Louisiana on the Saturday Night following St. Valentines Day 2001, Kurt explained what happened, "Suddenly, the traffic thinned to no vehicles, and most likely traffic had been blocked by a staged accident or two vehicles driving slowly and blocking traffic behind him."

There was no traffic with the exception of a car behind while traveling between Vinton Louisiana and Lake Charles Louisiana.   A row of cones narrowed the highway to one-lane.  While Kurt was slowing down, a small car pulled from the left-shoulder causing Kurt to nearly slam on the brakes.  Suddenly a cross-tie, measuring 6-feet long, appeared in the lane, facing the wheel and length-wise,  with the car in front dodging it or dropping it and revealing it at the last moment. 

The cross-tie caught under the right wheel-well and Kurt's full-size truck vaulted upward and the wheels shook violently, as if the cross-tie felt like it was briefly stuck in the wheel-well.  The cross-tie then shot out from under the truck and went toward the car approaching from the rear.  Kurt went to the left shoulder of the highway and next to the car in front which slowed to a crawl and the driver turned on the dome light and smiled as if enjoying blocking the highway. 

A bridge was approaching and three men were on the bridge.  Kurt slowed his truck to ride parallel with the small car, expecting rifle fire from the men on the bridge.  Nothing happened.  Kurt accelerated once under the bridge and traveled several miles to clear any danger.  He pulled off the interstate and into the outer section of a gas station parking lot.

Kurt got out and walked around the front of his truck to look at the right front tire. He was not sure if it was an attack as it happened so quickly. There was no damage to be seen.  Suddenly a truck pulled up from the interstate and in front of Kurt's truck, blocking Kurt's.  The passenger door of the blue truck, an older model, swung open. 

Kurt had stood on the right side of his truck and was caught in front of his headlights waiting for gunfire as he walked in front of his own truck. (That moment caused severe post traumatic stress)  He thought he was going to be injured, perhaps fatally.  He walked slowly around to his truck door avoiding the open door of the truck blocking his own.  Kurt made it to his truck and backed his truck away, avoiding any possible sniper within the truck and sped off.    There was one police officer in New Orleans who rode next to him but did nothing. At that point all Kurt wanted to do was get off of the interstate and out of the murderers path. 

Kurt reported the incident to the Vinton Louisiana police department, and the Mobile Alabama police department when he made it to Alabama, and later he sent emails to numerous federal agencies and the Department of Justice, and not a single one of them returned a call or a finding regarding the cross-tie on the road, or if other incidents of that murderous nature are common on the stretch of I-10 in West Louisiana.  No reports of investigations were given, and nor have they been given to this day. Later, he reported the incident in front of the Mobile City Council meeting and Comcast Television cameras. Nothing was done except one of Mobile Mayor Mike Dow's cronies or a federal agent came up to him as he was leaving the meeting to verify his name and get a good look at his face. Kurt had not slept well for two weeks prior to reporting the incident in front of the cameras because no police had responded and he was still sick from a drug overdose of methylprednisolone and other drugs given to him by the VA. Now he does not seek any medical care at all from the government as they can not be trusted. He does not call or contact federal or police officials when he is attacked. He contacts his own and others through the web. When he reported the attack in late February 2001, a young Sheriff's Deputy, female, was there at the gate of the city council meeting when he arrived. He was metal detected by her and went into the meeting. Later, the Mayor Mike Dow would use the incident to claim that Kurt brought a gun to the meeting. No guns are allowed in and Kurt had a gun permit at the time anyway. Mike Dow is likely a Nazi or a product of technological collusion just like his replacement Samuel Jones, and I would wager that his resume is one big lie and that he helped the Sheriff, Tillman, steal $350,000 in food funds, which was proven.

A week or two later after the attempt, Kurt had someone contact him regarding malnourishment at the Mobile County Jail. His mother told him the situation needed attention because a long term inmate housed there due to prison overcrowding was becoming emaciated as in a starving concentration camp. Kurt sent a letter to the inmate telling him he was going to do something about the situation, because there were also numerous deaths at the jail and it was obvious from an auditor's perspective that someone was stealing funds. It is likely at that time that Sheriff Jack Tillman knew the former bank examiner was closing in on the thievery by the sheriff.

Kurt notified the city clerk by phone on 4-3-2001 that he was coming to the Mobile Alabama City Council meeting and that he was going to discuss jail conditions among other things. He had also sent a fax or two. The city clerk called Kurt and told him not to come to the city council meeting and that Sheriff Jack Tillman was going to meet him if he did. That was when Kurt knew Jack Tillman, Sheriff, was the inmate food funds thief. Kurt told her he was coming because he had the right to report atrocities in Mobile in front of the Comcast Television cameras and the city council. It appears that Comcast now lies when people call them to find out about the times of the meetings being aired on Channel 6 in Mobile, as they lied to Kurt when he called in Late March or early April 2004. Comcast in Mobile likely has KKK types or Nazi sympathizers in their ranks or perhaps it is simple collusion by hidden factions, such as the technologically collusive criminal federal regime locally. A nazi is not determined by skin tone, but by actions.

When Kurt arrived at the city council meeting gate to report the Jail conditions, the idiot Sheriff Jack Tillman, a now proven thief, who is allowed to steal by Alabama decree, was at the gate with at least 9 to 15 deputies standing behind him. That was before the Sheriff was proven to have stolen $100,000 of inmate food funds and hording $350,000, but it was after many deaths under his care and malnutrition and severe weight loss by some inmates at the jail.

The Sheriff said, "Give me your gun permit or come with me!" Kurt, not suspecting that Jack Tillman, Sheriff and Thief, would later set him up for a felony gun arrest while fleeing for his life to Los Angeles, gave him his gun permit in front of the Deputies and it was still on file in January 2004. Kurt had planned for the event and it felt as if he was being pulled into action, as he wore his suit, strapped his camera over his shoulders, and put his guitar on his back. It was my first discovery of my ability to detect what I call, "Red Letter Days".

Kurt wanted to sing the audit report, but as he looked at the window in the sky in front of the blocked government gate, the words came out, "Jack Is in The Crack, and Your Kids Ain't Coming Back!". It is as true today as it was then. (Mobile, dumped that hooligan but there is still no ethical conduct and I believe the collusion and technology has them importing cocaine to make into crack and Exxon and Mobil are allegedly only pumping natural gas from Mobile Bay, but they have hit sweet crude and have been shipping many freighters of it out past Dauphin Island. I watched them do it. To maintain that thief and his family in the trough also is ridiculous. Mobile is Broke in many ways, and forget about the poorer Prichard, and Baldwin County and much of the state.)

Kurt had a premonition that his life was in danger one day prior to the attack that was to occur the Saturday following St. Valentines Day 2001. I since that time believe that some of us can sense things, kind of like a multi-component being. But I am maturing now as I write this parapraph in September of 2007.

Kurt believes that he flushed the group of men who are killers within the FDIC out and that the killers are associated with the National Treasury Employees Union, a Union that needs to be downsized to one agency or preferably none as they are murderous and corrupt. The FDIC is likely a funnel point for laundering and other criminal activities just like the other agencies under the NTEU.

There is a severe criminal element within America's Banking Regulatory System and America's police systems and numerous other agencies, both in state and federal levels. Collusion and technology leaves us at the mercy of bandits. If you can, I believe you would be well advised to leave America during the election of 2004, but the true troubadours learn to audit and film and understand science in warfare and observe the governments first hand. Brind an Independent Media badge as they claim average Joes can not film. Absentee vote also, do not trust their buildings. The votes are a fraud anyway. We should be able to identify our votes and every other vote should be able to be statistically verified and audited. That is the only way, just as in a business. Also, I would not invest in American companies as long as the NTEU is over the IRS and SEC as they are destroying target companies, such as what Enron and United Airlines and International Paper companies working staff suffered. The financial pirates wait for a company to mature and then steal it from the workers. Collusion and technology leave you and yours paupers for an eternity. Their corruption, collusion, and murder is of the highest caliber and is generally labeled accidents and suicides to erase the trail of evidence. The police are in on it also, the investigation trail is often non-existent, because of corruption and collusion on the federal level. Be wary of all American government until the NTEU is reduced back to oversight over one or no agencies, and then remain vigilant because as Sun Tzu said, "The war never ends". Also beware of all police until we all have our right to vote in America. Count those ballots at the polls and do statistical analysis based on the door count versus the results of key candidates, e.g. Democrat, Republican, Other. The entire election system needs to be modernized and all should be allowed to vote and all votes verifiable with ID numbers for each, just as in a business.

(Now you see why those corrupt government agents fear and exile Kurt Austin Brown, Auditor, Scientist, Artist. He has learned to distrust all government strangers and hopes that at least God, or Allah, or Buddha, AKA the creator, appreciates his good deeds.

Was the other federal tootsie on St. Valentine's Day walking with the FDIC regional director a Union representative or a mobster or both, or just another FDIC manager with no conscience?  Enquiring minds would like to know, especially as to who ordered the assassination and possibly blackmail on the prior FDIC Regional Director, and later Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone.

However, Kurt was later persecuted by corrupt government agents headed by the NTEU's Secret Service for reporting the atrocities at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and for fleeing for his life and for seeking shelter near a LA VA graveyard when he had no money for a room and no one would rent an apartment to him in LA because he had no job at the time.

Also notably, after being hunted down and persecuted by corrupt government agents and hoodlums, Kurt was arrested while moving his belongings and parked near a Veterans Administration Cemetery in Los Angeles in April of 2001. They said it was the 23rd and Kurt said it was the 22nd. A time gap unexplained, but it was near midnight when he went to sleep in the cab of his truck. The Secret Service was there the entire time with the FDIC mafia spokesman on the phone after Kurt was arrested for parking with his belongings and running for his life and sparing his family from the onslaught of terror. The LA VA was the plaintiff and the federal money laundering syndicates aided them and forced a felony plea with injections, drugs, and abuse at the LA county jail and at the VA and federal facility in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles near Santa Monica. The VA has both state and federal jurisdiction. To hide the atrocity, and to try to claim that he was insane, and thereby bypass the issue of the VA giving him a drug to which they knew he was allergic, methylprednisolone, the VA had the Los Angeles Superior Court prosecute him based on trying to incriminate him with things written or said that were in fact non-consequential or while under the influence of the overdose of methylprednisolone. They were not threatening, just cursing and pointing the finger at murdering types at the FDIC and NTEU. The very first LA probation officer said the courts also demanded silence on the topic of the FDIC, which was a spoken demand and not written, that he had only heard of from the Probation officer and not the courts.  Kurt and a whole Lot of other Americans agree, they can join us in Hell before we will remain silent when they make corrupt demands.

There are dead men in the corridors, drugs flowing over the borders, money being laundered by gambling industries from Nevada in California banks, and money from the illegal drug business controlled by the Border Patrol and Customs Department being laundered by the FDIC and Treasury Department, all of which are under the NTEU. And even worse now, they steal oil from Mobile Bay, Mobil and Exxon, and they steal from Iraq and likely other places. The Public Utilities even steal private timber from under dead power lines in Alabama.

Kurt tried to withdraw the forced guilty plea. He had paid $5000 to the first attorney to help him stay out of prison. The corrupt officials were going to try to commit him to an insane assylum for the remainder of his life and silence him. The one million dollar bail and injections and drugs they forced upon him left him with no choice but to agree to their terms because he was not allowed time to obtain evidence to support his case, e.g. Sheriff Jack Tillman had illegally taken his gun permit, 911 did not respond to the attack on his life in 2001, the LA VA was under an order to stop forcing injections and medical procedures on veterans, and the investigation details of the murdered FDIC director labeled suicide due to collusion and technology at the hands of the NTEU police agencies. One mob boss controls or controlled San Francisco at the time. Kurt was in severe pain from service connected injuries while being held in Los Angeles County Jail and anyone who goes to that version of America's Hell has their life in danger.

We have lost our constitutional guarantee of the right to bear arms, and we have lost the right to reasonable bails and bonds, and now the regime can illegally inject and force medical procedures upon us. Many despise the Los Angeles government. Kurt was serving the US military in Los Angeles/Long Beach when he was injured. Never again. Everyone deserves at least due process and a chance for a fair trial, which would have had to have been out of Los Angeles. I would choose Missouri, with those so-called back woods bible thumpers who have enough sense not to allow casinos in. Kurt will be dead before he gets due process. Mobile Alabama criminal politicians illegally had their gun toting Nazis, of their technological illusions of cops, black and white, attack him when he was going to the city council meeting there and they still do and Judge Michael McMaken has lied and denied giving Kurt the right to film in the lobby, to observe, in 2007. The case was in late 2004. You must pick up the camera, bring a home made independent media badge and go to government meetings and observe. Beware of technological traps and always check to make sure camera has not been turned off. The children often do not even act like children and I have noticed that people do not respond like humans to loud commotion, in Mobile Alabama's closed government, which solicits all sorts of weapon manufacturers and chemical manufacturers from many places. The people often do not react as normal humans do such as Kurt's screaming for his rights.

Kurt's first Probation officer in Los Angeles made a demand in 2001 that was not in the written documents signed, he said that Kurt was not to mention the FDIC. (Count the seconds, Criminals can not remain hidden on the web. Welcome to the age of mass communication by the masses.) No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, and if collusion is involved you will never find out, and with technology, it could be like a haze of fake humans you walk into. Look for odd buildings or buildings with a lot of mass or metal structures. The NTEU is a criminal organization comprised of criminal members in the ranks of government and most importantly at the highest rungs of the agency, yet hidden from public view. The Los Angeles NTEU is so corrupt they do not even list their officers on their website.

The night of the arrest, after questioning at the LA VA jail and a VA Cop video-taped account of how Kurt and how he came to be on VA property, Kurt was taken to a medical facility of some sort with numerous windows and glass doors and given several injections against his will. A large fat blond nurse around 50 years old was holding one of the needles, and may have been a man in a wig. The man who gave me the last injection was a Spanish or Italian looking agent. They gave him at least two shots, one in each arm, the time interval between is uncertain. Something happened at that time after the first injection, Kurt believes, because after the first shot in the arm of an unknown substance, with a likely time lapse and then a second known shot in the other arm, there was a dark haired man on his right side who had his hand over one of Kurt's bad vertebras on his back and it was hurting terribly.

They then took him to a psych ward and he was repeatedly questioned by Secret Service agents and a Vietnamese woman who was the psychologist on duty for ten days. They purportedly inject everyone they put in their psych ward. There was a room at the psych ward where they often took the inmates. One psychologist or interrogator got mad and slammed the curtains to the room when Kurt saw him questioning an inmate who appeared to be dozing off and under the influence of a strong drug they administered to him after Kurt had been there for several days. Those bast-rds at the LA VA Westwood are cruel as Hell and have a Lot to hide. I had not seen the interrogator in the glass room before I saw him questioning the highly sedated veteran. What sort of information are they taking from our honest veterans? Who in the Hell are they, and who in the Hell do they think they are? Are they true men or are they technological manifestations brought about by collusion and technology. They are obviously the true enemies of true Americans and true humane humans.

The questions given to Kurt were leading, as they wrote the things on the chalkboard during the questioning, never mentioning the Methylprednisolone overdose or his possible allergic reaction to the drug, which they obviously knew would occur because of Kurt's recurrent and prominent butterfly rash from other meds and occuring spontaneously. The Vietnamese doctor said he was speaking quickly and that was their justification for the injections. I asked to just be left alone and not to be injected against my will. I have had a speech impediment since childhood in which I sometimes speak quickly when excited, sort of like an Italian.

Please pardon me as I write this as I sometimes write in second or third person, but it is Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone speaking. They were trying to make it look like he threatened the FDIC regional director, when all Kurt did was draw their attention to see if they would attack him, and someone did send out an attack against Kurt. The FDIC in San Francisco knew Kurt had been making a lot of noise on the web about the dead regional director being murdered and not a suicide and the fact they were issuing bank charters to in California who had come from Nevada's casino associates and money laundering was involved. One VA doctor in Mobile Alabama, years earlier had said the rash was from nerves, and Kurt took her word for it, not knowing the characteristic rash of Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus. The doctor obviously knew, and he trusted her, but the records are spread across the government. Which gives a vet more incentive to avoid VA health care. They do not trust us and we do not trust them or IT. Never ever again will he trust any VA doctor. The Psychologist at the Humboldt county VA clinic seemed like a Nazi in 2003 and Kurt just told him to f-ck off, in other words and walked out. Some of them love to hog-tie Americans with their bureaucratic red tape that becomes prison wire. Kurt would rather be dead than subjected to their federal Hell. They are just like Russia's mafia infiltrated KGB in many instances.

In Los Angeles Superior Court, Airport Court, Kurt was taken repeatedly to court. Always in shackles and without accommodation for the pain, and always having the cuffs pulled tightly behind his back injuring his disabilities. The sheriff did not care most often. One Secret Service agent came to the jail and the guard led him out in hands cuffs and ankle cuffs and told Kurt it was his attorney. The guard seemed to enjoy seeing Kurt try to walk in the chains and cuffs, wrapped and bound tightly. The SS agent told Kurt he was going to get six months in jail. He was right. The NTEU pastey faced SS punk, knew it was a set up. A female Secret Service (SS) assistant seemed to want to help. She was over-ridden. No Justice is to be had in Los Angeles, only pay-outs and abuse by our enemies under the NTEU's umbrella of crime, including thos who are corrupt in the SS, particularly in California, the federally sanctioned drug dealing and money laundering Mecca of America.

In mid-2003, Kurt went to the VA in LA to look at his medical records after he had called and they said that he could look at them. A small Vietnamese Doctor, male, got on the elevator at the LA VA Westwood hospital when Kurt was going to look at his records and the doctor had a peculiar 'cat and canary' smile. Kurt did not identify himself when he called to tell them he was coming to look at his records, which they said were viewable by simply coming to the medical records room in the basement.

When Kurt got to the medical records room, he told the records desk clerk that he wanted to see his medical record. The clerk pulled his name up on the computer. Then the desk clerk called one of the supervisors in the records room. Her name was Ms. Doktor and she told Kurt that he would have to come back later. Kurt asked why, do they remove pages? Ms. Doktor said sometimes they "remove Doctor's notes." That same VA had been indicted for forced experiments on veterans in 1999. Most links to the proof have been removed from the web since that time. Welcome to America 2000+X, it is just like Russia. I finally got the records around 2005 and they were full of lies.

That is a severe violation of the Freedom of Information Act, not to mention a violation of the Nuremberg Code of the Geneva Convention. Kurt called a few days later to tell him that he was coming to get them. They said the records were not ready, and to call another day. He did call once more and they were still not ready. Kurt never did call again because he knows that they are hiding something and he is fearful of the police and doctors at the LA VA Westwood. He finally had them mailed to him in 2005 or 2006. The LA VA was under investigation for forced medical experiments at the LA VA in 1999 and again in 2003. They found gross violations and forced and unwanted medical experiments in 1999 and none in 2003. It is no wonder, because they are editing the medical records and the NTEU has oversight over the federal police agencies. I was tortured there in 2001 with forced injections and then sent to jail in L.A. County.

Kurt was told by his attorney and the public defender in LA during the first trial in 2001 that he could take back the felony plea at any time and take the case to trial. Kurt contacted the LA Deputy Public Defender on 1/10/2004, LA Airport Court, and he told Kurt that he could not take back the felony plea because nothing had changed. One thing had changed, he was not in chains and was no longer afraid of them. In addition, they had given Kurt a drug, Neurontin, that was making him sick when he signed the agreements, and the drug manufacturer was proven as to have lied about the uses of the drug. Kurt thought about the injustice, and the lies, and then he discovered that the drug they were giving him at the time he signed the plea, for a condition he did not have, Neurontin, was a bogus drug and the manufactured had openly lied about its uses. Kurt had been forced to take the drug upon his release from jail in 2001. He confronted a VA psychologist he was forced to consult in Mobile, Alabama regarding the news story on 60 Minutes and the VA doctor smiled and said, "Oh, it is still effective". Kurt knew at that moment that the VA could never be trusted again as the drug was making him sick. He stopped taking the drug and almost instantly started feeling better and his thoughts were more clear.

Kurt has contacted the LA Public Defender repeatedly in April of 2004 regarding the drug report on Neurontin and the fact that the drug was making him sick at the time that he signed the forced felony plea. The Public Defender at LA Superior Court, Airport Court, has not returned his call. He has asked the Public Defender to contact his current attorney, which is Kurt's second attorney in the matter to make him file the papers to withdraw the felony plea. They did eventually reduce it to a misdemeanor but in LA it is still considered a strike, a felony, and the records do not seem to be altered while in the hands of our enemies in the USA government. The public defender never returned a call. Los Angeles should be given back to Mexico or made into its own nation. Their government structure is just like the NTEU's, corrupt and unworthy of salvage or notice. Pity their poor inhabitants who have ethics. The leaders there are corrupt and parasitic.

Downsize or eliminate the NTEU and like factions or say goodbye to a healthy America. We honest auditors and cops have no privacy as long as those hoodlums at the NTEU having access to numerous federal agencies databases and our location. Kurt has been attacked again. This time East of St. Louis on March 12, 2004. Kurt needs more medical tests for the headaches, vision loss, and loss of balance, and one of his close relatives had been diagnosed with cancer and needed his assistance but the regime kept him in exile in California.

Obviously no one cares in the higher echelons in some sectors and factions of this once great nation. Can this nation be great again? The possibilities for collusion at the NTEU are known as F is a Function of X. There are an estimated 120 agencies under the NTEU, therefore the overt possibilities of collusion are 14,400. Downsize the NTEU and make the Secret Service get out of the banking business. The SS has no proper "separation of duties", and are acting as auditor and cop, a proven violation of auditing guidelines to prevent collusion.

With the NTEU at the throat of the SEC and IRS and other agencies, they can bleed any company bankrupt if they have an internal agent at the victim company or agency. For instance, United Airlines and Enron and International Paper are just three companies bled dry. And that does not include the huge pension funds being bankrupted. Of course, banks are sometimes in the money laundering business and likely theft through the NTEU's FDIC and Treasury department and US Mint.

It is weird, but the first LA Superior Court Judge who demanded the six month sentence was a white male with a very large head, almost two to three times the average size. It was not the drugs they were forcing upon me. Was he some sort of German Genetic Mutant that Hitler has unleashed upon us? Or perhaps like McMaken, a possible power hungry dictator masked by technology and collusion. The first prosecuting D.A. was a young Mexican who seemed to hate me for simply existing and daring to survive. My side of the case was never considered and they set the bail at $1 million dollars for having my belongings, in a U-Haul and my truck, which included four legally purchased and owned guns and one antique gun that was never counted and likely stolen by government officials and it was given to me by my father when I was a child, a 22 winchester rifle. I was devastated. After running for my life, I had this punk young Mexican D.A. telling me I was a menace to society, while some old German looking Genetic Mutant was trying to send me to jail forever by forcing the ridiculous $1 million dollar bail and pushing for a felony conviction. Why serve the American military? The VA betrays on us and the government treats us like their enemies.

The Nixon era and before him laid the groundwork for the underground to undermine America in 1973 with the NTEU, which is Eating Me and You. The Flood gates of crime are wide open and I stand shouting, ignored by all except assassins.


3-26-04 Auditor Artist, Kurt Brown, has been diagnosed as having lost part of his vision according to a visual test. Of course it could have been the poisions sprayed in his window in Eureka that got into his eyes also while he was in forced exile from Alabama while in Eureka California. His mouth has a scar that he can not account for and a sore area in the roof of the mouth. I can not trust any American doctor unless they do the test right then and give me the results immediately. Beware of all state and federal hospitals in particular.

Kurt has lost some of his vision due to most likely the poisons while in exile sprayed into his eyes and his probation officer in LA not returning his call. The poison was even in his bed downstairs. I sometimes have post traumatic stress nightly. I was forced to remain in America. I feel I have been captured by my enemies. I know now why America is so bad in some areas. The criminal factions are trying to destroy us. Even their TV is in line with their devious plans for us. Think back on the 70's when they advocated the Southern California marijuana growers with Cheech and Chong movies and Easy Rider. Think back when their mass media approved of our uncles being killed in Vietnam. Those Hollywood types are no friends to our children. They can not even make a comedy any longer and they never elevate scientists like Galileo and his trials like they do the lowest of drug addicts and social deviants.

Kurt remembers a sharp shock or injection to the brain, and he does not know when it occurred, as he recalls coming to consciousness and then going out again. It was either in the Navy in the early 80's in Long Beach California or San Diego, or it was in San Francisco near St. Valentines Day 2001 after trying to film the coming and going at the FDIC, or the shock or chemical injections to the head was in LA at the VA on 4-22 or 4-23-2001, or it could be that that NTEU mobsters came into his house some time after his arrest between November 2001 and mid-2003 The zap by the mobster associates was with electrical or chemical means. Kurt remembers a shock or zap when he gained consciousness somewhere, and someone asked him a question Kurt will not repeat.  He remembers trying to tell them "No" wanting them to stop what they were doing, and then they gave him another he believes as that is all he recalls of the event.   Then the lights went out on that memory of the camera, till just recently. 

Or it could have been NTEU associates, e.g. a corrupt Secret Service agent at the VA where I was arrested on 4-22-2001 after fleeing Alabama due to harassment by the Sheriff when I was going to report malnutrition at the jail and my suspicions that someone was stealing funds, Jack (Sheriff $350K Jack n'da crack Tillman, Mobile AL.  The VA claims the arrest was 4-23-2001.    The arrest at the VA and interrogation by various agents could have been checking to see what memory of the event was left of the camera event, or to see what I knew regarding the murder of the past FDIC regional director.

When the government punk tried to take my camera on St. Valentine's day, I was in San Francisco for a day or so afterward.  I had caught the ferry from Marin county to San Francisco on a less than crowded ferry on the return trip. I had seen four or five men, Mexican or Italian and one woman and they appeared to be looking for something at the terminal while I sat in the corner of the walkway 75 yards away on a bench.  They all disappeared soon afterward.   I had slept in my truck in the parking lot at the VA parking lot in San Francisco for a couple of nights afterward before I departed San Francisco.  It is strange, but I am just now recently recalling the details in full regarding the camera.  Did the mob who may have killed the past FDIC regional director or who helped set him up for suicide, inject me with something in the head or give me an electrical shock?  They may have been waiting for me at any point, but I suspect it was at some point while waiting for the return ferry or on the return ferry. The bottom line, break up the collusion in government and put in auditing controls or you can say goodbye to the America you knew.  One agency per union.  The Secret Service also needs to get out of the banking business as they are acting as auditor and cop thereby violating the auditing principle of the Separation of Duties.  Not all SS are bad I hope, and if they are then, Deja Vu to my French Resistance friends who are now Americans.

Kurt's videos were in the hands of the government upon his arrest. Several of them were destroyed. He had a picture of a Gandhi Statue with a clock in the background while waiting for the Ferry. A peculiar feeling came over Kurt as he looked at a man and woman on the ferry going to Marin County. Were they the ones? They reminded Kurt of something to beware of, but then again, only God, Allah, Buddha, Etheral Conscience AKA C.E.B.A.G. AKA Crystal, or AKA the Lord, know for sure.

Kurt was noticing his balance and vision were really bad just recently. No drugs or alcohol at all in the system. Let us pray for a better world. Let us use common sense to strip the maladies designed by Tricky Dick, Richard Nixon, in 1973 when he had the NTEU violate the auditing principle, F is a function of X, and most likely thet pattern of abuse was in place before Nixon. Too many posibilities for collusion.


Also, when thinking of new weaponry that is out there, when the car tried to run Kurt off of the highway East of St. Louis on 3-12-2004, near the I-64 and I-75 junction at about 8 or 9 p.m., he heard a small and weird tap on the truck on its side or on the window, like something smaller than a BB, but a sharp and audible tap, like a click. Perhaps it was just a rock, but who knows, maybe something was placed in my truck when the feds had it in LA. These are strange times and a sort of war. We will soon have the technological weaponry to wipe each other out without a day's notice. A forest with one kind of tree is not a forest but a plantation. All plantations are harvested as soon as the right breed of locusts arrive.

Also, there was one Hell of a wreck on 3-26-2004 at about 2:00 p.m. on Airport Boulevard in Mobile, AL as Kurt was leaving the Doctor near Providence Hospital.



Addendum 2: Although the past regional director's death in the 1990's at the FDIC in San Francisco was labeled a suicide, when I think it was a murder, it has yet to be solidly proven. One of my prime suspects who has knowledge or direct involvement who I will only give out the initials, J.T., was a bank examiner at the FDIC and he was the Bank Examiner in Charge at a Bank examination in Santa Rosa, California, in early 2000, in which I was a part. P.C. of Roseville's FDIC was suspicious also and Mr. Justice should never tell a veteran he will be recommended for termination due to trouble with an assignment well beyond job requirements. I think they hire us and then push us out, us being honest humans.

Suspicion is laid upon J.T. in San Fran. FDIC for the following reasons: First, he had a foul temper, yelling in his office during the time of my termination. Second, he had been employed at the FDIC during the time of the murder of the previous director I believe. Third, after he left the FDIC and then returned years later to take a position on the upper end of the wage scale as 'Examiner in Charge', his nature deemed that more of an insecure eunich and not a leader in such an arduous undertaking, sniffing out criminals in banks.

FOURTH: He seemed to have a psychological need to confess, as he complained of the commute from his home city. While everyone else was broke, he was talking of buying a house in Marin, when the real estate prices were at their height and only the most wealthy could afford the estates, and certainly not a government employee at that rank.

Of Course, I could be wrong about J.T., he could have just been a pompous and insecure as-hole...California Screamin, butt that still leaves the question of the Top Guy and his camera snatching companion.(s?).

The FDIC has crushed much of my life with the aid of other corrupt government, including most likely the NTEU and the Alabama dictatorship. They had control of my whereabouts and I have been repeatedly attacked.

Also, when I was a bank examiner for the FDIC in Sacramento, there were two high level bank employees who brought suspicion, one a little more than the other. The first one was going to be giving a bank charter to a Nevada resident to open a bank. We met Mr. Nevada at a bank near my office in Roseville. He was from Reno and acted like one of those smelly greased up types from the shadey side of the gambling business. His gold rings and bullshit made me nauseous. The Bank Examiner in Charge tossed me my cookie assignments and chided me for not rubbing his nuts on one of them. The other suspicion banker while I was working for the bank examiner supervisor, P.C, was a large bank's bank manager. He made over One million Dollars, and when we were questioning him, beads of sweat glistened all over his greedy slick face. I mentioned it to a senior examiner there, and he smiled and said, it would have to be proven that he was running some operation under the table. That is impossible when the highest ranking members are in bed with the NTEU and their criminal network.



Details of Attack..This time...Interstate 64 at Interstate 57, while traveling East on I-64 East of St. Louis, Missouri, 3-12-2004 near ~ 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. CST, Two trucks pulled in front of Kurt as if too block passage. Kurt Pulled to the shoulder, letting cars pass. Kurt got back on interstate and drove a few miles. A small car came from the on ramp, drove up beside Kurt's Truk and swerved as if to hit him. It missed and tried a time or two more. A truck then took off behind the car. Then, a few minutes later another truck came up beside Kurt's truck trying to hit him again, swerving into his truck at least twice and Kurt evaded the assailants once more. At some point, Kurt passed several vehicles which were down on the side of the road, more like a steep incline and hiding. What they were doing or had as a weapon, if any, I do not know. No police were called as I have found it useless, although some Police evidently saw it as later on the passage became clear and Police were obviously present when I exited, as were several other vehicles (Pardon the first and third voice mistakes. I used to hide this Shee-it, and now the funny face is off.

Kurt had gotten behind a Tractor Trailer Truck after he saw that he was being set up by the two trucks who were blocking traffic. He stayed behind the truck the entire time. The Truck started to cat crawl after the second attack. Kurt followed him to Highway 1 in Illinois where he got off and there were police in the area, and someone obviously followed him to where he found shelter for the night. It was a fullsize pickup with large tires and pulled in behind Kurt, but he went inside. Kurt believes he has had a tracking device placed in his truck while the Secret Service and VA had it in 2001. Also, his attorney in 2001 told him to get rid of his computers because they had put something in the computers. Maybe she was just afraid they had placed some documents inside to incriminate him. The NTEU associated criminals in the federal government are capable of any devious act.

What is happening to America? Corruption of the most simple-minded and aggressive typem, and what I see is now, Technology enhanced collusion. The NTEU needs to be downsized to one agency or no agency. One agency per union just like Canada used to be is preferable. A collective Union could be instituted for a collective voice, with 2% of proceeds going to their coffers, and if that is allowed, rules should be put in place regardig no private or social meetings. The truth is, the Federal Government does not need a union. Wal Mart does not have one. A dead man came to me once in a dream and said, "We do not need any unions in federal government." I agree and I am not that dead man. They could follow the benefit and pay patterns of other outside unions. They are bureaucrats, not research scientists.

Numerous outside government agencies and private agencies, covert and overt should be there to police the oversight union. Too many dead bodies and corruption are in America. The war never ends, so too should the audit never end.


Some notes of my arrest and trial are here.

Upon the night of my arrest when I was simply trying to get some sleep in my vehicle while looking for a place to stay, I had slept what I thought was close to the LA VA graveyard. When I was arrested, they took me to the police headquarters on the LA VA property, Westwood. They searched my vehicle and found my papers and my camera. The papers detailed my suspicions of the murder of the regional director of the FDIC. They also found my camera that the FDIC and Secret Service, both NTEU agencies, knew that I was using when I filmed the succeeding FDIC director with a protégé St. Valentines Day 2001. They destroyed and removed many of my video tapes. I also had art that I had made when I was under the influence of the drugs the VA gave me and which they knew I was allergic. The VA ignored all cries for help and crushed me under the hand of the Secret Service and the LA courts and the FDIC, which includes the NTEU times 2.


The Veterans Administration in Mobile Alabama in the mid- and late-1990's knew that Kurt had Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus (SLE) because of the characteristic butterfly rash. The doctor had said it was nerves, when the rash appeared by itself with no pain medicines and when it appeared after giving him some pain medicines. Later the VA in late 2000 in Biloxi Mississippi gave him Methylprednisolone which is known to cause severe temporary psychosis in patients who exhibit SLE symptoms, including the butterfly rash.

Later while fleeing for his life, and being arrested with some writings and art from the period of the deliberate overdose by the VA, the LA VA with the Secret Service and a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) group of employees had him prosecuted without giving the overdose scant notice. The Biloxi VA knew about the overdose because Kurt went to them during the overdose to see what was wrong. Never trust the government hospitals, state or federal, and if you get a test that you suspect a forced experiment, do not do it in a government hospital and make sure you see the results immediately. Where you can go overseas that is safe to have things checked by a non-partisan hospital and Doctor or individual, I do not know. Try a witch doctor or acupuncturist such as the Chinese.



My first attorney in 2001 who did all she could to help in the face of tyranny told me to get rid of my old computers. I have theories as to why:

First, they may try to use documents against me in court that I may have written while overdosed on the methylprednisolone to which the VA knew I was allergic. None of the writing I made was bad, just some cursing and accusations of murder and theft. The steroid drug made me swear like a Pacific Fleet sailor in heat.

Second, the NTEU mobsters of the Secret Service or FDIC or mobsters in Los Angeles government may have added documents to the computers to try and incriminate me or they may have modified documents on the computers to incriminate me in some fashion.

Third, and most frightening considering my recent loss of vision, they may have put something in a monitor that would give off extreme UV light, undetectable but extremely hazardous and thereby burning within the eyes, the rods or cones. As I have lost part of my vision. I now think it was the poison sprayed in my window in Eureka as it hit me in the eyes. It was an orchard truck with a huge drun and a sprayer on the top.

Also, thanks to my first attorney, she was concerned that any psychiatric evaluation by a psychologist in the LA justice system could mean a set-up of sorts to be declared insane and thereby justifying a long stay in an insane asylum and to be put away so the crooks could run their business as usual in the NTEU and FDIC and in Mobile Alabama Govenment, which they still do. One things that concerned me though was the nature of my headaches and the area or cut that was in my mouth. Could they put something into the root canal of a tooth that would slowly release destroying vision and or memory or balance, etc.? It is horrific to be surrounded by people you can not trust and you can calculate that 7 or more out of 10 may be criminals or bought out by criminals and have you as their target, and now I look at collusion supported and enhanced by technology as a key suspect. The poor and common have got to get their rights back, including voting rights for all, or we are as good as extinct or slaves to tormentors who will take everything from us, like a swarm of parasites sucking a grape vineyard dry.


I have searched high and low and I can not find out who the officers are for the National Treasury Employees Union in Los Angeles. Why is that? I found their site once and nothing was there.

Also, if you use Comcast or have a website and internet connection that is not secure, beware of hackers coming in after you have left, especially if you criticize the Internet Service Provider or the government. They remove critical details and crash websites and create lies. I found that someone said I was "robbin" and that my gun was "Stolen" as if I bought a stolen gun. I was robbed by the fed and the 22 rifle was not recorded as my gun, and it was my fathers only remaining gift to me, given to me at age 12.


DETAILS OF TERRORIST ATTACK IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY on 3-6 or 3-7 of the year 2004..... It could have been a neighbor who was illegally spraying his property, or it was someone from the NTEU or FDIC who wanted to poison me.

On around March 7th 2004 I was taking a shower in the upper section of my apartment, which was at the intersection of Church and A streets in Eureka which was accessed by an alley and it was a 4 unit building. When I came out and was drying with the door partially closed, a mosquito type truck drove directly by my window spraying some foul smelling chemical into the room. The apartment is off of the main road so the truck should not have been spraying from the tank directly into my window, and they were in my apartment's parking lot and driveway.

(In this paragraph, I need to correct it. My vision was so bad when I left Eureka, I thought it was red tide. I was being blinded by the poison and have increasing trouble with vision and color vision.) Also, I did not know it, but my vision was so bad I thought there was a red algae bloom, or red tide, that filled Humboldt bay at its junction with the rivers that flow between Eureka and Arcata, because as I fled on March 10th, the redness was so great that the rivers were red and the bay was red and a red haze appeared to fill the sky to approximately 20 or 30 yards off the ground. Details of fevered sleep and sickness that followed the passage of the truck is on the Quatrains II page.

The truck was not the type of truck used in the South East as the sprayer looked cheap, but was spraying a lot of the chemical and I could hardly breathe when I rushed to close the window in the room, but it was too late. The truck went into the alley way and then the main street and continued to spray. No one else was in the apartment building at the time, just myself. The spray was to the West at that point and the spray was drifting East and I had closed the window but I could still smell it and it was as if it was still coming in, or maybe I was just suffocating from the fumes in the room. If it was an attack, who could it have been?

I have people who do not like me in the National Treasury Employees Union and some of their people in their 40 or more federal agencies. It could have been some people in the Cocaine smuggling business in California who stand to lose money in California if the NTEU's corrupt Border Patrol members experience a lock down with more outside supervision and less collusion if the NTEU is disbanded. The same goes for the NTEU's money laundering operations at the FDIC in California where I once worked and then of course there is the Treasury Department. Casinos are a likely culprit as I noticed all mention of them was removed by the hackers of this site, but I have re-stated their likelihood here in September of 2007.

I also have some beings, or technological manifestations, politicians, in the South-East who do not like me because I audit them and catch them in crime and that is just bad publicity for them as they appear to not be human and lack all ethical behaviors. Of course it could have been a terrrorist who is tired of the warring factions from America in the Mid-East. I do not have any control over that and neither do the residents of my prior neighborhood in Humboldt County, California.

Of course, Humboldt County does not particularly like the Bush Administration so maybe the Bush Administration was practicing for genocide. Who knows? It could have just been a mosquito truck. But I wish they had not sprayed it in my window. I had a severe Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus type allergic reaction, or some other allergic reaction, and I was bed-ridden for several days afterward.

America is in a Media Black-Out in which attacks against the citizenry and those who are not corrupt are  attacked and sometimes murdered. The NTEU should be reduced to one or no agencies. America should quit going to war and start building space colonies and use diplomacy in the world. California government should have their cocaine smuggling operations stopped and the border patrol under the NTEU should be snapped in two, with new employees in key slots, or double checking from outside sources, and the NTEU should be downsized to one or no agencies.

A car circled my block near my apartment repeatedly one afternoon after that, driving like a bat out of Hell. Perhaps he was driven mad or trying to intimidate me, or maybe just a crazy Eureka resident. Also, during that time someone, a young caucasian male with dark hair in his early 20's, was standing near my door one morning when I opened it up. He had a newspaper in one hand at naval level and the other was behind the paper. I thought it could have been a gun so I closed the door quickly. Que Cera Cera, maybe it was nothing, but if I had not a prisoner of the USA I might have taken a vacation in the Himalayas.

This is the second time I have written this passage as it was blocked the last time or a server mis-fired while the message was in transit. I have had this site hacked so many times, I feel that I have practiced this episode in my nightmares. (This is an old entry here) Also, I have been told by my forced felony plea probation officer to contact him this week, the week of 4-11-2004, to see if I can return and remain in Alabama. I do not trust anyone in California government in Los Angeles. (I trust Mo and the Pheasant I saw in Humboldt County but it is not my home and I want to leave California.)

The government has forced me to live in exile. The VA has cut my pay for the time I was in jail for simply fleeing for my life. The USA is in reality controlled by the mobsters of the NTEU and other tyrants of our times bent on prehistoric annihilation. Is all of history a lie? They frame people and keep US out if we have an indication of their level of corruptness. I have been attacked repeatedly with no response by authorities.



4-13-04 ALERT: NUCLEAR WASTE TRANSPORTED IN NEW MEXICO, Burn on ear, Forcibly Injected and knocked unconscious for reporting the incident. Also Nuclear waste spill on Interstate 40 in New Mexico, likely deliberate... Details below. Most likely waste from a Nuclear Weapons site, possibly a government weapons site explosion that was sabotaged on 3-8-2004, or waste obtained from Nuclear Regulatory Commission from Union Mobsters related to the National Treasury Employees Union, which began its decline in ethical conduct under Nixon in 1973 by expanding into the Treasury Department. Tuesday Morning, 4-13-2004, Interstate 40, New Mexico, Geiger counters on roadside and likely nuclear wash-down and clean-up stations. I viewed a car dropping soil pellets from under-carriage, significance unknown. Also, diesel trucks seemed to be tossing paper sheets ~ 2"X4" inches from undercarriage the night before, signifance unknown. The Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona injected me and detained me and stole my home and car keys when I reported the findings on Tuesday 4-13-2004. Their Chapter 36 law paragraph 520 allows them to inject you. They still have my keys and I am re-doing all of the locks on my home and my automobile at my own expense because they will not pay. The hospital ambulance company is trying to collect over $800 for a ride from one room to the other after they knocked me unconscious. They can eat my s--t. Some factions of US government are my enemy, I shall not want their life, death, or fear their animal visages. We need a second American Revolution. A link to the oil refinery explosion is here. The fascist and horrific federal factions at the top will not release the location of the Nuclear Weapons site that was likely a location of the first or second explosion or spill on the morning of April 8, 2004. The U.S. government will not tell you when there is a nuclear spill if they do not have to. Their world design is a plasticized Hell and we will soon look Southward and not be able to tell the difference as poverty will be so rampant that we will find ourselves working nearly as slaves.

The USA government has failed the audit. Numerous flaws in designs that aid corruption have been built into the system. We are not safe in any fashion with the current government's regimes and their ill-designed governmental structure with no controls in place. America, if we do not restructure our government so that we can audit it, we might as well leave the USA or let the dogs of war have at the corrupt ruling factions throats. I see now technology enhanced collusion being their trump card in subjugation of us.

Sun Tzu in the book, The Art of War, said, "The war never ends." To that end I say, "Let the audit never end, and implement corrective actions forever more." We are under seige in America. It appears a true New American terrorist element was either slowly put in place in American government with outside help from some foreign nations and some New America terrorists within the USA. The Justice System in the Southwest USA is destroyed. They forced a felony plea upon me for having a gun in my possessions, when I legally should have been able to do so. Now they will not even returns my calls so that I can get justice and due process in their courts of law. The federal government and the California legal system and the Alabama government do not want my case to go to court because they know they are murdering and thieving cut-throats and scoundrels. I pray that every judge in Los Angeles who gives felonies for those things approved of in USA's Constitution and Bill of Rights be dealt with as Thomas Jefferson would have dealt with them. To paraphrase Guisseppe Garibaldi who is on the Quatrains II page, "Got a rope, hang the pope, up with Garibaldi!". Let us marinate their heads with their rot-gut wine. The USA South-East's and South-West's ruling regimes along with their Nazi D.C. compadres are our mortal enemies and lead us into traps and eventual death. Remember, when tangling with the snake, "The Venom is in the Head" "All the rest is meat" "End the ruling regimes power and give us democracy, or Give US death."

If control of the USA is not regained for the common man, we will have unleashed terror upon the world by allowing the terrible and horrific regimes who now control America, both in the highest places and in the lowest places. We have been inundated by our enemies and I was held in exile under a forced felony plea probation with no chance for a court hearing and no chance for freedom. California is just like Alabama, New Mexico, and D.C, i.e. nothing more than a despotic Hell. I pray for an invading force to free us, and if not, then let us have TOTAL ANNIHILATION contained within our borders, thereby sparing the rest of the globe. It is far better to be dead than in a Bush medical experiment or medical horror bed .

Kurt said, "I was also likely harassed and abused and tortured, and possibly raped while knocked unconscious from injections at Flagstaff Medical Center, as part of a continuing assassination attempt and intimidation routine by NTEU mobsters, but this time the horrors occurred at the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona after reporting the likely spill and requesting medical attention." Kurt Says, "One agency per union or no union at all!" The NTEU has 120 agencies I estimate, and to calculate the chances of collusion, I estimate f(x)^2 -1 = approximately 14,400 chances of collusion, including George Bush Jr's favorite mobsters at the NTEU's Federal Election Commission. Of course with Collusion and Technology, we can not see or know the truth in its entirety, except we know we are being conned.

Kurt reporting the hazmat crews on I-40, a bleeding burn on his neck and was subjected to psychiatric fascism as he was illegally detained and injected at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona when reporting a bleeding burn on his neck and Hazmat crews on I-40 in New Mexico. FMC Guards stole Kurt's keyring with all of his home keys and car keys. Kurt was forcibly injected and passed out. Two guards were left with Kurt in the room and they closed the door, and Kurt suspects they may have raped him. They also put him in a room at the psych ward with an inmate who came in afterward whose hand was bandaged and he always wore sunglasses. Kurt recalls one of them saying to the other that they should teach him a lesson as Kurt was passing out from the overdose. One of the guards, the younger one, ridiculed him the next day while he was held in imprisonment, Wednesday, April 14th and said, "You were really out of it." He then held his mouth agape as in fellatio. Flagstaff Medical Center should be avoided at all costs, just as New Mexico should be avoided. The entire Southwest is like a hostile place. If conditions continue in a downward trend for the U.S., the Nation Should be dissolved into at least four quadrants if we are too become subjects of a Nazi-like Fascist state. Let them eat their own. G.D. their less than mortal souls.

The FMC Staff did not assist him in acquiring a Public Defender as an attorney when he protested the forced incarceration under one provision of Arizona's Chapter 36 law. According to this site on Arizona Law, they should have assisted him with legal assistance as he requested upon his arrest, and here is an excerpt, I read. If the person is involuntarily hospitalized, the person shall be informed by his appointed attorney of his rights to a hearing to determine whether he should be involuntarily hospitalized for evaluation and to be represented at the hearing by an attorney." "If the patient requests a hearing to determine whether he should be involuntarily hospitalized during evaluation, the court shall schedule a hearing at its first opportunity." ....In other words, even though there are laws to protect you, the hospital staff at their psych. ward, which is hidden and off premises, say they can detain you for 72 hours and do with you as they G.D. please. They are medical ghouls and thieves like the filth that that does forced medical experiments on veterans and children in Los Angeles, and those other horrific medical ghouls of history.

One of the guards from the Flagstaff Medical Center's contracted Security Guard agency likely stole Kurt's keys, or maybe both were in on the theft. When Kurt regained consciousness, he was in a chair and was leaning over to the edge. What had happened to him while he was unconscious, he did not know for sure. The same security guard was also at the forced incarceration and hospitalization two days later, a young male, caucasian primarily was a Likely suspect in theft of Kurt's keys. Are they doing ghoulish things to us honest Americans when they knock us out? I would wager, Yes. It is time to see the politicians who allow such atrocities to be ousted by any means that would have been fit to Thomas Jefferson in 1776.

The last person Kurt spoke to regarding the keys was the other security guard, a blond male, with hook nose, who said he had not seen the keys when Kurt was released from their kidnapping, forced incarceration under Chapter 36, Thursday at Noon 4-15-2004. Accomplice or not, I believe he was the second guard left in the room and may or may not know what the other, first guard may have stolen or done to Kurt.

They have not returned the keys yet and likely never will. The staff injects you with any chemical despite any allergic ramificaitons, even when you are compliant with their orders.

Instead the FMC medical staff injected him with a overdose, and he was made sick and help captive for three days under the New Law of Our Satan in Arizona, the Chapter 36 law. Senator McCain should come and enjoy his state's fruits of agony and despair. America is a lost cause at current rate...best advice to the average American who can move at will, sell while it can sell and then get out of the USA.

Chapter 36, Arizona's Six Six's Law, "Now is not that special?" Says Church Hell'yun. They can inject you if they please and hold you for 72 hours and you can not do anything about it according to the Psychologist or Psychriatrist on duty, who acts as Judge and Jury, even if you are reporting a possible nuclear spill and possible contamination of yourself and your vehicle. Kurt showed up negative on the geiger counter, if it was working. Also, the guard told him his truck tested positive for radiation (this section was hacked and changed and I just corrected it in 2007).

They also attempt to make you sign papers to pay for the ordeal if you want to be released, thereby changing it from Chapter 36 to a full-scale highway robbery theft. Kurt has reported the event to the fraud and abuse section of Blue Cross and Blue Shield but he was still forced to pay.

Do not trust anyone in Government hospitals, state or federal, in the Southwestern USA, from parts of Texas to California. They should not be able to tear people's lives apart for reporting dangerous conditions on the highways of America. America's news media is nothing but feel-good fodder and slanted hostile ranting and provoking propaganda. Stay out of the Southwest U.S. California and the South-East US and many cities are more of the same, to varying degrees. The Southwest US is rated as worst in human rights violations. During the upcoming revolution, we should help to take over Washington D.C. and give the rights of the Constitution back to the people and then put in proper designs and controls thereby assuring auditing design principles are followed in structuring agencies and their unions. Otherwise, if we do not restructure the new governmental design, including reducing the NTEU from being over 29 agencies to the NTEU being over only one agency, then we should point our children to foreign shores at an early age. I now feel that collusion with technology assistance is world wide and it is rare to find a place not tampered with. Their design will bring our existence as we knew it to an end and cause all of our future generations to be subjugated in the gross disrepair of our poorly designed society with disregard to instituting proper controls to prevent collusion, etc., which thwart economic investment ability and incentive. In other words, their design of greed and mob bosses at every door way is going to end up putting us into a famine.

An unusual incident of noteworthy importance, was after Kurt was washing hair and ears in restroom at a rest stop gas station to remove possible contamination, while driving and stopping, there was a young man at the restroom door exit, caucasian, leisure clothing, mid-20's, with cell phone in left hand and unknown object in right hand, speaking into the phone, "C N K, Mark!". When he said Mark, a pop was heard in the right hand held near the pocket, he then placed his hand in his pocket. Nothing, maybe? Knife, who knows? A new type of device for tossing nuclear waste, Possibly. Or he could have just been tampering with my emotions, after all, I have endured sheer hell. Take the Nuclear Regulatory Agency out of the NTEU. Mobsters Orchestra Maestros should not be allowed to handle nuclear waste. Also, get rid of Arizona's Chapter 36 Law, and its terrorist like forced medical procedure ramifications.


The government hacks our computers at will.

It is my hope that the National Treasury Employees Union is SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY WITH PREJUDICE, and that the entire upper rank of FDIC is jettisoned like feces from a colon. The biggest mistake of my life wasa trusting the US Government. Never again enter their buildings without fear of their technology and their guards.


I did everything I was supposed to in order to be a good American.


The bottom line is that I, Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone, have endured much. I should likely be dead, but I do not feel I can die easily in the flesh, or at all in spirit. I always felt that the game of Dodge Ball was entertaining as a child. I was always the last one and always was the one who chose to throw in the hat or not. The Canadian missed my eye with a pellet gun or small caliber rifle in 2007 and that was after two attempts were made to sabotage my truck in Vancouver and I caught the men in the act. I was going to run over one, but he got out from under my truck too fast. Too bad. Better Luke next time aye mate. My new compadre at Thousand Islands border Patrol on the Canadian side, that faggard named Murray who says I am, too foot loose and fancy free, or was that "Two Foot Lutes and a Fancy Freak" which is why I had to leave Canada. Now after visiting Cali I am back in Alabama and toasting my tootsies in global warming this summer of 2007. I encourage young humans to be humane, not to use marijuana, or not in excess, and to learn to play a musical instrument to relax and reach the dual vibe and to never trust a stranger, including the ruling regime in the USA. See you on the flip-side.


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