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Segment February 16, 2012: TRUTH_usa_MEDICAL_holocaust_TREASURY_fdic_ROBBED_bank_EXAMINER_tortured_BRAIN_damage_STROKE

The USA government allowed me to be tortured and injected repeatedly after investigating government approved crimes. I had a stroke in 2001 or 2004 from the injections that were allowed that year. They call us insane, those of us who are like Galileo Galilei of modern day. We bring proof, many of us. I bring proof of many things through test and observations. I bring proof of murder at the FDIC yet the government ignores it and calls me insane. I bring proof of a world drought due to the Milky Way Galaxy Center Clear Sky Effect, yet they call it La Nina Winter.

I am a man of mind, body, and spirit. I do not lie like some people do, especially when my my and my family's lives and livelihoods are in jeopardy. The Government is allowing us to be medically tortured so that we can not recall details. They laugh at us when we recover our memories and our minds and say the Statute of Limitations has passed. Beware of the government and all they put their stamp of approval upon. Negative capitalism has spread like a bacterial infection across the USA. The negative captialists win, or do they ?

This video is on Youtube by Saintrambone and it is titled, "USA Medical Holocaust Made Worse By Statute Of Limitations, Memory Recovery Time Long, Brain Damage".

Segment February 11, 2012: TRUTH_based_COMEDY_hell_SNATCH_gimp_ALSO_usa_TRAVEL_ADISORY

I often envision comedy in Hell and I look for paradoxes in reality in the way one looks for light on a shadow on a building that is cast from the sun on the water. In this episode is the scene of our would be villian, the man who helped the federal FDIC and NTEU and Treasury and overlord of financial factions including all of those third reich still hiding in Swiss Banks in Switzerland and those in Macau who were under former FDIC Chairman Donna Tanoue and those in power over the USA dictatorship and international conglomerate. Sheriff Jack Tillman will be in Hell in this scene. He will be his busy body self. A cripple will be who knows who is laying on the road side with a sack of snap peas. The scene is massive famine and death and something like Hell. The fascist factions and some of those who were allied against the lower caste conglomerate are diminished in number, as is most of the lower caste of the conglomerate. It is the end days of the human species on this planet, excluding any who may survive in tatters.

Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum Till-man sees the man with snap peas, a large sack, held by a cripple who is laying on the ground. The corrupt Sheriff runs for the bag of snap peas and takes off running. The old man looking like a grandfather opens a vial and takes a few pills of some variety given to him. He waits. Snatch opens the bag and the anti-matter is dark and of the vile. It consumes Sheriff Snatch who lays dead. The old man walks up to the dead Snatch, and he is no longer a cripple. He picks up the sack of snap peas, and pulls out a seemingly dead possum. The old man looks like the big Indian from the movie, The One That Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. The Old Indian grabs Sheriff Snatch The Fairy Possum's Tillman's soul by the nape of the neck and shows the possum to Snatch in his final dieing and awaking moments. "What did you learn from the Possum in the bag trick Jack? Are we wealthy yet? Yenta means yet."

That is the end. But think about it Jack, I am the cat in the hat trick. I ran a test to see if killers were at the FDIC. They knocked a man off and took over is what happened. Likely setting us up for genocide and one hell of a fleecing beforehand. I had to bust you Jack on 4/3/2001 and the number was right. The air was slick like a sick bitches cats meow that day. Those odd numbers. Some times he stares me right in the face Jack, and it really feels good to say, "Hey God, Look at that F-ck, he hit us in the gut right in the lower stomach for his own pain and pleasure." I am just a servant of God Jack. Have not you figured that out yet. Are you a bag tie?

Like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, "As I contemplate the bizarre, I think of my conversation recently with my dead Uncle Gar down on Cotton Mouth Creek recently. He looked like the Pope's banker who was found hanging under Blackfriar bridge approximately in 1983. I thought about it and thought about it, and I remembered that the Pope's banker was found with an approximate weight of stones and an approximate amount of money. I am more familiar with the Judeo Christian and Catholic modality so I added it up to Revelations. Because it is in Revelations where it is balls to the wall for that crook. I wanted to ask a Rabbi what the number meant in his books. But since he was a Pope's banker, it was a quote from Revelations. I looked up my number, 911, given to me by the same executioners in Los Angeles who likely kill innocent banking frauds judges. 911 in revelations said I had met the man who controls the abyss. That is negative capitalism. I stood against him and lost. The rest is in God's hands but I would like to see what a Rabbi would have to say on a clear galaxy day about these profound number designs, riddles in the rythym, like Snatch's 4-3-2001. Ring Around The Rosary Jack, Pocket Full of Posery Jack. Ding Dong Ding Dong the Dick Falls Down and the Snatch ends snap! Youtube music. Jackie Q

On another issue, I discovered long ago that for those of you who sell things online or for those of you who meet your mate online, the government in Florida and Alabama tries to set things up, literally when you arrive. Beware of being framed and or attacked by the war criminal and hostile factions of government. Many will do everything they can to strip you of your currencies and your family and your health. The covert war has been waging for years. I do not care if many of them are killed. But why should I, they maimed me with forced injections and I am still under attack in many cases. Beware of their lies against our true people. Many of us are being shot down with the old techniques of war time and hostile actions in last century. Be very careful. Never drop your guard completely. If you are in California or Arizona you are in extreme danger because the federal and state governments and their syndicates forcibly inject people with chemicals. I witnessed that and have had a stroke from it which they do not accept responsibility. I encourage seizing of power from the current war criminals even if it has to be a new country in the South Eastern and Western USA. The idea of breaking the USA up in the 1800's during the civil war was a good idea but slavery was not. We have a new form of slavery today controlled by our enemies who are in the predatory industries among us in the USA. We are in the land of negative predatory capitalists. Something tells me God is about to shake this thing out or perhaps we should follow God's order of nature and devour the predators who make us suffer or we our selves be killed. I only wonder why I have had to witness war and the struggle for survival since before birth and all during my life. I only wonder why?

Also, as I pondered Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possums Tillman's number whom I sacrificed my time and and gun permit to so that I could correct his action of thievery and starving inmates. I had no gun but he took the gun permit when I approached the gate to report him. He stole 360 thousand dollars of inmate food funds and other monies, put away into a retirement account unethically. Therefore 4-3-2001 was our meeting date, he stole 360 thousand, so it is as simple as 3 times 6 for a number of 18 and then we have to divide by 3 and we get 6-6-6.

Florida my grandparents home state is where I am under attack recently. I want all casinos including INdian and the gaming boats and the lottery clinched down upon for inspection and suspicion of money laundering in the exchange of drugs with federal agents and their associates. Today, while in Central Florida near the coast, someone left a penny in my open computer case when I stepped from the room to use the restroom, in a community computer area on the bottom floor a little while after noon. There was also some thing on my bottle of water it seemed, a strange taste like a drug. I believe I am under attack and illegal suspicion by lower class war criminals who live on illegal funds in the state of Florida, but like Snatch, the international dictatorship allows them to rob the common peop;le. It does not matter to me if they are bush-whacked as they have tried to do to me, Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone. I am speaking of not only crimes syndicates in government but their casino dons as well. Drought, its an ugly four letter word Snatch. 666 is Jacks number and 911 is mine. His was derived by logical analysis of his thievery and mine was contrived by thieves who are robbing us blind, in more ways than one. Wow! They want to give us a blood bath.

Segment February 8, 2012: SCIENCE_space_TRAVEL_spiral_GALAXY_hop_ROW_prima_FACIE_case

As I contemplate space travel by necessity due to a likely memory of mankind of years past of a great flood, perhaps many, when our Earth is impacted by things outside of our solar system, including the center of the Milky Way Galaxy which we traverse every 25000 years, and in any given direction, such as approaching the XY axis from the negative side of Y every 50,000 years. Of course I could be under mind control by my enemies who are in power or who are lessers striving to destroy and consume all that they can, like a ravaging horde of thieves or locusts or monkeys holding hands in orchestrating destruction with the spoils of war being consumed by them as they planned.

So as I consider the disappearance of the Mayans, I try to reconstruct their escape, and how. At one time I had considered travel through the center of the spiral at our point in the arm of the spiral. I pictured traversing the galaxy utilizing the positive and negative fields which we cross on December 21 of this year.

As I consider the magnetic fields protruding from the sides of the galaxy for most likely many light years, I also consider the center of each arm of the spirals of the galaxy as they are next to each other, arranged like bent corn rows in the field. By jumping from the highly magnetic and pressurized state of each of the arms of the spiral in the galaxy, one could basically leap the corn rows as I call them in much the same way energy travels along a myelinated neuron in a human beings central nervous system. Under this method however, one might or might not experience the usual limitations of physics as we know in movement of our own bodies on planet Earth in primitive time.

When I consider the harassment and torture I have endured in the USA and the current state of being maimed, I know that this society will not make it that far. After all, would you want a beast or rats in your domain? Think about it. The USA has hostile factions poised to kill each other. We may be hastened to this point by famine due to 80% of rain reduction around the globe and the remaining 20% being concentrated in some areas. Never trust anything with the stamp of approval of the USA government, as they are controlled by an international dictator, and all things they design are slip-shod, meaning meant to destroy us in the end as they have done to myself at least partially if not in totality. Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone.

A prima facie case may be needed against our war criminals in power who control the abuses allowed at alleged health care facilities such as the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona and the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital in Westwood which is next to the 405 Freeway in Santa Monica. I was told that to sue for damages in a court of law in the USA for the stroke and partial loss of vision I suffered during a series of abuses at the hospitals mentioned in LA and Arizona, that the case would have needed to be filed within the first few years, which would have been 2001 in LA and 2004 in Arizona. My memory just came back in 2011. I was told I could have been repressing the memories due to torture or it could have been due to brain damage from the stroke they induced. The government allows these things and their wealthy benefit from the torture and suffering. We have no government in reality. Therefore I encourage an eye for an eye. Stay away from us and we stay away from you, but it does not work like that, as they are predators and predators live as predators and prey. Their courts and laws mean nothing in this stage of their global conquest.

Segment February 5, 2012: COMEDY_truth_BASED_world_DROUGHT_this_YEAR_and_NEXT

Today's work is a truth based scene in which I will cast myself as Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.

Scene : Marlon, myself, is speaking to a camera to be put on the web. "What I see in the world is obscene. It is not my fault that the government is a compulsive liar with sociopathic tendencies. They lie about everything, those at top. Soon you accept the lie, but now we can not accept their lies because their truths will prove futile and many may die as a result."

"I coined the term, Milky Way Galaxy Center Clear Sky Effect. As we approach December 2012, I watch the first thunderstorms of early Spring in Florida. If my theory is correct, the storms will form and then they will evaporate and disassemble their water molecules and disappear into outer space. My estimate is that we will have a percentage of eighty percent or more of water loss. Most people do not understand equilibrium or how invisible pressures behave toward elements. It is not their fault they are ignorant. The government may be planning a genocide for many of us. Particularly if we have a series of catastrophic events. Something killed the dinosaurs and something will kill most human beings if not all. If only I did not have brain damage from the injections forced upon me by USA government officials and forced injections by profit seekers of a medical atrocity camp sort. It all began with the war waging at the FDIC in California. The stroke they inflicted upon me that has made me partially blind, leaves me wondering if in the clarity of the Universe and if God exists. I want those who attacked me to pay with blood and money and livelihood, just as they did to me. They are predators and in a sense live by the sword. Let the guillotines of our time flow with their blood.

Segment February 3, 2012 :

In analysis of Florida, California, the federal government out of D.C. and their various groups that wear the mask we associate with supposed leadership, it appears we are in a sort of red scare state once again. The federal government in Florida is no different than in Alabama or in California.

It does not matter if those who direct the government to inject and torture and kill the innocent die because they are the terror threat to us. Therefore all predators are food for other predators. It is the law of nature. Many of theirs do not care because they get paid and they want to destroy us not only for money but for pleasure of animalistic conquest. They attack us with needles and torture to force signatures for incrimination in non crimes, just as they did myself Kurt Brown. I was maimed and some are killed.

These are the times that patriots cheer if something invades their space and if its head is decapitated. America is a slave state for us and many of us are better off dead. Never trust the government or any thing they put their stamp of approval upon. The top person in their highest paid followers are the beneficiaries of negative capitalism and the spoils of war such as international tax rip offs and money laundering and medical crimes against us. They may be leading us to mass genocide with a technological invention and a natural death flop. They injected me four times, four needles, and gave me a stroke and blindness. My memory came back on FDIC employment last year. I want their terrorist leadership overthrown for terrorizing us. I do not care if crime syndicates of the government stripe are decapitated as well. Never trust them. They betray us.

Of course, on a more analytical level, I would say that there is a good chance the USA and the Earth has been or will be over run by a new technology so powerful in its moment that it can not be stopped, if it has not already happened. I have known people injected by federal government in Alabama and I was injected in California. They have gone needle crazy. I support the overthrow of their terrorist dictatorship internationale behind the mask, either of technology or simple anonymity.

They break into our vehicles, our lives, our homes, and what comes around goes around, so Help us God.

Segment January 29, 2012: GENOCIDE_earth_CANNIBALIZED_humans_UPPER_level_WEATHER_milky_WAY_galaxy_CLEAR_sky_EFFECT

As we on Earth approach the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Clear Sky Effect of the center of the galaxy leaves us with no clouds in our section of the Milky Way Galaxy. To a chemist that means that equilibrium is not set on Earth in the troposphere and stratosphere and mesophere and thermosphere. At one time, water would evaporate and it would be pushed back down to the Earth due to other elements in Milky Way Galaxy causing pressure for water vapor to return to Earth. Therefore, since there are no clouds of elements and increased pressure in this part of the Milky Way Galaxy we have many upper level clouds dissipate into space. I saw a streamer coming from Earth in a satellite photograph in early January 2012. That streamer was water vapor that is sucked out into space.

I really can not help but wonder if the Mayans ever got off of the planet Eath. In the concentric circle calendar they made, they allegedly predicted the end of time this year. I suspect they may have found a way to ride or transport themselves through currents in space and evacuated themselves from the planet. They might have had help. I suspect that much of some foreign languages, the ancient ones, may have held clues to movement of material in space. In other words, a highly advanced civilization that makes human beings seem like intelligent apes may exist.

After witnessing an apparent war in banking regulatory oversight, it is obvious that internationally much if not all of laundered money from international sources could have been taken by a select group who have been gearing up and preparing for war and or a great flood on Earth.

Our solar system passes through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy every 25000 years. We pass through from this side of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy every fifty thousand years. It was said that Neandrethals first appeared 50,000 years ago. That means that the dinosaurs may have been dealt a final blow at that time or before. We might be next.

I see the American and European capitalist system as a dismal failure. The predatory and cannibalistic nature of man flourishes in this environment. The police are corrupted also and factions fight for control. I encourage all to view the government and their wealthy controllers as at best, idiots, and at worst as engineers of mass genocide. The hostility of many USA cities and government officials makes me wonder what is next. Communism did not work so well either, and I am not sure negative capitalism did not seep into communism.

The police and courts are as corrupt and criminal as the lowest and most unethical street hoodlum of the negative capitalist fringe.

Segment January 27, 2012: SCIENCE_salt_WATER_purification_WICK_damp_CHELATE_all_ELEMENTS

The ability to make fresh water from saltwater would be to what I call, "WICK EVERYTHING, DAMP THE ELEMENTS". This is done by putting saltwater through a tube as in an intestine with small polymer replicas of the chelators, or teeth, for each of the elements. Millions and trillions per square inch if possible. We could think of it as Sweet Carols Intestinal Vagina, the feces has to be filtered out. Pressure would be needed but could likely be created with gradients or wind and solar power. I only wonder what sort of Hell have they put me in. Forced injections, torture, societal subjugation to a lower caste, all for the empowerment of negative capitalist forces. It is likely a greater takeover or perhaps just little me, former FDIC bank examiner and later investigative journalist on government approved financial and medical atrocities. They are in the worst case scenario robbing the Earth of all excess banking funds, building themselves an empire either in space or encapsulated in the Earth in some fashion, and they intend to give us the 100 year flood on Earth.

The universe could flood due to the galaxy center we enter in 2012. The universe is a series of switches it seems. I would like to be able to leave Earth at midway and ride the center gravitational gradient, that tube we are passing through from 2012 January until 2014 January, approximately. Of course I was injected and and tortured and am now partly brain dead with no chance or repair, only of a slight memory recall of a war for international money laundering inside the FDIC offices. I quit, not. Sweet fircd me and I want my FDIC job back. He, sweet, could not find a mass of F-DIC bug in their dung filled ear. Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, the one with two two lights and I heard that Yu of Bank of China was killed in China. I do not think Yu is significant. They likely got its codes. Xu and Xu are approximato bull sh-t.

On finer elements of my water purifcation system, I see a moving chemical machine, much like the Roman phalanx, or a grinding pencil sharpner. Geo-centrism is the hallmark of idiots. See the hairy bonobo monkey males who run this planet. Beware they are inbred and part rodent.

Segment January 25, 2012: GOVERNMENT_harassment_DISCRIMINATION_city_EXPANSION_

In the United States of America in all cities I have visited, the government attacks the poorest and the most homeless. I at least have a place to hide to simulate the experience of homelessness while in the safety of my vehicle. They do not like us sleeping in our vehicles. They harass us and even rob us legally if we are parked in the wrong place. The predatory nature of man is staring to show as the USA demonstrates some of the most despicable abuses known to mankind. Who rules the USA now? Attila the Hun?

As the government ignores my warnings on heated and pressured forces at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, we swelter in late January in places that should be cold and we have drought where there should be rain and snow. The Milky Way Galaxy Center Clear Sky Effect will last at least through 2013.

Per my observation of FDIC federal bank examiner influences by corrupted factions, I know that the USA is a lost cause. I am often harassed by fedeal or local police in some places. But in others I can not tell if it is hate groups or police acting on behalf of corrupted war criminals who are in power.

To retaliate I would like to investigate those who terrorized myself. I investigated banking regulatory officials and judges murders. It is likely their murderers in government are directing the attacks against me. A backtracing up the chain of command would show a money laundering murder or group of them. They try to make me go over the edge. Perhaps 2012 will clear the slate.

Segment January 25, 2012:

As I have traveled I have become analytical in most respects. I will soon release my proposed dooms day theory video and how we may have been robbed in the international banking system oversight in many governments. We may have some rough riders over the Earth who intend to put us in a mass genocide. They may have garnered the money for their own survival as a collective. It is just a thought. A song came to mind. I analyze in my own way with music. And of course a million reference sources helps. The music for today, "Rikki Don't Lose Than Number" by Steely Dan on Youtube. Some times when I enter the swamps on cotton mouth creek, I hear my Uncle Gar with a fish hook in his leg, "Kurt if you don't leave now and go fishing I am going to prostitute you." Oh Uncle Gar I wonder I wonder how far how har. Is that concoction Snatch?

Segment January 23, 2012: PHILOSOPHY_sociology_DELUSIONAL_orientation

The society in which I have known and seen around me my entire life is a society that denies obvious truths and negates these truths as existing. They or we have done so at our own peril. Truths and revealing those truths to children makes them more aware adults. When we deny truths to the children when we can see those truths as being false, we have taught the young to conceal lies in their minds and disguise them as truths. We teach them to become delusional about life and its ramifications. Cannabilism is often manifested in children and it is expressed in adults in this society. It is an ancient tendency, as common as growing teeth, but our upper conscience does not deny the truth that eating people is morally wrong. However, those who follow the delusion of that construct that guides our society in war for profit, is in fact no different that a cannibal.

Why would humans be like this? It is the nature of the lower ape that our ancestors were derived from and they attained it from lower creatures who basically evolved from eating everything that they could. The denial of truths, the hiding of facts, and the ingnorance of facts, leaves us as much less than what we could have become as human beings of the common type. It was said by a scientist that much of mankind was wiped out as evidenced by earlier and later genetics studies. It is no wonder we are so cannibalistic to this day in ignoring those obvious truths that our society is cannibalistic in various forms.

I tried to save myself when I was under attack by various government entities and individuals in 2001. I was attacked vigorously with no remorse by those in power over myself and the government. They did everything they could to destroy me, even giving me forced injections, and other medical procedures, that left me with a stroke. My curse in my imagination is to imagine weapons and tools they have placed inside me. I should have never come in contact with their cannibalistic war criminal government. They do not see the criminal in themselves.

I have really lost just about everything. In a way I see God as helping me to face death in 2012 if it occurs as many predicted, or perhaps I am being shown through another loop of change. All hope is dissipated in the USA for most of us. I would not care if we are killed because I would know that none of my young relatives would ever suffer under the lies and abuses of leaders who negate obvious truths as falsities, delusions of the mind while one pretends to ones self to be upright. We need new leaders, warlords who can negate the negation. Truth in absolute victory or enlightenment in absolute death.

Segment January 22, 2012: HISTORY_current_AMERICA_war_2012_cannibalism

America is likely coming into full scale riots and wars and open murders in the streets of the USA in 2012. We live in fear of the government, therefore we live in fear of each other. Those wealthy warlords are at top and they are our enemies. We should prepare for this war if it happens. Water will be scarce in very little time. People will kill each other for water sources. People will kill each other for existing.

The hatred in cities like Atlanta and Los Angeles where the population is diverse, we will see race wars most likely also, or gang clashes at least. I encourage the preparation for war if you have a home and weaponry. Let us hope that for those who survive that they have a better life. I think it will be worse after it is over, if it happens this year, because society will be more inbred and will eventually die off unless genetics engineering scores a hit and creates a better human, or human hybrid.

I look forward to the wars if the regime and their police state are dismantled. Their mass medica ignores the holocaust against us common Americans. It is my prayer to God to kill our enemies in power and to kill us mercifully if we are to be under their abuses for any length of time.

In Mobile Alabama the federal government attacked me until I had nothing. I was trying to investigate their government. They are stealing oil and timber and money. They are hateful and deserve death so help us God in the coming wars to destroy their structures and to remove them from our soils. The government itself seems extremely racist and bigoted, but I know they are not like any of us. They do not live in fear and wounded by the regime in power. I had a dream their buildings were blown up and mahy were saying it sounded like a nuclear bomb. Let us hope and pray for the deaths of our enemies in these coming wars. I encourage people to arm themselves, have water reserves, and see the the enemy in power for what they are, our worst nightmare. If they are attacked, applaud the dictators who arise and sever the heads of those who harm us and create this prison state and medical atrocity camp known as the USA and much of the Americas. Never serve them. They will betray you. Prepare as if preparing for war during the next year. We know we hate each other. Mankind is a cannibal. What will you be eating in 12 months?

Segment January 20, 2012 : SOCIOLOGY_constrained_CASTE_lower_AMERICA

Recently I went back to Tillman's Corner Alabama, a small but largely industrial bedroom community for industries that are nearby in all directions. I came here for my first work that was any long term, working in various shipyard jobs, 1st Class Burner the most recent, a sort of shipfitter with a torch. I learned how little life meant to others in the area in construction. We were young and working then, and now the area is crawling with homeless or the working poor.

After suffering a small bout of alcoholic induced insanity most obviously, I joined the Navy one day on an extreme hangover. I should have dropped it all, gone to Seattle, and started working in a coffee shop and toward a law degree. I did not. I ended up in a trail of federal jobs where in the end I was placed in what appeared to be an agency in war, the FDIC. It appeared the management was being over run with people from other places and not our own workers and assoicates in our high security California FDIC offices in San Francisco and nearby Roseville.

I did not carry a gun with me, but in the end I had wished I would have . A regional director had been killed and I did not trust the current Macho Type A Blood Squat Cannibal who had replaced him. I could have killed some one during the ongoing war and gotten a free ticket and a hush-hush heroes badge. They put me in the office because I had all of the requisite skills in 1999, military training and likely a guinea pig from the military arsenal, "Dead Eye Dic".

During one bank examination in Santa Rosa, a pompous man who I really did not like was cornered in the San Francisco FDIC office one day. His door was closed and there was yelling going on inside his office. I was the only one there outside the door. Another man had walked in and sat at another desk, watching me I am certain. I finally got up to urinate in a restroom down the hall. When I was inside, I heard scuffling going on as the bank examiner in charge, the pompous either J.C. or likely J.T. left the office. I did not know if he was being strong armed. If he was , I could have killed one of the men if I had had my gun. But they are like an army hooked to armies. I would likely need a small consussion bomb and an assault rifle. Just like in the Navy, if I had shot my pompous ass co-worker during the hi-jacking of that F-DIC bank exam, it would only be the wrong to do so if I missed the captor. I was on the hi-jack response team during my term in the Navy. I do not recommend government contact now. The war is lost. There is no knight in shining armor to follow.

I ended up being terminated from the FDIC. There was no recourse. I am nothing to them. I am just a burner from somewhere far away. Their syndicates have won it seems. Look at the government. They use every tool they can to come after many of us. I should have known. A strong likelihood exists there was some sort of tool used against us then in the FDIC and I am sure against many of us in the general public. Could we have been knocked to the floor without knowing during some melee in that office? A high probability exists. I feel as if I live in a war zone. I am an honest journalist, former FDIC bank examiner, and I have uncovered murder for experiments and torture and being hi-jacked medically for profit and social control by those who control these hated United States.

We obviously do not care for each other any longer, most of us. I have lost some of my vision since those days long ago. I was forcibly injected in April of 2001 when fleeing Mobile Alabama and being tortured at a federal facility in Los Angeles. I was trying to stop a Sheriff Jack Tillman from starving inmates. Also I had been attacked after I told the management of the FDIC and the NTEU in San Francisco on St. Valentines Day 2001 that I was reporting their money laundering and murder and that I would enjoy seeing them being screwed in the rectum in a loving sort of way. I was attacked three days later. I contacted many government types, Gray Davis, Dianne Feinstein, the President aka Secret Service and people in Mobile Alabama and no one responded. They acted as if I was insane. I hope their government is destroyed if the planet flips in 2012. Could the rest of society wilt away? It would likely be better off, but there is no telling what sort of perversion will emerge when their procreation rests in the hands of genetics engineers. A new cloning malady perhaps?

To this day, the federal government will not rehire me as a Federal or State bank examiner because they said I threatened one of them. I would kill them if they are part of syndicates at war with the American people for their money. It appears they are and I would support a military dictator if he brought the fire power to free us from their international dictators and local inbred warlords. After all, most of them appeared to be a select set of gangsters in the top seats at the San Francisco FDIC and I am sure our worst enemies are in many layers of government in these hated and robbed United States. Beware of technological masks. Look for nuances in speech. I suspect I saw something in Roseville FDIC management at about the time they discovered my bosses neighborhood was soaked in alleged jet fuel in Rocklin California. The San Francisco FDIC statement is uncertain about what happened in that office due to the closed door policy of management in federal banking oversight. Most of the USA is a whore's bath full or flies and maggots, the rest is a blood bath.

The stroke has taken its toll on me. I would never use VA health care again. I hope to die instantly rather than being tortured by them or some of those of the new war criminal reich which knocked me unconscious with injections in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center also. Never report toxic waste burns you may discover. The government knocks people unconscious. I honestly do not know if I am even conscious. Brain damaged from chemically induced stroke and theoretically probable on a statistical level they have me in a coma of some sort. Only God knows and I pray for him to finish me off nightly if so, and to do it quickly.

Yesterday I saw a grandchild of mine. A beautiful girl. The threat of the government is to take this last grandchild of mine from her loving relative. They have no reason to except they want to take control of everything if they take control of anything. I look at the weather pattern and predictions as we enter a new point in the Milky Way Galaxy toward the center on 12/21/2012. I would welcome the end of our time if what is happening is a complete strangulation of our society socially, economically, and physically. I look forward to the end of human time in this current environment. I feel sorry for those young people of ours sleeping in the streets while our coffers and government are robbed by those who would blow our brains out in our offices if we were allowed to remain and challenge them. Many of them hate me and they likely have me labeled many things. Many are likely cocaine addicts who are beholden to their dealers who are beholden to their money launderers. The world is a place of war, not of peace, not of God, only of perverted greed. We should challenge our enemies to war if the time avails itself. They turn you against your own. You should only attack when there is profit in it in this environment. That is what they do to us, profit from our suffering and downfall. Fight to the death and never surrender. Never surrender and and never trust the enemies in power and their war criminal followers. If you have guns, you are better off to fight to the death or kill yourself rather than being taken hostage and injected and tortured. Our enemies have taken away all of our rights in the USA.

I had someone show me a white cylindrical tube, about the same size as two drinking straws combined. He snapped it into. I later had a dream that they have injected needles of a material into our heads and it would act as a sort of conductor, rendering us totally incapable of self control. What they really wanted in the beginning was this sort of control. Some called it slavery. It is a common attribute of mankind to imprison each other and enslave each other if their moral virtue is perverted or does not exist.

Segment January 18, 2012: SOCIOLOGY_analysis_MODERN_links_BONOBO

The governments of the United States of America and for that matter, those governments who are under the same dictators of wealth, privelege and spoils of war as the USA, are our enemies more than our allies from the time we are born until we are dead. They will leave you maimed. They will betray you, even if you walk on the side of honesty and virtue. Their cycles are about war against mankind. We will be forever under their grip until they or we are dead. They could and likely do enslave us in many instances. I know they torture and abuse many of us.

Most people in America will stand by and allow other Americans to be maimed, killed, jailed, or imprisoned. I no longer hold false hope for this life in this nation. I played by the rules and I ended up with a stroke, part of my brain destroyed due to forced injections and other medical abuses, some of which I do not know because they had knocked me unconscious.

We are enemies with their ruling wealthy war criminal sects. They hold their heads up high as the victors, yet we pray for them to fall under the lathe of the universe with us this year. We are better off dead than alive if we are injected and tortured by their heartless beasts and warmongering paid mercenaries.

Make plans if you can to save yourselves. If you have many grown children, I would disseminate them around the Earth for the next year. Many of us are praying for death of the species of humans. We would rather be dead than tortured and treated like medical guinea pigs on an insane asylum called Earth. Best of luck in freeing yourselves in life and death if war erupts when we go through the window this year.

The worst thing you can teach your child is intolerance or a sense of entitlement due to their heritage or sexual orientation. The time will come for war it seems. Or maybe we will just go out with a whimper. I want to see my enemies faces when I am dieing. I want to see if they are human, as they appear to be like animals. The crime syndicates of the Earth swallowed the USA governments long ago. The truth is, we have always stood by and watched the other be killed. That is the animal in us.

Segment January 14, 2012: HISTORY_present_GENOCIDE_by_RUMOR_yiddish_YENTA_gossip_KILLER

We as mankind are simple creatures really. We all tend to have our specialty or specialties. I am horrified by ignorance now and see education as imperative. The horrors of the South East USA are honed by ignorance and greed. The whites of the KKK sect are often not even white really. What is white anyway? Often blacks are consumed by hatred of a symbol, primarily that of the white man who had him in chains allegedly to 1865.

The Blood type A of the Mexican and German and Asians have their own way of viewing the Earth it seems. It is reflected in their societies. It is reflected in our society. That is why I hope to have my descendants leave the USA, but where do they go? We are in a self service sort of Gestapo state with drugs and gambling and even law schools positioned so that some rise and some are swallowed in these hated United States.

I often wonder about mind control on a grander scale. I wonder about Genocide in the coming future of the entire human race that is not salvaged. The remainder would be inbred, excluding use of genetics engineering to change the genome. It all comes out the same in the end.

The word "Yenta" is a Yiddish word and it means a person who spreads gossip. The type A blood types are successful because they bind and unite like a bonobo monkey tribe and even share the same blood type. They will propel each other in a one monkey helping another monkey in conquest in government in their circles. This is why cannabis is legal as a drug in California but illegal in Florida. The criminal mind of a gestapo sect is always the same, a lesser mind that takes and does not give. A common problem of those in control who use laws against us and taxpayer monies is the spreading of rumors. I am sure the Gestapo spread rumors often and I sure some were punished for those rumors just as many Americans are punished today by war criminal fascists in the American governmental regimes of today. America is not a safe and happy place for most people and it will likely get worse in the future.

Segment January 12, 2012:

The wealthy treat the poor like rat poop in the USA. Do not ever protect them or serve them, and if their casinos and banks and hotels and industry go up in flames on or around 12/21/2012, it will be of no concern to me. Life under their needles and abuses in their government and their courts tells me there is a bigger game. I made a joke about another species of beings from the other side of the galaxy, less than one year away. I said their brains were six times the size of other human human brains, a sort of variant or branched off species. They would likely control the lower humans on Earth like puppets due to their bigger brains and more stragetic moves and talents and physical attributes.

When I travel, I some times make jokes about things. I see myself as myself, another investigative journalist who knows no clue unless tests are run and observed. I, similar to, Hunter Thompson also see those phantoms but I am sure these are the big head folk darting back and forth and skirting about Kurt.

I lost everything and will likely soon leave the USA for a cheaper locale and to likely die. I had thought of going to my fathers death zone but they are in a casino parade. Then again, who am I to doubt my Dad. I was applying for a job at Wind Creek Casino in Atmore Alabama as an accountant. I was asked if I was married to an Indian. I said yes. I could not explain that it was my Grandmothers Indian blood that I was married to, so they said I lied. I heard someone was shot at PGI, or something of that sort, as they control Wind Creek Casinos. I don't think they pay their dues and they have a large business. But those Porky's jobs in Biloxi look Sweet. We are better off dead than to be under our enemies who torture us. They too will die eventually, those who survive, if they survive. We or I am likely just deceived. I would rather go to Nice France now, but I will sleep outside since I can not afford it. We hate the wealthy warlords in power. I love the sound of that grinding machine.

A European came to me in a dream and in a panic like a clown tellling me that we would be dead for millions of years. I pictured the Indian from the movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" walking out expressionless to listen to the waves when there had been no shore nearby. They f-ck us up good when we are young. They often steal the young. When they take them, they are likely better off dead because they have fashioned the young after our enemies desires. Not all are bad, but all it takes is one pin prick. They rob us through casino funds stolen and laundered, they rob us of our right to be free from bodily harm.

It was said that Abaddon would have a mighty sword from Revelations. Now a sword could be something like a knowledge to read things, as I saw that some ancient symbols were likely translated into shapes or forms as part of tools in outer space. My 3-D diminensionalizer concept was one of those things where we build shapes in space without supports, light and wave combinations. The other sword could have been a weapon to overcome the populace. But that is the nature of the beast and the beast can be risen above, althought some fall into the beasts trap while we starve on the outside. I hope the wealthy enjoy their ride. Along comes a million Bonny and Clyde and I ask like Poltergeist, "Am I still alive", and the man from the movie Swingblade says, "I reckon" as he stares off into space to God as Marlon Brando, "Is Ecclesiastical still alive? You have to ask yourself the most tanamount questions to get to what is Sweet."

Comedy scene, similar to Pink Panther, but I am Pink Ram Bone in this skit. I am speaking the Indian casino management office that is likely a concoction of masks and other things, some not Indian of course, those who visit from government to pick up their double nut sack and report one. "I was told someone was shot hear at Casino Gambling Indian enterprises." The management replies, "No no one has been shot inspector." Inspector, "No one heard a gun go off?" Management, "No Inspector". Inspector "Was it suicide?" Management, "No Inspector". Inspector, "You fool, you have not heard a gun go off yet someone was found shot dead according to my confidential sources" Management, "There is no corpse or gun here sir". Inspector, "It must be some of the not so sweet clan at the FDIC. They use needles, those hatchet men who control the FDIC, and they often wear masks and stun us in the office. We can not recall it until we recover from the stroke the VA induces by forced injections as well as Flagstaff Medical Center, as was my case, all directed by federal hatchet men who are in fact Bag men and never Braman.." "We must return to the corpse as soon as we find it, and I would like to speak with you about an accounting job. I am also a performer with a hat full of tricks and jokes."

Segment January 10, 2012: SCIENCE_prediction_12/21/2012_meiosis_MITOSIS_galaxy_CELL_you

My life, this life on Earth, are both possible to terminate in the near future. Or perhaps this is the beginning. In the end, it was our fate, if you think about it, all things. The mechanisms of the universe are fascinating, all of the dimming and lighting switches including point Theta in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The magnetic realm that is opposite in poles on either side of the Milky Way Galaxy as our Solar system approaches the center of Theta, that point that separates the magnetic poles of the Milky Way Galaxy. The magnetic fields encompassing the Milky Way Galaxy and the things inside the galaxy remind me a cell going through meiosis or mitosis. Could it be that like an old hand held music device like those that have tines for strikers against raised nobs placed apart mathematically on a cylinder to create music (pics). Our universe, our existence is like that, we live and make our noise and die soon thereafter and then the whole thing of noise and no noise continues with life for another species. The victor is as transient as a cock fighting rooster who will have his day in the stew eventually, regardless of his size.

I feel I have been led to slaughter. I feel that some are trying to save themselves and will come back to the Earth after it has been wiped clean sometime one week before or one week after December 21, 2012, when we are at dead center, Theta, of the Milky Way Galaxy.

I look at the scars of my life and the uncertainties in the context of perceived and imagined probabilies with percentages assigned and analyzed together. I see the Seal of Solomon, a sort of oil can opener in my good eye. It could be a gun shot reminder, that the government takes no guff and I have no quarter, none of us do in the working stiff section. The other eye is a shallow wading pool of blood darkness at the bottom. The federal government has forced me to have a stroke with forced injections. I never harmed any of them. Those at top are mean but things will get meaner and the tables will shift and the stakes will increase until mankind has stood there in a shuffle, a slave with no mind.

Due to my distrust of the government, I look at the eye of solomon's seal as a sort of mislabeling also. Could it be the federal government is gone and they were blinding me with a bullet hole pattern just to give me a message, or had they put in some sort of bioengineered sight relay in my eye so I could pass along the message, i.e. the Dead Eye Dic Invention makes your body transmit Central Nervous System information. That is federal medical guinea pig conjecture. It could just be that I was just being tortured and punished for revealing the truth about Alabama thief Sheriff Jack Tillman and murderers at the FDIC who have left a trail of blood and suffering in their wake. So go the spoils of war as they say.

It could be we are headed for selective genocide. All who remain on the planet get to see the rapture. Would you die for God? Give your flesh so his flesh may be born? You and I, if I exist, may have no choice, and if we are killed, we would be better off to consider it and to pray for it to happen in that manner if we are all killed. AFter being injected and knocked unconscious, an educated man will paraphrase Aristotle, "I think I am, therefore I am?" The cycles of life, death, rebirth, suffering, happiness, and the mechanical patterns of suffering remind of the music box I described earlier. In my mind, Like a child who was found cut up and altered and returned to his family, I sat on the step not knowing if I was still covered in my own blood and I played the song, Circle of Lebanon. See the Fourth Track in this Link to Music. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems because nothing is as it seems. Imagine the child missing an appendage from his body and delirious thinking mother is in the kitchen and father has gone for the day. That is our training session.

I believe I was tortured or made partly brain dead for that matter, but lets say what if we are headed for selective genocide? Any remaining population would be inbred. They would likely invigorate genetic engineering and splice the human genome to make a better human. Then one day, they would be smacked down like all the rest. It is only a matter of time. Sweet, as the Poltergeist guy would say, "Sweet Late Me In, Darkness is in the light, the F-DIC Bod is starting to tip and you need my assistance to make 911 be released, 9.11 million dollars. Do I have a glass chip in my eye? Is it a diamond or a spectacle? Or is it just part of the wire. Remember the Wire. God save us all and keep our bodies new again."

Segment January 8, 2012: SCIENCE_truth_HOLOCAUST_time_SCHEDULE_departure_DATE?_

I, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, am willing to wager my investment that the West Coast in California will suffer an extreme and severe drought based on the change that has occurred in our space in the Milky Way Galaxy since early this year in January 2012 and very late December 2011. I expect the overall drought conditions to pass in 2014 when the North pole is back in the space where material such as clouds exist. We have entered a change in the material of space. It is no longer clouds of various elements and water in space, but is instead an empty center of the Milkyway Galaxy where the laws of physics will play havoc on some of the Earth. The oceans on Earth closest to the North pole appear to be affected. The water vapor of earth does not reach equilibrium with the material in the stratosphere.

I would put my money where my mouth is and buy a home in Florida, perhaps near Miami but I am being targeted by someone who is high up in government. They are paid to attack us innocent former FDIC bank examiners and innocent freelance investigative journalists. A woman waitress was crying because an alleged USA police official, she said Marshall, but I would wager a Sheriff was there, and I think it was Fort Lauderdale. She said they were trying to make me seem like a murderer or something of that sort. I heard her voice when I was in the bathroom, and she said something to the effect of, "Don't kill him". To her, all I can say is that I am used to accusation and those enemy elements of the average American who are in power, direct the lower levels. The banking regulatory and casino businesses and government drugs overlords are corrupt to no end, but it is money and in money is a bath in death because it buys and sells all of the USA and the Earth.

I have gotten documents on a stroke I had diagnosed in March of 2004 due to forced injections by the martial law powers that were in power likely before I was first tortured in 2001 to sign documents. I am sending the papers to the appropriate people. My vision on a pattern from a optometrist test shows a tunnel effect in my vision, a blackening or the periphery. One of the patterns looks like King Solomons Seal in one rendering I saw. It is my good eye, my seeing eye dog.

The waitress who was crying uncontrollably and likely knew of myself and my website Mobile Audit Club. I advertise in ways that our enemies with blood on their hands and money stolen from us in their pockets, can relate to. They use traps that are illegal and wrong in God's eyes. I am often harassed and I have done nothing but write and express and observe and witness. Now I call ahead and advertise I am coming, technically, to lay the ground work and innoculate my people with knowledge that makes them immune to our true rulers, who are "A Bad Don"s. Abaddon ruled the abyss, the most vile negative capitalist empires also. I am hated by those syndicates who rob the American and worlds workers. I am loved by a few it seems. I should have left a bigger tip and maybe a marriage proposal and a baby to boot.

I really wonder also now about where the Egyptian pyramids and statues were when they were built. The Earth may rotate every 25000 to 50000 years on its axis 180 degrees. They may have been used for many things, and most poetic would have been the aurora borealis complex at the poles of the Earth or as a switch of sorts at the equator to capture reverse kinetic energies in the cross current.

Don't do as I did and think you can change human nature. Just protect yourself love, your own home, not that world out there, that vile disgusting place controlled by Abaddon. They call us insane when we tell the truth. They call us criminals when we tell others. Never own a gun if you are a veteran. Our enemies in power will call us insane and torture us with needles until we are blind, or partially. I also see a can opener sort of thing in that King Solomons seal image that was a little perversion of the original most likey. My brain, my eyes, and we mean nothing to each other unless we protect our own. Go back to school young lady. Get more money for wiping their rich asses and mouths and do more good. Her tears are the first caring I have seen outside of family and friends. Perhaps God's vision is clearer than mine today.

Because I also invented the hybrid original design of Dead Eye Dick, or the recreation of what I suspected to have been done on some of us military voluntary enlistment populations here in the USA. Could it be an electrode overlay in the eye? Just food for thought in an environment of distrust and abuses by alleged medical professionals.

Please, if you must inspect it, don't just leave me maimed as the cowards do here in the USA. The gun was all I had to protect myself in 2001 because the government did not respond after an attack on my life. The warlord in power does not like people interferring in the international and governmental monies markets such as money laundering. I was tortured for owning a gun in 2001 and ironicially a Sheriff Jack Tillman thief took my gun permit in 2001 when I was reporting his thievery. They now pay him a large exit bonus salary. I would not recommend owning guns now. It does not protect your from Abaddon, those in power over the USA and much of the Earth. They achieved their time line I suppose. Beware of the foreign elements who would kill us and take all we have. Not all have a human conscience. I would never do what they did to me, the forced injections, stroke, torture, and continued attacks and false accusations. They would love to bare false witness against us. It is funny that our tears protect us when we know the ruling sects are wrong. Do not punish her for those tears as they are an involuntary response, like witnesses to a holocaust. As the Poltergeist guy would say at the restaurant with the drama created by a gun wielding mad man in law enforcement endangering all of our lives, and as I the Poltergeist old man leave the toilet I say, "Well alright then, I have defacated and not yet fornicated and it is all in the toilet bowl for you to inspect. Now is Sweet Carol a pretty queer or not and the ARD F-DIC BOD is there in the Treasury as an F-DIC smell. Its all in the toilet bowl. Are we in chemical induced Hell yet? Are we there yet? I know that word yet sounds familiar. Do you use her to brew? I would like to touch that"

Segment January 7, 2012: SCIENCE_climate_CHANGE_sun_CENTER_galaxy_SUN_space_4-DEGREES_kelvin

As I sit in California in a place that is usually cool, where Steinbeck once sat and where Clit Eats Wood resides in high splendor with my pistols I am certain, I think of the futility of all of mankinds achievements on the West Coast at this moment of uncertainty. Our sun is in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy increasingly this year until December 21 and then it moves to the other side. In that vortex of the milky way galaxy is shifting gravity and there is heat and solar flares and a change in the consistency of space. You see, as the Poltergeist man would say, "You would not late me in but I came in through yon window like a ray of sunlight. Sweet Carol I told you and Masa's attorney at the FDIC I would shine a light over y'alls head in the year 2000. Are we popular yet?" The solar flares from our solar systems sun will likely be greater and further out as the sun feels a slight pressure, a tugging on the flares, a sort of squeezing as throught a torch tip. Therefore the temperature may change on parts of Earth for a while. I predict at least two or more years of drought in the South Lake Tahoe area of California and the California Sierra Nevada mountain range due to this rare Mayan predicted astronomical phenomena (pics).

As I look at this phenomena I think of the greek symbol, theta, which looks like our arm of the milky way galaxy in the center and theta means death. You could say that we cross the milky way center at our arm of the galaxy every 25000 years. But we have not gone through in this direction in 50,000 years. In a way I see a language in many ancient greek symbols, such as transferrance of matter on a larger scale. We may find that the tombs of Egypt were multiple use structures to purify water and to use as an energy or balancing source. Imagine an ancient who comes back to those Egyptian Pyramids after the humans are killed if we have a global flood and more. They would find in their ancient pyramid water boxes, the mummies of those who claimed them and said they built them. "Betsy Bug, get out of my water trough", is what you might hear.

Cow-a-bunga dudes, its mad cow town time. Not a drop of water in sight. PV=nrT is the natural gas equation. In a way, it explains our situation. I was a burner at one time, a torch specialist, so I am very familiar with the effects of pockets of heat and gas, and I was a navigator so I am very familiar with astronomy. This will be a sad year for Earth. By next Summer, we will likely just see more of the same, unless the Earths pole shifts when the sun's pole shifts. I predict a shift of 10 to 35 degrees of latitude if there is any shift to correct for true north, but the poles might flip and therefore we could have 170 degrees of latitudinal rotation.

Honestly I do not care. I am damaged goods and as I said after being injected forcibly and made sick with a stroke, "I think I am therefore I am?

The Earths pole may go back and forth like a wobbling effect and the new North pole could be Alladins castle in what was Eden, near Greece and Lebanon of present or they could be . The in the out always shifting a certain percentage of change on the Earths polar field is likely what happens if there is movement at all. As the man on Jaws the movie would says, "It will just be a brief drought and we will be back to normal." We should start passing out morphine in the event of a slow sun burst, just as a pallative measure before baking. Comedy, "Snatch, butter up, its Porky's comedy roast, you filthy member of a pack of Jackals."

In a related matter, a very sneaky person set me up with special numbers after I was set up to receive those numbers. 911 is my number from Revelations (?). Abaddon is over the abyss, Earth, once again, and below him are his denizens. Abaddon is a creation of the human condition pushed to the animal like state. His followers are clingers on who assist him but they are forever under him. He may be about to lose his grip. If many of us are killed in a massive flood, I will make sure that I stand close to deep water on 12/21/2012, give or take a month. Will life insurance pay for those who want to ride the wave? "Late me out God, Late me out, the F-DIC BOD did not let me in and they have stolen everything. Late me out God." I speak into the horn in the center, little horn.

I like to speculate with what if... What if another species has taken a ride off of the Earth on the other side of the Galaxy. They would have left 50,000 years ago at least. It may be that you do not pass through and survive that well if the Earth is a mess. Another what if is, What if a warlord has knocked mankind out of the space race with technology and they have kept us pinned down and robbed. These could be people who enjoy the spoils of war. They could ride it out off of the planet, wait for the storms and tidal waves to end on Earth and then move back in and take over. I do not trust those in power over the USA governments. They are abusing us and they are international in scope of power. Maybe this bad dream is only mine, and if so, it is soon flush time. Our universe, a sparkling toilet bowl or intestinal tract and we are the polyp planets.

Segment December 28, 2011: BANKING_money_LAUNDERING_retaliation_SEIZURE_drugs_INTERNATIONAL_

The money laundering business in the USA is a business of kings, and the same can be said for illegal or semi-legal drugs such as marijuana. The government does not care about the American people because the government does not really have a face that can be retaliated against for crimes. There will be those who will retaliate however if their money is taken. No knight in shining armor exists to protect the American people. Simply because the kings of government enjoy the spoils of war, they have those who fight over the spoils of war, and that includes the control of illegal and semi-legal drugs and of course monies laundered in banks.

Sometimes I look for the cause and effect and you can not always be certain that an explosion or sabotage is in retaliation for an event such as seizing millions of dollars from banks. The explosion in San Bruno California in 2010 was of interest to me because I thought I smelled natural gas while on Interstate 280 which runs through San Bruno. I did not call it in to 911 because when I report things, the government tortures me. First in 2001 in Los Angeles when I was reporting a suspected covered up FDIC murder in San Francisco and a Sheriff in Alabama who was a thief of inmate food funds. Then I was tortured in 2004 for reporting a burn on my flesh and a suspected toxic spill in New Mexico to Flagstaff Medical Center. Now I look out the window and keep going, including the exploding aircraft or rocket in 2004 in Braman Oklahoma and the busted gas pipe in 2010 in San Bruno California. I likely would not stop under any situation because I have had a small stroke due to trying to do investigative journalistic work and simply seeking medical care. On several occassions I was tortured, robbed, and injected with chemicals.

I can not help but wonder if the explosion in San Bruno California that killed several people was because of monies seized during money laundering by Wachovia Bank or some other banking fiasco such as the arrests that landed many Colombians in prison in 2010. The problem becomes apparent if you work for agencies such as the FDIC in California as a bank examiner. You see the hidden things only slightly but things like jet fuel in the neighborhood of my FDIC boss in 1999 and seeing basically strategic moves by crime syndicates in the government offices in San Francisco FDIC and Roseville FDIC, you soon realize that many people are dirty in some way or another or they work for someone who is corrupt or under the gun of those who are in power and who are corrupt. Even the Vatican Bank launders money according to news reports.

I no longer see the USA as I once did. We are not one in this nation and we never were in my life since the 1960's to present. As people drift away from religion, those who are greedy or hungry reach for more money and more violently pursue those who get in their way.

If you are an accountant and if you work in banking oversight, you would likely be better off to quit and work elsewhere as to leave the side of the betrayers in government, your health and wealth will improve. I believed in the "knight in shining armor" over government and I was punished for that belief. They treated me as their enemy and do so to this day, ever since I came forward on their crimes. No one cares because those at top are corrupt, and if you challenge them you will be labeled a criminal and a menace to society. If you consort with them in unethical, allowed by law crimes, or in direct subterfuge and hidden crimes, then you can expect they may kill you if the day avails itself to rid the slate of witnesses or to seize your money. The sociopath is forever the sociopath, even though he consorts with God when his testicles are in a vice. There are many opportunities to launder money as illustrated in this link to money laundering in 2010. Because the government has those who fight within the upper ranks, I no longer report falling aircraft or gas leaks or any thing. If they are killed or maimed, I treat them as they do my self and others -- their suffering is their problem and not mine. As a journalist, I am now in cuffs and I can not witness nor report what I see as material events. However, I think we should protect our own because no one else will. Protecting others finances is not allowed by the sociopaths at the top of government and industry.

We can not trust what the media says because they are told what to say. The syndicates fight for the big money. There is no way around it because there is no knight in shining armor to protect us and most do not have any ethical or moral constraints on their actions at the top of government. Their government is the enemy to the average American. It is no different in Russia most likely. Asia is even worse it seems. Best of luck. Never stick your neck out and never expect the society to heal itself from the effects of "negative capitalism" and all it entails. Sometimes I feel like "Rocky Raccoon" as I fight with the possum men of law enforcement who are corrupt. (music).

A closing comedy scene based on truth, and this is a what-if I had reported the gas in San Bruno that I smelled strongly, intoxicatingly strong. Methane, natural gas, has no odor but it is coupled chemically to sulfur so it has an odor. Scene: I am driving down the interstate 280 and I smell the odor of gas very strong, I pull over to the side of the road and call 911. "Hello, I have a report to make. The odor of natural gas is really strong here on the 280 at the San Bruno section." The operator replies, "And what is your name sir? What are you driving? Please wait there while we dispatch the Highway Patrol."

Scene: The California Highway Patrol arrives at the roadside where I am parked and the smell of the gas comes and goes, wafting in the strong Pacific Ocean wind currents inshore. "Sir, did you smell the gas after you parked or before?" The CHP officer asks. "Before I parked sir" I reply. Officer to myself, "Were you doing any drugs at that time or drinking?" I reply, "NO". The CHP asks, "Sir do you have any weapons on you?" I reply "No". The CHP says, "Fine, turn around then, we are going to cuff you and search your vehicle and sniff around". I comply startled. He places me in the patrol car and tears my vehicle apart looking for drugs and weapons. The CHP officer asks, "Sir do you belong to a terrorist organization or have you been engaged in terrorist activity?" I reply "No, I just smelled gas and wanted to report it." CHP officer to myself, "So you are a sniffer? Did you break a nearby gas line sir? We have reports you were arrested and detained and injected in 2001 in Los Angeles by federal authorities and you reported a toxic spill in 2004 and were injected and detained also in Flagstaff." "Sir, you are under arrest for suspicion of terrorist activity and we have been ordered to take you to the San Francisco jail psychiatric facility for further evaluation." As I arrive at the facility I am taken into a back room like the federal facility I experienced in Los Angeles but this time it is San Francisco. The Italian or Mexican or German man pulls out a syringe and proceeds to inject me to my horror and to the detriment of the stroke condition they have inflicted upon me. I often wonder if we should not live like boxers, revolutionaries for our own families and remove all opposition when it presents itself, and if so, what is the final society going to look like? These are questions and scenarios that men ask when they test the limits and discover truths hidden in our societies.

As a final aside, I remember speaking with someone about their military service and how they endured 20 years. They just laughed and looked away, and never said anything. In some ways I feel like my job as an investigative journalist was to be like a part of the fourth arm of government. But it has not turned out that way. I look at myself as wearing handcuffs that exclude me from acting as witness and reporter. The USA is nothing. If you are young, best of luck in finding a paradise. They always seem to be fleeting. Just because a nation was humane and civil at one time, it does not mean it is in another. Sadly enough the world is always wrought with discrimination and favoritism, and just because this may be one man's paradise, it might still be your Hell.

In another matter, no or little snow has fallen in the California Sierra Nevada mountains this year, and it is late. They or we need the water. Perhaps it will be up to creative people like myself to make saline water safe for consumption. Perhaps it is like my ancestor said, "Nothing is as it seems and nothing is as bad as it seems." I look away, thirsty for full life or full death, and I am fully aware it is really in God's hands. Perhaps this is the end of the road, 2012. Perhaps not. I can not seem to die, therefore I am a good bet for life insurance companies. How about you? Got the vapors? Shattered (music).

As Hunter S. Thompson, the journalist who was murdered and labeled suicide in 2005 might ask, "The End of the road is where?" "Who wrote this note anyway?" I, Kurt Brown have tried to acquire some of Woody Creek Colorado property also but can not afford it. So to paraphraase, Garibaldi "Got a rope, hang the pope, up with gangsters money." It is ironic that God's banker had 11 pounds of bricks and $11,700 of various currencies in his pockets when he was found hanging from Blackfriar Bridge in London. Sometimes hit men can be so poetic in murder. Some may say the sociopaths imagination is fevered like many creative geniuses. Randy Kraft, federal medical fly boy guinea pig, was one artist I met, and they say he left a man with a cypress stump up his rear, his arms dangling like dead mosquito larvae, as he stared out over the clear blue Pacific Ocean on a stretch of Southern California beach.

Most do not have art studios so there quarry is their art. I do the same things with those whom I have audited and investigated. I play with them like a cat who plays with a mouse, and my mind wanders much like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now as I calculate the finiteness of the infinities. It is like shooting something, camping next to it during the night as it lays wounded, and you can hear the cry for God in its unique whimper if you have empathy. It makes me want to Howl. By mourning, I finish thine meal. Perhaps when I enter government, they should be afraid, very afraid, as God's hunt is not always about the money. There are more material things, even in a Angel's eyes who may appear to be the devil to ne'er do-gooders.

My manager at the FDIC who gave me my exit interview gave me a paradigm to reconcile with a few months before at Y2K. She said I had dug myself a hole I could not get out of. My father used to hold me down for long periods in his half drunk pleasure. It was not sexual but it was similar to the hole that ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol had brought to my mind. A true Sweet Carol dilemma will always require a Sweet Carol paradigm, a way of viewing this trap. The paradoxes are uncanny. Her bosses in the banking oversight industry gave me more to think about by making my middle number 911. I was scheduled to be released from their custody on 8/11/2001 and on 9/11/2001 as I sat in the dentists chair, getting a tooth fixed that was split by a madman in custody who hit me as I ate, catching me off guard, and as I remembered my prayer for revenge against those that put me there at that moment in custody, I, in the dentists chair on 9/11/2001 watched on TV as the planes slammed into the buildings in New York, apparently. I still do not believe them because I do not have a witness I can trust. The Dentists name was Blackwell. Ironically too, it was next to Blackwell Oklahoma, in Braman, where the armed aircraft drone crashed and almost hit me in 2004. Also, ironically, years later, my primary Doctor was a person named Braman. If I cut the angles back and forth I pinpoint a location, a word, a place, on the tip of the tongue and mind. The irony of Sweet Carols ARD F-DIC hole is astounding, the depth, the complexity, the futile whorish-ness of such a pale and plastic meaningless life inside the hole whose inscriptions read WAK. I had to look up Revelations 911 to see what I was accused of or fleeing from. There it was, Abaddon in the Abyss, had labeled me, Revelations 9.11. Sweet Carols ARD F-DIC hole is dirty and hairy, and just as Hunter S. Thompson, you could not blame me for wanting to arm myself.

I am there, here, guarding what I can in a pit of vipers who walk about as men and women. I look to the Banker of God hanging on the rope, his pockets stuffed with 11 pounds of stone and $11,700 of various nations currencies and I try to translate his message. I read the revelation left there by the hit man who is a Jesuit poet of sorts, and I read in the money of 11(?) nations in his pockets, 11 peoples swindled, "Revelation 11.7-8 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that cometh up out of the abyss shall make war with them, and overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified." Now the funny thing about life is that the USA is now considered in a way to be the world's old Egypt, the crossroads, so where is Egypt and Sodom now? Let us extrapolate out and reconsider this at a later time. Give it time to gel. Could the new Sodom mean Los Angeles where I was first injected forcibly and crucified? To the Jesuit hit man with the dangling art, a song, "A ring around the rosary, a pocket full of poserie, ding dong, ding dong the Dick falls down, and the Snatch goes snap."(music)

Segment December 26, 2011: SCIENCE_social_REPORTING_astuteness_CHEMICAL_spill_REPORTING_to_AUTHORITIES

A dilemma has gripped my life. Ignorance is bliss. I weigh all of the variables I can fathom. After being injected with chemicals forcibly in 2001 and 2004, I have lost my health, after being diagnosed with a stroke in 20004 or 2005. I should have sued but I forgot about the diagnosis of stroke in 2005 after being sick since 2004 or 2001. I just remembered this year, and likely could not have sued the war criminal horde in power in these hated United States in 2005 because our enemies have written laws protecting themselves from lawsuits just as the Nazi could not be sued by their victims.

I am not sure when the stroke occured now, after the first set set of injections or after the second set of injections. I felt very sick after the first injections and psychological and physical torture. The injections and or other procedures have left me feeling half-dead. The pushing of myself out of employment illegally has made the condition worse. Only this year was I even given an interview after having my record cleared when it was supposed to have been cleared in 2004 for basically being homeless. They do things to us on purpose on a legal level and no one can be held responsible. They are killing and maiming and attacking many innocent Americans in the banking regulatory industry. There are allegations that the FBI is in the strong arm business for money laundering syndicates. I see money laundering and drug dealing as the rights bestowed upon those who control the spoils of war. We are being attacked medically when seeking medical care very often also. Some do not know what is material in life and lament the small things of the past and are distracted from these greater struggles.

There are those among us who will attack the other like wild animals in various ways. I often see humans now as dinosaurs, as heartless and inhumane as a reptile that walks on two feet, with two knees that buckle as they scurry about like large reptiles. Ignorance is their primary weakness as they tear each other and us apart. I should have read the warning sign, flee the USA when you are 8 or 12 or 18 and best of luck. 18 is best but by then you are often too damaged.

If you extrapolate to the future from the present, you can see what is material in life. Some are like retarded children however. It is part of the human condition. They can never see. Or perhaps after being injected and excluded, I must re-phrase Aristotle who said "I think I am therefore I am", and I as a forced injections victim should ask, "After those forced injections, I am? And if so, I am What? Where? How? Why? When? Who?

Perhaps the head in a nutshell reads the calendar by looking at the Mayan way and saying, "Please let 12/22/2012 be the day this all goes away, and let my entire life be a bad dream" That is a wish from a possible coma victim, I am?

A relative tried to warn me not to come in contact too closely with those over the federal government long ago. I thought I could go into their military and advance myself, and then as a degreed accountant and trained in medicine I thought I could audit them and investigate them and test them for 'truths' in the end. We do not have a federal government. We have nothing with them and perhaps in 2012 they will get blown away like pus from a wound and no one will care if a more humane dictator for the people of the Americas arises. We do not have a democracy. It is a farce if the "material" elected positions are considered and their funding methods are considered. The elected officials of significance are basically a servant for a select group of people who are international in scope with money and power.

Segment December 25, 2011: SCIENCE_energy_BURNED_out_BULB_versus_BALLAST_universe_4_degrees_KELVIN

The universe is at 4 degrees kelvin currently and it is at equilibrium or reaching equilibrium. That would mean that energy is in the universe that can be obtained but at what cost and where. A burned out light bulb of the old conventional type does not use energy. However a multiple-light fixture uses some energy in the fact that there is a small ballast that is still good at the end of the light that uses energy. Because that energy performs no real function it must be assumed that much of the energy is simply lost as heat. Our universe is like that ballast and has energy to it and uses it or has energy flow through or dissipate.

If it does not take more energy to obtain the energy that is out there in the universe, then the energy could be used in nanomachines or the energy could be obtained over an expanse of space. This gets into areas of physics that I am not expert, but I do know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Mans progress it seems is often just monkeys meddling with a doomed design. The ramifications of all of mans grand plans are best summed up by a Yiddish proverb, "Mentsch tracht, Gott lacht. Translation: Man plans, God laughs."

On Christmas Day in the USA, I can not help but think of men like Wiseman, a neighbor kid who killed himself after returning from the Vietnam Draft in Vietnam, circa 1968 in Mobile Alabama on Rosewood Drive. Because of that and the governments mistreatment and abuse of myself for no reason, and their labeling myself a criminal for legal gun ownership, even after military service, even while I was investigating murderers and thieves in the government ranks, they threw me to the bottom of life, and I would have preferred death eternal rather than to be maimed in many ways. I should have known after witnessing Wiseman that our enemies had come to power in the USA. To serve their military or their government is like serving a G-d damned beast.

Run child run, the American dream is the American lie for most of us. We are nothing to them and they are nothing to us, those in power. America is a lost cause. Run child run when you can. Depart this wretched place and beware of whose shelter you take cover in. Never trust any one or any thing thing with the USA governments or their associates. They might as well be dead when approaching us, as they do not have humane hearts. Never trust anyone in government. They are not God yet they act as if they are above him in their abuses of us. I do not care if they are sacrificed on the Sabbath. I too would like to enter the door that day.

Segment December 24, 2011: NEWS_current_EVENTS_explosions_RETALIATION_banking_MONEY_laundering_TARGETED_resistance_REMOVAL

When I consider the internal war that was going on inside the FDIC from all apparent blood stains of dead F-DIC head in the FDIC San Francisco office in the early 1990's, and the grease balls I saw getting FDIC bank charters and as bank presidents in California and Hawaii in 1999 and 2000, I consider that there are those who fight for the lions share of banking revenues in the underground banking revenues market. There is an unseen river of Revenues internationally when looking at revenues that need to be laundered or disguised. I am sure that many people simply go to a nation and launder and convert their currency behind closed doors at a bank or casino or other money hub, and some simply stay in that new nation. Banking overseers were fighting for something in Roseville California FDIC in 1999 per my opinion because my bosses subdivision was about to be blown to the next dimension with leakage of jet fuel (the link is aging and it is being covered up and called anarchist activity. It is hard ball infighting for the spoils of war in the banking oversight industry is what it is and everybody's dirty or can not speak up and the game is in play, which is all of that untaxed revenue.. They later called it diesel on the mass media apparently, but when they were evacuating the subdivision in 1999, it was described as jet fuel. The pipeline runs from Reno Nevada to Rocklin California. Considering we FDIC bank examiners in the office were told to relocate to the other side of the building in 1999, and because my co-worker came to me in a sweat one day urging me to quit, as if a war had been lost, and because my bosses neighborhood was soaked in jet fuel, and because I may have seen or had a dream about some guys with a mask on the other side of the office where the lower boss and upper boss stayed in their offices, I often wonder about every explosion including the one in San Bruno California in 2010.

The government forcibly injected me in 2001 and allowed it again in 2004 in the USA. During one of those episodes of medical torture, I had a stroke or something else was done that caused the stroke while I was unconscious. Considering they put a tongue depressor in my mouth with a goop of odd taste before the second set of injections, I wonder what else they did to me. My memory has started to return this year, 2011, but I am sick feeling, like coming out of a death bed and not sure if I want to lay back down. They do not care about many of us. The hate groups have divided the pie and are fighting over it. The USA is a morally debased nation for the most part. Sometimes the animal cannibal seems to reign in mankind here. The irony is I had a dream I was burned to death not long after this happened in 1999 in Rocklin. Perhaps my sub-conscious was telling me the score. They do not report each others crimes when they are fighting for banking revenues. A life is nothing, the gold is everything. They called me insane and tortured me. I was not insane, only naive. I warn you to beware, this is the nature of the disaster game. OKC, 9/11, and more could be hidden, a result of internal struggles and warnings. Remember, I saw something crash in December of 2004 in Braman Oklahoma. Ironically it was right between Wichita Kansas and Oklahoma City Oklahoma, the same place where the "alleged" Xu and Xu of the Bank of China out of Macau were apprehended. The government has tortured me and will not hire me now. Am I dead? You may laugh today, but in a year, it could be your question, your problem, not mine.

Last year in 2010 before the explosion in San Bruno California of the pipeline, I smelled the odor of natural gas very strong on Interstate 280. It was so strong that I opened my windows to try to get air. I would advise anyone who calls in any thing to 911 to beware. I did not report it because I do not report anything to governemnt now, even if I was to see burning and dead people. I was trying to have a burn from chemicals checked on my neck after witnessing a possible chemical spill in 2004 in New Mexico. The Flagstaff medical Center staff with federal war criminal approval knocked me unconscious with injections and did much more. They should not have left me half alive, they should have killed me.

Now I do not report gas odors on the highway because they will say I am insane or try to attack or accuse me. I do not report exploding airships or rockets next to the highway because they called me insane and injected me. First the federal government in Los Angeles injected and tortured me for reporting Sheriff Jack Tillman as a thief in Mobile Alabama in 2001, and they called me insane when I reported a toxic spill and was having a burn treated at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. The rulers are insane sociopaths and many of their leaders of their facitons are at war with each other and increasingly the common Americans.

I have recently applied for work with the Bank of China. I want to leave the USA because I have been labeled by the enemies of our people as undesirable by those who are now in power and they blacklisted me, Kurt Brown, from employment that is significant. If you are young and have military ambitions, you are better off to belong to a street gang or syndicate in our era. Take a look at the homeless veterans in San Francisco waiting for a handout and then look at the drug dealers in the cannabis clubs and doctors who are in pain management and the banks that launder international monies. The lie is that America is a nation of God. You can be a person of God, but you can not change the world that has been rotten and morally debased toward us for centuries.

Segment December 23, 2011: SCIENCE_fdic_BANKING_oversight_MONEY_launder_INTERNATIONALE_war_SPOILS

Once I, Kurt Brown, aka Saint Ram Bone or Angel among some federal medical guinea pigs, got a glimpse inside the FDIC and the internal wars at the FDIC, I got a glimpse into the eternal wars in mankind and the world of the primate which is the cannibal forebear to all intelligent human beings, the Bonobo monkey. Everything that is at a point in time is hooked to a point in the beginning even if not apparently so in some aspects.

A little history on myself and the FDIC. The FDIC had a murder labeled suicide of the FDIC head in San Francisco in the early 1990's and when I arrived for FDIC employment in 1999 a man named George Masa was the regional director in San Francisco and Donna Tanoue was the Chairman of the Board of the FDIC from Hawaii. I was in the Roseville office initially and my immediate boss had to move because someone doused his Rocklin neighborhood with alleged "jet fuel" in 1999. Later it was called diesel fuel and it was in a neighborhood in Rocklin California where the whole subdivision was evacuated. We were moved one day during that time from one side of the Roseville FDIC building to the other. There were suspect bank presidents per my opinion and suspect bank examiners in some cases during some of the bank examinations. Then there were those who visited their offices and who were not in our ranks of bank examiners. Often they seemed like strong-arm men coming into the Roseville and San Francisco FDIC offices but this is the point--they fight for control of hidden resources, the flow of money in much of the banking system is not recorded. There is a river of it world wide and next to that is a river of blood, both dirty and clean blood in that instance, and mine is clean in that instance, as I am an injured honest FDIC bank examiner, or was a bank examiner until I was terminated in 2000, April 28. I year later I was being held down and injected and they were ordering that I stop my investigation of the FDIC while they denied Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as being a food funds thief with emaciated inmates.

Those who want complete control of the underground banking revenues view it as the "spoils of war". A right to own this "spoils of war" money, a sort of "sense of entitlement" is where the struggle is ongoing. Then there are those from other power structures globally and those in the USA who will often struggle for a greater percentage of those banking revenues that are often unrecorded or whose source is altered in the record, etc.. They will often attack each other, such as threatening in burning an inferior or sub- FDIC bosses subdivision with fuel or threatening to blow up an office of bank examiners for the FDIC, or simply attacking each other in the offices with new and better high tech weapons and some times low tech weapons and old proven methods. I was sent in and I did not even want to be an accountant. The federal government changed my regimen of medical training to the hunt. The word was "go" at the start just as it was in the end. It is in some ways my error, but now I see though partially blinded and with a stroke.

To investigate financial crimes you also have to investigate medical crimes to get a better picture of what is happening. We have been in a state of martial law since 2001 or before as evidenced by the passage of Arizona's Title 36-520 law. Nevada and Arizona and New Mexico allegedly passed those laws in 2001. I was injected forcibly at Los Angeles at a federal facility on April 23, 2001 and they had been ordered to stop all experiments forced upon veterans in 1999. They claimed heart experiments but they are after profits not your well being if you are a medical guinea pig who is a veteran seeking government healthcare. I was terminated from the FDIC in 2000 after being given a poor performance rating for not going to my bosses hotel room in Hawaii to complete an assignment. I also would not drop an EEOC complaint and the grease ball EEOC of San Francisco via D.C. and FDIC would not hear the case in 2000. They told me on Christmas Eve in a letter. Thanks Sweet Massa Shee-it.. I did not trust the bank examiner who was my boss at a bank examination in Hawaii because my co-worker, a friend, had quit Roseville FDIC in 1999 and he urged me to quit, and because of the fuel gushing up in my bosses subdivision and the Spanish or Italian mob types who I saw in bank examinations and bank charter issuances. My co-worker friend had inside information that I did not have at the time, i.e. the internal war where crimes are a "white-wash", covered up and passed on to other causes that are not real. A personal joke to the ARD F-DIC sub dic of Roseville, "Your neighborhood had jet fueling bubbling up and oil washed in on my steps around 10 years later" Let's play a song for that, an oldie, Ten Years After, where is sanity?.

I suspect the bombing in OKC was because federal people were being injected by some at that office, or there were those there who would not go along with the demands of one of the power factions who also control mass media and who allow medical atrocity for profit. They could have been fighting for federal funds there because Xu and Xu of the Bank of China out of Macau were allegedly arrested there in OKC and Wichita the year I was almost hit with a large falling aircraft or bomb in 2004 in Braman Oklahoma. The events on 9-11-2001 seem to bear a direct correlation to my own down-fall. I am as an investigative journalist like a tight rope walker uncovering government crimes. It is no wonder much of my brain is gone due to a stroke or other medical procedures where I was knocked unconscious and injected repeatedly and tortured between 2001 and 2004. I am used to being harassed now, likely labeled many things by the hate groups that profit from the current alignment of resources. I once watched a movie where "things change", but it was Hollywood. Our plight is like my plight. I was only trying to do what was right and discover truths. I have just recovered some lost memory from the stroke they inflicted upon me. Many would want me dead. I really see it like a game of dodge ball due to feeling sick now, and if you get me then I am got.

There is nothing special about the United States. The opposite is true. A war has waged here since I was young, always upon us, starting with the compulsory Vietnam Draft. We must view it as a war against us. I am still targeted or perhaps many of us are. They are paid to target us and to exclude us. Perhaps we should re-align the targets. ARD F-DICs of little Justice, as a joke, the pin worm could be tested like a human to see why it goes back in the hole. Photon detectors (sight), Heat (touch), Gas (sound), gas (hearing), taste (F-DIC shee-it Massa Sweet Justice.) Sweet, did I forget a sense? Look behind the mask and you might find two, two, two to twenty million million million smelly F-DIC nuts.

Scene: I often picture now my lamenting on science like Jerry Lewis with buckteeth and scientific comedian acumen. In this scene is Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man on the examination table, which in this case is a cholera table, meaning one with a hole for the ass. I as doctor FDIC proctologist say, "Look, this possum has two to twenty F-DIC nuts hanging out his asp." "Tooth pick!" I then punctured the sealed scab of pus and the pin worms fall out, two to twenty million million million." Sweet, can I have my FDIC job back?. I think my proof on the possum and his taking of my gun permit after investigating an FDIC murder would suffice and the attempt on my life and my pointing toward the horrors of that Roseville office would suffice as just cause for the executive promotion of the worlds most outspoken former FDIC bank examiner, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone and sometimes Angel, and currently a low end D-FIC applicant but I deserve executive. I could see the children at the D-FIC exam in Oakland, their little loafers pennied, their little cheeks cherry red. I wanted them sexually, I must admit, and I know why Sweet Carol passed Bank Exam School at the F-DIC, she was a small time prostitute for a meal, much like a pinworm with a proglottid. I agree with Hunter S. Thompson, "Never Call 911". You might end up being dead. Was that writer murdered for being in touch with myself during that time? I put him on the scent trail of the F-DIC and my experience there-in and about Sheriff Jack Tillman, thief in office at that time in Mob AL. Would those syndicates like those at the FDIC have killed him and called his death suicide? Why certainly, this half-dead F-DIC said so. Twice what Sweet Carol ARD makes is what I deserve. I have the biggest pecker in the financial medical stance. Ask Snatch.

Scene: Like the old man from the Poltergeist who delivers his message from the street and at the front door, I say to FDIC and Treasury Department management like a theologian with medical training, "Sweet, all y'all have to do Tanoue is let me in to the F-DIC. I am more than just a medical diagnostician and computer hack, I am y'alls Sweetest sacrifice since the neighborhood of little justice in Rocklin was soaked in rocket fuel. Please be kind to the American people and let Kurt into y'alls selfish and sweet hearts there in the F-DIC and beyond. He, I, know of your illness, your corrupt truths, and I am a medical diagnostician who bends the rules of medicine to accounting in your audit and investigations. You never know what is a mass of worms and what isn't until you beg to differ or act to differentiate. Which will it be Mass behind the sheet's of the not too Sweet F-DIC?." "Too F-DIC BOD or to F-DIC bob, to Abaddon or not too Abaddon, those are two questions that have yet to be answered and which can not be answered except by yourselves and God and I can tell you who answers the second proof, the second seal if you will, and if so I know who knows the scrawl of the seventh on sabbath. You hold the F-DIC in your head and in it is the answer, and you know of the proof by what you have done to the innocent. Now let me in if you will. W abandons me and now Obama abandons us as well. Is Osama behind Obama, and if so I wish him well as well, for we are all God's Children and is that my gun in Sadam Hussein's hand. Now let me in, I know you are in there Satan, who tastes so sweet, like an asphole to a pinworm named Jack Snatch with his pinworm head in his own sandwich. Now late me in, Massa F-DIC surprise faction. I know you are in there and I am out here, unless I am dead. I know I am half dead at least and God Watches. 12/22/2012 is like a seamstress with Mobile Audit Club, rattler 1 to rattler 12. Sweet Its nothing. Even on Sabbath, the truth is the truth beyond our dieing day."

Segment December 22, 2011: SOCIOLOGY_government_TRUTH_power_STRUCTURE_control_REGIONAL

Those in power over much of the government in the USA have tortured me and attacked me, Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner and later an investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine. Call me a retard but often what I was trying to do was discover absolute truths and ran tests sometimes using myself as bait and witness in doing so.

I discovered many truths. I found that the only way I could discover any absolute truth was to become analytical using all of my science and religious training and moving forward often filling in gaps with my own philosophy or insights or those of others. Only through tests and observations could I discover absolute truths in government oversight and action. The bottom line is that there is an overriding horde of people with extreme wealth who control the entire United States and likely other nations.

Their force is made extreme by their control of ruling factions in various parts of the nation. For instance in the South East USA their ruling sects are usually weatlhy caucasians and in the cities of California and in the interior they are often of Mexican or Spanish descent. The end result is the same, most of us are a subjugated caste, forced down and out very often by those who control the most material wealth for their own benefit, including the over-riding international powers who are over the local powers of various groups around the nation. Even worse is the presence of crime syndicates to inflict attacks upon us if we stand up against war criminal acts by those in power. See the FDIC of California's true bloody history. The Treasury Department is not mentioned, or they are paid or silenced. I brought the truth out about the FDIC but no one really cares or can do anything about it because the Mexican and likely the Italian and Asia syndicates are the lesser and the greater powers in that state.

I would like to ask Sweet Carol of the FDIC as an assignment to develop a theoretical framework, perhaps a stack of tree structures showing how power and terror attacks are inflicted upon the innocent working class of the USA by the over riding international dictators, the national dictators, and the local dictators, each with a a subset of power to the former. Sweet Carol should know a subset is a mathematical expression and is not meant as an expression of being a punk for the F-DIC boss.

When I see the expression, "In God We Trust" on the back of a USA dollar bill it tells me that not only are they liars but they will pretend to be a holy war while they attack the innocent such as myself. I see California now as one would see the Vietnamese radio playing music under the communist regime. The whole thing is so rehearsed and silenced you want to tell the children, "Run, Go!". It is a trap they have laid down for us and there is no escape except death and they will likely try to take that away also. I should have known these truths when I was young, and I did know. I wanted to die at 8 years old 1967, as Wiseman had killed himself after coming back from Vietnam in the draft and I my friends were next. That is why I do not care if those in power are killed on both levels. They attacked me repeatedly and caused severe physical damage. Their government is a cock roach..

Segment December 21, 2011: SCIENCE_imagination_INVENTION_counter_INFLUENCES_control

Hybrid technologies and cross-confluence of varying systems fascinates me as much as it horrifies me. The faster I go the faster I must become until I am as insane as the madman who built the cage to put us in. Then I look at the work of researchers in the closets of the government, men like Kovaks or those who reign and or tower above him, and I see the brain being hooked directly to computer chips. Then I think of the coming hybrid systems. We hook them together if we can find the confluence of change, the translator, the U-joint of a new sort in various fields, where a and b = C, it's as simple as 4321 Jack Snatch. The U-Joint's creator was allegedly a man named Robert Hooke and he too would look at other systems, life based systems usually and translate those findings into other unrelated areas. It is a bit like drawing a shadow of a man on a tree on the water.

As a professional student, I always wondered why there were never any classes in sheer creativity, imagination, no holes barred, with a project by any student in any given area with the caveat that the final creation had to be either a recreation or linkage between two systems, either in one or two dimensions, and preferably with the final system in 3 dimensions or more. A special class would be hybrid systems and would have to be a translation of one thing in nature to another thing in science. Hooke demonstrated this skill very well. I have sought to create in the past a sort of seeking through travel to find that which was already known but not known to myself. I should have paid closer attention to the signs. For instance, I saw a man in Los Angeles at a 4-way stop have a heart attack some time between the dates of 4-20-2001 and 4-22-2001. He stopped. Turned right and slammed into a semi-truck at the stop. Then he backed up and slammed the truck again. The whole time he was grasping his heart. I did not know that on 4-23-2001 I would be forcibly injected at gun point on federal property at what was then known as LA VA Westwood hospital. I did not know that hospital had killed men in heart experiments and were ordered to stop in 1999.

A touch of genius is in the idiot also. The cages that the prison state of mind has brought us. It does not make me any more secure feeling having millions in prisons while insance sociopaths control the financial system in reality and make laws allowing us to be tortured medically. We are always at a cross roads and you sometimes have a clue at what is around the next turn and the next and the next. My work appears meta-physical to me while looking for government criminals in the grid I call the Devil's Triangle, Los Angeles San Francisco and Mob AL. Somewhere out there is my true brother the poet and his rudimentary triangle is New York, Norfolk, and San Francisco or Los Angeles. I picture him to be a little bit like Ratso in some ways in the movie Midnight Cowboy and I am sure he may be sleeping with F-DIC's ARD Sweet Carol and has punched his ticket at some upside down bank with a transition phase shift of credit lending in a depleted economy, in other words a constant cave in like a snow slide along a kiting credit avalanche with a hook at the end and along the way he learned to speak a little Mandarin.

All of us who survive trauma may need to ask, what is life? Did I survive that thing, that mishap? Did I die and if so, how am I still alive? Or perhaps you are in the phase shift or perhaps altered or dead in some way by opponent actions or natural events. De catolica decorum excavatum, de Sweet Carol apocalypto, il purgatoria. There is no perfect nation for any one individual from what I can tell. All we can do is keep seeking higher ground in shifting waters, and best of luck. Sometimes the plasticity of a society is just that, a plastic face with a plastic message, a remnant or a reflection of a thing that was, or perhaps a simple plastic distraction. Those of us who grew up in the era of television were being sacrificed. Has anyone seen a Wiseman who knew a Wiseman on bloodied wood? I would like to peel him off so that he could walk across the row and say "run", "go" to that little child so long ago. Fore telling tragedy by rote. Tell Me Something Good (music)

Segment December 18, 2011: SOCIOLOGY_truths_HUMAN_condition_USA_condition_EARTH_murder_MAIMING

The human condition is at its basic the condition of life itself. Self preservation is of the utmost importance, whether a lower animal or a human. Our space is our body. After that we are concerned with those closest to us in space or in kinship. Then we are concerned about the rest of the humans and all life. At the onus is the self, and the "I" can not do anything about it. In the beginning as in the end, mankind is a descendant of a cannibal, something more akin to the Bonobo monkey. The Asian and Caucasian and African all carry the Bonobo deep down inside, even in their blood lines, whether the blood type is genetically expressed or genetically recessive. The bonobo genetic markers are unavoidable and detectable in "all" humans.

I asked an honest and hard working American what they thought about the murders committed by those in power over the United States of America. They told me, "I and my family have not been killed." It is a reasonable answer but it points to a truism about the human condition, preservation of the self, the "I" is of utmost importance.

Those over the USA governments commit many sociopathic acts and put in place many self-serving sociopathic laws. Those who control the government are international in nature. Would you think it was acceptable if your immediate boss was being changed or killed or tortured behind closed doors if he was assinine and your pay would stay the same? It might not matter to many people. The "I" is well taken care of by the new immediate boss, just like the old boss (music). Cannibals is what we humans are really, and probably better off dead in total since we are caught in that lower animal cycle of one eating another in one form or another, yet we live.

While it is true they do not attack many of us, there are those of us who are attacked, maimed, and killed, and in the end, robbery is a specialty of the bonobo as well as it is of the humans. The spoils of war is what marks the real USA banking regulatory system. They launder (rob), people of legitimate and stolen tax dollars and other revenues. They do it within the law most of the time, as they have written the laws in the way a sociopath would describe his own ethical behavior, never seeing the obvious negating of truth. Is it a conscious decision? Deep down it is primordial, the preservation of self, much like a scared animal who is in "fight or flight" mode.

I was given forced injections many times and the government was saying I was insane. I was seeking truths as a degreed investigative journalist, sometimes seeking medical care, and I discovered my worst enemies lurk in the USA governments. They are more of a cannibal than I am. I would never inject anyone with chemicals forcibly and against their will. I would never maim someone with a stroke and walk away. If I was in a war with someone, I would kill them and not maim them. I have too much love for the living condition of a being. It hurts me to hear anything harmed. Some people have no feeling for others, no empathy, and are concentrated only with the "I", the self.

All human history books should put on the first page one cannibal bonobo gang of monkeys eating another as they are killing them. Perhaps the first weapon, a stone in the victor's genius hands, and in the corner a bonobo carrying off a rhesus monkey rape victim or a young pubescent gorilla. The truth of the missing link in the animal kingdom to humans can be seen clearly in the correlation of the Human's and the Bonobo's appetites and mind and genetic markers.

I deserve this suffering I suppose, or perhaps I should laugh when those who harmed me are harmed by others who will kill them and maim them. The war will wage on and on over time. Beware of technological masks and lies and obvious negating of truths by cannibals in power. Mankind is a cannibal, but can we rise above it? The time is always ripe for war. Even if you are not the one bleeding, because there are many of us who are the walking wounded, the homeless, the robbed, and we want for the living dead. Cannibals meet Cannibals in the Americas. What's next Jack and federal war criminal dictators? We are in martial law. They are robbing us of everything in life. I do not care if they are dead, but do not maim us and harm us as the living. Sometimes, they deserve what they get. It wakes them up like a boxer who is hit back in the face shattering teeth bone and eyes and taking of their breath to the point of near death or death. I would have preferred death than to be injected by the sociopaths in control of the war criminal sects in power in these hated United States of America.

Segment December 11, 2011: SOCIOLOGY_truths_BANKING_explosions_MACAU_monroeville_RACISM_warnings_PICTURES

As I awaken in the middle of the night from Post Traumatic Stress, I think of the veterans who were killed in Los Angeles at the VA hospital in Westwood in Los Angeles California and I think of the tortures I endured there in 2001. I think of the tortures I endured in 2004, forced injections and being knocked unconscious at Flagstaff Medical Center when reporting a likely toxic burn and wanting my vehicle checked for radiation. I drove past an obvious spill of some sort in New Mexico which is why I went to Flagstaff Medical Center, a big mistake, but another of my tests for truths nonetheless.

Sheriff Jack Tillman was still in power in Mobile Alabama after I had reported his thievery and he set me up for a crime of gun ownership in retaliation. He took my gun permit on 4-3-2001 when I was going to report starving inmates and who I suspected as food funds thief to the Mobile Alabama City council and Comcast news cameras. I suspect Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama or the federal war criminals associated with FDIC murders had spoken to a Board Memember of Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004.

The board member who I suspect other government criminals spoke to was a former police officer in Flagstaff Arizona and later he was Flagstaff Mayor and then he was on the board of directors of the Flagstaff Medical Center in 2001 when the martial law of Arizona Law Title 36-520 was implemented thereby negating all rights to be free of illegal detention and medical torture. One man I can point to who profited from my torture and who makes his money from Flagstaff Medical Center is Christopher Bavasi, now chairman of the board of directors of Flagstafff Medical Center. Does Bavasi get payouts, kickbacks from money launderers and murderers from Las Vegas or D.C. or the FDIC or Treasury? Does Bavasi get kickbacks and payouts from corrupt Sheriffs such as the now removed former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama, who in 2006 was shown to be a proven food funds thief? Was Bavasi on the phone in 2004 with Tillman or federal murderers in 2004 when I was overdosed at his hospital? Does Bavasi get kickbacks from Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance payalo payouts for shanghaiing, kidnapping passers by through the hospital and Flagstaff Arizona? After all, Bavasi came to power in Flagstaff Arizona healthcare at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2001, the year of the start of true martial law in the USA, the year of Arizona's Title 36-520 law. If you run, Arizona Title 36-525 law says you are automatically insane and to be treated as insane by authorities. Healthcare has become health abuse and torture in the USA. They pulled the wool over our eyes with technology or just plain greed and corruption.

The experiments were heart experiments on veterans in Los Angeles at LA VA Westwood in 2001. I was a man the federal government wanted to shut up and lock away, an investigative journalist on medical and financial crimes inside the USA governments with inside knowledge of FDIC banking oversight and regulation in California and Hawaii. Then I think of the explosion that occurred near me, Kurt Brown, while traveling through Braman Oklahoma in 2004. It was like someone was trying to warn me about Xu and Xu and Yu of the Bank of China out of Macau, alleged thieves and money launderers, arrested or deported to Las Vegas that year, and Xu and Xu were in OKC and Wichita. But then I think of the picture of Xu and Xu and Yu that was one of the first I had seen when I was doing an image search of them. They have huge red flowers over their hearts in the only picture I have seen with all three of the men together. It looks as if someone has gouged their hearts out and someone is trying to warn us that we have been deceived in regard to those men and that the 485 Million dollars. They likely say it is too much. The money may have been another arrangement with someone else. We can be deceived with technology. The proof is in the pudding. Look at this honest bank examiner who runs tests to detect criminal activity in government, half dead.

Because I am sick from a stroke and because the government has turned against me, I some times want to go ahead and die. I am half dead already from the stroke. My life is at a standstill and most things I knew and loved have been destroyed and taken away from me, from many of us.

I look forward to death when I think of God and a better place. My life has always been hard in the USA. The hidden truths my mother told me when I was young, makes me wonder if we should not reveal all truths to children if it benefits them. She told me my Grandfather Brown said, "Get off of my porch you little nigger." He was in Monroeville, Alabama. I did not know it was me my mother was speaking of, until I had time to figure it out. She told me the story several times and on her death bed she told me it was me he was speaking of and that he could sometimes be mean and did not like me coming around that much. He likely said it in jest, as teasing a child, however my mother revealed to me that my great grandmother on her paternal side of the family was not all white, looking more Mediterranean or more likely a mix of African European in a picture I saw. She had been used like slave labor for a family who adopted her around the year 1900 near Ocala Florida. The adopting family may have done more to her, like rape or prostitution. My mother meant well by protecting me from hard facts. In her youth there were separate water fountains for white and black. It was shameful to be black in that era in Alabama. Now it is just the life of a peasant if you let any of those in government get the upper hand on you, whether black or white, as they will put you out of their circle of influence.

My involvement with a Jewish group recently opened my eyes to many things. I can see that I and my society are morally bankrupt, or at least where I have been morally bankrupt in the past. Mankind is evil in an era of capitalism if religion is suffering from flacid paralysis. Many people claim religion and use the cross or the star of David and f-ck everything around out of its natural beauty and their money. It is like warfare for the place on God's hill, the top spot, for some. But it is not God's spot they conquer. It is a single man's mole hill of moral superiority, megalomania. It is not a mountain.

In my life, I have come across many wonderful people. Ironically the greatest ones were usually nobodies, grease monkeys, honest accountants, slave labor for the hourly pay of a job of drudgery and danger. I have met a millionaire or two who seemed really human and kind. But that was rare.

The government will turn against you as they have myself and the other dead men. No one cares, not really, and those who do care, can do nothing. Some say we should be more like boxers and forget the pansy yellow stripe of the media induced peace and love generation. Those people are around 59 year olds on this day. Their cry for peace was a cry not to be killed in the Vietnam draft in the USA. Many immigrants do not care that we were born with death sentences in that era of the 1950's and 1960's. We lost some war around World War II. It was not what it seemed in its entirety.

The Jews who were killed in World War II are no more and no less than those Muslims who are killed in violent clashes in the mid-East today. The world has always been a Hellish place in my life. If only I had known the truth about so many things. Teach your children well and teach them when they are young. I would have preferred to have fallen on my own blades than to be injected illegally by the regime in power in 2001 and 2004. They have wounded me with a stroke, a bad area of the brain, and I have fairly consistent nightmares and paranoia about being injected forcibly again. They abuse us so we will stop any investigations or harassment of their criminal factions. I pray for God to finish me and kill me. I recommend the importation of suicide bomb packs for our citizens. When they are near Government facilities or crossing states known for forced medical procedures, they should be wearing them. Suicide is preferrable to living as a maimed human being under our enemies in power.

A final note today. The big Bovenski was a nickname for a two trillion dollar Switzerland bank loan insured by the FDIC in which Bovensi of the FDIC was later terminated. I do not think that Flagstaff Medical Centers board of directors Christopher Bavasi is a medical professional. He reminds me of a torture camp specialist for the old Nazis but he is right there in Flagstaff. He will be called the big Bavaski in his style of rip off. It was ironic that I was injected there in early 2004 and later on December 7, 2004 an explosion occurred near me while traveling in Braman Oklahoma. It led me to discover Xu and Xu of the Bank of China out of Macau and OKC and Wichita. Tanoue of the FDIC I already knew of as being another heartless employee of the modern federal USA governments. I was terminated under her pervue in 2000, April, and the EEOC would not hear this disabled veterans case in San Francisco. They have selective employment under the spaghetti gestapo and rice pudding gestapo employment structure. I started investigating the murder of the prior boss of the FDIC in San Francisco labeled suicide at that time in 2000. One bank examiner puzzled me in Roseville California's FDIC office when he quitin 1999. He was sweating after coming from a bosses office. He urged me to quit, but I stayed because I thought I could earn a honest million from the syndicates by going after their murderers within. There goes my brain, there goes your chin. A Bavaski is a Flagstaff Medical Center gone nuts under their Arizona Title 36-520 law. At Title 36-525, you get a bullet to the head from this new reich of the same old idiots. Il idiotas.

So to you who travel, I remember the days when I was brainwashed in the military listening to the music of Freebird at the Orlando Naval Training Station bootcamp. My how things have changed, now I have to blow myself in two to get to the other side. As the Hells Angels quoted about the FDIC, don't blow it Rumpled-Stilt-Skin, and leave us alone. A Bavaski ain't no Free Bird (music).

And life ain't no free ride, some men take to homicide (music). Ask half of a Bavaski victim, moi, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, founder of Mobile Audit Club. I test and test again, finance and medicine in tandem and squared to the third. I want a change of the board in government who approve of medical torture. If we lose human rights, the American dream is nothing but chump change for a schmuck. When I pass through Arizona after we regain this nation and when I pass by any hospital including veterans hospitals, I want to feeling nothing but the Sunshine of Your Love (music).

Segment December 9, 2011: BANKING_hawaii_INTERNATIONAL_money_LAUNDERING_inouye_SENATOR_TANEOU_fdic_PAYOUT_asian_TECHNOLOGICAL_warfare

After having done some research, it appears that I discovered another version of the big Bovenski in the USA federal banking regulatory system. It appears that Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii appointed Donna Taneou to the FDIC back in 1998.

In 2009 Hawaiian Senator Daniel K Inouye had controlling interest in Central Bank of Hawaii, and he had a huge bailout of the bank. I have read 132 million USA dollars and I have read 300 million plus.

That same year I, Kurt Brown, had a buyer in 2009 for a home in Pensacola Florida and the FHA denied the loan while the bank approved the loan. The difference was a 2 thousand dollar short fall, less than two percent of the homes value. It is no wonder Home Depots are going broke. It does not pay to invest in a home while our enemies control the federal banking system.

We should take a good look at Senator Inouye from a technological perspective. He might be the remnant of a man named Inouye who is really just a tool from Hi Chi Minh's Hanoi. Their entire government has turned against us ,the common American. We are in a war from birth. Let us assist in the overthrow of the empire state held my men like Inouye in Hawaii and the nazi fascist Clan in Alabama and the self righteous international warlords in California, D.C. and New York.

The time is ripe for a war against our enemies. Protect your own. Their goverment has been attacking us for years, ever since I can remember in these hated United States of America controlled by the international warlords of wealth. I should have never surrendered to the lie. They brainwash us into trusting them. They, or it, is my enemy.

Senator Inouye's brother in law is of interest to me, in particular his bank, the Xiamen International Bank. I suspect international currency maniupulations, money laundering, with the USA, and Macau, etc. Xiamen sounds like the Xanadu project of the FDIC at bank examiners school at the Seidman Center, a training facility for new hires where the young women have sex with wild abandon with diseased Mexicans who run the facility with the aid of the most viscious c-ck suckers of the mediterranean persuasion. Rember the wire. Beware of technolgical manipulation, aka remember Randy Kraft the serial killer was also a government worker you young F-DIC prostitutes. The young F-DIC new hire whores are working under the ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol model of whore advancement in F-DIC employment if they use their vagina to swallow the F-DIC whole. The hole Sweet Carol told me I could not get out of after Y2K while in the drop zone of a previously murderered FDIC boss labeled suicide in San Francisco.

Upon investigation, I have to ask how many banking officianado Brothers in law does Mumin Ala Gundawun have other than Inouye?. Sweet Massa Sh!t..

A comedy scene in closing: The date is Y2K, the day after, Sweet Carol, ARD F-DIC has just given me the Sweet Carol dilemma, or paradigm for discovery, the She-Male Sweet Carol said, "It looks like you have gotten yourself into a hole you can not get out of." But I am in the top of the FDIC building in San Francisco

In the next scene a change of Venue. I am in Sweet Carols ARD F-DIC vagina upon her suggestion. I see people or mass's of feces people running scared in the huge cavernous dripping sweet wet labyrinth, a paradox of life and death as with all of Sweet Carol's wet paradoxes. I automatically get a big boner like I am about to have a f-ck fight with the devil. "Where are we" I ask Sweet Carol. She pussy farts out her mouth, "Clit Eats Wood". So I move to Monterey in search of Clit Eats Wood..

A personal note to the higher end F-DIC Sweet Carols, the ones with a ton of gold under their noses, someone else's gold, and a gun to your head, or many guns, and as in my case a tongue depressor in your mouth while waiting for the needle to the head. I am fond of the character from the movie Bar Fly in a way. In his stammer I would like to say, "Sweet Carol it is not that I have trouble getting along with Sweet people, the ones with two faces, I just don't buy into the bullshit that well." We all know that several people died fighting over the very spot where you and I stand and some how we all know it comes full circle every day. Like Sheriff Snatch the Fairy POssum. You Sweet Carol and the Possum are a mass in my imaginination, "Toot Sweet".

A note to the beginning witch hunters in finance-- Finding criminals in a nations government is much like divining for water. The whole principle of divining for water is a scam. The water is in the plateau everywhere or it is not, i.e. if it is in one spot, it is another. Likewise, if a nation is bankrupt morally and ethically as is evidenced by the international corporate and trillionaire control of the USA, you can expect corruption to be everywhere. If a nation is not bankrupt morally, it may be harder to find corruption. It is like shooting sitting ducks for some, and one of my skills is that of a twisted auditor or medical parasite examiner. But for me to be a bank examiner was beneath me as they have blocked my employment for years and I am left in this think tank spitting out revelations and sh!t. I am of medical school calibre really.

I liked Snatching the worms in government and elsewhere like a medical parasitologist with a twisted and coiled audit principle. The one thing that some find disgusting is a dog that defacates worm impregnated feces on a Bush. I see it as Preter-naturale (definition). Don't blame me, we discussed these holy and unholy things in Dr. Boils class in medical school.

Sweet Carol, one thing we studied was the common pinworm. They are much like corrupt human beings, they come out of the hole and then when the cheeks are spread they run back inside. I am afraid I have been in your F-DIC which is an anus and not your vagina where there is a mass-a sheet. My test for you is, "Why do pinworms run back in the hole when the cheeks are spread?" Do they have photon detectors on their head to detect light, or can they detect a drop in temperature, or is it something else? Now take massa pen is out of your mouth and answer correctly or shut up. Pin worm.

I make jokes about sorrows because I was overdosed with USA federal government approval, even when I had caught Sheriff Jack Tillman, aka Snatch in a test on 4/3/2001. I did it so you would remember that easy date. I have had a stroke due to their injections or other tortures while knocked unconscious. I am always sick feeling. I will never be able to go to law school or another medical school. They should kill us and not incarcerate us and maim us. Never be so cruel if the tables are turned. Simple worm assassination.

On a science and poverty note I have discovered that I can eat twice as much food at the oriental buffet if I do not drink anything but juices from the foods. No water, no coffee, no soda or tea, no wasted space in the stomach and no chance of contamination of individually specific water. The Asian waitress called this style of eating the "homeless special" and that she would eat stew later. I call it the Hunter S. Thompson special. Thanks sweet carol, as I have a deep debt of gratitude for those Sweet Carol paradoxes, paradigms, revelations, and answers to pre and post subsequent questions and tests. That is really what truth is about, the tests. The truth is the result of the test, the truth is the horror if you are ignorant. Never trust your senses completely and never trust the regime in power. They are morally bankrupt.

In the end Mobile Audit Club is about finance and medicine in a investigative capacity seeking truth, always coming down in Three Part Harmony (music) Where did our money go Toneau Inouye, Xu Xu Yu? Who gave me the stroke, who ordered it and who blew up the drone next to me in Braman Oklahoma on the Pearl Harbor anniversary date, December 7, 2004?

Segment December 8, 2011: FINANCE_murder_BANKING_warfare_SUBTERFUGE_flat_LINER_dead_EYE_dic

As I have gotten older, I see life as a big hard ball pizza joke. The deliberations out loud on Mobile Audit Club about the Bank of China out of Macau heist, allegedly by two bank presidents, Xu and Xu, now allegedly serving time in the USA per Las Vegas judge and or jury rulings.

Even more importantly, my old top boss, Donna Tanoue of the FDIC and Chairman in 2000, resigned in 2001. Xu and Xu of the Bank of China out of Macau allegedly entered the USA about the time that Tanoue resigned. I was pointed to Tanoue by an associate and my own experiences as an investigative journalist in 2001 to present and my own experiences as a FDIC bank examiner in 1999 and in 2000 in Hawaii and California.

Now for some more to chew, you must remember that all top spots in governmental oversight and financial regulation rights are handed down as spoils of war. So the war goes on and on and we know the whole thing is one big bribery scene to now and it is not too new.

I am half dead thanks to their injections approved by government war criminals and overlords. Some say the end of time is to come in 2012. Your time comes and then it goes and then it comes and then it goes, if you are a Dead Eye Dic medical experiment or a half-brain dead stroke victim, due to forced injections and medical abuses. I suspect they have a sort of flatliners thing going, if you remember the movie.

I have a birthday wish to now. 9.11 million or a luxurious yacht or a Hawaii farm. Obama and the senators are the fingers increasingly, if not in total, controlled from the outside international informal government in the spoils of war and international monies. The worst thing about mankind is that when starving, they or we become like lower animals. Necessity is also the mother of invention, and human compassion is often the flipside of the growling teeth of starving versus feasting. False compassion is a predator. It is an ironic thing from a Philosophical viewpoint and has a three part harmony (music), false compassion, true compassion, and predator, thereby the predator aspect has two faces on one side and true compassion only has one on one side.

Someone should investigate the changes in the FDIC around pre 9-11-2001, when Tanoue left the FDIC and Xu and Xu of the Bank of China out of Macau entered the USA. The banks and law firms Tanoue are associated with I know. However who replaced Tanoue and who they were associated with, I have not investigated.

See federal banking frauds judge murder, Thomas Crane Wales and place the chip on the banking hit and not the alleged anarchist hit. The Asian monetary system in the USA coupled with European bribery and thievery with payouts to the profiteer pirates in control of government both in the oversight of banking and the underworld of banking here in the USA leaves us with a snow machine for a Treasury. We have snow men to answer our questions. Or the snow men of government send those who will kill us or beat us down when we do ask questions. If I was young and had to do it again, I would have avoided government involvement and hit the road down over yonder way. Some aspects of the the USA have always been a La Brea tar pit.

Segment November 28, 2011: FINANCE_truth_FDIC_bod_CHAIRMAN_donna_TONAUE_bank_OF_hawaii_ROCKETMAN

Update: New theory. After reading that Xu and Xu of the Bank of China out of Macau came to the United States on August of 2001, and after reading that Donna Tanoue resigned as Chairman of the FDIC board of directors in August of 2001 and due to the fact I, Kurt Brown, was released from medical and psychological torture and forced signatures by coercion and abuse by federal and California state officials in August of 2001. I do not believe that Xu and Xu existed as proclaimed and what we have is a ferris wheel of international money laundering. Many do not care who lives or dies in the USA, just like the alleged Nazi Germany. What we have is a redundant triangle effect and some people have to move when others move. Has anyone played Chinese Checkers with a metallurgist? It is a warped game, much like federal bank examination in an international backdrop.

As I prepare to flee the USA, I remember the hatred, avarice, greed, murder, and mayhem I uncovered as an FDIC bank examiner for one year and as an investigative journalist exploring those things unsolved at the FDIC for another year. Donna Tonaue is a strange curiosity. Someone pointed me to her in a slanted way. She was the FDIC Chairman of the FDIC Board of Directors during the time I was terminated. She went to the Bank of Hawaii where I had been a bank examiner there for the FDIC. Something strange happened there. I would not sleep with my boss or go to her room. I was given a poor peformance rating by her and it caused my termination in front of the ARD FDIC San Francisco, S.C., and she was working for the boss who replaced the dead FDIC regional director allegedly murdered in his office. G.M. was the regional FDIC Director.

As an aside, when I am reinstated at FDIC with my over 10 years of back pay, I will like to go to Donna Tanoue's bank at the Bank of Hawaii and do a medical examination on the Bank of Hawaii President, Al Landon. I Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner and medical school dropout because of bad odors, would like to do a phyical examination on Mr. Al Landon. Is he a "LAN Don"? meaning a "local area network" "don"? Could he be wired? Something else? Remember The Wire is a music/art video I made to mark the spot where I was abducted on 4/23/2001, LA VA Westwood, a medical holocaust encampment, now called the Los Angeles Medical Center. Veteran beware there, guinea pigs US.

What was really strange about the Bank of Hawaii was that a dragonfly fell from the sky in between myself and two other bank examiners when we were on top of the building in April of 2000, my last month with the FDIC. It fell between us. Donna Tonaue, would not help me when I was in jail in April of 2001 after investigating Sheriff Jack Tillman thief, and after investigating the FDIC suicide (murder) in San Francisco, and after being forcibly injected and tortured in LA by the federal government in April of 2001. Something strange happened and the Rocketman Video looks like Tanoue in the end. It was as if someone was trying to tie the two together, a technological leap of deception and a music video about Rocket Man.

I was told Donna Tonaue wanted to send me, Kurt Brown, to prison for five years for simply being homeless with all of my belongings in 2001. They have no mercy, our enemies in power in the USA. By the way, ignorance is sheilded by certainty of mind. Who cares who lives or dies. No one cares about me and I know it. Tanoue, are you involved with Bank of China, and Xu and Xu (pic link), like a money laundering Tokyo Rose for the Bank of Hawaii? Are you real?. I really did not deseve to be terminated for not dropping an EEOC complaint in 2000. The bomb that almost hit me in Braman in 2004 was a drone with a payload for death and one of our men was sacrificed saving my life. Tanoue, pay me my 9.11 Million or give me a job, a Sweet Carol bitch job, at the Bank of Hawaii. I want to look for the money laundering syndicates and generate revenue for us. Hands down I am the best detective ever. I want you to analyze Rocket Man (music) as Braman as Donna Tanoue as a bad version of Justice. I am leaving the USA. I can not find work and I am being hounded by lesser mercenaries..

In closing, a joke from the gallows. I am under attack the three monkies. The redneck gestapo of the South East. The Mexican gestapo of the South West. The Asian Gestapo of American warlords who funnel money to the international war criminal crowns. When I am in the room of rednecks, they call me a jew. When I am in a room of Jews, they call me a Redneck. I am the most hated and loathed of all, a mullet head red neck jew.

Segment November 16, 2011: SCIENCE_comedy_TRUTH_based_F-DIC_experience_OKC_braman_BOMB

Sweet Carol told me I had dug a hole I could not get out of right after Y2K at the FDIC San Francisco. I have pondered this travesty on many facets and I am arriving at a solution to the dilemma.

In a playful sort of Hunter S. Thompson way, I play with the Sweet Carol paradigm, while I live on my IUD, since she terminated me for not sleeping with a woman in Hawaii who was my boss at the FDIC bank exam. I was aggravated with my lady boss due to her pushy demeanor and I had fear of needles being used on me in her hotel room by the syndicates I saw in Roseville FDIC and San Francisco NTEU and FDIC offices and on the sidewalk and in the banks of California and Hawaii.

Since I am in a hole I can not get out of, I think the moon may not be anything more than a hole in space where light comes through. I believe we can transfer matter through or around the moon like a nerve impulse pulsed around and over a myelin coated central nervous system cell.

It is like being in a bowling ball that never stops. Sweet Carol, one time I went to a man's house to test if he was a killer. I invite death over and over. I got an erection. Doest that mean I am gay or that I love to fight. I miss Masta and you.

On a more serious note, I would wager that there are dangerous levels of radioactive waste in Braman Oklahoma on the West side of the interstate. The explosion was in 2004, December. I was made partially blind by poisons sprayed in my window while in forced exile in Eureka California in the early months of 2004. Someone may have made the madmen drop the money laundering sack in retaliation.

The "alleged" Bank of China duo of Xu and Xu were arrested later that year in June of 2004 with an estimated 483 million USA dollars allegedly from China. In December of that year, 2004, the bomb almost hit me and the dust came in throught the vents in my vehicle. The explosion was huge and bright and far off the interstate but close enough for me to pick up dust. A "Dirty Bomb" that was not reported by OKC federal authorities. They would let me roast and hope I died of cancer. If I get cancer and die, I want this sh!t investigated you federal Sweet carol son of a bat bi!thc. This is no joke. Beware of OKC. They censor like the communist Chinese here in the USA and in OKC particularly. And what is it with that bizarre new huge skyscraper there. It is a radio antannea, tuning fork? If I get cancer from this bomb fallout, I want to warn all of Braman, Blackwell, Sparks and OKC. The federal government has busted a nut and it was the wrong one. Xu and Xu are not the only ones with bread.

Segment November 15, 2011: USA_flee_DIASPORA__targets_INNOCENT_federal_STATE_3rd_REICH_switzerland_USA_china_Mexico

As I ponder leaving the USA for a while, I feel the sickness of being tortured and pursued by criminals in government and sociopaths associated with them in our society. Every one has a need for something. Mine is to have shelter where I can feel safe. The USA has become a sort of hell for me. I see the three monkeys, and I see the monkey in all, and you and me. The bonobo our common ancestor is a cannibal and man is the same way. Protect yourself and if you are innocent beware of the deceptive smile of those lower apes among us, the sociopaths.

Their needles and their harassment have taken their toll. Now where to flee is the question if I decide to do so. They’ll offer the enemy no shelter and extend no mercy. I am an American who has a voice. Educated and informed and therefore I am their enemy. I sick from the stroke I had from the injections. They have no remorse and I know we lost this war before I was even born. All of us in the USA of the lower caste. They use us and we kill each other. So what is a bonobo human, one or less?

When I was knocked unconscious they did something to me to make me sick. Whether it was the injections in 2001 or those again in 2004 or both, is uncertain. Never accept work for the government. If you do, they will try to imprison you as they tried to do to me, Kurt Brown, once you are no longer working for them if you target their criminals. We had arm loads of criminals coming in and out of the FDIC Roseville in 1999 but the FDIC San Francisco management had their mob meetings in the streets and at the banks. America is nothing. We the poor are nothing. It is my hope they are over run and their hostile Gestapo alliances and those others among us of the three monkeys and the two apes are stopped from harming us.. I am speaking of blood types and that is a joke if you know of the three genetic blood markers on blood types.

I was watching a show on Hunter S. Thompson and they accused him of being a child sex porn voyeur. I did not listen to it. He made a joke of it of course. If you are ever controversial, the people try to tear your reputation apart. The thing is, those who are innocent laugh at those who try. It is part of our work. Next week we will come and investigate and audit you or your boss for murder or thievery. It is always a "grab ass" sort of horse play that investigative journalists perform. I want to work for the FDIC but our enemies have given it to us through the throat. I am down and out in more ways than one. Good bye America, you are loathsome.

Segment November 8, 2011: TRUTHS_enigmas_MEDICAL_school_SKIN_thickness_NEEDLE_ironies_DUAL_existence_TECHNOLOGY_warfare_MIND_subterfuge

When I was in medical school I discovered that a man from the East with a lot of pigment in his skin had a thicker skin, as that was to be my blood drawing partner in the training for drawing blood. The irony and the recall. And then there is the potential for warfare, mind control, societal castration, and the enigma of death in life and life in death. Could you be duped, literally dipped from outer space into things that have no time or place except to serve one master, a killer with a joystick or two? I will return to this later. Kurt Brown.

Segment October 30, 2011: COMEDY_truth_BASED_age_OLDER_viewing_YOUNGER

Being of the poorer caste in the USA, the lower 99.1 percent of us, I view things differently now.

For instance -- when I was a child in the 1960's, the older boys I and my family knew were being killed and or committing suicide when coming back from Vietnam forced military service. One military young man I met volunteered but he said he would rather be dead and patted me on the head, like a untrustable cat or dog.

Wise-man killed himself they said. That was the blade that cut the hymen of my life. The only wise man on the block and he allegedly whacked himself. Every where there was strife. I should have corrected the vision of the place I was at the time, the United States of America, a poorer working class city and from the poorer of the working classes, like most it seemed. I should have done things differently.

Was I hung at LA VA Westwood in 2001? I was injected and tortured. I should have left the USA at age 18 or sooner. The government treats me as if I am dead when I apply for employment now since 2000. They had lies in my records but I straigtened it out with the help of some of my Jewish friends who I see as Reform Catholics. The only true Jew is the one who I can not understand at all due to Hebrew getting in the way. That is a joke.

Some expect too much from others or human society. I did not care if my record was straight. I know those in government mean nothing to me if I mean nothing to them. It cuts things to the chase quick, or is that the quick.? But they straightened it out but I doubt I will work in conventional employment ever again in the USA, and if I do, it will be one of those blank stare jobs. They do not want me to investigate them. I do it like I am from the dead.

At age 8 at a Alabama public school in lower Alabama the Vietam war was waging, I was told to say the Pledge of Allegiance with my hand to my heart and I had to say it aloud so the teacher could hear. The adult smiled like a victory was achieved. I would tell myself or my grand child to reply now, "I choose not to follow your lead and will go stare out the window. I only pledge allegiance to the Messiah and God, the rest of you are circumspect, and don't wave that rag over the dead, it makes me want to vomit."

Later in school, a year or two later, I told the teacher I did not want to say the pledge of allegiance. I was more daring and broken nosed by the third grade. The teacher replied, "Well then keep your mouth shut". During their pledge of allegiance one of the children vomited a projectile one pulse vomit toward the flag. As the teacher cleaned it up he said "I smell Kurt Brown's sh!t." Smoke is on the water then as now, Deep Purple music.

Of course now I recommend that children spend as much time as possible with functional elders of the family to give a sense of self identity and family worth to a child. But there are those who oppose this mindset, assuming a sort of "damn-you-all, I am the altruistic overseer from government.". In that is the flaw. The government inside itself is a meat eater of low intelligence, a bonobo monkey, a composite over riding factor of the human species. We are what we are and that is it. I wanted to escape as a child and when I was under chains and needles as an adult. I still do, but my mind has changed. My fantasy as a child was to have a woman of Mediterranean appeal put me in a cage or her bed and play with my genitalia. That was before puberty. Is that not strange? The black girl in the class wanted to do me in the closet in the third grade. She had been held back in school. I did not know what I was doing really. Strange place to put a barbie doll hole, there in the middle and not near the belly button. Never been to Spain (music).

I'm the man in the box when I am at Sweet's. Cum and get me. Music link. She told me I had dug myself a hole I could not get out of. Those are the types of games we used to play at the ancient F-DIC, Y2K, sealed with a kiss at the D-FIC Center 2011. There is no recourse and that is why new games are invented.

Segment October 24, 2011: SCIENCE_speech_BRAIN_anatomy_PHYSIOLOGY__torture_FEDERAL_maroon_MACAROON_stuttering

The speech of your child should not be ignored if they stutter or have speech pattern abnormalities. The government of the USA injected and tortured me, allegedly for speaking too quickly. I was a freelance investigative journalist who had a thief Sheriff Jack Tillman on the run and I was being attacked for investigating a likely covered up murder at the FDIC and I was reporting what I saw in Roseville and San Francisco and Hawaii based FDIC bank examiner assignements, and more importantly in the offices. The lions eat the lions share from behind the veil of the informal dictatorship internationale over the USA with their lackies in tow and what was our money, now loaned overseas with most significant USA income producing assets taken. But that is the game of money. Now to speak about that speech impediment of your child or yourself.

The speak of a human being for a stuttering person is comprised of what I will say is three components, and maybe four if you want to speak of the throat and air passage, but it should be ignored, so I will speak of three. The tongue and mouth, and the two components of speech in the brain. Wernicke's and Brocha's areas. I have read that it is as if seizures occur in the brain waves between Brocha's and Wernicke's area, thereby the speech patterns of the two areas of the brain is disrupted as well, and what you hear is what you get.

To control the stutter, the person should think of the word in the brain they are going to say and at the same time think of the movement of the mouth. Also the person needs to relax the throat and breathe normally. It also helps to actually stutter on purpose and then try to catch it.

Left handed people are more prone stuttering because the speech areas are housed in the left hemisphere of the brain, the left handed person's less dominant brain hemisphere. Many of those same people are the most creative people on Earth. As a left handed person and a right handed sort of my own variety, the right handed person likes to live in a box and put everything in a box. You are nuts.

I healed myself of the condition of stuttering in college in my later 20's, with less and less of it as I grew older. Some drugs and alcohol have a lasting effect as well. Warn your child. I was tortured for speaking quickly. That is another trait, they must slow down speech. It is a condition of evolution most likely and we should not be tortured for it. I was really tortured because I am not part of the aristocracy of the formal or informal government and I like to run investigations on them if I need money and or just want to help others. Do not let them inject your child with haldol. They could appear to have Tarde Dyskinesia, a rapid blinking of the eyes and other ailments, perhaps, increased stuttering or faster speech or other speech abnormalities.

It is the fake smile that will get you. Sweet, I feel ma-ma-marooned. Did you ever eat a Maroon? The marooned were slaves who freed themselves through various means. When in low numbers they were killed, and when in large numbers they survived and thrived. The macaroon was likely founded by someone who had heard of Mobile Audit Club (MAC) ahead of time and it tasted sweet like a Maroons vag!na should, so it was called MACaroon. If ever Marooned I recommend the Big MAC. Where is my mind Sweet? Ser? Tu-BE (music). Often I feel like a leper from a leper colony, and when I consider employment at the D-FIC after working at the F-DIC, I wonder if I am running to or from the leper colony. Papillion de Eureka moi was the result. Papillon the Movie, link, leprosy. Our leprosy is government access and influence in material sectors, aka banking oversight and regulation and lending internationale, and increasingly third rate banana republic states on a starving continent. No throttle, no valve, only salve for your toasted American ass. What are those injections really about kids? Side effects on the kids.? Experimental guinea pig moi, us.

In this closing scene of a movie I always propose, the office is Honolulu Hawaii at a FDIC bank examination, truly my last real one. I am there with God who sees us as we are. I am lended his glasses and see a monkey waving a banana at me near her vagina as she crawls into her loft. It is tempting but I have had too much to eat. It is one of the F-DIC Sweet Carols. She wants me to finish my F-DIC home work assignment, for which I do not get paid at that hour. I feel God's hand on my right and I see the syringe, the experiments, all of it, ahead of time. Or perhaps it is that devil, my father, who basically warned me to cover my nuts when the testicles or the money is on the table. The monkey throws the banana on the ground and I pick it up and ask, "Is that my F-DIC I U D?" Dragonfly is no MACaroon, but you boys got me with those needles. Payment Due, $9.11 Million. You know who to deposit to....banana republic F-DIC insured. . .

I would also like to invite for a little un-paid retribution former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama who I audited in 2001. Tillman helped the war criminal sect attack me, and he was not pushed out until 2006, a convicted thief now paid twice what a four arm amputee veteran would receive, and something other than mule, VA, health care. I would like to invite the Sheriff I call Snatch the Fairy Possum to fly on my kite while I conduct experiments from the helm of a jet boat. Perhaps somewhere warm and toasty this Winter, letting Snatch fly in the high blue sky looking like Jesus Christ for all of the people to see on the beach, hoisted on a huge post cross dangling from a gigantic wing. Snatch ain't no Madam Drag-on-fly either, he's a Fairy Possum, Sheriff, the acrobat possum at landing, with Captain Kurt at the helm. It's a Jamaican operation flying in somewhere over Oklahoma, Braman, somewhere around the captain's birthday. See Macau and Xu and Xu and where the fork is Yu? Las Vegas holding my 9.11 million? Snatch is at the cross on the propellor, with the countdown of 4-3-2-1 to help Snatch remember the date and cause of his having to pay pennance. The cabin is my boat, all suspended on high tension cables under the giant wing. The largest flying triangle ever with an actor on a cross screaming for mercy, the Possum Man, Sheriff Snatch. Pennance due to those who the Sheriff starved and who he harmed otherwise while he was doing things for the criminal government factions and for his own criminal intent and benefit. Where is Toe-Toe faction Snatch?

Segment October 17, 2011: GALILEO_kurt_GALILEI_brown_POPE_government_ROME_alabama_ATTORNEY_lazlo_HABEUS_corpus_HOLOCAUST_usa

In moments of what some may see as insanity in another person, may be nothing more than visions of lucidity in that person, higher understanding. The best example of history today is Galileo Galilei. The Pope had jailed Galileo for being a heretic and yet he was later released for his bout of insanity. His mathematical and geometric observations were mere childs play for others who could comprehend his mathematical observations. I am Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner and freelance investigative journalist, who was chided and hounded by a Sheriff who was a criminal and who was also a tool for nothing more than hit-men inside the federal government. I survived. Now I am relieved of all criminal allegations due to some help from some friends who sought justice on my behalf. But the goverment may have me labeled as a schizophrenic, and much like Galileo, I bring mathematical and observed proofs, and yet I still may be outcast from employment by those who in the end rob the American people.

See links here on Mobile Audit Club for proof. I would not have sought work if it was not for the help of a few friends who encouraged me to seek work once again. The criminal allegations were removed with the help of those same friends.

A veteran, a FDIC bank examiner, a survivor of the American holocaust, and now seeking employment again, but only among my own men. Never own guns in California unless you own the men. Countenance discontinence .....duh...sweet you have to take a seat with Jack you DIC. I never knew taking a med tech class would mean as a financial auditor I would have to look up a F-DIC prostitutes front end and it's rear. I mean check out the size of those big DICs salaries and hidden virtuosities, and dingle berries like Sheriff Snatch of Mob AL, a 360K round plus. She likes them Man Sized (youtube music link). I have to get.

I am soon to run a test to see if I will be hired and fired and by the D-FIC as I was at the F-DIC. I would not go to my bosses hotel room in Hawaii in the F-DIC in the year 2000. I suspect major carnage in Hawaiian banks and of course little California. That bomb in Braman OK that almost hit me was likely a window shaker nearby and Xu and Xu from Bank of China in Macau owe me from 2004, if Xu and Xu made the deal at Bank of China at 483 million, which I doubt, therefore it may be Sweet and Toot, FDIC and Treasury who owe me.

My FDIC rater gave me a bad rate in Hawaii in 2000 and then upper FDIC management allegedly used that poor rating as the determining factor to terminate me. If they will kill you in Vietnam they will sure as Hell kill you here or starve you, ask Wise Man, my neighbor as a kid if you can find him. I am better now as an employee because F-DIC Sweet has helped to teach me law, their legal trickery, and I have thoroughly indulged myself in 10 years of freelance investigation and recovery from those tortures and attacks I endured during those investigations. I have perfected my legal education with some help from my friends since that naive day. Never sign it without consulting with an attorney on the way out. Sweet brings one, and he or she can not even read. Silly butt messenger for a master and hidden FDIC BOD wad. Medicine, accounting, law, and balls from DEAD EYE DC DIC to put Sweet F-DIC San Francisco in view. I will do it even though I detest government buildings.

Hunter S. Thompson feared the weasel men, I fear the Possum men. I wonder if there is a connection. The possum men are men in law enforcement and the mob. They are often in charge of ordinary men. You must know when it is time to leave. It is a hidden wisdom. Death dares ye mere men to forget or never know. The vision leads to clenched teeth and a heightened sense of observation that some experience under pesticides, sheer paranoia. Like sheer paranoia. Shattered by Rolling Stones shows the shake of the nerve and the sunk feeling like being caught in a whore house in drag full of mad men with nothing better to do, possum men who knock you unconscious. This is the America that a few know. The devil is uleashed here. Shattered on Youtube. (music link) .

My father wanted me to be an attorney, and if I was one I would be like Lazlo from the movie, Where The Buffalo Roam (Youtube music link), likely disbarred but on the prowl. In this scene of a movie I propose, Lazlo, attorney and advisor for Saint Ram Bone, will say to the federal messenger munchkins, "I picture a large settlement on several fronts if Kurts employment is granted or not. It would be in your best interests to hire him immediately. I don't see him as Dead Eye Dic, I see him as Living Eye DIC, a malpractice and miscarriage of justice case you will feel like Hell hath wind. The Writ of Habeus Corpus is a unicorn in American justice and the American holocaust was placed on this man's head. Beware of that unicorn the Writ of Habeus Corpus, the right to be free from illegal detention. More grossly my client suffered gross bodily harm with alleged medical science, medical torture. The Writ of Habeus Corpus is supposed to be a contract between civilized people. When the wind changes, the Unicorn who fled from you will turn back to trample you in a new form for the greater atrocities that followed. I too like the tune of 9.11 million US Dolalrs. Get twice that amount from from Xu and Xu account via Masta and Sweet F-DIC BOD, Google Mobile Audit Club for details..

Segment October 15, 2011: SCIENCE_comedy_HORROR_truths_INSIGHTS

The process of discovery and invention can have origins, and like all logical derivations in one which arrives at a satisfactory sum, so does the inventor have the ability to apply the new invention or method to numerous and often unrelated areas, particularly if constituent components can be utilized repeatedly in untested designs, i.e. virgin territory

Because I see my past employmment in high finance as a bizarre divine comedy and horror show, I have no remorse when I remember my past associates in strange new positions. One test of Mobile Audit Club is to rush the door of government men who are giving it to other government men or women up their rectum. It is always more of a test than it is meant as a clitorial and glans penis vehicle of excitement. The proposition is made and chips are played. In this scene, I see Sweat Darryl, ARD F-DIC taking it like a caterpillar man, beholden to Kraft'n Masta, the F-DIC Head. We bang the door and say, "Who banged the F-DIC head?" We sent out emails telling them we knew of corruption in the F-DIC, murder, and overt discrimination.

The beautiful thing about war is that you get to see your enemies burned alive, even if you yourself are killed. But who is F-DIC BOD and when do they cum and why was FDIC's Bovenzi, the scapegoat, terminated for the Two Trillion dollar loan a few years ago to Swiss Banks?. There is quacamole on the porch step and next to that is a pot of glue.

We need to clean America but it is too late for mankind. I make comedy up with science because it gives me time to rest and play with past particles like that ARD F-DIC job. People in the government will kill you. Ask Vietnam. Ask America. Ask anyone. Everything is for sale here, even the children on BBQ. At what point did we lose and at what point do we strike back? Fight or flight or just death? Their injections should be turned against the informal government which controls our enemies in the federal and state and city governments. They did it to us. That is what the veterans said at the holocaust camp, LA VA Westwood. Beware of Red Herrings, distractions, keep focused on the material things. We are destined for a day of destruction and I don't even bring a tear to cry, in the mercy killing. Nothingness is not your head to the ground..

So Jack and Federal Ass, bring your soaked bean to his melody, "On The Eve of Destruction" on Youtube. Nothing is as it seems therefore nothing is as ever bad as it seems except in the Village of the Damned, your dieing place Jack and Fed Snatch.

I, Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone, when into this auditing business much like a plumber. A veterans rep sight my sights and said, "Yo, you ain't no Dr., you is an auditing plumber", and the rest is F-DIC history for me. Forme means shape in french and The Bird Is The Word, on Youtube. How many times must we the innocent be attacked before God takes revenge? Some say we should live like boxers, fighters of stealth and teeth and fists and all that grinds or burns or does away with meat. But where does the surgeon's glove fit? In one's childrens lives. All else is bought and sold like a child whore with an American birth certificate, no marriage certificate, and no medical records. Even the mind is open to manipulation while in captivity. Why else all fails? Evils bastards win some times, if you let them win. The arms contest of the future will be the challenge to flush the sh!t of the white house placed there by strong arm certificates of trade, paper lions who do not always control the stealth. Every date is a new obstacle. Cross the line do your time, monkey charades..

Segment October 2, 2011: COOKING_movies_TRUTHS_cuisine_CATERPILLAR_dung_DEAD_eye_DIC_lambs

I like comedy in horror but I like scientifically feasible plots, and I believe in justice served as the form of moral teaching, sort of like Leave It To Beaver but with a scientific twist and comedy in justice served through horror.

My father was a chef among other things. A chemist in the kitchen just as he was a chemist in his full life. He taught me to appreciate cooking food while one's life is in danger, a sort of toasting of the fears. Like a chef who cooks edible foods, so should movie makers come up with digestable plots.

I make my stories from things and people I experience. Like a good stew, I recognize all the proper ingredients. You do not put feces in ones mouth as a plot nor as a stew ingredient. Like an idiot sauvant such as Rain Man, when I see plots such as the infeasible Human Caterpillar movie, I have to watch but at the same time I regret it later. You can not hook up one man after another anus to mouth as a caterpillar. It is infeasible and absurd and childish. I like my dead eye dic invention. I like to see Anthony Hopkins feet about to be eaten in a stew. These are real and experienced plots, some of extreme technical accomplishment or of extreme human deviancy or both.

My dead eye dic invention recreation is based upon reality and that which is possible. The hooking of parts or all of the sensory neural conduits to an external over riding central nervous system that are hybrid human and and electric eel, starting at the pineal gland of the brain, looping over the cerebral cortex, with a terminus at the mid-thoracic, appearing as wings under X-ray. The teeth having a large metal bridge placed there to act as a sort of mylineated axon to relay the information obtained to an external source, possibly even in outer space to any humans who are free from delusion wreaked upon earth by a warfare technology genius and sociopath, or perhaps controlled by the sociopaths on Earth or in Space. Perhaps space does not exist. I can not rely on what the liars have told me. We do not have a democracy or human rights yet those in power act as if they do, but we do not, not mine and ours. Much is taken upon faith on Earth and that faith has been proven illusory for many of us, including my father the sous chef.

I would like to propose a scene in which I bring my father half way from death and give him some possum feet knuckles, already cleaned, for a stew ingredient. We shall prepare the cuisine on a burning oil rig for Jack to experience life when it is bare knuckled. We will invite the Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fair Possum of the Village of the Damned, Mobile Alabama, Jack. We will have an extraordinary round table discussion on starvation, food preparation, and food funds thievery from the government. We will have Jack, hang ten, but he will find it impossible since he has no feet and his legs are anesthesized. Refried beans Jack my half-dead Da-Da will ask.

A truth-- on December 7th late or early the 8th 2004, an explosion occurred next to the highway while I was traveling. A fireball extremely large hit in the field next to the highway in Braman Oklahoma. I wondered if those men, my friends, were being killed and hurdled back to space, or my enemies or my friends were messing with me. I did not know that two bankers from Macau were arrested that year, one to the North and one to the South of my location. 483 million usa dollar equivalents were allegedly in their accounts. I had been through an ordeal since 2001 until 2004, after FDIC San Francisco bank examiner employment and doing investigative journalism work in what I call the Devil's triangle, Mobile Alabama and Los Angeles California and San Francisco California. I was very sick from the injections, stress, and isolation. Never trust the government. Never. Never allow them to have access to your guns. Run if you have to get rid of them. They will treat you like you have killed some one when you simply own legal guns. We have no allies here. Eat up Jack and federal warlords, its toes-t time.

I know that is gauche in such a meal, but we must complement the chef with a song, Hey Good Lookin by Hank Williams Jr.

To former Sheriff Jack Tillman and supporting federal dictators in the more criminal fringe, I remember back on 4/3/2001 at high noon, the turning point when Tillman answered the door on my test to find out who was starving inmates and I already knew the murder at the FDIC was a fighting cause, and I did not know how much I was about to lose. They tampered with everything to destroy me after 4/3/2001, and I curled them around Sheriff Jack Snatch and they coated him with gold while ours melted away. Like the Phoenix we will have to rise or die at some say. Dark forces are sometimes on the losing winning man's side. I liken it to the song "I put a spell on you" (music link). The subconscious people among us are often just dim witted like the house of federal Jacks and their lesser Sheriff Alabama possum Snatch, having no human conscience. Human conscience is that state of being that exists above the lower animals and not always achieved by humans, e.g. Snatch.