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Foreword Note and Correction: I mistakenly referred readers in a news post to a comedy skit on this page in which Sheriff Jack Snatch Tillman was sentenced to devouring hemp for food and liquid. It is on the Love Line 3 page at the top.

Segment February 27, 2007_IT_factor_PRESSURE_saleIT_factor_PRESSURE_saleIT_factor_PRESSURE_sale

In Mobile Alabama, I have made a case study of their closed door governments, the populace, and the current ongoing influence and power grab by the alleged nation of "Germany", and the many alleged German companies that have come to the area and fallen.  I say alleged because we can not be certain of that which we contend in our modern era of technology.  You could be dealing with any sociopath group in the world or universe.  If they control space and highest level technology, they control the game of life --- to an extent.

I mention this about Germany because that nation seems to have gained a bad rap on modern media, most likely due to the horrors of recent world wars.  We must remember though, no one group or nation can be blamed for the ails of this life.  It appears, we may be contending with something that uses mankind like a farmer uses a burrow or sheep or goat and it may not ever be who or what it pretends.  Take Adolf Hitler for example, he preached German unity and superiority but he himself was allegedly Austrian and from what I understand, partly Jewish heritage.  The truth is, we are all a mix of many creatures and to a more recent extent, nationalities.

In Alabama a move is underway to put in the German weapons manufacturer, EADS.  The people of the alleged and fraudulent people's government, herald EADS as a job maker and a builder of weapons to defend, "us".  That is absurd for several reasons.  First, you never hire someone else to defend you in the jungle.  You will be bought and sold to every tribesman you contend with if you have more wealth than those pretending to defend you.  It is simple wartime logic, and we are always in wartime.

Most recently also is a move to put in German companies that are equivalent to steel mills.  A push is underway to put the mills by giving incentives to the companies to have them build in the state.  Huge tax outlays of cash are used to lure them.  The same money could be lent to Americans to start businesses, but this regime of the "IT" factor wants to always loan to those from that foreign and distant place.  Those of the government of the "IT" regime also pay themselves and perhaps a few handy men from our populace huge stipend checks to formulate "rushed" legislation to beat the competition to the punch and pay those foreign companies huge amounts to invest here.

Like prisoners in a prison, the populace is dealt what the overseers, the "IT" factor of government, allow them to have.  The guards wear nice clothes and go on foreign vacations.  The guards and the warden and the visiting population of suppliers, drive nice vehicles and tell the inmates to accept what they are given.  To quote Josef Stalin, "Gratitude is a disease of dogs".

To that end I also say, if capitalism is a life where you watch all of your family's wealth and resources squandered by a visiting warlord population, and all of it in fact, an "IT" factor of technological manipulations and brutish manipulations, then there is no need to maintain capitalism.  But then what?  That is a good question because we as Americans have not been free of this "IT" factor and the corruption in my life time and likely not in my grandparents. 

We must view this nation as a prison.  This world may be the same.  We will have to beware of the guards guns, e.g. their higher technology, controlled by the controllers of the "IT" factor, who may not be even in range of ourselves.  Some may say I am insane.  Some said Galileo Galilei was insane, and he after all pointed out that other planet that in my opinion once housed intelligent life and was destroyed and all of its inhabitants, "Sat Urn" or "Saturn" more appropriately.

Theoretically in war and in life, a mathematical heirarchy exists that can not be broken or deceived, and the illusion and the comedy is that some may think that in absolute terms they are at the top of the mathematical mountain, the heirarchy where each lower level can be factored out and the higher construct can remain in place.  For instance, the Europeans though the American Indian was without hope.  He ran in circles with his spears and rocks, while they had the more advanced guns and cannons, and their favorite mathematical principle in that war was linked to the formulation of gunpowder.  Then came the nuclear bomb in World War II...the ultimate weapon, right? 

I laugh at that one and say, "Please" do not insult our intelligence.  The weapons in play are much greater today, much more elusive, and controlled from space.  They or IT has us dancing to their tune like algae fronds on stone in a sine wave current, back and forth we go, war after war, oil well after oil well, and the whole while, we afford "IT" a life of luxury while we strive to attain our own health and welfare.

Yes, to me, this life is often like Hell on Earth.  Some say Hell does not exist, and yet they point to other cultures or religions and say, "Look, the devil".  My response is, "The devil you say?  Or is it your green guild of jealousy". 

Mathematically in war, my friend Archimedes from historical accounts, enlightened me on how to overthrow and conquer entire governments.  If you have the technological ability it is hastened and made to set fast.  Just like the sale of a corporation like a steel mill to an ignorant populace like those in Alabama.  They or "IT" pushes the deal through in haste, like a real estate deal being made by a hyperactive meth addict needing a place to copulate, but who in reality lacks the ability to maintain the erection.  So the whole deal goes sour and in a few years a new group representative of the "IT" comes back through to fleece the sheep, or populace, once more in incentives.

As an aside, I was told by a friend that we create our own reality.  To some extent that is true I believe,  but if you are born poor and spend your life in fairly extreme poverty, and see the lies of a nation or thing around you, you begin to doubt the sincerity of the volume of doubt and concern by those who have robbed you blind, not only of hope, but also safety and well being.

Archimedes was a calculator of war to the hard facts and Galileo was the observer and they both fought with what they had measured out and imagined.  They came up against the odds, against the IT factor of the moment.

Which brings me back to my point of the theoretical mathematical construct of war and the factoring out to determine the victor.  Like a gear that releases from a larger collection of gears and machinery, a gear can be knocked free and then re-engage and take over once again, at the higher torque.  That is with what we are engaged.

How would one kick that gear loose?  That gear that brings us torment and slavery?  It could not be the supreme being, the creator of this life, this monstrosity of wonder.  The creator believes in empathy and life or there would be no point in going on with anything, unless the creator is sociopath.  But  then again, how could that be?  The ignorant will tell you to believe every word written in their texts, even if it defies all humane logic.  That is where the ape or the lower form has taken over the pen.  It is common and should be expected. 

I have speculated on Archimedes Principle in the taking over in war of an entire government.  Like a hand that is placed in a vat of water, each drop replaced by the exterior cell of the hand, eventually the hand is submersed and controls the movement of the water.  In much the same way the government of the United States and likely the world has been taken.  For how long, I am not certain.  I look to Saturn and feel we have been conned for quite some time.

The Veterans Administration did a bad thing to me.  They gave me a drug to which I was allergic at a critical time.  They gave me steroids for pain when I was at the time investigating and reporting upon money launderers and murders at my former employer, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  It made me very verbally aggressive.

February 24, 2007entry_CRAIGSLIST_ad_RETAKE_government

Daily Foreword February 24, 2007: $100 to $1000 U.S. offered to a camera person for 30 minutes work in Mobile, Alabama. Job could be hazardous to myself, auditor Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone as I attempt to enter the corrupt and closed federally protected lie of a government, the Mobile Alabama City Council meeting on February 27, 2007. Here is the link to the deleted post ad on Craigslist that was deleted by the terrorist regime in power in the USA. I have reposted it below. If you want to work as my camera man, contact me at . If no one is hired by the Monday evening before the meeting, I may not attend but encourage others to attend and question everything and everyone at the government meetings, and remember to bring a camera and make yourself a "Reporter" badge and place "Independent Media" as the publication source.

I have reposted it also for posterity on the Love Line II page of this site and below. The regime is an insane warlord. Remember Vietnam and remember, our nation is not ours. We have been overtaken. We must retake the government through force. Negotiations are over. Here is the post, reiterated here.

My name is Kurt Brown, stage name Saint Ram Bone, independent auditor and reporter. I have been illegally denied access to Mobile Alabama City Council meeting in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. The corrupt and contemptible war crimes governmental city council meeting in Mobile Alabama with their federal warlord and murderous protection syndicate is soon to meet me once again, one way or another.

I have been beaten and arrested for trying to enter the city council meeting on one occassion and on numerous occassions I was illegally demanded out of the building. I have a gig for you if you can hold a camera and have courage.

The pay is $100 for approximately 15 minutes work. You have to hold the camera, a digital camcorder and record the response by the guards and my demands to enter the city council meeting in my native city of Mobile Alabama and their city council meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2007, starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 10:30 a.m.

You will have to sign an agreement to return the camera and the video tape to me after I am bailed out of jail or released from the hospital. If I am killed, you will receive $1,000 and have to hand the tape over to the designated people that I appoint to release the video.

I was a bank examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and my act of civil disobedience under the Warlord regime was that I reported criminals, murderers and money launderers at the California FDIC in Sacramento and San Francisco in 2000 and 2001 and I reported the now terminated Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as being a food funds thief. An attempt was made on my life in 2001 by those associated with the FDIC and the National Treasury Employees Union. Money launderers from the casinos of the USA need a place to launder their money. 98-percent of Casino gambling revenues are considered taxes, and the urge to take unreported funds from the gambling revenues is too great, and the money has to be laundered to use it in the open for legitamate purposes. The FDIC and likely the Treasury are their entry points and honest men have been killed trying to stop this practice. The NTEU is their strong arm. The Mobile Alabama City Council and their federal protectorate of international war criminals has denied my entry, and that is a felony violation of their Open Meetings Law.

The pay is $100. If you are arrested for holding the camera, the pay is $1000 and your bail will be posted and your legal fees paid. A signed agreement will be made. The regime in power in the USA is our enemy. Let us pray their abusive warlord and closed door dictatorship is crushed. They are not what they appear. Do not trust your eyes in this era of high technology.

Contact me by email immediately if you are up to this challenge.

Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone

Here is a link of my being turned away in 2005 from the Mobile Alabama City Council gate in direct violation of our enemy judge "McMaken's" orders to allow me in to the meeting lobby. I am holding the camera in the video.

In this artistic video, I was holding the camera in both scenes. One was in San Francisco and another was in Mobile. In San Francisco I was witness to one of the many attempted street robberies. In Mobile I was about to be beaten and arrested for raising my voice and they tried to break my neck while I was on the ground protecting my camera. I would feel it was a gift from the creator is some snipers shoot anyone who harms me or anyone else who is denied entry into our nations criminally overtaken government and their fascist dictatorship.

Here is the link to the Home Page of the site Mobile Audit Club

If I am not allowed into their corrupt government, I will not stay in the United States and I hope to ally with anyone who challenges the illegal closed door regime and who has the technology and resources to remove their leaders peacefully if possible and otherwise if not, regardless of what snake hole the current ruling warlord regime resides.

The Mobile Alabama City Council is a terrorist and their humane decency is a lie and a facade. They are no better than any war criminal in history. The wealthy of the federal government are now supporting this lie and many are just as criminal in their actions. Let us stop their wars around the world and let us deal with our enemy on the dieing American soils.

Also, make yourself a reporter's badge and type Indymedia on it before filming in their lobby. You have to be a reporter to have a camera there according to the fascist dictatorships errand boy cops.

We are no longer a nation. They are at war with us.

If you feel the pay is too low, email me at the link on this ad and we can discuss copyright and likely monetary adjustments. Overthrow the regime is my hope. Make that your job.

February 22, 2007 entry___COUPLED_state_BIOTECHNOLOGY_electronic_ENGINEERING

Tonight I awaken once again in my living nightmare, that inflicted upon myself by the criminals controlling the USA governments and their medical cohorts who extort money from us and our rights as humans.  I look back to when I was forcibly injected at the Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center in 2004 and knocked unconscious.  They are allowed to do so under their Chapter 36 law's clause that allows medical professionals with the reigning regime's politicians approval to forcibly inject you, knock you unconscious, hold you for 72 hours incarcerated in their facility and then to either send you to a hearing to determine if you are insane  or let you go.  They let me go, yet they took over $2000 dollars, lost the keys to my vehicle, and I may have been knocked unconscious again as a I slept and I may have been raped for having reported what I knew about money launderers in California from Nevada.   My cellmate had been locked in after I did and I was forced to have him as a cellmate, one in which  I did not know.  He may have been insane.  He may have been sent in by the criminals syndicates to help screw me, one more time.  Some may think it is funny, but all insane serial killers laugh at atrocities.  That is their nature.

 I have some proof that this rape likely occurred and I recall some details of a forced injection into my mouth as I was sleeping with my mouth open and I was on my back snoring.  I have other indications and memories of the event.  The roommate and the guard from that night may be part of what we are fighting.  I do not know.  All I know is that life in America is a living nightmare.

I have reported the likely rape to  and will report it to other watchdog groups.

  Although I will elaborate here on a potential or remotely possible and theoretical application of biotechnology and electrical engineering coupling for a new method of communication or other end, the horrors I endured at the Flagstaff Medical Center are real and were unwarranted.  I, a former federal bank examiner for the FDIC and informant on corruption in the federal and state governments had stopped there to report hazardous material cleaning crews on Interstate 40 in New Mexico and a burn on my neck that appeared out of nowhere and was  the size of approximately two centimeters or 1/16 of an inch to 3/32's of an inch.  My truck tested positive for radiation in 2004 at the facility according to a guard that supposedly had a Geiger reader or Geiger counter and it was not long after an alleged explosion of an oil refinery in West Texas.   I was held for four or five hours against my will at the facility while the facility made the calls to get approval to inject me.  A guard came and stood over me and would not allow me to leave.

I want the Flagstaff Medical Center shut down and their keys handed over to me.  Their Chapter 36 law allowing forced injections on compliant Americans is a war atrocity.  (Arizona Law Chapter 36-520 through 36-526.  It is ironic they do not say that the regime can call anyone insane and then inject them and knock them unconscious.  They talk of holding someone if someone deems them insane or a danger to themselves.  I do not feel that seeing hazardous material cleanup crews in Nevada, a nuclear test site, and burns on one's neck, to warrant forced injections and detention. Can you imagine what would have happened to the founding fathers of the USA if England could have called George Washington insane.  To that I do not say, "In God We Trust", I say, "G-d Damn the regime in power" the regime that  forcibly injects compliant humans, knocking them unconscious,  subjecting them to rape and robbery.   We will get justice, one way or another.

To preface this theory, I must reveal what I know about my body and my X-rays and dental work from the USA Navy.  I must also say that in some wars, it may be a trap to say anything.  Time can be bent and at times it could be a situation in which there is no winning.  If we are to be tortured for much longer, I hope for the end of all thinking beings.

On my dental work, one dentist in the civilian sector told me in 2001 or 2002 that one of my back teeth looked like electronics, a tooth that was repaired by the USA government in 1982 to 1984.  The tooth was black in its filling, something hideous and hard in the upper right rear molar.  There was even a cut immediately in front of it that was unexplained and left a large scar from my upper molars to the top of my mouth in the 2001 to 2003 time period.  During the 2001 to 2003 time period I was being jailed and basically followed and told what to do by the war regime that came to power and tortured me after I reported an attempt on my life.  The Secret Service was highly involved in telling me where I stood, that is to say, labeled a felon due to my being unable to post a Million Dollars Bail in L.A. County Jail for legal gun ownership, most of them in a U-Haul and out of reach while I was seeking work.

 I had worked as a bank examiner for the FDIC in San Francisco and Sacramento. The former regional FDIC director had been killed in his office in San Francisco in the early 1990's.  The NTEU's mafia syndicated Secret Service members called it suicide.   I survived the attempt on my life in 2001, after I had reported obvious money laundering among some associate FDIC bank examiners and that the replacement director seemed suspicious in my opinion, and so did the NTEU officials..  I was tortured by the federal and state governments for doing so.

Anyway, back to the tooth repair and its design.  Opposite the electronics looking molar, I had a large metal bridge put in to replace a molar on the lower left hand side of my jaw.  The U.S. Navy dentist who put it in 2003 or 2004 said that he was tired of doing root canals and claimed that the tooth could be extracted and a metal bridge placed in the void.  The extracted tooth had a false metal tooth put in.  It was held in place by a metal bridge that spanned my back molar on the lower left and the tooth in front of the extracted molar.  So to recap, there is one tooth on the upper right with electronics looking fillings according to one dentist. There is the bridge on the lower left made out of metal and it spans nearly my entire left jaw.

So now, I turn my attention back to the medical portion, and this portion is "extremely" theoretical.  I have some anomalies on my body and this leads me to this portion.  If you are familiar with a sting ray, you know it packs a jolt when you are hit by its tail.  The same thing goes for an electric eel.  On my spine, in the thoracic area, I have what appears to be 4 or 5 bone fragments or wings that extend from the spinal processes or vertebrae on each side.  I discovered this when I was in extreme pain in 2000 after being terminated from FDIC for not agreeing to drop an EEOC complaint.  The Assisant Regional FDIC director had told me, "Drop the EEOC complaint and you can keep your job." I did not drop the complaint, I was terminated, and the EEOC refused to hear the case.  That is another matter.  Anyway,  I went  to the Veterans Administration in Gulfport Mississippi after I had been given an overdose of steroids by the VA for back pain in late 2000.  I discovered I am allergic to high steroid doses.  The VA later tried to call me insane and criminal after the reactions to the drug.   They took an X-ray of my back and I saw the strange looking spinal processes in the thoracic area.  They looked small wings off of the thoracic vertebra.  They felt like small teeth in creating the pain I felt.   I urge all veterans to avoid VA Health Care if possible. 

Now I return my attention to the remainder of the medical anomalies.   In front of my right clavicle or shoulder bone, I have a large lump, roughly one-half inch in diameter and it rises three or four centimeters above the surface of the flesh.   It appears to be a fatty tumor and may be, but this part is pure conjecture on my part and could be the part most open to error on my part.  I also have a lump at the base of ribs on my back on the right hand side.  It appears to be a non-consequential cyst on a hair follicle.  The reason I bring this up, is that due to the spinal processes formation, with the bone fragments that look like wings or fins on the X-ray, and the lump at the top of my torso on my shoulder in front of the clavicle and the cyst or lump at the base of my ribs on the posterior portion, I often wonder about genetics engineering and vectors that might be used to institute changes in the morphology of a host organism, namely myself.  In my worst nightmare, I see the lump on my shoulder as its head, the spinal process fragments as part of its main body, and the cyst era on the ribs as its posterior.

This is theoretical and I have limited knowledge of this area.  I am going to use this theory because I had a cruel doctor in Alabama one time looking in my ear.  He pressed down very hard on me as he looked.  The doctors head was large and he seemed to enjoy creating pain for me as he had me leaned my head and he looked in my ear with the device.   It was as if he was trying to test me for pain in my back in an indirect manner.   I do not trust all humans or those who appear human.  Lest we forget the horrors of the previous wars, we are doomed to repeat the same naiveté in trusting the war crimes doctors again.

Now, about the oddities of my spine, the protrusion on my shoulder and beneath my ribs.  I have thought of a vector to create a change in a living organism.  I may have been born or destined to have those anomalies since birth.  However, if a host organism, myself, had a virus or worm placed into the ear, or possibly even injected during an inoculation, such as those given to soldiers and children, with the right encoding, it could integrate into the host DNA and central nervous system and cause a change in the morphology or form of the host organism.  This is theoretical and lends itself more toward a genetics nightmare, which may explain why I sometimes awaken and re-live the horrors that the Flagstaff Medical Center and the Veterans Administratin put me through. 

What is funny and sickening also is that the media's coveted Vietnam Veteran and Prison of War hero, Senator McCain of Arizona allows the forced injections on compliant men under the state of Arizona's Chapter 36 law.  Once again I reiterate, "G-d Damn the regime in power", for their not discussing such a controversial practice such as forced injections on compliant Americans who are sane and capable and in disagreement with and in fear of the regime in power and its affiliate members or, "IT" factor as I call them or IT.

Now, to finalize my topic here and to link the dental work ideas and the anomalies on my body and in it.  I remind you that this is very theoretical and is more food for thought than anything else.  The dental work could serve as the radiating or transmitting capability, as the huge metal bridge and the electronics looking filling could act as a transmitter or coupling device between myself and other more ancient contraptions, such as electronic satellites in space or possibly tracking devices on earth.  The integration of an organism into my body or my genome could enable the transmitting of many minute sensory data from myself, from simple positioning to possibly even the observance of what I see and hear and touch and taste and smell to another being through the electronics connections in my mouth.  What bothers me though is the unexplained scar in the roof of my mouth and the infection I got in it when I was detained in Alabama after being forcibly injected and forced to sign papers of guilt for legal gun ownership in Los Angeles in 2001.  Details are on the Mobile Audit Club site.  I had incriminating evidence on officials in Alabama, Sheriff Jack Tillman and the closed door Mobile Alabama City Council and their federal protectors including the NTEU's Secret Service, and the federal FDIC in California, my most recent employer, which is also my last employer of record.  No one will hire me now in the auditing field due to what the federal government did to my career after working as a bank examiner and informing on the criminals within the federal banking regulator, the FDIC and their associates at the NTEU and the Treasury and other agencies, such as the Secret Service.

The details are many in this horrid nightmare.  I have even envisioned humans as being controlled by much more intelligent beings or perhaps by some humans who have decreed themselves the Gods of the universe and who have crippled humanity and the allegedly historically beloved United States.    I have even envisioned these other beings or people as being of their own sect.  They could make a game of ripping the human species apart and making slaves out of us.  After all, don't we owe for everything from the time we are born until we are dead?  Aren't many of us slaves to our drug dealers, our casino's owners, our prison wardens, our corrupt courts with their revolving door injustice against us, the poor?.  We are not even allowed free educations for adults.  Humans, the great thinkers, now relegated to sucking on a mustard covered pork sausage, sucking down cheap beer, and screaming at the television to change their plight by having their city's team win a game of "toss the ball", and all the while they or we weaken ourselves and make those who control us that much wealthier. 

It should be noted that not only Arizona has allowed forced injections since 2001 under the Chapter 36 law.  It is also allowed in New Mexico and Nevada since 2001.  I will not buy property in those states due to that fact.  If I raise my voice on the internet, they could come to my home, claim I was insane, inject me, put me in front of a courtroom of their peers, commit me to an insane asylum, and there I could be raped again and or killed.  Those are the facts of life.  Our enemies are always among us.

Of course, it is the federal government that allows those atrocities.  As you can see on the web, they have been committing atrocities for a very long time.  See the "Continuing Problems Section on this link".   The link is not my own.  I was just one of the victims of the Los Angeles Veterans Administration in Westwood.  I was forcibly injected there in 2001 and forced to admit guilt to a non-crime labeled a felony.  I was in fear for my life after an attempt upon it.  I owned a legal gun, and up till that point I naively trusted the Veterans Administration.  Never again will I trust any strangers.

I urge for the release of ALL American held prisons of war

For proof on the atrocities of yesterday and today, and in particular those of the VA in 1999, see the Continuing Problems section. This link is not my own.

I have been inspired to find the weapons used against us and to theoretically explore the variants. My inspiration to endeavor in this manner of modern warfare came from and is reminiscent of a British Engineer who discovered the inner workings of radar during WWII.

Segment February 16, 2007__ SCIENCEtheoryWARconquerSCIENCEtheoryWARconquerSCIENCEtheoryWARconquerSCIENCEtheoryWARconquer__Today's post was publicized on LA Indymedia and Houston Indymedia

In theorizing on silent war and the silent overtaking of nations and planets, I have come upon a probability of very possible odds in the United States.  I say this due to the nightmare I see unfolding in my own life and that of my father, now dead and a sufferer of a dismal life due to the treacherous nature of those who surround us and starve us.

To begin with, we can not be certain of anything we see.  Some may say this borders on science fiction, but some have trouble with the idea of the disintegration of the certainty of the world around them.  We are all subject to deception.

We must realize that there are many ways to place people or objects in front of us, whether real or contrived.  If one controls space and has high technology, one can have a variety of tricks on a planet, particularly if a ground based person or entity can harness and maneuver the technological advantage that is projected from space.

The problem is that there will always be conflict.  Every nation and every person has there traitor.  The reason for this is as simple as the forever dual opposition of waves or force and counter-force.  It has been since that way since the beginning and the end.

I found out the truth after surviving an attempt on my life for informing on government corruption and a subsequent attempt on my life.  I believed I could own a gun.  It was used against me.  Not the bullets, but the simple ownership and possession of the gun.  My enemy in the USA government revealed himself to me when he and they prosecuted and persecuted me for owning it.  They used the time of the gun ownership to further my exclusion from their or it's government.  I learned the truth though, and I have formulated some theories based on those truths.   My goal is to conquer our enemies.  WE are torn and tattered as a people and as beings, and if we can not be free from their abuses, we would be better off dead.

My first example of proof of possible sabotage of our enemies technological takeover in the silent form is thus: If a group was to take over from space with resultant control from land, they would want wealth and power.  It is the nature of animals and man and thinking beings.  It is subdue or be subdued.  Our parents dropped their guard and left us in control of those that mimicked our people, our beings.  For instance, in public schools we are led around to our eventual subjugation and lessening of prominence.  Like a Blue Jay bird that mimics other birds to draw the mother birds of other species from their nests, so did our conquering entities mimic our people and beings to make us acquiesce in taking care of our own young.  We in our generation had Vietnam and our children have Iraq and Afghanistan.  We both were likely injected with chemicals or put under stresses to lesser our position in the equation of life, often losing vast mental strengths.  After all, we are all mostly predominant with one hand, and therefore one side of our brains has been weakened.

Now, regarding "possible" clues to where our ruling enemies have been sabotaged.  We must look for clues, like a child who looks for clues.  My talking about this could defray our efforts on this front, and if so, I hope we are eliminated before we are tagged and labeled for eternity into a lower caste existence in the cosmos.

The Secret Service or what I call the United States version of the old German SS is obvious.  The initials for the Secret Service is the SS.  I have discovered that the SS in the USA is just like the SS in Germany.  The SS came to my jail when I was locked up for gun ownership in Los Angeles.  Their agents told me I was going to get 180 days in jail and a felony for daring to defend my life.  A guard at LA county jail told me that they were my attorney when they came to visit but I discovered they were the SS upon meeting them, and they appeared to be a young Caucasian male and female.  I say apparent because we can not be certain of what we see.

Later the SS came to my home in Alabama while I was on probation to stop me from entering the MObile Alabama City Council meetings and their government building.  I raised my voice about starvation at the jail there in Mobile County.  The Sheriff Jack Tillman has since been proven to be a thief and terminated.  I am still barred from entering their meetings.

The SS also investigated the death long ago of a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regional director in San Francisco, California in the early 1990's, labeled suicide in his office with his own gun.  He was murdered and replaced by what I call the "IT" factor of criminal penetration in our United States government.  They were obviously laundering money and setting up a criminal empire per my observations while I worked as a FDIC bank examiner in Sacramento in late 1999 and in San Francisco in early 2000.

Now, I must talk about what I saw at the Los Angeles (LA) Veterans Administration (VA) and why there are suspect.  After I was jailed in 2001 for parking on LA VA property with a gun under my seat as I slept in my truck with my U-Haul trailer attached, I discovered that the government had no concern for veterans and were even hostile to veterans there.  I was forcibly injected by likely SS officials while at the facility and one female nurse there looked like a man.  This point I will get to later.   I was held and basically psychologically tortured and forced to discuss my investigations of the FDIC replacement director in San Francisco, George Masa.  Masa to me is just another of the "IT" factor, and no single person can really be held as factual in the war they or "IT" is waging against us.  If you do assume a person or thing is factual, then you are making assumptions, and assumptions are not valid until proven upon a reasonable doubt.

The FDIC management was contacted and SS and others made certain that  my investigations were stopped.  I was court ordered not to investigate the FDIC further and not to contact anyone at the agency.  I was soon labeled insane for the first time in my life, and I was jailed at the torture camp known as the Los Angeles County Jail.  I have also since that time been banned from federal employment.  I have Veterans Preference for being a disabled veteran but it means nothing.  I am given a small amount of money and if I work, I lose that small amount of money.  I am considering foreign employment, but where does the SS not reach?

Now to continue on the trail of evidence that is possible by saboteurs within the ranks of our enemy.  The acronyms of agencies and the names of individuals are always to be viewed as suspect.  For some reason, the enemy may not be able to discern the names and acronyms given to them by those within their own ranks who have intents of sabotaging the efforts of the enemies of thinking beings.  This could be an age old conflict, that goes back far in history beyond recorded history.  I say this because I view Saturn and its rings of ice made of water as a former habitable planet, destroyed in a conflict or through sabotage.

For instance, the FDIC could be interpreted as the f-cking dick.  The FDIC could be the trail that leads to the larger corrupted entity known as the Treasury Department.  Then of course, there is the National Treasury Employees Union, a huge union that spread over the federal government after the fall of Nixon in 1973 and 1974.    The NTEU when written backward says that you are eaten, UETN.  We are eaten from the standpoint of collusion at the NTEU, whose key members are in control of many government agencies, violating all of the rules of collusion.  If you do not know what collusion is, look it up.  Auditors consider all audits that are subject to the effects of collusion to be unreliable and irrelevant.  Therefore the USA government is shot to hell.

At the Los Angeles Veterans Administration I was not allowed to view my medical records where I had been held.  In 2003 I tried to obtain them and was denied access to them after repeated attempts.  When I got on the elevator, one doctor actually laughed at me at the facility.  I looked awkward and insignificant I suppose.  A Ms. Doktor was in charge of the doctored medical records I finally obtained in 2006.  They were full of lies and gave just cause to inject me against my will in their lies.    A Mr. Dorman was at the door and on the phone when you tried to reach the facility.  Their program may have been tampered with and the names were odd and hinted of sabotage from within.  A Ms. Doktor handling doctored medical records and a Dorman at the door and in charge--could it be evidence of sabotage or just coincidence?  Because the LA VA facility was "almost" shut down for forced experiments and injections in 1999, I hold nothing above suspicion, and neither should my people.

They or it has us viewing our own kind as contemptible, or perhaps we are contemptible toward each other.  Humans may have been tampered with and lessened in cognitive abilities.  Or perhaps, some are capable of severe atrocities and lesser attributes by nature and birth.  I tend to think as a whole, we have been hit very hard by something we did not understand and still have a lot to learn about.

Now, regarding power and greed.  I noted that a nurse at the LA VA facility looked like a man in drag when I was being forcibly injected.  I have also noted others that did not appear as female as their clothing suggested.  That is not to say they are in drag, but that perhaps we humans can sometimes discern the hidden nature of the beast in front of us.  I might be wrong on this account, and if so, I have simply stated my thoughts.  I have seen others in positions of power who appeared to be men in drag or appeared as if something was not right.  For instance,  a Tax Commission,  a Carol Norris in Mobile Alabama once came into my office when I worked in Pubic Relations at the University of South Alabama or perhaps she came into my class or lab while I was a student at the University of South Alabama.  If I remember correctly, she appeared much like a male.  I only caught a glimpse of her though.  I mention this because the Mobile Alabama government is a hostile and closed entity.  Many can not vote and many are not allowed government participation, and that is in strict violation of the Open Meetings Law. 

One judge in Mobile Alabama helped to push me out of the government meetings by not allowing me into the government meetings.  I raised my voice so I was not allowed into a lobby.   I raised my voice because I was not allowed into the meeting that was behind a closed door accessed through the lobby.  That trial date was most recently in June of 2004.  Judge McMaken of Mobile Alabama also has the attributes of the male looking females I described.  His head is large and he does not seem to care for us and he usurps and steals our funds for non-crimes through fines and court costs levied upon the innocent.  When I went to his court, I had bought an attorney to represent me for disturbing the peace.  I had raised my voice as I have already mentioned.  I was on probation at the time for the legal gun ownership in California, where I was forced to accept a plea.  I knew the attorney I had hired may have had KKK connections.  I believe that if you are in the pit of criminals, you must hire one of their own.  In hindsight, I should have hired a family member, perhaps a Brown, but none of us are attorneys.  Perhaps I should have hired an anti clam member, a Black Panther, but none of them are attorneys either, that I know of.  We are the lower caste. 

Regardless, the high priced attorney refused to go into the courtroom on my last trial date.  He urged me not to go into the courtroom, to just go home.  I insisted.  When I went to court, I told McMaken basically that I was in my rights and that I had done nothing wrong.  He never even questioned why I raised my voice.  He knew why.  He is part of the "IT" factor we will have to forcibly depose.  I developed a blood clot that night in my sinuses and spit it out my mouth.  It was large, the size of a USA quarter or 25 cent piece.  I was tampered with in some fashion, I believe.  A Senator Michael Figures of Alabama had died of a blood clot. I suspect he was subjected to the same atrocity.  I contacted his wife, Senator Vivian Figures.  She told me not to contact her again.  Some people can not handle the truth and their feeling of security is threatened when presented with possible facts.  Some people also die in the presence of serial killers.  The way I view it is, it is killed or be killed or both.  I prefer one of the latter of the two, and not the first, to be killed and have my murderer walk away unscathed.  I want to take a piece with me out the door so the clues can be left for others.

That brings up another point-- Mobile Alabama City Councilman, Reggie Copeland, defiantly denies my access to government meetings and will not discuss the issue with me in front of a camera.  Copeland has a large knot on his right forehead.  I believe it may have been an alleged war injury.  When the right forehead is damaged, the seat of humane conscience and humane intelligence is destroyed.   I am left handed so that part of the brain is strongest in myself at this point in my life, which is why I attempt to be humane in all endeavors.  I could never starve a man for my own wealth as Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile did, and I could never stop someone from entering the government meetings as City Councilman Reggie Copeland did and does.  Copeland said, "I can not discuss it with you, not the way you treated me".  I have it on video on the Mess With Kurt Mess With Dirt video on the Mobile Audit Club band home page.   Perhaps, Copeland thinks I put the knot on his head.  Perhaps he fears that his attorney sons may have configured illegal contracts between themselves and the city or their fellow benefactors at the expense of the city.  Perhaps, he fears a man with humane conscience such as myself.  He should fear me, as I want to depose his type, forever.  Perhaps, he is the one to beware of as the Bible predicted, "Beware of the one with the little horn".  Or perhaps he is of that group of brain damaged government profiteers.

We are at war with it and them and it and they are at war with us.  It is a silent war for the most part. We are losing.  They have made us into slaves and convicts throughout history.  Tomorrow is a new day.  There is no need for bloodshed, but then again there may be no alternative.  One of my greatest fears is that if we go to war with it, it has us dangling like clowns at the end of a stick, chasing their little puppets they control through space.

I have envisioned many possibilities in this war.  I have even considered the possibility of mind control and perhaps even the moving of living beings in and out of a time continuum, in much the same way you would see a soap bubble floating in one instant, and gone in the next, except even the soap residue would be gone from this time and space.  The time is coming for our conflict with them or it.  Or perhaps it is my final war with them or it.  After all, we are in the mind of the creator in my opinion.  He or she or it is not God or Allah or Buddha or any other entity, but instead is the wisdom surrounding wisdom, and that has no name and no permanence, or does it?

Whomever gave me my convict X number in LA had a a since of humor. X number 017-911-84 I got out of jail on 8-12-2001 and on 9-11-2001 the NYC Twin Towers and the Pentagon were attacked. By whom though? We can not trust the mass media.


In contemplating movements of living beings such as ourselves through time and space, and the creation of moving planets stationary on their own axis such as our moon, and spinning galaxies in quadratic and equal flux as we see in the Angulatum Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy, I can't help but  to look at everything around me that I can discern to attempt a novel approach. 

Perhaps we are held hostage here and they or it that creates the slave state of mankind benefits, or perhaps, as one simple Simon who analyzed canine feces on the bushes to save mankind said, "Six of one and half a dozen of the other and it all comes out the same in the end."   A puzzling thought, and rather profound since it was uttered by a  professor of parasitological science, Dr. Boyles, a Simple Simon who could measure a canine tape worm hanging off of an Azalea Bush and tell how long it will have to travel to reach the sugar pack coated with roach droppings at the local greasy spoon restaurant in Downtown Mobile, AL, circa 1922.

I will proceed anyway since it does not matter, "In the end".

Now, back to science.  If you move a stick through the water in a turbid state of deceleration or in a state in which the stick is moving as fast as the water at its slowest end, you will see that a ripple occurs on the back end of the stick, behind the wall being pushed aside.  You will note that through the conservation of momentum that the particles inside the ripple or curl behind the stick at its front end will not be subjected to as much external pressure and hence less heat is created. 

The problem of heat is dissipated in this theory, simple analogy.  The simple hate analogy because it confounds the simple mind and the simple minds sense of self importance.

We can move between galaxies if given the right stick to move behind.  Of course there may be no return trip except on the flip side.  Once in, you are committed.  That's life.

I have no truths that are not already known and I known nothing but truths, even if housed in deceptions.

If I ever come back to this life, I hope I never see what I see today.  Subjugation, abuse, a nightmare, from cradle to grave, save a few moments with a sage in a garden or a professor with a stick covered in feces to make a buzzard puke.

Everything means something.  The riddle is in the liar to behold in its lie of the lie, to see the truth as it was not known before but was witnessed by the bull feces parasitological science professor.  It all comes out the same in the end.  I miss those walks in the garden, despite the heat, but  I could see the sage had suffered.

Needless to say. I love to travel.  I want to go away from here and come back and see a change, or I want it all to go away, never to return, neither they, neither I, not here, not now,  not ever.  Things are never as bad as they seem the sage said.  How many holocausts must I witness?


12-19-2006 Segment_ ULTIME_weapon_MACHINE_brain_INTERFACE_too

I have heard of rumors of a war machine of the new era.  It is capable of many things.

Just as our bodies have organs and systems that work together to do many things to keep us in top performance, so doe this machine.   This machine is meant for subjugation, to put one person on top of everything.  After all, is that not the nature of much of nature, including and especially the ape kingdom.

I have also heard that a system that a man named Kovacs at Stanford University was working upon, has been perfected, and I do not believe it is his. He was most likely called off or thwarted by the inhumane.  They say they will not need us any longer.  What that means I am not sure.  The Central Nervous System has been harnessed and hardwired from the brain and into an external neuro-brain and silican interface.  Can you imagine being able to tie in the creative abilities of the mind to the calculative abilities of the computer with all of the software available, and then more. 

If I want to do a database check on you analyze you from every facet imaginable, it can be done with this system or interface.  It is likely shielded.  How far this has progressed to how many I am not sure. Good luck in getting next to it.  We know the governments eaves drop on us. 

As one person said, there are no limits in todays world.  When I come to Mobile Alabama and look at the technologically illiterate and when I am Northern California where technology is king, I see us being kept out of the circle of hope.  The trust is gone.  I encourage the overthrow of the dictatorship in Alabama so that the people can have a voice, the people of compassion for our people.  I have even been told that many company's have ties to the old Nazi empire here.

Of course when I look at what is going on in Israel in their attacks on Lebanon, I realize there are no Saints in this world.  My stage name is Saint Ram Bone, and that is what it is, a stage name.  I do not lie to you, your government is breaking my arms and my heart.  I am severed and bleeding.  I would rather be dead than have the inhumane rule the earth.  We are not monkeys.  We are not children.

12-13-2006 Segment, WEAPON_fiber_UNRAVEL

Except in modern warfare, the above method of eliminating opposition to our desired end may not work. This is a technological stance. There are many theories. The problem with life is that we may have a situation where the soft spin is all our major opponents have due to their or "ITs" vast domain over time and space. More or like our planet and solar system being dipped a gel controlled by a larger tissue with no concern for us anymore than a vegan for a carrot or a Texan for a steak, in other words, human toast, unless we can do something about the substrate of unkown composition in complexity engulfing us.

Utilizing dual juxtaposed frequencies of sound, fibonacci related in positive and negative inverse in the strength and the undulation of the wave, a 1/400 compoundment of magnetic waves at oblique angles in relation to the points from two points of origin on the walls or reflective or absorbing mediums. Third we utilize the confluence of the visual factor or some derivation later to be derived, such as at the time of conflict or contact. Experiments at this point. I liken it to the Quadrix Puzzle illustrating the permuted rectangle in this link of Archimedes Puzzles, Archimedes my favorite war mathematician. I got my idea for using fibonaccis numbers by this link that talks about the natural calculative abilities of astronomical bodies as illustrated in a sun's movements in this Castel Del Monte .

Of course the 1/400 ratio of that odd still bastard, our Earth's moon in its relation of three, it is 1/400 the size of the sun and it is 1/400 of the distance from the Earth as the sun is from the Earth. I see this combination of ratios on three components as giving us the fix we need under the right components to snap the adversaries into oblivion. The 1/400 in tri-fold materializes the here-to-fore unimaginied second layer of anti-matter, matter squared.

It may be that what we see is not what we see at all. Someone called me a chicken, either for the wing like structures on my spine or because I have not attacked the guards at the door of the closed Mobile Alabama government which is controlled by a lesser beast. I want through the door and access to the panel in tri-fold. Always beware of the trick card at the end of the game, the one where you are robbed of everything and are as broke as at the beginning.

Since this is the Christmas spirit season of the material sect of insanity, I present this true song of the horrors I endured in thanks, and wish them or IT the same it has given me, or us, in our American Holocaust. "On the fist day of Christmas, my true gov gave to me, One injections snapping two, and a golden ding, four whip or wills and a lost .22 from my pappy, on the second day of Christmas my true gov gave to me, One X for Christmas, a lost .22 from my pappy, four whip or wills and a golden ding, on the third day of Xmas my true gov gave to me, War X-stacsy, then I saw the truth, life is not free, so I unspun his nap, soften up his lap, and shoved a possum up his fairy ass for free. Fan came along, rammed a stick to make the buzzard puke, and out came three, possum meat.

Sincerely, a gift from Mobile Audit Club. I would like to thank my buddy who Hans me the 3-D Dimensionalizer from the Netherlands, a sort of hologram in effect with no continuous mass substrate. It appears out of the ether and it can disappear into the amass or the abyss when I am done with it, or at least go spiraling off with no real purpose other than to, "Get Shed" of it as my arsehole remedial math professor used to say.

  I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, former federal bank examiner turned informant and chaser of government criminals like those in Mobile Alabama and those I found in Los Angeles and San Francisco and D.C., have been abused repeatedly, tortured, by those in power in the United States.  They have no sympathy or mercy.  I want compensation, $30 Million for charitable causes for me to operate.  I will settle for outright victory.  I could have just been conned and we are all being used. They say people in hell will settle for ice water, that has yet to be tested.

12-12-2006 Segment..DEADmoon1/400size_1/400distance

The blinding effect of ignorance.  There is a direct relationship in science and it is linked to that most puzzling aspect of our solar system.  The moon is stationary on its own axis.  Therefore, every time we have a full solar eclipse, the same side of the moon is facing the sun in totality and the same dark side of the moon that is facing the earth is dark in its totality.

The moon is 400 times closer to the earth than the sun.  The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun.  There is a direct distance and size relationship, inverse or direct.  I look at this life as a lie.  A nightmare.  Perhaps sometime during a total solar eclipse, I will go to the edge of the Earth where I can travel no further.  I will then look at the sun to see the worm that is escaping from the moon to the Sun or Vice Versa.  Or perhaps I will look at the dark side of the moon and see for the first time, my dark death as it looks after the sun has set, no light whatsoever.  Perhaps then I can see. 

Something about this relationship is puzzling.  I am afraid I am being used so I do not want to talk too much.  Like the retard with one answer, where I drop the ball and the other hand scoops it up and turns me into a slave with it.

I lay down to die and never want to awaken, not as I, not as a remnant or diffraction of I.  Like the retard I can't get up.  I don't want to.  I panic too close to the other hand.

I am simply letting thoughts wander, like a speck of dust that floats near a stick and deflects on charged atomic particles lighter than itself.

I see it as a pulsating navigation beacon with a thumbprint or signature.  I never want to lose my head.  I never want to lose my way.  I never want to be now or again.  I missed the golden opportunity, but she was not right in the head.  The perfect shade does not exist.  I prefer to stay in motion and I am forced to stay in sight.  I want to be free, free of day, free of night.  Dead moon, Iris, flicker.

Some call these things, thoughts insane.  I see it as a free floating movement to solve the greater issue of escape of the stick.  A buzzard is made to puke with a stick.  Juxtaposed, I would rather just be dead.  We are slaves to this damned lie.

I feel so ignorant. I feel half dead. I feel they or it twisted my brain when I was a child, killing any hope of escape. My children will follow suit. Perhaps yours will rise, the other hand, once again. Dead I or is it Dead Eye. Dead Eye Beckoning, Dead Reckoning.

The mathematical retard relationship, 1/400 X 1/400 == 6.25E -6 or .00000625, or perhaps 1/400 / 1/400 ==1. Perhaps only one is deceived or conceived at that moment. Others view and feed? It appears that way. I feel half dead and no one bleeds but me. For 1. 1/400 * 400/1 == 1 also. Therefore 2. and then .00000625 /2 == 3.125E-6 or .000003125. Retard I. or perhaps .00000625*2 == 1.25E-5 and Ironically sqrt of (-2pi) == (o,2.50662827463...?) You figure it out.

Perhaps when matter touches anti-matter and my five fingered conscious is there too. does 1 matter when there is a quarter only. I feel more than half dead, at this point. Why did the young girl named Kelly predict my death and her own, when she died on the date and a meteor exploded at a 90 degree angle to my head in relationship to the earth and my zenith near Braman on my date? Perhaps I am already gone. The nature of the beasts surrounding me indicate I am in a sort of purgatory and it feels like Hell. They have beaten me to nothing and I feed on scraps of everything, like a worm. Perhaps it is time to request to be reborn, not as a bload soaked christian but one as 5 with the consciousness of 2. I present my song when I thought there was a connection but it is just likely the hostility of me and you. A four leaf clover with 5 leaves, one of them null and void and in contrast. the thumb or the missing thumb, much like my hand in government, gone. The end or. I rock back and forth in my electric chair waiting for a diamond to fall out. I am the one that cracked, not the chair, not the diamond, the diamond is not there and I am not here, or am I? The worm crawls from the moon.

Edgar Allen Poe take a stand. Jack take a bow, I am about to stuff it up your arse. Fairy Possum hangout. I changed my mind, your behind not like Masa behind, and taint nothing sweet as sweet carolin behind, except, rot coming out the worms arse. Makes me sick. 0,1, sentinel values. Dumb bastards and I am the retarded one. Brain damaged at birth by something somewhere. I miss my little tan girl friend. That slut with the enormous butt, five fingers in 2. You calculate your way around that and you got a fart because some null value done stuffed a masa up your behind, which means at that point it is time to even the score and take the inverse once more to the masa whore. Now that is sueet..

A little added padding is at the post, and now here. I was told that the more something is cut, the more it grows, therefore explaining death and the null value. Or am I just infinitely retarded. Post on a newsgroup with a separate null value from the usual countdown above.


On theories of eternal warfare, its participants or victims and its benefactors.  I turn my attention to the nature of the locust and the hermit crab.

 The locust is the benefactor of warfare . It perpetuates it, encouraging groups to go to war while it sells the equipment and settles in the conquered territories at the highest ranks. 

The hermit crab is a crab that disguises itself by utilizing any suitable shell to cover its true identity.  The locust hides under the shell like a hermit crab.  The locusts shell is the mass media which it controls.  The locusts shell is the flag of the nation that it resides in.  The locust can change nations and destroy the nation it once occupied.  It keeps the ground tilled and free of those it once assisted in gaining to much power.

Crush the locusts if you can find them.  They are the "IT" factor.  They are those who allow forced injections and experiments on Americans.  I have experienced the locust in California at the VA medical center and they were the federal agents who destroyed my videos of criminals in government and who forcibly injected me. 

The locusts are also the medical staff who forcibly injected me in Flagstaff Arizona when I reported a burn on my flesh and hazmat crews on I-40 in New Mexico.  A refinery had blown up near there at about the same time.  I think it was near the Texas and New Mexico line.

The locusts are those in Mobile Alabama who forbid us from voting and forbid me from entering my native government.

I want  the locusts of American government set ablaze and then if necessary, eaten and devoured. 

May the creator allow us to be free in the USA again.  Those who control Israel and who are taking lands in the Mid East are locusts also.  I want the regime destroyed, Democrat and Republican.  If we should all die in warfare against them or "IT" we will have died for a valiant cause and saved our future generations misery. 

Take the lie and bigoted term "In God We Trust" from USA currency.  The locust only sees life and beyond from one eye, the eye it is currently occupying. It will turn again at a later date.

Never again serve the beast, the locusts, and assist those who will destroy it, them.

Foreword 11-4-2006 Segment 11-4-2006...HERMITcrabSHELLgovernmentHERMITcrabSHELLgovernmentHERMITcrabSHELLgovernmentHERMITcrabSHELLgovernment

I Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, formerly a federal bank examiner turned informant on what I discovered, was knocked unconscious after forced injections at the Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center when I was traveling across country due to being in forced exile.  The year was 2003 or 2004. I was already fearful after an attack on my life in 2001 by likely government associated hitmen, who have likely killed one regional director of the FDIC in his office in the early 1990's in San Francisco. I had simply stopped to be checked for any radiation or signs of it in Flagstaff Arizona at the medical center there, and to report what I saw and to inquire if there had been a nuclear waste incident. The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), who is also over the FDIC, is over the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and I do not trust them due to the murder of a FDIC director labeled suicide and their involvement with the Secret Service which investigates murders in the banking regulatory industry. A truck was on the roadside with water for what I thought was a washdown and there were workers in hazmat suits at the time in New Mexico on I-40 in 2003 or 2004. I had an unexplained burn on my neck, and I was not smoking. An oil refinery had been blown up or had an explosion in the area at about the same time. There was signs of radiation on my truck according to one hospital official. I had rubbed the burned skin from my neck and the hospital official said it was just a red area.   I do not think the USA government is ours in the USA any longer. When our new political party, the Humane Revolutionary party or one similar topples the regime and their mass media propaganda machine in place, I want to make it against the law to forcibly inject compliant people, as I was always compliant, just concerned.

That was not the first time I had been forcibly injected.  I was also injected in 2001 at the Los Angeles federal facility near Westwood California.  Federal agents took me to their Veterans Administration hospital and injected me there.  I had papers and film describing criminals at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in San Francisco and the National Treasury Employees Union and I had film of a now terminated food funds thief Sheriff, Jack Tillman of Alabama. I also had video that was also destroyed of the then acting FDIC director and his associate walking and talking outside from St. Valentines Day 2001. The FDIC director's predecessor had been murdered in his office and is to this day labeled a suicide. Bull shit liars with a blade for all who challenge them. As in old sailor lingo, swing them form yard arms, and because we do not have one, toss them out a highrise window.

I was told that a regional director of the FDIC in San Francisco and his known personal slut, an assistant regional director, had pressed for my receiving a felony.  I learned one thing from that experience and the death of the former regional FDIC director at the San Francisco office ---They are at war with us.  They are the "IT" factor hiding behind the technological shell.  Do not fear war, we come equipped for it, we are prepared to die, we are prepared to sacrifice, we are under attack from the day we are conceived.

It appears the practice of forcibly injecting people and torturing them is common in China according to this Falun Gong report.  The USA is not mentioned. 

It is my belief that like a Hermit Crab uses the shell of another crab to disguise itself and to protect itself, so does another entity use the shell of our alleged benevolent government officials to protect itself.   The mass media with their billionaires are suspect also.  Always look for the money trail, big money, and you will find your criminals.  That is the nature of warlike mankind.  I believe there are more subspecies of man than we know.  Perhaps, we are a subset who have been at war with another subset of man or maybe something else.

If another compliant American is forcibly injected, I want those doing the forced injections executed post-haste and with no mercy, just with the aim to kill.  After all, the USA government is not protecting compliant citizens from the abuse.

In relation to assassinating government officials who are traitors among the humane, I believe my analogy of a Hermit Crab remains, hidden under its shell.  But due to displacement at oblique angles or through subterfuge and camouflage, the true war criminal politicians can not be assassinated.  It will take derivative calculations and displacement of trajectory based offensive techniques of a shocking or crushing nature to smash their heads.

Perhaps that is why none of the filthy inhumane creatures can be touched or no one has attempted to kill them in recent years.  They are more despicable than ever.

There are many paths to deluding the mind of a would-be assailant with primitive weapons or uncharted methodologies or courses in modern and truly ancient horrific warfare, like that used in other galaxies or dimensions or planets or times or consciousnesses.  I often think of our lives as biting on a live wire.  We think we see the light from the sun, but it is just the arc flashing from the wire, through our teeth, into our mind.  This is our living Hell.  This is our damned nation.  I want North Korea to have Nuclear Weapons.  I want Iran to have new methodologies and practices in the higher order physics realm.  I want my family to feel safe with checks and balances so that hermit crab calling itself the Democrat and Republican party and their bureaucracy of the closed door American government can feel us standing on their toes with a knife to their throat while they hold theirs to ours.  Never again serve the illegal regime in power, the "IT" factor, the proverbial Hermit Crab.

11-3-2006 GUARDIANbeastLIGHTmachineGUARDIANbeastLIGHTmachine

In those nightmares, visions, remembrances, and in the state of art warfare to which we will become accustomed, I foresee many people who will claim, a thing, a being, may be a sign from God.  The lie will be apparent in our continued subjugation to the lower castes as in these damned United States.

I picture this thing as practically knocking all who witness it unconscious and unable to recall its details or its encounter.  How it is manifested is of plausible explanations, but like a bright light with a being at the core, it hits in front of you and stuns the mind.  Its proponents will laugh at those that it encounters. 

Already it is known that brain waves operate at a Hertz frequency and the mind can be stunned with a laser oscillating at that frequency or hertz in the human brain.  It is not too far fetched to conceive of the grenade equivalent of that effect.  The USA government under the current regime and their courts are filthy lying pigs, in that we do not have justice and they do not care if we live or die. 

I will applaud when we have the weaponry to combat them, to tear down their corrupt courts, run their corrupt judges through enemy gunfire or the gallows, and take their fattened bourgeoisie and their fattened politicians on the take to a tanning factory and extract the fat from their flesh and the hide from their tans. 

We are not allies in the USA.  Support all who defend their homelands, where ever they dwell.  Sell them weaponry on contingency if necessary, but always realize that the regime is highly technical now and they have always been ahead.  There are no secrets with them from our side, and they are full of lies.  They will sacrifice our kind among their ranks if our kind has become corrupted and if the noose is closing in on their side.  Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama is my example of that.  He was terminated due to his corruptness.  He was caught red handed . He was one of our people and he became corrupted..

Their kind is still in power.  We are better off dead than to have our children under their damned prison state of no hope.  Never again serve.  Never believe or watch mass media.  Never assist them when our allies come to slit their throats. They do not protect us. They abuse us and subjugate us. I want our political party to rip their fake political venues to shreds, even if it means sacrifice.


In considering the multi chambered entrance to birthing wards for newborn children, both in birthing and housing until the cranium hardens or beyond infancy, in expectation of those things we can not see and those who deceive us as to their true nature, I have a new design for the birthing chamber.

In considering the ability of some waves or materials to traverse the outer perimeter of a chamber shaped in a rectangular or cubic shape, regardless of the number of chambered doors between the various chambers with technological disturbances and evaluations in each chamber, the weakest link would be the outer perimeter. The area of the child should be free of technological disturbances.

Therefore I recommend that each chamber be housed within each one below it, and even the ductwork between chambers should be shielded and tested and all other things engineers can imagine.

The shape would be that of an onion, with layers representing the chambers as one proceeds toward the center.

The USA governments and many other governments have proven themselves to not be our allies. I urge people to form their own communities and view those closed door politicians as being incapable of human and humane compassion, and should they call for a war and for your children to be involved, that you utilize your own defenses to ward them off as an imminent threat.

Crush the closed door regime in the end. Do so by protecting your children from their influence and poisonous methods and designs.


Our enemy is a common one. He leads us to chase carrots or sticks that are useless in the battle against him. For instance, when a corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court Judge said I should get a felony for gun ownership, he also told me I could not get a law degree or be an attorney. By telling me "No way", he wanted me to fight, which I did, and then get the right to say, "Yes way". I would waste time doing this because the courts are corrupted and the real law is not the law of the land, but the laws of nature. The creator sets those laws. The man made laws are corrupt and impure. Now to make my point I will discuss fighting within the laws of nature against his or its kind versus fighting him or it under the laws of man.

I do not believe what I see most of the time and I know there is always a hidden player. Therefore fighting that enemy who wants me to die without a firearm or defense system according to his rules under the law of the land is likely futile. He has closed the doors and at the same time he fights me by utilizing the laws of nature. He or it does not control "All" of the laws of nature and the greater conscious is the only one who can do so. Therefore I will fight him by inventing my own defense systems utilizing the laws of nature. His law books are lies and the courtrooms are whorehouses. The time for war or peace made like war is now.

We are the humane and he or it is not humane, meaning he or it lacks empathy. He has many faces and one common attribute--he is stupid and ignorant in the part of the mind that controls empathy. You can often see a head shape in nature that will illustrate what I mean, particularly among insects, and that is not to say that head shape determines that form of ignorance.

I remember from a distant time a head shape of a being who had a large back of the head, the calculative part. The frontal brain was thin and sloped. He was ravenous and calculative. He lacked that part of the brain up front, known as the humane or empathetic section. Once again, I do not mean head shape can determine this flaw. Some men have damage in that area and it can not be seen. Some being may have an unusual brain matter or thickness or complex circuitry there that aids in intelligence.

I once read where a young girl had swelling in the fluid filled section of the center brain. It pressed the brain tissue to the bone leaving a large hollow are in the center. But the woman was highly intelligent and lead a good life. And that is my point. Life is complex. The humane will have to touch each other in ways not of the lower insect mind I described. They will lead you to your death and feed upon you, the humane, if you are not watchful and vigilant.

If I ever do go to Law School, it will be after I have perfected my own systems of defense utilizing the laws of nature. I do not even know if I can attend. The government forced a felony on me for being in fear for my life as an honest bank examiner and chaser of government criminals. They reduced it to a misdemeanor after I paid them a large sum of money. But it still shows as a felony at the border where I want to leave these damned United States. The creator wants me to fight with them or it some more. I do not whine any longer. I understand my role is rudimentary and segmentary, and I must feast like a mongoose or beastly badger. I love those guys, but they too have natural predators larger than they.


My lesson today for future entrepreneurs and auditors and my past bosses, the ARD FDIC, Sueet Carol.  Remember the mathematical concept, F is a function of x, expressed, f(x).  Collusion is expressed in the violation of this principle in the  labor union structure in the USA government,  where the National Treasury Employees Union is over 30 or more agencies. Therefore, if f is a function of X and there 30 agencies, when in reality there are over 100 agencies buried in the other agencies, but to keep my estimate modest and in measurable dimension without counting agencies, the chances of collusion are something in the neighborhood of 30^2, or 900. In reality because there are 120 agencies the chances of collusion are 14,400.

I calculated their collusion statistic as 120 agencies squared under the f of x function, f(X^2) or 14,400. The estimate of 120 agencies under one union, the NTEU, is modest and some may argue the chances of collusion are greater, others could argue lesser at f((X^2)/2) 14,400/2==7,200 chances of collusion. There are 30 listed agencies under the NTEU, I just made an assumption of 4 more sub-agencies as an average under each listed agency. 30x4=120. When the police investigated the death of the past regional director of the FDIC in the early 1990's, the show was corrupt and full of contempt for just and sound government of our people in the USA. I consider the management of FDIC and numerous other agencies gone, without redemption value, and if their agenices disappeared, I believe our societies would benefit. All NTEU employees would have to be tagged after the breakup, with double blind checks everywhere. Think of collusion as where two people cheat, and think of it as a mathematical structure built of bars linked together. The USA government is a god damn joke on Americans with so much corruption. In the south east, the poor and ignorant say pray. Their prayers are answered by the fists and weapons and voices of auditors who run the gamut to discover the truth and reveal it.

That is how men are killed, e.g. the former director of FDIC San Francisco early 1990's, and the attack on my life in 2001, and investigations are covered and destroyed and that is why our eyes and ears and mouths are closed and our noses are shut if we make noise, and that is why this ex bank examiner for the FDIC, a sub agency of one of the thirty agencies listed has been denied his trial by jury in Los Angeles. My attorney said I could have a trial later if I signed a plea. That was 2001, and in 2004 they just reduced it to a misdemeanor. I want a trial by jury. I can not afford to sue my past attorney who could sue the court. At least you know now.

The relationship is one union to many agencies and is violation of the f is a function of X principal in maintaining a one to one relationship in the mathematical sense, and thereby violates the rule of collusion, severely, in the auditing sense. They claim there are controls, when in fact, it is the American people who are being robbed of everything, life and limb and savings and retirement accounts and investment holdings and patents for war.

I did not count more than 2 agencies under one union at first because it really does not matter at a certain point, usually 2, because the f is a function of X concept is violated, therefore all audits and investigations are not reliable or relevant, which explains to some extent our plight in America in present day. It is interesting that the NTEU went from one to many agencies when Nixon was ousted from political office in 1973.

However collusion is not exemplified in the Canadian federal agencies unions structure as the f is a function of X rule is not violated.  The Canadians have many federal agencies, and each agency has its own union, and no two agencie share the same union. A beautiful mathematical arrangement from this auditor's standpoint, who much like Galileo Galilei is abused by the government for the provable mathematical truths and validity of his theories.  Thanks to my college professor, Dr. Urbancic at USA for teaching me this concept while I was being paid by the government to learn it, which I now audit for the thrill of hunt.  Jack Snatch, Masa, Sueet Carol, NTEU eatin F-DIC and vice versa.

Therefore we know just in the NTEU and their links to federal agencies that the rules of collusion are being violated, and I would wager that collusion based relationships of this type are common now among many other agencies and groups. Which brings up my point. The government agencies of the USA are corrupted beyond repair from an auditors perspective and from the perspective of a free citizen. But I am not free, because I am forbidden exit from the USA to my chosen destinations in Canada and elsewhere due to lies on federal documents at the borders.

The collusion based relationships are likely long standing but the NTEU solidified the perspective of the growing international directorate of billionaires with no ethics or caring for the world, but perhpas that is the way of lower beasts to rule. NTEU and those agencies under them are drowning in shit and I am trying to get my job back as a bank examiner at an affordable wage for my chosen city of corruption, San Francisco. It is good if all the bank examiners are not friends and in the NTEU pockets.


In terms of weapons to disorient the individual for complete manipulation and yet comprehensive communication several approaches can be taken, just as energy comes in many forms.

For instance, the optimum would be to be able to warp time and space and create a denoted boundary within which to approach the candidate for interview or inspection or disarmament or manipulation.  Of course mental manipulation of brain wave patterns through other methods such as directed beams and smart waves, meaning to retain a constant outward force of particulate matter and wave form when targeting specific hertz levels of brain wave patterns of target individuals.

The USA government is not ours.  Beware of them.  Beware of the borders around the USA, especially Canada.  They do not want free thinking Americans of English descent moving in that direction with inside information.  We are isolated, many of us, if not all of our kind.  Complete victory or complete defeat is the way of nature and the universe, whether animal with prey, or its twin, our behavior toward everything.  I encourage our people to stand and attack and withstand attack.  Technology and of course, good ole ingenuity in sabotage of synergistic quality of multiplicative effect in dismantling their exit when we have them cornered, if that is possible.  The space race may not be ours any longer in the USA.


Latent expression of a Trojan horse weapon, a DNA construct that is recessive in the carrier and expressed in offspring, e.g. a kind of E. coli could express the gene in combination with a particular blood type or antigen on the blood or other life supporting medium through natural DNA mating which could be the chelating or slicing trigger.

The reason I speak of this is just in case the human family with humane intellectual thoughts, that of the higher orders dominion, is ever caught on planet earth and used by a reptilian bastard with no true frontal lobe or area in the mind that shows empathy for us, another thinking being. They would keep us on planet earth using us for whatever they deemed fit for them, and keep us looking at a broken metallic shuttle and speaking in poor semantics like idiots, "Wow!".

This weapon could be directed toward DNA patterns or it could be lethal to all, depending on your target market.


Even though I criticize mass media, I too enjoy and remember a few scenes or moments from their recorded video or film footage.  In particular, from the movie, "Catch 22", an old classic, one of my favorite characters was a man named Yossarian--a man who in the delusions and insanity of war, our perpetual existence under idiot constraints of governance of our societies by apparently visionless imbeciles, tries to draw the true meaning and character of those things gone haywire around him and everyone else he sees.  One who he admires is the quartermaster in the movie, who garners support or materials at a moments notice, but who truly is lacking in conscience compared to the flies of war eating Yossarian.


Foreword: This comedy skit with true some true to life facts, characters, and a kleptomaniac sheriff who pretends to be retarded is a little older than the science and comedy below the next LMLM marker below. circa 9-11-2004

Also a special thanks to our friend the Limey Shrew, for his pic link, and the 11 other wise guys and and sueet carol'in tarts at the Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club, Birmingham, UK,linked here.

The guy in this photo link is Bo-Bo's personal singer in cell block 6 at Terminal Island Federal Penitentiary at the tip of the sewer hole that is Los Angeles. BoBo has a room without a view butt he is visited by the singer, The Limey Shrew with his dead air microphone, box of lemons, a midget named Taboo and his Jack Snatch Ala-mode, and a ditty for Ms. Pussy. Bo-Bo a 666-pound Italian Cajun from somewhere on the mosquito coast, aka the Gulf Coast of America, the land of hidden unspoken atrocities. BoBo will be the host who brings the entertainer to his cell for all of his cellmates, who today is a Sheriff who steals food funds and encourages his Sheriff's department family employees to empty government accounts of all their money, including inmate accounts, because the transvestite prostitute judges dressed in black protect the punchie Sheriff. The Sheriff is in reality still acting Sheriff of Mob.AL due to the political coup d'etat, where everyone who opposes the status quo is labeled a felon thereby disallowing them to vote. Sheriff Jack Tillman, the $106.5 Thousand Dollar Thief + $???.? Thousand Dollar unrecorded as stolen and 'acting' Sheriff of Mob. AL.

(Here is a photo link of Jack Snatch Tillman with Dirty Hairy Blow Flies in Cell Block 6 on Atlanta Indymedia with true announcement of Court Date for Auditor/Artist Kurt Brown Mobile Alabama 11-17-2004 8:30 4th Floor Department C. I believe Camera can be placed outside glass door of courtroom with tape recorders inside.)

BoBo gets his cellmate's breakfast and lunch and dinner tray or his cellmate has to toss BoBo's salad, which would be Sheriff Jack Tillman only if we had justice in Mo-bile, Alabama and the USA. Here the Limey Shrew sings the Beatles tune modified by auditor/artist Kurt Brown, aka SainTramBone, and sent to his cousin, Bo Bo. The Beatles song, Helter Skelter, sung by the Limey Shrew with the words modified to "Hells Done Felt Her", "Do You, Do You, Want Thee To Strike You?"

BoBo clapping his hands, shakes his large bare ass in front of Sheriff Jack Till-Man while dancing to the tune and backing into Jack's face to give him a lap dance on the nose. Bobo asks, "When are you comin out Jack?"

Jack replies in a muffled voice, "I'm comin out for some fresh air."

BoBo chides Jack throwing his 666 pounds onto Jack's face, and says angrily grinding, "You stole our bacon for the last 10000 mournings, bitch!" "You owe me." "Now tell me if any of the Irish Spring is left in the lemon-lime in my crack, Jack."

The Limey Shrew going into his spastic antics in the middle of the song, hands jack a lemon through the crack, and says, "Jack It's In The Crack, And The She-its coming back" "Full circle, Two Cheeky Lemon Pie, in One Big Hairy-Starey-O", and then the Limey Shrew returns to SainTramBone's song, the hit of the San Francisco Castro district and some other freaky circles in San Francisco, the medley, "Hell's done felt her", "Do You, Do Do, Want Me To Strike Thee!"

BoBo says, "Whoop it, Whoop it good", and the Limey Shrew bites the top off of three lemons and then slaps the lemons on BoBo's crack just to hear Jack go smack!

Of course a ruckus ensues, butt all is well and BoBo and Till-man and his not so Free-man Jockisch pink cell block companion live happily ever after, well for slim Jim, Jack anyway."

BoBo, 666 Pound Undefeated Sumu wrestling champion from his neck of the mosquito coast sings nightly his favorite Mo-Bile ditty, sharing Jack's bunk, "106.5 Thousand boxes of lemons on the wall", "106.5 thousand boxes of lemons on the wall, snatch one down, Jacks tongue is round, 106.4 thousand boxes of lemons on the wall."

Bo Bo then goes through his nightly mantra, "Hongry Jack Takes Our Bacon and Gets Thee's salad", and then BoBo releases his nightly moistened and acrid flatulence from his over sized colon with diverticulitis and polyps, and then says in closing, "She-It licks thee!" and BoBo snuggles with Sheriff Jack in the Crack at the terminal island, city of Lost Angels, prison by the sea, in the house built for any Jack snatch Till-Man, the Big House.

BoBo reminds Jack, like cousin SainTramBone told BoBo to remind Jack, "Remember our honeymoon, you count sheep and I'll count horsemen whose gun permits were stolen by you, 4-3-2001." "N Wor B Truk of Divided Guidance". "Settee, Sweaty".

Slowly the vicious head came floating up, while at every oscillation a fresh burst of shrieks came from the settee. (A quote from a dictionary definition of settee.)

Bi-Knightly, two inmate serial killers in tighty whities walk by the love-birds, BoBo in Jack, cell. Saint Ram Bone rode with Randy Kraft right before Randy was arrested and refers to Saint Ram Bone, alias Kurt Brown, as "Angel", because Saint Ram Bone scared the holey She-it out of him with a jar of Kraft mustard and a barbeque grill fork tine. Randy walks into the cell with a jailhouse dog-catching device and the other serial killer inmate, Patrick Kearney, walks into the cell with his jailhouse dildo that smells, "Randy".

BoBo is holding Jack on top of him like a crappy government cheeky fruity IXOYE fish souffle. And BoBo says, "Poop on me in Jack, and be Randy about it Pattie".

The two bi-knightly visitors get that friskey serial killer territorial look in their eyes, and Randy says, "Let's get this party started." Pattie says, "Yes, let's, and give BoBo in Jack some more free salad", slapping each other and BoBo in Jack with their love making accessories, a Randy Dildo and a dog catching device used for near death experiences for Jack by Randy in Pattie.

BoBo says, "Now don't insult my house guests Jack." "Randy in Pattie." A howl is heard across the city of lost angels from the terminal end of the sewer bi-knightly, sounding like four wolves with Lupus, "Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow"

After a night of playing hard balls with BoBo in Jack, BoBo starts to go into his slumber at the terminal end of the sewer of the city of Lost Angels, and says, "Remember our honeymoon prayer Jack, you counts sheep, I counts horsemen without gun permits due to your theft of them, 4-3-2001. And BoBo says, "Oh, I loved meeting you Jack." Jack says, "I bet" in a muffled voice under BoBo's dank arm pit.

Note:All Sheriff's with ill-gotten Jack, bring a lemon, it tastes better when tossing BoBo's salad according to the Limey Shrew, especially when Freeman Jockisch has Ben in and out of the BoBo-round. Freeman Jockisch gained special favor with BoBo because he brought some of Jack's favorite food for inmates from Mob. AL county jail upon entry into Terminal Island, Mo-Bile Tail in Jail House Dingle-berries, and he and BoBo shared them watching the love boat leave from Freeman Jockisch's slit of a cell window.

True Fact: Freeman Jockisch is a county commissioner from the same place as Jack, Mob. AL, USA, currently in prison for stealing and other crimes, and the amount recorded on the books is as much money as Sheriff Jack snatch Till-man, but in acutality the free-Jack has stolen much more.

BoBo says to Jack, "Jack always takes 10 times more 10 times as fast" , "Jack rabid rabbit". Bi-Knightly, a convict medley is sung by the Limey Shrew to the love-bird four-some to the tune of the Beatles song Helter Skelter, "Do you, Do you, want me to rape you." "Ow, Ow" "Do you, Do you, want me to face you" "Ow, Ow" "Do you, Feel the, Kraftey dildo squeall" Ow, Ow". "Hell's done felt her, Hells gone belt her", "Hell's done felt her" "Ow, Ow".

To this day the vision awaits realitization of the Limey Shrew and his box of lemons, BoBo's knightly gift presented by the Limey Shrew for any Jack snatch and who know who.

BoBo is serving time in prison for being run over by a cop car. He had a legally purchased pistol at the time due to being attacked by mafia within America's governmental banking and treasury system. Bobo was given 22 years for bringing a legally owned gun in from another state, Mob. AL, USA. In reality he was a bank examiner for the federal government like Kurt Brown, alias SainTramBone, and had turned into a whistle blower on mafia and unearthed a criminal network accepted in its legal dogma by criminals with law degrees.

BoBo was given the 22-year sentence by a corrupt Los Angeles Superior Court judge, as usual on the take for the mafia within the U.S. Federal Banking System, and in particular the FDIC and the National Treasury Employees Union and Treasury Department Secret Service and some high hats in D.C..

BoBo says, "If I don't get my right to vote back Jack", "You going out on the barbeque smoke stack", and then BoBo turns around with the Kraft Mustard and Barbeque Grill Fork with the cannabilism cooking celebrity Jeffery Dahmer's face on the handle, licking it with a surgically modified split snake shaped tongue. Um Um Um, Jack snatch B-B-Q.

Dahmer, Randy and Pattie, crack the skull on Jack on the B-B-Q picnic bench. The Limey Shrew places some of the tiny little monkey brain of Jack on her cracker, and says, "It's wren".

BoBo's attention is distracted from pulling giblets from the scrotal cavity and he says to the Limey Shrew and her little midget named, 'Taboo', "Don't eat that Jack Snatch monkey brain" (Pic image of Jack on Table Bench with Kraft's Randy Condiments.) "It'll give you "Kuru" "Laughing Disease of New Quinea burial rites." (Link is PDF file on Cannabilism and disease of Kuru from eating human brains) BoBo adds, "Try the Jack ass portion. It's very tender and fat and not quite as punchie, and tastes a bit like thieving monkey."

Bobo says, "Nobody goes hongry now." "Roll the cooking video with Jeffery Dahmer on how to cook a 'Jack snatch', Limey Shrew Souffle Screw" "And prepare the utensils for Randy in Pattie." "Now we eating high on the hoof." Jack snatch releases a final stream of flatulence on the hot grill made from the bed springs of the cot with a mattress burning underneath.

A fight broke about between serial killer Randy Kraft and BoBo. Kraft was decapitated but BoBo's head was severed off by the serial killer Patrick Kearney, aka Pattie who went into a frenzy. Fortunately, BoBo's head was transplanted on to Randy Kraft's boby and is 666 pounds again and still wrestling Jack snatch cellmates, and Jack snatch Till-Man's body was salvaged and a head transplant of Rodney Dangerfield's cyrogenically frozen head was mounted. Rodney said, "Look, now I can never get no respect." "I got no giblets", "My monkey head nostrils are freezer burnt, and where's half my ass?" "And why is everybody picking on me?" Listen to this real audio presentation on head transplantation (A real method performed on the two monkeys, Jack snatch's body is attached to Rodney Dangerfield's cyrogenically frozen head. During the dining Rodneys Head sings a song on the dinner table with its new Jack snatch body, the modified lyrics of the song Charlie Brown, "Charrie Brown, I'm No Clown" "Why is everybody always pickin on me?"

The Limey Shrew parts us with this celebrity impersonation of Cypress Hill, "Insane in the Membrane", "Jack's insane, got no brain", "Insane in the membrane" "Jack's insane, got no brain", and the Limey Shrew adjusts Jack's sausage to high noon with a countdown, "4-3-2001" "Jack, snatch", tearing off the sausage with the assistance of the little Jamaican jerk, Taboo who bears a slight resemblance to SainTramBone Two. Rodney Dangerfied says, "Why don't you check me for a Labia down there too, and then tell me where we're headed."



Numerous USA governments do not allow their entire citizenry into meetings, sometimes because of race, sometimes because of education, and sometimes because the person is an auditor (e.g.Kurt Brown forbidden to entry Mobile Alabama City Council Meetings) who knows too much about the corruption and it makes it difficult for the politicians to keep their criminality and ineptitudes hidden.

I envision the cloning of Thomas Jefferson who shows up at a city meeting where the politicians are as corrupt as those of Los Angeles and Alabama. Mobile, Alabama's city council and mayor who do not allow in any educated auditors who blow the whistle on their corruption and indifference in front of Comcast cameras, used at the expense of Public Access Broadcasting.

The mayor, a fat Nazi Wod, is strutting around like a pig on truffles jaw-jacking about some painted picture of government finance he has gleaned. Thomas Jefferson, rolls in on a cherry picker crane with a platform on front with what is commonly known as an R2-D2 battleship machine gun or the phalanx machine gun, and tells his gunners, "About face and Heave Ho!" "Captain John Brown now has the con"

After his regiment has stunned the entire network of guards in the area with a non-patented stun grenade, he walks in and sits on the front row, and asks, "Can N Wor B Nits U A Truk?" "Or do you want to allow auditor/artist Kurt Austin Brown to sit in on and audit your meetings and government?"

Mayor Wod hussles over on his hooves, "Is this an ultimatum?" he asks, "Saint Ram Bone carried a pistol when runnin for his life from our assassin crew!".

Captain Bruised John Brown points at him with two fingers left and says, "Clap off", and the machine gun lets out a single burst of the 7-pound bullets 2,200 rounds per minute making Wod lose his head. "Catch .22" exclaims John flipping the finger with his other finger on his hand.

Thomas Jefferson repeats to the acting City Council President, Cop E Land, "Can N Wor B Nits U A Truk?" "Or do you want to allow auditor/artist Kurt Austin Brown to sit in on and audit your meetings and government?" in Mo-Bile Allah-Bomba.

The acting city council president, Cop-E-Land rubs the knot that has always been on his head and the litle horn hook starts to protrude.

Seeing the little horn on Cop-E-Land, the Reverend politician sitting next to him who uses city funds to dittle the local park Ho, and the other clowns and exclusionary fascists who vote behind closed doors to exclude participation in the meetings of certain individuals, Thomas Jefferson says, "Damn The Fascists, Off With Their Heads", points and says, "Clap off" and a flurry of the huge rounds topples the fascist regime of my native city in the outer reaches of the D.C. kingdom of thieves and mobsters and liars and murderers with law degrees with suits.

Next stop, the fly factory with Sheriff Jack caught in the snatch, Till-man." (Pic of Jack in BoBo Snatch practicing fly fishing)



The coming transgenic supergeniuses, regardless of phenotype (outward form), will most likely be able to control things or beings simply with their minds, particularly if they have the genes of various animals which emit high or low frequencies.

Imagine the phenotype of Ganesh, hindu God part elephant part man, with an intelligence thousands of times that of Einstein or Galileo. Then add in on the human side of insanity a mad scientist. You will not be able to stand a chance, homo sapien, monkey.



In a dream I had, I thought I was the Jewish version of Lucifer, one foot a saint and one foot a demon.

In that dream, I was told to by the creator, exactly which creator or if there was just one I could not tell due to the blinding light, and I was asked to reenact a scene from the movie, "The Silence of the Lambs", with the actors/evil-doers I rounded up in lifetime 2000x,+-44.

In a deep well, I have collected Donald Trump--suspected casino skimmer and ugly narcissist, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob. AL (Pic Link of Jack vs. Brown Recluse)-- proven jail-house food funds thief, and one other person a man who I believe is in a high position of a network overseeing money laundering on the West Coast for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Regional Director, George Masa, or maybe his lost colleague in Roseville with the mafia skim bank charter.

In the dream I am built like SainTramBone and I have my dog Bow-Bone at the top of well. (Pic of Bow-Bone and reficul or N Wor B Nits U A TRUK.) SainTramBone repeatedly tells the naked men in the well, "Put the lotion on it's skin", and Bow-Bone barks with eager anticipation and SainTramBone scolds him, "Now Precious, you know not to upset it when it is putting its lotion on its' skin.", and turns on the acetylene burning torch he use to use in those Hot as Hell shipyards. Standing by is James, a man who was accused of being insane but who was just having a hard time in his life, and who was killed by Sheriff snatch Jack Tillman and his Till-man employee family at the Mo-Bile Ala-Bama sheriff department.

The men, the its, bicker and whine. SainTramBone continues to shout to them to put lotion on its skin, while James has finished electrician school and cranks up the voltage on the grate. But in the end Bow-bones puts the lotion on its skin. SainTramBone in the end is merely making a dress for the creator(s?) for his bride from the hides and singing a song at his sewing machine, like the song, that I believe was sung by Three Dog Night, "One is the loneliest number you can ever know", "Two can be as bad as one" "But you took my gun, so lets have thrice the fun un".

Quiz: Which of the its in the well will SainTramBone scalp to make a hair-hat? SainTramBone appears to the creator(s?), wearing his hair hat and holding up the dress and says, "Trump me". Of course the dark side of the creator takes the dress and hangs with the others in the all flavors wardrobe, and the creator(s?) trumps him and lets him stay on the front porch which in reality is a lavish garden with streams, meadows, and beautiful young women of every flavor sitting on the porch on his settee, a worn out TRUcK seat, that the creator(s) had made a copy of and put outside and gave SainTramBone after he asked to come inside to sit on the settee. (It is sad but in reality some men think they have the right to do the same to other men in government, to pretend they are the heaven sent exorcising their dominion over us. Even in Cop-E-Land, no man is the creator(s?) on this smug level, and all should be allowed into the houses of government and to be able to vote and have their vote counted.)



On the species of man, there are at least three progenitors that are seen by logical deduction due to blood typing. Blood type A is more prevalent in Chimpanzees, and I believe I read that it is the prevalent blood type in Europeans and Asians whereas the article also claimed that Bloodtype B is often seen in the gorilla, and is more prevalent in mid-Easterners and Africans.

There was obviously at least one more progenitor as is made obvious due to the link of linquistic abilities that is prevalent in mankind and his unique placement of vocal cords and trachea for speech.

Recently a third more ancient being that could have preceded man and precedes the more famous find of a ancient being known as Lucy, was found on the African continet, and could possibly be the missing link.

The third progenitor may be that being which had smaller molar teeth and other distinctive features, and if so, the being had a vocal trachea as humans or the combination of the being with the closely related primates gorilla and chimpanzee created the unique human vocal apparatus.

Of course the third progenitor may not have even originated from the then natural environment and may have been sent from far away to mix with the apes of the world, or a more complex being than we may have an unusual proclivity to mix with the ape kingdom or other animal kingdoms elsewhere, to produce the beings that it desires. It could move on and observe and learn from the interactions like a chemical reaction or use the progression of the beings with which it mixes its known variable to model something larger, just as in fractal cosmology, where the outer ring is the same as the inner ring to some known variable proximation.



After viewing numerous disabled veterans in wheelchairs from America's war wounded, I have dreamed of the day that paralyzed people could have their central nervous system restored. Obviously with advances in medicine we are near that point. One drawback though is that some individuals will want to unethically benefit from head transplant surgeries.

It is well known that head transplants of monkeys have been completed successfully recently. The problem is getting the central nervous system (CNS) to regenerate, thereby leaving head transplant recipients paralyzed. Body snatchers and body purchasing will be a problem of the near future when the CNS can be regenerated. The only good side is that the paralyzed will walk again, which I believe is worth the risk associated with having the technology available.

Something tells me that Rodney Dangerfield's clone or body snatch will still get no respect. Yes, the Rod intends to clone himself.



On the convention floor of the Republican National Convention, a young blonde female reporter approaches auditor/artist SainTramBone and says, "If we find any terrier feces from Bow Bone, your whore will be a potential suspect".

SainTramBone in his birthday suit and cosmetic teeth replies, "If you see my illegal alien French Wanna-be-communist from the Los Angeles bordello, tell her my Dirty Hair Fly Sexy Perfume and Insect Pheromone is ready for her to pick up."

The young female blonde reporter notices a fly crawl from SainTramBones implanted 24-ball scrotum with its 8 nipples and screams.

SainTramBone calms her, "Don't worry, those thangs already been nutured and shootin blanks". SainTramBone in his marketing pitch turns to the camera, "Dirty Hairy Blow Fly", "Um Um Um", "Can't get blown without it". "$500 an ounce". "At a discount with purchase of $250 Killer Fly, total cost for both, $600." "Save $150 and get blown twice as hard and twice as often".

The young blonde female reporter is watching a slow drip from SainTramBone's scrotum. SainTramBone looks down and asks her, "Is this what you after?". She replies, "Um Um Um, and hands him a kleenex but he refuses and thrusts his twelve ounce nut sack forward and leans her hand to wipe up the excess.

John Kerry and George Bush Jr. are walking by when SainTramBone's companion, a young french illegal alien wanna-be-communists, in a young blond female disguise, kisses Kerry on the mouth as a Dirty Hairy Blow larvae is released in his mouth and then she does the same to Bush. The Secret Service tries to rush her off, but both men insist that she remain. She and her dog Bow Bone, who has been taking a crap everywhere because he senses he will soon be chasing rats in something of a coal mine, remain at the convention.

An acquaintance of Saint Ram Bone's appears and says to him, "Hey, Kurt. Your Girlfriend is dead." SainTram Bone turns to her and sucks her little finger like it takes of French confections and it breaks off in his mouth and he says I know, "I know", and a Dirty Hairy Blow Fly crawls out his nose and takes its virgin flight. Proving that with the right transgenics, "The Dead Can Dance".

The side drawback of SainTramBones pheromone and perfume is that it attracts living Dirty Hairy Blow Flies and a break out of the disease among prostitute patrons is on the rise, in particular from the regime, Republican/Democrat. To see how to make Dirty Hairy Fly, see page Love Line I. Warning: Do not use Dirty Hair Blow Fly Pheromone in the Chambre De Couche.



In considering modes of transport in space and in particular the heat problem encountered upon re-entry, I once considered a combination of two bacteria whose genomes combined and with the right heat transfer mechanisms, might solve the space travel problems or at least hint of a new direction

A heat loving bacteria from oceanic volcanic vents could provide the gene from a loci in its genome that withstands and absorbs heat. If that gene is placed into the smallest bacteria's genome known that can withstand heat, it could provide rabid absorption and then exchange of heat if forced through a cooling mechanism or organism. There are likely some bacteria whose genome releases immense energy in some sort of crisis or duress situation. That loci which releases energy quickly upon a triggering force, if it exists in a bacteria or usable cell of another organism, could release the energy absorbed and the re-rotation of the selected bacterial cell wall to the outward and heat absorbing position to begin the routine again.

A multi-faceted and revolving exterior surface, computer controlled or, better yet, controlled by sensitized and implanted neural tissue and spinning or rotating to maintain and displace energy upon re-entry into space. The energy could be taken and housed and utilized in some sort of power system, either utilized in an organic system or utilized in the archaic turbine.

I know it is always a long shot with many difficulties, but I can also see something like that working in a water craft although I would be hesitant to release that much bacteria in the event of a crash at sea on Earth.



SainTramBone reportedly in Georgia reported to Mo-Fo at that he rode with headless horseman in Ram, however he reports that he was not the driver and the headless horseman riding with Saint Ram Bone unfortunately was not the proven thief and Sheriff elected by coup d-etat Jack Tillman of Mo-Bile Ala-Bama. (Link is to local lost head story) Here is a link on a news post of same story...$1,000,000 bail given to SainTramBone in LA for legal gun ownership in 2001, bail for homicide in Georgia in 2004 by his pal Wolf Whistle was $100,000. Cover up by fed in SainTramBone's case, most likely more. Go to Home Page to read all about the cover-ups.



The game of this century will entail the baseball game in which the elephant man hybrid prevails.

Sheriff Jack, proven thief and less evolved primate, is met by the genius man and elephant hybrid in a limousine ride to the Lake Tahoe airport from San Francisco via Mobile, Alabama. Elephant man genius meets Sheriff Jack in a Castro district gay man's bordello, his eyes full of Ivory snot, and Jack asls "When I am going to die? If you know everything."

Jack is lifted by his cuffed arms from the hashish-den and bordello and taken to a limousine wearing handcuffs and is driven to the South Lake Tahoe airport. There is another elephant man genius and Jack waits until the two elephant man genius discuss something, and Jack asks again, "When I am going to die? If you know everything. The elephant man genius replies, "I don't know. Let's go down to the lake and ask."

At the lake is a giant freshwater whale, and before Jack could say anything the large whale man genius hybrid, started to sing, "Take me out to the ball game, Take me out to the show" at which time Sheriff Jack, screams, "Well when I am going to die?! If you know everything.", and the whale man genius continues to sing and frolic in the water chasing Mackinaw Salmon with his companion whale.

Later at the baseball park, the announcer, some science and baseball guy, "In the left field bleachers will be the epitomy of the inability of man to evolve and to act without greed, like that of a rabid rat and howler monkey. The proven $100,000 theft of inmate funds plus the $6,500 in which he allows his relatives to remove from their less than personal Sheriff's Department funds accounts, as much as they can save and squander, the current Sheriff by virtue of a political coup d'etat due to the disallowing of his victims to vote, Sheriff Jack Tillman, Mob. Ala.-Bama.

The Babe Ruth Hank Arron Elephant Genius Hybrid slams a slow pitch by their "monkey man", the ball flies in a straight home run drive to Sheriff Jack with the other Elephant geniuses guiding the ball straight into jacks monkey head. Skimming Jacks cranium, Jack awakens with his head in a couple of hands that feel like a vice. The elephant man geniuses are watching a hunting video of a great whiter hunter hunting elephants on the scoreboard teleprompter.

A part genius man part wolf hybrid dressed in a Doctor's white coat appears and leads Sheriff Jack to a waiting ambulance. The wolf-man doctor grabs Jack's head tightly.

Acting Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob. Ala-bama watches as the man-wolf genius hybrid lick his brains and begins to hum the song, "Hey Hey We're The Monkeys, We No Messin Around". "Can you feel that", the Doctor asks.

Jack replies, "No. When I am going to die?". The Wolf-man doctor takes a little snip of a bite in it's open cranium and asks, "Did you feel that?". Jacks eyes close slightly and he replies, "No. When I am going to die?". The wolf-man Doctor's pet, a four pound somewhat genius Yorkshire Terrier mutt jumps into the hole in the skull diggig frantically

The Wolf-man Doctor says to his dog, "Bow-Bone, get out of my monkey tar-tar." Then noticing the maggots eating inside, he says, "Oh what the Hell, I see it is infested with genetic mutant Killer Flies anyway."

Smelling the rot, Bow-Bone, the terrier bred to chase rats in coal mines, digs frantically and thinking, "Rat'n Jack" "Smells Randy" "Rat'n Jack" "Smells Randy".

Back at the ball park, all of the elephant geniuses are handing each other wads of $100,000 in the ongoing bet that ,"The Babe N Hank Ivory Tusks" batter, "SainTramBone", could or could not decapitate Jack enough to draw out the wolf-man from the house of the rising MOuRNING STAR Veterinary Clinic.

Two weeks later Jack returned to Doctor Lupus, nicknamed Chien de Docteur, complaining of headaches and fever. The Doctor Lupus removed some toy bones and sh-t left by the Terrier Bow-Bone. Deputies noticed Jack's temperment was better after the second surgery, but his klepto-mania and lack of ethics have not improved, and neither has his vocabulary, in which he mutters, "Bow Bone go home" "Am I dead yet?" "Finders Keepers" "Bow Bone go home" "Am I dead yet?" "Finders Keepers."