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Trinichria is an ancient symbol and I see the arching of the three legs at almost perfect triangular shapes to achieve a larger triangle to be symbolic of perpetual motion. Could there have been societies long ago who achieved perpetual motion?

If the angle would have been perfect by drawing a line from the knee of one to the toe of the other, you could have a number III to represent the perfect triangle. Because the angle is slightly off, you get 3.14 or one pi. A full three hundred sixty degree turn, achieved by one pi. A circle is normally two pi. Thereby conservation of momentum by use of flexion and releases achieves two pi for one pi.


In terms of data manipulation whether in military conflicts or in banking fraud, I have considered the Chinese Checker Board Theory Warped as applied to the movement of bits in the data segments of the hard drive.

To preface, when the mast of a vessel reflects light it is seen as a reflection on the water to the observer. Therefore you have projection of light from a reflection to a attraction of light from any angle on another solid material surface with the consistency of a solid sheet in reflection at any angle and the light from both surfaces, the solid and the sheet reach the eye. To change the appearance of the mast to the observer, the mast does not have to be changed or the light, but on the waters surface either the surface is changed or the point between the observer and the surface.

It is my belief in like form many people have lost everything they own on Earth due to these sorts of deceptions but at a higher degree of technology. I have been foolish in my life. I believed much of what I saw and trusted my fellow man as benevolent. You are on your own. This life is like a Hell. So if it comes to an end, to Hell with Hell ashes to bones this sh-t done gone.

Segment October 28,2013: TRUE_history_SCIENCE_theorem_ZHENDONG_weapon_USS_reid_FFG_30

The captain onboard the USS Reid FFG-30 was of interest to me as a quartermaster and he also was an instructor for war me during my time with him during the Falkland Islands War in 1983. He once slammed his feet on the deck, left foot right foot, when angered at one of my actions at night while at sea. Peace never really exists. It is an illusion as you wait for the next person to slit your throat.

I thought of a new weapon where the captain himself could be replaced, a one person material transfer with a resonant image and sound of the vacated or dead persons space. It is far fetched but at a party after the war a man who I thought was my captain slammed his feet on the floor of the party room like my captain did at sea.

My captain looked different to me then, like he might have been taken or exchanged. Our ship had allegedly been degaussed after the event if I recall. They were allegedly wrapping long metal cables over the bottom of the ship to allegedly remove magnetism. Perhaps that is why my captain appeared different to me after the degaussing or perhaps it was my fist taste of post traumatic stress after a covered up nuclear incident or other weapon during war at sea.

As for comedy, I envision a movie scene and I would like to have my old Vietnam veteran captain from the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983 now as a renegade checked out of the war room and I would like to have a scene of him portrayed by Ozzy Osbourne stating that he had seen the quartermaster as a difficult case like many young sailors, boys, in the war scene. Ozzy as the captain then states, "More Importantly I was looking at the Quartermasters mechanical mathematical equation and I want to know if his theories have been tested. The Xu Xu Yu triangle, the cha fan, the june gun, and of course the Zhendong that almost hit the quartermaster are of interest to me. Why has not the quartermaster been compensated by Sweet Carol ARD F-DIC Butter-bean?" The captain then places a replica of the Quartermasters stolen .45 pistol on the desk and says, "Now pleas leave. I have to clean my gun." A .32 caliber replica of the Quartermasters stolen pistol then points out of the captains coat to direct the reporting members to the exit. All aboard, its a Crazy Train, (youtube music), in the new Mobile Audit Club underground railroad. The captain adds, "Watch Out Mr. Crowley" (youtube music), the quartermaster might not have been the only one with a wire implanted in his head. See the song, Remember The Wire by Saintrambone."

Segment September 17, 2013 : USA_dictatorship_WAR_criminal_EMPIRE_victimize_USA_naive

One of the greatest mistakes I ever made when I was investigating crimes in the USA government was to run from one area of the USA, the Gulf Coast, to another area, the West Coast of the USA. If people like the Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama start harassing you and if they send their federal Nazi like police to your work of your family's work, you should not flee the state. They want to make you look like a felon and their government will destroy your livelihood and your health and their government will still all they can from you.

Sheriff Jack Tillman who was sheriff of Mobile Alabama and who was a thief retaliated against me with assistance by money laundering and murdering members of the USA Treasury Department including the money laundering friends of the war criminal felons international, the Secret Service.

I had tested to see if Tillman was a thief and he answered the test by blocking my entry into a government meeting on 4/3/2001. Then the federal police and the city police started harassing my wife at her work and me at my home to stop my investigations. I then fled Mobile Alabama to Los Angeles California on 4/20/2001. I was arrested and tortured and injected in Los Angeles when I parked on VA property for the night to get healthcare the next day. I was forced to sign documents that ruined me in the employment sector and our enemies in government achieved another victory against us.

Be the TURTLE if the government starts to attack you. Do not flee. Dig in and if you have to arm yourself and make retaliatory strikes of some fashion if necessary. We are enemies with the dictatorship in power. Many Americans curse each other for existing and they will steal from you if you are beat down to the ground. I welcome global war and retaliation and now see the USA as a hopeless cause with our enemies tearing us apart from above and from below in our societies. Remember the TURTLE. Duck and cover if the government police start attacking you and if those who sent the attackers are killed in a future war, consider it a blessing from God. Protect your children and yourself from the evil regime and dictatorship in power.

Segment June 19, 2013: TRUE_history_USNAVY_friend_OR_foe_ONBOARD?_MODERN_weapons_ABDUCTION_delusion

"I don't know who I can trust". Those were the words uttered to me a Quartermaster in the USN by a captain of a USN naval vessel during the Falkland Islands War era. It was a war era in which the USA was allegedly silent in the fight between the alleged Argentinians and the UK over the possession of the Falkland Islands.

The conversation started when I mentioned to the captain something about a young sailor who was working on one of the weapons onboard, a sort of roman candle looking weapon that was mounted on the mid-area on top of the ship in rows of 6 or 12. The weapon allegedly shot out shrapnel to deflect incoming missiles. The young man was a blonde haired man and he was rather rude and insolent but we were all rude and insolent to each other most of the time or at least part of the time.

After I mentioned the man, the Captain said "That young man might be a Nazi. As far as I know you might be a Nazi. I don't know who I can trust." That was the end of the conversation. We had either just before on our most previous voyage or we were about to pass through something that was like a nuclear haze on top of the water and I became almost delirious from the heat. We were exposed and I have seen illness in one of my prior shipmates who was topside during the heat ordeal and I have seen pronounced and unusual and potentially deadly deformities in a child born after a sailor was exposed topside during that voyage.

Since that time I was tortured with forced injections and knocked unconscious and robbed first by federal government. A doctor told me I have severe neuropathy in my hand. He told me that they had burned my synapses with the drugs they injected into me. The federal government ignored an attempt on my life after investigating FDIC murder. Evidence I presented on 4/23/2001 to a federal VA police officer was ignored on a Sheriff who was a thief who I caught in a trap and audit, former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama. He was terminated four years later, forced to resign and he was starving his inmates. He had taken my gun permit when I was going to report him. He most likely wanted me killed and the federal war criminals syndicates in Alabama and D.C. and those who control them approved of my murder or arrest.

I live in terror of the federal governments and their mercenaries, not only theirs but those who may have control of our society. I am like a remnant of who I was though, and feel dead on the outside and alive on the inside due to repeated forced injections and whatever they did to me when I was knocked unconscious. They have left me destitute and in ruins and without health care. I am attacked when I seek federal or state health care. Cities like Los Angeles are the worst due to heavy infiltration of elements who are enemy to our people across the USA and much of the Earth. Areas like MObile Alabama are basically over run by those who are intent on subjugation and exploitation of resources. They are predators and many of us are their prey.

We may not be in control of our own volition or our own cognition in times of modern warfare, which is what we are always in in reality. My theories below utilizing the Betz equation and Nikola Tesla's mind control theory expound on that matter. What may be may not be and so forth. Our enemies kick us from government. I do not care if we have a new leader arise to remove those who are torturing and robbing us of all things. Death is preferable in some stages of warfare, such as when our young are harmed before birth and during development. Their legal system is not meant for us and there is no retribution to victims of victorious war criminals. Their victims can only pray that God will correct the situation or kill their adversaries. Beware if you are investigating large government crimes like money laundering and the murder of judges and the starvation of inmates by Sheriffs who are thieves. It is international and approved of by those people who control those people who control the governments over us in the USA in the cities I have tested, in particular Los Angeles and San Francisco California and the Gulf Coast near Mobile Alabama and Washington D.C..

It is my belief the UK was over run as well as the USA. Some victories are false victories.

Segment June 13, 2013: SCIENCE_brain_WASH_NUCLEAR_tornado_MANKIND_knot_SOW_kind_BONOBO

As I ponder the nuclear tornado where two nuclear blasts are used in conjunction with each other over a set time and where time and space may be altered in some fashion in focal points or the entire Earth with perhaps even the setting of the mind of the human species to "another channel", one that is contrived and subjugating. This is Prison Planet Earth 2013. I speak of Betz equation in relation to Tesla and his theories on this Love Line 12 page.

In simpler speak, if you imagine a wave it takes a set time to travel a distance and Einstein spoke of relativity without taking into account a nuclear tornado with directed outputs. A certain hertz could be derived and alteration in the vacuum of space around Earth. There are many tools that can start from an energy source.

The government of the USA is a simple inner circle we see. Those we allegedly elect. The next circle are those who control money flows and some times new and unknown weaponries. Then there are those who control those who show up to control the show.

I may have been made incapable of secrecy or life if those in power who injected me and knocked me unconscious did anything to me while I was unconscious in 2004. Flagstaff Arizona and the State of ARizona and California and Alabama, and the Presidential and Treasury and FDIC offices in D.C. should have to pay me for their war crimes against me, Kurt Brown former FDIC bank examiner till 2000 and investigative journalist, since 2001.

The three ring circus I described in the USA political system was derived from what I observed in FDIC bank examinations. Our hired FDIC staff, those who came from D.C., and those who control them from the banks and money flows of predatory capitalism.

We are prisoners on Prison Planet Earth and those in power are like the Bonobo monkey over us but they have technological tools. The bonobo monkey is a cannibal and the closest living relative to all humans in the primate kingdom. The bonobo is a cannibal and eats other bonobos and meat sources. We humans also require a lot of protein in our diet and in many ways we eat each other.

I urge young medical professionals to never forcibly inject people who are compliant with the demands of those over the hospitals. I hope the international dictatorship that had me injected forcibly and maimed with a stroke in the USA is destroyed.

Segment March 19, 2013: SCIENCE_viruses_CURES_electrical_ENGINEERING_electronic

I have studied viruses and how they survive. I have come to the conclusion that the viruses can only be removed by viewing the virus itself as a closed electrical circuits capable of regeneration. By doing a cross grid on the nanometer level with all electrical bodies self contained the viruses can be identified and eliminated. It could be a bit like removing crab grass from a lawn with some regeneration and repeated treatment needed until the crab grass or virus is dead.

The greatest difficulty in killing a virus is that it uses the host genetics to create a protein shell to protect itself, mimicking the host. I am cross trained in medical technology and auditing in high finance and specialized in identifying parasites in government employment who run their own businesses and theivery rings at the public expense. Their laws are designed to enslave many of us. This is the predatory or negative side of capitalism. I was injured before birth, maimed, and I did not know. I was injured by mankind or the appearance therein as an adult with forced injections. Like an invading virus, I pray for their or its death daily. If we can shock the monkey, we can shock the virus..

Segment January 23, 2013: MODERN_history_TORTURE_corruption_HUMAN_condition

In our world and in the USA, we live as predator and prey. Factions in control of government are often like attack animals and they are bought and paid for by factions of our society who are predatory capitalists in the predatory industries including marijuana, gambling, cocaine, money laundering, and so forth. They behave as predators and we the outsiders can react as predator or prey. I was at one time a believer in pacifism. I was tortured and injected by the enemies of the common man who take orders from various factions who control our society through force of law and war. I behaved as prey when I fled a thief who was a sheriff, Jack Tillman, and federal assassins associated with the FDIC and I was preyed upon. I now encourage retaliatory strikes of a predatory sort instead of behaving as prey when attacked. However, the target of the predator should be thought out. Do not waste your time fighting their idiots when you grab them by their throats and their assets.

When I was simply trying to stop the murder of innocent bank examiners and the ousting of innocent bank examiners from employment, all of this while I was trying to stop Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama from starving his inmates due to his now proven thievery, the police were sent to harass me at my home and they called my wife's employment to stop me. In hindsight, I should have sought out higher end weaponries or at least a small covert army to exact the toll for their abuses of our people. If we are left to starve in cages, then the federal and state government should have to pay for their crimes with blood and money.

Had I resisted our enemy factions in power in the USA, I would likely have been killed if I had not taken the right steps. I was locked up and tortured with forced injections and a stroke and I was taken before corrupt courts in that most hated city of Los Angeles which takes its orders from that most hated capital, Washington D.C.

I, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, was maimed before birth and then afterward at age 40. I do not care if the Republican party in the USA is laid to waste and their assets liquidated. I do not care if we fight to the death. We are enemies in many cases in the USA. Many will kill anyone for a price and they will do any crime upon command by the enemies to mankind if they are paid. This is a trap we were taught by our enemies when we were children. I welcome freedom from our enemies rule, or I welcome the coming wars and perhaps the end of mankind. Fear not, a lost child is mankind, and one way or another things will change. Never trust the enemy in power. Never trust their mercenaries. They are predators. It is your choice to become predator or prey. Do not fear death. No not fear the end of human kind. Do not fear the re-birth, but in that there is no choice but to observe.

Many are better off to die than to be captured by the enemy factions in power. Protect your young. The enemy is harming the unborn from all indications from my perspective in the American holocaust.

Segment January 21, 2013: SCIENCE_metaphysical_HUMAN_nervous_SYSTEM_representing_ETERNAL_physical_DESIGN_religion

We live in a fractured universe and in those fractures of our universe are opportunity and peril. I was half killed before birth around 1960-1961 according to a doctor I spoke with between 2005 and 2007. Who killed part of me is a matter of opinion. The doctor said I was an abortion survivor. I am not certain due to eternal war among the various sects or groups comprising human beings.

The thing I have recently tried to do is to understand the dead part I have known and my own mind since birth and during my development. It is interesting to hear a stroke victims impression of my description of what I call the "white noise room" or more approximately the area in space where the dead and my self share refuge and where the living part is connected, like a whisper of light and sound and in particular what can best described as "White noise" or the disassemblement of all things known prior in the flesh.

It occured to me that this life has been like Hell in many times for me, put at severe disadvantage from where I should have been in understanding and development. First I was almost killed before birth and then those in power over the USA governments in Los Angeles and Flagstaff injected me and tortured me and gave me a stroke, thereby making my condition much worse than it was before. I have overcome much before the abduction by federal war criminals and after the abduction and forced injections and the apparent stroke that followed. I have tried to lay the track for something new, a greater understanding of what we call the dead or the empty space. It is in our mouths and on our lips and through our living bodies.

So I try to understand why God would do this. Pascals theorem says mathematically it is better to believe in God than to not, so I proceed forward in the mathematicians advice. From the living we suffer and the light that is there among the darkness in life is transferred through a time and space discontinuum that is in fact a continuum. Our lessons in life are hard so that in the transfer of light and thought over time and space our memory is similar to a myelinated axon in our central nervous systems. So in fact you have at the end of the rainbow, a new life,the after life. As I see it, from the White Noise room in this life, that is a distant place that is in fact right here.

I learned to communicate better with the white noise room when the federal government injected me forcibly in Los Angeles California in 2001 and the state allowed it even more violently in Arizona in Flagstaff in 2004. I want to be paid for the stroke that the money laundering and dope dealing and oil thieving and food funds thieving government did to me.

Segment January 12, 2013: SONG_lyrics_FREE_true_POEM_kurt_BROWN_saint_RAM_bone_EARTH_holocaust_ETERNAL

You are free to put portions of this song to your own music. Please credit it to Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone and those others tortured on this earth and abused since 2001. It is titled either Angel of Mercy or Lady of Mercy.

I woke up this morning and half of the roof caved in. I sat on the edge and said here we go again. Here we go again.

That's life when you are born half dead. Born missing half of your head. Half of your head.

Dear lady of mercy won't you save me. Don't you crave me when all my parts fit in. Won't you save me from the bitter end.

Then came the worst federal men. They took out their needles and jabbed them in. Dear lady of mercy where were you then.

They said I spoke too fast in the bitter end. I woke up this morning and half of my vision was dead. The last half of my brain alive was now half dead.

The last half of half of the roof had finally caved in. Dear lady of mercy aren't you my friend. Hold me while I am more than half dead.

Hold me lady of mercy I see you are wed. Hold the roof from caving on my head. Hold me away from the war criminal fed.

Dear lady of mercy hold me. I am your friend. I know they took away half your head.

And now your body is totally bled. Dear Lady of mercy. You and I both are half at least half dead.

Segment December 25, 2012: earth_USA_predatory_SECTS

Today's weapons to me are like the things the idiots were left to play with and deceived into thinking they are protecting themselves. The idiots are left on the Earth as captives to fight among each other. The nation of Israel and Iran and Saudi Arabia should get together and practice building inter-planetary space platforms to begin the colonization of space. We can have the Hebrew planet and the Muslim planet, etc. Cultural conflicts could be used for positive productive goals instead of the brutality we know today.

The USA can not colonize space due to predatory acts by the ruling factions who make money off of our enslavement and being maimed in their design of predatory industries including casinos, drugs, alcohol, prisons for profit, medical atrocity and pirating, governmental ostracization, and disparate laws to ensure the tourniquet effect, etc..

Because I was alleged by a doctor to have been born maimed and because I suffered for years to recover and overcome my limitations, and because I was tortured in the USA by the regime in power allegedly for those birth defects, one of which is that I often speak quickly, I hope God kills them and me if necessary if I can not be set free from this planet that is a sort of Hell for myself among demons calling themselves humane humans.

Segment December 22, 2012: SCIENCE_cns_NERVE_quadriplegic_emulation_FARADAY_cage_Matrix_colloid_LIGHT_energy_INVERTED

The saddest thing I have ever seen was when I was in a PVA meeting, and all of the paralyzed were there. One of them wanted me to get him some marijuana. I could not do so due to the location and inavailability. It was near New Orleans. A place where the sound of street kids metal heels on the sewer sound of strength in desparation. Yes, they have weakened us and broken spines and minds but the feet still dance. My little puppet. I have considered CNS regeneration or emulation. It can be done with amplified and refined ingredients that were in the art exhibit in Amsterdam, The 3-D dimensionalizer projected a three dimension image inside a faraday cage from a light that was showing it in two dimensions. Like the tap dancers feet of the lower caste on the sewers, I still listen beyond. I believe if we can emulate his rythym on those sewers using the technologies and more than were in the 3-D dimensionalizer we can have those men in those wheel chairs rise from the wheelchairs.

Street kids dancing on the sewer lids in New Orleans was a familiar child when I was really more refuse of this Earth trying to live to the next day. The crippled should be told they have been crippled in genetic alterations. Our enemies were there then and they are there now. The tap dancer accelerates.

Segment October 25, 2012: SCIENCE_nanotechnology_VIRAL_cancer_DESTRUCTION

From the idiot sauvant corner in science, I ponder the use of technology to destroy viruses and cancer cells. We have to magnify before we can quantify on the macro scale, and it has to be an accelerated view, where the identifying genetic marker is seen and able to be identified, and then mutilated. The problem with some viruses is they use the genetic structure of the resident to hide. By magnifying with amplified and powered light emission, it may be possible to turn back and destroy mutagens such as cancer cells and viruses.

What a drag it is growing old. I realized that social change is like quick sand and never the same or immutable, while the sciences allows one to improve life for the next generation. Sweet Carol of the F-DIC, would you contact the Baer F-DIC BOD and have them pay me back pay at the FDIC. Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama took my gun permit so he could intimidate me and set me up, such as when I fled back to Los Angeles California in 2001, after the attacks on my life in February 2001. I meant no harm and was running a test with humor on F-DIC management in San Francisco on St. Valentines day 2001 to see if murderers were in their ranks or sent by factions of them. I would even sleep with my F-DIC boss as requested in Hawaii at the FDIC bank examination there in 2000. But she would have to wait until Tuesday. Mondays are not good for me and I am usually tired from the weekend and do not want to be bossed around. Besides, she may have had a virus.

Segment October 14, 2012: SCIENCE_mind_CONTROL_chemical_SWITCHES_forced_INJECTIONS

I foresee a new type of weapon, mind control, by use of powerful lasers and high technology tracking and modulating equipment. An example would be to walk into a room with a laser in the lower corner directed into the quickest and easiest route to the cerebral cortex and pineal gland. I was forcibly injected and tortured many times and a faction of the federal government approved of it. A chemical switch could be injected into a person to enable them more controllable by the methods I have envisioned. As Alice Cooper would say, "Welcome to my nightmare."

In another method of mind control I see the segmenting of cyclindrical interlaced energy fields, either total of Earth or most of it, and control using the methods of Nikola Tesla coupled with the energy triggers of Tsar Bomba and Castle Bravo. Those blasts are linked on this site. Mind control leaves a big question mark when you are aware of it possible existing over your own mind.

Segment August 12, 2012: SCIENCE_water_FROM_salt_WATER

Many methods have been used to take water from the oceans. I have a method to propose using an analogy between my Vortex Machine envisioned below on Mobile Audit Club Love Line 12 page, and it can be found by doing a ctrl-f for tsar bomba and castle bravo blast which created a vortex correctly in sync with Betz Equation and Betz Law and the latittude and longtitude of the two locations are at 90 degree angles with each other. Pascals Triangle could be ussed with mathematical permutations in a manner resembling the 3 D dimensionalizer, a method to create a hologram using a Farraday cage with sound and light. However I believes Pascals Triangles could be coupled above set regions in space over the oceans and bays and thereby create and or help drive water to drought stricken inland areas.

The outer points could be had over space to create increasing pressures with various mediums and energies to create precipitation. Usage of the sun's photons would power this contraption I will call the Vortex Machine Rain Generator.

Segment June 20, 2012: MILITARY_mind_CONTROL_social_CONTROL_nuclear_BLASTS_unannounced_SEVERITY

Imagine for a moment that the USA did not win World War III and that it has already occurred, or perhaps that World 1 never ended and it is still going, phasing into World War II and now the current phase of the war. I say this because of two nuclear blasts that caught my attention, one of which was during my life time, the Tsar Bomba blast in Russia in 1961, and another of which, Castle Bravo in the Marshall Islands in 1954, in which I knew a man who witnessed the blast. I talk about the Betz Law and Calculation in a post below on this page, Love Line 12 of Mobile Audit Club. The timing fits perfectly to either use the blasts to control peoples minds or to control set points on the face of the surface of the Earth. We lost some sort of war so never trust the enemy in power.

The Castle Bravo blast in 1954 was very large and unexpected in its size and dirtiness in 1954. Larry Howerton in his book, "A Pig's Tale", had a first hand account of his US Navy ship that was moving at a leisurely pace from the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1954 and then they suddenly starting fleeing at a frantic pace when a passing plane signalled at night to move quickly, and then the next morning the blast hit and their ship felt the wave of the blast. I believe that some measure of mind control or control of some points from space on the surface of the Earth was gained or a foothold was made in the USA in some fashion in that year, 1954, on the West Coast of the USA, by some faction.

The second blast, Tsar Bomba in 1961, caused the UK to lose control of their nation and likely other nations in Europe lost their control and or were freed from the USSR.

I say that the UK lost control of their nation in 1961 due to the fact that soon thereafter in 1962 a casino was placed in the UK, the first one. In the USA it was obvious that much of the USA was being destroyed after 1954 if not before. Now on the West Coast of the USA including Nevada and Arizona, it is in a sense the capital of wealth in the USA, and it is also the capital of casinos and drugs, i.e. marijuana in California and casinos in Nevada, and also forced injections and medical torture in Nevada and Arizona and California.

Of course things have changed considerably and in some sense for the worse. We no longer have rights under the USA Constitution and the government has the ability to have the innocent executed or made to look guilty in some fashion. In some cases people are murdered, e.g. President Kennedy and in some cases people are made to look guilty for heinous crimes, e.g. Timothy McVeigh who was the alleged OKC federal building bomber. I think McVeigh was set up to look guilty and something else happened to cause the huge explosion in OKC.

I was witness to a blast in 2004, December, that made me think I was being given a message. It was in Braman Oklahoma late at night on December 7th. It could have been what is known as Murphy's Law or entropy that caused the mistake. I also came to associate some money launderers from China who were allegedly arrested at that time. I believe that we were given a cue, possibly, that someone could use a weapon to detonate any sort of device remotely including armed nuclear warheads. I may be wrong on this but I may be right as well. In a mathematical and mechanical model, the mens names made sense, Xu Guojun, Xu Chaofan, and Yu Zhendong. In Hebrew, language is played with to derive concrete ideas from the abstract ideas. It is like a child who plays with language, and nobody is more creative than a child, so it pays to be able to think like one. Hence the Hebrew belief that the Jewish people are the favored children of God. When I think of that kind of Hebrew, I think of one who is Orthodox in their not gambling or using other people in a slave-like or manipulated fashion such as a drug addict.

On this page, Love Line 12, and on the sister page, Quatrains 12, of this site I detail the blasts mentioned and I also point to McVeigh's innocence. Also in all reality, we could have all been knocked delirious and not know it is happening as a matter of fact. In that regard, all of history could have been re-written or a large part of it could have been left out.

One thing that has kept me from killing myself during my own life is what one of my elders once told me, "Things are never as bad as they seem.". In my years of education, I also came to realize, "Things are not what they seem." I have also tried to keep my faith in God in my later years. Some people try to get their spirit through alcohol and other drugs. The spirit does not work like that, as drugs and alcohol only further the effects of delirium.

It is my prayer that if the government decides to inject me again forcibly or bribes or forces someone to do so, that I be spared any more suffering and that I be killed on the spot.

In science, there is an opposite reaction for every action. In 1933 the Glass-Steagall Act was passed thereby causing the formation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to act as an insurance fund for depositors and to regulate banks assuring that the gambling with assets was not allowed in any fashion. In 1933 the Nazi party in Germany was formed under Hitler. I see this as an opposite act, one in which people are trying to assure a sound and even distribution of wealth based on capitalism, the Glass-Steagall Act, and the other was the forming of a political group that would theirs and theirs alone at the top of a crown of dominance over the Earth. In 1999 the Financial Services Modernization Act, aka de-regulation, was implemented, thereby doing away with the tenets of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. And once again, in 1999 this time, those who control the militaries of the Americas and Europe were being controlled by those who would put themselves at the top of a crown of power over the Earth and the diminishing of all resistance through warfare and sabotage. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Also as an aside, I sometimes write things and use my imagination to fill in words I am not certain of the meaning of, and then I look the words up to see if they fit. It is the subconscious speaking. I recently called a Rabbi I know, a Plasticine Rabbi. Plasticine is a sort of clay that is molded usually by the hands of children. In my mind, the children of God formed the Plasticine Rabbi, and I meant no wrong. However due to the way hate groups and others operate, they would accuse the Rabbi of many things. I just see a man of God and I like to tease him a bit. Where is a Wiseman when you knead him?"

Segment June 13, 2012: MILITARY_implants_ORAL_scars_TRUTH_subterfuge_

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, was looking for a video I made in which I had a picture of myself as a USN sailor. The video about Implants was missing from Youtube, deleted. I remembered going to the Navy Dentist and there was blood everywhere and another dentist was watching the door at Terminal Island Naval Station in Long Beach, California in 1983 or 1984. I was told in 2001 or late 2002 at an oral surgeon in Los Angeles that I had an oral scar that was from a molar to the roof of my mouth and at the roof of my mouth was some strange scar and there is also a suture line running to the back of the mouth. It had become infected and was oozing something in 2001 or 2002. I had been injected forcibly in Los Angeles in 2001 on April 23 and taken for forced medical procedures at LA VA Westwood allegedly.

It is my belief that many people in the USA have had forced medical implants, or unknown to them, medical implants. It is ironic I was knocked unconscious at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. The question becomes, in 2001 at LA VA Westwood, did they put the implant in, or take the implant out that was placed there either in the USN in the early 1980's or some time afterward at a VA facility, if it was placed there at all. I was injected and forced medical procedures in LA in April of 2001 and the NYC twin towers were allegedly attacked in Septemeber of 2001. In addition, several banking laws were passed in the 1990's allowing the American banking system to become throttled by international banks. It is no wonder that America has become a sort of living monument to the fall of positive capitalism and the rise of negative capitalism in a totalitarian dictatorship form of government in the reality of the matter.

Segment June 6, 2012: SCIENCE_war_FINANCE_mind_CONTROL_tsar_BOMBA_tesla_BRAIN_hertz_BETZ_equation_.666 Component

In 1961 the alleged Tsar Bomba exploded near the North Pole in Russia.. The information section for a video put out today is extrapolated in full length here in this section with more information that what is in the video's documentation. This section has much more pertinent banking information and genetic defects information with links and I recommend you read it before you watch the video. However the video published today is titled, "TSAR Bomba 1961, Largest Blast Ever, Leads To Global Mind Control, Warfare Controlled".

I say alleged because the explosion might have been one of Nikola Teslas inventions or a variation of his ideas. The Tsar Bomba allegedly had little radiation and this would point to Tesla's inventions. Also Tesla had spoke of mind control at a Hertz mimicking brain waves. The alleged Tsar Bomba explosion was near the North Pole and could have been used in conjunction with natural ion flows that come from space, and follow longtitudinal lines to the South Pole. The bomb also could have utilized prior energy from the Castle Bravo blast linked below. A possibility exists that energy was captured in some manner in the two explosions. A machine could have been utlized to create a trap, a sort of high energy net over the Earth and mankind. That would explain why the South Pole of the moon was allegedly blown up in 2009, a space colony on the moon.

As a former federal bank examiner and later an investigator of government crimes, I realized that any nation that has casinos has those inside that nation who are predatory to the others. Therefore in 1962, the first casino was established in the United Kingdom. This would indicate a foreigner came into power in the UK. This was also at about the time of the Bay of Pigs alleged fiasco in Cuba which was in 1961, a few months before the alleged Tsar Bomba blast.

In 1963 the Aldermaston marches ended that allowed nuclear protests of a nuclear facility near London. They had started in 1958 and were ended in 1963.

How I found out about the Aldermaston marches was a woman in a dream who was crying and she said that God had transmitted the number 463. I looked up 4 63 and that was the year the Aldermaston Marches were ended. I also think from a scientific perspective the number could have been a a pulsing quasar of some variation or several of them.

In 1964, the baby boomer generation of the USA felt the first of the butcher, the alleged Vietnam War draft heightened. The idea was likely to usurp the urge for war on Earth, to make money in war for those who started the mind control machine in 1961 with the alleged Tsar Bomba, and to destroy and reduce the number of males in the baby boom generation of the USA.

The USA lost many manufacturers between 1964 and 1991. In 1991 the FDIC Improvement Act of 1991 was passed allowing banks to be butchered in the Early Resolution clause of the law. The Savings and Loan crisis allowed for banks to be butchered under the FDIC Improvement Act of 1991.

In 1999 the Financial Services Modernization Act allowed banks to become more like the Wal-Marts are to retail services. The banks are difficult if not impossible to audit by regulators and risk is much higher. Also if a bank falls, the FDIC not only can butcher a bank but in a sense a whole range of financial service companies. So when the crime syndicates in government take out one cash cow of a bank, they take down an entire herd.

I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, was hired at the FDIC San Francisco in 1999. I was pushed out in 2000 because I did not trust a supervisor and would not go to their room one night while doing a bank examination in Hawaii. The prior regional director had been shot in his head in his FDIC office before George Masa, alleged to exist, took the position afterward in the early 1990's after the prior FDIC was murdered and called a suicide. There had been obvious fighting at the Roseville FDIC office the year prior in 1999 with a bosses subdivision doused in jet and or diesel fuel in Rocklin California. Also we were remote at the San Francisco FDIC office. Before I left that office, I was horrified when an argument and what sounded like a fight broke out in the bank examiners office who was in charge. Some strangers came in and they were arguing behind closed doors. I often wondered about mind control in the agency. I have been injected twice since FDIC employment and working as a freelance journalist starting in 2001. I have had a stroke with memory loss with partial vision loss in a condition known as hemianopsia and is similar to this picture link in a before and after comparison of the field of view. Journalists and investigators you should know this nation was lost to the wolves of war and they do not give back up and the government does not accept responsibility when they maim us. They might even attempt to create other medical conditions which I will not reveal due to it making the government war criminal factions stronger. They prey on our weaknesses, even if through their maiming of ourselves.

But it appears that like the disappearance of many small retailers, many banks are failing. The larger banks can be controlled by international financiers and leveraging so that we in the USA do not have control of anything. Here is a list of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) failed banks. You may notice that the largest failed bank is not on the list, Wachovia Bank, the nation's fourth largest bank. How many other FDIC Insured banks that failed which are not listed is uncertain. Also the FDIC is not a corporation as the C indicates, but it is a federal agency that is run like a crime family at top, or perhaps. Perhaps C should stand for Criminals?

I am blacklisted from employment in the USA and maimed due to a faction of the regime in power in the USA. I have done my best and tried to abide by all laws and to stay alive. When I was injected and tortured in 2001 and 2004, it seemed unreal. Both times I was simply trying to get health care. I recommend you run for your life in this era of possible mind control if you are attacked with needles while in the streets or in the hospitals. You are better off dead than to be maimed with forced injections and torture as I have been since FDIC employment and freelance journalistic work. Many will point to Mexican syndicates in California due to the henchmen in Law Enforcement associated with criminal misconduct using Mexicans or having them be part of the chase for profit. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I was working at the FDIC it was another race that seemed to be in attack mode. Of course as journalist I discovered no race or group is innocent. I am often harassed by law enforcement or perhaps their paid mafias. You should look at my Blue Herring comment where the police look more corrupt than the lure, the Red Herring the crimes syndicates laid down. Of course, in a time of mind control, you could skip all past logic and work through a new vein of endeavor in solving crimes.

If you are young, you must realize that the USA is controlled by capitalists who are in the predator lines of work, e.g. casinos and drugs and money laundering and murder and warfare, etc.. You are nothing to those in power if you stand up to their aggressions and war crimes. If you assist you are paid, and if you challenge them you are abused, and if you ignore them, you accept your fate.

I recommend that young people consider my warnings. If you go into the military you must realize also that the experiments or procedures and environments they will subject you to, may not only kill you but leave your future children maimed for generations to come. I am speaking about a shift in your family genome. I have seen this happen repeatedly to the children of the men who were stationed on the West Coast of the USA.. If your ancestor was in the presence of a nuclear bomb or nuclear waste and if you have any defects, you should realize that if they are consuming food out of plastic or styrofoam, they will have ingested what makes animals sterile, but in an energized form.

I am currently seeking a holy nation that does not have casinos, compulsory military enlistment or selective service registration and unequal drug laws and no tourniquets on the public in any shape or form or fashion.

The government has tried to label me insane. They have tried to permanently incarcerate me twice when I was seeking healthcare, in 2001 and 2004. They have tried to call me criminal for investigating their crimes and bringing proof, such as thief Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman in 2001 who answered my test. The last time I went for health care in 2012, they were up to their old tricks.

I also often wonder about H.A.A.R.P. because it too is at the North pole area and I wonder if it too is used against us, to keep us pinned down and outcast. Who really controls outer space? Does someone control our minds at times or at all times? Could we have lost free will? Or is that next? I have been accused of many things I am certain. That is the way it is in times of hardship if you stand up for the honest man and the dead honest man of high office. I would like to request that the FBI an SS and other attack animals for the federal government back up from myself. I am just an investigator and analyst and not an assassin. They come in later as many have witnessed. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. In my next life, I hope I get to be a extra-terrestial pilot like Ezekiel mentioned. Should I travel triangles as I have done in this life? Some say God save the queen. My question is, "Is the real queen dead?" Mind control and technological manipulations make me wonder also why everyone speaks of Bank of America being the next bank to fall, but they never mentioned the bank that swallowed the money laundering willow known as Wachovia Bank. Can you guess which bank that was? ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol gave me a clue, "You are in a hole you can not get out of". Wells Far-Go is a deep hole, and they were bilked out of 1.2 Billion dollars in 2009 by collusion inside the bank and FDIC and OCC government regulators and perhaps a judge or alleged judge. Of course the silent giant is Citibank and they could just as easily be the next bank to fall or the one with the inside angle on global control of banking. Yo lady who-re? Beware that the government has syndicates that not only are killing the innocent but they are setting many people up to try to get rid of the honest and make them go to prison. It is as if a war broke out in the negative capitalists empire, the USA. I miss Detroit and the Motor City Madness, but we could have done better yet.

It is my belief that Wells Fargo was fined 1.2 billion dollars in 2009 in a kickback scheme to the FDIC and OCC and the thievery was orchestrated with collusion between the FDIC and OCC and Wells Fargo Bank and possibly the judge. Wachovia Bank was to be fined 160 million dollars in 2010 and Wachovia Bank was first allegedly caught money laundering in 2008. It was likely pre-arranged for Wachovia Bank to be purchased by Wells Fargo Bank. Wachovia Bank and Casa De Cambio Puebla knew what was going to happen and hooked into Wells Fargo to offset the loss of the mafia bosses money by having Wells Fargo fined and then paying Wachovia Bank's fines with kickback money. In total the cost to Wells Fargo was eight times the original cost of the 160 Million dollar loss to Wachovia Bank. Of course when 1.2 trillion is loned to Europe from the USA, I have to wonder if 100 billion of that loaned to the Spanish dictator in Spain is doled out to Berlusconi as retribution for payment to mob bosses in the USA and Mexico. Negative capitalism is going to fall down. The USA has been set up. Or perhaps it is just I that was set up, I and all of those in range of the destruction I endured in my life. Some people are childish, or like animals, we must rise above this and we must be cognizant of mind control and false lures to distract us. Find me a holy land Sweet Carol, I want out of this negative capitalist nation of predatory endeavor, the USA, or I want a full out overtaking of the abusers to bring us relief from suffering under the war criminals who have power with the police. Death is preferable to life in mind control as what many nations may have experienced since the 1960's.

I think of the two banks manipulations as being like a skating duos dance to break into the skating rink for free. Little Wachoiva kneels down with two large buckets of cash in each arm and outstretched and Wachovia skates in under Wells Fargo legs from the behind. When Wachovia makes it through the arch of the legs of Wells Fargo, Wachovia hands the buckets to the six armed Wells Fargo Bank skater who hold the buckets with one in each arm in the center two arms. Then Wachovia is lifted up onto Wells Fargo's shoulders and Wells Fargo places the money from the two buckets in its two center pockets. Wells Fargo then reaches into the deep lower set of pockets and pull out eight times the money that was put into the center set of pockets. Then the top set of arms places twice what was in each pocket before in Wachovias hands which places the money into its' pockets and Wells Fargo places some of the money in the top pockets of itself at Wells Fargo and pays some to the toll keeper who is at the gate of the skating rink. Of course the usual workers are lured away at the box office, the courts, and the cash haul is executed in a sort of menage a trois that is carried out in the rink. Of course on the way out, the routine is initiated again and this time the stack is increased as Wells Fargo is carrying Wachovia on its shoulders which meets Bank of America at the gate on the way out to seek a refund and Wells Fargo squats down with Wachovia on its shoulders and the entire sequence is initiated again with Bank of America in the skating position. OF course we could have the swap routine where Wachovia is sat down and due to Wells Fargo being so light it is lifed onto Wachovia's Shoulders who is now wearing a skaters uniform stamped Wells Fargo's Ugly Bastard Twin, the whore, Master Bastard Sweet Carol Bank Ink.

As a joke, but all kidding aside, everything in logic is a chain of events or extrapolation of a chain of events. A few weeks after my FDIC bosses neighborhood was doused in Rocklin California in Jet fuel when our offices were moved separately from his, I soon heard a different voice, how "We-uh-d". Also When a high end boss for the FDIC San Francisco came to the FDIC office in Roseville California, the first time I saw IT, the pee-fume could be smelled across the room from the San Francisco ARD F-DIC and IT's entourage of two loose and greasy F-DIC nuts. ARD F-DIC worked hard below the alleged human being, the alleged Regional Director George Masa in 2000 in San Francisco.

The thing is, from Tesla's standpoint, was the alleged ARD F-DIC really there? Was Masa? They do not control the FDIC's laws but they partake in the selfish bounty. The entourage of this beautiful mirage of ARD F-DIC dignity and grace who worked hard as ARD FDIC could under Masa, could have been a sort of fake thing. The two loose F-DIC nuts in the ARD F-DIC entourage could have been throwing perfume, musk, out in the room to make us think we smelled this projected or imagined image, a mirage, of Sweet's two F-DIC nuts and ARD F-DIC meat. Two senses, sight and Smell equal a ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol and entourage in San Francisco. Beware of the federal cut throats in that city, they will terminate you for not going behind closed doors, and likely needles or mind control are waiting, particularly in the Pacific War Zone known as Hawaii.

Sadly many good bank examiners will be laid off soon unless changes are implemented in the FDIC banking laws of the 1990's aforementioned. Also, someone else will control the money show in the USA when it is controlled by one huge international bank. I foresee suffering under the lies we have known since children in this wretched nation of misery and despair and torture and robbery and murder and prison for profit. Would ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol or Masa like to share some Mob AL Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Till-man meat? I think he is almost human because he is so stupid and could not see it coming, the day we met in the final test of the food funds thief, 4-3-2001, and over 365 thousand dollars were returned from that parasite.

Perhaps his dollar number of thievery was a pointer to a clue of a greater calamity, such as the 365 days a year or the 365 group in Argentina. Perhaps on the 365th day recurring every year, the boost is given 11:32 am near the location of the blast, give or take 6 to 24 hours, if the blast apex that reached the mesosphere is in geosynchronous orbit with Earth. Check my math as I have had a stroke and can not see that well. Also many think something went wrong with the Castle Bravo blast in 1954 and therefore the world's war master could have created a sort of storm with a focus at certain points over some individuals in power, with a cross current originating at the blasts near the North Pole and at the Equator. The time difference was two-thirds in months of the year difference, and 7 years 8 months apart. The two-thirds difference in orientation at geosynchronous orbit over Earth could put a little torgue on mind and matter using the point of the apex atop the blasts. The positioning of the blasts hints toward the calculations used to derive Betz's Law in wind turbines concerning maximum output, the Sweet Spot and .666 is used in the calculation to arrive at the Sweet Spot of 59.3%. The ratio of 8 months over 12 months is .666.

.666 is used in the equation to derive Betz Law. March 1 was the Castle Bravo shot and October 31 was the Tsar Bomba blast, the two largest explosions in history. They are exactly in terms of the yeart time, 8 months apart. They were 7 years and 8 months apart but in freeflowing space, they would be a ratio of .666, meaning 8 months divided by 12 months.

In one of my theories on vacuums in space, dual vacuums, where I had to go, "Two Go", I hypothesized on the dual replication of space. With the theory of cross currents, it could be similar, with two currents hitting at one place at one time, intermingling with all matter and duplication or moving one for another. It is like two streams of water that come together of different colors, the mix is made and the streams change color on the outgoing side of each. I once had a dream that the USS Reid FFG-30 was similar to the USS Eldridge of the Philadelphia experiment. We were transported to another place and another time from the original.

Back to hard known facts -- The FBI ignored my testimony as did the SS in LA on 4/23/2001. I personally hope their negative capitalist's regime is removed and their machine meets Tesla with an ark for a cross bow. You could say that the murdered F-DIC regional director in his high rise FDIC office in San Francisco in 1991 saw it coming. After his death, the Secret Service and FBI agreed about his death in their greased asp-hole abyss, deeming his death a suicide. The F-DIC head whacked the F-DIC head. IT makes no scents unless you are two greased F-DIC nuts hanging loose under a fictional piece of ARD F-DIC meat.

You got my work at a Bargain. The Who (music) I have an affliction where when I write music when I am in the universal state of mind, I predict things or recognize things others do not see. I believe that when Paul McCartney of the Beatles wrote Helter Skelter, he could sense that some thing was not right in the UK and the USA. Paul McCartney too was thrown into a hole he could not get out of. When he gets thrown to the bottom he goes back to the top. When I wrote the song Sweet Carol Load Eye, I too was seeing the future, the future of the crash of American positive capitalism and my own health, and perhaps we too will go back to the top once we get to the bottom of Sweet Carol Load Eye's infamous abyss dilemma. Also during my investigations and audits, I sometimes played a character to relieve the boredom of it all. I did not mean to offend anyone and I was not threatening anyone, although some guilty parties likely scream that I am. I want to thank ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol for the Sweet Carol dilemma. I want to apologize with U2, Sweetest Thing.

I often look to nature, living things, as signs from God, answers given or questions asked. I numerically count them, one two three, or I see the clouds and the weather change and start to act, as on April 3, 2001 when I met Sheriff Jack Tillman aka Snatch aka the thief of Mob AL. A rabbi once asked, "Why are you here?" I puzzled over his question for a very long time in reality, like the Sweet Carol dilemma. I did not take offense at his question. It was reasonable. I was dating one of his congregation. So the answer is, "I am here on a mission from God." I traveled triangles like Pascal envisioned them and I came upon the same conclusion as Pascal, his Wager that God existed. Right when the evil ones think they have you, it is back to square one for them and back to the top of the tube or abyss for their opposites. It is likely just training or a lecture of sorts. I had a dream I was in a house of an old girlfriend and went there with another girlfriend and it seemed my mother was there. The house was huge and looked onto a clear blue sea, as clear as heaven itself and viewed from a mountain over the sea from the large open doors. In the room were the children of friends and the ladies went to another room and I awakened looking for the ladies. A life without virtue and without pain leaves nothing to look forward to in change. Whose baby's daddy Sweet?.

It appears we or perhaps just I, are headed for the end time. It all comes out the same in the end I have heard it mentioned. In Judaism, the end of time was said to be between 2010 and 2240. I was supposed to die at age 44 according to a young woman who liked to dabble and conjecture in the dark arts by playing with simplistic mathematics in astronomy. I am still alive, I think, and she predicted her own death, circa 1975 or 1976 in Monroe County Alabama when I was passing through. I have been hounded a lot recently however in the USA. I think sometimes God is telling me to choose my holy place, or just my place. So many lives need each other and we can wander for an eternity admiring or running away from things. I have been under attack and slander in the USA. It appears criminals have swallowed the nation. That is why I delved into the science of mind control and the movement of matter in new methods. I wanted to sort out the lie. With the paradigms I have drawn in this segment alone, I now have to discern what is real and what is fake, who is my enemy and who is my ally. It is obvious California is over with in due time. It was such a beautiful place I am certain. I will never forget my time in exile among the Yurok Indian tribe of Northern California. Perhaps God will give them back their land. I would like to visit there if not stay once it is reclaimed as in heaven. They say George Bush Sr. had an arm issue and it hinted toward subterfuge or mind control, and I have wondered if other people I have known have gotten the implant. Where should I stay before the end of times, of for the end of myself, or for the entire species of mankind on Earth? Are we duplicated elsewhere? Clones of a sort? I heard in a vision, or perhaps I heard in a dream while I was knocked unconscious with forced injections approved of by a war criminal faction of the regime in power, a dead man was in a hole.

In closing, I often wonder about two things. First, are we caught in a sort of machine, or a delusion created by the machine? A song hints toward this phenomena, Welcome to the Machine (music link). Another song is of hopelessness, like having your head bashed against concrete to the point you see stars, and there are "No More Tears". I look to the Hebrew and attempt to keep my faith in God. Some say, it is childish, but they are the ones who weep like children just like myself. I look to the wisdom of splitting words and I attempt to find hidden meanings. The deeper psychology that sees the truth, such as when you have a vision of being in a room in dual consciousness, a room in which there are no furnishing and delirium seems to be the state of being. The old USS Reid FFG-30 may have been known as the old, "Crank Shaft" aka in queer speak, The fast knot ark. Hebrews and Muslims are similar and their fights are sometimes not so vicious but are likely more like love. Perhaps next life things will be different. Crank the dial, Shaft the furlong, I would not want to do it again, Sweet Carol. As I sit in my chair, blood oozing from my head, the pain of the stroke and the loss of vision I should not mention, and I wonder if I had a stroke, and instead perhaps they cut my head open or busted it open. Faith, such an empty plate, fate, just to be here, regardless. Look for your dead family members and you will see them there standing at the door, even if partially or completely blind. The regime turned their backs on us. They should have shot us all dead. I see a man like Christ on the cross, and in his fear he grabbed his guns, and he never fired them, and instead they hammered his hands to the cross with large syringes and they placed nails through the hammer guards behind the trigger to hold the pistols near his hands for all to see. Such an odd dilemma, so dieR and Stark. God save us from these torments from our tormentors or the delusion or illusion therein. If you listen you can hear thY RAG, Sweet Carol Masta F-DIC BOD. I smell a desk covered in mineral spirits or is that turpentine? What is that odor?

Segment May 13, 2012: TRUTH_experiments_NUCLEAR_time_TRAVEL_eldridge_REID

As I awaken during the middle of the night, I look over my shoulder into history at the largest weapon ever recorded in human history, the largest blast. It was near the North Pole October 30, 1961 allegedly by the USSR and it was called the Tsar Bomba by some and Joe by others. I couple this idea to Nikola Tesla's machines and I remember one with a horn design and I remember he was concerned with longitudinal lines and wanted to make his inventions run concurrent with nature, thereby affording greater power and harmony with nature, or the elements at least. I wonder if the two were coupled, the Tsar Bomba explosion and one of Nikola Tesla's inventions and I wonder if we lost everything in the USA and the rest of the Earth. One of Tesla's designs transmitted power around the Earth and the power ball returned it could be hit again and sent around again. The Tsar Bomba may not have been a bomb but utilization of Tesla's techniques. The shock wave of the Tsar Bomba went around the Earth three times, therefore it could have captured three dimensional space and another invention could have shifted the hertz of nature in a vacuum, and thereby human conscious for some could have been shifted. A total collapse may have occurred for all who challenged them when they had this new weapon and this new weapon was positioned at the top of an empire called Earth, at the north end of all longtitudinal lines. Earth, a gutted hollow place but with memories of mankind written on the walls to be manipulated at will. From all indications the enemies to mankind won the war for the USA. We are nothing more than slaves to our enemies here who reign in power in complete anonymity.

I was less than one year old when the Tsar Bomba was exploded, but I seem to remember my mother saying that I had heard the explosion when it went off. We likely lived in a tenement or row-house somewhere in South Alabama, in Mobile or Prichard. I had an uncle, one of my mother's brothers, who reminded me of Nikola Tesla. A practical but sutbborn man and somewhat genius of a man and he too like Tesla had a taste for whiskey, a drink I am repulsed by at my age. He was my babysitter in my early and later adolescent years and I still have a deep respect for him. That man told me not to go into the Navy. If I would have had the computers to do the research as I have now, I would not have gone. I saw a video of one of the explosions on Bikini Island and it showed a lamb that survived the blast. They had shaved its hair and it was a young lamb. It was eating some hay someone had left for it despite its injuries. It did not seem to tremble much but it seemed delirious and sick. Inside it's ear was a bubble that had arisen from the heat and explosion. It was a test animal, somewhat cooked alive. I must have felt like a test animal years later at about 11 months old in October of 1961. Our world is a worm hole some times. My grandmother said things are never as bad as they seem. I held onto that idea like this life is a delusion. I believe I may have learned to repress memories as I developed a stuttering problem as a child. As an adult at near age 50, I was able to undo some of those repressed memories and I noticed my memory improved as well as my intellectual understanding of science, mathematics and physics.

Many warnings and much advice were given to me. I ignored most of them. I was a stubborn child and a stubborn young man. I know where I made some mistakes now, how I would have done things differently. I was damaged as a child, likely abducted for a while and scarred. I still do not remember all or perhaps any of the details. I think I do remember one thing. It is no one's fault really. We are all a product of a chain of events. The irony of that insight makes one forgive all beings, regardless of how repulsive they may appear. The uncle I mention is innocent any wrongdoing so do not persecute the dead man. He was kind albeit strict in some cases. A personality of his own, loved by all who knew him.

This world has a sickness. Sometimes mankind is as cold as a reptile. I remember a biblical scripture stating something about a mighty sword. It was either in Isaiah or the mighty sword was mentioned somewhere else as in Ezekiel or another section of the bible.

I remember that Nikola Tesla was influenced by Vedic Science and Swami Vivekananda, thereby negating his need for wealth. By being free from greed for wealth and by being free from addictions as well, one is truly free. He took this work to heart when he tried to discover hidden truths and link them into his work as a scientific inventor.

In conclusion and as part of yesterdays post's thoughts, the USS Eldridge was used in the Philadelphia experiment. The vessel had a large opening in its bow so that huge generators could be placed in the hold of the bow. The USS Oliver Hazard Perry Class of Frigates was a similar design. The front missile launcherer could be easily removed, the missiles could be removed or launched, and afterward generators could be placed inside.

I would say with 50 percent probability that the ship on which I, Kurt Brown was a quartermaster/navigator from 1982 to 1984, the USS Reid FFG-30, was used in that sort of experiment or we were subjected to high levels of radiator off of the Pacific Coast not far from San Clemente Island. The USS Stark was another of the Oliver Hazard Perry Class and it was hit and almost sunk and many allegedly were killed. Could those men have been taken, some of them, back in time or forward for the next round of experiments? The USS McInerney, FFG-8 was another of the ships from the Oliver Hazard Perry Class that caught my attention. The USS Reid was allegedly sold to the Turkish in 1999. The USS McInerney had a long bizarre career and it appears the bow was damaged while testing the engines in 2010. Ironically, the engine is not in the bow but Mid-ships to aft. Something is amiss. I came up with MAC (Mobile Audit Club), and Earny would likely be that odd man from Massachusetts who I have tried to correspond with, Barney Frank Congressman of Massachusetts regarding banking matters. Ernie could be it a perversion of Early, meaning the Early resolution clause of the FDIC Act of 1991,the FDIC butcher act.

It is also ironic that in 2009 the allegedly NASA expedition blew up a bomb on the South Pole of the moon. "Hark, what Sweet Carol dilemma cometh next?". If you listen carefully to the movie Radio Bikini, you may hear one of the men say in the background, "Mr. Brown, we found you on the Eldridge." Then someone else may chime KRATS, but they were trying to say truK, which is my name backwards, and KRATS is Stark backwards, as in USS Stark. Of course since I have had a stroke due to forced injections in 2001 and 2004, my memory may have been slanted. I could have been mentioned in background noise on a documentary about the Philadelphia experiment and USS Eldridge. Remember George Bush Sr. and think about the timing with the FDIC Act of 1991, the bank butcher act, the murder of the FDIC regional director in San Francisco called suicide, and the USS McInerney and their orderl in 1991. Was Bush Sr. the same man who went to Vietnam and had his arm injured? Which one, left or right? Some confusion set in about which wing was hurt in Vietnam. Truk Brown, had lunch on the Eldridge but Truk Brown was not born until 1960 and the Eldridge lunch was in the 1940's. ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol? Masta? Yob. I am more than just a guinea pig coded a Queer among a ship of Queers, time travelers us. Am I dead yet? Whose house is this? Was truK on the Eldridge or was it KratS, the crew of the USS Stark that was allegedly killed? The worm hole envisioned by Tesla is a tunnel and on either side is time and space opened up. Pity the children of those men who go through the worm hole or those who are on ships that are in radio-active waste. They are not even formed yet in the testicles, yet they are damaged before birth by this exodus or maiming.

It was in 1983 or the first quarter of 2004 that I and the other men were subjected to the experiments or torture and resultant delirium from being over a radio-active waste site off of San Clemente Island California. They would not tell us if a nuclear vessel or nuclear spill occurred if we were in it and they would not have to pay us, even if it caused our future children to have birth defects if we were exposed to it. I worked on the bridge during a search for something on the bottom of the ocean so I would have been exposed.

However during some of the experiments or procedures, I am not even sure if we were on the USS Reid when it happened. I remember once going to the sleeping quarters on the ship. It was a weekend or something like that. We were docked. A yellow ribbon tape was up like the men were repairing a pipe overhead and I was coralled into walking under something before entering the sleeping quarters area. A man was standing next to the tape with another man. When I walked up one of the men asked the other man a question and turned away. I asked if it was alright to go in the door or hatch as it is known. I think they were detecting any electronics or surveillance on my self. I may have been knocked unconscious and subjected to something, some sort of test. We may have been abducted and taken off of the ship or taken down into the ship's hull. Also as an aside, it is likely they labeled us "Queers" on the USS Reid FFG-30, some of us anyway, because when you are in time travel or knocked silly or other experiments and delirious, it is hard to make things come out. For instance, if an officer asks me where I would like to have sex, "I would say, tide, it always comes out sentimental" thereby meaning a woman having her period and I care not which hole it is, it is all a sin if it is merely mental. Also, once you are inside the worm hole, it is hard to come out. After having a stroke due to injections, I think of it as the worm hole to death. You can manipulate things from the inside, all those bouncey balls moving about, but you can not do all that much good because you are somewhat mental, at least from the viewpoint of those on the outside of the worm hole. Perhaps it is the atoms and such you visualize there. God does us good that way, making us silly in death most likely. After all would you want a being with a face that looks like a human snout to play God? I like to be sentimental. Get it got it good. I Kurt Brown need job, not being f-cked over by ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol, or another abusive federal employer, but with an international directorate that is superior in all motives or intentions. We can have the federal warlords who hide and ambush us put on a leash and have it dive into the hole. We could take it in and out like an experiment. A movie with Spike Lee or Robert Stone would be nice as well. Or maybe it is all awash and a joke at this point. A black hole with writhing and froth on the outside of the perimeter.

So, I listen to the music of U2 I heard while on the hill, "With or Without You" on Youtube. Sweet Carol, they already pay me, and I would prefer to work out of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, but not as a Guinea Pig and I want a window with my office and my own lab. Audits? Will it hurt? Definitely.

Segment May 12, 2012: SCIENCE_dangers_TRUTHS_san_CLEMENTE_philadelphia_EXPERIMENT_mistakes_LOS_angeles_USS_reid

The illusion of safety is a lie in almost any kind of work. Some jobs are worse than others. Because I am always espousing the development of new tools or defense and analysis systems for personal protection using science, I would like to share at this link some of the most tragic errors in scientific development maiming and killing inventive scientists large and small. Unfortunately I was maimed by a series of injections for which the government does not accept responsibility in the USA. They wanted to make me stop being aggressive in my investigative journalistic work. They wanted me subdued and without memories. As one person told me, they wanted me to be "Amicable". Partially blinded and with a stroke and my memory back, I do not feel amicable. The statute of limitations passed before I could sue the federal government in Los Angeles or the Flagstaff Medical Center. They made me feel like I was in a coma of sorts, a partial coma, with extreme sickness and memory loss. I would applaud anyone who brought me justice, several million dollars taken from our enemies accounts in the USA and those who control them overseas. I feel indifferent to their leadership, their nation, their world. It would make me feel elated if those who espouse the mistreatment of human beings are fed alive to sharks or pigs. But mankind is imperfect. We can wait for the end of time or ignore them until the dinner bell when we are all starving. But they will be removed from us. Life sometimes feels like it is not worth holding onto under their abuses and outright lies, therefore life will not hold under them as it has been. Perhaps that is why they attempt to destroy the adults of our families and to take our youngest children. Never trust the USA governments or VA or any federal or state authority to leave you alone if you are transporting your gun collection, even if in a U-HAUL with all belongings. They like to incriminate many of us USA citizens and veterans for simple gun ownership. They did so to myself, Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone, after I had survived an attempt on my life with no federal police response. I was attacked by syndicates associated with the federal government in San Francisco. Beware of the enemies within the USA. They will act as if you are coming to kill government officials if you are transporting your guns. I applaud the rise of a new nation of armed civilians to remove our bank robbing, cradle robbing, and dope dealing, etc. enemies from power.

This is the re-post of the May 2012 Daily Foreword Note. I encourage the American people to be aware that the banking industry and the military seems to have been turned over to our worst enemies, the enemies to mankind in the USA. Judging from the history in our lives since the 1960's, this is nothing new, but it seems to have gotten worse. Many former military servicemen have children who are maimed for life due to exposure to chemicals and radiation and experiments they have trouble recalling, from the 1950's until present. The true and hidden government in power may even exercise mind control so you can not recall events. Also, Indymedia in San Francisco and Washington D.C. is being heavily censored. Our true enemies hate independent freelance investigative journalists. LA Indymedia is still open but the government in LA is hostile to many Americans. Those who are truly in power wanted Wachovia Bank to go broke and they want drug laws that are disparate on Marijuana from state to state. Opium will be the next drug they legalize out West and keep illegal in the rest of the USA. You will wish you were dead if you fall in their traps. We do not have equal rights.

The reality of much of the West Coast is that it is a toxic waste land due to radiation from the nuclear blasts in the Marshall Islands of the 1950's due to wind drift patterns of fallout and I have heard of similar explosions of a nuclear sort by long term residents who heard the explosions in the Pacific Ocean but were not reported. In addition, many nuclear submarines are in the area and US Navy ships will likely be in the vicinity of surface radiation. When I was in the Navy in the 1980's, I believe we were over a nuclear waste sight of some sort or it was an experiment. It was very hot and the captain was in a foul mood. We went over a range of ocean for what seemed like a week, back and forth, and they claimed to be mapping the bottom but it was rumored that we were over a nuclear submarine, with one calling it a nuclear dump in the Pacific Ocean. I seem to recall some disorientation from the event and I may not have been on the ship at all. One morning I awakened and I was told I did not have to navigate the path any longer and they were taking care of it. If I recall we started out around San Clemente Island but it seemed much deeper with no islands in sight in the end. The captain once mumbled that they were trying to kill us when I said I was about to pass out from the heat while we were on the bridge and wings of the bridge of the ship. Could they have tried to divide the Earth? Did they cause a fissure in the Earth or time and space? Did a ship or submarine from a sort of Philadelphia experiment end up below us in the hole or in a nuclear bath? Was I under mind control in a guinea pig test facility? The government allowed me to be knocked unconscious forcibly with forced injections at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004, 20 years after I got out of the US Navy in 1984. It was a horrific experience, leaving me partially blind and with a stroke, and the stroke was likely made worse because I had been injected and psychologically tortured and exiled in early 2001 and I think I had the first stroke after the first set of forced injections and forced medical procedures at the Los Angeles Westwood Federal Facility on April 23, 2001.

Heat rises with radioactive materials to the surface from submarines or nuclear waste sites. In the Marshall Islands at the Bikini Atoll blast of the first really big bomb, a hydrogen bomb, the Castle Bravo shot in 1954, in the Marshall Islands, it is likely that a faction of those who allegedly control the Soviet Union and a faction of those who control the USA were comparing weapons or some other thing we did not understand. We in the USA lost obviously. I know of many with cancer from California and birth defects that seems to point to that source of contamination. Either they were raised in the area in the higher elevations of California or played in mountain stream run-off as children or their parents were servicemen who handled nuclear and chemical munitions. Of course the Gulf Coast of the USA was an oil dump when I fled in 2010 from Pensacola Florida. I seem to have the ability to detect incoming danger. I guess that is why I show up, curiosity and lack of fear of death. Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, witness to the gas leaks at San Bruno California 2010, witness to the fuel leaks in Rocklin in 1999, witness to the falling burning aircraft (of some sort) explosion in Braman Oklahoma on December 7, 2004, witness to the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, witness to forced injections and torture and maiming and murder of independent journalists and veterans and FDIC bank examiners by the regime in power from the early 1990's to present, witness to the Los Angeles riots of 1992, and the list goes on, as I travel the Devil's Triangle which seems to be everywhere in the USA and the Earth in modern times.

In hindsight, I made a dreaded mistake working for the USA military. In the killing business, all are guinea pigs for experiments as well. Our ship was allegedly degaussed some time before or after the hot experience in the Pacific Ocean with our ship going back and forth for days in the heat. It was dieR. I believe someone had detonated some sort of nuclear device or a vessel was hit that had nukes, perhaps a submarine. Anyone working on the outside of the ship would have been exposed. I was exposed because I was on the bridge during the incident navigating and cleaning the brass and swabbing the decks. I would wager that those who worked top-side had a higher incidence of children with birth defects afterward. Our captain's hands were tied in the matter. Just like in Vietnam, that thing in power will some times torture or kill us. We do not control the USA or our military. Our enemies control it in most severe cases.

It leans toward Einsteins Unified Field Theory and the Philadelphia experiment. It damages the reproductive cells chromosomes to be exposed to what they do to us today. Our future children are put at grave risk. Some things may be forgotten. I tend to remember a strange experience after the degaussing onboard the ship. "Here Kurt, take a look at this" is recalled. My arms were different somehow, and it was cold and black in the area where I placed my arms, perhaps a sort of black hole in physics, and my memories fades on this occurrence after that. Perhaps invisible, and maybe in chains or in a death grip, or maybe this is a memory from my PTSD and stroke initiated by the government against me as an investigative journalist in 2001. Who knows? Who cares? Nobody. Nobody cares in the USA. We are or will be a nation of ants. Can I get my FDIC bank examiner job back FDIC BOD Sweet Carols? I promise knot to misbehave. I promise not to show my scars and your SARS, unless Braman shows me your gnarled teets. Suite? F-DIC?.

I used to make jokes sometimes to the other shipmates about this or that guy being the queer. A Yeoman came to me once in tears, I liked the guy despite his being very effiminate and the brunt of some of my childish jokes. He was always helpful and a good guy to have a drink with, since we were only allowed to be alcoholics. He told me that many of us had been labeled various things, and he was labeled a queer and he told me I was labeled as well, and I think it was perhaps we were slotted as experimental guinea pigs in code. Queer was likely the code name for experimental guinea pig and to get rid of us meant we had to start the experiments or procedures. The Yeoman said they had plans to get rid of us. He thought it meant out of the Navy. The gunnery man, a Van Gogh looking fellow, had thrown the guns and computers overboard earlier when he discovered his name was on the list, the Queer Guinea Pig list. He told me they had us on a list after he threw the things overboard. I did not know what he had done, but if I recall he said they were listing us as queers or something of that sort. The Federal Police soon took him off in chains, never to be seen again. I wanted to defend him, to stop the federal police from leaving with my shipmate, and to commandeer the ship, the USS Reid FFG-30, and block LAX airport flight traffic with flak after we ran it aground so they could not sink us. You can not get rid of us. The machine of the universe does not like waste. Einstein thought we were in one of several types of universes. But ours is really like getting caught in a recurring wave in the center of the stream. There is a name for the wave but I do not remember it due to the stroke eating at my mind. However I do recall a more approximate explanation in words and it is "a diffraction of a shear wave around an infinite array of cylindrical cavities. (pic links)." The energy and recurring motion stays the same until acted upon by an external force. You see, if you expand the wave over time, you will see the criss cross pattern, or the unspiraling spiral that never really unspirals. In addition the expansion of the universe is counteracted eventually with contraction and that stops and it expands again. It is like breathing,

Here we go around in circles, music link. I love a game of Snatch Ass with Sweat Carol. I was undefeated at Wrestling but ran as fast as the average African. I would panic when held down. I would go crazy. Pencil me in Sweet Federal F-DICs for a Yob, a Yob for Yurt. I am your handicapped trailer garbage trash so-fist-i-c-ate. Before I put my hand in what appeared to be a black hole after the degaussing on the ship, he first said, "It feels different after the degaussing doesn't it?". It felt cold and dark. Give a federal guinea pig a job Sweat Carol federal hump. Some day we get to feel the compression wave Masta, flippity floppity all starts a-gain, tumble rumble down in the jumble a-gain, sheer wave. It has been 12 years since I had the F-DIC job, and I am on Quatrains 12 and Love Line 12 of this site, and it was 4-3-2001 I met Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum, the thief Jack Tillman who stole inmate food funds and this investigative journalists gun permit. 4321, its that simple in the year 12. I saw a home in Wichita, 2001 was the address and I would like to have it or the San Francisco sh-t hole in Pacific Heights for 9.11 Million.

If I recall, the Captain once made a comment to me about what I looked like in my Navy Blues, that old fashioned Cracker Jack costume. I was wearing my prison style Navy work clothes. He told me that I and the other men were like children, and he said something about a Jew and that I would get used to wearing my prison uniform. He saw the future after the FDIC for me. He said I should run on and play like a child, no one gives a sh-t. He had served in Vietnam and I think it made him indifferent or changed at times, in the evening, when nobody was at port and no-body gave a sh-t.. Here is a closing riddle, a paradox, "I was looking through a fence with square patterns of overlay, making a sort of dual triangle appearance when turned on edge. On another fence twenty yards away are two doves sitting on the top of the solid wood fence, one is facing me and the other is facing in the other direction. I see the two doves perfectly through two of the squares with one square in the middle. The dove facing away from me turns and looks at me with the other dove. What have I just illustrated? It's a paradoxical riddle that is equivalent or superior to the Sweet Carol Dilemma. The illusion of time, the illusion of space, is a perception and it can likely be pre-read, to see the reflection in one's mirror if dealt with in the correct fashion. Sometime I feel a bit like General Kurtz from Apocalypse Now but without a corpse, and perhaps without a corpus. In discussion of the Philadelphia experiment and what I have experienced and speculated upon about the USA Navy experience, I tend to recall the black hole in which my hands were placed and the loss of memory and strangely being subdued in the darkness, the alteration of time and space and matter, and I tend to remember someone with a notepad, a small handheld one writing down things, but his notepad was like the black hole and his pen seemed to write into nothing, a sort of blackhole note pad. Someone once told me that there is nothing done that can not be changed. I wonder if they could clone someone, bring them back or forward in time and place that person in the slot where the other was, perhaps moving them to a position of power, such as a former military man becoming President. (Burning Bush?) A lot of it is in our mind. Many lower level intelligence are not mentally handicapped, but damaged and thwarted, perhaps not beyond repair. Are you not in God's mind? If the dream is bad the belt is broken it seems unless a riddle has to be solved or made. I call it entropy, or mal-ware, or Murphy's law.

Segment May 8, 2012: LAW_changes_FREEDOM_lost_WEALTH_taken_CONCENTRATED_slaves_US_others

As I was looking at the chronology of changes in laws in banking and other materially significant changes, including our loss to privacy and freedom, I realized that every time a change in laws occurred there were significant murders, mayhem, and overt robbery. Someone once told me that President George Bush Sr. was not himself when he was elected, that something had been done to him in the Vietnam war. In 1991, the FDIC Act of 1991 gave the FDIC and federal syndicates the right to butcher banks quickly. I was told by one FDIC bank examiner that he carried a gun during the time of the Savings and Loan Crisis in the 1990's. He also said they would carry out bags of money from the closed Savings and Loans financial instiutions. The question in my mind becomes, "Was it all accounted for or was it divided up among the higher level officials and the syndicates who control the USA governments?."

It was stated federal banking frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales had made a call to his girlfriend on October 11, 2001 telling his girlfriend he would be working at his home that evening by himself. Wales was shot in the head through the window that evening. The government says it was an anarchist. I say it was retaliation for banking frauds prosecutions. That same year in October of 2001 the government had signed a law allowing wire tapping of phone calls and surveillance of electronic mail, e-mails. I think Wales was killed immediately before there were changes in the law. Criminals do not need laws to allow them to break and enter and murder, and if they are in the government, they can do whatever they please, a carte blanche ticket to murder and robbery. Here is a link to a time-line of changes in banking laws. Note the changes starting since the early 1990s through the early 2000's. I was not given a chance in 2001 by federal officials in Los Angeles in April of 2001 after I gave testimony to VA Police on a camcorder of an attempt on my life in February 2001 and Sheriff Jack Tillman being a thief and taking my gun permit or the fact that I had called 911 in February 2001 and the federal government did not assist afterward.

I am encouraging young people to leave the USA due to the growth of negative capitalism, the demise of positive capitalism, and a loss to all of our rights.

Perhaps I was given insight into a powerful tool by God. I have disseminated the design to many nations. We are likely already under attack by it before I disseminated the basic design. I call it the Zhendong.

The irony of any invention is that it can be used to create or destroy. The Zhendong design could be used to perform miracles in medicine and science. It can be used to destroy and harness the Earth. Through recursion it can be both large and small. Someone once was trying to tell me of the Evilness of Jews. As I listened, I realized I was speaking to someone who had absolutely no creative abilities. Any design, such as Einstein's theory of relativity, and his equation E=MC^2, can be used for things to help our fellow man or it can be used to destroy.

Comedy Scene : I, Saint Ram Bone, am driving through Braman Oklahoma on a highway late at night, December 7, 2004, the Zhendong crashes to the Earth due to it being misused. A huge fireball is scene. My truck caught in the blast, a farm-boy looking truck with regular cab design, comes out the other side. Going into I have no hair. Coming out of it, I have something that resembles hair or a head piece. What am I wearing? A mitre? Who's the pope G.I. Joe? Braman, what a scene that was in reality. I miss my Dog Bow Bone, a Yorkie killed by a water moccassin, and my family before it was disintegrated due to government manipulations and abuse. ToTo's Rosanna was Bow Bone's favorite song. He called me Yurt. "Yurt, turn up the radio, it's Ho's Anna" he would say. As an aside, I write comedy if I am depressed or upset by my writings and discovery. I used to play music when I was in a semi-coma state 2001 to 2010, after the forced injections and torture by federal agents and state approved employees in 2001 and 2004 in the USA. The irony is the prophetic words sometimes, Whippoorwill You Will Be Deal, aka Martin Woods or that name was foreseen. He is the UK auditor who did what thousands of USA auditors could not do, audit Wachovia Bank for money laundering. Some thing is always going on and some wars are not worth fighting. Negative capitalists have been bad to the Bone, Yurt.

It is ironic that once I saw in the year 2012 on a satellite photo how small our solar system is and our tiny planet, when we entered the one year distance from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the small size of our planet in relation to the Milky Way Galaxy, I realized how insignificant large houses and even land and material things were. Public Schools in the USA often teach children to behave like herd animals, sometimes savages. Lockdown became for this journalist, lockjaw, imposed and mediated by the hidden higher authorities. As a closed door government official said in Alabama to me when I asked if they were going to open their closed door gates to this journalist and he said, "NO", and I asked why and he said very poignantly, "I was told". "Told by whom and for what reason?"

Comedy: I picture Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman pointing his gun at Bow-Bone inside Yurt's locked truck growling at the Vermin Possum man with a gun. "Careful" Snatch The Fairy Possum says pointing his gun. The Yorkshire Terrier has a natural enemy among vermin such as rats and possums. I go through the same thing now with syndicates or corrupted police, years after retirement, their treating me as a threat. That is their way to keep us down. The light changes soon. Tensil town, on and off. Oprah has not called me and I applied for work or a show to talk about forced injections with a rape therapist who was on her show long ago. Does anyone watch TV and read my website? L.A. Woman Doors (Music)..sunday after noon? Oprah, you did not get back to me. We are waiting in Santa Cruz. Recursion, mitre. I once said that W means fangs in a pictogram, but W might mean dimmable, as in the loss of the rights of the constution of 1776 attributable to President W or those who control him. Dimmable Wattage, on and off, much like my twisting tensil light analogy, or my head, mitre hat off and mitre hat on.

For my former FDIC bank examiner who told me about the S&L crisis and his gun and the money being carried out of the banks, I have a comedy, much like the Imperial Margarine commercial of lore. I approach the car with my fellow FDIC bank examiner and my mitre hat appears, large and white like the Pope's, and we carry the money back inside the bank. Me with my hat, mitre, and he with his gun and that sack of cash. FDIC Board of Directors, re-hire me as a bank examiner or let me report to the people what is going on in your offices, you filthy nut bags. The Treasury Department is a good option for me to examine closer also Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone.

Segment May 5, 2012: HISTORY_trauma_MULTITUDE_insane_EARTH_contagious_SANITY_therapy_OH-BAMA?_neck-st_KOREAN_wwii_AFTERMATH_mankind_LOST_insanity_BONOBO

On those theoretical probabilities of memory recall after being hit with forced injections as an adult and a stroke as a result of forced injections and tortured by USA federal government approved officials and without pay, I look to the past. When I remembered the stroke diagnosis and the memory stayed in my mind, it was 2011. I had one set of forced injections in 2004 and another in 2001. I was warned not to work for the FDIC in the first place as a bank examiner by a fellow USA veteran. That is what it caused the abuse, because I confronted the animal in man with a talking tongue, our enemies in government in the USA and their lesser henchmen with badges and their crime syndicates.

As I struggled to regain memories, I, Kurt Brown, began to analyze my stuttering as a child that was severe. As I did so, I began to realize from small pieces of information that I may have been left and abused in some fashion, perhaps taken and left abandoned for a while. I am not certain of everything. I do remember one of those older than myself and who knew things said mischieviously, "Your mamma left you as a treat".

So as I sat rubbing my stub of an ear appearing to be chewed on by animals perhaps man, and I wondered if all men had a herniated testicle when young, I look back in time. The cut on my ankle perhaps by a can according to my mother. She said it did not bleed. She started to tell me once I had been abducted I think, perhaps, 30 percent probability of that conjecture. Prichard Alabama and Mobile and Tillman's Corner are a bit like Hell, sort of like Long Beach California, where it pays to know to look out for Kraft, K-R-A-F-T, especially if it appears all Randy, after all, he is a likely medical guinea pig from the USA armed forces as well.

So that which does not make you dead, makes you stronger.

I look over at this Genie called life and I consider it to be a bit like Hell as my memory recoils rewinds and regurgitates after a healthy year of Post Traumatic Stress therapy by a Jewish woman with a heart over a year ago. The government turned on me like a wolf and stopped all of my investigations and ignored my discoveries and I suffered what I call an American holocaust. I know I am not the only one who has suffered. I wonder if we lost some sort of war.

Many children of US Navy servicemen from a vessel that was a re-fueling vessel in the Pacific Ocean in 1954 may experience some genetic anomalies due to their fathers being near the largest nuclear bomb ever tested in the history of the Earth. It was called operation Castle Bravo (Wiki). A USN sailor who witnessed the explosion, called it Bravo Shot. The witness was a former USN sailor on a re-fueling vessel. Larry Howerton, later with Oakland California P.D. wrote in his book "A Pig's Tale", a recounting of the event. According to his book, they took all the fuel from Bikini island allegedly. Then they left for Hawaii from Bikini Island, therefore they were traveling East. I have to assume their ship left at about 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. That night a plane flew over flashing its lights. The ship went to full throttle and Howerton said they were going a speed of 10 knots per hour. They would have been loaded with fuel thereby slowing their speed. The next morning, he and others were on the fan-tail, meaning aft. A surge hit the boat from behind pushing the ship forward. Then the men saw the cloud from the explosion. They were in the fallout zone per my caculations as a former USN Quartermaster and Navigator. I would say they were approximately 110 nautical miles away from the blast based on the calculation of 5 knots for 12 hours and 10 knots for 5 hours. That is well within range of the fallout as depicted on this picture from Wiki. I do not know the name of the ship yet, but according to Howerton in his book all of the sailors who were on the ship had to have blood taken repeatedly and they and their ship were placed in quarantine once in Hawaii for a rather long time. Once they were released from the ship, no two men were sent to the same duty station. Larry Howerton Sr. who died in 2012 should have named his book, "A Guinea Pigs Tale" instead of "A Pig's Tale." Or maybe it was not a USA bomb, the Hydrogen bomb, and something went wrong. The war never ends according to one ancient Chinese philosopher. Korea had just signed a cease fire with the UN and I am sure there was more at play in the USA and the USSR and in the cold (hot) war.

These genetic anomalies from radiation exposure to an adult may not manifest themselves in their children until later in life, and many will be at birth. The servicemen were likely compensated but their children will carry the scars and have to pay the price in health and expenses. First will be those genetic origins of tissue malformation such as connective tissue damage, such as is manifested in Marfan's syndrome, and also there could be nerve and bone tissue malformations such as spina bifida, etc. Those conditions would show at birth. Tumors of a fatty sort would be a secondary manifestion, then there could be malfunctioning organs, and both of these could appear later in life. The saddest part about radiation and chemicals is that it can pose a threat to the children of males and females. The children, even from males with the small amount of radiation, could have significant structural damage to the genome and their reproductive cells. I know of another USN sailor from the San Francisco Bay area who was ordered to stand onboard a USN vessel deck while it was allegedly sprayed with Agent Orange by a passing USN plane during the Vietnam war. He was sick from it and is now dead. You would have to be a Dic to work for the F-DIC and if you join the USA military, well, you asked for it, did you not? Or is that knot? Little one..

Mother's Little Helper (music)

Segment April 15, 2012 : REVISION_weapon_TOOL_zhendong_FLIP_y_FLIP_x

After having thought about the explosion I witnessed and the falling and burning object I witnessed in Braman Oklahoma that was North of the only gas station in Braman on the main highway going North to Wichita, perhaps near the Blackwell line on December 7, 2004, I want to revise the weapon and tool theory on what I call the Zhendong.

I do believe that Timothy McVeigh was set up if he existed. He said he was innocent until the end. I believe him but the government hates us Americans as evidenced by the tourniquet of drugs and drug laws and gambling and gambling laws and the approved of money laundering in American banks. I do not care if a war criminal is killed but it bothers me to see the innocent killed and robbed or maimed. I was robbed and maimed by their corrupt war criminal acts. Never trust the government in California. Avoid the state, avoid the United States and flee predatory negative capitalist nations like the USA when young.

The second theory on the Zhendong is thus : It is like a glove against a hand that manipulates data to alter banking data, and it also manipulates atoms to cause atomic explosions. The Zhendong is in fact comparable to the expression, "One hand clapping", and is a virtual tool chest, much like the Swiss Army Knife but of higher tech gadgetry. The three components of a mathematical and mechanical model are Yu Zhendong, the Xu Chaofan, and the Xu Guojun.

The Yu Zhendong portion is explained as the Y axis that starts on the ground and is the point of impact and data manipulation. U is a vector unit and may radiate out in a field around the center, the dong. The dong may originate the hen that lays the egg or the ends, that are cracked and split such as two magnetic poles. The Z is for the Zenith, meaning directly overhead and is the center point on the Y axis above and serves as the measurement for correlation and exactitude of the other entities comprising the Zhendong.

In the sky are the tools needed to do the job on the ground really. Xu to Xu is an area that goes on the horizontal plane overhead. U is vector unit going across from one Xu to the other Xu to Yu on the ground. The Chaofan is what maintains a pattern of temperature or control for all matter in the field, whether nuclear atoms or data manipulation. Guojun is what fires the data back to the Zhendong before or after the data or atoms have been manipulated in the Zhendong on the ground. G is for gravitational constant or G force, U is for vector unit, jun is mis-pronunciation of gun, or perhaps it is in contrast to the cooled state of the Chaofan, the heat of June, and all things are heated from the Guojun and accelerated. Thereby one throws fast and the other cools and directs. I once theorized on taking over hard drives with an encompassing electrical field, a smart field, but the back up hard drive was the issue and it would malfunction. The Zhendong takes care of this issue.

This is theory and I am perplexed by strange riddles. Collusion could make it possible for an entire society to be strapped into a state of mayhem and servitude and outright slavery in prisons and in mind. I have had many Spanish speaking friends in the past. However I also know that many men are clannish regardless of race. I do not like the fact that the USA government has numerous drug alwas that are reminiscent of the UK over China and the opium trade. California grows pot and so does South and Central America, yet in Alabama they are imprisoned for growing it. A huge amount of crack cocaine addicts are in the South East USA as a result.

A much simpler pattern to follow is the drug trade in the USA and the approved of money laundering as we saw with Wachovia bank, which was swallowed by Wells Fargo and no one was removed from Wachovia. The drugs are grown and manufactured in set locations such as South and Central America and Canada and Asia and California. The drugs are then allowed to be sold in the USA with payouts and bribes to government officials and their syndicate members. The money from large dealers is then taken to various banks and other entities and casinos that have relations with banks in the USA who are approved of for money laundering by government officials in the Treasury and FDIC and those who control them. The USA is a terrible mess. We may be better off dead. But I would say leave the USA if young. Go to a nation that is not a negative capitalist nation. Some say the USA government is a shell. So who cares who is killed? The sad part is many are just emloyees, victims of poverty, like a prostitute, or a stupid naive mercenary.

The Zhendong theory could be extrapolated upon further or changed. The alleged exploding van in OKC could have very well had nitrogen based fertilized in it. The nitrogen atoms could have been split and thereby excited creating the point of combustion or explosion and the temperature on the outside may not have had much to do with the explosion at all. Hence the word, "Chaofun". That is if the Moving Van was there at all. I do not belive the stories of the mass media most of the time in materially significant matters.

Mal-ware in the Universe is like speaking in tongues also. Those clues by God to tell us to run or take cover or to attack. A dual or multiple vacuum separating space and also the alteration of minds with injections could leave us all as slaves to the fools. Many hate each other on Earth. It is often misdirected animosity.

Comedy: Scene: I, Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone, am on a United Airlines flight to Tunis Tunisia for the World Press Freedom Conference. The Los Angeles Times has sent me a ticket and a young woman to accompany me who is also a trained journalist. I had the tickets upgraded to first class. I pull out the head of the alledged Timothy McVeigh to examine it. The box breaks open and the odor of the decomposed head smells like an anaerobic chamber busted open and housing a dead cat.

The woman wrenches from the odor protesting. I explain with the excitement of a lab scientist, "It is finally starting to ferment and expand. The embalming fluid and the 11 years in the grave made the tissue collapse on itself. I injected it with yeast and water and vinegar and it is finally starting to expand again. I will separate it out in the hotel and do some chemical analysis on the tissue. The woman asks what is his name is. I think for a moment and reply, "They said it is Timothy McVeign. I will call him, Mr. MoJo Risin. His lips looked chapped. I will order him a beer to wet his whistle again. The presence of Mr. Mojo is like an aphrodisiac. Do you feel it?" The whistle protrudes from the mouth after drinking the beer and whistles Music link Doors LA Woman.

Scene : In the hotel room, the woman journalist is holding a butcher knife and wearing a gas mask. I am dissecting the head to perform an autopsy. While doing chemical analysis on the tissues, various people muchy like Characters from the Movie Snatch come in, except more Muslims and Jews are there and English and Mexican and Asian and more. I finally peer in very closely to the one of the tissues and pinching with a tweezer I pull out a fine wire the size of a thin human hair. I turn and say to the lovely Journalist with a smile, "I found out how the Zhendong blew up buildings. I found out how the Zhendong manipulated data on multiple computers at the same time. And now, didn't I tell you?. "Remember The Wire". You can google those terms. I saw it coming even if I can not see it. The wire is the key to the control of humans with the Zhendong." (NOte, in reality, I think it can be done with specially engineering liquids and such injected into or surrounding the body.)

Segment April 2, 2012: ZHENDONG_weapon_TOOL_vacuum_GUOJUN_chaofan_CHAOFUN

This will extrapolate on a weapon I have proposed and some new observations. I will soon stop posting on Mobile Audit Club and move on to another project, perhaps a book, perhaps international travel. I live in a sort of Hell since being injected and being knocked unconscious. I fear they cut my brain and did something to me, either in Flagstaff or Los Angeles or elsewhere. I do not want to share weapons with anyone who would harm me and take our young. I saw that Archangel Michael fought to protect children. I and others have tried to do the same, and we have been beaten down. Now about the weapon, the Zhendong.

As an aside, I was in chains and being injected forcibly when Timothy McVeigh was being executed. I do not believe he did anything. I believe he was set up. He may have been an abducted medical guinea pig of the military in Kansas or elsewhere. His convict number illustrated that he was a victim of what transpired in 1976, including the first super computer and the the establishment of the government of the Khmer in Asia, and it was the bicentennial of the USA and the Constitution. The constitution is as dead as roadkill. His number indicated 12/24/1976, therefore those who gave him his number saw his plight and thought perhaps he would arise on Jesus's birthday. That is just poetic speculation as I have deduced with my number 911 imposed by the same dictators which was supposed to have been erased.

The Zhendong may rely on the vacuum that is in Central Heat and Air (CHA) Units to cause detonations and to manipulate data. A particle accelerator such as that in Switerzerland at CERN requires a vacuum. All air conditioner units have a vacuum. Chaofan would represent the A and I think I saw more names in an article, and I am not certain but Chaofun would present the A' or A prime as we call it in mathematics. I am speculating and am not perfect in my theory due to this not being my field of specialty.

We could have a vacuum in space where we are divided. The reason I say this is due to the way the hints are being given to us in convict numbers and in names of those translated from Asia as they come to the United States. Their names are very much similar to mathematical and mechanical models of tools of warfare if you research those who were associated with Xu Chaofan, Xu Guojun, and Yu Zhendong. I believe a Chaofun was involved also, that is why I said A' or A-prime, but I am not certain and am done researching the topic. The Bank of China may have been ripped off during that time around 1991 to 2001 also and Xu and Xu may have been set up.

I live in fear of the government now. When I see myself being harassed, I think of the Zhendong weapon and how it can be used. My life went into a tailspin after I was injected in 2001, and after I was injected in 2004, I became even more ill. They gave me a stroke. In the sense that McVeign is dead, I consider him lucky. Perhaps his headaches are gone now. He was an innocent man most likely or manipulated to his death. Something was likely done to him. Sometimes I wonder if they cut my frontal lobe when I was unconscious in 2004, or perhaps in 2001 when the government put my head in an MRI machine allegedly.

I recommend stopping all wars and for man to do some introspection. I know it will not happen. Me and McVeigh are not the only ones better off dead. Some think if you own guns you own them for warfare. California has that mindset. Beware of gun ownership in that state or any large city. In the age of the Zhendong and the self righteous warlords and their followers, you must realize you are are viewed as the enemy. Your culture is an ancient one if you believe in peaceful firearm ownership. Some people hunt and fish. Some people kill and maim. A gun is not necessary for either but it will work in both cases and simple ownership can have you labeled a criminal by our enemies in power. Beware of the enemy among us and technological manifestations.

The media claimed it took a while for the weather to heat up to blow up the van parked in front of the OKC federal building because the inside had to heat the fertilizer and fuel up in the cargo box. I think they should re-consider all of the clues I have revealed.

To see all of the names associated with Xu and Xu and Yu, see the links in the youtube saintrambone video with Zhendong in the title. It is all there in the side bar of the video with links. I do not care if we have the end of time. I just hope it goes quick if it happens. All things come out the same in the end.

My proposal thus far on the weapon is, The Zhendong releases the egg, or the totality with instruction, like a hen with a death penis. The Guojun transmits and relays the instructions for acceleration of part of the code from the split egg, a sort of particle accelerator. The Chaofan receives the information or excited particles and uses the vacuum in the CHA units to move the particles or information to the outside, the Chaofun, either in the CHA ducts or outside of the compressor, the particle is possibly relayed back to the gun or more are sent and accelerated or the particle is moved around in the CHA unit from interior to exterior all the while utilizing the vacuum in the compressor.

The USA needs a new paradigm for leadership. We are not getting it. California sells marijuana for 400 dollars an ounce and Mexico and Colombia bring the marijuana cheaper. In Alabama, former slave descendants are jailed for marijuana growing for personal use. Banks are laundering the money with government approval. The tourniquet is in place on many of the American people. That is just one example of reform that is needed. In another, the government takes children from our families and passes them through the government system. I think we are better off dead when they do so, but an elder once told me things are not as bad as they seem. Everything has cause and effect.

I had a dream one night recently when my head was hurting terribly from the stroke or medical manipulation. I thought a man who looked similar to my father but much larger appeared. He said he would take care of this kismet, or he said he would take care of this sh-t. My father would kill you if you harmed me. I have no doubt about that. However, sometimes we can jump to conclusions and kill the wrong one creating premature death. If guilty, perhaps God would not mind, but the rule is "Thou Shalt Not Kill". It is ironic McVeigh and I owned the same number of guns. It is ironic he was killed when I was jailed. They tried to get me to have sex with an inmate and guard at LA County Jail. I did not do so. They lined us up on a bench, penis to anus, when we first arrived. Never go to Los Angeles. It is like a nuclear bomb went off there. Perhaps I was knocked unconscious inside the jail. I pray for God to deal with this mess, this kismet, to alter the course of man or to kill us and bring us back upright. We have fallen in so many ways. Imagine, a simple CHA unit being used as a weapon of mass destrution. Vacuums created in space could even do more. I once theorized on a 3-D Dimensionalizer, a sort of hologram similar to some Dutch art I saw. Put a picture of a plane in the hologram, crank up the heat of the A/C compressor, and let nature take care of the rest. That is a witticism kind of like a catechism.

O brother, where art thou? I'll Fly Away now (music).

In a final note, I saw on the moon recently lines stretching out like straight striations for at least 33.3% of the surface. I thought it was ice from the "Wicking effect" of water from the atmosphere as we approach the center of the milky way galaxy. I have just read that NASA blew up a bomb up there in 2009, on the South pole of the moon. It is my guess the Zhendong government that controls the USA has just defeated an encampment of men who protected us, perhaps shooting down the aircraft I saw falling on December 7, 2004. I hope that I am wrong. But seeing that McVeigh was wrongfully killed when I was being tortured, makes me uncertain. Now also Egypt is under military rule and Libya is as well. We are under attack and I can not tell how many are involved, or whom. Perhaps it is the world's human race that needs a change in paradigm, or perhaps we have all been kidnapped. Do not fear death if a war breaks out. Do not fear charging a point in their line if you are cornered. You are sometimes better off dead than to be injected and tortured. Never trust the government and all things they approve. It is not the government itself that has gone bad but some layers at top seem to have lost their head. Now the moon is likely not inhabitable due to what appears to have been a nuclear blast. Yours truly, a man with binoculars and a lot of training. I pity the children of this Earth. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, is that a Zhendong I see setting the moon afar?"

To those who cross us, those of honesty, virtue and of the old testament commandments and lectures, and to Sheriff Jack Snatch the Feral Federal Possum and his whiney Mob AL crew, I travel the Devils triangle. My most famous quote during weapons reinvention is, "The horror spikes the comedy. The comedy sooths the horror." So Salvation is free and I am bit like this guy in this Cranberries Video, ARD F-DIC Party Clown bringing you Salvation in his truk. Never let them control your anger. If you are a veteran, you may be manipulated by things you did not know they did to you. You can not change the universe. It is staid. Salvation is?

Segment March 26, 2012: ZHENDONG_weapon_DIRTY_dozen_DETECTION_wachovia_BANK_bank_OF_china_McVEIGH_OKC_braman_WICHITA

I have released a video on a weapons theory today with strange coincidences and proof, and it indicates an internal struggle inside the USA, likely exerted from abroad and above in a high tech war and financial manipulation machine. This theory is based on evidence I have gathered. It is as if the dirty dozen went to work on this project, and I am proud they have intrusted me with such a divine task. It is my belief that the names Xu Chaofan, Xu Guojun, and Yu Zhendong were made up names when the men entered the USA. The names were used to help us see the truth possibly in the overtaking of the Chinese and the Americans. Their names are in fact a mathematical and mechanical model that explains a new weapons method, what I call the Zhendong.

The video is titled Zhendong New Weapon, Wachovia Ripped, OKC Federal and McVeigh Ripped, Xu*Xu*Yu , and it is on Youtube saintrambone videos collection. Their weaponry is likely convoluted. Beware of mind control, and if you have a a knot on the back of your head like McVeigh, they might have you dancing like a puppet on a string. That is another theory, at another time. I have included the comments from the video below.

Xu * Xu * Yu equals == Zhendong Weapon or Tool Coverage Area, in warfare or in financial manipulations of computer systems. The equation may need to be hammered out a bit, but I have laid the variables in front of you, while someone else made those names up to give us a warning.

This is my theory, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, formerly my middle number was 911 and my last two were 84. I called 911 and got no response later from FBI or Secret Service or the President or Senators in California. The number was forced upon me in 2001 with injections and threats by federal officials. It was erased in late 2004, allegedly. After the stroke from the injections in 2001 and 2004 , I was too weak to fight back. They had left the number on my record so I could not get federal employment again. I had it cleared up in 2011 when my memory came back of the stroke and other details and I was strong enough to get help with the legal morass the federal and state war criminals had thrown me into. They still will not hire me. I need medical care and would prefer slow death usually than to be tortured and harassed in a federal facility masquerading as health care.

I pity those veterans who have to be subjected to any abuses so they can get health care. Many were killed at LA VA Westwood. I have links at the top of the website Mobile Audit Club that prove my statement. Mobile Audit Club can be found by most search engines including Google.

It appears the names and numbers may illustrate how easy it is to make people see that there are those out there who are opposed to the health and well being of honest working people.

The USA is being robbed, Europe is being robbed. The Mid-east is being torn to pieces. The Zhendong that almost hit me in Braman was a huge craft obviously that was in flames when it came crashing to the ground in Braman, late night December 7, 2004. I witnessed it but did not call it in. I had been forced injections and basically tortured in early 2004 at Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center when I stopped to be checked for a burn on my neck. I saw something suspicious like a toxic spill and was running a test also on Flagstaff Medical Center asking them to check my truck for radiation and to treat the burn on my neck.


Per a new law, Arizona Title 36-520, an innocent person can be injected forcibly by any one in authority in the vicinity of the arrest or abduction. I was simply seeking medical care. The Writ of Habeus Corpus was basically made defunct in 2001 in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada thereby putting us into a state of martial law.

Wachovia Bank was robbed by manipulation most likely. Insiders working in conjunction with the Zhendong laundered more money than any other bank in history. A man in London, Martin Woods, of Wachovia Bank, caught the easy catch of money laundering of that size. He was harassed and now owns a large part of a company known as Forensic Solutions Limited in the UK.

Timothy McVeigh was likely innocent and had likely been manipulated. This is another topic, but I would wager he had a large knot on the back of his head. Is it genetic or is it manipulation? Many of us humans have that knot. I am trained in freak genetics as well and hybrid technologies.

The OKC federal building bombing on April 19, 1995, was likely not by McVeigh but by something associated with the Zhendong weapon I describe. Or it could have been that someone in OKC had caught on to the Zhendong and how it operated.

FDIC, I have not been able to find real work for 12 years. I had to work on my own, sometimes as a journalist, sometimes as an erotic massage therapist. Times are harder now and I need medical care. I have been sick. The stroke and possible cancer appear to be taking their toll.

I am also harassed at every turn with claims that I am dangerous or have a weapon. I am a journalist, not an assassin. I gave up that job after I left the USN and guarding a large cache of likely nuclear weapons on a USN vessel, yet you try to harm me and kill me for being asleep in my truck and U-Haul with my personal guns legally bought and owned. I had a gun permit until Sheriff Jack Tillman took it in 2001 when I was running a test on him to see if he was a food funds thief. The government did nothing to Tillman until 2005. They were stealing oil out of Mobile Bay also under a natural gas contract at that time also. I counted a large convoy of oil tanker trucks leaving a pumping facility when oil was being struck.

The American people are being ripped off. Now we are losing human rights. If you see a Zhendong in flames and falling take cover. It might house small nuclear weapons or a large arsenal of conventional weapons and fuel.

Mobile Audit Club, suck it Sweet Carol, it's a lolly pop. I will make a comedy scene up soon. I want to be ain a movie of this stuff if we survive.

As a final aside, I really like the meals before the high holidays surrounding Hannukah at a synagogue where I am welcome. It reminds me of the last supper. I think it is Hannukah, or right before. I have worked long and hard on the Xu Xu Yu project and a light dawned on me. A girl named Kelly in Monroeville Alabama told me I would die at age 44. If the Zhendong had hit me, she would have been right on the money. I started the trip early that morning in 2004 because I thought I would die that year as she predicted, a 50/50 chance. She predicted her death the weekend she told me. Sadly a drunk driver killed her on her predicted death date. I missed her, she was one of my friends at the school in the 9th or 10th grad. My other friend and his mother moved afterward. He and I were checking out holes in the graveyard, listening to Black Sabbath, and I missed her call that day. I was a transient student as always, as now. This thing never really ends. It is all an illusion, but I like to play along. This Is The End is a song linked here. Why have I survived when so many others have died? Witness number 911.

Segment March 24, 2012: TRUTH_explosion_BRAMAN_xxY_theory_warfare_BANK_china_OKC_braman_MACHINE_facts_ODDITIES_religion_CLAIMS_ironies_PUZZLES

The horrors of this life are as bizarre as the comedy. My friends, those who have known me or known of me sometimes make me laugh, sometimes make me wonder, sometimes send me caution. Mistakes, the mistakes of our lives here in the USA. I look at the face of God in a new way. Perhaps I have shattered. One friend called me Ezekiel, and Ezekiel is the one who wants to travel and he has a woman to whom he has approach-avoidance conflict, and it is in the sense the dual of himself he sees. Another friend told me I was like Michael. He is an Archangel. He fights with Satan in the end, leading armies. I think he is buried in the dirt like Kurt. That is a joke. I am half dead from the stroke induced from injections. They say for some death is like a rope we hold onto. I don't know what the third claim is or if there is a third claim. I suppose I have a choice of how I see myself. I see myself half dead, having recently opened my eyes in a new battlefield, the same old one.

Perhaps that is what it is. In the first half of my life I am like Ezekiel who is thinking of flying around here and there and complaining about his over-sexed womans promiscuities in the past or the present, never really seeing himself in the shadow of what he perceives, the dual sides, attraction and repulsion.

Perhaps in the second part of my life I am more like Michael. I have stopped the starving of inmates, or tried to, and I tried to stop the forced medical procedures that were sometimes resulting in the deaths of veterans, the maiming of myself, and the torturing of illegal immigrants and those in cities where forced injections are allowed by police and others such as Flagstaff Arizona and Nashville Tennessee. I have tried to stop the writing of laws that place a tourniquet worth your body weight in gold around your mind and tell you to pay for it in your body weight in gold over your life time. Cheech and Chong comes to mind, not to hit the actors but the entire show during that period. Slanting to the West where a weed was worth its weight in gold, marijuana, the relaxant of the Vietnam war era generations.

I have dreams, bizarre dreams. Poignant and clear, as clear as the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. I am glad we are having some rain. We have entered the more neutral zone at the center but there is still pressure on the elements that are not drawn to Earth, and those outer elements are pushed to the two year boundary at center point of the Milky Way Galaxy. Gravity takes its toll on me, on us. If I could run, I would too, to the spirit realm. My job is done and I am having trouble with lifes challenges due to oppression in this part of the semi-sphere planet.

Natural phenomena over superstition. The earth is a semi-sphere. We are not on a round planet. Is it this shape permanently? Or is the thinner part of the circle shifting to be the larger part once going through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy on the other side resulting in dire consequences for many of us. A truth may be found, what is permanent and staid and what is mobile and transducive to change. In some ways, not directly, but off hand, I have been told to move closer to center. But what is center and what happens there and what is my purpose?

Vulcanize me said the rigid tired. The smell of burning rubber, sulphur, permeates my mind. The horror I experienced on December 7, 2004 at midnight opened my eyes and I have a new theory. Perhaps Michaels war this time is limited to analysis. Wars, what am I to fight with, two swizzle sticks? A gun is no better. They will hold it to your head and blow your brains out.

This is about Xu Guojun and Xu Chaofan and Yu Zhendong of the Bank of China out of Macau allegedly. I have another theory, this is not Chinese money, this 483 million USA dollars. This is something else. The tale is told in the names of the men. One Xu Guojun was arrested in Wichita, Kansas two weeks after Xu Chaofan was arrested in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma around June of 2004. Yu Zhendong was living in Los Angeles California. Sweet Carols FDIC BOD, this puppy is starting to add up. You see, I was given the middle number 911 for a while. 84 was my last number, as in George Orwells 84. I had called 911 to assist me after being attacked while investigating FDIC murder in 2001. They soon knocked my teeth out with forced injections. My mind snapped a bit, they gave me a small stroke. Was it intentional, to have me stick my finger into the current of the dead, one of the finer fingers in my mind. The federal government has directly and indirectly but purposefully given me a stroke and partial blindness which they do not accept responsibility for due to the statute of limitations they have written for me. I witness this partially blinded due to their abuses?

We are losing our children and grandchildren to the alleged benevolent government of the USA. This is another lie. The trails ends when the kids are released from humans view, those of the family of the children. WE should demand a family oriented pardigm for child adoption. Their government is a retarded shit. They are of the negative capitalists vein. Imagine how much a daughter of a queen would cost if sold at an angelic premium? Theirs is only monogamy to two, they and their bosses who control the money. The money is the root of most evil. The right hand was crushed. But was it the wrong hand?

Then there is Saul. Imagine if Saul had been tampered with the last time around before he chose a king. His judgment could be altered. The lives of millions ransacked. Guinea pigs US. The military is a paradigm for good for evil. You stand there and take it like a stupid bastard. Ignorance runs rampant in the young, but the youngest and brightest see it at the outset and later fall if they are brainwashed or manipulated medically or through poisons, etc. A time to fight. A time to flee. Or remained staid and suffer the lashes of teeth, or poverty, possibly.

Who was it, God or someone else in my dream? They seemed all powerful. They said I am going to get you out of here no matter what. I will take care of this shit. I take it I am forgiven or I am self decieved. God and the devil reign in all of us if you think about it. Just like Ezekiel and his two chidren, one angel and one half of a saint and the other half his mother. I picture someone doing a high karate, reaching into a wall of debris in a ramshackle house and pulling out a possum in a mighty death like grip. 4-3-2001 360, and Snatch and out comes the possum, with the money still in the wall in the possum hole, the vault. My date was wrong on a recent post. I hope no one hacked this site. It was a Jewish number 8, the 26th. I wrote it the 19th or 20th. Typographical errors do happen as well.

Xu and Xu and Yu, back to the paradigm, the hows, the whys, the wheretofores. With Yu being in Los Angeles, I think the city of Los Angeles paid a critical role, or someone there. The controller perhaps of the triangle, or perhaps not, perhaps just stinking Los Angeles coincidence. A lot of idiots, myself when young, are attracted to her bright lights and negative virtues, including the stale air, like that of a motorized piston wrapped in perfume.

The two X's are on the horizonal plane during the money maneuvers. They are controlled from the Y plane, the vertical, likely from space, perhaps relayed from Los Angeles over hi speed towers or satellites. Movement of money or people or data, who knows. OKC to Wichita. I once had a computer professor who was disappointed with me because I kept taking a class and getting out of it. It was after the first set of injections forcibly and I was horrified that federal warlords or their henchmen like Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman of Mobile Alabama would come and mess with me. The professor looked really stressed and shouted at people. He was the head of the computer department at a large college. He likely thought of these things as well. It pays to step back, let it vegitate, and then dig back in. It gives one time to consult with the devil or god, and guess who chooses? Jack answer that one.

Then there is the Wachovia Bank strategy. Was it a deliberate tragedy? Were they playing for as long and as much as they could and then bailing out after getting caught and closing the doors to persecution with monies derived from the launderers or those who approve of it in government? Or were they victims of deceit and trickery? Simply counting their lucky bagged stars and their wholesome banks? You can make someone look like anything if you have the power. Look at what they did to me, pushing me out of employment and partially killing me and walking away, as if in a war, a battlefield. My middle number 911 since I had called it. Some say we have those who want to point their finger at the Mexicans for all of the foul play in Los Angeles. He does not know the sound of the Bonobo when it eats another Bonobos flesh. Cannabilism is a trait in all of mankind. He means well, but he feels sorrow for what has happened to me. I designed it this way. I fall into holes so I can tell people what is in it so they do not have to fall in. I have a talent. I am Brown, Dirt Brown, Kurt Brown, Yurt Brown according to some, Angel according to others.

I once had a dream I was going to be burned. A woman warned me in the dream. A woman I knew and should have married, I suppose. French fries is what I have now, only fries, or is it something else? I reckon. I dead reckon. I was attacked in February 2001 and my vehicle almost flipped. A man bought gas when I was buying it before the incident. He held up the can and had that strange evil smile that I have encountered in sociopaths intent on destruction, like a child who torches his own home. The dream awakened my senses when the attack started. It saved me. Just recently, online, I saw where a Jewish man was burned in Monsey New York by another Jewish man. It was on Youtube so the validity is not certain. It seemed real. I would wager something different happened. I find it unfathomable. God told me or whoever that was in the dream, he was going to take care of this shit. Yes, the odd shaped egg called earth may go vertical or some other odd nonsense.

I feel sorrow for many of us, both victims and assailants. I feel sometimes like I am on an island of retards and no one really gives a damn about pain or sorrow, and those who do can do nothing about it. I looked at an image of Earth's solar system entering the two year center span, a clear area, in the Milky Way Galaxy. It looked like an egg entering the fallopian tube from the side instead of coming down the tube like eggs do. I would like to ride the tube but I would likely be fertilized into something vile. Of course, separating out the two may prove that being vile is the only way to stay alive in certain strata and respects. That dichotomy in life, like the deuterostome human, either two anuses or two mouths, the irony of ignoring the obvious split. It is not an improbaility, it is a certainty.

Sometimes I ask God to give me a sign on where to go and what to do, to do his bidding. I can just see the Devil as he is known handing out directives in this life and I was placed in the middle of it. The malfunctioning derelict of little scientific or dialectic acumen gets a cure, a curse, the healed mind, the relaxed laugh, of a man who met a Jewish woman of greater integrity. Our gaps, our virtues, our games. XXY, XXy, X-_,X^-_ The ancient alphabets likely hold secret tools, but what do I know, I am a mathematical idiot who tries to make math equations out of peoples names to bring reason as to why things are as they are, as if someone is giving me a clue, just as they gave me a clue when they gave me the middle number 911 after I was the one who had been attacked in the streets with no government response. Why do bombs explode next to me at the center point, what I call the center of the hypotenuse. OKC to Wichita with Braman in the middle and the explosion, X to X with Y overhead. Was that a dead space craft controlling Xu and Xu currency from Y? Yu? Los Angeles? Macau? Was the tool a three part thing, with Wichita being the firing end, Guojun, OKC being the catching end, Chaofan, and Los Angeles or the Vertical being the ramming end, Zhendong? God pokes you in front of the audience sometimes if he wants you to see the flames, sometimes if he wants the world to see you in flames. Get your red hots Jack. Sweet Carol, they are spiked for us. Your flatulence makes me want to lead, Sequenti Vi Ventorum. 6 is the key number for investigative journalist. Just enough to present the Devils argument to those who sold out. To witness. To share. To shove. Go with the force Sweet.

The resonating sexual frequencies, XX XY. The spinning about, the unusual mathematical callousness, the certainty held as staid as a floating battleship over Braman's F-DIC Head, me, at the hypotenuse of the Devils Triangle, my research grid, stretching from the Village of the Damned in Mobile Alabam to Los Angeles to San Francisco and points beyond. I saw the line run from Wichita to OKC. I first mistakenly drew the line catching the Ames Oklahoma meteorite explosion. No relevance. But the earthquakes in Sparks Oklahoma may have been caused by the fracture the blast caused in Braman. The ripple would have settled in Sparks. The Focus in Sparks and the Epicenter in Braman, or is that vice versa? I look at the war in Libya, I draw the circle off the coast and stretch it to points that border all of the coasts of the Eastern Mediterranean, the favorites of Libya, Israel, Greece and all nations in between, the circle looming there, likely aiding in warfare. I ask who won this thing boss? One song of loneliness and despair keeps running through my mind. Never trust the USA governments or anything they control, including hospitals and schools. They are no different than many other governments. The rulers stay hidden, like a mob boss with too many enemies. The negative capitalists empire tells us to trust them. Piracy was founded with approval from the queen to attack negative capitalists. One hand cuts another. Watch it bleed and watch It RAN turn to gold. Tool Sober (music). Alone. Will I wake up alone? We all do. Did someone say I left a stain on Jacks Ass? I woke up with a stain on my nose at birth. Bloodied most likely in the interim.

It took me a while to deduce this, but I will name the orbiting armed drone or spacecraft that crashed near me in Braman Oklahoma in 2004 the "Zhendong". Take it from an ejected F-DIC bank examiner who was still chasing Snatch, Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman and his more criminal federal alliances. But now, the government is closed to me, the federal dictators run it with an iron first behind cement walls in every city. What is going on with the Zhendong over the Mediterranean, Libya? D.C? Who is Puck 0-bama? How did he come to be after W? W loved Wachovia. He did not love me. Who was he? XX? I am theorizing on a way of taking over in warfare, where one pushes the other aside. That is what someone said to me in LA in 2001 when I was released. All charges have been cleared since that time for legal gun ownership. I have no record, yet they treat me as a criminal. I hope someone takes out every Y if it takes out every XX that has harmed us and robbed us. Sometimes your own gun can be used to blow your brains out and you won't even have your finger on the trigger. Never own a gun in the USA. The aristrocracy XX has criminalized ownership and allowing you to be injected with their chemicals as I was. You are better off to make a run for it, and dump the guns, and to blow your brains out if caught. Or maybe the person in charge of it all is just another world criminal f-ck. They will eat you alive. Beware of the enemy and their trickery and their negative capitalism. Judges 6 is not a joke. God is not the US dollar or any other currency. It makes me sick to see God written on it, the new Idol of our times in the era of negative capitalism. It mixes with the positive to pollute everything. And notice the FDIC calls themselves a Corporation but they are a government agency. I should have known not to work for liars and murderers. I was placed in harms way like a combatant and the hiring officers did not tell me in advance of employment at the FDIC. A double blind if there ever was one.

Segment March 19, 2012: SCIENCE_theory_HORRORS_acknowledgement_LESSER_greater_MAN_truths_CLARITY_optional

Recently I was in a hardware store, and a man approached with a metal rod 12 to 18 inches long. I have hyper-surveillance of anything with a point due to being forcibly injected many times by armed criminals associated with and directed by financial criminals. I had seen another man with the same thing at another location earlier.

The question becomes, is the man for me or against me? Some men are paid to attack like animals, some are following a directive set down by a lesser man, and it is all the same in the end. Some are ready to strike regardless, always on the alert as in fight or flight of the lower animals. Some mean well and may have a million ways of communicating ideas and actions. The motion reminded me of someone cleaning ants off a stick. In all men is the Bonobo monkey, who was the first to use a tool, a rod, to poke in and withdraw ants and the first to communicate with it by drawing letters on the earth. So my imaginations opens the door to two conclusions. Welcome to the first, my acknowledgement, my nightmare of what might be.

A smart pole, a somewhat rigid non-metal tube with an inner core that is a hybrid technology with multiple function. It is tough as metal but flexible and it is a rod shaped cylinder and it goes down the spinal column along the ventricular ridge from the cervical. It would start beyond the oblongota on the inner skull above the occipital and toward the center of the ventricular cavities. It would end after going down the ventral spinous process of the spine for 12 inches or less into the thoracic. The grinding once activated or shattered would be audible to the federal guinea pig victim as a sort of tiny marbles sound, like crunching vertebrae or the inner cochlear. This sort of technology might save a quadriplegic if it was more thought out and made into hybrid solutions. Next stop, the unholy possum virus in my forays. Medicine is a great challenge, subject to being abused like a microwave oven with someones living head cooking in it. Scene : Sheriff Jack Snatch The Thieving Fairy Possum and I try out my new experiment which is a microwave with a rheostat and a head harness so I can put his head in it to see if a fiber optic cord with a rubber coating around a fiber optic bundle imgregnated in a grid with separate tests of polarizd and hydrogenated embryonic stem cells. We will see if there is a different reaction with the microwaves when his head and the rod are in the presence of modulated microwaves on a graduated scale of intensity, mixed with the other controlled variables. I will play him the song, "Who Wrote The Book of Love"(music). Jack and I like action together. He is my udder protege.

Snatch you must know, outside of this joke, they are taking the children away from our families in Alabama. That is no joke. We want those children back, for many families. DHR in Alabama and CPS in California should Seek all extended family members for adoption before seeking the meat markets of negative capitalism for children from troubled parents. That is a new paradigm if we ever flush the negative capitalists from our heirs.

There are other things, more comical, or more threatening, depending on how you view it. This is my science "watch out for this kind of stuff" warning. When the lights go out, the probes go in. Perhaps it is already over me, after being knocked unconsciuos and I am as dead as a zombie in reality. I would prefer death, or since this bad fantasy, a big bed to lay down my injection stroke victim head, somewhere high about the city, either the FDIC, or Treasury, or the Lloyds of London. The lure of money. Perhaps a small yard and a vegetable patch near Biloxi or Yonkers. Remember Papillion the movie of the convicts. Thanks F-DIC, I will never forget to sweep ya. Rumpled Stilt Skin, out like a light, 2004 to 2011 due to the stroke I was, those injections you forced, and I am not sure when the guinea pig ride began. Maybe the wrecked rod strikes vortexes the ventricular cavities center point to pin point my mind. A Cali Bed facing East Sweet Carol, F-DIC BOD, Suite Carol I will call her. I will look at my vegetable garden across the way at the other California, Alcatraz. A few scenes from the movie Pappillion. PLease do not harass the innocent in the USA you war criminal factions. Your solutions to problems often create more problems for us. We definitely need a new pardigm or a new leadership on this here island. Take the advice from your Quartermaster. Things are dier.

I often mis-read what I see, such as seeing an innocent man as guilty upon initial inspection. Signs, symptoms, second thoughts. Big money corrupts everything. Racism and bitter hatreds corrupts everything in the same fashion. Xu of othe Bank of China out of Macau may have been a victim in some way. I am never certain. Perhaps he has a rod in his head. Perhaps Xu and Xu are controlled from the Y axis, meaning in space or affected in that manner from their own scalps. Of course we can not forget the ground state and you can forget the ground being under you if you need those in power, truly in power. For 483 million USA dollars, I can find a surgeon to hook you up. In my next comedy, we will play around inside a spinning Jack. My horror spikes my comedy, my comedy sooths my horror. The horror.

Segment March 14, 2012

The United States government has been over run by what I call negative capitalists and the banking industry is no different. I, as a FDIC bank examiner for the federal government formerly, was appalled to discover that Wachovia Bank was conducting illegal banking transactions with Mexico and Colombia and other nations and Wachovia bank and USA federal banking regulators allowed it to happen. Wachovia Bank was only caught because someone in London, UK, made a "Suspicious Activity Report" on banking transactions between the USA and Mexico. It was after I had been injected forcibly several times and placed in chains and knocked unconscious in Arizona in Flagstaff at the Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. They were caught at Wachovia at about the same time that the Bank of China duo, of Xu and Xu, came to the USA with their 483 million of stolen funds allegedly.

The bottom line is that We do not know who really controls the USA government. We are the common Americans who are rarely informed of criminal misconduct and who suffer horrible holocaust style abuses against innocent citizens such as myself, Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine.

If you are young, I recommend you go to a nation that is more homogenous in religious beliefs and actions. The muslim nations such as the UAE are starting to appear more attractive to me. Israel might be nice too, but you have to pick up a knife and weapons to guard the borders. I prefer to live in peace without a wall around me.

If you are an honest accountant or journalist, you should beware of the USA governments. They have gone rancid. If you can get in the banks to do money laundering, they do not prosecute. The mob bosses will get their cut when the government does their audit of the banks. They will torture, kill, and maim, all who get in their way in the USA. That is why no reports were made on Wachovia bank in the USA. The man who reported the crimes at Wachovia Bank in London was harassed and intimidated by some for his work. His last name was Wood, the man who caught the Wachovia transactions at the USA and Mexican border. God bless him for diligence, but I do not think it will do any good. Those in power in the USA will simply find another bank, likely a larger bank, or just do transactions directly with the government officials at top who benefit from criminal banking arrangements.

If you are young, I recommend fleeing the USA at aget 18 or 22. Negative capitalism reigns here now, a Godless venture of exploitation of the masses in drugs, prostitution, and slave prison labor, and sale of the children for science and as prostitutes, and the use of citizens as medical guinea pigs and for bodily organs. I should have left when age 18 but I was brain damaged and brain washed by the time I was 18. I did not see the criminals in power as I see them now. I saw them at age 8 and wanted them dead. Never trust anything the government touches, inlcuding federal government healthcare. They have killed us, maimed us, robbed us. I do not care if they are killed, but the true dictators live behind thick cement walls in federal buildings across the hated United States of America or they live overseas. Beware of our enemies in power. Protect your young if they are not already altered or taken. I welcome the end of time if we can not be free from our enemies in power, so help us God. It is really about the money, as money is the root of all evil. Money (music).

Segment March 8, 2012 : COMEDY_truth_BASED_lucas_FILMS_jedi_KURT_truk_SHERIFF_snatch_POSSUM_man_SWEET_carol_MASTA_satan

Scene : Captain Kurt, alias Saint Ram Bone, rider of the river celestial misfit, along the Milky Way Galaxy Center is meeting with the Jedi or whomever the little hairless chihuahua looking fellow from the Jedi series is. I use this scene because I have applied with Lucas Films for the trillionth time in Sonoma County California. I have a passport and would like to work on the Singapore Jedi Internship. I only require, nothing really. On with the show. Banking is a killer, ask Banking Frauds Prosecutor Thomas Crane Wales, allegedly anarchists murdered him. I say he was murdered by banking related criminals internationale. The FDIC regional director in San Francisco in the early 90's who was alleged suicide with his own gun in his high rise office, I say was a murder and many FDIC bank examiners agree privately if not publicly. Banking related criminals locale and internationale attack myself, Kurt Brown, auditor and journalist in many ways, even to this day. Tortured and partially blinded with injections and a partial stroke, I, a former FDIC bank examiner who got a peek into the show at the FDIC and later ran tests to verify if murderers were present. I was attacked and survived. I am maimed by the acts of Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama who was allowed to torture me locally and his presence and those of the federal murderers were felt and have been felt for years. Tillman is no longer in office, forced out, rewarded and not really prosecuted, not like myself, drug to Hell in a hand basket. I could say my life was ruined, but I follow the course, like the In this scene I am burying my dog Bow Bone creature from another planet.

Captain Kurt to little chihuahua looking Jedi fellow and Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum from Cottonmouth Creek.

"Snatch it appears you killed my friend Bow Bone when you left him in your holding pens and you ate all of his food while I was away. He's the only part of my dead wife that remains after she was killed in that body swap you thought I did not see. He loved that woman as much as I did and I love him like a son or a brother. It is because of your boss in reality, Masta Swing Carol Fairy Possums and Possum Sheriff Criminals Internationale, that six legged monkey. Bow Bone stopped loving her today and I will too on my dieing day. (music link)"

Sheriff Snatch to Kurt and Jedi fellow, "He done it, he took food from the waste disposal and scattered it across the public roadway and into the inmate workout yard. I locked him up and threw away the key"

Jedi to Snatch, "You took food away too. Bad Snatch".

In closing,On with the show. Since this is a childrens show, I may change Snatch's name to "Snack". I Kurt Brown have been blacklisted by federal and state employers but they pay me anyway a small amount. I am worth much more to the public in an auditors chair because I use medical lab techniques to solve insolvable financial audit problems. It is like being a doctor and using surgical techniques to catch cockroaches and pinworms and tapeworm proglottids in the do. I have no health insurance outside of federal guinea pig, VA, insurance. Meaning I was injected repeatedly forcibly and maimed and forced to sign documents. My mind was altered by their torture. I am part dead and wonder if the reason I can not get work is because I am now brain dead. I need work or if I should get ill, I will need death and not Guinea Pig health care. I can not trust those who forced others to put down their signature so that I could be maimed. I use comedy to vent. In the year that I was removed from the FDIC the economy started to slip. That was in 2000. A shakeup is happening in banking. Wales was killed on 10/11/2001. One month after 9/11. I was scheduled to be released from the first injections and torture on 8/11/2001. Snatch and I met on 4/3/2001 when he attacked me. I had survived an attack or harassment by federal related assassins in a test I had run on St. Valentines Day 2001 to dertmine if assassins were present at the FDIC or associated with them. I used myself as bait in the test. Big mistake for the medical tests I would later run. In the event of a national tragedy, we are not safe in many USA gulag types of hospitals. May the force be with you.

Captain Kurt in his Truk to those on Jedi studio Properties in Thailand. "Snatch, you are a disgrace to the planet Earth. You are almost like a human gone bad, but since you are a possum, and my intergalactic traveling buddy was known for his love of meat in the trash can, I will spare your life and leave now. Jedi, I will see you at the cleft of the Hypotenuse over Braman in the Celestial perimeter." Sound Effects: In the distance a chainsaw starts up and a Freddy Kruger appears and chases Snatch. Jedi gets in his vehicle and Captain Kurt takes off in his truck. I see the moon up close and I see a city with large agricultural rows lighted up as I approach. It looks like green spokes around a wheel of light. The end.

Back in the blue dome, Sheriff Snatch reminesces of his victims, his Garbage, paranoid. music

Segment March 3, 2012: MARTIAL_law_USA_2001_PRESENT_medical_TORTURE_needles_MAIMING_warfare_

As I traveled the crest of the USA I lost much but I found out much. Many of us are in grave peril. When I discovered veterans were killed in Los Angeles where I had been injected and basically tortured with needles before court in March of 2001, I knew it was likely over at that time for me, an honest journalist and bank auditor. Those veterans were killed by two bit experiments initiated by two bit hit men, and I witnessed how they torture us. We are not lessers to those abuse us. We are not enemy combatants with our own. Our enemies take control of government entities and we are tortured as a result.

When I was injected and tortured at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004, I discovered that I could be knocked unconscious and held without probable cause and the limits of what may have happened to me are tantamount to a brain lobotomy on a mental patient. They robbed the medical costs out of me for their torture and lost my car and house keys, thereby endangering not only myself but my family. Likely crime syndicates associated with the federal war criminals who are in high rank have gone after us. They are without moral compasses, products of negative capitalism, to be feared in the same way you would as a vicious lesser animal, but with human cunning.

In the revelation of fact that the Arizona Law Title 36-525 states that you are declared insane and dangerous if you run from anyone who claims you are insane in the state of Arizona, you must be aware that they can kill you and say you were a deranged mental patient and a threat to society. We have something akin to our worst enemy in power in the USA in reality. They are a heirarchical dictatorship with power housed in federal police authorities throughout federal buildings in the USA. The judges benches are contentious in highest of finance as evidenced by the murders and deaths of men in those spots, e.g. Thomas Crane Wales federal banking frauds prosecutor in Seattle.

To make matters worse, the government has allowed a former police officer to take over the top decision making spot of a hospital on a major transit route in the South West USA, the Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center. I was injected there and knocked unconscious and held for days. I have had a stroke yet I can not sue because I just remembered the diagnosis. I was told in 2004 I had the stroke and I remembered the diagnosis in 2011. They have partially blinded me. They are a war criminal sect and have put a gestapo in power who is not a doctor but an armed combatant who works for criminal types, likely syndicates out of Vegas and beyond.

It is absurd to have a cop in that spot unless you have martial law. They put Bavasi into position in 2001, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Flagstaff Medical Center. His medical traininig was none but he had started as a Flagstaff Police Officer, had himself elected to Mayor of Flagstaff. Later he took the job that moved him up the ladder to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Flagstaff Medical Center. He had achieved that rank in 2004 when I was tortured, maimed, and robbed there.

2001 was the same year Arizona Law Title 36-525 was enacted and thereby martial law was started outright in Arizona. Our enemy is attacking me with lies and abuses to this day. I want payment or I want a job. I am the honest bank examiner who survived and came back to life. Pass it to the the FDIC. I only saw the risk at the FDIC bank examiner job in California and Hawaii when I saw what remained in the top spots in the banks and those visiting the FDIC offices. I was not told of the murder of the FDIC head in San Francisco until I had started working there. I would not have taken the job if I had known. It would have cost the FDIC 4 times that in salary for me to have taken that job knowing the prior boss was shot in his head in his office in the FDIC highrise and declared a suicide.

Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one way to strong arm banks and banking regulatory officials. They crushed me and partially blinded me and do not accept responsibility. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. I would have preferred death Bavasi, not being maimed. The same goes for the federal government who attacked me, Kurt Brown, in 2001. Death is preferrable to torture and being maimed when you are innocent.

They have taught me that mankind is a cannibal, ruthless, without tact and imagination, brutal.

Segment March 3, 2012: COMEDY_truths_DARK_light_JOKE_alcoholism_DEATHS

An older man whose father died from alcholism related conditions is riding past a row of liquor and beer bar establishments. Sitting next to him is an aldolescent whose father had died a few years prior to alcohol related conditions.

After discussing their commonality, fathers dieing of alcoholism, the older man says jokingly to the young adolescent boy almost a teenager sitting next to him, "Bet you can't wait to visit some of those bars some-day and have a drink aye?"

The boy replies, "No, I think if I go there I will pray that I do not die in a bloodbath of alcohol."

Commentary: The sad truth that the old slave states like Florida and Alabama have liquor sales areas everywhere. For some people it is like poison. Also cocaine and other drugs of pharmeceutical and other manufacture is abundant. Light drugs such as the Amsterdam model should be implemented. Less commercialization than the Dutch, more hidden with alcohol and other lighter drugs. We are bombarded with the ignorance and abuses of years past and the carpet baggers from New Jersey are back, this time robbing the slaves again.

Segment March 2, 2012: SOCIOLOGY_truths_USA_torture_NEEDLE_as_WHIPS

Massive social delusion is what many people suffer from in many nations. Any nation that requires their people to enlist for a military draft or in the event of one, is basically harnessing young men to be attack animals and or medical guinea pigs for experiments, in addition to being used in tools in espionage or other sinister ends. Any nation's people whose medical professionals consider forced medical torture on protesting patients or captives to be humane and just is a nation of animalistic people who fail to see their crimes as significant. To inject someone forcibly against their will is allowed in the USA. a man who rapes a woman or child is doing the same thing, yet the government ignores their crime just as a rapist would ignore his own. Many of our citizenry are paid to particapate and do so willingly, sometimes killing and sometimes maiming. That is the USA government in our era.

The needles used upon myself by government officials was like the use of whips. The first in 2001 by a federal agent before a court hearing for no real crime. They wanted to stop me in freedom of movement. The Mexicans, the Asians, the Germans, the Italians from New York and Vegas and beyond, all of these people and more wanted to stop me. It is no wonder the USA is nothing more than a dead negative capitalist whore, predatory and without remorse on people within the borders or outside of the borders.

Beware of any contact with them is my sentiment. Even health care brought me torture in 2004, and again, the needles were whips that knocked me unconscious. We are at war for our lives from the time of our births. Nothing has changed. Beware of the USA officials as they are not what they seem at top. They steal children from the poorest of the poor. They torture us down to a lower caste with their needles. I had a stroke from it, Kurt Brown, investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine. I do not know what they did to me while unconscious or while under their medical machinery, but I see the USA as a negative capitalist and predatory type of government. All is for sale here. Nothing is sacred to them. Alliances are vague and hollow bedause if you consider those who have profited from our suffering, they had no concern for myself or my family then nor now.

Segment March 1, 2012: MEDICAL_torture_FLAGSTAFF_center_GALAXY_clarity

The tuths about our society are often easy to see, as I see those of some success in self sufficiency of a graduated level, and I see some who hold on to meager scraps of various sizes which are meted out in various forms of governmental welfare. Sadly those who are on the bottom are also losing their children despite family ties being available. The society is debased, predatory negative capitalism is contagious and the ramifications inevitable.

The needle is used today in the United States in the way the whip was used in ancient times. The drugs, the effects, those things done to us while unconscious, are often not known, except to a select few. They even inject us before court hearings if we have worked for war criminal entities such as the FDIC. I was not warned that the FDIC head was murdered in San Francisco a few years prior to my employment in 1999 and called suicide to the F-DIC head.

The USA governments have those who are predatory and they do lay traps. Their motives, their actions, are no different than a group of criminals who invade a positive capitalist society and bend it to their negative capitalist whims and for their own profits.

As we the approach the center of the Milky Way Galaxy according to modern lore, I tend to seek more clarity in my own life and in what I observe. The USA is no longer a sanctuary for many of us. We are likely better off to escape, but to where? Perhaps Alaska in the cold, perhaps nowhere, just taking care not to be in the vicinity of those who inject us for their profits. Then there is the matter of stolen children taken by our enemies in power who hide behind the mask of anonymity and police and military force. The poor know the score. The children are often just drugged to no end.

In another matter, when you allow police to run medical facilities you end up with a man named Bavasi and Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. I believe my stroke, Kurt Brown's, was made worse there in 2004 at FSMC and the stroke was likely started in 2001 when I was forced injections at a federal facility in Los Angeles. I was knocked unconscious in 2004 and may have been knocked unconscious in 2001, as I am not certain what all their treacherous war criminal profiteers in America's military medical establishment did to me in 2001, or for that matter in 2004, and that is certain. Out like a light Bavasi and monies were due and payable, forced injections with a price tag? Who runs America? Who partakes in war criminal acts? Who writes those abusive laws like Arizona Law 36-520?. Their government is a predator who has a predator in control. Some day if the Milky Way Galaxy center holds what the Mayans claimed, it may just be that we are better off dead due to the inescapable nature of our predicament, or perhaps it does not matter and we go on into another time.

I want to leave the USA. I want to escape the effects of predatory negative capitalism. It has spread however and is present in Capitalism and Communism and Socialism. I some times think small homogenous nations work better or perhaps a place to escape, to call home is all that is needed. They beat us from employment in California using overt discrimination and later medical torture. In Alabama they keep the locals away from the government if they try to stop local and international corruption that robs the populace, i.e. a thieving Sheriff or a thieving oil conglamerate. I would like to see new leaders emerge to crack the whip over those whom have cracked the whip, the needle, over many of us. Negative capitalism can be made to self implode, or explode. Au revoir mon giant testicular spirochete Sweat Mass of Douched, F-DIC head is no mo circa, when 1991, a palindrome head hit year perhaps?

Segment February 27, 2012: TRUTH_travel_ADVISORY_usa

But for the grace of God, I would kill those who attack me when I am at peace with them. In California, you are often under observation as soon as you enter the state if coming from interstate 40. I think it is the same elsewhere. Arizona is a torture chamber with self righteous medical war criminal profiteers including Flagstaff Medical Center. Beware of travel in Arizona and California. Florida is no better but of a different variety of abuse. The thing is, they try to get you in a compromised position. Beware of their aggressions. They will often spray people with pepperspray or spread it on their automobile handles. Today a young man likely with a badge attacked me with something hidden behind a paper bag. It felt like pepperspray on my flesh, a small amount. I turned and looked and saw the bag. He may have had a gun and a badge or he may have worked for the negative capitalists empire in the USA. The West Coast is extremely bigoted and warlike in its cannabilistic nature. The type A blood flows thick here, thicker than mine, extremely inbred, and dangerous.

I have been harassed a good bit lately. I feel it is because I have been pressuring government criminals and telling the Truth. The Truth is that we are often better off not in sight of those who will abuse us. Beware of the USA and all predatory cannabilistic nations, whether negative capitalists, or Communist and socialist, any nation that abuses its populace with its police forces is doomed. I will take that DFI job if allowed. After all, I am the one who invented the song, "Ring around the rosary, Pocket full of posery.". That is auditor humor. The cops allege many of us carry weapons. They want to pressure us and kill us or rob us. I laugh now when I think of my Uncle begging me not to go in the US Navy long ago. He was so right. By signing up for the military, you admit you are insane. That seems to be the case from the evidence. Beware of the government. They have snakes eyes and a can of mace and a bullet for all of us.

Segment February 22, 2012: PHILOSOPHY_global_PRISON_annihilation_RE-BIRTH

Someone in sympathy once said that our Earth is like a prison and we are nothing more than inmates.

Therefore our so-called elected officials are nothing more than Public Relations professionals. Our democratic process is simply putting in the lower shelf of those who will present the false illusion of their control to us.

I have suffered great losses in this life, ever since I was a child, due to those who rule over this place. I have acquired some things as well. In all, I would have preferred abortion during gestation, yet I live over a half century later, maimed in many ways..

Their weakness is their structural heirarchy. Their strength is their structural heirarchy. They have lower level wardens over individual cities. They are the top of the American gestapo placed in various cities. They aer our enemies, but they are the lower idiots of the regime. Those in power stay hidden. If they were killed and the lessers were removed systematically, we would likely be better off in many cases.

Teach your children to be wary of our enemies in government. They have been there since I was a child. Remember Vietnam, the mandatory draft, the nation being led to slaughter themselves and others.

Segment February 18, 2012: CRAIGSLIST_cop_CRIMINAL_experience_RIDESHARE_room_RENTAL

The craigslist experience is a somewhat necessary phenomena for the poorer among us. Despite many good deals on many things, there is always the cop and criminal experience. You can not tell the differene between the cops and the criminals, and for many of us, we see the cops of the negative capitalist structure as being just as predatory as the criminals. The government crimes syndicates often lay traps for us and set us up. One instance is out of the craigslist discussion but involves a FDIC related syndicate attack upon this former bank examiners life when I was doing freelance journalistic work after being a FDIC bank examiner who had inside information. What happened was that I was attacked and then a Sheriff who was a thief took my gun permit when I was trying to report his thievery, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama on 4/3/2001. I fled the area and was arrested with those guns when I was parked with a U Haul and truck and asleep while in transit to a new home. They trip us and then we stumble in. Beware of Craigslist room rentals in Florida and California and likely everywhere and beware of rideshares.

Think of this section as Hunter S. Thompson would view this from behind what is now Saint Ram Bone's eyes. First, a craigslist room rental in Florida that is greeted by a woman who allegedly lives alone, suddenly has a boyfriend of 450 pounds show up and move in from New Jersey, or that hood, and he immediately calls you at age 50, "kid". Now, you notice that the other room renter is a young macho man of the Hispanic or Italian persuasion. He only comes and goes when the woman host is not there. Now this is a sign of one of two things, you are being set up by a cop or a criminal, and in some cases, they might actually be seeking a killer or rapist etc. But one thing you soon learn about America is that there is a predatory nature to mankind, an indifference, like an animal who rolls his eyes back and eats you alive, whether cop or a criminal. Mankind is by nature an opportunistic predator that hunts in packs, so beware that you are outnumbered at the outset.

In another room rental I had a lady landlord who was supposed to live by her self. Her son and girlfriend moved in and started copulating for hours in the shower next to my room, with huge amounts of steam at my door next to their bathroom. Even worse, my landlady had two lovers, and when she was copulating with either of them, her dog would sit outside her door with an erection. Craigslist criminals are there, but I think I have found just cops and strange stuff in room rentals. Beware of the predator in cops and criminals. The cops work for the negative capialists and try to destroy many of us innocent Americans. They are also stripping children from families in cities like Mobile Alabama where there is extreme poverty and injustice by the government crimes syndicates in power. This can not be tolerated against our flesh and blood. They are often drugging those children and most likely and performing medical or sexual manipulations to which we are not aware. Our lives are in extreme peril in many cases in the USA.

In rideshares, it is more of the same. I had a lady who I rode with after the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina flood, taking her back and forth to California when I traveled. A wonderful woman who helped me with my diet as I tried to make myself feel better. I had had a stroke due to torture and forced injections by the government approved crimes syndicates and had forgotten the diagnosis due to the stroke. She was a 1960's gal and was from the Bay area of San Francisco at that time. She was a treasure trove of information on the acid culture of the 1960's in the bay area. In another rideshare, a woman told me to segment my web pages on the Love Line and Quatrains pages, and I did so. I took her from the Bay area of San Francisco to Seattle. She had a large pill case and tried to move out onto the roof of the vehicle as we traveled across the lakes of the Mt. Shasta area bridges. What a gal. She was part Japanese and part American and is now back in New York, likely fighting with Jewish people who she did not like but whom she likely had many broken love affairs. I wish I had been one of her lovers, but I was married at the time.

My mind weighs heavy today on lost children and grandchildren, snatched by the paid employees of the negative capitalists government. Someone told me to go see my grandson. I can not, even though I would like to do so. Their government takes many of our children by force and do not call family members. Our war is a fight for survival in the USA without being torn to pieces by war criminals in government or criminals in society. Many in government and in our society are showing the face of the negative capitalist, the face of a human predator who preys upon humans in new ways with the same effects as the more animal predators of nature. The rain that was last year will not appear this year, and when the clouds are thick, most of it will turn to mist in the upper atmosphere. This is the nature of the Milky Way Galaxy Center Clear Sky Effect, and the result is lessened rain fall. Drought. Changes. Transient us. We are on our own in many ways.