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Segment September 30, 2011: PRESENT_history_WEAPONS_warfare_MIND_control_ANCIENT

The control of the human mind or the mind of the human species in a nation is a simple thing. It happens everyday in the USA and the world and not many notice. This likely started long ago. The mass media of the United States when edited by the government practices a sort of mind control. They do not tell us facts relevant to our lives. They betray us, those in power, and for that they fear us and they punish us. But mankind is a warring beast.

We should diversify our methods of discernment, our methods of escape, and our weaponry. I am hated in California and Alabama by some of those in power. They would slit my throat in war and I would kill them likewise if provoked and if able. Many Americans make profits off of others being tortured and robbed. Whether in hospitals who forcibly inject people per the command of local dictators subordinates, or in robbing them in the courts of law, or in the prisons that are full of many people deceived by the lies of those or that in power over this wretched and miserable Earth.

The police hate me and attack me when possible. They are paid to do so. I am an investigative journalist who attacks problems like a philosopher and gladiator. I do not fear my death and I do not care if they are killed. They are just more mercenaries poised against our people by the wealthy bureaucrats who are owned by the wealthier warlords and dictators in power.

It is natural to hate like an ape. We are all Bonobo apes in some degree if we are human, and our common blood with the apes proves it. We need to strip the ether for defense and offense. We need new methods and weapons. We are against our worst enemy at top and paid inbred animals who work for them. In many cases, the extreme type A blood and the extreme type B blood are just like animals. I see it in the Indian/Mexican, the North European/Swede, and the Asian/Chineses in its extreme. The lower animal also exists in all other mixed groups but I hope not as much.

Never put yourself in a vunerable position to those in power. Being a lawyer or accountant makes us vunerable. Any mark against you by those in power can put you in a lower caste, such as a dishwasher. We are enemies with those in power. We need to train and behave as on a prison planet controlled by the enemies to mankind. WE need better methods of discernment to over ride brain and mind control and matter control such as the ether. We need better places to hide. We need a better communication method for those of us who know of the war. We need better weapons of newer higher tech and indiscernible varieties. Beware of the inbred in the USA. They attack us. I would not hesitate to kill them if cornered. They inject us, and torture us with government approval. I applaud the deaths of the hidden dictators.

Their mass media is like something out of Communist China. That is no coincidence. We need a good healthy war or a good healthy escape. They are like mongoloid retards in many cases. Beware.

Now for war in the vein I know. Changes made in the body of the human being, the brain relaying basic sensory information to a person or machine exterior to the human being will reveal several things. First, the human mind can be made to misintrepret sensory information from the body inlcuding the eyes, ears, olfactory gland, tongue and skin by impacting the exterior cerebral cortex, thereby creating what psychologist refer to as a delusion, meaning those sights and sounds are there but the person hears and sees something else in the minds eye of consciousness. The Dead Eye DIC invention is something I recreated by analyzing my own scars and MRI after being in the medical guinea pig camps of Los Angeles, including LA VA Westwood Hospital and the Long Beach Naval Hospitals and the Orlando Florida Naval hospitals. I suspected the hospitals of the South East of Atrocities or hidden wars in the year of 1960, 15 years after WWII allegedly ended.

If a person is deluded by mind control as I described, then their sensory organs are not deluded. The information relayed from the sensory organs would not be deluded as the person who is under mind control. The cerebral cortex could be too complex to even obtain the information from an exterior source. Thereby the game of blinds would be reduced to a childish charade and combatants could kill or constrict the movement of the opponents. We are likely better off dead as children in this Earth. Our enemies stand tall like apes, apes who need to be cut down to size. I want 9.11 million dollars for the holcaust tortures I endured. I will take any equivalent currency if it has to be paid in that manner. I am Kurt Brown, another f-cking guinea pig of the enemy in power, the Dead Eye DIC invention. We who victims know the truth if we are true journalists who use oourselves as bait, while they who challenge us will say we are Psychosomatic and insane, I say Breathe of Prodigy on Youtube resembles the ship Dire. The sister ship, Stark (wikipedia link), was hit by exocet missiles allegedly.

Segment September 19, 2011: COMEDY_music_RE_WRITTEN_lyrics_NIRVANA_heart_SHAPED_box_DNA_rag_CLOTH_f-dic_hacked_OFF

In this video titled Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana on Youtube, the original video struck a place in my heart. It tells a story of betrayal of a man whose children could not bear children because he was crucified. I like to link dark thoughts and comedy. It keeps me alive. I have copied each line from the song and put it below in the first line of each paragraph. I have added my own lyrics on two lines under each line of lyric. The first line of lyrice of mine is about the FDIC. The second line I have made up under each original line is about DNA replication and mutilation by science. The humane genome is at risk more than the polar ice caps are at risk of melting. I feel a spiritual connection with Kurt Cobain in this song. Dark and funny, science and comedy, it always crashes the same, like the myth of sisyphus. I intend to sing two songs mimicking heart shaped box except with my lyrics and Cobains music. Stay tuned for the two songs and you are welcome to use the lyrics below to do the same. I am easy like that..


she eyes me like a pisces when I am weak

ARD F-DIC Masta Head plays a bad streak

Genetic breakdowns leaves children weak


Ive been locked inside your heart shaped box for weeks

Captain's Kurts ARD F-DIC Bone tastes of sweets meats

Growing twisting fingers and mouths with broken beaks


I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap

Secret F-DIC Surgeons lay you in piles of crap

They lay the virgins down in tiny sinking rafts


I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black

Things are dark when big F-DIC heads reciprocate

You know it's over when things really go in a crack


Hey wait I got a new complaint

I think your F-DIC lays prostate

Hey wait I know I aint no saint


Forever in debt to your priceless advice

The Treasury debt paid over then thrice

The generations to come forever strife


Hey wait I got a new complaint

I think your F-DIC lays prostate

Hey wait I know I aint no saint


Forever in debt to your priceless advice

The Treasury debt paid over then thrice

The generations to come forever strife


Hey wait I got a new complaint

I think your F-DIC lays prostate

Hey wait I know I aint no saint


Forever in debt to your priceless advice

The Treasury debt paid over then thrice

The generations to come forever strife


Your advice

Your advice


Meat Eating Orchids forgive no one just yet

The F-DIC has no ARD when the nuts bereft

Children meeting no one on the shards cleft


Cut Myself on angel's hair, and baby's breath

The trillions left us with sweets baby breasts

D N A shrapnel all is cut through rabid death


Broken hearted of your highness Im left Black

F-DIC blindness syphyillis of the dead f-dic eye

Spinster childless or wrought better off dead


Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back

Hand me a F-DIC rooster and a dozen computers set hack

Forever strangled unable to see or remember to turn back


Hey wait I got a new complaint

I think your F-DIC lays prostate

Hey wait I know I aint no saint


Forever in debt to your priceless advice

The Treasury debt paid over then thrice

The generations to come forever strife


Hey wait I got a new complaint

I think your F-DIC lays prostate

Hey wait I know I aint no saint


Forever in debt to your priceless advice

The Treasury debt paid over then thrice

The generations to come forever strife


Hey wait I got a new complaint

I think your F-DIC lays prostate

Hey wait I know I aint no saint


Forever in debt to your priceless advice

The Treasury debt paid over then thrice

The generations to come forever strife


Your advice

Your advice

(Repeat the above) and the words your advice should be modified to "forever strife" in the third song.

Segment September 19, 2011: TRUE_life_BASED_comedy_COMEDIA_f-dic_BANK_examiners_NUTS_at_EEOC_no_SEE

I have a sense of humor about the insanity of Earth. I developed it when I learned I do not control the universe, not at arms reach. I loathe the USA government for what they have done to me. I did it to myself also. I trusted them. Never trust any government agency. They loathe you like a pig in their vegetable garden. You would be better to put a bullet in your head and call it a life rather than sign the bottom line with them. They are like the snake that wiggles up your bum to digest your meals and eat your heart out. I survive in comedy, whether in the dungeon or after close combat or encounters rather with the enemy and their paid horde in power. This is a punch and judy routine below. Sort of like the “Who’s on First” joke. But it is titled, The F-DIC Has Gone Nuts. The first is a reporter speaking to myself, a former FDIC bank examiner who opted out of the F-DIC and never got to have an EEOC hearing. Sweet Carol my boss told me to drop the EEOC complaint or be terminated. I did not drop the case. They want to f-ck you like Randy Kraft. It was rumored ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol was sleeping with the F-DIC head boss Masa. I would beware of close encounters with anyone with that kind of money laying around. You might, Sweet Carols of the F-DIC, wake up with a F-DIC wad in your empty eye socket AKA a wire in your head and not just your sweet arse. Remember the Wire Sweet Carol (Youtube music video). Dead Eye Dic sees all. Randy Kraft is a serial killer I ran across while hitchhiking in Long Beach California in 1983 and is mentioned in this F-DIC joke. I would not drink his liquor nor go to his hotel room. He was caught two weeks later in 1983. Death kills 67, and I was labeled an "Angel" in his diary. No touch em no see em sweet carol. I was terminated in 2000 from FDIC. I would not go to my FDIC bosses hotel room to allegedly complete an assignment in Honolulu in 2000. I do not trust people when milions of dollars are laying around. They killed the last F-DIC head in his FDIC office in San Francisco before Masa F-DIC head drifted in circa early 1990's.

Reporter: “So you say you shot yourself in the foot to get out of the F-DIC? “

Kurt Brown, former FDIC Bank Examiner: “ Yes, that is correct, I shot myself in the foot to get out of the F-DIC.”

Reporter: And how did you do that?

Examiner: I told my boss I would not drop an EEOC case.

Reporter: I thought you said you were terminated for what they called “poor performance”.

Examiner: I was terminated for what they called poor performance. I would not pussy foot with my trainer at a bank examination in Honolulu in the trainers hotel room after hours as requested by the F-DIC trainer. I filed an EEOC complaint and was terminated.

Reporter: Are you a nut or are you gay?

Examiner: Exactly. The F-DIC trainer may have been a bigger nut than a Kraft nut. Have you ever been Randy about a Kraft nut?

Reporter: No.

Examiner: Me neither or I would not be alive.

Reporter: You changed the subject. You told me your boss Sweet Carol was a nut and that it was an ARD F-DIC job.

Examiner: Exactly.

Reporter: That would make two nuts, you now known by the alias as Saint Ram Bone, the greatest investigative journalist and F-DIC bank examiner that ever lived, per your proclamation, and Sweet Carol who was the ARD F-DIC?

Examiner: Exactly.

Reporter: Wait, no one can be a nut and an ARD F-DIC at the same time. And because you are no longer a nut at the F-DIC, that would mean that the nations F-DIC has no nuts.

Examiner: Exactly.

Reporter: OK, lets start over. So you say you shot yourself in the foot to get out of the F-DIC?

Examiner: Yes, that is correct, I shot myself in the foot to get out of the F-DIC. Now, I am considering a job at the DFI, see?

Reporter: "All right, that will be enough about the FDIC and the post-Bobbit rhetoric DFIC. Now lets start over about the ARD F-DIC and whose nuts if there are enough nuts and no more about Sweet Carol and Masa in the F-DIC bed see? And no more talk of the F-DIC Seidman Center as a whore-house with ulterior motives.

Reporter: “So you say you shot yourself in the foot to get out of the F-DIC? “

Kurt Brown, former FDIC Bank Examiner: “ Yes, that is correct, I shot myself in the foot to get out of the F-DIC.”

(Movie Link - Rainman on Youtube and Abbot and Costello, Who's on first routine.) I often feel like Rainman as I try to compute the whole picture before I step into the details. I stuttered a bit when young but it made me keep my mouth shut. Now those who control the government try to silence me with needles. We have no human rights. Presidents George Bush Jr. and Sr. were either altered or never existed as portrayed, on ad infinitum. Who's on first F-DIC?

Segment August 8, 2011 aka 8/8/2011: COMEDY_truth_BASED_federal_ALABAMA_mobile_SHERIFF_snatch_JACK_tilman_ARIZONA_title_36_36-520_CRAZY_clause

Some times I like comedy. I base it on truths in my investigations and truths in those things I endured and those things uncovered. I like to put Sheriff Snatch, a character based on former Mob AL Sheriff Jack Tillman into my comedies.

The federal government has an inner sect. They do not care about any of us in the dominated territories they or it has control of and have conquered by force and banana state dictatorships. The Sheriff was a piss ant in my investigations but he was starving his inmates. The federal government allowed him to do so. They also attacked me repeatedly and used the Sheriff by having him revoke my gun permit and attack me at my home.

They are war criminal and I will make comedies up about them if I see they have fallen. Some things are not funny until they are dead and or gone. Remember, as the LA VA Ward Clerk said, "Remember, they drew first blood". He was angered over what they did to me and they had killed and were killing others. We mean nothing to those in power. They took those mens hearts and crushed them, and they injected me with chemicals and tried to call my claims as a journalist were insane and with no remorse they attacked me and made me prefer death over being under their abuses. They were and are like animals, and you too Snatch. I laugh in my anger, like a wolf with the pelt of a worthless Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum in my clenched teeth. This war is bigger.

Snatch was arrested and jailed in 2006 for 360 thousand of misappropriation of funds, sanctioned thievery. I told Jack he was in the crack on 4/3/ 2001 when he stopped my reporting his thievery. He also was stopping my reporting the suspected attackers from the FDIC and NTEU California perhaps or federal warlords who had attacked me and were blocking my entry into the enemy controlled government in Mobile. They hate us Goodie Two Shoes Bank Examiners of the veteran sect with guitar strings for shoe laces. They attack us when we take employment, our enemies within the governments ranks. There is an abyss, a technological war in the brute struggles. We often do not know what they have done to us.

They know we are waiting to wrap things up around the mob bosses necks if the price is right and approval is given. I would require proof and approval from God in my own vacuum and then, yes, if the needle at the price of my trial was right, they did draw first blood against me. They put us to the bottom and themselves to the top. Look at California as the heroin dealer of tomorrow and as the hash dealer of today and you will see their land turn from green to gold, and they are churning up youths in embryonic sacks with a partial human face and the other face something else, a cow, a pig in vitro. I created the possum man, who was derived from Sheriff Jack Tillman, now the Possum man is hunted on 4/3 of every year, April 3rd, two days after April fools day, with a reward of 360 million USA dollars. Sweet Carol, bring your finger two (mp3).

Scene: Snatch is in Mob AL Jail in a cell with others. The sheriff is under arrest for starving long term inmates. This did happen to Sheriff Jack Tillman. In this cell however is a friend of mine from the blacker side of the dining table, a good guy but with habits and fetishes and a quandary of new things for all who should meet him. His only crime was his love for pot and doing his Daddy's chores, harvesting a few bails and taking blame for it. On the other side are the rest of us. I am there with my attorney who just happens to be a unorthodox Rabbi and on the other side is one of my children's former Catholic Priests who is also an attorney.

Dialogue: Auditor, myself, in Jail to Sheriff in Jail :"Snatch, we are going to Arizona today. We have a found a way to use your law against you. As you know, I was injected and knocked unconscious while on probation. The probation allowed them to do so with impunity. Now you go with us due to your targeting me and lieing on court documents and changing my record to appear as a felon in Los Angeles via Mobile when I was fleeing you and the federal henchman from the international war criminal sects in the Village of the Damned, Mobile Alabama.

That was five years ago. And like the band of the hand, time is on your throat, 5 years 5 fingers and Dead Eye Dick is watching you. In Arizona any one with power in hospitals or government can have you knocked unconscious and evaluated, or allegedly evaluated. You see, you appear insane to those that matter. You see Jack, they cut part of my brain away to make way for new technologies and they grew an overlay from the Pineal Gland in the brain to the thoracic area of spine with a terminus like a sting ray but the fiber was like an electric eel. You will experience it. That is what I was told anyway. It is just those scars after the surgeries that itched like the Dickens Snatch.

The Arizona Title 36 Law, in Article 4, at 36-520, details our plight Jack. I was detained for three days in 2004, first knocked unconscious with forced injections, robbed of my automobile's keys and over 2 thousand dollars in medical bills I did not ask for nor require in services that were really just torture and extortion. You will experience this my friend since you started the cascade against me with federal war criminal assistance. They are not what they appear Jack, those people you work for, those who allowed you to steal and you did it while not seeing the starving men in front of you. We are in a new kind of war and things may appear a bit fuzzy but they are not what they seem anyway, at least to me Snatch. You will see things this way.

We have lost our rights to our own bodies Snatch. Snatch, I deciphered a seal on the Earth and it read that our bodies were sacred. For you to try to stop me shows you have lost your mind, along with your federal butt knockers at FBI and the Secret Service who attacked me, us, they will be dealt with at a higher level since greater material sins were committed and larger amounts of money are involved. Now we shall pray, "Who shall lead?" "Or do we stand a China man's chance in Hell?"

I repeat, I, Kurt Brown, was knocked unconscious in 2004 in Arizona with injections at Flagstaff Medical Center. We aren't going that far. We are going farther, back to LA in 2001 where I was injected at LA VA Westwood. I reported you there Jack but the federal warlords from the Pacific Rim via D.C. tore me to pieces, first with needles and then forced medical procedures under high tech equipment and later with extortion and threats in their courts. You will experience forced medical compliance in a known holocaust camp for Americans, very similar to the LA VA Westwood. It is a sort of punishment that is its own reward. You have lost your mind Jack, if you ever had one, all of you in the war criminal sect. God washes his hand some times Jack. You should know this. You can sip on truth Jack enroute to our destination. You can sip on your own blood this time. I was starving at LA County Jail Jack and you started the landslide with my federal enemy who kills innocent USA bank examiners and who is starving and torturing me. A man stole my food at the jail and hit me while I was sitting down. I was trying to stop your starving of people in Alabama's jails Jack. Soon America will be starving at the current rate. I did not hit the man back and I could have killed him. I turned to God and he told me he would wash his hand. That was in 2001. In 2006, I saw you terminated. In 2008, the cards of the banking system will fall apparatently while they will continue to take everything. They designed it that way and they have other tricks not mentioned. We are starving Snatch, many of us, while you feast.

Snatch when I was tortured in Los Angeles on 4/23/2001, and you were free, I knew you had won this round at first appearance. I have no one of enough power to over come our enemies in power when I am captured while moving. I do have medical skills and I am going to convert you into what I believe they have made me. They took me to death Snatch and brought me back. That is why they did the Dead Eye Dick procedure, so I could see in death, but I had split vision, two deaths. I am selective in who I hang around with since my return. I will be your surgeon for three days Snatch. ON the fourth day you will be awakened and set free. All that was there before will seem like a dream.

Your doc will be no Dr. Frankenstein, it will be me. I am the best at all I do, whether as a FDIC Bank Examiner, an investigative journalist on financal and medical crimes, or a USN sailor who is most likely a federal medical guinea pig used in medical procedures. I am also the best surgeon you can meet and I can provide you with free therapy as a counselor once you are done.

Lap your own blood up Snatch, and run free, free like a possum in the breeze, Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum, the Possum Man. 360 degrees is so easy if you have no place to run, no place to hide. I am the best and my batting average is the best, and I am a poet about it because I get bored. 4-3-2001 is no mathematical oddity, and it is no coincidene that we met that day, that I was labeled 911 in Los Angeles 20 days later because of you. 9/11 was no oddity either Jack. I have no control over the outer sect of numbers and their correlations. Your actions Sheriff Snatch set me enroute to the hypotenuse in Braman Oklahoma on 12/8/2004 where the missile or meteorite almost hit me.

We are supposedly having another round of war arranged for you too, if it is a war indeed, or just growing pangs. You may get rogue fatigue my little Possum man as we also have to pick up Xu and Xu, and Xu Xu and You ain't in Kansas anymore. You all in the crack Jack Snatch. I want my 9.11 million dollars Snatch. We can start by reasserting the audit trail was not complete when they audited you, and even more than Yu I bet you. I want to start by doing some dental work on you just like they do on some of us federal guinea pigs. I am a pain free dentist. I feel no pain, no regret, no remorse, all thanks to your enlightening me at the callousness and hard hearted and almost animal-like nature of some men, such as yourself. Every pig has to pee, but not on we.

If I stare into the dust in a light beam, I can see little pieces of a former me. When I consider the wars fought, the women loved, the time in worship and war, all contained in that line of dust, I know that some wars were uncertain, some struggles not worth fighting at the moment but I did so anyway with reluctance. I have no reluctance to do anything in this fight Snatch because I know the will of God is being well served and not ill-served. Let's play some music for moment while we reflect shall we. I like Annie Lennox, her voice was like my Mothers in way, "Don't Mess With A Missionary Man" (Youtube link)

In conclusion in this comedy Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum returns from Arizona where Captain Kurt collected a total of $9.11 Million USA dollars two times from Chinese bankers Xu and Xu who bought their way out of medical procedures that Snatch could not afford to pay. They were allowed to witness the transformation of Snatch . In this scene lights are exploding as the electricl eel possum man passes through the city to do a radio interview at a radio station. He will try to explain that he took no money and that he is not the notorious possum man from the Village of the Damned.

The Title 36-520 Law in Arizona was passed in 2001. The government has legalized the abduction of innocent people in so-called health care facilities. It is not stated in the law itself, but they they allowed forced injections upon myself, Kurt Brown, in early 2004. Sheriff Tillman had taken my gun permit on 4/3/2001 when I had no gun and was simply reporting his thievery and to discuss the possible overtaking of the federal banking regulatory system by international warlords. Our ill shall become a fugitive underground network as I will no longer use much of their health care. It is my hope that our enemies are removed from power and that their abusive laws are removed with them. This nation has hit the ground long ago, if it every stood at all for human rights. I do not believe the USA has ever stood for human rights. We are a dissected people. The world leaves us options to escape. Best of luck. Thanks to things or people like this war criminal Snatch, I am Afraid of Americans (Youtube music video....note the insinuation that the government leprosy sign I coined is used as the symbol for war in the video)

Segment August 7, 2011: TRUTH_murder_FINANCIAL_conquest_SAN_francisco_1990s_FDIC_suicide_ATTORNIES_murdered_DECEPTIONS_technology

Having worked for the FDIC as a bank examiner and in the military in the USN, I, Kurt Brown, learned it is every man for himself. Trickery is key in overthrowing governments or ships because humans are deceived easily like apes. We are not one and have not been since birth. We are in an era of covert warfare, where you know things have changed, e.g. death and murder and abduction and sickness, but you do not know the true cause of death or sickness. We are only human and because of that we are easy targets.

I, a FDIC bank examiner, was terminated in 2000 from the FDIC San Francisco for not dropping an EEOC complaint allegedly or for poor performance as they recorded it on legal records. ARound 10 years earlier the FDIC Director was shot in his head in his office there in San Francisco and it was called suicide by federal police officials. From what I saw , the syndicates and or high technology was in play in the offices where I worked, San Francisco and Roseville FDIC in California. The man was murdered. I ran tests to see if murderers were present and survived. I am maimed and welcome my own death as a result. I do not care if my enemies are killed when they over the government and abusing me or mine. I welcome their deaths like the triumph of God over an ape out of control. Everything is for sale in the USA. Everything is for sale around the Earth. Some have crossed the line in legal maneuvers and have been killing those who stop others from crossing the line where humanity ends and inhumanity begins.

Murders are covered up all the time. My favorite is the angry legal client routine as allegedly what happened at 101 California Street in San Francisco in 1993 (wikipedia link). Those men were likely killed for other reasons. A war was waring in San Franisco in the early 1990's. Some of us long for that war again, but this time with our eyes open. Some have called me Dead Eye Dick because I may have been planted in San Francisco's FDIC to determine the truth. I may have been a medically altered USN sailor who was in the VA health care system afterward for years, from the 1980s to 2001. I no longer use VA health care. The Asians were killing Americans in heart experiments in Los Angeles at the LA VA Westwood in 1999 and the Nazis control their courts in that wretched space on earth known as LA. I was injected forcilby 8 days before court in 2001. I wondered was NYC and the Pentagon being attacked in some other way or were they attacked at all. The red herring effect is a distraction of many facets and ripplies if you understand physics and control of matter and minds. There is no limit in ongoing warfare. There is no point in joining in if you can take a mass flight

In 2004 I was almost hit by a rock or rocket in Braman Oklahoma while traveling. I had turned on the mafia syndicates that control the FDIC and the federal government. I do not care if I am killed. The rocket missed. It was the early am on December 8th or later in the night on the 7th. Two Macau (China) bankers were allegedly caught in the USA with at least 483 Million USA dollars that year. The bankers were allegedly from Macau which is a small island off of mainland China. I do not know if Xu and Xu exist. I know a rocket almost hit me near where they were allegedly apprehended, in OKC Oklahoma and Wichita Kansas. I do not believe anything other than my enemy is in power. I do not care if they are killed or if I am killed. Protect yourselves from their lies. They are war criminals in power and will likely die.

Of course, I am into high drama and discourse on those blood filled subjects, but I heard a little voice tell me from the darkside, the Chinese bought Tibet and the Chinese will buy the USA. The USA is owned by someone else and they have riddled my body with needle holes and their injections. A war criminal comes in all shapes and sizes and is still just a human ape out of control. God Help us separate from them, from it.

Segment August 5, 2011: TRUTH_media_CENSORSHIP_comedy_AD_craigslist_COMPUTER_services_NAKED

Below is an ad that I, Kurt Brown, placed on San Francisco Craigslist offering Computer Services. IT was deleted twice, censored off, not for the ad, but I point to my success in throwing Sheriff Jack Tillman out of office, announcing his thievery in 2001 during an audit of him and his starving inmates. He was pushed out in 2006 for one half million dollars of thievery. The government federal level allowed him to attack me with his abuses such as blocking my entry to the enemy controlled government in Mobile as a journalist, and his lies and such on paperwork in alabama on 4/3/2001, and later when I was in Los Angeles I was being tortured with injections on 4/23/2001 before I was forced to court on 5/1/2001. They gave it to me through the throat and continue to on this day. Our lives are in jeopardy. We wish you God Speed in giving it to the tyrants through the throat and bringing us a just and sane government. One of the seals will likely say the human body is sacred. We are treated like animals, for sale by the pound by the enemy in power. Here is the ad.

Hello, My computer service is one of a kind. No longer do you see Plumbers crack at your computer desk, now you see what the village people like to feast their eyes on and seek their teeth into, a functioning information system, and a hunk of cake at the keyboard. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. Free Initial Consultation.

Clothing is optional and can be retained on or taken off once in the premises, and you are free to just be you. Feel free to email and I will return your call quick. The question the founder of this company asked after he left the federal bank examiner routine was, "Is It Insane To Be Sweet"? I'm coming to do the high tech servicing you need. Email now, let us tweek your systems. Mobile Audit Club founder, Kurt Brown, also does and arranges special audits.

The owner of this service is also trained in medicine and will perform massages or try to diagnose medical conditions. Medical services are free up to a one minute consultation. I guess you could say to those who are jealous of us true problem solvers, how did I get into this "Big Easy Bud Hole". I am the one in the bubbles in the video and the one who is in his swim suit. The other guy is a federal messenger sent by a Sheriff I audited. Sheriff Jack Tillman is now terminated in Alabama and half of a million dollars was returned due to my work as an auditor. Need an audit? Investigation? We do that very well. Clothing is optional in all services and we do have thongs and such.

End of Ad. And for some entertainment humor in this American and world holocaust, I ran over Sheriff Snatch's head and found a dead bird. How bizarre. True Horror With Comedy, Jackson's Heart Shaped Hole, youtube video. In 2002 I was trying to speak at a government meeting in the dictatorship posed by the outsiders government in Mobile Alabama. I wanted to speak on things concerning past events and tortures by Tillman and the federal government there. I was not allowed. The government came to my home and they were going to take me to an insane asylum for speaking up. They instead put me in exile in California and I chose Eureka and was partially blinded by poisons by a passing vehicle there and possible contamination in my home. In 2002 in Mobile, Alabama, I squatted in the yard and tried to draw attention to myself by shouting to others nearby in the neighborhood. If they would have touched me, I would have welcomed sniper fire. I would have killed myself before I would have surrendered on that day. Never trust them. Never let them draw back against you or your children. Their society is a lie and will not last. We already regret that we are in it. We are tortured. They laughed. They are attacked, or are they?

I turn my mind to the seal that says our bodies are sacred. I look to the holy man and remember how he was silenced by a supposed member of the congregation. Perhaps current tragedies do not qualify unless it is in oyur immediate circle of friends or family. All I can say is, in the house of Jacks, you had better G-d damn Remember The Wire, as our bodies have been compromised, likely also our genetic lineages to come, and so shall the house of cards fall, or shall it? To some, life is an illusion, to some, life is a lie. You better G-d damn remember the wire, forced medical procedures approved of by our enemies in power against myself and others. Some do not care, and neither shall we when and if they are attacked in full force. America is a colony on Prison Planet Earth.

Segment June 18, 2011: EDUCATION_art_SCIENCE_communications_AUDIT_investigate_FINANCE_medicine_CORRUPTION

Today's education and entertainment component, what some call the "Big Fazoolis Primer on Surviving Government Mafia and Associated Kingpins" is linked also to this video by myself on Youtube titled Hypothesis Stimulus Response.

The art of the Audit or the investigation as I will call it is based on three things: First is the hypothesis posed. Second is the stimulus initiated by the investigator or auditor or at least observed in action by the auditor or investigator; Third is the observing of the response.

I will illustrate with the facts I observed in 2001. First I hypothesized a murderer was at the FDIC San Francisco where I had worked and where the prior boss had his brains blown out in the F-DIC tower one shining star morning. I came there years later. I am a military type, screwed, glued, tattooed, and obviously hated by the side that tore the prior boss in two. I might be a medical guinea pig, a trojan horse, who carries a sort of conduit to the senses for the boss to witness, such as when knocked unconscious, my boss, or prior boss or their pirate at the helm of the technology can see you through me. Syndicates eat each other in the way the human primate eats each other, Bonobo style in action of fact, and dead is dead. One monkey gets two bananas and one gets none, just tough berries. I survived an attempt on my life in running this hypothesis of murderers at the FDIC. I sent emails to my prior boss and bosses about what I observed and suspected as an F-DIC bank examiner, a sort of auditor of banks for banking insurance purposes. I then showed up with a camera and told my prior boss, the survivor of the dead f-dic head, I was there and I wished them a happy St. Valentines Day in a special artistic way.

Hypothesis proven, as I survived the attempt on my life and they tried to take my camera.

The Second hypothesis was that either the accountants or treasury of Mobile County Alabama or their Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama was a food funds thief. The stimulus was sending mails to starving inmates who were reported as emaciated by an inmates family member to myself. I knew the jailers would open the mails in April of 2001. I then told the City Council Meeting Clerk I was coming down to discuss some things in front of Comcast Television cameras broadcast in Mobile Alabama on 4/3/2001. I was told the Sheriff Jack Tillman would try to stop me. The City Clerk told me this. I dressed for the occassion in a suit and brought my guitar and my camera. I then handed Tillman my gun permit which he demanded. I had no gun. I had put that away after the attempt on my life months earlier for the F-DIC murderers. Tillman was pushed out in 2005, forced to resign or go to court and maybe jail. As one person told me, "they write laws allowing them to steal."

The third hypothesis was that we veterans are still used in experiments and forced medical procedures. The stimulus was my parking outside their hospital gates and sleeping like a homeless veteran. The LA VA Westwood was ordered to stop all experiments in 1999 in California at the LA VA Westwood Hospital. In 2001 I was injected and tortured and have had a doctor find unexplained scars later. The results are obvious. We are often better off to fight to the death or to take our own lives.

A fourth hypothesis was that the government of the USA would try to stop and silence anyone reporting a nuclear spill or attack that was covered up. The stimulus was to report a burn on my neck and request a check of my vehicle for radiation. The response was that I was knocked unconscious as Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center in early 2004 and detained for three days for observation. I was charged over two thousand dollars being forcibly detained and knocked unconscious. The result is the finding that the government passed laws in 2001 allegedly, allowing people to be knocked unconscious per a law that was added to a group of laws known as Chapter 36 laws in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. The finding is that we have no human rights in the United States of America, and in all likelihood our lives are a lie under that ruling sect of war criminals in power around the Earth.

The lie that the government is altruistic is insane. Since Vietnam they have killed us. All is for sale, including embryonic humans and even children. What concerns me is the strong arm tactic of taking children from what the government sees as dysfunctional homes. The children are taken from the homes and the families are destroyed. Sheriff Jack Tillman would likely approve as would the new heads of the FDIC San Francisco and the medical heads at the LA VA Westwood and military industrial/medical complex. The upside, some times even a nuclear holocaust has a silver lining. A kinder punishment.

Segment June 9, 2011: COMEDY_truue_LIFE_characters_ARCHANGEL-GABRIEL_pacino_DAD_granddad_SAINT-SON_fallen grand son

This comedy segment is based on now ousted Mobile Alaabama Sheriff Jack Tillman who was a jailhouse food funds thief of hundreds of thousands of dollars of inmate food funds. Tillman also took my gun permit on 4-3-2001 thereby enabling the federal crimes syndicates to arrest me and illegally inject me with drugs for my legal gun ownership at the once named LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles, a known concentration camp of sorts where the government kills veterans and tears them apart. Now renamed to hide identities. I was investigating a murder at the FDIC San Francisco where I had worked. The prior boss of the FDIC on the West Coast was shot in his head. I understand deep sea fishing for fun and sport as well, as all you have to do is chum the waters. I used myself as bait. I trusted the VA and I was injected and tortured by Secret Service agents. A little known fact is that the Secret Service is under the treasury and handles banking funds. That is a conflict of duties, a maximum violation under the accounting rules. But in America, we have syndicates in power. I now take this comedy to Hell. Where my father is Archangel Garbriel, I am the almost Saint Son, and his grandson is the fallen almost saint in Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman's care at Mob AL jail.

Scene in Hell. My father who looks a bit like Al Pacino and who acts accordingly is having a conversation with Sheriff Jack Tillman, fairy possum food funds thief and assistant to Archangel Gabriel's more evil brother known as less than Satan to Archangel Gabriel himself, and some may know him as President.

Archangel Gabriel to Sheriff Snatch: "Now Jack, you snatched the cash and my good ole boy goodie two shoes son, Mr. Do Gooder, the odd Saint himself, Kurt Brown, took you to task for one thing. Now do you know what that one thing was, or I should 'is'? since we are now talking in present tense also. And there was the issue of his gun permit being taken by you illegally on 4-3-2001? (Archangel Gabriel Laughs) My Saint Son, as disgusting as he is, took after his mother. He does know how to crochet a knit-wit." It was a countdown Snatch, to this day, your day of final doom. How do you plead? Guilty or no you lieing sack of feces in the crack?

Sheriff Snatch to Archangel Gabriel: "If I remember correctly Mr. Brown was an armed and almost dangerous man. And those 360 thousand dollars of food funds was in safe keeping. I gave it all back."

Archangel Gabriel to Snatch: "My Saint Son was not armed with any thing other than his guitar, his crooked walking stick, and the knowledge that he was using himself as bait to catch you, a food funds thief. He sent you an email through the jail postal service. You knew he had reports you were starving me Grand son, wayward boy. I am the one at wrong Snatch. I abandon all I create, but my brother sucks it all dry, the lesser Satan. Now my Saint Son lingers with his mother post mortem above and generations of all the Saints children are suffering in life below You worked for my brother Snatch, less than Satan. He knows nothing of the human condition. He will eventually have this Earth and all Saints and Archangels of virtue will vanish. Paper thin things cut both ways Snatch."

Scene: Six Armed Guards come out in unison at the sound of the lunch whistle slamming Snatch the Ground, and a Seventh Guard injects him with chemicals and he goes unconscious

Scene: Snatch Awakens in a body cast and Archangel Gabriel is having a pig knuckle sandwich and drinking it's broth.

Archangel Gabriel to Snatch: "I had to have you un-hand my grandson. It is the pig-knuckel that will get you, if I can be Kurt with you, like 4-3-2001 and a 360, it's all sweet, and like to lick it like I am whistling a carol up a steers rear. You know what I mean Snatch. I first took your hands then your arms. You left my Saint Son unarmed, and I left you with no arm and a thumb up your rear. You are about to cook so you are outta here you stinking sack of possum. Torch the ovens boys, it looks like a concectional three way, the way we like to play, in unison. And I want to hear a song. What song do you want to hear Snatch?. Perhaps, a question in a song, I was told by the Queerest of the Queer that the answer to the Question is answered by the head of a fag, 'Only if you procreate.' And the question in musical limerick, is,, "Is It Insane To Be Sweet" (youtube music link)"

Segment May 16, 2011: TRUE_life_CHARACTER_comedy_POSSUM_man_MOBILE_prichard_TILLMANS_corner_LEGEND

This is the true to life legend of the Possum Man, a man who pretended to be a Sheriff and a human at heart.

As a grandfather I have to add a little legend to a true and horrific story, one of mistakes of youths, and mistakes of middle aged men and the difference. A Sheriff was once starving inmates at Mob AL County Jail. The Sheriff was stealing money that was gathered as taxes and meant to buy food for inmates. The small town all knew somebody whose kin were in that jail, but they did not know about the starvation of the inmates, because no one went to see the inmates except old women, grandmothers primarily. Your grandmother came to me and told me of a young man who was emaciated and starving in the jail.

I, being a almost famous bank examiner for the FDIC, also known as the F-DIC, was out of work. I was changing my job from that of a bank examiner, which is an auditor who verifies the accounts of monies in the bank, to the occupation of being an investigative journalist. I was investigating a murder at the FDIC that was covered up and made to look like suicide per my tests and observations. I had worked there at the F-DIC office in San Francisco and in California, a state infested with drugs and ill gotten monies from gambling and other crimes and hidden sources. An innocent man had been killed, the top F-DIC man, and I had tested it and was almost killed when I was testing for murderers associated with the F-DIC.

On a hot and sultry day on 4-3-2001 a rainstorm came to possum land, Mob AL, Village of the Damned, in the morning and I was compelled by divine virtue to test to see who was stealing inmate food funds at the local jail, one good deed of a tumultuous few. The phone call came in to me from the Mob AL Village of the Damned City Clerk, and she said that Sheriff Jack Tillman would meet me and stop my entry into the Mob AL City Council to report starvation of the Sheriff's inmates. I was going to stop the starvation of inmates per the grandmothers request. The Sheriff had answered the test when he read my letters I was sending to the starving young men and women in the jail. Some had done wrong, some had done bad, but they are all entitled to food as they are not a lower animal, but mankind. Even a possum deserves food, even if a thief named Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum.

The Sheriff answered the door when I entered the government building. His possum suit was in my minds eye and he brought his possum pup deputies, 11 of them, the dirty dozen of Possum sherriff posses. I looked to the sky and yelled as loud as I could, to make a joke of the 12 detestable testes in Sheriffs suits, "Jack Is In The Crack and Your Kid's Ain't Coming Back."

Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman was conceived by his admittance of guilt when he was denying his guilt. The government has those who write laws that allow them to abuse us. We must look out for each other. No one else will. Sheriff Snatch answered the door and it took four years, but he was forced to leave the office of Sheriff in human land and he took office on his land, Sheriff of Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum farm land.

I was tortured many times after meeting Sheriff Snatch by federal government officials in the city of Lost Angels, known as Los Angeles, and then by the hospital known as Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona when I was running another test. I have been injected forcibly many times. I have been knocked unconscious. I do not know what all they did to me. I too might be dead, somehow standing upright. I am not sure. I have been labeled with a number that although it was erased when Snatch was put under the gun in 2005 and pushed out of office, I can not remove it. It is engraved in cyber space, with my genetic code, those things that make us as we are. I have prayed for assistance, but all I can do is assist you in telling you those things I know and have experienced and what I envision in the Possum Man.

I am known as the greatest auditor of all time in some circles. Some call me a genius and some call me Saint Ram Bone. Some call me insane and treat me like a medical guinea pig. I would prefer to have been killed when they knocked me unconscious. They did things to me, of that I am certain, and I am dirty like a bird that has hit the ground.

Really all I want is a rocket ship so I can chase the possum man on his vast farm. Really all I want is a federal bank examiner job so I can pull the army of Satan down. I know Snatch lives among them. They have written Chapter 36 laws to allow themselves domain over our bodies in government and hospitals, our bodies, slaves to men like animals of ill will. Sheriff Snatch The Fairy Possum frequents the homes of Lott on Lott Road in Prichard and Africa town in Alabama, and he eats like a thief, all the childrens food, sometimes venturing far beyond, to New Orleans and Los Angeles and San Francisco and Oklahoma City and Wichita Kansas. Snatch travels in triangles. Some say he eats children. Some days we see the possum hounds chasing the possum man. That is life my grand children. Life is strange but poetic if you are good to yourself and others. The Sheriff was bad to me, an honest auditor. He is now known as the Possum Man.

Six feet down under the Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum can be found swimming in Hells river known as the River Styx. In Spring on April 3 every year he now emerges, and in Fall he travels from his burrows beneath the Earth, he surfaces from the river Styx and comes through the Village of the Damned, Mob Al, and makes his rounds, ignoring others hunger, a food thief, a child eater, and wanted for 360 million per pound. It is a bank examiners gift, and if you can design me a space ship, I am sure I can bring him around, 360 degrees, as that is what his is all about, that devil 3 6's sound. Beware because some still honor his kind and they can and will hold you and inject you when you are down. You beware on this Earth. It is sometimes a Hellish sound. Snatch frightens even the possum hounds and is said to fly like a fairy when caught above the underground. Give me a space ship and I will bring you 360 pounds of 360 degree Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum round, or I am not the greatest auditor of all time, known as Saint Ram Bone, and your Grandfather.

Segment May 15, 2011: RELIGIOUS_historical_OBSERVATION_human_ANIMAL_paradox_TRAP

I have awakened in the middle of the night, cold sweats, the USA, flambouyant stuttering gigolos on a boardwalk full of washed up whores and assassins and ditchdiggers cold and sweat frothing. This is America, this is the land of the primitive capital joke. Santa Cruz California, Satan's Bruise I Gotta Warn Ya. No Satan, no Earth, no sky, only the lie of complacency. I look forward to the departure from their wartorn shore, liars and killers, I first came here in the military and I am the one with the gouged out eye, the LA VA Westwood I spied and horrific sequences in the land that had died. There is no remorse in this nation, or many others it seems. I need, we need, better weaponries and another state and state of mind. Never trust anyone not on our side.

Any one who would force injections or medical procedures is like a combatant, because both mercenaries and medical professionals under a cold blooded killer get paid in more than twice the grain and grade. They say Satan rules here, some of them. Stuttering goof balls in an idiots parade, so out from the rock slithereth I, Sweet and Sheriff America, Snatch the Possum Man from Mob AL who I did spy and, partake. I am speaking of that prison like city, Mobile Alabama, a far flung small industrial and f-cked town allegedly managed from the Washington D.C. puppet international state.

I would like to have a far flung development of science development with practice in bending the rules of physics so we can feel better. What we have now is a sort of lamb like complacency, the young among ours falling in, sometimes falling down, as if on cue, as it makes things easier for the lower end butchers from the other side. We, I, am caught in a trap. I should have killed myself rather than being taken hostage in 2001 when I was an investigative journalist investigating murder, thievery, and in the end, forced medical procedures and experiments at our beloved and hated federal governments federal and federal VA facilities. I am now persecuted for seeking government work as a biologist it seems. I was in finance and wanted a job where no human blood was on the floor recently. Some do not want me to open the door. I know the truth about the FDIC and the Treasury. I know the truth about living things, genetics and such also. I also know why I was put in the FDIC office where the prior boss was butchered in San Francisco. Some are fighting for the coins and chopped off the F-DIC head. They wanted a Dead Eye Dic type from the Pacific fleet to play with the butcher, that Dead Eye Dic would be me, Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner once working as a bank examiner in the bloody San Francisco F-DIC head office and of course the Sacramento regional office, burrowing in Roseville..

From a religious perspective, we are told we will have much revealed to us. Naturally we have two gradients over which much will be revealed to us. There is the first gradient of revelations which is our lives and what humans learn from cradle to grave, from suckling to walking to running and thinking from that of a child to that of an adult. Then we have the second gradient of revelations. Those are the things exterior to ourselves, and in those revelations are many lies and deceptions, and they change over time also, such as the movement from primitive non-sterile surgical techniques, to the latest coupling of technologies of an inorganic nature to that of the the human genome at the most complex levels of human DNA. Everything is for sale here, including humans, and we run like rats in a maze or a cage or both. Running to or running from, but always running.

Segment April 22, 2011: GODS_appointed_HUNTER_feasible_EXTINCTION_proponent_KILLERS_perhaps_TORTURED_slaves_PLAGUES_ten

In the hunt for those things of a more messed up nature than myself, I realized long ago that I was born under a lucky charm on an unlucky day.     First there was the Serial Killer Randy Kraft who I missed by not drinking from a strangers bottle or penis.

Second there are those times when  investigating criminals in government, when being pulverized by their army of henchmen in front of my own cameras, that no one really cares.  But on certain days I am drawn to the fight like a sickness, a compulsion, the day of truth and dare, the day my feet are moved and my mind is not totally in agreement, but I am moved forward like a chess piece in the fevered mind of another capable fighter, as if the fight is not my own.

I have seen it happen at other times, and I suspect someone or thing wanted me to see, perhaps for two, like tea, under a full serial killer moon.  The mafia you will eat you alive.  The mafia is a monkey man.  Those at the top have a henchman with a bigger head, but there is always Murphys Law.  If you fiddle with it a bit, it will snap.

I was tortured by our enemies and I was given the numbers 911 by men, akin to modern slaves, sympathetic to those men who drowned in their own blood in Los Angeles under hostile federal authorities who are hostile to the American people and mankind in general.  Those veterans died in 1999.  I wanted to die in 2001 because I was being forcibly injected for being seen sleeping in my vehicle near the fence of dead veterans and living wounded in Los Angeles in 2001.  No one cares who lives or dies there, or it may be too soon to witness the full serial killer moon.

I trusted the government.  They have factions who give me the lowest vantage point in life.  It is done by the book.  Lawyers wrote the book they say.   Man is animal and is not kind.  We will likely soon die or fake it at least, after all, what if all in life is a lie?.

As I have grown older and now that I have linked all of mankinds malevolence as an intelligent cannibal to the Bonobo monkey, I feel little hope for our children.  We as a species could be contained and utilized like an animal.  After the forced injections and torture and lies of the "apparent" ruling aristocrats in Los Angeles, and D.C., and Alabama, and after enduring abuses by those in their hire, I look forward to the Earth to crack, perhaps in 2012, 12/21.  It is everywhere, not just the USA.

In some cases, I would recommend suicide among the worlds inhabitants.  But then again, some look at life as a joke, admit that the son of Sam in things will never change, and move forward to the most cracker in the meal if there is a meal to be eaten.

Eaten alive, my life, my forebears, my descendants, I turn my eyes to the sky and ask "Why?" and the little monkey in me is prepared to die.  So, in like kind, inside the criminal mind of the criminal kind of prison planet Earth, I attune my attention to the songs of "Stop Making Sense" as it is the same as it ever was.

The ten plagues were allegedly brought upon Egypt to force the freeing of the slaves. I was terminated from the FDIC in 2000 for making a ruckus about almost anything. They called it poor performance. I called it "The tests". We have no EEOC rights. We have no human rights. I discovered this in 2001 and it appears that God has set out a new list of 10 plagues. First the attacks on September 11, 2001. The execution of a federal banking fraud Judge, Thomas Crane Wales on October 11, 2001. Then there is mad cow disease making bovine stock a high risk. Next there is the oil disaster of the Gulf of Mexico. The earthquake of Japan and the nuclear fallout. The shrinking of America's credit rating on Treasury Issued Bonds to a much lower credit rating. Then there are the lice and other human diseases and byproducts spreading to the Earth's inhabitants in the animal kingdom. All I want Sweet Carol of the F-DIC is your ARD job. Deal? Or do you want to play omen per la momento?

Segment April 20, 2011:  COMEDY_truths_RELIGION_ironies_THE_fracture_CRACK_in_EVERYTHING_god_CHILD

On April 20, 2001 I, Kurt Brown AKA Saint Ram Bone, arrived in Los Angeles fleeing Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama and the federal bureaucracy there which did not respond to an attempt on my life in February of 2001 in a test I ran to detect murderers among the money launderers of the federal FDIC and associated federal police and Treasury department agencies.  

Nothing is 100 percent efficient, not a living cell, which is around 50% efficient, and not the United States or world government, which is likely less efficient with over half of all revenues unaccounted for and over half of all human rights atrocities allowed and practiced daily, which is what I experienced after FDIC bank examiner employment.   I only regret they did not tell me prior to hiring me that the prior boss of the FDIC on the West Coast was killed in his office and called a suicide.  I would not have taken the job in and under that office's management. I was warned not to take the job by one of the Mobile Audit Club associates long ago, a veteran and accountant.  You can not advance in the mob or syndicated activities without getting dirty, and or  without choosing sides, perhaps the losing or dead side. I would have chose none, but perhaps the job was chosen for someone like me, and now I want payment, not in the end.

On April 3, 2001 I reported Tillman as being a thief and starving inmates in his Mob AL County Jail.    Inside the government building where Tillman bit the bait and met me at the city council gate and blocked my entry to report starving inmates and who I, as an accountant and auditor, suspected who was thief the Sheriff Jack Tillman.  It turns out there were laws to protect him in Alabama law books.  He could steal all he wanted if he recorded the financial documents correctly in a subversive manner and he did so, and he became pivotal in my trap for the FDIC murderers who were attacking me.   But nothing happened.  I was tortured with forced medical procedures at a known holocaust camp, the LA VA Westwood on federal property on April 23, 2001, per my estimation by a Treasury Department Secret Service agent acting on federal FDIC crime syndicates behalf.  My life was changed.  I have changed.  They destroyed much of my existence.  I see things differently now.  I often use myself in tests to this day.  I seek out killers, madmen, and what God lays in front of me to snare or witness. 

I said to Jack Tillman and the deputies in Mobile Alabama in a loud voice to the heavens on behalf of the starved men I knew of under Tillman's care, "Jack is in the crack and your kids ain't coming back."   

Yesterday I heard man speak of a book, "God Is In The Crack".  The book said God was in the crack of everything.  The crack that Jack should have read in his position as Sheriff is, "But for a twist of fate, there ghost I".    The abuse handed to me by the syndicates controlling the USA governments and Sheriff Tillman, and the falling of the USA credit rating due to banking abuses during the past 10 years, seem to have a positive correlation but with disastrous consequences for the nation and for myself.

A question to Jack, "Is God In Your Crack, or is Jack?"  "Your children's crack, our childrens crack, Jack?"

Someone called me Judas once as a joke I suppose, or perhaps they were looking at the one standing behind me in tense situations.   Many men named Judas have existed in Antiquity, there was the Judas who opposed the Roman tax levies, and there was the other Judas who betrayed Christ, and who may very well have to pay a toll of good deeds in the melee of subterfuge and warfare for time immemorial or until the end of time.  Men should not hunt other men in the temple of God or they shall be the hunted.  But what about the crack Jack?  Was it worth it, to steal those things like food from the crack, and to destroy this auditor with the help of the federal syndicated financial empire,  supplied by men and women who sometimes fill and feel in the crack Jack.?

I once spoke to a Russian Jewish woman of three stones.   Strange.  With that, I end with a diddley by Jimi Hendrix "Third Stone From The Sun", an instrumental from the experienced soundtrack. I travel triangles Jack, because you know the crack is not allows hollowed nor hallowed.

Now a question for the kids and Jack. If you want to really make money, use your imagination and complete the conversion of lead to gold in metals, and dirty salty water to clean water. One or both requires extreme high or low temperatures and pressures and likely motion, sheering motion, like a ribbon rivulet through your asp Jack.


Segment March 26, 2011: COMEDY_truth_BASED_joke_LAVA_guinea_PIG_fdic_DEAD_eye_DIC

Here is a true joke from Kurt Brown, investigative journalist, famed for triangle travel and extraordinary tests involving using myself as bait and as witness by bringing events and people together.

At the end of a triangle, a long journey many times over, I spoke with a therapist.  The therapist said I have severe PTSD from what I have endured.  So the therapist recommends a masseuse whom I visit. The masseuse had seen of where the heart patients had died in experiments at LA VA Westwood. As the masseuse placed her hand over her heart as I was leaving, she said, "You have a Lott of Scars". I did not know what she was talking about until I looked at the scar over my heart.

It then occurred to me that they had to kill me to see if the Dead Eye Dic invention would work. But by killing you they have to have direct stimulation and control of the heart, hence a small surgical scar over the heart and a kick start probe there in the heart to monitor at near death or after death.

The masseuse having read of the LAVA Guinea Pig scenario of dead veterans at LA VA Westwood reported on the LA Times news and reiterated at a link at Mobile Audit Club.  The true story involves the murder of veterans in heart experiments in 1999 at LA VA Westwood.  I was injected and tortured there in 2001.  I suspect myself being used in a game of cat and mouse among the federal banking regulators in the USA.  I was a bank examiner for the FDIC and was placed in an office where the prior boss of the FDIC on the West Coast and Pacific Rim was killed and labeled suicide.  I am a genetic freak and a medical monstrosity by the hand of military and VA in Los Angeles.  I did not deem it this way.  I was what they call a "Double Blind" in the experiment at the FDIC.  I am a Dead Eye Dic.   If you kill me, I might have something relay what I see and endure.  Of course I will not see it, not the I, Kurt Brown, but that thing genetically engineered into my very being with the aid of a large metal thing called a dental bridge.   I think of it as an "Electric Eel" with a pulse at death that sees and hears like an electric eel using my eyes and ears and transmits with the aid of the pulse and the large metal tooth.

That is why I will now sing for you, "Stone Cold In My Electric Chair"

Segment March 16, 2011: COMEDY_truth_BASED_movie_BASED_fight_CLUB_homeless_F-DIC_society-TORTURES-weak

Hello, I am something like the Tyler Durdin of San Francisco, I am the survivor of the almighty FDIC federal crime syndicates. I am damaged with drug injections overdoses and I am riddled with scars, I am the Guinea Pig of Los Angeles federal military and federal VA healthcare. I am the 911 LAVA Guinea Pig. I want to tell you the truth about federal employment. I was warned not to work for the fed. I think I stepped into quick sand, a hole, a black hole, where no one returns. The thing is that the FDIC regional director allegedly committed suicide almost twenty years ago in San Francisco. I think that the FDIC management should warn all who work under the control of the FDIC San Francisco and Washington D.C. that the regional director was found dead with a bullet to his head in his office. I survived. I run tests. I use myself as bait because the truth is that I invite death, but only at the price of a missed ball in the game of life and death, my childish version of dodge ball as I think of it. I am a scientist and a child and at time a tempest. Who am I Snatch? Who is Snatch today?

I was a new accounting grad and had three choices for employment. A Grande Casino Biloxi job. A Horne CPA Group accounting job auditing Taco Bells. And last but not least, an FDIC bank examiner job in California. Like Stupid, I took the F-DIC, in more ways than one. I lost everything. They are ravenous horde in war for the money. I want payment but will never receive it. I want a job but I will never have one again. I already feel dead, so I tend to welcome death, but I want you not to suffer as I have. Here is a question list before working for any agency or corporation. Is there has been blood or vice on the floor, be aware of upcoming scenery, sometimes blinds drawn, as at the FDIC San Francisco.

Question 1 -- Has a boss been murdered or found dead recently in the office? In the past forty years? If yes, did a bullet or needle enter the man's flesh at any point? I f yes, I recommend you look for work elsewhere. The FDIC and the federal government made me pay a penalty for being honest and open. The syndicates have won. A war will wage and we will not know who has won until we are near dead.

Mine is more of an online classroom. See Mobile Audit Club and Youtube Saintrambone videos. I can come to your house for stand up federal comedy. You will have to feed me or have a woman make love to me for payment. I take foodstamps and eat steaks from garbage cans in high class joints. SWEET, you will not be forgotten at Halloween, or Purim, or whatever day it is your face is manifested.

The above is an online classroom event I place on Craigslist for training purposes. I beull shat you no. I was a chauffer for drunken wise men in Lousiana when many were reading. I was hungry, but I was riding shotgun or in the drivers seat, Sweet. Murderous horde you womb wit. Creole French Music Video list. Daddy sleeps in the back seat.

At one time I was begging Sweet Carol, the fake face of federal caring, for a job. I could not figure out what was happening. Then I realized like many that those monkeys at top want me at the bottom. They lie and cheat and steal and murder and maim and pollute all that is holy to me and mine. It is the monkey feces from the bottom of humanity that rises to the top in many points in history. I no longer want Sweet Carol to tell me anything, nor the federal government or their local lackies of the war criminal sect in power, I want somebody else to Tell Me SomeThing Good (Music Video)about LAVA Guinea Pig 911, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone founder of Mobile Audit Club website, and the 9.11 million dollars that has been slotted for me for those tests I have run and those medical tortures I was put through in these damned United States. I discover truths. The truth is that I no longer care for those in power because they are not what they seem. They are not us, not we. We are better off dead and to run for our lives and to fight to the death than to be tortured in the hospitals of California or Alabama and their jails under the dictators who have come to power in the USA and elsewhere. The irony of life is that sometimes I feel, not like a man, but a Tool (music video Rosetta Stoned). Sweet don't forget me as I smack you down on Purim with a fake Haman and exclaim, "Sweet Carol Load Eye! Eat A LAVA 911 Guinea Pig F-DIC IUD!"

The mob bosses of the Earth like to play beach blanket bingo, with each blanket conquered treated like a kingdom to rape and pillage. I have a sense of humor when those who attacked me are wiped out or pushed in front of moving kingdoms. I think of it as a macabre sort of Beach Blanket Bingo (music video)

Segment March 15, 2011: GENETICS_engineering_HIGH_technology_BANKING_surveillance_GUINEA_pig_USA

Here is a sideline comment on a youtube video titled Dead Eye Dic that I made. I have posted here the details of the procedures I suspect has been done to some men and perhaps women in the USA and likely beyond. The explanation below is more elaborate and explained than the video details. I am still formulating the method used in what I call Dead Eye Dic surveillance.

I am Kurt Brown, and I have severe PTSD after highest of finance investigations where I worked at the FDIC in San Francisco and Sacramento, first as a bank examiner, and then on my own as an investigative journalist on a murder and corruption at the agency. I learned the lions eat the lions share, and we medical guinea pigs are on their menu.

Some of us died at LA VA Westwood and I have proof at the Mobile Audit Club website found by Google or Yahoo search or most any other search engine.

I detail the route of the Dead Eye Dic medical procedure, or hypothesize with my own anatomy and I ask why and answer in another hypothesis.

First a large metal bridge put in my mouth by a Navy Dentist, then perhaps something more with the head inspection given to me by the Ho Chi Minhs of the LA VA Westwood hospital (And they have since renamed the torture camp that is in Westwood California) since my interment in 2001.

Then there is the central nervous system over ride, all the way to the cochlear and occipital nerve or the processing center and then down the spine to the end of the over riding CNS genome of another genetically engineered structure in the thoracic area of the spine, with five teeth like or thorn like appendages on the smallest scale with ganglia tapered into thorny receptacles. To top it off, the entire thing works off of a pulse or steady state, a cerebral cortext with a mean streak, a genetically engineered over ride of the CNS from the Brain to Spine, an electric eel type of growth, hypothetically of course, since no one seems to be able to tell the truth except a few, who might be dead.

Welcome to my nightmare Sweet Carol of the Department of Justice. Our enemy took over and now tortures us and you expect us to care. Who blew up the bomb in Braman Oklahma in 2004 December.? Who allowed forced injections on me in Los Angeles in 2001? Flagstaff in 2004?

I will detail more on this Dead Eye Dic method, but considering an FDIC regional director was shot in his head and the assailant did not get caught, I might have been used. I would have rather died in a kidney transplant. The FDIC should tell young bank examiners if a prior boss was killed in an FDIC office and tell them the official cause and another likely cause, e.g. suicide and of course murder.

Give me my 9.11 million or an international auditor job back Sweet Carol Masta?

Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner 1999 and 2000 and holocaust interment camp in the USA in 2001 after doing investigations on criminals inside government. I caught many of them but they run the show....for now.

Google search Mobile Audit Club for proof


Segment February 12, 2011: SCIENCE_american_WORLD_holocaust_genetics_PROCEDURES_los_ANGELES_veterans_MILITARY_health_CARE_abuse

The spine and brain of a man, the Central Nervous System is a terrible thing to waste.  Now as I consider the deaths of men at the prior named LA VA Westwood Hospital, the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital in Westwood California, while those men were used in forced experiments of the heart and who were killed or tortured in the process, I remember the place as a place of medical abuse and even worse, subjugation and indifference by those foreign nationals in the medical positions of higher authority. They control auditors who go against the federal war criminal acts in California. But I suppose D.C. has a hand in it to the throat.  The LA VA Westwood management were ordered to stop all forced experiments in 1999 according to an article in the Los Angeles Times found linked on the home page of Mobile Audit Club website.

At that website you will links to those tortures I endured in 2001 and onward to this date. The people working at LA VA were a mix, but all shared one common characteristic, whether from those felonious agencies such as the Treasury (SS) or the FDIC, they wanted me silenced and put away. I hope their government is overthrown, and those at the meeting in April 2001 at the LA VA Westwood, Secret Service, VA, FDIC, and others who were in correspondence with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC) are brought to a trial. I want their tortorous horde overthrown around the globe. Beware of what and who you speak to, as it could be pointless. We may have already lost everything. I view them as the horde of war criminals, those in higher positions under the global government. WE are not animals you federal war criminals and your controllers. We are not your animals and you drew first blood. Their opponents wanted to cut their throats in September of 2001 but they have not figured out how to get to your jugulars, IT's jugular. What was really happening on that date? The media is a liar and a slipknot for us as their news is basically not valid or material or reliable.

I will conjecture on things protruding from the spinal cords into new spinal processes and how those tapered end ganglia, or nerve endings, could be used to conduct energy and information as easy as counting five on each hand, therefore five ganglia on each side of the spine. I think of it as the "Gang of Lions". You can not escape this sort of mind control.  

If you consider how a synapse works, and if you consider how on a neuron in the CNS, the skipping of energy along the myelinated axon, pulsing information like a super rocket to the brain, you can see how a well designed end and tapered end of groups of ganglia into a claw designed size and pattern, five on each side, could render a persons control to be taken over or the person knocked out with a single pulse.  Considering some could me moved or controlled from outer space in this fashion is another interesting conclusion, a sort of extremely long wave communication reaching to the outer edges of space.  That is just hypothetical.  I do that often, theorize.  We live on a prison planet controlled by men who are nothing more than warlord monkeys, bonobos, lining us up for the kill.

I often theorize about things controlled far from Earth. I looked for the cause of an explosion in Braman Oklahoma I did not report in December of 2004. I looked everywhere but where I should have, online in the news. Xu, Xu, and Yu of Bank of China in Macau had been arrested allegedly to the North and South in Cities bordering Braman Oklahoma in June of 2004. They said it was 482 Million US dollars the Chinese bankers had laundered and swindled. I wonder if they were an illusion or delusion, a scam, a ruse, with the money being someone elses, or was there more to it with the bankers?

In science and medicine, there is always the likelihood of complete deception, and it could be exterior to the person viewing or it could be created inside the person with outside intervention when necessary or prudent. We are known as the host when they integrate new DNA or alter our cellular structure. When the federal government forcibly injected me, Kurt Brown, in April of 2001, it was the first time in my life. I now view much of mankind as a ravenous horde with no remorse. I say much because one man warned me at the VA in Westwood, "Remember they drew first blood". He was speaking of the deaths of veterans. Some men wanted to kill someo of those torturing us at that facility. I was in chains when he said it. I would have given the man a top honor in the event he removed those from power who put me, an investigative journalist and former FDIC bank examiner in chains, forced injections, forced medical procedures, court hearings for sleeping my truck with my belongings while in fear of those in the FDIC who killed the regional director labeling it suicide. I was naive and trusted them. Now I see the truth. My allies are hard to find, but I know when they speak, but are they deceived by that thing in power in actuality?.

The Veterans Administration put me through Hell in early 2001.  The FDIC assisted them and to this day they make it where I can not work in their sector, the Asian and Mexican and Gestapo sector of D.C.  Then the California government took its toll in court, taking the money from my accounts and my family's as I defended myself in court.  Then an Arizona hospital under state control with approval of the federal government attacked me again with forced injections, knocking me unconscious in 2004 while I was reporting a suspected toxic burn on my flesh. Then the Alabama federal and state government took their toll for many years, from 2001 to present. I once believed in their humane qualities. I once believed in a man on the moon.   My name, Kurt Brown, is listed as unwanted by the dictators in power over high finance.  No one cares who lives or dies there.  It is like driving a taxi among a world of felons and you never want to be the lower employee who rides in the front seat.  Banking is filth but it is the only game that pays big some times, and some times it is a big idea with a small bottom line and a tombstone for you.

I asked Sweet Carol (FDIC REgional Dictators or their Controller), am I controlled by impulses to the spinal cord in a genetically designed implant. I ask these questions and others at this video listed under Saintrambone Youtube, Titled VA Forced Experiments.... 'They do not own you, they take what they want and claim they help us. They do not help us, they take what they want. Many do not care if they are dead or if the attackers are dead. Life is meaningless under their design. We are convicts on this planet, less than slaves, guinea pigs, medical experimental rats, to them, to those at the VA and in state hospitals. Some humans ate each other in history. We are all present'

I, Kurt Brown, want my federal auditor job back in banking or perhaps a new job in medical investigations of medical abuse, such as the horrid use of 12000 children in a genetics experimental virus cure for Swine Flu, and the use of veterans in forced medical procedures and the death of banking officials who regulate the banking system.  I prefer banking.  Germs make me nervous and cut throats make we want to cut the cards.  Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, founder of Mobile Audit Club website.

Segment February 6, 2011: SCIENCE_genetics_PHYSICS_engineering_MEDICINE_virus_DEPLETION_removal_RESONANCE

The world of the virus is one of complete survival inside the human body. The body is like a complete universe unto itself, jam packed with proteins of the same coat as the virus. The problem is the hiding of the virus. I can think of extracting or identifying the virus in the viral coat and then attaacking it with various methods.

The hardest part is getting the virus situated to be attacked, inside the viral coat or outside of the viral coat or both, but at least with positive identification and removal of the virus and not damage regular tissues displaying similar protein coats.

I consider the MRI image and the flipping of all of the atoms in the body to be photographed along with resonance frequencies specific for certain ranges of viruses outside of their coats.

The resonance of all living things and things inside them can be identified if the correct cord is struck and at the right pressure and temperature and locale and orientation of various genetic structures. Of course the virion of mad cow disease is an interesting phenomenon that could likely be incapacitated and muted by techniques identifying mad cow disease before it has manifested itself as bovine spongiform disease in cattle and Jakob-Kreutzfeldt disease in man.

Another approach has to be taken in identifying viruses and virions in human beings. A more physics oriented approach and a less chemical approach is needed.

Considering all of mankind is related to the Bonobo monkey, which is promiscuous as a whore and eats meat like a man, including cannibalism, and because the Bonobo is the smartest of the ape kingdom, like man, we should ask some FDIC management and treausry to be our test apes for my techniques in virus and virion eradiation. Their government uses us veterans and children of the poor like animals in their experiments. We are likely trapped on this Earth and those at the top have a cure for many things and transport out of this planet or existence. We may be headed for eradication as a species through a genetics warfare extermination method or subjugation method. The winner will likely be the Bonobo. Sweet Carolf and Masa Shit of the FDIC and the FDIC board of directors did not know I practiced medicine in eradication of government assassins. I would like to excise their ape man penises, their hoodlums at the F-DIC. Even ticks need a bath now and again.

Ironically, in one of my recent triangles of travel, I was approaching OKC Oklahoma, and a herd of cattle was running down the interstate toward me with police trying to contain the herd and warn traffic. One jumped the railing and came toward me. It looked like Sweet Carol of the FDIC. I want my job back at the FDIC or I may just go back to medical school. I prefer hunting gangsters inside high finance. I can theorize on medical and physics research online for other scientists. Banking and medicine ares boring but I like the hunt sometimes.

Segment December 05, 2010: COMEDY_truth_BASED_conjecture_ANVIL_triangle_SATANS_war_INVESTIGATIVE_journalist_WITNESS

My experiences as an investigative journalist on government sanctioned crimes led me into a triangle, more than once, and in it was prior deaths, current deaths, clues, witnesses, and a creeping feeling that I was onto something that was hard to define, and like those who divine for water, you must realize the water is always there on a flat plateau at equal depth.    So my desire is to find that thing closest to the being known as Satan. 

Scene:  As I the investigative journalist, peer through the hole, I speak to this Satan, or as close as one being can be to this being.  It looks like a pulpit like the catholics have.  I am on the outside looking in.  Every thing is backwards and always triangular in Satan's World, sharp cutting edges, even his tongue, because he or IT knows too much. 

Satan to Journalist: "I once thought I had killed God.  I was to take the throne.  Then the moment of confusion set in.  He had split himself it seemed, and was there again.  I took a second swing and missed and saw that it was my own end.  But it was not.  It was there, again and again.  I can not die.  I have too many friends."

Journalist to Satan:  "You have no friends.  You are alone.  Even God abandons you.  That is why I sometimes win.  I am a mix.  You and I do not or do die in the end.   I would miss our fights, my friend."

Satan to Journalist:  "Do you remember that dark night when we knocked you unconscious in Flagstaff Arizona?  Those injections were approved by a man who was at one time on academic probation.  Jesus laughs when you meet your end.  Paranoid?"

Journalist to Satan:  "You can not die.  I can not die.  We are gutter trash in the end.  Satan, neither you nor I have a friend.  Even Sheriff Snatch The Fairy Possum notes the absurdity in the end, calling all who are in voices squeal, "a friend".  He took my gun permit, to do me in, while you tried to kill me, you are not my G-d Damned friend.  Federal nazi warlord over the entire Earth, or the sphere of my G-d damn head."

Satan to Journalist:  "My head is not a sphere.  It is an anvil.  Sometimes we are better off dead. You listen to me and you listen to me good, my fateful falling friend. You and I do not exist. I exist in God's head. And you exist in mine. I took over. The triangle you follow is the triangle of the fallen dead, who rise and fall in my anvil shaped head. You are nothing but I though, and it is I who is better off dead. I have a dead ghost following me when I am half dead."

Journalist to Satan: "I see. I have heard of a loaf of bread of the universe shape withing God's head. But if you are the anvil, then I am the hammer, and we are half dead. I would like some music and time to ruminate, even though rumination of our war is ill advised according to some sects. Psychedelic Ambient trance music, and who is in who's head, down at the beach, backward friend.".

Segment November 22, 2010: SCIENCE_virus_REMOVAL_technique_IDEA_genetics_ENGINEERING

My swizzle stick personality is a kinked stick, and on this premise I will discuss the nature of viruses, how to literally have sex with those viruses, and implant the weakness of a mans soon to fall out scalp hair, programmed for release, into the virus and cause the release of the virus in the genetically changed child of the original virus.  The goal would be to make all viruses within the host organism become genetically combined with the genetic codon that imparts to a man's hair, the nature, or genetic/chemical time clock for release.

It is my belief that any virus can literally be impregnated in this manner, or changed genetically.  The idea of complete penetration and coupling of the introduced genetics from the human hair-release codon into that of the virus is the most significant, because without complete viral impregnation with introduced human hair genetics, the virus will resurface.

Segment November 18, 2010:  SOCIOLOGY_modern_MAN_persona_BONOBO

As I have gotten older, I have seen an unforgivable aspect in the "apparent" outward appearance of my so called, "Fellow man", in some instances.  Attacks for profit by the over riding Gestapo of our age, residing inside the USA and international governments controlled by the corporate warfare machine.  I say corporate warfare because they fatten their wallets with the deaths of the societies they or IT orchestrates war between and inside.   That is how it is today.  Yesterday it was likely different, more factionalized at various points of power globally, but I doubt it in my and our life times.

From local governments by international governments, some of us pointed out of their society, some to death, some to insane asylums, some to medical quarantine of a new variety, all of us robbed, and a probation exile with a twist, some disappear to an island like a leper, some even go to war while others simply flee, or try to, maimed by that over riding Gestapo in power in the USA.

Mankind in some inbred instances does not see himself.  He portrays to himself a man with a 10 gallon hat and a brain to match.  The problem is that under the hat is that brain that is more like a dog, perhaps a bonobo monkey with a slight tinge of some other ape, either rhesus or gorilla, in either case, his flat head holding down upon his bottom teeth and communicating to others at his level, his great finds or supposed finds.  I have seen the look and the lock in California and Alabama, and Florida is no different and Canada might as well hold up a battle ax against many of us if we are involved in international audits of banking fraud and corruption.  They hate us at the top.  We have lost our footing there, so do not expect a fair fight nor mercy.

A crashing society, rampant homelessness, avarice, and in California the greased hair group of the tie die crowd, still selling us the same things as the old greased hair thugs of their ancestors.   As California goes, so goes the nation, so the nation pours money on California for their legal illegal drugs.  Monkey vein America should not be trusted.  Never serve their military.  Protect your children's blood from contamination with forced injections by government, and double check consistency, but best of luck in catching the hidden tricks in chemistry and biology.  The world changed.  Our lives became hell and we shut our eyes as to why.

Segment October 30, 2010:  TRUTH_based_COMEDY_horror_DEATH_parallels_DOG_executive_JOURNALIST

In my writings, I bring out my own sorrows and convert them into comedy.  Some are more light hearted, such as this one.   My prior dog, a small Yorkshire Terrier, male, was bitten recently by a Cotton Mouth Water Moccasin in Mid-town Mobile Alabama recently.  It was symbolic because the dog was hit in the throat by the viper, under the chin and I had owned the dog when I was being forcibly injected and forced to sign documents in early 2001  that I would not investigate an FDIC murder of a regional director in San Francisco in the early 90's and that I could no longer defend myself with my own defenses.  The government turned against me, attacked me, and then injected me and did other medical procedures.  A viper if there ever was one is a group of key players over the USA and world governments who keep us penned up on this planet of snakes.

A movie scene I like is Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.  It embodies the disembodiment of human feeling, the cessation of remorse, a sort of blank stare of the living among the dead and a rumination of things past.  I was told not to ruminate, but it is a sinister man's favorite thing to do if he is seeking answers of a deeper level.  I will place a link to the scene of the movie that I liked, but the words below sum up the recent death of my prior dog, the viper that still lurks nearby, and the federal and state's government recent forcibly injecting chemicals into human beings, killing some with experiments.  This allows me to explore and reveal those things you alleged humans are missing when you allow this atrocity.  The snake is in your backyard too.  They are like snakes and our children are at grave risks, like rats labeled felons on a viper's plate.

SCENE: Myself ruminating on those things in the shadowy light like Brando, the sound of screams and or laughter in the distance.  I will call myself ARD, as in the ARD F-DIC Party Clown.  I am speaking with a man who visits me from the dead.

ARD (thinking out loud): "I remember when Bow Bone and myself were chasing snakes when he was young.  He had a peculiar knack of finding rattlesnakes in the places I used to hunt them.   Of course by the time he was that age I had already been forcibly injected and forced medical procedures after running a series of tests in the government.  I had to know the truth.  The truth is that this nation, this sh-t we call Earth, has been over run with snakes, venomous men and snakes.  I did not know that my own backyard had become over run with cotton mouth water moccasins.    I knew the snakes were at the front door the last time I went to view them.  A war is waging and through tests we can discern the dividing line between snakes and man.  I put one of their faces on the web under the name of saintrambone on youtube, but it was just a mercenary.  The snakes are hidden inside their holes and crevices now, as always.  A bureaucratic whip is what they wave over us, like a snake always poised to strike repeatedly"

ARD to Guest: "You were a soldier in your own right, just like me.  You worked alone and you fought alone, but you were not prepared to deal with the snake.  You must think like a mongoose.  Sometimes you have to make a meal of the snake.  It is never easy and you can not define the tastes, except it makes your lips smack and your teeth gnash because it is hard to eat and swallow, much harder than any of us.  You should not be dead or lingering nearby,  but you could not look the viper, the man, between the eyes at the split second you needed to take over his conscious, see his next move and remove his head with a scythe if necessary.  You could not feel his hand move before the crevice in the snakes teeth., you could not feel his needles or his gun or his laser.  You were likely too old to have seen it coming, much like my dog, much like myself.  You trusted your office where you worked, the dog trusted his backyard where he played, and I trusted the government where I ran tests on vermin within.  In that sense, your death may have been a mercy kill by God, or Allah, or Buddha, or some divine thing you beckon of your own guiding lights of higher conscience.   I would have rather been killed when I was knocked unconscious under the directions of a viper in government, and that was in Flagstaff at the Flagstaff Arizona medical center in 2004.   I wanted to be left alone and now I want death to happen, my own death because they killed part of me.   You wanted it to happen, much like my dog likely wanted to die.  He dared the snake to take his life, and the snake did so.  He could have darted out of the way, or could he?  Could you?  Can I?

ARD to Guest:  I put a news broadcast about the dog in my native city.  I will give you a copy of it.


The city of Mobile has been doing a lot of drainage work in midtown Mobile on sewers. As a result, Cotton Mouth Water Moccasins have ascended from their once drying holes in the city sewers. One is currently loose in the midtown area that has killed a dog and is about 1.5 feet long.

Two week ago, this 10 year old Yorshire Terrier nick-named Bow-Bone was bitten. The male was once owned by myself, an investigative journalist who founded the website Mobile Audit Club and documented medical and financial crimes that are ongoing in the USA and world-wide. Bow-bone is expected to be euthanized on Friday October 29, 2010 due to internal hemorrhage or systemic infections, a side-effect of the snake's venom.

UPDATE October 29, 2010: Today Bow Bone died before euthanasia was needed. His bitch Molly Hole dedicated this song to him when she found out that he does have a puppy out there somewhere. Bow-Bone's death bed song is Your Cheating Heart by Hank Williams Sr. on Youtube. Bow-bone was bitten under the chin almost in the throat and then the snake left the area, but only after a witness saw the snake make its escape. A very experienced viper, much like some federal and international local warlords over the hostile local governments. Symbolic indeed was this lucky strike for Bow-bone who was old and delapidated or he would have seen danger coming. His favorite thing when young was to chase squirrels. So along came the Karma Police. A music video dedicated to Bow-Bone on his death bed by myself, his rattlesnake hunting friend, chasing those rattlesnakes sometimes inside the USA and world governments, just like now.

I have enlarged the image of Bow-Bone in the image below. He is in the lower right of the left image. Bow-bone is survived by his bitch Molly, who I purchased for his exclusive pleasure and reproduction. No pups were ever delivered. Bow-Bone will be missed and there is a water moccasin near the sewer construction zones for you and yours. I assure you or I am not the founder of Mobile Audit Club, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone.

Molly Hole's comment on this was to utter, I told him to stand back, but the snake says, "One Way Or Another" (music video). Rattle Snakes, they are my favorite and Bow Bone missed a six footer a few years back and it is still on the loose nearby too..

Funeral ceremonies may be held for Bow Bone and some have suggested burying him over the bones of Eugene Walter, a some-what famous but odd poet from the area that I interviewed in 1987 or 1988 for a feature article in the USA Vanguard. Remember The Wire is a closing video and has a clip with Bow Bone shown as a gentle family pet, adored by children and adults alike, exlcuding his urinating on everything, because Bow Bone kept his testicles while under humane care. We do not get humane care in USA federal and state and city hospitals, known for forced experiments and forced injections. They lay in wait like vipers and they are often foreign nationals running our healthcare facilities where abuse has occurred. The LA VA Westwood has been renamed but the same vipers control it now, as then, all the way to D.C. and beyond, and the map in the Remember the Wire video shows the location.


Final Scene: The guest from the dead and ARD are standing over a large well in the basement of the home. Down in the well is one of my favorite targets in pursuing and identifying crimes approved of and rewarded by the viper at the top of the federal and state governments in the USA and likely Earth. I have in the hole a former Sheriff of Mob. AL, who is a proven thief who starved inmates and who helped the viper at the top of USA governments attack me for a second time in broad view of all, on 4-3-2001 in the lobby of the Mobile Alabama closed door dictatorship building. The federal government allowed him to do so. They do not respond to our calls for help and neither shall we assist them if they are attacked. That is my prayer and wish. Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man, aka Snatch, is in the hole and like the movie, Silence of the Lambs, I have snatch in the hole. I have dead Bow-bone tied on a rope and wrapped repeatedly like a mummy in the rope and am lowering it to Snatch.

ARD to Snatch: "The FDIC is running ads now Snatch telling us we will be fed tomorrow if we deposit our money in their bank today. Their money is backed up the federal syndicates Snatch, and they can print more. Feed my hungry Bow Bone some Snatch and make him happy. Bring him back to life. Cut off IT's fingers with a razor. CUT OFF IT'S Fingers with a RAZOR and Feed the Puppy? You starved the Lost ones in your jail in the city and county of Mobile. THis is the Village of the damned. The city of Lost little ones, and you starved them. Now feed the Dog your G-d Damn fingers!. And I will let you out, maybe, 4-3-2-1, Jack Is In The Crack, And Our Kids Ain't Comin Back."

Snatch to ARD: "OK, I cut off my four fingers and am putting them in the sockeye pie. Let me out "

Scene: Snatch has eye and fingers in a sock, wrapped like a sausage.

ARD To Snatch: "The orange is a wonderful fruit. When you eat only oranges though and sleep in unbathed socks in a truck or ship, you can definitely smell an orangutang. Did you know I was that orangutang snatch? An imperial monkey, thrown aside, painted with a bad badge stripe? They are as insane as you. And now I am going to piss on you."

SCENE: ARD Throws a dead water mocassin in the hole and it lands among his living pet rattlesnakes bunched in a corner. ARD pulls out his penis and urinates onto Snatch down in the hole.

ARD to Snatch: "You may notice that my pee hole is 360 degrees round and when I tinkle it makes a hollow sound upon my Snatch down in hatch? You stole and stole every pound of meat, now I give you Golden Showers from the tip of my beak."

SCENE: ARD lifts the dog from the hole checking it for life and starts wiping any urine from the ropes around the dead dog.

ARD to Bow-Bone: "Bow Bone came to life and Snatch killed him. Now I am going to go down to finish my Snatch. Bow-Bone".

Scene: Snatch in the well hole starts to hallucinate. A window like a jail cell door opens. It is Elvis Presley and a young unknown soldier by the name of Wiseman who allegedly killed himself after returning from forced enlistment in Vietnam. Elvis starts to sing, "Wise Man Say, Only Fools Rush In"

Elvis to Snatch: "Darling would it hurt you to tell me that the day was gay? Now, the ARD F-DIC Party Clown is about to tear you apart like a Sweet and ARD mass'a F-DIC Shee-t."


Segment October 22, 2010:  SCIENCE_penetration_SKULL_cerebral_CORTEX_earth_SURFACE_humans_LOST

The entire Earth is like a bald faced target for some.  The penetration of the human skull and to penetrate into the cerebral cortex thereby robbing that individual of some or all of their cognitive processes is not only a question of possibility, it can be done, from outer space.  Of course it could be done on land also.  A stun gun exists emulating human brain waves, and it is this same basic theory but it could be more permanent with lasers from space or other nearby apparatus and a more crippling sort of control.  Think of a plug being removed from your brain and donated to someone else, and your volition along with it.

Many believe they are handling high tech weapons when they handle large bombs and nuclear warheads.   They remind me of the rookie auditors who believe that the money left out in the banks during bank examiner training  day is not meant to lure them to believe it is, "The money".    The Red Herring of warfare keeps mankind dodging their own asses on fire and soon maybe the lie will be exposed.  After all, how can I know anything, the federal government injected me and others they approved of knocked me unconscious.  I would like to have a war with them, with it, those who harmed me, but I would have to likely lose the arm of the corporate dictators of money and weapons of war. 

The best weapons are the ones no one ever knew were used.  Your head is a target on a flat rock.  You are on Earth and the human being is for sale now, just like back then, and the same warfare wages.  I will check out but only if allowed to in abundance it seems, and that is not likely.

Segment October 21, 2010:  CALIFORNIA_poppy_STATE_prison_STATE_usa_PRISON_empire

The people of California have a predatory sector in their prison building and prison profit sector.   The USA has the largest inmate population per capita on the Earth and California has the largest inmate population per capita in the USA.   Not only that, California allows forced medical procedures and experiments to be done upon its citizens and its neighbors in the Southwest now allow forced injections in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada under a Chapter 36 law clause.  California's courts are like the rest of the USA, nothing more than a bunch of judicial whores for the international dictators and their syndicates..

The bottom line is that  you should not not think of California as a safe refuge, nor should you trust the USA governments with your children in their hospitals.  We are enemies with some of them as much as they are with us, and it has always been this way it seems.  Much hatred and greed is there and now they attack human beings with indifference.  Alabama of course has something in power there,  a political system that is basically designed for forced subjugation and no free will.  Our people may be better off dead, so if it hits in 2012 to 2015, the Mayan theory of the end of time, it will likely be a blessing and not a curse.  Their garden of Eden is our garden of Hell.  Avoid their traps, the traps of their society, their leaders, and their medical health abuse facilities.  When they die, do not whimper, because a war criminal usually gets a war criminals death.

Segment October 16, 2010: SCIENCE_outer_SPACE_or_DEATH_human_RACE_mother_EARTH

Very often I remember and lament my days and memories of the American holocaust camp in Los Angeles at the federal facility in Westwood Los Angeles. Of course I lament the abuse in Mobile Alabama I endured and the medical torture in Flagstaff Arizona and where it began in a way, on the bloodied floor of  the San Francisco FDIC Regional Office.    But none of that matters because in a true sense what I lament is the future that this Earth holds for myself and my offspring and those people around them.   As one veteran told me at the American Holocaust Camp in Los Angeles, the federal facility where forced experiments, forced injections, torture, and forced signatures on federal documents are allowed, "Remember, they drew first blood.". That statement was made to me in early 2001.

The struggle for tomorrow's life begins and there is no looking back or turning back.   America in a place like Los Angeles is a hellish existence for some naive country boys from the hinterlands of America who join the USA armed forces and who intend to work in the aristocracy of the federal bureaucracy. They trust those people in government while those up top see us as lesser animals, a sort of slave or idiot of the streets.   The only hope I see is the escape from this wretched planet.  But we must ask, "If their atrocities are allowed here on American soil, they will and likely are already intensified in outer space or in any other sub- or supra-branched quantum strata of existence."  Therefore we must ask,  "Are we better doomed to an early death with the mother planet that we know, planet Earth?  Or should we push for the conquering of space through private channels?"

I see many Americans, black and white and Hispanic and mixes of all varieties unemployed and underemployed.  These men and women could be utilized in space colony construction and development.  Genetics engineering is the wave of the future in outer space from all indications.  Food does not grow well in a zero gravity environment unless it is changed in some way to grow in a zero gravity environment.   Construction techniques growing genetically engineered colonies of plants or other materials for habitation and food and fuel could be the future.

But if our children's children are to be held down and used in experiments and forced injections, addicted to drugs and then having their money extorted such as the USA federal government does with marijuana with allowed marijuana plantations in select syndicated states and harsh penalties in other states, then we do not need space colonies.  We may just be better off to die with the mother planet, planet Earth, than to be treated as less than equals. An intelligent animal such as man in captivity deserves the right to die.

Their governments crimes against myself can not be forgiven.  Their governments crimes against others can not be forgiven.  The idea of democracy is not real in our context.  It is a lie borne of the past with current disenfranchisement of the out casting of much of society, the lower caste, the lower 98% of us.  Those who attack us with medical crimes and rob us of our money, are a horde of killers.  The only beauty is that with God's given graces, they will kill each other or their victims will destroy them or IT as I see it.  If all of our descendants are to suffer as those of us in the American holocaust camps, let us hope they kill all of life in the process.  Lessers beings of a lesser design, a fate ill-fated from the outset, and many tell us to accept the fate of being basically gang raped with chemicals and medical procedures and being caste to the lower caste.  The beauty of their deaths will be written in the smiles of us American and world holocaust camp survivors.  Yes, we want you dead for what you did to us in Los Angeles at the Westwood federal facility.  We can not lie, not as good as your government.  I encourage you to take your own life if capture is inevitable and they are to take you to federal properties or properties controlled by federal warlords anywhere on Earth or in space.  I would have preferred death on 4/23/2001 after being injected and my life thrown to Hell. I had the opportunity to kill some enemies before that time, but this war is of another sort and individual execution is an illusory victory.  But I will not die for those on the inside, not in suicide, not in war.  I will watch them die, and I will watch as one of the outcasts from the outside. If we should die, it is a better fate than a world Holocaust camp. Let us just hope that we all go at once.

Segment September 14, 2010: SCIENCE_medicine_VIRUS_removal_hair_baldness_equivocation

A hair can be made to fall out of the head of a person by turning one atom, the hydrogen atom, to the opposite side, meaning left or right, depending on the original condition.  It is hereditary and it goes off like a switch in some men.  It is my belief that all viruses have this as their Achilles' heel if they can be altered and then attacked with the immune system, or possibly by creating an all left, and then an all right phenomenon in all virus in the body that can be touched upon with chemical or other mechanisms.

On Top of Old Smoky music videos

Segment September 11, 2010:  QUESTION_test_ACCOUNTING_law_GUN_expatriate_ENTREPRENEUR

I have a pop quiz for would be auditors and investigative journalists investigating high level medical and financial atrocities, including murder for hire and you are the victim trying to escape death and persecution in the end in this question..

Queston 1)  If you are running a test for murderers at a high level financial oversight office and trillions of dollars are at stake for someone, and if you are attacked, and if you get no response from the federal police when you contact them by email after you report it to 911 by phone what do you do?

A) Arm yourself at most times and continue working in that line of work, prepared to fight to the death if needed.

B) Leave the host nation and take up residence elsewhere, outside of the USA for  Americans.

C) Take a lower level job in the host nation, the USA, because you are blacklisted

D) Start a new career and ignore the death and sufferring in your former business in observing and reporting the facts surrounding governmental financial oversight and medical atrocities.

This question can be answered in different ways depending upon perspective.  On a long range long haul view, you could say the answer is B and that you should likely take some cherished loved ones or those who have good genes to that next nation because it appears the USA is becoming more impoverished and segmented and brutal, and for many the American dream is the American lie.

Or you could say D and just go on with your life in a different way.  The filth and murdering around money will always be there.  It is inevitable as having starving lone wolves and packs of wolves waiting to devour you and those things you control, such as money if you are an accountant or an attorney in some jobs. 

I tried A and armed myself.  They attacked me so that I could not arm myself, by illegally taking my gun permit by having a sanctioned felonious Sheriff, Jack Tillman, take my gun permit.  Then they injected me and tortured me.  I would have fought to the death if I could have seen my worst enemies inside the USA governments in advance of 2001.  They changed the laws in 2001.  They can inject you with chemicals, hold you down and rape you with consent of law with their torture, chemicals, and robbery.    Do not carry a gun, even if you have a permit.  They will use it against you as a law violation or blow your brains out.  They are just like the Mexican and Sicilian syndicates.  If they want to fight, do it right or not at all, not with a gun regardless.

They use fear to control you and they are often like syndicates and roving gangs.  That's why it makes no difference to me if the USA is segmented, but then again, after one generation it could go back to being worse.  Societal Change is a Catch-22 situation.  It does not happen overnight, and do not expect it to last.

They don't put the little question above  in the school textbook of law and accounting.  But it is a reality and unless you are hooked into your own army to defend yourself, or their army, no wall is tall enough to defend yourself from those within the governments circle and those who enter yours.  Nothing can be changed and we move along in a dynamic but pressured equilibrium, very much like birds in a flock who can only do so much if they are flying in the center of the flock.

That is why I say B or D.  Live away from them, those in the government.  They are no good in many cases.  It ends in ruin many times.


Segment September 5, 2010: COMEDY_sadness_TRUTHS_iconoclastic_

In jest, I came up with the Mobile Audit Club idea as a sort of non-violent off-shoot of the movie Fight Club, with my own intentions simply for publicity of hidden and approved high finance murders and medical atrocities and suspicions.   In comedy I pervert the script from the movie Fight Club.  For instance:

The first rule of Mobile Audit Club is to know that it only exists as a website and that is all.

The second rule of Mobile Audit Club is that we do not condone violence.  We do not condone it.  Why?  There is a better way.

The third rule of Mobile Audit Club is self preservation and those of your loved ones first and foremost.  That means knowing that the general environment of mankind can become pickled and sold in a sense.  Know when to pack up and run.  Some areas are worse than others but many check out of society with good reason.  They want to survive as harmoniously and happily as they can.  See the Gulf Coast of the USA versus the West Coast and Alaska.   Compare home prices and you can see that the syndicates have won on the West Coast for landowners.  They keep the South East real estate at third world prices through their strong arm over society,  and the government in the  South West clamped down like a Gulag State chasing Mexicans like they are bastard dogs in the cities and injecting innocent citizens forcibly in their hospitals and knocking them unconscious such as they did this investigative journalist at Flagstaff Arizona medical center in 2004.  Know when to run.  You can not defeat an overpowering enemy with vastly more technology and armor.

The fourth rule of Mobile Audit Club is to trust your instincts.  God gave you eyes and ears, but he gave you the instinct to survive.  Your child has that instinct when he defies the forced injections repeatedly put into them.  Those chemicals are not always needed and in many cases damage the child through a greater immune response, higher fevers, and thus brain damage and alteration of the venous and nerve structures comprising the brain.  Those who sold the chemicals declare the efficacy of their products.  Their equilibrium of health is about the money in their pockets, not the well being of your child.

The fifth rule of Mobile Audit Club is to know that in reality there are no rules.  Not for those ruling over the society, not for us, not for anyone.  Their is one divine rule and it shall be adhered to at all times and all other ideas will be fettered out.  All things are  broken in that regard in reality.  The delusion of safety is best sold to the sucker fish.  The delusion of reality is that I was made sick by governmental abuse.  I some times long to leave the USA.  But where do you go where there is not murder, mayhem, and forced medical procedures, prisons, and abuse?


Segment September 2, 2010: COMEDY_snatch_EXPERIMENTAL_super_JACK

A comedy routine was once on the cable networks called Super Dave who was used in experiments. I would like to have some of those people who are corrupt in government and who forced me out of the investigation of a murder of an FDIC regional director to be held accountable. First the federal Treasury Department police (FDIC and NTEU crime syndicates) had me harassed and attacked and did not respond when I contacted them in early 2001. It was part of the tests in the audit of the FDIC itself. Sweet Carol, FDIC ARD did not know sh-t, except as a pompous errand girl on a string of strings of masses of sh-t in charge.

My super Dave is a thief who I caught red handed in 2001 who was a Sheriff, Jack Tillman, who I nicknamed "Snatch" as in "Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum". Perhaps in my plethora of experiments and tests, involving medicine, finance, and physics, I will call my Super Dave a new name, "Super Snatch". He took my gun permit when I had no gun on 4-3-2001 and I was investigating murder by FDIC and NTEU syndicates internationale in San Francisco of the head FDIC guy there in San Francisco and the West Coast. I was also investigating Sheriff Jack Tillman, formerly Sheriff, in Mobile Alabama. It rhymes Jack. I was reporting his thievery of 360 thousand dollars and the starvation of his inmates. So to Snatch, I say, "See the next millenia, below".

There is so much money involved though, it is doubtful anything can be done at the Treasury Department level. Double, not dupicate, accounting records are the war-winners "lions share" rights. It is common in the Pacific Rim and Vegas and likely Europe and all over the Earth. If you are an auditor and have a Sheriff as your prize who is a thief and who gets more money than you, and if his name is Snatch, you can say that your Snatch is Full of Pickles, mighty big F-DIC snack to fill a Sweet Carol pie hole, although I do not know is Snatch pickles are fit for sweet carol or not.

Segment August 31, 2010: SCIENCE_phasics_TIME_space_DILEMMA_alternate_PHASE_staid_MOVING

Always trying to triangulate the fix in a new way, I. 

In terms of multi-phasics and distance and time relationships, I stood the length of 5 tall humans from a point inside a fence.    Now the question becomes which side of the fence I was on and how many could  I be on, if not at once then randomly without detection.  The answer in multi-physics and multi phasics and those things of bearing on a magnetic nature  is both or more if one chooses to do so. 

It would be nice to leave this place, but where, caught in the trap, pinched like a pickle by a world that appears as calloused and insane and indifferent today as it was centuries ago.

Science is always trying to open the door to escape.  Galileo Galilei mapped the celestial bodies and was almost hung for it.   Leonardo Da Vinci drew the first helicopter.   I want to escape but I know that in it is a trap.  I was not the first one there, not among the humans.  I have discovered my inventions or ideas are usually being implemented already.  Of course some seem as hollow as a drum and likely best kept that way.   Perhaps that is why the government fears my freedom of speech.  Things like genetically engineered bio-organisms that resemble open face plague just like the old days.  Those things are already there.  The immune systems of all organisms can be turned against each other.  The space around Earth could be colonized if it is not partially already or it is completely ludicrous to think it can be done.    The lies, the delusions, the abuses of forced medical procedures are like rape of the populace, many former federal employees. 

Recently I know of a man who was killed doing his little job for the government, small amounts of money from this former FDIC bank examiners perspective, under 100 thousand dollars.   Very little payment was given to the mans family.  His children should have had completely paid for government scholarships for college because the man, an attorney, was in the process of doing his job for the government and the assailant was dealing with governmental affairs impacting his own finances.  

My mother said to me on her death bed, who was of moral fiber from the positive capitalistic perspective said, "if it makes no money, do not get involved in it."  I was involved in some faltering political and journalistic endeavors.  If the murderer had considered that no money was made from murdering the man, it would not have happened.  Now if I consider that nothing will change if I leave the planet under the current conditions, what is the point of leaving?  But would things change?  A forest is silent until something enters it that is alive, a wind for instance.

Butt Hole Surfers or  bud hole morphers (music video) it is all structured mayhem on a mathematical scale with no void or bubble for your heart and your brain.  Pickles in the Snatch.

Someone once asked how I could do something so diabolical. I replied, "Snatch deserves it".


Segment August 28, 2010: TRUE_horror_COMEDY_uss_REID_ffg_30_experimental_GUINEA_pigs_AFLOAT

The joke is understood only after the joke is told, the split second to analyze or digest the connecting pieces and the ludicrous joke.  I often joke about things associated with the two year long investigative journalistic work I performed and some characters therein.  I have quit the journalistic work in the streets due to stress overload after being subjected to the American medical atrocity holocaust that began in severity in 2001 in my case of which I am aware, perhaps before in the military or another time, and other men were used in 1999 and died at that same facility in Los Angeles.  The federal government lies on medical records.  I digress.

I want Sheriff Jack Tillman or an actor who is like him to do stand up with me some time among his people, perhaps for free.  I as Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone or the ARD F-DIC Party Clown, investigative journalist gone over the edge in finance and medicine, and my adversary on stage and in real life, the idiot, Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" of Mob AL.

As I and Snatch age it could be interesting, a dinner theatre thing, perhaps in Biloxi at the Casinos to start.

This is the rule Jack or actor stand in, "We get to stand there and tear each other to pieces in front of a live audience".   I get to choose the  costumes.  I want you as Sheriff Snatch The Fairy Possum.    What  will I be Jack?  The ARD F-DIC Party Clown or Saint Ram Bone.  I want Snatch In A Box in the first scene, a kind of Smothers brothers motif.  We can discuss poetry, thievery, and possum-dumb.

First Biloxi, and then we get the casinos back at Avalon and we do an opening act on Catalina Island outside of Los Angeles where they do experiments and forced injections on the Queerest of the Queer veterans..  We on the USS Reid FFG 30 flushed our toilet holding tanks in the Catalina  harbor circa 1984.    The guy who controlled the weapons onboard obviously thought we were being used in experiments and threw guns and computers into the water.  We were fighting on that boat when it was first commissioned.  Four men were killed and labeled a car wreck in San Pedro at the abuttment to the Vincent Thomas Bridge on the North side.  Likely some sort of experiment or something went wrong.  I do not remember if we were at sea or not when the guy controlling the computers and guns started fighting with those in charge. He looked a bit like a skinny Eric the Red with no beard or some small facial hair.  I wonder if I was under anesthesia. 

 La Bamba(music video).  I bring the tootsie Bra-man, Sweet Carol, you bring the underwear Snatch.  We can play on the newly formed Pebble Beach at Avalon Harbor in a re-enactment of the flushing scene.  We say, "Orwell" when we flushed the toilets.  Our little captive ship SOS was sold to the Turkish after 1999.  There is no telling what they did with that man who went against those in the know. There is no telling what happened to us in hindsight.  He went ballistic on them.  He controlled the handguns and computers onboard and told me something once.   He was "in the know".  "Guinea pig Mother f-ckers Weeee."


In the final sequence of my comedy event with Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum", I want to ride off into the sunset with Snatch at the wheel and me giving him directions like an auditor sauvant, a sort of erotic genius, a sort of rain man raid man and we play the same song over and over when we here it so we can analyze it. Since we are dead, we will listen to Alive (music video) this trip.

Segment August 18, 2010: SCIENCE_punishment_GOVERNMENT_lesser_ANIMALISTIC_jungle

If you are some sort of government activist, whether journalist or politician or any thing where you try to influence the direction of society, and if you are claimed to be insane, and if you know the people who call you insane are likely stupid and those who send them are as criminally corrupt as an animal stealing another animals newborn, then you may be among us, the creative and inventive sorts, such as Galileo Galilei who served time in jail for his intellect and observations. Deep down he simply wanted to escape this planet I believe.  I say this in such harsh tones because despite all laws and contrivances and ideals we espouse, we are still in a world that is like a jungle, as animalistic as it was at any time in history.  The animals are often just lesser men in some instance and they strike out at others like an animal would.  It may not be the lesser men's fault, perhaps low blood or development in the part of the brain that makes men more creative and more likely to be called insane by those who are not creative or who have ulterior motives, such as an animal, but of a slightly higher order.

I have been at various times labeled criminal, insane, a threat, and many other things due to my work as an investigative journalist who specializes in investigating crimes in finance and medicine.  I am retired now for the most part due to the tortures I have endured and because I am paid a stipend that keeps me complacent.  Starvation is a motivator for many things, and that is how I see animals as, starving every day, and perhaps those men who are like animals, in particular those in power over us, should be viewed as that, just another hungry animal.   In that way there is no emotion when the jungle of animals becomes traumatized by their own actions.  That is when smart men take cover, like an animal unfortunately.  Bungle In The Jungle (music video), is just one diddley out there that mentions these animalistic things.

If you are in the jungle of cutting edge technology and high finance, you should realize those looking from hidden screens are waiting for your next invention so they can twist it down to its most animalistic version, from tool to weapon.  Michelangelo came up with the idea for the helicopter.  In his mind, he was at war in the jungle.  Like Michelangelo with his helicopter, and Galileo Galilei who measured all things observable in space, wanted to escape the animals, calculating the mechanically observable aspects of the universe.  I should invent a space ship, bio engineered, a colony, not to touch those who have called me criminal or insane and who kill and destroy and torture and rob with wild abandon.  I use science in areas of auditing that proves conclusively the governments crimes in finance and medicine of the present and future with observations and proofs from the past. But it does not matter because we are still in the jungle.  In the end it is always fight or flight.    It is no wonder I am loathed.  Kurt Brown -- alias Saint Ram Bone, former FDIC bank examiner and later investigative journalist on government crimes in medicine and finance.

Segment July 19, 2010: SCIENCE_mind_SPLINTERING_method_OUTSIDER_takes_CONTROL_of_KEY_players_GOVERNMENT_betrayal_HIDDEN_viper

In the ever evolving world of high technology I often feel in a daze or a mist after I have tried to contemplate some of the technologies when I see how they can and could have been used in real situations in the past, the present, or the future.  It is like taking an advanced chemistry test, it leaves you tired after a few hours.

Many jobs are mission critical when lives are on the line, and there is no room for error.   Those are the jobs most prone to attack with this weapon or method I am to describe.   Mind control would be the easy over ride, if something was done to the Central Nervous System in a medical fashion or some other method.   In the method I am proposing, the brain would have to be segmented for control and various people would have to regulate certain processes to get the human subject to do as desired. I would propose at least four, three for the functions below and one for the function of overall direction and feedback to the correspondent controllers.  The medulla oblongata controls breathing and such and the cerebral cortex controls higher level thought, and would be the two of the three mains areas that may have to be controlled concurrently by separate operators if the person was basically brain dead or stunned and lead around on a wire of sorts.  To erase and control the short term memory the hippocampus would have a controller.

A poem, "To trephine the head, and raise the dead, the cerebral cortex to the forward hippocampus to the rear medulla oblongata , a splinter, a wire, a tooth and  the CNS spire, all connected under a genetically engineered rap, leaves he or she out of the tap, because when you are tapped from stem to stern, you are all tapped out"

If several people were controlling and approving DDA transfers in the federal banking system, they could both be hit in some method or another.  You could split peas in physics and rap a field of men around a person, in simulation or in an outward cast of ethereal mist,  with or without  simulation technologies, and have the technologies employed while the controllers are in the void, as in physics in a shattered or constrained bubble physics technology or similar technologies in function.

A person could be over ridden and not even know what they had done. It could even be a sort of transient "possession", a thief of body and soul using anyone they target in a sort of "short term rental, or long term possession with a "steady state" of normal life among periods of remittent possession. O-Bla-Di O-Bla-Da Life Goes On (music video) in a subconscious state controlled by a conscious state.  Imagine the Lotus and the pistil.  There you are surrounded.  They turn the key.  The door opens.   

You could have any number of a spectacular series of events.  After all, the person intended to be making changes or doing things may not be there in entirety, but instead have their mind splintered and put into over ride.  This is a culmination of many technologies and is the rudimentary design of what I describe and suspect exists at least in some form. 

I am Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist on government crimes approved of by those in power.  I did not know murder was sanctioned by the USA government until I ran the test in 2001 and I did not know their government has federal holocaust camps that are meant to be hospitals.  Since that time I have learned they have many of their tricks, and it is as if many of us live in a battle field, never knowing when they will strike, and knowing we can not use their health care and feel safe doing so. 

Beware of simple trickery by them, by it.  Many are not intelligent but they are not insane.  They are like dogs who hunt on command.  The government will destroy your reputation if you go after theirs.   Many of them want to kill us or imprison or torture us.  Many of us will stand silent during their removal, as silent and stone faced as Buddha watching a woman's beauty rot away over time.  Simply glad to be free.  Remember the child parody of "Sticks and Stones."  The government has started the red scare and they are not even our government.  I regret having challenged their syndicates.  The syndicates won.  Goodie Two Shoe Wise Guys dominate much of government.  But there are no Goodie Two Shoes on the feet of Wise Guys.

The government labeled me a terrorist in the USA starting in 2001 to present.  I was attacked and they did not care if I am killed or injected or harmed.  I am as indifferent to them now as I would be to a non-entity. I look forward to their removal, even if through all of our deaths.    The government will betray us.  Our enemies, the enemies of our family and mankind,  have come to power, and so shall they fall, by the will of God, by the will of Man.  Some times I like Hindu music.  The self righteous leave us at the end of the road.  Tie Die with daggers and needles is how I describe the smiling face of California. Florida just sends you out on a meal that is meant to kill you.  I am speaking of their government workers, lesser men, who do not know the whole score. 

We need better shields and better communities and if they should try to enter, cook them like prairie dogs.  David Koresh I now view as an American Hero and I do not know who blew up the OKC federal building. I often wonder what did happen there and I have some unusual theories. I was almost hit by a flying projectile, like a meteorite North of Oklahoma City, either in Braman or Blackwell in 2004, which makes those theories seem even more distant yet probable to an extent.  I am dead also to some extent, waiting for death in sickness precipitated by forced injections, medical procedures and torture.  Some Americans laugh at me.  Perhaps they want to know suffering.  I will pray for it.   Thanks to that sh-t in power.  Our enemies who hide behind masks, masks of anonymity and messengers.


It appears that the government tried to have me hurt or killed in 2001 and I have been attacked many times since that time.  Some say it was the Mexican mafia in San Francisco that initiated the attack, but I just look toward D.C. and all constituents present or pretending to be present.  San Francisco FDIC or the head office in D.C. over the Treasury Department Secret Service (most likely)  had me attacked in 2001.  Someone had killed another man, an FDIC director.  Some say the demands come from corporate office in D.C.  Some say we do not need D.C.   Some say we will fight for this land and this government again.  It may not be worth keeping, like a garbage pile in many sectors, so  they will likely turn loose if blood starts to flow and if the oil is depleted or found elsewhere in an easier war. 

I am already dead due to their abuses.  I look forward to a war with those who have abused me.  I already wish they were dead, those who were calling the attacks.  Let us wait them out, as they will lose strength if pummeled by enough enemies.  They are robbing us of everything. They need to be analyzed, or perhaps we need to hope and pray our children are free from them in all fashions in the futre.   Remember the lotus design and think of key decision makers surrounded.  Who are they surrounded by?  Some times it does not take high technology, just brute force and money because money buys brute force.

I have been a typical American born in the 1960's. When young I followed the lead of those who wanted to escape all things from the constructs of society, but that lead was flawed due to its being a mass media charade, a movement by those enemies of ours controlling television broadcasts, preaching peace and practicing war. "Hold still, while I decapitate you" is how they appear to me now. My parents were as split as the design I mentioned, one was atheist and the other was a follower of religious practice and belief. As I grew older, I began to read the signs, but the signs are incomplete, however forboding. Some things are common sense and logic, and some things are different to individuals due to perspective. I am on the outside looking in. When I was inside, it was different. It is only a matter of time and I too get my toe nail picked.

Imagine (music video). Someone told me recently that I was greedy when young. I was not greedy, I wanted life because I had already tasted death. Some say that my enemies make me look stupid. I am some times in the past, self flagellating. They beat us and then we beat ourselves, never knowing the truth often until too late. That is why I advocate those who break away from the society and constructs and to engage in combat with them if they try to force their will upon us. The irony of the Christian people is that they were deceived. They applaud deaths and murder and hold up the ten commandments. They may follow the rule of the 10 commandments and many want to harm and torture those whom they feel are deviating from those commandments. It is a spiteful hatred, spiked by jealousy and rage, the rage of a murderous animal, who is already partaking in bloodletting, even if vicariously by de facto and non-present executioneers. See the Mid-East for the best example on this day. See the USA. It will never be.

The irony of this Christian people is that they will often mean well. For instance, when Bush Jr. was running for office in 2004, I know of a Christian who had voted for him in 2000. They wished they had not voted for him in 2001. That person died before they could vote again. There is no second chance. The political system is a ruse, regardless, especially in the "material" positions. Some are just fledlings. Yes, I would break away from their society and I would fight to the death to keep their mercenaries and tortures and lies from entering my world.

Regarding the question of, "What if I should ever see these people or things if they lose their cover when taking over a human mind and body, what should I do?" It depends. They might be an avenging angel, and they might be the Hell that was unleased like a wrath unforeseen, and you, the totally forsaken (Pictures). It might not matter at that point, only to you. It is not a matter of fear to defend yourselves from those who would constrain your societal development, it is a matter of survival.

My heart hurts. I was forcibly injected in 2001 in Los Angeles in reality for my investigative journalistic work, or simply for a recall from the government due to medical changes in the past, or a variation on that theme. I was forcibly injected in Flagstaff when I reported a chemical spill and a burn on my neck in 2004. People laugh about area 51. They need to look at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona and the Chapter 36 Law on forced injections and detainment in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada triangle. It could be they are fighting inside the USA government, the syndicates, one blaming the other for heart manipulations. It could be we are simply robbed, most likely of everything. But I do not think either syndicate cares. Neither do I, if they should die. Tit for tat, equal exchange of indifference and ingratitude.

I remember my father expressing in a way, his lack of approval for a decision a relative had made for joining the USA military and I remember him saying, "A young man almost like a son, is going to join the military and have a radio wire coming out of his head." I never knew I would one day wonder if it was more like an erector set connecting the Central Nervous System to other apparatus placed in the body. It is funny how one thing will preclude another like an omen. A parallel exists between the Bible and current technologies emerging or emerged. The many headed lotus I describe in technology is also described rather poignantly here in this link and it refers to some biblical writings that run their side of the parallel, theology, to my side of the parallel, modern science. One leads to the other I suppose ad infinitum. Who is to blame? Does it matter? All is relevant and we do not know all.

I only wish the USA government would abide by the laws they imposed upon the Nazis of lore and not force medical procedures and tortures upon us and not lie in their laws and target the innocent in their tortures and attacks. But how can they stop if they have been over-ridden through force of technology.

When I was in college for the third degree, a vocational counselor wanted me to read the job and career book titled, "What Color Is Your Parachute". Mine is the color of a forced medical procedure victim, and I feel like these people in a Nazi death camp (picture). Some times death is preferable to torture and degradation of the quality of life, and then having to live sick forever. What comes around goes around, see 4-3-2001 and 360 thousand dollars of thievery by one of those who illegally attacked me in 2001, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama. They took swing after swing upon me. They are the crime syndicates in power and I would wager more technology than we have known is pinning us down like dead men.

I heard a class action suit was underway. That won't happen, not when our American leaders are basically decapitated without us knowing it. That will be a day for Sweet Jane, Cowboy Junkies and Natural Born Killers (music video).

From Macau to Biloxi to Monaco, let us turn our eyes to the sky and pray for the end of mankind, because our productive capacity has been checked. But we know it will not end, our leaders throats were slit and then their heads were bled. Enter the Lotus man enter the locust man. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Carol.

Now for some real life comedy in closing and a request from an American Holocaust survivor. I hope to pick up my 9.11 million dollars from the federal government. I have discovered something strange and have reposted it here regarding money laundering, Macau, and Oklahoma and Nevada. Why are the men from Macau being held in Nevada if they were caught in Oklahoma and Kansas? Here are the details.

Just as in this article in the Washington Post on a conviction of alleged money launders from Macau. They were caught in 2004 in Oklahoma. I believe the money may have been USA funds and some of our people were cut down, or paid off, along the way in translation. I, a former FDIC bank examiner exiled and tortured, was in 2004 almost hit by a meteorite or something along side the highway near where they were caught. I was in between where the two men were. I was near Braman/Blackwell OK, and they were in OKC and Wichita respectively. Isn't that weird Sweet Carol. I was offered a bank examiner job again they say in the private sector but I do not like to spit blood between my teeth, or perhaps I should wear a bite guard and take the Job.

The reporter job never materialized afer my first degree, but I did meet an interesting fellow who was an actor in Pink Panther Movie series and a poet. I did a story on him and was inexperienced in interviewing artists. He said he would like to have a skate board that levitated a few inches above the ground. His name was Eugene Walter and I am sure he would agree that the psychedelics are better in Amsterdam. Alcohol causes long term brain damage and short term psychosis and they always put it with the casinos. It is used as a tool or weapon against the people. A highly dangerous drug is placed in pretty containers in front of our grandchildren. Our parents were duped. Keep it over there, away from the general public, sold from a nook and cranny. And Eugene Walter did not offer me sex. He offered me Sherry. I declined. He offered beer. I declined. I miss the simplicity of hopeful college days. I might just settle on this home made helicopter and pick up my 9.11 million dollars from OKC Braman's fantasy row and the allegedy Macau bankers imprisoned in Nevada now for alleged money laundering is China. That money is American and 9.11 million dollars is mine, due and payable. That explosion next to the Interstate in December 2004 indicates an outside angle and I want my share of the frijole stuffed rice pilaf. F-DIC murders and attempts on my life Dic-taste that mr. mrs. pay me 9.11 million, Tute Sweet F-DIC. Otherwise it could be a Mobscene (music video).

It seems there is word or video for every invocation or is that my vocation, I am not sure, as I appear to be the Intruder, a Primus.

Segment July 28, 2010: COMEDY_truth_BASED_fiction_WIZARD_oz_MACAU_banking_$482 Million

I often like to mix my own real comedy with the reality of other people and then throw in some fictitious characters or characters gleaned from my former conquests as an investigative journalist into the sanctioned crimes involving finance and medicine by factions of the regime truly in power in the United States of America.    Not all agree with them or I would not be alive, but I would have preferred death than what they did to myself and other men hostage to them through our own naive beliefs at the outset in their alleged beliefs, values, and truths.  Some of these scenes will be expanded at a later time with dialogue.

Scene: Enroute from Mobile Alabama, is Saint Ram Bone in his ARD F-DIC Party Clown out fit and with him is Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" and in the back is two of the ARD F-DIC Party Clown's wives, the Indian Woman Sacrificial Melody and the Nurse Psychiatrist Nurse Rartchett and the ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol blow up doll.    We are destined in a drive to Oklahoma to collect Xu and then we are destined to Wichita Kansas to collect the other Xu.  They are two alleged bank Presidents from the gambling republic of China known as Macau who have allegedly in excess of 482 Million USA dollars. As an aside, the the Chinese will prove to us that Capitalism does not work, in the end, once again.  Confucius say, "Capitalism take it on his chinny chin chin according to Ho Chi Many Men Minh."


Scene:  After picking up Xu in OKC we are enroute to Wichita Kansas to pick  the other Xu and a large rocket or meteorite or missile with radioactive waste hits the side of the highway, just like in real life for myself on around 00:00 Hours December 8, 2004.   The vehicle is showered with sand and powder from the blast as we drive through it.  (this actually did happen but I was alone and in between Braman and Blackwell, likely closer to Blackwell Oklahoma on the dateand time mentioned.)

Scene:After the blast and arriving in Kansas at the Kansas line we are  still in my truck, all five of us, ARD FDIC Party Clown, Snatch, Ratchett, Sacrificial Melody, and Xu and we have my Queerest of the Queer painting for $911 Million dollars for sale with us too.  In real life I just was blinded temporarily by the bright flash and drove through the blast and then the shower of the dust and particles of sand and likely radioactive matter.  In this scene we skid out of control from Oklahoma to Kansas and drive off into the ditch in front of Dorothy's house.    There we find characters from Oz and Wichita,  and they are Dorothy, Tin Man, and my dog Bow Bone somehow mysteriously there who is a Toe Toe Bow Bow, The Lion, the Scare Crow, An ARD F-DIC Raven, and a Senorita who repeats, "Es Una Locura Serrrr Dulce", meaning Is It Insane To Be Sweet, and and evil witch named Knot-so Sweat Carol.

Scene and dialogue:  At the wreck scene Dorothy stands there with Bow Bow who comes running to her and to her arms and she asks worriedly, "Are you OK", to the driver who would be the ARD F-DIC Party Clown.  On the other side hanging out of the window is Sheriff Snatch The Fairy Possum.  The Cowardly Lion runs up to help and pulls Snatch's pants down trying to get him out and Snatch screams, "Hey, rape me, rape me!".  The Lion lets go off him as he pulls Snatch out and says, "I am not so queer" and puts up his fists. The evil Knot-so Sweat Carol witch says, "Well, look at you, the evil monk caught you off guard and you came to collect the 842 Million and a half dollars from Mr. Xu in Wichita." " Is that the infamous Queerest of the Queer Painting?"  ARD F-DIC Party Clown smiles and says "Duty Calls" and that money does not belong entirely Mr. Xu or Yu"  "By the way, I am just fin, thanks for your lack of concern".  "And that painting is the Queerest of the Queer painting, and I will trade at 50% discount today.".  Dorothy replies, "Oh, I don't know how to count that high, lets asks Bo Bo"  The ARD FDIC Party Clown repies, "Hey, that's my dog" "And that amount is...let's see, I am an accountant but I might need a calculator, 911 million buck-a-roos, discounted to one percent of original sales value, divided by a deuce equals let's see.....$4 million five hundred and fifty five thousand dollars and zero cents if bought immediately, but I do accept tips and sexual favors."  The evil Knot-so Sweat Carol witch replies, "Do not accept cash or sex from this one.  He is to be followed and treated to the new version of ex-communication, the pogrom of our day, 'You move in, you keep moving....out'.  He's trouble Dorothy and that dog is not yours or this clown's, 'It's mine'." 


Scene: The evil Knot-so Sweat Carol witch rides off on the bike with Bow Bow who sits in the baskets laughing and ready to go bye bye. 

Scene : Little Me Me, similar to the ARD F-DIC Party Clown jumps from the trunk, hidden away and runs to the edge of the field and turns and walks back disgruntled. The ARD F-Dic Party Clown says, "Little Me Me, He wanted to escape from Alabama so he stowed away in the back of the truck with Bow Bow." Sacrifial Melody takes a drink from her liquor bottle, " We must get your money for the painting and find out what has happened to Xu and Xu." Nurse Ratchett, "I feel they are captives from China and their brains were altered by the injections I saw them getting in Los Angeles with knuckle head, my soon to be ex Husband, the ARD F-DIC Party Clown, at the experimental psycho ward wing of the federal magistrate."

Scene: The ARD F-DIC Party Clown starts to swing the ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol Raven is heard to say, "IT's An Omen", "like your Prodigy" (music video)