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Daily Foreword April 5, 2015: This weekend I insulted a granddaughter or a female family member of the former Shah of Iran and I would like to apologize. I was tortured with forced injections in my shoulders in 2001 under USA federal government control and it made my shoulders hurt from the chemical in the injections and I have continuous pain in my shoulders today. While waiting for breakfast in a restaurant I raised my arms over my head and exposed my arm pits to the lovely young Iranian woman. I did not mean to insult her. I was told to drop my arms by someone who knew her, and I did so once I was told it was an insult. I will dream of having Iranian children with her. It seems I knew her from another life, like a wife I am to have or had in the past. She stared to the sky and then tears came to her eyes and she said, "You did not mean to insult me, you have been harmed with chemicals forced into your shoulders." She reminded me in some way of the girl from the movie Once Upon A Time In America. She can have my pastry Allah.

Daily Foreword April 5, 2015: "Your ship was socked". That is what a US Navy person told me when my ship the USS Reid FFG 30 returned from a nuclear voyage in which I was hit with radiation directly in a blast and I was never attended to medically. Socked means in seamans terms to take a sock and masturbate into it daily the entire voyage and at the end of the voyage you will have a hard solid block resembling soap. Unfortunately I have developed a third testicle from the nuclear voyage and it is as hard as a block of soap. That officer was right, the entire ship was socked, but we were a skeleton crew.

The USS Reid FFG 30 was sold to the nation of Turkey in 1999, the year of banking deregulation in the USA. The Ship was renamed Gelibolu F-493. U Lob I Leg was easy in reversing the letters. I may lose one leg both testicles and my life. However the numbers 493 puzzle me and may be a message. What happened on April of 1993? Was the banking system toppled? Was the FDIC regional director blown away in San Francisco? I know that Xu Chaofan Xu Guojun and Yu Zhendong had allegedly taken 483 million and deposited the laundered Bank Of China currency in the USA, or did they? I will take the 10 million dollar ransom as a bounty and will give 10 percent the delivering agent and pay their taxes from my share. Or maybe the message is my equation for the Yu zhendong method of World Conquest. Chinese checkers moves the marbles across the table sweet carol, but if you flex the board the data ripples.

Daily Foreword April 1, 2015: Update for those who follow this site. Signalman Karlson informed me that it was not he who was lost at sea in 1983, it was a helicopter that went down piloted by Carlson or Carlsen. Were we experiencing a war and being overrun or were we having a coup d'état? It was mayhem leading up to a nuclear dip for the entire ship.

The "Go West Young Man" edict should be changed to "avoid the radioactive areas young man". The dictatorship in the remote areas of the nation are no different from the dictators in power in California. Many flee torture and abuse in the USA states to go to other states for refuge. All cities in the US are controlled by the same people, often war criminals in power.

On the other hand, I would not mind seeing an assemblage of the True Levites, who are alleged the tenth tribe of Israel and not ordained to own land in the holy land. Imagine, forever without home ownership, but to live within God and to recognize it as such. The reason is imagination. The Levites are those who plow the field for the future in imagination for mankind. The urge to kill will be mankinds way to ease suffering unless a true release is reached for overpopulation on Earth.

Daily Foreword March 29, 2015: In the nuclear voyage of the USS Reid FFG 30 in the silent nuclear war of 1983 and the more advanced weapons war of 1983, my memory started to return on the nuclear voyage details in 2014. Boys came onboard the ship when we reached Long Beach California's Naval Station, and they were called sea cadets. I was the one who told the boys and their instructor that the ship was radioactive. The boys and their instructor left the vessel. The instructor thanked me for telling him. He offered to go with me to get medical care because I did not look so good, as he said. I told him I could not leave and was on duty. When I watched the boys and the instructor leave, I wept a little bit because of what had happened, and I wanted to go with him and the boys to the clinic to get treated for radiation exposure. I was exposed to radiation with no medical care and then abandoned on the ship at the dock.

I was hit with something at sea, perhaps cooked alive, perhaps something was in the food besides radiation being in the water we drank. The captain asked me before he left the vessel, who had allowed the boys onboard. The captain appeared to have left in an entourage. He did nothing about the boys and the radiation. He said he would not worry about it and left in a rush. The entourage was leaving. Was he Captain Barnett or was he an impostor who I will call Captain Ten Rad.? Long Beach Naval Station Terminal Island is where the boys boarded the USS Reid FFG 30 during a tour. I have been labeled a criminal by the regime in power in the past and had the Sheriff who started the avalanche against me terminated and charged with crimes. But like a wounded lion the hyenas of the third world sect in the USA continue to prey upon me. Was it Captain Barnett who left the vessel? If not, then who was it? How could it be done?

Daily Foreword March 27, 2015: In considering the silent nuclear war of 1983, I can only say, "Remember Vietnam" to quote my ancestors. They were going to kill all of us young American men there because they could not put enough radiation on us in the form of fall out and nuclear isotope dispersal. So at age 8 I cringed at the thought of nuclear war. At age 21 I went to die in it, I was prepared.

So now as I look back at a possible scenario of 5 to 50 percent probability, I ask about the US Navy in 1983 about the USS Reid FFG 30 where I Kurt Brown was a Quartermaster of seaman rank, " who was Captain Barnett in the end when I left the ship? "

The captain appeared thinner several months after the nuclear blast he and I endured together. I did not know if it was the captain. I asked myself if he really allowed those children in the nuclear material or if it was an impostor who replaced our captain while I was unconscious?. The ship was radioactive when the boys from a local school boarded in Long Beach California on the ship when we reached the docks after the nuclear voyage. I was so sick from radiation and what ever they did to me that I would have told them to run if I had remembered everything at the time.

Was the captain killed? How long were we at sea during the two week to four week nuclear voyage? I remember blood in the hall way next to the bridge leading to Combat Information Control and wondered if he was butchered ceremoniously.

This new weapon I envision can do many things. First you can have confusion of topside or inside personnel. Second you can have them hit with Tesla's magic in the form of electrical energies used in the atmosphere or directed from external sources or both. I remember being conscious, going blank, awakening, hearing someone tell me to come inside the ship, and then going unconscious again. Beware of California. When Genentech left the USA the USA banking system had been stripped of its power in deregulation of banking which was another phase of the conquest in the silent war that I first witnessed in the Pacific and in California, then in the FDIC in California and Hawaii. Our enemies have their hooks in us in Washington D.C. I would wager Betz. .

I do not have human rights in the USA and Canada is not that friendly at the border. I do not believe in inquisition tactics but the Army of God should direct its attention to those important matters. I have taken up virus destruction as a sort of theory and I have pointed to a newer weapon that accelerates like an AC motor until you are in the vibe, unconsciousness. From the Macrocosm to the microcosm. The lies of California will show the lies of the rest of the USA which is under direct dictatorship controls. The airlines and airspace appear to have been hit as well. When I walk though the small revolving metal detectors at small aiports, I always ask, "How Rad?" with my hands in the air. What's the Frequency Kenneth?

I did not fear death at age 21 and I consider much death to be a mercy killing on this planet. Captain Ten Rad or Captain Barnett? Who was that on the ship after the nuclear attack?

Comedy, Scientist Saint Ram Bone among the living and the dead and his companion, a rat from the underworld who dresses as a possum are there. I the scientist ask in clear fashion, "If a guided missile is fired from a ship such as the USS Reid FFG 30 and the power is immediately cut to the ships engines and power systems, a black out on the ship, how is the rocket controlled? Can the rocket be hi jacked and re directed? Can the rocket be guided with a Uninterrupted power system to the controlling electronics? If it is pre-programmed what does the rocket do in a power black out?" You see my fine haired friend, the missiles are guide missiles. Our goal is to guide those missiles to their targets. The dead mouse replies "search me." I reply, the answer is unknown. We fired our whole shipload of exploding bullets or guided missiles as everyone called them, except I and the captain. At least 50 to 100 missiles and then we took off to full power and the ship had a black out. The dead mouse, was that the week Signalman Karlson was lost and then found per the radio. That is correct I reply. What could cause those MS symptoms that shot his spinal cord through like Multiple sclerosis? Once again, the answer, is "Who knows". The dead mouse replies, I would like to share lice and brew with Karlson. My mouse friend can not say R's well, he lost his tongue in a barroom brawl assisting Petty Officer Colburn fight the British sailors who came to the bar. To me Colburn looked like a impostor and his queer behavior on the ship was likely to get me off of the ship before I took it up the rear with radiation. His fight afterward with Brits at the American bar left his tongue clipped. Colburn could not say P as in ship, it came out shit. The mouse can not say R's and rice come out lice. In the next lesson we will cover the natural gas equation and san Bruno during the banking wars.

Daily Foreword March 23, 2015: In 1983 after a nuclear event at sea in which Signalman Petty officer first class Colburn and I were exposed to, Colburn started a fight with British sailors at an enlisted club in California. Before he went to fight them and lose his tooth and half his tongue, he said, this is for you. I laugh now but he left a paper trail in an undisclosed nuclear incident. I seem to recall being knocked unconscious and Tesla's AC motor comes to mind. Imagine, first second is ignition, jolt to system, next is to get to speed then you go unconscious, then you come back to consciousness for lesser time, then unconsciousness and out. You see, we were in Hell at sea. Colburn lost but he won. I remembered.

Daily Foreword March 22, 2015: Curly Q Shrimp are all the rage on HBO's upcoming series, Silicon Valley. I have put up a post on the HBO Silicon Valley Facebook page. The man's hand was trembling in the advertisement when he introduced Curly Q Shrimp as part of the show, holding the greasy sucked shrimp for a close-up shot on HBO.

Curly Q was the description of a nuclear blast witnessed by my girlfriend in 1983. I guess it was radioactive. We found a bunch of radiation the next week and I think I sh-t my pants when I was hit. We had no doctors. Something else is odd. When I and the captain were topside at the bridge-wing after the blast and when I awakened the next day or two weeks after I was hit. He said to me, "Kurt. you stink." I also know he said after, "Did you sh-t yourself?" It seems he gave the order to issue new clothes but I'm not certain.

But I also seem to remember something else. Perhaps it is PTSD or the effect of the radiation that I was not treated for or I was being hit with a new weapon. As the captain said long before, all we have is exploding bullets, speaking of missiles, and he said the real war is fought from up there and looked skyward. I seem to recall He stammered in between, which I thought he was mocking me, because I had stammered in aft steering on some voyages. But it may have been a knife. I have a primal instinct I believe. And it appeared that a sort of blade came out of the captains clothes not in view of the man behind him. The captain was looking out at sea and the man told him not to look at the vessel. I stood looking at the captain thinking of the sh-t in my pants. I glanced at the ship and thought I saw a black and white flag under a british flag. In between us and the ship was what appeared to be a whale's head, but it was likely a sunken submarine with its bow or stern floating up top with the vessel at a 45 degree angle. Of this I am uncertain, because the captain appeared to be there when I got off of duty on the vessel several months later. Whether he was Captain Ten Rad Chip or Captain Barnett, I was glad he signed to note for me to leave the boat, the nuclear boat afloat. Those forced injections by government since that voyage makes this radio-active cat wear goggles. I want payment for a radiation claim but I would accept frozen assets of the war criminal murderous sect, like their assets.

Now as I think about it and a new weapon I envisioned or experienced in which it hit in waves or increasing amplitude, it appears possible that the knife or sword had gone through the captain or it was a mockup, and the man told the other at the door to take the captain down to the galley and cut his heart out. The captain mumbling something about Kurt they took the ship, then something like don't f-ck with this f-cking navy.

I am not sure, but perhaps I read the captain's mind or he said it in a mumble, "they are gong to kill me". That's when I saw the knife come through him. However in reality and full memory on a later date our signalman Colburn started a fight with the British at the Enlisted Bar in Long Beach California Naval Station because as he said, "They inked us", meaning the British at the bar in a cluster of 7 were those who hit us with radiation. I did not fight them because I was too sick from radiation and no money was in it for me. Colburn got Captains Mast for it and lost half of his tongue it seemed and the last time I saw him was on the ship when he was leaving afterward and he said, "This Shit is radioactive". He could not say P's due to his tongue being cut in half.

Some alleged Brits were on the boat and did a mockup impromptu play on the way out after the captains mast at shore onboard the USS Reid FFG 30. The British man was in drag and another Brit escorted him out, and the voice said, "If you tell anyone we will kill you" in the Limey accent that came from behind us. Therefore I began to consider impostors as possible in all things. I suspect a global weapon that would wax and wain a bit bit like an alternating current and bring all brains into sync. Including the Captain, the President, and mind control has concerned me as I have acquired more of a Doctorate level education. The Captain who I admired in war like a general who had seen the trampling foot path to death in thet past campaign, Vietnam, was an enigma to me, Capatain Barnett, now I call Captain Ten Rad Chip. 19 was the Geiger count reading on the radio on the bridge after the initial blast I and the captain experienced at that same port bridge-wing.

Daily Foreword March 20, 2015: The greatest threat to our lives as common Americans are lies by government and concealment of their crimes and abuses against us and attacking of our innocent protectors in the informal ranks. As of late, those who bear false witness against us is increasing in frequency, A recent trend by the new Type A war lord in California is to say someone has committed a crime or wants to fight someone. It goes with the inquisition of the third world mixed with cannibalism masked as predatorial capitalism internationally.

There are those who follow us in stalking many of us these days, often paid by government or criminals who have struck a vein of money somewhere and are financing their expeditions against you, against us. Mine started really in 2000 when investigating FDIC crime suspects and in 2001 when investigating a thief who was the Sheriff.

The 10 commandments is really all you need to know in war. Apple fritter.

Now in 2015 that my mind has returned from 1983 nuclear contamination and medical torture verdict I endured in 2001 and 2004, after FDIC employment and journalistic work. I know I would not have returned in 1983 to the West Coast of the USA or in 1999 or in 2015 if my memory would have recalled 1983. But the Gulf Coast including North Florida had the same verdict in radioactivity as medically evidenced by numerous birth defects in the area I witnessed when young. There is no reward for being maimed. The lie, the false accusations, and they say murder is not allowed. I asks Putty Officer Colburn, is mutter allow?>

Daily Foreword March 18, 2015: In the latter half of 1983 on the USS Reid FFG 30, a "Skeleton crew" assembled to depart on a nuclear voyage from Terminal Island Long Beach California Naval Station. I was one of those who took the ride. After a day or two of going back and forth North of San Clemente Island in a grid pattern mapping the bottom, we departed for the nuclear areas deeper at sea. I was taken from my navigation duties and offered a chance to jump ship to swim to the island. I would have likely been executed by now. It appeared we headed West North West for 36 hours at 30 knots. Our ship's doctor was not on the ship. Our fire control technician was not on the ship, but was under apparent escort and had informed me a nuclear bomb had gone off in the Pacific when I saw the Wisconsin man on the base before the nuclear voyage. The "Minimum manning concept" of the USN was now the Skeleton Crew concept. Many had gone AWOL but were later not charged and nothing was mentioned. I was hit with radiation after we arrived at the nuclear areas and the only treatment I got was to take a shower and lay down. I am not sure how long I laid there, a night or two weeks. I remember awakening in my bunk in extreme heat like a nuclear detonation and then numbness and unconsciousness during the night. But I have been tortured medically since that time, in 2001 and 2004, so I am not sure. The nuclear war of 1983 merged into the banking wars of 1999 and banking deregulation's second phase as I was a federal FDIC bank examiner at that time in California and Hawaii. I was brought in behind the trail of blood of the prior regional FDIC director, killed during the FDIC Improvement Act era of 1992. A sad suicide per the Secret Service and FBI reports, I am sure. I feel like Hannibal Leckter, with my analysis.

The next day or two weeks later after I was hit with radiation and showered and laid down, I awakened. My clothes felt fresh and clean. However I was sick from radiation poisoning for months with dizziness and more and wandered onto the bridge of the ship that first morning. My clothes were always dirty in the Navy so it was odd they felt clean and crisp. I would go for months without washing my one set of Navy work clothes. Even after I thought someone may have exchanged my old pair, the captain remarked, "Kurt, you stink. Did you sh-t yourself"? I did not know how to reply but the captain told another officer to get myself and some of the other men clothes as those were radioactive.

The morning I awakened after being hit with the radioactive blast on the bridge-wing and perhaps half baked in my bunk in a nuclear blast or in a guinea pig test chamber, I asked someone on the bridge, someone who may not have been a shipmate, what had happened during the night. My mind is blurry on this person I spoke with. The night before our Petty Officer Colburn, our signalman was in contact with another vessel. Signalman Karlson was lost and then found the week before and I thought removed from the ship.

Who all was killed in reality the week before and the week of the nuclear voyage? The man on the bridge said a lot of people had been killed out there, speaking of other ships and submarines, etc. Then I asked if anyone had been killed on our ship. His head went down or I don't recall, but I seem to remember him mumbling the word, "Mike" or the word "Mice" or the word, "might". There was a Mike who was befriended with our Fire Control Technician who is outlined on this home page and pictured in an external link. I do not know his name, Wisconsin with the clear sole Hollywood tour shoes Fire Control Technician, aka missile electronics specialist.

The USN did not treat me for the radiation sickness. A VA doctor in the 1990's was trying to get me to remember the nuclear incident and file a claim I believe. My thyroid was swollen, tumors had been cut out of my body and more were appearing, and other horrible maladies of radiation exposure. I remembered the nuclear incident in detail in 2014. I am still trying to sort it out. The Navy Officer who allowed children onto the boat did so without the Captain's approval and the captain Barnett pointed that out to me, but his penis might have been out of his pants in the way he smiled. The other men appeared to have washed the decks, or perhaps they were figments of my electronics imagination, during the return to shore on the nuclear voyage. When we returned I was sick and not allowed from the boat and had no doctor onboard apparently. Every officer who tried to talk to me about what was happening was led off and I heard nothing else. I remember a rectangle of the nuclear detonation area with the point in dead center being where the bomb was detonated. The boys went to the ships balls that were brought up top and mounted for their pervue and I told them not to lick. I am not sure, but I would not be surprised if the officer who allowed the boys on board, seamen cadets, to fondle him in the chart room, as I left some of the boys with an officer on the bridge by himself with the boys and the ships balls. It is not my job to babysit boy toys in a radioactive lubricant. I was offered to be eaten by an Asian woman on a tour in San Francisco in the chart room on another voyage prior, but it was a misunderstanding. It was our dirty play room. Maybe the officer was a foreign spy with a syringe for those kids, after all, he was renegade in what he did by allowing the boys onboard.

I like nerd comedy to relieve depression and I often think of the character Beakman and his mouse friend discussing science in jest. My question for my mice friend is, "At what temperature or Isotope concentration would a person be rendered unconscious, yet leaving his brain somewhat intact and all of the ships components for steering intact as well. I was in the center of the ship in the enlisted berthing area. The reply from Beakman's Friend, "Born again?" I reply, " Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to reap". "Mice." "Sweet were we mice or men?" The reply from the mice, "Guinea Pigs." "I was told Reagan had been shot in 1983 and that Bush Sr. was suspected of being a swap with proof of such in a arm injury in the military in the 1990s". Who knows who cares, its nuts delicious in that death stare, its everywhere. The mice replies, "Were you taken from the cot and put in a hot box my guinea pig friend?". In and out, a wave I see, at first you remember and then you see, lights out.

In a recent commercial flight to Mobile Alabama aka the Village of the Damned, my native soul, it was apparent that the Luftwaffa had landed in the form of Airbus of Germany and the EU and whoever controls them. I was told that the pilots of Airbus are driving up the cost of the flights to my native city Mobile Alabama by flying conflicting flight patterns and delaying flights and driving up costs. I sure wish Sweet would buy me a hangar to rent out at the Village of the Damned Airport. Imagine, tests from above in a new vien. The mud vein. Who daddy?

Daily Foreword March 16, 2015: Fear is often seen as hatred. The predator in humans makes us fear each other, especially if we were attacked or under attack. The lower class poor Americans are left at the mercy of the Wealthier Americans and often we the poor are left at the mercy of those of the poor of other nations and who have come to positions of power in government or warfare in gangs against us. The California third world like D.C. and Alabama warlords in power will often tell lies about people and often force those lies onto their records making them appear criminal. I was maimed repeatedly with forced medical torture in the USA with evidence ignored in my investigations of murderers and proof of thievery by a sheriff in Alabama. In the end, you will see many of us would be better off to form gangs syndicates and cartels to deal with the monopolies of power exacted upon us by those in power. The irony is that a new technology from space could render all warfare on Earth obsolete. I was in a store recently and it appeared to me that if one person could arrive with new weapons, the illusion that others were near could be manifested, and that would put that person in strategic advantage. From the aspect of survival, I think wilderness areas and to be against the border fence could guarantee the lower class poor a chance of survival in the concerted attacks by gangs and criminals in government. For all weapons, there is a weapon to counter it. First you have to see if you can discern what is being done and second you have to put into place those things that make it null in effect. Was I Kurt Brown USN Quartermaster 1983, FDIC bank examiner 1999, being maimed medically in 2001 and 2004 so I would recall those nuclear events? It appeared the war was spreading to the FDIC. For many in the lower class it would be a victory if a new leader came to power with ideals of space colonization. But would you go to work and end up being a slave? Mankind could never conquer the cosmos due to the monkey forebrain in most humans.

Daily Foreword March 8, 2015:What is most material or important to us in our lives? Our health as individuals and as a species. Mankind can self destruct. It has happened in smaller populations. "I ate a shrimp" and I tried to discern the isotope therein, from radiation and the trace of it in all living crustaceans of the seas. A fish is in the same predicament albeit cleaner perhaps. I remember warfare or the burning of the toes at least in 1983 and a scarface epidemic in federal banking oversight in the 1990s. I expect warfare but where does the antidote to the venom kick in? Scarface can only run so far. A bomb can only burn so much. But a shrimp that is an isotope in your hand in a city where European industry strangles the shore in America, there is no need to reconcile the difference. Mankind knows how to self destruct to a point. Like a whimpering shrimp.

Daily Foreword March 2, 2015: On a radio station I heard that In Long Beach or San Diego California recently a Lufthansa airlines plane was being shot toward. Then I saw a German Airbus Terminal in Mobile Alabama at their airport in Alabama. In vertical marketing, Lufthansa Airlines and Airbus are tied inexorably. I am withdrawing an earlier comment about tracer bullets due to a threat on myself and a blank fired toward me.

When either Lufthansa or Airbus grows strong in the USA, Lufthansa grows strong in the USA, while the airlines like US Airways and American and United are shoved into bankruptcy. I am attacked and harassed when I enter places such as Mobile Alabama or even Los Angeles California, and I am sure Washington D.C., yet from there I get my check. It is a paradox in which I will most likely be slowly pushed out maimed or killed, excluding the effects of the first law of thermodynamics, it all comes apart in one direction and together in another albeit scattered. The way it works in the South East is that you are the slave and you accept your place, much like the compartmentalized jobs of California.

You should never trust a lie and never be a coward. If you are ordered not to kill, do not take it lightly. Remember Vietnam? .

Yesterday there appeared to be an altercation on the runway at Mobile Alabama airport. I saw that at the Airbus Hangar in a blue building viewable from the airport there was no activity but on the other end of the runway, I thought there was an altercation, a fight perhaps, or a dier fag or deer was hit.

Somehow from 2010 to 2014 my memory came back to the nuclear events of 1983 in the Pacific which were never disclosed to the public. Some of the underwater nuclear blasts were viewable from LA Harbor in the form of flashes of bright light or patterns of a flying object if you looked at one of the blasts directly from the hill above Point Fermin Park from a second story apartment window in San Pedro California. The one I and my girlfriend saw was on a Saturday. Then I went to sea Monday. Nineteen Rad if I recall correctly was the number of the nuclear exposure on our vessel as reported on the radio on the bridge. .7 percent of 1 rad is lethal. They should have shot us. We were toxic when we returned, some of us. Signalman Karlson was lost and found per the radio and now may be dead and was in a wheelchair per last count. I am chock full of tumors and other maladies. Was I burned alive? Were people abducted? I recall high heat to the point of being unconscious as I slept. I know I was hit with the bubble from below our vessel before I was ordered to shower. How many were killed that night or those two weeks I might have slept? How many ran before the voyage? Minimum manning concept may mean execution of personnel per my vantage point as a USN sailor of 1983. .

Since I may have been dead a few times, for Jewish humor, we can say I skip shiva which is the week long period of mourning as I achieve my status of avel. Those who do not like me that much call me d'avel. It's French.

I am seeking partners to build Yu Zhendong, my new multi purpose tool and weapon to be used in space. I came across Yu Zhendong in the form of a burning object that fell from the sky and exploded in view in 2004. I can blow up a commercial Central Heat and Air unit using the premise, Yu Zhendong over or under Xu Chaofan to Xu Guojun.

Daily Foreword February 27, 2015: The South East USA has been put between two predators and two predators and now democracy is a joke along with human rights. Florida legalized medical marijuana in a 58 percent margin and the Two predators controlling the ballot control, said that a 60 percent margin had to be reached in voter approval. The modern predators now sell marijuana in the West with an exclusive contract and the South East puts those in jail who try to grow their own medical marijuana. That is a small example. We are in a war and we are losing.

After having been in two wars, the nuclear war of f1983 in the Pacific Ocean and after being in the banking wars during deregulation in 1999 and 2000 in California, I have concluded there is a way to conceal ones identity and also to distort the mind set of those involved. What the modern war criminals in the USA do is surround you and repeatedly attack and harass you. It is a motto to never give the enemy rest or solace. These are lower end animals and it does not matter if they or their controllers are killed in my opinion. Some of my shipmates reported murder and I was harmed at sea in 1983. We were silenced and maimed. In the banking wars in 1999 I suspected a change in leadership through warfare in Sacramento California FDIC in Roseville. In San Francisco the FDIC regional director was executed in his office around 1992 and the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992. Warfare is trickery and you can be deluded as who to attack. A City of Mobile meeting in Alabama was convened today on how to increase tourism. Look at the 58 Percent Approval rating in Florida. I say give Mobile And New Orleans legal marijuana like Amsterdam and Colorado and put in coffee shops. Sell those crunchy black grasshoppers from Mobile Bay also, covered in Chocolate.

Daily Foreword February 25, 2015: In the tears of an American aerospace industry executive regarding Airbus of Europe and their advertisement in the USA in German, "They put you between two and two" he said. "They give these good ole boys these contracts and when the USA government quits paying for airplane contracts the European company lays off the foreign workers in the USA", meaning the Americans. I think back to world war II and the method the USA was sprayed with radiation from nuclear blasts in those blasts and subsequent hits. There is an attack on American commerce and the American poor. The Asians were placed in a juxtaposed position to a few who were able to pull the trigger, to engage in nuclear war.

I was placed between two and two when I was working for the federal government. First I was in an undisclosed nuclear incident and have paid dearly. I suspect many servicemen were manipulated in `1983 to be put in nuclear waste from events in the Pacific Ocean. Second I was placed between two and two at the FDIC in 1999 and was terminated in 2000 during banking deregulation. Some FDIC employees were under attack, some of them. Third I was placed between two and two in my native city in Mobile Alabama and shut down as a journalist and run out of town and tortured and maimed in Los Angeles in 2001.

Daily Foreword February 20, 2015: A health warning -- The federal or state government in California "may" be giving out unannounced and dangerous innoculations of alleged Ebola Vaccine or something of that sort. I am a trained medical technologist. Today my blood was drawn from two arms allegedly. I think I was injected in the first try on the first arm with a vaccine. I do not watch the blood drawn so 50% probability. There was an Ebola Virus scare in the East Bay of San Francisco at a John Muir hospital during the past month. I would not allow such an injection but I felt an embolus from the first blood drawing attempt, an embolus that disappeared like an injection with a possible handoff of a vial. But I was maimed in USA healthcare and they could give you anything just with a needle prick. If they are injecting us forcibly or unwittingly then I have been through this before,. I think I will opt out of government healthcare at this time. If they draw blood watch them and the cupped hand and look for an open vial full of chemical or a syringe with a shot to go in and not out. The Dr. told me I could get a tetanus shot with whooping cough benefit. I told him no. So what was it injected into me? A psychotropic drug that is the favorite of federal war criminals in power, or B another substance such as an alleged vaccination that is in reality meant to have a disabling effect, or C something to just kill me, or D. they do it so I almost die of stroke or E. Most people know the USA healthcare system is Dr. Mengele made over. California, the lost cause like the Gulf Coast. I have not been paid for radiation in 1983. The VA first told me it was from X rays, my first post nuclear bomb tumor, that was 1980's.

Comedy -- The forced or unwitting injection makes me want to puke, that is reality. Hunter S. Thompson Journalist Author and murdered labeled suicide was accused of child molestation on a late night David Letterman talk show, his response was, "Tell me another line.". In 2001 I was forcibly injected and labeled criminal for legal gun ownership. It took four years to do it, but four years after reporting the Sheriff as thief on 4-3-2001, the dictator in power had the Sheriff Jack Tillman who took my gun permit terminated for thievery and my charges were dismissed. The federal government dictators still view me as an outsider since I pointed to even higher level crimes in banking oversight and the FBI and SS botched murder investigation of a banking frauds judge Thomas Crane Wales. The F-DIC head in San Francisco was called suicide in the early 90's. I witnessed a transformation or conquering of the banking system in 1999 and 2000 at the FDIC in California to Hawaii. This may explain the Central Heat and Air explosions in NYC Twin Towers on 9-11-2001. The federal OKC building in the 1990s might have been a CHA explosion as well using the Yu Zhendong method.

Anarchists or irate citizens can be manipulated by bankers or banking agency mad men. If you are in California or Alabama or D.C., often you may hear of things like this. If you own guns the USA government in California robs you and sometimes forcibly injects you, particularly if you are a genius auditor who combines art science and auditing. It is the American way under paid mercenaries owned by an international financial elite.

Daily Foreword February 19, 2015: Perpetuation of war is a hallmark of mankind, and it has been an absolute truth since I was a child, awakening to military servitude by force with a prospective draft 10 years to the fore and a dead Wiseman draftee to attest at my eight year old detest.

These people, these things, I do not really understand. Long Ago it was the Viet Cong, that slant eyed enemy we were to kill, then came Russia with their might, then Hamas and Hezbollah, those ragheads allegedly setting the world on fire, and then came Isis, the next killer among us according to them, those that I do not understand. I have never seen anything more beautiful than an Arab woman shaking her large ass around, full of eggs, eggs I hope that are pure from radiation and toxins and the same goes for a Russian woman. We lost on Earth. God will witness it. Silence to the flame, silence to the peas, silence to all. I was in the warped part of the flame, an observer from the bubble from the outside inside the flame.

As a comedian, I like Robbin Williams in the movie Bird Cage and as the Disk Jockey in Vietnam. Robbin Williams spoke to me in Tiburon before his death, albeit briefly.

The proposal of a multiple state of consciousness, just as a gazelle runs on its side on the ground in the throes of death after being shot or stunned, so can all living beings, or perhaps selective persecution as in a species or geographic area of a human population. It is the sort of parallax where you can't discern the truth about those things along the highway or exterior to ourselves.

Daily Foreword February 17, 2015: Many are at war or rebellion against their current plight. Many are like children or animals and destroy things with no real objective, like an angry child in a rage. I know the feeling. I was tortured in California and maimed in many ways in the South West USA. The childish side of me wants to see those who harmed me hanged or burned alive for public display. However, the more advanced says flee to less crowded and less oppressive and racist locales. You should never work for the government and you may be better off to die than to use their alleged healthcare. I have been abducted several times while getting healthcare. I will likely leave the state and all cities soon. You should never bow down to your enemies. Entrench yourself and fight to the death or kill yourself. That is my sentiment. Many of those who want to fight have never been in a true war. I think USA military men are subjected to radiation on purpose. Many coasts have been subjected to radiation. The savage third world has a parasitic fringe, and they are like pyro-bacteria while the upper crust is like a group of primates with a cymbal to call for reinforcement. The best we can do is back away and fight to the death if cornered. You never want to be taken hostage alive.

Daily Foreword February 15, 2015: "Give me control of their minds and I will give you control of their universe." That is what it appears has happened in the ongoing war I have analyzed since 1983 to present. The coincidence of Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg unconscious on TV and the plane with jets over northern California and a long power outage in Southern California soon afterward told me that the ball is in someone else's hands. Or could it be a distraction for a compartmentalized consciousness, a solo conscious for all, riveted to perform as a slave in a greater machine, as I have theorized with the Betz equation and timing nuclear blasts of history, thereby their negating the human side effects?

I picture my life like the character in the movie Napoleon Dynomite, but it is amped up a bit due to the fact that Nothing seems to kill me. Blow up the Outside World is a song that made me think of this fact. First I was in a nuclear war and I stayed on the boat to watch the final blip. I was into it until I was hit in the nuts with a hot bubble from below the boat. I am not sure if I was toasted that night in my bunk to the point of unconsciousness. I have theorized a regulated nuclear bomb laser over the ship. That was 1983 the year I was hit, and in 1999 I was enlisted by a Vietnam Veteran and pulled out of my long medical school to work at the FDIC during the year of banking deregulation. The F-DIC head was blown off during the F-DIC Improvement Act of 1992 in San Francisco. It made we wet for death when my F DIC Boss Kenny Doll was almost blown up in his home in Rocklin California in a fuel spill and then the weird events afterward. I bet my friend Lacey Doll my fellow FDIC Bank Examiner knew something I did not know when he ran away and quit and urged me to do the same. I bet on that No Sweat FDIC Pink Slip to get my retirement. No EEOC case can be heard under the foreign control in San Francisco FDIC and amid Washington D.C. bribery, thereby the options showed a mouse hole of escape or release from abuse. It is a blood bath and the thwarted angle of war says your brain has the price of a pink slip ass well.

I was not paid for the radiation and the increasing in tumors and abnormalities over time. I would gladly accept a warehouse to do experiments. I would like to do a movie as a bank examiner who goes back to work for the federal government syndicates in banking oversight. I will change my name to "Buffalo Bill" and wear my Captains tights from the Dier FAG WW 03, the USS Reid FFG 30, and ask my Puerto Rican Mississippi D.C. Friend if he wants to blow the top opposing office syndicate members leaders away with a shotgun.

Daily Foreword February 14, 2015: As my memory returns on the year 1983, I remember my distrust of those who I was not familiar with on the ship on the nuclear voyage on the USS Reid FFG 30. I had been exposed to a radioactive blast at the bridgewing and a nuclear cloud on the water on a subsequent night and the water was radioactive in the drinking tanks. A man with a shield of some sort came on to the bridge and I was told I had to step in front of it. I remember being disoriented and making a joke about it. I did not trust the kraut looking fellow who was running the equipment. I did not know if he was going to do a geiger count of radiation on me or castrate me with radiation. I should have never joined the USA military. I encourage you not to do so if you are from the lower caste in the USA. The government was over run. We are not even paid for radiation and effects of war. If you feel you have no choice but to join the military to improve your future, you might as well put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, as it will be a shortcut to your ultimate destiny under the foreign dictators in power over the USA. Never bring a gun into California either. They are a predator sect of dope dealers and prison builders and part of the international dictatorship of power and abuse.

Daily Foreword February 13, 2015: Today it sounded and looked like a war had broken out off of the coast of California, just South of the SF Bay area and San Jose. A military jet was circling in the distance above while a small prop plane was flying South off of the coast. I imagine a mob boss type in banking oversight shot in the head while the pilot jumped earlier and wondered if they were going to shoot the plane down or shoot it in the fuel tanks to make it crash on its own. Then I saw Chief Justice Ginsberg Unconscious in front of Obama on Television. The media said she was drunk. I think she was using non verbal communication. They torture us when we seek medical care in California, the police types of the new military style dictatorship. Obama is an emblem and the true dictators hide, because after all, we would want them killed for harming and robbing the innocent. . I contacted the nation of Turkey and told them of a nuclear war in 1983, what I saw and suspect, banking wars in the USA in the 1990's. Craigslist Services were censored. I offered to give modern war counseling to Iran and Turkey because I was in the USA banking wars in the 1990's and in the nuclear war in 1983. I also offered the same services to Iran and Israel. I do not believe in murder but I do not believe in medical torture either. If Ms. Ginsberg is dead, I hope to See you in Israel of the after life, as this life is going dead for all.

Daily Foreword February 11, 2015: The truth is that I was wiped out after government employment. California has that sort of warfare feel for me since my memory returned after 31 years. I was in nuclear combat or toxicity at sea. I recall awakening in intense heat in my bunk. Was it real. I was hit on the ships bridge wing. When I slept and when my memory came back after 31 years I thought the detonation had occurred, which brings up the question, what really happened? 31 years and they said at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard that the incinerators at the old Long Beach Terminal Island Naval base had human teeth, and the Hazmat employee inferred they were my shipmates or co workers at the base and he could not believe what they did to us. It was 1991 he told me of this, but I had forgotten much, I think a concussion or heat from 1983. I have not been compensated for the radiation. A claim is pending, pending, gone by years end. Who controls the Earth? I pictured a new weapon or a cover up of identity's and suspected that George Bush Sr. was a concoction of sorts. We were told President Reagan was killed or prisoner in 1983. Jr. had to follow in tow. I was told there was a mix up on the arm of injury of military service injury in Bush Sr.. The war the top warlords know is something we have been cut away from. The human population has become toxic and in like kind, the stirrup of homicide and genocide is happening. Beware of California as it has the third world effect of Mexico and Asia and Russia, in that they will forcibly inject you behind closed doors to control you. They are predators and you are their prey. The mecca that was California has gone down for most of the lower caste. The Gulf Coast seafood is toxic for many, so the allure there has passed. The USA borders are best for residency if anarchy and war erupt in the interior of the USA. The epitaph of the doomed race, Mankind, they ate fish from the radioactive toilet sea and then they killed each other.

As I consider the banking wars of deregulation, I consider the lies or cover ups. When a top banker was killed in the scourge of the FDIC and banking in the 1990s, at the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 the top FDIC man on the West Coast of the USA was killed and called suicide. On 10/11/2001 Federal Banking Frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales was killed by alleged Anarchists. In February of 2005 Journalist Hunter S Thompson was killed and called suicide. What none of these deaths brought up was murder due to high dollar warfare. That is my specialty, I stay and watch the fight and analyze who has a new trick.. I stay and watch and assess. Cove rups of identity or you knocked out of your mind by forces unseen? Nothing is as bad as it seems. Nothing is as it seems. Death, life, backwards and upside down. Then there was the explosion in December of 2004 that I witnessed in Oklahoma. Yu Zhendong came of it. 483 million dollars. Whoever took Tibet has help. The war power center may be there or to the North of that point. or who knows. Death is not so bad if you consider you don't have to pay rent.

Daily Foreword February 6, 2015: In terms of weaponry, I have a new theory on an old weapon. A nuclear bomb can be made into a nuclear laser if you can regulate the energy output. By creating the blast, harnessing the power, and venting into a sphere on Earth, then an entire fleet could be taken to high temperatures at sea. First the topside sailors die and then those inside the ship due to heat from the laser. At a official Navy party with ordered attendance after the war of 1983 in the Pacific, a man wanted me to have a drink, and he made the motion of a bubble coming from below the ocean and a sort of turkey noise. Or he was mimicking the image of the nuclear laser weapon I have described. In a circuitous or piecemeal fashion this weapon can or has been derived. I remember being cooked alive in 1983, but I was maimed or changed in 2004 with medical torture. Were they bring back my memory to the war? I remembered fully back to 1983 and the war, the year of war memories from 1983 came back in 2014 after the induced stroke in 2004.

As an aside to the depraved simplicity of war, I make a comedy. The Captain Chip is really a suit with controls from the captains quarters only, mostly electronic. The suit is commandeered by a USS Reid FFG 30 sailor listed as a Dier Fag on ships computers in 1983. Enlisting the help of the derelicts onboard, the farce is set for WW III Comedy. I am the Quartermaster, and I and the fag take turns as Captain, and I say sip 10 RAD. Lazarus, Goodbye Horses should be played going into battle. Ignore the inner voices from the electronic channel by cutting the circuits and sending positive feedback. Blackout. In reality King Kong of the electronics panel, Why did the power go off after we fired the missiles ordered by Captain +10 RAD Chip, Barnett, the week before the nuclear blasts in the Pacific in 1983.? I remember getting a reading of 19 Rad or 90 rad or something of that level over the microphone on the bridge from CIC when I was actually hit at the bridge wing with the charged nuclear bubble from below in 1983. My ears were ringing sweet carols and my f-dic was crawling away from my future nuts. I was hit and the Navy covered it up along with the VA. They said the first tumor was from X rays. The next one was the devils fork, choose your points. I have not been compensated since I awakened from the thirty year coma on the matter. How many were killed in that side of the Pacific Ocean in the 1982 and 1983 war? In comedy I see PO Signalman Colburn as a little Navy guy in navy swim trunks after we are killed. Monkey Gone to Heaven by Pixies .

Daily Foreword February 5,2015: I had two direct witnesses that I was hit with a nuclear bath and bubble from below and nuclear clouds at sea. First Class Signalman Petty Officer Colburn who told me to take a shower and he was in communications with other ships in what appeared to be a nuclear war of sorts. The Captain Barnett was there with me when the bubble blew from below. I now wonder if the captain was a computer chip of sorts. Imagine a Chuck E Cheese character as your captain in 3 d. I think Colburn is likely dead. He was in a fight blaming the brits. I was too sick at the enlisted bar that night after the blasts. Barnett was the captains name. T Ten Rab. or plus Ten Rad in queer speak. Radiation hits you in brave new Ways. Their government will not compensate us.

Many of us have been cheated out of government employment and government participation? What can be done. We are not to kill them. Therefore to separate from them seems best. If you can not separate, then you are a codependent or slave population. The USA government told us children we would have to kill or be killed as young adults in Vietnam during the 1960's. They taught us to use drugs and alcohol to ease the pain. We had to do neither. Mankind is often a predator cannibal.

Daily Foreword February 4, 2015: In recent analysis of viruses, I have deduced that an electrical impulse through the protein coat of a virus, the virus could be killed as in an electric chair. A suit for the human body as well as a suit for the protein coat and a coat for the virus would have to be prefabricated in the methods of molding jewelry and filling pastries, in the sense that all calculations are exact.

The two Californias are like the two Alabamas. One is open minded and accepting and the other is forbidding and often neglectful of safety. The wars of the past 100 years have changed the face of California. Eventually it will erupt but lose value. The new king of the world of technology appears to be Switzerland. Since I was tortured repeatedly and maimed, and since I was attacked by those at the top, and due to observing the methods of those at the bottom in malevolent display, I on instinct do not care what happens to them. However I know there is a bigger space out there. Kansas. I would wager that the witness to the nuclear incidents of 1983, Petty Officer Signalman First Class Colburn is dead. Colburn was in contact with other vessels the night I was hit. Our other signalman Karlson appears to have developed Multiple Sclerosis. They call it that. I would round up the troops but those of us who were exposed would likely turn up dead. Colburn started a fight with the Brits at a enlisted club in Long Beach and he told me they "inked" us. I was sick from radiation and no money was on the table for a jaw breaking event. At Captains Mast on our ship for a few of the Brits, a play was put on, MACbeth, perhaps, a man in drag and a lover, and a voice told us, if you say anything we will kill you. We continued to eat our meals in the dining area. Impostors and the ability to take over a monarchy or dictatorship or presidency. The apparent end of time will be a time for reflection. I thought I would be killed or untouched by war in the USN. I was left maimed and not paid for the radiation. I am considering meetups to bring out other victims to discuss analysis or remedial payments due and receivable.

Daily Foreword January 30, 2015: After the nuclear voyage of 1983 on the USS Reid FFG 30 out of Terminal Island Long Beach California, I was very sick with radiation sickness and somewhat delirious from what ever else happened at sea. An officer came on the vessel while we were at sea and on the way back to port. He asked me if I had any coins in my pocket and I said yes. They were in my pockets during the nuclear bubble that sounded like a hand grenade when it surfaced from below the ship. Although quite beautiful it was deadly to myself and all things that matter over time.

The officer who took the money said, "This is because of you". How odd that statement was. He gave me a dollar for a pocket of change. Later the USS Reid FFG 30 was sold to Turkey and renamed the Gelibolu. Gelibolu "U lob I leg" if spelled backwards. I may lose that leg and my life as I have already had a huge tumor removed from the leg where the change was located. Also the other "you" that came to mind in my life is Yu Zhendong. A theoretical weapon or swiss army knife to be used in construction in space, a multipurpose tool. The other Yu Zhendong was in LA and busted for conspiracy in money laundering from the Bank of China and his friends, Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun were arrested in OKC and Wichita in June 2004, and it was in December 2004 that I was almost killed buy a falling burning craft of some sort at the Braman and Blackwell county line in Oklahoma. Kansas was next. Petty Officer Colburn would make a good Kansas Sheriff, as he was the one who told me to shower after I was hit. He should have shot me when I turned around. He was right in that it appears we lost the fight, and I think we lost the war.

At 72 hours since I was injected or poked through a gurney bed with something while at a Jonn Muir Hospital in the East Bay of San Francisco, I developed severe night sweats last night. If I should die, those who did so may have been pushing for a reaction due to damages from prior medical visits at LA VA Westwood and Flagstaff Medical Center. This time it was not overt at the Muir hospital but I believe it could be factions in the police or gang associated. Some want to kill and maim us. Mankind is a descendant of the Cannibal bonobo monkey but some have not learned to rise above it.

Daily Foreword January 29, 2015: The USA government and various factions in California are known to call people insane if they cause problems for the ruling aristocracy. In 1983 I was in a nuclear area at sea in the US Navy. I was exposed to high amounts of radiation. A shipmate of higher rank who was exposed to radiation told me, "This shit is covered with radiation". He could not speak and half of his tongue was cut into and his teeth seemed out of alignment . That shipmate started a fight with the British sailors at an enlisted club in Long Beach California after we were exposed to radiation in 1983. The British sailors put on a impromptu play after captain's mast for the fight. In the dining area the gist of the play was to look out for impostors. I was told our captain, Barnett, was a sugar coated captain. Meaning dipped in radiation or a mere figment of my mind or my chip. He did have a very un-scarred look for post-Vietnam service, and carried a perfect Hollywood sheen. Many of us are targeted in California and I urge the young not to serve the USA military and not to come to California. Leave the USA or go to the border of your choice. There may be a war for control or it may have been lost. We are not safe in the USA so if you have another nation, I wish you well in your exodus from the USA. Don't eat the seafood if you are going to have children, and that includes and especially children already existing, due to genetic disorder expression and lowered intelligence, etc. of their children in the future. Genetics and auditing are my specialties and and advanced chemistry and warfare. I consider warfare to be a classroom in Hell on Earth. Don't speak. Watch. Listen. Observe and contemplate. There are those of lesser intelligence who are part of the problem who bend the best things we have until they break. What comes around goes around.

Due to my experience in lower level war, I tend to remember and try to understand anomalies. For instance, my girlfriend saw a blast of some object and a flash far in the distance as we were at LA Harbor. Why did we not hear it, but see it, and I saw the flash but not the flying object which was described as being like a detonated vessel or a missile. I have theorized on nuclear weapons reaction cessation, but the quelling of sound, or perhaps a soundless nuclear bomb. When the blast moves as fast as the light, the light and the sound can't be seen at near distances at the instant of the blast. We saw the tail end of the initial blast per my calculations. Kin, what do you think? Is IT too weird? When someone asks me where I live, I say near my kin, wrapped in a blanket on the big sidewalk at Ecker and Market and I keep my radioactive duffle bag at Hunter's point.

Daily Foreword January 27, 2015: I believe with 95 probability that I was forcibly or I should say, unwittingly, injected against my will at a government funded state hospital in California yesterday. I was being checked for testicular cancer in a gurney bed by a ultrasound technician allegedly. As I lay on the bed, I felt a cold breeze blow on my ass as if a toilet area was opened below. I then felt more that caused discomfort. The hatch below then closed and the ultrasound tech continued checking my testicles. Today I realized I had a bleeding area and a sore area on my back in the lower lumbar area from center of the spine by 1.5 inches to the right. I may have been injected or poked through the cot in the waiting room when waiting for ultrasound or afterward. I was tortured in state and federal hospitals in 2001 and 2004. We are in Hell on Earth and I would like to see those hospitals where I was tortured in 2001 and 2004 turned into Charity hospitals for the poor and run by Jews Muslims and Christians. Federal police are nothing when they torture us when we seek medical care, which is what I got in 2001 after fleeing Sheriff Jack Tillman, a proven thief, and murderers with the Secret Service or other federal gun wielders.

As I consider warfare of the present and future, discernment can be lost and entire civilizations can be robbed and pummeled of all assets and endeavor. For instance, if you have a recollection of a Dr. telling you something such as when you are dealing with government war criminals in the past, and the Dr. appears blood shot eyed and he asks you if you committed some unsightly act, then you are in a dilemma as to whether to address it or not, particularly if you are being knocked delirious by new weapons or a needle of drugs with a quick pop to the mind through the cot. Stroke is what I got from prior forced injections in 2001 and 2004, but ironically my mind became able to remember the nuclear events of 1983 outside of the California coast. I could react many ways. Many sects are predatory and without remorse and there are those with technological weaponry. If we are being killed and maimed, how can we protect ourselves if they take the weapons they sold us? Never bring a gun into california. The USA is predatory in many cities and states. Who cares if predatory capitalists and their criminals or gangs of criminals are killed? AFter all, me and my nuclear shipmate were almost killed and I was maimed, likely he as well. Their government covered it up. As an accountant and auditor and bank examiner and medical technologist and geneticist and physicist, I can tell you what is most material --- our young. We have been led astray or wrenched into nuclear weapons in the USA and in Japan. The wind blows from the West of Japan. And we are to the East, therefore we got a mouthful of radiation also. Don't Eat My Sushi. Have you tried LA County Hot Dog? Sewer Karp, please respond. I want the names of my shipmates, and I would wager much early death and deformed children. The USS Reid FFG 30 had radiation in the water tanks. Radiation sinks into the metal and can't be scraped away. I seem to remember being given new clothes, one of the sailors wanted me to have a week's worth for being such a good prostitute. The man who wanted to give me the clothes saw his name on a list of sailors labeled homosexual and he said he wanted to give them to me for being such a good prostitute, but if I recall I only got one set of clothes. I seem to think it was a way to get men to jump ship by calling them homosexual. We had four sailors sacrificed in a car wreck at Terminal Island on the San Pedro abuttment before the nuclear voyage. They were dummies, boatswains mates and cooks most of them, perhaps a spike. Were they sacrificed for Body parts? The captain acted weird about it and booze.

Daily Foreword January 26, 2015: Today I was given a kiss of death or a plea of mercy granted. They are not the same unless someone is a liar or is concealing something. Mal-intent? I am horrified of government health care and today I went. When I finished there were men in the hallway, were they cops or were they ambulance drivers. When I was exiting the ER ward a man almost poked me in the eye pointing the way out and he said something rude. Their tests were short and likely incomplete. I do not trust a state or federal hospital with a diagnosis. In California like many states, their police are controlled at the top by racist and geo centric hate filled sects. My speech is fast in those dangerous areas, and I feel like I am back in WW III in 1983 out of Terminal Island Long Beach California or I am fighting for my life in torture masked as healthcare at the LA VA Westwood in 2001 or the Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. Never tell them you have a radiation burn as they will torture you as they did me in 2004. The Navy is hiring while other branches are not and I believe that like the nuclear test sailors of the past, they will be maimed also.

The government types in California and Alabama and Arizona like to call you insane. Their government was over run long ago and they and their leadership remind me of cannibals controlled by technological warlords. There is the monkey way, bullying, and then concealment. Many are anxious to attack anyone and I was attacked for speaking quickly in 2001 according to the torturing party at a LA VA Westwood in 2001. I released a Duffle Bag on Craigslist for sale in the San Francisco Craigslist under the Antiques section for sale by owner today. It was listed as radioactive. It may have been. I was hurt then and since then, so I am not sure if the duffle bag was on the ship and radioactive or not.

Daily Foreword January 24, 2015: I most likely have stage 3 small cell cancer due to a nuclear blast not revealed by the government. I also drank radioactive water at sea in 1983 on the USS Reid FFG 30. The officer who disclosed it was likely executed. I was angry that the clinic Dr. would not see me as agreed and wanted more paperwork. The clinic called in a community police officer I think. I was tortured while seeking healthcare in the USA twice since 2001. The police officer undercover motioned to the people in the waiting area as I left and that I should be quiet. My testicle is in pain, I have signs of type three cancer, and they tell me to be quiet. The Mexican and Asian peasant population are told to be quiet. Now they try to tell us to be quiet when we have been in a nuclear war and the government turned their back upon us. I will not go to the VA hospitals because I was first forcibly injected and maimed there in 2001, starting with a Mexican FBI masquerading as a VA Dr. in 2001. I was knocked unconscious in 2004 and maimed in many ways in 2001. The USA government was likely lost before WW II. The nuclear blasts in the Pacific go to high altitude and then drift to the USA. The seafood is contaminated also, trace amounts. When I eat wild seafood it reminds me of eating a carp in a toxic sewer. If you plan on having young don't eat the seafood. I have become philosophical now that I approach death. Mankind is insane. The use of radiation in war kills and maims many generations to come. We do not have the right to harm the unborn. I look to God at these times like a man soon to die. I pity the young and urge them not to believe the mass media or the government of the USA. Many here would have you remain silent while they slit your family's throat through various means, so to speak.

Daily Foreword January 20, 2015: In the prelude to premature death by cancer due to radiation, I consider the facts of my life. Predatory capitalism and the maiming of the young are the hallmarks of much of society. I remember being racist and vowing to meet women of any group I had racism. I soon found I was not racist against any man, but all men who were destructive or abusive toward others. Then I was maimed by one group of people after another by forced injections and threats and hostile intent. Now I admire the Chechnans who fought the Russians and won and then lost. They had conventional weapons which were taken from the Russians, but they did not have the weapon that was used to conquer the Earth and eventually Chechnya. We of the lower caste need an army for our people with the ultimate weapon, the one that flattens them more quickly and more soundly than those in power flatten us. I once had a Moroccan Arab French woman sing to me and I put it to the work of my own life. I am the voice in this video saying I was going nowhere. The Sheriff who was caught stealing by myself says he was not giving an admission of guilt but was found guilty and red handed of thievery. Another voice is a paid protector of no education who protects the Gestapo stripe in power in Mobile Alabama during the oil thievery regime of the 2000's. Memories, "Habebe" she sings. You are my mourning star are the words. As we drift into the sunset of mankind I recollect.

I have put out an ad seeking three actresses, Asian females or Asian female impersonators. They are the Don't Eat My Sushi Girls. It appears San Francisco Craigslist vomited and deleted my ad. Denial is the hall mark of mankind when material consequence is at stake. Next will come the three, Don't Eat My Ceviche, girls. I want to educate the public on the effects of radiation on the unborn from the ovaries and the testes. In my finale, I want to provide one last thing before my death. I want to put a bullet in the chamber, so to speak. That is Soto's Syndrome and Soto's peak, another recessive disease expressed by radiation on the human genome.

Daily Foreword January 18, 2015: Today I sent a cover letter with two pages to accompany my claim for radiation exposure in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean. I gave it to UPS and am concerned it was opened by a government official and altered. The SS and FBI attacked me in 2001 when I was investigating now known government crimes. Petty Officer First Class, Signalman rating, Colburn witnessed the captain Barnett of the USS Reid and myself Kurt Brown Quartermaster, exposure to a nuclear blast or bubble in 1983. Colburn was engaged in a fight with Brits at the enlisted club after the exposure at sea. Colburn said, "They inked us", meaning radiation exposure and he wanted me to join the fight so that we and the Brits would have Captains Mast together, gathering names. I think the Brits were commandeered and the Atlantic South hub was taken as well in 1982. In 1983 the Pacific was taken per my estimation. Colburn said we lost if I recall, had his teeth smashed in, and his tongue cut in half, and that we should get off of the radioactive ship. I never saw him again. I hope he was not executed. .

Daily Foreword January 15, 2015: In 2001 a group of Mexicans attacked me in Los Angeles. One was a Mexican judge who set my bail really high at 1 million dollars and another was a DA who wanted to take everything I had. I was forcibly injected with chemicals by a Mexican at LA VA Westwood before court in 2001. I had information on government crimes. Those men are like the old lower end mafia or Gestapo. The ones who ordered me to be harmed are in other offices higher up in government over the Treasury Department and FDIC. You should never trust the USA government under the current international dictators. Their healthcare and military is used against us. The top of government was harnessed and we are being pulled into the lower caste since WWII. No one would detonate a nuclear bomb in their own face and the winds of the Pacific Ocean blew the radiation to the USA over many years while many USA servicemen were put into nuclear blast areas, test areas.

The dictators are now beefing up the US Navy. My captain in the USN said we fired exploding bullets before we were sent into a nuclear area at sea in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean. Now the US Navy is hiring while others are not. The dictators will expose the men to radiation on purpose.

Daily Foreword January 12, 2015: Here is a true joke. I went to work at the FDIC in 1999 not knowing that the prior regional director was shot dead in his FDIC San Francisco office and claimed to be suicide by FBI and SS. I asked why the FDIC was founded and I was told it was founded so that farm banks would not fail and jeopardize our food supply in the USA. Later on I told this to another higher ranking employee and he laughed and said. They shot our guy and replaced him with the new FDIC regional director. That was in 2000.

My life has gone down since and now chaos has hit the USA for the poorest of ours. I have free VA healthcare but I was tortured and maimed by an FBI or SS or Treasury Department employee in 2001 when I went to the LA VA Westwood. It is ironic that my memory has returned on nuclear war in 1983 now, after being put into a stroke. Many of us were maimed by toxins before birth. The government has allowed many from my vessel in the USN to suffer symptoms of radiation and warfare in our era. I have tumors and lupus type radiation symptoms and much more, perhaps fatal cancer now. My shipmate Karlson had MS symptoms. I say his CNS was shot through with radiation and new weapons of war.

Also, the US Navy is hiring while the other branches are reducing their numbers. It is my belief they are setting up those men to be isolated at sea and radiated as we were in 1983 or maimed in other manners. We need weapons to defend ourselves from our enemies who have come to power in California and D.C. and Alabama. Beware of California and Arizona as it is a sort of Mexican and Asian and international Gestapo stronghold.

I recommend the young be schooled at home by those who are educated. I recommend natural remedies instead of government approved remedies for medical ailments. Develop new methods of weapons discernment and mass disperals when betrayed by predatory factions.

Daily Foreword January 7, 2015: In the undisclosed nuclear incidents off the California coast and the nuclear blasts elsewhere in 1983, I remember the captain bringing the ship by my window in San Pedro after I jumped ship. He cut an angle going North and West. I have heard a class action suit is being brought by many veterans who were crippled and ignored by the government after high level nuclear exposure in the water and air. Who won in the Atlantic really in 1982? In the Pacific in 1983? Why was the FDIC Improvement Act preceded by the axing of the FDIC Regional Director in San Francisco in his office? Who was behind door number one that morning at the FDIC in 1999 in Roseville California I ask my boss FDIC Mr. Kenny Doll, after the fuel spill in your subdivision? I remember in 1983 after the war ended we had to attend a party that was like a surrender. Someone made fun of my cooked testicles. My memory came back in 2014 and faded after VA treatment for other medical conditions in the 1980s. In the 1999 to 2000 I was involved in banking oversight and witnessing another silent war it seemed. Then I started journalism and was punished by the dictators who took my gun permit after I caught their sheriff stealing inmate food funds Life is not fair.

Daily Foreword January 6, 2015: Travel advisory for California. A lot of hostility is in California now. Like children some get angry and attack the innocent. Sometimes the government attacks and some times it is citizenry. I am under attack by government again I believe, be accused of something, what I am not certain. The third world flavor of California makes me sick. To think I served in their military in California to be hit with radiation and to witness the mayhem surrounding deregulation of the banking system to international control, I feel it is a helpless case. I have done nothing but I am under attack or harassment again by corrupt bastards in California. They send you a Mexican or Asian and behind them is the usual scare crow with an easy billion. Their government and syndicates harass the innocent while their casinos and dope houses roll it in. I welcome a breaking up of the USA and a settling of social disputes and discrepancies. For instance I was buying auto parts while an Asian casino ran unabated nearby. A cop showed up to harass me or perhaps it was not a cop. I never know. Alabama is as bad. The USA is controlled by predatory capitalists and is increasingly a warfare state in many locales. The federal banking system went under and in my opinion stay away from their military. They douse you in radiation and then ignore your requests. California should be viewed as a hostile state as well as Arizona. The Mexican and old Gestapo way rules there. If you want to see their future, look to Mexico. They will always have dope for the USA. War criminals deserve death even if in a so called neutral state.

Daily Foreword January 5, 2015: I contacted K Ass for an accounting job. They will not hire K Urt. I am like Napoleon Dynomite. I joined the navy to see a nuclear war and got my balls singed off, then went to work at the FDIC so I could be terminated and tortured so that I could recall the nuclear war I had forgotten before the job, withstanding scars and such everywhere as reminders. In my fantasy at the FDIC after the FDICIA 1992 is repealed, I will have Sweet Carol give me a wax job in my large private office bedroom F DIC bunker, as we clear up the banking deregulation issues such as internal funding in the USA for the horde.

In regard to banking risk and my application at K Ass accounting I fear that the K Ass accountants who examine my theories on risk in banking degulation and the FDICIA of 1992, I fear they will be treated as holocaust candidates by federal officials. I suspect my examination of Ansaldo Energia of Italy will reveal that controlling interest of corporation can be manipulated with discquises through various banks, such as Shanghai to Germany to anybody in the banking business or wars. It is best to keep your house in your own state, that way you can measure all of it and be certain of what it is and without risk.

Daily Foreword January 5, 2015: Mankind is a merciless horde. Cannibals and predators naturally feed on each other. I once thought a man was being butchered in an FDIC office during deregulation. They had killed the F-DIC head in San Francisco during the F-DIC Improvement Act of 1992 and associated actions. I suspect high tech activities. The irony is how much hot charge a compressor takes to the cold freon. Who is the potential enemy if you are in high level government? Every nation. When the 10 commandments and or cohesiveness of ethical doctrines are lost, it's soon to lead to revenge.

I was placed in a nuclear bubble in 1983. I a Quartermaster on the USS Reid FFG 30 have suffered ever since exposure to a nuclear bubble and have not been paid for the radiation. One doctor told me I had a tumor on my leg due to X-Rays and acted as if I had no claim in the 1980's. I could not walk on it. I had forgotten the nuclear stuff in 1983. They may have knocked my brains out after the wash down shower, since I was alone. I need medical care perhaps. I want payment but the VA has not responded. Is it our people under the digital or ether cloak?. Karlson a Signalman maybe took a dunk in radioactive water and may be dead since 1983, last time I spoke he had multiple sclerosis symptoms in 2010. This is what happens when you lose a war. I want payment so I can move forward. They put us in the nuclear war, they put me in the F-DIC war. Life moves in front of me like a slide. The best is yet to go. I go to the door to see if death is knocking. My boss Kenny Doll told me his fuel spill ordeal was "Weird". Who was behind the door in front of you Doll? Was it the Sandanistas? The Red Scourge of China? Russia? the EU? or a faction of some nondescript group on Earth? The lesson is to never take government employment.

Daily Foreword January 4, 2015: Truths based on facts are some times more clear than the rhetoric used to cover or cloud those facts. The food of the Pacific region and the hills at higher altitude in the USA have been exposed to radiation due to nuclear blasts and leaks and the strength of radioactive isotopes which all blow to the East from the Pacific.

A doctor said about my head, "You are an abortion survivor". I believed them for a while and then I realized radiation and toxins leave us maimed and deformed. It is a mistake to trust the government in healthcare or in education or employment in the USA.

During banking deregulation the FDIC was under attack in California per my observation in 1999. In 1983 the Nuclear war was silenced and many of us were left maimed in the USA Navy with symptoms appearing in profusion in the past 10 years. In 1999 my FDIC boss was almost blown up with fuel. Afterward, the office was quarantined in one the building of the FDIC in Roseville California. The office was made very cold. I wondered if someone was butchering the man who had the corner office. I suspect you can make people think you are one person when you are another, as my boss said, "How Weird" in an odd way and it made me suspicious. Because I am maimed from birth and of the poorest class, and because I was tortured as an adult

Daily Foreword December 28, 2014: In 1983 a silent nuclear war occurred in the Pacific Ocean, with a bomb detonated off the California coast, possibly more. A shipmate of mine who handled missile guidance, known as a Fire Control Technician, told me of the nuclear bomb when he was being escorted across the base and he was told not to speak to me. I suspect he was executed and his teeth were found at the Long Beach Naval Station Incinerators when the base closed. We had fired a barrage of missiles the week before. I will offer one hundred dollars if you can give me his name from a Plank Owner's List of the USS Reid FFG 30. I have put a post online in Wisconsin and Chicago regarding my former roommate and shipmate from Wisconsin. is my contact. Update, a list of sailors with the sailors pic is online. I can not read his name. Is he dead? He is the fifth sailor from the left in the CS-3 division pic in the pic in this link. What is his name?

I have offered one hundred dollars for the latitude and longitude of the nuclear blast in the Pacific Ocean near California in 1983. Better hurry though as I appear to be sick from cancer as a result of complications with exposure to nuclear clouds on the water and I was hit with a nuclear bubble from below.

Daily Foreword December 27, 2014: In the USA, we of the lower caste were fed to lions when young and it continues to this day for all of us. Our healthcare is torture and abuse for many of us and government involvement does not exist. If the dictatorship is destroyed in any coming military advances on the globe, where ever the dictators reside, you should realize that the food is contaminated in the sea and the soil is contaminated on much of the Earth. We of the lower caste are in reality a machete army, even if you own rifles and such. Mind control and planned death is the wave of the future and the present. I consider all coastal regions of the USA to be contaminated and much of the interior in the USA. If you are young, it pays to learn foreign languages when young. No true alliance or allegiance exists when we are attacked when seeking healthcare, as is what happened to myself. I will likely die soon from cancer in a covered up nuclear blast off the California coast in 1983.

The media often taunts some areas of the nation, such as California and Florida. California is a state of division with many ethnic groups poised to kill or attack at any instant, and Florida is the same. Their courts are predatory and their lawmen are sadistic. If a nuclear bomb went off in cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco or Miami, I am sure much of the population would be relieved to have found death. After all, they or we are in a war for survival. In cities in Alabama the government is exterior and more into oil drilling and exploitation and drug syndicates. They sold the people of Alabama a natural gas contract and stole the oil. I saw the trucks full of oil. I say if you are a marijuana addict, then grow your pot in Alabama and Florida. If you are arrested for cultivation, pray their cities wealthier areas burn to the ground while their wealthy are robbed and looted.

Daily Foreword December 25, 2014: Someone once asked me, why are you here? I am a mere reflection of a greater being, I hope. I believe that the human population will be degraded and eventually disappear under the current trends and past simplicities. The idea that we can colonize space could save us. We will not make it without a quantum leap. I am speaking of moving people or things in a manner that is a quantum leap, seemingly defying space and time. A sort of fulcrum and lever effect with a quantum leap into new dimensions or by new methods thereby bypassing all of the constraints of the lesser us in time and space.

I was exposed to radiation in 1983 and even drank liquid that was radioactive. They fed it to us on the USS Reid FFG 30. The captain told me to toss the last cup of coffee when we were next to a nuclear cloud. I was already sick from being hit by a bubble of radiation originating from below the ship. I have had a tumor removed in the 1980's in my leg but the cancer seems to have come back into my body. Can I will myself alive? To cure myself? I was knocked unconscious in 2004 when I was getting an apparent radiation burn checked on my neck. The USA dictators are not our people. You can be deceived in who is leading you to the next destination. I was held and knocked unconscious and had a stroke in 2004 or was it 2001? The federal government started the melee, but the war was still waging from 1983 and banking deregulation in the 1990's. The next time, I would prefer that God leave me dead without pain or suffering if I am injected and knocked unconscious. The messiah will not come here for us. I likely have less than four years left, three, two, one, or do I?. Our children's genetics are being degraded by radiation, toxins, and overall changes in the Earth and sky, for the first time in history.

Someone took the UK before 1982 per my estimation. The UK took the Altantic in 1982 and someone took the Pacific in 1983. Was the USN Pacific Fleet done away with in some sectors of the Pacific, as near the Aleutians or the South Pole?? I would wager, yes. Radiation bubbles on the water, sizzling and hits like a shotgun blast from below when it hits the surface. I have derived much training in nuclear physics since that experience.

I am trained in genetics as well and have come to the conclusion from observation that nuclear contamination of a woman's ovaries from seafood or water while maturing when young will cause the triggering of recessive genetic diseases in the young and lowered intelligence. If a man's testicles are hit with radiation as in a blast, his genetic markers will be dulled down and the woman's genetic markers will override, with subsequent lowered intelligence possible in some of the woman's offspring with a marked increase also recessive disease expression. The grandchildren of these radiation victims will often express gigantism and possible mental deficits. Therefore if a normal human is X1, a defective hit by radiation is X2, and each generation afterward will be X2 unless they too are hit with radiation, then you have X3. At X12 all wise men die off. Where is purity of Earth and sky?

Daily Foreword December 23, 2014: I was told to flee the USA in 1983 after our ship was exposed to radiation in an undisclosed nuclear disaster outside of the California coast. I could pinpoint the drop point if I had a chart of the same scale and boundaries. A nuclear bomb had exploded there. I wanted to come to Los Angeles for fame and money and I thought we were going to get fame. We got death. We got dismemberment. I wasted my life and will die soon in excruciating pain because I do not have healthcare and appear to have developed cancer in the leg and groin area. You are on your own in this life. The government at the top has harmed me repeatedly. I should have fled, but I and the other sailor had already been exposed. I suppose the other sailor was exposed anyway, I think when Karlson went missing, Karlson a signalman now debilitated and not compensated by the USA government. I have not been paid for the radiation. It appears someone has raped the USA government in its military and banking and we allow it to happen. I will soon play music and recount events and put on youtube in saintrambone. I liked Country Joe's song about Vietnam. I want to model it for our era in 1980s to now.

Here is an example of the torture and maiming I and other have suffered. I was in nuclear explosion area in 1983 and had forgotten about it by 2004. I was held down and injected when I stopped to have my neck checked for a radiation burn in 2004 in Arizona at the Flagstaff Medical Center. They even had blue cross pay for me to be forcibly injected and I had a stroke. Then in 2014 I remembered the nuclear war from 1983, our little nucleaer bomb. I call it Godzilla. Divine providence said I should have been an attorney but I will likely die soon. I can not trust government healthcare. I would prefer death. They were at wrong on another occasion when I fled Alabama to Los Angeles. They do not care. We are on our own. Imagine a foreign dictator in power or a conglomerate. As life passes in front of me, I wonder if I would be the only one to survive a series of large nuclear catastrophes.

Daily Foreword December 22, 2014: I was attacked on the 21st in San Francisco after going to an art museum to buy gifts. I was followed by someone and am not sure what their purpose was, perhaps several followed. I sat down to eat at a restaurant and a patron in a group of 4 obviously dressed in disguise and one flicked what appeared to be a condom and it was mud in my eye, a small amount. I consider it to be biological terrorism. I am accustomed to being attacked in the city. I was terminated in 2000 for filing an EEOC complaint while at the bloody San Francisco FDIC. The EEOC would not give me my rights and hear my case. I would like to be placed at the top of the EEOC or the FDIC and I want to re-enact the Glass Steagall Act of 1933 and I want to strike down the FDICIA of 1992 and the FSMA of 1999. I will want a new F-DIC HORE to replace the old one .

I have been through much more than a nasty condom flicking. Compared to a nuclear bomb that I was hit with in 1983 I would rather chew the damn thing. I would like to nominate my former Captain Barnett for President of the USA. The man had gone through Vietnam, came onboard our ship as captain, and soon he and I were in a nuclear blast. I have not been compensated and Captain Barnett may be dead, perhaps in 1983 if a impostor replaced him, which I doubt. Captain Barnett of the USS Reid FFG 30 crew. I was his number one Dier Fag on the Bridge when the bubble blew. I would nominate him for President and allow him to personally shoot anyone in banking oversight who dared to stop us from bringing American banks back to America and American investment too. He went through a nuclear bomb and kept on ticking, I hope. President Barnett formerly a Dier Captain, and future President?

Daily Foreword December 21, 2014: As I try to pinpoint where a nuclear bomb went down off of the California coast, I remember our ship making a continual pass in a square that was drawn out on the navigation chart on the USS Reid FFG 30. I remember an officer pointing it out to me. I was curious about where we had been as I had been taken off of navigation duties after being hit with a nuclear bubble that came from under our vessel one night not far from the California coast. We had traveled in that square repeatedly for quite some time. We were hit and it was kept silent as many men were likely killed elsewhere and perhaps from our vessel. We were a skeleton crew on that nuclear voyage on the USS Reid FFG 30.

I contacted the Ukraine today and all of those at G.U.A.M,. and offered a One Hundred Dollar reward if someone could tell me the exact coordinates of the nuclear bombs that were detonated in the Pacific Ocean in 1983. I suspected they were from the U.S.S.R. but I also suspect world conquest had occurred again or the final blow. The Atlantic had fallen to the UK in 1982. But who really controls the UK? In 1983 the Pacific Ocean was taken as well. According to the CIA Factbook report psych ops were being performed while the US Navy came close to Russia. The USA was taken over long ago from all indications. I suspect we lost before World War II.

Daily Foreword December 20, 2014: The USSR saw missiles coming inbound from the USA CIA Factbook report from 1983. However no silos from the continental USA were firing so the whole alert was caught in time. A computer glitch. That's the official Russian account. From my perspective, A nuclear bomb went down or was detonated in the Pacific and I was exposed to it. We fired missiles the Week before the nuclear voyage and the sound in Combat Information Control was that something was hit, and it was bad.

My theory is this, the UK was taken over long ago as was much if not all of the USA. The close attack on Russia was to move in that area in the North Pacific so that threats could be removed in the Central and Southern Pacific in 1983, the removing of the communications, meaning that the nuclear submarine that was hit and sunk or other high tech machinery commandeered. The UK took the Falkland Islands from the Argentinians the year before in 1982. My regrets to those young men killed unnecessarily. Insider dope, they were dead when it hit the water, just like some on the USS Reid or those vessels in the area of the nuclear blasts, perhaps the nuclear sub in 1983. Since we are drug in by our tails and heads into radiation in the military in the 1950's and 1980's which I have verified personally and through personal investigation, I think the attack on Japan by the Enola Gay was not initiated by our fellow Americans in 1945. The USA's use of nuclear bombs to the West of the USA is like shooting a machine gun in your family's face, due to the Eastward prevailing winds in the Pacific Ocean. A larger war, a sect has likely taken the Earth. So the victor is as the victim, an ape calling himself a man. Or perhaps no, all of us are now the victims of the lowest common demonator in man, ape like ignorance and acts. As I start to die slowly from radiation induced cancer, I wonder if the world moves in the illusion before my eyes. If so, I am lucky. Life is but a dream within a dream, no, life is a chestnut, it all comes out the same in the end.

Daily Foreword December 15, 2014: The USA military has been like a cat being pulled into a fire by its tail. I know a few men who were put directly into a nuclear cloud or blast in the USA military. I was one of them in 1983. In the 1950s one nuclear blast such as Castle Bravo Shot, the men were exposed during alleged nuclear tests. In my situation in 1983, it appeared to be a nuclear war starting or a series of deliberate explosions triggered through technological manipulations or accidents . All media was cut out of it and silenced. I wonder if I or others are in their right minds, in control of their own volition, and not deceived within their mind of those things their senses are exposed to directly. Welcome to Hell on Earth.

I like comedy in Hell. My third testicle that I have grown may be benign and not malignant. I picture a hose down of the lawmakers who gave us deregulation in banking and who deliberately have the government harm and rob us.

We in the USA went from nationalization to internationalization in banking. You the Americans lose. They need you more than you need them. Resources per capita indicate some systems are self sufficient. Risk due to international financial capers and no way to assure proper accounting puts the banking system since deregulation at extremely high risk. Of course if you have been really injured, you are about to die and leave Hell on Earth. To0 bad.

Daily Foreword December 14, 2014: "Why are you here?" I reply "To Wake Up" It is a double entendre. The year was 2010. I see double meaning, a catch 22. It was the beginning of a four year recovery from a forced stroke under USA torture alleged as medical care in 2001 and 2004. Out of memory and health for 6 or 9 years, I am not certain. I was maimed in 2001 and 2004 after getting caught in the snares of our enemies from the West Coast acting under directorate of those who control D.C. and other states corruption, in Alabama and Arizona and Texas, etc. The perfect crime is to kill or destroy every syndicate member if you are crossed or put on the cross by those predatory capitalistic syndicate members. That's not why I am here but it is likely why I was sent back, to answer your first question boss.

Ironically I remembered the nuclear war from 1983 when I came back in 2010 also. I had forgotten it. Perhaps they burned my brain, in 1983 or 1999 or 2001 and 2004. "Captain, are you alive? " I had a tumor develop not long after our nuclear voyage and the bizarre nuclear blasts we shared together. Its hurting again and now I have developed a third testicle. I should have jumped when you said leap, at the island of saints. I didn't know you were serious to abandon ship, Dude. The federal government wont pay me so I would like to request the requisitioning of their assets, a house and a vehicle by land and sea and air. I want to regulate USA banking based on USA asset generation and nationalization of profits. I would vote the Captain president and myself Vice President, but I would have to terminate most of the FDIC board and the Treasury lawmakers who deregulated USA banks. I am sure it would take a California style swinging exhibition. Don't you agree?

Daily Foreword December 13, 2014: When I mention the lower caste in this website I am talking about those of us born damaged genetically and poor economically through inheritance. We are the lower caste. The FDIC terminated me for filing an EEOC complaint and I was tortured a year later while investigating thievery by a Sheriff and murder in banking oversight. I have been told this year that the Government of Iran's head was torn off. Sadly enough, I know that many of us were maimed at birth in the USA and the government has gone to war against many of us, some of us even having consumed radiation on command in the USN, some unknowingly. Beware of the coasts and seafood. They will kill each other up top eventually. On that day, we will be free. I was not compensated for a radiation claim in the government that I filed this year after my memory of nuclear war came back. The lesson is to never join their military. They turn on each other and they turn on us, the little us, the lower caste. How foolish it is to trust mankind. I see cities as whirling energy pools mixed with human refuse, the lower caste. I was tortured at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004 and would approach their board of directors for payment in restitution but they would call me insane, just as the federal government did in that hated city of Los Angeles in 2001 when I had leads on many government crimes, some proven now. I was told the time had lapsed to sue Flagstaff Medical Center when I awakened.. They put me into a stroke and loss of memory.. Beware of impostors. We should make a move to push our enemies out of the top government seats in finance and financial oversight. Nationalism will save us from predatory accounting actions.

Daily Foreword December 10, 2012: The comedy of genetic radiation poisoning of the unborn is that we are often stupid freaks. Some of us may harbor special abilities. .

Daily Foreword December 8, 2014: In analysis of war on the American people and the people of the Earth, I see a shift in power two times in history in the USA. I believe another weapon was made from nuclear bombs. Their energy was negated as inconsequential and thereby just a bomb to explode. I disagree and I bring proof. The trick is to swap someone out who is in a position of power. How it is done I am not sure but mind control and other assimilations may be true.

The war was being lost in the USA after World War II. President Kennedy was positioned into place through democracy and he was executed and Lyndon B. Johnson came in with the Vietnam War draft made mandatory. Was it the old Lyndon B. Johnson? Had he been changed or replaced? The course of events have continued with the USA as a nation as a loser in a greater war ever since. I was placed in an undisclosed nuclear war or event from 1983 in the Pacific Ocean in the USN. My memory just came back. I had a boss who was almost killed at the FDIC, a federal banking regulatory agency in 1999 and I remember he said something odd after the fuel event. He said, "How weird", and he had an Asian slant to the English word. Another bank examiner had quit and fled in terror at the time of the return of my boss after the near explosion of a fuel depot into a subdivision in Rocklin California in 1999. Then he went back to being my old boss. That is what confused me. During the 1950s the placement of USA Servicemen into contact with known nuclear blasts indicates we in the USA had lost control of our own military. I remember a nuclear blast that knocked me out of consciousness but I was already hit in 1983, but I am not certain, because I remember what appeared to be burning to death in my bunk. My nuts were cooked and I had sleep deprivation from the voyage also. I have not been paid for the radiation claim. We should offer Obama and the Senate and Congress and Supreme Court some Gelibolu radioactive stew. Throw in some Radioactive USS Reid FFG 30's quartermaster gargoyle piss first. It might taste a bit like reindeer pee, radioactive.

Daily Foreword December 7, 2014: Ten years ago on this date a falling aircraft almost hit me while driving in Oklahoma. The explosion led me to what I call the Yu Zhendong. You can google search Yu Zhendong Xu Chaofan Xu Guojun and saintrambone to see the information online, or search for it in this site and at youtube saintrambone. It is strange how a concocted bank heist from China can lead to 483 million dollars of stolen USA currency and for me to discover a new weapon that was used to blow up the twin towers in New York on 9/11/2001 and the OKC federal building in the 1990's. A poem, Yu Zhendong over Xu Chaofan to Xu Guojun. The USA government has not compensated me for the radiation claim I filed in 2014. I was in a coma for many years, memory loss of the 1983 nuclear war, either after the nuclear war or after the federal government injected me and eventually maimed me with more forced injections, starting in 2001 and until 2004.

The one thing I wish I would have known when young is that mankind is a predator by nature and a cannibal. I trusted people and was eaten alive. Now maimed, I am on the sidelines of life, without healthcare and sick and outcast by the enemy in power over the USA and the Earth. Born into the third world of Alabama and later fleeing to California in my adult years, I realized that California is as bad as the old slave state. First I was put into a nuclear bubble and then a nuclear cloud after leaving the Long Beach Naval Station at Terminal Island in 1983. A likely soon to be executed shipmate told of the nuclear bomb in the Pacific. He was ordered not to speak to me. The Long Beach Naval Shipyard hazardous materials office found teeth at the naval station incinerators, likely the missile guy my Wisconsin pal. I and my girlfriend were eyewitnesses to a blast emanating in the Pacific, with her description as you would see in a surface vessel being hit or firing a missile after being hit. I tend to recall a large blast at sea in 1983 that I do not recall perfectly, but I was already hit and in my bunk on the USS Reid FFG 30 on the nuclear voyage.

I know the drinking water was radioactive as well and the officer who let me know was likely executed or maimed. Here is a true joke. Immediately upon return from the nuclear voyage a group of sea cadets, high school age kids, came on to the boat in a tour of the bridge and other areas of the vessel. I still had radiation sickness and they were climbing on the guns and I told them not to lick the ships balls, but they did. It was our enemies way of letting those kids be exposed to radiation. The ships balls were brought from below and wiped I hoped when the cadets came onboard. "They degaussed the ship" after the nuclear voyage. That removes magnetism but not radiation.

Then I was terminated for filing an EEOC complaint at the FDIC in 2000 in San Francisco. Then I was injected and labeled criminal in Santa Monica California in 2001 after fleeing Alabama with proof that a Sheriff Jack Tillman was a thief, and a deep suspicion a boss was murdered or altered at the FDIC in Roseville after Rocklin was almost detonated in a fuel spill in 1999. Those bank charter issuance requests during deregulation are a bitch and those banking wars hit San Bruno in 2010 in the same manner, but the fuel detonated. I was later given a full blown stroke with more forced injections in 2004 per the directorate of D.C. via our war criminal superiors in California and Alabama and Arizona and D.C.. California should be avoided. They kill each other and feed on each other, often with the assistance of those in Texas government and mafia ranks.

The idea of benevolence is a disappearing facet of the human condition in our era. Cannibals who are predators do not get along with each other. I look forward to a global war and human extinction like a mercy killing. The best the young can do is try to protect themselves. Avoid feeding seafood to the young if they are intent on procreating in the future.

In war, technology is king. I believe that people can be replaced in positions or forced to do as they are told and we would not know it. Perhaps such as the Captain of a vessel, a President of a nation, or as a majority shareholder in a corporation, or a FDIC boss soon to be promoted, or the swing margin or majority share holder where the corporation changes hands when their share is sold or their vote taken. I was tortured when seeking healthcare. I have considered making meetups for victims of radiation and war but I know that we would be overpowered by those who are not maimed. In time the upper caste will kill each other in a war, if we are lucky.

I and many others have been maimed at birth and or suffered through nuclear war or torture while seeking healthcare. It is my belief a world wide conquest has been going on for years by a certain group. Nations like the USA have fallen. Corporations including a huge energy company in Italy, Ansaldo Energia, that was taken over partially through a buyout of 40 percent of their stock by a Shanghai China conglomerate illustrate takeovers using leverage and high technology. Now what will happen most likely is that they will replace a major stock holder of the remaining 60 percent and take over the corporation with more than 50 percent of the stock and they will do so in the same way they took over the FDIC in California in the 1990's, through warfare and bribery. Who is working out of Shanghai, really? The same thing happened to the USA government long ago, perhaps the final blow was in 1983 during the nuclear conflict that was not disclosed to the public. The best you can do if you are from the lower caste is seek shelter away from radiation and toxins. The coasts of the USA are gone. Do not fear death. Do not mourn the death of predatory cannibals.

CERN should be dismantled. Many nations share highly technical information there. Nations are cannibals and are two faced liars. It is my belief through those higher technologies that nations and individuals can be taken over. Know the cannibals methods and you will know predatory capitalism.

For comedy, a Disney idea, Quartermasters as gargoyles share jokes that no one else enjoys in hilarious rapporteur.

Daily Foreword November 30, 2014: A child who is born maimed into a world of war knows that he has been born into a world resembling Hell.

Daily Foreword November 29, 2014: To the young, do not come to California from other states. Avoid coastal areas due to toxicity of radiation and the impact on the food chain and the young. The government in the federal and state level is hostile in California to many of us. It is as geocentric and racist as Mississippi or Alabama. The only difference is that medical pot is grown legally. To that end, there is no need to flee any state to come to California. Grow your own if you have a habit. In California I see the poor which is primarily Mexicans and the lower caste from other USA states, and then there is the wealthier landowners who bought real estate when it was cheaper. I came out of a coma and it appears the government is on the attack again. Their government was over run long ago. We never had one in the lower castes of the South East USA.

It does not matter if their puppet dictatorships fall in every city and state. They tortured me a investigator with proof on Sheriff Jack Tillman and a witness to attacks at the FDIC. They maimed me with forced injections and a stroke and nuclear war for which I have not been compensated from 1983. They kill us, and those are the lucky veterans who were killed in heart experiments deliberately at LA VA Westwood until 1999. California has the largest prison population per capita on Earth and the various groups kill and attack each other and the innocent who enter the state and many are falsely accused or persecuted for truly non-crimes with assistance of corrupt lawmen like former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama and the FDIC crime bosses who kill those who oppose them. Opportunistic predators is what they are, many in California and D.C, and as their victim I do not care if they suffer what they inflict upon us. They drew first blood after all, and that was told to me by a witness to my forced injections under the federal dictators of 2001.

If you are from the lower caste avoid California. I must have been in a coma to have landed there after the torture by federal approved officials in 2001 in California and in 2004 in Arizona, and nuclear war of 1983.

Daily Foreword November 27, 2014: Having recovered from a stroke with memory loss initiated in 2001 and 2004 or sooner, I awakened with the memories after stumbling there in 2010 to California where the wars in my life had been initiated in the adult years. However when I looked back beyond 2000 and 2001 and the events that started my being medically tortured, I remembered a nuclear war or incident and pieces of the memory were certain and some were uncertain from 1983. I remember for certain leaving on the nuclear voyage on a Monday, later in the day, not early morning.

The smoke incinerators were blowing full smoke at the Long Beach California Terminal Island naval station, where some of our alleged dead shipmates teeth were found afterward according to an agent I spoke with at Long Beach Naval Shipyard Hazardous Materials Office in 1991, and the smoke incinerators were also blowing smoke as at the Long Beach Power Station in 1983 on the nuclear voyage. However I remember a Petty officer telling me that I could go to Screw U, meaning I could jump overboard and go AWOL, but in my memory his statement was at night time. The captain later did offer me that option for certain off of a South California Island (An island used for military targets at one time) during the daylight hours before we went to the radioactive hotspots at sea that night or the following night.

Now this is where it gets weird. I remember it being nightfall with a light shining behind the vessel like a spotlight on a tower and men were jumping overboard, a couple of them, and swimming back to the base as we were leaving the canal. But it was daylight when we left, not nightfall.

Ironically psych ops were alleged that year of 1983 according to a CIA factbook and the VA never said anything about my tumors in the late 1980's and when I mentioned the tumors the VA doctor told me it was from X rays. I had a stroke full blown in 2001 or 2004 so I assemble the pieces of certainty and go through PTSD with the uncertainty trying to ascertain the events of what I call the nuclear war of 1983 and the banking regulatory wars of the 1990's and early 2000's.

I was in my bunk after being burned by a nuclear bubble that came from below and hit me in the groin while I and the captain were on the bridge wing of my ship. The Bubble was large enough to displace the USS Reid FFG 30's mass as it rocked the boat and leaned us toward the bubble blast when it came up. In my bunk, in my memory a larger blast from 1983 or my being tortured in 2001 or 2004, first you experience extreme heat and you wake up screaming begging God for relief and you exhale in distress until the numbness hits and then you have unconsciousness. When I awakened in my cot, my clothes felt dry and pressed, crisp from the locker. I felt refreshed except for that nauseating radiation poisoning set in to my stomach and the burning around my testicles, and now I wonder in that shaded memory area if it was the burned guy who had to clean the crap from my drawers. Parc Glowa.

In the movie Apocalypse now, a creole chef is decapitated. His famous statement was, "Never leave the boat". To me, Timing is everything when it comes to aborting the program. Remember Parc Glowa in reverse is AWOL G C RAP. The name of the game is to stay alive. Gross profit minus total cost equals net profit. If the cost is too high, then change your name to Parc Glowa and run while you are still squared away and alight.

Daily Foreword November 26, 2014: The lower caste was rioting in a toxic radioactive area, Hunters Point, of San Francisco yesterday. I was born with three apparent testicles and one growing since radiation exposure in 1983 in the US Navy during a series of nuclear areas at sea in the Pacific Ocean. The lower caste need a better method for progress.

Daily Foreword November 24, 2014: I was advised to leave the USA in 1983 after a nuclear bomb or bombs had gone off in the Pacific Ocean while I was in the USN. I should have listened, but where do you flee? In hindsight, in my mind, in the hidden corner of analysis, I see the man who told me that also telling me that the entire continent had been lost. Jokingly he would also say that we lost to the army of martians and then he would point to the sky. In reality our captain had told me the war was really fought from up there and all we had was exploding bullets, in reference to guided missiles and a large computer controlled machine gun. I should have jumped ship and swam to San Clemente(?) Island off of California before the ship went to the nuclear hot spots at sea. The captain gave me the option while he and I were on the port bridge wing of the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983. I did not know what to say and he walked off. In a way I had dread and thought of La Fourche Parish Louisiana, a mosquito swamp I hated, but it seemed better than the Pacific Ocean at that moment. I stayed on board but it was to no avail. I was only injured by radiation, have not been compensated for the radiation, and no full scale nuclear war. Ironically in 1991 I was working at Long Beach Naval Shipyard Hazardous Materials office as a temporary agency employee. I was told I should check out the finding at the then closed Long Beach Naval Station incinerator. The man said, they found teeth in the incinerators and he could not believe what they did to us in 1983 at the base and that I should check it out. My mind was hit at sea I believe or afterward and I had forgotten much. I had a stroke in 2001 or 2004 after forced injections while seeking medical care in the federal and then state government. They ignored their crimes against me and my proofs.

Beware of impostors was the message from the UK sailors, Limey's who came onboard while onshore after the nuclear voyage. Or were they too impostors and perhaps the alienated Martians? I believe that a roommate I had in the USN may have been executed immediately before the nuclear voyage at Long Beach Naval Station Terminal Island. 50 percent certain. He was a "Plankowner" or there at the launching of the vessel in addition to myself. The Fire control technician and I were likely placed together for a reason before the launching of the vessel, in case he was executed. One high and one low. He had told me he had bargained to low on the job. He was enlisted and young, likely officer material if had chosen or allowed.

We fired missiles the week prior to the nuclear blast(s) and he told me on that Monday before the ship left that a nuclear bomb had detonated in the Pacific Ocean. Wisconsin cheese and lack of toxins encourages healthier brains if he was any indicator. He was being escorted across the base or was in an entourage and was told not to speak to me. I have always thought how unfair life. He was much brighter than myself, not maimed, not the gargoyle in the top pit, the pilot house or bridge as it is known. He controlled the missiles electronics, was younger, a fire control technician. I was just a burner in the past, soon the burned and would have swapped positions with him in the executioners lineup if that was the case.

I believe that our drinking water was taken from radioactive seas on that voyage and the officer who leaked it to me was also executed, 50% certain. Also was a peculiar smelling man who was a cross over marine who worked with me. He disappeared and I would wager the odor was due to where he was stowed away to deal with intruders. Likely chemicals in a closed space gave him the odor. Karlson, that poor bastard, a signalman allegedly lost at sea per the radio in the pilot house, or bridge as some call it, and then found and now debilitated with MS, ignored by the VA at first and I hope finally compensated. I would pay him 10 millions dollars from the Xu Xu Yu stolen American currency of 493 Million dollars. I am sure he would do the same for me considering I was almost hit again in 2004 in Oklahoma due to the Bank Of China trio's arrest in the USA. I was asked why I joined the Navy, I said to get my teeth fixed. Then they asked what would I want to do, and I said journalism. I never reported the nuclear blast to the newspaper. I thought they already knew since some of the blast or blasts were viewable from Southern California in the LA and Long Beach areas.

The USA is a lost cause and working for their government is a dismal mistake for the lower caste. Many of us were born maimed in the USA. The food is toxic and many coastal areas should be quarantined. Their government and their wealthy upper caste do not care about anyone.

Our genetics have been altered and we are left outcast as nothing more than feral dogs.

A nuclear bomb is nothing more than a power source and often servicemen are in contact with radiation because they are being used and thrown away. Because we were in a nuclear blast area that was not disclosed in 1983, I am sure there are others who are suffering. They have abandoned us. I would welcome a military dictator if he could guarantee us healthcare without torture, military service without betrayal, and lives and young that are not maimed by toxins. Who controls them? Plaintiff in Los Angeles, switching blame for torture from the federal to the state level in my case in 2001 and then holding all future claims I have unwarranted.

I am a stargazer which is why I chose the Gargoyle's cock pit my home. I realize a nuclear bomb was alleged to have exploded on the moon several years ago. The moon is 1/40th the size of Earth and it is 40 moon radiuses from the Earth to the moon. 40 to 1 with mass at that density in that gravity level allows life on the larger planet, like a breast size in relation to a nipple on some women's breast. Google Image of the celestial and terrestrial 40 to 1 Ratio. I picture in a comedy scene in my mind a nuclear war on the West horizon and at twilight, a Navy man stares at the Northern Star and the Eastern Horizon, triangulating a fix on the man. The ultimate war is to fight with God for some.

Daily Foreword November 21, 2014: Keep your eye on the spot, that's the game the media under censorship plays. The other day I had heard an aide of Obama bounced a ball off of Obama's head. The next time I saw him he had a red spot in his hair on mass media. It was henna colored. Henna Spot Obama. Ironically he was censored I think. He was going to say that it is unconstitutional not to legal pot across the country. That is a minor issue really in light of facts, a distraction, a red herring.

Daily Foreword November 20, 2014: Today I went to a Abortion/STD clinic to see if I had cancer from radiation in 1983 while in the USN in an undisclosed nuclear incident near LA and elsewhere. The clinician asked, why do you use the Abortion/STD clinic and not the VA to check for cancer in your balls. I told the woman the truth, that I feared the federal and state government healthcare because I was tortured and maimed with a stroke when seeking healthcare. Also is the fact that if any of the mafia police from the state and federal government attack me, there would be public disgust and one hell of a defense in a courtroom when I revealed I am an alleged abortion survivor. An alleged abortion survivor flees an abortion clinic to survive. Now that would be a first. Where is my crown? My corona? That is why I went there to have them look at my nuts. In reality more tests are needed and the cancer in my thigh has returned and is likely in prostate or testicle. The next joke, what if my Hellish life was nothing more than a dream and when I died the dream died with me. The horror. The piecemeal horror. I may relocate to Colorado. California makes me feel squeamish. Alabama makes me feel angst. D.C. makes me plumb loco.

Someone once told me to "Get A Life". It was a highly respected source so I had to analyze this statement. My reply was initially, "To get a life means risk. I will have to prepare." Now that I study it, e fil at eg. That means I need to get a woman pregnant and move to the woods and raise chickens while I prepare to die from radiation I was intentionally put into in 1983. As a first grader, I should have run from government buildings and started my life as a share cropper and apostle.

In terms of the Falklands war, it is not over until it is over. And I was told once that a shipmate knew how to pick fights and who to pick fights with. He started a fight with the Brits on our base from the UK Navy so they would come on the ship. I learned we were surrounded by impostors. Could it be that our minds can be made to see someone else. When the Falkland War ended in 1983 in the nuclear bath we endured, we on the USS Reid FFG 30 were forced to go to a Navy party. When I got there I asked where the captain was. Someone pointed to an Argentinian or Hispanic man sitting in a chair. The man stomped his feet twice, laughed, and poked his crotch toward me. The captain would stomp his feet in the same manner at sea to tell me of the nature of war and disclosing your position.

Daily Foreword November 18, 2014: As I have gotten older I see that many of us in the USA were deliberately maimed before birth and as a result we are in the lower caste of the USA, and we are not alone. Trapped in our genetic imperfections like a cage we can not escape. In addition many of us are maimed further and cast out at a later age from employment and security and healthcare. I have none of that after being tortured and maimed with government approval.

I am attempting to buy a home. Here is a joke. A realtor told me that a home required cash and that a VA loan would not work even though it was a VA held property. He said if the veteran and a non-veteran have cash, the veteran gets the home. The joke is that most veterans do not have cash. We have experience in war. To fear death is to be a blind coward. That is why I sought out World War III in 1983, which fizzled in a loss for someone and me in particular. Then I was put in the middle of the banking wars during banking deregulation in 1999. Then I sought out government criminals and was persecuted. I do not care if those who persecuted me and profited from it are killed or tortured or maimed. It is Newtonian physics that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Have you ever considered the world as the illusion with each component in their own space. Warfare is like that in mind control.

Daily Foreword November 18, 2014: Recently I read of the details surrounding the alleged suicide of journalist Hunter S Thompson in February 2005. I had almost been hit with a falling object near Blackwell Oklahoma in December of 2004. A true investigative journalist who investigates "materially significant" matters in truth and honesty does not stand a chance in the USA. Thompson was murdered. He was on the phone with a relative and had two in the room next to him. The little assassin can slide in and out of a home and there are many ways to do so. I told Thompson of FDIC matters and torture at VA Hospitals and State Hospitals and I told him of the blast. Thompson had a chat room online.

Avoid journalistic work. Prepare for extreme change. The use of soldiers and sailors to be exposed to radiation has taken its toll on many Americans. The food we eat is more contaminated also. Seafood is suspect in the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific and the Atlantic seaboard in some ports. Cows are not to be eaten after five years old due to Bovine Spongiform disease, mad cow. I made a horrific error going into the USA military. After the nuclear voyage in 1983, I was likely going to be executed. I can not stand those who are squeamish and can not carry out necessary tasks. I have changed since I recovered my mind from stroke due to medical torture. I also remember a nuclear war. One event and I am not sure if it occurred, was a sailor who was burned on his face. badly. He was likely to be executed or euthanized. He was already half cooked. Or was it fact? I was hurt and now the tumors have taken their toll.

Daily Foreword November 14, 2014: In Southern California recently I was told I was spreading fear by talking about the nuclear BS from 1983 out of Los Angeles Harbor. Then they said something about my comments about predatory capitalism. Productive versus predatory capitalism, it is almost clear cut capitalism.

I will not argue about radiation. It is the greatest experiment in history, so take your own risks in food and employment and warfare and recreational locales. I would take a good paying predatory capitalism job in the lighter stuff, such as casinos, but I would not want to be in the drug or booze business such as many millionaires are. I would like to create a spearhead on the radiation claims from 1983. I was told my tumor on my thigh was from X rays. There are other horror stories. I might applaud predatory capitalism in getting our government healthcare back so we and I are not tortured and maimed. A stupid strike hit the USA. We were hit as children. i do not care if the predatory capitalists are decapitated if we are maimed when seeking healthcare. Perhaps it is better this way, brittle bitter war. The obscene should have children before they die.

In 1983, a dentist took out a tooth, a molar, and put in a huge chunk of metal, a bridge. The extraction was not necessary. I am having memory recall of a nuclear incident from 1983. Some parts are uncertain and I wonder if it is possible to kill someone and have them resurface as seeming alive. I tend to remember being burned into unconsciousness after i was hit with a nuclear bubble. One man mocked me saying I was hit an ostrich egg. It was more like a bus. If he thinks it is funny, I would pray that he be burned alive in radiation. We in the USA were hit. Our government abandoned us or they were killed. Any splinter group would need more advanced tools for true modern warfare and evasion and discernment.

Daily Foreword November 11, 2014: For this Veterans Day I suggest I be paid 10 million dollars of the stolen and retrieved currency I will explain and why that amount. It involves lies around officials from the Bank of China and control from the USA government. We also should look at the Gelibolu F 493 belonging to Turkey. The ship was the USS Reid FFG 30. Prior. A nuclear ship from 1983 in the undisclosed nuclear war in the Pacific Ocean. The USA government or those who control them should pay me Kurt Brown, 10 million dollars. First I was in a nuclear war undisclosed and not paid for it in 1983. Second I was in the banking wars and investigations of corrupt governement officials and was left maimed and tortured and the criminals were compensated even after I revealed corruption and obvious murder and attempted mass murder in banking oversight in 1999 and other years in the 1990's in the FDIC in California.

The amount of money the trio Xu Chaofan Xu Guojun and Yu Zhendong had allegedly taken was 483 Million. Ironically and suspiciously the former USS Reid FFG 30 was named and numbered the Gelibolu F 493 in Turkey. The number difference is 10 million. I suspect that the Xu Xu and Yu money was 493 million and 10 million should be recovered for my bounty in these matters since I was almost hit by a falling spacecraft or plane on December 7, 2004 in Oklahoma near Blackwell while I was traveling at 60 mph on the interstate going North toward Kansas.

The the number is odd, 493, but the name Gelibolu turned backwards is a dire prediction I will lose one leg. U Lob I Leg. I will likely lose a leg or my life. The Gelibolu F 493 recently stopped at a West African Continent nation. Many were likely killed from the USA on that vessel and others and at Long Beach Naval Station in Terminal Islands. Bones and teeth of our men were found in the incinerators at Long Beach Naval Station according to Haz Mat at the Naval Shipyard in 1991. I was made to be a sort of siren and I should have reported the nuclear blasts to a newspaper in 1983. They are likely silenced by government regardless.

Because I will lose a leg, I will feed it to those negros who like that radioactive sweet tea. Dier Fag Leg of Lamb soup, Sacrifical Lamb of the silenced war. They published a list of homosexuals, or the guinea pigs. The guinea pig who found the list threw the computers overboard. I once saw a chicken with a broken neck trying to make sense of it all. That reminds me of the USA and the human race in many cases. Sacrificial lamb broken neck. I would rather be square head square hat and go AWOL, like a Parc Glowa than to be subjected to nuclear war. The ultimate test of mankind was nuclear power. The next weapon of war will dwarf this in ferocity. Currently I see nuclear weapons as a sort of engine or power component for other weapons of war or fine tuning in control and testing. The spring effect could be used to counteract blasts, in other words directed blasts.

I once envisioned a new weapon of how people could be made to forget events and such. Because the brain is two lobed in humans, the brain waves in a sense can be turned back onto themselves. The reason I may be able to remember even after stroke is that I am really entirely right brained, one lobe. Or I was operated on when I was knocked unconscious in 2004 or when I was injected in 2001.

For today's comedy, I want to put myself and my friends to work. I envision a reunion of past and present on the radioactive Gelibolu formerly the USS Reid. We are having a large dinner of stew and sweet tea that came from the radioactive tanks. The stew does not have me the Quartermaster. It has Slim, in the stew. Slim was my African American shipmate and friend who was discharged for marijuana use but he was tortured before discharge. He was put in the Brig and fed large green balls of something before he left the brig. He was skinny before he went in but when he came out he looked like a starved Ethiopian.

Slim either made it to the nuclear voyage or he did not. I do not recall. If he was discharged for the marijuana before the nuclear voyage, it was a blessing in disguise.

Daily Foreword November 9, 2014: Today I released a video on the USS Reid FFG 30 and the fact that I may be soon to lose a leg or my life from radiation in an undisclosed nuclear war or deliberate nuclear incident against USA servicemen in 1983. The radioactive ship was sold to Turkey in the year of banking deregulation 1999. The ship was renamed the Gelibolu. Spelled backwards, U Lob I Leg. Misery loves company. (Youtube video describing the events) Lets all have mine like a pork chop in Gelibolu stew so we can chew on each other later.

Obviously the USA has changed. In California, the third world effect has already hit. The Prison Population is often fed by those who are being targeted by war criminal profiteers. When I am in California, I see a modern day war criminal horde. First the Mexicans have a large population and many are in law enforcement. If you are to be taken hostage, you are better to fight to the death or kill yourself. The old gestapo, pure white, crew is waiting in the courts to take your money in many cases. The Asian population has a sort of Gehghis Khan effect with a flower in their hair. You are at the mercy of the enemy in California if you are taken hostage.

Their public schools teach all to accept their fate in our poisoned society. Their government teaches us to trust them and then they maim us. I hope to regain this earth even if we all die. The best we can do now is to retreat and hope their enemies can destroy them. If you feel you have no choice but to go in the USA military or to work for government, you should put a gun to your mouth and pull the trigger. They are our enemy and they have harmed us. We are better off dead if are captive to them.

Beware of their government healthcare because at the top of the healthcare is our enemy in government who has control from international locales. It is a technological war and guns are useless. The word is retreat, regroup, and if necessary, attack, but not with traditional weaponries. The enemy in power sells you those lesser weapons so they can kill you and persecute you for ownership.

We have no true rights in the USA. I was put in a nuclear blast area deliberately in 1983 in the USN. I have not been paid and I do not have healthcare and tumors are spreading and growing.

Daily Foreword November 8, 2014: What is the truth? Many of us are treated like criminals in the USA or the insane while the insane and the criminal get wealthy torturing and maiming their victims. I see much of the USA native population as cross eyed with their bottom or top lip stuck out. Many of us are born maimed due to toxins so I can not expect much. I urge the young I know to seek out clean places to live and clean food. That removes seafood and the coasts of the USA. We were hit repeatedly and still are being hit with toxins radiation and targeting by those who kill and maim us.

I hope to do some Meet Ups with people who are victims of toxins or carry birth defects and whose children are having problems. The leaders in power have abandoned us long ago. We do not have health care and we do not have the truth told to us about the world around us and the toxins and our DNA. I was born maimed and maimed further. I do not care if those who have harmed me are killed in cold blood. But then again, where can I flee? Beware of traps online and attempted murders and defamation. The government and the criminals in the USA often share the plate and we are on it. Out of all of the sailors who were on the USS Reid FFG 30 during the nuclear voyage of 1983, I have been told I may be one of the few in the know who are still alive. I welcome my death. It is likely time for me to leave. Never count on the government for work. Never count on the propaganda lie that the USA is a safe place for us. We have been placed into the lower caste through genetic manipulation. I have not been paid for the radiation I was exposed to in 1983.

Daily Foreword November 4, 2014: In the Southwest USA and in the USA in general, all public dissension in our era is considered criminality or labeled insane. I once reported government thievery in Alabama and likely attempted warfare and murder revolving around the California FDIC. I was jailed and had a tooth knocked out and was forced injections. I was called insane and criminal. That is the way the South West USA works and that is the way D.C. works. Make no mistakes, do not say anything to those in power or their followers or their syndicates and if they try to persecute you do not say anything in the courtroom until in front of a jury. Their crimes and allegations against us are often increased due to bribery. Many inmates are used as prostitutes by the guards in California. It is a hated place and most would welcome global suicide, and for good reason. It is a well greased and paid machine. If arrested in LA they will line you up naked on a bench, penis to butt. They laugh at telling people to get together, that sick sort of sadistic laugh that will likely lead to a young woman on the outside losing her child or ovaries.

Eventually the predatory capitalist system will self destruct or they will kill all of us. Either way we will be done with the government and they shall be done with us. Increasingly mass media in the USA is silenced and we are nothing as one. Many of us are harmed before birth. For those, they, or we, should avoid cities like Los Angeles. Factions are at war with each other. A comedy, Don't eat the yellow snow in the mountains or the yellow tuna from the sea, they are both likely radioactive .

Daily Foreword November 2, 2014: If you are young, I urge you to beware of all of those things. A child does like a young wildebeest and runs into danger, often resulting in similar consequences.

When I was of age to join the military in 1982 I was very suicidal from drinking and my miserable life as I saw it, not knowing I would be warned later at age 45 I was an abortion survivor, while I observed I was like the masses of radiation victims, whose impacted sex cells before germination and during gestation and afterward caused problems. I wanted to see a nuclear blast and almost did. I saw a bubble that rocked the ship and burned my leg and nuts. I went to bed that night not knowing if I would be cooked alive. I seem to remember the event, bulging eyes and screaming and the heat and consequent numb. They triggered the nuclear bomb we were over it seemed. I awakened in horrific agony in the groin and thigh area. Psych ops then and torture twenty years later leave you feeling inconsequential and indifferent to murder suicide of the entire planet. So, it ended. I went civilian. I went to work at the FDIC. They whacked the FDIC head in San Francisco during the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 and I was there to watch the second helping in 1999. Tinctured in to San Francisco via Sacramento at Y2K. Shot out in 2000 on an EEOC complaint with a corrupt government attorney at their side.

If we regain government I would like to be hired to stop bribery and corruption of the US mint and Treasury and Banking oversight at the OCC and FDIC. We are at high risk due to banking deregulation. Not all nations work according to GAAP. Explain GAAP in a nutshell Jack. It is a triangulation method of an accounting system with certain rules that have to be maintained to assure uniformity in determination of an entities financial condition overall.

I have a comedy like the movie Stripes. The year is 1982 and I am discussing with my friend who is joining also the US Navy. As I recollect I remember I wanted to be on what I would later call the Dier FAG, USS Reid FFG 30, at the Quartermaster School's Chief Petty Officers office and my Friend wanted to be on the Starke, the EK Rats. He is not right now and neither am I. I was hit with a nuclear blast in 1983 and I was tortured and maimed with federal and FDIC approval in 2001 and 2004. My friend was on the Starke. He was more astute as a government employee until the missile hit his Starke in the aft. Injured he now is in worse condition than I am but what can I do, we are both better off dead and we may be, I am not really certain. I remember the disappointment of the tiny nuclear blast but remember a greater war, whispers about death and executions at the end of the Falklands war and the end of the hot cold war. We were hit with psych ops at sea in a nuclear voyage at the war's height. My Navy friend and I now have a mutual fantasy of global roulette now which he denies. He lives in Arizona. Picture the grave of the Quartermaster from the Starke being tossed a radio active quarter by myself the USS Reid Quartermaster from 1983. He tells me to pick it up, it is worth too much for me to give away. I need to put it in the hole in my thigh tumor scar.

It is the same quarter I had in my pocket during the nuclear blast I was hit with in 1983. Here we come in tatters is a bible verse. As if it matters is a rolling stone lyric. Triangulate the fix in a quandary to fine tune the solution or derivation of a new method. I feel as if I am in a war in the USA since 1983, starting again at its height in 2000 and 2001. Beware of the false image of California. They have the largest prison population per capita on Earth, make money from it, and their criminal sects try to fabricate crimes of those who are opposing them. Kind of like D.C. if you think about it.

Daily Foreword October 31, 2014: It is strange how I became painfully aware of radiation upon the human genome by observing those around me and myself and my experiences. Imposters in a state of psych ops or warfare could be carried on for infinity and if you cut the mind and implant or take away, your left with a staid state even if in psychoses. Karlson was missing and I thought I saw a skinny Karlson in a curly wig onboard the ship. "Thats not Karlson" I said. The movie Catch 22 has that sickness, the indifferent playfulness of watching others be destroyed like rats. For Halloween I want to have Karlson play Russian Roulette with me and we can bring a third partner if Karlson has not been paid or if Karlson is now dead.

Daily Foreword October 30, 2014: To be painfully aware. It is an interesting concept from many perspectives. First, some have pain when thinking of great things, such as Nikola Tesla and his alternating current machine. Some have pain when thinking of things, memories, possibilities, and much more. Pain in the brain, to be painfully aware. A strange concept.

In curing viruses, I remember the adage, Physician heal thine self. Gestalt methods of totality of the brain could bring advances in curing viruses. I believe that viruses can be eradicated in a body through electrical shock at a pulse that is high enough to kill selected viruses. First, an encompassing membrane of digitized form would have to be placed over the infected person. Next every point would have to be known in medium. At that point directed impulse orchestrated from within the matrix could create electrical polls at the virus and destroy it with a directed pulse of necessary hertz.

Some people are painfully aware of nothing. Some are too aware of the pain. To be painfully aware allows for mercy killing which contradicts the sixth commandment.

For me, the rape occurred when I was held and forcibly injected in 2001 and again in 2004. I had a stroke which is worse than rape and is in fact partial murder. I want their assets in payment.

After having served in the USA military in a undisclosed nuclear incident in 1983, in which the USA seems to have lost, and after having worked at the FDIC in 1999 and 2000 in what I call the bloody 2nd phase of banking deregulation which really started around 1992 with the FDIC Improvement Act early resolution clause and murder of FDIC officials, I see the time has come for global consolidation if possible for those in our fault.

Daily Foreword October 29, 2014: Recently I was in touch with some international religious groups and military. If anyone knows where the nuclear bomb or bombs were that the USS Reid FFG 30 was in during the end of the Falklands War in 1983, please let me know at I hope to do a video or documentary with swimsuit edition models in a radiation fallout zone. Pt. Fermin Park California in San Pedro at Los Angeles Harbor California. Her kids might be retarded from radiation but man what a tan. I hope to schedule various meetups of radiation victims and those with children born disabled or uncharacteristically dumb or handicapped or disfigured mentally or physically in the area. I am a medical technologist and a statistician and journalist and video producer as well as a former federal FDIC Bank Examiner in 1999 and the USN as a Quartermaster in 1983. We are in a race with a silent killer. Those who put the American people in bombs way without telling the American people. Los Angeles may have been hit with psych ops including our ship in the Pacific, if not the Eastern seaboard as well, the big pearls, D.C. and New York.

Scientifically we may ask why would one of the warring factions place ships in harms way of known and coming test nuclear blasts or during warfare when the area was known contaminated. First, hidden submarines and sub surface craft and personnel. Second, to exponiate or direct nuclear blasts or their effects to effectively create a machine of sorts, or power a collective of components, including mind control and excruciating pain for those who are needed unconscious.

The exit hole. You should prepare if you are young. The flags of the Earth mean nothing. Who is in control is a matter of opinion.

Daily Foreword October 28, 2014: I have heard the sound of war and stood in the clouds and blasts of radiation in 1983. I have witnessed internal silent wars of somewhat interesting and covert operations in the USA government FDIC banking regulatory system or those next to them in 1999 and 2000. I have seen their sultans wealth and I have seen my mere table scraps for myself and my life ripped to ruins. I have seen what I thought was public health care turn into public torture mutilation and murder. I have seen what they call public school turn into something that is archaic and not preparing the children for the war in medicine they will have to wage to save their lives in our 2000 sea of decadent spillage of nuclear and toxic contents into the Earth deep and shallow. I have seen much more including impairment of our people in the future at an accelerated rate. Changes will have to be made, but I predict a cantaloupe head war genius who has come to power. Genetic engineering will move them leaps ahead while the 10 commandments will be considered to be the utterings of a mad man. I pledge allegiance to the 10 commandments. Perhaps that will fit on a flag on the decadent and ill Earth.

I often think of my life as segments of music borne of that era. For example the song Words by Missing Persons was being played often in 1983. I had an idea we would soon be missing persons in the USN. We were missing Karlson at sea for a respite, a signalman of no consequence who mysteriously developed MS. It was that night or that sequence of nights if I remember correctly that we were in the nuclear haze and likely true psych ops, meaning confusion comes in and amnesia. Like the movie Catch 22 my memory is coming back and I can't run from California fast enough or Alabama or any other coastal radiation landscape. I was tortured in Flagstaff so count that out. Perhaps Turkey. I can find and sail the Gelibolu. I told them it was the radio-active USS Reid FFG 30. I told them to Log One Leg, Log I Leg, in roman numerals. They mothballed the ship. I would like to serve a dinner to the FDIC Board of Directors and the Treasury and the President and Vice President with water brought from the drinking tanks onboard the ship. The coffee smacks of Plutonium but it stays hot. The half life has not been touched yet.

Ironically I might have to Lob One Leg. I had a huge tumor removed from my thigh in 1989 or 1990. I might lose the leg or I might die first. The tumors are increasing and I sweat a bit. Every time I see someone profusely sweating these days, I wonder if they have the same thyroid condition as mine, from radiation, and drinking radioactive fluids. I would suicide bomb those who put us in radiation and who have not paid us if I thought it would do any good. Does God forgive suicide bombers? Out lights, on espionage, that is the nature of the turn coat government officials. If I lob one leg or start to die, I wonder what I should do? We are without a voice and I am without a plane or is that a plain I am without, both. Ulobileg. Was the boat named for me? Gelibolu or U lob I leg. The doctor who removed the tumor might have had a part in the naming of the vessel when it was sold to Turkey. The captain was with me when I was hit and I soon starting having physical problems and the VA trie 2000 d to say the tumor was from X rays. I have always wanted to die deep down or Have I?

Daily Foreword October 25, 2014: A flag that one salutes is a graven image placed above God. I see no nations, only victims and predators. One of the 10 commandments said we should not view images above him yet we put the flag on high and salute till the day we die, unless we figure out we are staring at a graven image.

Much of the USA is hostile territory. You are attacked by higher level officials in government and you are attacked by the lowest level street thugs in an sundry barrage of new tactics and old methods. California is a place that should be avoided, just as D.C. Inland USA may be the answer but you should those who harm us deliberately as apes who are in control and whose control when lost will be warranted and humbling to those of the ape faction. We as citizens may cease to exist. Citizens or is it a prison planet? Someone asked me if I had been to prison. I have not officially been but on Earth I am in a greater prison, one without health care and only torture by an inhumane populace. 4-3-2-1, perhaps it is time call higher powers into place, Jack. I have a comedy for you. First I want to say that I find humor in people calling me a Jew and viciously attacking me. It makes me want to wear a star of David. Perhaps I should put King of Persia on the other side of my prison Earth shirt and say I Heart Iran as the Logo on that side..

Maybe I went about it the wrong way. Maybe. Where do you go when young? Financially now Switzerland is King in the West with their lead in Biotech as well. But for health you have to avoid technology manufacturing. The world is a violent cesspool and those in power seem to hate each other and each of us. This is predatory capitalisms finest day.

Daily Foreword October 23, 2014: Distractions or manipulations in true warfare advancement, I see much. Why was OKC building federal hit in the 1990's? Why not Los Angeles? Why not D.C.? Why not the wealthiest of the Earth who control the government in their predatory capitalist design? We do not care who is killed. We are a predator species. I used to care and then I realized for most people, death is a mercy killing. Once you see a mercy killing that is botched, you will see irritation, the irritation of listening to wailing screams of agony.

Timothy McVeigh was hastily executed in Indiana if I am not mistaken or someone nearby. Someone told me the lights flickered in Detroit when he was executed. I was made privy to the information that something was askew on December 7 , 2004. An explosion near Braman and Blackwell Oklahoma. A falling object that almost blew me off of the highway, had it been any closer. I maintain course in warfare now. I no longer talk to the government or hospitals or media or government. They tortured me and maimed me in 2001 and 2004. No one cares. I do not care if they are killed either. After research I discovered Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun of Bank of CHina allegedly and 483 Million USA dollars had been found. Money alleged from China. Regardless McVeigh is an oddity. Why was he killed so quickly? Why was my nuclear ship the USS Reid FFG 30 sold to Turkey in 1999 and why was it decommissioned soon after? Were the welds radioactive and the water tanks? I have written much about my equation Xu Guojun and Xu Chaofan. I see a nuclear device on the fly, if you place Yu Zhendong in the sky. I want to be paid for the torture and torment. I no longer care. The egg is dropped to the gun and is shot to the fan and it is returned and accelerated until another egg is dropped and then the collision, no yoke, just a big bang.

Daily Foreword October 22, 2014: Someone told me recently that it was likely Jews who were killed on our ship the USS Reid FFG 30 right before the nuclear voyage and during the nuclear voyage of 1983 in which I was topside until I was hit with a nuclear bubble from below the ship. The captain made sure my name was heard and announced that I and he had been hit with radiation. He said so into his microphone. I was relieved from duty and told to shower and turn in for the night. I did not know if I would awaken. I do not think they were all Jews who were killed. They were men who may have had insight and impact on the decision about missiles fired by our ship the week before the nuclear voyage. One was a cross over Marine who they likely held down in a hole in the boat for such intervention. The man had an unusual odor, and he told me it was an inherited disease or I remember reading about odors that are part of heredity in cell dysfunction. Of course he was truly, "The man in the hole". As the English sailors said when they left our ship after a Captain's mast regarding a bar brawl, beware of imposters. How many survived is a good question. Did George Bush Sr. survive when he was in office? Reagan? Reagan was allegedly shot once. Likely not but they were trying to point out the connection to Bush's 2000 arm perhaps, injured in war and some undecided on which one, perhaps George imposter himself.

I was told not to file a claim in the 1980's and not to worry about filing a claim on the tumor in my leg, that it was likely from too many X-rays. I would welcome global nuclear war as a mercy killing but it is too uncertain. You have to detonate the Earth at its core or it becomes a limping planet. Where to go to find the American dream? I consider the extreme interior to be free from Klinefelters disease and to a large extent CF and autism and downs. Radiation smacks its teeth in our DNA and only the blind can not see it. Some are too dumb to learn about it and it is not their fault. The VA has not paid a radiation claim I filed in 2014 after I recovered from the forced injections stroke in 2001 after FDIC employment and witnessing deregulation and the strong armed robbery of the American capital system during phase II of banking deregulation in 1999. 1992 was phase one and they killed the top FDIC man on the west coast claiming suicide. It was a continuation of the war in 1983. You can not expect a society like the USA to survive in present day like it did in its past. At what point does one pull back from the front in warfare? When one is losing. You can not win with radiation.

Their government seems to be having trouble remembering a nuclear blast or blasts in 1983 in the Pacific. I saw the bubble one night and the next night was a cloud of radiation on the water. They took me off the radar because I was taken from my duties and I mentioned I could see on radar the radiation cloud we were traveling past. The funny thing about a keen imagination is that you can dream of physical things like being burned alive in radiation. Or was it a dream, a pressing of the hypothalamus and the pituitary and sphincter. The horror is not so bad. The heat, the numb, the unconscious. I believe gases from rocks could be accumulated at center to create a detonation, a dream similar to the one Tesla had. He said he could split the earth.

Daily Foreword July 21, 2014: Someone told me recently that a person was not what they seemed at a distance and then said, "ghosts". I laughed at first and then thought of mind control. To be knocked delirious or to have an expected person walk up and actually have someone else has puzzled me also. I was offered the chance to go to the Falkland Islands near Argentina after the nuclear breakout in the Pacific Ocean in 1983. I thought they were going to have me killed in transit.

Fast forward to the year 2010. I am trying to recover from a coma and memory loss and am on the road to recovery. I meet a therapist specializing in trauma cases. I have bad PTSD and have suffered a stroke that I am trying to recover from, along with memory loss, and a stroke due to forced injections allowed by government officials in 2001 and 2004, and likely brain damage along with radiation damage from psych ops and nuclear warfare during the height of the cold war and the alleged end of the Falklands War in 1983. .

Daily Foreword October 20, 2014: I was once told the Chinese might control the USA government by my father. He had been made almost blind at birth by some contaminant likely of a radioactive nature in Alabama and he later developed a tumor on his arm from handling munitions in the national guard. He told me that many of us from the USS Reid FFG 30 would get sick later in life. The year was 1984, one year after the nuclear cloud I witnessed on radar and a nuclear bubble I was hit with on the bridge wing in 1983 with the captain making note of my name and the bubble we were hit with.

The half life of radiation is usually 200 thousand years and more. I have a joke. The wealthy Avila California coast town near the Hearst mansion bought a nuclear power plant and put it into operation because they could afford to do so. Now the nuclear bubbles I witnessed and clouds and blasts. The "Curly Q" my Italian girlfriend witnessed exploding from San Pedro has been alleged to me to have been a US or UK submarine that had a nuclear hand grenade placed in the aft. I saw the flash from the couch but not the submarine whirling through the air.

Marilyn Manson will be assisting in demonstrations of the assault rifles imported from China to the closed Long Beach Naval Station in California in the 1980's after the base closed. SLO Motion. Avila is insane to be sweet, Avila es locura ser dulce, at the Diabla Valley Nuclear Plant. A bit hot in the valley silly sally sam suzy q.. Bush was not himself they say. Who pounced anyway? Snappers?

Daily Foreword October 19, 2014: As I study the true war, I realize that the USA as many knew it was lost likely before bombing Japan in 1945. The nuclear degradation of the genome, or DNA of individuals, in the USA can not be under estimated in its impact. I have been made a victim twice to radiation, before I was born and after. The question to me is, were both of my parents hit with radiation or one of them? How much radiation is on the coasts. A concerned person finds shelter at higher altitude in shelter of mountains far from the coasts.

Recently I saw a strange thing in the ocean, perhaps an air show, perhaps a squelching of a nuclear cloud. It was out by the Channel Islands toward LA and Oxnard. I was in a nuclear war from there once. A new weapon I have considered is not only mind control, but the placement of images in three dimensional space in three places at once a permutated image from the in to the out or a slight deflection of the original. The hologram in 3-d.

I was told by a Vietnam Veteran that there was a question as to if George Bush Sr. was himself after an injury in the military. Confusion as to which arm had the injury was there. It was the late 1990's

Daily Foreword October 16, 2014: Yesterday a large spiral of smoke was over the channel islands outside of Oxnard or Santa Barbara California or perhaps it was a cloud. Another set of smoke trails like large jets met the top of the smoke clouds and then disappeared. Was something happening? I was told our JET had been shot down according to the Dier Fag in the shadow of shit. Perhaps they are marking something out there or this is WW IV. IV means four in roman numerals and intravenous in medical terms. Was it a radioactive sunset, another dier holiday? And was a jet flying upside down and looking back. Grona dier fag, two mitts me.

Daily Foreword October 14, 2014: I would estimate three, perhaps four men I knew of and worked with were executed in 1983 and they were crewmen on the USS Reid FFG 30 at some time during the time of the nuclear voyage as I call it. I was one of the USS Reid FFG 30 Quartermasters and witness to a nuclear bubble from below the ocean and our vessel and fall in the form of a viewable radiation cloud on the ocean by radar at night at the end of the Falklands War and the height of the cold war. The USA is too factionalized. They are sacrificing and killing our people in the military and they have wrenched our heads off from all indications. I welcome global suicide but I am just one well wisher to be a witness to a mercy killing.

Daily Foreword October 13, 2014: The South East USA is suffering under a cocaine and heroin and pill and alcohol dealing empire. Their government in power is not in the room if you want to blow their heads off. They hit like a war criminal and attack at will. Because many people are born with radiation defects which is a direct result of the enemy in power, I recommend you grow your marijuana if you want it. I recommend the young not to use it because the government will allow your enemies to sell it to you but for you not to grow it. We are all victims here. I am what they call a super male, three testicles from radiation. Super males should form a club, Murder Inc. or something like that. First order of business, who wants to kill the President of the Club?.

Daily Foreword October 12, 2014: The USA government or those in power left me a cripple at birth. I overcame the deformity and then I was maimed by those in power even further as an adult at age 40. In addition, to further their crimes in banking and the military and government financing they labeled me erroneously, just as the prosecuted scientists and altruistic members of past societies.

I have contacted many companies internationally to assist in producing a film about the crippling radiation of the Earth. I have also contacted several Turkish and Syrian and Lebanese officials about factionalized war in the USA that was occurring in 1983 while I was in the USN. Many men were killed and likely burned in the incinerators at Long Beach Naval Station. I was working at the Long Beach California Shipyard Haz Mat office in 1991 or 1992 as a civilian and someone told me I should check the findings about the teeth out, that many of us were likely killed and manipulated in 1983 at the base and on ships leaving the base. My memory was wiped out due to psych ops against me about the nuclear war we were in in the Pacific Ocean in 1983. My tumor did not forget. I had had it removed one year earlier at Humana Hospital in Tampa Florida in 1989 or 1990.

It was stated by media that two nuclear bombs went down undetonated in North Carolina in 1961. I believe nuclear bombs or contamination was spread around Alabama from all indications in population charts on genetic birth defect populations. I have three regular testicles and am a Prichard Alabama native in my earlier years. My father handled munitions in Alabama in the National Guard around 1959. Of course my brain is twisted but what the hell. I stood next to the Captain to watch World War III on the USS Reid FFG 30. The Dier FAG WW 03 in WW III as I thought of the ship at the moment. I triangulated the fix, and do not mind if we see world war 3 because our enemies torture and maim us our entire lives, calling it healthcare very often. Abortion clinics are good for their head honchos according to those in our persuasion, abortion clinics and butcher shops.

I like comedy because life is Hell. There is no comedian like a comedian laying in his bunk in a thermonuclear bomb shell. Imagine the ability to touch the brain to make the body sense heat. I was injected and tortured and no one cared. I have a memory of being burned from the inside until unconscious. It may have been real because I also have a memory of awakening to the sound of a nuclear blast and chatter about the blast being close, as if a fireworks display was going on after I had been exposed to radiation in the nuclear voyage of 1983. I imagine not being able to die. A comedy of ludicrousness. The deluded mind can float in a sine wave effect of conscious and unconsciousness perpetuated by torture in perpetuity. The true human being reminds me of the Psycho cross dresser in the movie Silence of the Lambs. If I was allowed special effects in a mass execution of my enemies as in a nuclear melt down which I seemed to have experienced, I would want my hair let down in the form of Ram Horns so I wouldn't burn my locks.

Daily Foreword October 11, 2014: Today I realized that many people who served in the USA military have been exposed to radiation and their children have barely survived or came out with Down's or Klinefelters syndrome or other genetic maladies. Today a man sat across from me in a restaurant in a California military town and his child had Downs syndrome. The man was Italian looking and an obvious lower end peasant who worked for the USA government for quite some time. He did not know what caused his chil d's malady. He is ignorant of the mechanics and effects of radiation. I will be assembling a series of meetups across the USA to form a consortium to ap proach those in government we need to make sure this does not happen to other service men and to assure the young are given proper treatment and that we are given proper treatment and not torture and degradation in the healthcare of the internationally and financially controlled g 2000 overnment in power. Many men think they are lions and they are pissants. We are pissants as one. As a group, if They say piss on us, I say piss on them and burn them alive if they cross us again. This is the end of the final year of their lie of supremacy. Give us liberty from them and their poisons or give us all our deaths.

Many of us have been persecuted in the USA if we worked for the USA governments or came in contact with them. Many USA servicemen were deliberately doused in radiation, including myself. I should have been paid a radiation claim without asking in 1983. Now I am asking and I have not gotten a response. Considering I was injected and tortured before court after catching a Sheriff who was a food funds thief and having worked in the corrupted federal banking regulatory industry, I realized our enemies are in power in the USA if not the entire Earth.

It appears that radiation is much more rampant on USA coasts than has been reported. Even I have a touch of radiation poisoning since birth and the side effects. In addition I was hit with a large dose of radiation as an adult. After more government service, this time in banking oversight at the FDIC and later journalistic work reporting government crimes, I was forcibly injected and knocked unconscious and maimed.


Daily Foreword October 9, 2014: Recently I deduced a new mathematical conclusion with proofs of the futility of nuclear war and the use of nuclear energy. Many nuclear explosions have not been reported to American servicemen or the USA public. Even on a USN vessel some people from D.C. or beyond were controlling our officers on the USS Reid FFG 30. The D.C. official had allowed radioactive water into the drinking tanks. An officer who knew of it was having words with the D.C. official about it being toxic. The D.C. official said, "Let's talk privately so the shrimp can't hear.". I am the shrimp he spoke of. I did not have the "Need to know" according to him. I would not douse my worse enemy with radiation as I see it as an abomination to God. I would cut my worst enemies head off and tell the others around me that no one else has the "Need to know".

The birth defects of children whose parents were exposed to radiation is carried down to all future grandchildren in that lineage in varying percentage expression of radiation alteration of the DNA chain. Some may say it is good, but it is very bad. Recessive genetic diseases are being expressed at a rate that they are no longer recessive but dominant traits. Cystic Fibrosis, Blooms Disease, Marfans Syndrome, Klinefelters syndrome, and many more diseases such as autism and Down's syndrome are now much more common as a percentage and those disease are increasingly being fully expressed in victims of the diseases.

Mathematically it has a logarithmic quality with a steep slope very early on if you graph the number of incidences of birth defects as a percentage of the total population. The reason is that first, all descendants of a radiation victim will be impacted genetically in their individual genomes, what I will call X^, a sort of exponential growth of defects after contact. Secondly the toxins are still in the environment for consumption and contact by the human population at a given rate, what I will call R. Therefore X^ times R equals a logarithmic growth of defects. In addition defects already manifested can be amplified in severity with repeated contact to toxins or with reproduction of similarly impacted individuals.

It appears someone is trying to sink mother ship Earth and the human species along with it. The government called me insane when I called them criminal.

Daily Foreword October 6, 2014: Sometimes I feel like the character "Haa" from them movie Raising Arizona. I had a dream last night and it was after thinking of a memory of passing through the risky war criminal empire of Arizona where I was tortured with federal approval in 2004 with forced injections and had a stroke. Naturally I am a bit tense there, much like when I am within 50 miles of Los Angeles, where I was tortured in 2001 and put in a series of modern American holocaust camps, and in addition I left on a voyage from the LA Harbor area in 1983 that led to a nuclear war that was never disclosed to the American public in common knowledge and mass desimination.

In the dream last night after passing through Arizona a man approached me, and he said, "You remind me a lot of Lot. Lot is me. Yahweh sent me. Turn to page Thanh." I awakened and realized in the darkness that I needed to take a look at the other Lotts. Many of us were maimed at birth or before.

In 1961 two nuclear bombs went down that never exploded in North Carolina. Were they experimenting on ways to control and contain the nuclear blast?

I pictured those blasts in 1961 as an unannounced release of energy in a test to overcome the enemy, us, the common of Earth. Or they were trying to contain a nuclear blast at the point of origin. I see spinning alternating current poles or a new weapon harnessing the energy within for a new method of conquest. The curly Q design of the explosion my girlfriend witnessed in 1983 in the ocean from San Pedro at LA Harbor was very likely a similar effect, perhaps. I saw the flash of energy but not the direct explosion as I was watching her loveliness from the couch while staring up at her and the sky beyond. I saw a flash like high energy light in the noon day sun. She was a lovely woman then, and now I am sure. It was her native city and from an Italian fisherman's family.

I Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone have released a new video on the undisclosed nuclear war in the Pacific Ocean in 1983 while I was in the USN on the USS Reid FFG 30. The nuclear contamination I suffered and others suffered is being felt in the USA. The insanity of murdering an innocent is labeled as collateral damage in the killing vernacular. Are Psych Ops being used all over the earth? I pictured a double eye lid effect, with a primary and secondary blast in the Pacific with psych ops used in the energy of the architecture of the second wave. I have never feared death but I felt I must have been in a war before I was born. Ceasar? Archimedes tossed his salad. Youtube video Psych ops nuclear war pacific ocean uss reid ffg 30, FDIC war san Francisco early banking deregulation issues FDICIA 1992, regional director FDIC San Francisco head blown off with his own gun, an antique weapon useless in banking wars. Banking deregulation with phase II in conquest in 1999. The military tribunal of 1983 was worse. I remember burning to death. I remember sleep deprivation and actually getting radiation burn. I have not been compensated for it. I am awaiting a return answer. I like private jets as collateral or ships or trains or fancy limousines. Any transportation and habitation conveyance. I get relief from stroke and PTSD by staying in motion.

Run Betz timing on explosions. I picture a lunar month but over a week timespan to cover the Earth may be based on speed of controlled energy. Of course the shield of some machines in the USSR were alleged to create gold, radioactive gold.

As I study the lives of Buddha and the Prophets of Judaism and Hinduism, I realize that life is fragile, and the mind is as well and the human genome. We are often born maimed in many ways or at disadvantage. Families are being destroyed by various means and suicide to some extent or stupidity, but what came first, the stupidity or the toxin?

Daily Foreword October 3, 2014: Was all of the West Coast of the USA or the Earth under Psych ops in 1983? Or was the news of the bomb silenced, or perhaps a larger war? I have in the following paragraphs discussed the events in the Pacific Ocean that resembled the start of a global nuclear war. I am awaiting a verdict from the VA on a radiation claim. My mind was knocked out of memories with forced injections after banking regulatory work. Deregulation signaled a change, a collection modus operandi procession. A silent war or struggle in 1999, nothing like 1983. I w 2000 as knocked unconscious at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. Were they helping me to recover my memories of the war by giving me a stroke? Or was it LA VA Westwood in 2001 who was doing the same thing? It was a string of horrors. N ow I see humans as simple children often. I would have rather been left for dead in 2004 after I was tortured and knocked unconscious. Have you ever tried to speak with God or a divine being? Death is the ultimate answer sadly enough. This world is being strangled.

Daily Foreword September 30, 2014: As I discussed radiation with a radiation victim, I mentioned that the radiation impacts all children and the children's children and so on after a nuclear contamination incident such as when the radiation hits the testicles of men in the military. They broke into tears and said, "My mountain has fallen". As I discussed with another descendant of a radiation victim whose skill was medicine and whose father was exposed to radiation in the military, they said, "Take a look outside. Birth defects are everywhere".

So I try to be thankful for the remnants. The USA and all of mankind was likely taken over long ago. I was in a nuclear blast site and exposed and not paid in 1983 while in the USN out of the Los Angeles California area. I was ignorant of radiation then in 1983. They will use your ignorance against you.

I came out of a coma from starting in 2010 to present in 2014. My coma period was after forced injections in the USA at a federal and then a state facility. In 2014 I remembered the silent nuclear war. I was in two or three wars or four. The nuclear incident in 1983. The banking wars of deregulation in the 1990s and the journalistic wars of the 2000's.

Daily Foreword September 28, 2014: As I have gotten older I have learned to see what is "material" in life. The idea that the government would call me insane is ludicrous in 2001. It is no wonder a war broke out against the USA. I was under attack off the California coasts with nuclear weaponry in 1983 while in the USN and I was under attack after working at the bloody FDIC California in 1999 and 2000 and investigating government crimes in finance and medicine afterward. The USA government or whoever controls them is patently insane. The half life of the radiation they spill upon the earth is far greater than our existence will be on this earth Radiation hits your children in their genetic code and their children in their genetic code and their children for generations to come. In addition, to the original radioactive toxin is still in the environment for others to come into contact with. Castle Bravo Shot was the dirtiest nuclear blast in USA history and much of the fallout has a minimum half life of 200 thousand years. Many descendants of those impacted by blast are among us in California and I am sure all over the USA.

Imagine how insane those who ordered those explosions will appear if intelligent life exists in 200 thousand years. Imagine a human more stupid than the most stupid dog, crippled at birth. I hear someone calling the blast I was witness to in 1983, the Godzilla Blast. The degaussing alleged at San Pedro's Tood Shipyard at LA Harbor was nothing more than trying to remove radioactive grit after exposure throughout the ship to radiation. It can't be removed. The captain likely want the ship scrapped. I was onshore soon after home-bound shore duty and the captain departed to the sea in front of my apartment window once as a sort of farewell. I think the blast was centered in California off of the coast shelf, distance equivalent to distance from San Diego to Mid state. The sorrow I feel now is that I may have been knocked in the head with psych ops. Something weird happened there in 1983 or after. I was hit hard in 2001 and 2004, ironically my full memory returned in 2014 I think.

Daily Foreword September 27, 2014: My greatest strength to my own knowledge was my ability to stay in the battle and discover the truth. In addition I learned to do what is known as triangulating the fix. I first learned how it applied to navigation and then I learned to triangulate adverse and diverse adversaries in various fields, finance and medicine and military and science and government within the triangles I traveled. It was suicidal math and the testing actions were as bad but I think I hit the eye of the needle in the triangles that in the end revealed paradox and some very obvious and indisputable truths.

To preface, I was born brain altered, therefore I did not prepare to flee the USA in my teenage years while the Vietnam draft was looming. I would have fled when young if I had been born with a full set of intelligence factors without disabilities in any fashion. I overcame the disabilities but in the process I discovered it is likely that we had nothing to do with the bombing of Japan from the USA with nuclear bombs. We had nothing to do with USN servicemen being exposed to nuclear bombs in the Pacific during alleged USA military tests in the 1950's. We had nothing to do with the nuclear bomb I was placed over or in the vicinity of while I was in the USN in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean. I consider all coasts of the USA to be contaminated and have seen numerous birth defects that indicate a nuclear bomb was in the vicinity of Mobile Bay in Alabama. I also suspect that the tasty Boston clam chowder is suspect near Boston Massachusetts. A diet of wild caught seafood will trigger a range of recessive diseases in the children of your young because the government does not always report a nuclear blast or contamination area.

I have seen the lunatic asylum that is the predatorial capitalist empire in Los Angeles and D.C. and San Francisco, Arizona and Alabama. I have seen their courts, and their torture labeled as medical care, and their government banking and financial oversight. The predators are at top and bottom of American society and the international predatory capitalist factions. While the whole of the population was under the 10 commandments, the system worked for capitalism. It was almost a robust and clean arrangement for most. Not now.

Beware of California. They have the largest prison population per capita on Earth. Alabama has a foreign oil thieving dictatorship with puppet dictators in each city. Toxic from radiation is Alabama per my opinion on the coasts for sure 98% probability. Seafood makes grandchildren of each generation increasingly impacted.

Cheap tricks on the little guy and avalanches in the financial and technological arena is what occurs due to various factors and factions across the USA. Los Angles is stripped as I see it now, no justice, no money, no virtues, about the same as Lower Alabama. I once guarded LA with my life in 1983 and the war was ignored. A woman saw part of it happen who was with me. She saw the "Curly Q" from San Pedro in 1983. It was an explosion. How close or far away I do not know. I should have fled. AWOL G C RAP. PARC GLOWA. Is Polish language slang for Square Head Square Hat. Glowing in the park the Square Head homeless. They allowed radioactive water into the tanks for us to drink on that voyage. When we made it back to San Pedro they scraped radiation off of the ship, subjecting all of San Pedro to radioactive metallic dust. They called it degaussing the ship. There are those who will try to kill you and keep it silent. I let the young Sea Cadets who came on to the boat lick the ships balls. I told them not to do it and that they were radioactive. Some men washed the boat down but all things in the bridge cabinets were suspected radioactive including the sextant.

Those USS Reid FFG 30 sailors coming who were onboard in 1983 and after 1983. Tell tale signs are children with birth defects, your own tumors, thyroid conditions, and radiation nightmares if you saw or tast ed something. Karlson signalman has MS they say, but we lost and found him according to the radio. That poor bastard. Not all saw the blast in 1983 but the captain documented it when it hit me and the captain while standing at the rail, the port Bridgewing late at night of the just commissioned modern war vessel the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983. The blast was from below and he said my name and classification, " Kurt Brown Quartermaster", that I had witnessed the blast. He said it to CIC, combat information control. We had a radiation reading come back over the radio, not good. I have not been paid for the radiation exposure. I awakened in the night with my groin feeling like it was on fire and I forgot it later. I seem to recall being heated to the point of unconscious while on the cot that night on the ship but I was tortured in 2001 and 2004 and had a stroke so I am not certain how many men were killed or cooked alive that night. Odd memory. I would have preferred death. Psychops were alleged in the Pacific in 1983. I want payment in one form or another. I like limousines, jets, marine vessels, and pedicures for a nice horse to trample their ass Dear God, if I am not paid. Pony up sasquatch.

I was ignored in 1983 and did not say much because that is the nature of radiation and military service and psychops. The best is soon to come after exposure. My memories of the silent war in 1983 came to me in 2014 after the coma and torture in 2001 and 2004. The imagination leaves one wondering who killed the captain, or did the captain exist, did the vessel? Did satan take you for a pony ride and hijack your central nervous system? Philosophical and theological questions. Who runs the USA banking system really now, after deregulation? A truly material question. International corporate investment and denutting the F-DIC with a FDICIA.

LA to OKC to Wichita, via D.C. or NYC perhaps? Have a 911 cock tale. F-DIC lost its nuts to FDICIA. No clear audit. I saw 911 was done with a Yu Zhendong as was OKC and suspect McVeign took a shot to the face. I saw the explosion in 2004 near the equation aforementioned, Braman at the hypotenuse near Blackwell and Kansas. How odd how strange how queer, KAW WAK. I may have born with two testicles but now have three and may give birth to one more. Radiation Batallion, its a whip for a bit.

Daily Foreword September 26, 2014: As I have gotten older I see the foolish of all of mankind in recorded history and in my memory. I live in a capitalist society that is being destroyed from the inside by forces within and outside of my society. Predatory capitalism is a remnant of the ape in man. All liquor and beer and wine and other drugs containing alcohol should be approached with extreme caution and limited advertising. The same thing could be said for other drugs commonly on the market in our era.

I envisioned in a comedy a final nuclear war. A nuclear vortex and with two opposing sides, each leader looked like the other in a way. A good and bad. Satan and Jesus scenario. One in the same but one in dirtier clothing. Who wins with the stench of cloth clenched in the teeth in the sheets in the sheath.

Daily Foreword September 24, 2014: Due to likely radiation or emanations of fluid exudate or consumption of seafood related to radiation is causing a range of syndromes and conditions. Although the syndromes are often not completely expressed, it is obvious that the USA has been hit. Klinefelters Syndrome is appearing in high probability on USA coasts according to a recent study. I may have symptoms that are not full blown. However I am not certain about a third testicle or if I have benign or malignant cancer from a nuclear cloud I was exposed to in the Pacific Ocean in 1983 in the USN.

However because I was born with a speech impediment I overcame and I may have a third testicle and due to a doctor telling me I had survived an abortion and another birth defect in the ears, I suspect I too have the disease. The USA government does not tell us when we are exposed to radiation. The USA coasts are a very dangerous place to live from all indications and in a Klinefelters chart almost all states to the Southern USA including California and Alabama are impacted. I wonder if I was made sterile when I was knocked unconscious with forced injections in 2004 in Arizona at Flagstaff Medical Center. California is where the injections started in 2001, forced at LA VA Westwood by a federal agent, after FDIC employment in 2000. I wonder if my memory was knocked out in 1983 on events surrounding my USN experience during the heated Cold War on Earth.

Those who control the USA governments and the world governments have made places dangerous due to the design of their laws and their enforcement. I was put in the middle of a war long ago, in 1983. I put myself there and men were likely killed while I was in the USN. I have radiation exposure and it was kept silent during the events resembling warfare. .

Daily Foreword September 22, 2014: Someone threatened me today stating if it was discovered that a nuclear bomb went off outside of Los Angeles that billions would be lost in property values. I used to blame local officials for my predicaments as an investigative journalist. They are controlled from D.C. and no one knows who controls D.C.

Daily Foreword September 18, 2014: What is most material in our lives has been negated to nothing in many of our families. By following the predatory capitalists line of thought many families are destroyed by drugs and alcohol and alleged military service and alleged government state and federal healthcare.

I say alleged healthcare because it is obvious that much healthcare is directed toward destroying and controlling some people instead of treating the malady requiring true healthcare. It is obvious to me that the USA or all mankind lost a war long ago. On the West Coast of the USA it is very easy to find descendants of military service men whose fathers and grandfathers were in the military and exposed to radiation in the nuclear blasts and alleged tests of the 1940's and 1950's.

Many of us USA servicemen were subjected to radiation in the 1980's in the USN. Psych ops were allegedly used by the Russians in 1983 according to a CIA factbook report online. I know I was exposed on one voyage to radiation and told to take a shower. I was allowed to sleep in my bunk on the USS Reid FFG 30 and something happen ed. I am not sure but I was told many men had died during my time asleep when I awakened. I am not sure but I remember the heat going up so high that I lost consciousness in the bunk. Perhaps the bubble I saw that came from below at around midnight was a presage of a blast to follow at 2 or 3 a.m. . I am not certain. We did travel through nuclear areas afterward with a cloud of radiation reported and I saw on navigation radar a thick cloud to our starboard as we traveled at full speed, 30 to 35 knots or more. I do not remember taking an intense shower afterward on that night however I do remember I was told not to drink the coffee due to radiation in the air. There was also discussion that our water tanks had gotten low and that seawater may have been allowed in to the ship for treatment so that it could be made potable or drinkable. I remember the alarm some officers had about radiation being in the water and they were against filling the tanks. One sailor said we would be better off drinking cups of cum. He said the guy in orange over there don't care if you drink it. We were deep at sea. No one could be seen but I would not go get a free soda, expecting the mean. I am considering if a new weapon exists to remove people for execution on site as on a ship?.

I often wonder if a nuclear bomb or perhaps just the sun could be made into a laser that would wipe out a military and all other electronics in the path or beam of the laser. I pictured a rolling flux, a sort of magnifying glass effect in flux over the Pacific Fleet in my imagination and also I pictured the explosion from below. I conjecture on weapons that I did not see directly. However the Captain and I were on the Port Bridgewing on the USS Reid FFG 30 and the sky was hazy. The sun could be seen above as a large disk, and due to the haze it covered a much larger area it seemed. The way a long tube fluorescent lens covers a light. The captain said to me, "The war is fought from up there. What we have is exploding bullets." We carried an arsenal of Guided Missiles. We were loaded down on some of those voyages around the time of the nuclear voyage, pulling up silt as we left Long Beach Naval Station. I noted it to the captain who grabbed the rail on the way down and said, "This is where the octopus gets us". If we had been detonated in Long Beach Harbor with a full load of missiles, it would have followed one sailors logic who said they were going to try and kill us.

On one voyage we fired a barrage of missiles and then the power went down on departure at full speed. I have had much benign cancer and thyroid conditions since exposure to radiation in 1983. I believe the cancer may be going malignant. Once you are hit with radiation it is dangerous to have children due to health effects.

Daily Foreword September 16, 2014: I like to make jokes in my mind about war and hardship. It makes life easier to swallow. Recently I began to think of Robin Williams and his suicide. I liked his comedy. I picture Robin Williams as myself in Iraq talking to service men about the war in Iraq. "Have you heard about the group, the Sissies? The USA government is publicly calling them ISIS. If I had not been in the Navy on the USS Reid FFG 30 I would not know about the nuclear war in the Pacific Ocean in 1983 outside of Los Angeles and I would not know about the Dier Fags. We USN sailors were labeled homosexual on the USS Reid FFG 30 computers so the men and the boys decided to change the name of the ship to the Die r Fag WW 03. The man who found the list threw the computers and guns overboard after he found the list. Our beloved Captain gave ISIS their formal name and put out a list of homosexuals among their men. The captain, the queers, and the fags are supposed to meet here today.

The Sissy Isis queers and the USN Dier Fags. It will be an odd WW 03 hoot. All of those Fag men and those Queers. They say the Sissies will bring some real women today, a meet and greet. A peace offering, my fag seed and those queer seeds should make one twisted sister. Oh look here comes one now. A dier Fag in a square hat. Polish language for square head is PARC GLOWA. If a nuclear war breaks out the Fags and the Queers and their twisted sisters will he glowing from radiation and homeless in the PARC. It is truly a queer dilemma. Speaking of a queer dilemma, Have you heard of the Queerest of the Queer fantasy coming to life. It was prophetic. The blind dog of Los Angeles jumped out of Saint Ram Bone's house talisman art the Queerest of the Queer and is suspected to be here. He has big balls and shares a load of green wit h a Dier Fag on occasion. Me and slim used to smoke the Blind dog of Los Angeles before Slim was put in stirrups and used in experiments and starved to death in 1983. They gave him large green balls to eat after his starvation period Slim said before he was discharged from the Dier Fag on administrative discharge. The Dier Fag Harmony was felt and I think he liked the green balls of whatever it was they fed him at the end of his starvation in the Brig.

Suspected to be the Germans who did the experiments on Slim according to the Captain. The load of green the Blind Dog of Los Angeles distributes helps with the radiation sickness and to see. Remember the howl of the Pacific is the ships whistle for general quarters among Dier Fags. If you see a nuclear bomb, do not report for work. You are not needed. Remember the square hat lyric, "Square Head, Square Hat, PARC GLOWA" Spelled backwards, it is "AWOL G C RAP." You can not run away twenty years from now if that nuclear bomb occurs tomorrow. The time is now. PARC GLOWA. AWOL G C RAP." As an aside I truly wish I would have ran in 1983 instead of catching the nuclear voyage out of Los Angeles California's Terminal Island on the USS Reid FFG 30. Long Beach is a pit and War is Hell on Earth and Hell nor Long Beach has a place for this man, not on this Earth, not in this Hell. Erasum Factum Didymus. Its a new way to say big drought. How. How did they cover up news to the public of that nuclear blast(s) in 1983?

In closing today I picture Robin Williams posing in a square hat with Queen Motifah of the Yoruba tribe from Nigeria, friends of the apostle and musical genius Akindele Bankole and a half dozen Persian women he claims as wive s he met online. He says, now it looks like it is a good time to play Charming Chaplain's favorite song, Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone's musical composition, Stone Cold in My Electric Chair on Youtube, if it is still up, aye mate. Because this website was backfiring or being hacked, I put some of the work online with Daily Foreword Notes of the past year and the Queerest of the Queer story on LA Indymedia.. The final standoff will likely have the captain on both sides dressed in two color drag dress, green and black with some flash. Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette is played going into the vortex, a nuclear whirlwind of another perspective, down the drain hole pipe.

Daily Foreword September 15, 2014: This website was hit and all things numbered 2000 may have been removed by myself. To clarify, I was forced out of the FDIC in 2000. I was tortured and maimed as a result in 2001. I am trained in 15 disciplines at least including psychology. Having b een a street child I learned to look at people's psychoses at an early age, which later supplemented my formal training in psychology for several years and having lived with several people in the psychology field. One I have observed recently is very interesting from a sociopath perspective. They like to emulate another person and may have multiple personality disorder and often enlist others who are associated with them in their own deviant acts. The predator also likes to create a childish, "Us versus them", scenario, as the sociopath works an angle on an unsuspecting target for financial manipulation or social manipulation usually for monetary gain. These psychotic types are increasingly on the web and preying through internet portals. They often wear multiple dis guises and may have multiple associates. California has become more like a third world. Alabama is like something from a third world hell for most.

If those people are caught preying on children and the elderly in that fashion, I believe a wild predator should be dealt with by a tame predator with an insane vengeance. Some things can not be tolerated in our lives. I usually deal with those types in our society by ignoring them. But I was injected and tortured while seeking healthcare and my memory recently returned on a nuclear incident at sea while I was in the USN Pacific Fleet in 1983. I also suffer from stroke related symptoms from forced injections after bloody FDIC employment and under the gover nment in power and their state and federal healthcare. The federal and stat e healthcare practitioners take their orders from the same bloody crew at the top of the predatory factions controlling the predatory sector of the USA and other nations.

I often consider how it appeared to the Dutch when the Spanish hung the Dutch from city poles in Amsterdam long ago. We in the USA are in a worse predicament. Who is in charge of the USA military and the F-DIC anyway? It is as if we were over run and our protectors walked away. Those with psychoses can be at the top and the bottom of our society. I have no healthcare and am covered in knots since exposure to radiation and those stroke symptoms from forced injections seem to come and go away and come again. I would not care if God gave us a mercy killing and blew this worthless sh-t away.

I heard a joke. It was said the USA government was in a war in Iraq again with the ISIS group, a new nickname for a group of Iraqi ragheads with fine looking women. Ironically the USA gas prices inches to a low of $2.99 a gallon. I think those war criminal factions that stole Mobile Alabama oil also steal Iraqi oil. I do not care if t hose who profit from that stolen oil internationally are blown away internati onally. Bu t I would prefer we work on international space colonies. To ask a nation to disarm its nuclear armaments is like asking a nation to remove its exploding bullets from its mouth. When it dies I will just laugh and laugh, knot after knot. Radiation is no joke for generations millions of years away. They have gone insane. Beware of the cities and all government.

Daily Foreword September 13, 2014: After being tortured and maimed an d robbed by fellow Americans, I came to realize that I am surrounded by gangs who are not my fellows. The government control from D.C. into the California military and their banking regulation, first left me in an undisclosed to the public nuclear cloud and a war in the federal banking regulatory agency, the FDIC. Remember Rocklin 1999. I think it was Justice, really. Because I think Justice was amiss.

I at one time was opposed to seeing or hearing of mass murder. I seem to have experienced torture and was not paid.

Like most, we are ignored by large media outlets and the government is indifferent to our plight. A technological war seems to have broken out against us. The usual option is escalate or retreat. It does not pay to consort with the enemy or to use their state or federal healthcare in the USA. Do not drink their alcohol. Do not take their needles laying down. If you own guns, you are better to destroy them or hide them. Their government tried to label all insane or criminal. It started going down in 1983 and I think they knocked our lights out, they licked us..

Daily Foreword September 12, 2014: The Greek Letter Theta for some means sleep or death. It relates to Hebrew Heth or th. To have someone who is your own touch you brings special meaning and has special meaning, such as when two metallic objects attract at their poles. I was born maimed and no one told me what had happened. I overcame the disability and then I was maimed further with government approval in the predatorily capitalist empire the USA and associate felonious criminal predatory nations or people or groups. We h ave no government. We join their military and many of us are fed to toxic waste by those who have gone turncoat to our people, those who only wanted work really. The war never ends. Theta is the center of the universe. A lens effect has occurred. Like a flare the sun shoots out its heat in a new way. Many areas may be parched that were not before. Most do not understand astronomy. I do not understand torture with needles and calling it healthcare. I do not understand taking the USS Reid FFG 30 from Terminal Island Naval Station in Long Beach in 1983 and deliberately into nuclear waste or detonation areas without giving us topside personnel protection. The only upside, I had a dream or was subjected to it during psych ops at sea and I know what it feels like to be roasted alive to the point of unconsciousness in a metal ship during a nuclear blast. It starts really hot then you go numb then you go pop which you do not feel. Once you get past the numb part, you have it licked. Licked, such an odd word. Translated, dutch Lichten is lights. There were no lights, only a faint voice of one of other man in the sleeping area. I slept long and hard after I was hit with the blast. It was like it was a new day the next day. I had not slept for days but I am not sure how long I was out and how many were killed. Then came the FDIC. They wanted me to see, with my light over the Sweet FDIC Masters Heads in San Francisco. How many men does one have to be surrounded by before thud sounds like a lullaby? Jack can answer that in 4 3 2001 and the federal monster. Never own guns. Never drink booze or hard drugs. Watch your fellow man like you watch a snake because may be what you need to fake d eep within. Know thine self physician, such an ugly enlightening proverb of the medicinal sect. The Paradox of travel is crossing paths with swine in flow.

Daily Foreword September 9, 2014: Recently someone offered me a virgin, almost, bride I suppose or they were seeing if I was into teenage women. I jest. I was later told that the News in the USA is not free. They are silencing all sorts of things. I believe the war was lost in the USA in 1983, if not long before in the 1940's. Many USA Servicemen were led into damaging radiation on purpose. It is as if our enemies are in the drivers seats in many cases. They could have given me radioactive protection but they did not in 1983 when on the bridge of the USS Reid FFG 30. I am seeking an actor to portray a Dier FAG WW 03 sailor, a mockup of the afterlife of a USS Reid FFG 30 sailor who was exposed to radiation. Craigslist deletes the ad, therefore more censorship. So I place it on LA Indymedia, an ad requesting acting talent. You can respond at zkurt555 at yahoo dot com.

Daily Foreword September 8, 2014: The one dream I had for mankind as a child was to build into space, space colonies. The lies are funny now but I should have made note of the executions occurring around me in the Vietnam draft and prepared to achieve wealth and knowledge even if it meant fleeing the USA when I was 18, the execution by draft age in t he mid to late 1960's. So as I sound my trumpet in the muted war I hear the songs of the past, David Bowie's Space Oddity as I look at my past my path and hold up a radioactive cat who eats radioactive fish near Hollywood California in my adult years. The closest I ever got to outer space was a nuclear blood bath after dioactive quartermaster given extra leg room when setting off metal alarms in 2014 with my radioactive quarter. Some pictures of a radioactive c at are linked in these yelp comments.

I remember the song with the Lyrics, "Saturday in the park, every day's a fourth of july." I want a sort of Weird Al Yankovic mockup of the song with the lyrics, "Parc glowa in the park, ". I realized that no one really cared for each other after military service. I was told that I should have fled the West Coast of the USA in 1983. It appears that Switzerland and Europe have taken the c rown jewel, Genentech of the bio tech age. The next wave of billionaires will be those who can hook together biotechnology and computers.

I woul d recommend that for the rest of us who can not afford educations or who were maimed at birth by various toxins and acts of war that we take up more familial business arrangements to remove foreign control over our lives. And instead of weapons sold by the government in power to us, that we devise our own systems of advance and retreat and I encourage experiments and a nalysis to discern what all the various factions on Earth are doing to us and our environment. The media is silenced in the USA on nucle ar disa sters at sea. I thought how odd in 1983 that the LA media was not going to cover the nuclear bomb at sea. I know of recessive diseases springing from that Boston Clam Chowder and those delicious Gulf of Mexico fish and shrimp. Anything wild my child is out of style if its bathed in natural waters on the Earth or at Sea, including the almost pristine Pacific catch.

When I was injected forcibly in 2004 forcibly at Flagstaff Medical Center I had a stroke from something they did to me. When I was discharged I felt terrible but I had to say I felt fine. The doctor examining me did not look at my eyes but they may have mentioned stroke. It was not in the paperw ork. Beware of State and Federal health care in the USA. It may be a trap. Many fac tions slit each others throats and each others chil d's minds. I welcome the end of time, that is the upside of my malady. Cowards shudder but they all come in to the wave of death.

Daily Foreword September 7, 2014: As I view the world from above in my mind, I see ants, small animals, humans all the same. Scurrying for life. Ho Chi Minh despised capitalism likely because he saw his Chinese wife hooked to the end of a heroin dealers needle and hi s own life in another child in t he future in shambles wrecked from before birth. What Ho Chi Minh did not know was that he was the father of this sin in his blood type A kin forebears, the bonobo monkey. Blood type A of the Bonobo monkey is thick on the surface in some human's blood type markers, and in all other humans it is always there right below the surface of the type B blood type marker and Rhesus factor marker. All of consciousness is layered like veils, none too impermeable. I was harmed at birth and harmed later in life. Those things, those people most material to me have fallen victim to those th ings there already and those things such as radiation I was deliberately led into have turned my life into a sort of living Hell. The entire Earth is destined for this due to change and the slow witted nature of the human societies response to immense change. The USA was lost, a factionalized nation, and the best hope is escape from the planet. Hope is shunted and thwarted when we are led like animals, targeted, injected, labeled and jailed.

Recently I was discussing military service with someone, none of their children was ever enlisted. They argued with me saying they saw nothing wrong with it. I was exposed to radiation. If I had no alternative, I would likely blow my brains out before military service due to the effects of radiation and the neglecting of their duties to protect us in the USA government. If you are under mind control or delusion by the monkey in many, you are being set up like a lesser insect.

If you want to run from military service remember these words in Polish language and USA slang. If you do not run, you may be homeless in the park and glowing with radiation and known as "PARC GlOWA. Square Head. Square Hat. AWOL G C RAP." will be your mantra. Radiation is not worth it to you or society and the animal in a man is another insect in the cosmos.

Daily Foreword September 2, 2014: After long analysis and a long life I Kurt Brown have determined that the wars we have fought and been led into, whether announced or not, were a trap for us. The USA is a factionalized nation. During any real war the USA breaks up in a sense and executions of USA servicemen either directly or indirectly is enacted. I believe men were killed at Terminal Island Naval Station in Long Beach California in 1983 and that men may have been killed at sea. I was exposed to radiation intentionally. Even the captain recommended I jump and swim to an island on the Southern California coast before we went to the blast site. We are not told what has happened before they intentionally douse us in toxins. I am really not sure if the blast site was near San Francisco or Los Angeles since my girlfriend saw something explode into the sky while viewing it from our apartment in San Pedro at the mouth of LA Harbor and up on a hill. The USN chief saw it or knew of other blasts I believe and I never saw him again after he told me. He told me where he was going. It was like a man being sentenced to death and planning his escape from the hole to a better place. Was he executed? Is the imposter in any of us?

Imposters may be common and I would also venture that interrogations are done before execut ions so imposters and witnesses can hold hands to verify authenticity of the imposter in the blind. The foreign sailors gave us a clue with their skit mocking our crew, perhaps me the blonde and my roommate, dead but in front of me, us, in the dining room play impromptu. Their government does not like us to talk about radiation and nuclear blasts. I was labeled a threat for saying a quarter I had in my pocket in 1983 on the radioactive bridge wing of the USS Reid FFG 30 was also in my pocket at an airport turnstile in the South East USA in 2014. I put it on Yelp. Soon security was there and I was put on a series of early flights with more leg room, but someone had placed a obstacle in front of me injuring me at the airport. I like the Larry David routine really but with a more down home twist.

I had a tumor removed from my leg there at the quarter in my pocket spot in 1990 and I could lose my leg if another tumor grows into the bone. The change in my pocket during the blast was collected for a dollar the following day or the f ollowing week. I am not sure how long I was unconscious after the blast. The time out to sea was longer than I recall, two weeks longer according to my girlfriend. Go to sleep and sleep two weeks while others are killed. Its not just a job, its an adventure. I had mentione d the exchange of money in radioactive metal change for a dollar and someone said I should have been paid 500 thousand dollars since they had me stand on the bridge wing during that nuclear blast or bubble from below.

The war was lost when it started in WWI or WWII. It has not ended except we know we have lost ma ny things, many of us. Do not expect much from mankind. I was once told to buy a country home far away and hide. When I hide I want to flee. Cognitive dissonance in fight or flight. I can not afford to take flight and sit still or can I? The quarter is the 90 degree or is it 90 degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius They cut our communications in 1983? Did they jam something into my head when I left the shower for radiation cleansing. I should have laid in the shower and Jacked Till Man..

Daily Foreword August 29, 2014: The USA has become like Mexico, a third world state controlled by international powers and national war criminals in political seats. They are at war with many of us and those overseas. I have been attacked many times and I was alone every time. Their police state allows pr ohibition era sales of Mexican and other syndicates marijuana to the Entire eastern half of the USA. Their government targets many people to keep their status quo, and I have been one of their victims as a federal bank examiner and journalist, investigative provocative.. I would assist in a Revolutionary War against the dictators in power w ho have divided and devoured the USA. I would recommend feeding them to dogs in shelters or homeless cannibals .

The greatest strategy those in power has is to have police chase the innocent and imprison them or kill them. Ask Sheriff Jack Tillman, former of Mob Al, and their vicious federal protectorate in that outpost of the international dictatorship. Its a simple date for a simple man and a federal protectorate at the F DIC and EEOC, 4 -3 - 2 00 - 1. Hate groups are enlisted to assist and do so and they cover up their ties by paying other groups to attack.

It appears the drought to hit Eart h will be in the equatorial zone and inch upward. The seas are radioactive. Beware of the South East USA and the West Coast and Eastern Seaboard. Their government is not protecting our young and many of us are being targeted. I was in a nuclear zone in the US Navy in 1983 after departing Terminal Island at Los Angeles California's harbor. We saw explosions from the shore, my gal and eye. I left for sea two days later was subject to a large amount of radiation. I believe that effects were down played and psych ops may have been underway against us.

I have a real to life joke. I was for real a witne ss to a nuclear bubble. I showered and was told I could sleep. It had been days without slee p. As I slept my crotch got hotter and I awakened with a feeling that someone had doused m e with hot flames. I recall screaming in the night. I want a Sa turday night live mock up. I want a Forrest Gump and Bubba discussing the experience but with more of a Saturday Night Live reverie. I as a sailor who experienced the nuclear detonation ask the other sailor I will ca ll Slim.

Slim, can I be curt with you? I remember the day you told me the n uclear bomb detonated, sort of. I remember waking up and my body felt like it was on fire it was so hot and the roar was loud, like resonation of all things. I felt like I lifted off of the bed screaming in agony. You told me a nuclear bomb had detonated. AS I screamed to God for mercy from the pain it was like I w as exhaling forever, then th e dull then the unconsciousness. Slim replied, your mind heated and you went unconscious before you boiled. They reversed the flow. Slim I reply, I was told many men had been killed during the night. Slim replies, "We exploded?" Me and you are their sacrificial unwanted, like a Sacrificial Melody, End of Comedy.

The cold war is now in the USA. You are better off to join a gang than the military. The government was over run and many are sacrificed. Many are enemies in the USA. Factions control the Earth.

Eventually the USA and their war machine will lay in ruins, perhaps we shall all be dead. I saw some yellow flies landing on me recently and they were biting me in a strong wind. I suspect the future will bring many vectors for disease. Mankind is likely better off dead in the future than being maimed. Never fear the enemy. Sometimes you are better to take your own life than to be taken hostage by the predatory capitalists governments police forces under the current dictatorship. They have started injecting people behind closed doors before court. Do not drink alcohol . It dries out the brain and causes seizures and insanity. Ask Sheriff Jack Tillman, he was a drinker I would wager as a non drinking auditor and investigator. As a sailor, I took the trip, but they give it to you to dull the pain. A 50 megaton bomb, controlled, and they tossed the communications for a flip and the Trident? missile took a dip on the submarine blip?.

Do not eat too much Pacific fish or wild fish due to radiation and mercury and other toxins. Recessive diseases are spreading across the USA. Public schools teach children to follow the doctrines of our more ignorant and selfish factions in power in some areas. It does not matter if a predatory capitalist is killed in our era if he or she has par taken in the profit from illegal torture and maiming and murder and falsely labeling. So as we twist in the web down on Brown Hollow the log trucks try to leave us in ruins while old men dressed in drag wait on the terminal end at the 45 degree in watch of my rear and the coming front. Of course this is nothing compared to the high tech sociopaths possibly crawling around behind me. They branch from Los Angeles often and wander into the wealthier enclaves to devour the unsuspecting in deviant ways. One made a path recently too close to my heart there, my poarch near Brown hollow. To profit from death is a fish teeth I suppose in some cases, sharks, chondrichthyes, technically is more prehistoric than fish.

Today as I flew over the USA desert I noticed puddles of water. I saw a dormant volcano with a snow cap in the center and around the edges for miles, a melt, I suppose. A lovely snow capped missile silo for all to view. Their government called me insane for being a martyr for our people in these times of their failed conquests. It is likely possible to redirect the heat of lava to form puddles of water. The guard at the gate at the airport mumbled to another guard I threatened him when I told him not to touch my dick, after I had passed through the X ray machine to have my testicles cooked at high voltage and to find a quarter in my pocket. I am the quartermaster with a radioactive quarter, my lucky charm, my portion as a plankowner of the Dier FAG WW 03, aka the USS reid ffg 30. Beware of imposters. Many were k illed I dead reckon. The Bri ts or Italians knew it as we viewed with the dinner party the play on board in 1983 in the dining area, like two over sexed males, one in drag in 1983. "Just A Girl, No Doubt" (Music link). I had left a quarter in my pocket and the gestapo x ray machine caught it in 2014, my lucky quarter, my lucky charm..

Daily Foreword August 26, 2014: As I considered being burned alive in a USN vessel under some sort of nuclear release or heat lamp from above or below the ocean, I recall being on the USS Reid FFG 30 and being subjected to a nuclear bubble from below and then skirting the edge of a nuclear cloud or haze on the water. When I slept my testicles were l ater on fire when I awakened. Then I have recollections of a burning raging hell as I lay in my bunk, perhaps a nightmare from the burning in my groin area after the nuclear release. Psych ops were used by the Russians that year allegedly. I think another nation controls the USA and the UK in any war and you are subject to death by friendly fire, or cordoned off executions am id psych ops. During the night the ship became hot like hell and as I screamed to stop the pain I went unconscious. I heard someone screaming in the sleeping and shower area. They were trying to speak. Truth or fiction? I know I had to take a shower at sea and I was exposed and cooked my groin. Ante up? I was a first class burner in the shipyards as a teenager. I liked watching the flames. When I as on the vessel, I was the smell. That was in 1983

A divine comedy, the paint peeling off the bunk above me as my body shook in the heat and ready to explode. What is this thing, this experience of a burning USN vessel with heat likely approaching 700 degrees Fahrenheit, I get to share? The announcer in hell says to all of those in their bunks, this is important, you may experience intense exhale. I have a vision of playing like Satan and Having Former Sherif f Jack Tillman who I audited and had removed, as my foot boy. I want to treat him like Danny Glover did his working girls in the Color Purple.

Recently in 2014 I saw where some people of the Spanish speaking group were running from radiation in the Pacific Ocean. Mankind has reached the abyss. Warfare really no longer appeas es the quest for conque st.

Daily Foreword August 25, 2014: I was born almost completely right hemisphere brained, like a cork screw caught the brain and twisted it making one side large and the other smaller. I am a creative savant with limitations. I had to grow a full connection to my soul. When I did, my mind connected as well. I am likely a remnant of a war and my mother was caught in the middle of World War II and I am sure her genetics were hit as well. The human race appears bent on suicide.

All nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs should be done away with. Radiation on a large scale would put human beings to the point of being crippled and more like a sick dog over time. Recessive diseases expressed, new diseases multiplied and empowered with nuclea 2000 r fallout, and sickness and degradation on a large scale over a long time, perhaps to the last one. I have observed that the children and grandchildren of men whose testicles were exposed to radiation in the USN, and done so deliberately by government directive, and whose children and grandchildren express phenotype abnormalities, the radiation impacts the torso and the head. I suspect if women's ovaries are exposed to radiation the same effect with more pronounced growth abnormalities and impact upon the arms and legs as well. The USA was taken over long ago and power divided. We are caught in an embrace of predatory capitalism. I was born maimed due to it.

truth based comedy to ease my sorrow -- I am sitting in a high chair like the captains chair on the Dier Fag vessel, the USS Reid FFG 30. I have summoned all of those who have crosse d me to come to me and to pay their debt in full. I have Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama clean my toe nails with my gun permit taken by him on 4-3-2001 when I was trying to stop his thievery. He was done away with in 2005 but rewarded. After he cleans my toes I have him dra w up a deed to all of his land excepting one parcel down near the toe of the land, possum toe land.

Next I have the pe rson in charge of the USA federal go vernment in Los Angeles or D.C. who had me go into a nuclear blast in 1983 on the USS Reid FFG 30 without protective nuclear gear. I do not believe in misery or torture. I do believe in a clean kill. I want nothing from him or her. I leave it up to God. I would not put them in a radioactive cage but I would kill them on the spot just to remove their presence if it was up to me, but it is not.

The people who hired me at FDIC did so because there was tension in banking deregulation in 1999. The FDIC Improvement Act in 1992 left an FDIC regional director assassinated. We in the USN were subjected to psych ops in 1983. The government is divided in the USA. It is not controlled by Americans and many Americans would kill each other on the spot. From the FDIC I would like employment. I want to over see the Treasury and FDIC. I want my former bosses to wipe my ass when I defecate, I want them to chew my food if I suspect poison, I want them to feel needles and torture and sorrow as I did, but I do not believe in torture. I believe in a clean kill. And that is God's decision.

The Queerest of the Queer painting and h ouse talisman says it all. 4-3-2-1, blind dog of los angeles came across a Dier Fag (Radiation victim sailor USS Reid) while dead sailors at the sea and at the shore and a nuclear blast was in the background. Baby I'm Ready To Go (music link.) Some of words of wisdom in war and life and death. Things are not what they seem therefore they are not as bad as they seem. This world is temporal if not temporary. Mozart music moves the brain on small children they say. Movement.

Daily Foreword August 22, 2014: If you are young, you should realize that all things that appear positive about the USA are a fake, a lie. Predator y capitalism leaves us as their prey, not just those being attacked overseas. I was born brain damaged and overcame the disability over many years and then I was maimed again. My memory just came back on many things. Its like waking up from the dead and discovering you went to Hell on Earth. Why is it that al l sociopathic war criminals in history called their victims insane? The same occurs in the USA today. We are in an eternal war it seems.

If I had not been brain damaged at birth, I would have likely fled the USA at age 18. Those in power were killing the innocent through warfare and nuclear tests. I believe my mother was likely subjected to radiation or biological contaminants when she was young and on the Gulf Coast of the USA. I believe the war time era left her ovaries damaged and my father was subjected to radiation in the National Guard and that may have impacted his testicles.

The dictators in power over the USA are our worst enemies. They remain hidden and are not those portrayed on their mass media. If they are killed, then we are free from them unless their cages and traps have us snared. If they survive, we likely need to flee and find a better place. I would have fled to Switzerland at 18 before 1980 if I had not been brain damaged but they also have predatory capitalism, but not at the USA level.

The USA is a self hating place, vile, disgusting, without remorse, corru pt. A nuclear bomb would be a Godsend if it killed all of us. Many were deliberately killed in various wars and many of us were maimed in the USA ever since the 1940's. If they try to take you hostage, you are better off to kill yourself or to fight to the death to escape.

Many of us do not have federal or state healthcare without torture and being maimed and labeled or maliciously killed. Beware of California, beware of Arizona, beware of any place where you are alone and away from those who can kill those who take you hostage. Their mass media white washed the Hell that is their society.

The wars of the past were set up. The soldiers ran to do as they were told. We in the USA were led into nuclear areas in alleged tests or covered up nuclear spills. The wars of the future will involve mind control on a large scale and we may be experiencing it now.

Nuclear bombs can drop without a sound being heard. At that point they are tools, controlled power release with capture and direction of the blast in a new machine, sometimes a machine of pure power. Two nuclear bombs fell on North Carolina in 1961 and th ey allegedly did not detonate. If you consider two spinning poles, you have a cataclysmic vortex perhaps attuned to destroy young minds and to power a new machine of conquest.

I laugh at my fear of thermo-nuclear war as a child now, but at the same time I see the logic. My testicles were deliberately cooked by those in power w hen I was on the USS Reid F FG 30 in 1983 after we departed Los Angeles California's Terminal Island. Officers and enlisted told me I should have filed a full retirement and walked off of the boat. Some were trying to keep it silent. Many were likely killed and I suspect imposters among us from that war.

Some said a 50 mega ton nuclear bomb had gone off. I just saw a bubble at night come from the ocean below as myself and the captain watched. No one else was on the bridge wing but us. On another occasion, I could see a cloud on radar deep at sea next to the starboard side of our vessel as we sailed past it. It was radioactive and I was taken from navigation duties before hand. This nation is a lie.

I have a truth based comedy. Scene USS Reid FFG 30 in the year 1983, the Quartermaster has been taken off of navigation duties and a new collection of D.C. brass is allegedly runnin g the boat. The Quartermaster, me, goes to look at the radar amid the chatter about nuclear radiation near our ship. I walk in and look on the radar screen at night and see the cloud we are traveling past at full throttle. Someone says to me, "Hey, your not supposed to be in here on the radar." I say, "Is that a nuclear cloud I see on the starboard side on radar?" At that point I don't remember much due to those psych ops we allegedly went through. Of course I saw the nuclear blast before the voyage and my girlfriend witnessed it. She said it was like a curly q. I say it looked likely like a flying kazoo. I saw the flash over her shoulder near LA Harbor at her apartment. In one year I met serial Killer Randy Kraft and saw a nuclear blast. I should have packed up and fled Los Angeles with said gi 2000 rlfriend. I was an idiot when drunk when young but when sober I was fairly intelligent. I joined the Na vy and they thought I was a retard. A petty officer told me I might have to go to the Falkland Islands on a USA vessel at that time after the blast and the nuclear voyage. They were likely going to try and kill me. The petty officer said, You might have to go. I thought, I might have to go awol, ready, set, GO! Nuke me you slimy m-fers, I don't drink any longer and I am not nearly as slimy as some of those in control. I would be willing to wager they killed many in similar methods, such as after court martial at Terminal Island or on the commandeered USN vessels.

In 2001 after b eing in the banking wars and trying to report thief and federal banking crimes accomplice, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama, for his thievery on 4-3-2001, a judge persecuted me in Los Angeles after I was forcibly injected, and I was told to do anything the judge said. He was being pressured by those cocaine and money laundering syndicates associated with the federal government in cesspools like California and Hawaii and D.C.. Marijuana monopoly also added a lot of money t to the banks of California at the start of deregulation in banking. Bribery most likely, as that is how it usua lly works in predatory capitalism. If I could have gotten loose I could have had a defense but they give you a high bail if poor. Dismissed now, I learned a truth. We are hated by those pr ofessional gangsters in power. I have become indifferent to the deaths of those who trespass against me. I wonder what the half life is of that bump of radioactive tritium and deuterium on that tuna slice at Marina Del Rey Sushi garden in Los Angeles? Or is that in Tokyo? Radiation is all the rage in the Pacific Ocean. LA has a new radioactive smack ass well.

Daily Foreword August 20, 2014: The USA was splintered then crucified. Now the banking system has become weakened due to deregulation and large high tech companies like Genentech are no longer in states like California, but in other nations. When I was being tortured in Los Angeles in 2001 by fe deral officials after bank examiner work in a hostile state of affairs, I soon came to realize we no longer control the USA. When I realized I did not have healthcare and I was covered with tumors, I realized that God would have me welcome my own death. The USA is nothing more than a segregated and torturous group of puppet states controlled internationally. If you trust them, they will show you they are controlled by the enemy, whether in D.C. or Los Angeles. At this point global decimation or national splintering is an improvement as it is change, and change brings new things..

Daily Foreword August 19, 2014: As I considered the fact that I was exposed to radioactive material in the USN and the fact that the government ignored all signs and indications, I realize we are on our own. You should know what radiation is and how it impacts living cells, including your reproductive cells and your young and their young. In the chain reaction of genetics, once a center point is hit, such as reproductive cells and those DNA fragments that make the reprod uctive cells, all subsequent generation stand a high probability of being impacted in the expressed genetics that are now handicapped due to their being impaired. The government has called me insane when they could not call me criminal. We all may be better off dead at this point. The food chain has become contaminated in shallow onts and oil rigs carry many contaminates into the food chain. Nuclear war and testing is even worse. I was born impaired, overcame the impairments, was impaired again as an adult by abusive government officials and government healthcare officials and overcame the impairments.

If you consider a healthy persons DNA to be like a neatly arranged alphabet and spelling words in between that make sense, then if you consider the impact of radiation, it becomes a game of repetitive nonsense that is like schizophrenia. The cells under the impact of radiation often produce millions of abnormal cells when told to produce one normal cell. The human being when it in the ovaries and testicles is impacted in the torso and head, including internal viscera. I often look to God and wonder why. I try to remain upbeat. Their government abused me and no one cared. By the time they were done I was maimed. The USA lost war long ago. Those nuclear bombs that were tests were not tests but targeted weapons against us. The world will know my math At 51 percent saturation of the human population with significant radio-active alteration of their DNA, their individual genomes, then human society will be destined to slip to a lower level than currently experienced. Sickness, retardation, insanity, degradation of human society until it gives way to a lesser form of existence, a cave man, or perhaps nothing, back to being a retard dog among the sea of dogs of various other mammals, all impacted by human manipulations of the Earth

My painting and house talisman the Queerest of The Queer was analyzed by myself. I drew it when I was in a stroke condition after torture by corrupt Federal Officials assisting the thief Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama. I was investigating in addition murders associated with the new Gestapo banking regulators, murderers inc, the banking deregulators from D.C..

Both layers were painted when I was trying to recover. The bottom is of death and destruction or rebirth and the top layer is the ideation of peace and tranquility in the face of eternal war and defecation. In the painting The Blind Dog of Los Ange les came across a Dier FAG(nickname for a USS Reid FFG 30 radiation victim) while sailors were being decapitated and the nuclear blast is in the background. 4-3-2-1, just lik e the date I set up a corrupt Sheriff in a test of the federal dictators, the true international dictators over the USA. Here is a link to the painting of the Queerest of the Queer in a news blip on LA Indymedia and the p ainting is on Quatrains 1 page of t his Mobile Audit Club website.

Daily Foreword August 16, 2014: See the Blind Dog Of Los Angeles come green over the Dier Fag with Decapitated Sailors at Sea. It is in the Queerest of the Queer Painting. Nuclear food never goes away. The Half Life is Centuries away. So as I ponder a catfish farm with a square head. Parc Glowa.

In the publicity about the shooting of the barb wire crown negro in old St Lou is and the media there, the Brown boy, likely related to my collective family of suffering, should have just grown his own brew like the california Mexicans do. Their government went under in old St. Louis and D.C. and the mob boys and their appointments will have you chew a crack pipe and opium too.

Don't come out west with any ideas of a ny thing. It is radio active and they have gone Mexican prison builder headed by international gestapo of various stripes linked through D.C.. Yours stripes will be blood red like all the other victims.

Daily Foreword August 15, 2014: We in the USA were over run militarily and many of us were exposed to radiation and have not been compensated. I have applied for a claim in 2014 but they should have told me what amount of radiation I was exposed to in 1983 in the Nuclear blast, likely submarine, in 1983 off of the California Coast most likely. My memory is returning. Psych ops were alleged by the Russians but who controls the USA? In Castle Bravo Shot and other nuclear tests in the 1950s USN servicemen were led into the blast zone as sacrifice and for experiments. We were not paid in 1983 for exposure whereas those from the 1 2000 950s were paid to my knowledge. When I try to get health care in the USA I am tortured since the USN work and the FDIC federal b ank examiner work and investigative journalism on government crimes.

Is Healthcare or torture and maiming and continuation of the experiment upon us in the future? That is my question regarding state and federal health care in the USA for many of us. I have had tumors and other materially significant impact due to the radiation exposure. If I am not compensated, I want those who exposed me to radiation to be executed internationally including those who controlled the torture of myself in 2001 in Los Angeles on April 23, 2001.

The gl owing captain of the USS Reid FFG 30 sai led past San Pedro at Point Fermin Park at close range only one time, and that was on the voyage I got off of that glowing radioactive garbage can and watched from my girlfriends apartment window in San Pedro where she saw the blast earlier in the year. Those other hapless sailors were likely taken back to the nuclear zone or at least near it. I suspect that some false identities have shown up briefly or perhaps temporarily as we on the USS Reid FFG 30 were treated to a show immediately after the nuc lear blast by some foreign sailors. They were summoned to our vessel after a fight in a enlisted bar. The intent was to get them on the vessel to tell us something.

They were English and looked Italian and had a play. Our missile control tech or fire control tech as they were known was portrayed by him with a woman who was a man. A voice in the background of British dialect said, "What the Bloody Hell", then another British accent said "If you say anything we will kill every one of you". I think they were setting us up to tell us some ships were likely commandeered and we could expect imposters in government. During the nuclear voyage in 1983 at the end of the voyage, there were two ships starboard far away. One's hall lights were on and I asked someone of higher rank why. He said they could be commande ered, how would we know? Some strange shit happened to us here. We are locked out. Then he said, but look at us then, what are we? He held his arms out like he was crucified. The USA military is obsolete and likely controlled externally. Factionalized since World War II. The Germans were led to fight and the Japanese and the Americans. Bed Time For Bonzo shoud be on USA currency.

Daily Foreword August 12, 2014: Some of the most vicious and indifferent acts against myself were by people who worked for the government of the USA. They took their orders from those who paid them to harm me. Those who gave those orders took money from those who control them. Those at the top are often predatory.

I at one time was living in Tiburon California where deceased actor Robin Williams house is located. I traveled to the area often since then. Recently I think I saw Robin Williams but did not recognize him. He was standing next to a limousine, smiled at me, then went to his limousine and said to me, "Kurt, I know where you ar e going." He pointed to the sky and said, "You are going to smoke a joint with a Nazi." Then he bent over grabbed his nuts and said "I am sorry about the radiation". I think he might have seen my comment that my captain in the USN lit a joint after a nuclear contamination zone was crossed in 1983. The Captain said, "Kurt, you can smoke a joint, the Germans won't mind". We had two shadow ships to our starboard side. Psych ops or just sleepy time? I was too sick to my stomach from radiation for a joint. I was the sick bastard in a box.

It is my belief that many wealthy people and some not so wealthy are targeted to be killed or removed and their assets scattered and taken. In our era of computer communications and an aging and literate geriatric population that many will be preyed upon over the internet and in society. I think Robin Williams was led to his death if not directly murdered. The sour sickness and greed of our society leaves me wanting to wretch. TED!You better still be in DET!

Napoleon Dynomite or is it 48 hrs with Eddie Murphy. My life, from that little fag with a guitar dream Marilyn Manson as a teen in Long Beach to an alleged suicidal Robin Williams in Tiburon as an adult. Spider me shadow me sweet carol and make me a sweet melody and not a sacri ficial lamb to be. I would like to ask that all grocery stores in the bay area offer free samples of liquor to the homeless alcoholics if their liquor aisle is mixed with food and water aisles. My favorite movie with Robin Williams was Bird Cage. For being killed, or led to his death, or just suicide, he is "Garbage, Stupid Girl". Music youtube.. Never expect peace in a predatory capitalist society. Find sanctuary, find shelter, take a look at the offerings by those within. Beware mon faire there's a rattle snake out there with human hare.

I have been tortured so many times by my alleged fellow man and have witnessed in recent history so much animal like aggression and lack of foresightedness as a species, that I will see the end of mankind as being the ape bed time story, "Bed Time For Bonzo." Like a Pantera Walk (music link).

Daily Foreword August 1 1, 2014: I contacted the Japanese at the JCCNC in San Francisco and several other Japanese groups about a nuclear bomb that was detonated and not spoken of in the Pacific off of the California Coast in 1983. I was rethinking if you went due West or South West of San Pedro California at Point Fermin Park you would find the detonation area where I ventured in the USN in 1983, I think. There was a mention of Psych Ops by the Russians in the CIA Factbook during the alleged cold war in 1983. It is my belief that some of our shipmates were executed, 50 percent probability. We had fired missiles and from the exclamations I heard from Combat Informati on Control near me, someone had been killed or made a misfire. It was a yell like that when you find you have chopped your mothers head off when thinking it was a burglar.

The captain knew our entire ship was obsolete when it was set afloat for war patrol in 1983. From space the war is waged. However with radiation all wars are obsolete unless the snakes radioactive head is pinned d own while its fangs, its leadership, are severed from its body. It can and will happen, eventually, medussa. I see it as God's test for mankind. Perhaps we are just flatulence, his mind or his bowels can't stomach it, pure vile and evilness. I have encountered it in Southern California many times. I have also realized that those with peace and goal directed and intel ligent activities are much wealthier, as in Northern California's technology sector of recent past. The sad part is that the lower sect controls the upper.

Many of us were harmed at birth. Many of us have been harmed by the international dictators who control the USA governments. It is a big mistake to trust them. The liquor sold legally by them should be sold only at liquor stores and we should avoid it. We should not work for them or go to them like an animal to be fed, but like a child who eats carrion radiation, or fresh caught seafood from various waters on Earth, they do not know what they do at the beginning. So let it end. So let it begin again. It is a natural course of events. Measurement of time over space to that end is unknown really. Much to the unknown, at least most people don't know and I know some things. I can look a mutt in th 2000 e eye and know it is a mutt. I could look at a man and see a relic of time.

True Comedy. Recently I went into one of the large liquor dea ling grocery stores with high security. When you enter, you have to walk down the liquor aisle to reach the milk at the end. When I was leaving a security man said he saw me drink from a bottle of liquor. I do not drink any alcohol. It makes people sick and insane and cause seizures in the brain. I laughed at the security man and left. I should have brought an alcoholic friend back for "sample" time at the liquor store. Frock with an alcoholics son and you might find sour grapes.

Daily Foreword Au gust 8, 2014: Where now Gibraltar? The smile of California left my eyes when I remembered the nuclear disaster at sea I saw after the fact. I remember a bubble coming up from the sea and I remember a washdown and I was allowed to sleep. It was 1983 and I had not slept for days. My genitals were hot as I lay in the USN cot. The radiation felt like sunburn, painful. The food is contaminated increasingly as this disaster was not reported off of the California coas t in 1983. Psych ops are likely being covered up. I later saw anot her blast in 2004 in Oklahoma, smaller but about the size of an exploding spacecraft. Banking wars in the 1990s related or related perhaps to the war in the Pacific from 1983 and all of those since inception in 1941. I was told I survived an abortion but only after I was age 45 or 46 was I told.

I think it was a war time incident between 1940 and 1960 that altered me near the time of birth or soon thereafter, perhaps in my mothers ovaries or my fathers testicles. He too had signs of radiation contamination after military service in the USA I believe. I was tortured later in the USA in 2001, shot up repeatedly including in 2004, and had been terminated like a bad bank examiner from the FDIC in due to my staying when others ran who were in the shadows of those knowing the routines of the banking w ars during banking deregulation, which really started in 1992 with the FDICIA and the execution of the FDIC regional director in San Francisco.

Predators 2001, mind control 1983, wars eternal, and I have not been paid for that glowing radiation from 1983. I was told I should have taken the longtitude and latitude at the center of the square on the chart in 1983. Th e forbidden zone, the place I did not have a need to know according to the occupying D.C. Dick on the Dier FAG WW 03 USS Reid FFG 30, but a woman can see explode from the shore in San Pedro near Pt. Fermin Park at Los Angeles Harbor and I was her witness. Many children have been impacted. Abortion seems like a good idea but I can't go back and I or we don't hold the blade then nor now. Did I survive? I was told once I did not bleed but I was young. I bleed now, like a stuck pig, but at one time I did not. How strange the altered state of mind. The officers and those commanding them would not let me navigate and guarded the charts and navigation radar from me, the Navigator and Quartermaster on a nuclear voyage after the blast. Daily Foreword August 5, 2014: Upon ana lysis of the USA and the ongoing war we have been in since World War II and all subsequent Asiatic and now Middle Eastern wars, I have concluded that old Grand dad lost one, or we never pulled out of the dive. We are still in a war on the West Coast of the USA and in D.C. and in good ole boy Alabama. The USA was torn asunder for many of us and their military uses the American populace like a lesser animal and sometimes a guinea pig or human for torture or sacrifice. Stay away from the traps of predatory capitalism. Also realize that in increasing technology and also in technical warfare against the populace, new sets of variables are re-enforcing the old. Let us hope our military dictator, and our ring of outcast USA citizens can grasp the international dictators by their heads and pinch them off like shrimp or bulls for slaughter. We are being torn asunder, prisoners on prison planet Earth. Their war is not ours. If they are killed, it does not matter if the USA falls. We should put our own bulls up top, after all, theirs are leaving us maimed when many of us seek healthcare in the USA. If you get tumors they will not acknowledge they are from radiation. They look away. If you get thyroid conditions, they look away. If you want to join their military, save yourself and blow your brains out with a handgun. The war was lost long ago in that realm of the battlefield. Bitter sweet is a global war. I would lose many loved ones and friends but on the other hand my enemies would be burned on their own stakes.

Daily Foreword August 4, 2014: I contacted Bank of Hawaii today to see about work or a coffe e clutch with my former co-worker at the FDIC. I want a peck of military contracted radiation tumors removed and perhaps a sweet deal on a foreclosed home. In other matters, I contemplated the soft nuclear bomb today, a sort of thin bubble with powerful origination and final exterior self sustaining with transient state electrical charge capable of being sustained, therefore the eternal bubble, running at your brain's hertz could leave you stunned a bit, perhaps. I have considered a trip to the Gaza strip. As the old Indian said in LIttle Big Man, This looks like a good day to die. I have waited for that day on three occasions. The Flagstaff Medical Center did not give me enough jolt or juice per the orders of the last dictators in 2004. They should kill us if they are going to inject us and electrocute us because if we survive we usually want those who did those things to us to suffer the same fate and degradation. Never fear nuclear war or medical torture. Its a trip.

Often I think of the travels of Buddha and Jesus. Our lives are in a way similar. Buddha nor Jesus never spoke of being maimed in the mind as in warfare as an adult or at birth through attacks of various sorts. My strangest omen is a layered image I drew that eventually allowed me to remember a nuclear blast and details surrounding it. The Queerest of the Queer image on Quatrains 1 is an image that in my mind was like a rattlesnake coiling and turning on itself underneath and on the surf ace trying to speak, sometimes in comic relief, on the misery and travels of the past.

I joined the Navy to see WW III. I joined the Navy to get my teeth fixed. What better place than Hollywood to join the Navy. Where is Karlson's friend, Hollywood. The ominous Dier Criminal Fag Hollywood Set WW III, or the USS Reid FFG 30 as those simple innocents saw it. We all amounted to nothing, most of us maimed now who were topside, and nobody recalling anything. Some killed most likely and of course there is the imposter to follow as portrayed by our mates in the play as we ate on the ship after the nuclear blam. The whole world is a stage. The whole world is a battlefield, unless quarantined in some f ashion. This sh-t is in God's hands said the apes. Teeth taste good Jack.

In comedy skit, I often have a sort of prayer or reversal of truth in my torture and maiming, instead of myself, being injected and tortured repeatedly with government approval in the South West USA, I have found the switch flipped. The power to electrocute me now electrocutes them, the needles injected into me are bent into half bows, as I would never torture those of the same flesh with them, but I would electrocute them to death for leaving me maimed. But who? Imposters and those truly responsible escape notice while those who are responsible move among us. Beware of the West Coast of the USA. Beware of the USA. They are controlled externally and many have been killed since World War II. What happened was the Asians were separated from the people of the West coast and fighting ensued. We in the 2000 USA are too diverse for a prolonged war of that sort. The war ended when we were being led to innocent deaths in alleged nuclear tests and alleged fights. The comedy of death is in the remains we all come to know.

Daily Foreword August 1, 2014: As my memory returns on a nuclear blast in the Pacific during 1983, I will reveal some key details. The blast wa s kept quiet by those who had control of the USA government and media in Los Angeles. At sea in the Pacific, after the blast on a later voyage, I was told by an officer on the bridge that an area had recently been quarantined off for fishing. That was in 19 83. It was a large square off of the California coast, far out in the deep, and it was not far from Southern California if I recall. When the officer who was telling me about it and who started to elaborate, another officer of government dick told him that I did not have the need to know. So if they tell you the radiation is due to that Japan incident. You won't have to go far out to sea. It is common knowledge for some. My girlfriend who witnessed the blast drew an image in th e sky to show me what it looked like. She drew what she called a cu rly Q or as I would call it, a flying kazoo shape that was likely a submarin e or a missile hold.

Psych ops are alleged in a CIA factbook report from 1983 regarding missile launches and the cold war between the USA and Russia allegedly. My memory is out on some parts of the voyages. The radiation thing leaves you in a sweat hard to forget. My ship went out over it. I am very sick from tumors and thyroid conditions and I was tortured when I sought federal and then state health care in 2001 a nd 2004 after I was a federal bank examiner in an agency being over run with crime and murder from my perspective.

Albert Einstein put himself into a trance or an altered state to find out his ideas in creation. Perhaps we should practice memory recall after psych ops. Are thos e forced medical procedures to make us lose our minds? LA VA Westwood in Lon Angeles in 2001 and Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. Beware of the war criminal state of unequal laws and unequal treatment. Beware of radiation. Where is there purity in the land and soil? Even the cows have gone mad.

Daily Foreword July 27, 2014: If you are ever taken to court, take the fifth amendment and remain silent un til in front of a jury. A war is always waging and those in the legal profession lay legal traps for those of us they want removed or destroyed or highlighted for others to see in an adverse light and then there of those in that war is in all wars, an outsiders chance you will find a merciful sort who will wage the war from within on your behalf and spare your life. ...

When I was knocked unconscious and put under electric shock at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004 I was likely tortured with prolonged jolts to the brain excluding the chemicals that knocked me unconscious. The laugh is a lie away. Our world is in a sort of Hell and without divine knowledge those who lack it at the top are over ridden. I was maimed at birth recovered and maimed as an adult. I would have considered the completion of the first round to have been a mercy killing and the completion of the second round to have been equalizing. They are at war with us. We should be trying to equal the equation for them.

They double deal laws to rob us and our people. They double cross us to leave us maimed and robbed. A war was lost. I was told to major in law but I do not trust their government buildings. They blew an F'DIC Head's Head off. They lead generation after g eneration into unsafe and known toxic nuclear areas. In the 1980s the acknowledgement of nuclear blasts became something the government did not speak of. I remember speaking on the ship about the fact that news teams were likely covering a nuclear blast in the Pacific in 1983, someone said that they were not going to cover it in 1983. They tortured me with their alleged medicine in 2001 and maimed me completely in 2004. I pray for God to even the score, but like someone in thirst, they laugh and fire fails to even the score or provide healthcare. Death is preferable to being captured by the enemy. Never volunteer. Never surrender if you think they are going to inject you. You may note a glue like substance on a tongue depressor stuck into your mouth unexpectedly and things will never be the same Never trust it completely if it has the government seal of approval. Never call 911.

The thing I have learned is that there are many ways to wage war. The Mexican gangs do things to each other's tracks in Los Angeles to put the other in jail. In much the same way the gangsters of federal government of Los Angeles and Washington D.C. and those who pay and own them in war or banking or bribes, harm innocent investigative journalists such as myself. The ole captain on the USS Reid FFG 30 had a sense of humor allowing high school kids, seaman CADETS on our radioactive ship after the nuclear voyage in 1983 out of the Long Beach Naval Station. It exposed our enemies on their flanks. those who sent us there without protective gear were disclosed. Perhaps. The Seaman Cadets made a joke that one licked the ships balls after I told them not to. It was probably radioactive. The ship was washed down at sea after contacting two nuclear spots as it appeared to me on the pri or voyage. I was not allowed on the charts or radar which was my usual job during the nuclear voyage. When the sailors scrubbed the upper deck at sea it was uttered that they had taken the ship into radiation on purpose. I was told I did not have to swab the decks. I had gotten a large blast of radiation at sea, a large bubble from the bottom. I would rather have had a shotgun blast. We lost a war long ago. They just haven't buried us yet, perhaps soon.

Daily Foreword July 26, 2014: Times are very hard for many of us, harder for some than others. Many of us were bor n maimed. Many of us are discriminated against, most of us for that matter. I recovered much but then I was maimed further in adulthood and I recovered partially, forever maimed, however alive.

Beware of the traps set by our enemies in the Predatory Capitalist nations and their ancillary associates in other nations. I have a superior and inferior brain, two halves not equal. I reali ze that Einstein had much the same but those who followed him and who used his nuclear breakthroughs are more like apes than children. There is no need to carry on with things as they are in the USA. California proposed a six state nation. Make it 12, and break up the continental USA into other nations. If heroin dealers come from California into the other states, they can be directed to the pain management clinics to sell their heroin to be converted to oxycodone. Any excess sold in the streets should lead to execution in public view. Marijuana sho uld be legal or illegal, no double dealing lies by our enemy factions in California and D.C. and the state puppet capitols.

We are enemies in the USA if we are predators to each other. The USA military was likely over run long ago, long before I was alive. How brain damaged can one be? It's Not Just A Job, Its a Nuclear Chemical and Biological showdown adventure. You are fag to be f-cked with the radiation of the enemy and scoffed at and scorned by the enemy who has crept into government healthcare and employment. The nuclear blasts of the 1950s were recorded, but those of the 1980s were not.

Nuclear contamination of the genetic pool of the young is a "right down the center" sort of bowling effect. Because the sperm are not developed with genetic code for the limbs yet to be expressed, only the core of the body, the torso and the head are impacted by 2000 radiation. So your choice is brain damage in the head or early death in the body or both?

The human society appears doomed to me. Pull the blanket over our heads Allah, God has taught me to look at things like Buddha, b ad to see, but easily seen and wisely avoided if possible. Mankind is not kin d nor wise or capable of self defense or self sustainment. We or I am in a sort of hell. Our enemies bathe in their false wealth while we languish in the end without healthcare we can trust or be guaranteed we won't be made more ill by their aggressions against us.& lt;/p>

Avoid the enemies traps. Teach the young not to drink and not to do drugs. Protect them from lies of the dictators and their predatory followers w ho swallow us alive when they can. Never drop your guard. Never work for their military, any of them. They have all lost. New development of a new way to exist, and I know the weapon will be fight or flight, just as in the beginning. Here comes the charging rooster chicken. That is what primitive man is seen as in true moder n warfare. We use to deep fry them, now we microwave them.

& lt;p>Daily Foreword July 23, 2014: As my memory comes back on two nuclear areas or contamination zones in the USN in 1983, I have to rec onsider how innocent I was and how the nuclear bomb zones were viewed by myself and others on the USS Reid FFG 30 Bridge, or pilot house as many know it. There were two bomb drop areas that we covered. I was exposed on the first and second bomb. On the first bomb or contamination area a bubble came up from the ocean. Many men had to swab the decks later but I was excused because I was already glowing with radiation.

On the second I mistakenly brought a cup of coff ee to the bridge where I was soon ordered to dispose of it. I missed the call not to drink coffee on the bridge and was stopped after a half of a cup. I have had thyroid swe lling since the incident and tumors and more. I am often threatened in California to this date and have been harmed there in 2001 and later as a result of my contact with the enemy of USA servicemen controlling the Los Angeles Courts with hidden hands from D.C. . I think some of our shipmates may have been executed in 1983 on the base. Their government on the West Coast views many of us as there enemy. But D.C. has control.

A Hawaiian ambas sador told me that I should apply for a job at the prior FDIC chairwoman's bank from 2001, which is in Hawaii. I am often threatened in California and many factions are at war here. Many liars and cut throats. My verdict is not to kill unless killed. There are imposters and many threaten us and our families. I think their real estate is a bad bet. Not only is it radioactive but the factions are at war with each other and we are nothing as individuals. A war for the minds where all logical thought is lost would render people infantile and easy to control. A voice from the dead asked me to ask our captain from the USS Reid FFG 30, "How many people did the missiles fired from the USS Reid FFG 30 kill in 1983 captain? We fired missiles during the week before the nuclear barrage in view of Los Angeles on a weekend, t he nuclear bomb on a Saturday if I recall, in 1983.

My painting the Queerest of the Queer viewable on Quatrains 1 of this site or at LA Indymedia was originally a painting of San Francisco but after analysis and recovery from the stroke condition, I have determined it is a nuclear sun blast, a headless sailor, a post op transsexual Dier FAG of the FFG 30, our shipmat e, rubbing a skid mark of feces from his canine shaped vagina and ass onto your lawn in Los Angeles California. Strike One the Blind Dog of LA howls, as it is the Blind Dog that is the Los Angeles populace that is the hill. Blind or your tongues cut out or both?. Logical thought, a river away, odor, right in front of you. A Day In The Life, the Beatles, Music.. I was told I wear this website like a target or those opposed to me use i t. What they don't understand they will discover or re-learn time and again.

Daily Foreword July 22, 2014: The comedy of life is that it ends as it began. I may go to a Hollywood Meetup for comedy because I want to tell a sad comedy. I picture the guy with the old guy who my family says look like me. A ventriloquist puppet of an old pissed off man, so in a sense, the other half brained reflection. We can cover all of that sh-t we call life. Is Kurt crazy? Why is Kurt laughing? The shit you are smoking is radioactive. Welcome to Southern California. One Week in LA County Jail an d you are one Chinese chicken, two daze the weak so LAVA sorry. Bare Naked Ladies One Week (music youtube)

A terrorist act warning should be given to those in the USA that the government sells guns to people in wild excitement and they terrorize innocent gun owners later for simple ownership. It is a common practice. That is why I recomme nd avoid those terrorist areas or finding new methods. There is no mercy among piranhas and that is how those foreigners in police and government judge robes treat us common Americans. They import Chinese Assault Rifles by the thousands to a closed down Long beach Naval Station for resale. Meanwhile this veteran who witnessed a nuclear disaster area left from Terminal Island in Long Beach in 1983 and was radiated and owned guns before and after enlistment. I now discourage due to torture and maiming by factions at war against the common. The final comedian will say in an effeminate voice, I saw the tird fall from Yahweh's ass. I have contacted the Mexican documentary kings and queens and the Peruvian government and media about the unannounced n uclear blast of 1983.

&l t;p> As the Navigator and Quartermaster on the USS Reid FFG 30 who was taken from navigation duties, I want the coordinates, the latitude and longtitude of the nuclear blast. CIA Factbook 1983 mentions psych ops that year. My Italian girlfriend said she thought I was dead on that voyage. I thought we were out 17 days. She said we were ought over a month or three months. I want payme nt in guaranteed safe medical care. I would put General Kurtz in charge of that hospital. I could act it out as a pure vegetarian.

Daily Foreword July 21, 2014: Those moments of lucidity in the dream called life, I will often follow an idea of suicide for a price and avoid the flame as close as possible. Being a dodge ball champ and first class burner and high steel walker, I thought I was invincible. Radiation taught me otherwise. The unspo ken wars made me realize their time has died. We were led in like goats for the slaughter, a mimick attack. I always wondered about sacrifice by venom order.

Sometimes I ask, was I devoured? If it don't pay, don't do it. Its an anthem for the control of insanity borne of starvation and masked as human emotion. I am the devoid at times. Brain dead, seer, sear, ser meaning to be. The translucence of time and change and the harsh realities of our fragile minds. The eternal war, the worm flicking at the end of the wire. To prepare for any future war, you have to prepare for control of the mind or to stop them from controlling your mind. I was knocked unconscious and have scars and such on the skull, even being told I was an abortion survivor by a Dr. after mother was long gone. The war for the mind, the scars, I laugh now when I see my enemies crushed but then again, so pointless the 2000 average human, cooked alive and not even knowing in what he stews. To cut the wires you need space to practice pointless exercise in directing charges and such. Its a ridiculous game but guns are for ametuers and they are traps set by those who want to own your mind, a nd your body, and because they have you, you have lost your soul or they took your mind with it. Psychops 1983 in the Pacific against USN sailors, many now sick due to exposure. Warfare in banking deregulation starting with the whacking of the San Francisco FDIC Head a t the start of the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992, officially declared deregulation in 1999. To cut the wires you will need tricks. Remember the Wire. Those of us injected are better off dead or perhaps already dead in some ways and ready to asce rtain if no wires present.

The absurdity of California is in their blatant lies, much like Alabama and the USA or any public image of any nation for that matter. Someone once said I use instincts in investigations like an animal. That is absurd. I am educated like that of a Dr. and as fearless as a suicide candidate in a nuclear battl e field. I was looking forward to death in 1983 and in , and all I saw was a nuclear bubble from below and a shit load of radiation in 1983. I also saw a bunch of insane mayhem in 1999 and arou nd my two favorite bosses, the ARD F DIC nuts Kenny Barbie and Sweat Ferryl. Both of their bosses I wanted to hold in my cusp and whisper, f-ck me? If so, f- me to the end of time. Don't you look forward to the jolt?. A jolt that is a dud is a dolt.

I knew a man once who was crippled by a fatal disease, a preventable disease, because his parents did not trust modern medicine or its inventors. Were the parents right or wrong? Only time will tell, but from a genetics perspective his genes would be swamped if h is were the only perfect ones remaining Here is a joke, I joined the navy to save my teeth and get them repaired. My teeth got repaired then I got tumors from radiation exposure and other maladies you do not want to know. Then the dictators over banking oversight had my teeth knocked out in jail when I tried to stop a Sheriff from starving the men in his jail due to the Sheriffs thievery and I was investigating murder in the banking regulatory business. I could have had it so easy, perhaps, perhaps not. Their lies, our naivete, swim in radioactive wat er, its not just a job, its an adventure Karlson, if you are alive. Lost and Found bs. California is like Alabama in its vicious ways. I laugh at Armegeddon and say, get parc glowa soup?.

The loss of the Glass-Steagall Act turned the USA banking system into a clay pigeon that will be baked for shooting and harvest daily until it crumbles. Imagine holding your breath in a financial war and you are hooked up to the head out there somewhere beyond the border. The blood does not flow like it did. The dictators we have are demons remote and sometimes I see a plane go down or a murder and I ask, were those bastards and bitches killed? Sometimes I see a poor bastard running for his life and the news says he has done something. You can never tell real ly. For many of us this world is Hell. Beware of California. Its prejudices a re no different than Alabama. The world is at war for many of us, maimed at birth, let the mercy bus ride. I saw a gun advertisement for assault rifles in Merced California on the highway. Do not own one. It is an idiots weapon. Our enemies among us either kill us with them or incriminate. It is the California Gestapo and D.C. Gestapo way. Let it rain bullets they say. Just one thing. They will kill you in California. Never trust their military. They are not defended here.

In Queer Speak, Get Soup. Po us teg, teg w hich means fair which translated means ria or where the waters come together. The beginning the middle the end. Human species eats lead now and then in the ebb and flow of the river.

Daily Foreword July 18, 2014: Recently I joined a Hollywood Meetup for comedians. Kurt Brown Dirt Brown Like a Clown From A Hole In the Ground. Can I be your childhood friend? I have allegedly survived an abortion and I have surviv ed two nuclear blasts, one fairly close, neither disclosed of which I am aware. I have developed cryptic speech with the dead, one.

My memory started coming back from a forced injections stroke by federally approved officials. The injections in 2001 and 2004 and the memory coming back completely in 2014 from the stroke induced by those forced injections. The nuclear bomb in the Pacific viewable from LA in 1983 and from the USS Reid FFG 30 bridge wings afterward during the following week. The banking wars during deregulation in 1992 and 1999 and 2001 was mayhem and madness and murder. I was put there because I am not right. They know who to hire and when. Smart enough to go in and dumb enough not to turn back. That is me.

As my memory came back it was like a reel in time, from 2014 to 2001, then to 1983, then I remembered the claim that I was an abortion survivor by a Dr. Then I remembered before the human species, the indifference, the knowledge. The human species is sad and pathetic. The smartest mind cracks the atom and gives us nuclear war. We know we want to kill each other or have sex, we are cannibals with appetites beyond carnage, carnal knowledge. The travesty is that nuclear bombs and radiation have a tendency to crack the genetic code of all subsequent humans and mathematically will be spread in greater percentage of disability across the entire human genome.

I truly felt sorrow and honored when I recently saw a Japanese Rock Band with Yimoshiro Imawano play Summertime Blues, a song protesting nuclear power plants, and one of the guitar riffs was on my exact guitar and with my notes from one of several songs I have written. The gun emulation by the g uitarist in a way shows how different bullets are from radiation alteration of the human g enome, or a complete DNA set for a human and for the human species in total.

Comedy on the USS Reid FFG 30 the Dier Fag WW 03 was throwing guns and computers overboard and calling each other queer.

Daily Foreword July 17, 2014: Without healthcare that is safe, many of us are hopeless under the government curfew. Many of us are better off dead since birth. We should form our own gr oups and avoi d those traps among us set by the predatory sect for their own profits. The only law that ever mattered was the most basic of the bare boned orthodox laws. We have a nation of venom instead of a nation of healthcare. The USA is a disparate place and many of us are at the bottom of all things, some are in the middle, and then there are those at the top of their various factions. A factionalized Earth. Was I hit in the head with psych ops in 1983? The tumors and such were always downplayed and almost seen as not to be mentioned by those in federal healthcare. Before you pick up that pen to sign with that government, you may consider a shortcut and put a gun to your head or tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree and slip away like a buttered bean.

Daily Foreword July 16, 2014: For those of us who invent and discover, many of us are called insane. Mathematical proofs and evidence make our claims irrefutable and even then we are called insane. Galileo Galilei was jailed for heresy and called insane by the government types. I have pulled out the Betz Equation as it relates to the timing of nuclear blasts and I have theorized the space construction and earth warship of the future and present, the Yu Zhendong. Both are detailed on this site.

Like a man in 2000 a braille box I search for answers in the unknown. I began to realize that names turned around and numbers as well, inside queer speak could be revealed. The USS Reid FFG 30 became the USS dieR Fag WW 03. As I pondered world war 4 I searched for and found the USS Halyburton FFG 40. Therefore renamed USS KNot Rub Yah FAG WW 04. It is ironic not to rub the USS Halyburton since the Dier Fag was radioactive after 1983 and our nuclear voyage. Cooked in my shoe soles. I picture myself as the lone guinea pig on the bridge of the USS Reid FFG 30 while the ship ran on remote control to the detonation zone in the Pacific viewable from Los Angeles. I could have called the ship USS Knot Ruby LA FAG WW 04. The captain said we fired exploding bullets and mumbled we might as well be firing shit. Oh R uby.

Daily Foreword July 15, 2014: For many of us in the USA, the government has become a ruthless advocate of terror and profiteering against us. Many of us veterans were put into a nuclear zo ne without the government telling us how much radiation we were exposed to in 1983. Also when I was seeking medical care at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona I was knocked unconscious and maimed in 2004. It started due to my investigating government crimes and criminals and I was first tortured in Los Angeles California a few years earlier and put on the hoo k by our enemies in California and D.C. federal government control. Many of us federal bank examiners were outcast or murdered without notice or altered in some fashion and journalists are often now killed if freelance investigative journalists. I came to realize in federal banking regulation that money is the root of all evil and large sums of money bring the most advanced evil that money can buy, cutting edge weaponry and tools used for deception and the other factor is collusion. Also the modern soldier is obsolete. I encourage you not to jump in.

I rece ntly saw a TV commercial for the US Navy and the old slogan that lured me in came back, "It is not just a job, it is an adventure." My response is go AWOL. The water the US Navy seal was swimming in was radioactive and as he lurked in the water, they cooked his nuts. That is what happened to many of us on the USS Reid FFG 30. I used art to bring back memories of a nuclear blast, a blast I had forgotten due to the stroke induced by those in power in the U SA government who forcibly injected me in 2001 and 2004. I have a claim pending for radiation as my memory returned on the USN radiation voyage in 1983. My tumors were there within a year of exposure and the birth defects of children were there after 1983 for myself due to radiation. In 2004 I was knocked unconscious with forced injections for no reason other than torture disguised as healthcare at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. They may have made it so I can not have children or they may have put a marking tag or done other things to me. We are enemies with the dictators over predatory capitalism international.

If I was guaranteed safe healthcare, I would work for a dictator by slitting the throats of those who tried to stop us from obtaining hea lth care and not torture and abuse and maiming. When I was young I feared nuclear war, but deep down I had a feeling by the time I was old I would welcome global nuclear war. It takes away the suffering if amped up against the beasts of the Earth and their suffering convicts at birth.

Daily Foreword July 14, 2014: In my travels I perceive characters. Mt. Diablo is one of those places I perceive the Indian part of my father speaking to me about the white man and all of those who surround the Indian in this now savage land. Father says to me from on high Mt. Diablo, "F-DIC Son with a quarter in your pocket, the world has gone mad. Fracking rockets killed the electronics through the Tectonic plate leading to Westwood where you were tortured at LA VA Westwood by a federal agent. I told you not to trust the white man. Our war has yet to begin again. Yet we are dead at an early age, often crippled at birth by radiation in the food and air and through those torturous forced injections as you received by those federal employees in Los Angeles and those state officials in Flagstaff ordered by the federal officials in Los Angeles and D.C. The white man has made the mountain mad as it is red today, the land is dry and on fire like never before. It is time for me to go back over the mountain from where I came. "

I reply, "I saw you today father and they maimed you before you were born and then you died young and yet, you live in my mind on Mt. Diablo". My father replies, "Read speak freak, queer speak, the head, the explosion the blind dog that is Los Angeles." I reply, "you are speaking of the Queerest of the Queer painting I crafted into a house talisman." My Indian father replies, "Ye s, the painting is fit for a New Orleans whore house. You should put it on the bedroom wall and let post op trans sexuals mount you from the top. Ram it in". I reply to father, "Ghost rider father? Is it good father?". Father replies, "you must always wear a condom with post op trans sexual men. Their legs are strong like a bull and their breath is twice as bad and their mouths are large like their anuses." I reply "Father I hear a song in the death valley." Father replies, "Of course I kid you son, New Orleans does not have post op transsexuals in abundance like San Francisco where the blind and the erect are often deceived until it is too late. Lets go East anyway son, and the path does not lead to a New Orleans whorehouse of post op transsexuals for you my wandering son, lets follow Ruby. (youtube music link) and make more young.

Daily Foreword July 11, 2014: The USA should be avoided if you can do so. We were over run. Many of us were born maimed, as far back as I can see, starting in profusion likely in the 1940's and by the 1960's we were the second generation to get hit in a row, or a roe, depending o n perspective.

I was put into a nuclear fallout, or bubble up, zone in the USN in 1983 and was not compensated or notified of the horror of it. I had to be awakened by a series of horrific events and the final recovery of my memory. I want to be sick and puke in the government's face and those who harass me in American society. We a re injected forcib ly when seeking healthcare and robbed, especially if we struggle against tyranny un der the regime. The wealthy areas are often hostile to the poor unless you have a job such as maid or gardener. Many attack each other for pay in the crowded areas of the South West. They are paid while we bleed. There is always hope for the end, drought, plague, famine, nuclear and micro-organ ism contamination and cleavage of the human genome to nothing. Beware of California, sadistically attractive and equally ravaging. The USA is controlled in most part externally.

When young I realized I have always had premonitions or hunches about things really. The Earth is a living Hell from our perspective, for many of us, from before birth. I am as indifferent as a holocaust camp inhabitant.

It is odd how I used my art to uncover subconscious memories cut out by stroke from forced injections and torture. I am in a horrible state really. A rut, a hole I can not escape, except perhaps, a miracle, and miracle's don't happen when things get mean. The Queerest of the Queer Paining on Quatrains 1 shows a dual layer painting. The underside is my mind crushed but alive. On the top is the manifestation of the nuclear blast 1983 viewable from LA, the decapitation of heads and the emptying of bowels both in the U 2000 SA military and in the USA federal banking regulatory industry, particularly the F-DIC head circa 1992 FDICIA time. My stroke, the head, the bowels evacuating, the invading horde in government and healthcare torturing and maiming us and robbing us. The blast from the past. Beware in the USA. You are best to avoid all government and all of their government h ealthcare, even if it kills you. At least you won't live the lie that they care in health care. The USA is the laughable joke.

In closing a truth based comedy. I have asked a writer at the Aspens Writers Conference group to assist me in writing the sequel to the future based on the past. I have acquired the ability to influence the anti-matter, the nobody, the nothing, by linking the living test material to the d ead. What is next in my memory. I have gone back in time, FDIC 1999, USN 1983, and now the failed birth the death the horizon, the bitter end. We should avoid the traps of society, drugs and alcohol but like children, their heads bent down to take a sip of the u nder caste, the maimed, the deformed, the augmented mass that remained of humanity. I was offered a sit down with a Hunter S. Thompson character, the author, but he is dead. His wallet so putrid in Madrid I dread Malibu.

Daily Foreword July 7, 2014: In mathematical estimation of the species probability of s urvival some things are simple. When I see the unreported nuclear blast from 1983 in the Pacific Ocean with a flash of light viewable from Los Angeles, I realize that nuclear contamination of food sources and the public itself in the soils and air and water may be greater than estimated. The worst problem is congenital abnormality and the wrecking of the pairing of genomes with subjugation of greater characteristics and the amplification of lesser characteristics. A train wreck of the human genome, the entire population, if 51% of the population suffers genetic alteration of their young due to contamination of a materially signi ficant quantity, meaning a higher than ordinary abnormality rate. This could be computed against various factors impacted including intelligence and the immune system. A lesser animal at the end of the line or none at all. The same facet as the dinosaur we the humans share. The impact of radiation is the most obscene, right next to not having young at all.

You Are Always On My Mind (music youtube) Strawberry Fields (music youtube). Frankie Goes to Hollywood (music youtube). Those in power have always called mankind's true martyrs insane, and if I am insane I must be in a coma, a dream within a dream, so the children think, sow the children think, to dream, to analyze, to fetish. The adult end to the child dream or is it the nightmare sequel geneticist? Like a train hurdling down the track at 1000 mph, no remorse, no relief, no contemplation, no tracks, only insane smiles amid insane grief. Smile the Mobile Audit Club train gets no breaks, or is that has no brakes?. The insane of Southern California have always amazed me. Now their fish glow at the aquarium radioactive. The moon fish died recently as it sang to us. You Are My Sunshine, glowing there in the aquarium this glowing cow looking fish with huge eyes peering at me. It died that night, belly up they say, because the fish loved to be meat in that pin, bellow up. Dinette? Ganesh h

Either Youtube has developed technical problems or their legal team had to shut it down due to being treated like the Soggy Bottom Boys by the larger professional guillotines of mass media mayhem.

Daily Foreword July 2, 2014: In the recollection of war and the reinvention of war, I have considered the fact that wars can be won or lost and most would not know who was in charge until key fundamental changes occur, where the innocent are killed and robbed and maimed while the guilty are rewarded.

In the USA Navy the people started playing games towards the end of the Falklands Islands War in 1983 that was reminiscent of war. Our ship had a party where all were ordered to attend at the end of the war. I had seen a nuclear incident from shore and had a washdown at sea afterward when I went to see it. It was not the USA's war. During the war or at the end and near the time of the nuclear incident a British vessel was at Long Beach, CA Naval Station. AT the party to celebrate the end of the war and all sailors of the USS R eid FFG 30 were ordered to attend, a man was sitting in a chair. I asked one of the sailors where was the captain. He pointed to an English or Argentinian or some other person in the chair. It did not look like the captain. I left. Afterward years later I began to think of ways to alter facial appearance. A hologram effect of another persons face as your face with imbedded strata and some surgery to bring about change, including fingerprint replacement if possible. I never saw the Spanish bastard again or the English Bastard or whatever he was. He was not the captain and thrust his groin at me. At first I was insulted, but now I think he was telling me our nuts had been cooked at sea during the nuclear voyage. I have a radiation claim pending in 2014. The other federal bastards knocked me into a stroke in 2001 or 2004.

The use of nuclear war is absurd because it is a bullet that shoots through many generations to come if the radiation impacts the testicles or the ovaries in humans. I think God draws the line as to how close you can get to the divine ones and he does so by imparting knowledge to a select group or species to see what occurs. If you do not past the test you are just part of the machine I suppose.

Daily Foreword June 28, 2014: Recently I was offered a chance to meet a Chinese emperor I was told, his yacht there and his concubine leading the way. I think it was a rouge with a guy in a boat, Doc Fang. Bank Of China can contact me at I may soon borrow a Chinese phone book converted to English a nd pair names for quasi mechanical mathematical contraptions like Yu Zhendong, a weapon capable of detonat ing CHA units and moving data bits like magnetic Chinese checkers. Yu Zhendong equals Xu C haofan plus Xu Guojun. It was the explosion I witnessed on December 7, 2004 in Oklahoma. It was likely the second nuclear explosion I have witnessed, if it was nuclear. The first was viewable from Los Angele s in 1983. We were like Riders On The Nuclear Storm.

How long was I asleep Captain? I thought we were out for 17 days but it was likely over a month. Was I strung up while out like a Dier Fag while others were being executed or lost at sea on their little rubber raft. "Karlson is lost", that was the exclamation on the bridge in 1983. Suddenly the signalman was found and now he has MS. Psych Ops, its a flashlight up your butt that blows your brains out after it shuts the power off aboard the Dier Fag WW 03 aka USS Reid FFG 30. In the movie Catch 22 the man who is lost is Snowden. For a moment I thought Karlson was dead, but I did not know we were both being shot to pieces, microscopically. I drank coffee that glowed radiation obviously as I am now have tin goiter or malleable neck. The captain once alluded that the r 2000 eal war was above and he pointed one finger to space on a falsely lit but bright sky. My Italian girlfriends words to convince me not to go to work after she witnessed the blast, "It looks like y'all lost." A movie scene in present, Beverly Hilton hotel, girlfriend in room with coffee, "Karlson is in the lost and found" "Ketchikan or catching the can.&q uot; She replies, "Ketchikan karlson facebook".

Daily Foreword June 28, 2014: As I grow older I now see the USA as a large lie, especially to those such as myself who are native to the nation and who have sacrificed themselves in various occupations. Due to the criminal activities of those at top, I now see military ranks in families and communities in the occupied areas as b eing more fruitful than working for the USA military. I encourage no abortions among our people also. I n the imperfect world, it does not exist. Mankind is a predator by nature. Predatory capitalism does not need to exist. I would support a military dictator to right us to the cosmos. I would rather welcome global war and extinction than genetic degradation and torture and maiming when seeking healthcare and abusive dictator who has paid gorillas of the predator capitalist sects. We are a maimed species.

Daily Foreword June 22, 2014: Having discovered that psych ops were bein g used in 1983 in a CIA Factbook report with reports of a close call to the Third World War allegedly with Russia. I was in the US Navy then and I now am having memory recall that others may not have. My brain is not right and is a growth sort that can withstand compression of some sorts. I was alleged abortion survivor so things are a little twisted, like a conch shell, large in one hemisphere and twisted and smaller on the other. Imagine the strength of the one arm in the one arm man, imagine the weakness in the other arm, and you will see my brain and why I am reporting these things that may pertain to a hidden war, or just another attack on USN servicemen or the people of th e Earth in general.

Some things are solid provable facts from the USA in the USN in 1983 and the FDIC and the USA between 1999 and 2001 at the FDIC where I worked and immediately afterward. I know on the USS Reid FFG 30 we were taken into a field of radiation at sea, or a smog bank of it if you want to call it that. However some parts are shaded, and could be from nightmares while being tortured after FDIC employment and investigating Sheriff Jack Tillman, thief. I remember being on the USS Reid FFG 30. They would not let us sleep. I only slept when subjected to radiation and then I am not sure if there were assassinations or war as I slept. I remember someone holding something up while I was in the pilot house and they told me to touch it and in a state of delusion I thought it was the ships balls and I thought it was a joke, wrapping my arms around it, but something was out of place. We may have been hit. The USS Eldridge and the Philadelphia Experiment do not match the other harsh realities of this nightmare. I want the entire FDIC management in San Fra ncisco replaced, especially that cigar smoking clutch. Its your money stupid USA. You took the account ants out in "deregulation which really started with the FDICIA of 1992 and the Early Resolution Clause.". The USA walks through a crowd, their money on their clothes and they did not count at the start and at the end of the day they say they saved money by not hiring accountants and using proper accounting practices.

Daily Foreword June 20, 2014: I have contacted the Long Beach Press Telegram to warn them of the nuclear blast I witnessed and viewed from San Pedro, California at Los Angeles Harbor in California in the year 1983 during the time of the blast and the following week from the USS Reid FFG 30 also known as the USS Dier Fag WW 03. The children will be stupefied if they come in contact with what I call hot sand. The radiation shoots through the testicles like a shotgun causing deformities in the young of the young men and the women's fate is likely no better when ingested in fish. I have suspected this same calamity on the Gulf Coast of the USA for years due to genetic anomaly. From a psychology standpoint, the people of the USA live in denial of what I present and others witnessed. My memory was knocked out and tumors were ignored by military VA for some reason in the middle 1980s when they first started growing on my body. I suspect foul play and murder and deceit, and if nothing else, "Psych Ops" on large populations.

The effects of consumption of radiation include swollen glands in the throat and unusual thyroid related conditions. I drank the coffee while in the nuclear cloud on the surface of the ocean. The captain told me to quit if I recall. A drink to your death in 1983. When I was at the LA VA Westwood, the entire spectrum of people was there to prosecute and persecute me in 2001, and someone tried to hold the key for my release, but I had already been injected forcibly and my shoulders detoriorated. My memory was out on the radiation and the high school sea cadets who climbed on our guns and radar afterward in 1983 and I was admonished by a instructor who witnessed it for allowing them on the radiation. I asked them to lick the ships balls you D.C. Dicks, they weren't washed down.

I can't think of Long Beach without thinking about that little fag in Long Beach who called himself Marilyn uh Manson in 1983. He asked me to jump onboard his moving caravan and I chose not to. Take it from a Dier Fag, if you are in the USN and a drag queen is going to suck the Dicks socks to get you to the top, then you are above D.C, you are A.C. I like the Man That You Fear, his quote "you will see", now laughable then but insane in money now. So here i Mobscene.

Daily Foreword June 17, 2014: Any war the alleged USA regime wages is, "not our war". We are the outcast and the maimed in their predatory capitalist society. My memory is returning from chemically forced stroke after working in the USA military and at the FDIC and as an investigative journalist and invention discoveries ( Yu Zhendong and the other is the Betz Equation power assumptions and apparently timed and coordinated nuclear blasts, Tsar Bomba and Castle Bravo used in calculations.)

The USA is controlled by an external dictatorship to ourselves. I have a true joke. Recently in a military port city in California I saw some young marines running in formation in short sleeves and short pants and a large yellow belt around their abdomen. At first I thought it was a fashion statement like a true Dier Fag would wear. At Los Angeles County Jail the inmates who wear the yellow shirts in 2001 are called the insane but not too dangerous bunch and many are given drugs during their stay. Those who kill in Sumer wear red. It is as foretelling as the wrinkle across God's hand. A cross triangulation translation by a Dier Fag Quartermaster Gargoyle and former FDIC bank examiner with two nuts, Barbie Kenny and Sweet Carol, a blonde and a brunette at the F-DIC.

As I watched the boys run in their tough yellow belt I heard Allah play a tune, "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree" Youtube music and catch the bus Gus. 50 Ways to Leave (Youtube music).

If those who block us from government and 2000 equal rights and safe healthcare are attacked, then hail to the victor, the bottom fell out. Torture and labeling by the federal Mexican and Asian and Gestopo syndicates in Los Angeles and California and D.C. and Alabama government. I recommend a travel advisory around the California coast due to radiation and hostile local predators, just as Martin Woods of Hermes Forensic Solutions urged people not to travel to Mexico.

Imagine an invading international force on American soil and the chaos that would be created by some Americans and others from the other side who are employed by the invading force. Today I heard a joke that Iraqi's had stolen guns from a police station and American troops were sent in to kill those who stole them. AWOL G, C RAP, DIER FAG. Protect the Iraqi people from the radiation while you are there. Bring Geiger counters and warn the people if things are toxic from the war that has been waged recently.

Daily Foreword June 16, 2014: Below is an ode to the sailors like myself maimed and cast to the bottom. I make jokes because we are still alive for now, some of us, but for how long. Death is contagious on the USS Reid FFG-30 in the nuclear haze outside of LA in 1983. It is absurd to serve their military. I say if you plan on having children you should pick up a gun and blow your nuts or your head off before you join, because your children will be hurt as many of ours have been harmed by radiation or other weapons of war, radar, etc.

Ode to a dier fag, "Ode to a dier fag, your nuts cooked at sea in a bag, the FFG was faster but not as fast as a quick fried nut by a Dier Fag. Ode to a dier fag, the computer had a van gogh red listed as giving head and homosexual to the fed, so over the computers and guns gone went. The captain got mad cause the dier fag went mad, and the captain lost his favorite slut, his nuts cut off and his puss like a mutt. Ode to a dier Fag by the Quartermaster once with two nuts at the F-DIC. Ode to a dier Fag, half the crew's nuts gone, oh if you knew what I knew, half of the entire Fag brigade behind the nuclear screw. Oh dier Fag, Pacific Grieve. My Italian girlfriends words were in San Pedro California, after she witnessed the nuclear blast. "It looks like y'all lost that one. I don't want you to go to the base today". Ode to a dier fag, I should have listened. Tie me up, call me PARC GLOWA and I will reply " AWOL G, C RAP. Square head square hat, see you enmasse, PARC GLOWA DIER FAG".

Immediately after the nuclear voyage in 1983, some young sailors of the future, high school age, the Seaman Cadets, came onto our vessel and they were climbing around the guns and such. I remember an instructor coming up to me from the group afterward and he shook his head and said they had to stop the tours of the USN Vessels. Dier Fag material was always welcome by the captain, as he would stick a radioactive cane pole up a child's ass if the D.C. Dicks thought it was ok for the Dier Fags. The men on the homosexual list found on the ships computers were to be exposed to radiation on the USS Reid FFG 30.

Daily Foreword June 14, 2014: I like to make a joke of suffering. As children, we children of the 1960's and before and after, have suffered under knowledge of an impending war of a nuclear sort. Picture this scene: the apocalyptic child of god who was born with one side of his brain crushed to the other in an alleged abortion attempt or a strike through unknown war is having a conversation with God. The Child says, "God I am scared of a nuclear war". God replies, "By the time you are old, you will welcome it." That child is speaking from within me Many of us have been tortured by those in power and maimed. Many have no mercy. I begged the government officials in control not to harm me several occasions and they enjoyed it and some made money from it, lots of money

The fall of the banking industry as we knew it in the 1990's and I believe we were hit in the USA in 1983 and I was exposed to radiation in the USN near Los Angeles in the Pacific and suffered severe consequences, unimaginable by most. It makes me pity the innocent who were among the Japanese nuclear survivors. The end of humanity is heinous but that is the end, lets hope, and not a whimpering lesser animal in the cosmos, a being that was higher up the food chain and higher up in divine thought. Radiation impacts both the parent and subsequent children.

We should applaud attacks on those in the South West USA governments and in healthcare who intentionally harm us with forced medical torture techniques and those in D.C. who call the shots or where ever they are located.

Daily Foreword June 14, 2014: The USA coastal areas near California witnessed a nuclear blast in 1983 although it is unrecorded. I witnessed a flash like a camera flash over the horizon from Los Angeles and my girlfriend saw more of it directly, and later I saw the radiation area from a USN vessel, the USS Reid FFG 30.

The greatest mistake I have ever made was enlisting in the USA military in the early 1980's. I have suffered radiation sickness and tumors and have stopped reproduction due to exposure and knowing the effects. Other sailors exposed are in wheelchairs or dead and if they have children they are often deformed or retarded. The first warnings for myself was tumors, thyroid gland swelling, the third was rash, and the fourth was compromised offspring. The government never officially warned us lower enlisted men about it. We were like children led to be sacrificed. The USA has a CIA report saying that Russia was in a warning state for 1983 when missiles from the USA were detected but the silos were not firing on the satellite photos. The CIA report said nothing about nuclear submarines firing missiles or ships firing missiles, which we did with wild abandon on our new vessel that year of 1983 in the Pacific Ocean. Those in power omit information for deception.

When I was young I drank beer and wine and vodka. I think it impacted my mind and made me insane and depressed enough to join the military. I encourage the young to avoid the traps set by our enemies in power, inlcluding Anheuser Busch. Do not drink booze. Do not join the military. I stopped drinking but I can not stop the damage of radiation.

If presented with the only option of employment and advancement in the USA military, I would recommend taking a short cut in the matter and save yourself and any future children any harm from radiation by picking up a gun and blowing your brains out.

I was tortured and maimed and labeled many times when seeking government healthcare, VA and state hospitals in the South West USA, from 2001 to 2004, and they had permission from D.C. just like when they stuck my ship in the middle of known radiation in 1983.

I will support a military dictator if he can guarantee I will not be harmed when I seek VA or government healthcare. .

Daily Foreword June 13, 2014: Considering the lies of the USA now leave many of us poor and as slaves to others and our children maimed due to toxins or warfare manipulations, we have to assume that the true leaders of the USA are dead or silenced. Unequal laws and unequal justice and lies and deceptions by those in control of the government and the media leave us outcast and beat down.

I am Kurt Brown former FDIC bank examiner in 2000. Since 2001 my shoulders are deteriorated by forced injections by a gestapo sort at LA VA Westwood who was part of the international entourage of torture labeled as health care at the LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles. He injected me forcibly with the permission of the local international gestapo in control of the Los Angeles Courts and approved of by the Gestapo sect in control 2000 of a portion of Washington D.C. .

Due to hostile acts upon the federal banking regulators, I believe many veterans were hired and hostile forces within had us removed.

Daily Foreword June 10, 2014: The nuclear bomb was 1500 to 3000 miles from San Pedro either going West or to south West in 1983. In memory recall and in calculations I have discerned that the nuclear bombs flash over the horizon in Los Angeles which I and my girlfriend witnessed in 1983 was in the distance at 1500 to 3000 miles. We Our ship traveled at maximum 30 knots usually. Therefore we motored our gas or diesel engines a total of three to four days before we hit the hotspot, A radioactive area at sea in which bubbles were still coming up from below. I was told to take a washdown. I had no idea of the ramifications. I believe that we lost in some way. Maybe the day I signed up for the US Navy. Many hate you in Lo Angeles like an invading force and slice each other and us to pieces when they can, of course D.C. pulls the plug, so who is control now spike? Who cares. We are headed for a meltdown in many proportions. The formal command structure and the informal command structure are alleged to be different in our society. That may save us or it may be a whimper of one or the other in its passing.

In comedy, I have proposed a sitcom on our vessel as viewed from my dark side, that of comedy in war and peace. USS Reid FFG 30 became the Dier Fag WW 03 after the captain became angered over his name being on a list of homosexuals passed around by the government and those who he claimed had the intent to demoralize the men. The captain is alleged insane, much like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. But I have followed him and his insanity like the journalist from the movie Apocalypse Now and I think is more sane than John Wayne. I am the Quartermaster and the two things I wanted from the Navy was to get my teeth fixed and to be the journalist for World War III if it went down.

I know whats going down with the captain the boat the war the illusion and the delusion and the boat's loaded with missiles and bogging down on departure from Long Beach Naval Station until tugs pull us out to sea on several occassions. The "Dicks" as the called them in D.C. cut the power on the boat remotely several times. They cut the power when the captain unloaded the arsenal on the targets he had chosen with select international commanders. The informal President said, "You better watch the f-ck out man, this is a trifecta war on three levels, the mind, the matter, the Messiah.

Daily Foreword June 9, 2014: Ironies as I unfold the time from recovered memories. Like a burn victim whose legs are covered in gauze and whose mind is held in a halo of spikes, the USA and I awaken from the terrible plights and fights and spikes.

In reality I remember being taken off of navigation duties before the nuclear voyage in 1983 out of Long Beach California Naval Station on the USS Reid FFG 30. Not much later into the voyage, the captain gave me the option to jump ship onto an island where we had been going back and forth nearby. His words were, "I can't believe after Vietnam they are taking me into this sh-t". I was a risk taking indifferent and suicidal young man of no fear really but on that day for a moment I wanted to be back on the bayous of the Gulf Coast. In 1999 a war was breaking out at the FDIC Roseville also in my opinion as an older man, a fellow FDIC bank examiner, fled and told me to quit. I did not flee but stayed. I think I had forgotten about the nuclear bomb 14 years earlier. Did they do something to us in 1983 or have I just now realized the impact? I do not encourage others to have the bulldog mentality of life or death because in modern war they leave you maimed and labeled and your future children disfigured.

A sadness hit me and then indifference as the USS Reid FFG 30 set course for the deeper ocean in the Pacific Ocean heading away from Southern California. In a way, I was glad I would not have to set sail on the USS Reid again if we were killed. That is the upside to Bullsh-t. I seem to remember looking on the radar screen and asking if nuclear haze would show on the radar. I looked at the radar screen and a wall of haze was to one side of us as our diesel engines were at full throttle. I was then given bullsh-t duty for asking questions.

We had a power outage on one voyage, all systems went down. We were sitting ducks. I did not know if it was a drill. I wondered if we were hit or if D.C. shut us down due to our missile silos firing off missiles. On the nuclear voyage or before that one we were so loaded with missiles that our boat drug bottom and pushed up silt as we departed the channel at Long Beach Naval Station. A huge African American was the engineer below on the engines and the power station for the ship. I never understood how a 7 foot 6 inch man weighing 500 pounds could make it through the hatches and doors below in his work area. I would wager he or others are really sick with cancer if they touched the contaminated water from outside the ship. I would wager he is dead if he was exposed very much. I would like to have him wrestle Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman of Mobile Alabama in the afterlife and I want to watch. I betz a whole quarter on the big guy, 100 to 1 odds, I betz on Godzilla (Music). A signalman of higher rank once told me everyone on the boat was insane. Ode to a dier fag also my dier friend as it was official that it was a ship of fags as listed on the government computer that was thrown overboard with the handguns and rifles and such. I may have a Meet-Up in Los Angeles for those who feel they may be radiation victims. Desperately seeking photos and eye witnesses from 1983 in Southern California when the nuclear bomb went off within view of Los Angeles where I witnessed the flash with a witness. Attorneys are invited for those Tort Claims also. Is it insane to be a sweet carol? Toot sweet carol?

Daily Foreword June 7, 2014: I do not believe most or any thing of what I hear from the USA government and others. However due to the nuclear bomb I witnessed in 1983 from Los Angeles California and hotspot viewable in the Pacific Ocean when my ship arrived over bubbles from below and radiation, I have to hear what the government has to say and then analyze from my own experiences and observations. Because the government never recorded or reported the nuclear blast, I have to make further assumptions based on these facts.

I saw birth defects and the effects of possible radiation in the North Gulf Coast area of the USA during the 1960's. Did we have a nuclear bomb unrecorded as well? I would say a 50% probability.

According to the CIA report the Soviet government in 1983 allegedly viewed their electronics which registered a missile attack from the USA and inbound and in the air. No missiles were being fired at the USA silos so the Soviets allegedly did not fire missiles in return. The Soviet man reading the radar allegedly saw large clumps of high level clouds resembling missiles on radar. We had fired some missiles on a prior voyage on the USS Reid FFG 30 the week before the nuclear blast I witnessed as a flash, likely an explosion from underwater, when I was onshore in San Pedro California. I witnessed a similar cloud anomaly on USN radar in 1983 while navigating the California coast and Islands on the USS Reid FFG 30 where fog banks would appear as land masses. As an aside 2000 , Would nuclear haze register as a land mass or incoming missiles on radar?

The bubbling up from the ocean from the obvious point of impact and the radiation was pointed out by the USN servicemen on the vessel and I and others have paid dearly. They should have told us everything and had us wear protective gear on the nuclear voyage. We are nothing. Their wars are likely covered up lies. The victor slitting the throats of those who had fallen and the victors lay silent laying plans and actions. Many years later in the year 2010, " Why are you here?", the obscene plasticine rabbi asked me.

I as a former USN Quartermaster and later a FDIC bank examiner should have said, "So I can learn to recount things after having a stroke and enduring the American holocaust". But the funny thing was, many memories were gone at the time and the stroke and its cause and exacerbation was soon to be remembered. I was about to be taken from a stroke condition in which I am still going back in time in memory. When we recollect things and events we go back to another time and place in our minds or others minds. I have recovered much thanks mr rabbi and friends.

I often wonder if some of our sailors were executed at the base prior to the nuclear voyage. A court martial in a sequestered base or a sequestered or conquered nation? A strange skit by apparent English sailors or Italian was on our ship. A man who looked like our fire control technician who I suspect was executed, strolled through the dining area with two large men in drag. An English voice said, "What the bloody hell?" And they strolled through. And another voice said, "If you say anything we will kill you.". I thought it was a joke. I think it was the hair pin to point to an execution and a covered up identity of a dead man. Perhaps. It has been a long time since 1983 and many wars and battles since for me.

It is my belief the electronics of systems and radio communications could be taken and redirected and various targets hit in various methods. Outer space is the deciding factor with control from inner space to assure a constant feedback scenario. In terms of weather prediction and those radar blips, I predict in California and in Oregon a 40% rainfall scenario from the time of crossing the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012. I deduced this from observing a space satellite photograph of the solar system in 2012 and the density of the clouds on the previous side of the arm of the Milky Way Galaxy and the density of the clouds on the current side of the arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The absolute drought ended in April of 2014. Henceforth 40% rain or less is my estimate for the California and Oregon areas. God removes the nipple from the mouth of mankind to encourage leaving home and going into space exploration. A time to be. Ser. Sell. Sold? Sheep out, overboard. Can sheep swim or do they just float upside down, like us? In comedia, a dier fag never swims, he just floats and farts and trolls and vomits and croaks. Singing Like a cannon ball jelly fish, "Pump My Body To the Top". Music youtube. Some sing like Stone Temple Pilots Dead and Bloated. (music youtube link)