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The section on transgenics was moved to page Love Line 3, Comedy and Science. Warning, federal government criminals hack sites that utilize cable ISP providers. Dogs in bed with fleas. Continually changing passwords is useless when our enemies sit at the portal with all of the code.


2_24_2006 (to be moved to Quatrains) As I have grown older, I have reason to believe there are puzzles to be solved and paths or tracts to be followed in accomplishing an over riding beings over riding goals, and often I can see the ramifications and mathematical or physical manipulations between adjoining circumstance not related by mathematical variables in the common extract.  One of those goals of this higher intellect is intelligent life behaving as intelligent life, instead of its rudimentary and elemental beginnings before and during a time of evolution or controlled extraction.  The nightmare we often lead is often of subservience to ignorance or misdirection by a lesser mind.   But to serve whose goals? 

As every river corrects its path in relation to its over riding variables imposed by gravity, I see the people of the United States and the Americas regaining their nations and their continent once more.  It seems juxtaposed right now. It is as if an international conglomerate has control of the USA, in its financial areas, its government, and its manufacturing or capital producing areas.  The current move behind closed doors internationally is to further the differentiation through bio-engineering enhancement of humans, which I believe has been a work in progress for generations.  Will it be better or worse?  A victim of our own success or do we regain the buggy, amid the whip lashes laid out by the current regime in power internationally, and especially the USA.

In America we often feel as if we have lost, with those Americans labeled criminals and pushed aside and under, such as those promised trials by jury so they would accept pleas and orders of silence on criminal conduct, including myself in California, an ex-bank examiner, now forced convict or American holocaust survivor X 017 911 84 since 2001 until present, attacked by our long time enemies who inhabit the Americas, in visibility often.  The only positive side is that I once feared nuclear war.  Now I see it as a trivial blast and probably not nearly as refreshing from the macro-level to one that stretches beyond many of our universes, like a cell in the creators ass when it is time to sit down.  Compare Prichard Alabama, a ghetto on the coast and next to Mobile Alabama and then Marin County California, the wealthier county of California.  Marijuana is legal at $400 an ounce in Marin county where a home costs approximately one million dollars, or a small condo $500,000.  In Prichard, Alabama most people have felonies, or many anyway, often for things related to youthful misconduct or for growing one marijuana plant or 99.  The same is allowed in Marin but not in Prichard where many have gone to prison, simply to profit the drug lords of the international regime controlling marijuana flows.  Most can not vote in Prichard, and if they could, they might not have representation. A home in Prichard is undesired by many, and the cost of a home is $25,000, give or take a few thousand. The government of the USA has no shame. Their shame has no face. We are not represented, the poor and working class of generations in this nation. Taxation without representation is causation and provocation of war. "Damn the regime in power" should be on the back of their currency and their silo marked vehicles.

As every river or stream corrects its path, I encourage both black and white and all colors of the poor and common in Prichard and Mobile and the third-world neighborhoods and parishes of the Gulf Coast to be pure as MiLK.  Watch after your children.  Your government never existed for you and we were taught to pledge allegiance to the wrong things. The war of lies and subjugation has waged a long time. Let us make it truth and honesty with our children. The regime had us recite in their public schools their lie of liberty and justice for all. My X number is proof of that lie, as the thief and Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman help the regime to force my number with "no justice" "no trial by jury" in 2001 or since that time, only forced injections and forced signatures of criminal conduct, myself labeled, X 017 911 84 and I say to our people, not their slime, "Learn your sciences and always watch your backs and for trick maneuvers in technology and only trust the results of your own tests. The regime can not be trusted and should be avoided outside of public exposure with conflict." "An entire brutal time window of technological opportunity is at their disposal. Expect weaponry with force of innovation" I give you this song by Kurt Brown--SainTramBone, Poke Salad Dog Eared Biscuits Prichard Alabama in mp3, a direct link, which is my version of Elvis's song, Patches, both with elemental roots in Mississippi delta mud. (I fear many USA military veterans and soldiers and political hopefuls have fallen victim to the criminal hand and lesser mind that has seized control of the USA and much of the world, by force and deception. Do not lament the passing of that lesser leadership.)


Someone recently told me, whispering in my ear from the darkness, something happened to the human race, long ago, you are original form.  Now if you consider that on the surface to be an insult, you must consider the prevailing original form according to modern science, who may have looked like a monkey.  Or perhaps another being of higher intelligence may have been forcefully mated with three lower animals  in the cosmos on planet earth, the bonobo monkey, the rhesus monkey, and the gorilla.  Of course some could argue that due to the permeable nature of life, even in dimensions of such magnitude we can not imagine, that the intelligence seeps into all living things, and that all things of 2000 mass are clay in the hands of this greater force, regardless of how much you wiggle or how many rockets you send into the air, and in the end, it will be what was intended in the beginning.  That point brings me to my image of the Zen Buddhist in a forest ablaze with no escape, a man sitting silently among the melee of the many living beings consciousness of impending death or disintegration and pain in the present form, always trying to survive, like in a huge puzzle, where the one in control takes notes of everything.

And then, we have to imagine our way out from the quagmires of this life, this struggle, this consciousness, in this melee.  I see space colonies, bio-engineered, growing out ward, but I also see  the possible end of mankind if something is not done to help him compete with the bio-engineered.  I once envisioned the large heads.  How can they be beaten.  How else, a Helmet, that utilizes living neural tissue at an interface that resides over the human skull and without penetration of the flesh.  Pull it off and be dumb, and   put it on, and the new animals are on the run.  It is just a thought.

Of course in the end, you find that all things have a trial run, and if you were to win, it would have to be rewritten. After all, what would the true master know in our situation if he did not know he, she, or it, was going to win in any struggle. Which brings up a good point, "Is he she or it insane?".

I once considered the mind that is of high temperature, such as when someone has influenza virus. Their imagination is so bent and flexed that it springs back and forth, like the chill and heat on their flesh. All things reflect in all dimensions in consciousness to the astute observer, like it or not, and some doors and windows are likely closed for us, due to ignorance or design. At least thus far, we have been afforded death in severe pain, which may be a blessing or just a curse, a sign of weakness and servitude to ignorance for eternity or until the end of the human form, in thought and or flesh.


The most amazing thing about life is how stupid life can seem and at the same time how complex.  If one considers that each living thing in its own way resembles each greater thing, you soon realize you are not at the top of the hierarchy in size of beings, and most likely not the top in intellect.  But if you have gifts, you can see and sense things without the usual monkey senses of see hear taste touch and smell.  So mankind is a play toy, one that smells like an ape and acts like a chimpanzee, and all the time, I try to remember the divine comedy in this life.  I am the monkey with the dial on the clockwork orange, 4-3-2001, 4-23-2001, 8-22-2001, 9-11-2001, 1-1-2006.  All of those days have meaning in my hunt for truth, and I have discovered that the monkey game of warfare has many layers. My own personal Holocaust Victim number in California, X 017 911 84 is the date cycle from Hell, my Forced Convict number as an honest auditor from 2001 on 8-12 and the reason for my personal call for warfare agains the enemy regime in power in D.C. and Los Angeles, and San Francisco needs an enema of the federal agency, the FDIC and most likely the Treasury, straight to D.C.. In Los Angeles I was guaranteed a trial by jury, and then later denied after I signed a plea so they would stop injecting me and abusing me psychologically. Let me see the best date yet.  Tickety tock, I like to rock, when no one cares, your ships we dock.  Which life do you remember as best?  Do you see that greater form, ever?  That huge megalith whose layers are one primitive puzzle to you, and to a greatest or lesser exent, I, and that greater view afforded to a few.   His primitive image spread out like peanut butter in the past, but as animal as you and I at any given moment of his existence.


I believe all societies utopias are in space, their promised lands, in the vein of abundance or life. If you are animal, you are food.

I do not believe in mass wars. If you have a problem group or entity in society, it should be taken care of with precision and utmost care never harming the innocent.

Someone told me at the FDIC of an employee in New York who cut the head off of one of the supervisors in a New York subway. I thought about that. I suspect a certain individual in San Francisco has connections in money laundering and the he is a lesser player in the bigger scheme of things and the death of the past Regional FDIC Director in San Francisco was a murder labeled suicide that opened a slot for one of the key criminals in the federal government. However, I have no proof of that or that he was behind the attack on my life in 2001. It was either he, or the NTEU representatives who hired the attack on myself, and details are on this site. I say do not fear them, they are like a Post-Op Trans-sexual and have a hole. Find it and f-ck it but make sure it is the right one. I fear retribution from the greatest knit-wit of them all if I harmed an innocent man. Someone seemed to be suggesting that I take care of an individual in the NY manner mentioned. No thanks, my game is analyst and provaceteur.

When I was terminated as a bank examiner and auditor from the FDIC in 2000 for not dropping an EEOC complaint in which I was threatened with termination of employment, I told the woman who fired me I would shine a bright light over her head.


I have heard it said that war is insanity.   If so, then it would appear the over-riding "mind" or construct of life favors war in our current era.   I once considered how war must feel to that over-riding mind or construct of life.  It must feel numb in a certain sector of the body for a brief moment when the announcement comes out that many were killed.  After all, are we not part of the greater body or greater mass of the over-riding "mind" or construct of life?

If you ever encountered someone who was given the gift of knowing these things on a lower level, a more macro-molecular level of being and consciousness, would you be intimidated by the person or being?  After all, they could feel an explosion a million miles away and give the report that something had happened on a drastic level. 

In like kind, they could be sentenced to see over the horizon in some ways that others could not fathom.  Imagine being in a capsizing ship and feeling the encroaching numbness in your body.  You know it is the end for somebody, but how many you are unsure.&a 2000 mp;nbsp;

At some point everything wears downs and breaks on this level.  Some things keep regenerating and are self-perpetuating.  It is all in the embrace of the glance that gives the re-directed force extra momentum and utilizes the captured energy and construct around it to keep going, in perpetuity.  Is all of history and the present a lie in relation to US, the feeling humans, those who are outcast and downgraded?  How can you ever feel anything for a tyrant or a serial killer when you are the one outcast or pierced and left covered in flies waiting for the final sunset?


In contemplating the center you came upon yourself.  Void of extraneous influence of media or those or that around you.  You became the center of the universe, your universe.  Mass relative to consciousness of the center.

Then came arthritis.  The treacherous disease with no memory in the center.  The bones and cartilage worn by time, and the ends of soft sensory and support tissue left ripped and worn.  Then came the needles of your own pain, away from the center, and away from any extraneous influence.  What caused this pain you ask, away from my center and away from them?

Your own immune systems is trying to kill the ends of those tissues now damaged in relation to the time of the origin of the center, your flesh being conception date.

Two opposing forces in pleasure in the beginning, two opposing forces to the point of pain in the end.  The imperfection was in lack of planning for the pain.  Your center has two, always.

The same holds for that which we recognize down to the next center, matter and anti-matter.  Perhaps the arthritic condition can be extrapolated out to include human interaction, in analogy to the government, the bone and cartilage, interacting with the immune systems, auditors, investigators and other members akin to an immune system.

What is defective, if the arthritic condition is an inflammatory response, self perpetuating as in a positive feedback circle?  It has to be either the immune system or the bone and cartilage, right?

The immune system could not be altered because it has a job to do, always in the same manner, and due to size and complexity of its task, it can not change its normal operations.  In the same manner, auditors and investigators can not change their method of operations. 

Therefore the bone and cartilage was defective in the beginning, when the two came together from two to form the bone and in like manner the immune system to protect it from change or disease, to maintain its life as young and as beautiful as at the day of birth.

When I see our society in America, I see an arthritic old woman, unable to move her neck, staunch and stiff, not by will, but by disease.  It is the arthritic condition.  Our government has been worn down by time, like worn bone.  But what makes it stiff?  It is not I the auditor and investigator.  I do what all auditors have done, including  the past Mayor of Chicago, the original auditor Mayor Daly.  We the auditors act as the immune system seeking out that which is not functioning according to original form, the perfect form and balance.

So what can be done about the arthritic condition and the social rigidity and sickness that is hurting both the old woman and ourselves?  Diagnose the disease down to its most discernible elements.  Draw up a plan of attack, a cure, to tap the blueprint of the original form and remove destroyed tissues and elements and replace them with the newly re-generated original elements that are drawn up according to the original and perfect form.

The problem is, the old woman is no longer a child. The nation is no longer a new nation.  Both are different.  The solution is in the genetics of the woman and in the original blueprint of the nation.  The removal of some of the old damaged tissue would have to be precise so as not to cause more harm.  That is where the immune system comes into play, once again.

Of course, now we are back to the two opposing forces, and now we are trying to manipulate against the current, for every interaction there is an opposing action or force.  What will it be next time?  Can you calculate out to everything?  The shape of our space in space to the ends of our cavity in space or universe is that of a brain.  Perhaps the answers to all can be found by having a discussion with that brain which can consult with another.  Or maybe it is just thinking to itself.

The mirage of life and our struggles, my struggles, is one that will end, and one parent said an afterlife and another said dust.  Two opposing forces, always, or is it just the perception of a two sided brain?

I may return to this discussion of social interaction that I have experience in my society, in Los Angeles, Alabama, San Francisco, and in some respects New York and everywhere else I can put my stinking fingers, always finding holes to inspect.


Wars, wars, and more wars, and the ones with the volcanoes and tidal waves are some of the worst.  Natural disasters and war share similar characteristics.  The greatest wars or conflicts or struggles come when the life forces and matters become trans-fixed in new alignment, where at one time there was no window or portal between two opposing life forms, the window is opened or the barrier is dropped.

In the event of our universe expanding it also collapses.  We are aware of the expansion, but not the collapse, the anti-matter force.  Or are we aware of it?  Obviously not in its entirety, at least per the knowledge of those in my inner circle.  We see the collapse of the American dream and wonder if we are forced to re-live this nightmare again in another life.  In my opinion, we would have been better off dead pre-1945.  Our enemies and ignorance have swallowed us.  When we are puked out, we will wreak of the death of multitudes. The Bush is burning bullshit.

Los Angeles and the federal government's abuse there are worthy of World War III, or is that part of this nightmare or heavenly dream?  The federal government should be held accountable for injecting anyone, for they are in violation of the Geneva Convention.


The spiritual man will always have the advantage, because of the imagination borne of spirituality, particularly in the most heated moments of the battle.  "The battle", oh so primitive of a term.  It is more of the contrast of the opposing forces, intent on self awaking, self reliance, divine knowledge and judgment, alliance and enlightenment. 


You will discover, there are those who can look ahead in time at some precise details, while other details may be hidden, but the description of those details forwarded back or reflected back in some fashion.  That was and is what gives being the underdog in any battle its spice.  2000 The un-predictability factor makes the tables of wealth and destruction sway, like a see-saw on Sip-And-See Street in a Pre-charred state, just like mankind or their damaged emulations, groveling in worm shit obviously for an eternity.  There is a woD in the Bush and its American character smells like shit.

The coming explosion or I should say the macro-cosmic rearrangement of the organelles will illustrate another life, and so on and so forth, again and again, until we realize our national leaders carry spears in their heads and hearts, meant for us, or maybe they are just the activating factor, like an enzyme in a protein needed to pull its own trigger upon cue.

I celebrate with this song about Prichard Alabama in mp3 format, Dog Eared Biscuits and Poke Salad and Barbeque Rib Bones, Pre-charred cut by Wod, us too. This is Kurt Brown's predecessor's version, Saint Ram Bone's version of "Patches".


In considering the perplexities of necessities and evils for the goods, I have considered why that entity preferring life would be superior in overall determinants, as opposed to another entity preferring death which would be inferior, when in struggle, and designed to be in constant fold to that which over rides.  For instance, we all have the hope for life over death when young and if healthy and in a healthy environment, as life wants life in its purest form, as illustrated by the grasping nature of small replicated variants of the parent or preceding life form. 

Therefore, it would be obvious, that life preserving  form in nature would be oldest, or would it?  Probabilities are a high percentage due to the obvious opposing planes, at least in our environment, or in that of beings with highest intellect in the over riding group, which could be inclusive or exclusive to our environment, very much like pressing life through various fields with total or semi-consciousness on those and from those opposing planes or fields.  Those who oppose us at the gates to their governments and their voting booths illegally held in churches, in closed door sessions to the outcast unable to vote,  demonstrate the lesser form, particularly if they advocate the murder of any human in the primitive rituals of war.  Mankind can do two things just like individuals, build or destroy, or build to destroy, and then, you have just destroyed, and not built, just like a thwarted primitive sterile mule.  At what point does the over-riding tendency stop the lessers from crashing their energies together?  Perhaps, never, perhaps the war never ends.  Which reminds me of the Sicilian who watched a 100 armies pass and amassed a fortune in fools gold. 


Late Edition to this post: Beware of mind control by the federal regime and world powers. They have the chemicals, and methodology.

In my minds eye, I saw where our enemies in USA and international governments spoke of me, auditor Kurt Brown. Someone was stabbed by our enemy, most likely someone of our ranks was killed.

The perpetual consciousness will leave us no choice but to sever his bosses heads and use them or it as a mantle adornment in the sentient's boardroom and most likely I see a famine where cannibilism will re-appear in frequency in our groups. The murderers quote, "Some people are going to find out that Kurt Brown's type do not rule this world". It appears to me that someone forgot they are nothing more than a gnat.

For some to die, it feels like strings of fiberglass in motion and slicing going through their bodies, playing the mythical Satan's harp(s) or perhaps I am recalling torture by the regime in power, as they injected me and forced medical procedures upon me, once too many times. In another matter, in regard to the post below, I often wondered if the Phillipino or Japanese woman, the head of the Psychology Unit, at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration was part of the Chinese Dragon doing forced experiments and forced medical procedures on veterans? Or maybe it was payout or pressure by the hand with the God Damned American Dollar in it, easily exchangable into a Fucked Buddhist Yen, after all, I am the Bank Examiner with Balls.

The Veterans Administration forced medicalprocedures against me on April 23 and April 29, 2001 while the federal government held me captive, injecting me and then jailing me and having the Federal Secret Service come to my cell and tell the guards they were my attornies.

For instance, in the early 1980's, I hitched a ride in Long Beach California with a serial killer whose name is Randy Kraft.  I turned down his poisoned liquor just because I do not trust strangers.  Two weeks later, after he had killed for years prior to my ride with him, he was caught with a dead service man in his car.  Could that symbiotic being linger, much like a bubble on the move, and could it have caused the arrest of Kraft?

In another instance, a girl my age in Monroeville Alabama in the early 1970's, a girl named Kelly, approximately 14 or 15 years old, predicted her own death, telling me the weekend before that she would not be back, that she would die according to astrological computations.  She called me that Saturday morning to join her party that night and I was not there.  Once again, what I will call the bubble of dual consciousness moved me from harms away, because I definitely would have been there to enjoy the evening with her.

In another case, in 2001, I had alerted the public to what was a murder and money laundering and a criminal syndicate spanning the federal government at my previous employer as a bank examiner, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and their union, the National Treasury Employees Union.  I tested the new Regional Director in San Francisco and his companion one morning to see if they were violent criminals.  My test was simply to have sent him and the NTEU copies of materials I had posted on the web and sent to watchdog agencies.  My final test was to alert him I was in the area that morning, and I did so by propositioning him with a full throttle up his St. Valentine's day anus, his hearth shaped hole.  I felt I was being followed when I left San Francisco. 

I stopped in the desert of California or Arizona on a small trail and watched to see if any one would follow.  Someone pulled over shortly thereafter and started searching in the shrubs.  I pulled out from my trail and he rushed to his vehicle.  When I got to Louisiana, I felt extremely nervous, like I knew that the criminals would be there.  I was attacked in that a trap was set and meant to flip my vehicle. Details were, or maybe still are, on the assassination attempt details page linked on the home page of this site.

Since that time Alabama government and Los Angeles Calfifornia government with federal government guidance have tried to silence me, calling me insane and labeling me a criminal and have tried to make me have a nervous breakdown by injecting me, torturing me, demanding silence in regard to a murder labeled a suicide at the FDIC and the attempt on my life, imprisoning me, lieing to me, and by harassing me at my home and my wife at her employment and then forcing me into exile from my family, where I was partially blinded by a poison.  If I should go totally blind, I know that I have been blessed to see more than many men with 20/20 vision.

Our mutual enemies in America will not give me a trial by jury, so my prayer to the sentient being is to help us destroy our mutual enemies of mankind ruining and ruling much of America and the world, or that our species is brought to extinction.  Sometimes death is better than life, which brings me to my next point.

Sometimes, some people can see beyond the ordinary.  I saw what would be labeled my death and experienced its window through my sentient being.  It was a relief, like stepping into a nicer environment, and was akin to removing an old piece of skin from a wound.  Relief.

If you have that same gift or curse, perhaps we will meet and find that part of ourselves is as one, that higher part that stretches beyond the ordinary viewpoint.


In the idea of consciousness and some people's ability to become conscious of things or ideas yet unknown, what some refer to as clairvoyance or soothsaying, I use an example of a rainbow of light combined with digital information on at least two of the colors.

If a clairvoyant or cutting edge scientist and inventor happens to see or know things, they will often talk about dreams or inspiration from a source not related to their invention or idea. 

Consciousness for these people takes on two layers at least.  That which they are conscious of in daily life, here in the land of skulls and soil is their primary conscience.  Yet they will speak of that other layer of consciousness, relating what they heard or saw while there in that state of mind.

It is in the other layer that the greater beings exert their influence and direction upon those who are passing through their domain, as the intention is to direct and form that which has not yet been formed in its entirety on this lower level of soil and skulls.  It is obviously pertinent to those or it that reigns above that what happens here, impacts their own consciousness.  After all, don't most people keep their lawns clean or don't even more remove things from their bed or cot to remove the clutter so they can sleep more peacefully.

The amount of suffering we see and the intentional abuse has puzzled me though.  It is as if a state of resistance is intentionally created among us here in the sphere of skulls and soil.   Perhaps the nature of nature is to keep things moving, as in the end, it appears we are darting about in our lives, either feeding or being fed upon, like small fish in the sea.

After being abused intentionally by a highly prejudiced government in  Mobile Alabama and  Los Angeles California, with both have the same over-riding entity, the federal government, I see the state of tension created, as if an octopus is rubbing its arms together so the individual suckers can grasp at each other, crushing shells for food and general exercise.

We will never find peace under the current dogma in America.  Everyone talks about the "Bush" regime. That is absurd as Bush is a "Front Man", much like the thief and Sheriff Jack Tillman of Alabama in 2005.  The one thing to remember in the coming annihilations, "Things are never as bad as they seem", and it is the impossibility, you will fight like Hell. They have created a lower caste and their mass media upholds the lie. Spare your children. Separate from them and trust nature, not their drugs. Beware of future apparatus to dumb down your children, to the point of apes.


It is my belief and observation that we are not as one on this planet, in this nation, or in our cities. We rarely travel outside our social circles and some social circles appear closed.

In one of those unusual dreams, some contemptible bastard said to me, "You have not bridged the age gap yet, have you?"

It is my belief that some groups not only harbor and hide the true nature or ability to span in their life time numerous of our own lifetimes, but some groups harbor other inventions and idolatries. The best bet is to seperate your children from the mass controlled by the mass. Shit oozes through the floorboards augmenting your children detrimentally, marking them for their role in the lower caste for eternity. We are not all allies in America and I would smile to the heavens if the USA government official or officials forbidding me entry into government meetings and those who forbid me a trial by jury for legal gun ownership were dealt with by a war criminal tribunal in the underground--much like the Nazi wa 2000 r crimes trials, the Nurenberg trials, and the punishment or extinguishing of those who betray us in our society.

The USA government forcibly injects people on a routine basis, in state hospitals and government hospitals, and what they do to those they inject is unknown. From now on, when an American is forcibly injected who does not warrant injection, it is my prayer that 100 USA government officials who close the doors in our faces and who force felonies upon us without juries, are assassinated with a prejudice.


In thinking upon Rene Descartes who said, "I think, therefore I am", and its Latin equivalent Cogito ergo sum, I translated it into the nightmarish existence I lead ever since medical procedures and injections were forced upon myself by the federal government in Los Angeles per the directions of the New American Nazis associated with the corrupt banking regulators, including my past employer in San Francisco, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Also, I was forced to receive a felony for legal gun ownership and served jail time, simply for being in fear for my life after an attempt upon it and being harassed by government Nazis, not only from Alabama but associated with California and D.C.

Our eyes deceive us every hour of the waking day, and our minds eye is encouraged to be closed.  For instance, if you can, imagine your spine is damaged or severed at the middle section.  Also imagine the nerves that run from your brain and neck and down to that point in your back.  Now imagine that you are moving those nerves in a swimming motion like that of a fish or tadpole.

The reality is day to day, that we have to abide by the wishes of higher forces or we die.  We see, eat, breath and dream in those dimensions, at least most of us, or we pay an exacted price, including starvation, thirst, death, etc..  Those of us who venture out beyond that material and fake but plausible arena, soon find nightmares we never imagined possible.

For instance, I once had a systemic reaction to poison blown in my window by a passing spray truck.  A systemic lupus type reaction set in and the dream was thus:  Numerous heads were detached from bodies and each was wired from the neck to the grid.  Very much as if each head was a small part of a larger functioning computer of sorts. In the more advanced state of the dream, the heads were not just a dozen or so hooked to wireds and on a metal grid. In the more advanced state of the dream, there were thousands or millions of the heads, alive and immersed in a fluid, contiguous to each head, much like cerebrospinal fluid.

Now imagine your spine moving from the neck to that point half way down the back.  Move it as in a swimming motion.  Now, welcome to nightmare.  Welcome to the grid. 

Descartes died from pneumonia from riding in a cart in the extreme cold, simply to have sex.  He thinks he is erect, therefore he is erect.  Stone Cold (Link to music video by Kurt Brown, Stone Cold in My Electric Chair , streaming video riding in cart)

I am unsure about the overall mechanics of perception to be wholly valid and reliable at all times.  Therefore I am skeptical at all times, like all auditors should be.    

A funny bank examiner kept a large mirror on his desk at the FDIC, a fellow employee. New hire likely FDIC refugee by now.



The truth of the matter concerning our condition in the United States, or at least those of us who suffer under the design of the ruling class, is that we know we are at another group's mercy or lack of mercy. 

The government appears to not be human in Mobile Alabama and I would welcome their removal from the city by any means necessary.  The truth is though, they appear to be lessers for a higher ranking group of criminals.  Perhaps we should target Montgomery Alabama, Washington D.C., or New York and Los Angeles and Atlanta.  The biggest mistake I ever made was trusting the regime in power in the United States.  My family was conned by many, and the confusion of who is truly friend and who is truly foe has become more apparent.  I welcome any awakening, by blood or bliss. I look at the United States as a fallen nation controlled by insects dividing up what is left before the feasting on our own flesh by those most like insects.


The nightmare of life indicates perpetual change and staidness under a pressurized force.  Cultural revolutions are cultural change in any given set of beings.  In the Western United States, changes are being imposed due to influences from the Pacific Rim nations and to some extent, those nations Southward.  In the South Eastern United States, change is being heavily resisted by the body politic but an underlying force leaves those who resist under shifting sands and those who oppose them in a state of animal servitude and silence.  The control of the South East with its archaic idea of leadership, called erroneously  "A democracy", has those who stand at the door of cultural change, those local benefactors of the prejudiced arrangements and their true protectors, the manipulators and benefactors of a corrupted society, those from the central control or federal government.

The problem is that the change is inevitable with more genetic variants of humans appearing soon, far superior in their ability to manipulate and move a situation to their favorable conditions.  That fact indicates that we are being manipulated or bent in our social arrangement, thwarted if you will, to serve a future occupying force not our own and whose intentions and behaviors will always be animalistic in the crunch of famine and over-population, regardless of how advanced and benevolent they are in times of plenty.

Most likely a group will move into the position of stopping or shunting the development of others competing with their own groups ability to have a monopoly on everything in life, from wealth to freedom to justice, which leads to health and happiness.

I am in a monumental struggle for my rights to enter the Mobile Alabama City Council meetings, and it should be totally allowed under the Open Meetings Law.  They are criminals, and their bosses are war criminals.  The cultural revolution can benefit us all if we harness it with intelligence and shared government.  If we can not move our government in a different direction, we are like small animals caught in the coil of a large serpent whose every heart beat increases the strength of the serpent in its grip upon us, leading us to something worse than death, and eventually death, like a refreshing breath of death air.  If you want the cultural revolution to help and not hurt us who suffer, then overthrow the regime in cities like Mobile Alabama, and I have pity for those in cities like Los Angeles and the state of Arizona.  America, what a blood filled joke.


Science: In consideration of movement or our perception of movement, we always see things from our own perspective, and very much like standing next to a moving vehicle, we appear stationary.  Due to apparent celestial movement, or movement of stars and planets, we know that the illusion of being stationary when we are at rest is false, as we are always moving, most likely even if we leave the earth and position ourselves in a position in space, motionless.

This fact brings me to a theoretical point.  If all is moving, then we are contained in a form of life.  The life being originated at least from what I call the vibrating effect, and some call it a law of nature, entropy.  Our own human perceptions lead to bias due to the nature of our senses and what may appear to be a law of nature here, which may in fact just be a resultant effect in  a small area of the greater picture. 

To originate from nothing to something, 0 to .x, the vibrating tendency always leave an opposite in every form in existence, even if it is crushed and reformed in a different construct.  Your life is like a small point inside a larger bubble or stretch of flesh, and it dips into apparent nothing, re-emerging many times.

Of course, if our movement is miniscule in relation to that which surro 2000 unds us, then we are in fact almost entirely stationary , and the movement or consciousness is that which flows around us as we perceive at each point of perception, which would very much be like existing and having perceptions in a viscous substance or balloon thrown through the air, oblivious to the nature of that which is outside of the balloon or our sphere of existence.


The biggest difference between the Judeo-Christian/Judaism beliefs and Zen Buddhism is where they place humanity on the spectrum of importance in relation to other life forms.  Zen Buddhism puts man equal to the other creatures as the destiny of the being is to basically morph or merge into those other components of the greater being.  Judeo-Christian/Judaism puts man at the pinnacle of creatures in existence.

The difference is reflected in society to a large extent.  For example, the USA and other nations of the west and of the Judaism based beliefs, invented the automobile and then paved highways across the landscape with obvious indifference about the health of the other creatures.  Zen Buddhism kept tip-toeing through the tulips to avoid hurting anything.

A guy from India once told me, "The difference is, you see the truth".  The problem is though, we live in such sinister conditions with so much technology in the hands of men with bent and little minds, that the calculus of the equation leaves us in a ditch.

I picture the 9 out of 10 American Indians reported to have died in the USA, holding their ax, knowing they are out gunned, and saying, "Come on motherfucker".  I was an ex bank examiner turned government informant who was running for his life and I was forced injections and a felony.  I want my trial by jury, "Motherfucker".

I avoided a fight in Los Angeles County Jail when I had been arrested for owning a legally owned firearm in 2001.  I was to get out in a few weeks after being there for several months.  An old guy mad at the world and ignorant by design wanted to show his domination.  In diplomatic fashion, I chose not to hit him after he tried to hit me.  I lost face there in some fashion because the ignorant live by the rule of the jungle and not of the society of the higher intellect. The society of higher intellect calculates the rules in the jungle and is at an advantage to some extent, greater or lesser in their stratum.

My father wanted me to be an attorney and laughingly said, "Do not go into finance". I went into finance and as a result, after the forced felony, I lost my right to be an attorney. I would prefer to be an executioner of attornies after the war, or during.


In looking at the state of life on planet earth and the transition taking place, we are at serious juncture.

When looking for complex answers to problems, it sometimes comes naturally to look at other phenomena resembling the problem to be solved. For instance, it is obvious that under current constraints and progressions with no movement of mankind into planets and places away from Earth, or here as we know it, we could suffer extinction as a species. Of course who suffers most as a result is worth conjecture.

I was looking at an aged peach tree, with half of the tree dead and the other half bearing fruit. This will be its last season, most likely. To save the tree, I clone many of the limbs. In the same fashion, if we break away from the planet in large groups we survive. If we do not, then your calculations of when the ecosystem collapses is of your own projections or those you trust. Regardless, to me, it is the peach tree's last season and time to clone some limbs for the harvest five years forward in time.


In searching for the perfect mathematical principle, the variant of intelligent perception comes into play. A mathematical principle exists to the divine principles, and you and I, minds of clay, may never know or want to know.

In thinking upon the ravens and in particular, the magpie, their relative the buzzard multiplied with road kill. In many ways it is like a group of humans, "To make it puke, jab it with a stick" is what the old Gardener said.

Once I saw in a dream the symbol of life on people's heads. Such a strange place, with the almost water-mark like appearance on their foreheads, in the shape of a hand reaching around so 2000 mething unknown, but the size of a rope a finger thick. The symbol "Ankh" comes to mind, but it was not. Just as the symbol Pi does not explain the divine mathematical principle and its variant perception.

Have you ever felt something as whole as the universe? Why does the creator have to have only one face? It does not in the free thinker and free travelers mind, as divine knowledge is beyond lower animal recklessness.

Has the regime sold our chances to leave this planet? Is a larger private group needed to break us free from oil and planet Earth? 10 to 1 odds say "Yes". The final equation comes down to True Empathy, not the boot in the mouth empathy of the regime. Does it get better or worse? Both.


I remember discussing an intense battle of the primitive type, with simple explosives ripping body parts off of the torso and from the torso of combatants who fought along beside us.  Someone mentioned how some would just keep fighting, almost as if nothing had happened when an arm or chunk of thigh or soldier was torn out.

Were they like us? The question was posed by someone else.   Then someone mentioned sleep, and how we were stupid not to see.  I suppose it was "The Truth" to which they were referring.

The fevered mind possesses a peculiar consciousness.  Watch the wounded in an intense battle when they are presented the opportunity to respond to what they perceive as another attack upon themselves, in that fevered state of awareness.

It comes up like a low slow growl to the combatant and appears to be a quick roar and snap to the recipient.  I am denied my rights under all law and doctrine in the United States of America.  Mobile Alabama government to Los Angeles California via San Francisco.  Blood is at my feet and roar in the circle of the circle among people who feel nothing outside of themselves.  The Mobile Alabama city council needs to be opened to myself and other auditors, or one of us needs to be destroyed.

The lies of Alabama's public schools promises of a humane and fair and open government make me think of the past, the present, the future, their lie, and the other thing they do not possess, "The Truth". 

Their education system and media are like poison to us.  They do not feel as we feel. A song accompanies me, one off of the web, not my own, "Circle of Lebanon".



In searching for utopia or its ideal, one will be fraught with difficulties, obviously, in a clinche of humans as we see them today, around us. Another question is are they humans and what are true humans? That is another question and makes me wonder if we are all humans, and can we ever have utopia when it is obvious, if all of our senses are true in detecting mankind, that much of mankind is like packs of snarling dogs.

Regardless, when I think that barriers are likely in place to protect what we would call higher order more enlightened life forms from the likes of what I perceive as being like mankind, snarling dogs, or primitive species. Those barriers could be intricately complex with a series of fail-safe entry points from layer to layer in unlocking the passages to the most exquisite layers of knowledge and existence. The "Heaven" described by many religions would most likely resemble that upper most desired layer.

Just as humans in the Western Hemisphere of Earth, feel they can not live with rat infestations in the home, I have a feeling that many of the upper layers fear and dread humans as we know ourselves.

We could be seen as a pest or a direct threat. Take a look at the condition of human society today and the behavior of humans.

I would not be surprised to find morphological differences among a huge and vast array of universes among humans, a sort of carry all construct of life, with some much more advanced than this layer and with possibly even larger beings integrated into the form that uses the human form like a pen in a hand and bearing down on a piece of paper to describe itself.

Existentialism was a religion borne out of the horrors of World War Two by some French writers, whose ideas are carried by many when the filth of all religous leaders and politicians becomes intermingled, like those in Los Angeles and Lower Alabama. Interstate 10, the conquered line.


In reflecting upon a statement by one of those passers by in the dreams of sleep, the fellow told me, "You are right, it (Life) goes outward in bands".

Those bands are similar to the bands of a rainbow, or the bands around planet Saturn. If it resembles the purports of fractal cosmology, then each band is linked to each other band, with a likeness of life forms on each or at least the constituent materials held in a flexible framework, with some life most likely connected but not resembling its twin or its singular life in the next band.

Have you ever been disgusted by the feeling that your own body is so close to the dirt and being the dirt under your feet?

On those days it makes me think of the abuses I and apparently others have suffered due to the brutes hovering over us, in the USA and apparently elsewhere, snarling like watchdogs for the prince of filth.

The entire complex of feelings harkens back to a memory, either from books or the continuum of war and that gratiating feeling of ripping your worst enemy's head off. It makes me feel like dirt, a dirt that can swallow the filth and shit out worms, so the cycle repeats anew, like a vacuum in bands of shit with a crowning achievement on some layer, most likely not dominated by that band associated with this layer of filth.

The deception is in the translation, and the translation is in the deception.


Someone near and dear to me who is now gone once told, "Everything means something". Equally, all of existence and perceived existed is subject to a true numerical equation however in flux, with a larger construct visible from a higher dimension with all variables posed in the simplest or most complex form.

Today I saw a dove flying in an s pattern, repeatedly, as if following a sine wave. How strange that this creature evolved from a reptile and is now a symbol of peace among man, and it flys in the same pattern as its ancestor, the snake, slithered.

Doves, preternatural borne hell raisers, a kindred spirit. They make me think of a man known as Uncle Tom by an aging Melody among the Indian tribes of Northern California.

I truly felt like the actor portrayed in the movie, "Little Big Man", played by Dustin Hoffman, when I was exiled to California in mid 2003 to mid 2004. Uncle Tom spoke of a visitor on his back porch "That was a big bear", "Where have they all gone?"

My heart weeps for the beauty being lost, but as one of the honorable blade bearers told me, "We were lucky to have had it as long as we did."

Then I told him of the distant memor 2000 y, of a warrior who stood on one mountain top, at his back an approaching enemy with far more weaponry and cavalry. He leapt from the mountain and caught in the winds sailed to the other side, to land among the most gentle young tree tops. He probably floated like the dove, in a repetitive S, or sine wave.

Old Indian women leave message S. It is carved into my windshield, it is carved into my heart, once as a child, twice as an adult. They too are like that dove, sometimes beautifully instinctual, and always tender in flight.

In my laughable embrace of the passing and aging old Indian mullato, like I, I see him opening the door for our nemesises in this life who fuel our fire, in my case known euphemistically as Jack Snatch and Sueet Carol. He opens the door to greet them to their next life, or chase them to it, when he releases his lost and found bears to follow them to the next life, the next window, that tantalizing whisper in a reflection of water and lye, this life, in message S.


In the advanced state of war or conflict, whether with inert mass or smaller discrete organisms, the war becomes surreal. He who controls the outer layer and the inner circle controls the war. In like kind he who is at the forefront of technology is at the outer perimeter, but not necessarily the center, or vice-versa. Higher intelligence moves beyond the war, to the struggle for permanence in a steady state, or inertia at the point of perfection.

Therefore our front on one hand should call for a new device or apparatus and I picture the blind angle entry at an irradiant glance with an evolution once within, with lesser or greater walls and duplicative. We must back away from the social agenda set for our family by others. They are not we, and we are not they. Survival is a mother-f---er. Attaining the perfect society is amiss.



Some refer to humans as hairless dogs. Considering the dogs of war, I once saw human-kind as a very large dog, and just as in warfare where man rips man to pieces, I saw that dog scratching at a wound on its flesh until it was digging into muscle and sinew, and it just kept digging. Perhaps human-kind is a hairless dog. It is the infection that caused the itch, and it is the dog who is crazy and stupid enough to believe that if he keeps digging, the pain will go away.



In one of those memories that bubbles to the surface like the thought of watching your conscious memories a few seconds prior to unconsciousness or a discontinuance of time in the constant state, I recall a time as if a child with other children and a headmaster or teacher or disciplinarian. 5 of us students were there and the other boys were working on something inside of what looked like a tube or basin turned on its side.

I sat in my chair and the headmaster asked if I wanted to assist the other boys. I could not because there was no room with all of their upper torsoes crowded into the basin or tube as they worked.

After I replied "No", the state of a constant continuum in time was halted for me, however brief it was prior to the loss of the constant state. Then somehow, I started this life on the bayous and ghettoes of South Alabama, where I am treated like an outsider by traitorous and ignorant outsiders from South Alabama's government.

I mourn for the passing and relish the idea of a greater destiny. My father, beaten down by the societal leader's avarice and misquidance lost hope at moments, and looked to the dust of the ditch as the destiny of all. At other times prior he talked of the beauty and strength of what he thught was our land, America. It has been lost I fear. Blood flows in the gutters of Mobile Alabama, and it is in the form of lost hopes due to our leaders avarice, ignorance, greed, insecurities, and misguidance.

I look to the four in the drum and say, "Give US democracy, where everyone can vote, where everyone can enter government meetings, or the Headmaster said I can 'F-ck you up the ass'" and call for assistants if I do not want any residues on me pecker. Of course, the four could just reverse the polarity of their pull, and that would be where my native regions down trodden rise up and allow ALL to vote, ALL to enter ALL government meetings. Because if we do not have it, we will all wish History would have killed our predecessors to spare our children the pain of a rotten existence.



Those cold dreams haunt me, where a remark is left as a clue to the future, to what to do where foresight or complete wisdom is lacking, and the nagging question of whether the messenger in the dream is friend or foe or indifferent, rarely knowing with absolute certainty, but knowing that someday the trick card is played and the lights are extinguished on this life.

In one horrific dream or a peak into the reality of heartless men, I actually reported a murder and attempted murder a few weeks after St. Valentine's Day 2001. I reported the attack against myself by federal assassins, NTEU or FDIC or both most likely, in front of Comcast TV cameras at the City Council meeting of Mobile Alabama.

When I was leaving, a man came to the door and asked my name, as if he did not already know, so that the war criminals in control could bar my entry in the future. Yes, they are war criminals who violate laws on a regular basis. I had a dream of the event again and the man's eyes who were the pure Nordic blue color, revealed a diagram of electronic circuitry on the retina area at a certain angle when the eyes were viewed through the light outside the meeting room.

That is one of the eventual horrors we face when government is closed to anyone.

Contending with some people and organizations in society is like a nightmare, as they are as cold and lacking of the human condition as a piece of plastic with electronic circuitry. It is as if many are sent by a group of power hungry individual(s) who have the remote control for these pathetic and contemptible things who call themselves human. Of course I do not like even hurting cows or any animal, but some do not care for us, therefore, "Let the primitive games begin, again, among the sequestered, segrated, and captive world".

I remember in a vague sense some people who came among us and re-designed our society for their gain. We were in their harness and bridle, with no hope to return to our free and happier state as a society of free productive humans.



The first thing you must realize about life is that you are always involved in something you do not understand.

Two counter opposing from opposite directions appear in everything at the smallest level, up and down, or left and right, positive and negative.

Many in my society are being led into a negative direction, including the the bulk of my family, in its apparent totality. Positive capitalism is innovation for the betterment of mankind. Negative capitalism is simple entrepreneurial endeavor for the betterment of the stockholder. Today, casinos and monopolization of markets, such as the media, wave the almighty unenlightened buck over our children's future premature graves.

Galileo, Franklin, Carver and 2000 a host of other men with average intellect above the fold due to nurturement in that positive capitalistic direction and lack of toxins in their formative years.



I remember once when teaching centrifugal force patterns and the apparent dissolution of time in relation to an apparent linear scale. My mortal adversary's toe, a proven thief and murderer by neglect, a Sheriff named Jack-snatch Till-man, spun like an insect on a string with chin upward and arms across chest. "Kurt", he said, "I'm here to hurt you.". My reply, "Yes, I understand Jack-snatch. That is why so many of them are sung about." I asked, "By the way", Have you seen Copeland, Reggie, criminals criminal politician with a cross and a pocket full of gold and swank" "I have hope the rope that hung the pope, sent to me by Garibaldi. "Once Sicily from the East, twice Alabama, and the third time as of yet leaves the frozen beasts, and that is the sum of what I recollect."


When I observe the government of America, I can not help but wonder if we are prisoners on this planet and that all of history is a lie. The USA space program appears non-existent but billions are spent upon it through NASA.

Recently I looked toward the sky and saw a metallic disk like object coming from 5 to 10% off of the Zenith from the East of my location, then it shot to the south almost imperceptible, and not much later I heard a sonic boom. If we are captive on this planet due to a new weapon, I hope their weapon is made obsolete by ours or that we are given quick extinction. I hate the new master in America, ethics-less, controlling, violators of the Geneva Convention against the American people, plain evil bastards and bitches without human hearts or minds. No entry into government. No voting. Attempts on our lives with no police response. Forced injections and forced medical experiments and procedures. Extortion by a legal system fit for a nuclear blast and genetic and biological warfare. And now, the creeping fear that we are all about to return to our corners and come out fighting. Give us victory and freedom from this planet, or give us death.


Someone once told me that wars occur because God is in a state of confusion. I think they occur because what we are to become in its temporary eventuality but greater size in the cycle is still in the growing process and with growth comes the fevered state at the point of multiplication.



In my estimation, at 99.0 probability, some factions of government and the super wealthy have the ability to knock a person semi-unconscious to interview them in a room full of people.  How it is done is either one of two methods or both.  With modern knowledge of physics and the tools at some people's disposal, it could be like punching into a time window by utilizing various wave forms and energies.  Time could actually be distorted so that the action would not be noticed by viewers. 

Of course it could be that everyone is knocked semi-conscious in the room for a brief second or longer by utilizing waves at a certain hertz with possible magnetic forces or frequencies that mimic the human brain at certain levels of consciousness, alpha beta gamma and others or mixes of the above on various levels of the brain itself.

Because I enjoy catching thieves in the act, especially those that take life and resources, like pigs in the shadows of a barn full of corn reserves for the winter, and like Sheriffs and others who have no ethics but are put their by others of more intelligence so that the more ignorant can be manipulated and left clueless as to the true nature of their over-riding associates, e.g. the Judges and Politicians associated with those Sheriffs or Presidents.

I do not think many are as dumb as they pretend, and simply like to play the "dumb ass".   I envision in my dream Bush Jr. reaching for the Social Security funds to allegedly put in the stock market.  How convenient and easy to manipulate and deplete once it is in those channels.  Remember the Savings and Loan crisis by the regime under Bush Sr..  Remember Vietnam.  Remember the changing of Accounting  rules by the regime under Clinton, which allowed a direct violation of separation of duties, in which accounting firms were also allowed to act as paid consultants.  The obvious rip off is always obvious to those with knowledge, and with enough pain inflicted.

In my dream, I see Bush Jr. and the regime reaching into a blind vault to withdraw the Social Security funds.  In the vision, I see my Uncle Billy Goat/Aunt Milly filing his hooves in the vault and having a knee jerk response as he sees the snakes head on his bootey.  He slams the 22 pound metal file used for filing turbines for United Airlines, the airline in which he lost his life long investment due to collusion between criminals at the SEC and criminals within United Airlines Accounting and Finance department.

The bottom line is....know Mo. (Pun probation officer in Humboldt county for the probation I was forcefully given under needles and abuse and a million dollar bail in Los Angeles county when running for my life from federal associated assassins.  By the way, Mo, you red head Swedey, say hello to Larry and Curly and let us demand that Bush and the city government in Eureka, California allow as many medical marijuana plants as "Medical Needs Dictaste", just like San Francisco.  After all, if they do not have the quantity, they can not vaporize and get partial combustion as it would not be economically feasible.  I want those guys to live longer than the drunks and coke heads in D.C. under the umbrella of the regime.  By the Mo, I still can not tell the difference between a fat peasant and a chicken. It is ciao time for a Wod of ribs in Shanty Town, Mob. AL.)

Also send me the old Indian woman who leaves Message s, one more time, but then you have to take her back....she frightens me. Sweet melody, the old woman should get more support from the federal government through her tribe's reservation. Screw Arnold with his long chain polymer plastic fake legs.



When I saw Sadam Hussein waving his pistol in the air before the Iraqi War, I secretly admired his willingness to show that he was willing to defend his country and that he also liked small firearms.   I wondered if he had heard of my horrific tale, which is on the assassination attempt details page.  I doubt it though as I am just a pixel on a very large screen, that wants to fluoresce like a lightning bug at sea.   My guns had been stolen by federal government and California government under extreme duress and abuse after I blew the whistle on my past employer as a bank examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,  and when no one came to my aid when at attack was made on my life, despite my cries for help, and after I blew the whistle on the thieving Sheriff of Mobile Alabama Jack Tillman.& 2000 nbsp; Now his family goes after those I know, stalking them.  Some of them know the ropes, orangutan style, and they are the lucky ones.

I  do not believe in hating an entire group or nation or race of people or beings based on the actions of an inner group.  After all, they may not be representative of the total population and the total population may have been deceived.

In reality, it was a mistake for Israel to try to forcefully expand their nation after its small placement after WWII.  Diplomacy would have worked much better.  That gave Hussien justification in the eyes of the Arab world to allegedly have shouted that he wanted to kill all Israelis.  I do not know if that is even true, after all of the rhetoric and lies we are told on the media.  And the only words in Arabic I know well are, "Lastu Ghaniyaan", which means I am from the poor, and I only learned how to say it correctly after being in Jail with a Egyptian in Mobile County jail after I had legally tried to enter a city council meeting as guaranteed under the Open Meetings Law.  The Mobile County City Council and Mayor and their Judge McMaken and the DA whose name I will get today violate my rights like I am an invader.  They do not know the half of it but they will get the full picture in due course.

The  Egyptian was there for selling liquor to a minor.  He was most likely targeted by some hate group in Mobile.  They proliferate in Alabama.  I would rather have just been able to sit down to a cup of coffee and a free medical marijuana cigarette, but that is life.  A black guy named BoBo was there also, as he tried to get a gun permit.  He had an arrest warrant for trying to sell crack in the 80's.  That was his official tale anyway.

I know something is wrong, and I can always tell when I am with my kind, whether we are examining a bank or waiting on gruel at the clink.  I truly hate the government took my gun away, but they have inspired me on inventing new ways to defend my family, my kind.




I, like many, recall things that often make a person wonder. Dreams? Remembrances? Imagination? All of these are likely explanations, and there are more. In my native city I have learned there is an upper caste who deem themselves to be God-like, and I have noticed the same in other cities. They are in reality like slime under a boot that needs to be wiped clean, outside in the grass preferably away from the play areas and walking paths and not in the house.

Some doctors even seem to fall into this group. Not many, but the occassional doctor who behaves like they are either trying to masquerade as a great devious savior of the world, putting themselves at the crown, or it is as if they have shared in a secret in which they have commited an atrocity against our kind or others who they consider their lessers, most likely when we were children in their hospitals.

A recollection of a wire jab in the eye-lid, a pain as excruciating as if a foreign object or animal had been jabbed or placed there, and then there is their hospitals, cold and drab, and even though they allegedly did no abortions or experiments there, it has the feeling of death and destruction, like a lab and hospital purifying chemicals and devices for the destruction and subjugation of "our kind". Not all hospitals, but some Doctors and nurses give that impression to some.

Then there are the wars arranged for "our kind" to fight and die while their kind stays back in the background, hindering the peace making process. We are definitely consumed by our enemies in America, at least with varying strength through time, and that is a 99.99% probability.

We should henceforth view all who ask us to die and fight for them with suspicion, just as if a dog of war, or an insect form, or even a technological projection that appears to be "our kind" was sent by devious and heartless men, had draped human flesh over its true nature, which is opposite from ours in most respects, at least from a 90-degree to 180-degree turn.

Of course, there is this feeling I have that a life form exists among us, or perhaps we are piece and parcel of it, sum and total, and that life form exists from beginning to end, just as if it was a larger entity and then splintered, unable to recognize itself in its true form, like the deaf and blinded Helen Keller. The true destiny of which would be to live and then die, perhaps as a fallen fighter waiting to be devoured by the lower animals and more basic processes above and below.

I lament that I ever trusted the US government, but I was forced into this position by my mother, who was young, naive, and uneducated, just as many people are when their children are young, and who trust the government's injections, schools, and social indoctrinations, such as the reciting of that melancholy drone of the pledge of allegiance, with the laughable lie at the end, "Liberty and Justice for All". My prayer: "Oh greater order, diminish the suffering of 'our kind' by many magnitudes, or give us complete non-consciousness. To be their food and labor and power source, or whatever commodity them deem us to be, is unbearable.

The worst thing about the eternal war, the eternal struggle, is that when you are hit really hard, reality takes on different dimensions in the mind of wounded. For instance, I remember a dream or maybe a recollection of being awakened in a room, with people there somewhat familiar, some not familiar, and I was in white robes and told to come with one of them, who was very familiar to me. In that is the puzzle.

If any basis in reality, it could have been numerous things, from being led from a hospital bed to being awakened, as if the non-firmament portion, and taken elsewhere. The dream or recollection stops short, and at some point, this horrid life in America picked up. Teach your children to pledge allegiance to the reality of life, tell them to remember Vietnam if they start to volunteeer to kill. There are other ways to attain their dreams, even if it means going abroad to gain an education or their chosen life pursuits.



Mankind has many colors and hues and shapes in between. But who are those with remnants of wings and breasts of doves? Are they captives on this planet? Are they some sort of experiment with humans remaining from some distant time. I am sure they are surrounded by their lessers who squalor like pigs, snatching all that is beautiful and never soaring above the worm, only laying down with it, to become one, as in Taenia solium, the disease of pigs and men, which can be manifested on the naive, the innocent, and in forms within men without viewing the worm.

Like a muted incubator of prayer, I scream for assistance and I hear only our muffled sounds and feel only the briefest glance. Perhaps it is not quite yet, "Our time", or like the circle, 0, perhaps it will never be, and this is the purgatory and the Hell for many of us, or the greater and tethered I, in this brief consciousness, like a window, fractured and never closing completely and never opening itself completely to adjoin with each of its component windows, until possibly the crashing moment of the end, and then to be molded into something anew.



I foresee in the future a divide occurring in the United States between the East and the West.  A confrontation is already starting to occur in the clash of cultures and economic motivators.  President W means warlord in the West whereas in the East it means Winner, at least that is a general consensus.  

The divide will be a diagonal line that will run from the East of the Great Lakes and stretch downward to the West Border of Texas, or thereabouts.  A possible thrust of military advancements will be added to each side by those countries exterior to the United States. 

Also, for those states outside of the USA that do not remain neutral , I foresee Western Europe siding with the Western USA, whereas Israel and some states in that region such as Turkey siding with the Eastern USA.  Many nations will simply be opportunists trying to cash in on the conflict and maneuver themselves into a more strategically advantageous position in the world, e.g. China and Russia.

Just as the living dead told me in a dream state, "Things will never be the same."  Who are those controlling our government?  They are not us and we are not they.

I sense that a very high probability, 92.5%, exists that an attack will be made against W.  Most likely a large sector of a city will be decimated and their target will be missed because the attacking party does not understand the true nature of what it is and whom it is in which they confront. 

Unfortunately it really makes no difference whether Democrat or Republican are in office, as they are one in the same.  We have no democracy.  Do we have a future, or is this the end?  I hear in the silence, moans as being whipped in the dungeons by warlord beasts, whose skin is impervious to the assaults of mortal men under their protective guise.



It appears that the USA government has been taken over. What is the truth? What is the government? I am th only one I know of who has tried to enter in Mobile Alabama and been outcast. Once I went to a meeting and the seats were full of people, apparent people. They set silent like mutton, not all there though, not as much as mutton.

Once I considered how apparent people could surround me and not be there in reality. Many possibilities exist but I only can think of a few on my own. For instance, if people were projected as if by a machine, it would be similar to having radio waves in an ether manifested with sound. (Top photo of link is a simplistic beginning for the concept.)

Of course at some point that which is made by the simple mind of planet Earth as we know it, could be overtaken by that which is older and a life form to itself and unstoppable in its manifestations and dominations, much like coral in its domain in the ocean that permeates space and overtakes all that is in its path. Except, even this life form could be more like that above, just very transient in its existence and yet able to withstand and endure eternity.

Our cavity in space where our laws of physics apply could be just such a cavity in that being(s), where walls separate channels and channels come to various transit points to separate all that is there for remanufacture and usage. And in the end, it could just be like a large circle, never-ending and rolling downward with kinetic energy, utilizing the energy to perfect its manifestations.



Something is desperately wrong in the USA. The government has excluded us, our voices, and now one of those tranquil faces, washed free of emotion passed by me in my dreams. He said, "Things will never be the same," and it was as if it was his last words of his own manufacture, as if that which he was composed was being washed out in a new method of degradation.

Considering that we have no government that protects us or our rights and hate seems to be fostered, maybe, just maybe before they, they being who or whatever is in power, have bridled us for all eternity with their lies and their abuses, including exclusion from government at our detriment, we will find everlasting peace in the garden of the firmament.



I know I may have mentioned this in this site before, but it haunts me to this day. I once knew a girl who predicted her death date, even giving away her clothes the week before, and she gave me the age of my death. She was right about her death as she died on the exact weekend she predicted with her astrology charts back in 1974 or 1975. She was so beautiful, so innocent. She predicted I would die at 44 if I remember correctly. That will be most likely 2005 or a little earlier.

The girl was named Kelly and she made the prediction when I was 14 or 15 years of age. It was in a small community in Alabama where the book, "To Kill A Mocking Bird", was based. I had lived there, in Monroeville, with relatives for a few months while my father worked in the oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico.

Once in a dream a woman told me that Kelly was my female counterpart. Perhaps it has been she who has been my guardian angel, as I most likely should be dead by now, after a couple of assassination attempts and a rather wild life when I was young, including an encounter with a serial killer, Randy Kraft, of Long Beach, California, and an assortment of shady characters who would slit your throat in a dark alley for the change in your pocket.

Kelly died in a automobile accident when a truck she was in flipped. Numerous teenagers died. Her throat was cut according to reports. She had called me the morning before to invite me to the party. I was not home and missed the call and the invite.

Due to the transitory nature of life, and the odd coincidences that resemble divine intervention, any number of scenarios could be proposed as to the true nature of life and consciousness.

The true question becomes, "Is there someone whose life is at the center of the drain plug of all life? Like a cell with a nucleus and a set atom in the center, which when dead causes the entire cell to die, could there be a person out there or on their way who is that atom?

Of course, the person could seem inconsequential to those surrounding the person, or they could be important. Most likely their importance would not be noted until after death.

Then we must ask, "What is death truly?" From our perspective in the center of life from our perspective, it is the end. However, if you look at road kill, devoured by flies and maggots, life is simply broken down and pushed through a seive, to be regenerated in another form, on ad infinitum, from small to large and back again.

Sometimes I regret not being there with her. It is as if something or someone has torn pieces of my life to shreds, in particular when I was young, ye 2000 t I stand resilient, spitting into the face of the opponent, who is always there, but yet who I can not always see. The older I get, the less effect the hidden opponent has upon me and the more I feel as one with Kelly.

A young girl whose music I discovered online reminded me of Kelly. Her name is Furze or more commonly Rotem Or and she is a singer/song writer and her CD is for sale at a link on this sitelinking to Rotem Or's CD and a free sample of her song Charges I thought I would just mention it as I really like her music. Perhaps someday the fighting in the world will end. Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, or atheist, we are all human so why rip each other apart. By the way, Furze is older than 17 now, as she had that age on the site two years ago. Kelly was younger, of course, and her hair was curly just as Furze has hers now while wearing green Israeli Army fatigues, if you can find the pic on this site.


Our cavity in space according to astronomers where our laws of physics apply is a mystery to scientists. It is shaped like a cocoon, or a loaf of bread, and it has indentations like bands are around it. This defies the usual shape of things in our space which are usually more egg-shaped or almost round like Earth and our orbit. Of couse the galaxy is a spiral, or at least the portions that are not just wave-lengths, which is a shape on a larger scale.

I remember something as familiar to me as the back of my hand, but as unfamiliar as if from a long dream. It was an almost leathery pouch, with its own distinct exertions upon the senses. It was somehow eerily like a grandfather, old and somehow of almost a tobacco or clean sod type of presence, as if a cocoon.



Do you have any conception of the manifestations as old as time her- or itself?

The contrasts are so immense as to be without complete definition.


I like many have often had premonitions or dreams of things or even sensed deja vu, or being there before, and found that to some sense it is true. When I was young, I had a nightmare during the cold war where the voice in my sleep said, when there are 9, there will be 13, and it was after a brief nightmare of multiple exploding nuclear devices. What did that mean? Multiple meanings I believe. When the European Union had nine nations, they added four more to make it 13. When the Veterans Administration overdosed me on a pain drug to which I was allergic in the year 2000 during the election, I had auditory hallucinations and heard nuclear bombs going off to the East and it brought back memories of the horror of the dream of when I was a child, and it was only George Bush's family and cohorts stealing the election. But elections are stole in Alabama without direct illegal manipulations, just arbitrary corrupt laws and selective enforcement of laws on some and not others.

Soon the power structure of the world will start to flip. When it does, I sense there may be a nuclear confrontation, perhaps between India and Pakistan, perhaps over the transgenic birth of a sort of mortal Ganesh, except just part man and part elephant with super genius level intelligence with likely unknown abilities at birth. The rift in the West and the ongoing hidden power struggle could ripple and loom larger than ever and decimate a larger portion of Western civilization. I picture a dark black circle over most continents of the West, and North of the Equator, with a small remnant of Greenland and perhaps Iceland. Salvagable? Who knows.

In like kind, Germany probably scorned France for not engaging in the ethnic purification of Europe which was basically a killing of those who came from the East with type AB blood or B blood.

I have seen so many inconsistencies in what is taught and said by those in power in the USA with what is done by those with power in the USA. Now, some are even scornful of Europe. If a war breaks out between Europe and the USA because of the ethics-less power structure we suffer under, I truly hope that a type of French resistance arises in America to slit the throat of those who instigate that battle so that it never happens again. We are not a democracy. We the poor do not even count, can not heard as dictated by their laws in their government, and many can not vote, despite the fact that generations of ancestors gave their lives for the nation and the world.

I recently heard a lone man shout, "The US has got to realize we are not alone on this planet." What does that mean exactly depends on if you are looking simply intercontinental or extra-terrestial. Some other variation could be there, which is the hidden variable. I do not believe anything could be of 100% certainty due to the distortion within perception. Yet I or we appear to breathe, deeply. The variables appear to always be in motion, or are they? Even the moon is stationary on its own axis but we see it moving throughout the night.

On the current stage, the US treasury is being robbed from within and the war on Americans is disguised as a war on drugs and terror while a chain of money laundering occurs within the federal banking industry as the nation of Americans goes to prison, in many ways related to the true regulation of our society, which is like a machine of destruction for the lower caste. The irony is that it is the government which is allowing the drugs across the border. Beware of their treachery. They might not even have human hearts.


Feel the centrifugal force, Jack, stationary one moment, pivoted nose to the zenith, then nothing but empty air, you and who. On a more populated note, I once saw an army whose role was not to battle with the gun, but to plant the seed or the tip and take control of the population at hand, through outmaneuverings and cunning predatory intelligence on a cerebral level with double-blinds, single blinds, single and a half blinds and one-half blinds, to orchestrate the take-over through the most advantageous means. Ethics appears to be a illusory trait among humans, and in the field of the kill, ethics appear to be irrelevant, as that appears the best way to do it, to feed and feed upon itself.

On a similar stage a swarm of bees or even the termite could be instructed to build a structure along a framework. The best advantage is that along the same lines, a less inhumane and inorganic, or partially inorganic method and system could be used.

Back to Jack: Once I was told that a man could not really bite until he was so old that his teeth had to have fallen out.



The Chinese dragon is an interesting symbol as I once heard it proposed in a macro-space and macro-time relationship, where years expand through the universe at one angle at all times, with the angle distorted into the needed dimensions and possibly pressures both within and outside of the individual, the same individual on each plane, much like our DNA in each cell of the body from core to exterior. Could it be on a larger scale that we as individuals are echoed through-out like fiber-optics stretched over a pin-wheel shape, much as the Milky Way Galaxy, where each of us is caught on the next arm at some point before, after or during our sensed current state, possibly expressed as true and absolute as on the Kelvin Scale or more likely a fluctuating non-linear plan 2000 e. The paradox was much like the unknown side of a brief area of development of a cell during mitosis.



You must realize that due to the harsh and treacherous nature of existence that the most aggressive predators are never seen, perhaps not even at the moment of their prey's slaughter.

A wide range of technology has become available. Never doubt anything. In particular, the placing of devices into soldiers, or ex-soldiers, to use in spying or other objectives.

It is as if a separate struggle or war is waging, one which we do not know the true details. Beware, these are times of treachery and deceit and the hungry mouths do not care about what it is they feast upon, including you and I.

It is sad, but the governments have fostered hatred both on the caste level and on the race level. Is there a life form among us that is not us, but who benefits from our mutual slaughter? I would not be surprised of anything.



To our army, the invisible hand. The voices of wisdom say to preserve your bodies for the upcoming battle. You do not want to die as the overseer warned, "When the winds of war are blowing at their strongest".

We need every soldier we can get on our side. Beware of their smokes, pot and cigarettes, and if you must use pot, vaporize. Also, avoid alcohol as it sets you up for abuse and incarceration by the enemies in power. We need you alive not in jail or the cancer ward or grave at the age of 60 or younger.

Although there has been a silent war raging in America for quite some time, the sound and sight of their armaments and men and beasts are much more visible. Prepare just as if being invaded by beasts from the governments of your native city, because you are to be invaded more so very soon.

In looking back upon WWII, I once thought of something more in the science fiction realm, but of high probability. Could the war have been a set up by the same person(s) or beast(s) who were on both sides of the fence? Was the war a lie? American media makes Germany look like beasts prior to WWII, but I see beasts right in American government today doing the same things, and they appear to wear the skin of every nationality. Of course, the truth is never actually known, is it?

If the elitist regime in power in America invades Libya, let us pray that Libya has missionaries who can deliver the war back to those beasts at the top in the world who bring war upon them. The USA Government drew first blood on us, and on many of them. Extinction is better than eternal subjugation and abuses, after all, the consciousness has many forms, not just tawdry flesh. &%



Gradations of life permit the most transient and of the soil to often have the feeling that surrounding them there are living beings, acquaintances, strangers, or the unknown life force that denies form from any one perspective

Could it be that a human life when understood from a time perspective in a fractured window of light and energy, a collection of selves or acquaintances or other life form holds some people's hand and mind?

If you are another, "Jack Snatch", I suppose you could say that in order to live with yourself at another time, you have to ask yourself the nagging question, "Have you checked your conscience late-ly?"



Upon reflecting upon those who make the passing in the dreams of my etheral mist, one told me, "Get ready for a population explosion."

What does that mean I thought. Perhaps due to cloning a whole regeneration of dead people will be given a new life. Or perhaps it means that a new group of people or illusory group of people will be with us from points unknown, including possibly the hollow part of the center of the earth, or beyond. Or it could mean that these new people are just part of the illusory effect of a machine of people already in the nation(s) or a more technically advanced being. Of course it could just mean more immigration. I noted that Schwarzenegger commemorated the "Safe Passage Coin" for newly arrived immigrants.



Upon contemplating the origin of man, it has become known through crude scientific methods that gorillas and chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys could be three of the closely related ape predecessors.

The other factor(s) or beings that gave us speech originated from the mix of the apes in genetics, or another being(s) entirely was involved.

The passing of the people of the etheral mist of my dreams mentioned the di-phasic or bi-phasic, or di-urnal or bi-urnal being. Could it be that a superior being choses the animals of a place, or creates the genesis of beings and then chooses animals of a place, and then at that point two or more channels of energy or matter instill in the chosen beings the domain that we know as human consciousness and endeavor. After all, I have seen a wolf cry on a mountain top. So how special we are as part of the animal kingdom is a matter of opinion.



The transcripted messenger could be in a highly nourished environment in a group of organisms, each of the organisms dieing in time with the transcripted messenger never aging but simply utilizing the organisms to sustain living nourishment and collective thought, with a undecipherable form of communication, without there being some reciever of the exactly right wavelengths or form and perimeter to be understood or heard.

Of course if one was able to bend layers of space or tunnels in which the person or thing could traverse time, one could ascertain the entire knowledge and information of a species regardless of where and how they lived, and collect the information at a later date, which would be right about now.



In spying upon others, there are numerous entry points of observation. In particular is the symbiotic implantation of some creatue whose goal is to view or listen with its symbiotic host's brain.

What could be seen could be either transmitted or felt in some fashion with all sensory data available. Of course that brings up the horrific idea of the bio-organism implanted at some point in time of the life of the individual with either complete operation of functions desired, or with a later implantation later in life of an electronic apparatus to amplify and implanted down near the upper jaw line.

Of course one being I have considered that is a conglameration of wave forms with various energies bent to form into a thinking machine or being, much like assembling parts just in time, in which part of the being or machine would be interlaced with the brain of a symbiotic or permeable being. That being could do the same as the transplanted being but would be infinitely more complex.

Though it seems horrific, the first example with implantation was just one of the things I thought about after I had received forced injection 2000 s at a federal facility. It appears the South West USA and the federal government there approve of forced injections. To my greater horror, I later discovered they had been doing forced experiments on veterans. In addition, they told me they edit medical records and also they would not give them to me after asking numerous times for them, until I gave up in fear of dealing with the federal facility further.



Because Earth's moon is stationary on its own axis whereas other planets are not, numerous theories have been put forth as to why.

As I mentioned in another post on page Love Line 2, due to Saturn's numerous moons, I thought that some of them may have been used for transport, or weaponry, or a natural disaster.

The method of transport could be made by utilizing the walls of our cavity in space where our laws of physics apply. Could the Pyramid design have been a replica or memory in the imagination symbolizing the shape on the opposing sides of the cell wall, or cavity in space where our laws of physics apply, so as to use them as if two anchors with controllable beams of some sort. Or perhaps just one would be needed with correct apparatus to control other motions in space. That would explain any stationary planet put in place like a cue-ball and two pool sticks or chop forks.

In particular, it has been proven there are funnels or jetstreams of moving space matter in deep space. Through those perhaps the first space colonies could travel with correct apparatus and theoretical instructions upon arrival at the polar ends of our cavity in space. A space vehicle I envisioned would simply utilize the genomes of bacteria combined for the most efficient engine in harboring kinetic energy with a subsequent release and storage of energy with a enzyme process of some sort to signal release of the energy. I believe that is also on page Love Line 2, among comedy clips.

A woman once said to me that when they can move heaven and earth that will be the end. That is a matter of opinion and dependent upon who is doing the driving I suppose.

Of course I have considered reversing Saturn's rings to bring back the oceans, but that would mean stopping Saturn quickly, and the looming question is if there would be repurcussions in the balance of gravity in our solar system or otherwise. Could the moon have been coated by some ingredients necessary for life, for instance water, and if so could the moon have been stopped on its axis to shed its outer layers, of ice or water. Maybe, maybe not.

I would rather have my family in a floating space colony to the ends of space than to have to die in a foreign desolate place where the growth was downward instead of upward.



On the case of hidden technologies not allowed to the general public, I am sure they exist, just as some would hold the blue print for the atomic bomb until needed, and then release the bomb, not the blue-print.

In like kind I have witnessed many men suffer due to spinal injuries, and I have often wondered, "Is the technology available in the world to regenerate the central nervous system, which are the nerves of the central back and the brain." The techology does exist, the probability of existence in my estimate 99.2% to 99.99% The technique is being held back, among a slew of other miracles of science, likely in various sectors of the world, with some regions specializing in the giant-infant bio-engineering technologies, some others or the same are host to the computer industry, e.g. increasingly the bay area and Germany and most likely the far east and mid east. If you tip a mans hat too far, you might find out it was your own.

"Why are the miracles of science held back?", some may ask? Just as you would not want the blueprint for a miracle bomb to be available until needed, some would argue that releasing the technology for central nervous system regeneration would release tragedy for mankind, or maybe it is the bomb that some already use. After all the reneration of the Central Nervous System is just like regenerating brain tissue, and the tissue could be exploited as a living computer or being of higher intelligence or alternate intellect with new solutions for old problems and paradoxes, and a creation of new ones, of course.

Of course there is the old body snatch routine, where body parts on sold on the open market, but instead, the entire body would be used as is (Real audio link on Head Transplantation), like selecting a prime living cow at the butcher, butchered as you wait.

Would you trust Donald Trump of Trump casinos and the renowned naricissistic personality if his body was dieing and he really liked yours? That con-artist, art of the deal skims casinos and then cries bankruptcy at his businesses just recently in 2004.

Trump's "Art of The Deal" is the same old tired criminal activity. Next, it will be your head. He is just another "Jack snatch" who in this case is not allowing casino tax revenues to reach their intended destination, public schools and roads, etc.. Mobile Audit Club does cross audits on suspected skimmers.

Contact for details on how he nits u a truk N wor B, or simply recovers your funds. And of course, if you want funds laundered, Nits u a truk N wor B has their number from his ex-employer where he was a bank examiner at the FDIC in D.C. and San Francisco, and Roseville, California. The snake is e'tn u Freakin DICk A-mare-ick-a.

As a parting note, on a charitable auditing tour SainTramBone is sitting in his favorite birthday suit next to Donald Trump who is at his money counting table/skim booth. SainTramBone empties his bowels on the patent leather chair, and says, "Uh-Oh" and then SainTramBone drops his hankerchief/testicle nipple kleenex. Trump says, "I'll get it," trying to brown nose with the little feisty auditor, and wanting SainTramBone to wipe. Trump bends over and SainTramBone says, "Um, Um, Um" "You got the fattest ass of any casino boss on the strip." "And I bet you got a muff of a hairdo, just like the original 'Jack Snatch'". Trump says, "You're fired", and SainTramBone says, "You can't fire me. I f-ck and examine you for free. You're audited you fat f#ck. Now, I'm going to f#ck you up your fat as-."

Here is a link to a post on New Jersey Indymedia telling the N.J. residents to take control of their casino tax funds.



Occassionally when I dream or on one occassional odd quiescent moment, I am given warnings by people or beings, messengers, who appear to be not of this flesh, or fleeting. They have actually saved my life on one occassion in 2001. One such warning that I think everyone should consider is a warning that was given to me. The messenger said, "Whatever you do, do not let them take you prisoner."

I 2000 thought about that when I was arrested for sleeping in my vehicle while running for my life in April of 2001, which was after I had been warned to turn back in a journey in February of 2001 in which I trudged on and was attacked. In April of 2001 I was parked near the Los Angeles Veterans Administration graveyard and had a legally owned gun under my seat, because after an attempt on my life with no police or federal response, that was the only way I could go to sleep. I was arrested and forced to receive injections at the VA, endure physical abuse, and went through severe interrogations and forcing of recital of leading statements by the Treasury Departments Secret Service agents and LA VA personnel, for what was in reality an abuse for simply whistle blowing on mafia associated criminals in the federal banking system. I was a federal bank examiner one year prior to the arrest.

The Veterans Administration and the Secret Service and other federal agents, many acting on behalf of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, did not even give me the rights of a Prisoner of War under the Geneva Convention and made many outlandish claims and threats. I was simply sleeping in my vehicle with a firearm as my bodyguard. .)

In considering the messenger's warning, and all that happened to me, and the fact that the LA VA and other VA medical centers were charged with doing forced experiments, and the fact that they delayed in allowing me to view my medical records there, in which I finally gave up, I consider all government to be suspect of the most heinous of atrocities, which history in the USA has proven to be true. I do not consider all in government to be my enemy, as many of them will eventually fall victim to the abuses many of us have suffered.

Emerging technologies will soon enable the select groups of people to snatch our entire bodies to use in replacing the bodies of the aged in their select groups. A link to a broadcast in Real Audio regarding the current status of head transplantation is here. This is the link where I found the Real Audio Clip on Head Transplantation.

Although I do not believe the science has been perfected, it is only a matter of time until the true horror of being captured by government or corporate moguls has begun. You may simply be decapitated and have your organs sold on the open market, or even worse, you may be held for experimentation.

In the near future, I believe earnestly that you should do as the messenger said and, "Do not let them take you captive." They have no ethics. Their courts are whorehouses for the corrupt and their courts are our living nightmare. We have no country. We have masters of our dieing destiny. Protect yourself and your loved ones at all times, just as if the experimenters and body snatchers are walking among us, because they are.

Stephen Hawking said we will not even recognize humans in the next millenium due to genetic modification, but he does not expect genetically modified humans within the next 100 years. Hawking said the genetically modified humans will not be as we know them in 2000 due to genetic manipulations. He also gave a dire warning.

He said the only way that genetic transformation of the human race could be stopped would be if a global totalitarian state arose. Hawking understands physics but not the dark and selfish and fearful heart of mankind, whether there are many empires or one totalitarian state empire. I believe the global totalitarian state would lead to a genetically modified group of people who want to be the super race. Extinction, enslavement, social manipulation or medical experimentations would be all that remains for unmodified humans, whether the modifications are done to most of the population or to a select group. Are Russia's and the USA's leading factions holding hands and leading us to that horrific totalitarian state? Only time will tell, and most likely sooner than later.

Also, Hawking may be wrong about no genetic modifications within the next 100 years are likely. I disagree and believe in the next 100 years the super race(s) will be among us ordinary humans on a regular basis, although the science may not be perfected. The fear I have is the creeping in of insanity into those highly intelligent beings. The dark side of all animals is forever the beast that thirsts for survival, even if their view of the end goal is to eliminate all competition, or even life itself.

I have placed a rose at your feet to alert you. Do you see thorns or flowers? That determines where we stand in relation to each other, and somehow I feel we will all meet again on opposite sides of the rose, camp vs. camp, rose petal or rosewood thorn, warning or threat?. The ruling factions of the USA and even Russia look down their noses at the commoners in the far strung provinces with ridicule and disdain, like apes ready for a blood bath, so I say we rap them in rosewood and charge the wilderbeasts through the crimson bush. Just do not lose your head.



Someone once mentioned to me the possibility of a secret society hidden within our government and society and who make those from their inner circle appointed to the highest positions.

The eyes are very deceptive. Human nature is like a wolf pack always on the brink of starvation. So who are those at the top? Are they us? And who are those men of low rank who treat us like monkeys in their pens?

Many people abuse others for many reasons. Often the law allows the abuse. The American courts are the best example where there is no justice, just robbery, contempt, and a longing for annihilation of the opponent.

Somehow I picture that inner circle as being able to see something about themselves we do not see. Or maybe they are just like wolves, familiar with the scent of every wolf in the pack.

Life is short. And for most creatures and most people I have known, life is hard. Why then do our courts deny us our rights? Their lies are rampant and blatant, with a sort of self-righteousness reserved for the inn-keeper at the zoo.

In the end, I believe we are very different in our groups, and I am not talking about race or geographic locality or even religion. I believe that the human species, as I am, are more of a gentle natured type, unless pressed into a situation of life and death. I believe there are other(s), who are not like us. They profit from their deviancy and use our species temperment against us, having us wage war upon each other.

Somehow on a simplistic level, I think of those who oppose our species as having a sort of water-mark, or group or clan symbol, upon the forehead. Much like the ankh symbol of life of ancient Egypt, except the arms of the cross are not there and the form is thicker in the center, as if the arms of the cross are broken off and placed on the sides and slightly compressed with the top more of a filled instead of hollow circle. Perhaps that is the symbol of another life. Of course, it could just be the nightmares associated with the stress and abuse I had to endure during the period 2001 until 2004.

In the end, our lives appear short and many 2000 portions meaningless. Of course that is likely better than the wilderness, but a nice spot on the settee would be much better.

Once I was told by someone that some would still walk after a nuclear blast. How? Like a hologram where the image or being appears there or projected in? Or is it their true shell that scurries through the burned debri? Or maybe nothing is there, like a slate wiped clean of life, or maybe only a memory housed by a greater being of something or someone that was there.

What amazes me most is the blatant injustice of the USA circa 2000. For instance, many people can not even speak at forums without being thrown around by a paid mercenary. .



In thinking upon Plato and the uncertainty and perceived existence, I can not help but look upon the primitive killing fields. The hunt never ends or age creeps in anyway. Stalker and prey for all eternity. The most illusive adversary is the one who makes you think you are king, while his/her or their or its stinger has you dance like a puppet.

If Plato was right, and if his mentor, Socrates, danced naked and singing in the streets, and this life is nothing more than one big absurd delusion, where one thing is perceived and the reality is another, then the harshness remains and there appears that just as in the field, our greatest adversary(s) have us in a world of delusion per their benefit or symbiotic benefit. The question becomes, can anyone put their finger directly on the delusion and prove the perceived reality is false, much like asking one to point out a barracuda at sea and have them spear it in the water. Their aim will most likely be false, because of the delusion of where the fish is located, and due to the distorted view in the water.

Then I look around myself and at people like myself, people with no money in abundance, no family connections in government or extreme power, and whose view is not shared by those in power. Those people who have brought us needless wars and a government as corrupt and disheartening as Mexico's, seem to share all the benefits while the only benefit I see on the increase for the vast majority of humans is a time of starvation or imprisonment and misguidance by government and mass media and a lack of social institutions to break cycles of despair. What is also on the increase is blatant criminal behavior by those in power in government and business, often allowed.

Therefore I hypothesize at least two causes of the delusion, although they are just hypotheses, and would need to undergo further testing.

First, there appears to be a huge gap between what we are told in the USA and what happens in the USA. I believe people have generally remained silent as their bread was placed in front of them. The bread is running out, and we all know it, and we now know we are nothing special to our government or those millionaires in power. Fodder for the fire at best.

The possibility always exists that something exterior to ourselves has crept in among us and taken the reigns of our self destiny as a species. The possibilities of the invasive agent are almost endless, machine, or human phenotype and with a mind or thought exterior to that experienced and known by our species, or even further delusion inflicted upon our species.

Of course, it could be for those exterior to ourselves to be dealing with us as nothing more than milking an onry spider-web-protein synthesizing genetic mutant, transgenic, goat.

The road to destruction has many courses. Perhaps when a species reaches a certain point, those exterior to that species, whether within a centimeter or native to other cavities in space, rush into their bio-sphere to harness it for use as a machine, or to utilize it as a food source, whether feeding as a parasite in a long term, or carniverous in the short term, or both.

What concerns me is the closed door nature of American government, in reality. This newer blatant indifference and immense cover-ups tells me that the machine is out of skew, and our species feels the centrifugal force in all of its negatige ramifications including, starvation, drug addiction, imprisonment, and a caste setting educational system, with no real program to break all cycles of despair.

Those in power not only steal from us our right to participation and reconnaisance in spying on government, but many of our relative's and acquaintances are blatantly stolen from by those in power and their acquaintances. It is as if they have absolutely no ethics, at all, and no limits or restraints. Companies are bankrupted on purpose by factions of government so their syndicate can take the blue chip position. Scientists and authors, case in point Winston Groom the author of the book and sell-out movie, Forrest Gump, are swindled by criminals wearing suits with connections in Hollywood to D.C., and the authors or scientists end up with nothing. The accountants at the movie studio gave Groom a percentage of net profits instead of gross profits for the movie. They made sure there was no net income, although those criminal power brokers in Hollywood and D.C. always profit, often at our expense. The government and industry steal our will to endeavor. They are guiding us to our final water filled graves. If you have something to patent, take it to Canada first, then the U.S.A. A mafia has spread over the entire USA federal government, and its hidden power broking mobsters are behind the National Treasury Employees Union and they have interspersed their agents into high positions in numerous federal agencies.

Regardless, one of the invasive forces may have taken those key positions and are maneuvering in for the eventual kill. Perhaps our species eventual extinction, or worse.

A second hypotheses is that the entire thing is a delusion. Much like a muscle interspersed with sinewy neuron, we move and dance completely deluded but moving and producing, as part of the larger machine.

Many variations of hypotheses can be made. .

The first step is I hope that the common pull together and demand every persons right to government, to enter government meetings, to vote, to be heard on Public Access Broadcasting which is being stolen from us throughout the most fascist of cities in America.

One final thing regarding a logical fear of transgenics in our little biosphere we inhabit, known as mother Earth. Just like a beginning computer programmer makes serious mistakes that can crash a program or computer, so can the geneticist tinkering with transgenics in our biosphere. We call the faulty programming logic, spaghetti logic because the program always crashes eventually due to lack of structure. Can we afford to have mother nature's program crash on Earth, while we are part of the code? My answer is save the experimentation for space. We will need it there anyway to survive. Leave the original code unchanged. It took a long time to write, and we could be factored out. Who is your government representative really? And who are you in relation to him, her, or it?


Once in one of those dreams in which they are different because those who you converse with seem all too real. Or perhaps I was under a forced sedation as part of an experiment, as I do not rule anything after what I have discovered a 1fc5 bout experiments in US Government and industry and the nature of the world. (I do not rule out anything in today's world.)

I saw and heard a man-like being who asked, "Do you think bio-engineered transgenic people are a good idea?" In the dream I replied that I thought it was weird or wrong or some reply of a negative sort. The man-like being said back to me in a stern voice, "Well you better get used to it."

When I look at what is going on in transgenics, I saw it coming. The catch is that I do not feel that those in power care about anything other than themselves. To me, the USA system of defense is a terrorist threat. There is a nuclear bomb within striking distance of a few minutes from every USA city. They do not let me vote in the USA like millions of others and they have created a prison state and criminal empire within government whose only concern is money and power. Now, what type of being will they house in their closet to further themselves and destroy us on the outside of their circle? Of course, some group could create an unstoppable pandemic and give themselves the innoculation needed to survive. All is fair in love and war.

Those in power know we are we awakening to their mode of operations. The table is skewed, more for some than others, and in different directions. Today democracy for all, not the USA propagandized democracy that is in actuallity a regime of dictators. By midnight, global space colonies to quarantine what may be the last vestiges of our species.