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Segment January 30, 2010: comedy_ LOTT_road_PEN_world__JOKES_free_FOR_all

I often think of what I call, "Lott Road Humor", because it entails the classic under educated in school but over educated in hard knocks.  This applies to all spectrums of skin tone on Lott Road, because let's face it, if you live on Lott Road, you have had a hard life or will and you ain't nothing but an uneducated redneck nigger or post facto nigger redneck.  It makes no difference even if you are a nigger wetback slope head redneck.   The greatest thing you can do to cripple a child on Lott Road is to teach them that they are better than another due to their skin tone or genetic heritages.  Hard work and dedication and clarity of mind are the greatest virtues, although I do not judge as I have seen some humble scientists stumble down Lott Road as well and enough corpses to count my own days.

The ugliest thing about the mass media is that they teach the redneck nigger, nigger redneck post facto that owning a gun will keep them safe on Lott Road.  You see it in all the movies.  All the kids on Lott Road want to be there, at times square, popping off some caps in somebody's dumb trash ass.   Of course for me, I was more suave and debonaire, as I started out in a black slum known as Prichard Alabama during the height of paper mill snow.  I later carried a gun to protect myself because they had capped some fat bastards ass at the FDIC where I worked ever so briefly.  Federal Dick knows where to tell us Redneck Niggers to go.  It is in the design.  I recommend knot accounting, which is engineering, and if you take a finance course and if they try to kill you and attack you with needles and forced poverty, you can teach them Archimedes principles the way Archimedes taught those who came to attack him.   Back in Prichard, that white paste that drifted down from the mills is snow for the redneck nigger, nigger redneck post facto, but on this day, now that the mills are mostly gone, the houses are cheap, cheap, cheap in Prichard.  The yacht club there has some of the finest boats, far outstripping the prices of the homes.   It is every bit as nice as Perdido except the government sells crack right down the road in Prichard and Booze in Perdido, so to equate to a heroin sandwich when combined, although I have never done so and would not have lived as long as I have if I had. 

For many of us, we know alcohol is like like morphine over the rocks.  The Europeans drink alcohol like a pig at swill, but many racial groups do not handle it very well.  Their kidneys are not equipped for it.  I know one man, and I will not call him negro because he is family now, but when he was young in Alabama, his father grew his own marijuana patch.  It was right after the government seized down with their syndicate action from Mexico and the federal mafia on marijuana importation and sale and distribution.  Before his father in the 60's could grow a field of it.  In the 70's the old man had his son harvest his medicine.    His son was arrested and did over 4 years in prison.   The man was changed for the rest of his life.   There is no redneck nigger or nigger redneck on Lott Road going to send any one to prison for growing their own medicine.  We can't afford no doctors and if we use VA health care we are used like a Redneck Negro, Negro Redneck Post Facto Guinea Pig. 

I saw an article stating a man was insane in Los Angeles at the VA in Westwood.  He was hiding bullets in his room.  They were doing experiments on men there, heart experiments among one of the experiments.  Forced experiments.  He was one of us.  The gun was handed to the other guy and the other guy and those were just extra bullets. 

I have a new pledge of allegiance, "I know Lott Road"  Bam, you are done. By the way, never let the government scare you on Lott Road. Never carry a gun. It is useless and they will torture your or kill you. That is the new Lott Road. I call if Calfifornia. On Lott Road in California it is the same as Lott Road in Alabama, sometimes If I Could Just Kill A Man, Cypress Hill on Youtube.

Segment January 27, 2010:  BANKING_living_CELL_system_EQUIVOCAL_leprosy_STAGNATION_capitalism_SOCIALISM_racketeer

In theoretical equivalence of a banking regulatory or financial regulatory system as in the pure form of capitalism as it equivocates to a living cell and its equivalent currency which is energy, it appears the USA economy has become gangrenous due to mismanagement and most likely malevolence coming from several areas and likely one or more sources.    

I, Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner, investigative journalist, American Holocaust Number X ---911-- since 2001, ran a test recently and bought a home at a representative price for homes in the area in Pensacola Florida.   When I had spent a large sum on the home, and after examining other homes in the area costing twice as much within one block, the FHA blocked the sale of the home due to not wanting to back up the loan.

The bank, the customer, and me the seller wanted to sell the home at the agreed upon price and the buyer qualified for what the bank thought it was worth. The FHA fell short in backing the loan with stubborn indignation in holding to a grid system of setting housing prices that slots the poor to be forever poor and not worth investing in individual homes of that price range in the area. Considering it is a banana republic, it is a wreck from the outset.  I was losing money, but in a way it was a test, since the beginning. I suspect deep and severe malevolence and corruption in the housing markets of both Mobile Alabama and Pensacola Florida. However, beyond that, the FHA is not backing loans and as a result they are causing the economy to stall. Of course with international banking loans in the trillions authorized by the bloody FDIC and Treasury, we the working class are as good as dead or slaves in the USA. Forever peasants at the best. The time has come for severe changes in the way we are being set up and the way we help ourselves. We can not count on anyone to carry American money to the bank, and the people at the banks do not care if you are enslaved. This set up will not make it.

Their economy is not a socialist economy, although it has indications of it, and their economy is not a capitalist country because the buyer was willing to buy and had the ability to finance at a bank at a higher price than the government would allow.   The government was also extorting or charging closing costs.  There is a customary 2500 dollar closing cost, but the government added 5000 in a fee to the buyer, which is really just extortion. Racketeering should be expected in real estate in the area with large developers getting inside information and taking large windfalls in profits.  In addition, by doing this, they limited my ability to move on to some thing new and for the family to move in to the home. I would likely go back to living in my vehicle and transient and spent money doing so and maybe found work. I am blacklisted from federal employment. I investigated their criminals. They tried to kill me. Took my weapons. Forcibly injected me. Had me attacked a few times, some times with witnesses. I do not fear them nor death. I run tests, and some day, they will speed by and I will stop to pick up the dead or their wallets.  They have choked capitalism. 

The nature of a living cell is to die if it is not constantly receiving movement within.  The air, the water, the exchange of new and used materials is paramount except when the organism is dieing or in hibernation.   The banking system is like that.  It should keep things moving, especially those  things within reason.

Consider the mathematics of the home sale. Customer approved for more than cost of home after closing costs with the 7500 for the FHA included was 134500. Bank approved 135000. FHA approved 132000. The difference was 2500 that could not be financed. I may be letting the house go in foreclosure or deed in foreclosure. I was attacked again and I had a witness. I devour corrupt lawmen and corrupt banking regulators and their federal and local idiots, cowards with or without badges in formation or out of formation, enjoy attacking me, us. 

I see no reason to maintain the lies in the United States.  It never was that good and it is getting worse.  Some cultures kill each other and use each other like experimental animals.  Capitalism is as dead as a hand with gangrene in the United States. FHA stands for F-cking Heavy Arm of government in my mind.  I hope their regime is toppled or that someone raises their gangrenous business hand and tells the truth. F-ck em. That is dead F-DIC bank examiner humor

The government tried to claim I was a threat in 2001. I had been attacked after investigating an FDIC suicide that was most likely a murder. The 911 took the message, but the federal police did not respond when I contacted them. They expected me to lay down and die. They instead took me off guard when I trusted the VA. A federal police agent jacked me up with intravenous injections and then forced medical procedures. They had been ordered to stop two years earlier. The lies are many I am sure. There are other problems out there and I think that AIDS was caused by man's splicing of monkey and human DNA and having sex with that man or woman chimera. AIDS is a simian disease, meaning of the monkey kingdom. I saw pictures of some men in India who masturbated all day to spectators amusement, and the men looked like monkey human chimera. It could have been something else, but this is the magic kingdom and enlightened age. Never serve them. Never trust them. Never turn your back on them. Your children, our future generations may not exist. Perhaps sometimes non existence is preferable to prolonged suffering of many generations. The government VA should pass out cyanide so we can opt out of VA healthcare in the event of terminal illness. The same thing should apply for indigent patients in government funded hospitals. We hate the USA government and their police state in the same way they hate us. Our enemies are on the thrones of Earth. Greed, indifference, a dead or non-existent humane mind.

Segment January 24, 2010:  TRUTHS_revelations_KURT_brown_BANK_examiner_MEDICAL_tool_DEATH_trip

Scene:  ARD F-DIC Party Clown in Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now silhouette, reminiscing and thinking aloud about Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone's surviving FDIC bank examiner's true youthful years:  " I remember thinking of all of the lies I and others were told as children and the way we learned we had to figure out the observed truth mixed with the told lies, and in the saddest instance we were not told the whole truth, and we were expected to read between the lines.  The lines held the lies.  The recital of their lines of truths that conflicted with our observed truths, thereby negating their lines to a pack of lies.  Some of us were taught to self destruct, some did, some only partially succeeded. 

I remember reading after I was a man and I discovered the whole truth in the pack of lies and lines that a man was insane for having bullets in his room.  He was being used in experiments.   Federal officials claimed he was insane before he had the bullets and then they started doing forced experiments on him.  It appears the truth is that he was healed and became sane, because he could see between the lines.    They were behaving as his enemy by using him as an experiment, and perhaps to him it was a test to him to see if he was healed, and the proof was that he healed simply by his mounting a proper self defense, or attempting to do so.

 His clarity of mind would have been appreciated if he had succeeded because I was injected at that same facility and fed to the lions of the federal banking syndicates and their corrupted courts two years later and  immediately prior to 9-11-2001.  Ironically, I was scheduled to be released on 8-11-2001 after the forced injections and incarcerations. It was the first time I was incarcerated and it was because I believed in their lines and lies, and perhaps because God was using me in a test. It works like that you know.   Some say I was brought back from the dead at the LA VA Westwood where the man, the veteran, hid the extra bullets.  Some say I was an experiment. I have many scars that are unexplained to prove it. When the government does anything, they do every thing. They have the financial budget to carry it out if desired.    They led me down a fire escape in shackles to an operating room of sorts at LA VA Westwood. The Treasury Departements Secret Service is keeping Treasury dirty F-DIC secrets. But what is the truth? 

 Some have  yet to read between the lines in the greater truths.  My revenge is no revenge but a great truth --  Those in power are not God.  Genetic engineering is going to leave man in a crumpled mass a shit, and the funny thing is, they mocked those who had a mass of shit on their F-DIC.    I just tried to see if it was indeed shit and to wipe IT off.   That would have been me, mass'a shit f-dic wiper, Bank Examiner in Charge.  I ran a test on St. Valentine's Day 2001 outside the San Francisco F-DIC and I was tortured for it.  This war never ends just like the movement of a clump of neutrinos in a spin cycle at point of spontaneous infusion, it just starts again, a new way, the same way. A colon that releases a mass a shit behind an F-DIC has chimerea.

A little diddley from 1960, the Shadows, Apache on Youtube, since I saw myself and another veteran there being treated in suspicuous circumstance, and I would like to take a chance in the shadows or a 9.11 million dollar hap hap happy hapazard dance to or by death. Makes no difference to me. I run with horses (PJ Harvey, Horses In My Dreams, on Youtube). This last music video link looks like LA VA Westwood, LA County Jail, and the Chimera down at the county medical experiment ward, Skunk Ananzie, Brazen (Weep) on Youtube.

Joke of the day. 15 states have legalized marijuana. The other states are held hostage. New Jersey Italians, California Spaniard Mexicans, the prohibitionist dream. Florida eats shit. So, in pain, with no medical care except the possibility of another forced injection or forced medical procedure at the hands of the federal government or those they control, I whistle a joke with Skunk Anansie, (Twisted), Every Day Hurts,(Youtube link).

In closing, I have noted a certain snobbery, or perhaps it is a hiding of some blood line ancestries.    The inhumanity of man reaches all veins of man.  I am looking for a humane place to hide from the animals within man.   The final truth is that all things contained within a larger sphere would likely be inferior to that sphere.  The greater challenge would be to determine if the greater sphere thought you were significant, perhaps putting you through Heaven or Hell, because after all, that which does not kill you will only make you stronger if not smarter.  The chimera were a real thing.  But they were illusory in nature.  The tinkering hand of man knows no bounds.  Some felt the slight sting back when man was held down by primitives in the art of medicine.  It was an art, and today, it is more.  Immunologically, you will all be dead in a couple of generations of fortnights, whatever that means.  Life is a delusion if not an illusion.  They decapitate us at birth it seems, but some drag their heads around and their tiny asses back up to the battlefield, oft of no choice of their own.   Being chimera is being a life in a bug's ass because man suddenly seems rudimentary, primitive, backward, and a bit like a pack of apes.   So I might as well think of the greater sphere and the challenges of that one, and all of that Charlie Big Potato, by Skunk Anansie of Youtube sings about.

Segment January 23, 2010: SCIENCE_chimera_COP_security_CRIMINAL_psycho_CLUB_cynocephali

The funny thing about life is   how rudimentary things are and how metaphysical they are from our vantage point.    I have recently started to delve into the real possibility that man's genome was crossed with other animals genomes in the area of the Mediterranean in ancient times.   I have been engaged in a sort of silent combat with lesser beings for the past 9 or 10 years and I am accustomed to their harassment and attacks.  The first three years were Hell because I did not know their true nature and that they are more capable of things worse than murder than they are in going ahead and being brave and murdering me and us or leaving us alone.    Some call it Yellow murder to kill when you can instead capture and utilize a person.  IN that instance murder is a kind of mercy.

Chimera were all the rage of ancient times.  I started wondering what animals would have been mixed, on the tip of it.  Others may have been used to facilitate DNA exchange across species.  The chimera of today are of a greater percentage than ever before of things other than those creatures composing man and the predecessor of man, the three apes and their constituent creatures in their historical anatomical makeup. 

I had a man come to my home pretending to be a renter once.  I thought his head looked like an ant, due to its flatness and length and shortness in height.    But after looking at this list of creatures from Greece, it became apparent, he was in fact more like a dog, and had cynocephali.  I feel sorry for him, especially because he is such a low level worker and thinks that what he does is, "material" in significance. 

I think many young people should ask, "what is material" in my life.  Sometimes we have to be without it to know.  The level of mourning tells the truth.  Sometimes I too seem and feel like a freak on a leash (Korn and Amy Lee on Youtube). 

Segment January 18, 2010: WAR_criminal_EMPIRE_history_CANNIBAL_man_KIND

On aspects of science, and high finance, and war.  I once thought of killing a bloke.  A small token of my esteem for all of those who he had wronged, including yours personally.  But I do not do that sort of thing, unless he has killed, and then he is a free hit, and I have never had the experience.   

Aside from that, there is always the fate that you may be getting a decoy.  The whole thing might be a set up of a sort.  There are several ways to approach this in much the same way a spider can come through a wall. 

Do not waste your time on killing targets of the enemy regime in power.  It would likely require seizure of an area but then what have you done, built yourself a prison.  I personally do not care if the regime's top members are decapitated, but you might have to go up an amplitude to get rid of the real poison in the noise.

I am often harassed by little brained people. One of them has a head that looks like an ant to me. No brain, much bone.   I attack their leaders.  It is my occupation and I am not ashamed of it, but in the end it is rubbish, like Sheriff Jack Tillman, ex sheriff, the LA VA Westwood a proven medical atrocity encampment, and of course the federal banking regulatory and employment arena, a syndicated and double headed snake.  I like my little inventions but I need a laboratory.  The Germans have them and the Czechs, with their big bug jaws already crunched and on the way to the moon.  We are like slaves under a dictator of filth.  The almighty exodus we need, and don't forget to pack away your guns.  They blow your brains out and call you unconscious suicidal. 

F-ck the regime.  They injected me.  I hope the rising military coup overthrows the war criminals, but you must realize, the split pea has two sides, and this thing has been waging for quite a while. The missed target that makes you think it was hit, in effect wins.

I have a riddle for you in post traumatic stress from prolonged warfare with federal and local governmental crime syndicates and the ignorant of those who follow them and pick up their crumbs by attacking or harassing men such as myself, independents.    "If you have been attacked repeatedly by government types and the new ignorant war criminal horde, if one of them tells you to look over there, should you: A) Look  or B) Keep your eyes concentrated on the person in front of you like you are looking at a possible enemy combatant or saboteur?    

This is a serious question I have to face, and I was partially blinded by poisons when in forced exile after informing on sanctioned FDIC crimes and murders, sanctioned by local offices and D.C. It was a set up involving first attacking me and making me fearful, having a sheriff take my gun permit, having me forcibly injected nad tortured in LA and then sent to court.          I was harassed again today.  People lay traps for you when you are in good in your field if you are in effect a predator, which I am in auditing and investigations of murderers and serial killers and sociopaths and assassinations and mercenary hits.    Some day I might get really hungry.  Perhaps, space flight, or a company that allows escape from the morbid minds of Earth.  If we are shot at like the USA Space Shuttle by a laser, it is my home we can capture the source and take a few hundred for a hot ride.

We no longer look at each other as allies, and never did, but things are different now, a new truth, for some.  I simply want escape and I hope to make a dollar from it.  Perhaps that should be my endeavor and to rip the bottom out of the casino industry in the Americas.  Money laundering, liquor guzzling filth is robbing us on many levels.  Who cares if negative capitalists fall, just make sure you take their wallets on their fall and spread it around.  They want  war, lets give them Bedlam.  Eat chimera, it's your caviar is our message to them.

Segment January 17, 2010: SCIENCE_simian_AIDS_escherichia_COLI_enteric_OTHER_species_LESS_same_MORE

AIDS is believed to be a Simian based disease, meaning it crossed from monkeys to humans.  Enteric diseases or those diseases involving the human digestive tract with bad strains of E. coli that have become virulent among the healthy in the human digestive tract may illustrate also that in a disease that has been altered by crossing one animal with another that is similar or one organism with another that is similar, the disease is far more virulent. 

In Chimera borne diseases, the diseases of cross strains of animals, the diseases may actually be thwarted somewhat in their virulence to humans due to the extreme differences of the preceding host DNA, such as a human and a cow. However the cow could be rendered useless as a food source due to human based or similar diseases such as human kuru and mad cow disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.     

Now, if you consider that many human sexual couples would have spontaneous abortions due to incompatibility of immune systems or other systems impacting immune systems, then our tampering with genetics in medicine by utilizing the loci on segments of genes on the DNA strands could open the door to diseases far more deadly than AIDS.

What can be done about it?  Limit genetics engineering or take it into space.  That is where genetics engineering belongs, outer space and extremely restricted.  The sad part about it is that under the ideal, the two could not be in close proximity, which could lead to new species.  But that is what genetics engineering is about.  New species.  Some live, some fail, and some say that all comes out the same in the end.  Deceptions in the void is what I refer to life as, because many of can see the partial lie in life.

Segment January 14, 2010: COMEDY_camel_MAN_ride_CHIMERA_jack_MESSAGE_nail_NOW_claw_HAMMER

This scene is in the vein of Marlon Brando all sweaty and hell like in an Apocalypse now type of cave, "When Harrad approached the battle fields to the East, he said, "I have never seen so much beauty".    He then masturbated with a strawberry till it was half finished.  He then fed it to his camel and she said, ...mmmm....mmmm... and so began the beginning of long eye lash women and men, the  camel-man chimera.  Strawberries unburied. What Is Life? (George Harrison Youtube.)  " and of course the lyrics to the song are linked here.

"Do not think that it is perverse when man is now crossing genetics of humans with rats in a test tube and beyond and they are released in the fields of cattle.  A camel hair sack is all the rage with my Moroccan girlfriends and I can not promise them I do not have mad camel diseases.".

For further humor of that vein, I, the ARD F-DIC Party Clown pick up the hammer with claw and say to Jack from our meeting on 4-3-2001 in Mob AL at the federal dictators palace and governmental building monstrosity, and you handed the nail to the governments federal syndicate men on 4-23-2001 in Los Angeles and they drove in the needles, the nails, and it will not mend.  No Jesus complex Jack, just hard ball political negotiation with the an-artist, another American Holocaust victim who refuses to be victimized further.  I am a Surgical Specialist Jack.

(Different scene: I would like to have the viewpoint of the outside observer in the Apocalypse Now movie, as I am trying to redo the movie in modern times in my now cage home on Perdido Bay as seen in earlier comedies on this page. The actor was Martin Sheen in the movie, but in that same tone from the cave in the encampment.  Sheen is near the stone home, and in the distance men are having sex with some camels brought in from Iraq and quarantined at the ARD F-DIC Clowns encampment.  In a different metal doom as he calls it are the genetic engineering offices.  The clown was taking his slice of the action.  The bank examiner with a medical degree and a tooth missing.  I could see it on those war criminal commanders with the money who wanted him out of the equation and in the Guinea Pig program for the Veterans Administration and the Department of War.  They wanted him dead or in jail or an insane asylum.  He wanted to know more and he knew when things were moving.  His edge was not to tell but he did, and he slung it in your face when he did so.  Camel dung.  ).

Scene: ARD F-DIC Party Clown in Brando voice, "I wish I had a Sweet Carol plan like the Pat-zy Bovenzi of the almighty F-DIC, or the Sheriff Snatch Possum Man of Ala-Bama, or the hidden monsters who altered me forever with their forced injections in the federal government. That was their first blood on me that I am aware. I suspect they had made a whore out of me in the dentist chair or much sooner, perhaps a chimera by design. Their mighty cars and buildings mean nothing due to our loss of human rights...If I was completely human, but am I mathematically more or less than a human if I am a chimera, part man and other creature? Our children's very DNA is the soup they use to wash themselves and fatten their bank accounts. Something about a sweet scare-em day is a sweet scarey way. Apples are much better with mixed nuts, would not you agree Snatch?."

Scene: Sheriff Snatch Possum jumps up dropping his nuts and apple and swinging his gun. An explosion goes off and Snatch is knocked unconscious by a flying bongo, which is a hard stick released and activated by rapid movement. The clown says, "I am sorry Snatch, you are out of that game."

Scene: Like the character Dennis Hopper in that movie who hangs outside of the encampment, this character speaks to the assassin sent to capture the ARD F-DIC Party Clown, "What did I tell you man. Stay the f-ck out of there. They have something going down on everybody in town. He took it back em to man, dirty needles and all. They drew first blood, he said, give me second and a third, until it was ridiculous. The whole plan was just to get off the planet man. It's going down in flames. Now the loaves and fishes are burning, you know what I mean." (The character then reaches down and scratches his ankle) "I got this bump like a spur man, and on my back I got these wings that hurt like hell under the flesh and look at this man, a clump of hair like two caterpillars horns on my head man, and look here on my chest, heart experiments man, and on my groin too. It's happening here man. If I was you, I would not let em stick a bug up your ass, nostril, and if it goes in your eye, you are a toast in bed man. Bedlum, you know what I mean." The man then jumps as if seeing something flash in front of him. He flees in a panic. The assassin thinks, "They have got new games in town."

In the Marlon Brando Vein, ARD F-DIC Party Clown reminisces, "I picture myself going back across bloody ground, now forbidden to myself by a corrupt Los Angeles Judge from circa 9-11-2001.   I picture myself at the FDIC San Francisco and that pimple faced harlot who squeezed a fast one past me in the form of a pink slip, I am drinking her milkshake in this vision, and I say, "I wonder if you would have squeezed past me in the hole I dug for myself, the hole you said I had dug for myself on the bloody FDIC floor during your beloved and comical Y2K.  The Yiddish children used to call him-me Tin Goiter because I came through so fast in the tunnels, for what it was worth.  Until I was hung, and those children, those lovely children in their rags.  Like all of those cow chimera children you never see today ground up by the 10th day. Es La Ley. (It's the law). A cow's sabbath I suppose, 10 fingers, 10 toes. Are you a Cow Chimera sweet Carow? Guess? This milk shake tastes sweet." "I wish had a flash of cotton, just a flash of cotton sweet carow. I comes from down south." (Scene -- A splash, a squeal, a laugh, a clown's coming moan) "I just want to let you know I am going to let you go home from work to come to terms with cotton. I want you put these red undies on while I go wet my mouth. A mouth of cotton. Sweet. A cotton mouth. Got some tin to drink?"

Scene in the dream of ARD F-DIC Party Clown: A secret service agent who is the syndicates starts his anti chimera routine "He better not hurt her". FDIC Bank Examiner Saint Ram Bone says, "Even if it shot her in the mouth it won't hurt her. She has a bug mouth. Her throat is a gutter." The ARD F-DIC Party Clown which is the more advanced ego of Saint Ram Bone says, "You know Sweet, I advanced my degrees since we last me. I am a surgical specialist now." I then inspect the cottage cheese between Sweet Carow's thighs. "Got Dam" I say. Then I poke her toe with a needle to test reflexes. Sweet Carow says, "Got cheese between my thighs and sap in my toes, so what?" As the air wreaks from Sweet Carol, I reply, "Sow what?" "Sow what" "Are you Chimera pig Sweet Carow?" "You sure are big not to be a pig. I like pig women Sweet Carow. I am very fond of cotton on pig women or big women, a difference exists you know." "There, examination is over." "15 minute fee. One free cup of disease. Courtesy Germain." AT that time I put my tongue up Sweet Carow's cracker hole with Saint Ram Bone assisting with his tongune and my friends in the Siesta boots and the Mob AL Earnest Frank Crown Clown spins the fat lady on the phono. He announces, "Blue Ball F-DIC BOD Here, Sweet Satan. Listen Up. WE want money." (Youtube Music Mix).

Scene: Cut to reality. As the ARD F-DIC Clown, Kurt Brown, is driving off empty handed in my ragged clown truk in my worn out blue jeans from my delapidated house that I was deceived in buying during an indifferent time. I look to the foreclosure agent knowing I will never pay because they will not allow me to work again. "Aww, don't worry about it. You don't owe me anything. I'm going to get a new toof, the roof was on me." He rolls the tongue across the roof of his mouth where the government or someone did the illegal incisions. Know, they don't know me ninny thing.

As an aside, the devoid nature of all things leaves one bewildered, but the full nature of those things held up to truth in purity in analysis last forever, quarantined in the mind in analysis finale..

Some deceptions seem odd.  It is very similar to when you are being blinded by a bright burst of sunlight and you are trying to discern the edge of  a building so you can drive by it.

You can deceive death like a snake sliding from it's skin, but don't get caught in IT, after a while, IT is not the same. Sometimes I miss those cool San Franciscan Eves,(San Francisco Nights, Animals on Youtube)


Segment January 11, 2010: SCIENCE_genetics_BOBBY_pin_MAN

I once envisioned the genetically engineered man.  At a low concentration of genetic manipulations and additions from other species, the man was somehow stilted a little higher, albeit his small problems from those improvements.  I equate this to have what would amount to being bobby pins also known as women's old fashioned hair pins, in ones arms to add strength, rigidity, and flexibility. 

Then as you add more bobby pins you get other improvements but more debilitations.  Then in the end, the person falls down in a jumble of bobby pins that will not hold water, or basically a sack of feces held together with stilts.

In our era of computer programming and artifical intelligence, it is easy to do all that the mind can imagine. However when one starts altering the very essence of the biosphere, including man and his food products and those other species in the biosphere, we will find that there is no date stamp we can reset the biosphere back toward. Many are angry in the USA and likely overseas over these same issues. Humans are often treated as stuped guinea pigs, who are held up the medical cross way, labeled insane or criminal or deficient and carted away. Some have no limits and see humans as defective or animal. We should use caution when dealing with governments, their medical establishments, and all those who portend to be doing things our way, meaning that of positive capitalists. The negative capitalists in our era have greater sway in politics and medicine for profit. Some men in the past have eaten each other as part of ritual and delight. Some organized to kill for profit and control over their domain. Their domain? That is the question. Whose body is under whose domain? I want 9.11 million or I want, the next movement, away from main stream kindred lies.

The rule on genetics engineering in God's domain is in my estimation is thus, if you can integrate your genome through intercourse sexually, then it is permitted, as deviant as it may seem. I believe this because only gradual changes are allowed over time. The genetics engineers do not understand nor hold the time component in evolution, God does. Your hand loses like an ameteur in a field of stone face predators. You made the first move. Mankind, what is the lie?


Segment January 6, 2010: SCIENCE_future_WEAPON_chimera_DNA_integrate_LESION_mind_CONTROL_frequency_CELL_structure

The method of DNA splicing during the period of the Pharoahs of Egypt and into historical lore before and after in the Grecian empire, it is of certainty that some may have achieved DNA splicing with other creatures, in a way emulating the Gods.  Some thought they were God anyway, such as Nimrod.  Why not alter the world of DNA around you if you are God.  After all, if you are God, all is a play toy and not to be feared or distrusted, simply gripped.

If you think of a lattice, the splicing of DNA was likely done haphazardly but effectively.   Farm techniques were common knowledge.  Deviancy was not really considered unless God thought it was strange, and God in that day to those people sat on the throne, unless they wanted to kill that man who called himself God. 

I expect in the future new weapons or tools that integrate DNA into the human DNA in the central nervous system.  Stem cells could originate from outside sources and integrate into established cells if the outside source was null in immunological identity.   A real-time chimera kind of weapon striking you.  The problem is that the DNA would eventually integrate back into society either through sexual contact or through microbes altered from the original human microbes to that of a variant with expressions to a new invasive and deadly microbe.

A no win situation.  A catch 22.  I was injected and tortured so many times, I wondered if I was somehow knocked unconscious on 4-23-2001 under federal abuse.  I would never trust that government again.  The laughter of heinous men bought out and sold and indifference, now mutual, a sort of loathing, and I miss my 22 taken by them, an old broken rifle of no significance to anyone.  They took my human rights with a needle.  The war wages from Nevada casino regulation into the FDIC and beyond.  I am certain.  I want payment.  Heads, or tails.  9.11 million or a riddle solved.  I will take a laboratory and cause shit to fly.  We could be going to space.  We are on, "Prison Planet Earth", or this station, tuned in.  F-ck Nevada and their Senator steam ship of Needles for federal refugees of banking oversight.  An underworld and an over-world, and soon the worms took over from underneath.

Segment January 5, 2010: COMEDY_science_CHIMERA_joke_ANCIENT_egypt

The life of the Chimera children will have a slight sting.  Crippled by disease and an increase in immunological maladies among the populace, they will be laughed at and considered untouchable, a joke of sorts.  The sadness, anger, acceptance routine will be the acceptance for some for inevitable genocide.  The Chimera children will be the victims, while they will become abused further.  It is an ugly trait of some to abuse and then abuse some more, and that is the trait of the enemy within mankind's circles to greater or less extent.

When I was first stating I may be Chimera, I heard laughter, scorn, hatred, and one hat I returned was almost thrown in the garbage.  I was a child once in Monroeville Alabama and a Vietnamese teenager was there and the kids there were roughing him up to some extent, some of the other boys.

It is the same concept.  Some are the same every where.  They say, face it, you are a Neanderthal.  But all I need is a chemistry set, correct?

I like telling jokes of these things.  Two Chimera children were in ancient Egypt.  One was a Hebrew and the other a Muslim.  The Hebrew asks, "What insect are you"  The Muslim replies, "I am a man"  The Hebrew replies, "What insect are you", and the Muslim Replies, "I am a man, can't you see"  The Hebrew replies, "I can tell you are an insect by watching chew". The Muslim replies, "I can some times tell by watching Chew."

I was told that Lady GaGa might be Chimera and that she wanted to do me. I am only in it for the egg. I was told Lady Gaga was hermaphroditic and that she went female. All chimera are that way, but nature really does dominate. Either you have a big one or it is a clit. So sorry. The ARD F-DIC Party Clown would like to have that egg sunny side up with Lady GaGa, here on Youtube, Telephone?. I will change the word in a remix to "my testicle". I wonder if Lady Gaga still has a little testicle on one labia. It could help with sexual stimulation if it did not herniate.


Segment January 2, 2010: COMEDY_fdic_NTEU_surly_SURELY_cruise_SHIP_scar_FLY

Comedy: Preface: As I have gotten older and traveled, I have learned two things, the frailty of the human mind, and the indifference and aggressive of the animal inside the human mind.   The USA governments and those in other nations are no different.  I once lamented all things coming to an end, and now I see it as a natural consequence of imperfection, in the same way that coal that does not make it to diamond.  The coal will ignite when a match is near and turn to ash.  Oh dear.  The character from the movie Barfly reminds me of my inner voice sometimes.  I do not drink and do not care for it, but I was raised around people who did, and often in quantity, so I learned to speak like them when a fight was about to start.  You may notice that some consider it genius, and others bothersome.


Scene:  A large cruise boat with government officials,  their sponsors, and a few lackeys who are good at giving head to the rich and their tag along government officials.  The Scarfly, who is like Barfly, much like Mickey Rourke in that character, steps up on deck in the sun of the Cruise Ship and speaks to a group of 8 of the government officials that are hated in the USA and abroad for their indifference toward human rights, their disregard of basic human dignities, and their perversion of all things holy, of man and money and all things money controls and owns.

Scene: Scarfly to crowd of 8 , "Look, all my friends are here."  "Pardon this drunk Indian woman with me, she does not know her place like I do".

Scene:  The crowd starts to gesture.  The police official for the government mafia official speaks into his microphone like he is vibrating the F-DIC.  The politician talks to his owners watchdog who tells him to turn away.   A crowd of government mafia police step in between Scarfly.

Scene: A fight breaks out on the back of the deck when a middle aged English woman struggles to get her electronics back from security on deck as she is caught recording a conversation between the mob of the federal syndicates and a group of local politicians. 

Scene: English woman to security, SS type of the USA, "Give me back my recorder you Wanker"   The woman struggles with security.

Scene: Scarfly to the security in front of him draws the attention of security to the woman.  "Look what we have here.  Another collector of revenues edging in on my freelance scarface action".  "An English one at that, and judging from her accent, the width of her ass, and the lucsciousness of those breasts, she is from the East End"  "If you touch her, I will turn you all into ghosts."  "How did the F-DIC BOD get on this boat, this was supposed to be private for me and the ghosts and clowns."  

Scene:  The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Board of Directors (FDIC BOD google links pic) and NTEU BOD seems to have assaulted Scarfly's cadre of women actors and their mates for his clown show and they are taking a little bit of revenge.   Here is a little music as long as it lasts in the zoo banana boat, sung by the English woman, Diane "Surely, Surly" Searle on Youtube, composed by yours truly, Scarfly, on Youtube, F-DIC BOD BLUE BALLS.

Segment December 27, 2009: GENETICS_disease_ENGINEERING_inadvertent_UNAVOIDABLE_mistake_CREATION

The mad cow disease is an enigma and a dire warning of the future --- to all of you farmers and geneticists, you are playing with something so complex that you can not fathom the price you will pay when you have stepped off the edge --- a sort of dead end final play.  Mad cow disease can lead to new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans.

The mad cow disease to me resembles a virus known as rabies.  The mad cow disease seems to act as a prion in  the cow.  The prion has the growth attributes of a certain fungus but it can withstand heat like a virus.  The prion is in fact seen as a protein in a cow.    A virus has DNA whereas a prion does not,  however the viral DNA coat looks like a protein to a cell or antibodies due to its protein coat.

This is a theory.  The rabies virus or another virus was the progenitor for the prion initially, and once established, it replicated on its own accord in the cow without viral protection or assistance for 4 to 5 years, and during that time the disease was spreading, quietly, but deadly.  At one time rabies was believed to be eradicated in the UK, but recently rabies was discovered in bats in Scotland.   The UK scientists do not know what caused the initial mad cow disease infection.  They think it was spread by feed given to cows that had dead cow materials in the feed.  In a way then, if that is the case, the mad cow disease was resembling the human disease known as Kuru, which comes from human cannibalism when humans eat other human's brains.  Kuru is also said to be caused from prions.

There has been some scientific study of mad cow disease using a fungus that was very similar to a prion.    One interesting study I saw was at this link involving, a virus, a fungus, and a plant.

The cure to the mad cow disease and Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease may be listed in an indirect way in the link above. By assimilating the prion into a known virus that is treatable, or perhaps into a denatured virus, the shape of the prion could be altered and the stacked sheets would be loosened so that treatments of the prions could be made in the same way that viruses are treated.

Because people want to play God, we as a species do not qualify for God's eternal court of living things in this sort of flesh and life.  This brings up another point that is philosophical.  According to theory, light photons are particles that behave like a wave.   If you try to measure the photons as in the double slit physics experiment, the particles can not be seen.  They are behaving like a wave.  When they hit the reflective surface, you see two lighted spots however.  This would show the oscillation effect.  Here I am, here I am not, and I never was but I will forever be.  A sort of riddle in an enigma.

This is off topic, but after being exiled and injected forcibly and being beat down at all significant points by those in power in the USA, and sometimes in Canada, and after being attacked on the highways again in an apparent effort to do something to me in 2009, likely it was some authorities who are opportunists and who use lesser men to set things up, in a quiet sort of way.   The most ridiculous thing in life is racism based on skin color or phenotype, meaning outward appearance.  The saddest thing in life is that when people do not understand each other or topics, they call the other insane or heretic.   I do not know where to go for refuge on this planet.  Temporary loss of myself in the forests or the sea is as close as I can get to perfection in state of mind.  When I was in exile, I met an Indian woman and we would walk into the redwood forests of North California.  I later saw that woman homeless and drunk near Fairfield California.  An Indian man from her tribe was discussing the loss of Indian lands with me.  He said, "We were lucky to have had it as long as we did.".  Another person told me of a long distance love relationship, "We should appreciate the time we had together."  Time and steps in processes are everything really.

The rulers or controllers tend to abuse us in the USA. They are absurd just like their predecssors. When they could have thrown my guns away in 2001 after I had been attacked, they instead attacked me with needles and scored their hit in April of 2001. Is there a connection to my torture, the death of a regional FDIC director, and the toppled buildings in New York? Was there something there? Am I that deceived and naive? from Easy Rider, the Smiths, the Weights on music video. So if we make a cow a pig and a dog a cow and a boy a cat, what we do we have? If 6 was 9, song by Jimi Hendrix on Youtube. If Satan is a chimera, who made the chimera? Man or God? Neither, the Satan in man did it. You broke into God's tool kit, he's not responsible, except for the ass woopin.

Segment December 27, 2009: COMEDY_genetics_REVENGE_absurdity

To be moved to the Love Line PagesA scene: The ARD F-DIC Party Clown in the traditional Marlon Brando impersonation apocalypse. "I remember thinking if I am actually a chimera with wings, and I saw a huge winged individual flying in over another polluted sub-rural, body of water, would I think it was a friend or a foe. A wingspan one half of the width of the widest bowel of Perdido Bay is how I saw this thing. When I was feeling their F-DIC BOD veins at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, I would turn to them if I was alive and ask, "What makes the balls so susceptible to ruin?" "The wise one would likely reply, insanity. One word is really all it is, but it is like the dragonfly and ye and the heavy set bank examiner lady. I wish I would have gone to her room now and heard her sing me Sweet Carol Lodi under a full lit moon, and I wish I would have had us put our heads into a circle of three to examine our guest with close scrutiny. I would like to know another chimera, or perhaps you chew chimera?. The FBI did not want me to have a gun because they did not want me to shew people. But what they did not realize that I always walk alone and I have to keep my bullets or I will die. Y'all eat the bull, y'all swat the flies, y'all. I survive because I know why and what to eat and where to pee. If y'alls cats alive, why does he wear false teeth or is that teets, it does not matter to me."

Scene: The ARD FDIC Party Clown in Marlon Brando Hair Cut and Pajamas with Polka Dots holds a blue ripe dragonfly in his mouth and appears to suck it but he blows to resuscitate it, while at the same time, Sheriff Jack Snatch The Possum Man eats his half way down and I the ARD FDIC Party Clown am repulsed and expel IT, the sound of deep purples smoke over troubled water sets the fire a sky over soap soup in his watery clown eye. "Don't you eat my possum I shout to the crowd, these are the unholy ones, rabid rats in feral disguise."

Scene: The big bird is on my bank, and I whisper to the other side, "These appear to the unholy ones, Hoss, are we partners in disguise, are you a chimera as swell or hath the thun of thod hadn't chew?" The water bubbles a bit.

Scene Marlon Brando style F-DIC Party Clown, "It was rumored that the Blue Angels were not allowed to write F-ck Me on their planes. I took one of them apart with genetic glue, not a blue angel but a baby blue bird and let it blue. He is an endangered species you know." "It is not easy to be curt with you, however, to be Frank and Earnest is much easier. I saw on the opposite shore, the Earnest Frank Mob AL Clown said, it was 99 Luft Balloons (youtube music video).

(SWITCH TO SCENE--Earnest and Frank Clown on the Opposite Shore : "I think it is easier to be Curt with you than Frank Earnest" .

Scene: A catch 22 bullet rips through Johari's window pane. (To student, it is a mass communications concept. Look it up at your communications instructor.) (Note to F-DIC Head, "Betcha twenty Sweet Carol does not know the answer." "It's comin")

Scene: The ARD F-DIC Party Clown speaks to the sky because everyone says he talks to himself, "I think the big bird wants to retire and I think it was 911 million luft balloons since we are all affected." With a smile, "Carol full hairy cane." "You know what to do." "Give some to me Sheila. The 911 version. Give some to me Sheila. (youtube link to updated 2002 version 99 Luft Balloons with Nena.....where is Feldman?) F-DIC Clown then turns his back and pulls out his wallet and looks over his shoulder. I remember a thing or two. He places a picture on the table. Look at my hand, two asses and a jew. Two mules for sister Sara?" "9.11 millions is a small amount for two asses and a jew and any Italian of virtue would agree in this particular instance. Am I right sweet? Am I a clown of virtue or are you a clown of vulture eating on some other at the top of the food chain empire?" "We're at opposite end of the food chain chimera and I can seem to chew?"

Scene: ARD F-DIC Party Clown says, "Send in my favorite psychiatrist, the lopper, time after time won't chew. (Youtube link with Cindy Lauper, Time After Time You Will Find IT.)

Scene: Psychiatrist Send N.D. Lopper, looks at little naked buck tooth bank examiner and says, "Looks like Baby's Got A Temper" (Youtube link Prodigy). The Opposing Clowns then stick their tongue out and say, "Can you say, A turn knee". "At urn knee" "Attorney" "Cloth Fair Child"." The scene then has the three ring circus going on each bay with the music intertwined. The clowns say, "Chaos." "So Ah C" "Sewer Sea See" "Sow indeed". "Chaos."

Scene: The ARD F-DIC Party Clown sends on the pier his Yorkshire Terrier, the rat chaser comes running down, and on his collar art his favorite sound, Maggot Brain in Deep Purple and the clown asks, "Where is the sixth favorite sound coming down". "Sh-t".

Scene: On the opposing shore, Trixie, the chihuaha in gown comes running down to the opposing clown, Earnest and Frank Mob AL clown, and his dog does the same things, and the Earnest Frank Clown replies, "Now that's somethin you don't want to mess teets wit.".

Scene: The dogs speak to their clowns, "It looks like we made it my friend". The clowns reply, "I only wish I could get this so Pee milk out of my Flora - Bama eye." "All I see is Purple Haze All Around" (Jimi Hendrix, Out On The Watchtower, and all that is left is blind Chimera)

Scene: The ARD F-DIC Party Clown turns to his Spanish mistress and says, "Perhaps it is time to go get a taco" and she replies like the Chiquita banana girl, "Es Una Locura Ser Dulce", the sweetest sanest voice of planet Espanola. (Here on Youtube, present by yours truly, the F-DIC Party Clown and a little help from my friends.). And the ARD F-DIC clown repies, "And yon comes Uncle Billy Goat and what ya know, look at dim buck buck who gives a f-ck". "El senor il Presidente del Toro."

At the intersection a dead beatle and in the tree a living one. Beatles, A Day In The Life on Youtube. Viva Il Afghanistan, do not Nab the Lat Jack Stand, look luke man, Ringo Starr look like Maw in my old man, grain a sand, came by yesterday, old man. "Yu C. F. Islam?" "Yu C. Wise Man?"

In Rodney Dangerfield form, the ARD F-DIC Party Clown says, "I'm getting old my hemmorhoids hurt, and those wise guys keep knocking me down with the pole vaulter. Ya think I get it bad, you should see Sheriff Snatch run on the clown's water skates when he shuts the power on and off. Man it hurts. Now I go see Anni over way, Now I go see Anni over way. Where have I heard that one before? House for ser (ser is to be in Espanola.)

Scene: The Frank Earnest clown says, "He creates a storm where ever he lives. Dance. House for ser today ( temporary craigslist ad) and for serrrrlllll tomorrow. (more permanent real estate listing)"

Scene: A Captain Jack Black is having a captivating Friday on the far shore. He seems to have found a new route into God's third eye and he is going to tell. His theory equivocates to this schematic of a central nervous system cell with a myelineated axon (science pic). Sheriff Snatch has volunteered for a lobotomy so that there are sample cells. We call him the, "Host". And we assure, "It will make no difference, not in his case". Snatch passes me my lab coat. The ARD F-DIC Party Clown surgical specialist. Snatch listens to the Beatles, play She's So Heavy, while he gets his arm Tattoo, The F-DIC Party Clown's middle X initial 911 from 2001.(Youtube link) The Snatch eye ball goes pop with the needle for anesthetic, and the ARD F-DIC Clown, says, "He is so insolent and demanding. He rejects everything I do." The Earnest Frank Mob Al Clown says about the eyeball popping, "Doesn't that disgust you?" Captain Jack Black replies, "It happens all the time. You have to have room to work wit." Captain Black replies, "I should have coupled a sweet carol to a sacrifical melody. I will be right back." The ARD F-DIC Clown replies, "O'But the surgery must go on. Jack lay back, count 4-3-2001, I wasn't the only hun carrying a gun. Mine had 5 or 6 strings, and yours had one, trigger. That is why some eat chimera."

Scene on the surgical barge, topside: The ARD FDIC Clown peals back a piece of brain and holds it on his lip and says, I seem to be chimera Kuru, Kurt about IT. I can't seem to eat Chimera. Jack, you could eat Chimera couldn't you?." "You see this is where the rule applies." "Unequivocably as if written by Satan under the instruction of God himself." The rubbing alcohol is poured over the wound. "The surgery must go on." His hands move the clippers to harvest the gray matter, and he says, " Goon." " Earnest Frank Clown of Mob AL and I saw a goon once. He was sitting on a table and we had to blow him down, it was in the letters and numbers, that is where we learned to speak and see." Earnest Frank Clown says, "Goon, No Go, Go On, Goon". I reply as the ARD F-DIC Clown, stuttering, "I C C.". The Earnest Frank Mob AL clown says, "Kuru, Kurt, Truk, Kuru.". The ARD F-DIC Clown replies, "Damn, It smells like apostrophes in here.". "Apoostrophes was a Greek philosopher of no consequence, much like myself. His arm was lopped off by a psychiatrist they say, but, it was most definitely a butcher. He changed his name to Apostrophes and it is that way today. I want my 9.11 million dollars from the casino F-DIC underground pay. I triangulate the fix the old Navy way. I was there when the other F-DIC bank examiners were running away or being put away. Monies from heroin, cocaine, marijuana, into the casino pipe and headed straight their F-DIC and Treasury Lick way. Even those forced experiments and assaults with deadly weapons upon the populace in this Hellish place. You use God's greatest gifts to you as your weapons. Even in a bullet can feel like a needle and the opposite is not always the case but it is True. A paradox with an absolute answer. The fields and charges in the buildings and the brains are where there is work undone and unglued. "

Scene Earnest Frank Mob AL Clown holds up his scarred hand and says, "Not all innocent hand men are the fed."

ARD F-DIC Clown replies: "When a nickel was a dime and now a dime is a penny. All with the approval of the top head fed. They or IT gets the lion share. Life is unfair that way. Their people are at war with us, like a pirate ship in our own harbor, taking everything. We are not even safe in our homes, nor our own bodies. Snatch."

Scene: The severed skinned scalp floats downstream, molden onto and pressed on top of a large conforming and sculpted cork. Captain Jack Black and the Earnest Frank Clown find it and play with the original Sweet Carol and the artificial blow up doll, sacrificial melody. The music plays in the almost clean bath water, back to square one. Earnest Frank Mob AL Clown says, "No one can flush the Human DNA pool nor Perdido Bay now" "It looks like the other side may win" Captain Jack Black retorts, "9.11 million is not too much to ask for a friend.". The Earnest Frank Mob AL clown and Captain Jack Black pass the rum in the coconut and in harmony, "Put the lime in coconut") (Youtube music video link.)

Segment December 19, 2009: SCIENCE_genetics_CHIMERA_cow_HUMAN_immunology_BREAST_milk_DISEASE_bovine

Genetics engineering is a very deceptive sort of practice when genetically manipulating a persons genome and splicing in DNA segments from another creatures genome.  This can be very deceptive because the virulence to the humans may be worse when using other mammals DNA than when using far removed species such as insects and birds and reptiles.

The best example of human virulence is e. coli.  It lines the digestive tract of humans.  When a virulent strain of E. coli enters the digestive tract of a human, extreme illness soon follows.

Of concern to me is the human and cow hybrid.  I am sure they already exist as children.  The media claims they have just started using cow and human hybrids for medical remedy and the UK and others are manufacturing these hybrid human cows and then killing by law after nine days.

What concerns me about this is the fact that the human milk for a human baby is full of antibodies for the child.  Now what happens when we have human cows is a double edge sword and it cuts both ways.  First, the immune protections passed to the child are not the same, and perhaps even the excrement of the child could be virulent to the E. coli pool that exists in nature.  Mad cow disease or bovine disease could become a ravaging world wide epidemic in a slightly varied strain that will cripple human beings, both chimera that are part cow and those who are partly other creatures, and those who are the natural three monkey strain of humans.

I have read the argument that we humans have remnants of other creatures in our bodies, deep in our internal organs.  That is true, however, even those often have to be removed.  Also, those organs have been there since time immemorial and likely were the precursors for the ape kingdom.

My eyes have opened up and I only hope God is watching over us.  I feel that sometimes God can undo what has been done, and of course like a computer program whose original source code is changed, if the original is not there for a backup, it will not exist again.  It is likely a natural consequence, like a mathematical chain reaction with set limits and confines to what can exist.  It was nice knowing you.

Sometimes I wonder how deceived we humans really are or how I am deceived.  The mass media of the past and present could be manufactured and we could be led to believe things exist or occur that do not.  I was speaking to a UK citizen recently and they said the Beatles were for the American a--holes.    Wouldn't that be something if someone manufactured a group as big as the Beatles were and they only existed in scientific theory. 

I was once told that if you go far enough away in space that the Earth does not go around and around, it simply seems to go back and forth.   This brings back the memory of the illusion of light as a particle, when it in fact is a wave, as in the double slit physics experiment.  It appears to be two when it in fact was only one place at a time, like a wave, a string of photons undulating back and forth.

Genetics engineering is like a bizarre gun in the hands of an apt child.   The Beatles lyrics to the song Happiness Is A Warm Gun, as sung here on Youtube closes this segment.


Segment December 10, 2009: COMEDY_horror_F-DIC_heads_BOD_decapitate_GLANS_penis_COLLECTIVE_jar

Scene:  The F-DIC board room.  The board of directors is there and so is the F-DIC Party Clown.  The F-DIC party clown has been given a stipend to get down to the truth of the matter in the federal banking regulatory system.   The F-DIC Party Clown has a jar in front of him, and in it are the glans penises, or the head of the penis, of the F-DIC board of dirctors.   The F-DIC Party Clown has completed his assignment and gotten the truth behind what has happened, and they are thieves and murderers.

The F-DIC Party Clown has the jar of penis heads floating in the clear broth in front of him and says, "My friend Saint Ram Bone was borne from the ashes of Kurt Brown, the F-DIC bank examiner. They are one you know, just a time gap and a point of view." "Thrown out for being honest and open and not bending over like a lowly coward to a bunch of F-DIC bureaucrats with more bloood and semen in their teeth than there are blood and seamen in the sea." "Kurt wept when they fired him for not backing down. He was running a test from the start. He looked at the murder of the FDIC director as the reason for him being there, and all of the F-DIC BOD said it was suicide. Kurt did not know he was the test." "Saint Ram Bone came out when Kurt died inside and he is a lovable guy, but he is not concentrated enough to handle this hard ball world." The F-Dic Clown leans his head back after he explained what has happened . Saint Ram Bone, who is a bucktooth midget F-DIC bank examiner  is in the nude at the other end of the table.

The F-DIC Party Clown continues eating his pistachio nuts and talking about philosophy, "I remember when I was young and, things were chaotic from the outset. First there was the insanity of a ghetto home in Prichard Alabama. The snow I saw on the neighbors broken car was pollution from the sky. It was white and hard. My mother died from cancer from drinking water with that stuff at the paper mill. The government had me in exile 36 years later and I wanted to see her when she was dieing and they tried to blind me with poisons while I was in forced exile and then they tried to run me off the road, then they injected me again and took my money for forced medical abuse they called care and they said they lost my truck's keys. That can not be forgiven, none of it. That is why I am here." "My mother brought us Ginger bread men as we rode in the car in Prichard. She used to kiss me when I was young and then she stopped. I told her to stop. Then I thought I was dirty like the worms I carried chopped in my little pockets wanting to go fishing with my mostly absent father."

A tear rolls down the clowns eyes. "Then we hit it lucky and moved up one notch, to a neighborhood more defunct of spirit than the one I left." "The only Vietnam veteran on my street was a Wise-man, and he killed himself behind a department store that had a tent roof. Rose wood was the name of the street, and there Rose Wood drips with blood and has a carcass of a Wise Man in my mind. Others were involved in bank robbery as one young woman, and another was a boy who held up a pool hall with a pistol. The whole while I tried to fit into their lie, and it did not work. I died with Wise Man because my family was disintegrating into chaos in my home, and the world was on fire with Vietnam and protests. I could not speak, I could only stutter. I had a hand on my throat, I had seizures in Brocha's and Wernicke's area in the speech center in my brain. I remember when two women were killed near my grandmothers home. Lured from a store where they worked. A man named 'Wise N Hunt' had chopped there tits off and left the women dead in a shack. Someone made a joke and told me I could have it that way. He was referring to easy women I suppose, or perhaps he was a killer too. I thought, how could a man kill another human being of such beauty and dignity. My father had taught me to kill small game, not always to eat. I think it left me scarred, but it taught me a couple of things, like the blood that drains down your hand and the wounded limp before they had to be finished. The world has no use for handicaps and they were killed before and will be killed agian. The end of beauty. The end of innocence at such a young age. I knew it was wrong but I tuned out the pain of the bird or its living beauty and thought of the target, the warmth of the body and blood in my hand. My family had secrets and we were not all 100% related in blood, but in spirit, we were one. But the sickness was there, the sadness, the depletedness, the isolation and subjugation. Then I changed and I have changed many times since. Now I know I am different and I know why. You can feel things in the wind if you are a genetically modified human with bug entrails and sense organs and a human mind. They call us Chimera like another species of man. One of my relatives knew it but only whispered terms. NO, we were not another species, we were the species."

The F-DIC Party Clown in the end says in the Apocalypse Now type of environment like Marlon Brando, "All of those little F-DIC heads in a jar.   The nubs of the dicks just sitting there on the F-DIC BOD, weeping red scarlet rivulets in the river of pain. I think I have a hair ball in the broth, and I can not apologize for snipping your heads off, but you really should not have called me a liar when I was attacked by your assassins, and you should not call me a clown fag just because of my most famous 911 Million Dollar painting, the Queerest of The Queer painting house talisman. It is famous but it carries something not right. The horror.  The horror."

Saint Ram Bone says, "It's just like you said boss. They are all nuts, they seem to have lost their heads.  Do you want to collect their balls if you do not get your just due, 9.11 million dollars for your works at the F-DIC."

The F-DIC Party clown looks down at the other end of the table to Saint Ram Bone and says, "It was all supposed to be so simple but I have the curse and I am hear to pay my due for all of those things I did when I was young and naive like these F-DIC pricks.  That was thousands of years ago it seems.  Now I am here in pity because of what has transpired and .....what will happen tomorrow?"

Saint Ram Bone says, "I don't know boss.  This thing kind of makes me sick.  Can I sing a Sweet Carol to ease your suffering?"

The F-DIC Party Clown replies, "No not this time my little friend."  "Today, we will all sing along to a sacrificial melody.  It won't be long".

Saint Ram Bone says, "Gee boss, I thought we were playing today."

The F-DIC Party Clown replies, "Grease up  the rusty scissors my little friend, my clippers do not grip as well on greasy balls.  We will not stop until there are no hair balls"

Saint Ram Bone pulls the scissors out and pushes them to the other end of the table, sliding them past the F-DIC BOD  members who are gagged and tied and their eyes widen as the greased and rusting metal scissors slide across.  Saint Ram Bone puts a box of tooth picks on the table."

The F-DIC Party Clown replies  "There will be no cannibalism here.  This is where we cut the ties, free the knot. We are no longer one in body or spirit with these vermin"

Saint Ram Bone says, "Should I go down and start the truck boss.  We have a long ride ahead of us."

The F-DIC Party Clown replies.  That won't be necessary.  We will be leaving this office by flying the friendly skies.

Scene:  A window opens up and the F-DIC Party Clown jumps from the building holding the F-DIC heads in one jar and the hairy balls in the other.

Saint Ram Bone turns to the BOD and says, "Life is just a piece of pie, if you fly the friendly skies.  Do not make the boss come back.  You make him sick. You are all ball-less squirmin vermin."

The song by Bob Dylan, Tangled UP In Blue is heard (youtube link to the song).  The truth is, we have been kicked so long by the federal war criminal dictators and their enforcers that we do not care any more about them or ourselves.  The bodies of the dead smell like dick heads, but the innocent do not deserve this raping of our people and our treasuries.   The life of the human who create Chimera is bad.  In the end, the genetically engineered and their engineers will kill each other and likely most of humanity.  The F-DIC Party Clown, the genetic freak looks to his guardian angel from his dead sleep down on the sidewalk with  a jar of hairy balls at his side, and the clown and the jar of dickheads are  in a bloody pulp and  the F-DIC Clown says, "Thank God the hairy F-DIC nuts broke my fall., but I seem to have broke wind.  I want to leave America and the Earth of man".  

Scene, they get up and fly off, the clown and the saint, intertwined in a spiral to the North and to the left.

Here are the lyrics to Tangled Up In Blue


Segment December 7, 2009: GENETICS_engineering_WORLD_history_HIDDEN_victims_IGNORANCE_origin_EFFECT_syndrome_SIMILARITY

(This was a newspost to NYC News on craigslist) Did you know that many people in the USA and Europe likely have had their DNA integrated with the DNA of other animals and insects? I am a forced medical procedures victim of the USA federal government. I also have some indicative genetic features that indicate either I or my ancestors DNA was used in genetic manipulations.

I am degreed and or highly trained in medical technology and genetics engineering, accounting and finance and banking regulation, computer programming, and mass communications. My name is Kurt Brown, and I use the aliases of Saint Ram Bone and the ARD F-DIC Party Clown.

I have proof of forced experiments at the LA federal facilities in Westwood. I was one of their forced medical procedures victims, basically tortured after working as an F-DIC bank examiner, and then as an freelance investigative journalist investigating murder at the F-DIC in San Francisco labeled suicide of a regional director. His tombstone tells the tale of what has happened to the USA. Gang land warfare seems to be the way of the past and the present. Sadly, even worse, someone may have done genetics experiments on myself or my family in the past.

In old times, around 1900 or there after, genetics engineering could have been done. Although rudimentary, the techniques were there if the know how was present. Sadly too, when one alters the human dna, the genome, the complete DNA set of an individual, they risk many things going wrong, particularly if they are trying to incorporate strands of another creature's DNA into the DNA of a human being. Spontaneous abortions are most likely. However, there are ways to limit the invasive of the implanted DNA into the host DNA.

Due to the wrapping of transplanted DNA onto long stretches of host DNA, the effects can resemble "syndromes" of illnesses due to the impinging nature of the transplanted DNA onto the strand. Look for congenital medical syndromes and you will sometimes find there are sufferers that have symptoms which are exactly like that syndrome or very similar. Marfan's Syndrome type symptoms may be common. Heart problems are one of the worst in that disease due to the effect on connective tissue and the mitral valves of the heart malfunction.

Of course on a lighthearted side, there may be some evolutionary advantages, in spite of more disadvantages. For instance, quicker movement, faster eyes, and maybe more intense thought on a subject, or perhaps another sense to perceive with. In the end, tampering with the human genome is like pointing a gun in one's mouth and playing the Russian Roullete game.

I had an ancestor who was adopted in Florida around 1900 to 1920 who may have been an experiment or product of a medical procedure. She had many children and I have seen some things but not that many in the family. I had an Indian relative and others from another family, a poor area in Alabama who may have been used in experiments. The government has admitted testing men with Syphilis in Tuskegee, running experiments long ago. Of course, these experiments and traits could go back to Europe and captive populations, or hacks who were trying to cure disease using genetics.

I have a heightened sense of observation in this area due to my education in medicine, my experiences in high level government, and being held captive and forced medical procedures at the LA VA Westwood by a federal police agent and then federal VA employees, and later I was basically told to shut my mouth, stop all FDIC investigations, and I was robbed of all rights and belongings in the corrupt courts of California and their federal controllers in pre-9/11/2001. I also was found to have an unexplained scar in my mouth after military service and after being held captive by the federal government in early 2001 and being basically sequestered in one location for a little over a year.

Even worse, and somewhat comically, I found on my head, strange hairs on two locations after I had gone bald in that area. They were sensitive and there were slight raised areas there, and not like regular hairs. Then there were those equilateral little things on my lower lip. And of course, the tell tale MRI showed equidistant and nicely spaced bone structures on my middle spine. Perhaps a hand or wing that just would not develop.

The reason I put this in the New York city Craigslist was that many people are from all parts of the Earth and they are spread throughout the city. Some of us are likely genetic freaks not of our own choice. Some of us are simply used in medical procedures, perhaps so that our bodies can be used as a tool for someone else. Experiments are how it starts, and then the methodology and application of the technology is streamlined to achieve desired results.

Now, why would I be used.? The government knows us from the time we are children. Some of us are likely stunted or changed, and they know it from observation at the schools, military, or prisons. Some of us are bull-headed and will fight to the death. Some are much more that way than others. The government knows our weaknesses and our strengths in all facets of observation. They also know our oddities and our family's oddities in genetic formation or malformation. I went to school on the government tab and my own expenses for years. I was placed in an F-DIC office as a bank examiner where there was obvious syndicated activity in Sacramento (Roseville) FDIC. Perhaps the office was not guilty, but those visiting knew the score. Like a little mafia unto themselves. One guy quit over it.

Then I had myself put into San Francisco FDIC. The FDIC regional director prior had been shot in his head there. I went up to their offices a few times. I may have been knocked unconscious without knowing it. Now imagine me with an implanted something, or genetically engineered eaves dropping device of sorts, coupled to resonance makers, such as that huge and unnecessary metal dental bridge I acquired in the Navy at the Long Beach California Naval Station in 1984. Can you imagine the big F-DICs going through my belongings or asking me questions? I don't know anything, I am damned genetically engineered or improved listening device. A dead rat. Is that what happened on 9-11? Is something going on? I need to go to Fantasy Island to escape. I need a midget boss named Mass of Shee-it to hold ARD F-DIC Sweet Carols hand, my prior boss, and sing San Francisco Dead Head show tunes to me. Why oh why. I need a job and no one will hire me. I have an excellent penis that is very unusual in its stiffness, length, and voracious appetite. I am a heterosexual male. Would you like to have a "special" baby?

I have proof at Mobile Audit Club, with links to the Los Angeles Times and other mass media and medical sources to prove my claims.

Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone or the ARD F-DIC Party Clown, a clown with wings and teeth and an electric eel.

When I am in pain, I like to make music in flight, or fight if the time is right, but after all, when you can be all you can bee, it is a Sweet Stange Brew, Cream on You genetics engineers should listen to the sound on the inside. I want a piece of the pie, 9-11 million from the man in the casino money rackets, or maybe a march from the Apple for the freak show clown among you.

Segment December 4, 2009: SWITZERLAND_analysis_WORLD_war_TWO_banking_TWO_trillion_DOLLARS_2009

In analysis of Switzerland and World War II and their alleged "neutral" nation status then, and their current monopoly on international banking loans from the United States of America, totaling around 1.5 trillion dollars in 2009 alone, I have come to the conclusion, "Why did the billionaire Jewish man, Marcus Rich, flee to Switzerland from the USA, and, how did Switzerland arrange to have a neutral nation status when Hitler was taking everything he could?"  Little Swiss Miss must have put some American coins in the Swiss bank in World War II just for safe keeping.  She also mingled those dollars with Italian and German currency.  It is too bad those two neighbors fell, because I am sure that the little Swiss Miss only put in a few American dollars. 

Wrong, the enemies of mankind have devoured us.  Technological war is and has been the mainstay of the victorious since the beginning of the species of human beings.  Ironically in some areas they likely were doing medical experiments in Genetics on human beings long ago.  It is strange how the people hide who were those genetic experiments.  We can not hide from those in the government in the know. 

Their tricks are many, their friends beyond the monies of the Earth are few.  Their plight is like that of the average human, a lesser being.

Some would think that tampering with  a young woman forcibly is of "No material consequence".  They are dead wrong and any modern scientist of humane capacity would agree that we are dead serious.  They would claim the woman volunteered for the abuse.  They would be wrong.  The woman could have been forced or she could have been deceived during normal medical exam.  

My mother was strange, some times, but I think she was trying to protect me.   Genetic tampering or a hidden trait was not told to me and she denied things to herself it seemed, but she suffered as well, and I know why to a certain extent.   I would rather be dead than to be a lesser human due to tampering by diabolical minds like those in power at the top of government structures in the United States and internationally, perhaps even in Switzerland.  After all, they are in the cradle of it all and the only ones who were not forcibly conscripted to fight at the height of the bloodletting.  I do have some Northern European in my blood and I have some of the historically abused lesser blood, likely one of those darker skinned bulbous nosed people who were seen around the Mediterranean and likely into the North and South of the Mediterranean. 

Now, if I had genetics manipulations forcibly, it could have happened either in  inheritance from one of two places, a great grandmother who was adopted in the USA and who was likely born around 1900 to 1910.   She was dark skinned and bulbous nosed, and ended up with a family in Florida who were abusive to the young woman and she was cut out of all inheritance from the family, basically used until she married and left the home.  Another was a likely Indian relative in Alabama or perhaps another relative in that state in the 1900's, as it was known that the government was doing experiments on blacks in Tuskegee.  The government always takes things to the fullest if they are going to do it.    Black or white would make no difference.  Those at the top of medicine would likely see peasants from another place, regardless of race.

I have had considerable medical training, particularly in genetics and medical laboratory science.   I know that genetics manipulations can be performed with older zoological techniques.   The removing of ovaries, breaking them up, seeding them as a cluster, and implanting into another womb is not that heard to imagine.  There are other methods to achieve this same end that I really do not want to discuss.  It involves mixing semen of various species and human for injections.  Why would someone do this?  One to improve, and one to cripple.   The effect of genetic manipulations on the rudimentary level is crippling and I believe comes out in medical syndromes.  The saddest part is that our entire human genetic stock is manipulated increasingly by tampering with genetics engineering.   

The many diseases that many think of diseases or lesser traits are actually part of the balance of nature and can be an asset if it is a natural consequence or a detriment in the same way.  Three diseases come to mind, Sickle Cell Anemia, Manic Depression, and Attention Deficit Disorder.  Sickle cell patients are basically immune to malaria and could survive malarial pandemics while others would die.  Manic depressive people and those with attention deficit disorder could survive in unexpected attacks or scenarios where quick thinking beyond the normal would make the difference of life and death.   

Switzerland, that beloved neutral nation was nothing more than the money sponge for those controlling the warmongering hordes who went to power and war in  World War II.  I do not know whether to run to or away from Switzerland.  I discovered that the Lions eat the Lions share in the USA federal banking regulatory system and their system is like a siphon or hose in the siphoned off gambling and underground revenue markets in drugs and other illicit trades.    Switzerland banks get trillion dollar loans while Americans get price caps on houses by the Federal Housing Authority, taking huge losses, even when  the buyers will pay more.   

The game is a set game.  I do not care if you jab the poker dealer in the hand when he reaches for the money pile.  Just watch out for those in the wings.  The top war criminals of finance are like blood sucking mosquitoes.  You should let them find a blockage in the financial system in the way the malarial parasite finds blockages in the systems of Sickle Cell patients.  Block their access to the system by creating blockages and taking out their currencies from the system, or absorbing them in disintegration of the trace.  In a way that is what they did to me.  The FHA stopped the sale of my home that I can not afford now.  They wanted to add 7500 to the cost of the home.  Then they would not estimate the value at 2500 more so that the owner could finance that extra money.   They created a blockage like Sickle Cell, and I am the suffering patient. Never again will I buy in America nor do I want to stay among the warmongering horde areas of that diseased nation.

This brings up some good questions.  What is going on in America's federal government?  Was the Oklahoma City bombing an indication that a war is waging at the highest levels of government.  Have I been used and deceived?  I may have been an ongoing experiment with a great grandparent. Or perhaps the military establishment just sees me as one guinea pig among the multitude for medical tampering and abuse.  I have those genetic traits that I was tampered with.  I will not discuss them now.  I am not joking and I know that many do not care.  Many are like war criminals, and many are victims and do not know it.  I want to flee and I want to take all blood kin.  There is no escape.  I await the end of my time and look forward to the end of all of my human descendants possible suffering as a result of these surfacing atrocities of medical abuse that I and others have endured at the hands of current world governments and their controllers. Deception is key I believe when dealing with them and that is the reason they are so powerful. Like a caged coyote I howled bloody murder when I was forced medical procedures in Los Angeles by federal authorities in 2001, and again in Flagstaff Arizona in 2004 with federal approval. And like voyeurs who laughed with inhumane indifference, the predators used and abused me like an animal. That was in April of 2001 till present. The wounds persist today and the aggressions against me continue if I attempt to overcome the enemy in power and have my civil and human rights. I look forward to their end in the way the coyotes in this video on youtube look forward to the end of their inhumane captors.  Beware of traps set by the enemies in power and beware of their lesser followers, those of pettiness and of no consequence to us due to their inhumane nature toward us.

Segment December 1, 2009: COMEDY_willie_FDIC_nightmare_TORTURE_equal_PLANE_roullete_guillotine

Often I recall people and faces and how I myself have changed having gone back to some original alignments in thought, as pure as a child in some respects.  I suppose it comes with aging, we forgive ourselves the small transgressions and try to stop others from the larger transgressions.  I will base this comedy on a nightmare I had in exile and I will bring in my old Puerto Rican friend, Willee, from the FDIC.  I wonder if he is dead or changed or operated on in some way.

IN this dream, I am at the house of heads, the largest manmade computer in the history of the known cosmos.  More heads of more humans were cloned here to give us a full spectrum of nothing but gray matter to solve our most complex problems.  We are the heads on a large platform but we have no body.  Sometimes we gain consciousness and talk to our keeper or whatever they beast is in a clown outfit. 

The man in the fog says to Willie, "Mind your snot nigger, we don't mind no booger pickin up in here"

I see Willie and having had my own reverse convulsion, where the tongue goes out during semi consciousness, my almost Jew Queer White Trash ass can't hear nothing but sorrow in the moans of the heads. 

I yell out among the other awakened voices that are like seals, "Hey Willie, wake up, your having a convulsion"

Willie's eyes open up and the warden looks at me in the CPU head,

"Queer"   "What you doing talking to the nigger".

I reply, "He's not nigger, he's Puerto Rican, Have a Juevo."

He replies, "Jack ass stinks like a dead wop with a rhino jew broke nose".

 I reply, "Get me outta hear, my lease has expired.  F-DIC F-DIC F-DIC or BOD BOD BOD. "

Willie wakes up and looks at the nice looking girl singing the song Sweet Jane from Cowboy Junkies on Youtube.

Segment November 28, 2009: COMEDY_sheriff_SNATCH_parade_BA'AL_zebub_SCRATCH_painting_CABLE_car_SAN_francisco

If I am not mistaken, the Green Line is a street car in San Francisco that runs down Market Street.  I envision my character Ba'al Zebub from my painting, the Queerest of The Queer, is scratched by Snatch, Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum, the cursed man who failed to see the cursed truth -- he is entangled with Ba'al Zebub in a warm embrace ever since April 3, 2001.  4-3-2-1. 

I see Ba'al Zebub snatching Snatch off the Cable Car.  Ba'al Zebub is kind of like a man, but about one and half size of the largest man  He springs like a bull frog with his legs but his stealth and tenacity are more  like a bull dog or a swamp predator. When Ba'al Zebub's tongue springs from his throat like a long penis with "Insured by F-DIC" tattooed on it, it plunges into Sheriff Snatch Possums side and then Snatch is snapped like an insect and swallowed, and the Ba'al Zebub says, "It tastes like pork and IT know IT." 

I remember when I was in court in Los Angeles in 2001 and how the prosecuting district attorneys loved to throw me to the wolves.  I was really hoping for a 911 incident in Los Angeles.  Since 911 emails to the FBI and SS and not one answered my calls when I was attacked and that is what precipitated the events surrounding the attack by those enemies in power on this former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist.  They are eating our lunch, sheering us like sheep, and some are selling us out.  Soon, I hope we have revenge, without having to raise a finger or fall a flag.

I suspect Sweet Carol was found to have been 50 million dollars short at the FDIC. I also have tried desperately to find a midget to play Mass'a Shee-it, the FDIC boss character, and I want them to join my an entertainment trio I envisioned, including the ARD F-DIC Party Clown on keyboard or guitar and the Snatch the Possum Sheriff on washboard, and the midget Massa Shee-it on drums, and ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol is an inflatable sex doll or a real life lucky lady. Youtube link, "The Plane The Plane," Fantasy Island midget.

We gotta get out of this place. Youtube link to Animals song, and you can see the Animals had a Sweet Carol too.

Segment November 28, 2009: WAR_lies_SYNDROMES_genetics_EXPERIMENTS_century_OLD_mass_MEDIA_lies_DISTRACTIONS

The lies of the American government are obvious. But those controlling us are obviously a world government, or rather a dictatorship over much of the Earth.   

I do not know many other nations well other than the USA, but I know that America is viewed much differently in Vancouver B.C. Canada than what Americans view the USA.  As one Canadian told me, "You have been had."   What he was saying is that we are conned and manipulated.  His proof is the fact that many of us do not have human rights.  I would say the bulk majority of us.  If you put yourself in front of the ruling war criminal horde in the US federal financial sector, you will find that they do not accept "No" for answer and will do anything necessary to remove you from all government involvement.

My health has been impaired by the ruling war criminal sect in the USA after FDIC bank examiner employment and investigative journalistic work into an unsolved murder "laughably" labeled a suicide of the top regional director of the West Coast.   I also uncovered a starving bunch of long term inmates at a Mobile Alabama jail and the Sheriff was pushed out of office 4 years later for stealing hundreds of thousands of food funds.  The federal government in that city will not allow me into city council meetings in front of Comcast cameras.   I reported FDIC crimes there once after no response from the enemy regimes FBI and SS.   Their federal government there deserves to be torn asunder for aiding and abetting war criminals in power in the international dictatorship.    They have already sucked up the oil, now they can go burn in it.  That is what they wanted to do to me in 2001, burn me in my automobile.  They missed their opportunity.  When I say they I am talking about federal crime syndicates, and crime of the financial nature is just part of the business in casino and drug reveneu laundering. .  The nothing is in power in many sectors, and the opportunity for men of valor to get wealthy devouring their killers of no virtue is at hand.  It is one of God's caveats or exceptions I think at judgment day.  It does not add up to good to kill them and take their ill gotten wealth, but it does not subtract either.  It is like the pleasure of eating pork, one beast eating another.

We are treated as lessers, outcasts, enemies, while their mass media ignores our plight.  I applaud those who can overthrow the international dictatorship and seize control of the censored mass media and make it a public forum for the masses.  They do not give us human rights.  They remain hidden.  Do not believe the lies and deceptions when you go for the controllers.  We are nothing to them and they or IT is nothing to us. 

Systematic seizure of a nation, or a population of any magnitude is possible, and I also believe a war can be strung out into other continuums like a ray of light with colors in the spectrum.  It may be hard to fathom, but it is just an idea. Often many have looked for time machines, to go back or forward in time. That can not be done. However, theoretically, you can go forward and back at the same time to create an apparent split effect, and tamper with polorization. It is much like the photons of light are seen as a wave in the double slit physics experiment with a laser.  I look for the achilles tendon of my enemies because I know they are going for our achille's tendons and our throats like we are their fodder or farm animals.  Congenital syndromes in illness often demonstrate what can be done through genetics to a population, even 100 years ago around 1900.  They were likely experimenting in rudimentary but advanced methods with genetics engineering and I see evidence of it today in some individuals, in particular in genetics related diseases in congenital syndromes.  They were well adapt at farming back then and zoology is part of the business.    Some do not have the imagination to confront the enemies to mankind on this level, and others are frightened of it.  Like begets like.  You reap what you sow. 

Recently I thought of this mathematically.  If a group of people who is superior or untouched by the ruling masses is threatened to be made intellectually thwarted and pushed down into a societal lower caste  through systematic injections of gene altering substances or exposure to impulse waves from space and land apparatus by a ruling war criminal sect, and if the group of people  have to make a choice to either fight or take flight, I believe that in the long run, those who take flight will be far superior to those who fight.  

The reason I say this is because theoretically those who take flight would have a more diverse genetics population due to not killing each other.   Also over time, those who took flight would gain better and stronger and more  advanced tools.   And most people know, it does not take a lot of alteration to turn a tool into a weapon.  An ax is the best example of that fact, and nuclear energy is another.

The mass media is more an affront to our humanity.  Distractions are their forte.  Killers rule the Earth.  They rule the USA.   The best we can do is take flight.  They will never let us off of this planet.  Never, unless in a cage or as a slave or as a medical experiment.  We will have to do it ourselves.  We may never be safe from them.  We have no human rights now.  We should put up a time calendar to self destruct the planet if we can not get free.  If they have already done so, taken everything in space and locked us forever into a grid, perhaps they have gotten precious knowledge or methods from another society or much older knowledge bases.  They are as diabolical in the VA health care system and the federal governments ruling sect as any human would be toward a farm animal.  They mean nothing to us, and we mean nothing to them.  I am speaking of their warlord controllers of the international dictatorship in power.  Is there an escape?  Set the clock.  Finally the Yiddish pays off, Vechter means watchman in Yiddish.  I have respect for some of those poor bastards.  Sad really, a dead language.  A relative asked me if I was dead and walking the Earth.  That is a good question.  The person who brought it up to that person is now dead in an automobile wreck.  Perhaps he can answer.  No one I know of walks the Earth once they are dead.  I am at the point that I just do not care.  Here yeah, maybe no, I was changed by forced injections.  I do not mind non existence.  Run for your lives has been the best rule it seems.  Take a look at those little pole head semen under a microscope.  There he blows, from beginning to end.

Segment November 27, 2009: COMEDY_genetics_TRUTH_based_LAMENTING_holocaust_AMERICAN_earth_HUMAN

Often when I give these comedy routines, I like to place myself in a characters position from one of those movies or books many of us seem to know.  An actor by the name of David Carradine from the movie Blame It On Rio gives a very good accounting of his innocence in his guilt.  I feel that way, innocence in guilt.  Because I was conned into joining the military and working for the F-DIC and trusting the VA, I was basically killed.  So here goes the routine.

"It all started out pretty innocent really.  I had no idea I would discover the remnants of interminable war in myself, that spanned from thousands of years  back to now.   I was growing up and tired of working in shipyards when I was 21 so I joined the USA military forces like those uncles whose military pictures were hung on a wall before me at my grandmothers home.  I joined the Navy in the early 1980's.  When I joined, I mentioned those pictures as being influential to me to my grandmother.  She said she wished she would have taken them down.  She said she was "Helping to brainwash me."  She then told me to remember Vietnam.  When she did, I remembered my neighbor Wiseman who was 19 when I was around 7 years old.    He came back from Vietnam's forced draft and killed himself. That was the police report.  I should have gone AWOL when my grandmother warned me, "Remember Vietnam".

My grandmother lived on the swamps outside of a bayou on the low rent side of the street. She was talking with a neighbor or family member at the bar in her kitchen and she leaned back when she mentioned was concerned about my going in to the Navy because of.........  .  I could not hear.  I did not worry much about it.  Until I discovered that I may have been used in an experiment.  And even worse, my parents grandparents, one of them most likely, if not both, may have been used also.   

I have been trained in genetics engineering and medical technology.  I know these things are not right on my head. They are not the usual hairs, and what about these things on my lower lip.  I know these things are not right on my spine either, pterodactyl fingers as a precurson to a G-d damned set of wing hands. Better to have two sets of hands instead of one I suppose. Maybe someday they will sprout out because they hurt like Hell.  I know that my penis is one of those harder long penises when it is erect, but I also know it shrinks down to one of those Euro frozen penny size in the cold.  I am stronger than most my size and I was faster in short bursts than any other athlete, black or white, and I was so good at wrestling because when I was penned, I would panic and flip my opponent with amazing insect like strength,and I was undefeated at my inner city junior high school.  Yes, an insect is much stronger pound for pound than any human being.

Why do  I bring this up?.  This brings me to something else many do not know about insects.  Their communications methods are adaptable.  They can touch antennae or they can broadcast sound or other signals in the air.   I was likely used to communicate also.  Not by being an insect, but by being the lowest man on the totem pole as a federal bank examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. (FDIC).   I thought my life was set.  After all, I was in the big leagues and looked at numbers on the printouts at banks that were millions and some were in the billions.  That was until I discovered that crime syndicates were at the Roseville FDIC office near Sacramento California and that the prior FDIC regional director in San Francisco was shot in his head with his own gun in his high rise office.  It was business as usual for me when I found that out.  But I did not know I was the unconcsious insect in the bank examiners chair.  I was likely knocked unconscious in San Francisco and broadcast out.  I can see it now and kind of remember.  I was sitting there unconscious, with a blink of consciousness, and my mouth is opened and my eyes are barely open.  They look through my belongings to see if I am an agent and do whatever it is that they do. 

I know the war is raging.  I know that I am just a pawn in it now.  The best you can do is stay away from the government.  I always thought true Jews would kill like anyone else.  After all, Israel attacked Egypt when I was a child and the wars they have raged for a long time.  Then  I looked up a group called Neturei Karta, an ultra orthodox Jewish group.  Someone who would kill me in my anti-semitic surroundings told me that I was pork to them.  I do not think so.  I do eat pork like a Hawaiian at Luau but I do not think dietary habits are of "Material" concern to the creator as much as cardinal aggressions, such as the murder of an innocent human being. 

Let's face it, if life is being like an insect, why not act like one.  I have done exactly that.  I ran test after test, one rat trap after another, and in the end, I am taken out with a chemical, just like an insect.   The forced injections by the federal government in 2001 was enough  to set the landslide in motion for me.  To this day, some like to say I deserved it or that I am insane. 

I only wish my grandmother would have written reasons why each son on her wall should not have joined.  She only told me afterward, "Remember Vietnam".  I remember Wiseman. I remember the holocaust victims of another era.  

The injections the government has forced on me has left me at the point of wanting to drop my home in to foreclosure and leave a military town, Pensacola, Florida, and leave the USA.   I thought it would sell.  I thought I could relax there.  I thought wrong. 

There may be no options.  I may have to sell Sweet Carols and act like a prostitute or pimp. 

I put on my F-DIC Clown Outfit and listen to Cat Stevens (Yusef Islam) play "Wild World" on Youtube. Yusef Islam is forbidden entry into the USA by the war criminals in power. My toilet port is Open Yusef. Sangria and F-DIC Shee-it will get you here.

Segment November 27, 2009: WEAPONS_types_METHODS_nature_MOVEMENT_gravity_PULL_inertia_UPSET_equilibrium_SINE_wave

The types of weapons and tools that can be used against humans and their machines is huge in today's world, and they are likely to get much sharper and much more pervasive.    I was for lack of a better word, "Shot up with Satan's spit", by a federal agent, and then later on they allowed me to just be shot up with dope and knocked unconscious.  I do not know what they did with me then or before.  It is hard not to  attack them in response for what they have done to me and what I suspect may have been done earlier.  Our parents forebears from history were often attacked.   We may have been attacked by the same thing, something not like us, or it may have just been more monkey like antics as we were attacked by aggressive humans acting like apes or dogs of war.

Genetic engineering is something I do not think many comprehend.  The nature of this field of science to be used against us is vast.  There are other fields, such as mind control, and then simple poisoning or creating mentally compromised children.  Some believe in the Survival of the Fittest and will fight to the death to prove it.    Many of the ignorant point to the victims of current war crimes technologies and smirk and laugh.  They are no different than other groups in history who have members who are as sociopath as rabid monkeys.   The simple assimilation into the DNA of embryonic children was likely the feat of the past.    I suspect it was done during World War Two or World War One.   You can see remnants of it in the population.  Often the anomalies will fall into the "Syndrome" category of diseases due to the nature of attacking the DNA strand itself and the nature of the DNA strand to house similar activities at each group of loci or codon on the DNA strand.    I would and do see remnants of likely insect DNA placed into the DNA of humans.  The simple chemical  shocking of the DNA strand could create its own anomalies also.

The US government is a sick bitch.  We have some I think who fight for us, but it is a sinking ship. We have lost our foothold and our friends in government have turned on us and are now our enemies.  Deja Vu, just like Europe, a cold blooded throat slitter. 

We are never going to be alive again as we once were.  We will have no human rights .

Segment November 18, 2009: COMEDY_hard_CORE_reality_GREED_factor_WAR_fare_SUBJUGATION

Often I look back to my comedy characters I have created from real life people including myself.   

The characters are Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman" of Mob AL, Sheriff.

The Mob AL DA Clown Tyson, District Attorney

Mass of Shee-it F-DIC Boss San Francisco, FDIC San Francisco Management to D.C.

ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol, Assistant and ho to mob boss mentioned above

And then the whole while I wonder, have I been manipulated into believing the wrong things about the cut throat crowds controlling the Treasury and the FDIC of the place known as the USA.

I am sometimes the F-DIC Clown, sometimes mad, sometimes sad, sometimes coincidental mental, and always present to witness their heinous atrocities, and as I have grown older, I see them as an IT, and myself as just one who runs from it.   The California and Nevada and Arizona crime syndicates should be left as their own nation for their war crimes of medical atrocities and their negative capitalist structure.  Now the same is true of Atlantic City.  I was warned not to buy in the USA but I made a bet.  I lost the bet but the USA was swallowed so it does not matter.  We will likely have to fight for our lives to the death.  The USA is not worth saving.  The flag is a measure of an abomination.  Some commit war crimes here  and abroad.  Some applaud them.  What else is new.  And like the Sicilian, I do care if they live, I just wish IT was dead.  How is that for the last laugh.  BOD.

Segment November 17, 2009: POLIO_pros_CONS_germs_WARFARE_nature_GODS_child_MANS_prodigy_CRIPPLED_savior

Sometimes I dream deep vivid dreams.  My discussions provoke those dreams.  A polio victim I know came to me in a dream, angered, and he said from his wheelchair.  "My parents did not want me to be immunized for polio.  There are 40 of us here in Mobile County".

I have a deep suspicion of all government injections and all government intervention, and I have encouraged complete cessation of all contact with the regime and their medical facilities.  I feel the same way about those who support them.  After all, they are war criminals committing acts equivalent to those alleged by the alleged man known as Adolf Hitler and his crew of killers and mercenaries and medical atrocity war criminals.

Polio and their aging victims are the best example for this discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of following the war criminal regimes dictates in having children immunized and tampered with by those in government who use us like animals, as they are searching for control of the human species and the fountain of youth for themselves.  As diabolical as a feeding wolf among our children, we allow them full access when in the dictates of nature, we should be fighting them to the death.

if you do not give your children the polio vaccination, you get polio and the debilitating effects.   By the same token, if you do not get the polio vaccination, there is no chance your DNA was altered in any manner and neither were the genes of your children.  

Sometimes a warlords sword cuts both ways.  The individual choice is that of the individual.  If I could redo all, if I was to stay alive, I would go far away from the war criminal sect who cut innocent flesh with weapons and needles.  Their borders are their prisons and their governments are their fences.  If you dare to scale the fence, you are barely alive anyway.  But, do you succeed?  War is a meaningless release of energy, kind of flatulence in the bowels of Hell.  But why is revenge so sweet? Limited time off Craigslist Ad.  Revenge for hire.  Mobile Audit Club services, creative events.

If a war criminal turns his back on you as their government turned upon us, look for paid snipers, and know that their soldiers, our brothers, are often victims just as we were, before we became aware of their true war criminal nature. Likely a showdown between two in the end to death. Hark, the angels sing, a game of dodge ball, two wrestling ding a lings. That's art.

Segment November 15, 2009:  WARFARE_weapons_SATELLITE_mind_CONTROL_monkey_BETRAYAL_court_SILENCE_one_SIDE

When I look back at all of the abuse I have endured since FDIC employment and my investigating murder at the FDIC as an investigative journalist, I remember the indifference and mockery of some of those at the LA VA Westwood.  One was a Chinese doctor in the elevator.  Another was a Secret Service or FBI agent who came to an interrogation of myself after I had been forcibly injected and detained and a video recording was made of my investigations by a VA Police Officer named Blackwell on the morning of April 23, 2001.  I told him of my fleeing Alabama and Sheriff Jack Tillman, proven a thief after four years in 2005, and the murder attempt on myself that went unanswered by the FBI and Secret Service three days after St. Valentines Day 2001, after I had a ran a test to see if murderers are associated with the federal FDIC, F-DIC. The answer is an unequivocal yes. They followed me out of San Francisco into my barrio in Los Angeles, Gardena Compton and into East LA. The next night they made their move far into the desert but I laid wait for them just to see who follows the snake, to them, that would be me, but to the victims family, I am the Saint. The snake or the saint, it is all a matter of perspective. 

The judge never asked why I had a gun in my vehicle in 2001 while I slept near the LA VA Graveyard, awaiting the VA to open. Never again. I did not know they did forced experiments and forced injections and forced medical procedures. I was  in the LA Superior court after the forced injections and the attorney told me to be silent.    I suppose if you are in fear of the regime's syndicates, just wish them death in your prayers or that they will awaken.    The best thing is to stay away from them just as you would if you were looking at your worst enemy wearing the mask of an alleged friend.  Beware of their traps, and warfare, manmade and assisted, a thousand trigger switches.

I was persecuted.  I should have fled on the night of my arrest. on April 23, 2001.    I should have never parked near a VA facility.  I heard one woman ridicule me for being homeless after FDIC employment.  Perhaps she was one of those who took the fast elevator down 30 days after my release from the first rounds of torture.  Once they inject you forcibly, you are better off dead (BOD). 

Theirs is a law of avarice and greed.  Their face is a face of deception and distraction.  Their felony is not a felony but a virtue among the criminal sect.  They have been tampering with our children and us and they should be pushed off of them like an ape, an ape who is molesting your new born to their detriment, using chemicals of questionable virtue or value.  Their leaders are vultures. 

Why do they want us silent in courts?  Was my attorney paid offf?  Is it a big game to them?  I applaud their deaths and their controllers.  WE need a new government and to flush the media controllers back to their forebears, the slime of the universe.  I was told the federal government is slime by a Marin County employee.  Because I was terminated I can not be hired there either according to her.  We have to make our own employment and theirs is warfare against the masses.  

Syndicated USA, what a show.  The best bet is to get free and let it collapse into itself.  The same thing happened in Italy in some sections.  Perhaps the entire Earth is in for an Easter Island Experience.  With a big wave.

As a matter of fact, I wonder if my military experience ever existed. The boot camp training facility in Orlando Florida I attended in the early 1980's is gone. The Long Beach California Naval Station where I was stationed was at one time a shipping depot for Chinese assault rifles after the based closed. The ship I was stationed on, the USS Reid FFG-30 was sold to the nation of Turkey. Perhaps when I enlisted, I ceased to exist, except only in theory. Never serve or trust those who kill for money. You are next on the table at all times. Some people do not know what is materiall and immaterial. Some are BOD.


Segment November 11, 2009: COMEDY_truth_TRICK_government_PIMP_tyson_CLOWN_district_ATTORNEY_mob_AL_sheriff_SNATCH

I often like to imitate real life in my comedy.  I would like a true version of this on screen.  The scene is the DA of Mob AL and he is in his Mob AL DA clown outfit with his sack for excess coins for payoffs and his friend the Sheriff Jack Snatch the fairy possum and he is holding the door for the federal mafia who control the clown DA with payouts through fringe benefits for his payout sack.

The year is 2001.  I, Kurt Brown, investigative journalist was just turned back at the gate to government on 4-3-2001, and that is the month of April for would be European readers, and I was at the closed government gate of Mobile Alabama in reality.   Sheriff Jack Tillman, now the fairy possum Snatch in my writings is there.  I reported that Snatch was stealing when I was arrested on April 23, 2001, and it was on video camera recording. I was fleeing Snatch and the federal mafia in Mob Al and San Francisco CA to LA CA.  I had made a lot of noise about my being denied entry in government and the murder and money laundering at the FDIC, but no one gives a damn and now neither do I, about the past, present, and most likely the future.  I was still sick from a steroid drug overdose by the veterans administration in November.  Never take their pain meds if you are an experiment from the military or a prototype used for those who conquer us in every generation.  The drug with BellaDonna, also known as Datura  extract they had given me years earlier should have been a clear warning that VA healthcare is hell if you are an  experiment or a medical procedure for other purposes.

To The DA of Mob AL, John Tyson,  I want to know if you were aware I had reported starving inmates at the county jail of Mob AL on 4-23-2001. The LA VA Westwood Police Department and the Secret Service (SS) have the tape, in reality.

I had reported the starving inmates only a few weeks before and I was immediately injected and tortured and held and extorted from in Los Angeles California at the federal facility there at Westwood and Tyson likely will deny the video exists just like the federal mafia.    If you did know these things in advance Tyson, why did you wait until 2005 to have Snatch, Jack Tillman, prosecuted for being the most thieving Sheriff in the history of Mob AL.  It rounded out to around 360 thousand on the books and 160 thousand more is expected to have been stolen, and I suspect 750 thousand in materials, supplies, labor, sundries, and your Candy's underwear.  Snatch, shame on you and shame on you DA Tyson, for waiting so long.  Or perhaps it was our hidden twisted sister(s) in the fed.   Murder, money laundering and thievery and special deals and loans, syndicates, death, the hidden guillotine, the last gasp for the last gaff. 

Scene:  The DA of Mob AL sounds like Mike Tyson, but he is John Tyson.  He is on the take and his alternating personalities are that of another Sweet Carol, which is a ARD F-DIC blow up queen love doll and Mike Tyson the boxer with fag speak.  You can find ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol in the lost and found of Mob AL Craigslist Lost And Found, and usually on Rattlesnake Bayou weighing a pound of rattler meat or up the creek in "Crighton where it's frightenin in the overhead lightenin."

Tyson says to Snatch, "I told youse the money ain't nuttin but a trap when they leaves it in the open.  Ain't you ever seen those money bags at the bank.  Those are full of paper and a twenty.  Go ahead, cash it Snatch".  

Snatch, "360 thousand dollars is a lie. I took none of it, I tell ya"  "I ain't starved nobody of nuttin".  "I am the most loved friend to the federal police too"  "You see what I did to the Saint Ram Bone, the F-DIC Party Clown, Kurt Brown.  I buried him twice and he came back up outta the ground". 

Tyson "If you leaves the grease on the handle and walks away, someone is going to get screwed Snatch".  "Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone, played you the same hand.  One takes one and the other takes away.   One hand for the other, likes an ax. His gun permit, his right to entry, your six hundred thousand dollars, and your soul, but its a Possum now Snatch. "  "Those people who saw this Snatch wants that money they way."  "They want your arm band to stand alone"  "They say they pay you twice what a one hand man gets."  "You sold your devil at twice the cost of the army way."  "You been made a little rich but a black eye Jack"

Scene:  The man in the hallway is me.  I am Kurt Brown, investigative journalist, former FDIC bank examiner who saw the truth finally -- and that truth is that the lions eat the lions share.  I am knocked down and I see them holding me and they are jerking my head back, putting drugs up my nostrils, slapping cuffs on me.  But I know I am in their buildings, their hell, and that is all I know for sure in this era of high tech warfare. I saw it all, the comedy of the FDIC, a dead man, and I am told the mob runs the FDIC. I see a shadow of nothing.   A huge vacuum of heartless men or perhaps just a large vacuum of ill context.  I like to shout there but no one hears, and no one opens the door, and when they did long ago before they knew me, they felt dead and life less, like they were not here nor there. Theirs are nothing to us because we are nothing to them. We know each other by the experimental ward, humans. I should wear my F-DIC Party Clown outfit to the VA with my heart pump to get my heart checked and that strange entry point to the arteries down below, and two sets of blank medical records so we can get the record straight, since they keep two different copies anyway, those they want you to see and those they don't.  I will someday go back as the F-DIC Clown and I will maybe just sling ole F-DIC fliers to the jesters of closed Mob AL government, and in a flurry of aluminum protective coating like from a battle boat in a beer can, I will whistle those things they wanted to hear, "You don't f-ck F-DIC Clown when he's wearing "Queerest of The Queer".  "You bathe in your own bath blood from here. I once imagined the beast and I saw him there, at that moments notice so huge, his flesh large, and I was hungry, he smelled of an animal, the kind that is sweet and as sinful as pork. Perhaps that is why it is forbidden, until the final feast. But I might feel sorry for it. That is why I was forced to gag, so I could hold IT down, a meatloaf that is made of sh-t."

Scene" Perdido Bay, Snatch Hooks, Fish Hooks, Floating Carcasses and a Burning Cross Across the Way and a man launched on Fire somewhere to the South.

Because I liked the Apocalypse Now clip in which the lessers talk about General Kurtz, I imagine that actor, from CC Rider speaking here, or the slug from down on the corner who drinks alone and leaves all alone with his intoxicants of the lesser degree.

Resident Outcast: "Tonight could be the night. They crucify the meat around this time every night lately. YOu don't want to know because you don't want to hear. He showed you the light and he drew octagons and called them triangles and you did not notice that he in fact was the Queerest of The Queer, because he is rumored to carry Allah, God, and a forgotten fear. They say baby dear are attracted to him and that the birds swoop down on him to see. But he lost something along the way and he knows it. Did you hear of the seven triangles of Armegeddon. A divine creation from what I hear, the end. Orthodox, no not me, maybe Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, but I am just the meat. I will lay down in the ditch and spread like dust while they look for cleft feet. Sadistic when the cross is crunched into the meat. The Sad F DIC Clown said his future girlfriend, and at one time a possible Jewish girlfriend, had been raped in New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina flood. Some guy broke off a fence and like some sort of sadistic cross harmed her. I heard some guy made a joke, and he took off yon way. Yeah man, I saw his head, floating by and I know what it said, 'There goes my body, he said he would meat me and hath way'. This is no place to be. This is not his divine speak. No the light reaches farther away. It is not turned up, not yet anyway. They dropped their weapons. They say they want it that way. I think they are "Hath Dead", floating yon way. River sticks burns hath bright night and all f-ckin day.' I saw the last two launched down Yon Way, but the burning, he sailed from this side, not thine, it must have been another burning mass of behind.  The F-DIC Party Clown counts his whole life insurance in a new way, in another staged Pissed Off Cola Injun Land Claim, half the damned bay, and twenty miles dat way.  A large beacon of light from space with an imitation laser like a loaded trigger, twenty million megaton tons of light energy and twenty one joules to light every cell in its own way.  Tick Tick, and click. They lit it up when they saw flies. I know that's why he's here. He cleans it up, like the sh-it in the river man. If you go to the other side of town its different. But this is half way. This is "Hath Way" and "How".

The F-DIC Party Clown looks down, frowns, smiles in a dream, and flies away in his mind. He says, "The Vacuum is there and we are but mere corpuscles, carbuncles in a cluster in this wretched war crimes city. It smelled of death and stench and decay and I just put it away, in my pit. They control us like animals on an animal farm." The Clown waxes poetic, "Oh heavenly father, why doeth thou not bloweth us away." A intermittent sound comes from Heavenly father. "It is not Uncle Tom of Yurok Indian or grandmother up Scratch Ankle way. He and she hath gone the other way." The clown says "Good", "I live to fight another day".

Scene: The F-DIC Party Clown removes his gowns and shoes and steps into the light of the show and the paints melt and the hair defoliates. I say, "Dear father, why are I put into thine heavenly stew". He replies, "I warned you two".

The F-DIC Death Clown, is me and I want restitution from the casino accounts of the FDIC and Treasury funnels, and I want some of it paid from compensation garnished from drug dealers in the fed or those moneys taken in the drug wars. But I want it and I want the casino due. Their government officials and lackeys f-cked me twice with their needles that I am aware, "Once in 2001 and once in 2004. The fags do that to their whores. Double f-ck so no one can be blamed. Never mind two.". "Am I your whore Uncle Sam, and Auntie Moscow to be f-cked? 9.11 million is not enough for this dude. I heard the ante at 50 million, just like Sweet Sioux and 99.1 million is a good little stew for someone who you used to screw..

Segment October 28, 2009: HALLOWEEN_real_LIFE_saint_RAM_bone_F-DIC_bank_EXAMINER_party_DEATH_clown

For next Halloween, I hope to have a real life House of Horrors celebrating the things I have known and imagined and intertwined.  After all, my business is about opening the doors that were closed, but they have to be opened like magic, sometimes brutal, sometimes to our end. To greet you will be myself, Saint Ram Bone or the F-DIC Party Clown and Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum, and Ard F-DIC Sweet Carol Party Girl Role Model inflatable sex doll and she is my boss the lazy F-DIC prostitute. Because when I was tortured and injected and almost killed after FDIC investigations by myself as an independent journalist, and likely being set up in experiments at that medical atrocity hotspot known as the LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles, I was partially blinded with poisons while in forced exile. The F-DIC clown will be spraying the eyes of all who enter with good and bad F-DIC Clown spray, depending. He will say "Eureka" when he starts the music and the insecticide fog bath for unsuspecting eyes. That is where I was in forced exile for daring to stay alive, Eureka California. I fled LA forever after my scheduled but delayed release on 8-11-2001. I am viewed as a sort of high tech James Bond, a dumb one with brain damage from heart experiments and high tech things attached and implanted and likely a bio-engineered design like many other children who were used in various parts of the Earth during the 1900's. Due to the international crime syndicates in LA through DC and beyond, and their or IT giving me my X number that is forboding,like an agent number, X 0-7 911 84 in the year 2001. I listen to the clown song on your eyes being sprayed day, Halloween, and I hope you can see things my way, For Your Eyes Only from the Youtube James Bond movie. The words changed, to "For your eyes only, two fingers and a tong, when I spray that shee-it it's hue? the F-DIC Clown. They think we are clowns, and I am owed 9.11 million and soon to collect F-DIC Party Clown Style. Watch their government. The enemy wallows in wealth and health where ever it truly dwells while we are cut down like guinea pigs, useless children of the lesser sect. Who cares if they cut societies life line, as long as it is done quick like a clown trick.

I will have the California sector in the first rooms and in it will be the Los Angeles VA Westwood and the US Navy in nearby Long Beach California. The USN doing experiments on sailors inside the dentist office at the USN base. At the LA VA Westwood Hospital, they call people insane, inject them with chemicals, and take them to medical operating rooms via the fire escape of their nutward at the LA VA Westwood, and then they send the people to the operating table under some false pretense, such as an MRI. I often wondered if the black la va cop who escorted me knew what they were really doing. Was that really him I asked myself afterward? He was there when I was injected. In my business, the question of technological warfare always looms. He gave me the chance to run after my million dollar bail was set at court and after I had my forced injections and forced medical procedures. He should have stopped them from forcibly injecting me when I was already compliant with demands on 4-23-2001. I would not allowed it in my presence to happen to him. I hate America and Americans are cold blooded killers in many cases and they are like children who have to be taught right from wrong. Their leader is insane. You do not follow the insane. The clown will tell the children at the door of the house of horrors. We should be wary of all VA officials and all federal government officials and anything controlled by the international government of war criminals in power and their lesser networks of paid mercenaries among us. Technological subterfuge through deception keeps the average people in check and out of the way of the war criminal regime's elite and more clandestine activities. The VA doctor the records also, and they manipulate you on weaknesses such as medical allergies. The LA VA Westwood veterans will be unconscious with heart probes going up their groins,  and in the USN room  they will have  fiber optic wires being jammed in their eyes and beepers and tracers injected into their thighs. In the corner will be the genetic experiment man, a gargoyle, the perfect USN Sailor and Marine and Veteran who can be all he thinks he can be, what they tell him to be, a gargoyle of war. I will also have another room with the Randy Kraft Serial Killer exhibit, with one man on a stump, anus to mouth, and Randy will be throwing the body on the stump repeatedly screaming, "Watch Your Mouth, Watch Your Mouth".

In the Alabama Sector, we will have starving inmates and a huge Possum Man, Snatch The Fairy Possum, as Sheriff stealing everything. A Free-Lance, unowned and independent reporter, will be beaten down at the foot of government while someone is being gang raped in an office and elevator of the building after being knocked unconscious without them knowing it. Drugs are forced up the reporters nose to leave him unconscious and drugged while those who support the dictatorship stand by silently, some laughing and gesturing.

In the desert Triangle room, we will have Nevada's old gangsters and war profiteers hooked up to machines and given false hearts and have the fountain of youth for a moment, then in Arizona in the Flagstaff Hospital room we have a reporter, free lance, independent, hated by the mass media and government criminals, a Clark Kent of our era, being knocked unconscious and having probes placed on his head and injections into his heart to continue the heart tests for the fountain of youth. The Toxic Waste from the Explosion in New Mexico and the refinery explosion in Texas loom to the East.

In the San Francisco room there will be Gold, the FDIC office full of gangsters and international war criminals finger men, with casino bags of money to be laundered while a dead FDIC regional director is knocked unconscious with a frequency laser and the assassins remove the gun from his hand and blow out his brains.  They then ask, "Where is Kurt"  The gays of San Francisco are in the room, two in drag with head knob bras and one with the usual flight pink and white F-DIC bank examiner outfit of the day. Of course, I am the Sueet Carol Load Eye Caroler, the young FDIC Bank Examiner who is outcast and honest, and I will be in the corner with the body of the dead men past killed in the defense of the FDIC at my feet as I hold him up, and the ghosts of other men who died for their treasuries will be behind me.

I will then have the Saint Ram Bone music room where all of the hits will be played, Sueet Carol Lodi, Big Easy Bud Hole, Stone Cold In My Electric Chair,  and others from the Home Grown Music Page of the site where tea and crumpets and snacks and shit will be fed to guests with donations accepted.    Sorry no cops are allowed unless you leave your guns and ammunition with the host, excluding any who I give a copy of my gun permit too, but we will first have to unzip the possums pelt, as it is stuck under the hair over his heart.  A metal detector will be there, so dress down.  The F-DIC Party Clown don't like no unexpected trick.

On the way out the door, those who do not eat shee-it will be given a sweet carol load eye diaghram to chew on. Some say it tastes like Caramel Sweet Carol Load Eye and that it was found near Sweet Carol Lodi. IndyMedia link to Sweet Carol Lodi Load Eye

An aft thought--- In my favorite skit in the house with Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum and Sweet Carol ARD F-DIC Boss a Blow Up Play Girl. The possum is eating a Zagnut from the candy hole and the F-DIC Party Clown is now the Med Tech F-DIC Party Clown and he is checking her anal temperature by munching on the butter nut in her back door. I ask Sweet Carol if it she is sweet and she says, "I have a Zagnut in my candy hole and a butter nut in my back door. You know she's sweet."

Segment October 27, 2009: SCIENCE_fiber_OPTIC_eye_IMPLANTS

The eye of a human being is at optimal placement to observe a person's whereabouts.  I often look at my own eye and wonder if the inflammation that recurs in a certain area is an implant.   Could this be done and how?

The recent advancements in bio optics and fiber optics and the coupling of neural and peripheral nerve tissue to fiber optic chips and smart card implementation, these  fields  offer the opportunity for lesser combatants in the world to pin another tag on and in innocent human beings.  When you are knocked unconscious and held basically for ransom and robbery by government and government approved officials you will understand.

The legs can easily carry various chips and chemicals and tags for placement over time and our bodies are in fact worth only their weight in meat or as experiments, more like a goat or a guinea pig, to many people in the medical and governmental and other arenas of consumption in our modern era.

Tagged should be  the new mass media name for America's newborn, the world's newborn.  Tagged Brown. N Wor B Deggat.  Son of N WOR B TRUK.

Segment October 26, 2009: comedy_TRIGGER_snatch_SHERIFF_sweet_CAROL_ard_F-DIC_helium_HIGH_day_PULL_catch_22

After the nightmarish but real life events of the FDIC, I was accused of many things by the war criminals in power in the USA. One of the big things was that I owned legally purchased fire arms. I was an ameteur collector and never fired at any one and always practiced gun safety, even when in danger and investigating the murder of the FDIC director and when I was reporting it in front of Comcast cameras in 2001. I was very nervous, afraid I would be shot in the head as I spoke. After all, the baloney at the FDIC said the dead man at the top was a suicide. I could be labeled anything and killed at any moment and no one would notice. So I make jokes now and in reality I get paid IU, which is translated as F-DIC Clown salary. After all, my clowning around with potential murderers is what got it started for me in 2001 and got me IU F-DIC Clown Fees as payment. This is a movie set I want to play when I can enter the FDIC BOD or the TREASURY BOD. I want to let them know that the F-DIC Party Clown does not play with his Snatch.

Scene: Arlington National Cemetary, daylight, Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Till-man is in attendance and I, the ARD F-DIC Death Clown have given Snatch shot gun rights so the fed does not shoot me or try to harm me again. In attendance is the symbol of F-DIC Corruption and indifference, Sweet Carol, my boss, the blow up F-DIC Party Girl Role Model.

The F-DIC Clown asks Snatch: "Did you bring your gun permit"

Snatch looks in the cut in his fur coat and pulls out the Gun Permit and says: "Sheriff Snatch has had this gun permit since 4-3-2001 and I did not even search the Saint Ram Bone for a gun. I knew the Saint had no gun."

F-DIC Clown replies: "If the former FDIC bank examiner, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone had not had your stolen 360 thousand dollars retrieved from your Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman accounts, it would not have swung around So Sweet. 360 degrees and the starvin tater eaters got your investment and a pound of taters and some meat. So sweet."

The F-DIC Party Clown holds Sweet Carol in the air full of helium. The Sheriff Snatch Possum yells pull, and the clown lets go of Sweet Carol who quickly ascends. Snatch fires his catch 22 shotgun and Sweet Carol whistles like a whippoorwill off into the distance. The F-DIC Party Clown turns to the camera.

The F-DIC Party Clown says, "Squeeze is so easy to release when the F-DIC Party Clown is Around. Do not f-ck with us. We can see for Miles and Miles, even if dead in appearance and blind."

Scene: Snatch quickly points his 22 shotgun at the F-DIC Clown and says, "You are not the F-DIC Clown, you are Kurt Brown that shot up and convicted FDIC bank examiner who is not allowed, and you likely did come out of a hole in the ground, just like that little punk kid Kurt Brown on bloody Wiseman Rosewood in Mob AL." ( Author's Note : I would like to rename Rosewood Drive in Mobile Alabama to Rosewood Wiseman to commemorate Wiseman who came back from Vietnam and killed himself at 18 or 19 years old. I was 8 or under in age. Wiseman lived at Rosewood Drive and General Bullard.)

Scene: Close up of Snatch trigger finger on gun and the click and the hammer hits, but no bang, and the possum squeezes the trigger several times, but no bang is heard.

The F-DIC Clown looks at Snatch and says, "It goes both ways Snatch." "Let me look in".

Snatch says "No" and pulls the gun back but the F-DIC clown wrestles the gun away with Snatch being cut on the cheek by the cross-hairs atop the barrel.

Scene: The F-DIC Clown has the gun and looks inside the barrel from the wrong end and says, "I see what is wrong". He then blows out the barrel, wipes the gunpowder from the first shot to Sweet Carol, and then he holds the barrel facing the sun like an eclipse and it goes off, a large bang is heard, and the possum shakes violently on the ground, with rodent shot all over his body in bloody pockmarks.

Scene: Snatch drives up in a new automobile. and the clown says, "Trust?", only with a reasonable and professional amount of doubt, just like an accountant and a politician. The clown retrieves Sweet and sucks the wound from the shot on her breast and starts to hum, "Mama's Got a Squeeze Box, from the Who (Youtube link).

AS a serious aside from the author: Those in governmental power in the USA, likely control from overseas by a group who has their own route and transport to space, have tried to take over and have done so, as cold blooded as a pack of killers. I read the writing on the wall and it is drenched with blood, our blood, and I have a suspicion that the reason the orient let go of capitalism was that it tortures us and creates a Hell, but in todays China they do the same thing as the USA, kill and torture their population, or perhaps they are at war inside too, us humans, us humane humans, but our war is a war of silent suffering usually. It is a sign of the higher order often I would conjecture. I look to space and want a new direction to leave to separate the pack based on like kinds. Some worlds I will not enter without hesitation if at all. Theirs I will wave goodbye to. They should not have done what they did, what it did.

Segment October 17, 2009:  COMEDY_sweet_CAROL_f-dic_PARTY_girl_ROLE_model_BLOW_up_SEX_doll_CALENDAR

This coming November, I hope to release a Calendar for 2010 that has a ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol theme for each month.

On the first picture for January, I will have a sweet carol sucking on an ard red and creamy white stripe f-dic outside of a bart station on Market  street.  I will include with this month, a gift, a Sweet Carol Load-Eye, or (Sweet Carol Lodi as it is named on the web.  Her diaghram will be loose and there for you to use, and I will include a complimentary magnifying lens you can place inside the diaghram loop.  You really should inspect her before you go down on her.   Some doctors will not do it.  Also, bring lube....for the magnifying glass to fit inside the Sweet Carol Load Eye diaghram.

For the second picture in February, I will put ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol out feeding the dog, but this month, Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman gets in on the act too, and finds a Zagnut bar instead of rat poison in his dog food as he munches on it from Sweet's honey hole while Mass'a Shee-it, the midget F-DIC Boss gets lankey on the top end.  I may put Bow-bone, a yorkie in on this act too. You can see Bow-bone in Mobile Audit Club's Home Grown Music page at the bottom in  a link to Indymedia, when I cook some brownies, not weed, and have a Bow-Bone flashback with Molly.    Sweet Carol has that month what many San Francisco Asian women said one of my girlfriends had, Hair Like A Dog. 

In the third picture in March, ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol is licking a pork chop under F-DIC Big Boss Man's desk, Mass'a Shee'it, and Mass'a Shee-it holds her throat while his puppet F-DIC goes down her mouth.  A big bag of money is down for the Ho this month, one from the F-DIC Treasury and one from the Nevada Casino Mob.

For the fourth picture, April, we have Sweet Carol, Mass'a Shee'it, and Snatch The Fairy Possum in a Daisy Chain.  Sweet Carol is at the front, Snatch the Fairy Possum is in the middle, and Mass'a Shee'it is hanging off the end.  The scene is a F-DIC high rise office in San Francisco looking out over the Lilly White buildings toward the ocean.  Sweet Carol is munching on a piece of Shee-it out of Mass'as behind in their loop de loop sex design.

To be continued, most likely with some queers for Sweet Carol.  She flips both ways and then maybe a ride to Humboldt county to get really hot at the pot party and then a visit to the Indians, etc. A good time calendar is what this calendar will be. Every day will be a Sweet Carol Day for 2010 with this sweet calendar purchase. After all, Sweet Carol Is "My Girl" (full of) Temptations (Youtube Music Link).

Segment October 8, 2009: COMEDY_SCENE_section_8_SNATCH_possum_WINDOW_saint_HELL_satan

This is a  comedy written in bastardized screenwriter's format.

Scene: Saint Ram Bone, alias Kurt Brown, aged FDIC bank examiner who was a cast out for speaking out and who became an American holocaust victim under the international criminal empire in the USA, is staring out his window from his office in his home.  In the distance in the lawn next to  the rural road  is Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man.   Snatch is waving at the traffic and thinks he is conducting traffic and passing along wisdom.

Saint Ram Bone to Possum:  Possum, come hither.  Possum I want you to run a test for me today. 

Scene: A nickel hits the pavement out of the Possums belly pocket, his scar from when we caught him and made him store my gun permit in his knife hole pouch.  (Aside : In a true life story Sheriff Jack Tillman, Snatch, had taken my gun permit on 4-3-2001 and I was going to report his 360 thousand dollars of food funds thievery from Mob AL jail to Comcast news cameras at the Mob AL City Council meeting, a consortium of thieves, puppets, and racketeers.)

Snatch to Saint Ram Bone:  President Jack Snatch Till-man has to jam in a wind pipe to breathe thanks to you and your test at the Treasury Department of the Kohn Head.    They cut my Possum throat.

Saint Ram Bone to Snatch:  Snatch, it's all in your head.  You nicked yourself with a possum razor and hit yourself on the head with a yard tool before falling on the fence spear.  You will be all right.  This time, this test has real dividends.  You get to get inside the Treasury.  All of that money.  All of that time at those expensive buffets, and best of all, you get to go to Las Vegas and Reno, and guess what Snatch.

Snatch: "What?"

Saint Ram Bone to Snatch: "We will cut that piece of Massa F-DIC Spear out of your ass"

Snatch: "Mass-uh pie splinta pie, Sweet Carol Lodi"

Saint Ram Bone to Snatch: " That's right Snatch, Mass-uh Pie Split eye, Sweet Carol Lodi.  You will get it right before you die."

Snatch Growls and Walks backward confident, making backwards PROGRESS like the real life MOBile ALabama government in our time.

I whistle Sweet Carol Lodi looking through Sweet Carol's Diaghram and remember Mass'a Spy Lookin In While I Was About To Sleep or Sigh When I was in the high chair in the F-DIC building in the sky, visiting Sweet Carol and I. 

In my mind looking out my window, Saintrambone's window, I have Snatch tied to a post on the front of the number 9 Judah Muni train in San Francisco and the brakes are released and going through all stop lights to the Ocean.   I know who tried to call for help.  I know who got I.  I know 911 will let you die, and if you send it in email to SS  or FBI, you belong to Mass'a F-DIC type crime.  You might as well roll over and die.  Sometimes 3 plus 3 means someone inverted 9 thrice, means its reduced to nothing, 2 pi, 360 thousand dollars, three hundred and sixty degrees, and Snatch never got time.  .  F-DIC type crime is where the wheel does not really screech when the victim cries, Snatch knows I told and IT knows why.  I tell over the microphone for Snatch on the Pole to call 911 as from the street camera online I spy, and the Treasury F-DIC group think it is I that is about to die.  Snatch is my bait.  Taint is my F-DIC Sweet, a 4 holed F-DIC Party Role Model Girl.  She is with me and Snatch and Massa Shee-i t.  Mass'a is the puppet boss of the F-DIC and I am shackled again, and he shouts on the number 9 line to I, "Mass'a, here come the plane, here come the plane".   He gets mixed up, Mass'a puppet thinks from his Load Eye, Sweet Carol brought him in her Cherry pie.  The fags told me the hotel San Francisco F-DIC pimp pump more than his penis up the five and DIME, someone rumored Sweet and Masa was real one time.  That is a question.  One needle in the crotch, and all they did was sigh, that is what i conjecture on the Fairy possum down low at the F-DIC Treasury money laundering Five and Dime..

I sometimes picture myself as the clown in the house of charades.  I always liked to juggle more than one at a time, and three, well, let's sit and have a good ole time.  I saw it, bought it, and let it fly on its own design.  Sometimes the dead things are never mine.  N'er the possum, ne'er aft the Five and DIME.

Sometimes people want to rip apart the American dream apparently never thought of, and I think it was a dream, a nightmare in part, and I patch the black holes with comedy and still while others laugh, my souls blood oozes out. What makes a human humane. I want to know that genetic combination, but it likely is more learned, and for some made more difficult in a primitive universe, primitive at this time. Sweet Possum Mass'a F-DIC Snatch.

Segment October 5, 2009:  COMEDY_f-dic_CASINO_comedy_SUEET_carol_ARD_f-dic_SHERIFF_snatch_MOB_al_MASSA_shee-it_MOB

Scene:  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation office and at the desk is Saint Ram Bone which is myself a FDIC bank examiner, and the FDIC Assistant Regional Director, F-DIC ARD Sweet Carol, who is a blow up sex doll with four orifices, the usually three and an eye socket for a foursome, and present also is Sheriff Jack Snatch the Fairy Possum Till-man of Mob Al in his possum outfit wearing his Sheriff's badge and carrying his pistols. Inside Sweet Carol is Masa Shee-it who is a little guy, a Puppet, with big plans.  These characters are based on real characters.  Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama was covered for four years after absconding 360 thousand dollars of starving inmate food funds and he was given a fat retirement by the crime syndicates approved of by the federal dictatorship. Sweet Carol and Masa Shee-it are still playing at the F-DIC as far as I know. 

Saintrambone to Sweet:  "Sweet Carol, you are just what I dreamed of in an ARD F-DIC boss in San Francisco.  You are a lazy prostitute who really has a no holes barred attitude about everything. "  "Sheriff Snatch the Fairy Possum, we have a big day today.  You have contracted a ring around your F-DIC from Sweet Carol and we will have to excise the worms within and without of your F-DIC.  Snatch, give me the tweezers and scalpel from my doctors bag.  Snatch, You are lucky I am a doctor and an accountant.  "

Scene: Snatch bends over and a large worm is wiggling around his anus and a Massa Shee-it Puppet seems to be trying to get out ass swell.

To Be Continued

Final thought for today:  At 8 years old I knew I would have rather been born dead than to have been in the USA or the other oppressed nations controlled by those who had wrenched away control of the USA.  The lies of the life at 8 years old lightened then darkened then nothing.  Comedy keeps me going.  Suicides from Vietman, fights from Alcohol, the rage of the media in their call for war, and the little people calling for peace and calling for war, eventually hiding their children or breaking them apart.  The history of mankind that continues to this day in NATO, the bully with a siphon, a probuscus like an insect, except their benefactors control oil..   Now the tortures of the USA government after my FDIC employment and investigative journalism and my encounter on that strange day, 4- 3-2001 when I was running an errand for my mother, removing  the thief from the inmate food fund coffers at the local Mob AL jail.  Sheriff Jack Tillman was forced to resign four years later and forgiven by the war criminal sect in power, while I was persecuted after having survived an attempt on my life.   Their government turns against us and they are an IT..  This place I had known, I thought of as great as the finest wood, and now, a putrid and disease filled rag of fibers.  The remnants of my family therein, and those who escaped the oppressed area of the USA all fared better.  All except one, me.  I came back.   So now, I make a comedy before the coming fight against the IT and the propaganda wars, as if they matter, because theirs is propaganda, mine is truth.  I let you know when I am pulling a rabbit from the hat for entertainment.  Sometimes the rabbit pulled from the hat is not a rabbit, but a Fairy Possum, aka the Sheriff Snatch The Fairy Possum of Alabama. Mobile Alabama government turned against me. Los Angeles California government turned against me. Washington D.C. government turned against us. Who controls IT and from where is a matter of conjecture.

Segment October 2, 2009: SYMBIOSIS_death_LIFE_illusion_REAL_division_DEMARKED_struggle_PERMEATION_formed_DARK_manipulates_LIGHT

The symbiotic existence of the human beings species with those things that are illusory as human could be a real possibility.  But that would imply something separate and distinct from living things as we think of them as we observe them.  The connection to the illusory part could be more than we can fathom due to the point or points of fission or fusion or the demarking line between one in the other, whether illusory in some extent but real in the extent of chemical change and observe.  It is a well worn concept mathematically such as X and X', separate but connected.

Symbiosis is everywhere between animals and plants and all things in between.    The linkage of the electrons in the cells of our bodies to the outer world first starts in seemingly endless perpetuity with the first ingestion of a nutrient. 

So, if someone says, "If you took all the wealth from everyone today, the one's who had wealth yesterday and today will be the same ones who have the wealth tomorrow."   The illusion is what keeps the wheel going, one acts upon the other, and we all attempt to harness the forces of nature or to ride them to our own completion.  Like a moth building a cocoon above a river, nothing stays the same neither in the river nor in the cocoon, regardless.

To fight for their wealth is like fighting against one's self.  To fight to prepare to fight is so barbaric.  The dark side controls part of Earth.  Death, does it some times take the bitter side and approach back in life or does it just fluctuate, pulsing, while we breath the air like salmons gulping air dissolved upstream, not knowing beyond the fields of green and their little stream.  Fish.  Man is a fish.  Starting with a pole head semen, swimming upstream to a place to run like a fish into the mouth of a new vein.


Segment September 30, 2009: COMEDY_comedia

Scene: Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Till-Man is confessing his sins at the alter of the priest, and with Snatch is Satan holding his kleptomaniac lovers possum hands. The sky roars and rolls black and gray outside the old church.

Snatch leans his head toward Satan in confessional as he speaks to the Priest behind the screen in his rehearsed (dialogue): "And he said, 'Trooper', and I answered. I am the Possum Sheriff, I was bequeathed so on 4-3-2001, and the blood of the son of man was on my hand and I took his ticket that gave him the right to survive in the forbidden land, I took it from his gun permit hand, 360 degrees and 360 thousand dollars later, I am the Snatch The Fairy Possum man in the forsaken Till-Man Coroner Land, posing as Snatch, Snatch the Fairy Possum, and once knew I knew the son of Moses and I touched him on his hand, and now I let Satan take all he can grab, till I play dead in my lovers Possum bed.

Had Snatch, Satan, or Moses, gone mad? It can't be, or perhaps rigor mortis had set in or Satan had just put it in, slippery and shit, 4-3-2001 my friend, the possum, this may be your end, or perhaps mine, if repeatable deaths and lives are like friends till the end..

Final note: I attempt to turn real life into the release of humor and non lamenting of the past. The final verdict is in, there will be little humor in the end. Injected and wondering "Where is the implant?" The lies, the strips of government, the lies, the forced injections, the unknown scars mixing with the known. There is nothing left except Satan's song of songs. HA HA That is funny from a free thinker. But it is sad at the same time. Human beings sold out and bent to a master of no restraint and little training. Snatch, the government owes me 9.11 million for not responding to the attempt on this bank examiners life and you took my gun permit 4-3-2001. And Satan says to Snatch Possum Sheriff of Mob AL, "And Now we ate, the big banana, and yours are the pine-nuts, one nuts left". .

Snatch, what chemical did the government jam up my nostrils in 2004 in Mob Al government when I was enroute to their city council meeting banned to myself by Clinton Johnshon, Reggie Copeland, and Mayor of the moment and the federal aristocracy of apple venders and bullet hole makers? Note to kids -- do not major in journalism and think you can challenge the mediocrity of brutish staidism, just study hard and turbulent stuff, like physics in a plasma, and open the tube or vent IT.

Segment September 28, 2009: 

The keys, the keys, the keys.  Where are the keys to the control of an international monetary transfer system and the banking system of the USA federal government in particular?  For one moment, those keys were in the hands of a mad man who killed an FDIC regional director.  Likely an orchestration of a circle of control, a ring of worms as I have diagnosed, in and around the F-DIC.  That is bank examiner holocaust survivor humor.  I was also on my way to becoming a physician until a Vietnam Vet put me on the road to federal bank examination and the blood trail of a dead FDIC regional Director.  They required a specialist, likely a medical experiment of the federal government too.  They have factions, some may be on our side, but we have grown weak in the international melee now upon us.  Even NATO is committing war crimes and our war criminal leadership has their fingers in the gut of their victims nations, sucking up oil and such.

Banking and finance are a lesser breeds forte but it appears required to some extent, at least in the "Capitalistic" vein.  Even scientists who are at the top of invention need to be able to count their pocket change and rest assured a dime is worth more than a nickel. 

The injections and medical procedures of the government has made me sick.  The people do not care on mass media nor in government in many cases.  We are on our own.  As a veteran I want to warn others, beware of high finance and the military, it is a lesser breeds specialty and they are at war.  When I say a lesser breed, I am saying that many are not that intelligent and they have no humane conscience, but because they have money, they have the best weapons and attornies and doctors a trillionaire can buy.

The keys in a system of control are often held by various people at various locations in a high finance type of operation such as that in banking.  Likely a large hit was made in the early 90's at the dead FDIC directors desk.  Now it appears that money laundering and such are sanctioned and Vegas and Nevada predators from the gambling industry are diversifying into money laundering with approval from government so that it looks like business as usual.    I now know the USA has a wall around it just like Israel and likely just like those nations of warmongerers who rob nations such as Afghanistan on behalf of benefactors likely removed from all US common citizens.  It is my belief if we allow it there, it happens here, and it has.  I am sick from the abuses of the government.  They are as dead in their hearts and minds as a killer sociopath, with the exception of small pockets of resistance in the lower ranks.

Because I was made sick by attacks and injections and forced medical procedures and more, I am asking that 9.11 million US dollars be paid to me, Kurt Brown, former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist, alias Saint Ram Bone.   I want the money paid from the casino revenues and I want all casinos in Nevada have a rule, all bets are monitored in real time with observation points at all bets laid and paid.  9.11 million to come from Casino revenues, since they are behind much of the killing and they have the networks into the drug cartels of the international government controlling the USA border patrol and customs.  The regime needs to have some of their factions eat Shee-it and force their true felons to pay up.  One dead bank examiner and one alive.  How many really have died in this war in the USA?  NATO means Never Again Trust Outsiders.  Do not hunt like a pack of wolves for those who will devour you.  If you trust anyone in a killing venture for profit, there is an insane proportion to your logic.  The USA government and their courts are not ours and they have become our living Hell.  What next is  likely deep throat or cut throat, either way it stinks.

9.11 Million is what I want and it is a floating decimal to the greater.

Segment September 23, 2009: WARFARE_control_USA_vietnam_IRAQ_afghanistan_ISRAEL_nato

If I really study what has happened since the Vietnam war in my life, I tend to jump to an obvious conclusion.  That conclusion is that people in Russia, a group of them, perhaps near East Germany, have taken over much of the Earth, perhaps with help from some technicians in Asia or perhaps with some help from their own bio-engineering and manipulations of their own greatest thinkers and inventors.  After all, they have no qualm about altering human DNA, as to them, God did not make these vesicles we call our bodies.  But the obvious conclusions are fraught with difficulty because the obvious is often not the case at hand, so it may not be Russia behind this American nightmare that has killed thousands of Russia's opponents and killed and weakened thousands more.  I look forward to the war inside the USA, not that I think we humans we will win, but that we will all end up and dead and they, the war criminals in power, can abuse no longer.

Think about this, the French and the Americans fought Vietnam.  The Russians supplied Vietnam with weapons, and the Vietnamese supplied those weapons with their blood.   The Russians fought with Afghanistan for years and the USA allegedly sold Afghanistan weapons.  Now the Russians are quiet and Europe has grown vastly wealthy in some nations such as the banking hub, Switzerland.  The USA governmental regime gave Swiss banks 1.2 trillion dollars in loans in the past year.  But that money was not loaned, it was taken, and very little is given back in the USA, and only as slave wages.  The government is a crime syndicated operation now and I applaud their removal.    I look forward to the fight.  They drew first blood.  I am sure many peasants will die, but I hope they can get their wealthy controllers and drag their entrails into the snow and mud like dogs with carrion.  That is what we are to them and they to us, carrion.  Let us applaud those who challenge  the war criminals in the USA, never mind the peasants who are paid to kill.  They will run when out powered and they see that they are losing.  Never serve or trust them, and move with God to remove them from our presence in all fashions.

Perhaps it is all of our time to die, perhaps life was an illusion, and for some, a nightmare. Fight or flight, that has always been the ultimatum at those critical moments in history when the edict was, "Devour or be devoured". The regime is a lesser controller, and their sort will have a tendency to re-surface. Like bad milk, it is time for the stomach to churn, America is controlled by a sick bastard.

We may discover that we or I never had any sort of control of our own lives in any form. We may find we were outmaneuvered by a vicious and insane predator for a very long time. Their lies of success and happiness in their constructs are being laid bare as we witness the fall of mankind. Or is this a new beginning? I want the war with them. They drew first blood. I want to escape them. They will eventually kill their own. We should invent the tools that allow them to do so. They are too stupid. Perhaps a two trigger switch. A mis-fire.

I would like to thank the Jewish Rabbi Beck of Neturei Karta for relaying to me the writings from the Talmud and Torah expressly forbidding the return of the state of Israel for the Jews until the Messiah has arrived. I conjectured in light of facts that a partial return or a glimpse of the Messiah has been had and believe that like a oscillating frequency of a sine wave, the Messiah is a hit and miss proposition with a collection of the toal messiah at some points. The Rabbi told me the people of Israel have built a wall for themselves. In light of my past argument, perhaps it is not the people of Israel who thought of the idea to build the wall. Perhaps they too are prisoners of the walls of the lesser leaders on this damned planet. They love war like dogs. It is pathetic, but they profit from it. Perhaps we can give them what they really need, their own deaths, just by setting the tools in front of them to do so, so help us God.

Segment September 21, 2009 (Late Entry): COMEDY_fdic_SWEET_blow_UP_doll_BOSS_revealed_METHOD_over_CUM

Many times I will consider how it will be in the after-life when the creator finishes hacking out these things called lives, and I know that some day, I will be the ARD of the FDIC and I will look over at my Plastic Boss Sweet Concubine and I will see her as my lazy prostitute. 

This is for a screenplay rendition.

Scene -- F-DIC  High Rise San Francisco Bank Examiner Office, Sweet is in her high chair and she is a blow up doll with an eye orifice, a mouth orifice and a poon-tang orifice and a back entry.  She is the F-DIC Party Girl Model

Saintrambone is speaking to Sweet Plastic Office Concubine

Saintrambone: "Sweet, you know I asked you to get up and get my coffee over an hour ago".  

Sweet Concubine, the plastic assistant sits silent.  Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-Man of Mob AL who I bring back from Hell will assist me  and he will be in the office and will run to grab my coffee and fill it up and cursing Sweet for being Lazy Bone.  Snatch calls Sweet that because she also has a blow up Possum F-DIC that she likes to play with, and he does too.

The government will see the error they have done and will pay me to look out over San Francisco and think about all of those places I missed going because of Sweet.  And I will think of all the places I have been because of Sweet.  I laugh hardest when I am dieing the most.  It is the laughter borne of the insanity of prolonged torture through many years.  How many kicks, how many wrong turns, until you realize, there you are.

Segment September 21, 2009: COMEDY_fdic_ANDROGENY_plastic_PUPPET_flesh_PUPPETEER_sweet_CONCUBINE_lie_NULL_sex

When I was working at the San Francisco F-DIC in 2001, I did not realize I was working around people who allegedly had had sex according to my friend who I will refer to as the Fag Deep Throat, not out of disrespect, but that he had a deeper collection of facts put out by the rumor mill there at the F-DIC.  But something is askew.  I smelled an employee, a high level employee who was allegedly having sex with her boss according to Fag Deep Throat.  The boss had replaced a dead director labeled a suicide in his office.  I thnk he was murdered, outright murder and I will tell you why in a deeper understanding.

Rings of control have been put in place around us and those in control of those rings of control are insane and sociopathic and if they get really hungry for money, they have us kill more of us and they in turn make profit for those who benefit from the rings of controlling individuals.   They do not care for me, an average human being or my average classmate who is now my age who went to their public schools.  Their government is controlled by a likely international dictator who has gone insane. 

Their mass media is a cover-up artist.  If you ever see a toxic spill or if you see dead people in the future, and if you report it, do it by phone at an anonymous location.  They can call you insane and silence the witness, the survivor, you, by forcibly injecting you, just as they did me when I saw a toxic spill and reported it. They injected me another time after I had survived an attempt on my life with no FBI nor Secret Service response.   We are not one with them, nor with their rings of control.  They injected me forcilby and had control of me too many times.  Their employees are paid with your tax dollars to sequester you and I when they need to run their war criminal operations. 

So, scientifically if a ring of control is several people who control the dissenting vote, and if their ring has to push out a unwilling employee, and if the potential income from pushing that employee out can run an army, you can bet someone will find a way to do so.    We are sheep fit for the sheering.  They can prosecute us for owning guns now even if the police do not assist us after we are attacked by criminals in the government itself.  They can prosecute us for entering their government buildings as they have done to me, a former investigative journalist and honest FDIC bank examiner.  They can not persecute us for applauding those who escape them and their traps.  They are wealthy compared to the world, but they are pigs in the rut for the moment and they think they are benevolent higher beings, and they erroneously think they are the highest level human beings.  What a joke.   I once met a Phillipino guy who was a cop and he was in drag and I thought he was a woman until I saw he was insane or hiding something.  The USA government is like that.  Are they hiding more than a dirty F-DIC?

Could that sweet smelling F-DIC concubine have sex with her boss as I was told by the F-DIC Fag Deep Throat? Is she like a puppet when the power grid is shut off? A barbie doll in all anatomy? Sweet, bone or plastic puppet? A closed loop only needs to smell like fornication, it does not need to produce offspring nor even ejaculate, to convince the F-DIC Fag Deep Throat that something is going on in that more human area, sex. Finance is as cold as plastic, sweet Puppet.

Now, even worse, a local church where I own a home that is still for sale, have a sign that reads, "Paintball Warriors" as they promote their practice for armed combat with antiquated weapons in their delusional post-apolyptic prophesies. And a Rabbi, not of the Neturei Karta sect I am sure but of the warlords behind the wall in Israel or New York, were practicing for armed combat. I only have two things to say to these big bad wounded souls of the Christian and Jewish faiths, "Boys, get a grip, because if you think that shee-it is going to save your stupid -ss, you are wrong. They kill judges, banking regulatory officials, and they are holding your hand and pointing over there. Yuckety f-cking Yuck. That is why I fear NY. Too much like Alabama and North West Florida. LA, Sheesh, give me some armed gear to stop the needles being injected to us by federal officials being paid by assassins with a directive to take the treasury and all of its contents. My father said we were being sheered like sheep when I mentioned the overlieing constructs of prohibition in our 1960's era. My uncle said we were being used when we discussed the same topic. My mother said about politics, if it does not pay do not do it. Most people are trapped by the lies. A plastic lie and soon they all come face to face with hard truths. It is no wonder the world snarls. Sweet Sacrificial Melody, I think I found a Puppet, this time, will you whistle me a Sweet Carol, Load-Eye?.

Segment September 18, 2009: SCIENCE_viewpoint_EXPERIMENTAL_life

The four points of light, the fifth is the hand in the thumb that controls.  Pardon while I wax philosophical on war in the financial arena and in a world gone insane with gang rape and gang warfare.    It is everywhere. 

Plundering of the financial resources, of the biological resources, of every thing we value under earth and sky, is being plundered.  I think I know how, at least where the hand connects to the money and the flesh, but I do not know why for certain.   The obvious may not contain the hidden truths.

When I was being forcibly injected with chemimals at the LA VA Westwood by what amounted to being a federal agent in April of 2001, I counted three in the room.  The nurse, so strange and fat and butch, the VA Cop, so indifferent and to collect his pay in two days, and the federal agent, the man pretending to be my loving and caring physician, hitting me in one arm with a chemical through a needle, then hitting me in the other arm.  I had information on murder and money laundering after working at the San Francisco FDIC.   What happened to me after the injections, who knows?  Who tells?

Then they made me sign papers and when I was forcibly injected after being in forced exile and traveling to see my dead mother three years later in 2004, I had done nothing except notice a small burn on my neck and a Hazardous Materials crew on the highway in Nevada.  I stopped at the Flagstaff Medical Center and  I was injected forcibly and violently in Flagstaff Arizona.    There were five of them.   I struggled a little and I could have hurt them but I did not.  The next time, if there is another, and if you see any one in our society, who is innocent and compliant being forcibly injected, them force the injecting party off of that individual.  

WE Will Have A War For Our Human Rights.  Their money is nothing.  Their buildings are nothing.  Our lives and our bodies are everything.  Without them we should welcome the deaths of our captors and their controllers.

Now, on with science.  In considering the closed loops at the FDIC that murdered a regional director and labeled him suicide, and considering how I was pushed out of the FDIC illegally and others also suffered the same fate, it appears that rings of control are being asserted against us in our own governments.  Now, is it typical gang type warfare, such as in war or in mafia power struggles, and if so, to what level is technology involved.  This lends back to brutal governments abusing the populace through history or even gangs or groups fighting for power.  Or is the overtaking and pushing of our people due to technology and amplification of its abilities to control the Earth and all human populations therein.

I will theorize. 

Considering it was 5 the second time and 3 the first time who surrounded me to force injections, I will not leave any certain number of people who could inject someone forcibly.  You could have mind control and make a person think they are being subdued by several people and then have one person come in and inject that person with chemicals for whatever purpose, either in experiments, to kill, to sicken, or to enact a medical procedure that appears to be necessary when it is not.  I say this because the government has shut my voice out from government.   Their Treasury Department has been stolen.   They loan trillions out to themselves to foreign banks.  They also steal taxes that are collected through gambling establishments.  They laugh at us like they are playing a game when they beat us from government.  Now, what happens inside the government buildings?

Could you possibly send in rays of light to emulate people if you cross linked each photon with waves of high energy particles or through manipulation of weak neutrinos, magnetic waves on the Earth's surface, etc.?

 Because the war criminals have won on some level, I look for history to repeat in due time, likely not my life time, so all I can say is if any of those people who allow those forced injections upon us are found, we should hope we can hold them for war crimes and find out more about them by doing experiments and such.  WE should observe these enemies of ours in government and in public facilities and we should analyze them if possible.   It is as if I live in a war in the USA since being a federal FDIC bank examiner and after pursing my investigative journalistic career examining criminals in government.  Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama would have continued to have emaciated inmates if I had not initiated the move to stop him from stealing inmate food funds.  He stole 360 thousand dollars that they know of.   They said it was allocated for food and he could take the change.  There was little food and a whole lot of change, 360 thousand and counting.  It came full circle on 4-3-2001.  They have tortured me and ruined my career.  I have given the message to my family to avoid the government.   We are scattered to the wind anyway. 

I want payment for the forced injections I received.  I was made sick.  Since I can not have payment, I want a holy war.  But a war is useless with sticks called guns.  The enemy has control of our children through drugs and facilities.  Perhaps we will have an awakening.  10 years and I will likely be dead or close to it.  I do not care if the regime is removed and destroyed.  They beat me down in my father's government.  They inject me forcibly in my fathers veterans hospitals.  They do experiments on others like my father and tell them to shut up and take it.  They do not understand.  WE want them dead, IT dead, but we are not allowed to kill them.  Perhaps we should flee.  That appears to be the only option.  Fight and flight.  We are back at the beginning.  Who runs next is anybody's guess.  Some will crouch and die.   I actually admired the American Indian when I met what was left.  A beautiful people in a beautiful place, Big Lagoon and the Yurok of Northern California.  And then there is Sacrificial Melody who led me there.  Our own are left dangling at the precipice while theirs, those at top, are always ripe for the picking. 

Segment September 17, 2009: COMEDY_design_ORIGIN_characters_LIFE_stress_RELIEF

I, Kurt Brown AKA Saint Ram Bone have brought several characters to life in comedy on this site and they are characters based on those people or things I have encountered during my life, particularly as a federal bank examiner and as an investigative journalist.   One of my favorites is Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man of Mob AL.  As loathsome as he is in my imagination and in my work in real life, I realize that he too is human, albeit dim-witted and more like a possum than a man, and more like a fairy possum than a macho possum. His inclinations and persona are based on that now expunged Sheriff.  I also have a federal FDIC worker or workers who I refer to as a collective in the personas, Sweet Carol and Mas'a Shee'it..  

I have used comedy and sometimes science to reinvent solutions or add perspective, but it was mainly a way to run into my imagination to escape the memories of the American Holocaust I have endured since FDIC employment and investigative journalistic work on a murder labeled suicide at the FDIC.  

I have come to a conclusion that the upper ranks at the FDIC San Francisco were a closed sort of loop with overriding dissent of opposing voices. The loop or circle in control was the ruling faction that came in after the FDIC director had been murdered during the S and L crisis of the 1990's.    I was there in 1999 and 2000 as a bank examiner and in 2001 I was investigating as a journalist the  murder at the FDIC San Francisco labeled suicide. The federal government did not assist me when I contacted them after I was attacked. That was part of the test, to see if they would attack me if given the opportunity. I used myself as bait. I was always good at Dodgeball as a kid too but it is more stressful when your life is on the line and those who you trust in government turn against you.  The control of the money laundering arrangements I saw was coming out of two places, San Francisco and D.C.  The money laundering I saw was coming through the regulation of the smaller banks. They were under the oversight of the outlying FDIC office of Sacramento in Roseville.  In the San Francisco office they were known for their callousness and indifference in upper management and seemed to continue with the pattern of setting a syndicate in place which had been the case in Chicago's FDIC and George Masa who had a bad FLRA record in discrimination. Stacking employees for fun and profit is a good thing if you are part of the sanctioned money laundering benefactors stemming from Nevada and D.C. and beyond.

I have given up on bank examinations, and investigating murders.  The comedy is the lie, the FDIC, the atrocities of government, far and wide.  My next comedy series may come from down under as I am only finding the ability to write humorous things when I am laughing or awakening in cold sweats at what has happened to me in the hands of the federal government behind closed doors, including forced medical procedures, forced injections, threats and illegal attacks. I look at the American Holocaust like a man on the edge of the other holocausts.  I picture myself as a sort of investigator and comedic traveler and lover traveling the world with my fairy possum.  I see myself in the office of the F-DIC, waxing my carrot for Sweet  Carol and Mas'a.   I know that the possum is insolent, but he is used like bait as I am tired of using myself as bait.  That shee-it is dangerous.  It is hard to laugh through the sickness of the forced injections some times. "Snatch remembers 4-3-2001". I use it in the countdowns to him when we are working on cases in my imagination. I can not have justice in this life, perhaps the cards will be stacked in our favor in the next. A Sweet Mas'a Jack Snatch Royal Flush perhaps.