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THAT Digimon Site

The Opinions on EVERYTHING Dejimon

Proud to be the most unnoticed controversial Digimon site on the Internet




Hiya! ^_^

Well, I founded this website, took three days to round up the co-workers, and went through the mind-numbing experience that is HTML-ization (as I call it). Thus, this website was born. About twelve profiles, 50 banners, three basic pages, and a rant index later, we had the beginnings of a worthwhile site. Since we were doing this more for ourselves than for the web, we didn't think much of it. But we decided we would try to post it anyway. And here we are, telling you about ourselves. Why you care is beyond me, but here goes: I'm the only guy, so I'm outnumbered most of the time, fortunately, I'm the main HTML-izer, so I have more sway than they do... ::sticks out tongue:: But most of the time, we see eye-to-eye, so there's not much problem. Anyway, my day revolves around school, homework, fanfic reading, trying to work on the site, and anything else I have to fit into my busy schedule: artwork, Digimon, TV in general, History essays ::shudders:: History is the bane of my existence... But I'm a Literature-oriented person, so I'm good at writing and analyzing, that's why this site is so fun to me.

Name: Doesn't Ucchan count?

Nicknames: Ucchan! I have others, but they don't get used much anymore...

Siblings: Tora, two others that I think are adopted...

My Life: BUSY!!!! And Hectic!

School: Ever notice how school buses and prison buses aren't THAT different... and they both take you to the same place!!!

Current State of Mind: Tired....

Favorite Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion is my favorite anime of all time. But Digimon, Sailor Moon, El Hazard, Ranma 1/2, and Magic Knight Rayearth are high on my list, too!

Favorite colors: Red, various shades of red, but nothing pink...

Pets: Tora!

Favorite Book(s): I don't read books much anymore, most of my reading time is spent on fanfics.

Favorite Pastimes: Drawing, Reading fanfics, Digimon rantings!, Get away from homework! (how I spend MOST of my time!)

Favorite food: CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!! (we worship thee!)

Favorite Digimon Characters: Mimi, Koushirou, Yamato, Kari, TK

Favorite Anime Characters: Ukyou Kuonji (my goddess!!! Ranma1/2), Shinji Ikari (Evangelion), Umi Ryuuzaki (Rayearth), Ashya (Outlaw Star), Fam (Fam&Iri), Nanami Jinnai (El Hazard), Lina Inverse! (Slayers)

Favorite Digimon: Upamon!!!! Patamon &Gatomon too!

 My Fan Stuff:

Fan Fiction:

When Darkness Calls. My first Mishirou short story, Ko-chan reflects on his life as orchestrated by a dark force. I hope you enjoy it.

Desperately Seeking Yamato. A very odd addition to my collection. I've written a yaoi/comedy/romance/whatever you will call it fic that contains the scenario of what happens when the Digidestined are exposed to digital drugs.



Call me 'Angel' or die! J/K

I was dragged kicking and screaming into this project. I'm lazy, so they ( being my dear good friends) are currently holding my Yama plushie captive until I finish this bit of useless bit of information that no one will ready anyway. Let us proceed with the questionair.

Name: Despite what my birth certificate says: You WILL call me Angel.

Nicknames: AngelHeero, Angel, Heero. See a trend?

Siblings: My revered older sister whom I miss greatly ::sniff:: My not so revered younger step-sister, Whom is sometimes a red-headed step child but right now she has green. My younger twig like brother whom I love dearly but has currently been kidnapped by a green haired youma and corrupted by its evil ways. My dear youngest brother whom is proudly the only boy in the 5th grade (HE'S ONLY 10 YEARS OLD!!!) required to shave before going to school. ( And can whip ANYONES ass at video games.)

Life: I really don't know. I can' remember what I typed 4 minutes ago. I DO know that I have term paper due that I have procrastinated on for weeks ...

School: See the above.

Current state of mind: See the above.

Favorite Anime: Both Tora and I agree: CLAMP IS AWESOME!!!!! I am a fan of anything CLAMP. But I also love Gundam Wing, Slayers, Here is Green Wood, Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma, Lodoss War, Fake, Haunted Junction, Evangeline and Digimon (though more for the Characters then for the actual story itself.) and more but I can't think of any more on the spot.

Favorite Colors: House Blue ( Not robin's egg blue. Not sky blue, Not help-me-I-need-air-blue. House blue.), green and red.

Pets: Two hamsters named Hercules and Xena and a cute adorable fluffy white bunny named Spawn. ( Oh and my young step-sister but I'm hoping she goes the way of old Yeller...)

Favorite Books: I LOVE BOOKS!!!!! Sci-fi! Fantasy! I'm particularly fond of Star Wars, Disk World, Anything by Tarry Brooks, Anne McCaffery, Mercedes Lackey and Kevin J. Anderson. I also read more fanfics then one could comprehend. I also do Comic books. ElfQuest the Most.

Favorite Past time: Reading writing (though not answering Questionnaires...) DRAWING!!! singing and all that other artsy stuff.

Favorite Food: CHEESECAKE! ALL Hail the cheese cake Goddess!!! ::bows down to her greatness::

Favorite Phrase: "What is this MADNESS!?!?!"

Favorite Number: 87 ( Don't ask...)

Favorite Bishounen: YAMATO, KAMUI, Heero, Tamahome, Ranma, Ryoga, Zelgodes, and a mass of assorted hot, scrumptious, sexy, biznaches.

Favorite Digimon Character: Yamato, Taichi, Mimi, Koushirou and Jou.

Favorite Video game(s): Grandia and CronoCross.

Favorite Reason why Yamato is Hot: A combination of the Ishida Blue eyes, the golden tresses and sexy bitable ass.

Look Here for My Some Fan fiction

Magic Chapter: This here is my love. I am very happy with this yet-to-be-finished-story. If the kids played D&D what would it be like? What would Kou-chan be like as a Wizard? Yamato: a Knight in shining armor?

Go for a look at my "Art".  

I want a TK Plushie!

Well as it is I was rounded up by our so called Webmaster.... I was the last and final member to join and it took a whole lot of convincing for Ucchan to do. It took him to get Tora *AND* Angel to agree on the first day. It took me a whole three *THREE* days I say to get me to actually say that I would join and even then I was still *very* unsure about it. Most of the time I don't think much of myself and I am fairly quiet about certain things. Other times I am very talkative. By the way did I happen to mention I'm the oldest of the four of us. Sometimes I don't always feel that way. I'm still learning my way around all the HTML-izing and putting my opinions down for fun of it and with out having to worry about it for school. It is weird and like I said I am still learning. I always learn something new everyday. Most of my day consists of getting up to take the thing called a sibling to school and driving in a quiet car to school with my mother. That's right I go to school with my mother. Got a problem with it? *Tough.* But I go to school like the rest and then come home surf the web, take care of my cat and then probably end up going to work.

My Name: You actually want to know that horrible thing my parents call me?

My Nicknames: Q-ball, Hikari, Desertnoble... and a bunch of others I either 1. Don't want to rattle off or 2. Can't remember them all to rattle them all off.

Siblings: 1 thing that I think my parents adopted out of spite or something and a loving lil' brother who is a terror at times.

My Life: Life... what is this thing called a life and what are you to do with those such things?

School: A place that has many brick buildings to go to.

Current State of Mind: I don't know you tell me.

Favorite Color: Yellow (can't you tell by now. It's just so bright like a glowing lightbulb. Just like KARI! Or even... like the golden sun shimmering off the blonde hair of an Ishida brother.)

Favorite Anime: To name only a few: Sailor Moon, Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, DIGIMON! (Of course or I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't..)

Favorite Anime Characters: Depends on what I feel like or What my high is of the day, week, or even month.

Favorite Pastimes: Reading Fics or even good books (especially when it is like a thunder storm outside or even *GASP* Hurricanes), Drawing on occasion, playing with my cute adorable kitten!, Surfing the net

Favorite Book(s): Anything pretty much Fantasy, but most of all FanFics

Favorite Food: Cheesecake of course. But I also like some fruits STRAWBERRIES!!! And even Veggies

Favorite Bishounen: Quatre but I love all BISHIES!

Favorite Digimon: GATOMON! PATAMON! (And even TKMON! Yes it's insane but I like the squealer.)


My colored in picture of Taichi that Angel drew. 


I'm bored...

As you most likely guessed, there is...well, not much to say about me. ^_^* But since I'm evil and mean, I'll ramble on and make ALL of you people listen to the boring and nonexistent facts that only partially pertain to my nonlife! *ahem*

My Name: One hundred yen to anyone who can guess!

My Nicknames: Tora, (gee...this is going to be fun....-_-*) Squirt, Munchkin, Short Stuff, Walking Dictionary, Talking Encyclopedia, Samurai, Hamster, Yolei, That Person, Insanity Reincarnate, Shuckle, Youthful One, Squad of Mad Scientists reject...

My Siblings: I was adopted, I tell you!

My Life: None.

My School: Purgatory

Current state of mind: I lost it.

Favorite Anime: ...Anything CLAMP! Digimon!! Ranma! Sorcerer Hunters! Inu-Yasha! Slayers!!

Favorite Anime Character: It depends on my mood...

Favorite color(s): Anything but pink.

Where I Live: That little speck of ink on a sheet of computer paper...

My pets: 6 dogs, 1 parakeet, 2 cats, 2 horses, and Ucchan! ^_^!

Favorite Book(s): The Dark is Rising, The trilogy His Dark Materials, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, the life of Ken Ichijoji....::much drooling::

Favorite Telephone: One that picks itself up!

Computer: A cardboard box and some duct tape. It's name is slow. Say 'hi', Slow!

Favorite Pastime(s): Reading, ranting Digimon, reading, sleeping, drawing, listening to those voices in my head, browsing through the electronics in the mall...and...other...very important.....things.

Favorite food: Cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And THEN some!!!!!!

My Fav. Bishounen: How could you make me choose between Yama, Kamui and Dark...? ;_;

Fav. Digimon: Poromon!!!!!!!! maybe Patamon...or LadyDevimon...?

My Fan Stuff:

Fan Fiction:

Insanity @ 1 AM: This one I wrote W/ my brother Ucchan, it is about what happens when two authors @ 1 AM have TOO MUCH CAFFEINE! Enjoy! I think...o.o; Mass confusion and plot holes...wait...there ISN'T a plot...u.u;;


Patas!: It's TK's adorable batpig. In one pose he is crying while the other he has been caught off guard. But isn't he just so cute.....? ::hugs a pata plushie::

Tanemon: What else can I say. It's Mimi's Digimon. Why not draw her, besides she is cute when she is Tanemon and bounding towards Mimi.

GomaPals: Gomamon and Palmon decided that they were tired and they were going to take a nap. Of course, that wouldn't have anything to do with the strange fumes that drifted from a small Digiplant, often known to give...pleasant those who stood near it. Those same Digimon had always been said to say odd things about many colors and were known to be infatuated (or addicted) to the plant ever afterwards. The morale of this drawing: stay at home, kiddos, and watch TV and play video games and surf the net, looking at the website of a thrice-delirious person who has ALSO inhaled too much today...::meaningful look at her dear eldest sibling:: >^.^< ::whistles innocently and stalks off the screen::





HI-YO I’m the Spike haired wonder of the very strange Digi page.  Well My green color intro will appear here.. because Uc-kun (Ucchan) :glares at him: STOLE red in the name of being Web Master. I have been on this team a while but Uc-kun never could get around to putting things like this up but its ok I forgive him… After I beat him down abit. REAPER! I TOLD YOU! Your not allowed to beat anybody up!!!!  But he’s ok now.  Sorta.   Any ways I’m also the owner of a Gundam page that I still have to work on..sighs…I’ll try to get Uc-kun to get my art work up I don’t have many Digimon I’m sorry……:-p*

Name: YOU WANT A NAME? What is wrong with Reaper? I just wanna know :looks to the others of the website: Well?

Nicknames: O_O* ok.. I'm going to try to most of them out....Duo, Reaper...that’s all that really used..-_-*

Siblings: I have two older ones. but I think I'm the adopted one. (I'm from space I tell ya..) ^_~

My Life: does "Dante's 9th Hell" work as a description?

School: The time period where I sit on my butt and think of Anime.

Vanilla or Chocolate:  CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! : swims in his hot fudge swimming pool:

Current State of Mind: Gone Crazy.. be back soon.

Favorite Anime: Digimon, Gundam Wing, Haunted Junction, anything clampish...I can't name all of them..:Sighs:.

Favorite colors: Blue, Orange, Black, and Red..

Favorite Charm: My crosses (but strangely, he’s not religious…o.o What an odd concept….)  

Pets: Cats. My sanity, (he ran away from me a few times...) Is that like Peter Pan's shadow? Yea but I can't put this one back w/ a needle and thread.

Favorite Book(s): um..... well comics/manga..? yes no?

Favorite Pencil: my Black and Red one Its mechanical  :Tora and Reaper have a short discussion over the differences of mechanical pencils and real ones.:

Favorite Music: If is has a cool beat or just niffty I'm all for it

Favorite Shampoo: What…? WHAY DID YOU PUT THIS HERE..!?!?!  JUST KIDDING!  I was making sure they where still reading…: hides:

Favorite Pastimes: Drawing, Swimming, Soccer, Kicking ass and taking names. THIS shouldn't be here.. what is this thing "G" rated? And picking on Angel-chan. ^_^ And tormenting Tora-chan with “kung fu fighting”.

Occupation: glances at Tora for making him put this on here: Yes I'm the military brat..I'm in the Navy. But I have a cool Job, I play with ALL the guns on ship ^_^

Favorite food: Sushi, Teriyaki (sp?) Chicken, Miso soup and Milkshakes.

Favorite Digimon Characters: (in alphabetical order, so no one gets mad at me ^_^) Kari, Ken, Koushirou, Mimi, Miyako, Sora, Tai, TK, Willis, Yamato,..... ...

Favorite Anime Characters: I'm not going into that File!

Favorite Digimon: Wormmon, Gatomon, Patamon YAHOO!!!! the best of them all!