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"I know I can never be forgiven for what I've done...I'll atone for my own sins."

Name: (Japanese:) Ichijoji Ken (Meaning: "First one" "Intelligent") (at some point, the name Satoru came up... We're not sure how this figures in... ask Megchan! ^_^)

(English:) Ken Ichijoji (WOW! Much like Sora and Mimi huh?) (Such a change! ^_^)

Age: 8 in Season One, 11/12 in Season Two (12 in American)

Eyes: Royal Blue (Just like his hair!!)

Hair: Royal Blue (Kari, with a better cut)

Height/Weight: Tall and willowy (more like anorexic..) (meanie! He's...perfect....)

Family: Mrs. Ichijoji (oblivious), Mr. Ichijoji (stupid), Sam (his elder brother...deceased..). Common belief he was hit by a car...most likely the only other person in the family who had ANY common sense. ( a little bossy, but nice, also very insightful) (I hate his hair)

Crest/Digimental: Kindness! (the nicest guy in the world, once he gets over the whole darkness thing..) (But he was still cool Dark, no da)

Digimon: Wormmon (the poor thing, he tries, he's also kinda blind when it comes to Ken) (He needs a better voice actor)

Digivolutions: Leafmon(the cuteness abounds), Minomon(we see him all of once! ^_^), Wormmon (well, of course^_^), Stingmon(it's kinda cool...), (he's also got a whole buncha of armor digivolutions and an ultimate, and probably a Mega)

Who Ken is usually paired with: Daisuke! Miyako! Hikari! Takeru! Wormmon! Iori! Yamato! and occasionally Jyou!

Future Occupation: You name it! (specifics include:) Computer Graphics Editor! Soccer Coach! Doctor! Arrested for killing Daisuke (if Jun doesn’t get to him first, or if he’s not already in jail for killing Jun), Porn Star! ::girls drool::(YES! YES!!!!) Animal Trainer! FBI employee! Professional Chess Player! Inventor! Digimon Kaiser! Married to Miyako! (Miyako and Tora cheer!) Unsuccessful! Professional Skier! (all perfect people can not ski, it's a proven Anime fact: Heero can't ski, Ami Mizuno can't ski, Sasami can't ski, Kasumi can't ski, any anime character that can do anything will NOT be able to ski, guaranteed fact! ^_^ So, apparently Ken can't ski.... ^_^)(FEEL the perfection!)

Character Profile: If only he were a were a wind-up toy...He'd be beyond perfect...But, hey, anyway, Ken! As stated in an earlier rant: Ken Is GOD! But of course to be God you must be perfect... and Ken IS perfect. Or at least he appears to be.

But, in all actuality, Ken-kun has a dark secret, a dark side, if you will... He is the one who, even if he didn't quite understand, assumed the role as Digimon Kaiser (Emperor in American) and tortured thousands of Digimon souls. He enslaved them with the dark power of the black digivice, and forced them to labor for him and do his dirty work. He was relentless in search to conquer the whole digital world, and had not one remorseful thought as if the whole thing were but a video game...Which, in actuality, he did.

And that's what he thought, that it was just an unreal game, something to be mastered and tamed, and he was the genius who could do it. He believed that only the perfect were worthy of the digital world, and that he was the sole being of perfection; his arrogance was so thick, you could taste it. Even while in the real world, Ken's personality reflected arrogance and loftiness, often playing cruel jokes on those he thought were below him (which was everybody at the time)...

But the kids made him realize that the Digimon were, in fact, living beings, and Ken reverted back to his original self. And promptly fell into a comatose state. In such a state, his mind wandered along the twisted, overshadowed road that was his history, him desperately trying to puzzle out his greatest question: Who was he? Yes, he was struck with amnesia, though, thankfully, for a very short amount of time. Afterwards, it was ascertained with him that he _would_ make up for his misdeeds, and leave off trying to perfectly follow his brother's (may he r.i.p.) faded footsteps.

His brother was, of course older, perfect in every way. Perfect student, perfect athlete, perfect son, and incredibly insightful. Ken being the younger sibling adored his older brother and for the most part wanted to be noticed by anyone. His brother was the only one who even paid him any attention, and it wasn't always the good kind or with good intention either. He would boss him around. You know, the typical "older brother" thing, but he would also spend good time with him. Their favorite pastime was blowing bubbles on the balcony. All Ken wanted was for his parents to notice him. For all they cared he wasn't even there, it was all Sam this or Sam that.

But then Sam was gone... The tragedy hit the Ichijoji's hard. Ken then felt that he need to replace his brother for his parents' sake. He put his life on the backburner and set to the books. Ken tried to be perfect in everything he did. When he did this, his parents were happy. So he kept it up and lost his sense of self. (Hence the "Who am I?" thing)

Also, he is an independent. As the Kaiser, he flatly refused wormmon's assistance, and even afterwards he remains apart from the group. He will even, to points, go to so far as to push people away. Such as he did when Daisuke pleaded with him to join the group.

BUT!! Ken, besides having a healthy lot of angst, has good points. He is all-accepting, and really, people, what is the point of life _but_ to be accepted..? This, alone and unaided, is a HUGE upper for his good points. He might be blunt, cold, and all of that, but he knows what is and isn't afraid to admit it. This goes for other people on his list, also. He doesn't hold many unreasonable grudges, and even if this doesn't make him forgiving, he is uncomplaining of his situation and everyone's else's disposition. Also, he is dedicated to his purpose, whatever that happens to be at the time. Remember how persistent he was as the Kaiser to wipe out the other Digidestined? And how he was just as, if not more so after his dark 'episode' and he was trying to atone himself.

As stated before: Ken and Sam would blow bubbles on the balcony at their home. There, Sam made an insightful observation: Ken is very gentle and kind which explains why he received the crest of Kindness (Doesn't that tie in with the whole "acceptance" thing) Yes, it's true. The ex-kaiser has very kind and gentle soul. Probably a bit unexpected, to some.

Well...He's so perfect, it harder to list his good points than his bad. But, unlike Sora, he's not boring. AND WE ALL LOVE HIM! GO KEN! WHOO!!