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"I’m sorry I can’t kick the ball right, Tai. You’ll probably never want to play with me again… "

Name: (Japanese:) Yagami Hikari (Meaning: Light of the Eight Gods)

(English:) Kari Kamiya (Again, WHERE DID KAMIYA COME FROM?!) (Again with the Kamiya thing…)

Age: 8 in Season One, 11 in Season Two (12 in American)

Eyes: Ruby (and sparkly) (everything about Kari glows!)

Hair: Mousy Brown (and it looks cute that short…)

Height/Weight: Short and Small (in every aspect of the word) She gets Tall and Slender in 02 (but still small) (and not as sickly)

Family: Taichi Yagami (Our thick-headed leader, see our first bio for all bashing comments) (but I like Tai!), Mrs. Yagami (BEEF JERKY SHAKES!?!?!?) (see the movie), Mr. Yagami (He’s just there…) (I can’t believe he eats his wife’s cooking…) (he must’ve built up a high tolerance)

Crest/Digimental: Light! (the one and only!) (Another glowing Kari feature)

Digimon: Gatomon! (The oh-so-cool-and-angsty Digimon-of-all-time!) (I love kitties!)

Digivolutions: Snowbotamon, Nyaromon, Salamon, Gatomon(Tailmon in Jap), Angewomon (she’s COOL!), Nefertimon(with the Digimental of Light), Magnadramon (whew… that’s the whole nine yards yards of digi-volving)

Who Kari is usually paired with: Takeru! (the most supported coupling of all time…) Daisuke! Ken! Willis! Miyako! Yamato! Koushirou! Iori! Sora! Mimi! Taichi! (ick brother!)(nasty!) Gatomon! (ick again!) and occasionally Jyou! (ick pedophile!) (boy, she gets around)

Future Occupation: Photographer (Most likely, though others include:) Light house! Light Bulb! Telephone Psychic! Computer Graphics Editor! Soccer Coach! Doctor! Sick Patient! Mother! (though not a housewife!) Arrested for killing Daisuke (if Jun doesn’t get to him first, or if he’s not already in jail for killing Jun), Childcare Specialist! Dominatrix! ::boys cheer:: (BUT OFFICIALLY: Kindergarten teacher! I guess it makes sense… more so than an ASTRONAUT!!!) (Digidestined should not become astronauts!)

Character Profile: Kari is the Digidestined’s personal light bulb. ::grin:: She was the mysterious 8th child of the first season, Tai’s little sister.  (Isn’t she cute!) (You could use her as a reading lamp…)


She is the only one of the Digidestined that did not go to summer camp. She happened to get sick (again) right before the big summer fiasco! So she didn’t have the privilege of tromping through the desert with all the other *lucky* children. She was sitting at home that wonderful 5 minutes they were gone. Kari was all alone at their apartment, her parents had gone to see her Grandmother, when her brother popped out of nowhere ranting and raving about the “DigiWorld”. To which she calmly replied “I know”. You see. Kari is the obligatory Tokyo psychic girl. She already knew about the Digimon and the Digital World. (Much to her brother’s jaw-dropping surprise). She was not at all shocked to hear of his exploits in the land of monsters, instead she listened quietly and filled any holes that he forgot in quite a mystic manner. Along with this knowledge she also informed him of the monsters running ramped around the world and Tokyo but she (and a few others ) (Probably obligatory Tokyo psychic girls too) was the only one who could see them. Throughout the season Kari is performing strange outlandish psychic feats. Anything from spontaneous glowing to being possessed by light-based Digimon.


Kari is not only psychic but she is also very selfless. Being selfless is sometimes a good quality but not in all cases. Say for example in the Myotismon series when they were looking for the 8th Digidestined, and we the viewers *know* it is Kari, and then the kids find out this information and are trying to protect the girl. When one of the many evil digimon that were looking for her start making trouble and Matt's the only one closest to stop him to help *Protect* Kari.... the girl goes and gives herself to DemiDevimon to try and save all the innocent people of Tokyo, and even the other kids themselves and their families. (GO Kari... wait that was bad.) (Yes very...) Yes it was a bad thing for her to do. Even though she was trying to help out she was only making it worse for the older kids to try and save her. It was a very valiant effort but not what the kids needed at all. This act cause more trouble for them because in turn they had to go and save her from the guy, who was causing so much trouble.


Kari is also very trusting, kind and friendly. Some traits that *I* would think most people would want. (but not everyone wants them.) That why I said most. Anyway... the point is that although she has the traits they are not always useful, especially in the DigiWorld. Being trusting will sometimes get you in trouble or even hurt. For example when Kari blew her whistle when all of the kids were inside of Whamon. She trusted Koushirou not knowing what the outcome of her doing this task would be. Although Kou-chan probably meant good, and he did, he could have something else in mind. Maybe... he was an evil digimon that took over Kou-chan's body and that he planted something in her whistle that might kill her. Her kindness can be used the same way. I mean someone could take her kindness for granted and use it for their purpose and ONLY their purpose. Her friendliness is helpful to lure Gatomon into her house and she befriends her without much effort. But like I said before it's not always the best trait, but it's not like she can help.


Kari is very optimistic and open-minded. Kari is open-minded by listening to everyone and their ideas. But this in its self is not always good. Being open minded has it's good aspects but it also has its bad. Listening to everyone's opinions is a good thing but sometimes it is not even necessary. Some situations require a leader and him taking command. Being optimistic goes hand in hand with selfless. When Kari was willing to give herself up she was always thinking of the better. She thought that if she gave herself up to Myotismon that she would be making it better for everyone in Tokyo, but in actuality, she was destroying any chance the digi-tachi had of saving the world.


Kari is a very considerate person. Along with being considerate she is bright, intelligent, wise beyond her years, and disgustingly insightful. Kari is considerate in a way that she tries to listens to everyone’s views and regards them when she is ready to make a decision. She is also very bright (Not just in a literal sense either.) (She glows brightly) in the fact that she catches on what’s going on and comprehends it without someone having to clue her. She is intelligent in the fact that she catches a lot of things that most younger kids would not have gotten unless someone older explained it to them. Not only is she intelligent but she is wise beyond her years and incredibly insightful (Not just incredibly insightful but Disgustingly Insightful). She is only 8 season one and she is what…? She is probably just as wise as high school kids or even higher. Kind of puts some people to shame. (No names will be mentioned though.) These are not only good things. Being insightful and wise beyond her years gets looked down upon. I mean she cute and adorable but would you like an eight-year-old to show you up? I know I sure wouldn’t.


Hikari being only eight in season one and showing up about half way through it she is very respectful to those older than she is. She is also obedient. When Taichi tells her to stay with Matt and she listens to him, in the episode Flower Power (I’m not sure on the exact episode so I’m close enough anyway. Oh well.) without even arguing or anything. Along with being obedient she looks up to and respects those older and wiser then she is. For example: the episode where they all were hitching a ride from Whamon and he was under water trying to get the kids to safety away from the Divermon and Metal-Seadramon. Well Izzy had thought up a cool and very useful idea and he told her and ONLY her what it was and she went “Okay.”  Kari did exactly what he told her to do, which by the way was blow her whistle, without even questioning him whatsoever. But *WHAT IF* something went wrong with the whistle thingy. What if Izzy was wrong. What if it went completely wrong and that her whistle blowing did more harm than help...? (Yes I know it is a lot of what ifs but it could have happened. You know it's the digi world and all.) She is even very good with animals. When she goes out to look for Miiko she sees Gatomon and convinces her to come into the apartment. Gatomon does and wonders about her. AND last but not least,, Kari is....THE CHOSEN ONE!!! (Angels sing!!!) Enough said. (Poor Takeru) And by the way Did we mention she’s Psychic?


Character Profile 02:  She's back.. Yes the Mystical glowing girl has returned. She is older in this season (YEAH! For all you who liked Kari before you don't have to be pedophiles!) and she flirts! (Another bonus point for all you fic writers!) She traded in her whistle for a kick ass digital camera, which by the way hangs around her neck where the whistle used to be. Just like Takeru she grew up and also has a better concept of how the DigiWorld works and what the different type of Digimon are. So watch out DigiWorld our glowing girl has come back with the new recruits and her good old friend Gatomon!


I think one thing that is strange is you look at it closely enough is her outfit. For one she isn't that bad with fashion but I still think she needs a few pointers from Mimi. I mean in season one she wore a yellow tank top, pink shorts, a whistle and a pink handkerchief around her neck, and pink shoes (whether they are sneakers or not). In season two she wears *Yellow* Shorts, *Pink* shirt (oh but wait it isn't all pink... It is pink for just the top till about where her chest ends or should end and then turns to white suddenly) and fingerless gloves that have holes on the back of her hands, and even the same *Pink* shoes although I bet they are a couple sizes bigger.


And she has to fill those shoes with the bigger role into which she has been forced. As a role model for the newer kids, she must set a good example about making tough decisions such as the older kids had to make. Though Kari’s not always the ‘role model,’ in 02, she has been known to play around with the hearts of the males closest to her, Takeru and Daisuke being the prime examples. It seems as if the heartbreaker can’t quite make up her mind when it comes to her love life.


Other things beside her love life seem to plague the child of Light, however. Darkness being one major factor. As Kari gains her DNA digivolve partner, she also gains an enemy that constantly trails her unrelentingly. Starting with the first encounter with the Dark Ocean (Umi no Yami!) Kari is attacked randomly by the Darkness, which tries to consume her, as well as Ken and her DNA digivolve partner, Miyako. When the team works together however, Kari and the others are able to ‘bring forth the light to drive back the darkness’ as the BigDragonWithTheFunkyHelmetMon said. With this help from her friends Kari is able to overcome her depression at not being strong enough, and get on with her happy normal, save the Digiworld, life.


Kari’s dream in life is to see the real world and Digiworld at peace with one another; to see Digimon and humans living happily side by side without someone trying to destroy them. Overall, a noble dream, a selfless one, very much like Kari’s personality. What disturbs me is that we never find out if Kari and TK get it on…