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"You have to learn from your mistakes, I should know, I've made a lot of them."

AKA: The Sexy Big-Haired Freak

Name: (Japanese:) Yagami Taichi (Meaning: "Thick One of the Eight Gods") And boy can he be thick.

(English:) Taichi "Tai" Kamiya (Where did Kamiya come from? Somebody tell me... please)

Age: 11 in Season One, 14/15 in Season Two (15/16 in American) stupid dubbers... he is NOT in High school! (But doesn't he look like it?)

Eyes: Chocolate Brown (Yummy!)

Hair: Cocoa brown and err.. um...Big..., (actually, it's a proven fact that from some angles, Yama's hair is bigger)

Height/Weight: Short, muscular, but thin. With his hair, he's taller than Joe, but w/o it, he's shorter than Sora, heehee! ^_^

Family: Mrs. Yagami ( She can't cook), Mr. Yagami (oblivious) and Hikari Yagami ( The human lightbulb!!) ( She knows all....)

Crest: Courage. (That seems to be typical for lead male characters.)

Digimon: Agumon: THE TOILET POET! I'm so serious. This Digimon is lavatory obsessed! Seriously! Check out Claire's site for the references! ^_^

Digivolutions: Koromon, Agumon, Greymon, MetelGreymon, WarGreymon, Omnimon

Who is Taichi normal paired with: Sora, Yamato, Koushiro, Joe, Daisuke(that's morally wrong), Mimi (what?), your younger brother!

Future Occupation: Pro-Soccer star!! (most likely, other's include:) Bum! Layabout! Scrub! ASPCA Co-worker! Janitor! PaperBoy! WaterBoy for the Soccer team! Waitress!!! Comedian! Barber! (Taichi? Touch scissors? EVIL!) ( he'll even HAVE a job...)

Character Profile: Okay okay... Lets think. He's the lead male in a animated show so...How great could he possibly be? He's probably hyper, loudmouthed, and leaps head first into situations he knows absolutely nothing about, but of course he has to be the leader right? And no matter how smart and incredibly cool the other guys are they can't live without him. Am I right?

Well Yes. You're absolutely correct. However! There's more. "More?" Yes, more. "You mean the main character DOES have a personality?" ::looks around furtively:: Get this...He might even have...Depth. ::collective gasp::

All Jokes aside. Taichi is the unanimous leader of the Chosen Children. Why? Well, apparently, this boy really DOES have leadership quality and the other kids notice it. Yes, he's stubborn, but when one must lead an army, the army must listen, eh? This is why rebels [aka: Matt] cause him so much trouble. He's also a bit insensitive to others' feelings as a result. He often tried to bullies others into following him. True, he WAS a natural-born leader,( And a HOT one, at that ) but he was still new to the experience and worked mostly by trial-and-error. But as he gets older, he learns to make better decisions for the group; as well as be less commanding while giving orders. He learns to give orders in a way that makes the team WANT to follow them instead of feeling bullied into it.

"Okay...So he's a good leader" Yeah but get this. He doesn't want to be the leader. Its a lot of responsibly to put on a 11 year old. When you were 11, do you think you could have saved the world? No? Well, neither did he. They were thrust onto the battle field, handed guns and expected to shoot. He was lucky the guns didn't backfire. Well, actually they did. Anyone remember SkullGreymon? This probably shot down his confidence, which in turn was the first major step contributing to his fear of the leadership role. Yes, after this, he realized his own ability to make mistakes, and then, after letting his best friend get kidnapped by an evil digimon, Taichi realized his own mortality. That's a lot to take at 11, normally, this doesn't happen until you're 22 (if even). These events surely wizened him to the way the Digital World worked: harshly! Isn't there something about sending your best friends out to do something incredibly stupid and possibly life-threatening that turns a guy cold? Well, Taichi didn't enjoy it, but he survived, and succeeded, a sweet accomplishment, considering.

He also has a great fear of failure, ever notice that? Taichi fears that he could be wrong and that is, in turn, life-threatening to everyone near him. It's ironic, for someone with so much fear to guard the crest of courage... this is what makes Taichi an interesting character, and not just a typical male lead. (We love you, TAICHI!) (Don't forget Ken!) (Later! We're in the middle of Tai!) ( Oh, yea, he's good, too... ) Though, he doesn't seem to fear the fact that he can't operate a computer, he DOES fear for his sickly younger sister (Go Kari!). Of course, he may go to some few extremes to make sure she comes out of everything _alive_ , even to the point of jumping headlong into dangerous situations, if only to eliminate the risks. Many of you may see this as immaturity, thick-headedness, blind idiocy, or flakiness, but, really deeeep down, he's just ( or almost ) as protective as Matt of his little sister, who is nigh on her deathbed throughout the series. Continuing, she doesn't seem to be all too fond of this, and he isn't too keen on piecing this together. Seriously, Taichi will ALWAYS find a scapegoat to pin Kari's troubles on. "Kari's been kidnapped?" Must be Matt's fault! "Kari's lost and alone?" Izzy, you idiot! "I've been turned into a key chain, who's looking after Kari?" Sora, how could you! "Kari's sick again?" Who's to blame but me? Yes, he'll blame himself for Kari being sick. You see, he was responsible for Kari nearly dying of fever when she was little. He carries that guilt with him and takes it upon himself to make sure she get the attention she needs.

Taichi is one of those people you either Love( and boy do I ) or Hate( ::rolls eyes::), but he's the lead. Deal with it. ^_^