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Chosen Children 01
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* Miyako Inoue
* Iori Hida
* Ken Ichijoji
* Wallace/Willis

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THAT Digimon Site

The Opinions on EVERYTHING Dejimon

Proud to be the most unnoticed controversial Digimon site on the Internet



HEY LOOK! It's one of THOSE sites.

THOSE sites? ::gasp::

Yes, it is! A site of THOSE!

NO! It can't BE!

But it is! An opinion site!

Oh... an opinion... I thought you were talking about a different site... ::whew..::

What's that supposed to mean!?

Nothing, don't worry about it, just continue on with your introduction! ^_^

...uh... OKAY!


This is THAT Digimon Site, and as I've stated, this an opinion site. My new coined phrase for this place. It's a site for well, my opinions. Well, not really, that's misleading, it's more or less a site about the characters of our favorite show: DEJIMON ADVENTURE! (American title: Digimon: Digital Monsters). This site is dedicated to character development, personality, and interaction. Everything from season 01 Matt to Season 02 Ken ^_^ (Yay! GO KEN!) By the way, she likes Ken... ::sweatdrop::

::glare:: Grr... are you dissing Ken-sama?

::eep:: No, no, of course not! Hehe... ::sweatdrop::

Anyway, this website is designed so that every character will get his or her own page for their personality and character interaction with the others of the Digi-tachi. Facts and hypotheses will be presented along with opinions and editorials for all your reading pleasure. Also, we have PICTURES! We are probably the only rebel site out there, too, for we are FStoF!

Full of Stolen Fanart...

Exactly, well, just so we're not hypocrites, please read the article on FStoF, we're not evil, just misunderstood, promise. ^_~

The spork-wielding aliens have lured: Unhappy Digimon fans here today.

GO ON...