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"For as long as I can remember, it’s just been my digimon and me… "

AKA: The cool blonde from the movie!

Name: (Japanese:) Wallace (I don’t know if he has a last name… and since it’s an American name, it has no commonly acknowledged meaning)

(English:) Willis (I prefer this name since it has fewer characters… also if it’s ever revealed that he has a last name, PLEASE TELL ME!)

Age: 10, 11, or 12, in Season Two (Jap&Eng) it’s never actually revealed (that we know of, if you have conformation, again, PLEASE tell me!)

Eyes: Ice Blue (as all Americans have, donCHA know?) (to the Japanese anyway)

Hair: Blonde (what else? He’s American, after all…)

Height/Weight: Short and Lean (And pretty muscular for a 11-year-old)

Family: err… he mentions his mother and even calls her on the phone! (she is a pretty nice lady, considering she accepts a collect call and lets her son backpack all the way to New York and back again without supervision…) He also lives on a farm in Colorado… (aka: the middle of nowhere, TM)

Digimental: Destiny (The golden digiegg/digimental from the movie)

Digimon: Terriermon and Lopmon (The twins! They’re so adorable!)

1st Digivolutions: Chocomon, Lopmon, Wendigomon, Antylomon, Kerpymon

2nd Digivolutions: Terriermon, Gargomon, (With Digimental of Destiny:) Rapidmon (shiny! ^_^)

Who Willis is usually paired with: Hikari! Miyako! Daisuke! Koushirou! Ken! Mimi! Takeru! (all pairings are about equal here… people seem to overlook poor Willis…)

Future Occupation: Farmer (most likely, since he lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere TM, others include:) Rancher! Spelunker! Backpacker! Veterinarian! Hermit! Play boy! (females cheer), American, (since when was that an occupation?) (since the Japanese started living in Japan…) Pilot! Hollywood Extra! Japanese Translator! Digimon voice actor!

Character Profile: Sadly, one of the least-known and least-discussed of the digidestined (Besides Michael, but who cares about him!) (he needs a haircut…), but that certainly doesn’t stop him from being loved (or hated, though how is something I’ve never been able to grasp)! Also one of the most flirtatious people ever to walk on the face of the Earth. (AND ONE OF THE MOST GOOD LOOKING BASTARDS, DAMMIT!!! Besides Ken.)

But outside of her little outburst, Willis is one of the coolest characters to ever have a movie center around him. But it’s because he only has that one movie that we have problems discussing a lot issues about him. As the 13th Chosen Child, Willis is pretty unlucky. First, he’s thrust into the position as Digimon-caretaker by himself before the others even knew Digimon existed. Then, he has to deal with TWO (not just one, he has twins) little Digimon all by himself for 4 years. After that, he gets left behind when the Digital adventure first begins… That same summer, without supervision, Willis decides to take up the challenge in his position as Digidestined and is the only PERSON to manually create a Digiegg… which is infected by a virus and soon evolves into Diaboromon… Poor Willis, he just wanted more friends… If you lived in the middle of nowhere TM, wouldn’t you like the idea of MAKING a friend, literally… After seeing the disastrous effects, Willis e-mails Kou-chan and informs him with everything he knew about the situation. The Chosen Children beat the monster, though, and Willis befriends Kou-chan through E-mails for the rest of the series.

But later, when the monster is defeated, the virus become viable and takes over Chocomon in the real world and Willis has to cope with his Digimon’s suffering, which later corrupts Chocomon into becoming a terror. Wanting to save his Digimon, he and Terriermon get away from his home in Colorado to avoid conflict with Wendigomon(the corrupted Champion version of chocomon). He backpack to New York where he meets Takeru and Hikari while they were visiting Mimi. They offer their help, but he refuses, always used to being alone. Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori are informed of his existence and they catch the first plane to Colorado (with Miyako’s vast resources and family). The three of them meet up with Willis and they befriend each other (especially Willis with the girls, much to Daisuke’s displeasure). Even their Digimon become friends, which convinces Willis to join up with the Chosen kids for the time being, even if it was against his nature. After a short, yet violent encounter with Wendigomon, Daisuke and Willis get stranded together and become fast friends (as long as Willis leaves Hikari alone, according to Daisuke). And Willis confides in Daisuke that he’s always been alone and confused and that he wished he had the help of others before he created Diaboromon’s Digiegg. He also confides that he thinks Chocomon’s problem is his fault. Their encounter, though, is interrupted as Wendigomon shows up again and so do the other Chosen Children. The battle ensues, and after about twenty or so Digivolutions and mystic prophecies, they save Chocomon and Daisuke offers Willis a spot on the Digiteam. Willis accepts, but says he has to go home first, gives Miyako and Kari a kiss, and leaves. The movie ends with Daisuke yelling about Willis’ promise to leave Kari alone.

So, Willis is a mischievous boy, in that sense, a flirt. He jokes a lot, and is often playing around with Terriermon. He makes friends quickly, when the chance presents itself, and has a rather charismatic personality. He also is quite the playboy… (much to TK and Davis’ displeasure).

But Willis is a lonely person, he lives on a farm, and in the middle of nowhereTM, so he doesn’t get a chance for much interaction. He is very adept when it comes to friendship, but he’s never been in any sort of relationship as such. This is why he so quickly befriends the other Digidestined, because they are the only ones who understand the problem he has encountered. He is also probably looking for forgiveness about his mistake with Diaboromon.

Quite the capable person, Willis is obviously a physically strong kid to have backpacked to New York and back all the way from Colorado. He is also very intelligent, and knows the entire Japanese language as well as English, a nice accomplishment for an 11-year-old. He’s also a good babysitter, for having taken care of two twin rambunctious digimon for 4 years all by himself.

Overall, Willis is a cool character with out a lot of screen time… poor guy… Sniffle Sniffle.