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"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I'm the only one who can do it."

AKA: The boring helmethead digidestined, who is sometimes cool....

Name: (Japanese:) Takenouchi Sora (Meaning: Home of the Sky Warrior ) (ooh, spiffy!)

(English:) Sora Takenouchi (What a change!)

Age: 11 in Season One, 14/15 in Season Two (15/16 in American)

Eyes: Crimson

Hair: Ember Orange

Height/Weight: Tall and Slender, but the helmet takes away from her looks... probably adds a couple pounds, too...

Family: Takenouchi-san (her mother, who doesn't love her, the b*tch) (but don't you feel sorry for her? A single mother raising a rambunctious 'girl' all by herself) (not really, but where IS Sora's father? Another Digi-mystery!)

Crest: Love, who's surprised? She's the lead female... (Does anyone notice that Sora's a lot like Sailor Moon? Except less leggy...)

Digimon: Biyomon (the evil pink chocobo!) (AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!) (to all Final Fantasy fans: never breed this one!)

Digivolutions: Yokomon(is it a plant or a lemming?), Biyomon(Piyomon in Jap), Birdramon (eek! Teeth!) (birds should not have teeth!), Garudamon(evil Viking bird-woman from mars!) ("Sora, I can FEEL your LOVE!" WHAT THE HECK!?) (Sora may be cool, but her Digimon sucks!) (They went toooooooo far!)

Who Sora is usually paired with: Taichi, Yamato, Mimi, Jyou, Koushirou, and on occasion Takeru & Miyako (at the same time!) (That's just nasty!)

Future Occupation: Flower Arranger (most likely, though others include:) Child therapist, Helmet designer, Social worker, Taxpayer, Housewife(Only something Matt and Sora know how to be), Pro-Tennis Champion, and Boring lump on a log....(too late for some)

Character Profile: Hey! It's SORA! She's kind, caring, honest, hard-working, sensible, intelligent, and BORING!!!! Yes, she has no flaws, she's perfect in every way. Well, okay, so that's not (completely) true. Sora is a motherly figure to the kids, she is very serious about keeping the group together and safe. This often leads people to believe she doesn't know how to have fun, which is true to an extent, for during their stay in the digital world, she is the one person who is constantly calm and able. She is a vital member of the group in the sense of peace maker and consoling friend.

This aside, Sora is actually a fairly normal, happy prepubescent tomboy. She plays soccer and enjoys the company of her friends. In fact, she relies on her friends to keep her stable. Throughout the course of the adventure, Sora is devoting all of her time to her friends. If she isn't doing something to help the others, she quickly becomes depressed and unhappy, feeling guilty for not doing more for the people she cares about. Even as such, it is apparent that Sora bottles up most of her feelings, leading to a complete emotional breakdown near the end of the stay in Digiworld.

"So she's sad? That's not always interesting... what else?" Well, on a daily basis, Sora's personality is usually more dutiful than anything else. This makes sense, you have to understand that even though Sora is a rebellious tomboy, she has been raised in a Japanese home. And most Japanese girls are clear-headed, dutiful, and traditional. This is why most Americans do not appreciate Sora's personality, because she has been implemented with traits that the Japanese consider 'cool' and 'angsty.' Overall, Sora is continually breaking up fights, cheering up her friends, protecting the younger kids, and helping to solve the complex digi-world puzzles. All in all, a tough job. Some people even consider Sora the one who was REALLY the leader in the earlier episodes, when Tai, Matt, and Joe were busy fighting over the position, Sora just took charge and completed the task. Very cool. ^_~

Ah yes, the all familiar deity of love, heartbreak and hardship ever following in its path. Such is evident when Sora first uses her crest, as she relives one of the most prominent points of her childhood, which are still in effect. She had no father to speak of in her life, and was raised by her single mother, who denied her many freedoms common to youth. Sora, in the desperate quest of trying to use the all-mysterious article which is her crest, was shoved into her mother's position, retaining Biyomon from entering a life-or-death battle. Eventually, after a while (hours) of listening to Biyomon's pleas, told her feathered friend that she was doing this because she loved her. ( ... ) And Sora realized that this was why her mother had, in actuality, kept her from having fun. With that, her crest flickered on (more lightbulbs!), and Biyomon digivolved into Garudamon( evil Viking bird-woman from mars!) ( at this point, I agree ) (really, I mean, name ONE shrine devoted to Garudamon...).

Overall, Sora's a lonely girl who wants to be there for all of her friends. She's boring, but caring, and also the only one who knows what she's doing at the beginning of the adventure. You see, Sora's not boring, she's always been cool, everyone else just started out bad and got better!

Gotta love it! ^_~