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"It's over...! This is terrible...! Now my family's going to suffer and so are my friends! There's got to be something I can do!"

AKA: The Pink&Sexy Ditzy Cowgirl Brat turned Bunny-girl Slut ^_~

Name: (Japanese:) Tachikawa Mimi (Meaning: Big Sword River's Beautiful Truth)

(English:) Mimi Tachigawa (Such a change!) (Oh, wait, notice the 'g')

Age: 10 in Season One, 13 in Season Two (14 in American)

Eyes: Rusty Brown

Hair: Caramel (such a pretty color), then later: Pink with Sparkles! (How cute! It definitely adds an anime effect to the show!)

Height/Weight: Tall and Slender, (Later she actually develops a figure, well for a digimon character...)

Family: Mrs. Tachikawa (The ditzy factor of Mimi's personality), Mr. Tachikawa (I think he's a photographer, considering he moved all the way to New York...) Her baby brother! (So he doesn't exist...) (NO, he COULD exist! Maybe he died before Mimi got back to the real world! Or maybe they just didn't mention him!) (Or maybe TK's her little brother! And that's why Mrs. Ishida broke up with Mr. Ishida! Because he had an illegitimate child!) (And wouldn't that explain her odd fondness of TK?) (But everyone likes TK!)

Crest: Sincerity (Purity in Japanese, which I think suits her better, wouldn't you rather be known for being Pure than Honest?)

Digimon: Palmon (Chronic smoker who gargles with gravel!) (Evil whiny plant, worse than Mimi!) (Plants shouldn't have teeth either, but unlike Yokomon, at least we KNOW Palmon's a plant!) (Or do we?)

Digivolutions: Tanemon (This one's kinda cute), Palmon (Parumon in Jap!), Togemon (Another Final Fantasy reject)(Cactuar with boxing gloves), Lillymon (THE AWESOME SPRITE! SHE DESERVES HER OWN SHOW!) (Well, not really... BUT SHE'S COOL!)

Who Mimi is usually paired with: Koushirou! (And it SHOULD be him!) (FOREVER AND EVER!) (But this is a very controversial subject, so we'll just say that we support most of the other couplings for her, as well ^_^) Yamato! Jyou! Sora! Takeru! Taichi! Michael! Miyako!

Future Occupation: Model (most likely, though others include:) Pop Idol, McDonalds' Cashier, Camp Counselor, Actress, Stage Actress, Singer, Fashion Designer(no more pink!), Hat Designer (EEK!) (Hatomon!!!noo!), Computer technician (With Kou-chan!), Talk-show hostess(Jerry! Jerry! Mimi!), News Reporter, Weather girl, Cosmetologist, and last, but certainly not least: SLUT! (males cheer!)

(Boy, she has some bright futures... must be her 'charm') (like Barbie, huh?) (Hey that's one we forgot!)

Character Profile: The Almighty Princess of Song!!! The one girl (who's not even a teenager at this point, hah) Who is equal in power to the Pink Power Ranger!!! Mimi!!! (bow!! All of you!!)

Okay, so maybe she's not the Pink Power Ranger, but hey, Mimi has left her impression on the Digimon world like no other. Love her, hate her? It doesn't matter, you have to live with her, besides, she's funny! This little bratty bundle of girly emotions has quite a lot to say (though most of it consists of the world of fashion, or she's just whining incoherently). She is quite obsessed with appearances, she constantly worries about her hair or make up or clothes or fingernails. All in all, a pretty ditzy Digidestined. Mimi is considered (and most likely is) the weakest member of the group. She wines most often, she contributes the least, and requires the most looking after, besides attracting much trouble. This however, seems not to hinder Mimi-fans from liking her and appreciating her cool factor! ^_~

Yes, Mimi DOES have a high cool factor. This is because (unlike Sora) Mimi is human! If you were thrown into the digital world, how many of you would've fared even as well as Mimi did... eh? Overall, Mimi's realistic (except for the fashion obsession) view in the digital adventure is what draws most people to her (either that or they want her body, much like Matt-fans). Not to mention the fact that because Mimi has flaws, that throughout the course of the adventure does she have the chance to mature.

Mimi starts out as a whiny spoiled brat with an obsession for fashion, but this is one of her coolest flaws. Not only does it add the opportunity for her to make hilarious comments, but it shows her need for perfection. Mimi's role in life was to be the perfect 'girl'. It's obvious, Mimi lives under the standards that fashion is cool and her friends must be fashionable, too. This puts a serious limitation on a person ability to make friends with people, something vital to survival in the digital world. Mimi seems like the type of person who has always led a sheltered life and it is through the digital world Mimi learns the tough reality that is actual life. After one day in the digiworld, Mimi put on some muscle, never having to strain herself beyond getting her own snack being too tough a chore. Mimi perseveres through the experience and matures into a sincere, caring person.

Not only that, but Mimi develops quite a bit of bravery throughout the course of the event, risking herself for the sake of her friends, her family, and the digimon. She fights bravely, and will be one of the first people to sign up for adventure. She really wants to help out. But, this is not something an inexperienced, sheltered girl should do. It causes major problems to Mimi's psyche to watch friends she knew die and disappear in front of her. After one too many battles, Mimi completely loses it and refuses to fight, scared that one of her friends might be hurt for some senseless reason. She even leaves the group to get away from the fighting, but to help out in her own way.

Which brings us to what Mimi CAN do! Besides being a pretty capable fighter, Mimi has the power of 'charm' unlike the rest of the Chosen Children crew. She gathered an entire army of digimon once to help out the kids. Able to get almost anyone to help her out, do things her way, or just plain listen to her, may make her seem a bit spoiled, but regardless, it is a great assist to the otherwise tactless Digiteam. This also brings out Mimi's flirty side, which, though small, is there and actually quite apparent in a child her age. Though most people see her as useless, she isn't (completely) and should be taken with a bit more seriousness.

It's very easy to trace Mimi's attributes, actually. Being raised in two-parent home, Mimi's mother is quite the ditz herself. She is also a whiner and loves to be the center of attention (And Mimi looks a lot like her). But in our own minds, we're all sure she's probably a pretty nice person. Although she is a bit wrapped up with her husband and way too lovey-dovey for most people's tastes. Mimi's father, on the other hand, is obviously Mimi's favored parent, she is a 'Daddy's girl' after all. Mr. Tachikawa seems like a brave and kind man who would risk anything for his family, and spares no expense in their happiness. He, too, is quite lovey-dovey. This leads to problems in Mimi's life, too. With her parents so wrapped up in each other, where do they find time for Mimi? This goes back to the idea that Mimi is a sheltered child. With as rich as their family seems, it's quite possible that Mimi's parents just buy her happiness. And with all that spare time, I would think Mimi would be deeper than she seems, maybe she's an avid reader. (I think the ditz thing is an act and that she's secretly plotting to take over the world!) (With Kou-chan!) (...errr....)

Overall, Mimi's an interesting character to say the least! ^_~

 ~I wrote this whole thing, almost completely by myself! (My little Sis helped)