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"We can't stop now, we'll never get a chance like this again!"

AKA: The panty-thief Taichi-wannabe!

Name: (Japanese:) Motomiya Daisuke (Meaning: Big Help of the True Shrine)

(English:) Davis Motomiya (Davirsh… Veemon’s way of saying it! ^_^)

Age: 8 in Season One (even if he wasn’t there), 11 in Season Two (12 in the American?)

Eyes: Violet maroon

Hair: Rusty Ebony Brown (almost black… and it’ll NEVER be as big as Taichi’s!) (but his sideburns are just so cute…)

Height/Weight: Short and wiry (But he’ll STILL never have big hair!)

Family: Mrs. Motomiya( poor woman to have spawned Daisuke AND Jun) (especially Jun), Mr. Motomiya ( even HE notices how dense his children are) (Most parents will deny and support their children. Nope, not these people. They’ll agree with’ya.), Grandparents(They’re nice people, but even THEY know the kids are dense: "She’s just about as sharp as Davis…"), Jun Motomiya (Spawn of satin) (Evil Matt-stalking bitch, if you’re going to stalk, at least be subtle!) (Yama-kun deserves better! You will never have him!) (And what’s with her hair? She’s trying to get it on with Matt so she’s copying Taichi.) (It went horribly wrong)

Digimental: Courage (Taichi wannabe), Friendship (He’ll never be angsty enough for it), Miracles (the golden digiegg, at least it’s his own attribute…) (it’s a miracle he survived long enough to use it)

Digimon: Veemon (He’s supposed to be lucky, and he has a cute lisp… ‘Davirsh’)

Digivoltuions: DemiVeemon(Chibimon in the Jap, he’s so cute!), Veemon (aka: Buimon/V-mon in Jap), ExVeemon(Uh… it’s the unarmored champion form), Flamedramon(the Courage armor Co-champion), Raidramon(The friendship-armor Co-Champion), Magnamon(The golden Miracle Armor Co-champion), AeroVeedramon(His ultimate, no armor required! Just batteries…) (lucky for the Digimon, the kids are the batteries) (I don’t know if he has a Mega-form, but he probably does…)

Who Daisuke is usually paired with: Hikari! Takeru! Ken! Taichi! Yamato! Miyako! Willis! Veemon!

Future Occupation: (No idea what the most likey is, but other include:) Pro-Soccer Star! Taichi Cheerleader! Dancer! Stay-at-home-Husband! (We would say housewife, but that implies he’ll DO something around the house…)(Like we said before: Only Yama and Sora qualify for Housewife!) Bum! Convicted of Siblicide! (if she doesn’t get to him first!) Pantytheif! Taichi Stalker! Hikari Stalker! Basketball player! Army General (he bosses people around enough…) Goggle-maker!


Character Profile: Consider the wonder known as "Davis". At first, second, third, and forth glance he appears to be a arrogant (small haired) Taichi-wannabe. Unfortunately, he continues to look this way for quite a while, unless you pay attention.

Davis is Season 2's leader of the Chosen Children. He is loud, genki, athletic, a little on the dense side (a little?), bossy, and wears goggles. Sound familiar?

"It's Tai!" Nope, Daisuke IS a jerk, though. He is often looking down upon others. He picks on people, uses his athletic skills to show off and flaunts his arrogance whenever the situation presents itself.

He's also a moron and a poser, often putting on false acts of bravado when he doesn't even know what's going on or is too dense to comprehend the situation. Daisuke also thinks he's smarter than he is, a fatal mistake in the digital world...

He's also possessive and bossy, thinking himself superior to others when he often isn't, he normally believes everyone will listen to him and that he is always right, no matter what! And also that everything he does is correct and that others should follow his lead and be just like him or do things for him. In a word: arrogant.

"Wait, I know what you're trying to do! You're trying to trick me into thinking he ISN'T Tai!" Close, you near-sighted Tokomon, you, but not quite... Yes, Davis is a lot like Taichi from Season One, but the fact is, Daisuke is 10 times more thick-headed and 10 times the arrogant jerk Taichi EVER was! (BTW: for the Tokomon reference, see Claire's site!!!!!!!)

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. The truth is that Davis really DOES have his good points. Like every Digimon character, he has redeemable qualities. First off, Davis is VERY forgiving. He seems to never hold a grudge. (What about his sister?) (Details) After Ken came to his senses, Davis was the first to forgive him and asked him to join the Children. Unfortunately, he was alone in this for a while. "Davis was wrong about everything else. Why should he be right about this?" It must be hard to live with the fact that no one has any faith in you. But he felt sorry for Ken and wanted to help. "Sure, you fucked up really bad, but you realize that and are willing to change so lets be friends." The others see this a naivete. And Maybe it is. But it proves that Davis isn't all puffed up arrogance and big talk. He cares and can actually be nice.

Nobody holds Davis in very high regard, or puts much faith in his abilities. Except for our head leader and chief Taichi. He sees that Davis has potential if given half a chance and can be a good leader. (Ether that or he was clouded be the mirror image of himself.) (Hay! Shut up!) And believe it or not, he IS a good leader! Sure he's not the sharpest tool in the shed but he has great perseverance. He never gives up a fight. Even when it seems hopeless he is determined to find a way to win. Unfortunately, all of his strategies consist of "Digivolve and kick their ass and if that doesn't work digivolve again." But you have to give him credit for trying. After all, Season 2 has only just started and that's what all of Tai's plans consisted of. (You're stretching...)

He can't be all bad. Just look at his choice of girls. He is honestly in love with Hikari. She of course wouldn't give him the time of day and possibly thinks the very least of him out of all of the Destined but he loves her never the less. And it's not a passing infatuation much like Jun for Yama. No, Davis really really cares for Hikari and he gets pumped up for a fight at even the THOUGHT of her coming to harm. As much as he would LOVE to see TK and Kari break up, it would be a bitter sweet victory. Kari would be hurt and, though he doesn't show it sometimes, he's sensitive to her feelings. If she feels strongly about something he backs her 100%. This also means that because she doesn't care for him much he'll try his best to impress her. Whether it be in sports or battle he'll try to get the upper hand and a lot of time it only makes him look even more incompetent. And, like everyone else, she'll laugh or scold him. A real confidence plunger.

And it's not just Kari who rejects him, it's everyone he wants to make friends with. He wants to fit in with the older kids, but they look down upon his poser attitude. He wants to make friends with people his own age, but everyone there he seems to push away since they're after Kari (or in his mind, they are). And when it comes to younger kids, well, he orders them around. But somehow, most VERY young children seem to look up to him, and he's always ready to indulge their acceptance of him. Strange, how he so readily makes friend with people who'll accept him. It's probably due to the fact that everyone else has prejudged and rejected the boy.

But, as stated above, he's a forgiving person and a very dejected one at that. He has a lot to forgive. And he has a lot he wants forgiven of himself, to be accepted by the others and especially Kari. Oh, and he hates his sister and that's always a good thing! ^_^