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"If THIS isn't a controversial Digimon rant, NOTHING is..."

Written by: Ucchan

Alright, so, here it is, the reason behind the gamble that is FStoF: Full of Stolen Fanart.

Because StoFF(Stolen Fanart Free) prevents the purpose of fanart in the first place!

Now, I'm not going to go on and on about how StoFF is wrong, because I don't think that's the case, I just think that somewhere along the way, a good idea was twisted into a limiting and blocking subject.

Now, StoFF means that fanart should not be stolen, agreed! I agree that a person should not steal another person hard work! ^_^ (I'm a fanartist, I understand the honor system!) But the way of stealing that seemed intended is that a person should not claim another person's fanart as their own work, THAT'S WRONG! Stealing credit is one thing, but what StoFF has come to mean is that a website owner may NOT display another person's work.

NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE!! WHAT'S THIS!?!? Now, last time I checked, art, in general for viewing. And to view something, it has to be displayed, correct? Well, then, WHY is it that WE, the Digimon-loving public would want to prohibit the display of fanart? Fanart, just look at the word: Art of the Fans, for the Fans, and if we keep the display of such hard works at a minimum, then how can a fanartist ever get any credit for what he or she has worked so hard to make?

By allowing the display of fanart freely, it just makes sense. Otherwise, what was the purpose of making the fanart in the first place? And the thing is, it's only the Digimon websites... Any other anime circle has fanart, just like Digimon, but they don't limit their distribution of fanart, why should Digimon? Not only does it put us behind the other animes, but it keeps Digimon sites limited. Digimon is, already, behind other anime series in general, for one: it is highly cut and not subtitled or dubbed by an official anime-dubbing company. Also, it has a fifty-fifty percent ratio of fans: hard-core anime fans and little kids who like to watch the monsters... This puts us behind because the target audience is aimed for the little kids... Why are we limiting ourselves in fanart when we've already got so many hindrances as it is?

Let's review: Fanart should not be stolen and claimed as own. Fanart's purpose is to be displayed. The power to display Digimon fanart is being limited. Digimon in general is behind other anime series. Other anime series' websites do not limit display of fanart. Fanart should be displayed freely with credit given to its owner. Now, I'm not saying that allowing display of fanart will solve all of Digimon's problems, but it can't hurt.


I would like to say that I will accept criticism on this, but I've thought it over and it'll be hard to convince me otherwise. THIS DOES NOT MEAN FLAME ME! If you're going to tell me what you think, please do so in a civilized manner. I haven't been mean or rude to anyone, I think I deserve a little respect, even IF you don't agree with me.

If you would like to support me, please tell me, I would be glad to hear what you think as well ^_^! Email me here. ^_^

BY THE WAY: WE'RE NOT HYPOCRITES! All fanart that WE have created is PUBLIC DOMAIN! If you would like to use it on your website, please just give us credit, as we have for all the fanart we are displaying that isn't ours.

NOTE: All banners except for Willis were made with pictures from Tir na Nog. Any exceptions will be listed. Please do not take the banners as they don't belong to me, and I don't have the right to give them... (but IF they were mine, you could take 'em if you wanted to) (Willis' banner was made with screenshots from the movie, you can have that one ^_^) (Please visit Jap site Tir na Nog if you want AWESOME Digimon fanart ^_^)