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"Do I really deserve this? Am I ready?"

Name: (Japanese:) Inoue Miyako (Meaning: Capitol Above the Well)

(English:) Yolei (She's hasn't been said to have a last name, but I assume it'll be Inoue...) (And what's the deal with 'Yolei', does that sound ANYTHING like Miyako?) (It's got a 'y' in it...) (Details) (on the Movie, the credits said "Yolei Inoue" so I guess it's safe to assume that her last name won't be changed...)

Age: 9 in Season One (even IF she doesn't exist yet!) (she WAS in the 01 movie!) 12 in Season Two (13 in American dub?) (Can't the Americans make up their minds!?) (No, of course not, we're American...)

Eyes: Dark Violet (with a kind of brown-red tint in certain scenes)

Hair: Orchid (such a pretty color, it adds to the anime-ness!) (And her handkerchief is so cute!)

Height/Weight: Tall and Anorexic (Someone PLEASE give that girl a sandwich...)

Family: (Miyako has the biggest family of all the children... she has oh-so-many aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and siblings....) (okay, so she only has three siblings, but that's more than everyone else in Digimon) Mrs. Inoue (this lady has had FOUR children... and she runs a convenience store with her husband), Mr. Inoue (he and his wife must bump like rabbits), Sibling one: a sister (the eldest, she has a name in the dub, but I forget, I'll add it later), Sibling two: a brother (again the name eludes me, but he's also the only boy in the family... poor guy), Sibling three: another sister (she has no name either, but she was the one who taught Miyako to use a computer, and picks on her the most) Various aunts, uncles, and grandparents (they have no names, but they provide Miyako-chan with various resources and appliances the kids need... she is their lifeline to the world...)

Digimental: Love (well, duh...), Sincerity (Purity in Jap, same as Mimi)

Digimon: Hawkmon (it's a bird...) (and it isn't cute, but he can be funny)

Digivolutions: Poromon (proof that pink can be cute), Hawkmon (such a creative name), Halsemon (Love armor Co-champion), Shurimon (Sincerity armor Co-champion), Aquillamon (The un-armored champion, probably the coolest of them all), Sylphimon (a jogress evolution...) (probably has a Mega form, too)

Who Miyako is usually paired with: EVERYONE! But specifically: Ken! Willis! Cody! Michael! Koushirou! Daisuke! Mimi! Hikari! Takeru! Sora! Jyou! Hawkmon! And on occasion: Taichi! Yamato!

Future Occupation: Computer Engineer/Programmer (most likely, though others include:) Porn star! Professional Dom.! Drug Addict! (as often as she has mood swings...) Convenience store cashier! Pilot! Computer technician! A giant banana! (don't ask!) Glasses repairman! Digimon Empress! (alongside Ken! Go Ken!)

Character Profile: She's bright! She's cute! She wears glasses! She's on permanent PMS! It's MIYAKO! And what specimen of the Digimon show she is... This girl has more emotions than a teenager at a prom! One minute, she's whining, the next minute she's fixing a computer, and then after that, she's all pumped up to kick some ass! Sounds like drugs to me! (or PMS...) (::the only male is beaten up by the three other female web owners::) (ouch)

It is the fact that she has so many emotions that it makes it hard to describe Miyako with one word. Cool? No, doesn't fit the whiny parts of her personality... Hyper? Optimistic? Nope, she gets depressed way too easily for that... Friendly? Sweet? Have you seen how she treats Daisuke? Intelligent? Nope, too ditzy for that to apply to her full personality... What about Hormonal? Yeah... the word that means mood swings is the only word that describes Miyako.

She IS hyper, optimistic, friendly, sweet, intelligent, and cool. But as an antithesis, she is also depressed, scared, unforgiving, ditzy, illogical, and whiny. Kinda makes it hard to understand the coolness that is Yolei, eh?

Well, her determination seems an outstanding and unwavering trait, when she sets her mind to something, she DOESN'T give up. Whether it be a fight, a love interest, or a homework assignment, Miyako is constantly setting her goals and striving to reach them.

Another unwavering trait is her ability to fall in love at the drop of a hat. Miyako is boy crazy. Miyako is the first and only Chosen Child to be boy crazy (or girl crazy for that matter). Miyako has single-handedly gotten crushes on about 10 of the 13 Chosen Kids. Starting with Koushirou ("Oh most honored former computer club president."), and then Sora ("Sora, do you really mean it?"), followed by Mimi ("I wish we could be together forever!"), and Jyou ("Could you check my tonsils for me?"), and then Ken ("I don't want to kiss him, I just want to marry him!"), and Michael ("Friday night's good! Or any other night!"), and Willis ("Do you really think I'm cu-cute?") and there has been less evidenced speculations that she also has a thing for Takeru, Daisuke, and even little Iori. (which is pedophilia, people! but when he gets older, I guess I can see it happening...) (what are you talking about? Miyako should get Ken, Iori, AND Willis!) (stay away from Takeru!)

(err... ignoring the outburst that is Digimon romance...) Anyway, Miyako is normally a pretty cheerful person, always wanting to be with other people (who AREN'T her family, she doesn't seem to like her siblings very much, a trait not many of the kids share, except for Daisuke) (another one of those elusive clues of digi-romance) (ack! No more Digi-romance in Miyako's profile! Back! Back! Away! You're tainting her bio's purity!) and enjoy the company of her friends. She is often doing little favors for her friends, like fixing their computers or bringing them snacks, and most people seem to like her.

She is a bit of a whiner and a ditz, as well, though. She apparently doesn't like not getting her way and will often complain at inopportune moments. She has a bit of temper and will blow up at the slightest thing if provoked the right way. She also seems to have a bit of a problem with always accepting things at face value and never questioning the motives of her friends. She places her trust much too easily.

Overall though, she seems to be able to hold her own as a fighter, though she does need guidance and more experience. And occasionally, she is the one the kids are protecting. An interesting thing to wager into the equation is the fact that Miyako is one year older that ALL of the other 02 kids, including Takeru and Hikari. This makes her the oldest and she seems to know it and probably uses it occasionally to assert her ideas. She became a digidestined/chosen child because she was on of the children who sent an email to help stop Diaboromon's internet take-over, I guess she was the one chosen because she either the first to send one or the one who had the strongest heart or characteristic or whatever it is the light beings are always looking for... The strangest part of her group relationship is the fact that she is the smartest and is often making the plans, but never seems to follow them well... I just found that weird...

Miyako's position in the group, though, is completely different than her position in her own home, though. As the youngest of four, Miyako doesn't seem spoiled, as one would think. On the other hand, she seems raised by her siblings, who pick on and torment her to no end, though it's apparent they love her and care for her, too. Miyako also has an EXTENSIVE family, as we often hear about how this uncle or that cousin has lent his this or let the kids use that. Apparently, Miyako is well-liked among her extended family, more so than by her close family, as her parents often complain about the amount of snacks Miyako filches from their convenience store.

Oh well, Miyako is Miyako... (and occasionally Miyako is Yolei)

She seems like the type of girl who would spend most of her time on sleepovers and mall crawling, but at the same time she's a misleading girl who would curl up with a good book at the sleepover and go browsing through the electronics section at the mall...