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AKA: The Old Reliable Dork

Name: (Japanese:) Kido Jyou (Meaning: Stature of the Castle Gate)

(English:) Joe Kido (I wonder if he’s actually American?)

Age: 12/13 in Season One (He ages over the course of the show), 15/16 in Season Two

Eyes: Midnight Gray (with specs ^_~)

Hair: Faded Blue

Height/Weight: Tall and Lanky (even with the hair!)

Family: Mr. Kido (Possibly a single parent, and we know he’s a doctor!), Mrs. Kido (Does she exist? Probably, considering Jyou’s personality, though we never actually learn where she is), Shin Kido (his brother! About 18-21, is going to be a doctor, and his name is Jim in the American version!) (Jim and Joe, how cute! ^_^) (We are surrounded by ‘J’s)

Crest: Reliability (Though in the Jap version, it’s been called "Faith" "Sincerity" "Honesty" and "Trust" Too many possible translations in my opinion… must be an abstract feeling)

Digimon: Gomamon (The awesome digi-dude!) (Gotta love that ol’ Gomamon charm!) (On caffeine 24-7!)

Digivolutions: Bukamon(freaky floating gray seal-thing…), Gomamon (cute!), Ikkakumon (the big, fluffy walrus, how cuddly!) (and he has the HORN!), Zudomon (One of the bigger ultimates…) (I like the hammer)

Who Jyou is usually paired with: Mimi (it’s a cute couple, but we don’t really support it for favor of Kou-chan), Koushirou! Sora! (I like this pairing better) Yamato! Hikari! Miyako! (I guess people have a thing for glasses…)(go glasses!) (see?) I think he’s also occasionally paired with Taichi…

Future Occupation: Doctor or some other medical profession (most likely, others include: ) (there are others?) Librarian! Health Teacher! Professor! Guidance Counselor! Professional Wimp! Toilet Paper Manufacturer! Boy Scout Leader! (or Girl Scout Leader!) That’s… it…

Character Profile: The Danger-Attracting four-eyes of the group. Not exactly everyone’s favorite of the Digidestined, but good for those who love him, because they have reasons abounding, and that I believe everyone should agree with.

Jyou, the eldest of the group, a doctor for a father, and a great student. And Tai's the leader of the kids? On that note, Jyou has extremely little authority within the ring of Chosen Children, is commonly looked down upon, and is rarely ever actually listened to. And he's clumsy so much it hurts to see, constantly complaining, possibly with reason as, he says, he has allergies, hay fever, hives, sea sickness, etc.

Hundreds of factors are at work here. The most visible, is that he is a wimp, at least in the exterior, and even that can give huge impressions. He will most often be the one to suggest running away from a fight, instead of rising to meet the challenge. He's somewhat bullied around by Yamato and Taichi, and will occasionally retort with a pessimistic comment in retaliation.

By this, he's been called 'Old Reliable'. And, correctly, he is reliable, living up to his crest. When ever anything needs to be done he his there to carry it through. Even if his is adamantly opposed to the whole idea he will help for the sake of the group. Besides that, he often snipes at the others, quick sarcasm his one weapon, and well and often is it used. He will always point out if someone's doing anything wrong or that they shouldn't be, but that doesn't mean he's not likeable. He only really does this when the rest of the kids are being childish or unrealistic. (Which IS quite often, you have to admit) Jyou is the group’s realist and keeps everyone’s feet on the ground, always the voice of reason. He feels that because he is the oldest he HAS to play this role, because if he doesn’t the children will die. And he’s is very well correct, if it wasn’t for his realistic views and far sight the rest of the chosen would stumble about until something happened or fall head first into trouble. He thinks that he is responsible for their safety and is constantly thinking about what their families would say if he failed them.

Really, he's very brave. He’s one of those who work well under pressure. (You pick that up in school.) Whether it be a school exam or an Evil Digimon attack he will rise to the occasion and throw HIMSELF head first into danger to keep others from harm. He risked his own neck countless times for TK, and is barely ever, if at all, acknowledged for it. He is also very resourceful, somehow managing to see to everyone's needs. His caution is one of his most useful attributes to add to the group, seeing as how everyone else is always leaping into danger without realizing the danger first....

The only few who seem to give him much mind are Matt, and yes, they do seem to have a kind of friendship, Sora, and Takeru. Jyou and Sora are much like Takeru and Kari's babysitters, so that's not a wonder, and Yamato because of their experiences in the Diner. Yamato did have a right to blow up at Jyou, but they got through it (with trouble), and ever since have had a bond of, if nothing else, respect (Matt left off bullying him, for the most part). Taichi will toss Jyou degratory comments every now and then, Kou-chan is absorbed in his laptop, Mimi, well, is Mimi, and so Jyou doesn't have all too much anything between himself and a portion of the Chosen Children.

Besides that, the boy has a messed up home life. His father wants him to become a doctor (following his footsteps), which just about terrifies Jyou, as that (he says) he faints at the sight of blood. He's a mint in his studies just for the joy of it, but clearly doesn't want to enter that profession, and becomes a bit withdrawn whenever it's mentioned. His mom (If he has one..), which he speaks of often, is supposed to have (and still) coddle him as if he were still three and not ready to face at least half-truths of the great wide mean world. His brother, Shin, a nice-looking guy, is so far the only relative of his we've seen, and tries to tell Jyou to stand up for himself, to live how he wants, not his dad. Basically, not to be a doormat.

Surprisingly, Jyou can be very calm, or at least matter-of-fact. He tends to dispose of the niceties in according situations, and can even be the best of the Digidestined to cope.