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Name: (Japanese:) Takaishi Takeru (meaning: Tall Rock Mountain)

(English:) Takeru 'TK' Takaishi

Age: 8 ( In season one) 11/12 in season two (12/13 in American)

Eyes: Ishida Azure

Hair: Wheat Blonde

Height/Weight: Short and small (and then Tall and Skinny in 02)

Family: Nancy Takaishi (his mom) Ishida (his father) Yamato Ishida (his older brother) (well, duh! ^_~ )(If you didn't know this, start watching Digimon NOW!)

Crest/Digimental: Hope (one of those no-requirements necessary crests! ^_~)

Digimon: Patamon (the flying batpig!)

Digivolutions: Poyomon, Tokomon, Patamon, Angemon,MagnaAngemon (HolyAngemon in Jap), Pegusasmon (Hope armor Co-champion), Seraphimon

Who Takeru is Usually Paired with: Hikari (His ONE and ONLY true Love!), Daisuke, Ken, Miyako, Iori, Sora, Mimi, Koushirou, Willis, Taichi, Jyou, Yamato (ick! Brother!), Patamon (Ick #2)

Future Occupation: Child Therapist (most likely, though others do include), Gilligan, College Professor, Street-side Bum, Male Dancer, News Reporter, Fashion Designer, Dentist, AC repair man, Matchmaker, Pro basketball player, Card Captor! Harmonica Soloist! (just like his bro!)

Character Profile: This poor kid is NOT taken seriously, which, I think, is one of the downfalls all of the kids have (except perhaps Sora and Jyou). They can't seem to see the usefulness in a person younger than they are. Not to say that Takeru doesn't have his weak points; but he surely deserves a good deal more respect than what he's given.

But, not to mislead you, Takeru, still like the other Digidestined, will play out his role as the baby of the group. He is, being a child, childish, even to the point of tears (on his part). He is also very persistent about matters of tension, much like in one of his first episodes, when he, was debating the batpig that is Patamon. He also rarely speaks his mind or opinion to the others, probably feeling left out or not of any use to the older kids, and, perhaps even if he did, him being a mostly quiet kid, would they listen? Maybe Sora or Jyou...Most likely not anyone else. Even though Matt's his older brother, he still has a 'rep' to keep up with.

He can also overreact, and might also rush headlong into troublesome situations (a bit like Tai, but better; he has reasons, Tai's hair). ( remember 'TK! don't stand out there! Hide behind a rock like a man!) ( Yup...Don't lissen to 'em, TeeKay!).

Besides all the above, he tries too hard in most of his actions, mostly trying to prove himself to the rest of the group. Again, this is hardly his fault; he's so busy being protected he can't get in a word for himself. It's much the same with Hikari. Everyone else is too busy keeping their eye on him, he has no room to develop his own moralistic (and etc.) values that most people get from experience. With everyone protecting him so much and not being able gather enough space to grow, he is very indecisive about if he is a big kid or a little one needing protecting.

Well, that bit aside, he's a very chipper young boy, and absolutely adorable, at that !!! He is almost always smiling or deep in thought (so kawaaiiii!). And since he always goes into phases of contemplation when few others are around, it's quite easy to take him as the ordinary, cheerful child that he seems to be. He is actually quite innocent, which is most likely why he and Pata get along so well. (a perfect pairing!) Because he's so innocent and *is* perfectly paired with Patamon they both have a gentle shine.

Basically, he's the kind of small kid you'd want to protect from the big, bad wide, horribly scary world, which is just what the Digidestined try to do. But in fact as the series progresses TK DOES grow up and catches on to things quite fast for a kid so young. TK *wants* to stand up for himself, but is usually snuffed out by the older and "wiser" kids. He doesn't get any responsibility for himself until the last season. He tells Yama off and then the group splits leaving him with Sora, the motherly figure, Tai, the child expert (I swear, it's because he never grew up!!) (well, not much in 01, anyway...), and Kari (aka; the human lightbulb!). He seems to be more respected in this small group, even if as they split up he acted a bit childish about the ordeal.

His crest, of course, is Hope, again, one of the very few which require basically no work at all to get them to work! (Yipeeee!) (Ever wonder why it took so long for him to get it to work...?) (He liked Angemon better!!) (LOL!) So basically it's not much to it. (NEVER GIVE UP!) (And it glows!! YEAH!) (man I should have been the one to get the crest of hope. You get to do nothing and get paid for it TOO!) (the deal also includes: 1. A bondage freak angel, and 2. A cute girlfriend!) (On second thought...) The one and ONLY time his crest DOES Glow is when he is trying to Escape from Piedmon with Kari. They climbed up the rope and TK felt he was responsible for making sure Kari was protected. Then Piedmon made his Grande entrance...he (WOW!) sliced the rope (but mom always said never to take rope or candy from strangers!) (looks dangerous, you might wanna go first..), the two kids fell, and moments before they slammed into the ground, TK says the magic words and BOOM! It turned on... (a lot like going on all sorts of long and grueling quests to find out how to make some mystic item work, only to find moments before your impending doom that you just needed new batteries...)

As for his home-life, well... He lives with his mother after she and his dad were divorced (she probably only got custody because of his age..), and rarely got the chance to see his older sibling, Yamato, (*sigh*) which was probably why Yamato is always making such a great deal about protecting him...In turn, TK looks up to him, like most of us do to our big brothers (sometimes, anyway..), but not so much that he'll follow Yama's every whim or hero-worships him.

Character Profile 02: The cute little kid that always need *Protection* has now grown up. Besides being available, he's finally gotten a good grab on his views, prospects, and what he does and doesn't like. (makes one think of which side Daisuke would be Besides that, now that terror has yet again struck the DigiWorld, he knows what it's all about (Well... not everything. But he does have a better understanding of it at least.), and has sworn of whining about it forever more. Watch out, baddies, TeeKay's gotten better.

Even though he *has* gotten older doesn't mean that his fashion sense has gotten any better. (Look at that Hat.) (He looks like Gilligan!) (Mimi wonder with that hat.) Even with the hat his outfit is a lot of beige, green, and yellows. ( I have to admit, it is better than all green.) (but it is still doesn't go with the season. Didn't he learn ANYTHING from Mimi?) (No remember Mimi left!) (Poor Takeru...)

Growing up was and *is* a good thing. Although, he grew up he also became very protective. Not just of Hikari (come on who wouldn't.), but of other things as well, like siblings at all. For example in the episode we meet Jun, Daisuke's older sister, and TK brings up the fact he met her to Daisuke and then Daisuke immediately starts to diss her or says how she complained about how he use to do certain things. (You remember those embarrassing moments like when you fall asleep the wrong way, or even what you use to do, sleeping with a stuffed animal/blanket...) (Hey! Everyone needs their security blanket.) He tries to protect everything and anyone (including Patamon!) (AND Davis.) he can possible protect (Even the World - Both Digital and Real). He *IS* very protective. I guess one can't help being protective, after being protected for so long...

Not only is he protective but he is very competitive. He isn't just competitive in sports like most would think.... But he is competitive against Daisuke for Kari's attention. He competitive against Daisuke in much of anything but in one case they were playing basketball (uh oh a disaster waiting to happen...). Daisuke had the ball and in a quick response Takeru stole the ball right out from under Daisuke's nose. This act made Daisuke feel like an idiot. Another fact that goes along with being competitive is being hot tempered.(Yes as much as I like the boy... this is a major part of him.) Anytime that a controversial topic happens to be brought up by someone like Iori.... Well then flames and flying daggers appear out of now where. (Just like Kari and just suddenly glowing like a lightbulb!)

Takeru is also very quick to tease, especially against Daisuke. (haven't you noticed a trend here... If not *Go Watch Digimon NOW!*)(Weekends ONLY folks!)(to catch Digimon 2) Going back to that Jun episode and him cutting down his sister. Well Yama was about to let Daisuke have a fruit-Punch (Or as some may call it.. a Knuckle Sandwich.), when in fact Takeru stopped his older brother with a comment of "He's younger than you. He doesn't know any better." Matt then agreed with him and walked off. He can also be rude. In fact he interrupts Daisuke plenty of times. He can also be cold, much like in the instance where he was freeing the slaves from the Kaiser's base, and he found out Devimon was nearby. He went very cold, told the digimon to keep working with the slaves, threw down his hat and slipped off. Obviously old grudges don't die easily.

But, there are good things about being cold, especially in the DigiWorld, where it might kill you to trust. It gets things done, and rather efficiently. Also, he is very persistent in matters of importance to him. He will never give up to Daisuke, and is ever out to help the new Digikids. And, of course, to be able to help them, he needs experience, which we well know he has (if you didn't know this, watch Digimon. NOW!!!) Of course, because of his trials in the DigiWorld in his 'younger' days. He is also usually calm, and lighthearted. He will smile with fluid ease, combining all his sugary charm to make him a sweetheart. He is also very caring about those who prove to be worthy of it, which is mostly all of his friends and family. Even to the point of being a bit of a worrier over it.

Really, in the new assembled group, he is much the strategist. If you take the time to notice it, he is the general behind-the-scenes, prompting Daisuke to play along with his plans, with a mention of Hikari. This may make him a little manipulative, but it's for the group's safety. He also takes on the important role of being one of the group's best warriors, much as his brother was for the old group, except in that he is very level headed. And expresses himself in a way OTHER than the cold shoulder to his friends.

Takeru loves his parents, even if he doesn't seem to appreciate his mother as much as Yama does, but that's probably expected since he lives with her. And he is always excited to see his father. His brother's standing though, might vary. He is a peacemaker between his father and brother, prodding them to get along a bit better with his father. He wanted to be independent from Yama because he literally smothered him with protectiveness, but is now protective of others. Yama has also turned Takeru into a babe magnet, and we all know TK most likely appreciates this.

Sooo. Takeru rocks, and he even has a kick ass Digimon that turns into an (bum bum bum.....) Angel! (WOW! Angemon's Awesome!)

We will have more on Takeru as the series progresses.